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ROYAL NAVY MEDALS - MENTIONS IN DISPATCHES (MID), Part 1 of 4 from the London Gazette in edition order

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 Includes Royal Marines, Royal Indian Marine and British Merchant Navy


Letters on Vellum, Recommendations, Notices of Good Work, Mentions, Recognition of Services, Recommendations for Promotion etc, as well as more formal Mentions in Dispatches





29123 - 9 APRIL 1915




In connection with the sinking of the German Submarine U.8 off Dover on the 4th March, and U.12 off the Forth on the 10th March, the following Officers have received letters on vellum expressing the approbation of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty for their services and conduct. These letters will be issued by their Lordships in cases where skill and address in the handling of His Majesty's ships in the presence of the enemy are shown by Officers or men, or other high qualities are displayed such as daring, resource, tenacity and quickness of mind and eye, although the actions may not necessarily be performed under the fire of the enemy. Such letters are equivalent to a mention in despatches.

Operations against U.8.


Captain Charles Duncan Johnson, M.V.O.

Commander Benjamin Wingate Barrow.

Lieutenant-Commander Robert Wise Richardson.


Operations against U.12.


Commander Brien Michael Money.

Lieutenant-Commander James Vandeleur Creagh.

Lieutenant-Commander Cyril Callaghan.




29264 - 13 AUGUST 1915






The following awards have been made in recognition of services during the operations in the vicinity of the Dardanelles prior to 25th-26th April:


The following Officers are Commended for service in Action:

Between 19th February and 24th April.

Captain Charles Penrose Rushton Coode, R.N.

Captain Richard Fortescue Phillimore, C.B., M.V.O., A.D.C., R.N.

Commander Osmond James Prentis, R.N. (since killed - HMS Wolverine, 28 April 1915, shore gunfire).

Commander Claude Seymour, R.N.

Commander (now Captain) George James Todd, R.N.

Commander (now Captain) Ernest Wigram, R.N.

Acting Commander Michael Barne, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Charles Gordon Brodie, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander (now Commander) Andrew Browne Cunningham, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander (now Commander) Hugh Turnour England, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander George Francis Arthur Mulock, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander George Bryan Palmes, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Richard St. John, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander James Cantrell Johnstone Soutter, R.N.

Lieutenant John Foster Barham Carslake, R.N.

Lieutenant Charles Eric Seaburne Farrant,. R.N.

Lieutenant Harold Richard George Kinahan,. R.N.

Lieutenant Ernald Lushington Morant, R.N.

Lieutenant Robert Don Oliver, R.N.

Acting Lieutenant Robert Don Oliver, R.N.

Flight-Lieutenant (now Flight-Commander) Geoffrey Rhodes Bromet.

Flight-Lieutenant (now Flight-Commander). Ronald Hargrave Kershaw.

Sub-Lieutenant (now Lieutenant) Charles Vincent Jack, R.N.

Sub-Lieutenant Humphrey Robert Sandwith, R.N.

Sub-Lieutenant William Bagot Walker, R.N.

Mate Thomas Edward Lane, R.N.

Acting Mate John Taylor, R.N.

Midshipman Sir John Stuart Page Wood, Bt., R.N.

Midshipman John Blaxland Woolley, R.N.

Fleet Surgeon Edward Henry Meaden, R.N.

Surgeon John Harding Baynes Martin, R.N.

Major Arthur Edward Bewes, R.M.L.I.

Major (now Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel) Granville Mackay Heriot, D.S.O., R.M.L.I.

Gunner George William Charles Goss, R.N.

Gunner (T) Francis Jeremiah Thomas, R.N.

Acting Gunner Charles Frederick Paul, R.N.

Acting Boatswain Robert George Young, R.N.

Acting Boatswain William Henry Young, R.N.

Acting Boatswain Francis John Buckingham, R.N.

Lieutenant Stephen Percy Elliott, R.N.R.

Lieutenant John Henry Pitts, R.N.R.

Acting Lieutenant Angus George Brown, R.N.R.

Skipper William Henry Collins, R.N.R.

Skipper Albert Edward Olley, R.N.R.

Mr. George Lee, temporary Acting Boatswain, R.N. (added 19 November 1915)



The Vice-Admiral commanding the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron also notices specially the good work done by the following Officers:

Commander (now Acting Captain) Percy Pitts, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander (now Commander) John Beauchamp Waterlow, R.N.

Engineer Commander William Anderson Wilson, R.N.



The following Petty Officers and Men are Commended for service in Action between 19th February and 24th April:

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Harry Ives, O.N. 185920 (since killed - HMS Ocean, 14 March 1915, attack on Dardanelles).

Petty Officer Henry Minter, O.N. 163128.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Edwin Breen, O.N. 184172.

Petty Officer William Saffhill, O.N. 219209.

Petty Officer Ernest R. F. Castle, O.N. 179279.

Petty Officer Frederick G. Barnes, O.N. 209085.

Petty Officer, 1st Class (Pensioner), Henry G. Dumsday, O.N. 125998 (R.F.R. A.1784).

Petty Officer Alfred P. Marchant, O.N. 232250.

Petty Officer Frederick R. Porter, O.N. 171745.

Petty Officer Robert Dempsey, O.N. 190898.

Leading Seaman Benjamin Randall, O.N. 220183.

Leading Boatman (C.G.) Thomas H. Lindupp, O.N. 170491.

Leading Signalman Thomas O. Pyne, O.N. 225593.

Able Seaman Francis H. Verge, O.N. J. 10816.

Able Seaman Walter T. Birtwhistle, O.N. J.5180.

Able Seaman Alfred Gibson, O.N. J.10284.

Able Seaman Frank Lewis, O.N. J.19463.

Able Seaman Alfred T. Smith, O.N. J.5158.

Able Seaman George Benton, O.N. J.10765.

Able Seaman Harry Saunders, O.N. J.3745.

Able Seaman George Hannah, O.N. 164612.

Able Seaman Robert K. Perrie, O.N. J.19094.

Able Seaman Thomas Lane, O.N. 195028.

Acting E. R. A. 4th Class William Scrimgour, O.N. M.1504.

Stoker Petty Officer Robert J. Ellen, O.N. 293785.

Stoker Petty Officer John W. Payne, O.N. K. 1052.

Stoker Petty Officer William G. Luckhurst, O.N. 304438.

Stoker Petty Officer William T. Collins, O.N. 308278.

Stoker Petty Officer John E. D. Williams, O.N. 154530 (R.F.R. A.3601).

Stoker Petty Officer Arthur Whittington, O.N. 288477.

Stoker Petty Officer William H. Moody, O.N. 308628.

Stoker, 1st Class, Fred M. Bond, O.N. 311570.

Stoker, 1st Class, Alfred Barrett, O.N. S.S. 100096 (R.F.R. B.2347).

Stoker, 1st Class, Albert E. Barter, O.N. 278767.

Chief Shipwright Arthur Woolley, O.N. 346887.

Armourer Thomas Hooper, O.N. 156567 (since died of wounds - HMS Majestic, 18 April 1915).

Second Sick Berth Steward William H. Young, O.N. M.1232.

Able Seaman Bruce Sidney Beazley, O.N.229700 (since died - believed Beagley, HMS Philomel, 25 September 1915) (added 19 November 1915)




29358 - 5 NOVEMBER 1915




The undermentioned officer has been noted for distinguished service in command of the Royal Naval Division:

Colonel (temporary Major-General) Archibald Paris, C.B., R.M.A.



The following officer is commended for service in action:

Lieutenant The Honourable Charles Alfred Lister, R.N.V.R. (died of wounds - Hood Btn, believed RM, 28 August 1915, Gallipoli).




29374 - 19 NOVEMBER 1915




The undermentioned Officer is Commended for service in a submarine in the Sea of Marmora:

Lieutenant Harold Vernon Lyon, R.N. (reported "missing" - 8 September 1915, HM S/M E.2, drowned).




29423 - 31 DECEMBER 1915




The following Officers, Petty Officers, and Men are Commended for their services in the same connection - minesweeping and mine-laying operations:

Commander Hugh Seymour, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander (Acting Commander) John Lea Longstaff, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Hugh Edward Murray Archer, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Basil Richard Brooke, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Malcolm Raphael Joseph Maxwell-Scott, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander James Robert Carnegie Cavendish, R.N.

Lieutenant Stephen Clive Lyttelton, R.N.

Lieutenant Peter Alexander Crawford Sturrock, R.N.

Lieutenant Arthur Edgar Buckland, R.N.

Lieutenant Geoffrey Unsworth, R.N.R.

Lieutenant William St. Clair Fleming, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieutenant George A. Ranson, R.N.R.

Chief Artificer-Engineer Edward Linton Callaway, R.N.

Skipper Frederick Alfred Sibley, R.N.R.

Skipper Benjamin Robert Joyce, R.N.R.

Skipper Henry Lead, R.N.R.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Albert Sangster, O.N. 185275.

Petty Officer Telegraphist John Gerald Hubble, O.N.211323.

Able Seaman Neilson Norden, Mercantile rating.

Boatswain William Fouracre, Mercantile rating.

Engineman William Henry Abbott, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.126 E.S. (since drowned - HMS Falmouth III, 19 November 1915).

Second Hand Joseph Henry Bullock, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1944 S.A.

Petty Officer Frederick Thomas Gerald Cox, O.N.216435.

Engine Room Artificer Arthur Atkinson, R.N.R., O.N.1854 E.A.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Ernest Cook, O.N.173413 (R.F.R. Ch.B/3884).

Chief Petty Officer Alexander Amos, O.N.134342 (R.F.R.Ch.A/1970).

Deck Hand Benjamin Rivett Jacks, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.5555 D.A.

Leading Signalman Arthur Douglas Jenner, O.N.240028.

Chief Stoker William Herbert Winscott, O.N.158746.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Stephen Pike, O.N.176238.

Chief Stoker Richard Henry Falloon, O.N.286520.

Leading Seaman Harry J. Fisher, Mercantile rating.

Able Seaman Amos J. Martin, Mercantile rating.

Deck Hand Josiah Obethell Riley, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1130 D.A.

Chief Petty Officer William Waldron, O.N.162282.

Trimmer William Edward FitzGerald, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N. 1657 T.S. (since drowned - HMS Falmouth III, 19 November 1915).

Deck Hand Thomas Edward Daft, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.239 D.A.

Petty Officer Frederick William Chilcott, O.N.151828 (R.F.R.Dev.A/4092).

Deck Hand Walter Bucknole, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.1843 D.A.

Deck Hand Andrew Smith, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.2505 D.A.

Able Seaman Albert George Rowe, O.N.J. 16161.

Chief Petty Officer Ernest Walter Exall, O.N.163288.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Frederick Austin Packham, O.N.156164.

Trimmer Jim Mair, R.N., Trawler Reserve, O.N. 505 T.S.

Second Hand Frederick Charles Wignall, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.315 D.A. (since drowned - HMS Falmouth III, 19 November 1915).

Deck Hand William Hipkin, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N. 1259 D.A.

Deck Hand Gambia Wells, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.3844 D.A.

Engineman Walter Thomas Halls, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.3459 E.S.

Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, Sydney Alfred Williams, O.N.271888.

Chief Petty Officer William Henry Tapsell, O.N.163385.

Stoker Petty Officer Walter Edward Clements, O.N.K.9638.

Acting Chief Petty Officer Wallace Hart, O.N. 162841 (R.F.R.Ch.B/4858)

Trimmer George William Ward, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N. 1659 T.S.

Engineman Fred Cowen, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.2129 E.S.

Deck Hand Herbert Robert Cubitt, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.415 D.A.

Leading Seaman Alexander Woods, Mercantile Rating.

Able Seaman Jenkin T. Williams, Mercantile rating.

Deck Hand Edward Walter Allen, R.N. Trawler Reserve, O.N.5556 D.A.

Chief Armourer James Gordon Honey, O.N.176522.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Lewis John Isaac, O.N.221824.

Able Seaman Charles Edward Scott, O.N.182123.

Yeoman of Signals William Ernest Brooke, O.N.222151.

Leading Seaman James Thorley Harper, O.N.J.1706.

Chief Shipwright William Samuel Gurney, O.N.342916.

Leading Seaman Thomas Dawson, O.N. J.7900.

Greaser Duncan McKenzie, Mercantile rating.

Trimmer Frank Higgins, Mercantile rating.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Darton, O.N. 187656.





The following Officers, Petty Officers, and men are Mentioned for their services during operations in the Cameroons:

Commander The Honourable Bertram Thomas Carlyle Ogilvy Freeman Mitford, R.N.

Lieutenant Edmund Francis Loftus Jones, R.N.

Lieutenant William McClure Lunt, R.N.R.

Mr. A. Richmond, Mate, Nigeria Marine.

Midshipman Henry John May Ashby, R.N.

Leading Signalman Edward John Scholar, O.N. J.10046.

Serjeant Edward Wells, R.M.L.I., No. Ply. 11941.

Petty Officer Walter Mitchelmore, O.N. 219908.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Theodore Rogers, O.N. 176473.

Private Leonard Herbert Sands, R.M.L.I., No. Ch. 16901.

Mr. R. S. Wheatley, Motor Mechanic, Nigeria Marine.

Private Richard Aitken, R.M.L.I., No. Ply. 9868.

Petty Officer William George Gough, O.N. 197771.

Lance-Serjeant Francis Jacob Oakes, R.M.L.I., No. Ply. 14312.

Shipwright, 1st Class Stephen Charles Lusmore, O.N. 340726.






29434 - 11 JANUARY 1916




The following Officers and Men are commended for services in action during the same operations - against the German Possessions in the Western Pacific, 1914:

Captain Reginald John Albert Travers, A.M.F.

Captain Brian Colder Ampill Pockley, A.A.M.C. (killed in action).

Commander, now Captain, Claude Lionel Cumberledge, R.N.

Commander Joseph Arthur Hamilton Beresford, R.A.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Charles Bingham Elwell, R.N. (killed in action).

Lieutenant Rowland Griffith Bowen, R.A.N.

Lieutenant Gerald Ashby Hill, R.A.N.

Midshipman Reginald Langdon Buller, R.A.N.R.

Gunner George Alfred Stevens, R.N.

Gunner (now Acting Mate) Samuel Thomas Percy Yeo, R.N.

Gunner Charles Frederick Bacon, R.N.

Petty Officer Frederick Robert Sandys, R.N., ON 192834.

Petty Officer G. R. Palmer, R.A.N.R.

Petty Officer Archibald Edward Bones, R.N. ON199133 (R.F.R. Chatham B8212).




29436 - 11 JANUARY 1916






The following Officers and men are commended for service in action (see Belgian Coast Operations, Naval Despatch dated 3 December 1915):

Flight Commander Francis Knox Haskins, R.N.

Lieutenant Commander Robert Herbert Borgnis Hammond-Chambers, R.N.

Lieutenant Commander (now Commander) Francis Hutchinson Laprimaudaye Lewin, R.N.

Lieutenant Reginald James Blakeney Drew, R.N.

Sub-Lieutenant Malcolm Nickle English,. R.N.R.

Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) David Victor Spence Watson, R.N.R.

Engineer Sub-Lieutenant William Taylor Wilson, R.N.R.

Skipper Alexander Buchan, R.N.R. (W.S.A. 1315).

Skipper James Peck, R.N.R. (W.S.A.869).

Chief Petty Officer Frank Jones, O.N. 170433.

Chief Petty Officer John Slee, O.N.177228.

Petty Officer Peter Inkson, O.N.215564.

Petty Officer Stephen Henry Lawrence Macey, O.N.164791.

Able Seaman Maurice David Phillips, O.N. 198932 (R.F.R. Dev.B.3848).

Boy 1st Class Sidney Archibald Quinlan, O.N. J.30847.

Second Hand William Ritchie, R.N.R., O.N.. 1461 S.A.

Deck Hand Samuel John Pack, R.N.R., O.N. 3870 D.A.

Deck Hand Robert Watson, R.N.R., O.N.. 4152 D.A.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Charles Parker, O.N. 161007.

Yeoman of Signals William Henry White, O.N.224985.

Signalman Edmund Rixon, R.N.V.R., O.N. Wales Z/876.

Engine Room Artificer, 3rd Class, Thomas Andrew Stewart Thomson, O.N.M.12164.

Stoker Petty Officer Percival George William Hill, O.N.K/3472.

Engineman Robert Sheriff, R.N.R., O.N. 393 E.S.

Engineman Archibald Thacker, R.N.R., O.N. 1770 E.S.

Shipwright, 2nd Class, Samuel Tolcher Pepperell, O.N.M.7015.

Sergeant Arthur Tushaw, R.M.L.I., Ch./F. 12651.

Private Richard George Greening, R.M.L.I., Po/13744 (R.F.R./B.1080).




29446 - 21 JANUARY 1916




The following Officers are Mentioned for their services during the advance on Kut-el-Amara:

Lieutenant Mark Singleton, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieutenant William Vesey Hamilton Harris, D.S.C., R.N.

Sub-Lieutenant James Hardy Brown, R.N.V.R.

Gunner John Mackay, R.N.


The following Officers and men are Mentioned for their services with the British Naval Mission in Serbia:

Captain (temporary Major) Bertram Nowell Elliot, D.S.O., R.M.L.I.

Lieutenant-Commander Charles Lester Kerr, D.S.O., R.N

Temporary Lieutenant George Bullock, R.M.

Temporary Surgeon Edward Rowland Alworth Merewether, R.N.

Gunner Samuel Eber Davies, R.M.A., No. 12733.

Gunner Daniel Wass, R.M.A., No. 11800.

Gunner Harry James Carter, R.M.A., No. 8885.

Gunner Alfred Thomas Herbert Fish, R.M.A., No. 10383.

Petty Officer Lewis Silvers, O.N. 217783.

Private Charles Edward Bird, R.M.L.I., No. Ply. 15582.

Private Fred Turner, R.M.L.I., No. Ply. 14095.

Gunner Paul Herbert Oates, R.M.A., No, 12972.

Gunner James Robert Ransom, R.M.A., No. 13160.

Able Seaman Albert Robinson, O.N. 194683.




29507 - 14 MARCH 1916




The services of Acting Vice-Admiral John Michael de Robeck, K.C.B., and Acting Vice-Admiral Sir Rosslyn Erskine Wemyss, K.C.B., C.M.G., M.V.O., in connection with the operations in the Gallipoli Peninsula, have already been recognised in the London Gazette of the 1st January, 1916.





29530 - 31 MARCH 1916




The following Officers and men have been mentioned in despatches by Rear-Admiral Sir Dudley De Chair for good services in the Patrol Cruisers - during the period ending the 31st December, 1915:

Commander Eric Valentine Frederic Radclyffe Dugmore, R.N.

Engineer Commander Thomas Pierce Pover, R.N.R.

Staff Surgeon Robert Bernard Scribner, R.N.

Midshipman Peter Booth Clarke, R.N.R.

Probationary Midshipman Sidney Albert Bagley, R.N.R.

Chief Petty Officer William John Henry Worth, O.N., 150654 (R.F.R., Dev/A. 4247).

Master-at-Arms George John Marsh, O.N., 183125.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Philip Arthur Grandin, O.N., 139364 (R.F.R., Po/A. 4183).

Leading Signalman Herbert Henry Thompson, O.N., 236433.

Leading Seaman Daniel Keggin, R.N.R. 2025 C.

2nd Writer William Percy Jones (Mercantile Rating).

Seaman Murdo McKay, R.N.R., 2769 B.

Able Seaman Robert Reginald Lawrence, R.N.V.R., O.N., London/9/2346.

Seaman George Boutcher, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), 964 X.

Seaman Edward James Woodrow, R.N.R., 1883 D.

Able Seaman Henry Joseph Jordan, O.N., 194113 (R.F.R., Dev/B.4200).

Leading Fireman George Hooper (Mercantile Rating).

Fireman Sidney Birch (Mercantile Rating).

Fireman Charles Davies (Mercantile Rating).

Serjeant William Kenyon, R.M.L.I., Ply/10230.

Private Thomas Simpson, R.M.L.I., Ch/14282 (R.F.R., Ch/B. 1734).

Private Henry James Fawkes, RMLI, Ch/15472




29581 - 12 MAY 1916






The following awards have been approved in recognition of services rendered by Petty Officers and men of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron between the time of landing in the Gallipoli Peninsula in April, 1915, and the evacuation in December, 1915 - January, 1916:


The following Petty Officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches by the Vice-Admiral Commanding the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron for good services in action during the period above referred to:

Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas David Ash, O.N. 124245 (R.F.R., Dev. A/1784).

Able Seaman Percy James Almond, O.N. J.22758.

Chief Petty Officer William Bond O.N. 180505.

Ordinary Seaman Frank Augustine Barker, O.N. J.25537.

Stoker, First Class, Charles William Bennett, O.N. K.8152.

Signalman Arthur Leonard Bassett, O.N. J.17264.

Signalman William Spencer Baker, O.N. J.24939.

Leading Seaman George Bryan, O.N. 233796 R.F.R., Ch. B/10533).

Yeoman of Signals Albert John Bennett, O.N. 230793. (Died 31st January, 1916.)

Chief Yeoman of Signals Sidney Bastin, O.N. 182453.

Deckhand, R.N.R., Frank Baxter, O.N. 1990 D.A.

Gunner John Bell, R.M.A., O.N. R.M.A./4853 (R.F.R., B./851).

Leading Signalman William Robert Bush, O.N. 224271.

Petty Officer First Class Frederick George Barnes, O.N. 209085.

Stoker Petty Officer William Henry Bourner, O.N. 277078.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Herbert Bradford, O.N. M.204.

Ordinary Telegraphist Albert Joseph Brown, O.N. J.25579.

Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Cyril Brewe, O.N. 13987.

Stoker First Class Alfred Barrett, O.N. S.S.100096 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2347).

Seaman, R.N.R., William Willis Blackmore, O.N. 4371A.

Seaman, R.N.R., Lawrence George Betts, O.N. 5023B.

Seaman, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), George Bignell, O.N. 1831X.

Signalman, R.N.V.R., Bertram Percival Comer, O.N. Bristol 3/946.

Chief Petty Officer William Joseph Griddle, O.N. 138858 (R.F.R., Dev. A/2752).

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Albert Herbert Cummings, O.N. F667.

Petty Officer Mechanic, R.N.A.S., Arthur Ernest Close, O.N. 234743.

Leading Seaman Grant Benjamin Chambers, O.N. 227290.

Ordinary Seaman Frank Coates, O.N. J.23875.

Stoker First Class Harry Couchman, O.N. K.12174.

Able Seaman Alfred Clement Cock, O.N. 216645.

Petty Officer, First Class, James Connell, O.N. 130349 (R.F.R., Dev. A/2542). (Died 1st December, 1915.)

Ordinary Seaman Christopher Cotter, O.N. SS4704.

Leading Seaman (Coastguard) Edward William Callaghan, O.N. 184610.

Able Seaman Frederick William Clements, O.N. 152862 (R.F.R., Ch. B/323).

Seaman, R.N.R., Benjamin Jacob Canham, O.N. 3532C.

Seaman, R.N.R., Richard Carthy, O.N. 4580B.

Leading Seaman (Coastguard) Albert Henry Denton Cox, O.N. 207574.

Chief Stoker (Pensioner) Edwin Thomas Darlington, O.N. 145512.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Edmond Dessaussois, O.N. F.1663.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Timothy Driscoll, O.N. 187416.

Stoker, First Class, William Edward Decks, O.N. K.15871.

Stoker, First Class, John Wilson Donald, O.N. K.3631.

Signalman Walter Dawson, O.N. J.8746. (Previously awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. See Gazette dated 16th August, 1915, page 8135.)

Stoker, First Class, James Duncan, O.N. SS105395 (R.F.R., Dev. B/4498).

Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas John Davis, O.N. 147294 (R.F.R., Dev. A/3755).

Leading Stoker John Alfred Ebrey, O.N. K.7001.

Chief Petty Officer, 2nd Grade, R.N.A.S., John Evason, O.N. 200966.

Stoker, First Class, Wesley Ferris, O.N. SS114263.

Signalman Alfred Foster, O.N. 223586.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Allan Featherstone, O.N. 1628 S.T.

Able Seaman John Fenwick, O.N. SS4887.

Able Seaman, R.N.V.R., Patrick Francis Frank Folkes, O.N. K.P. 157.

Petty Officer Oliver Stanley French, O.N. J.7956.

Able Seaman Benjamin John Fleetwood, O.N. J.19488.

Signalman John James Gavan, O.N. J.9901.

Leading Seaman Edgar Arthur Goldsmith, O.N. J.2830.

Able Seaman Edward Gedge, O.N. 197298 (R.F.R., Ch. B/2054).

Leading Stoker William Gunther, O.N. K.8373.

Leading Signalman Albert George Gilbert, O.N. 203285.

Seaman, R.N.R., Arthur Stanley Goward, O.N. 8374A.

Yeoman of Signals Frederick John Haskins, O.N. 221577.

Second Yeoman of Signals Ernest Leopold Hanniman, O.N. 160599 (R.F.R. Dev. B/104).

Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Lewis Frederick Hully, O.N. M.5175.

Ordinary Seaman Harold Holmes, O.N. J.23962.

Able Seaman Charles Reginald Hooper, O.N. J.5912. (Previously awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. See Gazette dated 16th August, 1915, page 8135.)

Stoker First Class Luke Homewood, O.N. K.6489.

Stoker First Class William Humphries, O.N. K.19578.

Signalman Steven John Hallett, O.N. J.1222.

Signalman, R.N.V.R., Frederick John Rodney Hutton, O.N. Mersey 6/161.

Chief Motor Boatman F. A. Hunter, O.N. MB245.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Hugh John Hughes, O.N. F.892..

Trimmer, R.N.R., John Hart, O.N. 1646 ,S.T.

Trimmer, R.N.R,, Albert Humphries, O.N. 944.S.T.

Ordinary Telegraphist Laurence Harold Hackett, O.N. J.28921.

Able Seaman James Heaney, O.N. 222672 (Died 16th January, 1916.)

Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Arthur Percy James, O.N. F.174.

Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Alexander Jack, O.N. F.677.

Chief Writer (Pensioner) John Woon Jago, O.N. 133456.

Petty Officer Telegraphist William Joseph Jenkins, O.N. 191785.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Harold Johns, O.N. 580 S.T.

Stoker, 1st Class, James Knott, O.N. K.14527.

Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Frederick Kerchey, O.N. F.700.

Trimmer, R.N.R., John James Kermeen, O.N. 1544.S.T.

Sergeant Henry Ralph Kimber, R.M.A., O.N. 10107.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S.,.George Lacey, O.N. 272252.

Petty Officer James Ladbrook, O.N. 178829.

Able Seaman Thomas Lane, O.N. 195028.

Stoker, First Class, Thomas Samuel Lea, O.N. K.6291.

Stoker, First Class, Joseph Henry Lee, O.N. K.12171.

Ordinary Seaman Charles Richard Lee, O.N. J.24246.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Hubert Poyntz Leigh, O.N. M.947.

Stoker, First Class, David Loan, O.N. S.S. 102700 (R.F.R., Dev. B/3699).

Petty Officer Edward Francis Massey, O.N. 188296.

Petty Officer Paul Bradley Mihalop, O.N. 194885 (R.F.R., Ch. B/8236).

Signal Boy George William Moreton, O.N. J.25734.

Leading Trimmer, R.N.R., Malcolm Mulveny, O.N. 1423.S.T.

Seaman, R.N.R., Henry Murley Murt, O.N. 4285.A.

Seaman, R.N.R., Murdo MacDonald, O.N. 4547 .A.

Able Seaman Charles May, O.N. S.S.3595.

Petty Officer, First Class, Charles Henry Moore, O.N. 123729 (R.F.R., Dev. A/2061).

Able Seaman Harold Shaw Makinson, O.N. C.190284 (R.F.R., Ch. B/4890).

Chief Petty Officer Mechanic, R.N.A.S., Hugh Nelson, O.N. 272016.

Stoker, First Class, Robert Orr, O.N. 115208.

Petty Officer, First Class, George O'Brien, O.N. 150648.

Leading Signalman Stanley Guy Paul, O.N. J.8021.

Ordinary Signalman Thomas Henry Palmer, O.N. J.22675.

Gunner Sidney Charles Parker, R.M.A., O.N. 8893.

Able Seaman Sidney George Pollard, O.N. J.22099.

Chief Petty Officer (Pensioner) Francis John Pascoe, O.N. 130279.

Leading Stoker William Pritchard, O.N. K.9502.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Percy Randolph Pratt, O.N. 344680.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Edward John Prothero, O.N. F.676.

Petty Officer Mechanic, R.N.A.S., Albert Edwin Platford, O.N. R.M.A.11363.

Leading Seaman (Coastguard) George Thomas Page, O.N. 209628.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., David Morris Rees, O.N. 344437.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Frederick Percy Rogers, O.N. 240011.

Leading Seaman Albert Charles Rye, O.N. J.2891.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Robert Rowell, O.N. 976 S.T.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Denis Riordan, O.N. 1234.S.T.

Telegraphist William Hocking Riddle, O.N. J.28697.

Leading Signalman Percy Rayner, O.N. 239366.

Able Seaman William Alexander Sinclair, O.N. S.S.314 (R.F.R., Dev. B/2689).

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., Charles Snow, O.N. 347686.

Chief Petty Officer, R.N.A.S., John Sutherland, O.N. 272328.

Chief Engine Room Artificer William Ernest Scoble, O.N. 268639.

Petty Officer William Saffhill, O.N. 219209 (Died, Mudros, 17th August, 1915.)

Able Seaman John Snee, O.N. S.S.2392 (R.F.R., Dev. B/5024). (Died, 14th January, 1916.)

Signalman Frederick William Siggers, O.N. J.1323.

Signal Boy John Augustine Sullivan, O.N. J. 30235.

Yeoman of Signals Henry Thomas Staunton, O.N. 225521.

Able Seaman John Simpson, O.N. S.S.2780 (R.F.R., Dev. B/5812).

Trimmer, R.N.R., George Skardon, O.N. 1762 S.T.

Able Seaman Henry Alfred Standish, O.N. S.S.4697.

Able Seaman John Scully, O.N. 239005.

Stoker, First Class, George Frederick Smith, O.N. K.22830.

Leading Stoker, R.N.R., John Smith, O.N. 1500.S.

Stoker, R.N.R., William Smith, O.N. 2205.T.

Seaman, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), Edgar H. Smith, O.N. 1204.X.

Leading Seaman William James Stillwell, O.N. 205742 (R.F.R., Ch. B/4938).

Petty Officer George Henry Tarrant, O.N. 199167.

Leading Stoker Herbert William James Turner, O.N. K.2931.

Chief Motor Boatman T. H. Thurborn, O.N. M.B.369.

Chief Motor Boatman Frederick William Trinn, O.N. M.B.226.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Anthony Taylor, O.N. 941.S.T.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Frederick Taylor, O.N. 587.S.T.

Ordinary Telegraphist Frank Arthur Thake, O.N. J.28045.

Stoker, 1st Class, Albert Henry Thomas, O.N. S.S.109282.

Able Seaman William James Terlour, O.N. 219633.

Petty Officer Mechanic, R.N.A.S., Thomas James Edward Thornton, O.N. J.5756.

Signalman Samuel Uttley, O.N. 227244 (R.F.R., Ch. B/4619).

Chief Shipwright (Pensioner) Walter George Vernon, O.N. 147543.

Signalman, R.N.V.R., Robert Daniel Ware, O.N. Bristol 4/1129.

Able Seaman Joseph William Wanless, O.N. 216600.

Stoker, First Class, Michael Williamson, O.N. K.19300.

Signalman Sydney Charles Wylie, O.N. J. 13151.

Leading Seaman William Frederick Chester Woolhouse, O.N. 225260.

Chief Yeoman of Signals (Pensioner) Richard Charles Way, O.N. 124922.

Trimmer, R.N.R., Ivor Williams, O.N. 7708.T.

Ordinary Seaman James Frederick Wales, O.N. J.23925.

Seaman, R.N.R., Edward Walsh, O.N. 3907A.

Stoker, First Class, Francis John White, O.N. S.S.110221.

Able Seaman Ernest Wood, O.N. D. 193330 (R.F.R., Dev. B/3034).

Stoker First Class Richard Woods, O.N. S.S.103819 (R.F.R., Dev. B/4050).

Leading Telegraphist Albert Joseph Williamson, O.N. 224938.

Able Seaman (Coastguard) Henry Wiles, O.N. 202707.

Able Seaman John Albert Young, O.N. 235309. 



The following awards have been approved in recognition of the services of Petty Officers and men of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron during the evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula in December, 1915-January, 1916:


The following Petty Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Despatches by the Vice-Admiral commanding the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron for good services in action during the period above referred to:

Able Seaman George Arthur Adley, O.N. J.20731.

Able Seaman William Atterby, O.N. 235767.

Leading Seaman William George Banks, O.N. 195883 (R.F.R., Ch.B/6774).

Leading Seaman Alfred Blott, O.N. 217397.

Chief Petty Officer Charles James Brown, O.N. 126208 (R.F.R. Dev. A/1942).

Able Seaman Walter David Baldwin, O.N. J.1906.

Able Seaman Edmund Stephen George Coppinger, O.N. J.17768.

Petty Officer George William Campling, O.N. 209462.

Able Seaman William Thomas Cook, O.N. 169881 (R.F.R., Po., B/786).

Trimmer, R.N.R. (Special Service), Michael Conway, O.N. 781S.T,

Petty Officer, First Class, Edmund Arthur Albert Deforte, O.N. 183803.

Petty Officer, Second Class, George Frederick Evans, O.N. 175056 (R.F.R., Po., B/1631).

Able Seaman William George Harry Hind, O.N. S.S.3618.

Trimmer, R.N.R. (Special Service) Andrew Holmes, O.N. 488S.T.

Able Seaman George William Hill, O.N. 232631.

Able Seaman John Kelly, O.N. 180984.

Trimmer, R.N.R. (Special Service) Joseph Leather, O.N. 907S.T.

Boy, First Class, George Lambeth, O.N. J.35868

Stoker, R.N.R., Angus Durham MacKay, O.N. 7013S.

Trimmer, R.N.R. (Special Service), Neil McIntyre, O.N. 756S.T.

Able Seaman George William Mallows, O.N. J.16412.

Able Seaman Harold Page, O.N. J. 16744.

Chief Stoker Charles John Preece, O.N. 162169 (R.F.R., Dev. A/3892).

Petty Officer, First Class, Thomas Charles Read, O.N. 112308 (R.F.R., Dev. A/515).

Leading Seaman Hugh Steven, O.N. 182333.

Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Kello Werry Tadd, O.N. 138185 (R.F.R., Dev. A/3129).

Stoker, R.N.R., William Turnbull, O.N. 7328S.

Able Seaman Thomas Tyrrell, O.N. J.17758.

Able Seaman William Walsh, O.N. J.26203.




29603 - 30 MAY 1916




The following Officers are Mentioned for good services whilst employed on Transport duties at the Dardanelles:

Cdre. (now Rear-Adml.) Richard F. Phillimore, C.B., M.V.O.

Cdre. Maurice S. Fitzmaurice, C.M.G., R.N.

Capt. Arthur B. Hughes, R.N., H.M.S. "Europa."

Cdr. John E. Edwards, R.D., R.N.R., Special Service Vessel "Bacchus."

Act. Cdr. Gordon S. Horsburgh, R.N.R., H.M.S. "Europa."

Eng. Cdr. Henry T. Knapman, R.N., H.M.S. "Europa."

Lieut.-Cdr. (now Cdr.) Arthur H. Bird, R.D., R.N.R., H.M.S. "Europa."

Staff Payr. Francis W. Walshe, R.N., H.M.S. "Europa" (Secretary to S.T.O., Mudros).

Payr. Paul Heather, R.N., H.M.S. "Europa" (Secretary to P.N.T.O., Mudros).

Cdr. George Gregory, R.D., R.N.R.

Lieut.-Cdr. Ronald N. Kempe, R.N., H.M.S. "Europa."

Carp. Lieut. John McLeod, R.N., H.M.S. "Europa."

Lieut. Richard T. Montgomery, R.N.R., F.M. "Redbreast."

Lieut. William H. Vennings, R.N.R., F.M. "Barry."

Lieut.-Cdr. George L. Porter, R.N.R., F.M. "Brighton."

Lieut. James B. Boal, R.N.R., F.M. "Princess Ena."

Lieut. John R. Ryall, R.N.R., F.M. "El Kahira."

Act. Lieut. Arthur S. Wright, R.N.R., F.M. "Prince Abbas."

Act. Lieut. Albert E. Kenyon, R.N.R., F.M. "Osmanieh."

Lieut. David Smith, R.N.R., F.M. "Susetta."

Lieut. Holwell Walshe, R.N.R., F.M. "Wexford Coast."

Lieut. James E. Boyde, R.N.R., F.M. "Perdita."

Act. Lieut: Henry E. G. Scott-Smith, R.N.R., H.M.S. "Europa."

Act. Lieut. Claude V. Cardinall, R.N.V.R., H.M.S. "Europa."

Act. Lieut. Matthew R. Melville, R.N.R., "Galioubieh."

Sub-Lieut. Cyril A. Phillips, R.N.R., "Krini."

Act. Lieut. Francis Fells, R.N.R., "Faithful."

Act. Lieut. William A. Bell, R.N.R. "Provider."

Sub-Lieut. Douglas Leslie, R.N.R., "Flying Mist."

Sub-Lieut. William McKee, R.N.R., "Sir Joseph Pease."

Sub-Lieut, (now Lieut.) Andrew Barlow, R.N.R. (temp.), "Hendon."

Asst. Payr. Sidney E. Franklin, R.N.R., H.M.S. "Europa."

Mr. Richard Bolster, Clerk, R.N., H.M.S. "Europa,"

Proby. Mid. John M. H. Garriock, R.N.R., H.M.S. "Europa."

Proby. Mid. Willis B. Gaudion, R.N.R., H.M. Tug "Andros."

Proby. Mid. John D. Ross, R.N.R., H.M. Tug "Nord."

Edwin Senior, Captain, Admiralty Collier " Laristan."

G. King, Captain, Admiralty Collier "Nevisbrook."

David Finlay, Captain, F.M. "Abbassieh."

J. B. Carmichael, Captain, F.M. "Pebble."

Cdr. Charles A. Smith, R.D., R.N.R, Captain, H.M.T. "Aquitania."

Cdr. Arthur H. Rostron, R.D., R.N.R., Captain, H.M.T. "Alaunia."

Stephen Gronow, Captain, H.M.T. "Ascania."

Lieut.-Cdr. Frederick W. Corner, R.N.R., Captain, H.M.T. "Canada."

JamesBlaikie, Captain, H.M.T. " Caledonia."

John Parry, Captain, H.M.T. "Georgian."

J. Blanchard Henry, Captain, H.M.T. "Ionian."

Harry Carey, Captain, H.M.T. "Itonus."

Lieut. Edwin R. Large, R.N.R., Captain, H.M.T. "Karroo."

Albert Lockett, Captain, H.M.T. "Nile."

David Taylor, Captain, H.M.T. "Saturnia."

Robert McKillop, Captain, H.M.T. "Scotian."

Lieut.-Cdr. Bernard Burt, R.N.R., Captain, H.M.T. "Galeka."

Edgar W. Morrison, Captain, H.M.T. "Arcadian."

W. H. Ridgway, Captain, H.M.T. "Clan McGillivray."

William S. Main, Captain, H.M.T. "Empress of Britain."

Francis O. Hasker, Captain, H.M.T. "Minneapolis."

Richard O. Jones, Captain, H.M.T. "Northland."

George A. Millington, Captain, H.M.T. "Borda."

John Hall, Captain, H.M.T. "Grampian."

Alexander H. Acheson, Captain, H.M.T. "Neuralia."

James I. Rogers, Captain, H.M.T. "Orange Branch."

Keasly Jenkins, Captain, H.M.T. "Simla."

W. J. Simmons, Captain, H.M.T. "Comedian."

William Trantor, Captain, H.M.T. "Tintoretto."

Anson F. Clarke, Captain, H.M.T. "Umsinga."

Cdr. Bertram F. Hayes, R.D., R.N.R., Captain, H.M.T. "Olympic."

S. N. Braithwaite, Captain, H.M.T. "Cardiganshire."

Harry A. Sharpe, Captain, H.M.T. "Varsova."

Arthur H. Dobree, 2nd Officer, H.M.T. "Cardiganshire.''

Francis E. Martin, 4th Engineer, H.M.T. "Cardiganshire."

A. Wilson, 2nd Officer, H.M.T. "Queen Louise."

William McCombie, 3rd Officer, H.M.T. "Queen Louise."

Alan Henry Black, Chief Officer, cable ship "Levant."

Alfred L. Spalding, Chief Electrician, cable ship "Levant."

Thomas C. Birbeck, Assistant Electrician, cable ship "Levant."

Alexander S. Henderson, Chief Engineer, cable ship "Levant."

Arthur Hill, Cable Jointer, cable ship "Levant."




29635 - 20 JUNE 1916




The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Commander (Acting Captain) Reginald Arthur Norton, R.N.

Lieutenant (Acting Commander) Henry George Kendall, R.N.R.

Flight-Commander (Acting Squadron-Commander) Joseph Ruscombe Wadham Smyth-Pigott, D.S.O., R.N.

Flight Sub-Lieutenant Isaac Henry Woolf Barnato, R.N.A.S.

Petty Officer James Stewart Massie, R.N.R., O.N. 2455 C.

Qualified Seaman William Peddle, R.N.R., (Newfoundland), O.N. 843 X.




29668 - 14 JULY 1916




The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have received with much satisfaction from the officers in charge of the Auxiliary Patrol areas at home and abroad reports on the services performed by the officers and men serving under their orders during the period 1st January, 1915, to 31st January, 1916. These reports show that the officers and men serving in Armed Yachts, Trawlers and Drifters of the Auxiliary Patrol during the period in question have carried out their duties under extremely arduous and hazardous conditions of weather and exposure to enemy attack and mines with marked zeal, gallantry and success.


The following officers and men are Mentioned for their services in vessels of the Auxiliary Patrol:

Cdr. Odiarne Unett Coates, R.N.

Cdr. Ronald Scott Jervoise Wigram, R.N.

Cdr. Samuel Robson Crabtree, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. John Walter Pugh, R.N.

Lieut. Charles Wood, R.N.R.

Lieut. Charles Claude Humphreys, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Joseph Cowe Gibson, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut; Henry Brodie Conby, R.N.R.

Eng. Sub-Lieut. Edward S. Manning, R.N.R. (since died).

Skipper Thomas May, R.N.R., 141W.S.A.

Skipper William Parker, R.N.R., 5928.A.

Skipper Herbert Knights, R.N.R., 351 W.S.A.

Skipper James Sidney Harris, R.N.R., 854 W.S.A.

Skipper George Daniel Thacker, R.N.R., 1342W.S.A.

Skipper William Alfred Capps, R.N.R., 1796W.S.A.

Second Hand Victor Adolphus Smith, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.2183.

Able Seaman Walter Daniel Ring, O.N.S.S.82 (R.F.R., Ch./B.5333).

Engineman Arthur Stevenson, R.N.R., O.N.E.S.1238.

Second Hand Albert Henry Reeve, R.N.R., O.N.S.A.1177.

Engineman Albert France, R.N.R., O.N.E.S. 2130.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Herbert Whipp, O.N. 171897 (R.F.R., Ch./B. 10926).

Seaman (now Skipper) John Harkness Bird, R.N.R., 2109W.S.A,

Seaman Stanley Pollard, R.N.R., O.N.7783 S.A.

Seaman William Furse, R.N.R., O.N.A.3239.

Deckhand Frank Lewis, R.N.R., O.N.D.A. 802.

Seaman George Henry Pow, R.N.R., O.N.D. 1800.

Deckhand George William Barrett, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.4412.

Deckhand Charles Fountain, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.3442.

Deckhand Albert Edward Hitchman, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.8963.

Trimmer Joseph Graham, R.N.R., O.N.T.S. 4748.

Trimmer Peter Barclay, R.N.R., O.N.T.S. 4033.

Deckhand William Robert Aldred, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.4359.

Deckhand George Richard Walker, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.244.

Deckhand William Stout, R.N.R., O.N.D.A. 5303.

Deckhand Francis William Scholfield, R.N.R., O.N.D.A.2752.

Engineman William Richard Youngman, R.N.R., O.N.E..S.3758.

Leading Seaman Thomas Purcell, R.N.R., Newfoundland, O.N.X.1231.

Seaman Roderick McDonald, R.N.R., O.N.A. 7090.

Second Hand John Smith, R.N.R., O.N.D.A. 588.





The following Officer is mentioned for service in connection with the above-mentioned operations - the evacuation of the Serbian Army and Italian troops from Durazzo in December, 1915, and January and February, 1916:

Sub-Lieut. Harold Barnett Deakin, R.N.R. (killed in action).





The following Officers and men are Mentioned for their services in the action between H.M.S. "Alcantara" and S.M.S. "Greif" on the 29th February, 1916:

Lieut. Ernest Alva Hernandez, R.N.R.

Surg. John Parton Berry, R.N.

Act. Lieut. George Henry Walker Williamson R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Alfred Wallace Kay, R.N.R.

Eng. Sub-Lieut. Reginald John Mackintosh, R.N.R.

Chief Steward George Frederick Lee Temple, Mercantile Rating (killed in action).

Officer's Cook Matthew Joseph Plunkett, Mercantile Rating.

Yeoman of Signals Frank Coombes, O.N. 205280.

Fireman Robert Fearon, Mercantile Rating.

Trimmer Thomas Parris, Mercantile Rating.

Trimmer Joseph, Perry, Mercantile Rating.

Boy, 1st Class, Edward George May, O.N.J. 37942.




29680 - 25 JULY 1916






The following officers and men are commended for service in action (see Dover Patrol Operations, Naval Despatch dated 29 May 1916):

Captain Frederick Shirley Litchfield-Speer, D.S.O., R.N.

Commander Edward Ratcliffe Garth Russell Evans, C.B., R.N.

Lieutenant Rudolf Henry Fane De Salis, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander John .Stewart Gordon Fraser, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Mountague Robert Bernard, R.N.

Lieutenant John Cracroft-Amcotts, R.N.

Lieutenant James Douglas Godfrey, D.S.C., R.N.

Sub-Lieutenant Robert Don. Oliver, R.N.

Skipper Isaac Lilly Manthorpe, R.N.R.

Chief Gunner John Steel, R.N.

Artificer Engineer William George Jackson, R.N.

Acting Chief Petty Officer William Joseph Brown, O.N. 160889.

Petty Officer, 1st Class (O.S.), George Allingham, O.N. 174787.

Petty Officer William Foley, O.N. 209001.

Petty Officer Charles Nason, O.N. 191247.

Petty Officer William Arthur Osborn,.O.N. 235133.

Petty Officer James Penman, O.N. 231159.

Petty Officer George John Louis Staff, O.N. 237841.

Leading Seaman Ernest Savage, O.N. J.8986.

Leading Seaman Albert Mercer, O.N. 235474.

Able Seaman William Charles Austen, O.N. 194423.

Able Seaman Oliver Joseph Broers, O.N. J.9965.

Able Seaman William Joseph Hunt, O.N. J.19181.

Yeoman of Signals Wilfred Cubit Chapman, O.N. 213631.

Leading Signalman Robert Giddings, O.N. J.4044.

Leading Signalman Charles William Lumley, O.N. 226962.

Leading Signalman George Victor Mackenzie, O.N. 233487.

Leading Signalman Thomas Young, O.N. 223558.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, George Dunsmuir Barrowman, O.N. 269387.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Arthur Matthews, O.N. 271000.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, John Ernest Pether, O.N. 270497.

Engine Room Artificer, 2nd Class, Limbrough Charles Boggust, O.N. 271134.

Deck Hand, R.N.R. (Special Service), James Latta, O.N. 2364S.D.

Leading Deck Hand, R.N.R. (Special Service), William Wigg, O.N. 2722S.D.

Engineman, R.N.R., John Berry, O.N. 1715 E.S.

Stoker, R.N.R. (Acting Engineman), David Bannerman Knowles, O.N. 2557T.




29736 - 5 SEPTEMBER 1916




The following have been Mentioned in despatches for good services in action:

Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur John Layard Murray, R.N.

Yeo. Sigs. Frederick Samuel Wood, O.N. 211530 (killed in action - 9 September 1915, HMS Pyramus, Persia (nhn)).


Nigerian Marine (West Indian).


Joshua Cockburn, Master of the Flotilla Storeship "Trojan."


Nigerian Marine (Natives).


Isaiah Briggs, Quartermaster.

Pom Pom, Deckhand.

Micassa Dumba (locally entered).

Ndgea Noah (locally entered).





29751 - 15 SEPTEMBER 1916






..... (see Battle of Jutland - Commendations and Awards to Officers, Naval Despatch dated 23 August 1916)


The following Officers are commended for their services in the Battle of Jutland:

I.-Commanding Officers.


Captain the Hon. Victor Albert Stanley, M.V.O., A.-d.-C., R.N.

Captain James Andrew Fergusson, A.-d.-C., R.N.

Captain Vivian Henry Gerald Bernard, R.N.

Captain Edward Francis Bruen, R.N.

Captain James Clement Ley, R.N.

Captain Edmond Hyde Parker, R.N.

Captain George Holmes Borrett, R.N.

Captain Edward Buxton Kiddle, R.N.

Captain The Hon. Algernon Douglas Edward Harry Boyle, C.B., M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Edwin Veale Underhill, R.N.

Captain Herbert John Savill, R.N. (since lost).

Captain Henry Blackett, R.N.

Captain Henry Montagu Doughty, R.N.

Captain James Douglas Dick, R.N.

Captain Crawford Maclachlan, R.N.

Captain George Henry Baird, R.N.

Captain Artbur Allan Morison Duff, R.N.

Captain Vincent Barkly Molteno, R.N.

Captain Edward Reeves, R.N.

Captain William Frederick Blunt, D.S.O., R.N.

Captain Thomas Drummond Pratt, R.N.

Captain Albert Charles Scott, R.N.

Captain Percy Molyneux Rawson Royds, R.N.

Captain Louis Charles Stirling Woollcombe, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain James Rose Price Hawkesley, M.V.O., R.N. (Commodore, 2nd Class).

Captain Henry Ralph Crooke, R.N.

Captain William Wordsworth Fisher, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Robert Neale Lawson, R.N.

Captain James Uchtred Farie, R.N.

Captain Alan Geoffrey Hotham, R.N.

Captain John Ewen Cameron, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Cyril Samuel Townsend, R.N.

Captain Tufton Percy Hamilton Beamish, R.N.

Captain Oliver Backhouse, C.B., R.N.

Captain the Hon. Herbert Meade, D.S.O., R.N.

Captain Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound, R.N.

Captain Percy Withers, R.N.

Captain Charles Donnison Roper, R.N.

Captain Anselan John Buchanan Stirling, R.N.

Captain John Moore Casement, R.N.

Captain Arthur Brandreth Scott Dutton, R.N.

Captain Walter Lingen Allen, R.N.

Captain Berwick Curtis, R.N.

Commander Norton Allen Sulivan, R.N.

Commander Harold Victor Dundas, R.N.

Commander Charles Albert Fremantle, R.N.

Commander Dashwood Fowler Moir, R.N.

Commander Malcolm Lennon Goldsmith, R.N.

Commander John Coombe Hodgson, R.N.

Commander Claud Finlinson Allsup, R.N.

Commander Lewis Gonne Eyre Crabbe, R.N.

Commander Charles Gordon Ramsey, R.N.

Commander Charles Geoffrey Coleridge Sumner, R.N.

Commander Hugh Undecimus Fletcher, R.N.

Commander Loftus William Jones, R.N. (killed in action).

Lieutenant-Commander (Acting Commander) William Dion Irvin, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Vincent Eyre, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Reginald Watkins Grubb, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Marsden, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Edward McConnell Wyndham Lawrie, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Francis Edward Henry Graham Hobart, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Cecil Henry Hulton Sams, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Evelyn Claude Ogilvie Thomson, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Henry Clive Rawlings, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Kenneth Adair Beattie, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Claude Lindsay Bate, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Alexander Hugh Gye, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Charles Herbert Niell James, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Philip Wilfred Sidney King, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Henry Victor Hudson, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Douglas Faviell, M.V.O., R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander John Jackson Cuthbert Ridley, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Grendon Tippet, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Herbert Inglis Nigel Lyon, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Edward Sidney Graham, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Edward Brooke, R.N.

Lieutenant Francis George Glossop, R.N.

Lieutenant Henry Dawson Crawford Stanistreet, R.N.



II.-Other Officers.


Commander Denis Granville Thynne, R.N.

Commander John Miles Steel, R.N.

Commander George Knightley Chetwode, R.N.

Commander Stanley Tunstall Haverfield Wilton, R.N.

Commander Reginald Guy Hannam Henderson, R.N.

Commander Wilfrid Allan Egerton, R.N.

Commander Harold Brisbane Bedwell, R.N.

Commander Alfred Headley Norman, R.N.

Commander Charles Dominick Burke, R.N.

Commander Morgan Tindal, R.N.

Commander Dudley Burton Napier North, R.N.

Commander Geoffrey Herbert Freyberg, R.N.

Commander Evan Campbell Bunbury, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Alfred Englefield Evans, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Benest Janvrin, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Patrick Macnamara, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Martin Edward Scobell Boissier, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Gerald Harris, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Douglas Wales Smith, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Ronald Wolseley Oldham, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Philip Acheson Warre, R.N.

Lieutenant Arthur Leyland Harrison, R.N.

Lieutenant Stewart Dykes Spicer, R.N.

Lieutenant William Scott Chalmers, R.N.

Lieutenant the Hon. Humphrey Legge, R.N.

Lieutenant Robert Mends, R.N.

Lieutenant Alexander David Boyle, R.N.

Lieutenant Edward Richard Busk Kemble, R.N.

Lieutenant David Norman Walter Joel, R.N.

Lieutenant Charles Ernest Hotham, R.N.

Lieutenant Arthur George Curtis, R.N.

Lieutenant Eric Alfred Davis, R.N.

Lieutenant George Griffiths, R.N.

Lieutenant Gerald Harman Warner, R.N.

Lieutenant Maurice Arthur Brind, R.N.

Lieutenant Alexander Stuart Mackay, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieutenant (tempy. Lieutenant) Hew Cockburn Hedderwick, R.N.V.R.

Sub-Lieutenant His Royal Highness Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, R.N.

Midshipman Alec Edward Dodington, R.N.

Midshipman Nevill Glennie Garnons-Williams, R.N.

Engineer Commander Herbert Brooks Moorshead, R.N.

Engineer Commander Cecil Henry Alec Bermingham, R.N.

Engineer Commander Mark Rundle, R.N.

Engineer Commander David Edward Duke, R.N.

Engineer Commander William Reginald Crawford, R.N.

Engineer Commander William Pascho Cunday Spriddle, R.N.

Engineer Commander George Herbert Fletcher, R.N.

Engineer Commander Charles de Faye Messervy, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander James Bell Nicholson, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander William Smith, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Johnston Foulkes, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander David Duncan Cuninghame, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Sidney Gordon Wheeler, R.N.

Major Arthur Phayre Grattan, R.M.L.I.

Captain Alexander George William Grierson, R.M.L.I.

The Rev. Percy Herbert Jones, M.A., Chaplain, R.N.

Naval Instructor George Herbert Andrew, M.A., R.N.

Fleet Surgeon John Hunter Pead, M.B., M.A., R.N.

Fleet Surgeon Harold Paget Jones, R.N.

Fleet Surgeon Arthur Richard Harrie Skey, M.B., R.N.

Fleet Surgeon John Reid Muir, M.B., R.N.

Surgeon Horace Elliot Rose Stephens, M.B., R.N.

Surgeon (tempy.) Horace Palmer Margetts, R.N.

Fleet Paymaster John Anthony Keys, R.N.

Fleet Paymaster Charles Scrivener Wonham, R.N.

Fleet Paymaster William Davenport Sarratt, R.N.

Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Gilbert Blurton, R.N.V.R.

Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Neil Macleod, R.N.V.R.

Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Carl Knight Cullen, R.N.V.R.

Gunner Jesse Hannat Mack, R.N.

Chief Gunner Michael Hall, R.N.

Chief Gunner Leonard Slight, R.N.

Chief Boatswain Henry Valentine Roberts, R.N.

Chief Artificer Engineer William Alfred Hook, R.N.

Gunner Richard Gould, R.N.

Gunner Thomas McConnell, R.N.

Gunner Frederick Joseph Coulton, R.N.

Gunner Henry Jackson Epworth, R.N.

Gunner Charles Henry Young, R.N.

Gunner Richard Francis MacDermott, R.N.

Artificer Engineer Ernest Thaxter, R.N.


Staff of Commander-in-Chief.


Commander Roger Mowbray Bellairs, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Herbert Fitzherbert, R.N.

Paymaster Cunningham Prior, R.N.





The following despatch has also been received from Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet:


SIR,- With reference to my despatch of 24th June, 1916 after full and careful consideration of the recommendations for promotion received from Flag Officers commanding Squadrons and Officers in command of Flotillas, the following lists are submitted for the favourable consideration of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.



Commanders to Captain.


Walter Lingen Allen. H.M.S. "Broke" was very badly damaged and casualties very great, but the morale seems to have been unshaken and the ship was successfully steamed back to port.


The Hon. Arthur Lionel Ochoncar Forbes-Sempill. A very able executive officer, who had the arrangements for fire, repair and other parties extremely well organised, and who was of great help throughout the action.


Joseph Charles Walrond Henley. Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: - Commander Henley rendered me very valuable assistance as my Flag-Commander during the action, and has done very valuable work in the gunnery training of the squadron. He is a most excellent and capable officer. He has served as my Flag-Commander and Second in Command of my Flagship during the past five years, and was of the greatest assistance to me in the occupation and administration of Scutari in 1913. He has been previously recommended for promotion by me.


Edward Astley Rushton. Displayed great promptitude and powers of leadership, especially during and after the night action of 31 May, in which "Southampton" suffered considerably in casualties and damage. Was skilful and resourceful in effecting temporary repairs in a rising sea. Strongly recommended.


Berwick Curtis. Carried out an operation on the night of 31st May-1 June with conspicuous skill, gallantry and success.


George William McOran Campbell. Throughout the various actions handled his division with great ability, sinking an enemy destroyer with his division. Attacked enemy battle squadron in company with flotilla, and undoubtedly assisted in blowing up one enemy battleship.


Arthur Goodenough Craufurd. The captain of the "Tiger" reports that he cannot speak too highly of the valuable and untiring work of this officer between decks under the most painful and trying conditions.


The Hon. Reginald Aylmer Ranfurley Plunkett. Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports: "Was most valuable in observing the effect of our fire, thereby enabling me to take advantage of the enemy's discomfiture."


Francis Arthur Marten. Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports: "Was of great assistance to the Commodore throughout the action. The work of the light cruisers was very much to be commended."


Lieutenant-Commanders to Commander.


Guy Charles Cecil Royle. Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: "It was entirely owing to his organisation and work that the ship fired so extremely well, quickly and accurately, during the action, especially so after she had been struck by a torpedo and took up a considerable list. He is a very efficient and capable officer."


Geoffrey Charles Candy. Strongly recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Martyn Jerram for his work in connection with the wireless telegraphy of the squadron.


Henry Purdon Boyd. Recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee for valuable work.


Richard Wyville Bromley. Remained exposed outside the conning tower, and, in spite of being wounded in leg, arm and neck, took his captain personal reports of the various damages suffered and got the ship in tow afterwards.


Paul Whitfield (now prisoner of war in Germany). In command of "Nomad," made a most gallant attack on the enemy battle-cruisers, after having assisted to drive off an enemy flotilla which was endeavouring to attack our battle-cruisers. "Nomad" was disabled by shell fire from the enemy battlecruisers, and subsequently sank.


Gerald Fortescue Longhurst. Gunnery officer of "Lion." This officer controlled the fire of "Lion" with the greatest coolness, courage and skill, and inflicted immense damage on the enemy.


Cecil Burnaby Prickett. Gunnery officer of "Princess Royal." Controlled the fire of "Princess Royal" under very difficult conditions with conspicuous success. This is the third time he has controlled the fire of a battle-cruiser in action. A most efficient and resourceful officer. Strongly recommended.


Lachlan Donald Ian MacKinnon. First Lieutenant and gunnery officer. By his zeal and skill obtained excellent results. Under his control the firing of the ship was accurate and rapid.


Charles Gwillim Robinson. In command of "Engadine." Was prompt in sending up a seaplane to scout. Handled his ship in a skilful and seamanlike manner, and towed "Warrior" for 75 miles, subsequently succeeding in taking off her crew, thus saving their lives.


Geoffrey Corlett. Led his division into action in a most gallant manner and fought a successful action with enemy destroyers, in which they were forced to retire.


John Cronyn Tovey. For the persistent and determined manner in which he attacked enemy ships as occasion offered, even though his destroyer was disabled by shell fire and unable to proceed at more than 10 knots.


Robert Stedman MacFarlan. This officer's coolness, ability and resource, especially after he had had a miraculous escape in the torpedo control tower, was most praiseworthy, and the fact that very few communications and lighting failed is entirely due to this officer's work both before and during the action.


Stephen Dowell Tillard. Recommended for good service in action.


Errol Manners. Executive officer of "Comus" and gunnery officer of the Squadron. An excellent officer, already strongly recommended for promotion, who has contributed very materially to the good gunnery work of the squadron.


Reginald Stannus Goff. This officer reported immediately presence of enemy. Subsequently he exhibited initiative with success, and eventually escorted "Porpoise" back to harbour and berthed her alongside in a most seamanlike manner.


Clarence Walter Eyre Trelawny. This officer, by skilful handling of his ship, managed to ram an enemy cruiser instead of being rammed by her, thereby saving his ship. He showed great coolness and afterwards successfully returned to harbour with his ship in a very damaged condition.


John Ouchterlony Barren. This officer stood by the "Shark" under a very heavy fire, and although engine-room was wrecked and steering gear broken down and the ship a practical wreck, he successfully, by the aid of "Nonsuch," returned into harbour.


Gerald Charles Wynter. Seeing "Castor" being engaged with two enemy ships, closed them and fired a torpedo at the second enemy ship. This was followed by an explosion. It may be taken for certain that it was "Magic's" torpedo that struck the second ship in the enemy's line.


Eric Quintin Carter. Handled his ship with skill and judgment, as is usual with this officer.


Edwin Anderson Homan. This officer handled his ship with great skill throughout the action under difficult circumstances.






Ralph Frederick Seymour (Flag Lieutenant-Commander). Sir David Beatty reports: - Carried out his duties with great coolness on the manoeuvring platform, and maintained efficient communications under the most difficult circumstances despite the fact that his signalling appliances were continually shot away.


Stephen St. Leger Moore. Commodore Le Mesurier reports: - This very promising officer has served as 1st and (G) of "Calliope" since the ship commissioned, and has been of the very greatest assistance to me in every way, while a large portion of the credit due for the gunnery efficiency of the ship is his.




Sub-Lieutenants to Lieutenant.


Charles Saumarez Daniel. Performed very good service as officer in charge of a turret.


John Catterall Leach. Performed very good service as officer in charge of a turret.


Douglas Stanley Swanston. Controlled the 6-inch guns with marked ability, hitting the enemy destroyers, and is believed to have sunk one.


Harry William Algernon Kemmis. For taking command and bringing the ship back to harbour after the commanding officer and first lieutenant had been killed.


Eric Vernon Lees. Rendered invaluable service in attending the wounded for five hours after a shell had struck the ship and killed two officers (one of whom was the surgeon) and five men, and wounded seven.


Leicester Charles Assheton St. John Curzon-Howe. In charge of fore transmitting station and carried out his duties in a manner specially to be commended. Was mentioned in despatches after the action of the Falkland Islands.


Roderick Larken Moore. Is reported by his commanding officer to have been of invaluable assistance, taking charge of the torpedo armament with excellent results.


Roger Prideaux Selby. In charge of the transmitting room, the working of which was in every way admirable. Showed coolness in dangerous situations.


Robert Reginald Gibbons. For good service in action. He has only recently recovered from wounds received in action of 24th January, 1915.


Francis Adrian Blaydes Haworth-Booth. Recommended for good service in action.


Herbert Annesley Packer. Was in charge of "A" turret during the action, and is an extremely able officer.


Eric Sydney Brand. He was of the very greatest assistance to the gunnery officer throughout the action.






John Gerald Yerburgh Loveband. Performed very good service as control officer of secondary armament.


George Sidney Godolphin Cavendish. Performed very good service as control officer of secondary armament.


Humphrey Ranulph Brand. Strongly recommended for excellent service.


Newton James Wallop William-Powlett. Very strongly recommended. This officer showed wonderful coolness under most trying circumstances, and his pluck and cheerfulness after the ship sank was certainly the means of saving the lives of several who would have otherwise given in and succumbed. Captain (D), 4th Flotilla, reports: "I cannot speak too highly of this young officer's conduct throughout."


Herbert Claude Millett. Strongly recommended for good service in action.


George Evelyn Paget How. Recommended for good service in action.


Cecil Spurstow Miller. In command of the 4-inch guns' crews, most of whom were killed or wounded. Sub-Lieutenant Miller, himself very badly injured and burnt by shell-fire, stuck to his work, reorganised what was left, and set a fine example.




Alfred Bowman. Second officer of "Y" turret. Highly commended by his officer of the turret for good work during the action.


Matthew McClure. In charge of forecastle group of 4-inch guns. Wounded by a shell splinter, but continued to carry on.





Engineer Lieutenant-Commander to Engineer Commander.


Arthur Lee Picton. Recommended for good service in action.


Engineer Lieutenant to Engineer Lieutenant-Commander.


Geoffrey Morgan. Captain Molteno, late of "Warrior," reports : - ''Utmost gallantry and conspicuous devotion to duty in remaining in the engine rooms after the explosion and endeavouring to take action for the safety of the ship, by which delay he was imprisoned under the grating for over two hours, and very narrowly escaped losing his life by drowning, scalding and suffocation. Was almost overcome when rescued. He afterwards took part with energy and coolness in the work of salving the ship. This officer, under the able supervision of Engineer Commander Kitching, has run the engine-room department extremely well, and greatly increased 'Warrior's' steaming efficiency."




Engineer Commanders.


William Toop. Rendered most valuable services after the ship was struck by a torpedo, and his excellent work in keeping the water under in the flooded compartments was largely instrumental in the saving of the ship. He is a most capable engineer officer.


Herbert Brooks Moorshead. His zeal and ability and care of the main and auxiliary engines and boilers throughout the war, and coolness in action, contributed largely to the efficient working of the engineroom department in the action on 31st May.


John Downie Wilson. For the great efficiency of the engine-room department and the example he set to his officers and men during a period of considerable stress, steaming at between 18 and 20 knots for four consecutive days.


Charles Frederick Dunn. Senior Engineer Commander in the 5th Battle Squadron. The Captain of "Warspite" reports:- "I consider that this officer is worthy of reward, as the efficiency of his department has proved to be excellent, and no further remarks are necessary beyond the fact that I was able to obtain full speed whenever I deemed it safe, considering the damage the ship had sustained from shell fire."


John Benjamin Hewitt. Recommended for service in action.


Engineer Lieutenant-Commanders.


Bertram Harvey. The Senior Engineer Lieutenant-Commander in the 2nd Battle Squadron. Very highly recommended by his Captain.


Harold Benjamin Main. Was appointed to "Canada" whilst completing, and has carried out the duties of Senior Engineer since the ship joined the Squadron in a most satisfactory manner. The Engineer Captain speaks very highly of him.


Harold Edwin Brook. For services as Senior Engineer of "Valiant," and largely responsible for the high speed maintained.


Albert Knothe. The Captain of "Indomitable" reports that it is principally due to this officer that the ship steamed during the action faster than ever before. A most efficient officer, strongly recommended for promotion. Was mentioned in Vice-Admiral Beatty's despatch after the action of 24th January, 1915.


Arthur Ellis Lester, D.S.O. Recommended for good service in action.


Engineer Lieutenants.


William David Smith. Senior Engineer of "Calliope." Responsible, under the Engineer Commander, for the excellent steaming of the ship and behaviour of the engine-room department during the action.


Temporary Engineer Sub-Lieutenants.


Harry Hunter. Was in charge of "A" boiler-room, and kept steam regulated under very trying conditions, with the boiler-room full of smoke and fumes. He afterwards went to the hydraulic engine-rooms and endeavoured to cope with the damage to S.F. Hydraulic E.R., and afterwards made temporary repairs to the port telemotor pipes.


Mackenzie Dallas. By promptness and at great danger personally assisted in directing and heading the hoses and arresting the spread of igniting cordite.





Major Arthur George Troup, R.M.A. Recommended for service in action.


Captain Robert Edgar Kilvert, R.M.A. Was in command of "X" turret during the action, and as commanding officer of the Marine detachment, is recommended as having specially contributed to the general efficiency of the ship.


Captain Richmond Campbell Shakespear Waller, R.M.L.I. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "This officer has served continuously in the Home and Grand Fleet from April, 1913, and has been in charge of the wireless organisation of a Battle Squadron since the commencement of hostilities. This squadron was composed of new ships of various types which had been hurriedly completed and the work entailed in bringing the wireless installations of ships designed for foreign powers' into effective working order was carried out entirely satisfactorily. Is unceasing in his endeavours to improve the wireless of the squadron, and has been of valuable assistance since I have been in command; an excellent Marine Officer."


Lieutenant Harold Marsland Franks, R.M.A. Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports: "W/T Officer on my Staff. Showed great skill and resource in maintaining the vitally important wireless communications throughout the action, despite the fact that aerials were shot away and required constant repair. An officer of high technical skill."


Lieutenant Henry Loftus Mitchell McCausland, R.M.L.I. The senior marine subaltern in the squadron. Very highly recommended by his captain.





Fleet Surgeons.


Robert Hill, C.V.O. The principal Medical Officer of the Fleet Flagship and on my staff. His excellent organisation and services before and after the action were of great assistance, and contributed much to the well-being of the wounded.


Arthur Reginald Bankart, C.V.O., M.B., K.H.P. Has organised his department for action in a most efficient manner.


Alexander Maclean, M.B. Performed his exhausting duties with the greatest zeal and courage. The medical staff was seriously depleted by casualties. The wounded and dying had to be dressed under very difficult conditions on the mess deck, which was flooded with a foot of water from damaged fire mains. Fleet Surgeon Maclean has suffered considerably since the action from his devotion to duty.


Ernest Alfred Penfold, M.B. Was in the fore medical distributing station when a heavy shell burst just outside, killing and wounding many. Fleet Surgeon Penfold was himself knocked down and bruised and shaken, but personally assisted in the removal of wounded and afterwards tended the wounded with unremitting skill and devotion for forty hours without rest. His example was invaluable in keeping up the morale of the wounded and of the medical party under very trying conditions.


Christopher Louis White Bunton, M.B. Did good work, being hard pressed with many sudden casualties of a serious nature.


Staff Surgeon.


Arthur Reginald Schofield, M.B. For skilful and untiring attention to the wounded.


Temporary Surgeon.


Richard Stocker Carey. For skilful and untiring attention to the wounded.


Fleet Paymasters.


Charles Henry Rowe. Has voluntarily undertaken the duties of Rate-keeper in the fore-top, which he has with great zeal trained himself to perform with great efficiency. During the action he was of great assistance to the Fire Control, being cool and accurate in his work.


Harold Boxer Pearson. Recommended for good service.


Staff Paymasters.


Herbert Patrick William George Murray (Secretary). Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: - Rendered me very valuable personal services as my secretary both during and before the action. His valuable services as my secretary have now extended over a period of ten years.




James Meade Loughnan Cusack. Recommended for good service in action.


Harry Sampson Orchard. Recommended for good service in action.


Assistant Paymasters.


Clarence Teasdale-Buckell (Acting Paymaster). Recommended for good service in action.


Geoffrey Thomas Smyth (Secretary) (Acting Paymaster). Commodore Le Mesurier reports:-In charge of coding staff during the action, and has been of great assistance to me in every way as my secretary.


Harry Ewart Flint (Acting Assistant Paymaster). Recommended for good service in action.





Chief Gunner to Lieutenant.


Alexander Grant. With the greatest zeal and coolness went from magazine to magazine to encourage the crews in maintaining a rapid supply of ammunition, also in taking charge of fire parties under Lieutenant Walker and extinguishing several extensive fires.


Carpenters to Chief Carpenter.


John William Sparks. The captain of "Princess Royal" reports that the indefatigable resource of this officer in dealing with fires and damage throughout the action was in the highest degree admirable and a splendid example to all who saw it.


Henry Ham. Rendered invaluable service with repair parties, and was conspicuous in directing men until wounded.




Chief Gunners.


Edwin Stanley Norman. Recommended for good service in action.


John Dick Jamieson. A most reliable and trustworthy officer of exceptional ability.


Edward Fox. Recommended for good service in action.


William James Cann. This Commissioned Warrant Officer was appointed to H.M.S. "Canada" whilst completing, and has carried out his duties in a most able manner. There have been very few of the difficulties usually experienced in ships designed for foreign powers, and this fact is largely attributable to him.


Charles Richard Ponton. Recommended for good service in action.


Harry Hoggett. Recommended for good service in action.


Joshua Ernest George Chubb. Recommended for good service in action.




William James Newton. Recommended for good service in action.


John Williams. Recommended for good service in action.


Herbert Daniel Jehan. Stationed in "Iron Duke's" lower top as principal control officer of the 6-inch guns. These guns were employed during the action in repelling two attacks of German t.b.d.'s on our battle fleet, and were controlled with coolness and good judgment, as a result of which one German t.b.d. was seen to sink.


George Ernest Freeme. Recommended for good service in action.


William Johnston. The rapid rate of fire maintained by "Marlborough" was largely due to this officer's able performance of his duties as director layer.


Chief Boatswain.


George Enock Turner. The senior chief boatswain in the 2nd Battle Squadron and 3rd on list of chief boatswains. A very conscientious and capable officer.




William Henry Fenn. Specially recommended. Was in charge of the after repair party and worked in fumes until he was overcome and removed. He returned again to the same work as soon as he had regained consciousness, and rendered invaluable services. Mr. Fenn had only returned from hospital the day before the action and was on light duty.


Signal Boatswains.


Ernest Albert Dunk Collins. Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: - Rendered excellent service during the action in charge of the signal staff, and also, after the transfer of my flag, reorganised the signal staff very quickly into one suitable for a flagship.


John Joseph Gowen. Recommended for good service in action.


Harry Albert Pitt. Mr. Pitt was on deck throughout the action and did excellent work.


Chief Carpenters.


George Campbell Grant. The captain of "Superb" speaks most highly of this officer's suitability for carpenter lieutenant. He has served in "Superb" for the whole war.


Albert Edward Scarlett. The senior chief carpenter in 2nd Cruiser Squadron. Recommended for good service in action.


Alfred Edward Lamb. The senior chief carpenter in 2nd Battle Squadron. A very capable and thoroughly efficient officer.




William Ernest Mutton. Recommended for good service in action.


Charles Alfred Morley Brown. Recommended for good service in action.


George Emmerson. Recommended for good service in action.


William Morrissey. Rendered excellent services after the ship was torpedoed and on passage to port.


Chief Artificer Engineer.


James Henry Fenton. Performed good service in stopping gaps caused by carrying away of foremost funnel and damage to second funnel, thus preserving considerably the steaming capabilities of the ship.


Commissioned Mechanician.


 Clayton Hartnup. Recommended for good service in action.


Artificer Engineers.


Joseph Fegan. Rendered valuable service during the action and after the ship had been struck by a torpedo.


William Perry Hill. For efficient work and good leadership in repairing damage to the ship.


Frederick Samuel Heath. A very capable officer.


Gilbert Mager McWhirter. Recommended for good service in action.


Thomas John Gard. Recommended for good service in action.


Charles Keeling. Displayed conspicuous resource and initiative at a critical period.


Francis William John Patterson. For exceptionally good work in charge of the stokeholds.


Royal Marine Gunners.


George Allan. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "This officer has served afloat for the whole of the war and is the Senior Warrant Officer, R.M., in the Squadron. He was recommended for commissioned rank by the Squadron selection committee on 14th January, 1916. Is fully worthy of promotion."


John Edward Flower. Recommended for good service in action.


Warrant Telegraphist.


Samuel Lewington. Was in charge of the auxiliary W./T. cabinet during the whole, operations, and carried out his work with conspicuous coolness and ability.





Lieutenant, R.N.R., to Commander, R.N.R.


Robert Milne Porter. After having been severely burned in the cordite explosion at No. 2 starboard 6-inch gun, Lieutenant Porter personally superintended the extinction of the fire and removal of wounded, and remained at his post for two hours after, when swelling from burns had closed his eyes and rendered his hands useless. His condition when he reached the medical party was critical.




Lieutenants, R.N.R,


Robert Beaufin Irving. Recommended for good service in action.


Reginald Slaughter Triggs. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "Is the Senior R.N.R. Lieutenant in the Squadron. He has served in H.M.S. 'Canada' since commissioning in June, 1915, and prior to that, whilst serving in H.M.S. 'Chatham,' was wounded in action at the Rufigi River, where he lost the use of his right arm."


Bertram Elliott. Recommended for good service in action.


Reginald John Finlow. Recommended for good service in action.


Charles Leonard Dettmar. Ably carried out his duties as a turret officer during the action. He is an exceptionally able officer, strongly recommended for promotion by his commanding officer.


John Alexander Macdonald (Acting). Recommended for good service in action.


Wilfrid Charters (Acting). Ably performed his duty in charge of 6-inch guns during the action.


William Groggan Lalor (Acting). Ably performed his duties as a turret officer during the action.


Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.R.


Jeremiah Aylmer Bunting. This officer carried out his duties as officer of quarters in the 6-inch battery in a most praiseworthy manner while the ship was under heavy fire.


Temporary Midshipman, R.N.R.


Charles Gordon Denning. For the cool and skilful way in which he, as officer of the quarters, while continuously under heavy fire, controlled the foremost 4-inch gun, the primary control having broken down.


Assistant Paymaster, R.N.R.


Thomas Emrys Daniel. Recommended for good service in action.


Warrant Engineers, R.N.R.


Stanley Perigrine Oxnard. For efficient work and good leadership in repairing damage to the ship.


John Cameron Allen. For exceptionally good work in charge of the stokeholds.


Lieutenants, R.N.V.R.


 Leonard Bampfylde Cogan. Recommended by Commodore commanding for good service during the action.


Alexander Percy McMullen. Ably carried out his duties in charge of 12-inch transmitting station.


William Cleveland Stevens. For good organisation of W./T. department.


Surgeon, R.N.V.R.


William James Aitken Quine, M.B. For his assiduous care of and attention to the wounded, of whom he was in sole charge for over 40 hours, the Staff Surgeon having been severely wounded.




29752 - 15 SEPTEMBER 1916




Admiralty, 15th September, 1916.


With reference to the Despatch of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet, published in the London Gazette of Thursday, 6th July, 1916, the following awards have been approved in connection with the recommendations of the Commander-in-Chief for services rendered by Petty Officers and men of the Grand Fleet in the action in the North Sea on the 31st May-1st June, 1916.


The following Petty Officers and men are commended for good services in action on the occasion above referred to:

Stoker Petty Officer Herbert Allen, O.N. 309891.

Petty Officer Telegraphist David Allen, O.N. 238656.

Chief Stoker Frederick Aldred, O.N. 296182.

Sick Berth Steward Charles Robert Allwright, O.N. 351201.

Chief Petty Officer William Alfred Attwood, O.N. 170923.

Petty Officer Telegraphist. Edward Ashdown, O.N. 218097.

Sergeant Archer William Balcombe, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./E/15620 (killed in action May 31st, 1916).

Corporal William Broadbridge, O.N. R.M.A. 7401.

Chief Stoker Absalom Lewis Bond, O.N. 288599.

Shipwright, First Class, George Harold Brown, O.N. 343438.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Sidney Harcourt Burchell, O.N. 347118.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Frederick Samuel Billing, O.N. 171648.

Stoker Petty Officer Charles Broadbridge, O.N. 302139.

Stoker Petty Officer Francis William Baglin, O.N. 170880.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Samuel Alfred Brooks, O.N. 202192.

Chief Stoker John Dormer Brunsdon, O.N. 282475.

Petty Officer George Brummage, O.N. 189177.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Thomas Abraham Bacon, O.N. 268208.

Able Seaman Frederick Barnett, O.N. J.22583.

Boy Telegraphist William Barrett, O.N. J.32800.

Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Sydney Bentley, O.N. 271441.

Petty Officer, First Class, Albert Richard Brotherton, O.N. 184902.

Leading Stoker Thomas Blythin, O.N. 311671.

Acting Leading Stoker Albert Bignell, O.N. K.10416.

Stoker, First Class, James Henry Bignell, O.N. K.16875.

Able Seaman Hubert Samuel Bevis, O.N. 214513.

Able Seaman Alfred Godbee Butt, O.N. J.22698.

Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Harry Bickerton, O.N. 271534.

Sergeant Harry Clement Barlow, O.N. R.M.A./5729.

Petty Officer Fred Barber, O.N. 234028.

Able Seaman Cyril Bernard Brown, O.N. J.13135.

Ordinary Seaman Frederick Baker, O.N. J.43073.

Chief Petty Officer Henry Bolton, O.N. 169563.

Leading Seaman Percy Thomas Belsey, O.N. 207845.

Chief Stoker James Breen, O.N. 285044.

Acting Chief Petty Officer Samuel Lucas Baily, O.N. 179142.

Sergeant John Clerk, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./12415.

Mechanician John Cutlan, O.N. 277102.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Alfred Charles Cornhill, O.N. 346923.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Edgar Crompton, O.N. 167762.

Ship's Corporal, First Class, Godfrey Maxwell Cunningham, O.N. 230562.

Yeoman of Signals William Henry John Campin, O.N. 188438.

Petty Officer, First Class, Alfred Ernest Coulson, O.N. 169119.

Chief Petty Officer Alexander George Clarke, O.N. 187324.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, George William Coy, O.N. M.5765.

Chief Sick Berth Steward Arthur George Camm, O.N. 350316.

Gunner Edward Andrew Crawley, O.N. R.M.A./11620 (R.F.R.).

Chief Stoker James David Cousins, O.N. 355819.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Ernest Henry Cox, O.N. 204575.

Able Seaman Andrew Anderson Campbell, O.N. J.4337.

Sergeant Frederick Cox, O.N. R.M.A./6668.

Leading Signalman William Cassin, O.N. 230273.

Leading Telegraphist Frederick Castell, O.N. 239676.

Acting Chief Petty Officer Robert George Carson, O.N. 188419.

Stoker, First Class, William Curling Cox, O.N. K.20131.

Ship's Steward Albert Edward Dannan, O.N. 341777.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frank Dymond, O.N. 268895.

Stoker, First Class, Edward Dolphin, O.N. SS.102049 (R.F.R., Po./B.3976).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, William Alexander Dobbie, O.N. 269503.

Carpenter's Crew Edward Dexter, O.N. M.4280.

Petty Officer John Deacon, O.N. 188544.

Leading Stoker William Dane, O.N. 302668.

Chief Petty Officer John Edward Dudley, O.N. 155360.

Chief Petty Officer Amos George Dixey, O.N. 157189.

Able Seaman Patrick Driscoll, O.N. 187409.

Able Seaman Sidney Thomas Ellis, O.N. J. 19903 (died 3rd June, 1916).

Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Frank England, O.N. 166534.

Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Edwin Cecil Evans, O.N. 271169.

Chief Stoker William John Emery, O.N. 276411.

Ordinary Telegraphist Alfred Herbert Gordon English, O.N. J. 29219.

Chief Petty Officer William Ewart, O.N. 158259.

Chief Petty Officer Grigg William Epsly, O.N. 158931.

Musician Arthur George Sylvester Flippence, O.N. R.M.B./1240.

Mechanician David Finney, O.N. 296786.

Officer's Steward, First Class, Herbert Foley, O.N. I.12.

Leading Telegraphist Edwin Vaughan Fossick, O.N. J.6580.

Stoker Petty Officer Edward John Farley, O.N. 311433.

Acting Chief Ship's Cook Stephen George Frampton, O.N. 346935.

Able Seaman Richard Fitzgerald, O.N, J.14910.

Stoker, Second Class, James Flynn, O.N, K.30357.

Colour Serjeant William Walter Finnigan, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9428.

Officer's Steward, First Class, Charles Alfred Gravatt, O.N. L.7991.

Petty Officer George Grace, O.N. 183231.

Chief Yeoman of Signals William Henry Gorman, O.N. 155156.

Mechanician William Henry Getheridge, O.N. 283060.

Petty Officer, First Class, Michael Gardiner, O.N. 157529.

Able Seaman Archibald Garden, O.N. J.11838.

Sick Berth Steward William Gardner, O.N. 350833.

Chief Shipwright Frederick Ernest Glew, O.N. 343870.

Private George William Green, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17270.

Second Sick Berth Steward Lewis Henry Gerbert, O.N. M.656.

Stoker Petty Officer Edward James Gardener, O.N. 293566.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Walter Gregg, O.N. 172902.

Leading Seaman Joshua Joseph Hunt, O.N. 193455.

Leading Seaman Albert Leopold Hill, O.N. 198728.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Bertie Walter Hooper, O.N. 270359.

Chief Stoker Robert Howard, O.N. 278884.

Petty Officer Charles Reginald Hoskin, O.N. 216764.

Petty Officer William Henry Hoyle, O.N. 231577.

Chief Stoker Frank Jesse Hooker, O.N. 168847.

Mechanician Edwin George Hayter, O.N. 280715.

Petty Officer Daniel Harrington, O.N. 204239.

Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Harry, O.N. 168336.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, George Harvey Heal, O.N. 269110.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Jonas Haigh, O.N. 347174.

Stoker Petty Officer Edward Thomas Hinds, O.N. 312358.

Armourer George William Heywood, O.N. 215881.

Chief Stoker Walter Thomas Hooker, O.N. 296038.

Second Sick Berth Steward Percy Claud Harvey, O.N. M.873.

Shipwright, First Class, John Thomas Theodore Honey, O.N. 342962.

Sick Berth Steward Titus Slater Howarth, O.N. 350832.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Gregory Gill Hill, O.N. 268572.

Serjeant William Thomas Hunt, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./13865.

Private William Arthur Hamilton, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17164.

Stoker Petty Officer Francis Frederick Hills, O.N. 282981.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Thomas William Hole, O.N. 271026.

Ship's Corporal, First Class, Edgar John Highams, O.N. 180760.

Petty Officer Charles William Ives, O.N. 208356.

Chief Petty Officer Harold Jones, O.N. 174722.

Chief Petty Officer Harry Thomas Jones, O.N. 167522.

Leading Stoker Leonard James Jordan, O.N. K.2243.

Chief Ship's Cook Tom Jupp, O.N. 343350.

Shipwright, First Class, William Gregory Jeanes, O.N. 342690.

Private Albert John Jenner, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./13882.

Petty Officer James Keane, O.N. 200142.

Chief Petty Officer Robert Kelly, O.N. 168607.

Lance-Serjeant Thomas Keirby, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./14045.

Stoker Petty Officer Richard Kennedy, O.N. 306205.

Leading Seaman Dennis Joseph Keogh (alias Kough), O.N. 177615.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Thomas Canniford Kingswell, O.N. 271972.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ernest Kerkin, O.N. 269940.

Ship's Steward George Kingsford, O.N. 342214.

Lance-Serjeant John Richard King, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./16673.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Knight, O.N. 165128.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard John Keating, O.N. M. 13499.

Chief Writer Ernest Alfred Lillicrap, O.N. 345836.

Bandmaster Henry Lodge, O.N. R.M.B./236.

Chief Stoker John William Lockhart, O.N. 161342.

Serjeant Frank Lefevre, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./7574.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Albert Large, O.N. 173079.

Ship's Steward Arthur James Litton, O.N. 158887.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Robert Charles Lee, O.N. 270022.

Serjeant Harry Richard Lucas, O.N. R.M.A./8139.

Chief Armourer William John Lewis, O.N. 173464.

Leading Seaman Ivor Lovell, O.N. 227762.

Shipwright, First Class, Bertie Lucas, O.N. 342958.

Able Seaman Percy Lawless, O.N. 204601 (R.F.R., Ch./B9282).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Thomas Henry Love, O.N. 268833.

Leading Stoker Matthew Lawson, O.N. 303088 (R.F.R., Ch./B5783).

Petty Officer Henry John Elliot Maxey, O.N. 200237.

Chief Petty Officer Frederick Lewis Marshall, O.N. 177751.

Chief Armourer Robert Daniel Mansell, O.N. 340456.

Petty Officer Tomson Matthews, O.N. 194798.

Leading Seaman Reginald Victor Ralph Morris, O.N. 234466.

Leading Stoker Thomas McGovern, O.N. K.5606.

Corporal John Mulligan, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./12809.

Sick Berth Attendant Stanley Russell Mortimore, O.N. M.4039.

Colour-Serjeant Richard Magson, O.N. R.M.A./7323.

Officer's Steward, First Class, John Miles, O.N. 111435.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred McDowall, O.N. 268308.

Petty Officer John Murray, O.N. 227816.

Able Seaman Arthur Oglesby Mudd, O.N. J.1649.

Serjeant Albert Ernest Murrell, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9785.

Leading Seaman Luke Martin, O.N. 231088.

Serjeant Edwin John Nichol, O.N. R.M.A./7449.

Chief Sick Berth Steward John Andrew Neal, O.N. 150394.

Chief Petty Officer Richard Oliver, O.N. 173710.

Chief Armourer Thomas Van Orden, O.N. 344837.

Shipwright, First Class, Charles Arthur Osborne, O.N. 341137.

Able Seaman Edwin Bourne Ollivant, O.N. 239302.

Able Seaman John Edward Potts, O.N. J.27056.

Boy, First Class, Percy Poyner, O.N. J.32778.

Chief Petty Officer William Henry Palmer, O.N. 159159.

Chief Stoker William Parkinson, O.N. 283984.

Stoker Petty Officer George Parmenter, O.N. 231316.

Colour-Serjeant William Haddon Potter, O.N. R.M.A./6669.

Second Sick Berth Steward William Henry Peard, O.N. 350676.

Chief Petty Officer Frederick William Pilcher, O.N. 166196.

Leading Seaman John Harry Pedrick, O.N. 230402.

Stoker, First Class, Reginald Prout, O.N. K. 13285.

Officer Steward, First Class, Albert Richard Poor, O.N. 355862.

Officer's Steward, First Class, Rodger Pisani, O.N. 356464.

Leading Seaman Reuben William Pearce, O.N. 155869.

Petty Officer Arthur Edwin Painter, O.N. 207636.

Leading Seaman Ernest Swinton Jubilee Pooley, O.N. 226131.

Private William John Patterson, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10319 (killed in action, 31st May, 1916).

Officer's Steward, Second Class, Frank Pook, O.N. 364787.

Petty Officer Henry Francis Pearce, O.N. 186833.

Stoker Petty Officer George Harry Pragnell, O.N. 309127.

Able Seaman Albert Edward Pethybridge, O.N. J.10961.

Chief Petty Officer James Rye, O.N. 181413.

Able Seaman William Reid, O.N. 226628.

Colour-Serjeant Leonard Daw Roberts, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10345.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Richard Ernest Rendle, O.N. 232535.

Serjeant John Reid, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9096.

Chief Petty Officer Walter Reed, O.N. 166190.

Shipwright, First Class, Albert Victor Revans, O.N. 343752.

Chief Armourer Edward Thomas Reeve, O.N. 285401.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Edward Frank Roser, O.N. M.2331.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Alexander Daniel Reid, O.N. M. 17544.

Acting Yeoman of Signals Percy Frederick Redfern, O.N. 213400.

Stoker, First Class, William Roberts, O.N. K.1715.

Chief Petty Officer James Henry Leaker Rundle, O.N. 174753.

Master-at-Arms William Henry Scott, O.N. 150134.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Mark Skinner, O.N. 236888.

Chief Shipwright Richard James Seymour, O.N. 340108.

Serjeant Arthur Edward Stevens, O.N. R.M.A./5461.

Chief Writer William Henry Sleep, O.N. 341815.

Ship's Steward Albert John Sutton, O.N. 340487.

Petty Officer Lewis Silvers, O.N. 217783.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Percival Samuel Smith, O.N. 270763.

Colour-Serjeant Abraham Spooner, O.N. R.M.A./4980.

Serjeant Walter Edward Shaw, O.N. R.M.A./ 9887.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Charles John Stobart, O.N. 268939.

Able Seaman Charles Joseph Skelsey, O.N. 216707.

Stoker Petty Officer Clarence Sadgrove, O.N. K.4424.

Petty Officer John Lloyd Strevens, O.N. 196607.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Smith, O.N. 192159.

Boy, First Class, Herbert Stanley Sears, O.N. J.44436.

Leading Signalman Douglas Smith, O.N. 228073.

Private William Smith, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./14230 (killed in action 31st May, 1916).

Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Smith, O.N. 158152.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, John Vincent Shaw, O.N. M.113.

Chief Stoker Arthur Josiah Smith, O.N. 175369.

Chief Petty Officer William John Stacey, O.N. 160655.

Chief Stoker William Tink, O.N. 279464.

Chief Stoker William Henry Trowell, O.N. 284236.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard Thornton, M. 16481.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Alfred Turner, O.N. 268429.

Serjeant Henry Lynall Vale, O.N. R.M.A./ 9604.

Chief Yeoman of Signals George Whitby, O.N. 182090.

Petty Officer Telegraphist John Richard Wolley, O.N. J.966.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas White, O.N. 188436.

Chief Writer Lewis John Watkins, O.N. 342728.

Leading Telegraphist Edward John Weller, O.N. J.18942.

Stoker Petty Officer Robert Whiting, O.N. 284996.

Stoker, First Class, Patrick Walsh, O.N. 307219.

Chief Petty Officer William Williams, O.N. 175098.

Master-at-Arms Ernest Warnes, O.N. 176845.

Petty Officer James Weddick, O.N. 193944.

Yeoman of Signals Henry Samuel Wilmot, O.N. 188508.

Private Harry Willows, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./ 13761.

Ordinary Seaman Reginald Alfred Wise, O.N. J.31511.

Private Albert Victor Whatley, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./14500.

Stoker, First Class, James White, O.N. 293750.

Master-at-Arms Abel Thomas Woodcock, O.N. 156942.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, George Walmsley, O.N. 344920.

Mechanician Henry Augustus Woodman, O.N. 299053.

Chief Stoker Samuel Thomas Wade, O.N. 279953.

Leading Seaman Wilfred Walmsley, O.N. J.3765.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Henry Wood, O.N. 160143.

Ship's Steward Assistant Walter Wesley Wallace, O.N. M.9336.

Lance-Serjeant George Richard Westlake, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./10190.

Able Seaman Cyril John Woodhouse, O.N. J.14446.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Sydney Arthur Webber, O.N. 269544.

Stoker Petty Officer John Watson, O.N. 286751.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, James Benjamin Yarrell, O.N. 270083.

Canteen Assistant Frank Percival.

Canteen Assistant Walter Rutt.




29799 - 24 OCTOBER 1916




The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Act. Eng.-Cdr. James Richard Clay, R.D., R.N.R.

Lieut.-Cdr. William Charles Tarrant, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Herbert Percival, R.N.R.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Robert Dick Cruikshank, R.N.R.

Temp. Asst. Payr. Rowland Percival Henery, R.N.R. (now tempy. Lieut., R.N.V.R.).

Sub-Lieut. Alistair Gordon Cameron, R.N.R. (since killed).

Captain Harry Hesketh Smyth, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. (Act. Cdr.) John May, R.N.

Cdr. Anthony Hamilton, D.S.O., R.I.M.

Staff Surg. Ewen Cameron, M.B., R.N.

Surg. Frederick George Hitch, M.B., R.N.

Shipwright, 2nd Class, George Lewis Thomas, O.N. M6529.

Chief Petty Officer George Baker, O.N. 174322.

Chief Petty Officer Edmund Phillippo, O.N. 157137.

Master-at-Arms Samuel Rundle, O.N. 177278.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Charles Chapman, O.N. 184094.

Chief Armourer William Edmund Butchers, O.N. 144583.

Electrical Artificer, 4th Class, W. J. Hayward, O.N. M10926.

Petty Officer, 1st Class, Arthur Banfield James, O.N. 189089.

Acting Armourer Norvel Birkett Forster, O.N. M5914.

Leading Seaman William Albert Groves, R.N.V.R. (Bristol), O.N. Z56.

Signalman Leonard Prosser, R.N.V.R. (Wales), O.N. Z1176.

Serjeant William Perkins, R.M.A., No. R.M.A. 4736 (R.F.R.).

Private Joseph Henry Westall, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./18340.

Private Ernest Throssell, R.M.L.I., No. Po,/12120.

Seaman John Pritchard, R.N.R.. O.N. D1669.

Seaman William James Findlay, R.N.R., O.N. D1797.

Trimmer Robert Brown, Mercantile Rating.

Petty Officer William J. Day, O.N. 223407.

Yeoman of Signals John Thirsk, O.N. 188930.

Petty Officer Charles Henry Parker, O.N. 217255.

Chief Armourer Alfred Hutchings, O.N. 156566.

Yeoman of Signals Walter Seager Briden, O.N. 184374.

Greaser William Dawkins (1), Mercantile Rating.

Fireman Barclay McCann, Mercantile Rating.





The following Petty Officers and men of the Grand Fleet are commended for service in action in the Battle of Jutland, in addition to those whose names appear in the Supplement to the London Gazette dated 15th September, 1916, pages 9088-9092:

Leading Seaman Samuel Alexander, O.N. 218200.

Leading Seaman Walter Bamsey, O.N. 179421.

Chief Sick Berth Steward John George Beal, O.N. 350310.

Armourer Joseph Bellamy, O.N. 342546.

Shipwright, First Class, Harold Percy Bennett, O.N. 344929.

Leading Seaman Frederick Butterfield, O.N. 233629.

Ship's Steward's Assistant Jeremiah Connor, O.N. 101741.

Leading Seaman John William Dunn, O.N. 219279.

Yeoman of Signals Arthur Friche, O.N. 201690.

Leading Seaman Walter Henry Fryer, O.N. J11138.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Montague John Gates, O.N. 356819.

Ship's Steward Walter John Gunn, O.N. 344206.

Leading Telegraphist Stanley Hodkinson, O.N. J8408.

Leading Seaman George Jennings Hulin, O.N. 210386.

Leading Seaman Alfred Edward Jordan, O.N. 211642.

Second Sick Berth Steward Vincent Lloyd, O.N. 351515.

Second Sick Berth Steward George William Light, O.N. 351480.

Leading Telegraphist Harold Edward George Newman, O.N. J8459.

Petty Officer Thomas Henry Olding, O.N. 176958.

Petty Officer William George Pearce, O.N. 202973.

Stoker, 1st Class, Robert Henry Regan, O.N. K7416.

Yeoman of Signals Frank Rockett, O.N. 202040.

Able Seaman Arthur James Rudge, O.N. J6982.

Petty Officer William John Albert Shaw, O.N. 183132.

Leading Signalman William Stewart, O.N, 225199.

Petty Officer William Arthur Wakeling, O.N. 182241 (now Acting Gunner (T.) ).

Boy, 1st Class, Robert Walker, O.N. J35521.

Able Seaman Frank Robert Watte, O.N, J25427.

Stoker Petty Officer Alfred James Webb, O.N. 292141.

Stoker Petty Officer George David Wyeth, O.N. 308925.

Stoker, 1st Class, William Yeo, O.N. K12465.




29877 - 22 DECEMBER 1916




..... orders for the publication of the names of the undermentioned officers and men - of the British Mercantile Marine - in the London Gazette as having received an expression of Commendation for their services:


To be Commended for good service.

Second Officer David Taws.

Chief Officer David Peace.

W./T. Operator R. C. Older.

Chief Officer James Smith Barr.

Chief Engineer Hugh Valentine Davidson.

Chief Engineer Colin Hamilton Smith.

Chief Officer John Blacklock.

Chief Engineer William Cameron.

Cadet Fred Binnion.

Second Officer Hugh Owen Davies.

Chief Engineer John Crighton.

Captain Andrew Hunter Jenkins.

Chief Engineer Charles Jones.

Captain John Rees Jones.

Captain William Tranter.

Chief Engineer Joseph Price Rich.

Chief Officer Harold Oswald Read.

Second Engineer Henry Fortune Suddes.

W./T. Operator John Rea.

Captain Henry Rattray.

Captain Thomas Bishop Jago.

Captain Thomas Ross Bannerman (since supposed drowned).

Chief Officer Walter Rankin (since supposed drowned).

Chief Officer Charles Edward Stiff.

Chief Engineer Richard Smith.

Captain James Donald Jackson.

Chief Officer William Piper.

Chief Engineer William Morralee.

Captain John Howgate.

Chief Engineer Herbert Edwin Dixon.

Captain James Cargill Murray.

Captain Thomas Martin.

Chief Engineer Charles O'Neill.

Chief Officer Thomas Myles.

Second Engineer Morris Thomas Williams.

Chief Officer John Herbert Rhodes.

Chief Engineer John McDonald.

Captain Llewellyn Mathias Bevan.

Chief Officer Arthur Samuels Blues.

Chief Engineer Joseph William Osborn Winter.

Captain Alfred George Fry.

Chief Officer Michael John Kearney.

Chief Engineer John Douglas Crawford.

Captain Peter Blacklock.

Chief Officer Richard Henry Hore.

Chief Engineer William Neill.

Chief Engineer Frank Arnold Goodison.

Captain Francis Allen Holder.

Captain Henry Stalker Southward.

Captain Charles Matthews.

Captain Jonathan Evans.

Captain Isaac Jones.

Captain Alexander Hughes.

Captain John James Porterfield.

Captain Benjamin Dowse.

Captain George Arthur Hope Flynn.

Captain Frederick Manley (Lt.-Comdr. R.N.R.).

Captain George Robert Avis Mastin.

Captain George Walter Heslop.

Captain Philip Orren Arkley.

Captain John Hill.

Captain William Reginald Miller.

Captain George Samuel Gillard (Lt.-Comdr. R.N.R., retired).

Captain Henry Ingoe Gibson.

Captain Herbert Palmer Claridge.

Chief Engineer John Hunter.

Second Engineer Hugh Ernest Rees.

Third Engineer Edgar C. Kilgour.

Chief Engineer Thomas Martin.

Captain David Thompson.

Captain Leonard Barnett.

Skipper John Randles.




29886 - 29 DECEMBER 1916




The following Officers and Men are Commended for their services in the Battle of Jutland:

Eng. Capt. Archie Russell Emdin, R.N.

Cdr. Guy Plantagenet Bigg-Wither, R.N.

Cdr. Wilfred Frankland French, R.N.

Flt. Payr. Harold Rodham, R.N.

Flt. Lieut.-Cdr. Sydney Hopkins, R.N.

Payr. John Duncan Macaulay Cavanagh, R.N.

Lieut, the Hon. Charles Alexander Colville, R.N.

Asst. Payr. Harold Charles Frederick Foot, R.N.

C.P.O. John Coleman, O.N. 181335 (Dev.).

Ch. Shipwt. Arthur Edward Foster, O.N. 340426 (Po.).

Ch. Yeo. Sigs. Oscar Charlton Cox, O.N. 169907 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 1 Cl., Frederick Charles Selway, O.N. 268407 (Ch.).

Act. C.E.R.A., 2 Cl., Archibald Frank Tammadge, O.N. 271180.

P.O. Ernest Southcott, O.N. 190561 (Dev.).

P.O. William Henry Winsor, O.N. 193243 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Henry Ernest Woodland, O.N. 297947 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. George French, O.N. 307175 (Po.).

P.O. Teleg. Neil MacLeod, O.N. J3157 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 2 Cl., John Friend Kellaway, O.N. 272299 (Po.).

E.R.A., 2 Cl., George Henry Langmead, O.N. 272045 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 3 Cl., Henry Cameron Booth, O.N. 271921 (Ch.).

Ship's Corpl., 1 Cl., Samuel Edwin Wills, O.N. 165530 (Dev.).

S.B.S. Lyonel Ivo Percy Sabin, O.N. 357196 (Po.).

Sig. Montague Charles Chandor, O.N. J20420 (Po.).

Corpl. Alfred Phipps, R.M.L.I., No. Po./9469.

Ldg. Cook's Mate George Edwin Sparks, O.N. 365614 (Po.).

Gnr. Charles Beard, R.M.A., No. R.M.A./11678.

Off. Std., 1 Cl., John Spiteri, O.N. 165276.

Off. Std., 3 Cl., Albert Batty, O.N. L7183 (Dev.).





Mine-Sweeping Operations.


The following Officers, Petty Officers and Men are commended for their services in the same connection:

Capt. Hubert Henry Holland, R.N.

Capt. Francis Evelyn Massy-Dawson, R.N.

Cdr. Robert William Dalgety, R.N.

Lieut. Claude Preston Hermon-Hodge, R.N.

Lieut. Howard McGlashan, R.N.R.

Lieut. John Wales, R.N.R.

Lieut. Wilfrid Walter Storey, R.N.R.

Skipper Henry Lead, R.N.R., 52 S.A.

Skipper William Parker, R.N.R., 798 W.S.A.

Skipper George Dow Summers, R.N.R.., 2103 W.S.A.

C.P.O. Robert Ross Howitt, O.N. 165654 (Po.).

C.P.O. Thomas Scamaton, O.N. 130358 (R.F.R, Dev./A2565).

P.O., 1st Cl., Aaron Barker, O.N. 192342 (R.F.R. Ch./B5463).

P.O., 1st Cl., Henry John Dormer, O.N. 175150 (Dev.).

P.O., 1st Cl., Horace Charles Pallant, O.N. 178841 (R.F.R., Ch./B778).

P.O., 1st Cl., John Hume Thompson, O.N. 179809 (R.F.R., Ch./B5497).

P.O. Edward Alfred Hatt, O.N. 219945 (Po.).

Actg. P.O. William George Brown, R.N.R., O.N. 4897A.

Ldg. Sea. Donald MacDonald, R.N.R., O.N. 3824A.

Ldg. Sea. George McKay, R.N.R., O.N. 6337A.

Ch. Yeo. Sigs. Frederick Neal, O.N. 170006 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. John William Dudley, R.N.V.R., O.N. 5/140 (Tyne).

Sig. William Frederick Batty, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z/4092 (Bristol).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., George Robert John Lighten, O.N. 271851 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. George Thomas McCarthy, O.N. K. 9580 (Ch.).

Engmn. Fred Drayton, R.N.R., O.N. 1310 E.S.

Engmn. Charles Thomas, R.N.R., O.N. 4415 E.S.

Ldg. Trmr. George Wouldhave, R.N.R., O.N. 1313 S.T.

Trmr. William Brown, R.N.R., O.N. 577 T.S.

Trmr. Stephen Balls, R.N.R., O.N. 1561 T.S.

Dk. Hnd. Albert Edward Bull, R.N.R., O.N. 2043 S.D.

Dk. Hnd. Charles Broughton, R.N.R., O.N. 237 D.A.

Dk. Hnd. James Roland Brown, R.N.R., O.N. 94 S.D.

Dk. Hnd. Clifford Andrew Jackson, R.N.R., O.N. 648 D.A.

Dk. Hnd. Herbert Mayes, R.N.R., O.N. 509 D.A.

Ldg. Sea. Walter Carter (Mercantile Rating).

2nd Hnd. Ernest Robert Gooderham, R.N.R., O.N. 1242 D.A.





Submarine Service.


The following awards have been approved in recognition of services rendered by Petty Officers and Men in submarines in enemy waters during the period from the commencement of hostilities to the 3rd August, 1916:


The following Petty Officers and Men of the Submarine Service have been Mentioned in despatches for good service during the period above mentioned:

Ldg. Sea. John Rodway Adams, O.N. 235273.

Ldg. Sto. Harry James Bentley, O.N. 298302 (since dead).

P.O. Bertram Wabon Brett, O.N. 193486.

Sto. P.O. John George Bowers, O.N. 354344.

P.O. Robert John Brown, O.N. 222552.

Sto. P.O. William Brown, O.N. 304769.

Ldg. Sto. Albert Edward Byles, O.N. K11233.

Ldg. Sea. Robert Diamond, O.N. 235751.

Act. Ldg. Sto. Sidney Doble, O.N. K3948.

Act. Ldg. Sto. James William Alfred Formoy, O.N. K2664.

P.O. Percival George Fry, O.N. 208986.

C.P.O. Joseph Henry Johnson, O.N. 180571.

A.B. Joseph Golden Langridge, O.N. 236704 (since dead).

P.O. William Arthur McGill, O.N. 217484.

P.O. John Neal, O.N. 209029.

E.R.A., 2 Cl., Gilbert Oxley, O.N. 271178 (since dead).

A.B. James Patrick O'Regan, O.N. 238673.

P.O. Ernest Gordon Powell, O.N. 174017.

A.B. George Thomas Purkiss, O.N. 226767.

Act. Ldg. Sto. Frank Benjamin Stallard, O.N. K4404.

P.O. Ernest James Rodgers, O.N. 206276.

E.R.A., 2 Cl., Edward Frederick Cowley Button, O.N. 346054.

Ldg. Sto. Frederick Trudgeon, O.N. 311031.

E.R.A., 3 Cl., Robert Alfred Wilson, O.N. M1476.





Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Cdr. Walton Cornelius Grinnell Ruxton, R.N.

Flt. Surg. Alfred James Hewitt, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Patrick Stewart Erskine Maxwell, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Andrew Purdon, R.N.R.

Lieut. Roland Arbuthnot Clark, R.N.

Ch. Writer Frederick Thomas Abbott, O.N. 344008.

Ldg. Sea. William John Bryant, O.N.. 194752.

Yeo. Sigs. John Burke, O.N. 138847

P.O. George Gill, O.N. 150979.

A.B. Archibald McLeod Pratt, O.N. 220644 (since dead).

P.O. Teleg. Archibald Williams, O.N. 214512.

Ldg. Fireman Michael Keelan, Mercantile Rating.

Asst. Payr. W. Eastwood, R.N.V.R.

Wt. Off., 2nd Grade, Reginald Henry Mullin, R.N.A.S,

C.P.O. William Waterhouse, O.N. 180131 (Dev.).

P.O. Daniel Joseph Murphy, O.N. 201992 (Dev.).

E.R.A. Hubert Berry, R.N.R., O.N. 1483 E.A.

A.B. William Tanner, O.N. 187232 (Ch.).

Sea. Jeremiah Brien, R.N.R., O.N. 2332D.

Sto. John Wood, R.N.R., O.N. 3179S.



Officer Noted for Accelerated Promotion for War Service.

Fleet Surgeon Alfred James Hewitt, R.N., has been noted for accelerated promotion in recognition of the conspicuous gallantry and very exceptional professional ability which he displayed as Medical Officer of H.M.S. "Pegasus" when that ship was sunk by the "Königsberg'' in September, 1914.







29947 – 16 FEBRUARY 1917




The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Capt. Walter Reginald Glynn Petre, R.N.

Capt. Lockhart Leith, R.N.

Gnr. (T.) Leonard Parsons, R.N.

A.B. Leslie Todd, O.N. J.10211 (Ch.).

Elec. Art., 3rd Cl., Herbert Stephenson, O.N. M.1487 (Ch.).

P.O. Timothy Dineen, O.N. 194221 (Po.).

P.O. Major Sowter, O.N. 183090 (Dev.).




War Office Mentions in Despatches to Royal Australian Navy

The following officers and ratings served in the Royal Australian Navy Bridging Team (RANBT), at Gallipoli and then in the Suez area for the rest of the war, including the El Arish offensive.

C.P.O. John Hartley Beton (awarded twice)
Lieut. Cdr. Leighton Seymour Bracegirdle (awarded three times)
Lieut. Thomas Arthur Bond (awarded twice)
Sub-Lieut. Alexander Scott Cameron (MID dated 18 March 1917 by General Sir Archibald Murray
Ldg. Sea. John McFarlane Harvey
Art. William Littlewood (awarded twice)
A.B. Driver Thomas McCarron
C.P.O. Harry Francis Offer
P.O. Stephen Pender (awarded twice)
C.P.O. Noel Trace Richardson
Ch. W.O. Harry Francis Shepherd (awarded twice)
P.O. Alfred Henry Wiggins

Awards of the DSO were also made to Lieut. Cdr. Bracegirdle and Lieut. Bond (for operations in German New Guinea)

(with thanks to Greg Swinden - 22 Jan 2011)






29997 - 23 MARCH 1917




The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Surg. John Desmond Milligan, M.B., R.N.

Lt. Frank Lionel Tongue, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Frederick George Russell, R.N.R.

Ch. Art. Eng. Alfred Edward Thomas, R.N.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Dudley Thomas Gary Field, R.N.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Arthur Hubert Stanley, R.N.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Archibald Guthrie Elliot, R.N.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Thomas Norman Becket Cree, R.N.

Wt. Teleg. Allan Andrews, R.N.R.

P.O. Ernest Pitcher, O.N. 227029 (Po.).

Shipwt., 2nd Cl., William Samuel Smart, O.N. M.16854 (Po.).

A.B. Charles Edward Hodder, O.N. J.19434 (Po.).

A.B. Richard Walter Sheppard, O.K. J.25419 (Ch).

Sea. Alphonso Davies, R.N.R., O.N. 1514 C.

A.B. Ernest Alfred Veale, O.N. 181452 (R.F.R. Dev./B.2119).

Sea. Patrick Murphy, R.N.R., O.N. 8489 A.

Sea. Robert Jenkins, R.N.R., O.N. 6055 A.

Sea. John Stephen Martindale, R.N.R., O.N. 8556 A.

Sea. Martin Connors, R.N.R., O.N. 8484 A.

A.B. Bruce Ronald Claude Harris, O.N. J.6495 (Dev.).

Sea. Robert Dryden, R.N.R., O.N. 5114 A

A.B. Noble Britton, O.N. 219860 (R.F.R. Dev./B.3471).

Sea. John Gardner Orr, R.N.R., O.N. 2430 D.

A.B. Charles William Hurell, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z.2181 (London).

Sea. Frederick Dodd, R.N.R., O.N. 5955 A.

Sea. William Henry Bennison, R.N.R., O.N. 7495 A.

E.R.A. Albert William Morrison; R.N.R., O.N. 1831 E.A.

Ldg. Sto. John Thomas Davies, R.N.R., O.N. 8396 S.

Sto. William O'Leary, R.N.R., O.N. 8352 S.

Sto. George Rees, R.N.R., O.N. 1536 U.

Sto. James Tomlinson, R.N.R., O.N. 4177 S.

Arm's. Crew Stanley Woodison, O.N. M.15547 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. Samuel Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 607 D.A.

Engmn. Frederick Francis Feltham, R.N.R., O.N. 1214 E.S.

S.B.A. George Johnson Grieve, O.N. M.4417 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Thomas William Liddiard, 236282 (Ch.).

Pte. Frank Thomas Gorman, R.M.L.I. Ply./11760.

Pte. Arthur Whittle, R.M.L.I., Ply./10130 (I.R. 57).




30015 - 10 APRIL 1917




The following officers and men have been mentioned in despatches - in recognition of their services in the Eastern Mediterranean up to the 30th June, 1916:


The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Captain Michael H. Hodges, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Francis Clifton Brown, R.N.

Captain Edmund C. Carver, R.N.

Commander Morton Smart, R.N.V.R.

Lieutenant-Commander (now Commander) Basil H. Piercy, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Claude P. Champion de Crespigny, R.N.

Lieutenant Commander Henry C. Summers, R.N.V.R.

Mr. Hugh F. Bevan, Gunner, R.N.

Mr. Charles E. A. W. Cox, Gunner (now Mate), R.N.

Mr. Leonard W. Brock, Gunner, R.N.

Mr. Philip J. Jones, Signal Boatswain.

Petty Officer Thomas Hoban, O.N. 192417 (Po.).

Petty Officer James Mather, O.N. 213655 (Ch.).

Petty Officer Lawrence V. Parsons, O.N. 191341 (Po.).

Leading Seaman Thomas G. Maylor, O.N. 238210 (Dev.).

Yeoman of Signals Samuel R. J. Hillier, O.N. 224951 (Ch.).

Chief E.R.A., 2nd Class, David Thompson, O.N. 272337 (Ch.).

Chief Stoker James W. French, O.N. 282587 (Ch.).

Chief Writer H. J. W. Gains, O.N. 343680 (Ch.).

Private John Gollop, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./ 12330.




30029 - 20 APRIL 1917




Honours for Service in the Patrol Cruisers.


..... in recognition of their services in the Patrol Cruisers, under the command of Vice-Admiral Reginald G. O. Tupper, C.B., C.V.O., during the period 1st July-31st December, 1916:


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches by Vice-Admiral Reginald G. O. Tupper, C.B., C.V.O., for good service in the Patrol Cruisers:

Eng. Cdr. George Thompson Greig, R.N.R.

Asst. Payr. Jack Barton, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Charles John Leonard Hayward, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Arthur Mallorie Coleman, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. William Mill Ruxton, R.N.R.

C.P.O. Jeremiah Wafer, O.N. 140125 (R.F.R., Po./A3089).

P.O., 1st Cl., Thomas James Bailey, O.N. 140715 (R.F.R., Po./A3388).

P.O. William Oliver. O.N. 198505 (R.F.R., Po./B5763).

Ldg. Sea. James Savage, O.N 199651 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. John Mackenzie, R.N.R., O.N. 2303D.

Act. Ldg. Sea. Edward Henry Shute, R.N.V.R., O.N. 2636 (Clyde).

A.B. Ernest Bennett, O.N. 209614 (R.F.R., Ch./B4946).

A.B. John Frederick Gaisford, O.N. 192325 (R.F.R., Dev./B3059).

Sea. Arthur Evans, R.N.R., O.N. 5093A.

Sea. Enos Ryan, R.N.R. (Newfoundland), O.N. 711X.

Yeo. Sigs. William Sidney Austin, O.N. 204967 (R.F.R., Ch./B10156).

Elect. Art., 4th Cl., Edward Brooks, O.N. M. 10794 (Ch.).

Ch. Arm. Edwin Norris, O.N. 114281 (Po.).

Lce.-Corpl. Frederick Charles Louis Wye, R.M.L.I., No. Po./19906.

Ldg. Fireman William Purseglove (Mercantile Rating).

Ch. Carp. Alfred Martin (Mercantile Rating).



Honours for Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officer has been Mentioned in Despatches:

Flt.-Lieut. Henry Guy Holden, R.N.A.S.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Capt. Henry Faulconer Aplin, R.N.

Maj. And Bt. Lt.-Col. Joseph Arthur Myles Ariel Clark, R.M.L.I.

Cdr. (now Capt.) George Francis Hyde, R.A.N.

Lt.-Cdr. William Wybrow Hallwright, R.N.

Lt.-Cdr. John Henry Webb, R.N.R.

Lieut. Martin Arthur Frankland Hood, R.N.

Lieut. Humphrey Edward Archer, R.N.

Lieut. Philip John Mack, R.N.

Eng. Lieut. William Begg McDonald, R.N.R.

Lieut. Alfred Sand Holmes, R.N.R.

Lieut. William Henry Askew Bee, R.N.R.

Lieut. William Macpherson McRitchie, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Keith Morris, R.N.R.

Asst. Payr. Leonard Warren, R.N.R.

Mate (E.) George Edward Harman. R.N.

Gunr. Henry Frank Edwards. R.N.

Carp. Francis Fernley Smith, R.N.

Skipper Samuel Reid, R.N.R., 2675S.A.

C.P.O. William Charles Barnaby, O.N. 167729 (Po.).

Serjt. Edward John Banks, R.M.L.I., No. Po./10598.

A.B. Ernest Hargraves. O.N. J.37842 (Po.).

A.B. Robert Arthur Frank Preston, O.N. J.23257 (Po.).

P.O. James Sillery, O.N. 193851 (Po.).

Arm's. Mate John Dudley, O.N. 34548 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. George Frederick Barnes, R.N.R., O.N. 992 D.A.




30061 - 8 MAY 1917




The following Officers and Men have been mentioned in despatches - for Service in the Action Between H.M. Ships "Swift" and "Broke" and German Destroyers on the night of the 20th to 21st April, 1917:

Engr. Lieut.-Cdr. (now Engr. Cdr.) James Hughes, R.N.

Engr. Lieut.-Cdr. (now Engr. Cdr.) Thomas George Coomber, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur Jermyn Landon, R.N.

Sub-Lieut. Whitworth Brady Nicholson, R.N.

Act. Sub.-Lieut. Lionel Hill Peppé, R.N.

Wt. Mech. James Coughlan, R.N.

Act. Art.-Engr. Charlie Rodgers Barter, R.N.

Mid. Maurice Theobald Maud, R.N.R.

P.O. Charles Christmas Brown, O.N., 155936 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. William Page, O.N., 227145 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Frank William King, O.N. 306009 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Eli Daniels, O.N., 294996 (Po.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Walter Blanchard Wellman, O.N., M. 1218 (Po.).

A.B. William George Cleeter, O.N., J. 21405 (Po.).

O.S. Sidney John Thomas Taylor, O.N., S.S. 7576 (Po.). Sto.,

2nd Cl., Frederick Arthur Hickman, O.N., K. 33575 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., George Henry Doe, O.N., K. 7694 (Po.).

A.B. John Henton, O.N., J. 17762 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Albert Edward Glover, O.N., 232320 (Po.).

A.B. Henry Alfred Hitchin, O.N., 228372 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. Charles Claude Higgins, O.N., J. 10417 (Po.).

S.B.A. James Gradwell, O.N.,M. 16759 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Ernest Muff, O.N., K. 32517 (Po.).

Sig. Sidney Charles Helps, R.N.V.R., O.N., Z/9587 (Tyneside).

Ch. E.R.A. Ralph Victor Nelson, O.N., 272497 (Po.).

E.R.A. Henry Albert Riley, O.N., M. 4676 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Matthew Lawson, O.N., 303088 (R.F.R., Ch/B.5783).

Ldg. Stoker Frederick Thomas Yapp, O.N., K. 1672 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., John Kempton Falconer, O.N., K. 32518 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Charles Herbert Harvey, O.N.. S.S. 115725 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Thomas Davies, O.N., 289400 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Charles Edward Walls, O.N., K. 969 (Po.).

Sto. Albert Boyland, R.N.R., O.N., S. 4945

Sto., 1st Cl., Charles Edward Miller, O.N., 280751 (R.F.R. Po./B. 2355).




30066 - 11 MAY 1917




Honours for Royal Naval Air Service.


The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Wing-Cdr. Christopher Lloyd Courtney, R.N.

Fleet Payr. Frederick Richard Waymouth, R.N.

Actg. Wing-Cdr. Alec Ogilvie, R.N.A.S.

Sqn.-Cdr. Francis Esme Theodore Hewlett, R.N.

Flt.-Cdr. William Lawrie Welsh, R.N.A.S.

Actg. Flt.-Cdr. Robin Gordon Mack, R.N.A.S.

Act. Flt.-Cdr. Bryan Charles Clayton, R.N.A.S.

Flt.-Lieut. Grant Armstrong Gooderham, R.N.A.S.

Flt.-Lieut. Charles Dawson Booker, R.N.A.S.

Lieut. Lionel Edwin Innes-Baillie, R.M.A.

Lieut Oliver George Graham Villiers, R.N.V.R.

Lieut. Ronald George St. John, R.N.V.R.

Flt.-Sub-Lieut. Jean de Francia, R.N.A.S.

Flt.-Sub-Lieut. Francis Domine Casey, R.N.A.S.

W.O., 2nd Grade, Thomas Martin, R.N.A.S.

Actg. W.O., 2nd Grade, Norman Littlejohn, R.N.A.S.

P.O. Mech. Roland Alfred Siburn, O.N. F2418.

P.O. Mech. Walter George Jones, O.N. J5596.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Alfred Ernest Le Sueur, O.N. F3413.

Ldg. Mech. Oliver Douglas Robson, O.N. F4735.

P.O. Mech. Reginald Arthur Clarke, O.N. F3896.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., John McKimmie Young, O.N. F3652.

P.O. Mech. Donald Brigham, O.N. F641.

P.O. Mech. Philip Hiram Dimmick, O.N. F1207.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Frederick John George, O.N. F1997.

P.O. Mech. Sidney John Petts, O.N. F1717.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Alfred Dunn, O.N. F9172.

Ldg. Mech. Edgar Harold Restall, O.N. F2468.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Francis George Parker, O.N. F2358.

P.O. Mech. William Arthur Hill. O.N. F4596.

P.O. Mech. Horace Dawson, O.N. F4755.

P.O. Mech. Alfred Herbert Doyle, O.N. F4214.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Frederick Metcalf, O.N. F8944.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., William Wilson Pope, O.N. F1712.

P.O. Mech. William Griffiths, O.N. F8339.

Ldg. Mech. John Balfour Nesbitt, O.N. F2390.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Robert John Hepworth, O.N. F2175.

Ldg. Mech. Thomas Henry Cross, O.N. F976.

Ldg. Mech. Septimus Newbury, O.N. F1209.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Lieut. Algernon Frederick Sellers, R.N.R.

Eng. Lieut. David Lyons, R.N.R.

Actg. Lieut. James Jickell, R.N.R.

Actg. Lieut. Charles Hugh Castellan Brown, R.N.R.

A.B. Hugh Betts, O.N. 236353 (Po.).

C.P.O. William Butland, O.N. 148467 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Charles John Osmond, O.N. 306650 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Simon McCarthy, O.N. K15981 (Dev.).

Shipwt. Wilfred Abel Roberts, O.N. 345549 (Dev.).

A.B. Stanley Francis Wade Baker, O.N. 203658 (Po.).

P.O. Archie Button Blakey, O.N. 231658 (Po,).

A.B. Joseph Arthur Short, O.N. J9713 (Po.).

P.O. Arthur Callard, O.N. 224168 (Dev.).



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


The KING has further been graciously pleased to give orders for the publication of the names of the undermentioned officers and men in the London Gazette as having received an expression of Commendation for their services:


To be Commended for Good Service.

Ch. Off. Griffith Jones.

Ch. Eng. Elijah Ryles.

O.S. William Stuart Bunton.

A.B. William Simpson.

2nd Off. David Charles Farrell.

3rd Off. Hubert James Selway.

Ch. Eng. John H. Steward.

Capt. Peter MacLachlan (killed).

Ch. Off. Edward Edwards Hughes.

A.B. Robert MacKay.

Ch. Off. Archibald Wilson.

Capt. Thomas Samuel Bowen.

Capt. William Kelso.

Apprentice William James Harvey.

Apprentice Donald Ross Urquhart.

4th Eng. Thomas Murdock.

Capt. Samuel Campbell Fry.

Ch. Off. Sidney Ferguson Stratford.

Ch. Eng. William Thomas Scott.

2nd Eng. James Farquharson.

Sea. Alexander Falconer.

Sea. Edgar James Melmoth.

2nd Off. William John Mitchell.

3rd Off. Arthur Ernest King.

W./T. Operator Francis Alfred Nixon.




30088 - 22 MAY 1917




Honours for Service in Destroyer Patrol Flotillas, Armed Boarding Steamers, &c.


The following officers and men have been mentioned in despatches - in recognition of their services in the Destroyer Patrol Flotillas, Armed Boarding Steamers, &c., during the period which ended on the 30th September, 1916:

Capt. George Napier Tomlin, M.V.O., R.N.

Cdr. (now Capt.) Ambrose Maynard Peck, D.S.O., R.N.

Cdr. Robert Arthur Hornell, R.N.

Cdr. Edward Bathurst Compton, R.N.

Act. Cdr. Ernest Kennaway Arbuthnot, R.N.

Cdr. Arthur Edward Dunn, R.D., R.N.R.

Cdr. Cecil Wills Burleigh, R.D., R.N.R.

Cdr. Selwyn Mitchell Day, R.D., R.N.R.

Engr. Cdr. William Burgoyue Lakeman, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Charles Wilbraham John Howard, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur Felton Crutchley, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Godfrey Herbert, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Bertram Gregory Drake, R.N.R.

Lieut. Godfrey Ratcliffe Chambers, R.N.

Lieut. George Hector Creswell, R.N.

Lieut. Ernest Edward Lowe, D.S.C., R.N.

Lieut. Arthur Hugh Lloyd Terry, R.N.

Lieut. Robert Johnston Dailey, R.N.

Lieut. Ralph Clement Smith, R.N.

Lieut. Brian Cameron Gourley, R.N.

Lieut. Arthur Cocks, R.N.R.

Lieut. John Ibbotson Harrison, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. George Wishart Leith, R.N.R.

Eng. Lieut. John Brasano Hyde, R.N.

Eng. Lieut. John Thomas Barrett, R.N.

Asst.-Payr. Herbert Percy Hunter, R.N.

Asst.-Payr. Sidney Thomas Morris, R.N.R. (Tempy. Lieut., R.N.V.R.)

Sub.-Lieut. Alan David James Robertson-Macdonald, R.N.

Ch. Gnr. Norman Gee Parker, R.N.

Ch. Gnr. Charles Sanderson, R.N.

Ch. Art.-Engr. Frederick Smith, R.N.

Gnr. Daniel Patrick Joseph Enright, R.N.

Gnr. Harry Pegg, R.N.

Art.-Engr. Andrew Moules, R.N.

P.O., 1st C1., Henry Gutteridge, O.N. 95663 (Po.).

C.P.O. Henry Jefford Young, O.N. 138007 (R.F.R. Po./A3286).

Serjt. Alfred William Boxall, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./7565 (R.F.R./A.1072).

C.P.O. Frederick Richard Francis, 183065 (Ch.).

P.O. William Henry Ansley, O.N. 197321 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sig. Frederick Samuel Victor Heath, O.N. J.14430 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Samuel John Kingdom Hocking, O.N. 183288 (Dev.).

A.B. James William Sudder, O.N. 212429 (Ch.).

Ldg. Cook's Mate William George Philpot, O.N. M.2070 (Ch.).

Ldg. Teleg. Horace Gordon Cartwright, O.N. J.3238 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Charles Denny, O.N. 284341 (Dev.).

P.O. James Henry Harris, O.N. 200571 (Dev.).

Yeo. Sigs. Charles Richard Robbins, O.N. 233480 (Dev.).

Yeo. Sigs. James Henry McArdle, O.N. 230980 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., George Frederick Readhead, O.N. 268403 (Ch.).

C.P.O. William J. Cunliffe, O.N. 186200 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Henry Bell, O.N. 269092 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 1st C1., William Poole, O.N. 269133 (Po.).

Act. C.E.R.A., 2nd C1., Frank Meachem, O.N. 271213 (Po.) (now Act. Art. Eng.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Frederick Baynham, O.N. 269538 (Po.).

Act. C.P.O. John McGraw, O.N. 196721 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., James Galloway, O.N. 268511 (Po.).

P.O. Charles Titcombe, O.N. 149116 (R.F.R. Po./A.3854).

Ldg. Sig. Robert Officer, R.N.V.R., O.N. 2/99 (Clyde).

A.B. George Alfred Everett, O.N. J.21596 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A. Philip Morrison, R.N.R., O.N. 456 E.B.

A.B. William Callaghan, O.N. 179138 (Ch.).

P.O. William Chesterton Scott, O.N. 180385 (Ch.).

Teleg. Arthur Goacher, O.N. 347579 (Po.).

E.R.A. James Edgar, R.N.R., O.N. 99 E.C.

Act. Ldg. Sea. John Allen Bickle, O.N. 198671 (R.F.R. Dev./B.4406).

P.O. Frederick John Maloney, O.N. 127052 (R.F.R. Po./A.2063).

C.P.O. William George Stockwell, O.N. 151833 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Herbert McKay, O.N. M.442 (Ch.).

P.O. John Francis Hardy, O.N. 219919 (Po.).

Ldg. Teleg. Harry Brett, O.N. J.8597 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Percy Edgar Parsons, O.N. K.20511 (Dev.).

P.O. Alfred Ernest Sedgwick Smith, O.N. 204740 (Dev.).

A.B. Edwin Horton, O.N. 232707 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A. George Christie Stalkers, R.N.R., O.N. 222 E.B.

Sto. P.O. John Edward Cattermole, O.N. 297779 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Sidney Harold Hoskins, O.N. 306391 (Po.).

C.P.O. William Alfred Walker, O.N. 178478 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A. 2nd Cl., Henry Bradshaw, O.N. 270241 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Frederick Frost, O.N. 305810 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. George Frederick Tarry, O.N. 309080 (Ch.).

C.P.O. George Robert Wannell, O.N. 152806 (Dev.).

C.P.O. Edward Shaughnessy, O.N. 156357 (Dev.).

P.O. William Henry Goldsmith, O.N. 186686 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. Michael Flynn, O.N. 282638 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. John Willis Robinson Smith, O.N. J.5817 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Daniel McKenna, O.N. 180322 (Dev.).

P.O. George Betts, O.N. 146635 (R.F.R. Dev./A.3805).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Nicholas Whitford, O.N. 269105 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Thomas James Speers, O.N. K.520 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Henry William Saunders, O.N. J.5445 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Wilmar Frederick Barrow, O.N. 268809 (Ch.).

A.B. Stephen George Rogers, O.N. 238155 (Ch.).

Sea. William Durhem, R.N.R., O.N. 6353A.

Sto., 1st Cl., Charles Wilson, O.N. 224610 (Ch.).

Ship's Std. Frederick Hornbrook, O.N. 342726 (Dev.).

P.O. Bartholomew Connolly, O.N. 221538 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd C1., Henry John Northey, O.N. 270703 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Henry Allen, O.N. 299842 (Dev.).

Ldg. Teleg. Claude Bernard Perry, O.N. J.22441 (Dev.).

W./T. Op., 1st Cl., Ernest Frederick Stow Whitworth, R.N.R., O.N. 218 (W.T.S.).

Sig. Augustus George Dowsett, R.N.V.R., O.N. 2/79 (London).

Donkeyman Charles Fairweather (Mercantile Rating).



Honours for Service in the Dover Patrol.


The following officers and men have been mentioned in despatches - in recognition of their services in vessels of the Dover Patrol, under the command of Vice-Admiral Sir Reginald H. S. Bacon, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O., during the period from 1st July-31st December, 1916:

Cdr. Kerrison Kiddle, R.N.

Cdr. Harold Owen Reinold, R.N.

Cdr. Wion de Malpas Egerton, R.N.

Cdr. Maurice Baldwin Raymond Blackwood, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Percy Ralph Passawer Percival, R.N.

Lieut. Lionel Moore Bridge, R.N.

Lieut. Mark Peregrine Charles Kerr, R.N.

Lieut. Edmund Hugh Hopkinson, R.N.

Act. Lieut. Stanley Napier Blackburn, R.N.

Asst. Payr. Charles Bernard Jarrett, R.N.R.

C.P.O Frederick Luke Shone, O.N. 173678 (Po)

C.P.O. William Alfred Burtonshaw, O.N. 163277 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Alexander Robb, O.N. 270432 (Po.).

Shipwt., 1st Cl., John Pile, O.N. 174397 (Dev.).

P.O. Cyril Thornton Greaves, O.N. 194439 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Arthur George Hill, O.N. 284374 (Po.).

P.O. Samuel Robins Sandy, O.N. 185668 (Dev.).

A.B. George Ambler, O.N. SS. 5868 (Dev.).

Yeo. Sigs. Thomas Barnard, O.N. 230365 (Po.).

P.O., 1st Cl., Noah Payne, O.N. 138764 (Po.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Robert Cochran, O.N. M.2229 (Po.).

Act. C.P.O. Francis John James Marston, O.N. 187997 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 4th Cl., Frederick George Martin, O.N. M.12896 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Edward Luckett, O.N. 160521 (Ch.).

Act. C.P.O. Frederick George Lyons, O.N. 181788 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., James Moat Dent, O.N. 270028 (Po.) (since killed – 8 February 1917, HMS Ghurkha).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Joseph Thompson, O.N. 268240 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Thomas Allen, O.N. 282253 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Harry Shergold, O.N. 276637 (Po.).

Ch. Yeo. Sigs. Stanley John Johnston, O.N. 189703 (Po.).

Ldg. Teleg. Archibald Ernest Hart, O.N. J.8222 (Po.).

A.B. George Bean, O.N. 199990 (Po.).

P.O. Charles William Henry Brown, O.N. 235422 (Po.).

P.O. George Tarry, O.N. 188318 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., John Lightbound, O.N. 269676 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Alfred George Reed, O.N. 287948 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. William Hallum, O.N. 232763 (Po.).



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Lieut.-Cdr. George Osborne Hewett. R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Graham Cunningham Glen, R.N.

Act. Lieut. Francis Allsopp Innes. R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Robert Roberts, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Percy Arthur Morgan, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Samuel Robinson, R.N.R.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Stephen Reginald Sunnucks, R.N.R.

Act. Sub-Lieut. William John Young, R.N.R.

Gnr. (T.) Alexander George Stock, R.N.

Wt. Teleg. Harold Waddington, R.N.R.

Yeo. Sigs. James Ernest Heasman, O.N. 214889 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Frederick Charles Rattray, O.N. 235687 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. Harold Wright, O.N. K5000 (Ch.).

A.B. Alfred Bret Topple, O.N. 158905 (Ch.).

O.S. Herbert Henry Redman, O.N. J55140 (Po.).

O.S. William Henry Fydell, O.N. J55763 (Po.).

Off. Std., 2nd Cl., John Chambers Bird, O.N. L2399 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., Dugald Leitch Walmsley, R.N.R., O.N. 1966 E.A.

P.O., 1st Cl., John Ransom, O.N. 196639 (Po.).




30133 - 15 JUNE 1917




The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches - in recognition of their services with the East African Military Forces:

Flight Lieutenant John Robinson, R.N.A.S.

Lieutenant Ivor Mackenzie Bellairs, R.N.V.R.

C.P.O. Mechanic, 2nd Grade, Arthur Henry Simmonds, O.N. M.443 (Cha.).

C.P.O. Mechanic, 3rd Grade, Herbert Russel, O.N. 226512 (Cha.)

Leading Mechanic Savile Aubrey Brooke, O.N. F.7963.

C.P.O., 3rd Grade, William Alfred Chapple, O.N. P.7181.

C.P.O., 3rd Grade, Edward Mathais, O.N. M.6508 (Dev.).

Leading Mechanic Alfred Frederick Wardle, O.N. F.7334.

Air Mechanic, 2nd Grade, John Harry Seager, O.N. F.7818.

Actg. Air Mechanic, 1st Grade, Albert Edward Liles, O.N. F.7811.




30147 - 22 JUNE 1917




Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Cdr. Wilfred Arthur Thompson, R.N.

Cdr. John Coombe Hodgson, D.S.O., R.N.

Cdr. George Louis Downall Gibbs, D.S.O., R.N.

Cdr. George William Taylor, R.N.

Cdr. Hubert Henry de Burgh, R.N.

Cdr. Alan Frederic William Howard, R.N.

Cdr. James Vandeleur Creagh, R.N.

Cdr. Henry Taprell Dorling, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. (act. Cdr.) James Hope Neild, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Albert John Robertson, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Ernest Hamlyn Bannister Williams, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Geoffrey Stewart Fleetwood Nash, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Eustace Ruffel Drake Long. R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Patrick Birmingham Crohan, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Arthur Avison Scott, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Raphael Michael Mack, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Edye Kington Boddam-Whetham, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Hugh Rose Troup, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. William Edward Blackwood Magee, R.N.

Act. Payr. Kenneth Edgar Badcock, R.N.

Act. Eng.-Lieut. Samuel Robert Baker, R.N.

Act. Lieut. Frederick Herman Lawson, R.N.R. (killed in action – 16 March 1917, HMS Dundee).

Sub-Lieut. John Wyndham Cookson, R.N.

Sub-Lieut. Keith Morris, R.N.R.

Gnr. Henry Cumes Webber, R.N.

Act. Gnr. Frederick Clements Dike, R.N.

Skipper Adam Forbes, D.S.C., R.N.R., 66 W.S.A.

C.P.O. Harold Poole Parfitt, O.N. 157857 (Po.).

Yeo. Sigs. Arthur Hamond Tompson, O.N. 218650 (Po.).

Ch. Arm. Herbert William Goble, O.N. 345424 (Po.).

Mech. Frederick Archer Neal, Q.N. 301050 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. Lewis Taylor, O.N. 279337 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Roley Lambert, O.N. 221805 (Po.).

A.B. John McColm Cullen, R.N.V.R., O.N. 1/30 (Mersey).

A.B. William Hughes, R.N.V.R., O.N. 1/153 (Mersey).

A.B. William Robert Eames, R.N.V.R., O.N. 1/161 (Mersey).

A.B. Frederick Charles Craig, R.N.V.R., O.N. 7/40 (Mersey).

A.B. Herbert Browning Winrow, R.N.V.R., O.N. 1/219 (Mersey).

Sea. John George Anderson, R.N.R., O.N. 2485 C.

Act. Ldg. Sto. James Wilfred Frost, O.N. 311407 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Percy Lindsay, O.N. K. 10657 (Po.).

Ord. Teleg. Rance Spink, O.N. J/35216 (Po.).

Dkhnd. Charles Flane, R.N.R., O.N. 956 D.A.

Sea. William Munro, R.N.R., O.N. 2309 A.

Serjt. Henry John Jordan, R.M.A., No. R.M.A./9682.

Ldg. Sea. John Thomas Annis, O.N. 203675 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 4th Cl., Richard Honeywell, O.N. M. 11064 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sig. Charles Horace Colin Hodges, O.N. 238085 (Ch.).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Sqdrn.-Cdr. Joseph Ruscombe Wadham Smyth-Pigott, D.S.O., R.N.

Flt.-Cdr. Theodore Douglas Hallam, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt.-Sub-Lieut. John Roderick Ross, R.N.A.S.

Mid. Edward Rupert Snow, R.N. (since killed – 3 March 1917, Ark Royal, aircraft accident).

Air Mech., 1st Cl., Walter Thomas Hollidge, O.N. F.8633 (since died of injuries - 5 January 1917, in Greece).



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:



Capt. Harold Smith.

Capt. Thomas Morgan Hill.




30153 - 26 JUNE 1917




Honours for Service in the Auxiliary Patrol.


..... in recognition of their services in vessels of the Auxiliary Patrol between the 1st February and 31st December, 1916:


The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Cdr. Hubert George Alston, R.N.

Cdr. Francis William Hanan, D.S.O., R.N.

Cdr. Ernest Harvey Pentecost, R.D., R.N.R.

Cdr. James Turnbull, R.N.R.

Lt.-Cdr. Cecil Brooks, R.N.R.

Lt.-Cdr. Charles George Matheson, D.S.O., R.N.R.

Lieut. George Foote, R.N.R.

Lieut. John Thomas Randell, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. Richard Cowell Coppock, R.N.R.

Lieut. Walter Jackson Bibby, R.N.R.

Lieut. Albert Frederick Masters, R.N.R.

Lieut. Richard Pexton Merrett, R.N.R.

Lieut. Harold Luke Forster, R.N.R.

Lieut. Helmar August Dillner, R.N.R.

Lieut. James Eldon Evans, R.N.R.

Lieut. Harry Hunter Bell, R.N.R.

Lieut. Reginald Charles Butler, R.N.R.

Lieut. Charles Thomas Nettleingham, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. John P. Allix, R.N.R.

Lieut. Ernest Moore, R.N.R.

Lieut. Thomas Philip Ryan, R.N.R.

Lieut. Frank Watkin Charles, D.S.O., R.N.R.

Lieut Charles Surtis Cranmer McClure, R.N.R.

Lieut. Ralph Wilkinson Davidson, R.N.R.

Lieut. George Irvine, R.N.R.

Lieut. William Ernest Allen, R.N.R.

Lieut. David Owen Evans, R.N.R.

Lieut. Frank Leslie Heppell, R.N.R.

Lieut. Louis George Duncan Parker, R.N.R.

Lieut. Ernest Lawson Mussenden, R.N.R.

Lieut. Robert Wilson Batty, R.N.R.

Lieut. Grahame Gordon Alexander Deucher, R.N.R.

Lieut. William Wordie Watson, R.N.V.R.

Lieut. John Percival Abernethy Richardson, R.N.V.R.

Gnr. (T.) Martin Nosworthy, R.N.

Warrt. Teleg. Cecil Guy Alderton, R.N.R.

Ch. Skipper George Rowson, R.N.R., 1724 W.S.A.

Skipper John Smith, R.N.R., 1569W.S.A.

Skipper James Kilby, R.N.R., 343W.S.A.

Skipper Robert Henry Bickford, R.N.R., 514W.S.A.

Skipper Andrew Taylor, R.N.R., 355W.S.A.

Skipper James Lawn, R.N.R., 1834W.S.A.

Skipper Frank Broad, R.N.R., 2216S.A.

Skipper John William Naylor, R.N.R., 1682 W.S.A.

Skipper George Stewart, R.N.R., 704W.S.A.

Skipper James Findlay, R.N.R., 1484W.S.A.

Skipper Robert Sinclair Harkes, R.N.R., 444S.A.

Skipper George William Green, R.N.R., 189W.S.A.

Skipper William Cowie, R.N.R., 2024S.A.

Dkhnd. George Andrews, R N.R., O.N. 1589 D.A.

Engmn. Frederick Barringham, R.N.R., O.N. 1549E.S.

Ch. Std. John P. Barrington, Mercantile Marine.

Dkhnd. John James Beasley, R.N.R., O.N. 87D.A.

Dkhnd. George Alfred Bentley, R.N.R., O.N. 4548D.A.

P.O. Charles Bess, O.N. 185459 (Dev.).

Trmr. Richard Melbourne Blurton, R.N.R., O.N. 3955T.S.

Engmn. William James Boast, R.N.R., O.N. 403E.S.

Dkhnd. William Charles Bowles, R.N.R., O.N. 2985D.A.

A.B. Albert Thomas Bradberry, O.N. 190188 (R.F.R., Ch./B. 6664).

2nd Hnd. Thomas Brown, R.N.R., O.N. 588 S.A.

2nd Hnd. Charles Browning, R.N.R., O.N. 627S.A.

C.P.O. Alfred Butler, O.N. 118754 (R.F.R., Po./A.1358).

Ldg. Sea. George Campbell, R.N.R., O.N. 3635B.

Sea. Robert Cargill, R.N.R., O.N. 2565B.

2nd Hnd. Charles Catling, R.N.R., O.N. 456 S.A.

C.P.O. George Walter Charles, O.N. 129795 (R.F.R., Po./A.2544).

Engmn. John Coull, R.N.R., O.N. 3226E.S.

2nd Hnd. William Coull, R.N.R., O.N. 1729 S.A.

A.B. Arthur James Cox, O.N. J.4208 (Ch.).

2nd Hnd. Sydney George Cox, R.N.R., O.N. 2916D.A.

Engmn. Frederick Crane, R.N.R., O.N. 2267 E.S.

P.O., 2nd Cl., William Duff, O.N. 197026 (Coastguard).

2nd Hnd. Thomas William Dyble, R.N.R., O.N. 269S.A.

Ldg. Trmr. Joseph Allan Ford, R.N.R., O.N. 4084T.S.

Sea. Thomas Foy, R.N.R., O.N. 6072A.

Trmr. George Frain, R.N.R., O.N. 3388T.S.

W./T. Operator John Bradley Gambling, R.N.R., O.N. 348W.T.S.

Teleg. Robert Fred Hunnam Gardner, R.N.V.R., O.N. Tyneside Z/1807.

1st Engmn. William Isaac Gardner, R.N.R., O.N. 3233E.S.

Dkhnd. William Gibson, R.N.R., O.N. 12100 D.A.

2nd Hnd. Stephen Gravells, R.N.R., O.N. 296S.A.

Dkhnd. William Green, R.N.R., O.N. 4874 D.A.

Dkhnd. Sydney Harry Harris, R.N.R., O.N. 4246D.A.

Ldg. Sto. William John Hart, O.N. 281423 (Dev.).

2nd Hnd. Ernest Harwood, R.N.R., O.N. 99 D.A.

Sea. Rowland Hiscock, Newfoundland R.N.R., O.N. 860X.

Engmn. Harry Holbrook, R.N.R., O.N. 1998 E.S.

Engmn. Reginald, Howlett, R.N.R., O.N. 3873 E.S.

Engmn. William Henry Hurn, R.N.R., O.N. 463E.S.

2nd Hnd. George Henry Jackman, R.N.R., O.N. 1566S.A.

Dkhnd. John Kirk, R.N.R., O.N. 2534D.A.

Dkhnd. Percy William Knights, R.N.R., O.N. 3031D.A.

P.O., 1st Cl., Arthur Kyte, O.N. 112119 (Po.).

P.O. Arthur Alfred Rupert Lee, O.N. 190046 (R.F.R., Ch./B.1143).

2nd Hnd. Frank Lewis, R.N.R., O.N. 802D.A.

Ldg. Sea. Angus McEachran, R.N.R., O.N. 2494B.

Ldg. Sea. Norman McGregor, R.N.R., O.N. 3271B.

 Sea. Angus McKenzie, R.N.R., O.N. 4546B.

Trmr. George Mackie, R.N.R., O.N. 4609 T.S.

Ldg. Dkhnd. Archibald McLean, R.N.R., O.N. 906S.D.

Dkhnd. John Alexander Maclean, R.N.R., O.N. 511S.D.

Dkhnd. Charles William McMillan, R.N.R., O.N. 7126D.A.

2nd Hnd. William McPherson, R.N.R., O.N. 1897S.A.

2nd Hnd. Donald MacRitchie, R.N.R., O.N. 5820D.A.

A.B. Duncan McSporran, Mercantile Marine.

2nd Hnd. Gilbert Georgson McWhirter, R.N.R., O.N. 1453C.

Trmr. John Manson, R.N.R., O.N. 4205T.S.

P.O. William George Meadows, O.N. 232664 (Ch.).

W/T. Operator Athelstone Hill Millard, R.N.R., O.N. 155W.T.S.O

Act. P.O. Arthur Edward Morant, R.N.R., O.N. 3677A.

Dkhnd. Ernest Moxey, R.N.R., O.N. 3871 D.A.

2nd Hnd. William Murray, R.N.R., O.N. 3096D.A.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) James Noble, R.N.R., O.N. 1615 S.A.

Engmn. James Noble, R.N.R., O.N. 1831 E.S.

Ldg. Sea. Alexander Patience, R.N.R., O.N. 3121B.

P.O., 1st Cl., Thomas Russell Pells, O.N. 148446 (R.F.R., Ch./A.1958).

Ldg. Sea. William Petley, O.N. 195647(Ch.).

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) Thomas Henry Quirk, R.N.R., O.N. 809S.A.

Dkhnd. Joseph Ritchie, R.N.R., O.N. 2507 D.A.

Sea. Jacob Robison, R.N.R., O.N. 3653C.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) Walter Thomas Rust, R.N.R., O.N. 2167D.A.

2nd Hnd. William Whittaker Scarborough, R.N.R., O.N. 363S.A.

Dkknd. George Shackle, R.N.R., O.N. 802 S.D.

Engmn. John William Siddle, R.N.R., O.N. 1152E.S.

Sea. William Simpson, R.N.R., O.N. 1227D.

Dkhnd. Alfred George Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 8171 D.A.

Trmr. Ernest Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 1891T.S.

Sea. Gilbert Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 3338C.

Dkhnd. Malcolm Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 3230 S.D.

2nd Hnd. Richard William Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 685S.A.

Engmn. Thomas Charles Soars, R.N.R., O.N. 2765E.S.

Trmr. Frederick Richard Spurgeon, R.N.R., O.N. 3135T.S.

P.O. William Stevens, O.N. 113821 (R.F.R., Po./A.1007).

2nd Hnd. John Stewart, R.N.R., O.N. 1168 S.A. (since died – 9 July 1916, HMS Clavis).

C.P.O. Charles Sweetingham, O.N. 123198 (R.F.R., Po./A.1832).

Act. P.O. John William Taggart, R.N.R., O.N. 1992C.

Dkhnd. William Tait, R.N.R., O.N. 10619 D.A.

Ldg. Btmn. Silas Thomas, O.N. 222613.

Sig. Thomas Thomson, R.N.V.R., O.N. Clyde 4/2068.

2nd Hnd. Charles William Turner, R.N.R., O.N. 2408S.A.

C.P.O. William Henry Turner, O.N. 128877 (R.F.R., Po./A4092).

Dkhnd. John Watson, R.N.R., O.N. 5887 D.A.

2nd Hnd. Walter William Webster, R.N.R., O.N. 751S.A.

P.O. George Herbert White, O.N. 129186 (Po.).

Ch. Motor Mech. John Thomas Whiting, O.N. M.B.83.

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) George Wilson, R.N.R., O.N. 1142S.A.

Ldg. Dkhnd. Alfred George Samuel Youens, R.N.R., O.N. 3797S.D.




30159 - 29 JUNE 1917




Honours for Service in Mine-Sweeping Operations.


The following officers and men have been mentioned in despatches - in recognition of their services in Mine-sweeping operations between the 1st July, 1916, and the 31st March, 1917:

Cdr. Francis Hungerford Pollen, R.N.

Cdr. Frederick Richard Harrold, R.N.

Cdr. Harry Francis Cayley, D.S.O., R.N.

Act. Cdr. Gervase William Heaton Heaton, D.S.O., R.N.

Act. Cdr. Charles Edward Aglionby, R.N.

Act. Cdr. Ronald Clinton Mayne, R.N.

Act. Cdr. Ralph Tindal, R.N.

Cdr. Wilfrid Montague Bruce, R.N.R.

Lieut.-Cdr. John Edwards, R.N.

Lieut. Stafford Harry Dillon, R.N.

Lieut. Archibald Gordon Cranmer, R.N.R.

Lieut. Frederick William Gray, R.N.R.

Lieut. William Gibson Wood, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. John Joseph Fulton, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. Robert Davies, R.N.R.

Lieut. Walter Sumner, R.N.R.

Lieut. Nelson Cooper, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. Leslie Oswald Hatherley, R.N.R.

Lieut. Charles Kemp Paris, R.N.R.

Lieut. Norman Minshull, R.N.R.

Lieut. Charles Alfred Todd, R.N.R.

Lieut. George Syms, R.N.R.

Lieut. William George Brown, R.N.R.

Lieut. Bertie Warwick, R.N.R.

Lieut. Thomas Rayne Kirby, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. William Wilson, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Oswald Frank Pennington, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. George Andrew Drummond, R.N.R.

Eng.-Lieut. James Jack Andrews, R.N.R.

Eng.-Lieut. Joseph Percy Watts, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Frederick Wilson, R.N.V.R.

Ch. Gnr. William Henry Wilkie, R.N.

Ch. Bosn. Ernest Robert Parrott, R.N.

Ch. Warr. Eng. Stanley Peregrine Oxnard, R.N.R.

Skipper Alexander Youngson, R.N.R., 23 W.S.A.

Skipper Edward Warwick, R.N.R., 40W.S.A.

Skipper John William Eden, R.N.R., 93S.A.

Skipper John William Blyth, R.N.R., 112 W.S.A.

Skipper George John Bird, R.N.R., 682 W.S.A.

Skipper William James McLean, R.N.R., 744W.S.A.

Skipper Joseph Renton, R.N.R,, 1393 W.S.A.

Skipper William Joseph Smith, R.N.R., 1397 W.S.A.

Skipper James William Austin, R.N.R., 1413 W.S.A.

2nd Hnd. Noah Ayers, R.N.R., O. N. 2031 S.A.

C.P.O. Arthur Samuel Bailey, O.N. 17909 (Po.).

P.O. John Beaton, R.N.R., O.N. 3197C.

Dkhnd. William Walter Berryman, R.N.R., O.N. 208D.A.

P.O. Stanley James Bloss, O.N. 232342 (Ch.).

Trmr. John Bradley, R.N.R., O.N. 568S.T.

Cook Eli Braham (Mercantile Marine).

Ldg. Dkhnd. Frederick William Brown, O.N. 1724D.A.

Engmn. James William Bryan, R.N.R., O.N. 1948E.S.

A.B. Frank Ruffin Buckett, O.N. J12701 (Po.).

C.P.O. Benjamin Bussey, O.N. 130577 (R.F.R., Po./A.3000).

Trmr. William Butler, R.N.R., O.N. 744T.S.

Engmn. Robert Cameron, R.N.R., O.N. 544E.S.

Ldg. Sea. George William Cardno, R.N.R., O.N. 7600A.

C.P.O. James Carter, O.N. 158594 (Dev.).

A.B. George Sydney Chisman (Mercantile Marine).

Trmr. Allan Cook, R.N.R., O.N. 720T.S.

Trmr. George Cox, R.N.R., O.N. 974T.S.

Dkhnd. George Cutting, R.N.R., O.N. 2128 D.A.

Sig. William Arthur Dearman, R.N.V.R., O.N. London Z/3314.

Yeo. Sigs. Charles Harold Dedman, O.N. 225658 (Po.).

P.O. John Denby, O.N. 166746 (R.F.R., Ch./B.4227).

Dkhnd. Alexander Donnison, R.N.R., O.N. 507D.A.

Ldg. Sea. Michael Donovan, O.N. 159865 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Percival George Downs, O.N. 178894 (R.F.R., Ch./B.5187).

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) Alfred Daniel Ellis, R.N.R., O.N. 392D.A.

Ldg. Tmr. Tobias Fitzpatrick, R.N.R., O.N. 2823S.T.

2nd Hnd. William Flett, R.N.R., O.N. 2557 S.A.

Sea. David Frederick, R.N.R., O.N. 1626D.

P.O. Charles Edward Frost, O.N. 202746 (R.F.R., Ch./B.10917).

Engmn. William James Reynolds Gastineau, R.N.R., O.N. 628E.S.

Dkhnd. Charles Francis Godel, R.N.R., O.N. 2225S.D.

Engmn. Edward Augustus Hackett, R.N R , O.N. 95E.S.

Sig. Percy Thomas Halfhead, R.N.V.R., O.N. Mersey Z/837.

Sto., 1st Cl., Robert Harris, O.N. K.2206 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. Daniel James Harrison, R.N.R , O.N. 286S.A.

Shipwt., 1st C1., Thomas Henry Hill, O N 344412 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. Robert Hislop, R.N.R.. O.N. 2190 S.D.

Ldg. Sea. Frederick Hosking, R.N.R., O.N. 5366B.

Trmr. William Hyndman, R.N.R., O.N. 360S.T.

Dkhnd. Clifford Andrew Jackson, R.N.R., O.N. 648D.A.

Dkhnd. James Jenkins, R.N.R., O.N. 471D.A.

Ldg. Dkhnd. Mark Hodson Knights, R.N.R., O.N. 1427D.A.

C.E.R.A. Henry Edward Korn, R.N.R., O.N. 305E.B.

P.O. James Croxford Liley, O.N. 116236 (R.F.R., Ch./A.660).

Ldg. Sea. Malcolm Mclntyre, R.N.R., O.N. 3676B.

Dkhnd. Thomas Magee, R.N.R., O.N. 531S.D.

P.O. William Marlow, O.N. 183023 (R.F.R., Ch./B.6379).

Sig. David Midwinter, R.N.V.R., O.N. London Z/1551.

Trmr. Albert Hindle Miller, R.N.R., O.N. 527T.S.

Engmn. Burton George Henry Moore, R.N.R., O.N. 445 T.S.

Dkhnd. William John Newman, R.N.R., O.N. 324 S.D.

2nd Hnd. Harold George Nicholson, R.N.R., O.N. 1421 D.A.

Engmn. Charles Niven, R.N.R., O.N. 59E.S.

Sto. P.O. Robert Henry Osgood, O.N. 291689 (Po,).

2nd Hnd. Thomas Ovenstone, R.N.R., O.N. 5981 D.A.

C.P.O. George Edward Over, O.N. 178015 (Dev.).

2nd Hnd. (now Skipper) Charles William Penrose, R.N.R., O.N., 11 D.A.

Ldg. Sig. George Popple, O.N. 214362 (Po.).

Engmn. William Rogergon Porter, O.N. 144 E.S.

Ldg. Sea. John William Presswell, O.N. 155960 (R.F.R., Ch./B.3248).

Sea. James Pugh, R.N.R., O.N. 3224B.

C.P.O. John Rafferty, O.N. 126715 (R.F.R., Po./A.3295).

Ldg. Sea. Frederick Reed, R.N.R., O.N. 3166B.

Ldg. Sea. William Reed, O.N. 235966 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. Joseph Anthony Reid, R.N.R., O.N. 70 D.A.

Dkhnd. James Ritchie, R.N.R., O.N. 5252 D.A.

2nd Hnd. Cecil Percy Rogers, R.N.R., O.N. 139 S.A.

Trmr. William Rollo, R.N.R., O.N. 782T.S.

2nd Hnd. Robert Rutter, R.N.R., O.N. 1849 D.A.

Engmn. Harry Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 611E.S.

Trmr. Leonard Sparkes, R.N.R., O.N. 202 T.S.

Engmn. James Stables, R.N.R., O.N. 262 E.S.

Engmn. James Stirton, R.N.R., O.N. 673 T.S.

C.P.O. William Henry Tapsell, O.N. 163385 (Ch.).

Dkhnd. William Walker, R.N.R., O.N. 1501 D.A.

P.O. Sidney Frederick Waller, O.N. 194414 (Ch.).

A.B. Frederick Joseph Welch, O.N. 185291 (R.F.R., Po./B.3567).

Ch. Sto. Albert Edward White, O.N. 281161 (Po.).

2nd Hnd. Morris Wisher, R.N.R., O.N. 192 S.A.

Sea. Alexander Wood, R.N.R., O.N. 4577A.

2nd Hnd. Robert Wright, R.N.R., O.N. 1104 S.A.




30194 - 20 JULY 1917




Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in Dispatches:

Capt. Frank Larken, C.M.G., R.N.

Capt. Henry Edgar Grace, R.N.

Capt. Charles William Bruton, R.N.

Cdr. Francis Robert Wrottesley, R.N.

Cdr. Cloudesley Varyl Robinson, R.N.

Cdr. Hugh Turnour England, R.N.

Cdr. Wellwood George Courtenay Maxwell, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. (Act. Cdr.) Michael Barne, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Percival Scott Rickcord, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Edward Sidney Graham, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Donald Priaulx MacGregor, R.N

Eng. Lieut. (Act. Eng. Lieut.-Cdr.) Robert Graham Knox, R.N.

Lieut. Frank George Fowle, D.S.C., R.N.

Lieut. Arthur Ronald Farquhar, R.N.

Lieut. Arthur Percy Melsom, R.N.R.

Lieut.-Cdr. John Linton Myres, R.N.V.R.

Lieut. William Wordie Watson, R.N.V.R.

Lieut. Dawburn Young, R.N.V.R.

Lieut. John Cuthbert Lawson, R.N.V.R.

Sub.-Lieut. John Alexander Lorimer, R.N.V.R.

Gnr. Horace Percy Hamlyn, R.N.

Bosn. Harry Ham, R.N.

Art. Eng. Ernest Miller Fittock, R.N.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd gr., Arthur Harris, O.N. J.3256 (Po.).

Ch. Writer Percy Richard Ridley, O.N. 343406 (Ch.).

Ch. E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Roy Hare Smith, O.N. 272175 (Ch.) (now Act. Art. Eng.).

Ch. Sto. Richard Goodhew, O.N. 282350 (Ch.)

Pte. William Fletcher Wood, R.M.L.I., No. Ch. 19640.

Bugler Valentine James Haines, R.M.L.I., No. Ch. 19757.

Act. Ch. Sto. George Hyde, O.N. 295285 (Ch.).

Ch. Arm. John Wyness, O.N. 341911 (Ch.).

A.B. John Hazlett Upham Hume, O.N. J16805 (Ch.).

Sig. Walter Charles Nightingale, O.N. J22609 (Po.).

P.O., 1st C1., Ernest Thomas Mainprize, O.N. 184923 (Ch.).

Act. E.R.A., 4th Cl., Horace Archer Drew, O.N. M12158 (Ch.).

Ch. Motor Mech. William Frank Penny, R.N.V.R., O.N. M.B.737.

Dkhnd. Donald Macleod, R.N.R., O.N. 3070 SD.

Sea. John Bairnson, R.N.R., O.N. 506 L.

Dkhnd. George Turner, R.N.R., O.N. 621SD.



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Cdr. Francis Alexander Waddilove Buller, D.S.O., R.N.

Cdr. Godfrey Herbert, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Thomas Gilbert Carter, R.N.

Lieut. Edgar William Buchanan, R.N.

Lieut. Frederick Edward Raw, R.N.

Lieut. Ian Honnor Morton, R.N.

Sqdrn.-Cdr. Ralph James Jean Hope-Vere, R.N.A.S.

Lieut. Algernon Frederick Sellers, R.N.R.

Lieut. Adam Yule Catto, R.N.R.

Engr.-Lieut. Leonard Samuel Loveless, D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N.R.

Engr. Sub-Lieut. James William Grant, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Engr. Sub.-Lieut. John Smith, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Skipper Frederick Robert Baker, R.N.R., 1210 WSA.

Warrt. Teleg. Allan Andrews, R.N.R.

Engmn. William Clifford James, R.N.R., O.N. 3765 E.S.

Dkhnd. Arthur Barber, R.N.R., O.N. 8163 D.A. Act.

Ch. E.R.A., 2nd Cl., James George Jeram, O.N. 270519 (Po.)

A.B. Wilfred Stephen Balls, O.N. 213815 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. Frederick Drown, O.N. 227844 (Dev.).

Dkhnd. Joseph Page, R.N.R., O.N. 7590 D.A.

Dkhnd. Robert Peterson, R.N.R., O.N. 2703, S.D.

Dkhnd. William Gregg, R.N.R., O.N. 10371 D.A.

C.P.O. William John Adams, O.N. 189087 (Dev.).

C.P.O. George Henry Truscott, O.N. 140440 (R.F.R. Dev./A.3140).

W.T. Op., 1st Cl., William Statham, R.N.R., O.N. 34 W.T.S.

Ldg. Sea. Edward Cooper, O.N. J 7225 (Dev.).

Sea. Robert Pitt, R.N.R. O.N. 3250B.

Sea. John Keane, R.N.R., O.N. 5370B.

Sto. P.O. Illtyd Davies, O.N. 229843 (Dev.).

Ch. Std. Alfred C. Townshend (Mercantile Rating).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Flt. Lieut. Edward James Pointer Burling, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Humphrey de Verd Leigh, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Frederick Middleton Fox, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Henry Vernon Worrall, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Thomas Gordon Mair Stephens, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. John Edward Scott, R.N.A.S.

Flt Sub-Lieut. Rowan Heywood Daly, R.N.A.S.

Lieut. William Charles Abbott Meade, R.N.V.R.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in recognition of zeal and devotion to duty shown in carrying on the trade of the country during, the war:


To be Commended for Good Service.

Capt. Edwin Ellis.

Capt. Alexander Drysdale Falconer.

Capt. Donald McNicol.

Capt. William Matthews Chirgwin.

Capt. James Griffiths.

Capt. Frederick George William Randall.

Ch. Offr. Percy St. Andrew Robertson.

3rd Offr. James Mackie.

Pilot Reginald Victor Palmer.




30227 - 10 AUGUST 1917




Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Dispatches:

Capt. William Henry Dudley Boyle, R.N.

Cdr. James Sacheverell Constable Salmond, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. (actg. Cdr.) Reginald Gregory, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. William Wells-Hood, R.N.V.R.

Lieut.-Cdr. William Alfred Dye, R.N.V.R.

Lieut. Norman D. Holbrook, V.C., R.N.

Lce.-Corp. Edgar Finch, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./11482 (R.F.R., B.1791).

P.O. Mech. (E) James Hassan, O.N. F2743.

P.O. Mech. (E) Herbert George Whiting, O.N. F3808.

P.O. Mech. Harold Leslie Watson, O.N. F10160.

P.O. Mech. Alexander Ross Mclvor, O.N. F10035.

P.O. Mech. Frederick William Fear, D.N. F3051.

P.O. Mech. David Livingstone Bryars, O.N. F3045.

P.O. Mech. John Joseph Harris, O.N. F9908.

P.O. Mech. (E) Percival William Husk, O.N. F3030.

P.O. Mech. (E) William Henry Salisbury, O.N. F1733.

P.O. Mech. Charles Bolton, O.N. F9559.

Ch. Sto. Alfred Gibbs, O.N. 144783 (R.F.R. Po./A2771).

Ch. Sto. Augustus Alexander Holt, O.N. 160504 (Ch.).

Sto. William John Evans, R.N.R., O.N. 6817S.

Sto. William John Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 2902S.

Ldg. Sea. William Henry Carrol, O.N. 156667 (R.F.R. Dev./B1716).

Ldg. Sea. Henry Phillips, O.N. 203758 (R.F.R. Dev./B4993).

Trmr. Charles Porter, R.N.R., O.N. 746ST.

Yeo. Sigs. Frank Harold Aldenton, O.N. 230198 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Charles William Arnold, O.N. 282802 (Ch.).

P.O. Richard Charles Carr, O.N. 136307 (R.F.R. Po./A.3610).

Ldg. Sea. Percy Chubb, O.N. 199130 (R.F.R. Dev./B4542).

Ch. Sto. Edmond Coghlan, O.N. 169816 (Dev.).

Sea. John Coghlan, R.N.R., O.N. 2907C.

Ship's Std. Walter Herbert Coles, O.N. 344217 (Ch.).

A.B. Robert Croft, O.N. 193184 (R.F.R., Ch./B. 3557).

Ldg. Sea. Robert Frederick Popham Darby, O.N. 216788 (Ch.).

Yeo. Sigs. William George Daymon, O.N. 227899 (Dev.).

C.P.O. Daniel Dempsey, O.N. 154177 (Dev.)

Sto. P.O. Thomas Dorney, O.N. 302375 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Andrew James Foale, O.N. 218275 (Dev.).

Sig. Charles William Goodrum, R.N.V.R., Bristol Z/5203 (killed in action).

Ship's Corpl. Edgar John Highams, O.N. 180760 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Stanley Hume, O.N. 235061 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Herbert Irven, O.N. 303877 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Samuel George Lambert, O.N. 187454 (Ch.).

Arm. Fred Levick, O.N. 340464 (Ch.).

P.O. Frederick McDonald, O.N. 204921 (R.F.R. Ch./B10143).

A.B. Sidney Parsons, O.N. 204615 (R.F.R. Dev./B4322).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., Edward Thompson Pyne, O.N. 268842 (Po.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., George Maynard Salter, O.N. M8415 (Dev.).

A.B. Sidney Shea, O.N. 225954 (Ch.).

P.O. Arthur Richard Lionel Skinner, O.N. 222066 (Ch.).

P.O. Charles Richard Smith, O.N. 190479 (Ch.).

1st Writer Albert William Stone, O.N. 346080 (Po.).

C.P.O. Robert Lethbridge Stone, O.N. 155140 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A. Robert Templeton, R.N.R., O.N. 1504 E.A.

Sergeant George Robert Vale, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./14304.



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Flt. Cdr. James Gardner Struthers, R.N.A.S.

Engr. Lieut. Robert Morrison Pakenham-Walsh, R.N.

Lieut. Hamilton McMath Hely, R.N.R.

Lieut. Robert Lancelot Fortescue Hubbard, R.N.R.

Lieut. John Trewhella Rowe, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. Walter Edward Hewkin, R.N.R.

Lieut. John Ibbotson Harrison, R.N.R.

Lieut. John Chevas Cumming, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Charles Francis George Thomas Hallaran, R.N.

Asst. Payr. Alec Brodie McFarlane, R.N.R.

Skipper John Lyle, R.N.R., 71 W.S.A.

Skipper Peter Seaton, R.N.R.

Skipper Frederick Savage, R.N.R., 173 W.S.A.

Skipper William Forman, R.N.R., 369 W.S.A.

Engmn. Charles Coutts Webster, R.N.R., O.N. 20 E.S.

P.O. John Alfred Smith, O.N. 130539 (R.F.R., Po./A2805).

Dkhnd. Thomas Williamson, R.N.R., O.N. 2138 D.A.

Dkhnd. Peter Thomson.

2nd Fisherman Edward W. Millington.

P.O. Mech. Charles Regan, O.N. 218371 (Dev.).

Air Mech., 1st Gr., George Henry Ellis, O.N. F3423.

Ldg. Mech. Joseph Parkes, O.N. F2859.

Sig. James Corbett, R.N.V.R., O.N. Clyde, Z6289.

Stewd. William Henry Patterson, Mercantile Rating.

A.B. James Horation Walker, R.N.V.R., O.N. Bristol Z3538.

Dkhnd. Tom Sherry, R.N.R., O.N. 5266 D.A.

Dkhnd. Benjamin Downing, R.N.R., O.N. 10299 D.A.

Dkhnd. John Tregurtha, R.N.R., O.N. 16452 D.A.

Dkhnd. Peter Sutton, R.N.R., O.N. 8443 D.A.

Dkhnd. John Methvin Robertson Strachan, R.N.R., O.N. 7274 D.A.

Dkhnd. William Wallace, R.N.R., O.N. 2156 D.A.



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Sqdrn.-Cdr. Bedford Henry Mulock, D.S.O., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Warren Rawson Mackenzie, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Robert Frederick Lea Dickey, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Frederick Ross Johnson, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Alfred Hartley Lofft, R.N.A.S.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Frederick John George, O.N. F1947.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


To be Commended for Good Service.

Capt. Arthur Smith.




30258 - 28 AUGUST 1917


Honours for Service in the Action in the Straits of Otranto on the 15th May, 1917.


The following officers and men were Mentioned in Despatches:

Cdr. Douglas William O'Bryen Forsyth, R.N.

Cdr. Robert Gerald Fane, R.N. (killed in action).

Engr. Cdr. Ernest Edward Bartlett, R.N.

Lieut. George Reuben Barling, R.N.R. (killed in action).

Chief Skipper Harold John Goldspink, D.S.C, R.N.R., 1937 W.S.A.

Skipper Walter Henry Chaney, R.N.R., 1242 S.A.

Skipper Frank Hutchings, R.N.R., 1305 W.S.A.

Skipper George Thain, R.N.R., 1074 W.S.A.

Skipper Ephraim Elijah Snowling, R.N.R., 1962 W.S.A.

Ord. Teleg. Douglas Morris Harris, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z9359 (Bristol) (killed in action).

2nd Hnd. Adam Gordon, R.N.R., 3945 DA. (killed in action).

Trmr. George Craig, R.N.R., O.N. 3018 TS. (killed in action).

2nd Hnd. John Stephen, R.N.R., O.N. 3685 DA.

2nd Hnd. Alexander Findlay, R.N.R., O.N. 5184 DA

Dkhnd. James Christopher John Taylor, R.N.R., O.N. 8912 DA.

Dkhnd. William Henry Adams, R.N.R., O.N. 3652 SD.

Engmn. John Sim, R.N.R., O.N. 3378 ES.

Dknnd. James Boulton, R.N.R., O.N. 15230 DA.

Engmn. John Edwin Cooper, R.N.R., O.N. 871 DA.

Engmn. Thomas Anderson, R.N.R., O.N. 2178 ES.

Trmr. Thomas Leggat, R.N.R., O.N. 4288 TS.

2nd Hnd. Alexander Smith, R.N.R., O.N. 1857 SA.

Dkhnd. Edwin Goldsmith Hitter, R.N.R., O.N. 8077 DA.

Sto. P.O. Arthur Egglishaw, O.N. 295126 (R.F.R., Ch,/B6423).

Ch. Shipwt. George Henry Sly, O.N. 342641 (Dev.).

A.B. Thomas Richardson, O.N. J12188 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Albert Hargreaves, O.N. 232134 (Dev.).

Shipwt., 1st Cl., Edwy John Forse, O.N. 344049 (Po.).

Sto. P.O. William Joyce, O.N. 311080 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., James Ewart Maplesden, O.N. K23040 (Po.).

Lce.-Corpl. Alfred Gee, R.M.L.I., No. Po. 14933.



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Engr. Lieut. Neal Shaw MacKinnon, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Robert Joseph Jeffers, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut, (now Act. Lieut.) Joseph Russell Stenhouse, R.N.R.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Harold Beaumont Smith, R.N.A.S.

Sub-Lieut. Ernest Hutchison, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Thomas Edward Cain, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Edmund William Argent, O.N. F13482.

A.B. George Edward Crittenden, O.N. 202731 (R.F.R., Po./B6474).

A.B. George William Perry, O.N. 180015 (Po.).

Sea. Harold James Braund, R.N.R., O.N. 7338A.

A.B. Thomas Moorcroft, O.N. J25471 (Dev.).

Sto., 1st Cl., David Buss, O.N. K22876 (Po.).

A.B. Stanley James Clarke, O.N. SS4531 (Dev.).

Sig. James Yarr, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z/7325 (Clyde).

Sto. P.O. William Lee, O.N. 219498 (Dev.).

Pte. George Wainwright, R.M.L.I., No. Po./18694.

Greaser James Noakes, Mercantile Rating, No. 543306.

Fireman Percy Cook, Mercantile Rating, No. 867709.

Craneman John Bartell, Mercantile Rating, No. 569832.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The undermentioned Officer has been Mentioned in Despatches:

Lieut. John Noble Day, D.S.C., R.N.R.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:


To be Commended for Good Service.

Capt. Frank Scott.

Ch. Offr. William Mowat.

Ch. Offr. John Morrow Campbell.

Ch. Engr. Alexander Cumming.

Ch. Engr. John White Anderson.

5th Engr. John Durward.

Apprentice Leonard Percy Stone.

Apprentice Ernest Arthur Steggles.

Sea. Jeffrey Watts.

Sea. Joseph Kay.

Sea. John McLennan.




30285 - 14 SEPTEMBER 1917




Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Cdr. John Coombe Hodgson, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Frederick Archibald Warner, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. David Richard Mason, R.N.R.

Eng. Lieut.-Cdr. Ralph Berry, R.N.

Eng. Lieut.-Cdr. James Ashton, R.N.

Lieut. Henry Hamilton, R.N.

Lieut. Edmund Gerald Noel Rushbrooke. D.S.C., R.N.

Lieut. Randolph Stewart Gresham Nicholson, R.N.

Lieut. Claude Denzil Bury, R.N.

Lieut. Geoffrey Bateman Hope, R.N.

Act. Lieut. Stanley Napier Blackburn, R.N.

Act. Lieut. Robert Don Oliver, R.N.

Sub-Lieut. Patrick Straton Campbell, R.N.

Sub-Lieut. Alfred Martyn Williams, D.S.C., R.N.

Eng. Sub-Lieut. Sydney James Kidd, R.N.R.

Eng. Sub-Lieut. George Smith Gellatly, R.N.R.

Gnr. (T.). Sydney Herbert Jones, R.N.

3rd Offr. Joseph Henry Hart.

Ldg. Sea. George Duncan, R.N.R., O.N. 3230C.

Sea. Eric Farquhar, R.N.R., O.N. 276L.

Ldg. Sto. John Williams, M.M.R., No. 623440.

Sto. John Anstice, M.M.R., No. 870266.

C.P.O. Edward Ernest Sandell, O.N. 154995 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Albert Jeffes, O.N. M.4935 (Ch.).

Ch. E.R.A., 2nd Cl, John Tait, O.N.270687 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Thomas Lawrence, O.N. 293220 (Ch.).

P.O. Alfred Chapman, O.N. 185463 (Ch.).

A.B. Sydney French, O.N. J.6763 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Albert Victor Laver, O.N. 223192 (Ch.).

P.O. Alfred James Hazelgrove, O.N. 198628 (Po.).



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Cdr. Robert Gerald Hamond, R.N.

Lieut. Rowland Kyrle Cecil Pope, R.N.

Lieut. Frederick Albert Richardson, D.S.C., R.N.

Lieut. Frederick William Siddall, R.N.R.

Lieut. Peter Capper, R.N.R.

Lieut. Albert Edward Holland, R.N.R.

Eng. Lieut. Hebden Woods, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Ernest William Agnes, R.N.R.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Sidney Ernest Ball, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Arthur Thomas Barker, R.N.A.S.

Surg. Prob. Robert Sydney Steele Smith, R.N.V.R.

Ch. Art. Eng. Frederick John Baker, R.N.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Walter James Priest, O.N. F21948.

Ldg. Teleg. Harold Thomas Wilks, O.N. J20332 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 4th Cl., William McIndoe, O.N. M15864 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. William Edwin Claret, O.N. 230636 (Ch.).

A.B. Francis Nathen John Loveday, O.N. 237785 (Ch.).

O.S. Harry Edward Wale, O.N. J38274 (Ch.).

O.S. Charles Lee, O.N. J45484 (Ch.).

Boy, 1st Cl., Alfred Heppell, O.N. J47043 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., William Edward Hammond, O.N. M4146 (Ch.).

P.O. Leo Charles Martin, O.N. J5436 (Ch.).

A.B. Robert Ernest Hunt, O.N. J9250 (Ch.).

A.B. David Spence, O.N. 233739 (Ch.).

A.B. Thomas Mossop, O.N. 225492 (Ch.).

Shipwt. Edwin Leslie Dunstor Cooper, O.N. 344446 (Ch.).

O.S. Rowland Chalkley, O.N. J56840 (Ch.)

2nd Hnd. Samuel Goffin Larn, R.N.R., O.N. 1027S.A.

Engmn. James Arthur Forrest. R.N.R., O.N. 130ES.

2nd Hnd. Charles Edwin Taylor, R.N.R., O.N. 276DA

Engmn. John William Innes, R.N.R., O.N. 2590ES.

Dkhnd. James Rimmer, R.N.R., O.N. 10528DA.

Trmr. George Atkin. R.N.R., O.N. 3483TS.

2nd Hnd. William Brett.

Bos'n Leonard Pillar.

3rd Hnd. Charles Chaston.

Dkknd. Robert Freeman.

Cook Charles Cross.

2nd Engmn. William Emmett.

Fireman James B. Collis.

Fireman George Johnson.



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officers have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Flt. Cdr. Charles Teverill Freeman, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Cdr. Thomas Frederick Le Mesurier, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... expression of commendation for their services - in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:

Capt. George William. Sharpe.

Capt. William Henry Bullock (Lieut.-Cdr., R.N.R., retd.) (killed).

Captain William Henry Baker.

Ch. Offr. John Vyvyan Watson-Black.

Ch. Eng. Harry Munt Black.




30298 - 21 SEPTEMBER 1917






The following Officers are mentioned in despatches for service on the Euphrates (see Mesopotamian Campaign, Naval Despatch, dated 7 May 1917):

Lieut.-Commander Alexander B. Chalmer, R.N.

Lieut. Aubrey C. Thursfield, R.N.

Lieut. Richard J. A. Harding, R.N.V.R.




30316 - 28 SEPTEMBER 1917




Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Despatches.

Engr. Cdr. William Henry Fox, R.N.R.

Engr. Cdr. Bertie Prophet, R.N.R.

Lieut. Frederic Dowse, R.N.R.

Engr. Lieut. Neil Gordon, R.N.R.

Asst. Payr. Cyril Duncan Cross, R.N.R.

Asst. Payr. Reginald Tom Holder, R.N.R.

Ch. Gnr. Herbert John Rose, R.N.

A.B. John Berry, O.N. 194762 (R.F.R. Ch./ B7988).

A.B. John Arthur Thomas Cusick, O.N. J20042 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Price Foulkes, O.N. 201329 (Ch.).

Act. Ch. Shipwt. Charles Arthur Riddle, O.N. M10412 (Ch.).

A.B. Albert Clegg, O.N. 213973 (Dev.).

2nd Writer Harold Devenport, O.N. M2077 (Ch.).

Act. Ldg. Sto. Percy Blake, O.N. SS103595 (R.F.R. Ch./B7908).

A.B. Christopher McCallum, O.N. J2198 (Ch.).

Ch. Arm. James Heddie Angus, O.N. 340002 (Ch.).

A.B. John Richards Bartlett, O.N. J26181 (Ch.).

P.O. John Lion Maw, O.N. 236830 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Thomas Cheeseman, O.N. 169485 (Ch.).

A.B. Kitchen Mackay, O.N. J19258 (Ch.).

A.B. Leonard Hitchcock, O.N. 218392 (Ch.).

A.B. John Roberts, O.N. 213642 (Ch.).

Act. Arm. Maurice John Brading Smith, O.N. M2871 (Ch.).

A.B. Harry Cornford, O.N. 227286 (Po.).

A.B. George Edwin Freeman, O.N. J22195 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Thomas Sharp, O.N. 206578 (Po.).

A.B. Thomas George Hiscock, O.N. 206602 (Po.).

A.B. Herbert Parsons, O.N. 215055 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. Alfred Lowden, O.N. 229112 (Po.).

Ldg. Carp. Crew. Alan Henry Grant, O.N. M4918 (Po.).

1st Writer Percy Stanley Dollimore, O.N. 347365 (Ch.).

P.O. Evelyn Wood, O.N. (200990 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Albert Victor Sadler, O.N. 218777 (Ch.).

A.B. James Sullivan, O.N. 196821 (R.F.R. Dev./B4446).

Ldg. Sto. Charles Harris, O.N. K5416 (Po.).

A.B. Thomas Reid, O.N. 22J504 (Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., George Edward Dawson, O.N. K9582 (Ch.).

A.B. Horace Glen Sidders, O.N. SS3822 (Ch.).

Greaser Frederick Ellis, M.M.R.

Sto. P.O. John Murray, R.N.R., O.N. 1165U.

Greaser William Russell, M.M.R. No. 923217.

Greaser John Gilbert, M.M.R. No. 611952.

Fireman George Richard Nice, M.M.R. No. 609275.

Greaser William Chance, M.M.R. No. 692099.

Fireman Charles Albert Galloway, M.M.R. No. 707475.



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


(1) For services on patrol duties and submarine searching in Home Waters:


The following Officers and men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Wing Cdr. John Norman Fletcher. R.N.A.S.

Sqdrn. Cdr. Charles Robert Finch Noyes, R.N.

Sqdrn. Cdr. James William Ogilvy Dalgleish, R.N.

Sqdrn. Cdr. Lancelot Tomkinson, R.N.

Wing Cdr. Frederick Lewis Maitland Boothby, R.N.

Flt. Cdr. Eric Bentley Beauman, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Cdr. Irving Henry Bebby Hartford, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Cdr. Gerald Edward Livock, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Cdr. Fred George Darby Hards, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Cdr. William Hutcheon Watt, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Cdr. John Beresford Cole-Hamilton, R.N.

Act. Flt. Cdr. Albert Durstan, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. John Augustus Barron, R.N.

Flt. Lieut. Edward Keith Henry Turnour, R.N.

Lieut. James Michael Burke, R.N.V.R.

Flt. Lieut. Harold Anderson Pailthorpe. R.N.A.S. (since killed).

Flt. Lieut. Charles Joseph Hallinan, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Charles Winter Scott, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Sidney Enfield Taylor, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. George Francis Meager. R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Thomas Henry Newton, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. John Osborn Galpin, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. George Ritchie Hodgson, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Frederick Stanley Mills, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Kenneth Gordon Boyd, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Hary Logan Frazer McLean. R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Frank Hugh McMaster, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Olive Stewart Iron, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. .William Forster Dickson, R.N.A.S.

Obs. Sub-Lieut. David Shearman Earp, R.N.A.S.

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., James Wrigley, O.N. F.469.

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., Henry Thornton Duke, O.N. F.17272 (now Warrt. Offr., 2nd Gr.).

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Robert William Johnson, O.N. 13837 (Po.).

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., William Godfrey, O.N. 230931 (Po.).

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., James Rodger, O.N. M.2435 (Ch.).

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Richard Reekie, O.N. F.8923.

Ldg. Mech., 1st Gr. (E.), George Irwin Smith, O.N. F.3501.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Henry Douglas Lane, O.N. F.692.

Boy Mech. Christopher Kidd, O.N. F.5004.

Ldg. Mech. Robert Connor, O.N. F.4597.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., George Edward Franklin, O.N. 239138.

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., Alfred Joseph Corbitt, O.N. F.54 (now Warrt. Offr., 2nd Gr.).

P.O. Mech. John William Long, O.N. K.2075 (Po.).

P.O. Mech. Charles Regan, O.N. 218371 (Dev.).

Ldg. Mech. George Henry Ellis, O.N. F.3423.

Ldg. Mech. Thomas William Thirlwall, O.N. F.9430.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Frank Jones, O.N. F.5785

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Thomas Owen Oakes, O.N. 238732 (Ch.).

Ldg. Mech. James Edward Lawrence, O.N. F.8762.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Duncan McKenzie, O.N. F.760.

Ldg. Mech. Harold Lee, O.N. F.3239.

Ldg. Mech. Edward Bertram Turner, O.N. F.3509.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., James Ernest Martin, O.N. J.34195.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., William Morgan, O.N. M.2399 (Dev.).

P.O. Mech. Bernard Francis Strand, O.N. F.344.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Henry Edmond Bennell, O.N. 234260 (Ch.).

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Harry James Richer, O.N. F.303.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Edward Cornish Carter, O.N. F.9726.

Ldg. Mech. Arthur Herbert Gaunt, O.N. F.785.

P.O. Mech. Sidney James Heath, O.N. 201503 (Po.).

Ldg. Mech. Sidney James Leith. O.N. F.3516.

C.P.O. Frank Stanley Close, R.N.R., O.N. 326 WTS.

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Douglas Thomas Williams O.N. F.6537.

Air Mech., 1st Gr. (E.), Walter Lionel Le Maitre, O.N. F.3937.

P.O. Mech. Leslie Stoakes, O.N. F.3346.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Fred Victor Griffin, O.N. F. 12487.

Ldg. Mech. William Joseph Baker, O.N. F.5926,

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., George Herbert Windsor, O.N. F.8790.

Ldg. Mech. (E.) Frederick William Avery, O.N. F.3209.

(2) For services in reconnaissance and bombing flights in the Eastern Mediterranean:


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Sqdrn. Cdr. Edwin Harris Dunning, D.S.C., R.N.A.S. (since killed).

Flt. Cdr. Eric Thompson Bradley, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. Eric Perrin Hicks, R.N.A.S.

Air Mech., 1st Gr., Frederick Ernest Downs, O.N. F.6091.

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., Ralph Arnold Wells, O.N. F531.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Lance Donald Stewart, O.N. F.229.

Ldg. Mech. Ernest Henry Purdy, O.N. F.1494.

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., Ernest Whittlesea, O.N. 344343 (Ch.) (now Warrt. Offr., 2nd Gr.).

C.P.O. Mech., 2nd Gr., Charles Parsons, O.N. F.205.

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Gilbert Lambourne, O.N. 351591 (Po.) (now Warrt. Offr., 2nd Gr.).




30363 - 30 OCTOBER 1917




Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


The following officers and men have been mentioned in Despatches:

Capt. John Locke Marx, C.B., M.V.O., D,S.O., R.N.R. (Adml., retd.).

Lieut.-Cdr. Alfred Geoffrey Peace, D.S.O., R.N.

Engr. Lieut. Lionel Harvey Frushard Young, R.N.

Lieut. William Strickland Harrison, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. John Galloway Watson, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Robert Crawford Crooks, R.N.

Act. Lieut. Felix Byrne, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Richard Percy Nisbet, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. James Ramsey Glen, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieut. Nigel Denys Bury, R.N.

Sub-Lieut. Ernest Hutchison, R.N.R.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Tom Compson Trumble, R.N.A.S.

Surg. Prob. Harold Knight Denham, R.N.V.R.

Gnr. (T.) George Herbert Neave, R.N.

C.E.R.A. Percy William Dewsbury, R.N.R., O.N. 1089 E.A.

A.B. Thomas Robinson Cunningham, O.N. J7483 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. Charles John Osmond, O.N. 306650 (Dev.).

A.B Henry Alfred Joseph Taylor, O.N. J6886 (Ch.).

P.O. Ernest Reginald Grassby, O.N. 202917 (Ch.).

Sig. Arthur Andrew Golding, O.N. J11614 (Ch.).

A.B. George Sidney Brooker, O.N. J14216 (Ch.).

P.O. Thomas Cunningham, O.N. 195135 (Po).

Dkhnd. William Wallace, R.N.R., O.N. 2156 D.A.

Ldg. Teleg. George Bremner Sutherland, O.N. J7160 (Dev.).

A.B. Francis Hawkins, O.N. J29968 (Dev.).

A.B. Bruce Ronald Claude Harris, O.N. J6495 (Dev.).

A.B. William Bethell, O.N. J20464 (Dev.).

A.B. John Dineen, O.N. J21305 (Dev.).

A.B. Harold Pearson, O.N. J28857 (Dev.).

A.B. John Parker, O.N. J215210 (Dev.).

A.B. Thomas Lester, O.N. J52684 (Dev.).

P.O. George Henry Warren, O.N. 193430 (Dev.).

Ldg Sea. Ernest Alfred Veale, O.N. 181452 (R.F.R., Dev./B 2119).

Sea. Robert Pitt, R.N.R., O.N. 3250 B.

Sea. Alfonso Davies, R.N.R., O.N. 1514 C.

Sto. George Rees, R.N.R., O.N. 1536 U.

C.P.O George Henry Truscott, O.N. 140440 (RF.R. Dev./A3140).

Pte. Joseph Epton, R.M.L.I., No. Ch./8327 (R.F.R., Ch./A705).

Pte. Francis John Morrison, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./5047.

Ldg. Teleg. Thomas Edmund Jacques, O.N. J22379 (Dev.).



Honours for Service in Submarines.


The following officers and men have been mentioned in despatches - in recognition of their services in submarines in enemy waters:

Cdr. Robert Bertram Ramsay, R.N.

Cdr. Gilbert Hilton Kellett, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Henry John Hearn, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Donald Irvine McGillewie, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Brownlow Villiers Layard, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. John Fenwick Hutchings, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Fitzroy Hamilton Dalrymple Byron, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Reginald Burnard Darke, R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Cornelius Octavius Regnart, R.N.

Lieut. Ernest George Ebblewhite, R.N.

Lieut. Dudley Vivian Peyton-Ward, R.N.

Lieut. Thomas Parkinson, R.N.

Lieut. William Robertson Braine, R.N.R.

Lieut. Alfred John Clemence, R.N.R.

Lieut. Albert Louis Tessier, R.N.R.

Lieut. John Faulkner Webster, R.N.R.

Lieut. Cyril Charles Marshall, R.N.R.

Lieut. Samuel Francis Champion, R.N.R.

P.O. Henry Thomas Gaston, O.N.184331 (Po.).

P.O. Frederick John Ockenden, O.N. 176053 (Ch.).

P.O. Sidney Henry Joseph Brice, O.N.212060 (Po.).

P O. George Robinson, O.N.191851 (Po.).

P.O. Ernest Gordon Powell, O.N. 174017 (Po.).

P.O. Walter Burton May, O.N.229332 (Ch.).

P.O. Frederick Mallett, O.N.214621 (Dev.).

P.O. Victor Edward Westell, O.N.237159 (Dev.).

P.O. George Edward Began, O.N. 177929 (Po.).

P.O. Albert Austin, O.N.211095 (Po.).

P.O. Dan Alfred Harding, O.N.232711 (Dev,).

P.O. Sidney Herbert Silvester, O.N.180563 (Po.).

Sig. Louie Weston, O.N.J.6099 (Po.).

Sig. Joseph Edgar Roberts, O.N.237519 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sig. Walter Briggs, O.N.239537 (Ch.).

Teleg. Gerald Charles Butcher, O.N.J.33802 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. John Frank James Lampier Phillips, O.N.237381 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. William George Harris, O.N. J.2040 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. John Llewellon James Mills, O.N. 224784 (Ch.).

A.B. George Winton Holmes, O.N.229084 (Po.).

A.B. John Albert Knapman, O.N.221892 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Henry Walter Mansfield, O.N. 239091 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. William John Bugden, O.N.237534 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Frederick Charles Barber, O.N. 195903 (Po).

Ldg. Sea. George William Stringer, O.N. J.7837 (Po.).

A.B. Joseph John Dakin, O.N.226908 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. William Charles Hamlyn, O.N. J.9508 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Robert William March, O.N. J.4048 (Dev.).

A.B. Francis Edward Alton, O.N. J.4319 (Ch.).

A.B. Ernest Wilfred Grubb, O.N.224009 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. John Robertson Kelso, O.N.J.5812 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Henry Arthur Chinn, O.N.J.5254 (Ch.).

A.B Ernest William Waller Clark, O.N. 235094 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Robert Henry Fry, O.N.J.9628 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. John Buckley, O.N.236989 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Charles William Jacobs, O.N. 236748 (Po.).

Ldg. Sea. Harry George Beazley, O.N.S.S. 3938 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Joseph Turner, O.N.J.10516 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Charles Mallalieu, O.N. 270459 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 1st Cl., William Fletcher, O.N. 269521 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Samuel Phillips Pearce, O.N. 272281 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Arthur Hector Barnes, O.N.269945 (Ch.).

E.R A., 2nd Cl., Arthur Mclntyre, O.N. 270902 (Po.).

C.E.R.A. Harold Bertram Sillick, O.N. 270914 (Dev.) (since killed).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Joseph Wilkinson, O.N. 270860 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., John James Singleton, O.N. M.803 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., John William Kinder, O.N. M.8857 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd.Cl., Robert Wilson White, O.N.269194 (Po.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., James Flett Fraser, O.N. M.5022 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Robert Dunwoodie, O.N. M.2326 (Dev.).

E.R.A. Samuel William George Herbert, O.N.M.1149 (Dev.).

E.R A., 1st Cl., Joseph Hood, O.N.270076 (Dev.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Cyril Sydney Good, O.N. 270884 (Ch ).

E.R A., 3rd Cl., William Henry Midworth, O.N.M.3351 (Ch.).

E.R.A, 1st Cl., Harry Hambly, O.N 270319 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., William McQuade, O.N. M 2592 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 3rd Cl., Frederick John Heath, O.N. M.6582 (Dev.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Albert John Playle, O.N. 270898 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. William Newland, O.N.309140 (Po.).

Ch Sto. Albert Edward Joiner, O.N.286459 (Po.).

Act Sto., P.O. Charles Bertie Mills, O.N. 311782 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. John Rowan, O.N 291799 (Ch.)

Sto. P.O. Harry Willimott Watson, O.N. 310289 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. John George Bowers, O.N.354314 (Po).

Sto P.O. Herbert John Bird, O.N.K.351 (Ch.).

Sto P.O. Edwin Jess Blondel, O.N.K.2366 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Mark Ward, O.N.K.5593 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Patrick Grant, O.N.K.20768 (Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., John Henry Goodsall, O.N.K. 12209 (Ch.).

Act. Ldg. Sto. Frederick William Henry Bates, O.N. K.5223 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sto. William Carter, O.N.K.2221 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. George William Marchant, O.N.K. 7448 (Ch.).

Sto. 1st Cl. James Henry Cox, O.N..S.S. 113836 (Po.).

Sto. 1st Cl., Martin William Hunt, O.N.K. 6863 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. George Champion, O.N.K. 5517

Ldg. Sto. Ernest Patten, O.N.K.911 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Frank Benjamin Stallard, O.N.K. 4404 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Harry Bertram Kingston, O.N.K. 8654 (Po.).

Ldg. Sto. Henry Frank Arthur Cowie O.N.K. 10829 (Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Ernest Frank Hayles, O.N.K. 15029 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Walter Charles Berret, O.N.K. 10702 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Henry Francis Frank Williams, O.N.K.16848 (Po.).

Sto. 1st Cl., George William Richard Hill, O.N.K.11351 (Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., William Patrick, O.N.K.17773 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Harry George Smith, O.N.K. 14889 (Dev.).

Act Ldg. Sto. Samuel Thomas Keates, O.N. K.5372 (Po.).

Sto., 1st Cl., George Frederick Wilkins, O.N. K. 16944 (Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Leo Frederick Murray Sangster, O.N.K.22599 (Ch.).



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following officers and men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Lieut.-Cdr. St. Andrew Oliver St. John, R.N.

Act. Lieut, the Hon. Cecil Edward Robert Spencer, R.N.

Engr. Sub-Lieut. John Henry Blackett, R.N.R.

Engr. Sub-Lieut. Reginald Charles Collins, R.N.R.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Raymond Kerr Rogerson, R.N.R.

Mid. Felix John Mossop, R.N.R.

Sig. Albert James Taylor, R.N.V.R., O.N. Z1395 (Wales).

A.B. Arthur George Carter, O.N. 195458 (R.F.R. Po./B5249).

A.B. Bertie Robert Manders, O.N. J17687 (Po.).

P.O. Charles Thomas Jordon, O.N.189576 (Ch.).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following officers and men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Sqdrn. Cdr. Charles Henry Butler, D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut, (now Flt.-Lieut.) Cecil Henry FitzHerbert, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Mark Adamson Harker, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Edward Barfort Drake, R.N.A.S.

P.O. (E.) Alfred Austin Blandford Cox, O.N. F17751.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... expression of commendation for their services - in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:

Capt. John Groth. (Master, SS Manchester Port)

Capt. William Horsley Luya. (Master, ST San Demetrio)

Capt. Archibald Balleine. (Master, SS Glamorgan)

Capt. Henry Angel Motyer. (Master, SS Pentwyn)

Ch,. Engr. James Duncan.

Ch. Engr. Walter Edward Winter.

2nd Offr. Joseph Martin Gerards.

2nd Mate Percy Bedford.

3rd Engr. Matthew Whelan.

Bosn. Charles Barrett.

Sea. James Cables.

Sea. William McCarthy.

Sea. Robert Gunn.

Sea. Clifford Oakes.

Sea. John Joseph Murphy.

Sea. William Martin.


30386 - 16 NOVEMBER 1917



Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in despatches:

Lieut.-Cdr. Patrick Birmingham Crohan, R.N.

Engr. Lieut.-Cdr. William Albert Carlisle, R.N.

Lieut. Henry Dawson Crawford Stanistreet, R.N.

Flt. Cdr. John Stanley Fleming Morrison, R.N.A.S.

Lieut. Peter Shaw, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. Walter Edward Hewkin, R.N.R.

Lieut. Arthur Sandison, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Lieut. Bader Cecil Farrow, R.N.R.

Lieut. Arnaud Adams, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Engr. Lieut. Leonard James Jeffrey, R.N.R.

Engr. Lieut. Frank William Axtens, R.N.R.

Gnr. Henry Samuel Randall, R.N.

Gnr (T.) Charles James Pounds, R.N.

Art. Engr. Albert Henry Benfield, R.N.

Art. Engr. Frank Henry Knowles, R.N.

Pte. George Henry John Attryde, R.M.L.I., No. Ply. 14839 (R.F.R. Ply./B.973).

Pte. Sidney Edward Benning, R.M.L.I., No. Po. 17 (S) (R.F.R., Po/031414).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Percy Robert Blacklock, O.N. M1355 (Ch.).

A.B. William Henry Bridgman, O.N. 168249 (R.F.R., Dev./.B66).

P.O. John Bright, O.N. 203029 (Dev.).

A.B. Sidney Tom Edward Burford, O.N. SS1096 (R.F.R., Dev./B3375).

A.B. Herbert Stanley Cross, O.N. 211054 (Po:) (since killed).

Pte. Herbert Hillier Dunn, R.M.L.I., No. Ch. 12740 (R.F.R., Ch./B2012),

Sto. 1st Cl., Frederick East, O.N. K5199 (Dev.).

Fireman Edward Farley, M.M.R., No. 751099.

Sto. 1st Cl., Frederick Farnell, O.N. K32678 (Dev.).

A.B. Norman Foster, O.N. J37739.(Dev.).

Pte, (Lce.-Cpl.) Alexander Grant, R.M.L.I., No. Ch. 15708 (R.F.R., Ch./B1979).

Shipwt., 1st Cl., Arthur John Haughim, O.N. 341475 (Dev.).

A.B. George Thomas Huntingford, O.N. J13272 (Po.).

Pte. (Lce.-Cpl.) Alfred Jameson, R.M.L.I., No. Po./13198.

P.O. Thomas Kelly, O.N. 233985 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. William Paterson Lauchlan, O.N. 235108 (Dev.).

Wireman, 2nd Cl., Charles Lax, O.N. M19823 (Po.).

P.O. John William Lee, O.N. 194719 (Ch.).

Pte. Alexander Leitch, R.M.L.I., No. Po./7089 (R.F.R., Po,/B759).

Pte. Harold William Lidstone, R.M.L.I., No. Po./8761 (R.F.R.; Po./B1004).

Painter, 2nd Cl., Herbert Richard Nodder, O.N. 156389 (Dev.).

Ldg. Sea. Robert O'Connor, O.N. 227741 (Po.).

Ldg. Sig. Henry Carlyle Parker, O.N. J3446 (Po.).

A.B. Charles Pardoe, O.N. 222989 (Po.).

A.B. John Price, O.N. 220736 (Ch.).

P.O. William Sampson, R.N.R., O.N. 2018C.

Ldg. Sig. Frederick George Tolchard, O.N. 233976 (Ch.).

Sig. George Frederick Vincent, O.N. 364298 (Po.).

P.O. Stephen James Watson, O.N. 238347 (Ch.).

Fireman Thomas Wood, M.M.R., No. 611977.



Honours to the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officers and Man have been Mentioned in despatches:

Flt. Cdr. Norman Sholto Douglas, R.N.A.S.

Lieut. Martin William Wallace Cross R.N.V.R.

Flt. Lieut. Basil Deacon Hobbs, D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Ellis Vair Reid, D.S C., R.N.A.S. (since killed).

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Henry Martineau Davies, O.N. F20254.



Honours to the Mercantile Marine.


..... expression of commendation for their services - in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:

Capt Ernest Southey Arrowsmith

Capt John Creamer Brett

Capt Thomas Henry Clatworthy

Capt David Davies

Capt William George Diver

Capt Ernest Benjamin Downs

Capt Stephen Jayne Edwards

Capt William Lauritson

Capt John Samuel Ledsome

Capt Frederick Smith Leicester

Capt James McNish

Capt David Russell Murray

Capt Robert Francis Nagle

Capt William Stebble Procter (since died)

Capt William Brown Rome

Capt Archibald Bisset Smith (killed)

Capt Edward George Sturgeon

Capt John Alfred Wolfe (Lt Cdr, R.N.R. )

Ch Offr William Whitehead

Ch Offr Thomas Willis

Ch Engr Bertie William Newton

Apprentice Basil Hugo Kilner (killed)

Apprentice Sidney Frederick Kingsland

Apprentice John Frederick Russell Stanley

Ch Bosn W Gray

Bosn John Joseph S Elphinstone

Quartermaster Andrew Anderson

Sea Lawrence Bruce

Sea Cecil Henry Cummings

Sea John Mclver

Sea Andrew Robertson

Sea Walter Herbert Rolling

Sea Andrew Gove Simpson

Sea Joseph Edward Smith

Sea William Wright




30408 - 27 NOVEMBER 1917




Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


The following Officers and Men have been mentioned in Despatches - for services in action with enemy submarines:

Lieut. Richard Kay Harrison, R.N.R.

Act. Lieut. Edward Wearne, R.N.R.

Ch. Skpr. James Edwin Mitchell Duncan, D.S.C., R.N.R., 1337 W.S.A.

Pte. Charles Frederick Clark, R.M.L.I., No. PO./11121 (R.F.R. Po./B1240).

Pte. Frederick Dockett, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./9775 (R.F.R. Ply./B778).

Pte. Donald Wilson, R.M.L.I., No. Ply./ 15433 (R.F.R. Ply./B1043).



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Capt. Percival Henry Warleigh., R.N.

Capt. (now Maj.) John Wansey Snepp, R.M.L.L

C.P.O. Mech., 3rd Gr., Cecil Grahame Elbra, O.N. F32006.

P.O. James Henry Charles Smith, O.N. 193092 (Po.).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officer has been Mentioned in Despatches:

Lieut. Herbert Owen Fry, R.N.V.R.



Additional Awards for Service in the Battle Of Jutland.


The following men have been Mentioned in despatches:

E.R.A. Jens Christian Walter Agerskow, O.N. M 1691 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Herbert Bailey, O.N. 293817 (Ch.).

Ship's Corpl., 1st Cl., Ernest Charles Bale, O.N. 194464 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. George Blake, O.N. 296025 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. Richard Charles Broadhurst, O.N. K 2777 (Ch.).

Pte. Archibald Brown, R.M.L.I., No. Po./15515.

Sto. P.O. Arthur Clatworthy, O.N. 306235 (Dev.).

Sto. P.O. William Cook, O.N. K 5097 (Ch).

Ch. Sto. George Thomas Egglestone, O.N. 282213 (Po.).

Mech. Harold Edgar Rowe Foot, O.N. 280362 (Dev.).

Gnr. Harold Herbert Hardy, R.M.A., No. 6797 (R.F.R./B960).

Ldg. Sto. Frederick George Harris, O.N. K 21607 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sto. George Hart, O.N. 294195 (R.F.R., Ch./B8339).

P.O. Ernest Edward Hoile, O.N. 195066 (Ch.).

Sto. P.O. Ben Kindred, O.N. 306762 (Ch.).

Sto., 1st Cl., Arthur Lang, O.N. K 10159 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Edward Frederick Mitchell, O.N. 270684 (Po.).

A.B. Arthur Frank Rowlett, O.N. 236195 (Po.).

Ch. Sto. James Sawyer, O.N. 285895 (Ch.).

Ch. Sto. Harry Scopes, O.N. 288050 (Ch.).

P.O. John Shoesmith, O.N. 184703 (Po.).

E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Frederick Stanley Thomas, O.N. 272368 (Ch.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Jesse Brooks Wadham, O.N. 269916 (Po.).

C.E.R.A., 2nd Cl., Robert Young, O.N. 270114 (Ch.).



Honours for the Mercantile Marine.


..... expression of commendation for their services - in carrying on the trade of the country during the war:

Capt. William Ernest Carr.

Capt. William Ewing Ingham.

Capt. Henry Ison.

Capt. Harry Scott.

Ch. Offr. Thomas John Fletcher.

Ch. Offr. George Manuel.

Ch. Offr. Joseph Thomas Francis.

Ch. Engr. Herbert Lees.

1st Offr. Gottfried Russell Irvine Pope.

Sea. Rennie Blackburn.

Sea. Joseph Edwards.

Sea. Herbert Marlow.

Sea. Harry John Preece.

Sea. Macash Louis Stares.

Sea. John R. Swithinbank.




30437 - 18 DECEMBER 1917




Honours for Services in Action with Enemy Submarines.


The following Officers and Men have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Lieut.-Cdr. Charles Harold Jones, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieut.-Cdr. Reginald Vincent Peel, R.D., R.N.R.

Lieut. Archibald John Moss, R.N.R.

Flt. Lieut. Basil Deacon Hobbs, D.S.O., D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Lieut. James Lindsay Gordon, R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut, (now Flt. Lieut.) Richard Frederick Lea Dickey, D.S.C., R.N.A.S.

Flt. Sub-Lieut. Cecil John Clayton, R.N.A.S.

Obs. Sub-Lieut. Kenneth George Coles, R.N.A.S.

Act. Sub-Lieut. Benjamin Evans, D.S.C., R.N.R.

Art. Engr. Albert Henry Benfield, R.N.

Act. Gnr. Jabez George Lake, R.N.

Skpr. Stanley James Johnson, R.N.R. 1239 S.A.

Ldg. Mech. Sydney Francis Anderson, D.S.M., O.N. F12676.

P.O., 1st Cl., Bertram Wabon Brett, O.N. 193486 (Ch.).

P.O. Robert John Brown, D.S.M., O.N. 222552 (Po.).

Air Mech., 2nd Gr., Henry Martineau Davies, D.S.M., O.N. F20254.

Act. Sto. P.O. James William Alfred Formoy, O.N. K2664 (Ch.).

E.R.A., 1st Cl., James Bang Lawrie, D.S.M., O.N. 270036 (Ch.).

Ldg. Teleg. Gordon Hugh Leamon, O.N. J2025 (Ch.).

Ldg. Sea. Edwin Gerard Viner, O.N.214541 (Dev.).



Honours for the Royal Naval Air Service.


The following Officer has been Mentioned in despatches:

Flt. Sub-Lieut. (now Flt. Lieut.) Philip Kenning Fowler, R.N.A.S.



Honours for Miscellaneous Services.


The following Officers have been Mentioned in Despatches:

Lieut.-Cdr. Kenneth Cary Helyar, R.N.

Lieut. Richard Ivor Pulleyne, R.N.



Honours for the Mercantile Marine.


..... expression of commendation for their services:

Capt. Archibald John Brewer.

Capt. Arthur Douse (killed).

Capt. George Cunnach Dusting.

Capt. Herbert Lugg.

Chief Officer James Crammond.

Chief Officer Joseph McMath.

Chief Engr. Oliver Henry Jelley, D.S.C.

Sea. James Cheyne.

Sea. Frederick Charles Doy.

Sea. Alfred Hartnett.

Sea. Donald McAngus.

Sea. Donald McLean.

Sea. Simon Patience, D.S.M.

Sea. John William Taylor.

Sea. William Williams.

Sea. Samuel Woolley.

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