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1. ROYAL NAVY MEDAL INDEX by Name, Award, London Gazette edition



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1. Medal Index 

Abbas to Hyslop  - Ibbotson to Rymer (here) - Sabin to Zanelli

2. Medals by Award

includes Army Awards granted to Royal Navy Officers and Ratings

Albert Medal (AM) - British Empire Medal (BEM) - Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (CGM) - Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) - Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) - Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM) - Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) - Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) - Distinguished Service Order (DSO) - Edward Medal (EM) - Imperial Service Medal (ISM) - Imperial Service Order (ISO) - Indian Distinguished Service Medal (IDSM) - Mentions in Despatches (MID) - Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) - Military Cross (MC) - Military Medal (MM) - Order of the Bath (GCB, KCB, CB) - Order of the British Empire (GBE, KBE, CBE, OBE, MBE, BEM) - Order of the Indian Empire (GCIE, KCIE, CIE) - Order of Merit (OM)  - Order of the Star of India (GCSI, KCSI, CSI) - Order of St. Michael and St. George (GCMG, KCMG, CMG)  - Reserve Decoration (RD) - Royal Red Cross (RRC) - Royal Victorian Order (GCVO, KCVO, CVO, LVO, MVO) - Victoria Cross (VC) - Volunteer Reserve Decoration (VD)

3. Medals by London Gazette Editions and Dates

includes Army Awards granted to Royal Navy Officers and Ratings 

28879-29024 (August-December 1914) - 29030-29423 (January-December 1915) - 29431-29886 (January-December 1916) - 29751-29752 (September 1916, Battle of Jutland) - 29888-30159 (January-June 1917) - 30172-30451 (July-December 1917) - 30460-30755 (January-June 1918) - 30787-31099 (July-December 1918) - 31104-31425 (January-June 1919) - 31430-31713 (July-December 1919) - 31717-32137 (January-November 1920)

4. Foreign Medals and Decorations Awarded to Royal Navy

29360-30437 (November 1915-December 1917)  - 30494-32154 (January 1918-December 1920)

Foreign Awards:- Belgium - Bel, China - Chn, Czechoslovakia - Cze, Egypt - Egy, France - Fra, Greece - Grc, Hedjaz (Arabia) - Hdjz, Italy - Ita Japan - Jpn, Morocco - Mor, Portugal - Prt, Romania - Rom, Russia - Rus, Siam (Thailand), Serbia - Srb, Tunisia - Tun, USA, Zanzibar - Zan

(Army despatches include those with accounts of Naval Operations and mentions of naval personnel)

NAVAL - London Gazette editions 28861-29654 (August 1914-July 1916) - 29680-31063 (July 1916-December 1918) - 31189-31970 (January 1919-December 1920)

ARMY - London Gazette editions 28861-29604 (August 1914-May 1916) - 29623-30447 (June 1916-December 1917) - 30462-32156 (January 1918-December 1920)



IBBOTSON, S, Sgt, RND, S/3155, Army [29354]

IBRAHIM, Hassim Bin, Head Sailmaker, RIM, 9853, Army [30867]

IBRAHIM, Sheik Mahomed Sheik, Engine-Dvr, RIM, IDSM [30542]

IBRAM, Kasim, Lascar, RIM, 6060, Army [30867]


IDE, Reginald Cardwell, Ch Gnr, RN, DSC [30088]


ILES, Arthur Ernest, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31099]

ILEY, Sidney Herbert, AB, J12804 (Dev), DSM [31038]

ILLMAN, Sidney Edward, 3rd Writer, M20281 (Dev), BEM [31099], MSM [31432]

ILOTT, James, AB, J14971 (Dev), DSM [30536]

ILOTT, John, PO, 191730, DSM [29886]


IM THURN, John Knowles, Capt, RN, CBE [31483]

IMRIE, David Andrew, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]


INCE, Arthur Strachan, Flt Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [29487]

INGE, Percy Stanley, PO, J1840 (Ch), DSM [30807]

INGHAM, Alfred Edwin, PO, 196286 (Dev), MSM [31248]

INGHAM, Ernest, CERA, 269197 (Po), DSM [30616]

INGHAM, James Geoffry Penrose, Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

INGHAM, William Ewing, Capt, MN, MID [30408]

INGLE, H E C, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30421]

INGLE, Wright Charles Walter, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30227]

INGLEDEW, Arthur Edward, Air Mech 2g, F13492, DSM [30386]

INGLEFIELD, Edward Fitzmaurice, Rear-Adm, RN, CBE [30460], KBE [31099]

INGLES, John A, Capt, RN, Zan [31638]

INGLESON, Ernest Ramsden, AB, J5723 (Po), DSM [30061]

INGLIS, Charles S, Fleet Pay, RN, Fra [30870]

INGLIS, Colin Stuart, Cdr, RN, DSO [31604]

INGLIS, D A, PO, RNVR, Clyde Z/1014, MM [29953]

INGLIS, James, PO, RNVR, Tyneside/3389, Bel [30900], Army [30421]

INGLIS, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 8610DA, DSM [29997]

INGOE, Robert Henry, Sgt, RMLI, Po/11162, MSM [31398]

INGRAM, Arthur Gunning, Mate, RN, DSC [31638]

INGRAM, David, Dkhnd, RNR, 2419D, MID [30909]

INGRAM, Frederick William, 2nd Engmn, RNR, 402ES, DSM [29211]

INGRAM, G, Cpl, RMLI, Po/1099, MM [30797]

INGRAM, J F, PO, RNVR, CZ/1823, MM [30797]

INGRAM, John, Ch Sto, 284222 (Ch), MID [30833]

INGRAM, Peter Clark, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30756]

INGRAM, William Thomas, Pte, RMLI, Po/639/S, DSM [29292]

INKSON, Peter, PO, 215564, MID [29436], Navy [29436]

INMAN, Arthur Kenneth, Lt, RNR, MID [30635]

INMAN, C, Gnr, RMA, 8444, MM [30743]

INMAN, Henry Basil, Capt, RMLI, MC [30001]

INNES, Alexander, Yeo Sigs, 225399 (Ch), Ita [30386]

INNES, Alexander, App, MN, MID [30833]

INNES, Arthur, Capt, RMSM, OBE [31425], MID [31130]

INNES, Francis Allsopp, Lt, RNR, Fra [30408], MID [30088]

INNES, George, Skpr, RNR, 1480WSA, MID [30616]; also INNES, George, Skpr, RNR, 1380WSA, DSC [30909]

INNES, George, PO, RNR, 3367C, DSM [31604]

INNES, J A, Pte, RMLI, Po/862, MM [30023]

INNES, James Daniel Roy, Air Mech 2g, F8687, DSM [30654]

INNES, James William Guy, Cdr, RN, CBE [31262], Fra [31063]

INNES, John, Trmr, RNR, O N/3167TS, MID [30635]

INNES, John William, Engmn, RNR, 2590ES, MID [30285]

INNES, R M, Eng, RIM, Army [29789]

INNES, Robert Murray, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

INNES, William, Skpr, RNR, 1184WSA, DSC [30687], Srb [29966]

INNES, William, Skpr, RNR 1053WSA, DSC [31421]

INNES, William, CERA, RNR, 116 E G, MID [30687]

INNES-BAILLIE, Lionel Edwin, Lt, RMA, MID [30066]

INNS, J W, AB, RNVR (RND), TZ/4936, MM [30172], Army [30072]

INNS, William Frederick, CPO Mech (E) 3g, M14393 (Ch), MID [30662]

INSLEY, L, Cpl, RMLI, Chm/S/1191, DCM [31186], [31726], MM [30540]

INVERDALE, John Ballantyne, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31303]


IRELAND, Leslie George, Pte, RMLI, Ply/20063, MID [30756]

IRELAND, William Henry, Skpr, RNR, 2026SA, MID [30936]

IREMONGER, Harold E W, Maj, RMA, Bel [31604], Fra [30756]; also IREMONGER, Harold William, Maj, RMA, DSO [31182]

IRON, James Thomas, L/Sto, K11011, DSM [30363]

IRON, Olive Stewart, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30316]

IRON, Robert C G, Sig, J3282 (Ch), Jpn [31811]

IRVEN, Herbert, Ch Sto, 303877 (Ch), MID [30227]

IRVIN, George Frederick, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31130]

IRVIN, William Dion, Cdr, RN, CBE [31360], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

IRVINE, George, Lt, RNR, DSO [30194], MID [30153]

IRVINE, James John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 7071DA, DSM [30386], Ita [30581]

IRVINE, John, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31638]

IRVINE, John, Capt, MN, DSC [31413]

IRVINE, Thomas Simpson, Seamn, RNR, 7912A, MID [30616]

IRVING, Ernest, PO, 235267, DSM [29752]

IRVING, Ernest Kirkbank, Lt, RNR, DSC [30088]

IRVING, James D, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30392], Tun [31553]

IRVING, Robert Beaufin, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31483], RD [29920], MID [29751]

IRWIN, George, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

IRWIN, Thomas Cuthbert, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]


ISAAC, Lewis John, PO Tel, 221824, DSM [29799], MID [29423]

ISAAC, William Thomas, L/Sig, 184506 (RFR Dev/B636), DSM [30029]

ISAACS, Michael, Lt, RNVR, MC [30111], Fra [31413]

ISAACSON, Egerton Wootton, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]

ISDALE, John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30536]

ISGAR, Reginald Charles Dudley or S, Cdr, RNVR, DSO [31398], Fra [32074], Army [29354]

ISHERWOOD, Harold, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31099], USA [31553]

ISMAIL, Mahomed or Mohomed, Plater Mistri or Boilermaker, Dkyd 1025 RIM, Army [30233], [30570]

ISMAIL, Mohamed, Serang, 8079 RIM, Army [30570]

ISON, Henry, Capt, MN, MID [30408]

ISTED, William Henry, CPO, 160471 (Po), DSM [30147]


IVANY, Willis Llewellyn, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland) 1405X, DSM [30258]

IVERMEE, Robert, Lt, RN, MBE [31553]

IVES, Charles William, PO, 208356, MID [29752]

IVES, Harry, PO 1c, 185920, MID [29264]


IZZARD, Arthur, Engmn, RNR, 1077ES, MSM [31248]





JACK, Alexander, PO, RNAS, F677, MID [29581]

JACK, Charles Vincent, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29264]

JACK, David Alexander, Lt, RNR, MID [30756]

JACK, John Henderson, Lt, RNR, DSC [30316]

JACK, T, PO, RNVR, Clyde Z/663, Army [29354]

JACKMAN, Ernest William Heathcote, Pay Cdr, RN, Rom [31236], MID [31060]

JACKMAN, George Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1566SA, MID [30153]

JACKMAN, Walter, Gnr, RMA, 1835 (S), DSM [31182]

JACKS, Benjamin Rivett, Dkhnd, RN Trawler Reserve, 5555DA, MID [29423]

JACKSON, A E, Sgt, RMMU, Deal/3730, MM [30540]

JACKSON, Alfred Victor, ERA 3c, M5832 (Po), MID [30536]

JACKSON, Benjamin, Dkhnd, RNR, 7U9DA, DSM [30159]

JACKSON, Clifford Andrew, Dkhnd, RNR, 648DA, MID [29886], [30159]

JACKSON, D, PO, RNVR, TZ/2743, DCM [30601]

JACKSON, Ellis, AB, RNVR (Bristol) Z9273, DSM [31354]

JACKSON, Francis M, Rev, RN, Navy [30870]

JACKSON, George Hind, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30662]

JACKSON, H, AB, RNVR, TZ6274, MM [30001]

JACKSON, Harold Edward, Lt, RNR, RD [29538]

JACKSON, Harold Gordon, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

JACKSON, Henry Bradwardine, Adm, RN, KCB [29848], Jpn [30363]

JACKSON, Henry L, Pay Lt, RN, Grc [31354]

JACKSON, Herbert, PO, 213767 (Ch), DSM [30807]

JACKSON, Hugh Nevill, Mid, RNR, MID [30900]

JACKSON, James Donald, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

JACKSON, John, Capt, MN, MID [31286]

JACKSON, Joseph T, Sig, RNVR (Bristol) Z/10142, Fra [31236]

JACKSON, L, PO, RNVR, KX381, MM [30172]

JACKSON, Leonard Alfred, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

JACKSON, Norman, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31461]

JACKSON, P, AB, RNVR, L8/3278, MM [30023]

JACKSON, Richard Mate, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], MID [30536]

JACKSON, Robert, L/Sig or LS, J14828 (Dev), DSM [30363], Ita [30386], MID [30900]

JACKSON, S, Pte, RMLI, Po17447, MM [30172]

JACKSON, Sidney, Sto 1c, SS 114967, DSM [29752]

JACKSON, Stanley, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

JACKSON, Thomas, Rear-Adm, RN, Egy [30687], Fra [31360], Jpn [30363], USA [31683], Army [30480], [30492], [30939], [30994], [31087], [31498], [31690], [31249]

JACKSON, Thomas Crathorne, Engmn, RNR, 1181ES, MID [30616]

JACKSON, Thomas Edwin, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31432]

JACKSON, Thomas Henry, Ch Off, MN, MID [30936]

JACKSON, Thomas William, AB, 215195 (Po), DSM [30363]

JACKSON, W, AB, RNVR, M3/238, MM [30172]

JACKSON, William G, AB, 228130 (Ch), Fra [30408]

JACKSON, William George, Art Eng, RN, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

JACKSON, William Lindsay, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30909], Bel [31130], Rom [31236], Navy [30870]

JACOB, Arthur F F, Flt Lt, RNAS, Rom [29966]

JACOBS, Charles James, Vict CPO, 347081 (Ch), MSM [31182]

JACOBS, Charles William, LS, 236748 (Po), MID [30363]

JACOBS, Cyril Henry Montague, CPO, RNVR, London/AA1833, MID [31236]

JACOBS, Frank Henry, CPO, 200301 (Po), MSM [31461]

JACOBS, Lewis, AB, J4081, Navy [29264]

JACOBS, Lionel Robert, Sgt, RMA, 10685, DSM [31182]

JACOBS, Percival, L/Tel, J34831, DSM [29395]

JACOBS, Robert George, Engmn, RNR, TS2193, DSM [29668]

JACOMEL, Peter William, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 529, DSM [30194]

JACQUES, Thomas Edmund, L/Tel, J22379 (Dev), MID [30363]

JAFFER, Abdul, Master 2c, RIM 8793, Army [31386]

JAFFER, Kodia, Carp, RIM 258, Army [30233]

JAGGS, J W, AB, RNVR, KP/297, MM [30188]

JAGO, John Woon, Ch Writer, 133456, MID [29581]

JAGO, Thomas Bishop, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

JAMES, A, Pte, RMLI, Ply/1137, MM [30652]

JAMES, Albert Ebenezer, Yeo Sigs, 210513 (Po), DSM [30061], MID [30807]

JAMES, Alfred, Lt, RNR, Srb [29966]

JAMES, Arthur, CPO, 142389 (Po), DSM [30015]

JAMES, Arthur, AB, 214185 (Ch), DSM [31191], MID [30564]

JAMES, Arthur Banfield, PO 1c, 189089 (RFR Dev/B1202), DSM [30029], MID [29799]

JAMES, Arthur Charles, 2nd Writer, M14916 (Po), MID [31286]

JAMES, Arthur Edward, PO, 197468, DSM [29752]

JAMES, Arthur Percy, PO, RNAS, F174, MID [29581]

JAMES, Charles Herbert Niell, Cdr, RN, Jpn [31811], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

JAMES, Charles John, Eng Rear-Adm, RN, CB [31379], Jpn [30616]

JAMES, Cuthbert, Lt-Col, RM, CBE [31379]

JAMES, D J, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/980, MM [29758], [30389]

JAMES, E, AB, RNVR, Bristol Z/571, MM [29953]

JAMES, Edgar William, L/Sig, J5599 (Ch), DSM [31060]

JAMES, Edward Arthur, CERA 1c, 270161 (Dev), DSM [30756]

JAMES, Edward John, PO Tel, J7246 (Po), MSM [31182]

JAMES, Eleanor Marian, Dep Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

JAMES, Frank, Ch Shipwt 2c, 341996 (Po), MSM [31421]

JAMES, Frederick William, Eng, RNR, RD [29149]

JAMES, George T, Pte, RMLI, Ply/14546, Fra [29997], [30756]

JAMES, George Walter, PO, 237801 (Dev), MSM [31811]

JAMES, George William, AB, RNVR, Z2837T, DSM [29736]

JAMES, Henry Radcliffe, Lt, RN, DSC [30088]

JAMES, John Charles, AB, J4413, DSM [29581]

JAMES, John Ernest, Ch Sto, 174232, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

JAMES, John Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

JAMES, John Richard, Yeo Sigs, 227941 (Po), MSM [31811]

JAMES, John Samuel, Lt, RNR, DSC [30536]

JAMES, Katharine Margaret, Dep Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

JAMES, Lawrence V, Capt, MN, DSC [29603]

JAMES, Morgan, CPO, 132543 (Dev), DSM [30900]

JAMES, Percy John, Gnr, RN, MID [31060]

JAMES, Robert Charles, L/Firemn, MN, DSM [30029]

JAMES, Robert George, Capt, MN, DSC [30227]

JAMES, Rupert Warden, Lt, RN, MID [30833]

JAMES, Thomas, LS, 177065 (Dev), DSM [30564]

JAMES, Thomas N, Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

JAMES, Walter E, Ch Sto, 294406, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

JAMES, William, AB, RNVR, AA2342, MID [30536]

JAMES, William Clifford, Engmn, RNR, 3765ES, MID [30194]

JAMES, William Henry, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [30730], CBE [31295]

JAMES, William Melbourne, Capt, RN, CB [31176], Fra [31360], Rus [30116]

JAMES, William Murt, 2nd Hnd, RNR, DA1969, DSM [29668]

JAMESON, Alfred, Pte, RMLI, Po/13198, MID [30363], [30386]

JAMESON, Arthur G, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [28948]

JAMESON, Robert Dundonald, Surg Cdr, RN, CMG [31099], Fra [30870]

JAMESON, T H, Lt, RM, Army [29664]; also JAMESON, Thomas Henry, Capt, RMLI, DSO [31811]

JAMIESON, Andrew, Lt, RMLI, MID [31553]

JAMIESON, John Dick, Ch Gnr, RN, Fra [29751], MID [29751]

JAMIESON, Thomas, Seamn, MN, DSM [30386]

JANE, Thomas, AB, J19061 (Ch), MID [31604]

JANES, A E, Pte, RMLI, Ch/12385, MM [30023]

JANES, Frank Leslie, AB, RNVR, AA2340, MID [30536]

JANES, William James, CERA 2c, 268934 (Dev), MSM [31461]

JANION, Arthur Cyril Austin, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398], Fra [30408]

JANVRIN, Ralph Benest, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29264], MID [29751], Navy [29264], [29751]

JAPPY, William, Skpr, RNR, 1760WSA, Srb [29966]

JAQUES, Albert William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 287DA, MSM [31286]

JARMAN, H H, Gnr, RMA, 937, MM [29758]

JARMAN, Ronald, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437]

JARMAN, W, PO, RNVR, LZ/656, MM [30573]

JARRATT, Gofton, CPO Mech 3g, F2588, DSM [30316]

JARRETT, Charles Bernard, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30088]

JARRETT, Charles James, Mate, RN, MID [31638]

JARRETT, Charles William, AB, J48074 (Po), MID [30807]

JARRETT, George James, PO, 222863 (Dev), DSM [30147], [30285]

JARVEST, Henry George, Dkhnd, RNR, 14410DA, Navy [30870]

JARVIE, Albert, LS, RNR, 3688C, DSM [29255]

JARVIS, Charles, Greaser, MN, MID [30616]

JARVIS, Charles Frederick, Dkhnd, RNR, 11252DA, MID [30635]

JARVIS, George, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

JARVIS, George Edward Victor, Sig, 227775 (Ply), Fra [30536], MID [31191]

JARVIS, Joseph Charles, Sto, RNR, 2526S, DSM [30616]

JARVIS, Thomas Alfred, L/Sto, 303606 (Dev), DSM [30687]

JASSIM, Haji Matook Bin, Head Caulker, RIM, 9822, Army [30867]

JAY, G H, AB, RNVR, Bristol 2/1221, Army [29664]

JAYNE, W H, Sgt, RM, Depot/S/642, Army [29664]

JAYNE, William Herbert, Snr Writer, MMR 971711, MSM [31811]

JEAN, John Watson, CPO 1c, F, DSM [29635]

JEANES, William Gregory, Shipwt 1c, 342690, MID [29752]

JEANS, George, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

JEANS, Thomas Tendron, Surg Cdr, RN, CMG [31516]

JEATER, Frederick James, CERA 2c, 269717, DSM [29211]

JEBBETT, George Thompson, Gnr, RN, DSC [31876]

JEFFCOATE, Harry R, Sgt, RMLI, Ch 10526, Navy [29264]

JEFFERIES, Stanley Arthur, Air Mech 2g, F5783, DSM [30316]

JEFFERS, Robert Joseph, Lt, RNR, MID [30258]

JEFFERSON, David, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

JEFFERSON, Henry, Capt, RN, CBE [31432]

JEFFERSON, Ronald Glinn, ERA 2c, 271692, DSM [29752]

JEFFERSON, Walter, Capt, MN, DSC [31286]

JEFFERY, Charles W, Sig, 197627 (RFR B4140), DSM [29264]

JEFFERY, David Charles, CPO, 168321 (Dev), MID [30936]

JEFFERY, George Hoare, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31553]

JEFFERY, Thomas Walter, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31516], Navy [30298]

JEFFES, Albert, ERA 3c, M4935 (Ch), DSM [30227], MID [30285]

JEFFREY, A E, LS, RNVR, KP310, MM [29953]

JEFFREY, D, AB, RNVR, CZ/5091, MM [30797]

JEFFREY, Douglas George, Lt, RNR, DSO [30386]

JEFFREY, F, Pte, RMLI, Po/19l34, MM [31173]

JEFFREY, Leonard James, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [30363], [30386]

JEFFREYS, Robert Charles, PO 1c, 206540 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

JEFFREYS, Robin Edmund, Lt, RN, DSC [30687], Ita [31130]

JEFFRIES, Charles, AB, J38074 (Dev), DSM [30909], MID [30807]

JEFFRIES, Henry Ernest, CPO, 178838 (Ch), DSM [30807]

JEHAN, Ernest Martin, Gnr, RN, DSC [29374]

JEHAN, Herbert Daniel, Ch Gnr, RN, DSC [31445], MID [29751]

JEHAN, Thomas Joseph, Ch Gnr, RN, Fra [29751]

JELLEY, Oliver Henry, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30386], MID [30437]

JELLICOE, John Rushworth, Adm of the Fleet, RN, GCB [29066], OM [29751], GCVO [29629], Bel [30029 - twice], Fra [29751], Ita [30227], Jpn [30258], Rus [29727], [30116], USA [31553], Navy [29654], [29751]

JENKERSON, Edward J, Skpr, RNR, 1941WSA, Srb [29966]

JENKIN, Charles Frewen, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MBE [30460]

JENKIN, John Harry, Eng Capt, RN, CB [31099]

JENKINS, Alfred John, CPO, 165156 (Po), MSM [31461]

JENKINS, Alfred William, CERA, 269394 (Dev), DSM [30564]

JENKINS, Andrew Hunter, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

JENKINS, Basil Oliver, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, CBE [30460]

JENKINS, Bertram John, L/Sig, J9147 (Ch), DSM [30363]

JENKINS, Charles Henry, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

JENKINS, David Isaac, Capt, MN, DSC [30408]

JENKINS, F M, Lt, RNR, Army [29933]

JENKINS, George, PO 1c, RFR 111302, DSM [29255]

JENKINS, Harry, Dkhnd, RNR, 11748DA, MID [30936]

JENKINS, Holman, Ch Shipwt 1c, 342850 (Po), MSM [31461]

JENKINS, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 471DA, Ita [30581], MID [30159]

JENKINS, John, AB, J210D2 (Dev), DSM [31604]

JENKINS, John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30194]; also JENKINS, John, Lt, RNR, Fra [30536]

JENKINS, John William, Art Eng, RN, DSC [31425]

JENKINS, Keasly, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

JENKINS, Norman Hugh, L/Air Mech, F3663, DSM [30316]

JENKINS, Robert, Seamn, RNR, 6055A, MID [29997]

JENKINS, Robert Charles Buchan, CPO, 201026 (Dev), DSM [30687], Jpn [30616]

JENKINS, Thomas, 1st Mate, MN, MID [31130]

JENKINS, William, CPO, 133971 (RFR Po A2220), DSM [29635]

JENKINS, William Joseph, PO Tel, 191785, MID [29581]

JENKINSON, Charles, Dkhnd, RNR, 12745DA, MID [31236]

JENKINSON, Philip George, Ch SB Stwd, 350327 (Po), MID [31604]

JENKINSON, Robert William, 4th Eng, MN, MID [30616]

JENKINSON, Thomas Norman, Staff Pay, RNR, MID [30756]

JENKINSON, Thomas Norman, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31099]

JENKS, John C A, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Fra [30258]

JENNE, Stanley Fauvel, Arm Mate, M6673 (Po), MID [31130]

JENNER, Albert John, Pte, RMLI, Ply/13882, MID [29752]

JENNER, Amy Helen, Motor Dvr, WRNS, BEM [31331]

JENNER, Arthur Douglas, L/Sig, 240028, MID [29423]

JENNER, William Bramwell, Skpr, RNR, 1848WSA, DSC [30153], Srb [29966]

JENNER-PARSON, C H B, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [30421]

JENNINGS, A, Gnr, RMA, 924 (S), Army [30421]

JENNINGS, Alfred Albert, CPO, 183668 (Ch), MSM [31461]

JENNINGS, David Strachan, CPO, RNVR, AA1105, MSM [31499]

JENNINGS, E, CPO, RNVR, LZ1001, MM [30172]

JENNINGS, E H, PO, Ch 301908, DSM [29374], Army [29251]

JENNINGS, Robert Frederick, PO, RFR Po B1481 157343, Navy [29126]

JENNINGS, Sydney Edward, Ch Writer, 341141 (Ch), MSM [31553]

JENNINGS, William Thomas, Seamn, MN, DSM [30437]

JENNISON, Charles William, Engmn, RNR, 2823ES, DSM [30936]

JEPSON, Edgar Hool, Warrt Elec, RN, MID [31060]

JERAM, James George, CERA 2c, 270519 (Po), MID [30194]

JERMAIN, Harry Bingham, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

JERMAIN, Robert L, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

JERMY, Nelson Stanley, Pte, RMLI, Ch/19356, MID [30807]

JERMYN, Ida Mary, Div Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

JERRAM, Charles Frederic, Maj, RMLI, CMG [31398], DSO [29886], Army [29251], [31435]

JERRAM, Rowland Christopher, Pay Lt, RN, DSO [31748], MID [31274]

JERRAM, Thomas Henry Martyn, Adm, RN, GCMG [31379], KCMG [29751], Chn [31748], Fra [29751], Ita [30227], Jpn [29439], Rus [30116], Navy [29652], [29654], [29751]

JERROLD, D F, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]

JERVIS, F H, Ch Writer, RN, 155758, Army [30691]

JERVIS, Walter, Arm Mate, M8088 (Ch), DSM [31638]

JERVOISE, Edmund Purefoy Ellis, Rear-Adm, RN, CBE [30730], CBE [31295]

JESSOP, John de Burgh, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29886], Ita [29556]

JESTY, Herbert Larcombe, Sto PO, 365172 (Dev), MID [30687]

JEUNE, George Alfred, PO 1c, RNR, 3672B, DSM [30616]

JEWELL, C, Colr Sgt, Ply/4607 RMLI, Army [31435]

JEWELL, Jethro, AB, SS 1402 (Ch), MID [31604]

JEWELL, Samuel, Sto PO, 308902 (Dev), MSM [31811]

JEZZARD, Edward Thomas Findlay, Ship Stwd, 343412, DSM [29581]


JICKELL, James, Lt, RNR, DSC [30363], MID [30066]

JILLINGS, E W, LS, RND, M/Z79, DCM [30001]

JINKS, Hart, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/13256, Rom [31236], MID [30756]

JINKS, John Vivian, Lt, RNR, MID [31286]


JOBLING, James Stanners, Ch Off, MN, MID [31130]

JOBLING, Robert, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616]

JOBLING, Thomas Stephen, CPO 3g, F249, DSM [30654]

JOBSON, Albert Ralph, Arm, M3812 (Ch), MID [30807]

JOBSON, William Edward, AB, 136847 (RFR Dev/A2515), DSM [30088]

JOE, Alexander, Surg Probr, RNVR, DSC [30936]

JOEL, David Norman Walter, Lt, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

JOHN, C H, AB, RNVR, WZ/1127, MM [31338]

JOHN, Harold Freeman, Seamn, MN, DSM [30536]

JOHN, Henry, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

JOHN, Henry Brynmor, Pay Lt, RN, MBE [31483], Egy [31811]

JOHNCOCK, George E, PO, 187314 (Ch), Ita [30581]

JOHNS, Astle Scott Little, Cdr, RN, CMG [29417], Bel [29562]

JOHNS, David, CPO, 187082, Fra [29751]

JOHNS, Harold, Trmr, RNR, 580ST, MID [29581]

JOHNS, Harry, AB, 183788 (RFR Dev/B 3019), CGM [30437], Fra [30870], [30900]

JOHNS, Henry James, CPO, 189998 (Po), MSM [31483]

JOHNS, Herbert, Ch Yeo Sigs, 201485 (Ch), MID [31060]

JOHNS, James, AB, MN, DSM [30616]

JOHNS, James, Pte, RMLI, Po/13917, MSM [31553]

JOHNS, Lewis, PO 1c, 131407 (Dev), DSM [30536]

JOHNS, Richard George, LS, 236594 (Dev), DSM [30285]

JOHNS, William, Ch Sto, 281415, DSM [29752]

JOHNSON, Albert Edward, Tel, J23510 (Po), DSM [30088]

JOHNSON, Arthur Henry, Air Mech 1g, F18174, DSM [30662]

JOHNSON, Arthur Victor, AB, J247345 (Po), DSM [30581]

JOHNSON, Bernard Leitch, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30363]

JOHNSON, C, AB, RNVR, TZ/9714, MM [30540]

JOHNSON, Cecil Harvey, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31421]

JOHNSON, Charles Duncan, Cdre, RN, CB [31683], DSO [29436], Bel [29886], Fra [29751], MID [29123], Navy [29126], [29436], [29680]

JOHNSON, Charles Richard, Dkhnd, RNR, 189DA, DSM [30159]

JOHNSON, Cyril Sheldon, Pay, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29087], [29751]

JOHNSON, Edward Borrowdale, Capt, MN, DSC [29877]

JOHNSON, Edward Charles, PO Tel, 240035 (Ch), MID [31182]

JOHNSON, Ernest Stephen George James, CERA 2c, 271752 (Ch), DSM [30807]

JOHNSON, Ethelbert Arthur, Ch Writer, 346516 (Ch), MSM [31421]

JOHNSON, Francis, Ch Sto, 288841, DSM [29211]

JOHNSON, Frank Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 15397DA, DSM [30807]

JOHNSON, Frederic or Frederick Ross, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30386], MID [30227]

JOHNSON, George, Firemn, MN, MID [30285]

JOHNSON, George, Skpr, RNR, 1124WSA, MID [31354]

JOHNSON, George E, Lt, RNR, Fra [30363]

JOHNSON, George Henry, Engmn, RNR, 195ES, MID [30635]

JOHNSON, George Valentine, PO 1c, 201705 (Ch), MID [30687]

JOHNSON, Harry Cyril Rodney, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30564]

JOHNSON, Harry Herbert, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31421]

JOHNSON, Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30227]

JOHNSON, James, Sto PO, 291540 (Dev), MID [30756]

JOHNSON, James, Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31248]

JOHNSON, James Magnus, LS, RNR, 2049D, DSM [29255]

JOHNSON, John Walter, Sig, J6110, DSM [29123]

JOHNSON, Joseph Henry, CPO, 180571, MID [29886]

JOHNSON, M, Pte, RMMU, Deal/3850, MM [30540]

JOHNSON, Malcolm C, Eng Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

JOHNSON, Maurice Stagg, PO, 191394 (Ch), DSM [30564]

JOHNSON, Percy, Capt, RN, Egy [31236], Fra [30408], MID [31191]

JOHNSON, R H, Pte, RMLI, Po/17401, Army [29455]

JOHNSON, Robert William, CPO Mech 3g, 13837 (Po), MID [30316]

JOHNSON, Sidney Thomas, LS, J22862 (Ch), DSM [31060]

JOHNSON, Simpson, Trmr, RNR, 260ST, DSM [29581]

JOHNSON, Stanley James, Skpr, RNR, 1239SA, MID [30437]

JOHNSON, Sydney Arthur, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 209SA, MID [31286]

JOHNSON, T McD, AB, RNVR, TZ2659, MM [30172]

JOHNSON, Thomas, ERA 4c, M22127 (Dev), Srb [31354]

JOHNSON, Thomas Alfred, Gnr, RN, MID [31286]

JOHNSON, Thomas Frank, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31176]

JOHNSON, W C, CPO, RNVR, London Z385 (RND), Army [29664], [30072]

JOHNSON, Walter, PO, 167780 (Po), MID [30564]

JOHNSON, William, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [31248]

JOHNSON, William C, Eng Cdr, RN, Ita [30386]

JOHNSON, William G, PO, RNR, 1970D, Ita [30581]

JOHNSON, William Gilbert, LS, RNR, 1970D, DSM [30147]

JOHNSON, William Hugo, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 729DA, MSM [31286]

JOHNSON, William John, Sto 1c, SS 116938 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

JOHNSON, Willie Lawson, CPO, RNAS, F4529, DSM [30654], Army [30421]

JOHNSON, Wyndham Charles, Lt, RN, DSC [30088], Fra [31248]

JOHNSTON, A B, Pay, RN, Navy, 30133

JOHNSTON, Alexander, LS, SS 1798 (Dev), DSM [30732]

JOHNSTON, C, AB, RNVR, CZ/6435, MM [30172], [30940]

JOHNSTON, Edward, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30536]

JOHNSTON, Elizabeth Gairdner, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

JOHNSTON, F, Gnr, RIM, Army [30570]; also JOHNSTON, Francis, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]

JOHNSTON, Florence, Dep Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

JOHNSTON, Henry Dunsmore, Mid, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

JOHNSTON, J, AB, RNVR, TZ/1099, MM [30540]

JOHNSTON, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 9588DA, MID [30616]

JOHNSTON, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 16344DA, DSM [30635]

JOHNSTON, James, LS, 225877 (RFR Dev/B5681), DSM [30687]

JOHNSTON, John, CPO, 183429 (Po), MSM [31461]

JOHNSTON, John R, Lt, RN, Navy [30870]

JOHNSTON, Peter Wilson, PO, 186458 (Ch), DSM [30363]

JOHNSTON, Samuel, Stoker 1c, RFR Ch B4090 Ch/282822, Navy [29126]

JOHNSTON, Stanley John, Ch Yeo Sigs, 189703 (Po), MID [30088]

JOHNSTON, Thomas Robertson, PO, J5523 (Dev), DSM [30536]

JOHNSTON, William, Gnr, RN, MID [29751]

JOHNSTON, William, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

JOHNSTON, William Henry, PO Mech, F2878, DSM [30687]

JOHNSTONE, Alexander Thomson, Snr 3rd Eng, MN, MID [30979]

JOHNSTONE, Andrew, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31638], MID [31604], Navy [31906]

JOHNSTONE, Charles Lawrence, Ch Off, MN, MID [30900]

JOHNSTONE, Edward Grahame, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30581]

JOHNSTONE, F W, PO Mech, F/1930, DSM [29374], Army [29354]

JOHNSTONE, G, Driver, RMA 1175 (S), Army [31435]

JOHNSTONE, William Alexander, Capt, MN, MID [30936]

JOHNSTONE, William Alexander, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30616]

JOHNSTONE, William Arthur, Vict CPO, 342174 (Ch), MSM [31553]


JOINER, Albert Edward, Ch Sto, 286459 (Po), MID [30363]

JOLLEY, Alfred G, Lt, RNVR, Bel [30258]

JOLLEY, Arthur James, PO, 227556 (Po), MID [31236]

JOLLEY, Eric Arthur, Pay Lt, RN, MID [31421]

JOLLEY, Norman Kempe, Lt, RM, Rus [29373]

JOLLEY, Robert, LS, 192517 (Ch), DSM [29997], Fra [30494]

JOLLEY, William Edward, PO 1c, 137900 (RFR Po A3105), DSM [29635]

JOLLYE, Godfrey Herbert, Maj, RMA, OBE [31483]

JONES, Albert Charles, AB, J 32522 (Po), MSM [31236]

JONES, Albert Edward, CERA 1c, 268193 (Dev), DSM [30088]

JONES, Albert Leslie, Tel, J39071 (Dev), DSM [30536]

JONES, Alexander, PO Mech 3g, F4532, DSM [30662]

JONES, Alfred Edward, SB Stwd, 350868, CGM [29752], Fra [31236]

JONES, Alfred Edward, Warrt Tel, RNR, MID [31286]

JONES, Alfred Ernest, CERA 2c, 271750 (Ch), DSM [31038] MID [30564]

JONES, Arthur, Sto PO, 227970 (Ch), Fra [31236]

JONES, Arthur Wood, Arm Mate, M7002 (Dev), MSM [31638]

JONES, Benjamin Henry, Capt, RIM, CBE [31547], Army [29823]

JONES, Bezelell, AB, MN, DSM [29423]

JONES, Charles, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

JONES, Charles D, LS, J 16752 (Ch), Ita [30581]

JONES, Charles Donald, AB, J16752, DSM [29799]

JONES, Charles Gray Pitcairn, Lt, RN, MID [31638]

JONES, Charles Harold, Cdr, RN, DSO [30147], MID [30437], [31683]

JONES, Charles Leonard, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30188]

JONES, D, AB, RNVR, WZ/774, MM [30540]

JONES, David, LS, 164478 (RFR Ch/B1878), DSM [29668]

JONES, David, Capt, MN, MID [30536]

JONES, David, 2nd Mate, MN, MID [30616]

JONES, David F, Lt, RN, Rus [30116]

JONES, David G, Lt, RNVR, Bel [32043]

JONES, David Gwilym, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31295]

JONES, David Jonah, LS, 214797 (Dev), MID [30564]

JONES, David Thomas, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNR, CBE [31114], OBE [31099]

JONES, Edgar Beavan, Mech, 284719 (Po), MSM [31461]

JONES, Edgar Henry, Shipwt 4th Cl, M20915 (Dev), MSM [31811]

JONES, Edmund Francis Loftus, Lt, RN, MID [29423]

JONES, Edward, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30833]

JONES, Edward John, Sig, RNVR, Mersey 7/161, DSM [29374]

JONES, Edward R, Capt, RN Fra [30363], Grc [32020], Rus [30116]

JONES, Elizabeth Wright, Matron, Nursing Services, RRC [31099]

JONES, F, Pte, RMLI, Ply/418, MM [31173]

JONES, Francis Horace, Rev, RN, OBE [31379]

JONES, Frank, CPO, 170433, Fra [29751], MID [29436], Navy [29436]

JONES, Frank, Air Mech 2g, F5785, MID [30316]

JONES, Frank Murcheson, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31499]

JONES, Fred, Engmn, RNR, 3116ES, MID [30635]

JONES, Frederick Monkhouse, Eng Lt, RNR, RD [29431]

JONES, Frederick Thomas, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

JONES, G B, Pte, RM, Ply/13458, MM [31338]

JONES, George, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1131, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

JONES, George H, AB, 211735, Srb [29966]

JONES, George Harold, PO, 184152 (RFR Dev B2993), MSM [31303]

JONES, Gerald Henry Lee, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909]

JONES, Gerald Norman, Lt, RNR, DSO [30066]

JONES, Griffith, Ch Off, MN, MID [30066]

JONES, Griffith Williams, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

JONES, Harold, CPO, 174722, MID [29752]

JONES, Harold Paget, Fleet Surg, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751

JONES, Harry, Ch Ship Cook, 346974 (Po), MID [30807]

JONES, Harry, Dkhnd, RNR, 6714DA, MID [30979]

JONES, Harry, Yeo Sigs, 226629 (Po), DSM [31604], MSM [31638]

JONES, Harry Thomas, CPO, 167522, MID [29752]

JONES, Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

JONES, Henry Percy, MAA, 175171, MSM [31425]

JONES, Herbert, Sto 1c, K3083 (Dev), DSM [30159]

JONES, Herbert, Pte, RMLI, Ch/10932 (RMR Ch/B1730), MID [30687]

JONES, Hubert Louis, Maj, RMLI, OBE [31099], Jpn [31811], Prt [31286], MID [30732]

JONES, Hubert Vaughan, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30654]

JONES, Isaac, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

JONES, Isaac, Lt, RNR, OBE [31483]

JONES, J H, Cdr, RN (RNTS), Army [29890], [30421]

JONES, James, Ch Off, MN, MID [31038]

JONES, James, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31248]

JONES, James Thomas, Sto 1c, SS 115450, DSM [29581]

JONES, Jesse, Skpr, RNR, DSC [29292]

JONES, John, Pte, RMLI, Ch/19114, DSM [30029], Fra [30029]

JONES, John, Bosn, MN, MID [30833]

JONES, John Archibald Rupert, Lt, RNR, RD [29489]

JONES, John Charles, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30227]

JONES, John E, Lt, RNR, Bel [31886]

JONES, John Fleming, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30363]

JONES, John Herbert, Cdr, RN, OBE [31432], MID [30581]

JONES, John Newton, LS, J10644 (Ch), MID [30909]

JONES, John Rees, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

JONES, John Robert, PO, 218418 (Po), MID [31248]

JONES, John Walker, CPO, 116929 (RFR Po A 979), DSM [29123]

JONES, Joseph, Tel, RNVR (Mersey) Z 3134, Srb [31413]

JONES, Kenneth H, Fleet Surg, RN, Bel [30258], Rus [30116]

JONES, Lewis John Pitcairn, Lt, RN, DSC [31811]

JONES, Loftus William, Cdr, RN, VC [29972], MID [29654], [29751 - twice]

JONES, Maurice, L/Sig, 221992 (Ch), MID [30564]

JONES, Owen, Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 2728, DSM [31604]

JONES, Owen Alexander, CERA 2c, 271170 (Po), MID [30909]

JONES, P J, Lt, RN, Army [30740]

JONES, Percy Herbert, Rev, RN, CBE [31379], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

JONES, Philip, Mechn, 293071 (Ch), MID [31286]

JONES, Philip J, Ch Sig Bosn, RN, Fra [30494], MID [30015]

JONES, Philip William, Trmr, RNR, 3828TS, MID [30616]

JONES, Richard, Engmn, RNR, 1696ES, DSM [30159]

JONES, Richard O, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

JONES, Robert Hilton, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, MID [30662]

JONES, Robert Ivor, Mid, RNR, MID [31748]

JONES, Ronald Laugton, Lt, RNR, DSO [29507], Navy [29507]

JONES, Rupert Oswald, Lt, RNR, OBE [31483]

JONES, S, Colr Sgt, Ply/1036 RND, Army [30072]

JONES, S G, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29354]

JONES, Sidney Harold, AB, RNVR (London) Z5317, MID [30616]

JONES, Stephen, PO 1c, 135787 (Dev), DSM [31360]

JONES, Sydney Herbert, Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31421], MID [30285]

JONES, T, Pte, RMLI, Ply/159, MM [30940]

JONES, T O, PO, RN, Dev/SS /107315, Army [29664]

JONES, Theodore Warren, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]

JONES, Thomas, 2nd Off, MN, MID [31286]

JONES, Thomas, CPO, 122347 (Po), MSM [31432]

JONES, Thomas Alban, Cdr, RNR, DSO [30723]

JONES, Thomas C, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, Tun [31965]

JONES, Thomas Edward, Pte, RMLI, Po 17140, DSM [29635]

JONES, Thomas James, 2nd Writer, M13044 (Ch), MSM [31432]

JONES, Thomas Johnson, Lt, RNR, DSC [31638]

JONES, Thomas R, ERA 3c, 272474 (Ch), Fra [31262]

JONES, Victor Henry, PO 1c, RNVR, MSM [31553]

JONES, W B C, Cdr, RN, Navy [30133]

JONES, W, 2nd Lt, RNAS (sic), BEM (?), Army [29664]

JONES, W T C, Maj, RMLI, Navy [29264]

JONES, W Z, Cpl, RMMU, Deal/3156 (S), MM [30540], Army [30691]

JONES, Walter George, PO Mech, J5596, MID [30066]

JONES, William, PO, 214084 (Dev), DSM [30088]

JONES, William, Sig, RNVR, Tyneside Z/4733, DSM [30153]

JONES, William C, L/Tel, J9943 (Po), Fra [30437]

JONES, William David, PO Mech, F10549, MID [30662]

JONES, William Edward, Air Mech 1g, 217874 (RFR Ch/B5242), DSM [30316]

JONES, William Frank, Ch Writer, 342740 (Ch), MSM [31553]

JONES, William Herbert, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

JONES, William John, LS, J2950 (Ch), DSM [30564]

JONES, William Percy, 2nd Writer, MN, MID [29530]

JONES, William Percy, Dkymn, MMR 678431, DSM [30732]

JONES, William Samuel, PO, 197162, DSM [29581]

JOPLING, Mark, Ch Bosn, RN, MID [30687]

JORDAN, Alfred Edward, LS, 211642, MID [29799]

JORDAN, Arthur G, AB, 1894S7 (RFR Ch/B6607), Fra [30616]

JORDAN, Henry John, Sgt, RMA, 9682, MID [30147]

JORDAN, Henry Joseph, AB, 194113 (RFR Dev/B4200), MID [29530]

JORDAN, Leonard James, L/Sto, K2243, MID [29752]

JORDAN, Samuel John, Sto PO, 310625 (Dev), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

JORDAN, Walter, Eng Cdr, RNR, DSO [30029]

JORDAN, William Henry, AB, 234463 (Dev), DSM [30194]

JORDAN, William Lancelot, Lt, RAF (ex-Flt Lt, RNAS), DSC [30536], [30581], DFC [30913]

JORDON, Charles Thomas, PO, 189576 (Ch), MID [30363]

JORDON, Henry J, Sgt, RMA, 9682, Ita [30581]

JOSLIN, William, Sto 1c, KI 5132 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

JOUGHIN, Charles, AB, MN, DSM [29436], Navy [29436]

JOY, Charles Edward, Lt-Cdr, RN, MBE [31432]

JOY, Walter Ernest, Sto 1c, K12668 (Ch), DSM [30807]

JOYCE, Benjamin Robert, Skpr, RNR, 60WSA, DSC [29886], MID [29423]

JOYCE, Frederick, PO, J522 (Po), DSM [30807]

JOYCE, Harold Owen, Lt, RN, DSC [29024], [30635], Navy [29126]

JOYCE, Henry Cyril Conwy, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31811]

JOYCE, Michael, CERA 2c, RN, M1400 (Po), AM [30055], DSM [30687]

JOYCE, Percy Charles, Sto 1c, SS 109335, DSM [29123]

JOYCE, Richard, Sto PO, 220083 (Ch), MSM [31236]

JOYCE, Tom George, Carp, MMR, MID [31303]

JOYCE, William, Sto PO, 311080 (Po), MID [30258]

JOYNSON, Norman Mead, Lt, RNVR, MID [30732], [31191]

JOYNSON, Reginald, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31182]


JUBB, Joseph Uttley, CERA 1c, 268273 (Ch), MID [30687]

JUDD, William Edward, PO, 188022, MID [31060]

JUKES, William, Ch Sto, 171243 (Po), MSM [31421]

JUKES-HUGHES, Edward G de S, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

JUNIPER, William Vey, Eng Rear-Adm, RN, CB [31421]

JUPP, A J, LS, RNVR, 6/56S, MM [30036]

JUPP, Colin Kingsley, Lt, RNVR, MID [30662]

JUPP, Fred, PO Tel, J1232 (Po), MSM [31483]

JUPP, Reginald E, ERA 2c, P/272396, DSM [29292]

JUPP, Tom, Ch Ship Cook, 343350, MID [29752]

JUPP, William John, MAA, 154625 (RFR Po/A3743), MID [31398]

JUST, John Frederick, Engmn, RNR, 1366ES, MID [30616]




KANE, John, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [30833]

KANE, R, Lt, RM, Army [29664]

KARIM, Lall Meah Abdul, Master 2c, RIM 8, Army [30867]

KAY, Alfred Wallace, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29668]

KAY, Ivo James, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31398]

KAY, John Dodd, OS, J55321 (Po), DSM [30088]

KAY, Joseph, Seamn, MN, MID [30258]

KAY-MOUAT, John Richard, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31516]

KAYE, Alfred, Seamn, RNR, 64S9A, DSM [30363]

KAYE, Thomas, CPO, 130701 (Po), DSM [31604]


KEALEY, Frederick William, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [31398]

KEANE, George Michael, Capt, RN, MID [31553]

KEANE, James, PO, 200142, MID [29752]

KEANE, John, LS, 204128, Navy [29126]

KEANE, John, Seamn, RNR, 5370B, MID [30194]

KEARLEY, Fred W, Off Stwd 3c, L2716, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

KEARNEY, Michael John, Ch Off, MN, MID [29877]

KEARNS, John James, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB543, MSM [31638]

KEARNS, Thomas, CPO, 171369 (Dev), DSM [30159]

KEARON, Robert Albert, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31038]

KEARON, Samuel W, Capt, MN, MID [31038]

KEAST, Ferdinand Charles, Ch Elec Art, RN, Fra [29751]

KEATE, Harry Alexander Dykes, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31811], Navy [29507]

KEATES, Samuel Thomas, L/Sto, K5372 (Po), MID [30363]

KEATING, 4c, Richard John, ERA, M13499, MID [29752]

KEATING, J, Pte, RMLI, Ply/544, MM [31173]

KEATING, James, Ch Sto, 165732 (RFR Dev/A4226), DSM [29088], MID [31248], Navy [29088]

KEATING, Terence, Pte, RMLI, Po/8178, MID [31130]

KEAY, J R, 3rd Writer, RN, M/16136, Army [31077]

KEAY, James, PO 1c, 167367, Army [29576]

KEAY, Walter, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1769SA, DSM [30153]

KEEBLE, Harry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2091DA, MID [31286]

KEEBLE, Noel, Lt, RAF (ex-Flt Lt, RNAS), DSC [30066], DFC [30913]

KEEBLE, Walter J V, 1st Writer, 231499 (Dev), DSM [30015]

KEEDY, George Robert Arnold, Dkhnd, RNR, 7874DA, MSM [31286]

KEEFE, George Arthur, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po/14571, DSM [29374], MSM [31553]

KEEL, G E, Ch Motor Mech, RN, Navy [31189]

KEELAN, Michael, L/Firemn, MN, MID [29886]

KEELE, Granville George, Lt, RNVR, MID [30909], [31604]

KEELEY, Frederick, PO, 188725, DSM [29581]

KEELEY, Harold Percy, Lt, RN, DSC [30687], Jpn [30616]

KEELING, Charles, Art Eng, RN, Fra [29751], MID [29751]

KEELING, Frederick James, Elec Art 3c, M6359 (Po), MID [31811]

KEEN, David, PO, 190743 (Ch), DSM [30654], [30756]

KEEN, Samuel James, Boy 1c, J38215, DSM [29752]

KEEN, Thomas, Ch Arm, 345651 (Ch), DSM [30654]

KEGGIN, Daniel, LS, RNR, 2025C, DSM [30756], MID [29530]

KEGGIN, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 9772DA, MID [30616]

KEIGHLEY, Harold Sugden, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [31748]

KEIGHLY-PEACH, Charles William, Rear-Adm, RN, DSO [31099]

KEIGWIN, Charles Thomas, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29364]

KEIGWIN, Richard Prescott, Lt, RNVR, Bel [29886]

KEILY, Charles Joseph, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31461]

KEIR, William Wallace, Fleet Surg, RN, CMG [30723], Fra [31063], MID [30732]

KEIRBY, Thomas, Lce-Sgt, RMLI, Po/14045, MID [29752]

KEIRSTEAD, Ronald McNeill, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30536]

KEITH, Angus, Capt, MN, DSC [30833]

KEITH, Reginald James Lingard, Ch Elec Art 2c, 344919 (Ch), MSM [31182]

KELDIE, William Hourston, 3rd Eng, MN, MID [30616]

KELL, William Augustin, AB, 180453 (RFR Dev B/2059), DSM [29581]

KELLAND, Francis Henry, AB, J30116 (Dev), DSM [30807]

KELLAWAY, James Rixon, SB Stwd, M702 (Po), MSM [31638]

KELLAWAY, John Friend, ERA 2c, 272299 (Po), MID [29886]

KELLER, Louis Edward, CERA 2c, 270073 (Dev), DSM [30564]

KELLETT, Gilbert Hilton, Cdr, RN, Ita [29556], MID [30363]

KELLEWAY, Harry William, 2nd SB Stwd, M2297 (Po), MSM [31398]

KELLEWAY, Percy Dixon, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31421]

KELLY, Allan John Ritchie, O/Tel, J28842 (Ch), DSM [30088]

KELLY, Christopher, Seamn, RNR, 7806 A, DSM [29423]

KELLY, Edward Charles, Ch Sto, 290321 (Po), MSM [31461]

KELLY, Ernest, Boy Tel, J35560, DSM [29886]

KELLY, Ernest Edward, Coy Sgt-Maj, Ch/10068, DSC [30870]

KELLY, F S, Lt, RNVR, Army [29455]; also KELLY, Frederick Septimus, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29736]

KELLY, Francis, LS, RNR, 1700C, MID [30687]

KELLY, Frederick Blakey, PO, RNVR, KX164, MM [30023, Ita [30096]

KELLY, J, Asst Pay, RNR, Army [30691]; also KELLY, J J, Asst Pay, RNR, Army [29890]

KELLY, J C, Surg, RN, Navy [30298], Army [30233]

KELLY, J J, AB, RNVR, Tyne/Z/6188, MM [30389]

KELLY, James C, Surg, RN, DSC [30298]

KELLY, James Herbert, CERA 1c, 269934 (Ch), MSM [31398]

KELLY, John, AB, 180984, MID [29581]

KELLY, John, Trmr, RNR, 494ES, MID [30635]

KELLY, John, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [31060]

KELLY, John, Trmr, RNR, 494TS, Ita [30581]

KELLY, John Donald, Capt, RN, CB [31099], Fra [31360], [31886], Ita [29613]

KELLY, John Edward, Seamn, RNR, 1835D, MID [31191]

KELLY, John J, ERA 3c, C/M9392, DSM [29292]

KELLY, Joseph Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2882DA, DSM [30066]

KELLY, Joseph M, Lt, RNR, Ita [30386]

KELLY, Michael, PO, J8579 (Ch), DSM [31811]

KELLY, Miles, Dkhnd, FR 11276, MID [30936]

KELLY, Owen, Seamn, RNR, 6617A, MID [31182]

KELLY, Peter Burrows, Surg, RN, DSO [29264], Navy [29264]

KELLY, Richard Alfred, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

KELLY, Robert, CPO, 168607, MID [29752]

KELLY, Ronald, ERA 3c, M3707 (Po), MID [31060]

KELLY, Thomas, PO, 233985 (Ch), MID [30363], [30386]

KELLY, Thomas Anthony, Art Eng, RN, MID [30909]

KELLY, Wilfred Edwin, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807]

KELLY, William, Seamn, RNR, 2423A, DSM [30616]

KELLY, William Archibald Howard, Capt, RN, CB [29123], Fra [30363], [30437], Grc [31683], USA [31553]

KELLY, William Henry, Capt, RNR, CBE [31553], DSO [30153], RD [30683]

KELSALL, Joseph Frederick, L/Sig, J8470 (Dev), MID [31286]

KELSEY, Marcel Harcourt Attwood, Lt, RN, DSC [31398]

KELSEY, Thomas Cecil, Suptg Clerk, RMA, MSM [31553]

KELSO, John Latham, Seamn, RNR, 7983A, DSM [30153]

KELSO, John Robertson, PO, J5812 (Dev), DSM [31191], MID [30363]

KELSO, William, Capt, MN, MID [30066]

KELT, Peter McLaren, Eng Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29431]

KELTIE, William, Sto 1c, RFR/Po/B5405, DSM [29292]

KELWAY, William Edgar, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29307]

KEMBLE, Edward Richard Busk, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30316], MID [29751], [31274], Navy [29751]

KEMISH, Alfred, L/Tel, J25704 (Po), DSM [31182]

KEMMETT, John William, PO, 186788, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

KEMMIS, Harry William Algernon, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29654]

KEMP, Edward A, Sto PO, 295109 (Ch), Fra [31262]

KEMP, George Frederick, PO Mech (C), F12612, MID [30662]

KEMP, George Oswald, LS, 232280 (Po), MID [30635]

KEMP, Henry William, L/Sto, 294331 (Ch), Navy [30870]

KEMP, Herbert Walter, Gnr, RN, MID [30900]

KEMP, Thomas Henry, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

KEMP, Thomas W, PO 1c, 171663, DSM [29264]

KEMP, Thomas Webster, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30111], CMG [30723], Fra [30870], Rus [29596], [30147], Navy [31906], [31970], Army [31850]

KEMP, William Henry, CPO, 120344 (RFR Dev/A1302), MID [30833]

KEMP, William Richard, Engmn, RNR (Trawler Sec), 846ES, DSM [29264], Navy [29076]

KEMPE, Ronald N, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29603]

KEMPSTER, Percy John, PO, RAN, 8252, DSM [30363]

KEMPTON, William Arthur, CPO, 144295 (RFR Po/A3931), DSM [31248]

KEMSLEY, Albert, L/Tel, 225979, DSM [29581]

KENDAL, John William, Ch Off, MN, MID [31182]

KENDALL, Charles H, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30798]

KENDALL, Charles J C, Capt, RN, Egy [31236]; also KENDALL, Charles James Cope, Capt, RIM, CIE [31099]

KENDALL, Henry Ewing, Rev, RN, OBE [31379]

KENDALL, Henry George, Cdr, RNR, MID [29635], [30756], [31553]

KENDALL, William, LS, J8926 (Dev), DSM [30363]

KENNARD, H J, Cdr, RN, Navy [29126]

KENNARD, William Thomas, Ch Arm, 292901 (Ch), MSM [31811]

KENNEDY, Alfred, Ch Off, MN, MID [30616]

KENNEDY, Edward Coverley, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]

KENNEDY, Francis William, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29088], [29654], [29751

KENNEDY, Frederick Close Craufurd, Lt, RN, Ita [29556]

KENNEDY, Frederick James, Ch Eng, MN, Navy [29395]

KENNEDY, James, Ch Sto, 286681 (Ch), DSM [30088]

KENNEDY, James, Lt, RNR, OBE [31421]

KENNEDY, John, Sto 1c, K21492 (Dev), DSM [30147]

KENNEDY, Maurice, Seamn, RNR, S740A, DSM [30258]

KENNEDY, Michael Kavanagh Horsley, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30909]

KENNEDY, Richard, Ch Sto, 306205 (Dev), Fra [30437], [30494], MID [29752]

KENNEDY, Theobald Walter Butler, Capt, RN, CMG [30723], Grc [30635], Navy [29088]

KENNEDY, Thomas, Carp, MN, MID [31354]

KENNEDY, William Overton, ERA 3c, 271897 (Ch), DSM [30088]

KENNEDY-CRAUFURD-STUART, Charles, Lt-Col, RM, DSO [29358], Army [29354]

KENNETT, Arthur Edward, PO, 183716 (Ch), DSM [30909]

KENNEY, William, L/Sto, 281132, DSM [29581]

KENNIE, Andrew B, PO 1c, 138878 (RFR A2994), DSM [29264]

KENNINGTON, Samuel Charles, Skpr, RNR, DSC [30386]

KENNY, Alexander, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30147]

KENNY, E B, Staff Surg, RN, Army [29664]

KENNY, Edward, Engmn, RNR, 2805ES, MID [31354]

KENNY, George James, Qmr-Sgt, RMLI, RFR Ch 426, DSM [29024], Navy [28996]

KENNY, John Michael Peter, L/Firemn, MMR 769179, MID [30635]

KENRICK, Hubert Wynn, Cdr, RNR, OBE [30460], [31295], MID [31553]

KENSHOLE, John, CERA, RAN, 7686, Fra [30408]

KENSIT, William Arthur, AB, 201510, DSM [29292]

KENT, Arthur Frank, Sto PO, K10697 (Po), DSM [31236]

KENT, Benjamin Rowley George, Lt, RNR, DSC [29799]

KENT, David James, Dkhnd, RNR, 4753A, MID [31354]

KENT, Edgar Percy, L/Sig, 237821 (Po), MID [31063]

KENT, J, PO, RNVR, Clyde Z/3319, DCM [29886], [29940]

KENT, Norman Braund, Rev, RN, OBE [31379]

KENT, Samuel, Lt, RN, MID [31182]

KENT, Walter James, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31398]

KENT, William Ernest, CPO, 163354, DSM [29752], Fra [29751]

KENT, William George, Sto PO, K8381 (Dev), MSM [31413]

KENTEN, Charles, Ch Mech 2c, 295762 (Po), MSM [31461]

KENWORTHY, Percy, Vict Asst, M28587 (Ch), MID [30807]

KENYON, Albert E, Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

KENYON, Guy Victor, Lt, RN, Fra [29751]

KENYON, Samuel, Dkhnd, FR 10814, MID [30936]

KENYON, William, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/10230, MID [29530]

KEOGH (alias KOUGH), Dennis Joseph, LS, 177615 (Po), Fra [30437], MID [29752]

KEOGH, Michael Sullivan, CPO, RNAS, AM [29439], [29588]

KEOGH, Patrick, Seamn, RNR, 5251A, DSM [29581]

KEOHANE, Michael, PO 2c, 106867 (Ch), MID [31452]

KER, Lawrance A, Ch Yeo Sigs, 165660 (Po), Ita [30386]

KERCHEY, Frederick, PO, RNAS, F700, MID [29581]

KERKIN, Ernest, CERA 2c, 269940, MID [29752]

KERMEEN, John James, Trmr, RNR, 1544ST, MID [29581]

KERR, A D, Lce-Cpl, RND, 235, Army [29354]

KERR, Alexander, PO 2c, 126018 (RFR Dev/A1718), DSM [29530]

KERR, B, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29422]; also KERR, Basil, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31413]

KERR, Charles Lester, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29211], Fra [30227], Grc [31748], Ita [31130], Srb [29377], [29516], MID [29446]

KERR, David S, AB, 239816, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

KERR, Fairfax Moresby, Cdr, RN, OBE [31398] MID [30564], Navy [29654]

KERR, George, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1747, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

KERR, H C, LS, RNVR, CZ723, MM [30001]

KERR, J, LS, RNVR, JZC1292, MM [29953]

KERR, J H, PO, F1172, Army [29664]

KERR, John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30194], [30227]

KERR, John William, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

KERR, Mark E F, Vice-Adm, RN, Ita [29997], [30833]

KERR, Mark Peregrine Charles, Lt, RN, MID [30088]

KERR, T, Eng Lt, RIM, Army [29665], [31156], [31387]

KERR, Thomas, Sto PO, 307376 (Po), DSM [30408]

KERR, Thomas, Eng, RIM, DSC [29446]

KERR, William Munro, Capt, RN, CBE [31683]

KERRIDGE, Alfred, AB, P/J5396, DSM [29292]

KERRIDGE, James Disraeli, Ch Off, MN, MID [30979]

KERRY, Edward, PO, 187385, DSM [29752]

KERRY, James Leslie, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [30029]

KERSEY, James Emsden, Sgt, RMA, 12989, Bel [31604], DSM [30581]

KERSEY, Winifrid Esdaile, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

KERSHAW, Frederick William, Cdr, RNR, OBE [30730]

KERSHAW, Ronald Hargrave, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [29264]

KERSLAKE, A J, Pte, RMLI, Ply/17813, MM [30172]

KESLAKE, Walter, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

KESSELL, Charles, L/Sto, K1517, DSM [29886]

KESSEN, John Stewart, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30555]

KETTLEWELL, William R W, Cdr, RN, Egy [31811]

KEUNE, Alex Bernard, Boy Tel, J30036, DSM [29423]

KEWISH, William Henry, Gnr, RN, DSC [31063]

KEY, Allen Richard, Air Mech 2g, F20262, DSM [30662]

KEY, George, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31604]

KEY, Walter John Smith, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [31354]

KEYES, Adrian St Vincent, Lt-Cdr, RN, CBE [31398], DSO [29264], Navy [29264], [29507], [30015]

KEYES, Roger John Brownlow, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [30655], KCMG [29423], KCVO [31071], CVO [30613], DSO [29608], Bel [30807, Fra [29538], [30807], [30870], USA [31553], Navy [28948], [29076], [29264], [29507], [30015], [31189], [31322], Army [29217], [29429]
KEYES, Thomas Henry, Gnr, RN, DSC [30088]

KEYS, John Anthony, Fleet Pay, RN, CB [30111], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]


KHAN, Chotoo, Storekpr, 7683 RIM, Army [30570]

KHAN, Hasam, Boilermaker, RIM 1028, Army [30233]


KIBBLER, C, Pte, RMLI, Po/19206, MM [31173]

KIDD, Christopher, Boy Mech, F5004, MID [30316]

KIDD, Sydney James, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30285]

KIDDLE, Edward Buxton, Capt, RN, CB [30723], Fra [29751], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

KIDDLE, Gerald Desmond Colville, Asst Pay, RN, Navy [29507]

KIDDLE, John, Cdr, RN, OBE [31553]

KIDDLE, Kerrison, Capt, RN, CBE [31398], MID [30088]

KIDDLE, R W, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [31385]

KIDMAN, Frank, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

KIDNEY, Francis Augustine, Seamn, MN, DSM [30227]

KIERAN, Joseph Patrick, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

KILBY, Arthur Henry, CPO, 168038, DSM [29211]

KILBY, James, Skpr, RNR, 343WSA, Fra [30687], MID [30153]

KILGAR, Patrick, Engmn, RNR, 5210TS, MSM [31248]

KILGOUR, Edgar C, 3rd Eng, MN, MID [29877]

KILNER, Basil Hugo, App, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

KILNER, C F, Capt, RM, Army [29851]; also KILNER, Cecil Francis, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [29076], [30316], Navy [29076]

KILROY, Lancelot, Fleet Surg, RN, Rus [30116]

KILROY, Willie Dickson, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31262]

KILVERT, Robert Edgar, Maj, RMA, MID [29751], [31553], Army [30421]

KIMBER, Arthur Thomas, Ch Writer, 343995 (Ch), MSM [31553]

KIMBER, Ernest, RM Gnr, RM, MBE [31461]

KIMBER, Henry Ralph, Sgt, RMA, 10107, DSM [30153], MID [29581]

KIMBER, John L, Eng Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

KIMBER, Walter, Sto PO, RN, AM [30055]

KIMBERLEY, Robert George, Air Mech 1g, F4766, RNAS, DSM [30066], Fra [30870]

KIME, John, Skpr, RNR, 670WSA, DSC [30194]

KIMNMOUTH, James V, W/T Op, MN, MID [30536]

KIMP, William James, Ch Yeo Sigs, 176348 (RFR Ch/B2493), MSM [31425]

KIMPTON, Samuel Charles, Vict CPO, 177382 (Po), MID [30807]

KINAHAN, F W, Cdr, RN, Army [31435]

KINAHAN, Harold Richard George, Lt, RN, MID [29264]

KINBY, Frederick John, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 818SD, MID [31354]

KINCH, Arthur Gordon, Lt, RIM, DSO [29876], Army [29576], [29789]

KINDER, H, Sto PO, RAN, 7244, MID [31303]

KINDER, John William, ERA 3c, M8857 (Ch), MID [30363]

KINDRED, Ben, Sto PO, 306762 (Ch), Fra [30408], MID [30408]

KING, Albert Edward, Air Mech 1g, F4373, DSM [30316]

KING, Alexander, Ch Off, MN, MID [30732]

KING, Arthur Ernest, 3rd Off, MN, MID [30066]

KING, Arthur Matravers, Capt, MN, DSC [30194]

KING, C W, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31099]

KING, Charles H, L/Sig, J4428, Fra [29751]

KING, Charles Reginald, Capt, MN (Lt-Cdr RNR), DSC [30732]

KING, Charles Stanley, Ch Writer, 343842 (Dev), MSM [31398]

KING, Clarence Aubrey, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [30147]

KING, Donald Sutherland, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 273, MID [31248]

KING, Edward, CPO, 146513 (Ch), DSM [30153]

KING, Eliot M, Flt Lt, RNAS, Fra [30536]

KING, Ernest Charles, Arm Crew, 16034, DSM [29886]

KING, Ernest William, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], [31638], Fra [30687]

KING, Frank William, L/Sto, 306009 (Po), MID [30061]

KING, Frederick William, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

KING, Frederick William, CERA 2c, 270237 (Ch), DSM [30936]

KING, G, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

KING, George, L/Sig, 231183 (Dev), DSM [31191]

KING, Henry Douglas, Cdr, RNVR, DSO [29358], VD [29239], Fra [30227], Army [29354], [29455], [29664]

KING, Harold Gray, Pay, RN, MID [30833]

KING, Jabez George, Skpr, RNR, 1436WSA, DSC [29668]

KING, James, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/9782, MSM [31413]

KING, James Abraham, Skpr, RNR, 1528SA, DSC [31191], MID [31286]

KING, James Henry, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31445]

KING, John Richard, Lce-Sgt, RMLI, Ch/16673, MID [29752]

KING, John Richard, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2072SA, DSM [30153]

KING, Joseph, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31432], RD [29538]

KING, Lancelot, Lt, RN, Jpn [31130]

KING, Leonard John, AB, J41060 (Ch), DSM [30807]

KING, Percival Charles, PO Tel, 235463 (Dev), DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

KING, Percy Charles, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2602SD, MID [30909]

KING, Philip Wilfred Sidney, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29997], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

KING, R, Pte, RM, Deal/3942, MM [30172]

KING, Richard Matthew, Cdr, RN, DSO [30564]

KING, W or W J or W K, Lt, RNVR, Army [29789], [30233], [31387]; also KING, William, Lt, RNVR, DSO [30227]; also KING, William John, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30133]

KING, William Edward Henry, Warrt Eng, RN, DSC [31811]

KING, William Havelock, L/Sto, RNR, 3026S, DSM [30194]

KING, William Thomas, Capt, MN, DSC [30258]

KING-HALL, Herbert Goodenough, Adm, RN, KCB [29423], Zan [31604]

KING-HARMAN, Robert Douglas, Lt, RN, DSO [31748], DSC [30061]

KINGDOM, Richard Ernest, Skpr, RNR, 78SA, MID [30635]

KINGSFORD, George, Ship Stwd, 342214, MID [29752]

KINGSHOTT, William, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/14785J, DSM [30807]

KINGSLAND, Sidney Frederick, App, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

KINGSMILL, Charles E, Adm, RN, Ita [30437]

KINGSNORTH, Arthur Frederick, Eng Capt, RN, CB [29751], Navy [29751]

KINGSTON, George W, AB, 163864 (Ch), Fra [31262], Ita [30386]

KINGSTON, Harry Bertram, L/Sto, K8654 (Po), MID [30363]

KINGSTON, Jabez Thomas, AB, J4293, DSM [29668]

KINGSWELL, Thomas Canniford, ERA 3c, 271972 (Dev), Fra [30408], MID [29752]

KINGSWELL, William Charles, ERA 2c, 271258 (Po), DSM [30088]

KINGTON, Llewellyn George, 2nd Writer, M11459 (Dev), MSM [31398]

KINKEAD, Samuel Marcus, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30536], [30654]

KINLEY, W J, AB, RNVR, MZ/547, MM [31173]

KINNAIRD, James, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

KINNERSLEY, Walter, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 12161DA, MID [31248]

KINNIBURGH, Joseph, AB, RAN, 2907, DSM [29123]

KINNIER, Douglas Reid, Lt, RNR, DSC [29024]

KINRADE, William, AB, 187692 (RFR Dev B/1395), DSM [29581]

KIPPINS, Thomas, Lt, RNR, DSC [30732]

KIRBELL, W, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Ply/11418, Army [29354]

KIRBY, Charles Henry, Mechn, 307903 (Ch), MID [31286]

KIRBY, Richard Evan Williams, Cdr, RN, DSO [31286], Navy [29507]

KIRBY, Thomas Rayne, Lt, RNR, MID [30159]

KIRBY, W, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [31435]; also KIRBY, William, Lt, RND, OBE [31370]

KIRBY, William Wallace, Ch Writer, 340583 (Ch), MSM [31553]

KIRK, Alexander H, Lt, RNVR, Fra [31604], [31683]

KIRK, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 2534DA, MID [30153]

KIRKALDY, Patterson, Capt, MN, DSC [30066]

KIRKBRIDE, J L, CPO, RNVR, MerseyZ/90, MSM [30750], Army [30421]

KIRKBY, Ernest Walter, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31191]

KIRKCALDY, John, PO, P/222473, DSM [29292]

KIRKHAM, Henry, Carp, MMR 923298, DSM [30687]

KIRKHAM, John Abraham, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30581]

KIRKHOUSE, Frank Herbert, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

KIRKLAND, J, LS, RNVR, Clyde Z4899, Army [29890]

KIRKMAN, Frederick G, CERA 2c, 270083 (Ch), Grc [31445]

KIRKPATRICK, Kenneth Clarke, Lt, RN, DSC [30909], MID [30807]

KIRKWOOD, J, AB, RNVR, CZ4369, MM [29953]

KIRKWOOD, Malcolm Stuart, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30807], Navy [31189]

KIRWIN, Joseph John, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [30730], [31295]

KISSOCK, J, Pte, RMLI, Ply/11929, MM [30830]

KITCAT, Henry Jeffreys de Winton, Capt, RN, OBE [31432]

KITCHEN, William H, Seamn, RNR, 4330A, Navy [29264]

KITCHING, Henry Walton, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

KITE, Ralph Augustus, Gnr, RN, MID [31060]

KITSON, Edward, Ch Sto, 280647 (Ch), Ita [30386]

KITSON, Edward Wollaston, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [31303]

KITSON, Henry K, Capt, RN, Jpn [31811], Rom [31965], Army [29632]

KITSON, Henry Karslake, Cdr, RN, Navy [29507]

KITSON, James Buller, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

KITSON, John Francis Buller, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30536]

KITSON, Rupert, AB, J3856 (Ch), MID [30687]

KITWOOD, John Waterhouse, Capt, MN, MID [31038]


KLUGH, Herbert, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30635]


KNAPMAN, Henry T, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [29603]

KNAPMAN, John Albert, AB, 221892 (Po), MID [30363]

KNAPMAN, Percy Frederick, AB, J17156, DSM [29752]

KNAPTON, Albert Augustus, Yeo Sigs, 223904 (Ch), MSM [31182], Army [30404]

KNEVITT, Harry Pakeman, Dkhnd, RNR, 10015DA, DSM [30147]

KNIBBS, Harold Herbert Douglas, Gnr, RMA, 13325, MID [31303]

KNIGHT, Alfred Henry, Ch Ship Cook, 247120 (Ch), MID [30662]

KNIGHT, Alfred Victor, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30807], Navy [31189]

KNIGHT, Arthur Hansen, CPO Mech 2g, 202087 (Ch), MID [30662]

KNIGHT, Edward, Engmn, RNR, 2261 ES, Fra [31130]

KNIGHT, Ernest, PO, 198006 (RFR Po/B5341), DSM [30029]

KNIGHT, Frederick Arthur, AB, 204763 (RFR Ch/B10751), DSM [29668]

KNIGHT, Henry Ernest, PO 1c, 176903, DSM [29123]

KNIGHT, James Charles, CPO, 136954 (RFR Dev A/3277), DSM [29581]

KNIGHT, Matthew B, LS, 230546, Navy [29264]

KNIGHT, Samuel Henry, Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31483]

KNIGHT, Thomas, CPO, 165128 (Ch), DSM [30564], MID [29752]

KNIGHT, Thomas Henry, Ch Eng, RIM, CIE [30111]

KNIGHT, William G, Lt, RNR, Srb [30194]

KNIGHT, William Henry, ERA 2c, M4934 (Ch), DSM [31748], MSM [31248]

KNIGHT-ADKIN, Walter Kenrick, Rev, RN, OBE [31379]

KNIGHTLY, E, PO, RNVR, LZ/1931, MM [31173]

KNIGHTLY, Percival Edward Clifford, L/Sto, 310304 (Ch), MID [30654]

KNIGHTS, Harry Edward, Gnr, RN, MID [31286]

KNIGHTS, Herbert, Skpr, RNR, 351WSA, MID [29668]

KNIGHTS, James Edward, LS, 213829 (RFR Po/B6679), DSM [30153]

KNIGHTS, Mark Hodson, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 1427DA, MID [30159]

KNIGHTS, Percy William, Dkhnd, RNR, 3031DA, MID [30153]

KNIGHTS, William Saul, Skpr, RNR, 209WSA, MID [30616]

KNILL, Frank John, Sgt, RMA, 12738, CGM [30807], Fra [30870]

KNIVETT, Albert Edward, Sto PO, 309665 (Ch), DSM [30687]

KNOTHE, Albert, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29088]

KNOTT, James, Sto 1c, K14527, MID [29581]

KNOTT, John Thomas, LS, J1186, DSM [29024], Navy [29126]

KNOULTON, Richard, OS, RN, AM [30428]

KNOWLES, Arthur, CPO Mech 3g, F3359, MID [30662]

KNOWLES, Charles Hinton, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31248]

KNOWLES, David Bannerman, Sto, RNR, 2557T, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

KNOWLES, Dennis, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30662]

KNOWLES, Frank Henry, Art Eng, RN, DSC [30936], MID [30363], [30386]

KNOWLES, George Herbert, Cdr, RN, DSO [30564], Navy [29507]

KNOWLES, James Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 2685DA, DSM [30147]

KNOWLES, Walter Michael, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30012]

KNOWLSON, Alfred John, Sgt, RMLI, Po/15263, MID [31604]

KNOX, G V C, Cdr, RN, Army [30570]

KNOX, Geoffrey G, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30732]

KNOX, John Frederick, Capt, RN, OBE [31445]

KNOX, John N, Lt, RN, Fra [30363]

KNOX, Robert G, Eng Cdr, RNR, OBE [30730], [31295], Grc [30654], [31413], MID [30194]

KNOX, W, AB, RNVR, CZ/5422, DCM [30983]

KNOX-LITTLE, Charles Hugo, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30807]

KNUBLEY, Arthur James, Firemn, MMR 791114, BEM [31099], MID [30909]

KNUDSEN, Henry George, CPO, 179337 (Ch), MID [30909]


KOE, Walter P, Cdr, RN, Egy [30437], Army [29632]

KORN, Henry Edward, CERA, RNR, 305EB, MID [30159]


KRIEBEL, Herman, Ch Arm, 340132 (Po), MID [30909]


KUAN, Abdulla, Mistri, RIM, 9909, Army [30233]


KYDD, Frank, Eng Lt, RNR, Rom [31236], MID [30936]

KYLE, A G, Lt, RM, Army [30072]

KYLE, David James, LS, J3910 (Dev), DSM [30159]

KYTE, Arthur, PO 1c, 112119 (Po), MID [30153]




L'ESTRANGE-MALONE, Cecil John, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, Navy [29507]


LABETT, John Oliver, PO, 196853 (Po), MID [31248]

LACCOHEE, Herbert, LS, J23637 (Ch), MSM [31286]

LACEY, Douglas, Sto, RNR, 2903T, DSM [29123]

LACEY, George, CPO, RNAS, 272252, MID [29581]

LACY, Charles John, PO, 219188 (Po), DSM [30363]

LACY, Ernest E, Capt, RN, CB [30723], USA [31683]

LADBROOK, James, PO, 178829, MID [29581]

LADD, Frank William, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/10569, DSM [31182]

LADLEY, George, Skpr, RNR, 55SA, DSC [30936]

LAFONE, Albert Sumner, Rear-Adm, RN, CBE [31099]

LAFONTAINE, Wilfred E J, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30654]

LAIDLAW, E, PO, RNVR, Tyneside/Z1337, MM [29953]

LAING, James Stewart, AB, J6777 (Po), DSM [30536], MID [30536]

LAING, John McKay, L/Sto, K3495 (Dev), MSM [31360]

LAIRD, Donald Main, Seamn, RNR, 5323A, DSM [31452]

LAIRD, John Knox, Capt, RN, CB [31379]

LAKE, Albert, LS, 175302 (RFR Po/B2683), DSM [30153]

LAKE, Albert Ernest, CPO, 142290 (RFR Dev/A3360), MID [30536]

LAKE, Arthur Edward, Dkhnd, RNR, 3732SD, MID [31286]

LAKE, Atwell Henry, Lt, RN, OBE [31553]

LAKE, Charles, Sto 1c, K20843 (Po), MSM [31398]

LAKE, Ferdinand Eugene Minns, AB, J22273 (Po), CGM [30807], Fra [30870], Navy [31189]

LAKE, Henry Neville, Lt, RN, DSO [31182], DSC [30437]

LAKE, Herbert Henry, CERA 1c, 268421, DSM [29752]

LAKE, Jabez George, Gnr, RN, MID [30437]

LAKE, John Strickland, Pay Lt, RNR, MID [31425]

LAKE, Thomas, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 3763DA, DSM [30616]

LAKE, Walter J C, Capt, RN, Grc [30654]

LAKEMAN, William Burgoyue, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [30088]

LALOR, William Groggan, Lt, RNR, MID [29751]

LAMACRAFT, E J, Sgt, RMLI, Po/15425, Army [29354]

LAMB, Alfred Edward, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316], MID [29751]

LAMB, Ernest Horace, Capt, RM, DSC [29358], Army [29354], [29455]

LAMB, Edwin Daniel, Gnr, RN, MBE [31499]

LAMB, F R, 2nd Lt, RMA, Army [29623]

LAMB, Frederick Hawley, Dkhnd, RNR, 1491TS, CGM [30258], Ita [30386]

LAMB, George Joseph, L/Tel, J18762 (Ch), MSM [31811]

LAMB, J W, PO, RNVR, TZ/1806, MM [31173]

LAMB, P R, Lt, RMA, Army [30691]

LAMB, Sidney Herbert, Res Wardmaster, M9209 (Po), MSM [31604]

LAMBART, Lionel John Olive, Cdr, RN, DSO [29507], Navy [29264], [29507]

LAMBE, Charles Laverock, Capt, RN, CMG [30451], DSO [30066], Bel [30194], Fra [30285], Army [30421]; also LAMBE, Capt, RNAS, Navy [29680]

LAMBERT, Arthur W, CPO, RAN, 7899, DSM [29123]

LAMBERT, Cecil F, Rear-Adm, RN, Grc [31038], Fra [31063], Jpn [30363]

LAMBERT, Charles, OS, J32946 (Dev), MID [30756]

LAMBERT, Charles William, Eng Lt, RN, MID [31286]

LAMBERT, David, Lt, RNR, DSC [31303]

LAMBERT, Francis Edward, L/Tel, J18875 (Ch), MID [31060]

LAMBERT, Francis John, Lt, RN, DSC [30807]

LAMBERT, George, AB, RNVR (Sussex) Z396, MSM [31425]

LAMBERT, George Henry, CPO, RNVR, MSM [31553]

LAMBERT, Harold Roger, Lt, RM, DSC [29423]

LAMBERT, John, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

LAMBERT, John Hamilton, Lt-Col, RMLI, OBE [31553]

LAMBERT, Robert Cathcart Kemble, Capt, RN, DSO [29603], Navy [29264], [30133], Army [30856]

LAMBERT, Robert Edward, Vict CPO, MC1190, MID [31811]

LAMBERT, Roley, Sto PO, 221805 (Po), Ita [30581], MID [30147]

LAMBERT, Samuel George, CPO, 187454 (Ch), Fra [30494], MID [30227]

LAMBERT, Walter O H, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30408]

LAMBERT, Francis J, Lt, RN, Navy [31189]

LAMBETH, George, Boy 1c, J35868, MID [29581]

LAMBLE, Arnold Edwin Blythe, Lt, RNR, MID [31811]

LAMBOURNE, Gilbert, CPO Mech 3g, 351591 (Po), MID [30316]

LAMENT, J, PO, RNVR, CZ/2179, MM [31173]

LAMENT, Thomas, AB, 218079, DSM [29581]

LAMERTON, W, CPO, RNVR, Army [30856]; also LAMERTON, William, CPO, 147602 (Dev), MSM [31553]

LAMMING, John Frederick, Engmn, RNR, 3140ES, MID [31604]

LAMONT, Archibald, Lt, RNR, DSC [29603]

LAMONT, Daniel Joseph, AB, 212556 (Dev), DSM [30088]

LAMONT, John Scotland, ERA, RNR, 1372EA, DSM [29543], [30182]

LAMONT-FISHER, H D, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]

LAMOTTE, Harold de Gallye, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31604]

LAMPEN, Lewis C, Maj, RMLI, Fra [29997], Ita [29966]

LAMPLOUGH, C D R, Lt, RM?, Navy [31189]; also LAMPLOUGH, Charles Robert Wharram, Lt, RMLI, DSC [30807]

LAMPRELL, W J, SBA, RNASBR, M/6644, MM [30962]

LAMPSON, Oliver Locker, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [30723]

LANCASTER, Edward, ERA 4c, M2684 (Dev), DSM [29997]

LANCASTER, George, CPO, 186999 (Ch), MID [30807]

LANCASTER, George Samuel, CERA 2c, M1045 (Dev), DSM [30732]

LANCASTER, Humphrey John, Lt, RN, DSC [29423]

LANCASTER, Robert, Tel, RNVR (Tyneside) Z41, DSM [30536]

LANCEY, James Henry, CPO, 192924 (Dev), DSM [29886]

LAND, Sydney Walter, Seamn, RNR, 6792A, DSM [30732]

LANDER, Duncan Edward, Pay Lt, RN, MID [31303]

LANDERYOU, Peter James, CPO, 136735 (RFR Ch/A1478), MID [30909]

LANDIN, Albert, Bosn, MN, DSM [30616]

LANDON, Arthur J, Cdr, RN, Fra [31248]

LANDON, Arthur Jermyn, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30061]

LANDON, Edward Cyril Turton, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31432]

LANDON, Edwin Y, Tel, RNVR (London) Z 3785, Jpn [30732]

LANDSDOWNE, Willie George, Ship Stwd, 342424 (Po), MID [31303]

LANE, Albert Edward, OS, J79846 (Po), MID [31354]

LANE, Augustus Charles, L/Mech (E), F5595, MID [30662]

LANE, Frederick John, Capt, MN, DSC [30066]

LANE, Henry Douglas, CPO Mech 3g, F692, MID [30316]

LANE, Henry Douglas, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

LANE, Henry Gerald Elliot, Capt, RN, CBE [31604], Fra [30687]

LANE, Leonard Iles, Pte, RMLI, Po/16430, DSM [30807]

LANE, Richard B, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30408]

LANE, Thomas, AB, 195028, MID [29264], [29581]

LANE, Thomas, Skpr, RNR, 220WSA, DSC [30536]

LANE, Thomas Edward, Mate, RN, MID [29264]

LANE, William Rutherford, CERA, RNR, 1298EA, DSM [30635]

LANE-POOLE, Richard Hayden Owen, Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

LANG, Arthur, Sto 1c, K 10159 (Po), MID [30408]

LANG, George Holbrow, Cdr, RN, DSO [30564], Army [29648]

LANG, Harold, ERA 3c, M544 (Po), DSM [30147]

LANG, Isabella Frame, Theatre Sister, Nursing Services, RRC [30723]

LANG, Sidney, CPO, 175475, DSM [29668]

LANG, Stuart, Pte, RMLI, Ch 18446, DSM [29024], Navy [28996]

LANGDON, Charles Henry Clarke, Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

LANGDON, Harold William, AB, J26087 (Dev), MID [30564]

LANGDOWN, R H, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/9089 (S), Army [31435]

LANGDOWN, Richard Charles Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 13368DA, MSM [31553]

LANGE, George, PO, RNVR, R6831, MSM [31638]

LANGFORD, Horace Trevor St Ledger, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31811]

LANGFORD, James, Ch Sto, 283739 (Po), DSM [31191]

LANGFORD, Martyn Henry, Surg, RN, DSO [29264]

LANGLEY, Alfred Mark, ERA 2c, 270895 (Po), DSM [30147]

LANGLEY, Arthur Sydney, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [30662]

LANGLEY, Arthur Sydney, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, CMG [31262]

LANGLEY, Cecil Hensman, L/Tel, 233589, DSM [29581]

LANGLEY, F C, LS, RNVR, TZ/8405, DCM [31128]

LANGLEY, Gerald Maxwell Bradshaw, Lt, RN, OBE [31683]

LANGLEY, Gilbert, Sto 1c, K22301 (Dev), DSM [30756]

LANGMAID, Richard, Capt, MN, DSM [30900]

LANGMEAD, George Henry, ERA 2c, 272045 (Dev), MID [29886]

LANGRIDGE, Albert Victor, CPO, 176983 (Po), DSM [30088]

LANGRIDGE, Frederick Charles, Sto 1c, K6765, DSM [28948]

LANGRIDGE, Joseph Golden, AB, 236704, MID [29886]

LANGTON-JONES, Ronald, Lt, RN, Fra [29997], [30536], MID [30536], [31553], Army [29664]

LANGWORTHY, G, CPO, RN, D/204218, Army [29354]

LANKTREE, Thomas Francis, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

LANSLEY, Allan, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

LANYON, Reginald Hubert, AB, 196135 (Po), MID [31236]

LAPAGE, Walter Neville, Cdr, RN, OBE [31445], Rus [30116]

LAPSLEY, Claud or Claude Charles, Ch Eng, MN (RNR), OBE [30730], DSC [31130]

LARBALASTIER, Philip, Bosn Mate, MN, MID [31130]

LARBY, Frederick James, AB, J27317 (Po), DSM [30807]

LARCOM, Charles Arthur Aisken, Lt, RN, MID [30564]

LARGE, Albert, Ch Yeo Sigs, 173079, MID [29752]

LARGE, Donald, Off Stwd 1c, L876 (Po), DSM [30833]

LARGE, Edwin Ryder, Capt, MN (Lt-Cdr, RNR), DSO [30066], OBE [31413], MID [29603]

LARGE, V C, Lt, RNR, Navy [30133]

LARGEY, Edward, Sto 1c, K26917 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

LARKE, Matthew C, Dkhnd, RNR, 2374DA, Ita [30581]

LARKEN, Frank, Capt, RN, CMG [29507], Bel [31130], Grc [30635], Fra [31286], [31360], MID [30194], Navy [29507]

LARKIN, Richard, Seamn, RNR, 4841B, DSM [30616], Ita [30386]

LARKING, Dennis Augustus Hugo, Capt, RN, CMG [29608], Ita [30732], [31236], [31445], Srb [30363]

LARN, Samuel Goffin, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1027SA, MID [30285]

LARRABEE, S L, Lt, RNVR, Army [29664]

LARRISY, Patrick, Dkymn, MMR 25568, MID [31060]

LARTER, Charles Seymour, Skpr, RNR, 2012SA, MBE [31553]

LARTER, I, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/827/S, MM [30830]

LASHAM, Albert E, Ch Sto, 172898 (Ch), Ita [30386]

LASHMORE, Harry, Eng Capt, RN, CB [29180], DSO [29264], Egy [31130]

LAST, Albert, PO, 208689 (Po), DSM [30061]

LAST, W H, AB, RNVR, R/2715, MM [31338]

LAST, William James, Cpl, RMA, 10722, DSM [31303],

LATHBURY, George Pinckard, Maj, RMLI, DSC [29423] Fra [32074], Army [29455]

LATOUCHE, George Henry Stransham, Cdr, RIM, OBE [31114]

LATTA, James, Dkhnd, RNR (Special Service), 2364SD, MID [29680], [31286], Navy [29680]

LATTER, Edward Henry, PO, 179586 (Ch), MID [31421]

LAUCHLAN, William Paterson, LS, 235108 (Dev), MID [30363], [30386]

LAUGHTON, Elvira Sibyl Marie, Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

LAURENCE, Noel Frank, Cdr, RN, DSO [29487], [29886], Fra [29552], Rus [29552], [29815]

LAURENCE, Walter, PO Mech, 300142, DSM [30066]

LAURENSON, Laurence, Seamn, RNR, 1045L, MID [31303]

LAURENSON, Robert Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 7937DA, MID [31354]

LAURENSON, Tom Turnbull, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

LAURITSON, William, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

LAVENDER, William George, L/Mech, F11477, MID [30662]

LAVER, Albert Victor, LS, 223192 (Ch), MID [30285]

LAVERS, William A, CPO, 192765 (Po), Bel [30900]

LAW, Charles Frederick, Yeo Sigs, 231582 (Dev), DSM [30088]

LAW, Charles Herbert, Pay Sub-Lt, RN, MID [31060]

LAW, Francis Cecil, Capt, RMLI, DSC [29423], Fra [32074], Army [29455]

LAW, Francis Henry, Sig, RNVR (Tyneside) Z8574, MID [30909]

LAW, Henry G, AB, 195366 (RFR Ch B8261), DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

LAW, James George, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [29374]

LAW, James Milne, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31266]

LAW, William Henry James, CPO, 188404 (Dev), MSM [31461]

LAW, William J B, Capt, RN, Fra [31063], Ita [29966]

LAWDER, Keith Macleod, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31360]

LAWE, Handel, AB, 227293 (Ch), DSM [30807]

LAWES, Albert Leslie, Lt, RNVR, MID [31811]

LAWES, John James Mitchell, PO, 185088 (Dev), DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

LAWES, Percy Robert, PO, 168394 (Po), DSM [30029]

LAWFORD, George Alfred, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ch/8933, MSM [31360]

LAWFORD, Vincent Adrian, Pay Capt, RN, CMG [31445], DSO [29530]

LAWLAN, S, Lt, RNR, Army [31435]

LAWLER, James Ambrose, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1831, DSM [30635]

LAWLER, Thomas, Sto, MMR 863282, MSM [31182]

LAWLESS, John Patrick, AB, RNVR (Clyde) Z8545, DSM [31038]

LAWLESS, Percy, AB, 204601 (RFR Ch/B9282), MID [29752]

LAWLOR, Leslie, Lt, RNR, OBE [31303]

LAWN, James, Skpr, RNR, 1834WSA, Fra [30687], MID [30153]

LAWRANCE, Kenneth Edward, Capt, RMLI, OBE [31638]

LAWRENCE, Charles Harold, Dkhnd, RNR, 13039DA, DSM [30807]

LAWRENCE, Frederick, Warrt Mech, RN, Ita [30386]

LAWRENCE, George, Seamn, RNR, 3814B, DSM [29581]

LAWRENCE, Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, DA115, DSM [29668]

LAWRENCE, James Edward, L/Mech, F8762, MID [30316]

LAWRENCE, James Gordon, AB, J26878 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30900]

LAWRENCE, John Henry, Ch Skpr, RNR, 188SA, DSC [30732], MID [30936]

LAWRENCE, Laurence Lionel, Lt, RNR, MID [31286]

LAWRENCE, Reginald Wilfred, Lt, RNR, DSC [29169]

LAWRENCE, Richard, AB, J8260 (Dev), MID [30807]

LAWRENCE, Richard Seth, PO, 165596 (Ch), DSM [30833]

LAWRENCE, Robert Reginald, AB, RNVR, London/9/2346, MID [29530]

LAWRENCE, Thomas, Ch Sto, 293220 (Ch), MID [30285]

LAWRENCE, Thomas H, Sto PO, K1106, DSM [29423]

LAWRENCE, William, Ch Sto, 291613 (Ch), MSM [31461]

LAWREY, Andrew, Surg Lt (D), RNVR, MID [31516]

LAWREY, William Joseph, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 18776DA, MID [31248]

LAWRIE, Edward McConnell Wyndham, Cdr, RN, DSO [31236], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

LAWRIE, James King, ERA 1c, 270036 (Ch), DSM [30147], MID [30437]

LAWRIE, John, Lt, RNR, DSO [30227], DSC [29947], [30363]

LAWRIE, T M, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30421]

LAWS, Henry William, Lt, RNVR, DSO [29358], Army [29455]

LAWSON, Albert Frederick, PO, RNVR, AA502, MID [30536]

LAWSON, Bertram Ernest, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/9894, MSM [31182], Ita [30581], MID [30936]

LAWSON, Frederick H, Lt, RNR, Navy [31301]

LAWSON, Frederick Herman, Lt, RNR, MID [30147], Navy [31301 - twice]

LAWSON, George C H, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [31248]

LAWSON, J H, Capt, RM, Army [29354]

LAWSON, J W, Bomdr, RMA, 12698, Army [29933]

LAWSON, John, AB, J36041 (Po), MID [30635]

LAWSON, John Cuthbert, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31461], Grc [30654], [31413], MID [30194]

LAWSON, Matthew, Sto PO, 303088 (RFR Ch/B5783), MID [29752], [30061]

LAWSON, Robert Neale, Capt, RN, CB [30723], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

LAWSON, W, LS, RNVR, TZ553, MM [30172]

LAWTON, Cornelius, CPO, 109269 (Po), DSM [30909]

LAWTON, David, Capt, MN, DSC [30227]

LAX, Charles, Wiremn 2c, M19823 (Po), MID [30363], [30386]

LAY, John Richard, Capt, RN, OBE [31432]

LAYARD, Brownlow Villiers, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30979], MID [30363], Navy [29126]

LAYCOCK, Charles Stanley, Air Mech 2c, F10364, DSM [30147]

LAYCOCK, John Robinson, Air Mech 2c, F9281, DSM [30147]

LAYLAND, Henry, Cdr, RNR, OBE [30730], [31295], RD [30868]

LAYLAND, John, Jnr Res SBA, M 14816 (Dev), DSM [31182]

LAYTON, Geoffrey, Cdr, RN, DSO [30635], Fra [31683]

LAYTON, Percival Norman, Capt, RNR, CBE [31553]

LAZZARISHI, John P, LS, 239610 (Dev), Ita [30386]


LE BER, Francis Philip, PO, 225809 (Po), DSM [31063], Fra [31748]

LE BOUTILLIER, John Williams, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

LE BRETON, Walter Adolphus Gillan, SBA, M14674 (Po), MID [31604]

LE BRUN, George John, CPO Tel, J99723 (Ch), MSM [31182]

LE BRUN, William Henry, Pay Cdr, RN, CBE [31099]

LE MAITRE, Walter Lionel, Air Mech (E) 1g, F3937, MID [30316]

LE MARCHANT, Evelyn Robert, Vice-Adm, RN, DSO [30451]

LE MESURIER, Charles Edward, Capt, RN, CB [29751], Fra [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751 - twice]

LE MESURIER, Thomas Frederick, Lt, RAF (ex-Flt Cdr, RNAS), DSC [30066], [30258], [30756], MID [30285]

LE MOTTEE, Douglas B, Cdr, RN, Fra [30363]

LE PAGE, George Wilfred, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30936], Rus [29386], [30147 - twice]

LE PATOUREL, Charles Frederick, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

LE SAUTEURR or LE SAUTEUR, William Philip, CPO, 177133 (Po), MSM [31421], Fra [29751]

LE SEILLEUR, George Henry, AB, 156802, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

LE SUEUR, Alfred Ernest, CPO Mech 3g, F3413, DSM [30654], MID [30066], [30581]

LE VEY, Frank, LS, 231613 (Po), DSM [31063]

LEA, Thomas Samuel, Sto 1c, K6291, MID [29581]

LEACH, James, L/Sto, K11874 (Po), CGM [30437], Fra [30870], [30900]

LEACH, John Catterall, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

LEAD, Henry, Skpr, RNR, 52SA, MID [29423], [29886]

LEADBETTER, Harold, Air Mech 1g, J3300 (Dev), MID [30662]

LEAF, Henry Meredith, Capt, RM, DSO [29423], Army [29422]

LEAHY, James Palmer, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31461], Rus [30116]

LEAKE, Charles Edward, Surg, RN, MC [31119], [31266]

LEAKE, Francis Martin, Capt, RN, DSO [30147], USA [31683], Navy [31301]

LEAL, Percy, CPO, 191289 (Po), MID [30687]

LEAMAN, William, CERA 1c, 269553 (Po), MSM [31461]

LEAMON, Gordon Hugh, L/Tel, J2025 (Ch), MID [30437]

LEAR, Ernest W, Capt, RN, Fra [31683]

LEARMONTH or LEARMOUTH, Frederick Charles, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30111], CBE [31099], Fra [31360]

LEARMOUTH, Archibald Thomas, Lt, RN, OBE [31303]

LEAROYD, Leonard, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31553]

LEARY, Jeremiah, AB, 228557 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30536]

LEASK, A, PO, RNVR, TZ/136, MM [30172]

LEASK, Edward, AB, RN, DSM [31445]

LEASK, George, Seamn, RNR, C2601, DSM [29668]

LEASK, Robert, Seamn, RNR, C3620, DSM [29668]

LEASK, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, SA865, DSM [29668]

LEASK, William, Capt, MN, DSC [30654]

LEATHAM, Eustace La Trobe, Capt, RN, CB [29751], Fra [29751], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

LEATHER, Joseph, Trmr, RNR (Special Service), 907ST, MID [29581]

LEATHER, W, AB, RNVR, KW557, MM [30001], [30172]

LEATHERS, John Cripps, AB, 196529, DSM [29752]

LEATHLEY, Leonard, Dkhnd, RNR, 14613DA, DSM [30147], MSM [31182]

LEBERN, Fred, Lt, RNR, MID [30616]

LECKIE, James, CPO, RNVR (Clyde/Z1979), Bel [30900], Army [30072]

LECKIE, Robert, Cook, MN, DSM [29668]

LECKIE, Robert, Lt, RAF (ex-Flt Cdr, RNAS), DSO [30687], DSC [30147], DFC [30913]

LECKY, Arthur Macaulay, Cdr, RN, DSO [31060], Rus [30116]

LECKY, Halton Sterling, Cdr, RN, CB [31262], Fra [31360], Grc [31286], MID [31286]

LEDGARD, William Rimington or K, Capt, RMA, DSO [29886], Army [29890]

LEDGER, Harry, AB, J9539 (Dev), DSM [31638]

LEDNOR, William John, CPO, 198621 (Po), MID [31262]

LEDSOME, John Samuel, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

LEDSON, George, MAA, 128993 (RFR Po/A2203), DSM [30756]

LEE, Albert Victor, Pte, RMLI, Ply/17591, DSM [30807]

LEE, Alfred Mark, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909]

LEE, Arthur Alfred Rupert, PO, 190046 (RFR Ch/B1143), MID [30153]

LEE, Arthur Brocklebank, Lt, RNR, DSC [31638]

LEE, Bernard Armitage Warburton, Lt, RN, MID [31060]

LEE, Charles, OS, J45484 (Ch), MID [30285]

LEE, Charles A, Cdr, RNR, RD [30472]

LEE, Charles James, Ch Sto, 291088 (RFR Ch/B7229), DSM [30687]

LEE, Charles Richard, OS, J24246, MID [29581]

LEE, Edward, Engmn, RNR, 532TS, DSM [30159]

LEE, Emsley Mark, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31432], MID [31286], Army [29664]

LEE, George, Bosn, RN, MID [29264], Navy [29507]

LEE, George, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ch/6560, MSM [31553]

LEE, George Moore, PO, 190273, DSM [29374]

LEE, George Thomas, CPO, 181610 (Ch), DSM [30756], MID [30654]

LEE, George William, PO, J971 (Po), DSM [30386]

LEE, Harold, CERA, RNR, 1460 EA, DSM [30408], Fra [29751]

LEE, Harold, L/Mech, F3239, MID [30316]

LEE, Henry, Ch Writer, 340615 (Po), MSM [31398]

LEE, Herbert George, LS, J13288 (Ch), DSM [30687]

LEE, Herbert Victor, Pay Lt, RNR, OBE [31099]

LEE, J C, Lt, RMLI, Army [31077]

LEE, James, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

LEE, John William, PO, 194719 (Ch), DSM [30437], Ita [30581], MID [30363], [30386]

LEE, Joseph Henry, Sto 1c, K12171, MID [29581]

LEE, Joseph William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2277SD, DSM [31604]

LEE, Leonard James, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30807]

LEE, Robert Charles, CERA 2c, 270022, MID [29752]

LEE, T J, Sgt, RMA, 4851 (A/0786), MM [30652]

LEE, Walter, Art Eng, RN, MID [30833]

LEE, William, PO 1c, 129854 (RFR Po/A2962), DSM [30147], Navy [31301])

LEE, William, Sto PO, 219498 (Dev), DSM [30536], MID [30258]

LEE, William, Colr Sgt, RMA, 7227, MSM [31483]

LEE, William Arthur, LS, J7055 (Ch), MID [30807]

LEE, William Stephen, L/Sto, K6885 (Ch), MID [30807]

LEECH, John, Skpr, RNR, 1932WSA, Srb [29966]

LEES, Edgar, Rear-Adm, RN, CBE [31099]

LEES, Eric Vernon, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

LEES, Ernest Arthur, 2nd Writer, M5381 (Dev), MSM [31638]

LEES, Herbert, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30408]

LEES, Robert Alexander, PO 1c, 113313 (RFR Po A/1021), DSM [29581]

LEES, Robert Charles, CERA 2c, 270022 (Po), DSM [29886]

LEFEVRE, Frank, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/7574, Fra [30494], MID [29752]

LEFROY, Francis Charles Bruce, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30687]

LEGATE, James, Eng Cdr, RN, Fra [30756]

LEGG, Albert Duncan, 4th Off, MN, MID [30900]

LEGG, R H, AB, RNVR, ZT2109, MM [30172]

LEGG, Sydney Charles, Ch Bosn, RN, Fra [29751]

LEGGAT, Thomas, Trmr, RNR, 4288TS, MID [30258]

LEGGATT, Charles William Stares, Capt, RN, CBE [31432]

LEGGATT, Claude Methuen, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30833]

LEGGE, Heneage Cecil, Lt, RN, DSC [31638]

LEGGE, Humphry or Humphrey, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31421], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

LEGGE, J A, Lt, RNR, Army [31077]

LEGGE, Montague George Bentinck, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

LEGGETT, Charles Montague, Ch Sto, 302451 (Ch), MID [31060]

LEGGETT, Henry, PO 1c, 162407 (Po), DSM [30564]

LEGGETT, Hubert G, Sto 1c, C/K12090, DSM [29292]

LEGGETT, Oliver Elles, Capt, RN, CB [31379], Fra [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29654]

LEGGOTT, Leonard Swan, L/Sig, J11084 (Ch), DSM [31060]

LEGH, John Alun Pennington, Lt, RN, DSC [30900]

LEICESTER, Frederick Smith, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

LEIGH, Hubert Poyntz, CPO, RNAS, M947, MID [29581]

LEIGH, Humphrey de Verd, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [30194]

LEIGHTON, A, OS, RNVR, KP/924, DSM [29374]

LEIGHTON, David, CPO, 124238, DSM [29087], Navy [29087]

LEIGHTON, Fred Harper, Engmn, RNR, 1967ES, MID [30909]

LEIGHTON, James, CERA 1c, 269432 (Ch), DSM [30088]

LEIGHTON, James Shepherd, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2561SA, DSM [30616]

LEIGHTON, John Albert, Cdr, RNR, CBE [31432], DSO [30732], Bel [31638]

LEIR, Ernest William, Cdr, RN, DSO [29799], Navy [28948]

LEITCH, Alexander, Pte, RMLI, Po/7089 (RFR Po/B759), MID [30363], [30386]

LEITCH, James, App, MN, DSM [30066]

LEITH, D, PO, CZ2635, Army [29664]

LEITH, George Piercy, Cdr, RN, CBE [31360]

LEITH, George Wishart, Lt, RNR, MID [30088], [31425]

LEITH, Lockhart, Capt, RN, CMG [31099], DSO [30316], USA [31994], MID [29947]

LEITH, Sidney James, L/Mech, F3516, MID [30316]

LELEU, Hugh James, Asst Pay, RNR, DSC [30088]

LEMM, S G, LS, RNVR, LZ/3115, DCM [31052]

LEMMON, Graham George, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31130]

LEMMON, Vivian Duncan, AB, J31611 (Po), MID [30936]

LEMON, Hubert Charles, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [30732]

LEMON, Samuel, Warrt Tel, RNR, DSC [29255]

LENDY, Thomas, Warrt Mechn, RN, MBE [31461]

LENG, Arthur, Capt, MN, MID [30756]

LENN, Frank, Pay-in-Chief, RN, CBE [30730], [31295]

LENNARD, Reginald Lewis, AB, 236221 (Ch), DSM [30732]

LENNOX, H, Lt, RIM, Army [31386]

LENTHALL, Charles Bertram, Lt, RNVR, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

LEO, James, CPO, 150890 (RFR Po/A4048), MSM [31413]

LEPORTIER, Theodore, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31425]

LESLIE, Douglas, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

LESLIE, George, Lt, RNR, DSC [30227]

LESLIE, Lewis Alexis, Sig, RNVR (London) Z3304, MID [30616]

LESLIE, M B, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [29845]

LESLIE, Norman, Lt, RNR, DSC [30536], MID [31553]

LESLIE, Reginald Frederick Stuart, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30194]

LESLIE, Robert, Ch Eng, RNR, OBE [30730]

LESLIE, William, LS, RNR, 2008D, DSM [30756]

LESSLIE, Joseph, LS, RNR, 2998B, DSM [29255]

LESTER, Arthur Ellis, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [29264], OBE [31099], MID [29751]

LESTER, James William, Sto PO, 298396 (Po), MID [32122]

LESTER, Thomas, AB, J52684 (Dev), MID [30363]

LETCHFORD, Charles, Qmr, MN, MID [30732]

LETHBRIDGE, George, CPO 3c, F18416, MSM [31248]

LEVACK, Alexander, Ch Off, MN, MID [31354]

LEVEN, Charles Philip or Phillip, CERA 2c, 271202 (Po), MID [31191], [31303]

LEVERETT, William J, Ch Carp, RN, Navy [29395]

LEVESON, Arthur Cavenagh, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [31099], CB [29751], Fra [31413], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116], Navy [29654]

LEVESON-GOWER, William Spencer, Capt, RN, DSO [31236], Grc [31748]

LEVESON, Arthur Cavenagh, Rear-Adm, RN, Navy [29751]

LEVETT, Arthur, Sgt, RMLI, Po/6938, DSM [31303]

LEVICK, Fred, Arm, 340464 (Ch), MID [30227]

LEVIN, Alexander Louis, AB, J14107 (Po), DSM [30564]

LEVIN, Reginald Archibald, CERA 2c, 272341 (Ch), MID [31060]

LEVIS, Robert, PO, 188889, DSM [29635]

LEVITT, H W, Ch Motor Boatmn, G, Army [29623]

LEVY, Alfred John, Cpl Dvr, RMA, 625 (S), Bel [30812]

LEWARNE, William John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 8825DA, MID [31811]

LEWE, H, Stoker, RFR/B/4989 Dev/SS 107035, Army [29354]

LEWES, Arthur Perfect Meredith, Lt, RN, DSC [30159]

LEWIN, C La P, Capt, RN, Navy [30133]

LEWIN, F H L, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29436]

LEWIN, Francis Hutchinson Laprimaudaye, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29436]

LEWIN, Frederick John, Vict CPO, 341337 (Ch), MSM [31425]

LEWIN, George, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

LEWIN, George Edgar, Capt, RN, MID [31262]

LEWINGTON, Samuel, Warrt Tel, RN, MID [29751]

LEWINGTON, William Ernest, Pte, RMLI, Po/16216, DSM [31303]

LEWIS, A W, Cdr, RN, Army [31249]

LEWIS, Albert Victor, Skpr, RNR, 1415WSA, MID [31248]

LEWIS, Brian Edward, AB, J14723 (Po), DSM [30536]

LEWIS, Charles Jubilee, PO, 225059 (Ch), DSM [31604]

LEWIS, Edgar Stanley, Sgt, RMA, 10428, DSM [29635]

LEWIS, Edward Rowsell, Lt, RN, DSC [31038]

LEWIS, Francis John, Sto 1c, SS 112515 (Po), DSM [30088]

LEWIS, Frank, AB, J19463, MID [29264]

LEWIS, Frank, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 802DA, MID [29668], [30153]

LEWIS, Frank Oswald, Capt, RN, CBE [31099], MID [30616], [30909]

LEWIS, George Frederick Milton, CPO, 137980 (RFR Ch/A1495), MSM [31303], MID [30909]

LEWIS, George William, CPO, 139239, MID [31425]

LEWIS, Guy Perdell, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31499], Egy [30936], Grc [31286], Ita [30900]

LEWIS, Hugh Martin, Air Mech 2g, F8525, DSM [30316]

LEWIS, Isaac James, 1st Mate, MN, MID [30616]

LEWIS, James Thomas, Ch Arm, 340703, DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

LEWIS, John, Sto PO, 296205 (Ch), DSM [30936]

LEWIS, John, Capt, MN, DSC [30833]

LEWIS, Leoline W T, Lt, RNR, Fra [30363]

LEWIS, Sidney, Engmn, RNR, 3299ES, MID [31038]

LEWIS, Sidney Harold, PO Tel, J7232 (Po), MID [31182]

LEWIS, Thomas, Sto PO, 305557 (Ch), MID [30900]

LEWIS, Thomas, PO 1c, 17678S (Dev), MID [30909]

LEWIS, Thomas Davies, Ch Off, MN, MID [30833]

LEWIS, Thomas William, Lt, RMA, Bel [30812 - twice], Army [30691]

LEWIS, Uriah Alfred Farrow, Seamn, RNR, 2869A, DSM [29581]

LEWIS, Walter, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 7230DA, MID [30909]

LEWIS, William, Skpr, RNR, 520SA, MBE [31354]

LEWIS, William A, PO 1c, 178498, DSM [29076], Navy [29076]

LEWIS, William Bowen, Ch Shipwt 2c, 342659 (Po), MSM [31398]

LEWIS, William H, Dkhnd, RNR, 371DA, Ita [30581]

LEWIS, William John, Ch Arm, 173464, MID [29752]

LEY, James Clement, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30723], CVO [29759], Jpn [31965], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

LEY, Sidney Reginald, Sto PO, K12852 (Dev), DSM [30564]

LEYH, Stanley George Hoare, Ch Writer, RN, BEM [31099]

LEYLAND, Richard, PO, 192070 (Ch), Fra [30408]

LEYSHON, G, AB, RNVR, WZ/1680, MM [31338]

LIBBY, William J, ERA 4c, M 19402 (Ch), Fra [31262]

LIDDELL, John George Walton, PO, RNVR (Tyneside), Z 11656, MID [31303]

LIDDIARD, Thomas William, LS, 236282 (Ch), Fra [29997], MID [29997]

LIDDIARD, William Richmond, Air Mech 2g, F13497, DSM [30316]

LIDDINGTON, W R, Capt, RM, Army [31077]

LIDDLE, Joseph Spence, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

LIDDYCOAT, William, Sto PO, 280421 (Dev), DSM [30900]

LIDDYCOAT, William Nicholas, Sto PO, 280939, DSM [29581]

LIDIARD, Henry Ernest, Capt, RM, MID [31553]

LIDSTONE, Harold William, Pte, RMLI, Po/8761 (RFR Po/B1004), MID [30363], [30386]

LIGERTWOOD, P, Lt, RM, Army [30547]

LIGHT, George William, 2nd SB Stwd, 351480 (Po), Fra [30437], MID [29799]

LIGHT, Sidney John, 2nd Writer, M5399 (Po), DSM [30227]

LIGHTBOUND, John, CERA 2c, 269676 (Po), MID [30088]

LIGHTEN, George Robert John, ERA 3c, 271851 (Ch), MID [29886]

LIGHTOLLER, Charles Herbert, Lt, RNR, DSC [30088], [31130], RD [30747]

LILBURN, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 6707DA, DSM [30153]

LILES, Albert Edward, Air Mech 1g, F7811, MID [30133]

LILEY, James Croxford, PO, 116236 (RFR Ch/A660), MID [30159]

LILEY, William Edmund, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [31248]

LILLEY, Reginald Horace, Lt, RN, DSC [29292], Navy [30298], Army [29536]

LILLEY, Squire, Elec Art 3c, M2894 (Ch), DSM [29947], Ita [30581]

LILLICRAP, Albert, Ch Arm, 340234 (Dev), MID [30909]

LILLICRAP, Ernest Alfred, Ch Writer, 345836, MID [29752]

LILLICRAP, Herbert Richard, Commd Shipwt, RN, MBE [31483]

LILLIE, William Philip, Lt, RN, DSC [30833]

LILLYCRAN, John, AB, 211739 (Dev), MID [30564]

LIMBRICK, Albert Alfred James, LS, J6947 (Po), MID [30654]

LIMPENNY, Charles John, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30635], Navy [29507]

LIMPUS, Arthur Henry, Vice-Adm, RN, KCMG [29423], Fra [29718], Ita [29815], Navy [31322]

LINAKER, Robert, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

LINBERRY, Thomas H, Lt-Cdr, RN, Hdjz [31876]; also LINBERRY, Thomas J, Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [30437], Army [30289], [30939]

LINCOLN, George W, Skpr, RNR, 1939WSA, Srb [29966]

LINCOLN, Hugh, Lt, RNR, DSC [30298], Navy [30298 - twice], Army [30233]

LINDLEY, T N, Arm, RN, 340133, MSM [31370]

LINDOP, William Edwin, Lt, RNR, MID [30635], [31604]

LINDSAY, Alexander Henry, AB, J47203 (Dev), MID [31248]

LINDSAY, John C H, Cdr, RN, Fra [30756]

LINDSAY, Percy, Sto 1c, K10657 (Po), MID [30147]

LINDSAY, W, AB, RNVR, CZ4686, MM [30001]

LINDUP, Thomas Richard, Ch Sto, 293693 (Po), MID [30687]

LINDUPP, Thomas H, L/Boatmn, 170491, MID [29264]

LINE, Albert Edward, LS, J4872 (Ch), DSM [30316]

LINEGAR, George Harold, Sig, RNVR, Tyne Z/3910, Navy [30870]

LING, Albert Westly, LS, 239540 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

LING, Henry Joseph, PO, 228181 (Ch), DSM [30654]

LING, Robert, Skpr, RNR, 828WSA, MBE [31286]

LINKLATER, Hugh Ross, Lt, RNVR, MID [30616]

LINKLATER, William George, Dkhnd, RNR, 4052DA, DSM [30258]

LINTON, George Albert, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [31130]

LINTOTT, J, Qmr-Sgt, RND, S/1810, Army [29354]

LIPPIETT, Arthur Henry, ERA 1c, 271673 (Dev), MID [31286]

LISSENDEN, Fred, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 4750SD, MID [30807]

LISTER, C, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29632]; also LISTER, Charles Alfred, Lt, RNVR, MID [29358]

LISTER, C A, Lt, RM, Army [29354]

LISTER, Charles Burbridge, Lt, RNR, MID [30536], Army [29933], [30560]

LISTER, Maurice, Asst Butcher, MN, AM [30953]

LISTER-KAYE, Russell, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

LISTON, Andrew Graham, Eng Cdr, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [30909]

LISTON-FOULIS, A P, Maj, RMA, Army [30072]

LITCHFIELD, Benjamin Charles, LS, 226273, DSM [29886]

LITCHFIELD, Charles Percy, PO Mech, F3630, DSM [30316]

LITCHFIELD-SPEER, Frederick Shirley, Capt, RN, CMG [30316], DSO [29608], MID [29680], Navy [29680 - twice]

LITTEN, James, LS, 185574 (RFR Dev/B3017), MID [30687]

LITTLE, Arthur Greenway, Maj, RMLI, CMG [30723]

LITTLE, B A, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [30421]

LITTLE, Charles James Colebrooke, Capt, RN, CB [31398], [31811], Fra [31683], Ita [29556], Navy [31856]

LITTLE, Ernest F, ERA 4c, C/M4286, DSM [29292]

LITTLE, H W, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [29354]

LITTLE, James Scott, Staff Pay, RNR, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]

LITTLE, Robert Alexander, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSO [30227], [30285], DSC [29947], [30147], Fra [30194]

LITTLE, Thomas Edward, Mate, RN, MID [31038], [31248]

LITTLE, William George, Dkhnd, RNR, 6208DA, MID [30635]

LITTLEDALE, Bernard John, Lt, RN, MID [31398]

LITTLEJOHN, Norman, WO 2g, RNAS, MID [30066]

LITTLEJOHNS, Astle S, Cdr, RN (RAN), Bel [30900], Army [29072], [29422]

LITTLETON, A, Lt, RNVR, Navy [31189]

LITTLETON, George H, Capt, RMA, Fra [30616]

LITTLETON, Hugh Alexander, Lt, RNVR, DSO [30807], Navy [31189]

LITTLETON, James, Ch Sto, 147271 (Dev), MSM [31432]

LITTLEWOOD, Alfred William, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [30730], [31295], Fra [31360]

LITTON, Arthur James, Ship Stwd, 158887 (Dev), DSM [29886], MID [29752]

LIVERSIDGE, John G, Eng Rear-Adm, RN, Fra [30494], Jpn [31811]

LIVESAY, H W B, Lt, RIM, Army [29632],  [30570]

LIVESAY, Waterworth Bligh, Lt-Cdr, RIM, OBE [31017]

LIVIE, Stewart, Dkhnd, RNR, 3260SD, MID [31604]

LIVINGSTONE, Guy R, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30494]

LIVINGSTONE, Peter Stanley, AB, 234328, DSM [29088], Navy [29088]

LIVINGSTONE, Samuel James, AB, J 39103 (Dev), CGM [30900], Fra [31236]

LIVOCK, Gerald Edward, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30316]


LLEWELLYN, Arcel Price, Sub-Lt, RIM, DSC [30227], Army [29789]

LLEWELLYN, Llewellyn Evan Hugh, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

LLOYD, Albert, CPO, 188402 (Dev), MSM [31398]

LLOYD, Algernon Frank, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB1748, MSM [31286]

LLOYD, George Ffrench Harford, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [31060]

LLOYD, Harry Duncaff, Ch Gnr, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

LLOYD, Leonard Wynne, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MBE [31303]

LLOYD, Lionel V, Lt, RN, Fra [30408]

LLOYD, Maurice Charles Humphrey, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [29507], [30807], Navy [29507], [31189]

LLOYD, Robert, AB, J36615 (Dev), MID [30687]

LLOYD, Robin Wynell Mayow, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30408]

LLOYD, Rowland Owen, Lt, RN, OBE [31303]

LLOYD, Thomas, Sto PO, 309612 (Ch), MID [30635]

LLOYD, Thomas Henry, Sto 1c, SS 115654, DSM [29581]

LLOYD, Vincent, 2nd SB Stwd, 351515, MID [29799]

LLOYD-JONES, Herbert, Staff Pay, RNR, MID [30936]


LOAN, David, Sto 1c, SS 102700 (RFR Dev B/3699), MID [29581]

LOATES, John, CPO, 161817 (Po), MID [31604]

LOBB, T A, Lt, RNR, Army [30939]

LOBB, William, Capt, MN, DSC [30732]

LOBB, William Thomas, CPO, 159615, DSM [29255]

LOBBAN, William, Dkhnd, RNR, 4831DA, DSM [30153]

LOBJOIT, Albert Edward, LS, 239234 (Po), DSM [30536]

LOCK, F, Pte, RMLI, Po/2090, MM [31227]

LOCK, George Arthur, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 663, DSM [30909], MID [30616]

LOCK, W L, Pte, RMLI, Po/15165, MM [30540]

LOCK, William, Sto PO, 286243 (Po), MID [31604]

LOCKE, Donald Adam, Eng Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [31060]

LOCKER, Alexander, Sig, J7566, DSM [29581]

LOCKER-LAMPSON, Oliver, Cdr, RNVR, CMG [30227], Bel [29463], Rus [30147]

LOCKETT, Albert, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

LOCKETT, Herbert Anthony, Pay Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31683], MBE [30730], [31295], Army [29664], [30421]

LOCKEY, William Graham, Capt, MN, MID [30654]

LOCKHART, Anthony Bevis, Lt, RN, DSC [29799]

LOCKHART, John William, Ch Sto, 161342, MID [29752]

LOCKHART, Murray MacGregor, Cdr, RN, OBE [31432], MID [30732], Army [30856]

LOCKIE, Malcolm Andrew, PO Mech, F1075, DSM [29487]

LOCKINGTON, Arthur Esme, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31811]

LOCKWOOD, Edward Marston, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [31370], Army [31077], [31435]

LOCKWOOD, Ernest, LS, J1640 (Dev), DSM [30363]

LOCKWOOD, George Francis, CERA 2c, 270190 (Ch), MSM [31182], MID [30909]

LOCKYER, Edmund Laurence Braithwaite, Cdr, RN, DSO [29024], [29997]

LOCKYER, Hughes Campbell, Capt, RN, CB [29423], Ita [29698], Navy [29264]

LOCKYER, Sydney de Bohun, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31432], RD [30683]

LOCKYER, William Robert, Gnr, RN, DSC [30564]

LODER-SYMONDS, Frederick Parland, Capt, RN, CMG [30111]

LODGE, Henry, Bandmaster 1c, RMB, R/236, MSM [31461], MID [29752]

LODWICK, William, AB, J17820 (Dev), DSM [30807]

LOFFT, Alfred Hartley, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30227]

LOFTHOUSE, Frank Stewart, Lt, RNR, DSC [29736]

LOFTS, Charles James, L/Mech, F6430, MID [30662]

LOGAN, David Wilfred, Motor Mech, MB 1478, DSM [30066]

LOGAN, James Henry, Lt, RNR, OBE [31553]

LOGAN, John James Letham, O/Tel, RNVR, Clyde Z/7684, DSM [30159]

LOGAN, Robert, Capt, MN, DSC [30437]

LOGAN, W, AB, MMR 978725, MM [31875]

LOGIE, Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 2544DA, MID [31286]

LOHDEN, Edgar R, L/Tel, D/J3468, DSM [29292]

LOMAS, E, PO, 223015, Army [29933]

LOMAS, Ernest Courtney, Fleet Surg, RN, CB [29608]

LONDON, Arthur, Vict Asst, M14624, Srb [31354]

LONDON, Henry Michael Ainsworth, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30833]

LONDSDALE-COOPER, Leslie, Lt, RN, DSC [30936]

LONERGAN, John Francis, AB, J13966 (Dev), MID [30536]

LONEY, Robert G, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316]

LONEY, T J, Stoker, (Dev/298231 RFR/B/5259), Army [29354]

LONG, E, LS, 221540 (Dev), Army [30421]

LONG, Eustace Ruffel Drake, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [30581], MID [30147]

LONG, Francis George Martin, LS, J12970 (Po), MID [31638]

LONG, Henry John, AB, 160975 (Dev), MSM [31182]

LONG, Hollis W, Tel, RNVR (Palace) Z1357, Fra [31130]

LONG, James Marshall, Ch Sto, 300568 (Dev), DSM [30564]

LONG, John, AB, J24927 (Ch), DSM [31638]

LONG, John Thomas, AB, 235 627 (Ch), DSM [31638]

LONG, John William, PO Mech, K2075 (Po), MID [30316]

LONG, Paul A M, Lt, RN, Bel [31130]

LONG, Walter, Sto PO, 177396, DSM [29752]

LONG, Walter, LS, 218061 (Ch), MSM [31286]

LONG, Wilfred or Wilfrid, Eng Lt, RN, DSC [30807], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

LONG, William, Gnr, RN, DSC [29211]

LONG, William Edward, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31099]

LONGDEN, Horace Walker, Capt, RN, CMG [30111]

LONGHURST, Claud Arthur, CPO Mech 3g, F5521, MID [30662]

LONGHURST, Gerald Fortescue, Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

LONGLEY, A, AB, RNVR, KW/311, MM [30797]

LONGLEY, Hubert William, Engine Room Rating, MN, DSM [29799]

LONGLY, Hubert N, Dkymn, Mercantile Rating, Ita [30581]

LONGMAN, George, Engmn, RNR, 1605ES, MID [30616]

LONGMAN, Herbert Arthur, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1237, MID [31286]

LONGMAN, John, Greaser, MN, DSM [29799]

LONGMORE, Arthur Murray, Cdr, RNAS, Bel [29377], Navy [29436]; also LONGMORE, Arthur Murray, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [29564]

LONGRIDGE, Thomas, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316]

LONGSTAFF, Cuthbert D, Cdr, RN, Ita [30386]

LONGSTAFF, John Lea, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29423]

LONGWORTH, William, AB, 205543 (RFR B5103), DSM [29264]

LONNON, George Ford, Ch Writer, 190039, MSM [31398]

LOOK, C A, Pte, RM, Ch/1266S, MM [31338]

LOOKER, Frederick, Sto 1c, SS 113491 (Ch), DSM [31060]

LOOMES, Frederick, PO, 174691 (Dev), MSM [31248]

LOOMS, Frederick, PO, 174691 (Dev), MID [30909]

LORD, David Henry, Sig Boy, RNR, 112SB, DSM [30153]

LORD, J E, Pte, RMMU, Deal/4022 (S), MSM [31370]

LORD, J V, 2nd Lt, RMLI, Army [30691]

LORD, Walter, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1541, MID [30616]

LORIMER, Duncan, Surg Lt, RNVR, OBE [31516]

LORIMER, James, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31516]

LORIMER, John Alexander, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [30194]

LORING, Ernest Kindersley, Capt, RN, CB [31483], Fra [31413], Navy [29264]

LORRIMAN, Frederick, AB, 169559 (Ch), MID [30807]

LOUGH, George, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 5766DA, MID [31354]

LOUGH, Reginald Dawson Hopcraft, Maj, RMLI, DSO [29736], Fra [32074], Army [29455], [30691], [31077]

LOUGHER, Arthur Douglas, Eng Lt, RN, MID [30807]

LOUGHLIN, Dermot, Surg, RN, DSC [29446]

LOURIE, Peter, CPO, 178721 (Ch), DSM [30654]

LOUTH, Trevor, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31811]

LOVATT, John Vincent Stratford, Capt, RME, OBE [31604]

LOVE, Albert, 2nd Hnd, FR 11132, MID [30936]

LOVE, G M, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30421]

LOVE, Stephen Warren Howard, LS, J954 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30900]

LOVE, Thomas Henry, CERA 1c, 268833, MID [29752]

LOVE, Thomas Richard, L/Sto, K 8253 (Ch), MID [31811]

LOVEBAND, John Gerald Yerburgh, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

LOVEDAY, Clement H, Pay Lt, RNR, Tun [31413]

LOVEDAY, Francis Nathen John, AB, 237785 (Ch), MID [30285]

LOVEGROVE, Alfred Victor Robertson, Cdr, RNR, DSO [31286], RD [29386]

LOVEGROVE, Arthur William, L/Sto, K14654 (Po), DSM [31060]

LOVEGROVE, Frank A, Lt, RNR, Fra [30363]

LOVELADY, Stephen James, Sto 1c, K2240, DSM [29024]

LOVELESS, Leonard Samuel, Eng Lt, RNR, DSO [29997], DSC [29562], [30363], MID [30194]

LOVELL, Charles, CPO, 165127, DSM [29752]

LOVELL, H, CERA, 268831 (Ch), DSM [30298], Navy [30298], Army [30233]

LOVELL, Ivor, LS, 227762, MID [29752]

LOVELL, John, LS, 192947 (RFR Dev/B3456), MID [31130]

LOVELL, Richard T T, Ch Gnr, RN, Fra [30494]

LOVELOCK, Harry George, Air Mech 1g, J26402 (Po), DSM [30363]

LOVELOCK, Jesse, AB, J28798 (Ch), CGM [29264], Fra [30870], Navy [29264]

LOVENDGE, Charles W, PO Mech, F 3703, Grc [30654]

LOVETT, A H, Gnr, RIM, Army [30867]; also LOVETT, Arthur Harrison, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]

LOVETT, William Charles Henry, Sto PO, K10370 (Ch), MID [31236]

LOVETT-CAMERON, Archibald A, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

LOW, Ernest Edward, Eng Cdr, RNR, DSO [30936]

LOW, Humphrey Victor, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30807]

LOW, James, Engmn, RNR, 4762ES, DSM [30616]

LOWDEN, Alfred, L/Sig, 229112 (Po), MID [30316]

LOWE, Bernard Whirledge, L/Sto, SS 111939 (Po), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

LOWE, Ernest Edward, Lt, RN, MID [30088]

LOWE, Henry D, LS, RNR, Dev B2542, DSM [29024], Navy [28996]

LOWE, J C, Driver, RMA, 559 (S), Army [30421]

LOWE, James, Capt, MN, MID [30732]

LOWE, Samuel, PO, 208093 (Po), MID [30807]

LOWER, Arthur Aubrey, CERA 2c, 272170 (Po), MID [30564]

LOWER, Clifford, Capt, MN, DSC [31248]

LOWERY, Joseph Harold, Skpr, RNR, DSC [31286]

LOWES, P, Pte, RMLI (RND), S/3433, DSM [29374], Army [29354]

LOWETH, A J, Writer 1c, RNVR, Mersey 3/184, Army [29664]

LOWIS, Arthur W, Cdr, RN, Egy [31236], Navy [31906], Army [31277]

LOWMAN, Edgar Climo, CERA 2c, M261 (Dev), DSM [30564]

LOWNDES, Alexander, Capt, RN, CB [31099], Fra [31360]

LOWNDES, Arnold Bradley, CPO Mech 3c, RNAS, F8152, MSM [31553]

LOWREY, John Charles Pollard, Lt, RNR, MID [31286]

LOWREY, Thomas, Ch Art Eng, RN, Rus [30316]

LOWRIE, David, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1113SA, DSM [30153]

LOWRIE, Peter, CPO, 178721 (Ch), Bel [31130]

LOWRIE, William, Seamn, MN, DSM [30408]

LOWTHIAN, Thomas Dix, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30066]

LOXLEY, V D, Capt, RMLI, Army [29664]

LOY, Michael, AB, D/J5840, DSM [29292]


LUARD, F W, Col, RMLI, Army [29251], [29455]

LUARD, John Scott, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30723], Fra [30756]

LUARD, Trant Bramston, Maj, RMLI, DSO [31191], Egy [30227]

LUCAS, Alfred E, AB, J15975 (Ch), DSM [30298], Navy [30298], Army [30233]

LUCAS, Armytage Anthony, Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

LUCAS, Bertie, Shipwt 1c, 342958, MID [29752]

LUCAS, Charles Anthony Cecil, Capt, RMLI, OBE [31461]

LUCAS, Eric C, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30408]

LUCAS, Frederick W, Flt Cdr, RNAS, Ita [30227]

LUCAS, Harry Richard, Sgt, RMA, 8139, DSM [29886], MID [29752]

LUCAS, Herbert Cecil, PO, 189171 (Ch), MID [30654], [31182]

LUCAS, John H, Lt, RNR, Tun [31354]

LUCAS, Walter Colin, Cdr, RN, MID [31604]

LUCAS, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1423SA, DSM [30635]

LUCAS-SHADWELL, William Noel, Lt, RNVR, Rom [31236], Rus [29564]

LUCE, John, Capt, RN, CB [29087], Jpn [31038], Navy [29087]

LUCE, P S, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [30421]

LUCK, Cornelius, Seamn, RNR, 4354 A, Fra [30616]

LUCKETT, Edward, Ch Sto, 160521 (RFR Ch/A2044), DSM [30654], MID [30088]

LUCKHAM, Edmund, PO 1c, 125741 (RFR Po/A2027), DSM [29752]

LUCKHURST, William G, Sto PO, 304438, MID [29264]

LUDBROOK, E R, Cpl, RMLI, PO15284, MM [30172]

LUDGATE, George Thomas, LS, 186981 (Ch), DSM [30029]

LUEN, Robert Stanley, Ch Motor Mech, 144MB, DSM [30153]

LUFF, Albert James, Sto PO, 310668 (Dev), DSM [30564]

LUGG, Herbert, Capt, MN, MID [30437]

LUKACH, Harry C C, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Ita [30386]

LUKE, W G, LS, RNVR, TZ/2898, MM [31173]

LUKE, William Norman Stanley, ERA 3c, M3564 (Dev), DSM [30564]

LUKER, John Jack, L/Sto, K60 (Ch), DSM [31191]

LUMB, George T, PO 2c, 159139, DSM [29264]

LUMB, J, Lt, RNVR, Army [31435]

LUMLEY, Charles William, L/Sig, 226962, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

LUMSDEN, Aaron, AB, 218195 (RFR Ch B/10894), CGM [30732], DSM [29581], Fra [31236]

LUMSDEN, Frederick William, Lt-Col, RMA, VC [30122], [31259], CB [30723], DSO [29886], [30064 - 2 Bars], [30643 3rd Bar], Bel [30900], Army [29623], [30691]

LUNAM, William, Seamn, MN, DSM [30386]

LUND, Dora, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [31099]

LUNT, William McClure, Lt, RNR, MID [29423], Army [30560]

LUPTON, Charles Roger, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437], [30732]

LURIE, Victor Herbert, CPO Mech, 271979, Fra [29751]

LUSCOMBE, Fictus Albert, CPO, 191074 (Dev), DSM [31604]

LUSCOMBE, Frederick Francis George, AB, J17416 (Dev), DSM [31811]

LUSCOMBE, Richard Edwin Charley, Vict CPO, 119485 (Dev), MSM [31398]

LUSCOMBE, William G B, Sto PO, 310445 (Dev), Ita [30386]

LUSH, J E C, AB, RNVR, TZ/4187, MM [31173]

LUSH, John, Capt, RIM, CBE [31547]

LUSMORE, Stephen Charles, Shipwt 1c, 340726, MID [29423]

LUTMAN, Henry James, LS, 229224 (Po), DSM [30654]

LUTY, J, LS, RNVR, TZ1890, MM [30172]

LUXFORD, Albert, Dkhnd, RNR, 17522DA, MID [31236]

LUXMOORE, Henry, Cdr, RN, Rus [29373]

LUXON, George William, Shipwt Lt, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

LUXTON, Henry William, CPO, 181202 (Dev), MSM [31398]

LUYA, William Horsley, Capt, MN, MID [30363]


LYALL, Andrew, Ch Skpr, RNR, 920WSA, Fra [30494], Ita [30386], Srb [29966]

LYALL, William, Skpr, RNR, 873WSA, Srb [29966]

LYALL, William, Skpr, RNR, 905WSA, Srb [29966]

LYALLY, Walter Paterson, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30001]

LYDEKKER, Guy Onslow, Lt, RN, DSC [30687], Ita [30536]

LYELL, John Arthur, CERA, M1689 (Ch), MID [31604]

LYLE, John, Skpr, RNR, 71WSA, MID [30227]

LYNCH, Frederick Felix, CPO, 149593 (RFR Ch/B2969), DSM [29423], [30635]

LYNCH, Gerald Roche, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

LYNCH, Herbert Arthur, Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31461]

LYNCH, M, LS, RNVR, KW/518, DCM [31299], [31794]

LYNCH, Michael, Seamn, RNR, 2486C, DSM [30756]

LYNDON, G F, Lt, RNR, Army [31435]; also LYNDON, Gordon William Hatchard, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

LYNE, Charles Samuel, Mech, 310238 (Dev), DSM [30687], Jpn [30616]

LYNE, Philip Edward, Cdr, RNR, MID [31553]

LYNE, Thomas James Spence, Cdr, RN, DSO [31060], MID [30616]

LYNES, Charles Edward, Pay Capt/Fleet Pay, RN, CMG [31262], Fra [29751], Ita [30616], Jpn [30258], Rus [30116]

LYNES, Hubert, Cdre, RN, CB [30807], CMG [30111], Bel [30870], Fra [30870 - twice], Navy [30870],  [31189]

LYNESS, Robert B, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30868]

LYON, Alexander, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31360]

LYON, Francis Howard, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31063], MID [31748], Navy [31970]

LYON, Harold Vernon, Lt, RN, MID [29374]

LYON, Herbert, Capt, RNR, CB [30723], [30798]

LYON, Herbert Inglis Nigel, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

LYON, Maurice, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [31461], Army [30233]

LYON-BROWN, Edward Douglas, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30833]

LYONS, Algernon Edmund Penrice, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30564]

LYONS, David, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [30066]

LYONS, F A, AB, RNVR, KX167, MM [30023]

LYONS, Frederick George, CPO, 181788 (Ch), MID [30088]

LYONS, John, Ch Sto, 297747, DSM [29752]

LYONS, Thomas James, Engmn, RNR, 1542TS, DSM [30654]

LYSON, J, Pte, RMLI, Ch/19267, MM [30540]

LYSTER, Arthur Lumley St George, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31421], Ita [30066]

LYSTER, Ronald Guy, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516], Fra [30363]

LYTE, Francis William, Lt, RNR, DSC [29292]

LYTTLETON, Stephen Olive, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], DSC [29799], Fra [30687], MID [29423], [30936]





M'BEH, William, Qmr, Nigerian Marine, DSM [29736]


MABB, Henry, Sto PO, K1043 (Ch), DSM [30807]

MABER, Alexander Constantine, ERA 2c, 272394 (Po), DSM [30408]

MABEY, John Thomas, AB, J28121 (Po), MSM [31303] 

MACALISTER, Donald, Dkhnd, RNR, 1973SD, MID [30807]

MACARTHUR, Colin George, Lt, RN, DSC [29264], Ita [30833]

MACAULAY, Aulay B, Lt, RNR, RD [29679]

MACAULAY, T R, AB, RNVR, C/Z5266, DCM [30023]

MACBETH, Allan, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31099], Rus [29966]

MACBRAYNE, Laurence, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31445]

MACCABE, John Francis, Lt, RNVR, DSO [30936], MID [30979]

MACCABE, William Ernest Reginald, ERA 1c, 271655, Fra [29751]

MACCALLUM, A W M, 4th Eng, MN, MID [31130]

MACCALLUM, Frank Afton, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31286], Navy [30870]

MACCALLUM, H, Lt, RIM, Army [29789]; also MACCALLUM, Hugh, Capt, RIM, DSO [30188]

MACCALLUM, Herbert John, 4th Eng, MN, MID [30936]

MACDERMOTT, Anthony Francis Joseph, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31262]

MACDERMOTT, Richard Francis, Gnr, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MACDIARMID, Alexander James, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

MACDONALD, Alexander, Seamn, RNR, 5572A, MID [31182]

MACDONALD, Angus, Dkhnd, RNR, 18327DA, MID [31354]

MACDONALD, David James, Pay Capt, RN, CBE [31432]

MACDONALD, Donald, LS, RNR, 3824A, MID [29886]

MACDONALD, Donald, CPO, 158410 (Po), MID [31191]

MACDONALD, Donald, Capt, MN, MID [31236]

MACDONALD, Donald, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4254SD, DSM [31638], MID [31248]

MACDONALD, Duncan, Dkhnd, RNR, 12997DA, MSM [31286], MID [30909]

MACDONALD, Duncan Finlayson, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31840]

MACDONALD, Francis, LS, J12031 (Dev), DSM [31638]

MACDONALD, Gilbert Kingston, CERA 1c, 269830 (Ch), DSM [31060]

MACDONALD, Henry Crawford, Lt, RN, DSC [31748]

MACDONALD, James, SB Stwd, 357128 (Po), DSM [30687]

MACDONALD, James, CERA 1c, 269299 (Po), MID [31236]

MACDONALD, John Alexander, Lt, RNR, MID [29751]

MACDONALD, Malcolm Henry Somerled, Cdr, RN, OBE [31604], DSO [29751], Fra [31360], MID [31176], Navy [29751]

MACDONALD, Marian Louie, Dep Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

MACDONALD, Murdo, Seamn, RNR, 4547A, MID [29581]

MACDONALD, Murdo, Seamn, RNR, 7368A, MID [30756]

MACDONALD, R, PO, 197544, Army [29256]

MACDONALD, William, LS, RNR, 4222B, MSM [31248]

MACDONALD, William Balfour, Capt, RN, DSO [31303], Egy [30227], Army [29632], [29845], [30169]

MACE, Frederick William, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31099]

MACE, James William, Sgt, RMLC Deal/9103 (S), DSM [31130]

MACER, Leonard, AB, SS 3992 (Ch), DSM [29997], Ita [30386]

MACEWEN, William, Surg-Gen, RN, CB [30111]

MACEY, John Samuel, Skpr, RNR, 497WSA, DSC [30153]

MACEY, Stephen Henry Lawrence, CPO, 164791 (Ch), Bel [31130], MID [29436], Navy [29436]

MACFADYEN, D, Lt, RNR, Army [31077]

MACFARLAN, Robert Stedman, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

MACFARLANE, Archibald Murray, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 549, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MACFARLANE, J, Cpl, RMLC, Deal/8264 (S), Army [31435]

MACFARLANE, James, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

MACFARLANE, John D, Lt, RNR, Fra [30687]

MACGREGOR, D P, Lt, RN, Army [30196]; also MACGREGOR, Donald Priaulx, Lt-Cdr, RN, Grc [30654], MID [30900], [30194]

MACGREGOR, Ivor Gregor, Lt, RNR, DSC [31303]

MACGREGOR, Malcolm, Capt, RN, CB [31099], CMG [30111], Fra [31063], [31553], Army [29072], [29422]

MACGREGOR, Norman Miers, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30536]

MACGREGOR, William Taylor, L/Sig, RNVR (Clyde) 5/2385, MID [30936]

MACGREGOR OF MACGREGOR, Malcolm, Capt, RN, Army [29623], [29890]

MACHEN, T, OS, RNVR, DSM [29024], Navy [28996]

MACHON, Edward Stewart Stavely, Lt, RNR, MID [30616]

MACINTOSH, Peter Mayor, Lt, RNR, MID [31398]

MACINTYRE, Duncan Charles, Capt, RNR, MBE [30935], Jpn [31811]

MACK, Arthur G, Sub-Lt, RN, Navy [29395]

MACK, Harry Liddell, Lt, RNR, DSC [30687]

MACK, Jesse Hannat, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MACK, Philip John, Lt, RN, MID [30029]

MACK, Raphael Michael, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30147]

MACK, Richard Herbert, Lt, RN, MID [30909]

MACK, Robert Vincent, Lt, RN, DSC [31182]

MACK, Robin Gordon, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30066]

MACKAY, Alexander Stuart, Lt, RNR, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MACKAY, Andrew, AB, MN, MID [30616]

MACKAY, Angus, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2258D, DSM [31182]

MACKAY, Angus Durham, Sto, RNR, 7013S, MID [29581]

MACKAY, David James Dalyal, Commd Shipwt, RN, MID [30756], [31638]

MACKAY, Hugh Ross, Lt, RNR, DSC [30147]

MACKAY, John, Ch Gnr, RN, DSC [30133], MID [29446], Navy [30133]

MACKAY, Kitchen, AB, J19258 (Ch), MID [30316]

MACKAY, Lott, CPO, 131223 (RFR Po/A2643), DSM [30159], [30363]

MACKAY, Robert, AB, MN, MID [30066]

MACKAY, Robert Henry Ramsay, Capt, RN, OBE [31099], Ita [31748], MID [30909]

MACKAY, William, Seamn, RNR, 3878B, DSM [30732]

MACKENZIE, A, AB, MMR 758966, MM [31875]

MACKENZIE, Alexander John, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30536]

MACKENZIE, Angus, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

MACKENZIE, Colin, Capt, RN, CIE [31547], Navy [30133]

MACKENZIE, Colin Roy, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSO [29799], Army [30072]

MACKENZIE, Edward Montagu Compton, Capt, RMLI, OBE [31553], Fra [30029], Grc [30654], Srb [30194]

MACKENZIE, George Victor, L/Sig, 233487 (Po), DSM [30088], MID [29680]

MACKENZIE, John, LS, RNR, 2303D, MID [30029]

MACKENZIE, John, Eng Cdr, RNR, MID [31303]

MACKENZIE, John Simpson, AB, RFR Dev/B2806, DSM [29255]

MACKENZIE, Leonard Fielding, AB, RNVR, 4/55 (Mersey), DSM [30285]

MACKENZIE, Patrick Harry, Lt, RN, DSC [30687]

MACKENZIE, Roderick Edward Francois McQuhae (sic), Lt, RN, DSC [30687]

MACKENZIE, Rodrick, LS, RNR, 2099C, DSM [30936]

MACKENZIE, Thomas Buchanan, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 261DA, DSM [30159]

MACKENZIE, Valliant, Sto 1c, SS 112172, DSM [29264]

MACKENZIE, Warren Rawson, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30227], [30285], MID [30227]

MACKENZIE, William, Dkhnd, RNR, 6110DA, MID [30616]

MACKENZIE, William, L/Tel, J41198 (Ch), MID [31638]

MACKENZIE, William Bowen, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29264], [29507]

MACKENZIE-GRIEVE, Alan J, Cdr, RN, Fra [30756]

MACKEOWN, Robert John, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

MACKEY, Joseph, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [30536]

MACKIE, Alexander, L/Trmr, RNR, 1306ST, DSM [29581]

MACKIE, Anthony Charles, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30870], Navy [30870]

MACKIE, Friend Charles, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 791, MID [30807]

MACKIE, George, Trmr, RNR, 4609TS, MID [30153]

MACKIE, George William, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31445]

MACKIE, James, 3rd Off, MN, MID [30194]

MACKIE, James, PO, 224035 (Po), MID [30654]

MACKIE, Urquhart, Sto PO, 270751 (Po), MID [30564]

MACKINLAY, James Gilmore, Lt, RNVR, MC [30188]

MACKINNON, Angus, Seamn, RNR, 2534B, MID [30979]

MACKINNON, Edmond Julius Gordon, Cdr, RN, DSO [31060]

MACKINNON, Francis, Seamn, RNR, 3204B, MID [30616]

MACKINNON, Hugh, Capt, MN, Chn [30353]

MACKINNON, James McIntosh, Sig, RNVR (Clyde) Z5368, DSM [31604]

MACKINNON, Lachlan Donald Ian, Cdr, RN, Fra [31683], MID [29751]

MACKINNON, Neil, Capt, MN, MID [30756]

MACKINNON, Neil Shaw, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30536], MID [30258]

MACKINNON, Ronald, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 4510SD, MID [31286]

MACKINTOSH, James, Lt, RNR, Ita [30386]

MACKINTOSH, Lachlan Donald, Lt, RN, DSC [31236]

MACKINTOSH, Reginald John, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29668]

MACKINTOSH, William Rodger, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

MACKLIN, Frank Crosby, Ch Writer, 347177 (Po), MSM [31811], MID [30564]

MACKNESS, George John, Lt, RN, DSC [30363]

MACKWORTH, Geoffrey, Capt, RN, CMG [31811], DSO [30564], Navy [28948]

MACLACHLAN, Angus H, Lt, RN, MID [30807], Navy [30870], [31189]

MACLACHLAN, Crawford, Capt, RN, CB [30723], Fra [30870], Jpn [31038], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MACLACHLAN, Peter, Capt, MN, MID [30066]

MACLAREN, Malcolm, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MC [31119], Fra [30979]

MACLAREN, William R, Eng Lt, RN, Navy [31189]

MACLAURIN, Clarence, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30316]

MACLEAN, Alexander, Fleet Surg, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MACLEAN, Alexander, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286], Fra [30363]

MACLEAN, Colin Kenneth, Capt, RN, CB [31191], DSO [30194], Fra [31413], MID [31811], Navy [31856]

MACLEAN, Daniel, Dkhnd, RNR, J10794DA, MID [30635]

MACLEAN, Harper, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31398], Fra [30870]

MACLEAN, James Edward Baker, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30133], Navy [30133]

MACLEAN, John, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 267SD, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MACLEAN, John Alexander, Dkhnd, RNR, 511SD, DSM [30616], MID [30153]

MACLEAN, John Cassilis Birkmyre, Insp-Gen, RN, CB [29886]

MACLEAN, Neil, Capt, MN, Chn [30353]

MACLENNAN, Anna Buchanan, Dep Div Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

MACLENNAN, Evans Stanley, Lt, RNR, DSC [30258]

MACLENNAN, George G, Flt Lt, RNAS, Fra [30194]

MACLENNAN, Margaret, Sister, MID [31130]

MACLEOD, Alexander, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 14465DA, MSM [31354]

MACLEOD, Angus, Dkhnd, RNR, 3559SA, Srb [31413]

MACLEOD, Donald, Dkhnd, RNR, 3070 SD, MID [30194]

MACLEOD, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 18700DA, MID [31286]

MACLEOD, Malcolm, Seamn, MN, DSM [30066]

MACLEOD, Murdo, ERA 3c, M4219, DSM [29752]

MACLEOD, Neil, PO Tel, J3157 (Dev), MID [29886]

MACLEOD, Neil, LS, RNR, 2889A, DSM [30153]

MACLEOD, Neil, Surg, RNVR, MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MACLEOD, Olive Moultrie, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

MACLEOD, William Simon Fraser, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31360], Rus [30116], MID [31182]

MACLURE, William McWilliam, Lt, RNR, MID [31303]

MACMAHON, Brian P, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

MACMAHON, Maurice, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30111], AM [30510]

MACMILLAN, James Charles Newsome, Lt, RN, OBE [31099]

MACMILLAN, John, Capt, MN, DSC [30258]

MACMULLIN, Alfred Robinson, Surg, RN, DSC [29487], [30979]

MACNAMARA, Joseph, Tel, RNVR, PZ 1266, MID [30936]

MACNAMARA, Patrick, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751], Jpn [31994], MID [29751, [31604], Navy [29751]

MACNAUGHTON, Thomas Greig, PO, 222292, DSM [29581]

MACONOCHIE, Charles Ernest, Cdr, RN, OBE [31452], Jpn [31499], MID [31262]

MACPHAIL, Allan, 2nd Off, MN, MID [30833]

MACPHERSON, Alan Duncan Leslie, Lt, RN, DSC [30900]

MACQUEEN, John Alexander, Lt, RNVR, DSO [31604], MID [31286]

MACRAE, Alexander, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2028SA, DSM [30635]

MACRAE, Alexander, Lt, RN, ex-RNR, DSC [30386], [30437]

MACRAE, Donald, Seamn, RNR, A 2292, DSM [29668]

MACRAE, Donald, Seamn, RNR, 3430A, MID [30732]

MACRITCHIE, Donald, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 5820DA, MID [30153]

MACRORIE, Arthur Kenneth, Capt, RN, CMG [31099], Fra [30756], Grc [30635], Jpn [30616], Navy [29507]

MACVEAN, David Edmund John, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807]


MADAN, Arthur George, Lt, RNR, DSC [29799]

MADDEN, Charles Edward, Adm, RN, GCB [31099], KCB [29423], KCMG [29751], Bel [31038], Chn [31748], Fra [29751], [30870], Ita [30227], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

MADDEN, Denis, AB, MN, MID [30900]

MADDEN, Edward, Sto 1c, K25097, DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

MADDEN, Henry Robert, AB, J24028 (Dev), MID [30687]

MADDEN, John, Seamn, RNR, 2955C, MID [30909]

MADDEN, Robert, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2294SD, MID [31286]

MADDEN, Charles E, Adm, RN, Jpn [30258]

MADDICK, Henry Thomas, Ch Yeo Sigs, 189024 (Dev), MSM [31303], MID [31060]

MADDRELL, John, Capt, MN, MID [30654]

MADDY, Arthur, AB, 201782, DSM [29264]

MADGE, Ernest Edward, Lt, RNR, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

MADRON, Joseph, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

MAGEE, Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 531SD, MID [30159]

MAGEE, William Edward Blackwood, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31811], Ita [30581], MID [30147], [31191]

MAGEE, William Patrick, ERA 3c, 271172, DSM [29211]

MAGGS, Albert William Courtenay, CERA, 270897 (Ch), DSM [30363]

MAGILL, Alexander, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 223SD, DSM [30258]

MAGOR, G A, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [30404]

MAGOR, Norman Ansley, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437]

MAGRANE, James Victor Vincent, Lt, RN, Fra [29751]

MAGRATH, Stewart Chichester, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29450]

MAGSON, Richard, Colr Sgt, RMA, 7323, MID [29752]

MAGUIRE, Alfred, Gnr, RN, MID [30909]

MAGUIRE, Alfred, Mate, RN, DSC [31638]

MAGUIRE, Joseph Patrick, AB, SS 4625 (Ch), DSM [30936]

MAGUIRE, Owen Hugh Knox, Cdr, RN, DSO [30316], Navy [29436]

MAHON, Christopher, Gnr, RN, MID [31748]

MAHONEY, Cornelius Andrew, Off Stwd 2c, L4842 (Po), DSM [30536]

MAHONEY, Norman, LS, 229641 (Po), DSM [30363]

MAHONY, Michael, LS, RNR, 4130B, DSM [30153]

MAIDMENT, Leonard William, AB, 228495 (Po), MID [30807]

MAIDSTONE, Viscount, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30732], Fra [29997]

MAIL, William John, LS, RNR, 4343B, DSM [30159]

MAIN, David, Seamn, RNR, 6857A, MSM [31413]

MAIN, Frank Morgan, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [29255], RD [29113]

MAIN, Harold Benjamin, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751]

MAIN, James Christie, Dkhnd, RNR, 11467DA, DSM [30687]

MAIN, William John, CPO, 185676 (Ch), DSM [30909], MID [30807]

MAIN, William S, Capt, MN, MID [29603]; also? MAIN, William Smith, Lt, RNR, OBE [30730]

MAINGUY, Sidney Beckwith, Cdr, RN, MVO [31071], Fra [31360]

MAINPRIZE, Ernest Thomas, CPO, 184923 (Ch), DSM [31182], MID [30194]

MAINWARING, Harry Stapleton, Cdr, RNVR, Rom [31876], MID [31445]

MAIR, Alexander, Dkhnd, RNR, 3995DA, DSM [30153]

MAIR, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 773SA, MID [31248]

MAIR, George, Skpr, RNR, 770SA, DSC [30159]

MAIR, James, Skpr, RNR, 1744WSA, Srb [29966]

MAIR, Jim, Trmr, RN Trawler Reserve, 505TS, MID [29423]

MAIR, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1284SA, DSM [30153]

MAIR, John, Skpr, RNR, 1323WSA, DSC [30581]

MAIR, Walter Frederick, AB, J55500 (Po), DSM [30061]

MAITLAND, Arthur Albert, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31461]

MAITLAND, Edward Maitland, Wing Capt, RNAS, DSO [30194]

MAITLAND, Pelham Alexander, Lt, RN, DSC [31236]

MAITLAND, Percy Eric, Flt Lt, RN, MID [30662]

MAITLAND, Reginald F, Flt Lt, RNAS, Ita [30227]

MAITLAND-HERIOT, Charles Adrian, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

MAITLAND-HERIOT, Edward Errol, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30662]

MAJID, Abdul, Surang, RIM, Army [30233]

MAJOR, Charles Alfred, Stwd, MN, MID [30909]

MAJOR, Edward, Ch Shipwt, 345491 (Ch), DSM [30654]

MAJOR, Sidney Thomas, AB, J16838 (Po), MID [30654]

MAJOR, Thomas, PO, RNR, 1901C, DSM [31604]

MAJOR, Tom, Ch Arm, 343457 (Dev), Ita [30386]

MAKEY, Richard Ellis, AB, 219228 (Po), DSM [30807]

MAKIN, J, Pte, RM, S4025, MM [30001]

MAKINSON, Harold Shaw, AB, C190284 (RFR Ch B/4890), MID [29581]

MALARKY, P, Lt, RMLC, Army [30691]

MALCOLM, George Patterson, CPO, 136285 (RFR Po/A2736), DSM [30635]

MALCOLM, Peter Watson, Carp, MMR 387038, MID [30909], [31130]

MALCOLM, Pulteney William, Maj, RMLI, OBE [31638]

MALE, Thomas Henry, Sig, RNVR (Tyneside) Z6943, DSM [30536]

MALEKIN, James McDonald, Ch Writer, 347424 (Ch), MSM [31553]

MALIA, James, LS, KP760, CGM [29530]

MALIN, Charles, Sig, 220125 (Dev), DSM [30088], [30363]

MALING, Frederick Maude, Capt, MN [Lt RNR], DSO [30066], [30147]

MALKIN, A, AB, RNVR, KW/411, MM [30507]

MALKIN, Frederick, Skpr, RNR, Fra [30363]

MALLABY, J, AB, RNVR, TZ/0219, MM [30585]

MALLALIEU, Charles, CERA 2c, 270459 (Dev), DSM [30635], MID [30363]

MALLAM, William Andrew, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31421]

MALLESON, Wilfred St Aubyn, Mid, RN, VC [29264], Navy [29264]

MALLETT, Alfred John, Gnr, RN, DSC [31452], MID [31063]; also? MALLETT, T Alfred M, Gnr, RN, Navy [29264]

MALLETT, Frederick, PO, 214621 (Dev), MID [30363]

MALLETT, G W, PO, RNVR, TZ4741, DCM [30023]

MALLINSON, John W, Sto PO, 303741 (Dev), DSM [30298], Navy [30298], Army [30233]

MALLOWS, George William, AB, J16412, MID [29581]

MALONE, Cecil John L'Estrange, Sqdn Cdr, RN, Egy [29848], Navy [29076]

MALONE, John Joseph, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSO [30088], Army [30421]

MALONEY, Frederick John, PO, 127052 (RFR Po/A2063), MID [30088]

MALONEY, James, PO, 236647 (Po), DSM [30258]

MALPAS, James Herbert, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31303], RD [30273]

MALPRESS, W, CPO, RNVR, KP/832, MSM [31132], Army [30421]

MAN, Joseph, Capt, RN, CMG [31379], OBE [30730], [31295], Bel [32154], Fra [31360], Army [29422], [29890], [30421], [30691], [31435]

MANDER, Clement F, Carp, Trinity House, DSM [30936]

MANDERS, Bertie Robert, AB, J17687 (Po), Ita [30581], MID [30363]

MANDERS, Richard Frederick, L/Mech (C), F11078, MID [30654]

MANFIELD, D J, Lt-Cdr, RIM, Army [30570]

MANGHAM, H, Pte, RM, S3762, MM [30001]

MANISTY, Henry Wilfred Eldon, Fleet Pay, RN, CB [31099], CMG [29608]

MANKTELOW, Archibald Horace, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 177SD, MID [31038]

MANLEY, Albert, Ch Sto, 296618 (Dev), MID [30833]

MANLEY, Albert Victor, AB, 214370 (Dev), DSM [30756]

MANLEY, Frederick, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

MANLEY, George, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4621B, DSM [29947], [30227]

MANLEY, Harold Ernest, Ch Yeo Sigs, 202727 (Ch), DSM [30687]

MANLEY, Harry, Asst Pay, RNR, DSC [30386]

MANN, Edward Robert, Engmn, RNR, 6451TS, DSM [30536]

MANN, Ernest Walter, WO, RNAS, MID [30662]

MANN, Harold Corry, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

MANN, Harry Morris, Lt, RNR, MID [30936]

MANN, Henry, CPO, F485, DSM [30654]

MANN, Herbert, Cpl, RMA, 13298, MSM [30750], Fra [30848]

MANN, John, Eng Cdr, RNR, DSO [30316]

MANN, John Henry, LS, 187389 (RFR Ch/B1937), DSM [30153]

MANN, Leslie, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

MANN, Percy Bernard, Pte, RMLI, Po/15400, MID [30807]

MANN, Thomas, Ch Sto, 295386 (Po), DSM [30258]

MANN, W G, Pte, Po/9085 RMLI, Army [29933]

MANN, William Burridge, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31413]

MANN, William Selwyn, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

MANNERS, Ernest M, Sig Bosn, RN, Fra [30494]

MANNERS, Errol, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

MANNERS, James Benjamin, Lt, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

MANNERS, Jesse James Challener, CPO, 151636 (Po), MSM [31398]

MANNING, Edward S, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29668]

MANNING, Ernest J, Gnr, RN, Fra [30687], [30756]

MANNING, Francis Graham John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30536], Navy [30133]

MANNING, George Henry, Sto PO, K2849, DSM [29752]

MANNING, P, PO, RNVR, TZ2901, DCM [30287]

MANNING, Richard, Dkhnd, RNR, 6926DA, Fra [30437 - twice]

MANNING, S T, PO, RNVR, BZ76, MM [30585]

MANNING, Thomas, LS, RNVR (London) Z5490, MID [31130]

MANSBRIDGE, John, PO, 193936 (Po), MID [30654]

MANSELL, Charles Francis, Engmn, RNR, 3045ES, DSM [30635]

MANSELL, George Robert, Rear-Adm, RN, CBE [31099]

MANSELL, L W, AB, RNVR, LZ3758, MM [30172]

MANSELL, Robert Daniel, Ch Arm, 340456, MID [29752]

MANSER, Jack Harry, L/Mech, F29004, MID [30662]

MANSERGH, Cecil Aubrey Lawson, Mid, RN, DSC [29264], Navy [29264]

MANSFIELD, Henry Walter, LS, 239091 (Ch), MID [30363]

MANSFIELD, James Cleland, Lt, RN, Ita [31130], Rus [30116], MID [31303]

MANSFIELD, John Maurice, Lt, RN, DSC [30363]

MANSON, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 15467DA, Ita [30581]

MANSON, John, Trmr, RNR, 4205TS, MID [30153]

MANSON, William, Capt, MN, MID [31236]

MANSOOR, Moulder, RIM 16, Army [30233]

MANT, James Bowman, Engmn, RNR, 5531TS, MSM [31262]

MANT, James Henry Cobby, PO, 119335 (Po), MSM [31398]

MANT, W, AB, RNVR, London Z/1749, MM [29953]

MANTELL, Edward Charles, Ch SB Stwd, 350970 (Dev), MID [31604]

MANTELL, William George, PO, 224261 (Ch), DSM [30227]

MANTHORPE, George, Engmn, RNR, 3073DA, DSM [30909]

MANTHORPE, Isaac Lilly, Skpr, RNR, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

MANTLE, George A, L/Sto, SS 106401 (Po), Srb [31354]

MANTLE, Richard, AB, J45822 (Ch), MID [30807]

MANUEL, George, Ch Off, MN, MID [30408]

MANUEL, John Gerald, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437]

MAPLE, John, LS, 171890 (RFR Chat B2658), DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

MAPLESDEN, James Ewart, Sto 1c, K23040 (Po), MID [30258]

MAPP, William, Trmr, RNR (Special Service) 1116ST, DSM [29581]

MARCH, Robert William, LS, J4048 (Dev), MID [30363]

MARCH, S J, Sgt, Ply/14568 RMLI, Army [31435]

MARCHANT, Alfred Palmer, CPO Mech 3g, 232250 (Ch), DSM [30316], MID [29264]

MARCHANT, Frank, Warrt Stwd, RN, MBE [31421]

MARCHANT, Frederick George, PO, 234457 (Ch), DSM [30147]

MARCHANT, George William, L/Sto, K7448 (Ch), MID [30363]

MARCHANT, Hamilton William, AB, 231917 (Po), MSM [31398]

MARCHANT, Harry John, Gnr, RN, Fra [29751]

MARCHANT, James, CPO, RNVR, TZ/2118, DCM [31128], MM [30172], [30585]

MARCHANT, Robert, Ch Sto, 282327 (Po), MSM [31413]

MARCHANT, Sidney Herbert, Off Stwd 2c, L8157, DSM [29635]

MARDEN, Albert E, Eng Lt, RN, Fra [30870]

MARDEN, Ernest Edward, CPO, 196503 (Dev), MSM [31286]

MARDEN, George, Gnr, RN, DSC [30936]

MARDEN, George Frederick Ridgeway, CPO Mech 3g, F4718, DSM [30066]

MARDEN, James William, Ch Shipwt 2c, 136430 (Dev), MSM [31354]

MARESCAUX, Alfred Edward Hay, Capt, RN, CMG [30111], Fra [30870], Army [29422], [29623], [29890], [30072], [31435]

MARESCAUX, Gerald Charles Adolphe, Col [Spec List RN], (Rear Adm, RN ret), CB [31092], CBE [31092], Army [30691]

MARFLEET, Reginald James, PO Mech, F12604, MID [30662]

MARGARSON, William White, 2nd Eng, MN, MID [31130]

MARGESSON, Wentworth Henry Davies, Capt, RN, CB [31099]

MARGETSON, Horace Bertram, Ch Yeo Sigs, 199208 (Ch), MSM [31445]

MARGETTS, Horace Palmer, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516], Fra [30363], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MARIX, Reginald Lennox George, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [28948], Bel [30258], Navy [28948], [29507]

MARJORAM, Charles Edward, PO, 189641 (Po), DSM [30756], Ita [30386]

MARJORAM, Edward, Skpr, RNR, 224WSA, MID [31286]

MARJORAM, John William Baker, CPO, 191735 (Ch), MID [30564]

MARK, G, Coy Sgt-Maj, RM, Deal/1901 (S), MSM [31370]

MARK-WARDLAW, William Benrose, Lt, RN, DSO [31182]

MARKHAM, Ernest Lacey, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

MARKHAM, John Robert, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 290SA, DSM [30159]

MARKLAND, John, CPO, 166723 (Ch), DSM [30536]

MARKS, Joseph, PO Tel, 216593 (Ch), MID [31038]

MARKS, Percy D'Evelyn, Pay Cdr, RN, CMG [31413], Fra [31553]

MARLAND, James, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1214, Rom [31236], MID [30536]

MARLOW, C E, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ch/6670, Army [29354]

MARLOW, Herbert, Seamn, MN, MID [30408]

MARLOW, Horace Alfred, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30813]

MARLOW, William, PO, 183023 (RFR Ch/B6379), MID [30159]

MARR, James Souter, ERA 1c, 268169, DSM [29752], Fra [29751]

MARR, N, Pte, RMMU, Deal/4263, MM [30940]

MARR, Robert, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2650SA, DSM [30159]

MARRA, John, CPO, 104578 (RFR Po/A1268), MID [30662]

MARRACK, Hugh Richard, Lt, RN, DSC [30635]

MARRIOTT, Horace Bruce, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

MARRIOTT, John Peter Ralph, Capt, RN, CMG [31712], Egy [30227], Fra [30756], Ita [31933], Jpn [31811], Army [29664]

MARRIOTT, Walter, Pte, RMLI, Po/16910, DSM [31236]

MARSDEN, Arthur, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751], Navy [29654], [29751]

MARSDEN, George, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Jpn [31811]

MARSDEN, W, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po1058, MM [30234]

MARSH, Arthur, L/Sig, J13760 (Po), MID [30616]

MARSH, Bruce Cuneliffe, Lt, RIM, DSO [29876], Army [29536], [29576], [29789]

MARSH, Ernest F, PO, 195116, DSM [29264]

MARSH, Frederick William, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [30833]

MARSH, George John, MAA, 183125, MID [29530]

MARSH, Herbert William, AB, J16274 (Dev), DSM [29886], [30182]

MARSH, Richard William, PO, J6031 (Ch), MID [31638]

MARSH, Stephen Richard, CPO, 152865 (Ch), DSM [30363]

MARSH, William Austen, PO, 193267 (Ch), DSM [30900]

MARSHALL, Amos, Ch Engmn, RNR 295 ES, MSM [31421]

MARSHALL, Cyril Charles, Lt, RNR, MID [30363]

MARSHALL, Edward John, Ch Bosn, RN, Fra [29751]; also? MARSHALL, Edward John, Lt, RN, MID [31811]

MARSHALL, Eric John, Gnr, RMA, 1819 (S), MID [31182]

MARSHALL, Frederick, LS, 215976, DSM [29123]

MARSHALL, Frederick Lewis, CPO, 177751, MID [29752]; also? MARSHALL, F L, Sub-Lt, RNR, Army [29933]

MARSHALL, Henry George, Gnr, RN, Fra [29751]

MARSHALL, Henry George, CPO, 151540 (RFR Dev/A4126), DSM [30159]

MARSHALL, J S, Capt, RM, Army [29664]; also MARSHALL, John Scott, Capt, RE (late RM), MC [30111]

MARSHALL, John, Ch Off, MN, MID [30732]

MARSHALL, Joseph, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2544SA, MID [31248]

MARSHALL, Margaret, Nurse, Nursing Services, RRC [31331]

MARSHALL, Marion S, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [30451]

MARSHALL, P, Pte, RMLI, Po/1500, MM [30830]

MARSHALL, R, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [29648]

MARSHALL, Richard Nigel Onslow, Mid, RNR, DSC [31638]

MARSHALL, Robert James, OS, SS 7781 (Po), MID [30687]

MARSHALL, W, Sgt-Maj, RMA, 2683, MSM [31198]

MARSHALL, William, Cdr, RNR, DSO [29668], [30451], RD [29149]

MARSHALSEA, Percy George, Gnr, RN, MID [31038]

MARSLAND, R H, Lt, RMLI, Army [30072], [30421]

MARSON, Arthur James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 238DA, DSM [30536]

MARSTERS, Gertrude Mary, Matron, MID [31130]

MARSTON, Francis John James, CPO, 187997 (Ch), MID [30088]

MARSTON, J S, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/15092, MM [30023]

MART, Albert George, CPO, 182271 (Ch), MSM [31236]

MARTELL, Albert Arthur Green, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29751]

MARTELL, George William, PO, 191351 (RFR Po/B4276), DSM [30153]

MARTELL, Richard W, Eng Cdr, RN, Fra [30756]

MARTEN, Francis Arthur, Capt, RN, CMG [31421], Rus [30116], MID [29751], [31811], Navy [31856]

MARTIN, Albert, LS, 218481, DSM [29581]

MARTIN, Albert, AB, 223669 (Dev), DSM [31638]

MARTIN, Albert Edward, L/Sig, 205596, RFR (B) Po/1773, DSM [30147], Fra [29751]

MARTIN, Albert Edward, AB, 232115 (Po), Fra [30756], MID [31553]

MARTIN, Albert Luther, CPO Cook, 355987 (Po), MSM [32122]

MARTIN, Alfred, Ch Carp, MN, MID [30029]

MARTIN, Alfred, AB, RNVR (Tyneside), Z7257, MID [30833]

MARTIN, Alfred, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31452]

MARTIN, Amos J, AB, MN, MID [29423]

MARTIN, Andrew, L/Sto, 289335 (RFR Po B/3653), DSM [29423], Fra [30437]

MARTIN, Andrew, Lt, RNR, OBE [31499]

MARTIN, Angus, Dkhnd, RNR, 4610SD, Srb [31413]

MARTIN, Arthur, MAA, 177787, Fra [29751]

MARTIN, Arthur R P, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30747]

MARTIN, Arthur Reginald, Pay Lt, RN, MID [31553]

MARTIN, Bertha Marion, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [31331]

MARTIN, Charles Henry, PO, 227445 (Dev), MID [31604]

MARTIN, E, Pte, RMLI, Ply/1426, MM [30797]

MARTIN, Edward George, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31398]

MARTIN, Edward H, Capt, RN, Ita [30437]; also MARTIN, Edward Harrington, Capt, RCN, CMG [29938]

MARTIN, Ernest William, PO Mech (E), F319, MID [30662]

MARTIN, Farquhar, L/Carp Crew, M15613 (Ch), MID [30833]

MARTIN, Francis E, 4th Eng, MN, MID [29603]

MARTIN, Frank Lewis, Art Eng, RN, MBE [31483]

MARTIN, Frederick, Sto PO, 295672 (Ch), MID [30833]

MARTIN, Frederick George, ERA 4c, M12896 (Ch), MID [30088]

MARTIN, Frederick Sidney, LS, 233301, DSM [29087], Navy [29087]

MARTIN, G M, PO, RNVR, CZ/286, MSM [30750]

MARTIN, George Alfred, Ch SB Stwd, 133427 (Dev), MID [31604]

MARTIN, George Edmunds, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30386]

MARTIN, George Frederick, CPO, 158437 (Ch), DSM [30258]

MARTIN, George Walter Howard, Capt, RN, CBE [30730], CBE [31295]

MARTIN, George William, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31811]

MARTIN, Harry Cutfield, Capt, RN, CBE [31452]

MARTIN, Henry John, Gnr (T), RN, MID [30564]

MARTIN, Henry William, CPO, 166081, Fra [29751]

MARTIN, Henry William, PO, 183313 (Ch), Navy [30870]

MARTIN, Horace, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/14733, MSM [31553]

MARTIN, J, AB, RNVR, CZ4949, MM [30172]

MARTIN, J J, CPO, RNVR, Ch/296509, DCM [31052], MM [30606]

MARTIN, James, Ch Off, MN [Lt RNR], DSO [30437]

MARTIN, James, CPO, MN, DSM [30635]

MARTIN, James Ernest, Air Mech 1g, J34195 (Po), MID [30316], [30662]

MARTIN, James Maxwell, CPO, 182316 (Po), DSM [31060]

MARTIN, John Harding Baynes, Surg, RN, MID [29264]

MARTIN, Joseph, Pte, RMLI, Ch/15582, Navy [29126]

MARTIN, Joseph J, PO, 214321, DSM [29264]

MARTIN, Leo Charles, PO, J5436 (Ch), DSM [29997], [31182], MID [30285]

MARTIN, Leonard George, AB, J23477 (Po), MID [31063]

MARTIN, Luke, LS, 231088, MID [29752]

MARTIN, Otway Graeme, ERA 2c, 272522 (Po), MSM [31182]

MARTIN, P G, AB, RNVR, R/2450, MM [30962]

MARTIN, Percy Albert, PO, 204425 (Po), DSM [30564]

MARTIN, Ralph Pethebridge or Petherbridge, Lt, RN, DSC [31638], MID [30936], Navy [31906]

MARTIN, Robert, Trmr, RNR (Trawler Reserve) 654TS, DSM [29423]

MARTIN, Robert, 3rd Off, MN, MID [30536]

MARTIN, Samuel, Dkhnd, RNR, 13133DA, DSM [31038]

MARTIN, Stephen George Lawes, LS, J11361 (Po), DSM [30687]

MARTIN, T, PO, RNVR, TZ/1556, MM [31173]

MARTIN, Thomas, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

MARTIN, Thomas, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

MARTIN, Thomas, Pay Lt, RNR, OBE [31421]

MARTIN, Thomas, WO 2g, RNAS, MID [30066]

MARTIN, Thomas, Seamn, MN, MID [30536]

MARTIN, William, Seamn, MN, MID [30363]

MARTIN, William, App, MN, MID [30616]

MARTIN, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2854SD, DSM [31191]

MARTIN, William Arthur Thomas, Sgt, RMLI, Po/11933, MSM [31553]

MARTIN, William Ernest Russell, Fleet Pay, RN, CMG [30111], Army [29890], [30072]

MARTIN, William Francis Gordon, Ch Off, MN, AM [30273]

MARTIN, William Henry, Ch Arm, 342428, DSM [29752]

MARTIN, William Ludgate, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

MARTIN, William Sharp, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [30616]

MARTINDALE, John Stephen, Seamn, RNR, 8556A, CGM [30363], DSM [30194], Fra [30870], MID [29997]

MARTORELL, Norman, Capt, MN, MID [31413]

MARTYN, Charles Henry, Pte, RMLI, Ply/1903 (S), DSM [30807]

MARTYN, John, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099]

MARTYN, Sydney Arnold, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

MARWOOD, George Ernest, L/Sig, J7767 (Dev), MSM [31286]

MARX, John Locke, Capt, RNR (Adm Rtd), CB [30111], DSO [29997], MID [30363]

MASCALL, Ernest, Eng Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31130], [31286]

MASCARENHAS, S P, PO, RNVR, LZ/525, MSM [30750], Army [30421]

MASEY, Albert George, SS (Ship Stwd?), 343843 (Dev), DSM [30687]

MASKELL, Francis Robert, L/Mech (E), F8, MID [30654]

MASKELL, Joseph, AB, J 1587 (Ch), MSM [31236]

MASKEY, Louis Joseph, Sto 1c, K26899 (Ch), MID [30564]

MASLIN, George Albert, LS, 194375 (Po), MSM [31398]

MASON, Alfred Harry, Gnr, RMA, 1817 (S), MID [31182]

MASON, David Richard, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [30285]

MASON, Edgar John, Off Stwd 2c, L1309 (Dev), MID [31303]

MASON, Frederick W, Bosn, RN, Ita [31933]

MASON, Horace Richard, Yeo Sigs, 220511, DSM [29752]

MASON, John, Lt, RNR, MID [31553]

MASON, John Denis, LS, 230147 (Po), DSM [30936]

MASON, John Melbourne, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30635]

MASON, Louis, Lt, RNVR, MID [30616]

MASON, W, PO, PSS /105741, Army [29251]

MASON, W J, CPO, RNVR, Mersey 7/5, Army [29664]

MASON, Walter, PO, Po/SS /105741, DSM [29180]; also MASON, Walter, PO, RN, Navy [29214]

MASON, William, AB, 178020 (Ch), DSM [30564]

MASON, William Isaac, Capt, MN, MID [31038]

MASON, William Surman, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

MASSEY, Edward Francis, PO, 188296, MID [29581]

MASSEY, Harry, Ch MAA, RN, MID [31425]

MASSEY, Ivan, Sto PO, K13113 (Po), MID [30909]

MASSIE, Edward, Engmn, RNR, 11TS, MSM [31604]

MASSIE, James Stewart, PO, RNR, 2455C, MID [29635]

MASSON, James, Skpr, RNR, 875WSA, Srb [29966]

MASSY, Lawrence Peel, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

MASSY-DAWSON, Francis Evelyn, Capt, RN, MID [29886]

MASTER, Ernald Gilbert Hoskins, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31811]

MASTERMAN, Arthur James, PO, 230438 (Po), DSM [31191], MID [30635]

MASTERMAN, Edward Alexander Dimsdale, Wing Capt, RNAS, CBE [30460]

MASTERMAN, F, Pte, RMMU, Deal/3628, MM [30540]

MASTERS, Albert Frederick, Lt, RNR, OBE [31354], Jpn [31499], MID [30153]

MASTERS, Andrew William, AB, 221361 (RFR Po/B5875), MID [31413]

MASTERS, Baden Marples, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 2996, DSM [31638]

MASTERS, Charles Stuart, CPO, 178072 (RFR Ch/B5425), DSM [29423], [30909], MID [30635]

MASTERS, F, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ch/9244, Army [29664]

MASTERS, Frank Morrison, Qmr-Sgt, RMLI, Depot/437, MSM [31553]

MASTIN, George Robert Avis, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

MATCHAM, Lawrence Charles, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30188]

MATHAIS, Edward, CPO 3g, M6508 (Dev), MID [30133]

MATHER, Charles Ellis, Tel, RNVR (Mersey) Z1171, DSM [30635]

MATHER, J, PO, RNVR (RND) TZ/1265, Army [30072], [30691]

MATHER, James, PO, 213655 (Ch), DSM [29947], MID [30015]

MATHER, James Hugh, Maj, RE [Lt-Cdr RNVR], DSO [31745], Army [31938]

MATHER, Matthias, CERA 2c, 270115 (Ch), MID [31604]

MATHER, Richard, Eng Cdr, RNR, MID [31303]

MATHERS, James, AB, 176735 (Ch), DSM [29947]

MATHERS, Wm, Engmn, RNR (Trawler Sec) 135ES, DSM [29264]

MATHESON, Charles George, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30066], MID [30153]

MATHESON, Ethel Ivy Flora, Div Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

MATHESON, John Norman, Carp Lt, RN, DSC [29751], Navy [29751]

MATHEW, G, Maj, RMA, Army [30691]

MATHEWS, Charles, Capt, MN, DSC [30536]

MATHEWS, J J, LS, RNVR, MZ158, MM [29953]

MATHIAS, E, CPO 2g, RNAS, M 6508, Army [30560]

MATHIAS, John, Cdr, RNR, RD [29454]

MATHIESON, Magnus, Seamn, RNR, 4363A, DSM [29211]

MATHIESON, Samuel T, Capt, RM, Bel [31604]

MATHIS, Charles, Ch Sto, 283447 (Po), MID [30564]

MATON, Charles Edward, Sgt-Maj, RMA, MSM [31553]

MATON, Reginald Foster Pitt, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

MATTHEW, T, LS, RNVR, Tyneside Z/368, MM [29953]

MATTHEWS, Albert Oliver, AB, 189716 (Po), MID [30807]

MATTHEWS, Alfred, Cook Mate, M13136 (Dev), DSM [30147]

MATTHEWS, Arthur, CERA 2c, 271000, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

MATTHEWS, Charles, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

MATTHEWS, Edgar Frederick, Sgt, RMA, 7444, MID [31303]

MATTHEWS, Frederick John, Lt, RNVR, MC [30188]

MATTHEWS, Frederick Rayner, Skpr, FR 113WFS, MID [30979]

MATTHEWS, G E, Col, RMLI, Navy [31322], Army [29354]

MATTHEWS, George William, LS, RNVR, Sussex 1/218, CGM [29603], Army [29664]

MATTHEWS, Godfrey Estcourt, Col, RMLI, CMG [29409]

MATTHEWS, Henry George, Sto PO, 300193 (Po), DSM [30654]

MATTHEWS, J H, Pte, RMLI, Po/17259, MM [30023]

MATTHEWS, John, CPO, 162478, DSM [29752]

MATTHEWS, John, Ch Sto, 295275 (Ch), MID [30936]

MATTHEWS, Lionel John, AB, J960 (Ch), DSM [30536]

MATTHEWS, R, PO, RNVR, WZ/63, DCM [31794]

MATTHEWS, Richard, Seamn, RNR, 2951B, MSM [31248]

MATTHEWS, Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, DA8278, DSM [29668]

MATTHEWS, Thomas, PO Mech, F2204, DSM [30662]

MATTHEWS, Thomas Samuel, Lt, RN, OBE [31445]

MATTHEWS, Tomson, PO, 194798 (Dev), DSM [29886], Fra [30437], MID [29752]

MATTHEWSON, Margaret, Matron, MID [31130]

MATTHEY, Cecil Hugh Clinton, Mid, RN, DSC [29264], Navy [29264]

MATTISON, Albert Charles, Bosn, RCN, AM [31187]

MATTISON, Frederick William, Lt, RMLI, MID [31553]

MATTOCKS, O H E, Shipwt, Ch/346955, Army [31152]

MAUD, Maurice Theobald, Mid, RNR, MID [30061]

MAUDSLEY, Aubrey Granville, Lt, RNVR, MC [30555]

MAUGHAN, George Arthur Pyle, Sto 1c, K16599 (Po), DSM [30386]

MAUGHTON, Arthur William, Dkhnd, RNR, DA 5260, DSM [29668]

MAUND, Guy O, Lt, RN, Ita [31130]

MAUND, Loben E H, Lt, RN, Rus [30316]

MAUNDER, Reginald Charles, PO, 212064, DSM [29635]

MAUNDER, William Henry, Ch Skpr, RNR, 498WSA, DSC [30909], Ita [30386]

MAUNDRILL, C, Pte, RMMU, S/3194, MM [30036], [31227]

MAUNSELL, Marie Elizabeth Sophia Edith, Ch Sect Ldr (Elec), WRNS, BEM [31331]

MAUNSELL, Mary Helen Maxwell, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

MAVOR, William Hector, Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

MAW, John Lion, PO, 236830 (Ch), MSM [31182], MID [30316], [30936]

MAWBY, Henry L, Capt, RN, Fra [31063]

MAXEY, Henry John Elliot, PO, 200237, MID [29752]

MAXTED, William Oscar, AB, 228293 (Dev), DSM [30936]

MAXWELL, Gordon Stanley, Lt, RNVR, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

MAXWELL, Henry George, Lt, RN, MID [30756]

MAXWELL, Patrick Stewart Erskine, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [29997], MID [29886]

MAXWELL, R D, Lt-Cdr, RIM, Army [31386]

MAXWELL, W L, Lt-Col, RND, Army [29251]

MAXWELL, Wellwood George Courtenay, Cdr, RN, CMG [31483], Fra [30494], Ita [30386], Jpn [30258], RN, MID [30194], Navy [29264]

MAXWELL-LEFROY, Cecil, Capt, RN, CMG [31099], Navy [29264]

MAXWELL-SCOTT, Malcolm Raphael Joseph, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29947], Fra [30687], MID [29423]

MAY, Albert, PO, J3428 (Ch), DSM [30833]

MAY, Alfred J, Lt, RNCVR, Ita [30437]

MAY, Andrew, Skpr, RNR, 1767WSA, MBE [31398]

MAY, Andrew, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1343, Ita [30581]

MAY, Archibald Seaburne, Cdr, RN, OBE [31483], Rus [30116]

MAY, Arthur de Kewer Livius, Capt, RN, CBE [31421]

MAY, Arthur George, Pte, RMLI, Ch/13289, DSM [29446]

MAY, Arthur W, Surg-Gen, RN, Bel [30258], Jpn [30363]

MAY, Charles, AB, SS 3595, MID [29581]

MAY, Edward George, Boy 1c, J37942 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [29668]

MAY, J F, Lt, RMLI, Army [29251]

MAY, James Ress, Shipwt Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

MAY, John, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30316], MID [29799]

MAY, Richard, L/Sig, RNVR, Mersey 6/71, DSM [29264]

MAY, Thomas, Ch Skpr, RNR, 141WSA, DSC [30909], MID [29668]

MAY, Walter Burton, PO, 229332 (Ch), MID [30363]

MAY, William, CERA 2c, 270362 (Dev) or (Ch), DSM [30909], MID [30807]

MAY, William, Ch Writer, 345135 (Dev), MID [31060]

MAY, William Edward, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30979]

MAY, William G, Gnr, RN, Jpn [31811]

MAY, William Henry, Lt-Cdr, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

MAY, William Samuel, Lt, RN, OBE [31452]

MAY, William Thomas James, Bosn, RN, MID [31398]

MAYCOCK, Ernest R, Lt, RN, Rus [30116]

MAYES, Charles, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Po/3307 (RFA Po/A 0484), CGM [29087], Fra [31236], Navy [29087]

MAYES, Edward William, PO, F3507, DSM [30654]

MAYES, Herbert, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 509DA, DSM [30635], MID [29886]

MAYES, John E, LS, 196849 (RFR B8581), Navy [29264]

MAYES, Walter Robert, CPO Mech 2g, F695, DSM [30662]

MAYHEW, Ambrose Thomas, Engmn, RNR, ES1511, DSM [29668]

MAYHEW, Walter G, Skpr, RNR, 1860WSA, Fra [30494], Ita [30386], Srb [29966]

MAYLOR, Thomas G, LS, 238210 (Dev), MID [30015]

MAYNARD, Herbert Edward, Snr Res Attdt, M15091 (Ch), MSM [31604]

MAYNARD, William, L/Sto, 305472 (Po), DSM [30363]

MAYNE, Cyril Frederick, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516], Army [29664]

MAYNE, Henry D, Sto 1c, P/293347, DSM [29292]

MAYNE, Ronald Clinton, Cdr, RN, MID [30159]

MAYO, Herbert Coates, Lt, RN, OBE [31499]

MAYS, Harry, Lt, RNR, MID [30936]


MCALLISTER, Donald, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 1890SD, DSM [30807]

MCALLISTER, Marquis, AB, MN, MID [30900]

MCALPINE, Douglas, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

MCANGUS, Donald, Seamn, MN, MID [30536 - twice]

MCARDLE, Frank, AB, MN, DSM [30066]

MCARDLE, James Henry, Yeo Sigs, 230980 (Dev), DSM [30564], MID [30088]

MCARDLE, Theodore, Cpl, RMA, 12785, Bel [31604]

MCARTHUR, Archibald, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31811]

MCAULAY, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 7733DA, MID [30909]

MCAULAY, Murdo, CPO, 137942 (Po), DSM [30153]

MCAULLAY, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/6987, MM [30606]

MCBAIN, George Brown Sievwright, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30732]

MCBARNET, Edward James, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29113]

MCBEAN, Russell Hamilton, Lt, RN, DSO [31638], DSC [30870], Navy [30870], [31189]

MCBEATH, Jim Ritchie, Skpr, RNR, 1772WSA, DSC [30909]

MCBRIDE, William, PO, 190666 (Dev), DSM [30564]

MCBRIERTY, James Charles Volney, CPO, 176961 (Po), DSM [29997]

MCBROOM, Samuel, Lt, RNR, OBE [31432], MID [31811]

MCCADDEN, William, LS, 226040, DSM [29292]

MCCAFFERTY, John Stephen, ERA 1c, RNVR (Clyde) 3/2314, MID [31191]

MCCAIGUE, Samuel, L/Sto, RNR, 3008ST, DSM [31811]

MCCALLUM, Alexander, Dkhnd, RNR, 2781SD, DSM [30687]

MCCALLUM, Christopher, AB, J2198 (Ch), MID [30316]

MCCANN, Barclay, Firemn, MN, MMR 458641, DSM [30316], Ita [30581], MID [29799]

MCCANN, William John, LS, 231163 (Dev), DSM [30756]

MCCARTEN, George Henry Francis, ERA 1c, 270023, DSM [29087], Navy [29087]

MCCARTHY, Charles Martin Michael, Air Mech 1g, F13474, DSM [30316]

MCCARTHY, Daniel, LS, J1868 (Dev), DSM [29264], MID [30936]

MCCARTHY, Daniel Dennis, Skpr, RNR, 2319SA, MID [30909]

MCCARTHY, Edward Henry, CPO 3c, F10584, MSM [31248]

MCCARTHY, Florence, Seamn, RNR, 5100A, DSM [29581]

MCCARTHY, George Thomas, L/Sto, K9580 (Ch), MID [29886]

MCCARTHY, Michael, L/Sig, J7750 (Dev), MID [31236]

MCCARTHY, Patrick, PO, 233888 (Dev), MID [30936]

MCCARTHY, Sidney James, Gnr, RN, MBE [31638]

MCCARTHY, Simon, Sto 1c, K15981 (Dev), MID [30066]

MCCARTHY, Timothy, LS, 203062, DSM [29255]

MCCARTHY, Timothy, PO, 216563 (Dev), DSM [30654]

MCCARTHY, William, Seamn, MN, MID [30363]

MCCARTNEY, Dennis, Ch Shipwt, 343335 (Ch), Bel [29886]

MCCARTNEY, W, AB, RNVR, Clyde Z5296, MM [29953], [31173]

MCCAUSLAND, Henry Loftus Mitchell, Lt, RMLI, MID [29751]

MCCAVERA, Patrick Joseph, CPO, 188594 (Po), DSM [30979]

MCCAW, Alexander, LS, 224564 (Dev), MID [30909]

MCCHEYNE, Robert Murray, CERA, RNR, 392EB, MID [30564]

MCCLALLAND, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 9629DA, DSM [30147]

MCCLEARY, William Long, PO, 211884 (Ch), MSM [31286], MID [30936]

MCCLEERY, William John, CERA, RNR, 447EB, DSM [30088], MSM [31182]

MCCLELLAND, Henry, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30258]

MCCLELLAND, John, Capt, MN, DSC [30194]

MCCLELLAND, Peter, Lt, RN, MID [31236]

MCCLELLAND, Sarah Edith, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [30723]

MCCLELLAND, Thomas, Engmn, RNR, 1328TS, DSM [30687]

MCCLINTOCK, John William Leopold, Capt, RN, CB [31099], DSO [29507], Fra [31360], Navy [29507]

MCCLURE, Charles Surtis Cranmer, Lt, RNR, Ita [30066], MID [30153], [31286]

MCCLURE, Matthew, Mate, RN, MID [29751]

MCCLYMONT, David, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635], Fra [30687]

MCCOMB, William E, L/Sto, K12050 (Ch), Srb [31354]

MCCOMBIE, Gerald FitzGibbon, Lt, RNR, RD [29547]

MCCOMBIE, Lewis Albert, Skpr, RNR, 299WSA, DSC [30936]

MCCOMBIE, William, 3rd Off, MN, MID [29603]

MCCONE, William, Capt, MN, DSC [30732], MID [30536]

MCCONKEY, Henry, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31360]

MCCONNEL, William Holdsworth, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]

MCCONNELL, George, Sto, RNR, 777V, DSM [29752]

MCCONNELL, J, Pte, Po/4321 A/0639 RMLI, Army [31077]

MCCONNELL, John, PO, RNR, 3932B, DSM [30153]

MCCONNELL, Thomas, Gnr, RN, Ita [30386], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MCCONNOCHIE, Cyril Arthur, LS, 239821 (Po), MID [31182]

MCCORMACK, Edward, Air Mech 1g, F8678, DSM [30316]

MCCORMACK, G J, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/13941, MM [30830]

MCCORMACK, William, Firemn, MMR 914965, DSM [30316]

MCCORMICK, James Charles, Ch Off, MN, MID [30833]

MCCORMICK-GOODHART, Leander, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31099], MID [31604]

MCCORQUODALE, Robert Henderson, ERA, M20108 (Ch), MID [30807]

MCCOULL, George, Surg Probr, RNVR, MID [30909]

MCCOURT, G C, Pte, RMMU, S/3968, MM [31338]

MCCOWEN, Gerald Roche, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

MCCOWEN, Randal Borough, Cdr, RN, DSO [30723]

MCCOY, John, Sto PO, 277696 (Dev), DSM [29752], Fra [30437]

MCCOY, Robert, L/Sto, 300584 (Dev), DSM [30687], Jpn [30616]

MCCRACKAN, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 4231SD, MID [30807]

MCCRACKEN, Eric William, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1942, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MCCRACKEN, G W, Ch Motor Mech, RN, Navy [31189]

MCCRACKEN, Samuel, Sto 1c, K7432 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MCCRACKEN, William James, Surg, RN or RNVR, DSO [30188], [30482], MC [30023], Army [30421], [30691]

MCCREA, Robert, Greaser, MN, DSM [30909]

MCCREADY, T R, Lt-Col, RMLI, Army [30691]

MCCREDIE, John, L/Mech, F148, DSM [30066]

MCCREEDY, Harold James, Ch Writer, 340112 (Ch), MSM [31421]

MCCREEDY, Herbert John, AB, 238018 (Ch), DSM [30979]

MCCREEDY, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 9938DA, MSM [31604]

MCCRINDLE, Matthew M, Dkhnd, RNR, 989SD, Fra [30437]

MCCROFT, Robert, Trmr, RNR, TS3267, DSM [29668]

MCCRORY, Herbert Joseph, Sto, RAN1183, MID [30807]

MCCUBBIN, Thomas, Sgt, RMA, 6058, Bel [31604]

MCCULLOCH, G D, AB, RNVR, TZ/894, MM [30540]

MCCULLOCH, Robert, 2nd Writer, M15892 (Dev), MSM [31432]

MCCULLOUGH, H S, Pte, RMLI, Ply/14352, MM [30830]

MCCURRACH, Robert, Gnr, RMA, 12045, DSM [29423]

MCCUSKER, Ralph Henry John, Warrt Vict Off, RN, MBE [31360]

MCCUTCHEON, James, Staff Surg, RN, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

MCDIARMID, Ronald Fraser, W/T Op 1c, RNR, 355 WTS, MSM [31248]

MCDONAGH, Thomas, Sig, 239006, DSM [29581]

MCDONALD, A, AB, RNVR, CZ/2651, MM [31173]

MCDONALD, Alexander, LS, MN, DSM [30147]

MCDONALD, Alfred James, Ch Yeo Sigs, 188517 (Dev), MSM [31413], Fra [31262]

MCDONALD, Andrew, Dkhnd, RNR, 13974DA, MID [30732]

MCDONALD, Archibald, Dkymn, MN, DSM [30029]

MCDONALD, Archibald Anthony, Eng Cdr, RIM, OBE [30730]

MCDONALD, Charles, Sto PO, 289446 (Po), Navy [30870]

MCDONALD, David Philip, Capt, MN, DSC [29603], [30194]

MCDONALD, Donald, Seamn, RNR, 3449B, DSM [30616]

MCDONALD, Frederick, PO, 204921 (RFR Ch/B10143), Fra [30756], Ita [30581], MID [30227]

MCDONALD, George, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 202DA, DSM [30159]

MCDONALD, George, PO, 195582 (Ch), MID [30756]

MCDONALD, Henry Munro, LS, RNR, 8139A, DSM [30687]

MCDONALD, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/6391, MM [30498]

MCDONALD, John, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

MCDONALD, Malcolm, Dkhnd, RNR, 4667SD, MSM [31303]

MCDONALD, Murdo, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 4308D, MSM [31354]

MCDONALD, Robert, PO 1c, 197544, DSM [29255]

MCDONALD, Robert, PO, RN, Bel [29506]

MCDONALD, Roderick, Seamn, RNR, A7090, MID [29668]

MCDONALD, Thomas, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Rus [29373]

MCDONALD, Thomas, Pay Sub-Lt, RNVR, Tun [31965]

MCDONALD, William, Seamn, MN, DSM [30536]

MCDONALD, William, Rigger, RN, MID [30732]

MCDONALD, William Begg, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30386], MID [30029]

MCDOUGALL, John, CERA 1c, 269398 (Po), MID [30654]

MCDOWALL, Alfred, CERA 1c, 268308, MID [29752]

MCDOWALL, John, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/15925, Fra [30437], Army [29455]

MCDOWALL, Robert, Cpl, RMLI, Po/855(S ), Fra [32074], Army [29664]

MCDOWELL, Daniel, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29886], Fra [30408]

MCDOWELL, John, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/15925, DSM [29736]

MCDOWELL, Robert, Cpl, RMLI, Po/855(S), DSM [29603]

MCEACHRAN, Angus, LS, RNR, 2494B, MID [30153]

MCELIGOTT, James, LS, 148265, DSM [29264]

MCEVELY, John Thomas, Ch Yeo Sigs, 165449 (Po), MSM [31461]

MCEVOY, Patrick, CPO Tel, 173198, CGM [29752], Fra [29751]

MCEVOY, Patrick Andrew, LS, 229316, DSM [29886]

MCEWAN, Jean Margaret, Dep Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

MCEWAN, John Manford, Lt, RNVR, MID [30756]

MCEWAN, John Marshall, PO Mech, F10029, DSM [30408]

MCEWAN, John Robert, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31840]

MCEWAN, Brig-Gen, RM, Navy [31189]

MCEWEN, George E, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30363]

MCFADDEN, Dominick, L/Sto, K14653 (Po), MSM [31182]

MCFARLAND, John, CPO Mech 3g, F2863, DSM [30227]

MCFARLANE, Alec Brodie, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30227]

MCFARLANE, Archibald, Dkhnd, RNR, 1134SD, MSM [31248]

MCFARLANE, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/2605, MM [31173]

MCFARLANE, James, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 152, MID [31286]

MCGARRY, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/5822, MM [30540]

MCGEE, George, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 4177SD, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MCGEE, J, AB, RNVR, Tyneside Z/162, MM [30540], [29953]

MCGEORGE, James Wallace, Ch Shipwt, 341351 (Po), MSM [31421]

MCGHIE, Henry Bumsted, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31811]

MCGIFFIN, Robert Hunter, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31683]

MCGILL, Edmund Allan, Gnr, RN, MBE [31452]

MCGILL, William Arthur, PO, 217484, DSM [28948], MID [29886]

MCGILLEWIE, Donald Irvine, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30363]

MCGINLEY, Leslie Roy, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1850, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MCGINTY, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/4272, MM [31338]

MCGLASHAN, Howard, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159], MID [29886]

MCGOFF, William, CPO Torp Cox, 187916, DSM [29123]

MCGOVERN, Thomas, L/Sto, K5606 (Dev), CGM [29886], Fra [30437], MID [29752]

MCGOWAN, James, Snr Eng, RNR, RD [29000]

MCGRATH, Donald Scott, Lt, RN, MID [30635]

MCGRATH, Harry Nisbet, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31461]

MCGRATH, Henry, LS, RNR, 2517C, Rom [31236], MID [30900]

MCGRATH, John, PO, Clyde 1/1616, DSM [29292]

MCGRATH, P W, Lt, RNVR, Army [29354]

MCGRATH, Redmond Walter, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31099]

MCGRATH, Thomas, LS, RNR, 4157B, DSM [30153]

MCGRAW, John, CPO, 196721 (Po), DSM [31604], MID [30088]

MCGREGOR, Duncan Gerald, Obs Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30662]

MCGREGOR, Norman, LS, RNR, 3271B, MID [30153]

MCGUIRE, J, LS, RNVR, TZ1562, MM [30001]

MCGUIRK, Henry Francis, Lt, RNCVR, MBE [31876]

MCHAFFIE, John Auld, CERA 2c, 271546 (Dev), MID [31060]

MCHARDY, G G, Lt, RNVR, Army [29354]

MCHARDY, James, LS, J10485 (Dev), DSM [30900], [30909]

MCHARDY, Robert P, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

MCHENDRY, George, Seamn, RNR, 4315A, DSM [30536]

MCILROY, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2429DA, DSM [30159]

MCILVEEN, Stanley Hugh Guy, Lt, RNVR, MID [31553]

MCILVENNY, R, Pte, RMLI, Ch/S/224, Army [29455]

MCINDOE, William, ERA 4c, M15864 (Ch), MID [30285]

MCINNES, Alexander, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 890SD, DSM [30909]

MCINNES, John, Seamn, RNR, 3403B, MID [30616]

MCINTOSH, Alexander, Dkhnd, RNR, 10913DA, MID [30616]

MCINTOSH, George Murray, Seamn, RNR, A4046, DSM [29668]

MCINTOSH, James, Dkymn, MMR 865135, DSM [30616]

MCINTOSH, Robert Naismith, Sgt, RMLC Deal/9531 (S), DSM [31130], MID [31130], Army [31077]

MCINTOSH, William, Sto PO, RNR, 680V, DSM [30654]

MCINTYRE, Angus, Dkhnd, RNR, 1677SD, MID [30807]

MCINTYRE, Arthur, ERA 2c, 270902 (Po), MID [30363]

MCINTYRE, Douglas, 4th Eng, MN, DSM [30756]

MCINTYRE, John McNeilage, LS, Clyde 5/2412, DSM [29292]

MCINTYRE, Malcolm, LS, RNR, 3676B, MID [30159]

MCINTYRE, Neil, Trmr, RNR (Special Service), 756ST, MID [29581]

MCINTYRE, Victor Albert Edwin, LS, J21263 (Po), MSM [31461]

MCIVER, Angus, LS, RNR, D1953, DSM [29668]

MCIVER, John, Seamn, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

MCKAIN, G, LS, RNVR, CZ1251, MM [30172]

MCKAY, A, Seamn, MN, DSM [30536]

MCKAY, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 356WSA, DSC [29886], Fra [30408]

MCKAY, Colin, LS, RNR, 4602B, DSM [30159]

MCKAY, David, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/8618, Fra [30437]

MCKAY, George, LS, RNR, 6337A, MID [29886]

MCKAY, George, Skpr, RNR, 1051WSA, Srb [29966]

MCKAY, Herbert, ERA 2c, M442 (Ch), MID [30088]

MCKAY, Hugh, Seamn, MN, DSM [30536]

MCKAY, James Hugh, Seamn, RNR, A4418, DSM [29668]

MCKAY, John, Seamn, RNR, 3463A, DSM [30258]

MCKAY, John George, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2726SD, DSM [31130]

MCKAY, John Kinnear, PO 1c, 195819, DSM [29292]

MCKAY, Murdo, Seamn, RNR, 2769 B, MID [29530]

MCKAY, Nance, Nursing Sister, QARNNSR, RRC [31099]

MCKAY, Thomas John, LS, RNR, 1990C, DSM [30635]

MCKAY, William, Pte, RMLI, Ply/10803 (RFR Ply/B334), BEM [31604]

MCKAY, William Kirby, Maj, RMLI or RMLC, OBE [31432], MID [30581], Army [30421], [31435]

MCKEAND, J, PO, RNVR, CZ1621, MM [30172]

MCKECHNIE, Archie, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 8199DA, DSM [29947], [30227]

MCKECHNIE, Colin, LS, 157509, Navy [29264]

MCKEE, William, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

MCKEND, Andrew McIntosh, Capt, MN, DSC [30066]

MCKENNA, Daniel, LS, 180322 (Dev), MID [30088]

MCKENNA, John, CPO Tel, 199722 (Ch), DSM [30088]

MCKENNA, Patrick, Sto PO, 284570, DSM [29024]

MCKENZIE, Albert Edward, AB, J31736 [Ch], VC [30807], Navy [31189]

MCKENZIE, Angus, Seamn, RNR, 4546B, DSM [30732], MID [30153]

MCKENZIE, Charles, Ch Off, MN, AM [30876]

MCKENZIE, Duncan, Greaser, MN, DSM [29799], MID [29423]

MCKENZIE, Duncan, Air Mech 1g, F760, MID [30316]

MCKENZIE, G V, L/Sig, 233487, Navy [29680]

MCKENZIE, Hugh, PO, 195365, DSM [29423]

MCKENZIE, J, Lt, RMLI, Army [31077]

MCKENZIE, James, ERA 1c, 269929 (Po), MSM [31421]

MCKENZIE, John, LS, RNR, 3628C, MID [30687]

MCKENZIE, John, Engmn, RNR, 9ES, MID [30909]

MCKENZIE, Kenneth, LS, RNR, 2816B, DSM [31236]

MCKENZIE, Kenneth, Seamn, RNR, 8094A, DSM [31425]

MCKENZIE, Murdo, LS, RNR, 2707C, DSM [30616]

MCKENZIE, R, AB, RNVR, TZ/7001, MM [31173], MSM [30750]

MCKENZIE, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 4142DA, DSM [30258]

MCKEOWN, Ernest, Lt, RNR, DSC [31286]

MCKEOWN, Patrick, AB, Clyde 4/2332, DSM [29292]

MCKEOWN, William Quinn, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [29423]

MCKERROW, William Alexander, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

MCKEW, H E, AB, RNVR, MZ/902, MM [30540]

MCKEW, Robert, Rev, RN, CBE [31379]

MCKEW, Robert, Instr Cdr, RN, Fra [31063]

MCKICHAN, John James, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31303]

MCKILLOP, Joseph, Seamn, RNR, 3129C, DSM [30147]

MCKILLOP, Robert, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

MCKINLAY, Alfred White, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

MCKINLAY, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/1544, MSM [30750]

MCKINLAY, James, LS, 174518 RFR Dev/B1508, DSM [29799]

MCKINNON, D, Pte, RMLI, Po/17577, MM [30172]

MCKINNON, Dugald Clark, Dkhnd, RNR, 839SD, DSM [30147]

MCKINNON, Neil, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB13, MID [31060]

MCKINNON, R, PO, RNVR, CZ/3151, MSM [31132]

MCKINSTRY, Edward Robert, Cdr, RNR, CBE [31360]

MCKNIGHT, William, PO, 188612 (Ch), MID [30687]

MCKRULY, George, Dkhnd, RNR, 1930 S D, MID [30807]

MCLACHLAN, A, AB, RNVR, TZ2825, MM [30172]

MCLACHLAN, Duncan, Lt, RNR, DSC [31638], MID [31748]

MCLACHLAN, William Scrimgeour, Ch Writer, 342737 (Ch), MSM [31425]

MCLACKLAND, Duncan, Ch Engmn, RNR, 1109ES, MID [30909], [31604]

MCLAREN, E, LS, RNVR, ZX/8, MM [29953]

MCLAREN, James H, Shipwt 2c, 13893 (Ch), Fra [31248]

MCLAREN, William Richard, Eng Lt, RN, DSC [30807], Navy [31189]

MCLAUGHLIN, Cyril Edward, Lt, RN, DSO [31604]

MCLAURIN, John, Eng Capt, RN, CB [31099], Jpn [31811]

MCLEAN, Allan, Seamn, MN, DSM [30386]

MCLEAN, Allen, PO, RNR, 1630C, MSM [31182]

MCLEAN, Archibald, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 906SD, MID [30153]

MCLEAN, Donald, Seamn, MN, MID [30437]

MCLEAN, Donald Archibald, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 1645SD, DSM [30194]

MCLEAN, Hary Logan Frazer, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30316]

MCLEAN, John, Sto, RNR, 677V, Srb [29966]

MCLEAN, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 14610DA, DSM [30147]

MCLEAN, John, PO, 225841 (Ch), MSM [31286]

MCLEAN, Malcolm, Seamn, RNR, 4280B, Ita [30581], MID [30654]

MCLEAN, McArthur, Capt, MN, DSC [30833]

MCLEAN, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 7135DA, DSM [29581]

MCLEAN, William James, Skpr, RNR, 744WSA, MID [30159]

MCLEISH, P R, Sgt, RMA, 6889, Army [29664]

MCLELLAN, Cyril, App, MN, DSM [30536]

MCLELLAN, Samuel, Ch Sto, 303070 (Ch), MSM [31638]

MCLELLAN, William, Lt-Col, RM, CBE [30730], [31295], Ita [30616]

MCLELLAND, D, CPO, RNVR, CZ/331, MSM [31132]

MCLENNAN, Alexander, Seamn, RNR, 3168B, MID [30616]

MCLENNAN, Duncan, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 4531DA, MID [30909]

MCLENNAN, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 3273SD, MID [31236]

MCLENNAN, John, Skpr, RNR, 1933WSA, Srb [29966]

MCLENNAN, John, Seamn, MN, MID [30258]

MCLEOD, A, AB, RND, Z/3463 Clyde, MM [29827]

MCLEOD, Alexander, Seamn, RNR, 4209B, DSM [30616]

MCLEOD, Alexander, Seamn, RNR, 2212D, MID [31398]

MCLEOD, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 303WSA, DSC [29886]

MCLEOD, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 759SA, DSC [30159]

MCLEOD, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 2137WSA, DSC [30285]

MCLEOD, Donald, Seamn, RNR, 4220B, MID [30756]

MCLEOD, Donald, PO, RNR, 2958B, MSM [31425]

MCLEOD, Duncan, Dkhnd, RNR, 1151SD, DSM [30153]

MCLEOD, Edwin Frederick, Lt, RNR, MID [30756]

MCLEOD, J, AB, RNVR, Clyde Z/257, MM [29953]

MCLEOD, James, Seamn, RNR, 2871B, DSM [30153]

MCLEOD, John, Carp Lt, RN, MID [29603]

MCLEOD, John, PO, RNR, 2055D, MID [30635]

MCLEOD, John Kelty, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30088]

MCLEOD, Joseph, Skpr, RNR, MID [31748]

MCLEOD, Thomas, Eng Lt, RNR, RD [29775]

MCLEOD, William, Cook, RNR, 287TC, DSM [30153]

MCLEOD, William Murdoch, Lt, RNR, DSC [30066]

MCLNTOSH, Angus, Trmr, RNR, 887ST, Srb [29966]

MCLNTOSH, Charles K, Cdr, RNR, RD [30273]

MCLNTOSH, Hugh, PO, 190887 (Ch), MSM [31461]

MCLOUGHLIN, James Francis, Sgt, RMLI, Po8873, CGM [30227], Fra [30870]

MCLOUGHLIN, Joseph, Lt, RNR, DSC [29603]

MCLOUGHLIN, Richard Charles, 2nd SB Stwd, M4004 (Po), MID [31604]

MCLOUGHLIN, William, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

MCLUCKIE, C, LS, RNVR, CZ1612, MM [30001]

MCLVOR, Alexander Ross, PO Mech, F10035, MID [30227]

MCMAHON, W, Ch Arm, RN, 277215 (Po), MSM [31370], Army [30421]

MCMANN, John, AB, SS 6504 (Po), MID [30564]

MCMASTER, Frank Hugh, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30316]

MCMATH, John, Capt, MN, MID [30900]

MCMATH, Joseph, Ch Off, MN, MID [30437]

MCMICKAN, Walter Campbell, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31425]

MCMILLAN, Charles William, Dkhnd, RNR, 7126DA, MID [30153]

MCMILLAN, Donald, Skpr, RNR, 2010WSA, DSC [29886]

MCMILLAN, Donald, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30732]

MCMILLAN, George, Capt, MN, DSC [31182]

MCMILLAN, Hugh, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 834, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MCMILLAN, W H, Carp, MN, DSM [30437]

MCMULLAN, Thomas, Capt, MN, DSC [31038]

MCMULLAN, W, LS, RNVR, CZ/676, MM [30606], [30797]

MCMULLEN, Alexander Percy, Lt, RNVR, MID [29751]

MCMULLIN, Thomas, AB, SS 3572 (Dev), DSM [30536]

MCMURCHIE, John Welsh, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [31811]

MCMURRAY, Robert, Lt, RNR, MID [31286]

MCMURTRIE, A, AB, RNVR, Clyde Z7370, Army [30421]

MCMURTRY, Robert, Lt, RNR, MID [30616]

MCNAB, Arnold Ernest, Lt, RNR, DSC [30936], Fra [30687], MID [30616]

MCNAB, David Winton, Lt, RNR, MID [31286]

MCNAB, R W, AB, RNVR, CZ/7565, MM [31338]

MCNABB, Daniel Joseph Patrick, Surg Capt/Dep Surg-Gen, RN, KBE [31379], CB [30451], Bel [30258]

MCNABB, Thomas Benbow, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30408]

MCNAIR, Evelyn Helen, Nursing Member, VAD, MID [31331]

MCNAIR, Robert Hunter, Lt, RNR, DSC [31130], [31638], MID [31063]

MCNAMARA, Michael, Dkymn, MMR 751522, MID [31303]

MCNAUGHTON, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/4623, MM [31338]

MCNAUGHTON, James, Capt, MN, DSC [30833]

MCNEIL, A, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]; also MCNEIL, A, Gnr, RIM, Army [30867]

MCNEIL, James, Sig, 230233 (Ch), DSM [30732]

MCNEIL, Percy G, Fit Sub-Lt, RNAS, Fra [30029], Army [30421]

MCNEILL, Neil, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

MCNEILL, Thomas, Snr Res Attdt, RNASBR, M10299, DSM [29487]

MCNEISH, A, AB, RNVR, MZ/1479, MM [30540]

MCNICOL, Donald, Capt, MN, MID [30194]

MCNICOLL, Charles, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

MCNISH, James, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

MCNISH, Rowland Leonard Hastings, Ch Off, MN, DSO [31354]

MCOUSTRA, James, Art Engr, RN, Jpn [30616], MID [30687]

MCPHAIL, A D, Lt, RNR, Army [31435]

MCPHAIL, Ernest Archibald, CERA 2c, M14107 (Dev), MID [30909]

MCPHAIL, J, LS, RNVR, CZ/1323, MM [31338]

MCPHAIL, Kenneth, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30635]

MCPHAIL, William Alexander, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

MCPHEE, Angus, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2920SD, MID [31354]

MCPHEE, Donald, Ch Off, MN, MID [30536]

MCPHEE, Norman McIntosh, Gnr, RMA, 14125, DSM [30807]

MCPHERSON, Francis, Skpr, RNR, DSC [29423]

MCPHERSON, G W, AB, RNVR, TZ6026, MM [30135], [30172]

MCPHERSON, J W, PO, F/4603, MID [30775]

MCPHERSON, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, SA761, DSM [29668]

MCPHERSON, William, LS, RNR, 2540C, DSM [30066]

MCPHERSON, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1897SA, DSM [30635], MID [30153]

MCQUADE, William, ERA 3c, M2592 (Dev), MID [30363]

MCQUEEN, Leonard Ernest, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1852, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MCQUEEN, P, LS, RNVR, CZ/6140, MM [31173]

MCQUILKEN, W, AB, RNVR, Cl/2340, MM [30573]

MCRITCHIE, William MacPherson, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [30029], [31060]

MCSORLEY, Frederick Thomas, PO Mech, F1223, DSM [30066]

MCSPORRAN, Duncan, AB, MN, MID [30153]

MCVITTIE, Arthur Craigie, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31516]

MCVITTIE, Reuben James, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [29799]

MCWHANNELL, Robert, Eng Lt, RNR, RD [29888]

MCWHIRTER, Gilbert Georgson, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1453C, MID [30153]

MCWHIRTER, Gilbert Mager, Art Eng, RN, MID [29751]


MEACHEM, Frank, CERA 2c, 271213 (Po), MID [30088]; also? MEACHEM, Frank, Art Eng, RN, MBE [31248], MID [30635]

MEAD, William Arthur, Skpr, RNR, 1518SA, DSC [30147]

MEADE, Frederick Thomas, AB, 217567 RFR Po/B6911, DSM [29799]

MEADE, Herbert, Capt, RN, DSO [28948], MID [29751], Navy [28948], [29088], [29751]

MEADE, J H, Sgt, RMA, 9528, MSM [30750]

MEADE, Laurence James, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30088]

MEADE, William Charles Abbott, Lt, RNVR, MID [30194]

MEADEN, Edward Henry, Fleet Surg, RN, CMG [30451], MID [29264]

MEADES, M, Pte, RMMU, S/3192, MM [31338]

MEADMORE, Edward James, LS, 223356 (Ch), DSM [30363]

MEADOWS, R J, AB, MMR 978637, MM [31875]

MEADOWS, William George, PO, 232664 (Ch), DSM [29292], MID [30153]

MEADUS, Harry Howard, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31398]

MEADUS, William Henry, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31553]

MEAGER, George Francis, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [30316]

MEAH, Bassa, Engine-Dvr 1c, RIM 8908, Army [31386]

MEAH, Gania, Master 2c, RIM 8448, Army [30867], [31386]

MEAH, Lal, Master 2c, RIM 8, Army [31386]

MEAH, Nazoo, Master 2c, 2029 RIM, Army [30867]

MEARLES, William, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

MEARS, George Henry, Ch Shipwt, 168217, DSM [29799]

MEASHAM, Herbert Stanley, Fleet Pay, RN, CMG [30723]

MEATYARD, William Henry, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/13034, MM [29953], MSM [31553]

MECKLENBURG, Albert Paul, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [29921]

MEDD, Walter Hall, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

MEDINA, Earl of, Lt, RN, Ita [30227]

MEDWAY, Samuel Christopher Ash, PO, 186757, DSM [29752]

MEE, Francis Thomas, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

MEECHAM, Christopher, AB, J18670 (Dev), DSM [30936]

MEEK, David Stuart Adams, CPO Mech 2c, RNAS, F13003, MSM [31553]

MEEK, George Cornelius, PO, J875 (Ch), MID [31604]

MEEK, Richard G, Cook, MN, DSM [29668]

MEESE, J, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po/182, MM [30797]

MEESON, Charles Mortimore, Pay Cdr, RN, OBE [31483], Egy [31811]

MEESON, Edith Bertha, Nurse, Nursing Services, RRC [31331]

MEESON, Edward Hickman Tucker, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29024], Navy [28948]

MEGEE, William, Sto 1c, C/K13753, DSM [29292]

MEHEGAN, Reginald, Ch Off, MN, MID [30654]

MEIKLE, Edgar V, Eng Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

MEIKLEJOHN, Norman Sinclair, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31421]

MEIKLEJOHN, William, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/14890, MID [30687]

MELBOURNE, John Arthur, Ch Sto, 173808 (Po), MSM [31248]

MELDRURN, William P, Lt, RNR, Fra [31063]

MELHUISH, Reuben John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2592DA, MID [30616]

MELLERSHIP, George, Skpr, RNR, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

MELLIH, Arthur Alured, Cdr, RN, DSO [29886], [29997], MID [31303]

MELLINGS, Harold Thomas, Lt, RAF (ex-Flt Lt, RNAS), DSC [30147], [30437], DFC [30913]

MELLISH, William, ERA 2c, M 1392 (Po), DSM [30363]

MELLOR, Arthur J, Capt, RMLI, Ita [30227]

MELLOR, N R, Lt, RNVR, Army [30072]

MELLOR, William, Cdr, RN, DSO [29264], Navy [31322]

MELLOR, William, CPO, 162568 (Po), MID [31060]

MELLOWS, Percival Baden Powell, Mid, RNR, MID [31748]

MELMOTH, Edgar James, Seamn, MN, MID [30066]

MELROSE, Thomas Robert Grey, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

MELSOM, Arthur Percy, Lt, RNR, DSO [30616], MID [30194]

MELSOM, George Washington, Lt, RNR, OBE [31924

MELTON, H E, LS, RNVR Tyne Z960, Army [29664]

MELVILLE, Matthew R, Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

MELVILLE, Robert, Sto 1c, SS 106605 (Dev), MID [30536]

MENARY, John, Fleet Surg, RN, CB [30111], Navy [29507]

MENCE, Charles Sidney, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

MENDS, Robert, Lt, RN, Fra [29751], Rus [29373], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MENHINICK, George Henry, Lt, RNVR, MID [31604]

MEON, Edwin R, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, Fra [30900]

MEPHAM, Arthur William, PO 1c, 214568, DSM [29581]

MERCER, Albert, LS, 235474, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

MERCER, David, Col, RMLI, KCB [30451], CB [29358], Fra [30363], [30756], Army [29354], [29664]

MERCER, George Metcalfe, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

MERCER, Gilbert Charles, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4305B, DSM [31236]

MERCHANT, William John, 2nd Off, MN, MID [30616]

MERCKEL, Frederick, Sgt-Maj, RMA, 3673, DSM [29487], Army [29453]

MEREDYTH, Arthur Gwynn Moreton, Capt, RN, CBE [31499], OBE [31421]

MEREDYTH, Charles Edward Hughes, Pay Capt, RN, CBE [31379]

MEREWEATHER, William Thomas, LS, J9073 (Dev), MID [30807]

MEREWETHER, Edward Rowland Alworth, Surg, RN, Srb [29377], MID [29446]

MERIA, Joseph Stephen, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

MERIDITH, Sidney James, Dkhnd, RNR, 13914DA, MID [30807]

MERIFIELD, John Hugh, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909], MID [30635]

MERRETT, Richard Pexton, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

MERRICK, John William, Motor Mech, RNVR, MB1989, Rom [31236], MID [30756]

MERRIFIELD, Christopher, Writer, RN, 59572(Po), BEM [31553]

MERRIMAN, Claud Anthony, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rom [31236], MID [31060]

MERRIMAN, Reginald Dundas, Lt, RIM, DSC [30859], Army [29789]

MERRIN, Herbert J G, LS, 236225, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

MERRITT, Ernest, Pte, RMLI, Po/10573, MSM [31432]

MERRY, Colin Campbell, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

MERRYFIELD, Thomas Henry, CPO, 109404 (Dev), DSM [30153]

MERRYWEATHER, Richard, Pte, RMLI, Po/16530 (Po/B1522), MID [30616]

MERSTON, Ethel Gladys, Dep Asst Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

MESSENGER, Geoffrey, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

MESSENGER, Will, Gnr, RN, DSC [30909]

MESSENGER, William Appleby, Skpr, RNR, Navy [29507]

MESSENGER, William Geoffrey, Lt, RNR, DSC [30194]

MESSER, Alfred John, PO, 228561 (Po), DSM [30807]

MESSERVY, Charles de Faye, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [29751], Navy [28948], [29751]

MESSUM, Harry James, Gnr, RMA, 9579 (RFR 1295), DSM [29423]

METCALF, Frederick, Air Mech 1g, F8944, MID [30066]

METCALF, James Henry, Pte, RMLI, Po/18966, DSM [31063]

METCALF, John Saville, Mid, RNR, DSC [29264], Navy [29264]

METCALFE, Bruce, Lt, RNR, OBE [31461]

METCALFE, Charles Wilfred, ERA 3c, 272321 (Ch), MID [30687]

METCALFE, Christopher Powell, Capt, RN, DSO [29264], MID [31553], Navy [31322]

METCALFE, George, Engmn, RNR, 3091ES, DSM [30616]

METCALFE, Henry Wray, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

METCALFE, Joseph Noel, Lt, RIM, DSC [30227], Army [30233]

METCALFE, R, Gnr, RIM, Army [30233], [30570]; also METCALFE, Robert, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]

METHUEN, Mark, Gnr, RN, DSC [30437]

MEWETT, Harry, CPO, 172044 (Po), Bel [30900], Army [29200]

MEYER, Robert, Arm Mate, M8662 (Dev), MID [30536]

MEYER, Roland Albert, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1943, MID [30807]


MIATT, William, MAA, 99152 (Dev), MSM [31683]

MICHELL, Ernest, PO 2c, 188248 (Dev), MSM [31499]

MICHELL, Kenneth, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSC [30386], Ita [30386], [30833], MID [31604], Navy [31906]

MICHELLS, Septimus A, Lt, RNVR, Tun [30936]

MICKLE, Charles H, Lt, RNVR, Ita [30386], Army [31435]

MICKLEM, C, Lt-Col, RMA, Army [30072], [31077]

MICKLEM, H C, Pte, RMMU, Depot/S/4096, MM [30172]

MIDDLETON, Arthur, Ch Sto, 298694 (Ch), MID [31303]

MIDDLETON, Henry, Ch Gnr, RN, DSC [29123]

MIDDLETON, John Rickards, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29264], Navy [31322]

MIDDLETON, John William, Lt, RM, MC [30813], Army [30072]

MIDDLETON, William Henry, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/14254, MID [30756]

MIDLANE, Wallace McKenzie, CERA 2c, 271266 (Po), MID [31191]

MIDWINTER, David, AB or Sig, RNVR (London) Z1551, MID [30159], [30635]

MIDWORTH, William Henry, ERA 3c, M3351 (Ch), MID [30363]

MIEVILLE, Jean Louis or S, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [30870], MID [30807], Navy [30870]

MIHALOP, Paul Bradley, PO, 194885 (RFR Ch B/8236), MID [29581]

MILBANK, George William Robert, PO, 201082 (Po), MID [31063]

MILBURN, J, AB, RNVR, TZ/491, MM [30287]

MILBURN, J J, AB, RNVR, TZ/2803, MM [31695]

MILBURN, R W, Lt, RNR, Army [30740]

MILBURN, Robert Martin, ERA 2c, M4196 (Ch), DSM [31748], MID [31354]

MILDON, John, CPO, 145115 (RFR Dev/A3659), DSM [29530]

MILES, Cecil Ernest Edgar, PO, 231336, DSM [29799]

MILES, Francis Nigel, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31413]

MILES, Frederick Arthur, LS, 199486 (Po), MID [30979]

MILES, Frederick R, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30683]

MILES, John, Off Stwd 1c, 111435, MID [29752]

MILES, John Francis, CPO, 98453 (Dev), MSM [31286]

MILES, Lawrence Grant, CPO (E) 3g, F1149, MID [30654]

MILES, W J, AB, RNVR, R/4581, MM [31173]

MILEY, Arnold John, Flt Lt, RNAS, Navy [29076]

MILFORD HAVEN, Marquess of, Adm, RN, Jpn [30363]

MILHAM, Frederick John, CPO, 184664 (Ch), MID [31248]

MILL, Frank Thomas, PO, 184784, DSM [29799]

MILL, George R, PO, 181011 (Ch), Fra [31262]

MILLAR, Charles Davie, LS, 218811, AM [30947]

MILLAR, Cook Andrew, Trmr, RNR, 523 TC, Fra [31130]

MILLAR, D, 3rd Eng, MN, MID [30616]

MILLAR, Fitzadam, Lt, RN, DSC [29374]

MILLAR, Frank Ernest, Eng Lt, RN, OBE [31638]

MILLAR, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 8327DA, MID [31604]

MILLAR, Robert James, Ch Shipwt, 343720 (Ch), MSM [31248]

MILLAR, William James, AB, 188092 (Po), DSM [30408]

MILLARD, Athelstone Hill, W/T Op, RNR, 155W/TSO, MID [30153]

MILLARD, Walter Arthur, PO, 166864, DSM [29211]

MILLEM, W J, Pte, RMLC, Deal/11967 (S), Army [31435]

MILLEN, Harold Edward Brett, AB, J8236 (Ch), DSM [31191]

MILLER, Albert Ernest, PO 1c, 170358, DSM [29255], Army [29256]

MILLER, Albert Hindle, Trmr, RNR, 527TS, MID [30159]

MILLER, Algernon Cyril, LS, J6585 (Ch), DSM [30088]

MILLER, C J, Colr Sgt, RMA, B/3279, MSM [30450], Army [30072]

MILLER, Cecil Spurstow, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

MILLER, Charles Blois, Capt, RN, CB [29751], Fra [29751], Jpn [31038], Rus [30116], Navy [29088], [29654], [29751]

MILLER, Charles Edward, Sto 1c, 280751 (RFR Po/B 2355), MID [30061]

MILLER, David Simpson, Capt, RNR, MBE [31840]

MILLER, Ernest Charles, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MBE [31099], DSC [31445]

MILLER, Ernest George, Ch Writer, 181045 (Ch), MSM [31421]

MILLER, Francis Spurstow, Vice-Adm, RN, CB [31099]

MILLER, Fred, CPO Mech 3g, 223410 (Dev), DSM [30662]

MILLER, Frederick, LS, 189620 (RFR Po/B 3647), DSM [30536], Fra [30900]

MILLER, Grant Robertson, Seamn, RNR, 6146A, DSM [30616]

MILLER, Grenville Acton, Pay Cdr, RN, CBE [31262], OBE [31099], Fra [31683]

MILLER, Harry, PO, 191589 (Ch), DSM [30564]

MILLER, Hugh, Pay Cdr/Staff Pay, RN, DSO [30451], Egy [30227], Fra [31683], RN, Ita [30386], Jpn [31811]

MILLER, James White, AB, 226447 (Ch), MID [30662]

MILLER, John George, CPO, 116878 (CG), MID [31413]

MILLER, John S, Yeo Sigs, 216891 (Ch), Ita [30386]

MILLER, L W, Maj, RMLI, Army [30072]

MILLER, Reginald Prince, LS, RNR, 1913C, MSM [31286]

MILLER, Robert, Ship Cpl 1c, 233010 (Ch), DSM [30687]

MILLER, S B, Cdr, RN, Navy [29436]; also? MILLER, Stanley Ray, Capt, RN, Bel [29886]

MILLER, Thomas, L/Firemn, BT 787887, DSM [29255]

MILLER, William, 1st Mate, MN, MID [30616]

MILLER, William Charles, PO, 230083 (Ch), MID [30807]

MILLER, William Reginald, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

MILLER, William Tose, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

MILLETT, H, Lt, RM, Army [29354]

MILLETT, Herbert Claude, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

MILLETT, John William, Arm, 151672 (Dev), MSM [31445]

MILLETT, Thomson Horatio, Pay Cdr, RN, CB [31379]

MILLHOUSE, Cyril Alfred, Aircraftmn 2g, RNAS, F22637, DSM [30227]

MILLIGAN, James, Lt, RNR, DSC [30732]

MILLIGAN, John Desmond, Surg, RN, Fra [29997], [30066], MID [29997]

MILLIGAN, Robert, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30833]

MILLIKEN, James, Lt, RMLI, MID [31553]

MILLINGTON, Edward W, 2nd Fishermn, MN, MID [30227]

MILLINGTON, George A, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

MILLINGTON, Thomas, Pte, RMLI, Ch 17417, Navy [28948]

MILLINSHIP, Edward Thomas, AB, RNVR (Wales), Z833, MID [31461]

MILLS, Alfred, LS, 190760 (RFR Po/B2802 ), DSM [30654]

MILLS, Charles Bertie, Sto PO, 311782 (Ch), MID [30363]

MILLS, Charles James, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31811]

MILLS, Charles W, CPO, 174165 (Ch), Bel [31130]

MILLS, Duncan, Seamn, MN, DSM [30386]

MILLS, F, Pte, RMMU, Deal/4300, MM [30797]

MILLS, Frederick Stanley, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30662], MID [30316]

MILLS, Gerald Edgell, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31421]

MILLS, Harry, Pte, RMLI, Ply/16368, DSM [29736], Army [29455]

MILLS, J S, LS, RNVR, CZ/5134, MM [30540]

MILLS, James H, Sto PO, 298864 (Po), Ita [30581]

MILLS, John Llewellon James, LS, 224784 (Ch), MID [30363]

MILLS, John Stanley, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [29201], Bel [30258]

MILLS, P, Pte, RMLC, Deal/8300 (S), Army [31077]

MILLS, R B, PO, RNVR, TZ6578, MM [30023]

MILLS, Robert, CERA 2c, 271072, DSM [29423]

MILLS, S L, Lt, RNR, Army [29536]

MILLS, Tom Lakin, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31483], RD [30747]

MILLS, W, Pte, RM, Ply/18503, MM [31338]

MILLS, Wilfrid, Capt, RM, MID [31553]

MILLS, William George, Ch Sto, 173620 (Dev), MSM [31182]

MILLSON, A C, Sgt, RMA, H/10341, Army [30072]

MILLSON, Bertie Arthur, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30635]

MILLWARD, David Henry, Mid, RNR, DSC [30833]

MILLWARD, Hamlet Augustus, Yeo Sigs, 227730 (Ch), DSM [30833]

MILLWARD, Henry, Lt, RNR, Fra [31248]

MILLYARD, George Harry, PO, 230298 (Po), DSM [30363]

MILNE, Alexander, Greaser, MMR, MID [31303]

MILNE, Charles, LS, 211266 (Po), DSM [30088]

MILNE, Edward Arthur, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31421]

MILNE, George, Engmn, RNR, 1433ES, DSM [30153]

MILNE, J, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/15810, Army [31435]

MILNE, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2190DA, MID [30635]

MILNE, James, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [30909]

MILNE, John May, Skpr, RNR, 1136SA, MID [30616]

MILNE, Jonathan Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 1556DA, MID [30635]

MILNE, Richard, WO II, RMLI, Po/10828, MM [30023], Fra [32074]

MILNE, Robert A, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30522]

MILNE, W A, Lt, RIM, Army [29789], [30233], [30570]

MILNE, William Deane, CERA 2c, 270815 (Dev), MID [31248]

MILNE-HENDERSON, T M S, Lt, RIM, Army [30233], [31386]

MILNER, Clarence, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30369]

MILNER, Edward, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31248]

MILNER, Frederick, LS, 238903 (RFR Dev/B6088), DSM [31182]

MILROY, John, AB, J56386 (Po), MID [30807]

MILSOM, James, Ch Sto, 291243 (Ch), MSM [31811]

MILSOM, William Charles, PO, 182452, DSM [29024]

MILTON, Daniel Perkin, CPO, 197139 (Dev), MSM [31461]

MILTON, George Edward, Mate, MN, Navy [29395]

MILTON, Henry Barter, Ch Writer, 136253 (Ch), MSM [31452]

MILTON, Jim, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ply/10246, MSM [31553]

MILTON, William, CPO, Po/163358, Army [29354]

MILTON, William, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30614], MM [30399]

MILTON, William Charles Frederick, LS, 233535 (Dev), DSM [30194], [30258]

MILTON, William Lear, CERA 1c, 270582 (Dev), MID [31182]

MIMS, Frederick Hawley, Lt, RNVR, MID [31286]

MINARDS, W H, CPO, 136554 (RFR A2250), DSM [29264]

MINCHIN, H F, Lt, RN, Navy [29264]

MINGAY, Frederick Edward, PO 1c, 233749 (Ch), DSM [30437]

MINGO, Frank, Ch Yeo Sigs, 205860 (Dev), MID [31191]

MINHINNICK, Percy Charles, Eng Cdr, RN, Rus [29373]

MINIFIE, Richard Pearman, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30363], [30408], [30635]

MINION, David, LS, 209148 (Po), DSM [30536], MID [30687]

MINISTER, Edward James, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [28987]

MINNS, Horace, CPO, 172441, DSM [29752]

MINSHULL, Charles Francis, Lt, RNR, MID [30756]

MINSHULL, Norman, Lt, RNR, MID [30159]

MINTER, Henry, PO, 163128, MID [29264], Navy [29264]

MINTER, Joseph Alfred, Lt, RN, OBE [31099]

MINTER, Marcus William, Sgt, RMLI, Po/8622, DSM [29736], MID [31063], Army [29455]

MIRANDA, Isaac, AB, RNVR (London) 2/2631, BEM [31604]

MIRRA, Abdulla, 1st Tindal, DSM [31303]

MISQUITTA, Clerk, RIM, Army [30233]

MISSING, George, CPO, 167855 (Po), DSM [30564]

MIST, William Frederick Robert, Lt, RNR, MID [31811]

MITCHELL, A E, Ch Arm, 340546 Dev, Army [29890]

MITCHELL, Albert Edward, Arm, RN, 342296, DSM [29123]

MITCHELL, Albert Henry, WO 2g, RNAS, Grc [30654], MID [30654]

MITCHELL, Alfred, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2791SA, DSM [30635]

MITCHELL, Andrew Ernest, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMLI, Ch/8640, MSM [31553]

MITCHELL, Arthur Edward, Ch Arm, 340546 (Dev), DSM [30581], Bel [31604]

MITCHELL, Bertram Arthur, Dkhnd, RNR, 28SD, MID [30635]

MITCHELL, C, Cpl, RMLC, Deal/8306 (S), Army [31435]

MITCHELL, C H, Bosn, MMR 978592, MM [31875]

MITCHELL, Charles, AB, SS 3361, DSM [29752]

MITCHELL, Charles William, CERA 2c, 347223 (Po), MSM [31461]

MITCHELL, David Cairncross, Ch Writer, RNVR (Clyde) Z2017, MSM [31683]

MITCHELL, Douglas A, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, Grc [31354]

MITCHELL, Edward Frederick, CERA 2c, 270684 (Po), MID [30408], [31060]

MITCHELL, Ernest Charles, PO, 204906, DSM [29487]

MITCHELL, F, PO, Ch/281686 RFR/B/4929, Army [29455]

MITCHELL, Francis Herbert, Capt, RN, DSO [29358], Egy [29848], Fra [29997], Army [29429], [29541], [29763]

MITCHELL, Frederick Matthew, Fleet Pay, RN, Navy [29507]

MITCHELL, H, AB, RNVR, CZ/2237, MM [30940]

MITCHELL, Hubert Allen, Yeo Sigs, 205057 (Po), DSM [31638]

MITCHELL, Ivon, Arm, 346563, DSM [29752]

MITCHELL, J J, CPO, RNVR, CZ/1236, Army [31435]

MITCHELL, James Charles, AB, 200726 (Dev), MID [30687]

MITCHELL, John, Ch Elec Art, RN, Fra [29751]

MITCHELL, John, Art Eng, RN, Rus [30316]

MITCHELL, John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

MITCHELL, John Ernest, Ch Art Eng, RN, MID [30564]

MITCHELL, John M, Eng Lt, RN, Fra [30408]

MITCHELL, John Millar, PO (C), F3689, MID [30654]

MITCHELL, Joseph McFarlane, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

MITCHELL, Percy W, Lt, RNVR, Fra [31499]

MITCHELL, Reuben Joseph Edwin, AB, RAN, 7476, DSM [31354]

MITCHELL, Samuel Barker, CERA 1c, 268874 (Dev), DSM [30088]

MITCHELL, Thomas, L/Sig, 237772 (Dev), MID [30564]

MITCHELL, Thomas Patrick, Sto PO, K7368 (Ch), MID [30687]

MITCHELL, Walter, Skpr, RNR, 1965WSA, Srb [29966]

MITCHELL, Walter F, Eng Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

MITCHELL, William B, Pay Lt, RNR, Fra [31360]

MITCHELL, William Henry, CPO, 178369 (Dev), DSM [30564]

MITCHELL, William John, 2nd Off, MN, MID [30066]

MITCHELL, William Patrick, Ch Shipwt, 346952 (Po), MSM [31483]

MITCHELMORE, Augustus John, Shipwt Lt, RN, MBE [31360]

MITCHELMORE, Lionel George, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30450]

MITCHELMORE, Walter, PO, 219908, MID [29423]

MITFORD, Bertram Thomas Carryle Ogilvy Freeman, Capt, RN, DSO [31236], Fra [30363], Ita [31130], MID [29423], [31303]

MITH, William S, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29751]

MITTELL, Richard William, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31483]

MIZZI, Paolo, Off Stwd 2c, L 11774, Srb [31499]


MOAKES, James Kiero, Lt, RNR, MID [30687]

MOAR, James, Seamn, MN, DSM [30066]

MOBBS, Charles, Engmn, RNR, 1760ES, CGM [30258]

MOBBS, Ernest Edward, CPO, 180946 (Ch), MID [31303]

MOBBS, Ernest James Percy, SB Stwd, 351251 (Ch), MID [30687]

MOBBS, F, AB, RNVR, H/5955, MM [30940]

MOBBS, Frederick James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2198 SA, DSM [30194]

MOCATTA, Jack Ernest Albert, Lt, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

MOCK, Herbert O, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, USA [31553]

MOCKETT, William Samuel, PO 1c, 184560 (Dev), MSM [31286], MID [30564]

MODIN, Charles Oscar Frittriof, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [29024], Navy [28996]

MOFFAT, A, AB, RNVR, Tyneside 6/214, MM [29953]

MOFFAT, George Dickinson, Capt, MN [Lt RNR], DSO [31130]

MOFFATT, Frederick Thomas, CPO, 181182 (Dev), DSM [31811]

MOFFATT, John Hawke, Gnr, RN, DSC [31303], Fra [31130]

MOFFITT, Robert, Eng Lt, RN, MID [31191]

MOGG, William George, Eng Rear-Adm, RN, CB [31099]

MOILLIET, H M K, Lt-Cdr, RIM, Army [30570]

MOIR, Andrew, AB, J25657 (Dev), MID [31425]

MOIR, Archibald Douglas, Mid, RN, MID [30936]

MOIR, Dashwood Fowler, Cdr, RN, DSO [30564], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MOIR, George, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

MOIR, George Alexander, Lt, RNR, DSC [31248]

MOIR, William Mitchell, Capt, RN, CBE [31413]

MOLE, Frank Wood, PO, 188479 (Dev), DSM [30408]

MOLIVER, Henry, CPO Mech 3g, RNAS, F1870, MSM [31604]

MOLLETT, J A, LS, RNVR, TZ/6304, MM [31338]

MOLLOY, Ernest William, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 735, MID [31060]

MOLLOY, Percy, Maj, RMLI, MID [30616]

MOLTENO, Vincent Barkly, Capt, RN, CB [30723], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29436], [29654], [29751]

MOLTENO, Vincent Holland Pryor, Lt, RN, DSC [30133]

MONAGHAU, G, AB, RNVR, ZC1848, MM [30023]

MONARCH, W, AB, RNVR, Tyne Z/5784, MM [29953]

MONCKTON, Thomas Anthony, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [30662]

MONCREIFF, Allan Harding, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1372, MID [31130], [31286]

MONEY, Brien Michael, Capt, RN, DSO [31236], MID [29123], [31060]

MONEY, Norman Angel Kyrle, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31425]

MONIER-WILLIAMS, William Henry, Mid, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

MONK, G T, Qmr, RMLI, Army [31435]

MONKHOUSE, Marjorie Mary, Asst Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331], Fra [31236]

MONRO, James, ERA 3c, M1666, DSM [29752]

MONROE, Hubert Seeds, Cdr, RN, DSO [30088], Fra [30408]

MONTADOR, John, Capt, MN, DSC [30616]

MONTAGU, George F, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

MONTAGU, L, Capt, RM, Army [30072]; also MONTAGU, Lionel Samuel, Capt, RM, DSO [30023]

MONTAGU-CHAMBERS, Charles Ferris, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30437]

MONTAGUE, J J H, Pte, RMLC, Deal/12546 (S), Army [31435]

MONTAGUE, Rupert Samuel, Flt Lt, RN, DSC [30662]

MONTGOMERY, Hugh Ferguson, Lt-Col, RMLI, CMG [31379], DSO [29886], Fra [31222], Army [30691], [31077], [31435]

MONTGOMERY, James, Lt, RNR, MID [30687], [31553]

MONTGOMERY, Richard T, Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

MONTGOMERY, W, LS, RNVR, Z/216/C, DSM [29374], Army [29354]

MONTGOMERY, Walter Ernest, Warrt Schoolmaster, RN, MBE [31461]

MOODIE, Alfred Henderson, Ch Off, MN, DSC [30437]

MOODIE, William, Skpr, RNR, 2140WSA, DSC [30258]

MOODY, Clement, Lt, RN, MID [31303]

MOODY, George, Staff Clerk, RMLI, Po/14018, MSM [31553]

MOODY, George Henry, CPO, 161875 (Dev), DSM [30635]

MOODY, William H, Sto PO, 308628, MID [29264]

MOODY, William John, Ch Ship Cook, 342151 (Po), MSM [31461]

MOON, Edwin Rowland, Sqdn Cdr, RN, RNAS, DSO [30133], [30581],  Navy [30133]

MOON, Frank, CPO, 155065 (Po), MSM [31398]

MOON, Joseph Agnew, Fleet Surg, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

MOONEY, Alexander Craigie, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

MOONEY, Arthur Burnard, Dkhnd, RNR (Trawler Sec) 3184DA, DSM [29423]

MOONEY, J, AB, RNVR, MZ/138, MM [31173]

MOONEY, John, Firemn, MMR 866127, DSM [30936]

MOORCRAFT, William, Ch Sto, 276096 (Ch), DSM [31182]

MOORCROFT, Thomas, AB, J25471 (Dev), MID [30258]

MOORE, Albert John Campbell, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

MOORE, Alldin Usborne, Capt, RN, CMG [31099], Fra [30408], MID [31060], Navy [29507]

MOORE, Archibald Gordon Henry Wilson, Rear-Adm, RN, KCB [28879], Navy [29088]

MOORE, Burton George Henry, Engmn, RNR, 445TS, MID [30159]

MOORE, Charles Henry, PO 1c, 123729 (RFR Dev A/2061), MID [29581]

MOORE, Charles Wilfred Gwennap, Rev, RN, DSO [30111], Army [29664], [30072]

MOORE, Charles William, PO 1c, 179983, DSM [29680], Navy [29680]

MOORE, Dudley Fletcher, Ch Off, MN, MID [30833]

MOORE, Edward James, AB, 200003 RFR Dev/B685, CGM [30732], Fra [31236]

MOORE, Ernest, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

MOORE, Ernest Humphrey, AB, J6490, DSM [29581]

MOORE, F, Pte, Ply/16985 RMLI, Army [30421]

MOORE, Frank, CPO 3g, F1637, DSM [30654]

MOORE, Frank, OS, J51883 (Ch), MID [30900]

MOORE, Frederick, CERA 2c, 345488, DSM [29752]

MOORE, G, Flt Lt, RNAS, Army [30404]

MOORE, G H, Lt, RNR, Army [30289]

MOORE, George, Skpr, RNR, 193WSA, MID [30616]

MOORE, Gerald, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]

MOORE, H R G, Cdr, RN, Navy [31906]; also MOORE, Henry Ruthven, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Navy [29751]

MOORE, Harry S, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30654]

MOORE, Hartley Russell Gwennap, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

MOORE, Henry Edmund, Ship Stwd, 341989 (Po), DSM [30687]

MOORE, Herbert, PO, 167315 (Ch), Bel [29886]

MOORE, Herbert John, 3rd Eng, (AP), MID [31038]

MOORE, Hugh, Sto 1c, K28683 (Ch), MID [30909]

MOORE, J, Pte, RMLI, Po/371 (S), MSM [30750]

MOORE, J, AB, RNVR, CZ/5355, MM [31173]

MOORE, John, CPO, 183630 (Dev), DSM [30833]

MOORE, John, OS, J79806 (Dev), MSM [31354]

MOORE, John I, Lt, RN, Ita [30386]

MOORE, John O, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 2235, Srb [31413]

MOORE, John William, Engmn, RNR, 956ES, MSM [31354]

MOORE, Nithsdale Carleton Atkinson, Capt, RN, CBE [31360]

MOORE, Norman Cameron, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31182], Bel [31130], MID [30654]

MOORE, Robert, Ch Mechn, 286139 (Po), MSM [31483]

MOORE, Roderick Larken, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

MOORE, Stephen St Leger, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [29751]

MOORE, T E, Pte, RMMU, S/3864, MM [31469]

MOORE, Thomas, Yeo Sigs, 223892 (Dev), MSM [31182]

MOORE, Thomas Warren, Lt, RNR, MBE [30250], CBE [31840]

MOORE, Walstan Hilton, L/Sig, RNVR (London) Z2068, DSM [31130]

MOORE, William Geoffrey, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [29947]

MOORE, William John, CPO, 156960 (Po), DSM [30564]

MOORE, William Samuel, CPO, 150625 (Po), DSM [30616]

MOORHOUSE, H C, Lt-Col, RND, Army [29251]

MOORHOUSE, R, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Army [31435]

MOORHOUSE, Reginald, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30216]

MOORSHEAD, Herbert Brooks, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31379], MID [29751 - twice], Navy [29751]

MOORSOM, Winstanley Robert Coverdale, Cdr, RN, OBE [31413]

MORAN, Joseph Potter, Skpr, RNR, 1352WSA, MID [30635]

MORANT, Arthur Edward, PO, RNR, 3677A, MID [30153]

MORANT, Edgar Robert, Cdr, RN, DSO [29423], [30316]

MORANT, Ernald Lushington, Lt, RN, MID [29264]

MORCOM, R K, Lt, RND, Army [29455]

MORDUE, W E, AB, RNVR, TZ/228, MM [30507]

MORE, George Irwin Sanctuary, Cdr, RN, OBE [31461], Grc [31130], [31413], Navy [29507]

MORE, John, Skpr, RNR, 1274WSA, Srb [29966]

MORE, John McLeod, Pay/Pay Lt, RN, DSC [30654], Bel [31130], Fra [31360]

MORETON, George William, Sig Boy, J25734, MID [29581]

MORETON, John Alfred, Capt, RN, CMG [31811], DSO [30654], Bel [31130], Fra [31248], Navy [31856], [31906]

MOREY, Walter A, Sgt, RMLI, Ch/15666, Ita [30386]

MORGAN, Alexander, Skpr, RNR, 1855WSA, MID [30909]

MORGAN, Arnold George, Lt, RNR, DSC [30066]; also? MORGAN, Arnold O, Cdr, RNR, RD [30522]

MORGAN, Charles Eric, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31421], MID [31811]

MORGAN, Edgar, LS, 185675 (Po), MID [31638]

MORGAN, Edward Francis James, Ch Sto, 159961 (Po), MID [31604]

MORGAN, Geoffrey, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [30386], MID [29751]

MORGAN, George Brotherton, Lt, RNR, DSC [30732]

MORGAN, Harold G St G, Maj, RMA, Ita [30386]

MORGAN, Harold Stanley, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 847SD, MID [31060]

MORGAN, Harry, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [28948], [29997], Navy [28948]

MORGAN, Harry B, Sig, RNVR (London) Z3128, Fra [31354]

MORGAN, Horace Leslie, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31748]

MORGAN, J C, Pte, RMLI, Ply/9975, Army [29354]

MORGAN, James Walwyn Gynlais, Pay Lt/Pay, RNR, MBE [31099], Army [30560], [31387]

MORGAN, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 618SD, DSM [31604]

MORGAN, John Claude Verney, Lt, RNR, DSC [31038]

MORGAN, John Hamilton, Capt, RM, OBE [31413]

MORGAN, Llewellyn Vaughan, Lt, RN, MVO [31071], DSC [30654], Bel [30536], MID [30807]

MORGAN, Percival Robert, Lt, RIM, MBE [31017], Army [29789], [30867], [31195]

MORGAN, Percy Arthur, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [30088]

MORGAN, Reginald Hallward, Lt-Col, RMLI, MID [31553]

MORGAN, Richard Glyn, Surg, RM, MC [30431]

MORGAN, Robert James, 1st Mate, MN, MID [31413]

MORGAN, Thomas, AB, 235407 (Po), DSM [31398], MID [31191]

MORGAN, Walter George, Lt, RNR, DSC [29668]

MORGAN, Walter William, PO, 191050 (Ch), DSM [30088]

MORGAN, William, PO 1c, 193834, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

MORGAN, William, CPO Mech 3g, M2399 (Dev), MID [30316]

MORGAN, William Charles, Capt, MN, DSC [31182]

MORGAN, William Frederick, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [31553]

MORGANS, John H, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

MORGON, James Kendle, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31445]

MORIARTY, John, Ch Sto, 284329 (Dev), DSM [30564]

MORISON, Richard Barns, Eng Cdr, RN, CMG [31099]

MORLE, Denzil Adair Bartlett, Lt, RNVR, MID [30662]

MORLEY, Charles William, PO 1c, 194057 (RFR Ch/B2885), MID [30635]

MORLEY, Cornelius Cecil, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31398]

MORLEY, John G, AB, 219291, DSM [29264]

MORLEY, Leonard, Skpr, RNR, 4148A, DSC [29668]

MORLEY, Norman Eyre, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [31638]

MORLEY, R C, Eng, RIM, Army [30570]

MORLING, William John, AB, J625 (Ch), Navy [30870]

MORRALEE, William, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

MORRANS, James, LS, RNR, 6214A, DSM [31483]

MORRELL, George E, Eng Lt, RNR, RD [30369]

MORRELL, William J S, Ch Carp, RN, Rus [30316]

MORRIS, A R, AB, RNVR, WZ/155, MM [30498]

MORRIS, Albert Ernest Trivett, Lt, RNR, DSC [30088]

MORRIS, Claude Woodham, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

MORRIS, Edward N Groves, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, DSO [30450], Army [30421]

MORRIS, Ernest Newley, L/Sto, RAN, 2713 (Melbourne), DSM [30687]

MORRIS, F A, Pte, RMLI, Ch/457 (S), MM [30540], MSM [30750]

MORRIS, G, Carp, MN, DSM [31248]

MORRIS, George H, Sub-Lt, RN, Ita [30386]; also MORRIS, George Halket, Mid, RNR, Navy [29264], [29507]

MORRIS, George Henry, Ch Shipwt, 340679 (Ch), MSM [31182], MID [31286]

MORRIS, Harold Marsh, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30316]

MORRIS, J, Gnr, RMA, 403, MM [30743]

MORRIS, James, PO Tel, 230136, DSM [29581]

MORRIS, James Peter, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 164DA, DSM [31060]

MORRIS, John Richard, Skpr, RNR, 282WSA, MID [31248]

MORRIS, John William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1626SA, Rom [31236], MID [30616]

MORRIS, Keith, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30194], [30258], MID [30029], [30147]

MORRIS, Leslie Miles, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

MORRIS, Reginald Victor Ralph, LS, 234466, MID [29752]

MORRIS, Sidney Thomas, Asst Pay, RNR, MID [30088]

MORRIS, Thomas Robertson, Lt, RNR, OBE [30730]

MORRIS, Walter, Gnr (T), RN, Fra [30363], MID [31236]

MORRIS, William, Elec Art 2c, M8864 (Po), DSM [30316]

MORRISH, Charles Reginald, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

MORRISON, A, Pte, RMLI, Po/16397, MM [31173]

MORRISON, Albert William, ERA, RNR, 1831EA, DSM [29603], MID [29997]

MORRISON, Alexander Salisbury, Seamn, RNR, 5848A, CGM [30363], DSM [29997]

MORRISON, Angus, Dkhnd, RNR, 3363SD, Navy [30870]

MORRISON, Angus, Dkhnd, RNR, 3692SD, Srb [31413]

MORRISON, Charles, L/Sto, K5897 (Po), MID [30635]

MORRISON, Charles H B, L/Sig, J2319 (Ch), Fra [30870]

MORRISON, Charles Henry Benjamin, L/Sig, J2319 (Ch), DSM [30363]

MORRISON, Christopher, Capt, MN, MID [30616]

MORRISON, Daniel, Dkhnd, RNR, 746SD, DSM [30363]

MORRISON, Donald, PO, RNVR, 2/156 (Clyde), DSM [30088], Fra [30494]

MORRISON, Donald Carter, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [31038]

MORRISON, Edgar W, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

MORRISON, Eric, PO, RNR, 8143A, DSM [30147]

MORRISON, Francis John, Pte, RMLI, Ply/5047, MID [30363]

MORRISON, Henry Thomas, Seamn, RNR, 1495D, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

MORRISON, Henry W, PO, RNVR (Clyde) 2/2486, Fra [32074]

MORRISON, J W, Lt, RND, Army [30072]

MORRISON, James, Sgt, RMLI, Po/9697, MID [31604]

MORRISON, John, Capt, MN, MID [30654]

MORRISON, John, Dkhnd, RNR, 1523SD, MID [30807]

MORRISON, John Stanley Fleming, Flt Cdr, RNAS, MID [30363], [30386]

MORRISON, Malcolm, Seamn, RNR, B3411, DSM [29668]

MORRISON, Philip, CERA, RNR, 456EB, DSM [30687], MID [30088]

MORRISON, Richard, Trmr, RNR, 215TS, DSM [29886]

MORRISON, Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 11473DA, DSM [30616]

MORRISON, Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 4617SD, MID [31604]

MORRISON-SCOTT, Robert Charles Stuart, Maj, RMA, DSO [30450], Fra [30979], Army [30072], [30421]

MORRISS, Sidney, Cpl, RMLI, Po/15842, DSM [29436], Navy [29436]

MORRISSEY, William, Carp, RN, MID [29751], Navy [28948]; also MORRISSEY, William, Ch Warrt Shipwt, RN, MBE [31461]

MORSE, Frank Edward James, SB Stwd 2c, M18972 (Po), DSM [31182]

MORSE, Harold Edward, Lt, RN, DSO [31748]

MORSE, John Anthony Vere, Lt, RN, DSO [29264], MID [31286], Navy [29264]

MORSHEAD, Walter, Fleet Pay, RN, Rus [30116]

MORSON, Albert Clifford, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

MORTER, George John, PO, 232927 (Ch), MSM [31303]

MORTIMER, Edward Neville, Lt-Cdr, RAN, MID [30687]

MORTIMER, Henry Charles, LS, 216382 (Po), MID [30687]

MORTIMER, James Andrew, Air Mech 1g, F11344, DSM [30408]

MORTIMER, Ronald James, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153], [30363], Rus [29463]

MORTIMER, Wilfrid Charles, LS, 219476, DSM [29024]

MORTIMORE, Henry James, PO, 193343, MID [31060]

MORTIMORE, Stanley R, SBA, M 4039 (Dev), Ita [30386]

MORTIMORE, Stanley Russell, SBA, M4039, MID [29752]

MORTIMORE, John Park, Bosn, RN, DSC [29668]

MORTISHED, John, Staff Pay, RNR, RD [30579]

MORTLOCK, Jessie Annie, Matron, Nursing Services, RRC [31099]

MORTON, Harry, Sig, RNVR (Tyneside) Z9391, DSM [31182]

MORTON, Ian Honnor, Lt, RN, MID [30194]

MORTON, James Elliot Vowler, Pay-in-Chief/Fleet Pay, RN, CB [30723], Fra [30870], Rus [30116]

MORTON, M H, AB, RNVR, TZ/1175, MSM [30750]

MORTON, Ronald Gartly, Eng Cdr, RN, Rom [31236], MID [31060]

MORTON, Thomas, WO 2c, RMLI, Ply/3529 (RM RA/700), MSM [31262]

MORTON, Thomas Irvine, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

MORTON, Vernon Harry, Sig, J30272 (Ch), DSM [30900]

MORTON, William Nuttall, Sto PO, K6634 (Ch), DSM [30227]

MOSELEY, C E, Ch Sto, 153763 (RFR Po/A3432), Army [31152]

MOSELEY, Edward James, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31398]

MOSELEY, George, AB, SS 7303 (Po), MID [31811]

MOSES, W E, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Army [30072]

MOSS, A, Pte, RM, Deal/54024, Army [31435]

MOSS, Albert, LS, 201982 (Po), DSM [30363]

MOSS, Albert Jesse, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 18413DA, MSM [31748]

MOSS, Archibald John, Lt, RNR, MID [30437]

MOSS, Frederick, LS, 221717 (Po), MID [30732]

MOSS, George Thomas, Sto PO, 306064 (Ch), DSM [30687]

MOSS, H, Pte, RMLI, Po/S/57, Army [29354]

MOSS, Herbert Alfred, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4386DA, DSM [30909]

MOSS, John Alfred, Snr Eng, RNR, RD [29249]

MOSS, Leonard Cecil, L/Mech, F907, MID [30662]

MOSS, Lovel, Surg Lt, RN, Fra [31683], MID [31461]

MOSSE, Harry Tylden, Cdr, RN, MID [30756]

MOSSOP, Charles Stanley, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30386]

MOSSOP, Felix John, Mid, RNR, Bel [31130], MID [30363], [30807 - twice]

MOSSOP, Thomas, AB, 225492 (Ch), MID [30285]

MOSTON, George, Skpr, RNR, 57WSE, DSC [30936]

MOTH, Robert, PO, 220366, DSM [29423]

MOTT, Frederick Charles, PO, J5860 (Ch), Rom [31236], MID [30756]

MOTTEE, Douglas B le, Cdr, RN, Fra [30494]

MOTTERAM, Frederick William Georgeson, PO, 183216, DSM [29024], Navy [29126]

MOTTRAM, George Lacey, CPO, 127839 (RFR Po/A1993), DSM [30159]

MOTYER, Henry Angel, Capt, MN, MID [30363]

MOUAT, Basilina Ninian, Asst Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

MOUAT, John Bryden, Seamn, RNR, 377L, DSM [31461]

MOUGHTON, William Arthur, Bosn, FR 11101, MID [30936]

MOUHIE, James Francis, Ch Writer, 347363 (Ch), MSM [31360]

MOULES, Andrew, Art Eng, RN, MID [30088]

MOULTON, E W, Lt, RIM, Army [30570]

MOUNTAIN, Ernest Seymour, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB1217, DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

MOUNTIFIELD, James, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31553]

MOUNTSTEPHENS, Richard, School Lt, RN, OBE [31099]

MOWAT, William, Ch Off, MN, MID [30258]

MOWATT, John William Wale, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

MOXEY, Ernest, Dkhnd, RNR, 3871DA, MID [30153]

MOXON, H, Pte, RMMU, Deal/4167, MM [30797]

MOXON, H, Pte, RMMU, S/4037, MM [31173]

MOYLAN, Thomas, Yeo Sigs, RAN, 7619, Fra [30437]

MOYSE, Ralph, Tel, C/J9772, DSM [29292]


MUDD, Arthur Oglesby, AB, J1649, MID [29752]

MUERS, George Edward, Lt, RNVR, MID [31286]

MUFF, Ernest, Sto 1c, K32517 (Po), MID [30061]

MUFFIN, T, LS, RNVR, KX/177, MSM [30750]

MUGFORD, Thomas, MAA, 154428 (Dev), MSM [31483]

MUGRIDGE, Henry George, CPO Mech 2g, G11854 (Ch), MID [30662]

MUIR, Allan Thompson, Lt, RNR, OBE [31421], Fra [30687]

MUIR, Douglas S, Lt, RNR, Ita [30386]

MUIR, Henry George, Cdr, RNR, DSO [29603], MID [31553]

MUIR, James Towrie, Lt, RNR, DSC [29680], Navy [29680]

MUIR, John Reid, Fleet Surg, RN, Fra [30363], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MUIR, Robert, Seamn, RNR, 6609A, MID [30536]

MUIR, T, AB, RNVR, CZ/990, MM [31173]

MUIRHEAD, J R, CPO, RNVR, TZ/2815, DCM [31052]

MUIRHEAD, Malcolm, Lt, RNR, DSC [30732], Ita [30363]

MUIRHEAD, Stanley William or Wallace, Yeo Sigs, 219591(Po), DSM [29635], [31604], Bel [29886]

MUIRHEAD-GOULD, Gerald Charles, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSC [31060], Grc [31286], Army [29200]

MULLENEUX, Hugh Bowling, Cdr, RN, CBE [31360], USA [31315]

MULLIGAN, John, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/12809, Fra [30437], MID [29752]

MULLIN, Reginald Henry, WO 2g, RNAS, MID [29886]

MULLINS, George James Herbert, Lt-Col, RMLI, CB [31379], Fra [30363], Army [29664]

MULLINS, Thomas Edward, SB Stwd, RAN, 1606, DSM [29123]

MULLIS, Richard, LS, 220072, Navy [29264]

MULOCK, Bedford Henry, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, MID [30227]

MULOCK, George Francis Arthur, Cdr, RN, DSO [29507], MID [29264], Navy [29507], [30015], [30298], [31322], Army [29664]

MULOCK, Redford Henry, Wing Cdr, RNAS, DSO [29635], [30654], Fra [30285], MID [30581]

MULRANEY, John, Bomdr, RMA, 13725, DSM [29752]

MULROONEY, William, Gnr, RN, MID [30900]

MULVANEY, John, 1st Eng, MN, MID [31130]

MULVENY, Malcolm, L/Trmr, RNR, 1423ST, MID [29581]

MUMFORD, J, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/13983, MM [31717]

MUMMERY, Jack Alfred, PO, 239730, DSM [31811]

MUNDAY, Alexander Henry, LS, 195224 (RFR Ch B/996), DSM [29581]

MUNDAY, George Henry, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31119]

MUNDAY, Gideon Rock, CPO, RNVR (London) 2/1068, BEM [31182]

MUNDAY, Richard Bernard, Flt Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30581], Bel [30900]

MUNDAY, Rodney Hastings John, Ch Yeo Sigs, 182313 (Po), MSM [31461]

MUNDAY, W, Cpl, RMLI, Ch 1869, Army [29251]

MUNDAY, William, Sto 1c, SS 116582 (Dev), MID [31236]

MUNDIE, C, AB, RNVR, CZ/3103, MM [30540]

MUNDS, Charles Fredrick, PO, 198331, DSM [29423]

MUNDY, Frederick William, Pte, RMLI, Ply/15482, MID [30807]

MUNDY, Godfrey Harry Brydges, Vice-Adm, RN, CB [29886], DSO [31099]

MUNDY, James Paddock, L/Sto, K21804 (Ch), MID [31604]

MUNN, James Henry, PO, 235006 (Ch), DSM [30363]

MUNRO, Donald John, Cdr, RN, CMG [30451]

MUNRO, Frank, Engmn, RNR (Trawler Sec) 3ES, DSM [29423]

MUNRO, James Main, Sgt, RMLI, Depot/350, MSM [31553]

MUNRO, William, Seamn, RNR, 2309A, MID [30147]

MUNRO, William, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 1231SD, DSM [31286], MSM [31182], Bel [31130]

MUNSIE, W G C, Sub Lt, RNVR, Army [29919]

MUNTING, Frederick James, CPO, 173139 (Po), DSM [30936]

MURCH, Arthur, Gnr (T), RN, MID [31236]

MURCHIE, John Liguria, Lt, RNR, MID [31303]

MURCHISON, Kenneth, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1438, MID [30833]

MURCHISON, Murdo, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [30536]

MURDOCH, A G, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, Army [31435]

MURDOCH, Hugh Campbell, Cdr, RN, OBE [31811], Fra [30363]

MURDOCH, L M, Capt, RM, Army [29664]

MURDOCH, William Henry, PO, 235362, DSM [29799]

MURDOCK, Bryce Girvan, Ch Off, MN, MID [30900]

MURDOCK, John H, Lt, RNR, Navy [30298]

MURDOCK, Thomas, 4th Eng, MN, MID [30066]

MURFIN, John Alfred Victor, L/Mech, F18271, MID [30662]

MURKIN, Henry John Thomas, ERA 3c, M3196 (Ch), MID [30909]

MURLEY, Theodore Archie, Bosn, MMR 447786, MID [31060]

MURPHY, Alexander, ERA 2c, RNVR, Mersey Z3/182, CGM [31638]

MURPHY, Alfred, Musician, RMB 704 (Eastney), Ita [30386]

MURPHY, Andrew, LS, 191827, DSM [29668]

MURPHY, Daniel Joseph, PO 1c, 201992 (Dev), DSM [29668], [30182], MID [29886]

MURPHY, Denis, AB, J25416 (Dev), CGM [30363], Fra [30870]

MURPHY, J W, LS, RNVR, TZ/1068, MM [31173]

MURPHY, Jeremiah, AB, J19705 (Ch), MID [30635], [30807]

MURPHY, John, Bosn, RN, DSC [29264], Fra [30408], Navy [29264]

MURPHY, John, Gnr (T), RN, MID [31060]

MURPHY, John Joseph, Seamn, MN, MID [30363]

MURPHY, Lawrence, Sto PO, 297158 (Po), DSM [30687]

MURPHY, Michael, Seamn, RNR, 3792C, DSM [30363]

MURPHY, Patrick, Seamn, RNR, 8489A, DSM [30363], MID [29997]

MURPHY, Patrick, PO, 196667 (Dev), MSM [31425]

MURPHY, Stephen John, Tel, J32965 (Ch), MID [30564]

MURPHY, Sydney Edric, PO, 190841, Navy [29126]

MURRANT, Claude Edward, LS, J7785 (Po), DSM [30386]

MURRAY, Allan, Seamn, RNR, 3164B, MSM [31286]

MURRAY, Andrew, PO, 233254, DSM [29635]

MURRAY, Angus, LS, RNR, 3765A, DSM [31604]

MURRAY, Arthur John Layard, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398], DSO [31638], MID [29736], Navy [31906]

MURRAY, Charles Geoffrey, Capt, RM, OBE [31262]

MURRAY, David Russell, Capt, MN, DSC [30386], MID [30363], [30386]

MURRAY, Ernest Farquhar, Surg Lt, RNVR, MID [31516]

MURRAY, Francis S, Lt, RNR, RD [30002]

MURRAY, George Badenoch, Capt, MN [Lt RNR], DSO [30437]

MURRAY, George Luke, CERA, RNR, 850EA, MID [30635]

MURRAY, George William, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

MURRAY, Harry William, LS, RNR, 3542 C, DSM [30909]

MURRAY, Henry Graham, 2nd Writer, RNVR (Clyde) Z1987, MSM [31683]

MURRAY, Herbert Leith, Surg Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [31516]

MURRAY, Herbert Patrick William George, Staff Pay, RN, DSO [29751], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

MURRAY, J, AB, RNVR, Clyde Z3018, Army [29664]

MURRAY, J H, Sapper, RND, 200, DSM [29374], Army [29354]

MURRAY, James, CPO Mech 3g, F2873, MID [30687]

MURRAY, James Cargill, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

MURRAY, James Love, Ch Eng, MN, DSC [31130], MID [31286]

MURRAY, James Wolfe, Cdr, RN, DSO [31303], Fra [31130]

MURRAY, John, Sig, J8870, DSM [29292]

MURRAY, John, PO, 227816 (Ch), Fra [30408], MID [29752]

MURRAY, John, Sto PO, RNR, 1165U, Ita [30581], MID [30316]

MURRAY, John Adam, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31553]

MURRAY, John Grant, Lt, RM, MC [30450]

MURRAY, Joseph, Dkhnd, RNR, 14898DA, MID [30732]

MURRAY, Neil Smith, Lt, RNR, OBE [31445]

MURRAY, Peter, Skpr, RNR, 1909WSA, Srb [29966]

MURRAY, R, Sgt, RM, Deal/3346, MM [29953]

MURRAY, R G, Sub-Lt, RN, Army [30560]

MURRAY, Robert, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30654]

MURRAY, Sidney, ERA 1c, RNR, 1560EA, MSM [31398]

MURRAY, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, SA2297, DSM [29603]

MURRAY, William, Skpr, RNR, 1088WSA, Srb [29966]

MURRAY, William, Skpr, RNR, 1294WSA, Srb [29966]

MURRAY, William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 3096DA, MID [30153]

MURRAY, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [30088]

MURRAY, William H, L/Sto, 312352 (Ch), Ita [30386]

MURRAY, William James, Skpr, RNR, 1320WSA, MID [30536]

MURRAY, William, Lt, RNR, DSC [30732]

MURRELL, Albert Ernest, Sgt, RMLI, Po/9785, MID [29752]

MURSELL, Frederick Percy, PO, 162299 (Po), DSM [30061]

MURT, Henry Murley, Seamn, RNR, 4285A, MID [29581]

MURT, Thomas Bain, Engmn, RNR, 4155ES, MID [31354]

MURTHEA, Francis, AB, J21601 (Po), DSM [30635]

MUSKER, Frank, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30654]

MUSKETT, Kenneth S, LS, J1325, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

MUSSENDEN, Ernest Lawson, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

MUSSETT, Walter Henry, PO 1c, 167354 (RFR Ch/B815), DSM [30909]

MUSSON, George B, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

MUSSON, Magnus Leo, Lt, RNR, DSC [29997]

MUSTERS, John Domvile Auchmuty, Lt, RN, DSC [31398]

MUTCH, Charles Murray, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [30258]

MUTTER, Walter John, LS, 230715 (Dev), DSM [30363]

MUTTER, William John, Ch Writer, 111590 (Po), MSM [31421]

MUTTON, William Ernest, Carp, RN, Ita [30386], MID [29751]


MYERS, H T, PO, RNVR, TZ/2326, MSM [30750]

MYERS, John, Lt, RN, DSC [30564], Fra [30687]

MYHILL, Harry E, Skpr, RNR, 9201 DA, Fra [31130]

MYLES, John, CERA 1c, 268687 (Ch), MID [30564]

MYLES, Thomas, Ch Off, MN, MID [29877]

MYLES, Thomas W, Staff Surg/Surg Cdr, RN, Grc [31413], [31499], Ita [29966]

MYOTT, John, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MBE [31811]

MYRES, John Linton, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31176], Grc [32020], MID [30194]




NADIN, W, PO, KP/12, DSM [29374]

NAGAF, Mohammed, Interpreter 3c, DSM [29799]

NAGLE, Robert Francis, Capt, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

NAIRN, J, AB, RNVR, Clyde Z7292, Army [30421]

NAITBY, E, Cpl, RMA, 10959, MM [30424]

NALDER, H G, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [29648]

NAMTHALI, Sailmaker, RIM, C/88, Army [31386]

NANCE, Arthur Stanley, Surg Capt, RN, CB [31099], KBE [31379], USA [31994]

NANSON, Eric Roper Curzon, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSC [30133]

NAPIER, George L M, Lt, RN, Rus [30116]

NAPIER, Laurence Egerton Scott, Lt, RN, DSO [31886]

NAPIER, Trevylyan Dacres Willis, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [31099], CB [29608], Fra [31063], Jpn [31038], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

NAPIER, William Rawdon, Capt, RN, CMG [31421], DSO [30159], Navy [29507]

NARES, John Dodd, Cdr, RN, DSO [31191]

NARRACOTT, Frank Kendall, Pte, RMLI, Ply/2508 (S), MSM [31553]

NASH, Alexander Bryant, LS, RNR, 5503A, DSM [30153]

NASH, Frank Horace Elliott, Lt, RNVR, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

NASH, Frederick, PO 1c, 181003, DSM [29264]

NASH, Geoffrey Stewart Fleetwood, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31038], Ita [30227], MID [30147], [30564]

NASH, H W, Pte, RMLI, Ch/489, MM [30507]

NASH, Horace Charles, AB, J19150 (Po), DSM [30807]

NASH, Reginald, Lt, RN, DSC [30147]

NASH, Reuben Stuart, Pte, RMLI, Po/15258 (RFR/B1554), MID [31038]

NASH, Walter, PO, 185830 (Ch), DSM [30687]

NASH, Walter Macdonald, Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

NASMITH, Martin Eric, Capt, RN, VC [29206], CB [31811], Fra [29538], Navy [29076]

NASON, Charles, PO, 191247, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

NATHAN, George Emanuel, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, OBE [31421], Army [29919]

NAYLOR, Cedric, Lt, RN, DSO [30258], [30363], [30536], DSC [29947], [30088]

NAYLOR, Charles G, Lt, RN, Rus [30116]; also NAYLOR, Charles Granville, Lt-Cdr, RN, MVO [31099]

NAYLOR, Edward, PO, 189136, DSM [28948], Navy [28948]

NAYLOR, Harry Louis, 2nd Writer, M14616 (Po), MSM [31432]

NAYLOR, James William, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], Fra [30687]

NAYLOR, John William, Skpr, RNR, 1682WSA, MID [30153]

NAYLOR, Walter, Air Mech 1g, F1406, DSM [30635], [30732]

NAZIB, Mohamed Hoosin, Serang, RIM, 5019, Army [30867]


NEAL, Frederick, Ch Yeo Sigs, 170006 (Po), MID [29886]

NEAL, Frederick Archer, Mech, 301050 (Po), Ita [30581], MID [30147]

NEAL, Herbert, CERA 1c, 268656 (Dev), DSM [29886]

NEAL, John, PO, 209029, MID [29886]

NEAL, John Andrew, Ch SB Stwd, 150394, MID [29752]

NEALE, Frank, AB, SS 4729, DSM [29581]

NEALE, Joshua Symonds, Lt, RNVR, MID [30616]

NEALE, William, PO, 217518, DSM [29123]

NEALON, J, Sgt, RMA, 5914, Army [29890]

NEASHAM, John Robert, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31432]

NEAT, Edward Hugh, Pay Cdr/Fleet Pay, RN, CMG [31413], Army [29890], [30691],  [31435]

NEATE, George Daniels, Mate, RN, MID [30564]

NEAVE, George Herbert, Gnr (T), RN, MID [30363], [31236]

NEDEN, Walter, CPO, 195949 (Ch), DSM [29211], Srb [30936]

NEEDHAM, Isaac William, LS, 173903, DSM [29581]

NEEDHAM, Louis, Asst Pay, RNR, DSC [30635]

NEEDLER, James Herbert, Capt, MN, DSC [30408]

NEIASS, William Marshall, AB, 155995, DSM [29581]

NEILD, James Hope, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30147]

NEILD, Samuel Nevill, Lt, RNVR, MID [30687]

NEILL, Charles H James, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116]

NEILL, N C, Lt, RNVR, Army [30691]

NEILL, William, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

NEILL, William Thomas, Ch Writer, 344017 (Dev), MID [31248]

NEILSON, Arthur, Firemn, MMR, DSM [30316]

NEILSON, G C, Lt, RNVR, Army [29422]

NEILSON, George Arthur, 2nd Writer, M3040 (Ch), DSM [30687]

NEILSON, W, AB, RNVR, CZ4747, MM [30172]

NELIGAN, Eric Claude, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

NELLER, Horace, AB, 185719 (RFR Po/B3460), DSM [30581]

NELLES, Douglas Alexander Hardy, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30066]

NELSON, E W, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29455]

NELSON, Ernest Wright, Air Mech, F25205, DSM [29947]

NELSON, G D, WO 2c, RNAS, Army [29665]

NELSON, Gilbert Dirk, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30687]

NELSON, H, Ch Off, MN, Fra [30363]

NELSON, Hugh, CPO Mech, RNAS, 272016, MID [29581]

NELSON, Maurice Henry Horatio, Cdr, RN, CBE [31553]

NELSON, R G, PO, RNVR, KX174, MM [30172]

NELSON, Ralph Victor, CERA 2c, 272497 (Po), MID [30061], DSM [30654]

NELSON, Robert Douglas, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31461]

NELSON, William Stanley, Lt, RNR, DSC [30147]

NELTHORPE, Claude, Dkymn, MMR, DSM [30316]

NESBITT, John Balfour, L/Mech, F2390, MID [30066]

NESLING, Hugh Mortimer, Skpr, RNR, 2107SA, DSC [29668]

NESS, Augustus, PO, 183594 (Dev), DSM [30088]

NETHERWAY, Melbourne James, Pte, RMLI, Ply/16418, MSM [31811]

NETTEN, Philip Ernest, Lt, RNVR, MID [31354]

NETTLEINGHAM, Charles Thomas, Lt, RNR, DSC [29255], MID [30153], [31286]

NEVE, William George, Sto PO, K14488 (Ch), MSM [31286]

NEVILL, Albert Edward, Shipwt 2c, M16518 (Po), MID [30687]

NEVILLE, Frank, Sto 1c, K13235 (Po), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

NEVILLE, Harold, L/Mech, F8215, MID [30662]

NEVILLE, Henry J, LS, J6385 (Ch), Fra [30756]

NEVILLE, Philip L, Lt, RN, Egy [30194]

NEVILLE, R A R, Capt, RM, Army [31077]

NEVILLE, Ralph, Lt-Cdr, RN, Grc [30654]

NEVIN, John Peter, Seamn, RNR, 1230 D, MSM [31286]

NEW, Arthur Henry, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31553]

NEW, Frederick William, CPO, 172369 (Po), MID [30635]

NEWALL, Frederick Thomas, AB, 212862 (Po), MID [30564]

NEWALL, Keith W, Lt, RN, Jpn [31811]

NEWBERRY, John D, Flt Cdr, RNAS, Fra [30194]

NEWBITT, William Ernest, AB, J38997 (Ch), DSM [31060], Army [31152]

NEWBOLD, Aubrey Cecil, Lt, RN, MID [30807], Navy [31189 - twice]

NEWBURY, A, AB, RNVR, TZ/4698, MM [30585]

NEWBURY, Arthur, PO, 213724 (Po), DSM [31811]

NEWBURY, Septimus, L/Mech, F1209, MID [30066]

NEWBY, Cecil Reginald Ade, Cdr, RNR, MID [30900]

NEWBY, James William, CPO, 167536 (Ch), DSM [30564]

NEWBY, Joseph, Sto 1c, K16259 (Po), DSM [30909]

NEWCOMBE, Percy Frederic, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29507]

NEWCOMBE, Samuel, Ch Sto, 24757 (Dev), MSM [31236]

NEWELL, Dorothy, Sister, Nursing Services, RRC [31425], MID [31331]

NEWELL, Samuel G, PO, 224817, DSM [29264]

NEWILL, Hubert Wilfred, PO (E), F2272, MID [30654]

NEWILL, Joseph Bernard, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30900]

NEWINGTON, James Percy, Sto PO, 307026 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

NEWITT, David, Trmr, RNR, 2967ST, MID [30635]

NEWLAND, George Henry, Sto PO, K1277, DSM [29799]

NEWLAND, William, Sto PO, 309140 (Po), DSM [31191], MID [30363], [30979]

NEWLAND, William Johnson Warnes, LS, 225861 (Po), DSM [30564]

NEWLANDS, Leo T, AB, RAN, 1937, MID [30807]

NEWLING, G A, Capt, RMLI, MC [30188], Army [30691]

NEWMAN, Alfred William, Mate, RN, AM [30557], MID [31286]

NEWMAN, Charles Amos, Yeo Sigs, 223111 (Ch), MSM [31638]

NEWMAN, Edward John Kendall, Cdr, RN, CBE [31432]

NEWMAN, Frank Chafen, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

NEWMAN, Frederick, Driver, RMA, 586(S), DSM [31130]

NEWMAN, George, Engmn, RNR, 625ES, Navy [29076]

NEWMAN, Harold Edward George, L/Tel, J8459, MID [29799]

NEWMAN, Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 8240DA, MID [30732]

NEWMAN, Henry, Skpr, RNR, DSC [30363]; also NEWMAN, Henry, Skpr, RNR, 515WSA, Ita [30900]

NEWMAN, Henry Charles, Ch Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31461]

NEWMAN, Herbert George, CPO, 152148, DSM [29752]

NEWMAN, James Benjamin, Lt, RN, OBE [31425]

NEWMAN, Percy Horace, PO, 187901, Fra [29751]

NEWMAN, Vincent Chester, Capt, RM, OBE [31370], Army [31435]

NEWMAN, William Augustus, PO 1c, 188774 (RFR Ch/B2590), DSM [30386], Ita [30581]

NEWMAN, William John, Dkhnd, RNR, 324SD, MID [30159]

NEWMARCH, Henry Clarence, Ch Gnr, RN, MBE [31499]

NEWNHAM, E P, Master, RIM, Army [31476]

NEWNHAM, James Oliver, Ch Writer, 345353 (Po), MID [31398]

NEWNS, John Edward, Res Wardmaster, M8286 (Dev), MSM [31182]

NEWPORT, F, LS, RNVR, Z/2707, MM [31469]

NEWSON, Benjamin W, 2nd Hnd, RNR, DA893, DSM [29603]

NEWTON, Ambrose Edward Anselm, Lt, RNR, MID [31248]

NEWTON, Bertie William, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30363], [30386]

NEWTON, Frederick, Skpr, RNR, 49WSA, Ita [30386]

NEWTON, Frederick Charles, PO, J11036 (Po), MSM [31638]

NEWTON, John Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 8417DA, MSM [31248], MID [31604]

NEWTON, R H, Lt, RMLC, Army [31077]

NEWTON, Robert Henry Herdman, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

NEWTON, T B, Eng, RIM, Army [29789]

NEWTON, Thomas Henry, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30363], MID [30316]

NEWTON, Thomas Herbert Sidney, Capt, MN, MID [31236]

NEWTON, William James, Gnr, RN, MID [29751]

NEWTON, William Leonard, Vict CPO, 340024 (Po), MID [31060]

NEWTON-CLARE, Edward Thomas, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30066], Bel [30194]


NIBLETT, Frederick Benjamin, Sgt, RMA, 3869 (R/A/635), MSM [31360]

NICE, George Richard, Firemn, MMR 609275, MID [30316]

NICHOL, Edwin John, Sgt, RMA, 7449, MID [29752]

NICHOL, Henley Dale, Lt, RN, MID [30909]

NICHOLAS, A B, Capt, MN, Srb [29966]

NICHOLAS, Charles Henry, Ch Arm, 168567 (Ch), MSM [31445]

NICHOLAS, Ernest, Lt, RN, OBE [31421]

NICHOLAS, Frederick George, CERA 2c, 272211 (Ch), MID [30564]

NICHOLAS, James, Greaser, MMR 563471, MID [31303]

NICHOLAS, John, Capt, RN, Fra [29751]

NICHOLAS, Russell Peters, CERA 2c, 272516 (Po), DSM [31236]

NICHOLL, Francis S, AB, 21075 (Ch), Fra [30756]

NICHOLL, Vincent, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30662], DSC [29635]

NICHOLLS, Alfred Richard, CERA 2c, 270875 (Po), MID [31638]

NICHOLLS, Amos, Eng Lt, RN, Rus [29373]

NICHOLLS, Arthur Sydney Moir, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31303], Rus [29373]

NICHOLLS, Frederick, W/T Op 1c, RNR, 468WTS, DSM [30363]

NICHOLLS, Frederick Ernest, CERA 2c, 270774 (Po), DSM [30564]

NICHOLLS, James, L/Sto, 111546 (Ch), Ita [30386]

NICHOLLS, James Ambrose, LS, 239100 (Ch), DSM [30635]

NICHOLLS, Samuel Richard, Ch Sto, 282640 (Dev), MSM [31182]

NICHOLLS, William, Lt, RNR, MID [30564]

NICHOLLS, William Cregoe or Cregol, Seamn, RNR, 6898A, MSM [31286], MID [30909]

NICHOLS, Arthur William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 945SA, DSM [31604]

NICHOLS, Charles William, 2nd Writer, M13319 (Ch), MID [31483]

NICHOLS, Christopher Ham, CERA 2c, 271516, DSM [29752]

NICHOLS, Denis J, Ch Skpr, RNR, 834WSA, DSC [30258], Fra [31886], Ita [30386]

NICHOLS, Edgar Jeremiah, Dkhnd, RNR, 1832DA, Ita [30581], MID [30635]

NICHOLS, Kate, Sister, Nursing Services, RRC [31331]

NICHOLS, Thomas George, Capt, MN, MID [31130]

NICHOLSON, A, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/8780 (S), Army [31435]

NICHOLSON, Bertie Halcro, Lt, RNVR, MC [30111]

NICHOLSON, Bertram William Lothian, Cdr, RN, DSO [30153]

NICHOLSON, C, Cdr, RNR, Army [30691]

NICHOLSON, Charles C, Ch Writer, 343397 (Po), Fra [30494]

NICHOLSON, Douglas Romilly Lothian, Rear-Adm, RN, KCMG [31248], KCVO [31379], Fra [30756], Jpn [31038]

NICHOLSON, George, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31683]

NICHOLSON, Harold George, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1421DA, MID [30159]

NICHOLSON, Henry, Sig, RNVR (Tyneside) Z4570, DSM [30616]

NICHOLSON, James Bell, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [31421], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

NICHOLSON, Magnus, Seamn, RNR, 879L, DSM [30147]

NICHOLSON, Morris Stanley, Capt, RNR, MID [31553]

NICHOLSON, Peter, Lt, RNR, DSC [30194]

NICHOLSON, Randolph Stewart Gresham, Lt, RN, DSC [31191], MID [30285]

NICHOLSON, Richard James, Yeo Sigs, 225008 (Po), DSM [31811]

NICHOLSON, Richard Lindsay, Capt, RN, DSO [29751], Fra [31063], Ita [31604], Navy [29654], [29751]

NICHOLSON, Stuart, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29423], Navy [29507]

NICHOLSON, Thomas, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 8798DA, DSM [30616], Ita [30581]

NICHOLSON, Whitworth Brady, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30061]

NICHOLSON, William, L/Sto, RNR, 1830U, Ita [30386]

NICHOLSON, William Coldingham Masters, Rear-Adm, RN, KCB [31248], CB [29751], Jpn [31038], Rus [30116], Navy [29751]

NICHOLSON, Wilmot Stuart, Capt, RN, CB [30111], Fra [29751], Navy [28948], [29088]

NICKERSON, Herbert Arthur, Sig, RNVR, Bristol Z/3098, MID [30807]

NICKERSON, Walter, 2nd Hnd, RNR, DA4547, DSM [29668]

NICKLEN, Arthur, 2nd Off, MN, MID [30616]

NICKLIN, T, LS, RNVR, KP/599, DCM [31726]

NICKOLS, John Richard, Sig Boy, RNR, 326SB, DSM [30153]

NICOL, Edward May, Air Mech 2g, F18942, DSM [30408]

NICOL, John Boston, Lt, RNVR, MID [30756]

NICOLAS, John Gould, Lt, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

NICOLL, Charles Jacomb, Lt, RIM, DSC [30227], Army [29789], [30867], [31195]

NICOLL, Francis Stewart, AB, 210751 (Ch), DSM [30285], Fra [30437], Ita [30581]

NICOLL, Kenneth Campbell, Sgt, RMLI, Po/11676, MID [31604]

NICOLL, Landles, Lt, RNR, MID [31553]

NICOLL, Simon, Seamn, RNR, 3698 B, MID [30616]

NICOLLE, Edward James, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31638]

NICOLLE, George Louis, Lt, RNR, MID [30807], [31638]

NICOLLE, S E, Lt, RN, Navy [30298]

NICOLSON, B H, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29664], [31435]

NICOLSON, Erskine Arthur, Cdr, RN, DSO [31413], Fra [29751], Rus [30116]

NICOLSON, Henry D, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30392]

NICOLSON, John, 2nd Off, MN, MID [31354]

NICOLSON, Thomas, Seamn, RNR, 3229B, MID [31354]

NICOLSON, William Thomas Sharp, Ch Off, MN, MID [30756]

NIDEAU, Robert, L/Firemn, MMR, MID [31303]

NIGHTINGALE, Eric J, Asst Pay, RN, Fra [30363]

NIGHTINGALE, John Robert, Engmn, RNR (Trawler Sec) 1964ES, DSM [29581], Ita [30386]

NIGHTINGALE, Walter Charles, Sig, J22609 (Po), MID [30194]

NIGHTINGALE, William Joseph Edward, Ch Gnr, RN, MBE [31483], Fra [29751], Rus [30316]

NIMMO, J, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/8328 (S), Army [31077]

NISBET, Percy, Staff Pay, RNVR, VD [28906 ]

NISBET, Richard Percy, Lt, RNR, DSC [29997], [30194], MID [30363]

NITHSDALE, Daniel, Dkhnd, RNR, 4253DA, DSM [29886]

NIVEN, Charles, Engmn, RNR, 59ES, MID [30159]

NIXON, D, AB, RNVR, TZ5213, MM [29953]

NIXON, Francis Alfred, W/T Op, MN, MID [30066]

NIZAMUDDIN, Sheik, Syrang, RIM, IDSM [30542]


NOAD, William Samuel, Ch Sto, 306741 (Ch), DSM [30564]

NOAH, Ndgea, Hnd, Nigerian Marine, MID [29736]

NOAKES, Alfred William, LS, 230644, Fra [29751]

NOAKES, Cyril John Laugham, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30979]

NOAKES, James, Greaser, MN, MID [30258]

NOAL, Richard John, Cdr, RNR, OBE [30730], CBE [32134]

NOALL, Alfred Quick, L/Boatmn, 216792, DSM [29668]

NOALL, William, Lt, RNVR, MID [31413]

NOBBS, E, Lt, RMLI, Army [29664]

NOBBS, Sidney, Sig, RNVR, London Z/667, DSM [30159]

NOBES, Frank, Snr Res Attdt, M9179 (Po), MID [31604]

NOBLE, Alexander, Ch Art Eng, RN, MBE [31398], DSC [29751], Navy [29751]

NOBLE, Alexander, Ch Engmn, RNR, 2651ES, CGM [30581], Fra [31236]

NOBLE, Andrew, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 5953DA, DSM [30635]

NOBLE, D J D, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [30404]

NOBLE, Edwin Thomas, PO, 221927 (Ch), MID [30807]

NOBLE, Francis George, AB, 205234 (Po), CGM [30227], Fra [31236]

NOBLE, Harry, Warrt Tel, RNR, Fra [30494]

NOBLE, James, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1615SA, MID [30153]

NOBLE, James, Engmn, RNR, 1831ES, MID [30153]

NOBLE, Joseph, CPO, RNVR, KP/837, Bel [30900]

NOBLE, William, Engmn, RNR, 1838ES, DSM [30258]

NOBLE, William, Trmr, RNR, 2633 TS, Fra [31130]

NOBLE, William Martin, Tel, J41154 (Po), MID [30687]

NOCK, M T, AB, RNVR, TZ/4967, Army [31435]

NOCK, William, Ch Art Eng, RN, MID [31236]

NODDER, Herbert Richard, Painter 2c, 156389 (Dev), MID [30363], [30386]

NOEL, Frank Arthur, 2nd Off, MN, MID [30900]

NOEL, George, Skpr, RNR, 466WSA, MID [30900]

NOEL, Montague Wriothesley, Lt, RN, MID [31248]

NOLAN, Timothy, Pte, RMLI, Ply/9574, MSM [31553]

NOON, William, LS, J9910 (Dev), Bel [29886]

NOONAN, James, CPO, RNAS, M2354 (Po), DSM [30133], Navy [30133]

NOONAN, John Frederick, Sto PO, 285832 (Ch), MID [31236]

NORBURY, Herbert Reginald, Capt, RN, CB [31398], Jpn [30363]

NORCOCK, Charles Vernon Lowcay, Cdr, RN, OBE [31425]

NORDEN, Neilson, AB, MN, MID [29423]

NORFOLK, Stanley Edward, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30909]

NORGATE, George Charles Albert, L/Sig, J5067 (Po), MSM [31236]

NORIE, R S, Sapper, RM, Depot/S/5022, Army [29664]

NORMAN, Alfred Headley, Cdr, RN, CMG [31461], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

NORMAN, Edwin Stanley, Ch Gnr, RN, MID [29751]

NORMAN, George Robert, Sto PO, 165874 (Dev), DSM [30147]

NORMAN, Gerald W, Sub-Lt, RN, Ita [30386]

NORMAN, Harry Talbot, LS, 222328 (Po), MID [31191]

NORMAN, James, Seamn, RNR, 2153C, Rom [31236], MID [30900]

NORMAN, Nicholas, CPO, 147082 (Dev), MSM [31248]

NORMAN, Oswald, Pte, RMLI, Ply/13585, MID [31452]

NORMAN, Thomas, Surg Lt, RN, MID [31516]

NORMAN, William, Sto PO, 133012 (RFR Po/A2142), DSM [29752], Fra [30437]

NORMAN, William, PO, 184442 (Dev), DSM [29423], Fra [30870]

NORMAN, William Albert, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Ita [30363], RD [29310]

NORMAN, William Henry, Surg Vice-Adm/Surg-Gen, RN, KCB [30451], [30522], CB [29423], Bel [31236], Fra [31063], Jpn [31130], Rom [31236], USA [31553]

NORQUAY, James Gunn, Skpr, RNR, 1246WSA, MID [30536]

NORRIS, Arthur Gilbert, 2nd Lt, RM, MID [30807]

NORRIS, David Thomas, Cdre, RN, CB [31236], CMG [31712], Navy [31590], Army [31195], [31287]

NORRIS, Edwin, Ch Arm, 114281 (Po), MID [30029]

NORRIS, Harry William, CPO, 162260 (Ch), DSM [31413], Fra [31262]

NORRIS, Henry Charles, Capt, MN, MID [30536]

NORRIS, Henry Percy, 2nd Lt, RM, MID [31130]

NORRIS, James, Sto 1c, SS 105228 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

NORRIS, Joseph John Barleycorn, PO, 201403 (Po), DSM [30147]

NORRIS, William George, Sto, RNR, 35938, MID [30536]

NORRISH, Thomas W, Tel, RNVR (Bristol), Z/10120, Grc [31876]

NORTH, Dudley Burton Napier, Cdr, RN, CMG [31398], Fra [30408], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

NORTH, Herbert Gladstone, Ch Skpr, RNR, 1406WSA, MID [30616]

NORTH, J W, PO, RNVR, KW284, MM [30023]

NORTH, Oliver, Lt, RN, DSO [30900], Fra [31063], Ita [29966], [30833]

NORTH, Thomas Herbert, LS, RNVR (Bristol) Z842, MSM [31303]

NORTHCOTE, Evelyn Maud, Div Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

NORTHCOTT, Walter Clifford, Staff Pay, RNR, MID [30807], Navy [31189]

NORTHCOTT, William H, Warrt Eng, RNR, Srb [30756]

NORTHERN, W F E, AB, RNVR, R/639, DCM [31726]

NORTHEY, Henry John, CERA 2c, 270703 (Dev), MSM [31182], MID [30088], [30909]; also NORTHEY, Henry John, Art Eng, RN, MBE [31182]

NORTHGRAVES, William Browning, Skpr, RNR, 2095SA, MID [30979]

NORTON, Charles Reginald, AB, J18427 (Po), DSM [30061]

NORTON, Ernest William, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [29886]

NORTON, Henry William, Ch Elec Art, M308 (Ch), MSM [31452]

NORTON, Reginald Arthur, Cdr, RN, MID [29635]

NORTON, Samuel Stanton, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1811DA, MID [31248]

NORTON, Thomas George, PO 1c, 137771 (RFR Dev A/2334), DSM [29581]

NORTON, Thomas J, Sto 1c, P/K11389, DSM [29292]

NOSWORTHY, Martin, Gnr (T), RN, MID [30153]

NOTLEY, Franke Bartlett Stuart, Cdr, RNR, KBE [31840]

NOTTAGE, Frederick Ernest, PO, 164314 (Ch), DSM [30159]

NOVO, George Albert, Skpr, RNR, 1338WSA, DSC [29997]

NOWELL, Henry Ernest, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Bel [29573]

NOYCE, G, Sgt, RMA, 9266, MSM [31132]

NOYES, Charles Robert Finch, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, DSO [30662], MID [30316]

NOYES, William Thomas, CPO, 162502 (Po), DSM [30159]


NUDD, Walter Michael, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2561SD, DSM [30635]

NUGENT, J, AB, RNVR, TZ/545, MM [30540]

NUGENT, Raymond Andrew, Capt, RN, CMG [30723], Fra [30756], Jpn [31811]

NUNN, Edward, AB, J15703, AM [31157]

NUNN, Gerald, Surg Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31516]

NUNN, Harry Laurence, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30635]

NUNN, Mervyn, Air Mech (E) 1g, F742, MID [30662]

NUNN, Reginald Arthur, Asst Pay, RNR, DSO [30363]

NUNN, Wilfrid, Capt, RN, CB [30298], CSI [31547], CMG [29423], DSO [29123], Navy [30298], Army [29536], [29576], [29782], [29789], [29823], [30233]

NUNN, Reginald Arthur, Asst Pay, RNR, DSC [29997], [30194]

NURSE, Francis, Trmr, RNR, 773ST, DSM [29581]

NURTON, J H, Sgt, RMMU, Deal/3043, MM [30540]

NUTT, Thomas J, Pte, RMLI, Ply/16945, Ita [30386]

NUTTALL, Samuel Walsh, Ch Yeo Sigs, 213766 (Ch), MID [31286]

NUTTEN, Frederick, Skpr, RNR, 1510WSA, MID [30635]

NUTTEN, Horace Edward, Skpr, RNR, 60SA, DSC [30159]


NYE, Harry William, PO, 187378 (Ch), DSM [30654]





O'BRIEN, Dennis, L/Boatmn, 194888 (Dev) (CG), MID [31060]

O'BRIEN, Eugene Herbert, Art Eng, RN, MBE [31248]

O'BRIEN, Garrett Michael Farrell, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30662]

O'BRIEN, George, PO 1c, 150648, MID [29581]

O'BRIEN, James Copeland, Pte, RMLI, Ply/17543, MID [30833]

O'BRIEN, Michael, Dkhnd, RNR, 8902DA, DSM [30732]

O'BRIEN, N, PO, RNVR, TZ/199, MM [31173]

O'BRIEN, Timothy, LS, J22328 (Dev), MSM [31553]

O'BRIEN, William J, LS, 187798 (RFR Dev B/3438), Srb [31354]

O'BYRNE, Maurice Vincent Patrick, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [31425]


O'CALLAGHAN, Charles, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [30088]

O'CONNELL, Joseph, Seamn, RNR, 4409DA, DSM [30194], Fra [30870]

O'CONNOR, Ernest William, Capt, MN, DSC [30133]

O'CONNOR, John Harold, L/Tel, 238592, DSM [29581]

O'CONNOR, Patrick J, Ch Gnr, RN, Navy [30298]

O'CONNOR, Robert, LS, 227741 (Po), MID [30363], [30386]

O'CONNOR, Thomas, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30662]

O'CONNOR, Thomas Reginald Gill, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]


O'DOGHERTY, Francis Blake, Eng Cdr, RN, CMG [31360], MID [30833], [31638]

O'DRISCOLL, Michael, Ch Writer, 347093 (Po), MID [31060]

O'DRISCOLL, Michael Dennis, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]


O'FARRELL, Thomas, LS, MN, DSM [30194]


O'HARE, V J, Pay Lt, RNR, Army [31435]

O'HEA, John, Surg Cdr, RN, Bel [31236]


O'KEEFE, A J, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Army [31077]

O'KELLY, J W, AB, RNVR, PZ1037, MM [30001]

O'KELLY, James, Ch Sto, 288442 (Dev), Ita [30386]


O'LEARY, Edward A, Lt, RN, Grc [31286]

O'LEARY, Timothy Joseph, Ch SB Stwd, 350560 (Ch), MSM [31604]

O'LEARY, William, Sto, RNR, 8352S, DSM [30363], MID [29997]


O'MEARA, Daniel John, Ch Gnr, RN, MBE [31295]


O'NEILL, Charles, Ch Eng, MN, MID [29877]

O'NEILL, Daniel, Sto PO, 294586, (Dev), MID [31060]

O'NEILL, Hugh, Capt, MN, MID [30536]

O'NEILL, James, AB, 180292 (Ch), Ita [30386]

O'NEILL, Michael, Lt, RNR, Fra [31360], Ita [30616]

O'NEILL, P, AB, RNVR, CZ/6188, MM [30573]

O'NIELL, Niel, Cdr, RN, Fra [29751]


O'REGAN, James Patrick, AB, 238673, MID [29886]

O'REGAN, Thomas, CPO, 181706 (Dev), MSM [31483], Fra [30756]

O'REILLY, Patrick, Sto 2c, K44713 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

O'ROURKE, John, CPO, 188303 (Dev), Fra [31262]


O'SULLIVAN, Frederick, AB, 187262 (Ch), MID [31248]

O'SULLIVAN, Hugh Dermod Evan, Maj, RMLI, CBE [31483], Army [30289]

O'SULLIVAN, J, Lt, RNR, Army [31077]


O'TOOLE, Patrick Joseph, L/Trmr, RNR, 2712ST, DSM [30159]

O'TOOLE, William, Capt, MN, MID [31038]

OAK-RHIND, Edwin Scoby, CPO, RNVR, AA 1415, MID [30662]

OAKDEN, A M, Lt, RM, Army [29664]

OAKES, Clifford, Seamn, MN, MID [30363]

OAKES, Ernest Joseph, Skpr, RNR, 2120WSA, MID [31286]

OAKES, Francis Jacob, Lce-Sgt, RMLI, Ply 14312, MID [29423]

OAKES, Henry Edward, ERA 2c, 272003 (Po), MID [31811]

OAKES, Thomas Owen, CPO Mech 3g, 238732 (Ch), MID [30316]

OAKEY, L, Sgt, RM, Ch 586, Army [29251]

OAKEY, Leonard, Asst Stwd, MN, DSM [30536]

OAKEY, Leonard, Colr Sgt, RMLI, Ch/5839, RFR/A 586, Fra [32074]

OATES, Abraham, W/T Op 1c, RNR, 349WTS, DSM [30900]

OATES, G, Pte, RM, Depot/S/3265, Army [29664]

OATES, Paul Herbert, Gnr, RMA, No, 12972, MID [29446]

OBORNE, Joseph Henry, PO 1c, 216778 (Po), DSM [31130], MID [31063]


OCKENDEN, Frederick John, PO, 176053 (Ch), MID [30363]


ODAM, Stanley George, ERA 3c, M3166 (Dev), DSM [30807]

ODEY, George Henry, Cpl, RMLI, Po/16219, MSM [31811]


OFFICER, Robert, L/Sig, RNVR, 2/99 (Clyde), MID [30088]

OFFORD, Ernest, PO, 234565 (Ch), DSM [30900]


OGDEN, Edwin Arthur, Boy 1c, J54425 (Ch), DSM [30687]

OGILVIE, Alec, Wing Cdr, RNAS, OBE [30460], MID [30066]

OGILVIE, Frederick, Sig, RNVR (Tyneside) 3/171, DSM [30536]

OGILVY, Thomas, Lt, RNR, MID [31499]

OGLE, John, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MBE [31483]


OHLENSCHLAGER, Norman Albert Gustave, Lt, RN, DSO [30900]

OHLSON, Basil James, Cdr, RNR, DSO [31811], RD [30798]


OIAKES, Walter Harold, Pte, RMLI, Po/17644, MSM [31303]


OLAND, John Eric Wodehouse, Lt, RCN, DSC [31398]

OLDER, C, W/T Op, MN, MID [29877]

OLDERSHAW, William G, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30369]

OLDFIELD, George Thomas, Air Mech 1c, (no service number), DSM [29423]

OLDFIELD, John Rawdon Hodge, Col, RMLI, CB [30723]

OLDFIELD, Robert Whitehead, Ch Writer, 347078 (Ch), MID [30687]

OLDHAM, Arthur Alfred, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30813]

OLDHAM, George William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1748SA, MID [31286]

OLDHAM, Ronald Wolseley, Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31553], Fra [29751], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

OLDING, Charles William, PO 1c, 179704 (Po), DSM [30386]

OLDING, Percival James, PO Tel, J8127 (Dev), DSM [29752], MSM [31811]

OLDING, Thomas Henry, PO, 176958, MID [29799]

OLDREIVE, William Mark, CERA 2c, 269807, DSM [29752]

OLDRIDGE, Kenneth W, Sub-Lt, RNVR, Fra [32074]

OLFORD, Charles, PO, 208908 (Po), DSM [30088]

OLIPHANT, Henry Gerard Laurence, Cdr, RN, MVO [29360], DSO [29680], Fra [31248], MID [30807], Navy [29126], [29680], [30870], [31189]

OLIPHANT, Laurence E, Capt, RN, Ita [29966]

OLIVE, Albert James, AB, J14316 (Ch), DSM [30909], MID [30807]

OLIVE, George, Dkhnd, RNR, 3296SD, DSM [30258]

OLIVER, Arthur, Joiner 3c, M8877 (Po), MID [31638]

OLIVER, Douglas Austin, Flt Cdr, RNAS, Navy [29076]; also OLIVER, Douglas Austin, Lt, RN, DSO [29635]

OLIVER, Ernest, Tel, RNVR (Mersey) Z1589, MID [30616]

OLIVER, Henry Francis, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [29423], KCMG [30484], Fra [30494], Jpn [30363], USA [31683]

OLIVER, Henry John, Lt, RNR, MID [31604]

OLIVER, Richard, CPO, 173710, MID [29752]

OLIVER, Richard Edward, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

OLIVER, Robert Don, Lt, RN, DSC [30564], MID [29264], [29680], [30285], Navy [29680]

OLIVER, Thomas J, ERA, 272364 (Ch), Ita [30386]

OLIVER, Wilfred George, SB Stwd, 351590 (Dev), MSM [31604]

OLIVER, William, PO, 198505 (RFR Po/B5763), MID [30029]

OLIVER, William Nisbet, Capt, MN, DSC [30979]

OLIVIER, R S, Capt, RN, Army [31139]; also OLIVIER, S R, Cdr, RN, Army [30196], [30740]; also OLIVIER, Sidney Richard, Cdr, RN, CMG [31099], MID [31060]; also OLIVIER, Sydney R, Capt, RN, Fra [30756], Grc [30635], Srb [30194]

OLLARD, Eric Alexander, Engmn, RNR, 4882ES, DSM [30153]

OLLEY, Albert Edward, Skpr, RNR, MID [29264]

OLLEY, Charles Benjamin, Skpr, RNR, 19WSA, MID [30635]

OLLEY, George, LS, J26328 (Ch), MID [31638]

OLLIER, G V, Sgt, RMLI, Ply 11802, Army [29251]

OLLIS, Roland, Gnr (T), RN, MID [31811]

OLLIS, Wilfred Stephen, Surg Lt (D), RNVR, MID [31516]

OLLIVANT, A H, Lt-Col [RA] RND, Army [29251]

OLLIVANT, Edwin Bourne, AB, 239302, MID [29752]

OLPHERT, Wybrants, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [29997], [31182], DSC [29668], MID [31130]


OMMANNEY, Robert Nelson, Adm, RN, KBE [31099]


ONG, Thomas, CPO Torp Cox, 156848 (Po), DSM [29123], [30386], MSM [31553

ONSLOW, Arthur G, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29654]

ONSLOW, Geoffrey Henry Hughes, Lt, RN, DSC [30635]

ONSLOW, Richard Francis John, Lt, RN, DSC [30909]

ONSLOW-FORD, M, Surg, RN, Army [29664]


OPPEN, Hans, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30616], RD [30417]


ORAM, F, AB, RNVR, CZ/324, MM [30585]

ORAM, Frederick, CPO, 193219 (Po), Bel [30900]

ORAM, Henry J, Eng Vice-Adm, RN, USA [31553]

ORBELL, Charles Tyler, AB, J13766 (Po), MID [30833]

ORCHARD, Alec Clement, L/Sig, J6049 (Dev), MID [30635]

ORCHARD, Edwin Harold, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31398]

ORCHARD, Harry Sampson, Pay, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

ORCHARD, Henry George, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

ORD, Ralph Watson, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2094SD, MID [31303]

ORD, S, PO, RNVR, CZ/2465, MM [31173]

ORDE, Herbert Walter Julian, Lt, RN, DSC [29123]

ORDE, Lancelot Francis, Capt, RM, Fra [30184]

ORDEN, Thomas Van, Ch Arm, 344837, MID [29752]

ORDISH, Alan Wilfred, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMA, 7129, MSM [31553]

ORDWAY, Herbert James, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 16620DA, MID [30616], [31286]

ORGAN, Walter Sydney, Ch Writer, 345248 (Po), MSM [31413]

ORGEE, John, Lt, RN, DSC [31604]

ORMAN, A E E, Gnr, RMA, 6809, Army [29623]

ORMAN, Leonard Charles, Lt, RN, DSC [31638]

ORMEROD, Leonard William, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30363]

ORMES, George Lewis, Skpr, RNR, 578WSA, DSC [30616]

ORMSBY, William Edwin, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31516], MID [31060]

ORMSBY-JOHNSON, Lionel Stanley, Lt, RN, DSC [29507], Navy [29264], [29507]

ORR, James McCall, CPO 3c, F18444, MSM [31248]

ORR, James Wright, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [31266]

ORR, John Gardner, LS, RNR, 2430D, DSM [29635], [30363], MID [29997]

ORR, Robert, Sto 1c, 115208, MID [29581]

ORTLIEB, B, Pte, RMLI, Ch/16016, MSM [30750]

ORTON, Ernest John, L/Sig, 231135 (Po), DSM [30564]

ORTON, James, Sto, RNR, S5094, DSM [29752]

ORTON, John Henry, Cdr, RN, OBE [31398]


OSBORN, William Albert, Gnr (T), RN, MBE [31604]

OSBORN, William Arthur, PO, 235133, DSM [29799], MID [29680]

OSBORNE, Charles Arthur, Shipwt 1c, 341137, MID [29752]

OSBORNE, Edward Oliver Brudenell Seymour, Cdr, RN, DSO [30807], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

OSBORNE, Harry John, Suptg Clerk, RMA, MSM [31553]

OSBORNE, Henry Joseph, Lt, RNR, DSC [30258], Fra [30687]

OSBORNE, John Warde, Capt, RN, CBE [31099]

OSBORNE, Reginald Horace, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 237, MID [31638]

OSBORNE, Richard S, Fleet Surg, RN, Rus [30116]

OSBORNE, W A, PO, 235133, Navy [29680]

OSBORNE, W T, Pte, Po/780 (S) RMLI, Army [30691]

OSBORNE, William Henry, Gnr, RN, MID [30616]

OSBURN, Harold, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31286]

OSGOOD, Howard Edward, LS, 236853 (Po), DSM [30029]

OSGOOD, Robert Henry, Sto PO, 291689 (Po), MID [30159]

OSMAN, Arthur Arnold, Surg Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [31236]

OSMASTON, Cecil Alvend FitzHerbert, Lt-Col, RMA, CB [29608], CBE [31452]

OSMOND, Charles John, Sto PO, 306650 (Dev), Rom [31236], MID [30066], [30363]

OSMOND, Edda Charles, CPO, 186090 (Po), MID [31683]

OST, Alfred, O/Sig, C/J27633, DSM [29292]

OST, William Lewis, Lt, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

OSTCLIFF, James Frederick, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 613SA, DSM [30153]

OSTLER, Alexander Frank, L/Sto, K11211 (Dev), DSM [30979]

OSWALD, David James Tosh, Surg Sub-Lt, RNVR, MBE [31604]

OSWALD, Donald J S, Lt, RN, Fra [30756]


OTTLEY, Guy F B, Lt, RN, Ita [30386]


OUCHTERLONY, Thomas C A H, Lt, RN, Ita [29966]

OUSLEY, William B, Lt, RNVR, Fra [31360]

OUTHWAITE, Cedric Robert Leonard, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [30807], Navy [31189]

OUTRAM, Edmund, Cdr, RNR, DSO [29255]


OVENSTONE, Thomas, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 5981DA, MID [30159]

OVER, George Edward, CPO, 178015 (Dev), MID [30159]

OVERHEAD, William Henry, Warrt Writer, RN, MBE [31421]

OVERTON, Guy, Lt, RNR, MID [30900]

OVERTON, Isaac, L/Sig, 225837, DSM [29264], [29736]

OVERTON, Robert John, Seamn, RNR, 5545A, DSM [30258]

OVERTON, Thomas H, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 516SA, Fra [30437]


OWDY, Alfred William, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

OWEN, Charles James, Ch Off, MN, MID [30900]

OWEN, E, Pte, RMLI, Ply 12324, Army [29251]

OWEN, Edward Lewis, Lt, RNR, DSC [30153]

OWEN, Guy S, Lt, RNR, RD [30273]

OWEN, Herbert, Lt, RN, DSC [30088]

OWEN, Hugh, Lt, RNR, MID [30616]

OWEN, Hugh, Lt, RNR, DSC [30909]

OWEN, Hugh Jones, ERA 3c, M4936 (Ch), DSM [30088]

OWEN, John Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635]

OWEN, Reginald Charles Lloyd, Cdr, RN, OBE [30730], [31295]

OWEN, Thomas, Dkhnd, RNR, 289DA, DSM [30635]

OWEN, W M, Writer 1c, RNVR Tyne Z3812, Army [29664], [30421]

OWEN, Walter, Suptg Clerk, RMLI, MSM [31553]

OWEN, William, Ch Yeo Sigs, 156574 (Po), MSM [31248]

OWEN, William Henry, Cdr, RNR, DSO [30723]

OWEN, William Henry, PO 1c, 200700 (Ch), MID [31060]

OWEN, William Joseph, LS, 198545 (Po), MID [31191]

OWENS, Edward, Pte, RMLI, Ply/12324, DSM [29292]

OWENS, Hugh, Ch Eng, MN, MID [31286]

OWENS, John Daniel, Lt, RNR, OBE [31553], MID [30536]

OWENS, Thomas, Sto, RNR, 8362S, DSM [30363]

OWLES, Garth Henry Fyson, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30900]


OXFORD, Charles William, Warrt Shipwt, RN, MID [30936]

OXLEY, Christopher Bernard, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [29736]

OXLEY, Gilbert, ERA 2c, 271178, MID [29886]

OXNARD, Stanley Peregrine, Ch Warrt Eng, RNR, MID [29751], [30159]


OZANNE, Harold, Maj, RMLI, DSO [30023], Rus [30116], Army [30072], [30421]




PACK, S J, Dkhnd, RNR, 3870DA, Navy [29436]

PACK, Samuel John, Dkhnd, RNR, 3870DA, MID [29436]

PACKER, Alfred E, Sto 1c, K11546, Ita [30386]

PACKER, Herbert Annesley, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [29751]

PACKHAM, Charles Frederick Austin, CPO, 156164, MID [29423]

PACKHAM, James, PO, D/175674, DSM [29255]

PACKMAN, Leonard Frederick, Sto, K24125 (Po), DSM [30807]

PADFIELD, Arthur J, Pay, RNR, RD [30011]

PADGET, Herbert, L/Sto, SS 113972 (Po), MID [30909]

PADGETT, Brian Talfourd, Lt, RNVR, MID [31553]

PADLEY, J W, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/15507, MSM [31132]

PADWICK, Harold Boultbee, Surg, RN, DSO [30001], Army [30072]

PADWICK, Reginald Leonard, SB Stwd 2c, M2549 (Po), MID [31683]

PADWICK, William Henry, Sgt, RMLI, Po/10224, DSM [30909]

PAFFARD, Reginald Douglas, Staff Pay, RN, OBE [30730], OBE [31295]

PAGE, Albert, WO, RNAS, MID [30662]

PAGE, Albert Edward, AB, 230343 (Po), DSM [30363]

PAGE, Arthur Ernest, SB Stwd, M960 (Ch), DSM [30807]

PAGE, Clement Edward, Sig, RNVR, London/Z 3892, DSM [30807], Fra [30870]

PAGE, G H, Lce-Cpl, Po/6537 (RMR/A/0939) RMLI, Army [30691]

PAGE, George Francis Lyon Labouverie, Cdr, RN, DSO [30687], [31038], Tun [31413]

PAGE, George Thomas, LS (CG), 209628, MID [29581]

PAGE, George W Le, Eng Lt-Cdr, RN, Rom [31236]

PAGE, Harold, AB, J16744, MID [29581]

PAGE, Henry David, AB, 186375 (Ch), DSM [30227]

PAGE, Hugh N, Pay, RNR, Srb [29966], [30227], Ita [29966]

PAGE, James Richard Henry, Dkymn, MN, DSM [30147]

PAGE, Joseph, Dkhnd, RNR, 7590DA, MID [30194]

PAGE, Philip W, Skpr, RNR, Fra [30363]

PAGE, Philip William, Skpr, RNR, 559WSA, DSC [29997]

PAGE, William, L/Sig, 227145 (Po), MID [30061]

PAGE, William Holmes, CPO, 104421 (Po), MSM [31432]

PAGET, Alfred Wyndham, Adm [Capt RNR], DSO [30111]

PAGET, Ferrand, Lt, RNVR, Ita [31748], MID [30756]

PAGET, H E, 2nd Writer, M/23965, Army [31435]

PAGET, Henry Edward Clarence, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, CBE [31114], OBE [30460], [31295]

PAILTHORPE, Harold Anderson, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [30316]

PAINE, Arthur Bertram, Lt, RNR, MID [31421]

PAINE, Godfrey Marshall, Capt, RN, KCB [30579], Fra [30227]

PAINE, Herbert Philip, PO, 185245, DSM [29581]

PAINE, Leo Philip, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30147]

PAINTER, A V, AB, RNVR, R/66, MM [30540]

PAINTER, Arthur Collett, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31452], MID [30756]

PAINTER, Arthur Edwin, PO, 207636, MID [29752]

PAINTER, George Henry William, AB, J43519 (Ch), MID [31748]

PAINTER, James, CPO, 139428 (RFR Po/AS073), MID [30687]

PAINTER, Sidney Walter, CPO Mech 3g, F314, DSM [30662]

PAINTER, William Francis, Dkhnd, RNR, 11219DA, DSM [30258]

PAKENHAM, Arthur McClellan, Lt, RNR, RD [29431]

PAKENHAM, William Christopher, Vice-Adm, RN, KCB [29751], KCMG [31099], KCVO [30156], Chn [31748], Fra [30870], Jpn [31038], Rus [30116], Navy [29654], [29751]

PAKENHAM-WALSH, Robert Morrison, Eng Lt, RN, MID [30227]

PALFREMAN, Edwin, Eng Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

PALFREY, William George, Sto 1c, SS 112143, DSM [29581]

PALING, W E, AB, Sussex Z64 RNVR, Army [29664]

PALLANT, Harry Edward, PO 1c, 186521 (Ch), MID [30635], Navy [29264]

PALLANT, Horace Charles, PO 1c, 178841 (RFR Ch/B778), MID [29886]

PALLET, Elias G, Eng Cdr, RN, Fra [30687]

PALLIN, Thomas, Ch Sto, 280495 (Po), DSM [30635]

PALLISER, Arthur Francis Eric, Lt, RN, DSC [29997], Fra [29997]

PALLISER, Harold L, Sto PO, 226201, Navy [31189]

PALLISTER, Harold James, PO Tel, 235615 (Ch), MSM [32122]

PALLOT, Elias George, Eng Cdr, RN, DSO [30723]

PALMER, A R, Capt, RN, Army [31700]

PALMER, Bennet, Pay Lt, RNR, OBE [31553], MID [31425]

PALMER, Charles, Art Eng, RN, DSC [30900]

PALMER, Clarence Edward Stanhope, Lt, RNVR, DSC [31445], Grc [31499]

PALMER, David Henry, Sto PO, 298490 (Ch), MID [30807]

PALMER, Edwin Mansergh, Cdr, RN, OBE [31099], MID [31060], Army [30360]

PALMER, Francis Jabez Wesley, Asst Pay/Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, Rus [29373], Army [31435]

PALMER, G R, PO, RANR, MID [29434]

PALMER, George Edward, LS, 123295 (Po), DSM [30147]

PALMER, George Edwin, PO, 148274 (RFR Dev/A3803), DSM [30258]

PALMER, George Solomon, CPO Mech 2g, 310410 (Dev), DSM [30662]

PALMER, Harry Douglas, Maj, RMLI, MID [31553]

PALMER, Henry Thomas Robert, L/Sto, 362238, DSM [29581]

PALMER, Irving Montgomery, Lt, RN, DSC [29292], Army [29536]

PALMER, John, Sto, K38313 (Dev), DSM [30807]

PALMER, John Henry, PO, 204388 (Ch), MID [30936]

PALMER, John Maurice, Capt, RMLI, DSC [29997], [31354], MID [30807], Fra [29997], [30066]

PALMER, John Ramsey, Surg Lt (D), RNVR, OBE [31516]

PALMER, Laurence Reynolds, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29751], Fra [30363], Navy [29654], [29751]

PALMER, Reginald Howard, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31553]

PALMER, Reginald Victor, Pilot, MN, MID [30194]

PALMER, Sam, LS, 179529, DSM [28948], Navy [28948]

PALMER, Sidney S, Ch Off Stwd, L8658 (Ch), Srb [31236]

PALMER, Thomas Henry, O/Sig, J22675, MID [29581]

PALMER, Walter R, Sto 1c, SS 100538 (RFR, Po/B4097), Srb [31354]

PALMER, William, Sto PO, 176615 (Ch), DSM [30227]

PALMER, William, Lt, RN, OBE [31604]

PALMER, William Edwin, PO Mech, F8110, DSM [30662]

PALMER, William Henry, CPO, 159159 (Dev), DSM [29886], MID [29752]

PALMES, George Bryan, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29123], MID [29264], Navy [31322], Army [29632]

PALTRIDGE, William Ewart, Yeo Sigs, 223726 (Dev), MID [30564]

PAMMENT, Frank, CPO, 182472 (Ch), MID [30732]

PAMPHLETT, William Frederick, Eng Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30451]

PANGBORNE, Ernest George, LS, J392, DSM [29581]

PANK, Howard, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 836, DSM [30807]

PANKHURST, George, L/Sig, 229356 (Po), Rom [31236], MID [30936]

PANTLING, Frederick, Gnr, RN, MBE [31461]

PAPE, Percy John, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31461]

PARDEY, Frederick, Sto 1c, 164067 (RFR Po/B976), MID [30654]

PARDOE, Charles, AB, 222989 (Po), MID [30363], [30386]

PARFITT, Charles Frederick, Suptg Clerk, RMLI, MSM [31553]

PARFITT, Harold Poole, CPO, 157857 (Po), Ita [30581], MID [30147]

PARIS, A C M, Lt, RM, Army [29455]

PARIS, Archibald, Maj-Gen, RMA, KCB [29423], Bel [30536], [31553], Fra [29506], [32074], MID [29358], Navy [28996], Army [29251], [29354 - twice]

PARIS, Charles Kemp, Lt, RNR, MID [30159]

PARIS, William Richard, Sig Bosn, RN, MBE [31445]

PARISH, Alfred, PO (R/H), F9288, MID [30654]

PARISH, Arthur John, Instr Capt, RN, CBE [31360]

PARISH, E, Bomdr, RMA, 8137, Army [30421]

PARISH, Ernest, Cpl, RMA, 8137 (RFR/B/403), Fra [30285]

PARISH, James Risk, Eng Cdr, RNR, MID [31060]

PARISH, William Joseph, Skpr, RNR, 97WSE, DSC [30936]

PARK, Alexander Wood, Dkhnd, RNR, 5279DA, MID [30616]

PARK, H G, Sub-Lt, RNR, Army [29933]

PARK, Robert Tennant, Lt, RNR, MID [30909]

PARK, William, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29507], Navy [29507]

PARK, William Sinnock, PO 1c, 233965 (Ch), DSM [30936]

PARKER, Alfred Ramsey, Pay Cdr, RN, CB [31099]

PARKER, Arthur Edwin, Elec Art 2c, M1709 (Dev), MID [30756]

PARKER, Bernard Lawson, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

PARKER, Charles, Ch Yeo Sigs, 161007, MID [29436], Navy [29436]

PARKER, Charles Henry, PO, 217255, MID [29799]

PARKER, D, Eng, RIM, Army [30867]

PARKER, Edmund Hyde, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [30451], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29751]

PARKER, Edward Charles, CPO Mech 3g, F3331, MID [30662]

PARKER, Ernest Edward, Cdr, RN, OBE [31553]

PARKER, Francis George, Air Mech 1g, F2358, MID [30066]

PARKER, Frederick D, L/Dkhnd, MN, MID [30616]

PARKER, Frederick William, Surg-Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

PARKER, George, Ch Sto, 277444 (Dev), MSM [31461]

PARKER, George Alfred, L/Sto, RNR, V617, DSM [29668]

PARKER, George Hoskins Irton, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31683], Bel [31130], MID [31604], Navy [31906]

PARKER, Henry Brice, Surg, RN, DSC [30756]

PARKER, Henry Carlyle, L/Sig, J3446 (Po), DSM [31191], MID [30363], [30386]

PARKER, Henry John, CPO, 181672 (Po), DSM [30687]

PARKER, Henry Joseph, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/14212, MID [30807]

PARKER, Henry Wise, Capt, RN, CB [29751], Navy [29751]

PARKER, J, AB, RNVR, KX/508, MM [31173]

PARKER, James, Ch Sto, 285070 (Po), DSM [30363]

PARKER, James Sandbach, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30029], Fra [30194]

PARKER, John, AB, J215210 (Dev), MID [30363]

PARKER, John Frank, CPO, 171441 (Dev), MID [30564]

PARKER, John Martin, Capt, MN, DSC [30437]

PARKER, Joseph Edmund, PO, 205171 (Po), MSM [31398]

PARKER, Louis George Duncan, Lt, RNR, MID [30153]

PARKER, Meredith Bertram, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB1374, DSM [30616], MID [30807]

PARKER, Norman Gee, Ch Gnr, RN, MID [30088]

PARKER, Patrick Edward, Capt, RN, DSO [31182], Bel [31130], Navy [30870]

PARKER, Reginald Francis, Capt, RN, CB [31604], CMG [30111]

PARKER, Sidney Charles, Gnr, RMA, 8893, MID [29581]

PARKER, Trevor Tempest, Lt, RN, DSC [31811]

PARKER, Victor Sydney, PO (E), F2220, MID [30654]

PARKER, Walter Henry, Cdr, RNR, CBE [31360]

PARKER, Walter Richard, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po/S229, VC [30147]

PARKER, William, Skpr, RNR, 5928A, MID [29668]

PARKER, William, Skpr, RNR, 798WSA, MID [29886]

PARKER, William, Sto PO, SS 108580 (Dev), MID [31236]

PARKER, William Henry, Yeo Sigs, 220008 (Dev), DSM [29752], Fra [30437]

PARKER, William P, Lt, RNR, Srb [29966]

PARKER, William Ramsey, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31398]

PARKER, William Samuel, Seamn, RNR, 4323A, MID [30635]

PARKES, Alfred John, Lt, RN, OBE [31499]

PARKES, G W, Cpl, RMLI, Ch/19537, MM [30797]

PARKES, Joseph, L/Mech, F2859, MID [30227]

PARKES, Kenneth E, Lt, RNVR, Fra [32074], Army [29354]

PARKES, Louis George Duncan, Lt, RNR, DSC [30616], Fra [30687]

PARKES, Oscar, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

PARKES, Walter Reuben, AB, RNVR (Bristol) Z5930, DSM [31461]

PARKES, William Henry, Ch Arm, 342821 (Ch), MID [31060]

PARKES, William Holland, PO, 201953 (RFR Ch B/8920), DSM [29581]

PARKES-BUCHANAN, Maurice John, Mid, RN, Navy [29507]

PARKIN, J W, AB, RNVR, KP/266, MM [30830]

PARKINS, Francis, Cpl, RMLI, NO Po/11501, MID [30654]

PARKINSON, E, Pte, RM, S3960, MM [30036]

PARKINSON, Ernest, Ch Sto, 286501 (Po), DSM [30564]

PARKINSON, G, AB, RNVR, TZ/282, MM [30507]

PARKINSON, Henry, Stwd, MN, MID [30616]

PARKINSON, James, LS, KP98, CGM [29530]

PARKINSON, Thomas, Lt, RN, MID [30363]

PARKINSON, William, Ch Sto, 283984, MID [29752]

PARMENTER, George, Sto PO, 231316 (Ch), DSM [29886], MID [29752]

PARMETER, Alfred P, Lt, RNR, RD [29772]

PARMITER, Henely, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 10314DA, DSM [30536]

PARNABY, Leonard, L/Tel, JS2271 (Ch), MID [30616]

PARNALL, Walter R, Eng Cdr, RN, Jpn [30258]

PARNELL, Gerald Langton or Langston, Cdr, RN, DSO [30564], OBE [31638], Fra [30494], [30687], MID [31130]

PARNIS, A, Lt, RNR, Army [31435]

PARR, H, Pte, RMMU, S/4309, MM [31173]

PARR, Harold, Sto 1c, 108301 (RFR Dev/B5749), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

PARR, Herbert, CERA 2c, 269572 (Ch), MSM [31811]

PARR, Reginald J, AB, J 13080 (Po), Fra [30616]

PARRANT, Charles E S, Lt, RN, Navy [31322]

PARRIS, Thomas, Trmr, MN, MID [29668]

PARROTT, Ernest Robert, Ch Bosn, RN, Rom [31236], MID [30159], [31060]

PARRY, Edward, Mate, MN, MID [30833]

PARRY, Gladwyn, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [30687],  [31060]

PARRY, Henry, LS, 221560 (Ch), MSM [31286]

PARRY, Herbert Lyell, Eng Cdr, RN, OBE [31499]

PARRY, John, Capt, MN, MID [29603]

PARRY, John Franklin, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29608], KCB [31379] USA [31553]

PARRY, Reginald St Pierre, Cdr, RN, MVO [30868], DSO [30870], Fra [31248], MID [30807], Navy [30870]

PARRY, Rey [sic] Griffith, Eng Lt, RN, DSO [29264], Fra [30363]

PARRY, William, Ch Off, MN, MID [30936]

PARRY, Wilson Edward Cole, Flt Lt, RNAS, MID [30662]

PARSLOW, Frederick, Lt, RNR, VC [31354] (father)

PARSLOW, Frederick, Sub-Lt, RNR, DSC [29292] (son)

PARSONS, Charles, CPO Mech 2g, F205, MID [30316]

PARSONS, Cunliffe McNeile, Col, RMLI, CB [29358], Navy [28996], Army [29354]

PARSONS, Eric Morley, L/Sig, J13809 (Dev), MSM [31811]

PARSONS, F G, Pte, RMLC, Deal/9983 (S), Army [31077]

PARSONS, Frederick Alfred Joseph, Pte, RMLI, Ply/19259, MSM [31811]

PARSONS, George F H, Eng Cdr, RN, Bel [31130]

PARSONS, Godfrey Craik, Lt, RN, DSC [29374], Navy [29076]

PARSONS, Herbert, AB, 215055 (Po), MSM [31182], MID [30316], [30936]

PARSONS, J E, LS, RNVR, LZ394, MM [30172]

PARSONS, James Henry, Ch Sto, 288568 (Dev), MID [31060]

PARSONS, John E, Lt, RNVR, Rus [29966]

PARSONS, John Randal, Lt, RNVR, Rus [29439]

PARSONS, Joseph, CPO, 180233 (Po), MID [31236]

PARSONS, Lawrence V, PO, 191341 (Po), MID [30015]

PARSONS, Leonard, Ch Gnr (T), RN, DSC [30316], MID [29947]

PARSONS, Oswy Lonsdale, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31421]

PARSONS, Percy Edgar, Sto 1c, K20511 (Dev), MID [30088]

PARSONS, R S, Lt-Cdr, RN, Army [29251]

PARSONS, Sidney, AB, 204615 (RFR Dev/B4322), MID [30227]

PARSONS, Stanley Seymour Conway, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31398]

PARSONS, Sydney, PO Mech, RNAS, F863, MSM [31604]

PARSONS, Thomas, Sto, MMR 890480, MSM [31182]

PARSONS, William, AB, 213192 (Ch), MID [31286]

PARSONS, William, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland) 1749 X, DSM [30616]

PARSONS, William, Sto PO, 305828, DSM [29581]

PARSONS, William Roskilly, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [30730], CBE [31295]

PARSONS aka Frederick Adolphus, PO, 134670, CGM [29752]

PARTINGTON, D, Cpl, RMLI, Ply/1038, MM [31173]

PARTIS, Frederick Charles, Shipwt, M15618 (Ch), MID [30807]

PARTRIDGE, Arthur, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, MID [30662]

PARTRIDGE, J, Pte, RMLI, Po/1779, MM [30797]

PARTRIDGE, R M, Lt-Cdr, RNR, Army [30691]

PARTRIDGE, Reginald Montague, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31432], RD [30868]

PASCALL, George Horrocks, L/Sto, 221595 (RFR Dev/B4016), CGM [30437], Fra [30870], [30900]

PASCOE, Francis John, CPO, 130279, MID [29581]

PASCOE, James, Ch Shipwt, 342917, DSM [29752]

PASCOE, Thomas, CPO, 148479 (Dev), MSM [31461]

PASCOE, William, Coy Sgt-Maj, RMLI, Ply/2996, MSM [31683]

PASCOE, William Henry, L/Mech, F5141, MID [30662]

PASSELLS, Victor Edward, CPO, 175127 (Po), DSM [30936]

PATCH, Leonard Wykeham, Cdr, RN, MID [31413]

PATCHEN, William Harry, Ch Gnr, RN, MID [31286]

PATERSON, A, Sgt, RM, Ply/13747, DCM [31128]

PATERSON, Andrew F, Eng Lt, RN, Ita [30227]

PATERSON, F, AB, RNVR, C2/1811, MM [31469]

PATERSON, George, Ch Stwd, MN, DSM [30363]

PATERSON, Henry White, LS, RNR, 5030A, DSM [30616]

PATERSON, James, CERA 1c, 269167 (Po), DSM [29436], [31063], [31683], Navy [29436]

PATERSON, James Andrew, Capt, RMLC, MID [30581]

PATERSON, Margaret Brand, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [30451]

PATERSON, Quentin Hunter, Lt, RN, DSC [29635], MID [30635]

PATERSON, Robert, Eng Lt, RNR, MID [31748]

PATERSON, Robert Alexander, Lt, RNVR, DSC [30147]

PATERSON, Robert Ormiston, Maj, RMA, OBE [31354]

PATEY, George Edwin, Adm, RN, KCMG [29423], Fra [30756]

PATIENCE, Alexander, LS, RNR, 3121B, MID [30153]

PATIENCE, Simon, Seamn, MN, DSM [30194], MID [30437]

PATIENCE, William, LS, RNR, 3420C, DSM [30153]

PATIENCE, William, Seamn, RNR, 4925A, MSM [31248]

PATON, James, Sapper, RND, 564, Army [29354]

PATON, Peter, PO, RNR, 1651D, MID [30616]

PATON, William Douglas, Capt, RN, DSO [30088], Fra [31063]

PATRICK, William, Sto 1c, K17773 (Po), MID [30363]

PATTEN, Ernest, L/Sto, K911 (Po), MID [30363]

PATTENDEN, Robert Benjamin, AB, J47685 (Po), MID [31748]

PATTERSON, Charles Delamere, Pay Lt, RNR, MID [31398]

PATTERSON, Charles John, CERA 1c, 268567 (Dev), MID [30564]

PATTERSON, Francis William John, Art Eng, RN, Fra [29751], MID [29751]

PATTERSON, Frederick J, LS, 223018, DSM [29374]

PATTERSON, George, Eng Cdr, RNR, OBE [31114]

PATTERSON, George Edward, Capt, MN, MID [31182]

PATTERSON, James, Seamn, RNR, 6160A, MID [31060]

PATTERSON, James Henry, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 2509SD, DSM [30909]

PATTERSON, John, Lt, RNVR, MID [31236]

PATTERSON, Julian Francis Chichester, Cdr, RN, OBE [31483], Rus [30116]

PATTERSON, Rothwell Randal, ERA, RNR, 1614EA, DSM [29264]

PATTERSON, Sutton C, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30868]

PATTERSON, T W, LS, RNVR, TZ/3127, MM [30540]

PATTERSON, Thomas, PO, 216505 (Ch), DSM [30088]

PATTERSON, William Henry, Stwd, MN, MID [30227]

PATTERSON, William John, Pte, RMLI, Po/10319, MID [29752]

PATTINSON, Thomas Cooper, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, MID [30662]

PATTON, Francis James, AB, J6077 (Po), MID [30807]

PAUL, Arthur James, PO, 211077 (Po) or (Dev), DSM [30564], MID [31236]

PAUL, Charles Frederick, Gnr, RN, MID [29264]

PAUL, Oliver Richard, Eng Capt, RN, CBE [31445]

PAUL, Stanley Guy, L/Sig, J8021, MID [29581]

PAULL, Frederick Samuel, Pte, RMLI, Ply/16706, DSM [30687], Army [29664]

PAVEY, Arthur, Sto PO, 309219 (Dev), DSM [30159]

PAWLING, Robert William, AB, 223000, DSM [29374]

PAXMAN, Percy, Sto PO, 293753 (Po), MID [30564]

PAXTON, R, Pte, RMMU, S/3336, MM [31338]

PAYNE, (no initials), CPO, RN (RND), DSM [29024], Navy [28996]

PAYNE, Charles William, Dkhnd, RNR, 6165DA, DSM [30153]

PAYNE, Charlie J, Lt, RNVR, Bel [31748]

PAYNE, Christopher Russell, Capt, RN, CBE [31303], Fra [31038], Jpn [31354]

PAYNE, Frederick George, Ch Arm, 342166 (Ch), DSM [30687]

PAYNE, Frederick Munton, Surg, RN, MID [30807]

PAYNE, John Lewis Cornelius, CERA 1c, 268314, DSM [29752]

PAYNE, John W, Sto PO, K1052, MID [29264]

PAYNE, Noah, PO 1c, 138764 (Po), MID [30088]

PAYNE, R E, Cpl, RMA, 11748, DCM [29296]

PAYNE, Thomas George, PO, 197277 (Dev), DSM [30536]

PAYNE, William, Pte, RMLI, Po/6656 (RMR Po/A0371), MID [31452]

PAYNE, William Henry, Ch SB Stwd, 350270 (Dev), MSM [31604]

PAYNTER, Charles Theodore, Lt, RN, MID [30807]

PAYNTER, John de Campbourne, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30635]

PAYNTER, William, Ch Sto, 170606 (Dev), MSM [31303], MID [31060]

PAYTON, James H, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]


PEACE, Alfred Geoffrey, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [29603], MID [30363]

PEACE, David, Ch Off, MN, MID [29877]

PEACEY, George Henry Herbert, AB, 206507 (RFR Dev/B4454), DSM [30194], [30258], Fra [30870]

PEACH, Luther, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Po/15282 (RMR B/1404), Rom [31236], MID [30833]

PEACHAM, John William, Ch Engmn, FR 111042, MID [30936]

PEACOCK, Albert Edward Victor George, PO, 183582 (Ch), MSM [31248]

PEACOCK, Eric Menhennitte, Sig Boy, J24895, DSM [29581]

PEACOCK, Pryce, Col, RMA, CMG [31182], Bel [31876 - twice], MID [30807], Navy [31189]

PEACOCK, William Charles, AB, 218088 (RFR Dev/B5696), DSM [30258]

PEACOCK, William Montague, Yeo Sigs, 219927 (Ch), MID [30564]

PEAD, James Donald, Sto, RNR, 575V, DSM [29374]

PEAD, John Hunter, Fleet Surg, RN, Fra [29751], Rus [30116], MID [29751, Navy [29751]

PEAKE, Alfred F, Gnr (T), RN, Rus [30316]

PEAKE, F E, AB, RNVR, R/6484, MM [30962]

PEAL, Edward Raymond, Lt, RNVR, DSC [29635]

PEARCE, Andrew Harman, Surg, RN, MID [30756]

PEARCE, Charles A, Lt, RM, Bel [31604]; also PEARCE, Charles Arthur, Sgt, RMA, 9294, DSM [29446]

PEARCE, Donald, AB, SS 6073 (Dev), DSM [30363]

PEARCE, F A, Pte, RMLI, Ply/14477, MM [30023]

PEARCE, Georgia Frederick, Seamn, RNR, 6454A, MID [31413]

PEARCE, Henry Francis, PO, 186833, MID [29752]

PEARCE, J, Lt, RNR, Army [30289]

PEARCE, Reginald H, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [31553]

PEARCE, Reuben William, LS, 155869 (Dev), Ita [30386], MID [29752]

PEARCE, Robert Strasenburgh or Strasenburg, Lt, RNR, DSC [31604], MID [31060], [31303]

PEARCE, Stanley, L/Sto, K18074 (Dev), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

PEARCE, William, Suptg Clerk, RMLI, MSM [31553]

PEARCE, William F, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30694]

PEARCE, William George, PO, 202973 (Dev), Ita [30386], MID [29799]

PEARCE-SEROCOLD, Claud, Cdr, RNVR, OBE [30460], OBE [31295]

PEARD, William Henry, 2nd SB Stwd, 350676, MID [29752]

PEARM, Harry, PO, RNR, 3683C, MSM [31432]

PEARN, Henry Foster, PO Tel, J1239 (Dev), DSM [30687]

PEARS, Edmund Radcliffe, Vice-Adm, RN, CB [29886], KBE [31099], USA [31683]

PEARSE, Hender Trevenen, Pay Sub-Lt, RNR, MBE [31445]

PEARSON, Albert George, ERA 1c, 271010 (Ch), DSM [29886]

PEARSON, Alfred E, LS, RFR/Ch/B10623, DSM [29292]

PEARSON, Charles Cann, PO, 220920, MID [30807]

PEARSON, Charles George Gordon, Rev, RN, Rus [29373]

PEARSON, Harold, AB, J28857 (Dev), MID [30363]

PEARSON, Harold Boxer, Fleet Pay, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

PEARSON, Harry, Trmr, RNR, 3000 ST, DSM [30194]

PEARSON, Henry John, CERA 2c, M432 (Ch), DSM [30909]

PEARSON, Herbert, Gnr, RN, MID [30833]

PEARSON, J, 2nd Lt, RM, Army [29664]; also PEARSON, John, Lt, RM, MC [30023]

PEARSON, J, Pte, RMLC, Deal/9566 (S), Army [31435]

PEARSON, James H, Engmn, RNR, 2343ES, Fra [30494]

PEARSON, John Lewis, Capt, RN, CMG [31099], Fra [30494], MID [31063], Navy [31970]

PEARSON, Joseph Marcus, Capt, MN, DSC [30900]

PEARSON, Keith Everard, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30813]

PEARSON, Leonard Ernest, Lt, RN, DSC [30147]

PEARSON, Rowland Ames, Dkhnd, RNR, 8113DA, MID [30687]

PEARSON, W, AB, RNVR, TZ/2165, MM [30797]

PEARSONS, Francis, Skpr, RNR, 914WSA, DSC [31286]

PEART, Robert, 2nd Writer, RNVR (Tyneside) Z3019, MSM [31683]

PEASE, Charles Ernest, PO, 189803 (Dev), Navy [30133]

PEASNELL, Frank Augustus, Lce-Sgt, RMLI, Po/15732, MSM [31553]

PEAT, Alfred George, Dkhnd, RNR, 15524DA, MID [31811]

PEAT, John Edgar, LS, J11668 (Po), DSM [31182], MSM [31452]

PEAT, Percy Sutcliffe, Lt, RNR, DSO [30732]

PEATTIE, Alexander Bonnie, Lt, RNVR, OBE [31445]

PECK, Ambrose Maynard, Cdr, RN, DSO [30061], Fra [30147], MID [30088]

PECK, H J, Sgt, RMLC, Deal/9567 (S), Army [31435]

PECK, Humphrey, Capt, RMA, DSC [30581]

PECK, James, Skpr, RNR, WSA 869, MID [29436], Navy [29436]

PECK, Owen Edward, AB, J20556 (Ch), MID [30564]

PECK, Samuel, LS, 208367 (RFR Dev B/4695), DSM [29423]

PECKHAM, Alfred Thomas, Gnr, RMA, 5238 (RMAR/B542), DSM [30536]

PECKHAM, C H, PO, RNVR, LZ/1710, MSM [31132]

PECKHAM, Charles Percy, CPO, 169822, DSM [29752]

PECKHAM, G E, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Army [29664]

PEDDER, Arthur Gillingham, CERA 2c, 271351 (Ch), DSM [30564], Ita [30581]

PEDDLE, William, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland) 843 X, MID [29635]

PEDRICK, John Harry, LS, 230402, MID [29752]

PEEBLES, Aubrey William, Cdr, RN, DSO [30088], Grc [30635]

PEEK, Arnold Eric, Lt, RNR, DSC [31038], [31248]

PEEK, Edward J W, Skpr, RNR, 1842WSA, Srb [29966]

PEEK, Frederick, PO, 226410 (Dev), MID [30564]

PEEL, A G V, Maj, RM, Army [29455]; also PEEL, Arthur, Maj, RMLI, CMG [31099], Fra [30494]

PEEL, G N, AB, RNVR, Z/1312/L, Army [29455]

PEEL, Harry, Shipwt, RNVR, Tyneside 3/83, DSM [29752]

PEEL, John, Seamn, RNR, 4815A, DSM [30909]

PEEL, Reginald Vincent, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [30437]

PEEL, Robert Withy, Flt Sub-Lt, RNAS, DSC [30900]

PEGDEN, Frederick Goldon, Dkhnd, RNR, 14543DA, DSM [30936]

PEGG, Harry, Gnr, RN, MID [30088]

PEGLER, Henry, Ch Elec Art, RN, Fra [29751]

PEGRAM, Frank H, Lt, RN, Bel [31130]

PEIRCE, John Henry, PO, J2693 (Ch), MID [31413]

PEIRSE, Richard Edmund Charles, Flt Lt, RN (RNAS), DSO [29123], Army [29072]

PEIRSE, Richard Henry, Adm, RN, KBE [30730], [31295], Egy [30979], Fra [30756], Army [29632], [29652]

PEIRSON, John Jasper Ray, Lt, RN, DSC [30363]

PELHAM, John, Mechn, 307635 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

PELHAM-KENT, Arthur Clifton, Pay Lt-Cdr, RN, OBE [31413]

PELLOW, Frederick Charles, AB, 196467 (RFR Dev B/1919), DSM [29581]

PELLOW, Henry Croker, Lt-Cdr, RN, MID [30687]

PELLS, Thomas Russell, PO 1c, 148446 (RFR Ch/A1958), MID [30153]

PELLY, Henry Bertram, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29751], Egy [31811], Hdjz [31876], Rus [30116], Navy [29088], [29654], [29751], Army [31498]

PEMBERTON, George, L/Mech, RNAS, F13706, DSM [30807]

PEMBERTON, William, Lt, RNR, OBE [31553]

PEMBROKE, William John, AB, 189776 (RFR Ch/B7270), MID [31038]

PEMBURY, Silas, AB, SS 6087 (Po), Srb [31354]

PENDER, Edward Pender Usticke, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30564], Grc [30654], Navy [29126]

PENFOLD, Ernest Alfred, Fleet Surg, RN, DSO [29886], Rus [30116], MID [29751]

PENFOLD, Marchant Hubert, Cdr, RN, CBE [31421]

PENFOLD, Walter James, LS, 240212 (Ch), DSM [30936]

PENFOLD, William George Edward, Pay Capt, RN, CBE [31379]

PENGELLY, Arthur Ernest, PO, 179136 (Dev), MID [30687]

PENGELLY, Charles, CPO, 177274, DSM [29752]

PENGELLY, James Edward, Carp, RN, Fra [29751]

PENGELLY, Robert Charles, ERA 3c, M5254 (Dev), DSM [31604]

PENGILLEY, Edwin, PO, 192256 (Dev), DSM [30900]

PENMAN, James, PO, 231159, MID [29680], Navy [29680]

PENNAL, Albert, Asst Stwd, MMR 723406, DSM [30363]

PENNELL, John Algernon, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30901], [31266]

PENNELLS, Harry Richard, PO, 221236 (Po), DSM [30564]

PENNEY, Edward William, PO Tel, 223147 (Dev), DSM [30408]

PENNEY, Rufus J, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland) 1751 X, MID [30936]

PENNING, Charles S, Cdr, RN, Ita [31748]

PENNINGTON, James Laws, 2nd Eng, MN, DSC [30437]

PENNINGTON, Oswald Franklin or Frank, Lt, RNR, DSC [30635], MID [30159]

PENNINGTON, Roland Alexander, 3rd Writer, M16116 (Po), DSM [30654]

PENNY, F G, Pte, RMLI, Po/18637, MM [30797]

PENNY, Herbert Lloyd, Surg Cdr, RN, OBE [31099]

PENNY, John Herbert, Engmn, RNR, 2901ES, MSM [31354]

PENNY, Leonard George, Shipwt 1c, 345386 (Ch), DSM [30687]

PENNY, R E, Eng Lt, RNR, Army [29933]

PENNY, William, PO 1c (CG), 194854, DSM [29581]

PENNY, William Frank, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 737, MID [30194]

PENROSE, Charles William, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 11DA, MID [30159]

PENROSE, Katherine St Aubyn, Div Dir, WRNS, OBE [31331]

PENSTON, Nicholas, Seamn, MN, DSM [30386]

PENTECOST, Ernest Harvey, Capt, RNR, MID [31553 - twice]

PENWILL, William George, PO, 236440 (Dev), MID [31182]

PEPLOE, Charles Reid, Lt, RN, DSC [28948], Navy [28948]

PEPLOE, H, AB, J8070 (Po), Army [30421]

PEPLOE, Norman Boyd Fleming, Lt, RN, DSC [31286], [31965]

PEPPE, Lionel Hill, Sub-Lt, RN, MID [30061]

PEPPERELL, Samuel Tolcher, Shipwt 2c, M7015 or M7016, MID [29436], Navy [29436]

PERCIVAL, Frank, Canteen Asst, MID [29752]

PERCIVAL, Harold Fey, Surg Lt, RN, OBE [31516]

PERCIVAL, Herbert, Lt, RNR, MID [29799]

PERCIVAL, John, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [29886], RD [30422]

PERCIVAL, Percy Ralph Passawer, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30654], [30756], Fra [30833], MID [30088], Navy [29126]

PERCY, Benjamin, Air Mech 1g, F7308, DSM [30662]

PERCY, John Hugh, Capt, RMA, Bel [30812 - twice], Army [30691], [31435]

PEREGRINE, David, Capt, MN, DSC [30936]

PEREIRA, Vincent Manoel Francis, WO, RIM, MBE [32137], Army [30570]

PERFECT, Herbert Mosley, Capt, RN, CBE [31432], OBE [31099], USA [31683]

PERKINS, A J, AB, RNVR, R/5946, MM [30940]

PERKINS, George Libbey Roberts, Eng Capt, RN, MID [31398]

PERKINS, George Thomas Wolfe, Lt-Cdr, RN, Egy [31413], Hdjz [31994], MID [30909], Army [30939]

PERKINS, Henry, Blacksmith, 341477, DSM [29581]

PERKINS, Leonard C, Sto PO, K1154 (Ch), Ita [30386]

PERKINS, Reginald Leslie Weston, Vict CPO, M939 (Ch), MSM [31452]

PERKINS, Robert Andree, PO, J4078 (Ch), DSM [31748], MID [31354]

PERKINS, Robert Edward, CPO, 175303 (Ch), MID [30833]

PERKINS, William, Sgt, RMA, 4736 (RFR), MID [29799]

PERKINS, William John Sydney, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [31452]

PERRETT, Evelyn Olive, Sect Ldr (Stwd), WRNS, BEM [31331]

PERRETT, Warren, Ch Shipwt 2c, 346856 (Po), MSM [31398]

PERRETT, William Henry, PO 1c, 207763 (Po), MSM [31461]

PERRIE, Robert K, AB, J19094, MID [29264]

PERRING, Alfred Eli, PO, RN, BEM [30738]

PERRING, William Henry, CPO, RNVR, CGM [29530]

PERRITT, John Edward, CPO, 117897 (RFR Ch/A754), DSM [29886], Ita [30581]

PERROW, Theodore Frank, PO Tel, 238640, DSM [29123]

PERROW, William, AB, 234297, DSM [29752]

PERRY, Alfred Edmund, LS, 234677, DSM [29024]

PERRY, Arthur, Ch Sto, 152611 (RFR Po A/3372), DSM [29581]

PERRY, Arthur Morson, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30482]

PERRY, Claude Bernard, L/Tel, J22441 (Dev), MID [30088]

PERRY, Edward, CPO, 175802 (Dev), DSM [30564]

PERRY, George, CERA 2c, 270674, DSM [29799]

PERRY, George William, AB, 180015 (Po), MID [30258]

PERRY, John Percival, CERA 2c, 270461 (Dev), MID [31236]

PERRY, Joseph, Trmr, MN, MID [29668]

PERRY, Samuel, Sto PO, 293920 (Dev), Ita [30386]

PERRY, Thomas Lewis, CPO Tel, 7903 (Dev), MSM [31413]

PERRY, Walter, Yeo Sigs, 201552, DSM [29581]

PERSSE, Dudley Francis, Lt, RN, DSO [30936]

PERT, Charles H, Ch SB Stwd, 350450, Fra [31248]

PERTWEE, Herbert Guy, Pay Lt, RN, DSO [31638]

PESCOD, Arthur James, Lce-Cpl, RMLI, Ch/10926 (Ch/B1109), MID [30616]

PESHALL, Charles John Eyre, Rev, RN, DSO [30807]

PESTELL, Bertie, Sto PO, K646 (Ch), DSM [30227]

PESTELL, Frank Ephraim, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 11332DA, MID [31248]

PETCH, Reginald William, PO (C), F9289, MID [30654]

PETERKIN, William, Lt, RNR, OBE [31483]

PETERS, Arthur James, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

PETERS, Arthur Malcolm, Lt, RN, DSC [29751], Navy [29751]

PETERS, Edgar Fullford, CERA 2c, 271249 (Po), MID [31638]

PETERS, Frederic Thornton, Lt, RN, DSO [29088], DSC [30564], Navy [29088]

PETERS, J, LS, RNVR, TZ3271, MM [30287]

PETERS, Richard, Seamn, RNR, 3065C, DSM [30616]

PETERS, William George, Pte, RMLI, Po/17265, DSM [31303]

PETERSEN, Frank Frederick, Air Mech 1g, F10567, MID [30662]

PETERSEN, J F, Lt, RNR, Army [31387]

PETERSON, Daniel, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 12446DA, DSM [30536]

PETERSON, Frederick Henry, Lt, RNR, DSO [30147], DSC [29668], [30147], Fra [30687]

PETERSON, J F, Lt, RNR, Army [30829]

PETERSON, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 2703SD, MID [30194]

PETERSON, William, Eng Lt, RNR, DSC [30316]

PETHER, J E, CERA, 270497, Navy [29680], [31590]

PETHER, John Ernest, CERA 2c, 270497, MID [29680]

PETHERBRIDGE, Albert Lawrence, Skpr, RNR, DSC [30285]

PETHERICK, Arthur Collier, Lt-Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [30536]

PETHYBRIDGE, Albert Edward, AB, J10961, MID [29752]

PETITT, Cecil James, PO, 198358, DSM [29581]

PETLEY, William, LS, 195647(Ch), MID [30153]

PETLEY, William E, Ch RM Gnr, RM, Bel [31604]

PETRE, John Joseph, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [29635]

PETRE, Walter Reginald Glynn, Capt, RN, DSO [30316], MID [29947]

PETRIE, Alexander, Lt, RNR, Fra [31683], Army [29890], [30691]

PETRIE, Charles, Engmn, RNR, 2399ES, DSM [30616]

PETRIE, Christopher H, Lt, RN, Fra [31248]

PETRIE, George, Engmn, RNR, 2070ES, MID [30536]

PETRIE, James, Sub-Lt, RNVR, DSC [30870], Navy [30870]

PETTENGILL, Walter, PO 1c, RNVR, MSM [31553]

PETTIGREW, J, Lt, RMLC, Army [30691]

PETTINGALE, E W, Ch Yeo Sigs, 148718, DSM [29395]

PETTIS, Leonard, AB, 234659, DSM [29264]

PETTIT, Isobel Helena Courtney, Dep Princ, WRNS, MBE [31331]

PETTITT, Dennis Joseph, Sgt-Maj, RM, Deal/3516 (S), MSM [31683]

PETTS, Sidney John, PO Mech, F1717, MID [30066]

PETTY, Alfred, AB, 289804 (Ch), MID [30564]

PETTY, J W, CPO, RNVR, TZ/1962, DCM [31052], MM [31338]

PETTY, Robert Henry, Mechn, 309734 (Po), MID [31811]

PEYTON-WARD, Dudley Vivian, Lt, RN, MID [30363]


PHARAOH, Edwin Arthur, AB, J78385 (Ch), MID [31638]

PHEE, W, AB, RNVR, CZ/4142, MM [31173]

PHELPS, Alfred Hazel, Skpr, RNR, 611DA, DSC [31413], Ita [30581], Fra [30437], [30494]

PHELPS, Alfred William Henry, Warrt Eng, RNR, MID [31248]

PHELPS, Frank George, L/Sto, 301410 (Po), DSM [30654]

PHIBBS, Bertram O F, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [31063]

PHILBRICK, Albert, Off Stwd 1c, 134085 (Po), Bel [29886]

PHILBY, R M, Lt-Cdr, RIM, Army [31728], [31195]

PHILIP, Arthur Edward, Eng Cdr, RNR, OBE [30460]

PHILIP, George Tothill, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [29264]

PHILIP, Herbert Ernest, CPO Mech 3g, F6491, DSM [30066]

PHILIP, John Henry, PO, 228045 (Dev), DSM [29997]

PHILLIMORE, Richard Fortescue, Rear-Adm, RN, KCB [31379], KCMG [30451], Fra [31360], Jpn [31038], Rus [29439], [29966], MID [29264], [29603], Navy [29087], [29264]

PHILLIMORE, William R, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30363]

PHILLIMORE, Capt, RN, Navy [31322]

PHILLIPPO, Edmund, CPO, 157137, MID [29799]

PHILLIPPS, Picton, Lt-Col, RMA, CMG [31099]

PHILLIPS, Alfred, CERA, 270016 (Po), DSM [30363]

PHILLIPS, Alfred Albert Ernest, PO, 228052, DSM [29886]

PHILLIPS, Algernon Wynn Pendennis, Pay Lt, RN, OBE [31604]

PHILLIPS, Bertie C, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 4172D A, Ita [30581]

PHILLIPS, Charles F, Pay Lt, RNR, Grc [31748]

PHILLIPS, Charles Frederick, Gnr, RN, MID [30732]

PHILLIPS, Cyril A, Sub-Lt, RNR, MID [29603]

PHILLIPS, Edward Charles, Ch Art Eng, RN, DSC [30936]

PHILLIPS, Ernest Gravatt, Plumber, 343789 (Po), MID [30833]

PHILLIPS, Francis Walter, Suptg Clerk, RMLI, MSM [31553]

PHILLIPS, Frederick, Gnr, RN, Bel [31130]

PHILLIPS, Frederick Brown, Eng Cdr, RIM, OBE [31432], Egy [31942]

PHILLIPS, Harold G, Lt, RNR, Fra [30408]

PHILLIPS, Henry, LS, 203758 (RFR Dev/B4993), MID [30227]

PHILLIPS, Henry C, Lt, RN, Rus [30116]

PHILLIPS, James William, Pte, RMLI, Ply/7349 (RMR Po/A195), MID [31130]

PHILLIPS, John Dryburgh, Trmr, RNR, 478 ST, DSM [30227]

PHILLIPS, John Frank James Lampier, LS, 237381 (Ch), MID [30363]

PHILLIPS, John William, CPO, 133179 (RFR Dev/A2742), DSM [30159]

PHILLIPS, John William Basil, L/Tel, J10426 (Po), MID [30564]

PHILLIPS, Joseph Leonard, Arm, 295133 (Ch), DSM [30732]

PHILLIPS, L H, PO, F/7643, MID [30775]

PHILLIPS, Lilian, Nursing Sister, QARNNS, RRC [29870]

PHILLIPS, Maurice David, AB, 198932 (RFR Dev B3848), MID [29436], Navy [29436]

PHILLIPS, Owen T H, Lt-Cdr, RN, Fra [30408]

PHILLIPS, Philip Esmonde, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30437], [31038]

PHILLIPS, Richard Hood Grant, Pay Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

PHILLIPS, Thomas, Ch Sto, 285849 (Dev), DSM [30258]

PHILLIPS, Thomas Newson, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 2217SA, DSM [29374]

PHILLIPS, W G, Pte, RM, Ch/417S, MM [31338]

PHILLIPS, William Francis, CPO, 148241 (Po), DSM [30437]

PHILLIPS, William Henry, Dkhnd, RNR, 262DA, MSM [31286]

PHILLIPSON, Fred, ERA 3c, 272203 (Ch), MID [30564]

PHILLIS, Ernest George, Sto 1c, K4723 (Po), MID [30564]

PHILLPOT, Sydney Charles, Sig, RNVR (London) Z4862, MID [31236]

PHILLPOTT, Ernest Albert, LS, 221401 (Ch), MID [30687]

PHILLPOTTS, Edward Montgomery, Rear-Adm, RN, CB [29751], Jpn [30363], Rus [30116], USA [31553], Navy [29654], [29751]

PHILP, Elsie Christian, Matron, Nursing Services, RRC [30723]

PHILP, Frederick John, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30813]

PHILP, George Henry, Sto, K18888 (Dev), MID [30807]

PHILP, James, 4th Eng, MN, MID [30616]

PHILPOT, William George, L/Cook Mate, M2070 (Ch), Ita [30386], MID [30088]

PHILPOTS, Thomson, Lt, RNR, Fra [31130]

PHILPOTT, Henry Goschen, Capt, RN, OBE [31553]

PHIMISTER, George, Engmn, RNR, ES1206, DSM [29668]

PHIPPS, Alfred, Cpl, RMLI, Po/9469, MID [29886]


PICKARD, Frederick Silvanus, CERA, 269356 (Dev), MID [30909]

PICKARD, G E, LS, RNVR, KP/917, MM [29953]

PICKERELL, Francis Joseph, ERA 3c, M3343 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

PICKERING, Frederick, Lt-Cdr, RNR, OBE [31553]

PICKERING, J L, Sgt, Ply/12001, Army [29664]

PICKERING, William Alfred, Cdr, RN, OBE [31425]

PICKESS, George Owen, Trmr, RNR, 3646TS, DSM [31038]

PICKFORD, George Todd, Cdr, RNR, MID [31425]

PICKLES, M, AB, RNVR, TZ/8894, MM [31173]

PICKLES, Thomas, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 1724S A, MID [31191]

PICKRELL, William Harold, Dkhnd, RNR, 13591DA, DSM [31604]

PICKSLEY, George Panton, Off Stwd 2c, L3543 (Ch), MID [30536]

PICTON, Arthur Lee, Eng Cdr, RN, Rus [30116], MID [29751]

PICTON-WARLOW, Alick John, PO, RNVR (London), 4/3553, MID [31604]

PIDD, George Richard, Carp, MN, DSM [30066]

PIDDUCK, G, Pte, RMLI, Ch/15964, MM [29953]

PIDGEON, Arthur John, PO, 188779 (Dev), Navy [30133]

PIDGEON, Stephen Alonzo, Capt, RNR, RD [29310], MID [30756], [31553]

PIERCE, Frederick, Sto PO, 307943, DSM [28948], Navy [28948]

PIERCE, George H, Lt, RNR, Fra [31360]

PIERCE, William James, AB, RNVR Sussex 3/226, CGM [29292]

PIERCY, Basil H, Cdr, RN, Grc [30654], MID [30015]

PIET, Frank Robert, CPO, 183657 (Po), DSM [31130]

PIGEON, Daniel, Engmn, RNR, ES1650, DSM [29668]

PIGG, Edward J, Sig Bosn, RN, Fra [30494]

PIGG, Philip, Seamn, RNR, 7363A, MID [30687]

PIGGIN, W A, LS, RNVR TZ/333, Army [31435]

PIGGOTT, John, CPO, 141489 (Po), DSM [30564]

PIGNEY, Samuel Edmund, Engmn, RNR, 1926ES, MID [31286]

PIGOTT, William Godfrey, Flt Lt, RN, MID [30662]

PIGOU, Gerard Clarence, Cdr, RN, Egy [31236], MID [31191]

PIK, Lok, Fitter, RIM 576, Army [30233]

PIKE, Ernest, CERA 2c, 270765 (Dev), DSM [30147]

PIKE, Evan Cuthbert, Pay Lt, RNR, MBE [31432]

PIKE, Frederick Owen, Capt, RNR (Vice-Adm rtd), CMG [30723], DSO [30111], Ita [31748]

PIKE, George H, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30747]

PIKE, H, AB, RNVR TZ/4493, Army [31435]

PIKE, Henry Phillis, Ch Arm, 341628, DSM [29752]

PIKE, Stephen, PO 1c, 176238 (Dev), DSM [30635], MID [29423]

PIKE, W, Gnr, RMA, 6490 RFR/B 516, DCM [29886], [29940]

PIKE, William Albert, LS, J4033 (Ch), DSM [30564]

PIKE, William H E, PO, 188405 (Dev), Bel [31130]

PIKE, William Samuel, Sto PO, 296149 (Po), DSM [31604]

PILCHER, Cecil Horace, Capt, RN, DSO [31811], Rus [30116]

PILCHER, Frederick William, CPO, 166196, MID [29752]

PILCHER, Robert Henry, ERA 4c, M17903 (Po), MID [31604]

PILCHER, W J, Sgt, RMA, 9768, MSM [31132]

PILDITCH, Cyril Harold Lee, Eng Lt, RN, OBE [31099]

PILE, Ernest George, Sto PO, K384 (Ch), MID [30833]

PILE, John, Shipwt 1c, 174397 (Dev), MID [30088]

PILGRIM, Albert, L/Sig, 228058 (Ch), MSM [31413]

PILGRIM, Frank, Sgt, RMLI, Po/846 (S), CGM [29603], Fra [30437], Army [29664]

PILKINGTON, Cecil E, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [30747]

PILLAR, Leonard, Bosn, MN, MID [30285]

PILLAR, William Robert, LS, 234999, DSM [29581]

PINCHEN, Sydney Herbert, L/Mech, F2932, DSM [30437], Fra [30029]

PINCHES, Thomas, Yeo Sigs, 218985 (Dev), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

PINCHIN, John Fitzmaurice, Lt, RNR, OBE [31262]

PINCOTT, John William, PO Mech, F10061, DSM [30227]

PINE, John Henry, Shipwt Lt, RN, MBE [30730], MBE [31295]

PINE-GORDON, Harry, Lt-Cdr, RNVR, Fra [31063]

PINHAY, George Henry, CPO, 138901 (Ch), MSM [31425]

PINION, Harold, LS, 236084 (Dev), MID [30564]

PINK, Arthur, CPO, RNVR, MSM [31553]

PINK, George Harry, Ch Yeo Sigs, 179101 (RFR Po/B3091), DSM [29752]

PINK, Kenneth James, AB (Sigmn), MMR 999356, MSM [31811]

PINKERTON, W A, Lt, RM, Army [29890]

PINKNEY, Percy Robert, Ch Yeo Sigs, 198952 (Ch), MSM [31461], MID [30687]

PINNEGAR, John, CPO, 155294 (Po), MID [30909]

PIPER, Albert Victor, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 2429, DSM [31638]

PIPER, Hayward George, PO, 206315 (Ch), Bel [29886], MID [31811]

PIPER, John M, Ch Bosn, RN, Rus [30316]

PIPER, Levi Thomas, L/Sto, K8186 (Ch), DSM [31060]

PIPER, William, Ch Off, MN, MID [29877]

PIPON, Arthur Roach Thomas, Flt Lt, RNAS, DSC [30662]

PIPON, James Murray, Cdr, RN, OBE [31303], Ita [30147], [31130], Jpn [31811]

PIPPARD, John, Bosn, RN, Navy [29264]

PIRIE, Alexander, Engmn, RNR, 840TS, MID [31286]

PIRIE, Henry, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, 1711, MID [31303]

PIRIE, John, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 991SA, DSM [30258]

PIRIE, Wilfrid Bayley, Lt, RN, DSO [29423]

PIRIE, William B, Lt-Cdr, RN, Ita [29966]

PISANI, Neville Lionel John, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [31811]

PISANI, Rodger, Off Stwd 1c, 356464, MID [29752]

PITCAIRN, John Frederick Alexander, Lt, RNVR, MC [29921]

PITCHER, Ernest, PO, 227029 [Po], VC [30363], [31021], DSM [30194], Fra [30437], [30870], MID [29997]

PITCHER, Stanley George, Sto 1c, K8034 (Po), MID [31638]

PITCHERS, George W, Sto 1c, 310958 (Ch), Fra [30756]

PITMAN, Ernest, Skpr, RNR, 2128WSA, MID [30616]

PITT, Charles William, PO 1c, 171734 (Ch), DSM [30909], MID [30807]

PITT, Edward Robert, Lt, RNR, MID [30732]

PITT, George Philip, Warrt Arm, RN, MBE [31604]

PITT, Harry Albert, Sig Bosn, RN, MID [29751]

PITT, Herbert Lewellen, CPO Mech 3g, F145, MID [30662]

PITT, Robert, Seamn, RNR, 3250B, MID [30194], [30363]

PITT, William George, Pte, RMLI, Ply/17825, Fra [29751]

PITT-CARY, John, Lt, RN, MID [31303]

PITTAWAY, William John, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1302, DSM [30909]

PITTENDRIGH, James, Lt, RNR, DSC [30536]

PITTS, Albert Edward, Gnr (T), RN, MID [30900]

PITTS, John Henry, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159], [31248], Fra [30687], MID [29264]

PITTS, Percy, Cdr, RN, CBE [31303], MID [29264]


PLAIN, George, Ch Sto, 280740, DSM [29886]

PLANE, Frederick James, Dkhnd, RNR, 5728DA, DSM [30581]

PLANT, David Thomas, Maj, RME, MBE [31604]

PLASKETT, Alfred John, Ch Elec Art, 346597 (Po), MSM [31421]

PLATFORD, Albert Edwin, PO Mech, RNAS, RMA, 11363, MID [29581]

PLATT, Francis Cuthbert, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31038]

PLATT, G, Pte, RMMU, Deal/3438, MM [31257]

PLATT, Robert John Menlove, CPO Mech 1g, F393, DSM [29374], MID [30662]

PLATT, William Henry, AB, 188429 (RFR Ch/B7349), Rom [31236], MID [31130]

PLAYFORD, Albert, PO, 202189, DSM [29264], Navy [29264]

PLAYLE, Albert John, ERA 2c, 270898 (Ch), MID [30363]

PLAYLE, Henry, 2nd Hnd, RNR, 446SA, DSM [29292]

PLAYNE, Basil Alfred, Surg, RN, DSO [29292]

PLEASANTS, Herbert, Dkhnd, RNR, 7417DA, DSM [30635]

PLENDERLEATH, Claude William Manners, Capt, RN, CBE [31360]

PLENT, Benjamin, Gnr, RN, MID [30564]

PLOWDEN, Richard Anthony Aston, Cdr, RN, DSO [31286], MID [30564], [31060]

PLOWMAN, George, Sig, P/JI 1323, DSM [29292]

PLOWMAN, John, PO, 184699, Fra [29751]

PLUMBE, John Leaken, L/Mech, F1488, DSM [30662]

PLUMBLY, Frederick, Sto PO, 295301 (Ch), DSM [30756]

PLUMER, Frank Herbert, Ch Motor Mech, RNVR, MB 1375, DSM [30909]

PLUMMER, George James, PO 1c, 158186, DSM [29752]

PLUMMER, Henry W, Skpr, RNR, 903WSA, Srb [29966]

PLUMMER, John Robert, CPO, 173750 (Ch), DSM [30088], [30909]

PLUMMER, John Robert, 2nd Mate, MMR, MBE [31811]

PLUMMER, Joseph Alfred, Sto PO, K891 (Dev), DSM [30564]

PLUMMER, Walter, ERA, RNR, 1895EA, DSM [30363]

PLUMPTON, Charles Peter, CPO, 166925 (Ch), MID [31236]

PLUMPTON, George Ernest, PO Mech, F18405, MID [30662]

PLUNKETT, John Joseph, W/T Op 1c, RNR, 164 W/TS, MID [30909]

PLUNKETT, Matthew Joseph, Off Cook, MN, MID [29668]

PLUNKETT-ERNLE-ERLE-DRAX, Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly, Capt, RN, DSO [30687], Rus [30116], MID [29751], Navy [29654] 

POCKLEY, Matthew Martin, Skpr, RNR, 529WSA, DSC [30616]

POCOCK, Frank Pearce, Surg, RN, DSO [30807], MC [29898], [31119], MID [30807]

POCOCK, Herbert Cheyney, Cdr, RN, OBE [31421]

POCOCK, Richard, Seamn, RNR, 5042A, DSM [30687]

POE, Basil Richard, Cdr, RN, Grc [30654], Ita [29698], [31130], MID [31236]

POE, William Skeffington, Maj, RMA, DSO [30723]

POER, Edmund A T de P de la, Lt-Cdr, RN, Tun [31965]

POIGNAND, Charles A, Cdr, RN, Hdjz [31876], Rus [30116]

POINTER, Charles William, PO 2c, 112592 (RFR Dev A/1828), DSM [29581]

POINTING, A, Gnr, RIM, Army [30570]; also POINTING, Albert E, WO, RIM, MBE [32137]

POLAND, Albert Lawrence, Lt, RN, DSC [30870], Navy [30870], [31189]

POLAND, Allan, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [30909]

POLEHAMPTON, John, Lt, RNR, OBE [31354]

POLLARD, Charles Fleetwood, Pay Capt, RN, CMG [31604], Fra [30870], Ita [31604], Jpn [31811]

POLLARD, Ebenezer, PO, C/211774, DSM [29292]

POLLARD, H G B, AB, RNVR, KW/149, DCM [31052]

POLLARD, Percy, Eng Cdr, RN, MID [30564]

POLLARD, Samuel James, Sto PO, 148758 (RFR Dev/A3221), DSM [29997]

POLLARD, Sidney George, AB, J22099, MID [29581]

POLLARD, Stanley, Seamn, RNR, 7783SA, MID [29668]

POLLARD, William Faulkner, Lt-Cdr, RNR, DSO [30536]

POLLARD, William Henry, CERA 2c, 271793 (Dev), DSM [31248], MID [30687]

POLLASTRINI, Michael Lorenzo, Mid, RNR, MID [30833]

POLLEN, Anthony, Rev, RN, RC Chaplain, DSC [29751], Navy [29751]

POLLEN, Francis Hungerford, Cdr, RN, CBE [31099], MID [30159]

POLLEY, Arthur Edmund, Sailmaker, 151654 (Po) Act, MID [31236]

POLLOCK, Charles Frederick, Sqdn Cdr, RNAS, OBE [30460]

POLLOCK, George, Ch Blacksmith, 172416 (Po), MSM [31421]

POLLOCK, Henry Brodhurst, Cdr, RNVR, DSO [30555], [31219], Army [29664],  [30691], [31435]

POLLOCK, J Donald, Surg Lt, RNVR, OBE [31262]

POLLOCK, James Alexander, Lt, RNVR, MID [30616]

POLLOCK, John, Lt, RNR, Grc [31445]; also? POLLOK, John, Lt, RNR, DSC [30227]

POLSTON, W, AB, RNVR, R/2352, MM [30962]

POLYBLANK, Alfred Mordant, LS, 223681 (Po), DSM [31191], Rom [31236], MID [30756]

POM, Pom, Dkhnd, Nigerian Marine, MID [29736]

POMEROY, James John, CPO, 155362 (Ch), DSM [30408]

POMEROY, John James, Lt, RN, MID [30687]

POND, Alfred Lloyd, CPO, 130926 (RFR Dev/B2584), DSM [30088]

PONSFORD, Frank F, Lt, RNVR, Grc [30732]

PONSFORD, James, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/10490, MSM [31553]

PONTET, William Edward, Capt, MN, MID [30979]

PONTIN, William Henry, PO, 234221 (Dev), MID [31236]

PONTON, Charles Richard, Ch Gnr, RN, Fra [29751], Rus [30316], MID [29751]

POOK, Frank, Off Stwd 2c, 364787 (Dev), DSM [29886], MID [29752]

POOK, Hugh C, Ch Gnr, RN, Rus [30316]

POOLE, George, AB, RNVR (London) 2/2516, MID [31604]

POOLE, Gerald Robert, Lt-Col, RMA, DSO [31370], Army [29890], [31077], [31435]

POOLE, Hubert, CPO, 187985 (Ch), MSM [31811]

POOLE, William, CERA 1c, 269133 (Po), MSM [31248], MID [30088]

POOLE, William John Curley (alias William John Curley), CPO, 133945 (RFR Dev/A2852), DSM [30029]

POOLEY, Ernest A, Ch Motor Mech, MB 1627, AM [30267]

POOLEY, Ernest Swinton Jubilee, LS, 226131, MID [29752]

POOLEY, James Edward, Ch Sto, 283187 (Ch), MID [31262]

POOLEY, Llewellyn W, Lt-Cdr, RNR, RD [29880]

POOR, Albert Richard, Off Stwd 1c, 355862 (Po), Ita [30386], MID [29752]

POORE, Richard, Adm, RN, Fra [31553], Ita [31553]

POPAY, Henry William, Engmn, RNR, 3582ES, DSM [30153]

POPAY, Walter John, Engmn, RNR, 2138ES, MID [30616]

POPE, Alfred Thompson, Capt, MN [Lt RNR], DSO [30536]

POPE, Charles Robert Egerton, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MID [30662]

POPE, Gottfried Russell Irvine, 1st Off, MN, MID [30408]

POPE, Herbert Edward, Ch Art Eng, RN, DSC [30088]

POPE, Rowland Kyrle Cecil, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31099], Fra [30687], MID [30285], [30936]

POPE, William Legh, Lt, RNR, MID [31286]

POPE, William Wilson, CPO Mech 3g, F1712, MID [30066]

POPHAM, Arthur E, Flt Lt, RNAS, Fra [30536]

POPPELWELL, George Bell, Ch Eng, MN, MID [30833]

POPPLE, George, L/Sig, 214362 (Po), MID [30159]

POPPLETON, James Lindsay, Lt, RNR, MID [30635]

PORDAGE, E J W, Lt, RMA, Army [31077]

PORT, Henry, LS, J19798 (Dev), MID [31811]

PORTAL, Reginald Henry, Sub-Lt, RN, DSC [29603]

PORTEOUS, Arthur Phillips Gilbert, Seamn, MN, DSM [30386]

PORTER, A D, PO, RNVR, ZL/1781, MM [30507]

PORTER, Arthur Joseph Henry, AB, 207324 (RFR Ch B/10441), DSM [29581]

PORTER, Charles, Trmr, RNR, 746ST, MID [30227]

PORTER, Charles Herbert, CPO, 172059, DSM [29423]

PORTER, Edwin Alan, Capt, MN, DSC [30386]

PORTER, Frederick Charles, Ch Sto, 279244 (Dev, MSM [31398]

PORTER, Frederick R, PO, 171745, MID [29264]

PORTER, Frederick Raymond, PO, 171745, DSM [29581]

PORTER, George L, Lt-Cdr, RNR, MID [29603]

PORTER, James, PO, 151738 (RFR Po/A3987), DSM [30159]

PORTER, James, Surg-Gen, RN, KCMG [29423]

PORTER, Robert, PO, RNVR (Clyde) Z716, MSM [31683]

PORTER, Robert Milne, Cdr, RNR, OBE [31303], Fra [30363], MID [29751]

PORTER, William, Pte, RMLI, Po/7518, MID [30909], [31303]

PORTER, William, Dkhnd, RNR, 14107DA, MID [31553]

PORTER, William Albert, CPO, 147096 (Dev), MID [30909]

PORTER, William H, Ch Sto, RFR/Po/A4066, DSM [29292]

PORTER, William Rogerson, Engmn, RNR, 144ES, MID [30159], [30635]

PORTERFIELD, John, Engmn, RNR, 925ES, MID [30909]

PORTERFIELD, John James, Capt, MN, MID [29877]

PORTEUS, James, Dkhnd, RNR, 13780DA, DSM [30147]

PORTHOUSE, William James, L/Trmr, RNR, 281ST, MID [30635]

POSTIN, J, Pte, RMLI, Po/17449, MM [30023]

POSTLE, Augustine William, Ch Off, MN, MID [30833]

POSTLES, John, Sig Boy, J38265, DSM [29752]

POTTER, Charles, PO 1c, 188035 (Ch), DSM [30870], Navy [30870]

POTTER, Charles Richard, Sgt, RMLI, Ply/13769, MSM [31553]

POTTER, Charles William Victor, Seamn, RNR, 4599A, DSM [30029]

POTTER, Ernest Alfred, AB, J12594 (Po), DSM [31553]

POTTER, Francis William, Gnr, RN, DSC [29886]

POTTER, James, Sto PO, K9581 (Ch), DSM [30159]

POTTER, Robert Harley, Capt, MN, MID [31236]

POTTER, Thomas J, Gnr, RN, Bel [30900]

POTTER, William, LS, J20666 (Ch), MID [30807]

POTTER, William Haddon, Colr Sgt, RMA, 6669, MID [29752]

POTTER, William James, Sto, K32051 (Ch), MID [30807]

POTTERILL, Alfred Henry, PO, 183141, DSM [29752]

POTTINGER, David, L/Dkhnd, RNR, 221L, MID [30807]

POTTLE, Martin, Seamn, RNR (Newfoundland) X1145, DSM [29799]

POTTS, Charles Harold, CPO Mech 1g, M1008, DSM [30066]

POTTS, James William, 2nd Mate, MN, MID [30536]

POTTS, John Edward, AB, J27056, MID [29752]

POTTS, Thomas Moffett, Lt, RNR, OBE [31425]

POUGNET, John Maurice Barbes, Lt, RNR, OBE [31099]

POULTER, Charles, Sig, RNVR, London Z/3247 (Ch), DSM [30298], Navy [30298], Army [30233]

POULTER, John Thomas, AB, J17703 (Po), DSM [30536]

POUND, Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers, Capt, RN, CB [31379], Fra [31683], Jpn [31811], USA [31683], MID [29751], Navy [29654], [29751 - twice]

POUND, Harold Alfred, Sub-Lt, RNVR, MC [30001]

POUND, Harry, CPO, RNVR, Bristol 1/892, Fra [30043]

POUNDS, Charles James, Gnr (T), RN, DSC [30564], MID [30363], [30386]

POUSTIE, William Taylor, Lt, RNR, MID [30687]

POUT, Fred Hollaway, 3rd Writer, M24378 (Ch), MID [31413]

POVER, Thomas Pierce, Eng Cdr, RNR, OBE [31099], MID [29530], [30909]

POW, George Henry, Seamn, RNR, D1800, MID [29668]

POWDRILL, George William, Engmn, RNR, 1302ES, MID [30936]

POWELL, Arthur, Gnr (T), RN, MID [30807]

POWELL, Arthur Douglas Cecil, Ch Engmn, RNR, 987ES, MSM [31286]

POWELL, Charles, Bosn, 209388, Navy [28948]; also POWELL, Charles, Bosn, RN, DSC [28948]

POWELL, Ernest Gordon, CPO, 174017 (Po), DSM [30979], MID [29886], [30363]

POWELL, George Alfred, Capt, MN, MID [30833]

POWELL, George Bingham, Capt, RN, CMG [30451], Fra [29502], [30536], Ita [29815], MID [31553]

POWELL, James, Lt-Cdr, RN, DSO [31421], MID [30687]

POWELL, John Williams, Lt, RNR, DSC [30159]

POWELL, Malcolm Cecil, Lt, RNR, OBE [31483]

POWELL, S E, Gnr, RMA, 32228, MM [30940]

POWELL, Thomas Aislabie, Lt, RN, MID [31191]

POWER, Charles Louis, Lt, RNVR, MBE [31811]

POWER, Francis J, Cook, MN, MID [31748]

POWER, James, PO, J6201 (Ch), DSM [30088]

POWER, Laurence Eliot, Rear Adm, RN, CB [29423], CVO [30145], USA [31553]

POWER, William, PO, 193923 (Dev), DSM [30159]

POWERS, M, Sgt, RMA, 8265, Army [30829]

POWLETT, Frederick Armand, Capt, RN, CBE [31421], Jpn [30258]

POWLEY, Herbert, Dkhnd, SD1193, AM [30267]

POWLEY, Joseph, Skpr, RNR, 240SA, DSC [30066]

POWLEY, Robert, Dkhnd, RNR, 3404DA, MID [31248]

POWNALL, G H, Lt-Cdr, RN, Navy [29264]

POYNER, Percy, Boy 1c, J32778, MID [29752]

POYNTER, Edwin George, Snr Res Attdt, M10228 (Ch), MID [30807]