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BATTLE OF JUTLAND - London Gazette editions 29751 & 29752 (September 1916)

Arranged by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

Boy John Cornwell, HMS Chester, posthumous Victoria Cross (Scouting Milestones - click photographs for enlargements)

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 29751 - 15 SEPTEMBER 1916



NAVAL DESPATCH dated 23 August 1916

including Promotions

Also French Gallantry Awards to Royal Navy, including Battle of Jutland


Admiralty, S.W., 15th September, 1916.


The following despatch has been received from Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet: -


To the Secretary of the Admiralty.


"Iron Duke," 23rd August, 1916.



With reference to my despatch of 24th June, 1916, I have the honour to bring to the notice of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty the names of the following officers who are recommended for honours and special commendation. ..... (see Battle of Jutland - Commendations and Awards to Officers, Naval Despatch dated 23 August 1916)



Admiralty, 15th September, 1916.


The KING (is) pleased to approve of the grant of the Victoria Cross to the undermentioned Officers in recognition of their bravery and devotion to duty as described in the foregoing despatch: -


Commander the Hon. Edward Barry Stewart Bingham, R.N. (prisoner of war in Germany) .

Major Francis John William Harvey, R.M.L.I. (killed in action).




Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood.




The KING (is) pleased to make the following appointment to the Order of Merit, to date from the 31st May, 1916. Admiral Sir John Rushworth Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet.



Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood.


The KING (is) pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, in recognition of the services mentioned in the foregoing despatch. The promotions and appointments to date from the 31st May, 1916: -


To be an Additional Member of the Military Division of the First Class, or Knights Grand Cross, of the said Most Honourable Order.

Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O.


To be Additional Members of the Military Division of the Second Class, or Knights Commanders, of the said Most Honourable Order.

Rear-Admiral Hugh Evan-Thomas, C.B., M.V.O.

Rear-Admiral William Christopher Pakenham, C.B., M.V.O.



The KING (is) pleased to approve of the posthumous honour of Knights Commanderships of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath being conferred on the late Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot, Bart., C.B., M.V.O., and the late Rear-Admiral the Hon, Horace Lambert Hood, C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O., who were killed in action on the 31st May, 1916, in recognition of their services mentioned in the Commander-in-Chief's despatch of 24th June, 1916.


To be Additional Members of the Military Division of the Third Class, or Companions, of the said Most Honourable Order.

Rear-Admiral Alexander Ludovic Duff, C.B. (civil).

Rear-Admiral Arthur Cavenagh Leveson, C.B. (civil).

Rear-Admiral Ernest Frederic Augustus Gaunt, C.M.G.

Rear-Admiral Francis William Kennedy.

Rear-Admiral Michael Culme-Seymour, M.V.O.

Rear-Admiral William Coldingham Masters Nicholson.

Captain Hugh Henry Darby Tothill, A.-d.-C., R.N.

Captain Henry Bertram Pelly, M.V.O., R.N. (Commodore, 2nd Class).

Captain Lewis Clinton-Baker, R.N.

Captain John Frederick Ernest Green, R.N.

Captain Edward Montgomery Phillpotts, R.N.

Captain Walter Henry Cowan, M.V.O., D.S.O., R.N.

Captain Maurice Woollcombe, R.N.

Captain Rudolf Walter Bentinck, R.N.

Captain Edmund Percy Fenwick George Grant, R.N. (Commodore, 2nd Class).

Captain Frederick Laurence Field, R.N.

Captain Charles Edward Le Mesurier, R.N. (Commodore, 2nd Class).

Captain Edward Henry Fitzhardinge Heaton-Ellis, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Arthur William Craig, R.N.

Captain Charles Blois Miller, R.N.

Captain Eustace La Trobe Leatham, R.N.

Captain John Douglas Edwards, R.N.

Captain John Saumarez Dumaresq, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Bertram Sackville Thesiger, C.M.G., R.N.

Captain Frederic Charles Dreyer, C.B. (Civil), R.N.

Captain Arthur Cloudesley Shovel Hughes D'Aeth, R.N.

Captain George Parish Ross, R.N.

Captain Henry Wise Parker, R.N.

Engineer Captain John Richardson, R.N.

Engineer Captain Arthur Frederick Kingsnorth, R.N.

Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals and Fleets Robert Forbes Bowie.

Major (tempy. Lieutenant-Colonel) Charles Edwin Collard, R.M.L.I.

Fleet Paymaster Victor Herbert Thomas Weekes, R.N.



Chancery of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George,


The KING (is) pleased to give directions for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, in recognition of the services mentioned in the foregoing despatch; the appointments to date from the 31st May, 1916: -


To be an Additional Member of the First Class, or Knights Grand Cross, of the said Most Distinguished Order.

Admiral Sir Cecil Burney, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.


To be Additional Members of the Second Class, or, Knights Commanders, of the said Most Distinguished Order.

Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Henry Martyn Jerram, K.C.B.

Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee, Bt., K.C.B., C.V.O., C.M.G.

Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Edward Madden, K.C.B., C.V.O.


To be Additional Members of the Third Class, or Companions, of the said Most Distinguished Order.

Rear-Admiral Osmond De Beauvoir Brock, C.B.

Captain Alfred Ernle Montacute Chatfield, C.V.O., C.B.



Admiralty, 15th September, 1916.


The KING (is) pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Distinguished Service Order and for the award of the Distinguished Service Cross to the undermentioned Officers in recognition of their services as mentioned in the foregoing despatch: -


To be Companions of the Distinguished Service Order.

Commander Harold Ernest Sulivan, R.N.

Commander Hugh Schomberg Currey, R.N.

Commander Richard Home, R.N.

Commander the Hon. Matthew Robert Best, M.V.O., R.N.

Commander Humphrey Thomas Walwyn, R.N.

Commander Alexander Riall Wadham Woods, R.N.

Commander John Walsh Carrington, R.N.

Commander Charles Morton Forbes, R.N.

Commander Henry John Studholme Brownrigg, R.N.

Commander Malcolm Henry Somerled MacDonald, R.N.

Commander James Geoffry Penrose Ingham, R.N.

Commander Geoffrey Blake, R.N.

Commander Hubert Edward Dannreuther, R.N.

Commander John Pelham Champion, R.N.

Commander Richard Lindsay Nicholson, R.N.

Commander Gerald Fortescue Longhurst, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Gordon Alston Coles, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander James Buller Kitson, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Montague George Bentinck Legge, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Roger Vincent Alison, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Frederick Seymour, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Cuthbert Patrick Blake, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Laurence Reynolds Palmer, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Henry Ruthven Moore, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Cecil Charles Brittain Vacher, R.N.

Lieutenant Jack Ernest Albert Mocatta, R.N.

Engineer Commander William Cory Sanders, R.N.

Engineer Commander Robert Spence, R.N.

Engineer Commander Reginald William Skelton, R.N.

Engineer Commander Henry Walton Kitching, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harold Bertram Tostevin, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander John Kirk Corsar, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Albert Arthur Green Martell, R.N.

Fleet .Surgeon Joseph Agnew Moon, R.N.

Fleet Surgeon Alexander Maclean, M.B., R.N.

Fleet Surgeon Henry William Finlayson, M.B., R.N.

Staff Surgeon Bertram Raleigh Bickford, R.N.

Staff Surgeon James McAlister Holmes, M.B., R.N.

Staff Paymaster Herbert Patrick William George Murray, R.N.

Paymaster Cyril Sheldon Johnson, R.N.

Assistant Paymaster (Acting Paymaster) Frank Todd Spickernell, R.N.

Captain Edward Bamford, R.M.L.I.


To receive the Distinguished Service Cross.

Lieutenant Arthur Malcolm Peters, R.N.

Lieutenant Cuthbert Coppinger, R.N.

Lieutenant John Hinton Carrow, R.N.

Lieutenant .Stewart Magee Walker, R.N.

Flight Lieutenant Frederick Joseph Rutland, R.N. (Lieutenant, R.N.).

Lieutenant John Gordon Cliff-McCulloch, R.N.R.

Lieutenant Percy Harrison, R.N.V.R.

Carpenter Lieutenant John Norman Matheson, R.N.

The Rev. Anthony Pollen (Roman Catholic Chaplain).

Sub-Lieutenant Newton James Wallop William-Powlett, R.N.

Surgeon Probationer Douglas George Patrick Bell, R.N.V.R.

Chief Artificer Engineer Alexander Noble, R.N.

Artificer Engineer Joseph House, R.N.



The following Officers are commended for their services in the Battle of Jutland: -


I.-Commanding Officers.


Captain the Hon. Victor Albert Stanley, M.V.O., A.-d.-C., R.N.

Captain James Andrew Fergusson, A.-d.-C., R.N.

Captain Vivian Henry Gerald Bernard, R.N.

Captain Edward Francis Bruen, R.N.

Captain James Clement Ley, R.N.

Captain Edmond Hyde Parker, R.N.

Captain George Holmes Borrett, R.N.

Captain Edward Buxton Kiddle, R.N.

Captain The Hon. Algernon Douglas Edward Harry Boyle, C.B., M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Edwin Veale Underhill, R.N.

Captain Herbert John Savill, R.N. (since lost).

Captain Henry Blackett, R.N.

Captain Henry Montagu Doughty, R.N.

Captain James Douglas Dick, R.N.

Captain Crawford Maclachlan, R.N.

Captain George Henry Baird, R.N.

Captain Artbur Allan Morison Duff, R.N.

Captain Vincent Barkly Molteno, R.N.

Captain Edward Reeves, R.N.

Captain William Frederick Blunt, D.S.O., R.N.

Captain Thomas Drummond Pratt, R.N.

Captain Albert Charles Scott, R.N.

Captain Percy Molyneux Rawson Royds, R.N.

Captain Louis Charles Stirling Woollcombe, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain James Rose Price Hawkesley, M.V.O., R.N. (Commodore, 2nd Class).

Captain Henry Ralph Crooke, R.N.

Captain William Wordsworth Fisher, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Robert Neale Lawson, R.N.

Captain James Uchtred Farie, R.N.

Captain Alan Geoffrey Hotham, R.N.

Captain John Ewen Cameron, M.V.O., R.N.

Captain Cyril Samuel Townsend, R.N.

Captain Tufton Percy Hamilton Beamish, R.N.

Captain Oliver Backhouse, C.B., R.N.

Captain the Hon. Herbert Meade, D.S.O., R.N.

Captain Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound, R.N.

Captain Percy Withers, R.N.

Captain Charles Donnison Roper, R.N.

Captain Anselan John Buchanan Stirling, R.N.

Captain John Moore Casement, R.N.

Captain Arthur Brandreth Scott Dutton, R.N.

Captain Walter Lingen Allen, R.N.

Captain Berwick Curtis, R.N.

Commander Norton Allen Sulivan, R.N.

Commander Harold Victor Dundas, R.N.

Commander Charles Albert Fremantle, R.N.

Commander Dashwood Fowler Moir, R.N.

Commander Malcolm Lennon Goldsmith, R.N.

Commander John Coombe Hodgson, R.N.

Commander Claud Finlinson Allsup, R.N.

Commander Lewis Gonne Eyre Crabbe, R.N.

Commander Charles Gordon Ramsey, R.N.

Commander Charles Geoffrey Coleridge Sumner, R.N.

Commander Hugh Undecimus Fletcher, R.N.

Commander Loftus William Jones, R.N. (killed in action).

Lieutenant-Commander (Acting Commander) William Dion Irvin, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Vincent Eyre, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Reginald Watkins Grubb, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Marsden, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Edward McConnell Wyndham Lawrie, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Francis Edward Henry Graham Hobart, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Cecil Henry Hulton Sams, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Evelyn Claude Ogilvie Thomson, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Henry Clive Rawlings, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Kenneth Adair Beattie, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Claude Lindsay Bate, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Alexander Hugh Gye, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Charles Herbert Niell James, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Philip Wilfred Sidney King, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Henry Victor Hudson, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Douglas Faviell, M.V.O., R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander John Jackson Cuthbert Ridley, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Grendon Tippet, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Herbert Inglis Nigel Lyon, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Edward Sidney Graham, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Edward Brooke, R.N.

Lieutenant Francis George Glossop, R.N.

Lieutenant Henry Dawson Crawford Stanistreet, R.N.



II.-Other Officers.


Commander Denis Granville Thynne, R.N.

Commander John Miles Steel, R.N.

Commander George Knightley Chetwode, R.N.

Commander Stanley Tunstall Haverfield Wilton, R.N.

Commander Reginald Guy Hannam Henderson, R.N.

Commander Wilfrid Allan Egerton, R.N.

Commander Harold Brisbane Bedwell, R.N.

Commander Alfred Headley Norman, R.N.

Commander Charles Dominick Burke, R.N.

Commander Morgan Tindal, R.N.

Commander Dudley Burton Napier North, R.N.

Commander Geoffrey Herbert Freyberg, R.N.

Commander Evan Campbell Bunbury, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Alfred Englefield Evans, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Benest Janvrin, D.S.O., R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Patrick Macnamara, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Martin Edward Scobell Boissier, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Gerald Harris, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Douglas Wales Smith, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Ronald Wolseley Oldham, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Philip Acheson Warre, R.N.

Lieutenant Arthur Leyland Harrison, R.N.

Lieutenant Stewart Dykes Spicer, R.N.

Lieutenant William Scott Chalmers, R.N.

Lieutenant the Hon. Humphrey Legge, R.N.

Lieutenant Robert Mends, R.N.

Lieutenant Alexander David Boyle, R.N.  

Lieutenant Edward Richard Busk Kemble, R.N.  

Lieutenant David Norman Walter Joel, R.N.  

Lieutenant Charles Ernest Hotham, R.N.  

Lieutenant Arthur George Curtis, R.N.  

Lieutenant Eric Alfred Davis, R.N.  

Lieutenant George Griffiths, R.N.

Lieutenant Gerald Harman Warner, R.N.

Lieutenant Maurice Arthur Brind, R.N.

Lieutenant Alexander Stuart Mackay, R.N.R.

Sub-Lieutenant (tempy. Lieutenant) Hew Cockburn Hedderwick, R.N.V.R.

Sub-Lieutenant His Royal Highness Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, R.N.

Midshipman Alec Edward Dodington, R.N.

Midshipman Nevill Glennie Garnons-Williams, R.N.

Engineer Commander Herbert Brooks Moorshead, R.N.

Engineer Commander Cecil Henry Alec Bermingham, R.N.

Engineer Commander Mark Rundle, R.N.

Engineer Commander David Edward Duke, R.N.

Engineer Commander William Reginald Crawford, R.N.

Engineer Commander William Pascho Cunday Spriddle, R.N.

Engineer Commander George Herbert Fletcher, R.N.

Engineer Commander Charles de Faye Messervy, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander James Bell Nicholson, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander William Smith, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Johnston Foulkes, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander David Duncan Cuninghame, R.N.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Sidney Gordon Wheeler, R.N.

Major Arthur Phayre Grattan, R.M.L.I.

Captain Alexander George William Grierson, R.M.L.I.

The Rev. Percy Herbert Jones, M.A., Chaplain, R.N.

Naval Instructor George Herbert Andrew, M.A., R.N.

Fleet Surgeon John Hunter Pead, M.B., M.A., R.N.

Fleet Surgeon Harold Paget Jones, R.N.

Fleet Surgeon Arthur Richard Harrie Skey, M.B., R.N.

Fleet Surgeon John Reid Muir, M.B., R.N.

Surgeon Horace Elliot Rose Stephens, M.B., R.N.

Surgeon (tempy.) Horace Palmer Margetts, R.N.

Fleet Paymaster John Anthony Keys, R.N.

Fleet Paymaster Charles Scrivener Wonham, R.N.

Fleet Paymaster William Davenport Sarratt, R.N.

Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Gilbert Blurton, R.N.V.R.

Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Neil Macleod, R.N.V.R.

Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Carl Knight Cullen, R.N.V.R.

Gunner Jesse Hannat Mack, R.N.

Chief Gunner Michael Hall, R.N.

Chief Gunner Leonard Slight, R.N.

Chief Boatswain Henry Valentine Roberts, R.N.

Chief Artificer Engineer William Alfred Hook, R.N.

Gunner Richard Gould, R.N.

Gunner Thomas McConnell, R.N.

Gunner Frederick Joseph Coulton, R.N.

Gunner Henry Jackson Epworth, R.N.

Gunner Charles Henry Young, R.N.

Gunner Richard Francis MacDermott, R.N.

Artificer Engineer Ernest Thaxter, R.N.


Staff of Commander-in-Chief.


Commander Roger Mowbray Bellairs, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander Herbert Fitzherbert, R.N.

Paymaster Cunningham Prior, R.N.



Admiralty, S.W., 15th September, 1916.


The following despatch has also been received from Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet: -


To the Secretary of the Admiralty.


"Iron Duke," 15th July, 1916.


SIR,-With reference to my despatch of 24th June, 1916, after full and careful consideration of the recommendations for promotion received from Flag Officers commanding Squadrons and Officers in command of Flotillas, the following lists are submitted for the favourable consideration of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.


I am, Sir, Your obedient Servant,

(Signed) J. R. JELLICOE, Admiral.  



Recommendations and Promotions




Commanders to Captain.


Walter Lingen Allen. H.M.S. "Broke" was very badly damaged and casualties very great, but the morale seems to have been unshaken and the ship was successfully steamed back to port.


The Hon. Arthur Lionel Ochoncar Forbes- Sempill. A very able executive officer, who had the arrangements for fire, repair and other parties extremely well organised, and who was of great help throughout the action.


Joseph Charles Walrond Henley. Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: - Commander Henley rendered me very valuable assistance as my Flag-Commander during the action, and has done very valuable work in the gunnery training of the squadron. He is a most excellent and capable officer. He has served as my Flag-Commander and Second in Command of my Flagship during the past five years, and was of the greatest assistance to me in the occupation and administration of Scutari in 1913. He has been previously recommended for promotion by me.


Edward Astley Rushton. Displayed great promptitude and powers of leadership, especially during and after the night action of 31 May, in which "Southampton" suffered considerably in casualties and damage. Was skilful and resourceful in effecting temporary repairs in a rising sea. Strongly recommended.


Berwick Curtis. Carried out an operation on the night of 31st May-1 June with conspicuous skill, gallantry and success.


George William McOran Campbell. Throughout the various actions handled his division with great ability, sinking an enemy destroyer with his division. Attacked enemy battle squadron in company with flotilla, and undoubtedly assisted in blowing up one enemy battleship.


Arthur Goodenough Craufurd. The captain of the "Tiger" reports that he cannot speak too highly of the valuable and untiring work of this officer between decks under the most painful and trying conditions.


The Hon. Reginald Aylmer Ranfurley Plunkett. Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports: "Was most valuable in observing the effect of our fire, thereby enabling me to take advantage of the enemy's discomfiture."


Francis Arthur Marten. Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports: "Was of great assistance to the Commodore throughout the action. The work of the light cruisers was very much to be commended."


Lieutenant-Commanders to Commander.


Guy Charles Cecil Royle. Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: "It was entirely owing to his organisation and work that the ship fired so extremely well, quickly and accurately, during the action, especially so after she had been struck by a torpedo and took up a considerable list. He is a very efficient and capable officer."


Geoffrey Charles Candy. Strongly recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Martyn Jerram for his work in connection with the wireless telegraphy of the squadron.


Henry Purdon Boyd. Recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee for valuable work.


Richard Wyville Bromley. Remained exposed outside the conning tower, and, in spite of being wounded in leg, arm and neck, took his captain personal reports of the various damages suffered and got the ship in tow afterwards.


Paul Whitfield (now prisoner of war in Germany). In command of "Nomad," made a most gallant attack on the enemy battle-cruisers, after having assisted to drive off an enemy flotilla which was endeavouring to attack our battle-cruisers. "Nomad" was disabled by shell fire from the enemy battlecruisers, and subsequently sank.


Gerald Fortescue Longhurst. Gunnery officer of "Lion." This officer controlled the fire of "Lion" with the greatest coolness, courage and skill, and inflicted immense damage on the enemy.


Cecil Burnaby Prickett. Gunnery officer of "Princess Royal." Controlled the fire of "Princess Royal" under very difficult conditions with conspicuous success. This is the third time he has controlled the fire of a battle-cruiser in action. A most efficient and resourceful officer. Strongly recommended.


Lachlan Donald Ian MacKinnon. First Lieutenant and gunnery officer. By his zeal and skill obtained excellent results. Under his control the firing of the ship was accurate and rapid.


Charles Gwillim Robinson. In command of "Engadine." Was prompt in sending up a seaplane to scout. Handled his ship in a skilful and seamanlike manner, and towed "Warrior" for 75 miles, subsequently succeeding in taking off her crew, thus saving their lives.


Geoffrey Corlett. Led his division into action in a most gallant manner and fought a successful action with enemy destroyers, in which they were forced to retire.


John Cronyn Tovey. For the persistent and determined manner in which he attacked enemy ships as occasion offered, even though his destroyer was disabled by shell fire and unable to proceed at more than 10 knots.


Robert Stedman MacFarlan. This officer's coolness, ability and resource, especially after he had had a miraculous escape in the torpedo control tower, was most praiseworthy, and the fact that very few communications and lighting failed is entirely due to this officer's work both before and during the action.


Stephen Dowell Tillard. Recommended for good service in action.


Errol Manners. Executive officer of "Comus" and gunnery officer of the Squadron. An excellent officer, already strongly recommended for promotion, who has contributed very materially to the good gunnery work of the squadron.


Reginald Stannus Goff. This officer reported immediately presence of enemy. Subsequently he exhibited initiative with success, and eventually escorted "Porpoise" back to harbour and berthed her alongside in a most seamanlike manner.


Clarence Walter Eyre Trelawny. This officer, by skilful handling of his ship, managed to ram an enemy cruiser instead of being rammed by her, thereby saving his ship. He showed great coolness and afterwards successfully returned to harbour with his ship in a very damaged condition.


John Ouchterlony Barren. This officer stood by the "Shark" under a very heavy fire, and although engine-room was wrecked and steering gear broken down and the ship a practical wreck, he successfully, by the aid of "Nonsuch," returned into harbour.


Gerald Charles Wynter. Seeing "Castor" being engaged with two enemy ships, closed them and fired a torpedo at the second enemy ship. This was followed by an explosion. It may be taken for certain that it was "Magic's" torpedo that struck the second ship in the enemy's line.


Eric Quintin Carter. Handled his ship with skill and judgment, as is usual with this officer.


Edwin Anderson Homan. This officer handled his ship with great skill throughout the action under difficult circumstances.







Ralph Frederick Seymour (Flag Lieutenant-Commander). Sir David Beatty reports: - Carried out his duties with great coolness on the manoeuvring platform, and maintained efficient communications under the most difficult circumstances despite the fact that his signalling appliances were continually shot away.


Stephen St. Leger Moore. Commodore Le Mesurier reports: - This very promising officer has served as 1st and (G) of "Calliope" since the ship commissioned, and has been of the very greatest assistance to me in every way, while a large portion of the credit due for the gunnery efficiency of the ship is his.





Sub-Lieutenants to Lieutenant.


Charles Saumarez Daniel. Performed very good service as officer in charge of a turret.


John Catterall Leach. Performed very good service as officer in charge of a turret.


Douglas Stanley Swanston. Controlled the 6-inch guns with marked ability, hitting the enemy destroyers, and is believed to have sunk one.


Harry William Algernon Kemmis. For taking command and bringing the ship back to harbour after the commanding officer and first lieutenant had been killed.


Eric Vernon Lees. Rendered invaluable service in attending the wounded for five hours after a shell had struck the ship and killed two officers (one of whom was the surgeon) and five men, and wounded seven.


Leicester Charles Assheton St. John Curzon-Howe. In charge of fore transmitting station and carried out his duties in a manner specially to be commended. Was mentioned in despatches after the action of the Falkland Islands.


Roderick Larken Moore. Is reported by his commanding officer to have been of invaluable assistance, taking charge of the torpedo armament with excellent results.


Roger Prideaux Selby. In charge of the transmitting room, the working of which was in every way admirable. Showed coolness in dangerous situations.


Robert Reginald Gibbons. For good service in action. He has only recently recovered from wounds received in action of 24th January, 1915.


Francis Adrian Blaydes Haworth-Booth. Recommended for good service in action.


Herbert Annesley Packer. Was in charge of "A" turret during the action, and is an extremely able officer.


Eric Sydney Brand. He was of the very greatest assistance to the gunnery officer throughout the action.







John Gerald Yerburgh Loveband. Performed very good service as control officer of secondary armament.


George Sidney Godolphin Cavendish. Performed very good service as control officer of secondary armament.


Humphrey Ranulph Brand. Strongly recommended for excellent service.


Newton James Wallop William-Powlett. Very strongly recommended. This officer showed wonderful coolness under most trying circumstances, and his pluck and cheerfulness after the ship sank was certainly the means of saving the lives of several who would have otherwise given in and succumbed. Captain (D), 4th Flotilla, reports: "I cannot speak too highly of this young officer's conduct throughout."


Herbert Claude Millett. Strongly recommended for good service in action.


George Evelyn Paget How. Recommended for good service in action.


Cecil Spurstow Miller. In command of the 4-inch guns' crews, most of whom were killed or wounded. Sub-Lieutenant Miller, himself very badly injured and burnt by shell-fire, stuck to his work, reorganised what was left, and set a fine example.




Alfred Bowman. Second officer of "Y" turret. Highly commended by his officer of the turret for good work during the action.


Matthew McClure. In charge of forecastle group of 4-inch guns. Wounded by a shell splinter, but continued to carry on.





Engineer Lieutenant-Commander to Engineer Commander.


Arthur Lee Picton. Recommended for good service in action.


Engineer Lieutenant to Engineer Lieutenant-Commander.


Geoffrey Morgan. Captain Molteno, late of "Warrior," reports : - ''Utmost gallantry and conspicuous devotion to duty in remaining in the enginerooms after the explosion and endeavouring to take action for the safety of the ship, by which delay he was imprisoned under the grating for over two hours, and very narrowly escaped losing his life by drowning, scalding and suffocation. Was almost overcome when rescued. He afterwards took part with energy and coolness in the work of salving the ship. This officer, under the able supervision of Engineer Commander Kitching, has run the engine-room department extremely well, and greatly increased 'Warrior's' steaming efficiency."




Engineer Commanders.


William Toop. Rendered most valuable services after the ship was struck by a torpedo, and his excellent work in keeping the water under in the flooded compartments was largely instrumental in the saving of the ship. He is a most capable engineer officer.


Herbert Brooks Moorshead. His zeal and ability and care of the main and auxiliary engines and boilers throughout the war, and coolness in action, contributed largely to the efficient working of the engineroom department in the action on 31st May.


John Downie Wilson. For the great efficiency of the engine-room department and the example he set to his officers and men during a period of considerable stress, steaming at between 18 and 20 knots for four consecutive days.


Charles Frederick Dunn. Senior Engineer Commander in the 5th Battle Squadron. The Captain of "Warspite" reports:- "I consider that this officer is worthy of reward, as the efficiency of his department has proved to be excellent, and no further remarks are necessary beyond the fact that I was able to obtain full speed whenever I deemed it safe, considering the damage the ship had sustained from shell fire."


John Benjamin Hewitt. Recommended for service in action.


Engineer Lieutenant-Commanders.


Bertram Harvey. The Senior Engineer Lieutenant-Commander in the 2nd Battle Squadron. Very highly recommended by his Captain.


Harold Benjamin Main. Was appointed to "Canada" whilst completing, and has carried out the duties of Senior Engineer since the ship joined the Squadron in a most satisfactory manner. The Engineer Captain speaks very highly of him.


Harold Edwin Brook. For services as Senior Engineer of "Valiant," and largely responsible for the high speed maintained.


Albert Knothe. The Captain of "Indomitable" reports that it is principally due to this officer that the ship steamed during the action faster than ever before. A most efficient officer, strongly recommended for promotion. Was mentioned in Vice-Admiral Beatty's despatch after the action of 24th January, 1915.


Arthur Ellis Lester, D.S.O. Recommended for good service in action.


Engineer Lieutenants.


William David Smith. Senior Engineer of "Calliope." Responsible, under the Engineer Commander, for the excellent steaming of the ship and behaviour of the engine-room department during the action.


Temporary Engineer Sub-Lieutenants.


Harry Hunter. Was in charge of "A" boiler-room, and kept steam regulated under very trying conditions, with the boiler-room full of smoke and fumes. He afterwards went to the hydraulic engine-rooms and endeavoured to cope with the damage to S.F. Hydraulic E.R., and afterwards made temporary repairs to the port telemotor pipes.


Mackenzie Dallas. By promptness and at great danger personally assisted in directing and heading the hoses and arresting the spread of igniting cordite.





Major Arthur George Troup, R.M.A. Recommended for service in action.


Captain Robert Edgar Kilvert, R.M.A. Was in command of "X" turret during the action, and as commanding officer of the Marine detachment, is recommended as having specially contributed to the general efficiency of the ship.


Captain Richmond Campbell Shakespear Waller, R.M.L.I. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "This officer has served continuously in the Home and Grand Fleet from April, 1913, and has been in charge of the wireless organisation of a Battle Squadron since the commencement of hostilities. This squadron was composed of new ships of various types which had been hurriedly completed and the work entailed in bringing the wireless installations of ships designed for foreign powers' into effective working order was carried out entirely satisfactorily. Is unceasing in his endeavours to improve the wireless of the squadron, and has been of valuable assistance since I have been in command; an excellent Marine Officer."


Lieutenant Harold Marsland Franks, R.M.A. Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports: "W/T Officer on my Staff. Showed great skill and resource in maintaining the vitally important wireless communications throughout the action, despite the fact that aerials were shot away and required constant repair. An officer of high technical skill."


Lieutenant Henry Loftus Mitchell McCausland, R.M.L.I. The senior marine subaltern in the squadron. Very highly recommended by his captain.





Fleet Surgeons.


Robert Hill, C.V.O. The principal Medical Officer of the Fleet Flagship and on my staff. His excellent organisation and services before and after the action were of great assistance, and contributed much to the well-being of the wounded.


Arthur Reginald Bankart, C.V.O., M.B., K.H.P. Has organised his department for action in a most efficient manner.


Alexander Maclean, M.B. Performed his exhausting duties with the greatest zeal and courage. The medical staff was seriously depleted by casualties. The wounded and dying had to be dressed under very difficult conditions on the mess deck, which was flooded with a foot of water from damaged fire mains.  Fleet Surgeon Maclean has suffered considerably since the action from his devotion to duty.


Ernest Alfred Penfold, M.B. Was in the fore medical distributing station when a heavy shell burst just outside, killing and wounding many. Fleet Surgeon Penfold was himself knocked down and bruised and shaken, but personally assisted in the removal of wounded and afterwards tended the wounded with unremitting skill and devotion for forty hours without rest. His example was invaluable in keeping up the morale of the wounded and of the medical party under very trying conditions.


Christopher Louis White Bunton, M.B. Did good work, being hard pressed with many sudden casualties of a serious nature.


Staff Surgeon.


Arthur Reginald Schofield, M.B. For skilful and untiring attention to the wounded.


Temporary Surgeon.


Richard Stocker Carey. For skilful and untiring attention to the wounded.


Fleet Paymasters.


Charles Henry Rowe. Has voluntarily undertaken the duties of Rate-keeper in the fore-top, which he has with great zeal trained himself to perform with great efficiency. During the action he was of great assistance to the Fire Control, being cool and accurate in his work.


Harold Boxer Pearson. Recommended for good service.


Staff Paymasters.


Herbert Patrick William George Murray (Secretary). Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: - Rendered me very valuable personal services as my secretary both during and before the action. His valuable services as my secretary have now extended over a period of ten years.




James Meade Loughnan Cusack. Recommended for good service in action.


Harry Sampson Orchard. Recommended for good service in action.


Assistant Paymasters.


Clarence Teasdale-Buckell (Acting Paymaster). Recommended for good service in action.


Geoffrey Thomas Smyth (Secretary) (Acting Paymaster). Commodore Le Mesurier reports:-In charge of coding staff during the action, and has been of great assistance to me in every way as my secretary.


Harry Ewart Flint (Acting Assistant Paymaster). Recommended for good service in action.





Chief Gunner to Lieutenant.


Alexander Grant. With the greatest zeal and coolness went from magazine to magazine to encourage the crews in maintaining a rapid supply of ammunition, also in taking charge of fire parties under Lieutenant Walker and extinguishing several extensive fires.


Carpenters to Chief Carpenter.


John William Sparks. The captain of "Princess Royal" reports that the indefatigable resource of this officer in dealing with fires and damage throughout the action was in the highest degree admirable and a splendid example to all who saw it.


Henry Ham. Rendered invaluable service with repair parties, and was conspicuous in directing men until wounded.




Chief Gunners.


Edwin Stanley Norman. Recommended for good service in action.


John Dick Jamieson. A most reliable and trustworthy officer of exceptional ability.


Edward Fox. Recommended for good service in action.


William James Cann. This Commissioned Warrant Officer was appointed to H.M.S. "Canada" whilst completing, and has carried out his duties in a most able manner. There have been very few of the difficulties usually experienced in ships designed for foreign powers, and this fact is largely attributable to him.


Charles Richard Ponton. Recommended for good service in action.


Harry Hoggett. Recommended for good service in action.


Joshua Ernest George Chubb. Recommended for good service in action.




William James Newton. Recommended for good service in action.


John Williams. Recommended for good service in action.


Herbert Daniel Jehan. Is stationed in "Iron Duke's" lower top as principal control officer of the 6-inch guns. These guns were employed during the action in repelling two attacks of German t.b.d.'s on our battle fleet, and were controlled with coolness and good judgment, as a result of which one German t.b.d. was seen to sink.


George Ernest Freeme. Recommended for good service in action.


William Johnston. The rapid rate of fire maintained by "Marlborough" was largely due to this officer's able performance of his duties as director layer.


Chief Boatswain.


George Enock Turner. The senior chief boatswain in the 2nd Battle Squadron and 3rd on list of chief boatswains. A very conscientious and capable officer.




William Henry Fenn. Specially recommended. Was in charge of the after repair party and worked in fumes until he was overcome and removed. He returned again to the same work as soon as he had regained consciousness, and rendered invaluable services. Mr. Fenn had only returned from hospital the day before the action and was on light duty.


Signal Boatswains.


Ernest Albert Dunk Collins. Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: - Rendered excellent service during the action in charge of the signal staff, and also, after the transfer of my flag, reorganised the signal staff very quickly into one suitable for a flagship.


John Joseph Gowen. Recommended for good service in action.


Harry Albert Pitt. Mr. Pitt was on deck throughout the action and did excellent work.


Chief Carpenters.


George Campbell Grant. The captain of "Superb" speaks most highly of this officer's suitability for carpenter lieutenant. He has served in "Superb" for the whole war.


Albert Edward Scarlett. The senior chief carpenter in 2nd Cruiser Squadron. Recommended for good service in action.


Alfred Edward Lamb. The senior chief carpenter in 2nd Battle Squadron. A very capable and thoroughly efficient officer.




William Ernest Mutton. Recommended for good service in action.


Charles Alfred Morley Brown. Recommended for good service in action.


George Emmerson. Recommended for good service in action.


William Morrissey. Rendered excellent services after the ship was torpedoed and on passage to port.


Chief Artificer Engineer.


James Henry Fenton. Performed good service in stopping gaps caused by carrying away of foremost funnel and damage to second funnel, thus preserving considerably the steaming capabilities of the ship.


Commissioned Mechanician.


 Clayton Hartnup. Recommended for good service in action.


Artificer Engineers.


Joseph Fegan. Rendered valuable service during the action and after the ship had been struck by a torpedo.


William Perry Hill. For efficient work and good leadership in repairing damage to the ship.


Frederick Samuel Heath. A very capable officer.


Gilbert Mager McWhirter. Recommended for good service in action.


Thomas John Gard. Recommended for good service in action.


Charles Keeling. Displayed conspicuous resource and initiative at a critical period.


Francis William John Patterson. For exceptionally good work in charge of the stokeholds.


Royal Marine Gunners.


George Allan. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "This officer has served afloat for the whole of the war and is the Senior Warrant Officer, R.M., in the Squadron. He was recommended for commissioned rank by the Squadron selection committee on 14th January, 1916. Is fully worthy of promotion."


John Edward Flower. Recommended for good service in action.


Warrant Telegraphist.


Samuel Lewington. Was in charge of the auxiliary W./T. cabinet during the whole, operations, and carried out his work with conspicuous coolness and ability.





Lieutenant, R.N.R., to Commander, R.N.R.


Robert Milne Porter. After having been severely burned in the cordite explosion at No. 2 starboard 6-inch gun, Lieutenant Porter personally superintended the extinction of the fire and removal of wounded, and remained at his post for two hours after, when swelling from burns had closed his eyes and rendered his hands useless. His condition when he reached the medical party was critical.




Lieutenants, R.N.R,


Robert Beaufin Irving. Recommended for good service in action.


Reginald Slaughter Triggs. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "Is the Senior R.N.R. Lieutenant in the Squadron. He has served in H.M.S. 'Canada' since commissioning in June, 1915, and prior to that, whilst serving in H.M.S. 'Chatham,' was wounded in action at the Rufigi River, where he lost the use of his right arm."


Bertram Elliott. Recommended for good service in action.


Reginald John Finlow. Recommended for good service in action.


Charles Leonard Dettmar. Ably carried out his duties as a turret officer during the action. He is an exceptionally able officer, strongly recommended for promotion by his commanding officer.


John Alexander Macdonald (Acting). Recommended for good service in action.


Wilfrid Charters (Acting). Ably performed his duty in charge of 6-inch guns during the action.


William Groggan Lalor (Acting). Ably performed his duties as a turret officer during the action.


Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.R.


Jeremiah Aylmer Bunting. This officer carried out his duties as officer of quarters in the 6-inch battery in a most praiseworthy manner while the ship was under heavy fire.


Temporary Midshipman, R.N.R.


Charles Gordon Denning. For the cool and skilful way in which he, as officer of the quarters, while continuously under heavy fire, controlled the foremost 4-inch gun, the primary control having broken down.


Assistant Paymaster, R.N.R.


Thomas Emrys Daniel. Recommended for good service in action.


Warrant Engineers, R.N.R.


Stanley Perigrine Oxnard. For efficient work and good leadership in repairing damage to the ship.


John Cameron Allen. For exceptionally good work in charge of the stokeholds.


Lieutenants, R.N.V.R.


 Leonard Bampfylde Cogan. Recommended by Commodore commanding for good service during the action.


Alexander Percy McMullen. Ably carried out his duties in charge of 12-inch transmitting station.


William Cleveland Stevens. For good organisation of W./T. department.


Surgeon, R.N.V.R.


William James Aitken Quine, M.B. For his assiduous care of and attention to the wounded, of whom he was in sole charge for over 40 hours, the Staff Surgeon having been severely wounded.



Admiralty, 15th September, 1916.


The following promotions, etc., have been made in recognition of the services mentioned in the foregoing despatch:-


Commanders already promoted to Captain, to date 30th June: -

Walter Lingen Allen.

The Hon. Arthur Lionel Ochoncar Forbes-Sempill.

Joseph Charles Walrond Henley.

Edward Astley Rushton.

Berwick Curtis.

Francis Arthur Marten.

George William McOran Campbell.

Arthur Goodenough Craufurd.

The Hon. Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett.


Lieutenant-Commanders already promoted to Commander, 30th June: -

Paul Whitfield.

Richard Wyville Bromley.

Clarence Walter Eyre Trelawny.

Henry Purdon Boyd.

Charles Gwillim Robinson.

Reginald Stannus Goff.

Robert Stedman MacFarlan.

Geoffrey Corlett.

John Ouchterlony Barren.

Gerald Charles Wynter.

Lachlan Donald Ian Mackinnon.

Edwin Anderson Homan.

Stephen Dowell Tillard.

Gerald Fortescue Longhurst.

Cecil Burnaby Prickett.

Geoffrey Charles Candy.

Errol Manners.

Eric Quintin Carter.

Guy Charles Cecil Royle.

John Cronyn Tovey.


Engineer Commander William Toop to be Engineer Captain.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Lee Picton to be Engineer Commander.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Bertram Harvey to be Engineer Commander.

Engineer Lieutenant Geoffrey Morgan to be Engineer Lieutenant-Commander.

Major Arthur George Troup, R.M.A., to be Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel.

Captain Robert Edgar Kilvert, R.M.A., to be Major.

Captain Richmond Campbell Shakespear Waller, R.M.L.I., to be Brevet Major.

Lieutenant Harold Marsland Franks, R.M.A., to be Captain and Brevet Major.

Fleet Surgeon Robert Hill, C.V.O., to be Deputy Surgeon-General.

Paymaster James Meade Loughnan Cusack to be Staff Paymaster.

Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Douglas Stanley Swanston to be Lieutenant.

Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Robert Reginald Gibbons to be Lieutenant.

All the above to date 30th June 1916.


The Seniority as Acting Lieutenant of the following to be antedated to 30th June 1916: -

Charles Saumarez Daniel.*

John Catterall Leach.*


The following Sub-Lieutenants to be promoted to Acting Lieutenant, to date 30th June 1916:-

Leicester Charles Assheton St. John Curzon-Howe.*

Francis Adrian Blaydes Haworth-Booth.*

Herbert Annesley Packer.*

Eric Vernon Lees.*

Roger Prideaux Selby.*

Harry William Algernon Kemmis.*

Roderick Larken Moore.*


* All these Officers to be confirmed in their Acting Seniority subject to completion of their courses; any time gained for meritorious examinations to be in addition, subject to a minimum of six months' service as Sub-Lieutenant.


The following temporary Engineer Sub-Lieutenants to be Engineer Lieutenants, to date 30th June 1916, and to be noted for early promotion to Engineer Lieutenant-Commander should they be transferred to the permanent List: -

Harry Hunter.

Mackenzie Dallas.


Assistant Paymaster (Acting Paymaster) Clarence Teasdale-Buekell to be Paymaster.

Chief Gunner Alexander Grant to be Lieutenant, under the provisions of Art. 299, clause 4, of the King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions.

Chief Artificer Engineer James Henry Fenton to be Engineer Lieutenant.

Carpenter John William Sparks to be Chief Carpenter.

Carpenter Henry Ham to be Chief Carpenter.

Royal Marine Gunner George Allan to be Lieutenant, Royal Marines.

Royal Marine Gunner John Edward Flower to be Lieutenant, Royal Marines.

All the above to date 30th June 1916.


The following Officers have been noted for early promotion: -

Commander the Hon. Arthur Charles Strutt.

Lieutenant-Commander Stephen St. Leger Moore.

Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Frederick Seymour.

Engineer Commander Herbert Brooks Moorshead.

Engineer Commander Charles Frederick Dunn.

Engineer Commander John Downie Wilson.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Ellis Lester, D.S.O.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harold Edwin Brook.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harold Benjamin Main.

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Albert Knothe.

Engineer Lieutenant William David Smith.

Fleet Surgeon Alexander Maclean, M.B.

Fleet Surgeon Ernest Alfred Penfold, M.B.

Fleet Surgeon Arthur Reginald Bankart, C.V.O., M.B., K.H.P.

Fleet Surgeon Christopher Louis White Bunton.

Staff Surgeon Arthur Reginald Schofield, M.B.

Temporary Surgeon Richard Stocker Carey, should he be transferred to the permanent list.

Fleet Paymaster Charles Henry Rowe.

Staff Paymaster (Secretary) Herbert Patrick William George Murray.

Paymaster Harry Sampson Orchard.

Sub-Lieutenant George Evelyn Paget How.

Sub-Lieutenant John Gerald Yerburgh Loveband.

Sub-Lieutenant Humphrey Ranulph Brand.

Sub-Lieutenant Cecil Spurstow Miller.

Sub-Lieutenant Eric Sydney Brand.

Sub-Lieutenant George Sidney Godolphin Cavendish.

Acting Sub-Lieutenant (now Sub-Lieutenant) Newton James Wallop William-Powlett.

Acting Sub-Lieutenant Herbert Claude Millett.

Mate Matthew McClure.

Mate Alfred Bowman.

Assistant Paymaster (Acting Paymaster and Secretary) Geoffrey Thomas Smyth.

Chief Gunner Edwin Stanley Norman.

Chief Gunner John Dick Jamieson.

Chief Gunner Edward Fox (previously noted for early promotion).

Chief Gunner William James Cann.

Chief Gunner Charles Richard Ponton.

Chief Gunner Harry Hoggett.

Chief Gunner Joshua Ernest George Chubb.

Commissioned Mechanician Clayton Hartnup.

Chief Carpenter George Campbell Grant.

Chief Carpenter Albert Edward Scarlett.

Chief Carpenter Alfred Edward Lamb.

Gunner William James Newton.

Gunner John Williams.

Gunner Herbert Daniel Jehan.

Gunner George Ernest Freeme.

Gunner William Johnston.

Boatswain William Henry Fenn.

Signal Boatswain Harry Albert Pitt.

Signal Boatswain Ernest Albert Dunk Collins.

Signal Boatswain John Joseph Gowen.

Warrant Telegraphist Samuel Lewington.

Artificer Engineer Joseph Fegan.

Artificer Engineer William Perry Hill.

Artificer Engineer Frederick Samuel Heath.

Artificer Engineer Gilbert Mager McWhirter.

Artificer Engineer Thomas John Gard.

Artificer Engineer Charles Keeling.

Acting Artificer Engineer Francis William John Patterson.

Carpenter William Ernest Mutton.

Carpenter Charles Alfred Morley Brown.

Carpenter George Emmerson.

Carpenter William Morrissey.


In accordance with the foregoing, Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Ellis Lester, D.S.O., has been promoted to the rank of Engineer Commander in His Majesty's Fleet, to date the 25th July, 1916.


The following Officer is noted for Brevet Major on attaining the rank of Captain, Royal Marines: - Lieutenant Henry Loftus Mitchell McCausland, R.M.L.I.


The services of the following Officers have been specially noted : -


Engineer Commander John Benjamin Hewitt.

Fleet Paymaster Harold Boxer Pearson.

Acting Assistant Paymaster Harry Eward Flint.

Chief Boatswain George Enock Turner.


Royal Naval Reserve.


Lieutenant Robert Milne Porter to be Commander.

Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) John Alexander Macdonald to be Lieutenant.

Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Wilfrid Charters to be Lieutenant on the permanent list of the Royal Naval Reserve.

Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) William Goggan Lalor to be Lieutenant.

Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Jeremiah Aylmer Bunting to be Lieutenant on the permanent list of the Royal Naval Reserve.

Midshipman Charles Gordon Denning to be transferred to the Royal Navy as Acting Sub- Lieutenant.

All the above to date 30th June, 1916.


The following Officers have been noted for early promotion : -

Lieutenant Robert Beaufin Irving.

Lieutenant Reginald Slaughter Triggs.

Lieutenant Bertram Elliott.

Lieutenant Reginald John Finlow.

Lieutenant Charles Leonard Dettmar.

Warrant Engineer Stanley Perigrine Oxnard.

Warrant Engineer John Cameron Allen.


The services of the following Officer have been specially noted: -

Assistant Paymaster Thomas Emrys Daniel.


Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.


Noted for early promotion: -

Surgeon William James Aitken Quine, M.B.


The services of the following Officers have been specially noted: -

Lieutenant Leonard Bampfylde Cogan.

Temporary Lieutenant Alexander Percy McMullen.

Temporary Lieutenant William Cleveland Stevens.


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29752 - 15 SEPTEMBER 1916



NAVAL DESPATCH dated 15 September 1916


Admiralty, 15th September, 1916.


With reference to the Despatch of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet, published in the London Gazette of Thursday, 6th July, 1916, the following awards have been approved in connection with the recommendations of the Commander-in-Chief for services rendered by Petty Officers and men of the Grand Fleet in the action in the North Sea on the 31st May-1st June, 1916.


The KING (is) pleased to approve the grant of the Victoria Cross to Boy, First Class, John Travers Cornwell, O.N. J.42563 (died 2nd June, 1916), for the conspicuous act of bravery specified below. Mortally wounded early in the action, Boy, First Class, John Travers Cornwell remained standing alone at a most exposed post, quietly awaiting orders, until the end of the action, with the gun's crew dead and wounded all round him. His age was under sixteen and a half years.



The following awards have also been made: -


To receive the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.


Stoker Petty Officer William Ackerman, O.N. 301992. Stoker Petty Officer William Ackerman evidenced considerable aptitude and bravery in clearing a suction box in a damaged compartment and freeing the rods in use to keep it clear. It was necessary at one time for him to descend in a diving suit for the purpose.


Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Frederick Tinsley Birchall, O.N. 271185. Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Birchall showed great coolness and resource in removing portions of shafting from forward to enable the after steering position to be successfully operated. His work was carried out under a heavy fire and he displayed a dexterity and calmness which did him the highest credit.


Petty Officer Frederick Adolphus Day (alias Parsons), O.N. 134670.

Leading Seaman James Simpson Watson, O.N. 178876 (R.F.R., Po./B.1329).

When a shell exploded in the starboard battery of the ship in which Petty Officer Day and Leading Seaman Watson were serving, a considerable blast of flame and smoke caused a quantity of smouldering debris to fall among a hoist of cartridges in bags. Petty Officer Day showed great coolness and presence of mind in immediately jumping amongst the cartridges, removing the debris. In doing this he was assisted by Leading Seaman Watson; these two dealing with this dangerous situation promptly.


Stoker Petty Officer Patrick James Hogan, O.N.306261. Stoker Petty Officer Hogan remained for over eighteen hours continuously at his station, where, during the action, the fans were broken down and the temperature became almost unbearable; in order to stop leaks in cover joints: he had to take off his clothes. He showed great judgment in hurrying on salt water supply at a critical time.


Shipwright, First Class, William Holigan, O.N.343159. Shipwright, First Class, Holigan acted with great courage when a shell burst in the canteen flat of the ship in which he was serving, killing and wounding about twenty men. He was knocked down and scorched about the head, but immediately plugged leaking pipes which had been shot away.


Stoker, First Class, Joseph Henry Hughes, O.N.302261. Stoker, First Class, Hughes was one of the ratings on duty in a compartment immediately above that struck by a torpedo. The deck of this compartment was distorted, and all lights save one were extinguished, and water was coming into it. Stoker Hughes at once closed a valve, and the last light going out, he proceeded on deck to obtain another, with which he returned, closing steam and exhaust valves, although there was then 5 feet of water in the compartment. The action taken by this stoker, who remained alone at his place of duty in spite of the shock and noise of the explosion, and took effective steps to ensure the continued operation of the machinery in it, exhibited great presence of mind and bravery.


Sick Berth Steward Alfred Edward Jones, O.N.350868. Sick Berth Steward Jones showed conspicuous gallantry in bringing hoses to bear on a cordite fire in the vicinity of the midship ammunition lobby, when the supply parties had been driven away by the fumes. He performed his duties in an exemplary manner in very trying circumstances.


Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Patrick McEvoy, O.N. 173198. Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist McEvoy was working on deck almost continuously throughout the action. Four times he repaired or cleared the Main Aerial under fire in a cool and efficient manner. The smoke on the Mess Deck was so intense that he had to feel his way up on deck.


Chief Stoker William George Pring, O.N. 161176. Although severely wounded early in the action, Chief Stoker Pring continued to carry out important duties with repair parties until the action was finished.


Petty Officer George Arthur Sayer, O.N. 170698. Petty Officer Sayer's leg was shot away when the turret in which he was stationed was disabled, and he thereafter set a fine example by remaining at his post and trying to get his gun into action again,


Acting Stoker Petty Officer Frederick John Henry Wherry, O.N. K.5157. Acting Stoker Petty Officer Wherry, at great risk, flooded the 6-inch magazine of the ship in which he was serving, and then, until gassed, assisted to extinguish a fire in close proximity to the magazine. Subsequently, while still suffering from the effect of the fumes, he left the dressing station to unlock the secondary position for 13.5-inch flooding valves, showing great devotion to duty.


Petty Officer William John Adlam Willis, O.N. J.11010. Petty Officer Willis brought his gun into action after he himself and the whole of his gun's crew had been wounded.


To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John George Ashton, O.N. 268623.

Stoker, First Class, Ernest Richard Allcock, O.N. SS.110097.

Stoker, First Class, Charles Oscar Anderson, O.N. K.9832.

Chief Stoker Oliver William Barratt, O.N. 283930.

Mechanician William Beecroft, O.N. 288934.

Petty Officer James Clapp Bragg, O.N. 193246.

Able Seaman Albert Bright, O.N. 202825.

Chief Stoker Ronald Frank Burley, O.N. 283927.

Chief Petty Officer Frederick Walter Bird, O.N. 161259.

Shipwright, First Class, Martin Bray, O.N. 343524.

Able Seaman Herbert James Boutell, O.N. J. 14121.

Leading Stoker Charles Edgar Blagdon, O.N. K.1227.

Able Seaman George Charles Bowers, O.N. 215063.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Robert Barss, O.N. 270499.

Leading Seaman William John Barrow, O.N. 217137.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Charles Burgess, O.N. 192892.

Chief Stoker Joseph Brudnell, O.N. 277829.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Joseph Bentley, O.N. 269229.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred Leonard Burgess, O.N. 269498.

Stoker Petty Officer Walter Henry Carne, O.N. 302549.

Chief Petty Officer James Coughlan, O.N. 138894.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Nicholas Cawrse, O.N. 268673.

Chief Armourer Thomas Chivers, O.N. 175631.

Leading Seaman Malcolm John Cooper, O.N. 238690.

Leading Signalman Frederick George Chesters, O.N. 228254.

Officer's Cook, First Class, Henry Francis Carter, O.N. L.3366.

Chief Petty Officer Albert Edwaid Cleife, O.N. 160883.

Stoker Petty Officer Timothy Crowley, O.N. 286289.

Leading Seaman Maurice Howard Cox, O.N. J.9747.

Leading Seaman Percy Curtis, O.N. 218912.

Yeoman of Signals Arthur John Colyer, O.N. 186278.

Stoker Betty Officer Maurice Connell, O.N. 290110.

Shipwright, First Class, Edward James Dunn, O.N. 345577.

Petty Officer Robert George Dycer, O.N. 175501.

Chief Petty Officer William Demellweek, O.N. 171809.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas John Dalton, O.N. 177318.

Petty Officer, First Class, Harry Willie Dudman, O.N. 160453.

Stoker, First Class, Alfred Thomas Dunn, O.N. SS.114406.

Able Seaman, R.N.V.R., Ernest William Dicker, O.N. Sussex Z/272.

Chief Stoker Percy William Dennis, O.N. 285011.

Petty Officer Arthur Mark Eagland, O.N. 215990.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Francis Edge, O.N. 268684.

Wireman, Second Class, George John Ellisdon, O.N. M.13438.

Stoker William Frederick Elvins, O.N. K.6281.

Stoker, First Class, Jeremiah Flynn, O.N. 303126.

Sergeant Walter Henry Fairs, O.N. R.M.A. 6281.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Fredrick Thomas Farmer, O.N. 269442.

Yeoman of Signals Frank William Foster, O.N. 226416 (now Acting Signal Boatswain).

Stoker, First Class, Alfred James Fane, O.N. SS.110817.

Chief Petty Officer Edward Fitzgerald, O.N. 171331.

Petty Officer Michael Fitzpatrick, O.N. 233771.

Able Seaman George Frank French, O.N. J.7216.

Yeoman of Signals Henry James Fisher, O.N. 221677.

Chief Petty Officer Harry Ernest Fox, O.N. 165514.

Chief Petty Officer Ernest George Fry, O.N. 163313.

Chief Petty Officer Hugh Latimer Greenhill, O.N. 139532.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Edmund Ernest Grace, O.N. 345257.

Chief Sick Berth Steward Albert Ernest Gregson, O.N. 350371.

Petty Officer Bertie Walter Richardson Gardiner, O.N. 211325.

Chief Petty Officer James John Greenland, O.N. 161574.

Petty Officer Malcolm Durrant Gooding, O.N. 191486.

Chief Petty Officer William Henry Graves, O.N. 181281.

Chief Petty Officer George Gates, O.N. 156638.

Petty Officer William Charles Richard Griffin, O.N. 201404.

Leading Seaman John Hiram, O.N. 237985.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Alfred William Hogger, O.N. 179580.

Chief Petty Officer William Worden Higman, O.N. 173132.

Mechanician John George Hicks, O.N. 300582.

Chief Petty Officer William Harris, O.N. 158446.

Chief Petty Officer John Daniel Hatherley, O.N. 155178.

Chief Stoker Arthur Harbour, O.N. 280561.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Augustus Frederick William Hughes, O.N. 268737.

Able Seaman James Edwin Hines, O.N. J.38370.

Stoker Thomas Henry Hignett, O.N. 1255. S.

Leading Signalman George Headley, O.N. J.9237.

Stoker Petty Officer Thomas Heard, O.N. 311330.

Stoker Petty Officer Charles Gerard Hawkins, O.N. 295754 (R.F.R., Po./B.5423).

Petty Officer William John Harvey, O.N 189340.

Able Seaman George Hanson, O.N. J. 19999.

Petty Officer Walter Halliwell, O.N. 215287.

Petty Officer, First Class, Walter Hooper, O.N. 173080.

Petty Officer Ernest Irving, O.N. 235267.

Chief Stoker William Johns, O.N. 281415.

Stoker, First Class, Sidney Jackson, O.N. SS.114967.

Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ronald Glinn Jefferson, O.N. 271692.

Petty Officer Arthur Edward James, O.N. 197468.

Boy, First Class, Samuel James Keen, O.N. J.38215.

Able Seaman Percy Frederick Knapman, O.N. J.17156.

Chief Petty Officer William Ernest Kent, O.N. 163354.

Petty Officer Edward Kerry, O.N. 187385.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Herbert Henry Lake, O.N. 268421.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Lovell, O.N. 165127.

Petty Officer, First Class, Edmund Luckham, O.N. 125741 (R.F.R., Po./A.2027).

Stoker Petty Officer Walter Long, O.N. 177396.

Chief Stoker John Lyons, O.N. 297747.

Able Seaman John Cripps Leathers, O.N. 196529.

Chief Petty Officer John Matthews, O.N. 162478.

Chief Armourer William Henry Martin, O.N. 342428.

Stoker Petty Officer George Henry Manning, O.N. K.2849.

Petty Officer Samuel Christopher Ash Medway, O.N. 186757.

Acting Bombardier John Mulraney, O.N. R.M.A./13725.

Armourer Ivon Mitchell, O.N. 346563.

Chief Petty Officer Horace Minns, O.N. 172441.

Yeoman of Signals Horace Richard Mason, O.N. 220511 (now Acting Signal Boatswain).

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, James Monro, O.N. M.1666.

Stoker, R.N.R., George McConnell, O.N. 777V.

Stoker Petty Officer John McCoy, O.N. 277696.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, James Souter Marr, O.N. 268169.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Murdo Macleod, O.N. M.4219.

Able Seaman Charles Mitchell, O.N. SS.3361.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Frederick Moore, O.N. 345488.

Chief Petty Officer Herbert George Newman, O.N. 152148.

Stoker Petty Officer William Norman, O.N. 133012 (R.F.R., PO./A2142).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Christopher Ham Nichols, O.N. 271516.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, William Mark Oldreive, O.N. 269807.

Stoker, R.N.R., James Orton, O.N. S.5094.

Leading Telegraphist Percival James Olding, O.N. J.8127.

Second Sick Berth Steward Harry Charles Pridmore, O.N. M1677.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Pengelly, O.N. 177274.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Prebble, O.N. 157368.

Chief Yeoman of Signals George Harry Pink, O.N. 179101 (R F.R., Po./B3091).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Lewis Cornelius Payne, O.N. 268314.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Percy Peckham, O.N. 169822.

Petty Officer, First Class, George James Plummer, O.N. 158186.

Able Seaman William Perrow, O.N. 234297.

Signal Boy John Postles, O.N. J.38265.

Chief Shipwright James Pascoe, O.N. 342917.

Shipwright, R.N.V.R., Harry Peel, O.N. Tyneside, 3/83.

Sick Berth Steward Charles Purchase, O.N. 355019.

Chief Armourer Henry Phillis Pike, O.N. 341628.

Chief Petty Officer Joseph Edwin Profitt, O.N. 159669.

Petty Officer Alfred Henry Potterill, O.N. 183141.

Yeoman of Signals William Henry Parker, O.N. 220008.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frederick Rendall, O.N. 269256.

Chief Petty Officer John Henry Reeves, O.N. 160690.

Chief Armourer Hartley Kirby Rounthwaite, O.N. 342127.

Petty Officer William Rennie, O.N. 209340.

Serjeant Henry Ross, R.M.L.I. O.N. Po./ 9467.

Mechanician Arthur Miles Stuart, O.N. 284435.

Chief Yeoman of Signals John Simmons, O.N. 151525.

Petty Officer Charles Edgar Siffleet, O.N. 228573.

Petty Officer Joseph Saddler, O.N. 211444.

Leading Signalman Thomas Shannon, O.N. 221129.

Petty Officer Dan Sheppard, O.N. 196176.

Stoker, First Class, Reginald Albert Smith, O.N. K.22739.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Searle, O.N. 268620.

Stoker Petty Officer William Robert Seaborne, O.N. K.2840.

Stoker, First Class, William John Sibley, O.N. K.22879.

Chief Petty Officer Robert Charles Smith, O.N. 158092.

Petty Officer Mike Sliney, O.N. 191103.

Petty Officer George Ernest Smith, O.N. 203789.

Chief Stoker Frederick Charles Smith, O.N. 281187.

Petty Officer Henry Swales, O.N. 238189.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Sargent, O.N. 166132.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Harry Francis Thomas, O.N. 231174.

Chief Petty Officer Ernest George Temlett, O.N. 162765.

Chief Stoker Ralph Turner, O.N. 279317.

Ordinary Signalman Alec Saville Tempest, O.N. J29133.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Stanley Shopland Tozer, O.N. 271453.

Chief Stoker Albert Edwin Thurston, O.N. 276442.

Able Seaman Joseph John Thompson, O.N. J.10104.

Chief Stoker Frederick Arthur Truscott, O.N. 284217.

Shipwright, Second Class, William Samson Walters, O.N. 344927.

Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist George Joseph Ward, O.N. 189028.

Serjeant Edward Wesley Weston, O.N. R.M.A.5148.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Edward Ward, O.N. 183781.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Edward Williams, O.N. M.5149.

Boy, First Class, John Ernest William Worn, O.N. J.41882.

Shipwright, Second Class, Henry Edward Webley, O.N. M.8960.

Telegraphist David Wyllie, O.N. J.46874.

Acting Chief Petty Officer John Webster, O.N. 181723.

Petty Officer Horace Edward Winchester, O.N. 201037.

Stoker, First Class, Thomas Arthur Woolley, O.N. SS.115633.

Yeoman of Signals Joseph Victor Wagstaff, O.N. 194702.

Lance-Serjeant Alfred Henry Waterloo, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10602.

Leading Cook's Mate Harry George Walters, O.N. M.586.

Petty Officer John Westlake, O.N. 218922.


The undermentioned rating has been awarded a Bar to his Distinguished Service Medal for an act of gallantry performed subsequent to that for which the Medal was awarded: -

Chief Writer Samuel George White, O.N. 340597. (The award of the Distinguished Service Medal was notified in Gazette dated 3rd March, 1915, page 2214.)


The following Petty Officers and men are commended for good services in action on the occasion above referred to: -

Stoker Petty Officer Herbert Allen, O.N. 309891.

Petty Officer Telegraphist David Allen, O.N. 238656.

Chief Stoker Frederick Aldred, O.N. 296182.

Sick Berth Steward Charles Robert Allwright, O.N. 351201.

Chief Petty Officer William Alfred Attwood, O.N. 170923.

Petty Officer Telegraphist. Edward Ashdown, O.N. 218097.

Sergeant Archer William Balcombe, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./E/15620 (killed in action May 31st, 1916).

Corporal William Broadbridge, O.N. R.M.A. 7401.

Chief Stoker Absalom Lewis Bond, O.N. 288599.

Shipwright, First Class, George Harold Brown, O.N. 343438.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Sidney Harcourt Burchell, O.N. 347118.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Frederick Samuel Billing, O.N. 171648.

Stoker Petty Officer Charles Broadbridge, O.N. 302139.

Stoker Petty Officer Francis William Baglin, O.N. 170880.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Samuel Alfred Brooks, O.N. 202192.

Chief Stoker John Dormer Brunsdon, O.N. 282475.

Petty Officer George Brummage, O.N. 189177.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Thomas Abraham Bacon, O.N. 268208.

Able Seaman Frederick Barnett, O.N. J.22583.

Boy Telegraphist William Barrett, O.N. J.32800.

Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Sydney Bentley, O.N. 271441.

Petty Officer, First Class, Albert Richard Brotherton, O.N. 184902.

Leading Stoker Thomas Blythin, O.N. 311671.

Acting Leading Stoker Albert Bignell, O.N. K.10416.

Stoker, First Class, James Henry Bignell, O.N. K.16875.

Able Seaman Hubert Samuel Bevis, O.N. 214513.

Able Seaman Alfred Godbee Butt, O.N. J.22698.

Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Harry Bickerton, O.N. 271534.

Sergeant Harry Clement Barlow, O.N. R.M.A./5729.

Petty Officer Fred Barber, O.N. 234028.

Able Seaman Cyril Bernard Brown, O.N. J.13135.

Ordinary Seaman Frederick Baker, O.N. J.43073.

Chief Petty Officer Henry Bolton, O.N. 169563.

Leading Seaman Percy Thomas Belsey, O.N. 207845.

Chief Stoker James Breen, O.N. 285044.

Acting Chief Petty Officer Samuel Lucas Baily, O.N. 179142.

Sergeant John Clerk, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./12415.

Mechanician John Cutlan, O.N. 277102.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Alfred Charles Cornhill, O.N. 346923.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Edgar Crompton, O.N. 167762.

Ship's Corporal, First Class, Godfrey Maxwell Cunningham, O.N. 230562.

Yeoman of Signals William Henry John Campin, O.N. 188438.

Petty Officer, First Class, Alfred Ernest Coulson, O.N. 169119.

Chief Petty Officer Alexander George Clarke, O.N. 187324.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, George William Coy, O.N. M.5765.

Chief Sick Berth Steward Arthur George Camm, O.N. 350316.

Gunner Edward Andrew Crawley, O.N. R.M.A./11620 (R.F.R.).

Chief Stoker James David Cousins, O.N. 355819.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Ernest Henry Cox, O.N. 204575.

Able Seaman Andrew Anderson Campbell, O.N. J.4337.

Sergeant Frederick Cox, O.N. R.M.A./6668.

Leading Signalman William Cassin, O.N. 230273.

Leading Telegraphist Frederick Castell, O.N. 239676.

Acting Chief Petty Officer Robert George Carson, O.N. 188419.

Stoker, First Class, William Curling Cox, O.N. K.20131.

Ship's Steward Albert Edward Dannan, O.N. 341777.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frank Dymond, O.N. 268895.

Stoker, First Class, Edward Dolphin, O.N. SS.102049 (R.F.R., Po./B.3976).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, William Alexander Dobbie, O.N. 269503.

Carpenter's Crew Edward Dexter, O.N. M.4280.

Petty Officer John Deacon, O.N. 188544.

Leading Stoker William Dane, O.N. 302668.

Chief Petty Officer John Edward Dudley, O.N. 155360.

Chief Petty Officer Amos George Dixey, O.N. 157189.

Able Seaman Patrick Driscoll, O.N. 187409.

Able Seaman Sidney Thomas Ellis, O.N. J. 19903 (died 3rd June, 1916).

Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Frank England, O.N. 166534.

Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Edwin Cecil Evans, O.N. 271169.

Chief Stoker William John Emery, O.N. 276411.

Ordinary Telegraphist Alfred Herbert Gordon English, O.N. J. 29219.

Chief Petty Officer William Ewart, O.N. 158259.

Chief Petty Officer Grigg William Epsly, O.N. 158931.

Musician Arthur George Sylvester Flippence, O.N. R.M.B./1240.

Mechanician David Finney, O.N. 296786.

Officer's Steward, First Class, Herbert Foley, O.N. I.12.

Leading Telegraphist Edwin Vaughan Fossick, O.N. J.6580.

Stoker Petty Officer Edward John Farley, O.N. 311433.

Acting Chief Ship's Cook Stephen George Frampton, O.N. 346935.

Able Seaman Richard Fitzgerald, O.N, J.14910.

Stoker, Second Class, James Flynn, O.N, K.30357.

Colour Serjeant William Walter Finnigan, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9428.

Officer's Steward, First Class, Charles Alfred Gravatt, O.N. L.7991.

Petty Officer George Grace, O.N. 183231.

Chief Yeoman of Signals William Henry Gorman, O.N. 155156.

Mechanician William Henry Getheridge, O.N. 283060.

Petty Officer, First Class, Michael Gardiner, O.N. 157529.

Able Seaman Archibald Garden, O.N. J.11838.

Sick Berth Steward William Gardner, O.N. 350833.

Chief Shipwright Frederick Ernest Glew, O.N. 343870.

Private George William Green, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17270.

Second Sick Berth Steward Lewis Henry Gerbert, O.N. M.656.

Stoker Petty Officer Edward James Gardener, O.N. 293566.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Walter Gregg, O.N. 172902.

Leading Seaman Joshua Joseph Hunt, O.N. 193455.

Leading Seaman Albert Leopold Hill, O.N. 198728.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Bertie Walter Hooper, O.N. 270359.

Chief Stoker Robert Howard, O.N. 278884.

Petty Officer Charles Reginald Hoskin, O.N. 216764.

Petty Officer William Henry Hoyle, O.N. 231577.

Chief Stoker Frank Jesse Hooker, O.N. 168847.

Mechanician Edwin George Hayter, O.N. 280715.

Petty Officer Daniel Harrington, O.N. 204239.

Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Harry, O.N. 168336.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, George Harvey Heal, O.N. 269110.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Jonas Haigh, O.N. 347174.

Stoker Petty Officer Edward Thomas Hinds, O.N. 312358.

Armourer George William Heywood, O.N. 215881.

Chief Stoker Walter Thomas Hooker, O.N. 296038.

Second Sick Berth Steward Percy Claud Harvey, O.N. M.873.

Shipwright, First Class, John Thomas Theodore Honey, O.N. 342962.

Sick Berth Steward Titus Slater Howarth, O.N. 350832.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Gregory Gill Hill, O.N. 268572.

Serjeant William Thomas Hunt, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./13865.

Private William Arthur Hamilton, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17164.

Stoker Petty Officer Francis Frederick Hills, O.N. 282981.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Thomas William Hole, O.N. 271026.

Ship's Corporal, First Class, Edgar John Highams, O.N. 180760.

Petty Officer Charles William Ives, O.N. 208356.

Chief Petty Officer Harold Jones, O.N. 174722.

Chief Petty Officer Harry Thomas Jones, O.N. 167522.

Leading Stoker Leonard James Jordan, O.N. K.2243.

Chief Ship's Cook Tom Jupp, O.N. 343350.

Shipwright, First Class, William Gregory Jeanes, O.N. 342690.

Private Albert John Jenner, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./13882.

Petty Officer James Keane, O.N. 200142.

Chief Petty Officer Robert Kelly, O.N. 168607.

Lance-Serjeant Thomas Keirby, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./14045.

Stoker Petty Officer Richard Kennedy, O.N. 306205.

Leading Seaman Dennis Joseph Keogh (alias Kough), O.N. 177615.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Thomas Canniford Kingswell, O.N. 271972.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ernest Kerkin, O.N. 269940.

Ship's Steward George Kingsford, O.N. 342214.

Lance-Serjeant John Richard King, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./16673.

Chief Petty Officer Thomas Knight, O.N. 165128.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard John Keating, O.N. M. 13499.

Chief Writer Ernest Alfred Lillicrap, O.N. 345836.

Bandmaster Henry Lodge, O.N. R.M.B./236.

Chief Stoker John William Lockhart, O.N. 161342.

Serjeant Frank Lefevre, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./7574.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Albert Large, O.N. 173079.

Ship's Steward Arthur James Litton, O.N. 158887.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Robert Charles Lee, O.N. 270022.

Serjeant Harry Richard Lucas, O.N. R.M.A./8139.

Chief Armourer William John Lewis, O.N. 173464.

Leading Seaman Ivor Lovell, O.N. 227762.

Shipwright, First Class, Bertie Lucas, O.N. 342958.

Able Seaman Percy Lawless, O.N. 204601 (R.F.R., Ch./B9282).

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Thomas Henry Love, O.N. 268833.

Leading Stoker Matthew Lawson, O.N. 303088 (R.F.R., Ch./B5783).

Petty Officer Henry John Elliot Maxey, O.N. 200237.

Chief Petty Officer Frederick Lewis Marshall, O.N. 177751.

Chief Armourer Robert Daniel Mansell, O.N. 340456.

Petty Officer Tomson Matthews, O.N. 194798.

Leading Seaman Reginald Victor Ralph Morris, O.N. 234466.

Leading Stoker Thomas McGovern, O.N. K.5606.

Corporal John Mulligan, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./12809.

Sick Berth Attendant Stanley Russell Mortimore, O.N. M.4039.

Colour-Serjeant Richard Magson, O.N. R.M.A./7323.

Officer's Steward, First Class, John Miles, O.N. 111435.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred McDowall, O.N. 268308.

Petty Officer John Murray, O.N. 227816.

Able Seaman Arthur Oglesby Mudd, O.N. J.1649.

Serjeant Albert Ernest Murrell, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9785.

Leading Seaman Luke Martin, O.N. 231088.

Serjeant Edwin John Nichol, O.N. R.M.A./7449.

Chief Sick Berth Steward John Andrew Neal, O.N. 150394.

Chief Petty Officer Richard Oliver, O.N. 173710.

Chief Armourer Thomas Van Orden, O.N. 344837.

Shipwright, First Class, Charles Arthur Osborne, O.N. 341137.

Able Seaman Edwin Bourne Ollivant, O.N. 239302.

Able Seaman John Edward Potts, O.N. J.27056.

Boy, First Class, Percy Poyner, O.N. J.32778.

Chief Petty Officer William Henry Palmer, O.N. 159159.

Chief Stoker William Parkinson, O.N. 283984.

Stoker Petty Officer George Parmenter, O.N. 231316.

Colour-Serjeant William Haddon Potter, O.N. R.M.A./6669.

Second Sick Berth Steward William Henry Peard, O.N. 350676.

Chief Petty Officer Frederick William Pilcher, O.N. 166196.

Leading Seaman John Harry Pedrick, O.N. 230402.

Stoker, First Class, Reginald Prout, O.N. K. 13285.

Officer Steward, First Class, Albert Richard Poor, O.N. 355862.

Officer's Steward, First Class, Rodger Pisani, O.N. 356464.

Leading Seaman Reuben William Pearce, O.N. 155869.

Petty Officer Arthur Edwin Painter, O.N. 207636.

Leading Seaman Ernest Swinton Jubilee Pooley, O.N. 226131.

Private William John Patterson, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10319 (killed in action, 31st May, 1916).

Officer's Steward, Second Class, Frank Pook, O.N. 364787.

Petty Officer Henry Francis Pearce, O.N. 186833.

Stoker Petty Officer George Harry Pragnell, O.N. 309127.

Able Seaman Albert Edward Pethybridge, O.N. J.10961.

Chief Petty Officer James Rye, O.N. 181413.

Able Seaman William Reid, O.N. 226628.

Colour-Serjeant Leonard Daw Roberts, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./10345.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Richard Ernest Rendle, O.N. 232535.

Serjeant John Reid, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9096.

Chief Petty Officer Walter Reed, O.N. 166190.

Shipwright, First Class, Albert Victor Revans, O.N. 343752.

Chief Armourer Edward Thomas Reeve, O.N. 285401.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Edward Frank Roser, O.N. M.2331.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Alexander Daniel Reid, O.N. M. 17544.

Acting Yeoman of Signals Percy Frederick Redfern, O.N. 213400.

Stoker, First Class, William Roberts, O.N. K.1715.

Chief Petty Officer James Henry Leaker Rundle, O.N. 174753.

Master-at-Arms William Henry Scott, O.N. 150134.

Petty Officer Telegraphist Mark Skinner, O.N. 236888.

Chief Shipwright Richard James Seymour, O.N. 340108.

Serjeant Arthur Edward Stevens, O.N. R.M.A./5461.

Chief Writer William Henry Sleep, O.N. 341815.

Ship's Steward Albert John Sutton, O.N. 340487.

Petty Officer Lewis Silvers, O.N. 217783.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Percival Samuel Smith, O.N. 270763.

Colour-Serjeant Abraham Spooner, O.N. R.M.A./4980.

Serjeant Walter Edward Shaw, O.N. R.M.A./ 9887.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Charles John Stobart, O.N. 268939.

Able Seaman Charles Joseph Skelsey, O.N. 216707.

Stoker Petty Officer Clarence Sadgrove, O.N. K.4424.

Petty Officer John Lloyd Strevens, O.N. 196607.

Chief Petty Officer Charles Smith, O.N. 192159.

Boy, First Class, Herbert Stanley Sears, O.N. J.44436.

Leading Signalman Douglas Smith, O.N. 228073.

Private William Smith, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./14230 (killed in action 31st May, 1916).

Chief Petty Officer Albert Edward Smith, O.N. 158152.

Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, John Vincent Shaw, O.N. M.113.

Chief Stoker Arthur Josiah Smith, O.N. 175369.

Chief Petty Officer William John Stacey, O.N. 160655.

Chief Stoker William Tink, O.N. 279464.

Chief Stoker William Henry Trowell, O.N. 284236.

Acting Engine Room Artificer, Fourth Class, Richard Thornton, M. 16481.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Alfred Turner, O.N. 268429.

Serjeant Henry Lynall Vale, O.N. R.M.A./ 9604.

Chief Yeoman of Signals George Whitby, O.N. 182090.

Petty Officer Telegraphist John Richard Wolley, O.N. J.966.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas White, O.N. 188436.

Chief Writer Lewis John Watkins, O.N. 342728.

Leading Telegraphist Edward John Weller, O.N. J.18942.

Stoker Petty Officer Robert Whiting, O.N. 284996.

Stoker, First Class, Patrick Walsh, O.N. 307219.

Chief Petty Officer William Williams, O.N. 175098.

Master-at-Arms Ernest Warnes, O.N. 176845.

Petty Officer James Weddick, O.N. 193944.

Yeoman of Signals Henry Samuel Wilmot, O.N. 188508.

Private Harry Willows, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./ 13761.

Ordinary Seaman Reginald Alfred Wise, O.N. J.31511.

Private Albert Victor Whatley, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./14500.

Stoker, First Class, James White, O.N. 293750.

Master-at-Arms Abel Thomas Woodcock, O.N. 156942.

Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, George Walmsley, O.N. 344920.

Mechanician Henry Augustus Woodman, O.N. 299053.

Chief Stoker Samuel Thomas Wade, O.N. 279953.

Leading Seaman Wilfred Walmsley, O.N. J.3765.

Chief Yeoman of Signals Henry Wood, O.N. 160143.

Ship's Steward Assistant Walter Wesley Wallace, O.N. M.9336.

Lance-Serjeant George Richard Westlake, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./10190.

Able Seaman Cyril John Woodhouse, O.N. J.14446.

Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Sydney Arthur Webber, O.N. 269544.

Stoker Petty Officer John Watson, O.N. 286751.

Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, James Benjamin Yarrell, O.N. 270083.

Canteen Assistant Frank Percival.

Canteen Assistant Walter Rutt.



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