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 Latest - Continuation of World War 1 Centenary and Approach of US Entry into the War

FRENCH NAVY - The French Navy: Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline 1900-1922 - World War 1 & Major Ship Lists in Outline - Flag Officers, 1914-1918 - Louis Bechennec, Fireman/Stoker - Sailors commemorated in a New York Cemetery

GREEK NAVY - Royal Hellenic Navy in Outline

Rise to Global Parity, Organisation & Fleet Lists, 1900-1922 - Fleets and Stations, early 1917 - World War 1 & Major Ship Lists in outline

Those Who Served - United States Navy, Coast Guard & Marine Corps Casualties - Medal of Honor, 1915-1918 - Officer Ranks and Enlisted Rates - Flag Officers, 1914-1918

Organisation and Technology - Bureau of Yards & Docks, 1917-1918Development of Warship Armour

Contemporary Accounts - Victory at Sea by R. Adm William Sims - On the Coast of France: US Naval Forces in French Waters - US Marine Corps in the World War - Chronology of US Marine Corps in the World War

- Battle of Trafalgar 1805 - Operation Musketeer, Suez Campaign, 1956

Ship Log Book Transcriptions, an ongoing Zooniverse "Old Weather" Project, 2010-2015

HMS Swiftsure

HMS Swiftsure, battleship (Photo Ships)

ROYAL NAVY LOG BOOKS OF THE WORLD WAR 1-ERA, 350,000 pages transcribed, all 318 ships now online, including Battle of the Falklands, Gallipoli, Mesopotamia, East Africa, China Station.

Follow this link for brief details of all 318 ships.

And this link to the archives (go to Vessels, type in name, click on ship, "View all Logs").

USC&GSS Explorer

USC&GSS Explorer (NOAA)

UNITED STATES LOG BOOKS OF THE 19th & 20th CENTURIES, Ships of the United States Navy, US Revenue/Coast Guard Service and US Coast & Geodetic Survey, many in the Arctic and Pacific.

Go to to help with transcribing.

An "Old Weather" Citizen Science Project involving thousands of people working together on the internet to transcribe weather and naval data. A collaboration that includes Zooniverse, University of Oxford, British Meteorological Office, US National Archives, US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and Naval-History.Net. There is now a sister project Old Weather: Whaling, working with the New Bedford Whaling Museum.