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World War 1 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell


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By Name

In main list, ships sunk are in capitals, damaged in lower case

Aboukir, armoured cruiser, 22 September 1914

Amazon, destroyer, 27 October 1916

Amphion, scout cruiser, 6 August 1914

Arabis, sloop, 10 February 1916

Ariel, destroyer, 1 August 1918

Bayano, armed merchant cruiser, 11 March 1915

Brilliant, old cruiser, 28 October 1914

Bulwark, battleship, 26 November 1914

Contest, destroyer, 18 September 1917

Cressy, armoured cruiser, 22 September 1914

Crusader, destroyer, 7 May 1915

D.5, submarine, 3 November 1914

D.6, submarine, 24 June 1918

Derwent, destroyer, 2 May 1917

Doon, destroyer, 16 December 1914

E.7, submarine, 4 September 1915

E.13, submarine, 18 August 1915

E.14, submarine, 28 January 1918

E.15, submarine, 17 April 1915

E.17, submarine, 6 January 1916

Eden, destroyer, 18 June 1916

Falmouth, light cruiser, 20 August 1916

Fauvette, armed boarding steamer, 9 March 1916.

Flirt, destroyer, 27 October 1916

Formidable, battleship, 1 January 1915

Fortune, destroyer, 1 June 1916

Glasgow, light cruiser, 8 December 1914

Goliath, battleship, 13 May 1915

H.6, submarine, 19 January 1916

Hampshire, armed cruiser, 5 June 1916

Hardy, destroyer, 16 December 1914

Hawke, protected cruiser, 15 October 1914

Hogue, armoured cruiser, 22 September 1914

India, armed merchant cruiser, 8 August 1915

Inflexible, battlecruiser, 8 December 1914

J.6, submarine, 15 October 1918

Kent, armoured cruiser, 8 December 1914

Lord Roberts, Admiralty trawler, 26 October 1916

Lynx, destroyer, 9 August 1915

Maori, destroyer, 7 May 1915

North Star, destroyer, 23 April 1918

Nubian, destroyer, 27 October 1916

Opal, destroyer, 12 January 1918

Patrol, scout cruiser, 16 December 1914

Pegasus, old light cruiser, 20 September 1914

Princess Irene, auxiliary minelayer, 27 May 1915

Queen Mary, battlecruiser, 31 May 1916

Ramsey, armed boarding steamer, 8 August 1915

Rinaldo, old sloop, 29 October 1914

Strongbow, destroyer, 17 October 1917

Surprise, destroyer, 23 December 1917

Sydney (RAN), light cruiser, 9 November 1914

Tara, armed boarding steamer, 5 November 1915

Tornado, destroyer, 23 December 1917

Torrent, destroyer, 23 December 1917

Vanguard, dreadnought battleship, 9 July 1917

Vehement, destroyer, 1 August 1918

Viking, destroyer, 29 January 1916


By Date


6 August - Amphion, scout cruiser

20 September - Pegasus, old light cruiser

22 September - Aboukir, Cressy, Hogue, armoured cruisers

15 October - Hawke, protected cruiser

28 October - Brilliant, old cruiser;

29 October - Rinaldo, old sloop

3 November - D.5, submarine

9 November - Sydney (RAN), light cruiser

26 November - Bulwark, battleship

8 December - Inflexible, battlecruiser; Kent, armoured cruiser; Glasgow, light cruiser

16 December - Patrol, scout cruiser; Doon, Hardy, destroyers



1 January - Formidable, battleship

11 March - Bayano, armed merchant cruiser

17 April - E.15, submarine

7 May - Crusader, Maori, destroyers

13 May - Goliath, battleship

27 May - Princess Irene, auxiliary minelayer

8 August - India, armed merchant cruiser

8 August - Ramsey, armed boarding steamer

9 August - Lynx, destroyer

18 August - E.13, submarine

4 September - E.7, submarine

5 November - Tara, armed boarding steamer



6 January - E.17, submarine

19 January - H.6, submarine

29 January - Viking, destroyer

10 February - Arabis, sloop

9 March - Fauvette, armed boarding steamer

31 May - Queen Mary, battlecruiser

1 June - Fortune, destroyer

5 June - Hampshire, armed cruiser

18 June - Eden, destroyer

20 August - Falmouth, light cruiser

26 October - Lord Roberts, Admiralty trawler

27 October - Amazon, Flirt, Nubian, destroyers; 



2 May - Derwent, destroyer

9 July - Vanguard, dreadnought battleship

18 September - Contest, destroyer

17 October - Strongbow, destroyer

23 December - Surprise, Tornado, Torrent, destroyers



12 January - Opal, destroyer

28 January - E.14, submarine

23 April - North Star, destroyer

24 June - D.6, submarine

1 August - Ariel, Vehement, destroyers

15 October - J.6, submarine



Armoured cruiser, torpedoed and sunk by U.9 in southern North Sea, 22 September 1914, survivors and wounded

 Abbott, James, Seaman, RNR, 2639C

 Adams, George William, Stoker 1c, SS 102758, RFR B 7518

 Adock, F, Seaman, RNR, 4030A

 Allen, Charles Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 102149, RFR B 7236

 Allen, William, Seaman, RNR, 1947D

 Artis, George W, Seaman, RNR, 1382C

 Atkins, Reginald Edward, Stoker 1c, SS 103014, RFR B 7709

 Austin, George Henry, Petty Officer 2c (Coast Guard), 173518, RFR B 1017

 Bailey, Jacob, Seaman, RNR, 3028C

 Baker, Albert William, Stoker 1c, SS 102183

 Barnes, Walter Edward, Leading Seaman, 185135, RFR B 6765

 Barrow, James Stephan, Leading Seaman, 207384

 Bartlett, William Charles, Cook's Mate, 167308

 Barton, John, Able Seaman, 179872, RFR B 2627

 Beach, George Thomas, Petty Officer 2c, 178258, RFR B 5103

 Bell, Robert, Able Seaman, 182011

 Biggs, Charles Richard, Able Seaman, 178365, RFR B 2405, slightly injured

 Binfield, Frederick Idenden, Able Seaman, 206525, RFR B 1774

 Bishop, Robert James, Signalman, 238723

 Bittle, William Frederick Joseph, Able Seaman, J 8566

 Black, John, Able Seaman, 224466

 Blake, James, Stoker 1c, SS 104178, RFR B 8188

 Bond, Alfred, Leading Seaman (Coast Guard), 294836 (Dev)

 Boorman, Horace, Stoker 1c, SS 104895, RFR B

 Braham, Frank, Stoker 1c, SS 103271, RFR B 7818

 Briggs, James, Able Seaman, 198036

 Broadhurst, Samuel Warren, Leading Seaman, 225044

 Brown, Alfred F, Officers' Steward 3c, L 4950

 Brown, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 102510, RFR Ch B 7378

 Brown, W H, Gunner, RMA

 Bulley, Henry Daniel, Able Seaman, 179022, RFR B 2634

 Bullock, George, Able Seaman, 212500, RFR B 6143

 Burgess, George, Able Seaman, 180397, RFR B 6553

 Burness, Samuel Arthur, Able Seaman, 184406 (Dev), RFR B 3726

 Burrluck, Owen Allen, Stoker 1c, 277981, RFR B 1215

 Byrd, George John, Stoker 1c, SS 103251, RFR B

 Caldicott, Douglas Howard, Able Seaman, J 9241

 Callen, Percy Wellington Osler, Able Seaman, 195557, RFR B 6013

 Cambridge, Hugh, Ordinary Signalman, J 5681

 Chamberlain, Charles Edwin, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 269894. slightly injured

 Chandler, James A, Private, RMLI, CH 16304

 Chapman, Henry, Stoker 1c, 277040, RFR B

 Cheltnam, Henry, Leading Stoker, 290709, RFR B 5690

 Cheyne, John J, Seaman, RNR, 3488C

 Chick, Arthur Edwin, Stoker 1c, SS 102198, RFR B 7255

 Chopping, Henry Frederick, Leading Stoker, 297490, RFR Ch B 9746

 Clench, Frederick, Stoker 1c, SS 102493, RFR 7355

 Cloete, Edward B, Lieutenant Commander.

 Cocker, Christopher, Able Seaman, 165307

 Cole, Percy, Able Seaman, 200714

 Connell, Maurice, Gunner, RMA, 7328

 Cooke, Christopher A G, Midshipman.

 Cooper, Herbert, Able Seaman, 912934

 Coppard, Harry, Able Seaman, 192065, RFR B 7100

 Corbyn, Joseph Charles, Leading Seaman, 191857

 Corram, William Joseph, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c (Pens), 162031

 Coughlan, J, Seaman, RNR, 1490D

 Coupe, Harry Rowland, Able Seaman, 189372, RFR B 6229

 Cracknell, George N, Clerk.

 Dack, Edmund, Stoker 1c, SS 103613, RFR B 7952

 Dale, William John, Chief Petty Officer, 125462

 Daniels, Alfred Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 10436 (Po)

 Darby, Stanley, Leading Seaman, 230188

 Davies, James Henry, Able Seaman, J 1002, RFR B 2593

 Daws, James, Able Seaman, 182260

 Dawson, Charles, Signal Boy, J 25951

 Dawson, Charles Percy, Able Seaman, 201425 (Po)

 Dean, Albert Henry, Stoker 1c, K 17103

 Dettman, Frederick Henry, Stoker 1c, SS 103295, RFR B 7869, slightly injured

 Devereux, William Richard, Bugler, CH 17925

 Dew, Roderick, Able Seaman, 204337

 Dickens, Joseph, Stoker 1c, K 11274

 Ditch, George, Able Seaman, 180605, RFR B 2385

 Doig, Thomas Kidd, Leading Stoker, 286991, RFR B

 Donnelly, R, Seaman, RNR, 1228D

 Douglas, Frank, Stoker 1c, K 12643

 Dove, Thomas, Able Seaman, 185856, RFR B 6344

 Drummond, George, Private, RMLI, CH 14853

 Drummond, John E, Captain.

 Dry, James Ferrand, Able Seaman, 191528, RFR B 6592

 Ede, Henry, Leading Stoker (Coast Guard), 302076 (Po)

 Edwards, Frank George, Able Seaman, 157184, RFR B 2286

 Ellis, Alfred, Able Seaman, 154018, RFR B 2097

 Enticknap, Edward John, Able Seaman, 211379

 Etchell, Charles William, Leading Stoker, 291388

 Everett, Arthur James, Able Seaman, 184301, RFR Ch B 3633

 Everett, William F, Leading Seaman, 239237

 Fagg, William, Seaman, RNR, 2764A

 Farmer, William Frederick, Officers' Steward 2c, L 4312

 Farnley, Arthur H, Signal Boatswain.

 Fitzwatrick, Patrick, Ship's Corporal, 202169

 Flavell, Ernest Samuel, Stoker 1c, SS 101497, RFR B 7309

 Fotheringham, Alexander, Able Seaman, 187026, RFR B 2053

 Fowler, William John, Able Seaman, 237318

 Franklin, Percy George, Gunner, RMA, 12660

 Fraser, Alfred George, Able Seaman, 206543, RFR B 1709

 Fry, Walter Herbert, Able Seaman, 157747, RFR B 2393

 Fryer, Thomas, Leading Stoker, 288412

 Godsmark, Horace, Leading Stoker, 163581, RFR B 2193

 Goodsell, John, Able Seaman, 225172

 Gordon, Joseph S, Stoker 1c, SS 104406

 Gorman, David Richard Charles, Leading Seaman, 180657, RFR B 5400

 Gower, William, Leading Seaman, 205384, RFR B 10739

 Griffiths, Thomas, Petty Officer 1c, 159475, RFR B 1375

 Grover, James John, Able Seaman, 189025, RFR B 3722

 Hale, Henry, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 1163

 Hall, Alfred John, Petty Officer (N S ), 201631

 Hall, James, Seaman, RNR, 2171A

 Hanrahan, Patrick, Able Seaman, 184713, RFR B 1492

 Hanson, Charles William, 2ND YEOMAN OF SignalS, 189793

 Harris, J, Seaman, RNR, 3123B

 Hart, Henry, Able Seaman, 194570, RFR Ch B 3641

 Hatton, William John, Able Seaman, 193100, RFR B 6408, slightly injured

 Hayles, John, Able Seaman, 151533

 Hazel, Arthur Walter, Able Seaman, 155305, RFR B 3400

 Hearn, John, Able Seaman, 187657, RFR B 1611

 Higgans, Thomas, Petty Officer 1c, 168024

 Hill, George Benjamin, Private, RMLI, CH 11310

 Hiscutt, Robert, Canteen Manager.

 Hone, Harry John, Petty Officer, 186791, RFR B 2857

 Howard, William Horace, Gunner, RMA, 7183

 Howlett, Herbert George, Able Seaman, 235321

 Hudson, George Richard, Able Seaman, 188826

 Hughes, John B, Lieutenant.

 Hughes, Thomas Frederick, Able Seaman, 198976

 Huntlea, Joseph, Able Seaman, 187687, RFR Ch B 3658

 Hutt, John E, Petty Officer 1c, 212725

 Huxham, Percy J B, Engineer Lieutenant Commander.

 Irons, Alfred, Stoker 1c, SS 102514, RFR B 7388

 Irwin, William, Seaman, RNR, 2240D

 Jensen, Albert Leonard, Stoker 1c, SS 102767, RFR B 7534, slightly injured

 Johnson, Arthur, Stoker 1c, 309615

 Jones, Edward, Stoker 1c, 229213

 Jones, Frederick G, Stoker 1c, K 19427 (Po)

 Kanhard, William, Stoker 1c, 291926, RFR B 7574

 Kendall, William, Stoker 1c, 310501

 Kendrick, William, Able Seaman, 174620, RFR Ch B 3632

 Kibble, Thomas, Lance Corporal, RMLI, CH 15558

 Kimber, James Horatio Nelson, Able Seaman, 188336, RFR Ch B 3645

 King, Frederick, Able Seaman, 234161, RFR B 9382, alias Frederick Richards

 Kinsey, Alexander, Stoker 1c, SS 108479, RFR B 10564

 Kneller, Cecil, Bugler, CH 18128

 Knights, Arthur Edwin, Leading Seaman, 235026

 Lacey, George Edward, Able Seaman, 185173 (Dev), slightly injured

 Lander, Arthur, Able Seaman, 194648, RFR B 2085`

 Lander, Joseph Webster, Able Seaman, 207337

 Lavery, William, Stoker 1c, 174612 (Po)

 Lawrence, Walter, Armourers Mate, 300142

 Lear, Bertie Philip, Gunner, RMA, 12163

 Lee, Alfred Charles, Stoker 1c, SS 107347. alias Alfred Lee Maskell

 Legge, Walter John, Master at Arms, 147852

 Lester, Thomas R, 2ND SICK BERTH Steward, 351344

 Levitt, Lewis Augustus, Stoker 1c, 285223, RFR B 5830, slightly injured

 Liddle, Richard, Stoker 1c, SS 103587, RFR B 7892

 Lind, W J, Seaman, RNR, 1814C

 Lock, Arthur George, Able Seaman, J 1892

 Longhurst, Walter E, Stoker 1c, 295552

 Ludby, Alfred, Able Seaman, 177913

 Luxon, Stuart Harry, Petty Officer (N S ), 214306

 MacKey, Charles M, R N R, 904 E A. slightly injured

 MacKinow, Ernest Frederick, Able Seaman, 188213, RFR B 2169

 Manning, Alfred William, Able Seaman, 193601

 Marriott, James W D, Gunner, RMA, 13316

 Marsh, Wilfred Henry, Able Seaman, 169838, RFR B 3179

 Martin, John, Leading Seaman, 240128

 Mauleverer, Claude Du P S M G, Midshipman.

 Mayell, Levi Wade, Leading Stoker, 167266

 McCauley, Charles, Stoker 1c, SS 104046, RFR B 8255

 McCloud, George, Seaman, RNR, 2289D

 McCoy, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, 3632S

 McLeod, Norman, Seaman, RNR, 2218D

 McRill, Albert George Edward, Officers' Steward 3c, L 4318

 McShea, Joseph Patrick, Petty Officer 1c, 187784

 McVeigh, Charles Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 102937, RFR B 7609

 McWhirter, Henry, Chief Carpenter's Mate, 141141. slightly injured

 Meacock, Frank A, Private, RMLI, CH 13029. slightly injured

 Mettyear, George, Gunner, RMA, 9111

 Miles, Bertram John, Stoker 1c, SS 102660, RFR B 7453

 Miles, George James, Chief Stoker, 153627, RFR Ch A 1809, alias Elliott

 Miles, Richard, Able Seaman, 188799, RFR Ch B 7098

 Mills, George Robert, Gunner, RMA, 13545

 Mills, John, Stoker 1c, 292368

 Milton, Alfred J, Seaman, RNR, 4930A

 Milway, Ralph, Stoker 1c, 306987. slightly injured

 Morgan, Horace, Able Seaman, 177985, RFR B 2402

 Moss, Charles Frederick, Able Seaman, 207443

 Murray, James, Stoker, RNR, 1957U

 Murrell, Edward John, Able Seaman, 183566, RFR Ch B

 Nixon, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 289255, RFR Ch B 9156, slightly injured

 Norris, John, Stoker 1c, 292881, RFR B 7928

 Noyes, Eric J B, Lieutenant, RMLI.

 Nuttall, Henry Thomas, Leading Signalman, 226088

 O'Connor, David, Stoker 1c, SS 102771, RFR B 7544

 Osborne, Frederick Henry, Stoker 1c, SS 102498, RFR Ch B 7357

 Parker, James S, Lieutenant Commander.

 Pascall, John, Leading Stoker, 284055, RFR Ch B 6558

 Petts, Matthew, Seaman, RNR, 1810C

 Phillips, Andrew James, Able Seaman, 163758

 Philps, Sidney Walter Gerard, Able Seaman, 190676, RFR B 2068

 Pickering, Alfred, Able Seaman, 211295, RFR B 6727

 Preston, William Henry, Able Seaman, 210990, RFR B 8505

 Prideaux, Walter Edward, Leading Seaman, J 11783

 Priestley, George Albert, Private, RMLI, CH 16227

 Questad, John William, Cooper, 198870

 Redt, Ernest, Able Seaman, 184356

 Rees, Oswald, Fleet Surgeon.

 Reeves, Joseph Dancey, Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist, 192309

 Reeves, W A, Stoker, RNR, 3730A

 Rickard, Allan, Ship's Steward, 344202

 Ricketss, Reuben Ralph, Able Seaman, 181006

 Roberts, Albert, Leading Stoker, 297656, RFR B 9767

 Roberts, Leonard Cecil, Third Writer, M 6929

 Robinson, Henry, Petty Officer 1c, 132652, RFR B 3210

 Robinson, Lumley, Artificer Engineer.

 Robson, George Parson, Shipwright 2c, 323923

 Rogers, Thomas Henry, Leading Seaman, 177535, RFR B 5066)

 Rolstone, James Henry, Able Seaman, 187177, RFR B 5918

 Ross, Peter, Seaman, RNR, 5814A

 Rowland, Charles Victor, Shipwright 1c, 343591

 Russ, Henry, Gunner, RMA, 9473

 Sacker, Frederick Percival, Stoker 1c, SS 103615, RFR B 7922)

 Sanders, Charles Richard, Petty Officer (N S ), 183948

 Sayer, James Edward, Able Seaman, 192197, RFR B 5953

 Scott, Walter Isaac, Able Seaman, 231285

 Seago, H J, Seaman, RNR, 3967B

 Sells, William F, Commander.

 Shiling, Richard, Stoker 1c, 166496

 Sigston, Josiah, Private, RMLI, CH 16054

 Simmonds, Albert, Ship's Cook, 347062

 Smith, Charles F, Lieutenant (acting), RNR.

 Smith, Frederick Thomas William, Yeoman of Signals (N S ), 166830

 Smith, William Charles, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268716

 South, Arthur, Petty Officer 2c, 180790, RFR B 3338

 Spencer, Wiliam David, Private, RMLI, CH 12558

 Spicelay, Llewellyn Henry, Stoker 1c, 310950

 Spragg, Thomas Henry, Able Seaman, 182423, RFR B 3596

 Stapleton, Thomas Richard, Stoker Petty Officer, 299067, RFR B 10267

 Stevens, A, Seaman, RNR, 1220

 Stickings, William Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, 279154

 Sturley, E, Seaman, RNR, 1517C

 Sultana, Emmanuele, Officers' Cook 3c, L 4701 (Po)

 Surgeon, John Andrew, Able Seaman, 179905, RFR B 5731

 Sweeting, James, Stoker 1c, 312304

 Taylor, Albert Henry, Able Seaman, 186381, RFR Ch 5760

 Taylor, James, Stoker 1c, K 13994 (Po)

 Taylor, W G, Seaman, RNR, 2068B

 Thomas, James William, Shipwright 1c, 342947

 Thomas, Samuel Charles, Leading Seaman, 171599

 Thurnell, George David, Able Seaman, 199360

 Tilbury, William Walter, Able Seaman, 215506

 Toms, Leopold, Petty Officer 2c, 185550, RFR B 4673

 Town, Arthur Richard, Stoker 1c, K 10183 (Po)

 Townell, Arthur Cyril, Ordinary Signalman, J 9280

 Turner, Albert Ernest, Leading Stoker (Coast Guard), 278015

 Turner, Frank Albert, Stoker 1c, K 14032

 Uden, Richard William, Leading Stoker, 292087, RFR B 7675

 Venn, George N R, Lieutenant Commander, RNR.

 Walker, Thomas Henry, Able Seaman, SS 609, RFR B 5923, slightly injured

 Walsh, Patrick, Shipwright 2c, 346266

 Ware, Edwin Clement, Able Seaman, 209872

 Warner, Henry Thomas, Able Seaman, 190858

 Warren, Wiliam George, Stoker 1c, SS 102631

 Waterworth, George, Stoker, RNR, 2846T. slightly injured

 Weatherley, John George, Able Seaman, 181579, RFR Ch B 5701

 Webb, Walter Stephen, Stoker 1c, SS 102621

 Webber, Herbert Frederick, Able Seaman, 187121, RFR B 2562

 West, Charles Benjamin, Gunner, RMA, 9916

 West, Walter W, Stoker, 279695, RFR B 4422

 Wheatcroft, Alfred, Able Seaman, 210309

 Williams, David Morgan, Able Seaman, 224824, RFR B 8901

 Williams, Elam Sidney James, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4748

 Williams, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 110176

 Wills, Henry Charles, Leading Seaman, 179366, RFR B 2913

 Wilson, Arthur W A, Midshipman.

 Wood, Joseph John, Stoker 1c, K 12922

 Wragg, Ernest, Stoker 1c, SS 110152 (Po)

 Wright, Henry, Able Seaman, 168979

 Wykeham-Musgrave, Wenman H, Midshipman



Destroyer, damaged by German destroyer gunfire in Dover Straits, 27 October 1916, wounded

 Barker, Andrew, Chief Artificer Engineer, RN

 Brown, Donald Eddie, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

 Bunyard, Reginald Harry, Lieutenant, RN

 Oliphant, Henry Gerald Laurence, Commander, RN

 Purcell, John Henry Bennett, Mate, RN

 Watts, William Harold, Gunner, RN



Scout cruiser, mined and sunk in North Sea, 6 August 1914, survivors

 Alexander, Robert, Signal Boatswain

 Alford, Lambert Frank, Stoker 1c, K 14327

 Attwood, William Thomas, Officer's Steward 2c, L 2073

 Balls, Alfred William, Yeoman of Signals, 220241, severe burns

 Baskett, William George Henry Daniel, Leading Stoker, K 486

 Batten, John Henry, Leading Stoker, 298267

 Bennett, Harold Percy, Shipwright, 344929, injured

 Bond, Francis Norris, Leading Cook's Mate, M 978

 Bowen, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 291526

 Bowman, Robert, Officer's Cook 1c, L 393

 Brice, Arthur Sidney, Stoker 2c, K 21249

 Brind, Maurice A, Sub Lieutenant

 Burnell, James, Private, Ch 16695

 Carpenter, Leopold, Officer's Cook 1c, 358909

 Carroll, James, Stoker 1c, 302679

 Cash, William Henry, Telegraphist, J 10966

 Cashman, Joseph, Stoker 2c, K 21267

 Chubb, John Charles, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 5152

 Clayton, John W, Lieutenant

 Clements, George Edward, Leading Stoker, 311882

 Cole, Wallace George, Able Seaman, J 13959

 Cole, William Henry, Third Writer, M 5332

 Coles, James Henry, Painter 2c, 214406

 Collier, Samuel John, Stoker 2c, K 16749

 Comley, William Charles, Able Seaman, 206101

 Connell, John, Boy 1c, J 23944, severe burns

 Coombes, William Edward, Stoker 1c, K 11210, severe burns

 Cornish, William Harry, Private, Ply 15883, severe burns

 Cowell, Henry Lewis, Stoker 2c, K 21247, severe burns

 Critchley, William Henry Charles, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271284

 Crocker, Ernest Samuel, Plumber, 344142

 Damerell, James Joseph William, Stoker 1c, K 16728

 Davey, Courtney Alfred, Ordinary Signalman, J 19587

 Davey, Richard John, Stoker 1c, SS 111621

 Davies, Austin Horrie, Stoker 2c, K 21256

 Denny, Herbert R H, Staff Surgeon

 Dunn, Edward, Chief Petty Officer, 165750

 Dunne, Patrick, Leading Stoker, K 180

 Edgar, Ernest James, Able Seaman, 197993, severe burns

 Edgecombe, Colin Galbraith, Leading Seaman, 213378

 Edwards, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 302230

 Eldridge, Harry, Ship's Cook, 344659

 Emerson, Harry Bernard, Able Seaman, J 14283

 Evans, Daniel, Stoker 1c, K 16732, burns

 Fegen, Edward S, Lieutenant

 Flavell, Albert Harold, Able Seaman, J 13002, severe burns

 Ford, George James, Able Seaman, 223054

 Foss, Lewis, Stoker 2c, K 21259

 Fox, Cecil D, Captain, Captain 3rd Destroyer Flotilla

 Fox, Harold, Stoker 2c, K 21273

 Gill, Reginald, Able Seaman, J 7832, burns

 Gollop, Frank, Able Seaman, 227843

 Gould, John N Ordinary, Gunner

 Green, David, Stoker Petty Officer, 302209

 Gridley, Charles Arthur, Leading Stoker, 302573

 Griffiths, James P K, Artificer Engineer

 Gulley, Samuel George, Leading Stoker, 310638

 Haddley, Patrick, Stoker 1c, SS 110807, suffering from lyddite fumes

 Hale, George Henry Ernest, Stoker 2c, SS 114765

 Hancock, William Henry, Stoker 1c, 174218

 Hanley, Charles, Stoker Petty Officer, 297514

 Harper, Thomas, Stoker 1c, 302012, suffering from lyddite fumes

 Harper, William, Stoker 2c, SS 113579

 Harrop, Richard, Stoker 1c, K 9608

 Hayes, William, Stoker 1c, 303145

 Henry, Michael, Stoker 1c, 307662

 Hine, Charles Clement, Stoker 1c, K 4215

 Hobbs, Arthur Edward, Private, Ply 12481

 Hobbs, Reginald Francis, Stoker 1c, K 16744

 Horsman, Rupert Charles, Stoker 2c, K 21272

 Howard, Edwin George, Stoker 2c, K 20984

 Howe, Kingsley G, Lieutenant, RNR (Act)

 Hughes, George Burton, Able Seaman, J 9114, burns

 Hunter, Alexander, Stoker 2c, SS 113545

 Hyde, James Harold Sydney, Signal Boy, J 20934, severe burns

 Jamieson, James, Stoker 2c, SS114978

 Jones, Amaziah, Stoker 1c, K 920

 Jowett, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 16462

 Kendell, Edward Clarence, Signalman, J 6239

 Kerslake, John Lawrence, Leading Seaman, 201568, burns

 Kidd, William John, Cook's Mate, M 4850

 King, John Brown, Private, Ply 14467

 Kirby, Michael, Stoker 1c, 173352, burns

 Kitchin, Reginald H, Clerk

 Knight, Reginald, Leading Stoker, K 173

 Lambert, James Frederick, Private, Ply 15088

 Legge, William, Officers' Steward 2c, L 2804

 Lillicrap, Herbert R, Carpenter

 Lindsey, Leonard W, Artificer Engineer

 Lovett, George, Officers' Steward 1c, 362405

 Luscombe, Adams, 198182

 Luxton, George William, Stoker 2c, SS 113601, slight injuries

 Lynas, James, Stoker 2c, K 21252

 Magri, Carmelo, Officers' Cook 2c, 167662

 Matthews, Percival George, Stoker 1c, 306687

 McAuliffe, Patrick Joseph, Able Seaman, 233889

 McMurran, Joseph, Able Seaman, 226048

 Melhuish, William, Able Seaman, J 13974, severe burns

 Miller, William Charles, Leading Seaman, 238595

 Milne, William Deane, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270815

 Morgan, Reginald William, Leading Stoker, 302207, severe burns

 Morgan, John, Stoker 1c, SS 109833

 Morris, John, Acting Leading Stoker, K 21608

 Nile, Frederick George, Able Seaman, 214366

 Ogborn, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 12364, severe burns

 Oldfield, Stephen George Ernest, Stoker Petty Officer, 297897

 Palmer, Henry Michael, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1277

 Papworth, George, Officers' Steward 1c, 357989

 Pawley, John Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, 279644

 Pengelly, John, Leading Seaman, 171708, shock

 Pengelly, Alfred John, Stoker 1c, K 5162, severe injury

 Perry, Albert, Stoker Petty Officer, 309861

 Pierce, Ernest, Electrical Artficer 4c, 342185

 Pinder, Fred, Able Seaman, J 16140

 Pritchard, John, Stoker 2c, K 21265

 Pym, Albert, Chief Stoker, 169300

 Quick, Richard H, Gunner

 Quick, Sydney Andrew, Private, Ply 11804

 Rafferty, James Cuthbert, Stoker 2c, K 21253

 Rawlings, Ernest, Able Seaman, 218316

 Reynolds, Thomas Henry, Stoker 1c, K 16741

 Roberts, Frederick George, Stoker 1c, K 5796

 Robinson, Frederick, Able Seaman, 188249

 Robinson, William Edward, Stoker 2c, SS 114338

 Rockey, William Frederick, Able Seaman, 154461

 Roskruge, Richard Nathaniel, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271370

 Ruby, William, Ordinary Signalman, J 15976, severe burns

 Scant, George, Stoker 2c, K 21271

 Sear, Frederick, Leading Stoker, K 16382

 Searle, John, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268620

 Secretan, Frederick Bernard, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 7079

 Sellick, George Edward, Ordinary Seaman, J 17106

 Shannon, Michael, Leading Stoker, 285696

 Sheridan, Ernest, Stoker 2c, K 21242

 Sherrell, Joseph, Canteen Manager, slight burns

 Sims, William John, Cook's Mate, M 5636

 Sothcott, George Oliver, Leading Signalman, 211645, severe burns

 Stacey, John, Stoker 1c, K 5807

 Stamp, Robert, Stoker 1c, K 10965

 Stapleton, Albert George, Stoker 2c, K 21275

 Stedman, John Alfred, Acting Chief Stoker, 291463

 Stewart, Alan Alexander Howling, Able Seaman, J 10099

 Sullivan, Humphrey, Able Seaman, 187412

 Sutton, Christopher, Private, Ch 16242

 Taylor, William Henry, Chief Writer, 172619

 Thomas, Thomas Barkle, Armourer's Mate, 344783

 Thomas, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 5809

 Tidball, Frederick James Hyde, Stoker Petty Officer, 302692

 Tovey, John C, Lieutenant Commander

 Trewin, George S, AssistantPaymaster

 Ware, Charles G, Engineer Commander

 Watt, Francis, Stoker 1c, K 3539

 Webb, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 109103

 Webster, Henry Hugh, Acting Leading Cook's Mate, 347765

 Welch, Charles, Leading Stoker, 276243

 Wilkins, Roy Stanley, Ship's Steward, 343810

 Willcocks, Ernest Alfred, Leading Stoker, 306465

 Woodman, Walter John, Stoker Petty Officer, 176715

 Wormell, Howard, Engineer Lieutenant

 Xerri, Guiseppi, Officers' Cook 3c, L 4982



Sloop, sunk by German destroyers in North Sea, 10 February 1916, taken prisoner

 Bale, John, Stoker Petty Officer, 297358 (Dev)

 Charlton, Thomas, Stoker 1c, J 37967 (Dev)

 Croke, Albert Edward, Stoker 1c, J 12116 (Dev)

 Dunn, William Joseph, Leading Seaman, 211308 (Dev)

 Field, Jesse, Leading Stoker, K 9864 (Dev)

 Foley, Daniel Joseph, Able Seaman, 234612 (Dev)

 Gandy, Gerard Horace, Sub Lieutenant, RN

 Gartside, Thomas, Stoker 2c, K 26752 (Dev)

 Goulder, Harry, Telegraphist, D/J 25077 (Dev)

 Hallowell-Carew, Robert Raymond, Lieutenant Commander, RN

 Haworth, Albert, Stoker 2c, K 26437 (Dev)

 Hughes, John, Ty/Surgeon Probationer, RNVR, DOI in Germany next day

 King, Francis Arthur, Leading Cook's Mate, M 427 (Dev)

 Leru, John Merry, Able Seaman, 219081 (Dev)

 Martin, Percy Reginald, Petty Officer, 211438 (Dev)

 McLoughlin, Francis, Petty Officer, 152190 (Dev)

 Meredith, Edwin Samuel, Stoker 2c, C/K 28226

 Merrett, Herbert George, Able Seaman, 237975 (Dev)

 Mooney, Robert Johnstone, Stoker 2c, C/K 28807

 Nicholson, George Henry, Armourer's Mate, 346905 (Dev)

 Oliver, Alexander William, Ordinary Seaman, C/ 47314

 Owens, John, Stoker 1c, 279626 (Dev)

 Pickford, Edward George, Stoker 1c, K 9875 (Dev)

 Richards, Alfred Francis, Leading Seaman, 188268 (Dev)

 Rowe, Alfred, Leading Stoker, K 9784 (Dev)

 Rusk, Frederick William, Stoker 1c, K 11682 (Dev)

 Tidder, Joseph Frederick, Able Seaman, C/J 18336

 Watt, John, Able Seaman, 218765 (Dev)


One of two destroyers mined and sunk in Heligoland Bight, night of 1/2 August 1918, survivors and wounded

Allen, Harold Cecil, Ordinary Seaman, J 67599

Amey, Ronald, Able Seaman, J 30892

Armytage, George Jackson, Engine Room Artificer 2C, M 16756

Atkinson, Thomas Henry, Stoker 2C, K 49814

Bambrick, Arthur, Chief Petty Officer, 175133

Bogie, James, Stoker 1C, K 44698

Boyd, James, Engine Room Artificer4C, M 28289

Brown, Henry Charles, Leading Seaman, 232599

Bullen, Alfred James Christopher, Artificer Engineer, RN

Burridge, Percy, Leading Stoker, 284923

Campion, Henry Thomas, Able Seaman, J 37526

Coad, Sidney James Thomas, Able Seaman, J 17726

Coates, Walter, Stoker 1c, K 33302

Collinson, William Elliott, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

Cooper, Walter, Able Seaman, J 37017

Corbert, Robert, Stoker 1c, K 30815

Doughty, Frederick Edward, Signalman, 239573

Durrant, William, Able Seaman, J 63705

Edwards, William Ernest, Able Seaman, J 28220, wounded

Elliott, Edgar Joseph, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 17905

Ellis, Thomas, Stoker 2c, K 45570

Gee, Thomas Birkett, Ordinary Seaman, J 58679

Harvey, William, Ordinary Seaman, J 65615

Hillier, Ernest George, Gunner, RN

Hobbs, Albert Edward, Ordinary Steward 3c, L 9147

Keen, John Albert, Able Seaman, J 31012

Martin, Albert Edward, Leading Seaman, 232115

McGuire, John, Stoker Petty Officer, 283776

Mitchell, Richard Robert, Stoker Petty Officer, 306320, wounded

Morgan, Albert, Ordinary Seaman, J 71074

Murphy, Thomas Standish, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 269534

Rusbridge, Arthur, Stoker Petty Officer, K 11450

Sharp, John, Stoker 1c, K 30924

Short, Everard James, Able Seaman, 217947

Taylor, Harry Stuart, Ordinary Seaman, J 48026

Watson, Charles Thomas, Leading Seaman, 217761

Winslade, Henry, Chief Stoker, 277005




Armed merchant cruiser, torpedoed and sunk by U.27 in North Channel, 11 March 1915, survivors and rescuing ships

Baker, Richard, Able Seaman (RFR B 650), 151102, rescued by SS Balmaino

Batson, Richard, Py/Surgeon (not in Navy List), rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara

Battrick, Arthur Dennis, Boy Telegraphist, J 29320, rescued by SS Balmaino

Brailsford, Samuel Victor, Carpenter's Crew, M 8139, rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara

Caulfield, Jack, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, LONDON Z 620, rescued by SS Balmaino

Chiddle, Frederick, Able Seaman (RFR B 6863), 212229, rescued by SS Balmaino

Courtney, Percy George Christopher, Able Seaman (RFR B 1584), 185061, rescued by SS Balmaino

Craze, Arthur Sidney George, Private, Po 6736, rescued by SS Balmaino

Cummings, Benjamin John, Petty Officer 1c (RFR A 3752), 143745, rescued by SS Balmaino

Glover, George Albert George, Petty Officer, 177130, rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara

Guy, Kenneth A F, Lieutenant Commander, rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara

Hayes, John, Able Seaman (RFR B 5517), 217802, rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara

Hole, Kenneth H, Surgeon, rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara

James, Henry, Able Seaman (RFR B 6598), 205627, rescued by SS Balmaino

Keates, S, Leading Seaman, RNR (Newfoundland), 458 X, rescued by SS Balmaino

Lucas, Arthur William, Able Seaman (RFR B 4669), SS 1665, rescued by SS Balmaino

Luck, Ernest Samuel, Able Seaman (RFR B 6312), 233152, rescued by SS Balmaino, in Ayr hospital

McDermott, James, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, MERSEY Z 317, rescued by SS Balmaino

McSporran, John, Carpenter's Mate, MMR, rescued by SS Balmaino

Please, Charles Victor, Signal Boy, J 27215, rescued by SS Balmaino

Rolfe, Thomas George, Seaman, RNR, 4823 A, rescued by SS Balmaino

Ryan, William George, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, TYNE Z 1682, rescued by SS Balmaino

Taylor, Dennis, Able Seaman (RFR B 131), 189099, rescued by SS Balmaino

Whitcombe, Abner, Painter, MMR, rescued by SS Balmaino, in Ayr hospital

Wood, Richard Albert George, Chief Petty Officer (Coast Guard), 115347, rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara

Wright, Henry A F, Midshipman, RNR, rescued by auxiliary patrol vessel Tara




Old cruiser, damaged by shore gunfire off Belgian coast, 28 October 1914, wounded

Allingham, Albert Elythorpe, Private, L 1977 B

Cardinal, Walter, Able Seaman, J 84982

Elsegood, Charles, Leading Seaman, 212015

Knott, John Thomas, Leading Seaman, J 1186

Lewis, James Christopher Francis, Lieutenant, RN

Patience, William, Seaman, 3420 C

Skinner, Henry, Petty Officer, 341823




Battleship, accidental internal explosion, Sheerness, 26 November 1914, survivors including died of injuries

Anderson, James, Seaman, RNR, C 3695 (Po), DOI 30th

Andrews, Frederick George, Officer's Steward 2c, L 5829 (Po), DOI 30th

Budd, Albert Cosham, Sergeant, Po 8314

Crow, William Archibald, Able Seaman, 238557 (Po), DOI 27th

Day, William Ewart Gladstone, Stoker 2c, K 21477 (Po)

Dufty, Fred Goodlad, Stoker 1c, K 17693 (Po)

Eames, Anthony, Stoker 1c, 283372 (Po), DOI 29th

Gale, James John, Able Seaman (RFR B 1086), 166068 (Po), DOI 18 Jan 15

Guy, Gilbert Lionel, Private, 15744 (Po), DOI 28th

Johnson, William, Leading Seaman, 198355 (Po)

Marshall, Stephen Frederick, Able Seaman, 231657 (Po)

Pitter, Charles, Able Seaman, J 7172 (Po)

Spackman, Frederick Charles, Able Seaman, 205028 (Po) RFR Po B 6521

Stait, James, Able Seaman, 226097 (Po)

Strotten, Thomas William, Leading Seaman, 224279 (Po), DOI that day in Chatham HospItal

Stroud, Norman, Able Seaman, 161786 (Po) RFR Po B 967




Destroyer, torpedoed and sunk, probably by UB.32 in English Channel, 18 September 1917, survivors and wounded

Barry, William, Leading Stoker, 307099, wounded

Bateman, Gerald Ashworth, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Burrows, William John, Petty Officer, 181957

Cameron, Charles Gordon, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 21928, wounded

Catt, Joseph John Alfred, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 271461

England, Richard Bruce, Lieutenant Commander, RN

Fenton, William, Able Seaman, D/J 28811, wounded

Gale, Thomas, Chief Stoker, P/ 281921, wounded

Gray, Walter Norman, Boy Telegraphist

Green, William Vincent, Engine Room Artificer 4c, D/M 75845, wounded

Kettlewell, William Henry, Able Seaman, 196028

Laing, Wilfred Arthur, Able Seaman, J 25324, wounded

Law, Arthur Eric, Signalman, M 22767, wounded

Maginess, Latimer, Leading Seaman, 224444, wounded

McGee, Dougald McMillan, Ordinary Seaman, J 72992, wounded

Nuttycomber, Robert William George, Petty Officer, 218012, wounded

Owen, William Harold, Midshipman, RNR

Reynolds, George Samuel, Stoker 2c, K 36606, wounded

Seymour, Henry John, Petty Officer, 191477

Tynan, Peter, Able Seaman, 237443, wounded

Young-Husband, Frank Charles Robert Romer, Lieutenant, RN




Armoured cruiser, torpedoed and sunk by U.9 in southern North Sea, 22 September 1914, survivors


 Adams, Ernest Albert, Stoker 1c, K 9200

 Aldis, Frank, Stoker 1c, K 4886

 Allen, George Robson, Able Seaman, 210441

 Ambrose, George, Stoker 1c, SS 103934, RFR B 8108

 Anderson, James, Seaman, RNR, 3912A

 Ansell, Frederick Thomas, Able Seaman, 162228, RFR Ch B 11731

 Ashcroft, Walter, Seaman, RNR, 4177B

 Ashton, Cornelius, Stoker Petty Officer, 297644, RFR B 9766

 Aylett, John James, Stoker 1c, K 12637

 Aylward, Albert, Leading Signalman, 220682, RFR B 6225

 Bailey, Henry George, Leading Seaman, 212778

 Bailey, Stephen George, Able Seaman, 218470, RFR B 10741

 Baker, Ronald James, Ship's Steward, 340422, slightly injured

 Ball, William Thomas, Able Seaman, SS 2083, RFR B 8965

 Barber, Edward, Stoker 1c, SS 106546, RFR B 9314

 Barnard, George H R, Seaman, RNR, 2879B

 Barrett, John W, Private, RMLI, CH 14113

 Bevan, Percy, Stoker 1, SS 103952, RFR B 8130

 Birch, George William, Stoker Petty Officer, 293879, RFR B 8479

 Black, John, Master at Arms, 350131, RFR A 1126

 Blazler, Frederick, Able Seaman, 177672, RFR B 5179

 Bloor, Edgar Frank, Stoker 1c, SS 106846, RFR B 9462

 Bonfield, Frederick, Stoker 1c, SS 103746, RFR B 8006

 Booth, Charles Henry, Blacksmith, 340755

 Bridger, Albert Edward, Able Seaman, 208671 (Po)

 Brown, William Henry, Stoker 1c, SS 101632, RFR B 7075

 Bruce, John Urquhart, Stoker 2c, K 22057

 Bull, George Henry Ernest, Leading Stoker, 309516 (Po)

 Bumpstead, Arthur John, Stoker Petty Officer, 290211, RFR B 6961

 Burton, William Henry, Able Seaman, 121446, RFR B 857

 Callen, Charles William, Shipwright, 345981

 Carr, William Thomas, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c (Pens), 141652

 Carter, Arthur Frederick, Officers' Steward 3c, K 3852

 Carter, Frank, Petty Officer 1c, 175567

 Carter, Henry G, Seaman, RNR, 3841B

 Carter, James Christopher, Able Seaman, 200906, RFR B 9401

 Cave, William, Stoker 1c, K 9104

 Cayzer, Frederick Percy, Able Seaman, 209086, RFR Ch B 10199

 Cazalet, William S, Midshipman

 Champion, Charles, Able Seaman, 168330, RFR B 859

 Chandler, Frederick Leopold, Private, RMLI, CH 12030, RFR CH B 1905

 Chidwick, Joseph John, Able Seaman, 200141, RFR B 9969

 Chisholm, Albert Donald, Stoker 1c, K 2683

 Clark, Walter, Petty Officer, 171163

 Clarke, Edward Joseph, Able Seaman, SS 2642, RFR Ch 10153

 Coles, Sidney J, Private, RMLI, CH 12657

 Collier, Rev George H, Chaplain

 Collins, Thomas George Samuel, Able Seaman, 198246, RFR B 9079

 Conder, James, Stoker 1c, SS 103767, RFR B 8055

 Constable, John, Private, RMLI, RFR B 936

 Cook, Edward John, Leading Seaman, J 379

 Cox, Bertram Robert, Able Seaman, J 263

 Coxen, Herbert John, Stoker Petty Officer, 292528

 Cracknell, Arthur, Able Seaman, 175069, RFR B 10364

 Crumpler, Arthur Stephen, Stoker 1c, SS 112057

 Damon, Frederick William, Acting Chief Petty Officer, 177923

 Darroch, John, Stoker 1c, K 5718

 Davis, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, 181449, RFR Ch B 9061

 Davis, George E, Stoker Petty Officer, 287360

 Deason, William John, Able Seaman, SS 4208

 Defew, William John, Able Seaman, 161892, RFR B 4022

 Dingley, Clifford, Stoker 1c, SS 106580, RFR B 9351

 Dixie, Joseph John, Private, RMLI, 14740, RFR B 1794

 Doe, Charles, Armourers Mate, 340519

 Dolbear, William John, Able Seaman, 179423, RFR B 1124

 Dolman, George, Blacksmith, 156613

 Dougherty, Albert J, Gunner

 Douglas, John, Able Seaman, 211811, RFR Ch B 10304

 Dredge, John J, Private, RMLI, CH 8016

 Durrant, George Wynn, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 205599

 Eastwood, Tom, Leading Stoker, 288774, RFR B 4505

 Edwards, Frederick James, Chief Stoker, 289494

 Eliot, Harry Frederick, Leading Seaman, 142721, RFR B 182

 Elliott, Archibald G, Midshipman

 Ellis, Briton James, Master at Arms, 169221

 Evans, John Thomas, Able Seaman, 190215, RFR B 6570

 Farrington, Elias, Able Seaman, 207272, RFR B 9867

 Ferrett, Walter, Leading Stoker, 292674, RFR B 4330

 Fielder, Francis George, Private, RMLI, CH 8683, RFR B 626

 Flanagan, Patrick, Seaman, RNR, 3102C

 Foster, Henry Cripps, Chief Electrical Artificer 2c, 347251

 Foulkes, Price, Petty Officer 2c (Coast Guard), 347251

 Frankham, Walter, Stoker 1c, SS 106627, RFR B 9384, injured

 French, Fred, Able Seaman, SS 2087, RFR B 9029

 Freshwater, Arthur, Sick Berth Attendant, M 3523

 Galloway, Tom, Leading Seaman, 209171, RFR B 10502

 German, Edward, Private, RMLI, CH 8026

 Gibbs, Benjamin, Seaman, RNR, 1542C

 Gibbs, Tom, Stoker 1c, SS 111614 (Po)

 Gosling, Robert H, Private, RMLI, CH 16109

 Gossett, William, Lance Sergeant, CH 14944

 Goulding, Harry, Able Seaman, SS 2071, RFR B 8972

 Grange, Alfred Thomas, Leading Stoker, 281189, RFR B 4864, injured

 Gray, James, Able Seaman, 200888, RFR B 10014

 Griffiths, Herbert William Lampen, Chief Armourer, 169779

 Hand, William Thomas, Able Seaman, SS 2537, RFR Ch B 9881

 Hands, Charles, Able Seaman, 207999, RFR Ch B 10207

 Hardy, Thomas, Able Seaman, SS 4287

 Harris, Henry Bray, Able Seaman, 195042, RFR B 9112

 Harris, Henry George, Private, RMLI, CH 13275

 Harris, Thomas George, Able Seaman, SS 2550, RFR Ch B 10043

 Harrison, Richard, Lieutenant, RNR

 Harrison, William A H, Midshipman

 Hartley, Albert Thomas, Private, RMLI, CH 9099, RFR Ch B 746

 Harvey, Angus McDonald, Leading Seaman, 230895

 Hawkins, Joseph, Stoker Petty Officer, 292896, RFR B 8426

 Helps, John Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 6964

 Hensher, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 3816 (Po)

 Hermitage, Ambrose, Petty Officer (T), 208733

 Herring, Benjamin William, Able Seaman, 127707, RFR A 1114

 Hickman, Donald, Seaman, RNR, 2456A

 Hockley, Arthur, Able Seaman, 234459

 Hogbin, Harry, Able Seaman, 209375, RFR Ch B 9713

 Holton, Charles, Chief Armourer, 165227

 Horsley, Alfred George, Able Seaman, SS 2599, RFR B 9972

 Horton, Albert, Petty Officer 1c, 154044, RFR B 2302

 Howes, Henry, Able Seaman, 211610, RFR B 211610

 Huggan, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 277371

 Hull, Edwin Walter, Petty Officer, 210956

 Humphreys, George Levi Piercy, Able Seaman, 200088, RFR B 10178

 Hurford, Mark, Master at Arms, 350140 (Po), RFR A 1229

 James, Stanley, Private, RMLI, CH 17836

 Jenkinson, Percy, Officers' Steward 1c, 363917 (Po)

 Johnson, Charles, Stoker 1c, SS 106964, RFR B 9573

 Jones, Harry, Officers' Steward 3c, L 4614

 Jordon, Ernest Albert, Able Seaman, 207888, RFR B 9095

 Judges, Herbert Edmund, Able Seaman, SS 2177, RFR B 9141

 Keenward, Harry, Private, RMLI, CH 10729

 Kent, Frederick John, Able Seaman, 179834, RFR Ch B 994

 Knibbs, Victor Charles, Able Seaman, 200268, RFR B 10336

 Lee, Frederick James, Able Seaman, SS 2344, RFR Ch B 9603

 Legge, Alfred James, Master at Arms, 132350, RFR Ch A 1109

 Lewis, Arthur James, Able Seaman, 162888 (Dev)

 Liley, Joseph Henry, Able Seaman, 182744, RFR B 5375

 Lipson, Alfred Edward, Able Seaman, 200268, RFR B 9093

 Malcolm, Ernest Edward, Chief Carpenter's Mate, 143983

 Manktelow, Percy Walter, Able Seaman, 175295, RFR B 1033

 Martin, Gerald N, Temporary Surgeon

 Mason, Thomas, Acting Chief Stoker, 286085

 Mathews, Tom, Petty Officer, 170321

 Matthews, Thomas, Able Seaman, 210800, RFR B 10260

 Mayers, John Albert, Petty Officer, 181106

 McCarthy, Jeremiah, Lieutenant

 McKay, Denis, Midshipman

 Mercer, Frederick Jmaes, Stoker Petty Officer, 152014, RFR B 1966

 Middleton, George Frederick, Sailmaker, 145018, RFR A 2017

 Mills, Frederick George, Ordinary Seaman, J 20650

 Moon, William Edward, Able Seaman, 174738, RFR B 3462

 Musselwhite, William John, Stoker Petty Officer, 300377, RFR B 10566

 Nalborough, Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, J 24748

 Neill, William, Stoker 1c, SS 106561, RFR Ch B 9375

 Nelson, George Henderson, Signalman, 226796

 Nicholson, Bertram W L, Commander

 Nicholson, James, Leading Stoker, 305872, RFR B 10145

 Nixon, Joseph Alexander, Able Seaman, 163751, RFR Ch B 2400

 Norfield, Thomas Albert, Able Seaman, 185198, RFR B 6589

 Notting, Robert William, Chief Petty Officer, 139745, RFR A 1658

 Ogg, James, Stoker 1c, SS 105695, RFR B 8971

 Ogles, Alfred John, Able Seaman, 205642, RFR B 10130

 Oliver, Fred James, Able Seaman, SS 2088, RFR B 9018

 Ozanne, Harold, Captain, RMLI

 Page, Henry James, Corporal, RMLI, CH 5885, RFR B 262

 Paice, John, Private, RMLI, CH 9365, RFR Ch B 1629

 Palmer, George, Leading Seaman, 128725, RFR B 8964

 Pankhurst, Frank, Able Seaman, SS 2430, RFR Ch B 9877

 Parish, William John, Stoker 1c, K 12179

 Patterson, William, Stoker 1c, SS 100114, RFR B 5383

 Payne, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, 211127, RFR B 10398

 Pearson, John, Petty Officer 1c, 194972, RFR

 Penn, Hubert, Seaman, RNR, 4936B

 Phill, Oliver, Stoker Petty Officer, 294367, RFR B 8396

 Pilcher, James S, Corporal, RMLI, CH H15795

 Postle, George James, Able Seaman, 203436

 Powell, Sidney, Lance Corporal, RMLI, CH 15183

 Priestley, Fred, Petty Officer, 187711

 Rayner, Charles, Able Seaman, 182047, RFR B 5411

 Read, Vincent Alfred, Stoker 1c, 311469

 Renwick, John, Seaman, RNR, 4343A

 Richards, Charles Henry, Leading Shipwright (Pens), 133093 (Po)

 Richards, Robert John, Able Seaman, 211064 (Dev)

 Riley, William Henry, Signalman, 161404

 Robbshaw, Edward Walter Goodall, Private, RMLI, CH 17320

 Roberts, Richard Edley, Leading Stoker, 233134 (Dev)

 Robinson, George, Able Seaman, 210102, RFR B 5637

 Rogers, Charles Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, 278001

 Roser, Thomas William, Able Seaman, 228140, RFR B 9172

 Rothwell, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, 201377, RFR B 8949

 Rowcliffe, Robert William, Able Seaman, 211331, RFR B 9764

 Rowden, James T, Seaman, RNR, 2649A

 Rusholme, Thomas Albert, Able Seaman, SS 2438, RFR Ch B 9716

 Salter, Bertram Henry, Stoker 1c, K 3228 (Po)

 Sawdy, Edward C, Staff Surgeon

 Scott, Edward Bishop, Private, RMLI, CH 10810, RFR B 1029

 Senter, William, Seaman, RNR, 5219 B

 Silom, Case J A, Seaman, RNR, 4888 A

 Simpson, William, Stoker, RNR, 771 U

 Smith, Thomas Bullock, Stoker 1c, 239533

 Springett, William, Able Seaman, 206779, RFR B 10278

 Stead, Albert Kirkby, Able Seaman, 173023, RFR B 5161

 Stedman, John Albert, Stoker 1c, 154762, RFR B 423, alias John Albert

 Stevens, William, Private, RMLI, CH 10577, RFR B 1361

 Stroud, Alfred, Seaman, RNR, 3384A

 Summers, Henry, Leading Seaman, 127816 (Po), RFR B 933

 Taylor, Thomas William, Able Seaman, 183541, RFR B 954

 Taylor, William John, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 149420

 Thompson, Frederick Arthur Charles, Private, RMLI, CH 15751

 Thomson, William Nesbitt, Able Seaman, 202402, RFR Ch B 9071

 Thorpe, Walter Barrett, Able Seaman, 214745, RFR B 9747

 Thurston, Horace Reuben, Private, RMLI, CH 14188

 Thysell, Johnan Albert, Leading Signalman, 215155, RFR B 10770

 Tibbitt, George, Stoker 2c, SS 115353

 Tidby, Charles, Able Seaman, 200632, RFR B 10257

 Tunnacliffe, Frank W, Corporal, CH 16496

 Turner, Walter James, Private, RMLI, CH 12717 (transferred to RNAS in October 1914)

 Tweedie, Robert McDowell, Stoker 1c, SS 106466, RFR B 9271

 Wake, William, Stoker, RNR, 1217U

 Wallace, Andrew Mowatt, Leading Seaman, 207203

 Walters, Frederick, Chief Ship's Cook, 132017

 Warbey, Robert John, Leading Seaman, 203649, RFR B 9829

 Warr, Edward, Able Seaman, 198948, RFR B 9866

 Watson, William Henry, Able Seaman, 186992, RFR B 3466

 Weaver, Frederick, Stoker 1c, K 15448

 Webb, Sydney James Godfrey, Yeoman of Signals (N S ), 197594

 Wescombe, Sydney John, Able Seaman, 162820, RFR CH b 3912

 West, Albert Harmer, Stoker 1c, SS 106569, RFR B 9355

 Wheeler, Edgar, Stoker 1C, K 13476 (Po)

 Whiteman, Richard, Chief Stoker, 165923, RFR A 2067

 Wilkins, Charles Henry, Stoker 1c, SS 103810, RFR B 8160

 Wilkins, George, Stoker 1c, SS 102155, RFR B 7213

 Williams, Edwin Price, Stoker 1c, K 21606

 Williams-Mason, William L W, Lieutenant (ret)

 Wilson, Richard Aubrey, Able Seaman, 205289, RFR B 10049

 Winsper, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 8221

 Woodhead, George Willie, Able Seaman, 175800, RFR B 1657



Destroyer, some crew taken prisoner while attempting to rescue crew of mined sister-ship HMS Maori off Belgian Coast, 7 May 1915, those taken prisoner

Bricknell, Joseph Harold, Able Seaman, J 12471 (Dev)

Brocks, Arthur John, Able Seaman, J 15764 (Po)

Bush, William George, Able Seaman, J 10304 (Po)

Caplin, Harold, Able Seaman, J 724 (Po)

Chubb, Christopher Sydney, Leading Seaman, 226418 (Po)

Fergus, Ark (sic), Able Seaman, SS 2971 (Po)

Geary, S, Seaman, RNR, 3167 B

Pulford, Samuel Henry, Able Seaman, J 14250 (Po)

Rhodes, Philip Wood, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Smith, Alfred Brodie Tucker, Able Seaman, J 12972 (Po)

Turner, Ernest William Charles, Able Seaman, J 26977 (Po)

Twentyman, Ivanhoe Poynty, Able Seaman, J 4804 (Po)

Veitch, Louis Henry, Able Seaman, J 11948 (Po)



Submarine, mined and sunk, probably by drifting British mine off Great Yarmouth, 3 November 1914, survivors

Herbert, Godfrey, Lieutenant Commander, RN

MacIntyre, Ian Agnew Patterson, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Sexton, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, J 106260

Spiers, Robert Alexander Duff, Chief Petty Officer, 154380

Suttill, Albert Dearlove, Able Seaman, J 7463



Submarine, torpedoed and sunk by U.73 off Northern Ireland, 24 June 1918, survivors

Bell, Frederick Secker, Sub Lieutenant, RN, POW

Brooks, Samuel Arthur, Lieutenant, RN, POW



Destroyer, sunk by mine laid by UC.26 off Havre, 2 May 1917, survivors and wounded

Barter, Reginald, Leading Telegraphist

Bramble, Charles, Petty Officer, 175975

Briggs, Jabez, Engine Room Artificer, 1930

Gough, Frederick Graham, Able Seaman, J 12941, wounded

Joiner, Philip, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 272102

Knudsen, Henry George, Chief Petty Officer, 179337

Melville, Arthur, Lieutenant, RNR

Redhead, George, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 608403

Saunders, Albert Francis, Stoker Petty Officer, 306760

Smith, Reginald James Blampey, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR

Taylor, William, Lieutenant, RNR

Thornton, Edward Chicheley, Lieutenant Commander, RN, wounded

Williams, John William Hill Ellis, Chief Artificer Engineer, RN



Destroyer, damaged in action by German battlecruisers off Hartlepool, 16 December 1914, wounded

Bodiam, Albert Victor, Leading Seaman, 222793 (Ch), slightly

Credland, Harold, Able Seaman, 177695 (Ch), DOW next day

Gale, Clifford Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 12925 (Ch)

Hawkridge, Frederick William, Mate

Horne, William Frederick, Able Seaman, J 6275 (Ch)

Jacob, Edward Charles, Leading Seaman, 234400 (Ch)

Maver, Renwick Graham, Able Seaman, 181417 (Ch)

May, Frederick George, Stoker 1c, K 3570 (Ch)

Milne, James, Stoker 1c, 291911 (Ch), slightly

Moynihan, John, Stoker 1c, K 9032 (Ch)

Watts, William, Stoker 1c, K 14524 (Ch), slightly



Submarine, trapped in nets and mined, Dardanelles, 4 September 1915, all crew taken prisoner

Blanchard, Herbert, Stoker 1c, K 4093 (Po)

Coates, Asher, Py/Engine Room Artificer, RNR, E A 1569

Cochrane, Archibald Douglas, Lieutenant Commander, RN

Dalnoky, Louis Anthony James, Petty Officer, 174160 (Ch)

Dempsey, William George, Leading Seaman, 215684 (Po)

Doyle, Alexander, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2079 (Po)

Godfrey, John Herbert, Signalman, 233750 (Po)

Gwynne, Ernest Alfred, Petty Officer, ANF 924/7475 (RAN) (had been crewmen of AE 2 and identified himself as such to be with his old crew)

Harrison, John Henry, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271342 (Po)

Hooper, Reginald, Leading Seaman, J 327 (Dev)

Hubbard, Frederick James, Act/Leading Stoker, 310584 (Po)

Johnson, William Edward James, Stoker 1c, K 9390 (Po)

Macklin, H, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, 927 E A

Matthews, William Henry, Able Seaman, 216454 (Po)

McDonald, William Gordon, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271951 (Po)

Osborne, Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 769 (Dev)

Parkhurst, Thomas Milner James, Leading Telegraphist, J 8151 (Po)

Pope, Harry Henry, Stoker 1c, 305208 (Po)

Reid, William, Able Seaman, 214966 (Dev)

Ross, Percy Charles, Able Seaman, 233417 (Po)

Scaife, John Andrew Hanson, Lieutenant, RN (ret)

Sims, Robert Walter, Petty Officer, 179585 (Po)

Taylor, Edward Charles, Chief Stoker, 283225 (Po)

Tomkinson, Thomas Henry, Stoker 1c, K 20431 (Po)

Twyman, Irwin Muirhead, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Websdale, Edward Samuel, Petty Officer, 182183 (Po)

Wilson, Archibald, Leading Stoker, RAN, 7501



Submarine, aground near Copenhagen, damaged by German destroyer gunfire, 19 August 1915, all survivors interned

Abrams, Albert Thomas Henry, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271339 (Po)

Bowden, Charles, Petty Officer, 205844 (Dev)

Brewer, Walter Edwin, Able Seaman, 202903 (Po)

Eddis, Paul L, Lieutenant

French, Alfred Frederick, Leading Seaman, 214229 (Po)

Garriock, William, Act/Lieutenant, RNR

Hunt, Charles Frederick Rendolson, Able Seaman, 234445 (Po)

Layton, Geoffrey, Lieutenant Commander

Lincoln, Herbert, Petty Officer, 223571 (Po)

Lukey, Edgar Tennison, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 4442 (Po)

Smith, Frederick William, Stoker 1c, C/K 14110

Stubbington, Francis George, Leading Stoker, 304560 (Po)

Varcoe, Walter Augustus, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 1581 (Po)

Watson, Benjamin Nix, Able Seaman, 225969 (Po)

Whatley, William, Act/Leading Stoker, 311495 (Po)



Submarine, damaged in Dardanelles, forced to run for shore, sunk by a shell, 28 January 1918, all survivors taken prisoner

Bowhay, William George Anthony, Stoker Petty Officer, K 5186

Cartledge, Albert, Petty Officer, J 3864

Milburn, Robert Martin, Engine Room Artificer 3C, M 4196

Mitchell, Reuben Joseph Edwin, Able Seaman, 7476 (R.A.N.)

Perkins, Robert Andace, Petty Officer, J 4078

Prichard, William Henry, Telegraphist, J 36101

Redman, George Francis, Stoker 1c, K 26072

Reed, William Ephraim, Stoker 1c, K 17465

Timbrell, Charles Miles, Signalman, J 15246



Submarine, ran aground in Dardanelles 17 April 1915, destroyed in British attack on 18th, all survivors taken prisoner

Barter, Henry John, Able Seaman, 230790

Bond, James John, Leading Stoker, 306132 (Po), died in captivity

Brennan, Patrick, Able Seaman, 226804 (Dev), died in captivity

Ellis, Albert Henry, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 5868

Fitzgerald, Geoffrey Joseph Frederick, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Geens, James, Stoker 1c, K 5847

Gosling, Charles Emil, Leading Stoker, 295949

Horn, Charles, Leading Signalman, 229604

Howes, William, Stoker 1c, K 2070

Kenchington, Sidney James Cromwell, Petty Officer, 183194

Lockerbie, John Biggar, Able Seaman, J 5768

May, Alfred Edward, Telegraphist, J 9748

McDonagh, John Joseph, Stoker 1c, K 14409

Mitchell, Ernest Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 288459, died in captivity

Norman, William, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271316

O'Neill, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 22745

Palmer, Clarence Edward Stanhope, Lieutenant, RNVR

Price, Edward John, Lieutenant, RN, died in captivity

Rogers, Herbert James, Able Seaman, 203222

Shepard, John, Petty Officer, 160388, died in captivity

Stratford, Charles Henry, Stoker 1c, K 4797

Todd, Samuel Bishop, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270751

Trimmer, Henry William, Leading Seaman, 221231

Williams, George, Petty Officer, 184383, died in captivity

Williams, William Thomas George, Stoker 1c, 233214 (Po), died in captivity



Submarine, ran aground in Dutch waters, 6 January 1916, all crew interned

Barker, George H, 239724 (Ch)

Bissett, Robert M, Engine Room Artificer, RNR

Cooper, Joseph Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 19691

Craven, Charles Edmund, Petty Officer, 206901

Dixen, Sidney George Wilson, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 8910

Duggan, Frederick Cyril, Act/Leading Stoker, P/K 333709

Finnis, Charles Arthur James, Petty Officer, 182091

Freeland, Leonard, Engine Room Artificer, RNR

Groves, Charles V, Lieutenant, RNR

Halter, William, Telegraphist, J 12481

Harvey, Edward James, Signalman, C/J 10580

Hill, Ernest Frederick Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 20953

Holland, James, Stoker 1c, C/K 20759

Jennings, Charles, Petty Officer

Lammas, Leolf Rothnie, Able Seaman, 229434

Lockyer, Robert John, Stoker 1c, K 4117

Malley, Joseph, Stoker 1c, C/K 5078

Mizen, Alfred John, Stoker Petty Officer, 307529

Moncreiffe, John R G, Lieutenant Commander

Morley, Walter George, Able Seaman

O'Connell, John William, Leading Seaman, 216841

Parrott, Frederick Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 16221

Parsons, Frederick Charles Ralph, Stoker 1c, K 18893

Parsons, George Washington, Stoker 1c, D/J 1878

Peploe, Napier R, Lieutenant

Pilbeam, Albert Edward, Petty Officer, 233277

Reid, Henry, Leading Stoker, 305894

Sears, John William, Stoker 1c, K 17825

Short, Robert, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 269501

Smith, William John Thomas, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 4201

Springall, George Holwell, Able Seaman, J 6161

Tabb, Frederick, Able Seaman, 211087

Whittaker, Richard James, Stoker 1c, K 12786 



Destroyer, sunk in collision with SS France on passage to Havre, 18 June 1916, survivors

Aldridge, Archibald Percy, Steward, L 7062 (Po)

Alley, William, Stoker, K 8995 (Ch)

Archer, Arthur Frederick, Seaman & Communication Rating, 196417 (Ch)

Beal, Charles, Stoker, 306055 (Ch)

Bowles, Charles Albert, Seaman & Communication Rating, 239972 (Ch)

Cooper, William Stanley, Steward, L 8614 (Ch)

Crockford, Alfred, Stoker, K 17068 (Ch)

Dwyer, Albert Edward, Seaman & Communication Rating, 213069 (Ch)

Fowler, James, Misc rating, M 14750 (Ch)

Froude, Walter David, Misc rating, M 8227 (Ch)

Gray, Charles, SS 109210 (Ch)

Grieve, Henry Finlayson, Seaman & Communication Rating, 217909 (Ch)

Holtom, Henry, Stoker, K 15957 (Ch)

Howard, Albert, Stoker, K 16659 (Ch)

Hudson, James George, Seaman & Communication Rating, J 16709 (Ch)

Jarrett, William Charles, Stoker, K 4053 (Ch)

Jefcut, Samuel, Stoker, 311946 (Ch)

Latimer, Edward, Stoker, K 25183 (Ch)

MacDonald, J, Stoker, RNR, 4312 S

Marshall, W R, Stoker, RNR, 4305 S

McLarnon, James, Stoker, K 30478 (Ch)

Meaghan, Frederick William, Stoker, K 25580 (Ch)

Mosley, Joseph, Stoker, K 15566 (Ch)

Mount, Jesse Robert, Stoker, K 8202 (Ch)

Phillips, Sydney James, 175412 (Ch)

Pierce, Thomas, SS 113471 (Ch)

Ram, Herbert G, Artificer Engineer

Smart, William, SS 109688 (Ch)

Sumner, John, Stoker, 304578 (Ch)

Waite, Thomas Chard, Stoker, K 25587 (Ch)

Wargent, William Henry, 177620 (Ch)

Watson, John Joseph, Misc rating, M 252 (Ch)

Wilde, David John, Seaman & Communication Rating, 234069 (Ch)




Light cruiser, torpedoed and damaged in North Sea by U.66 on 19 August 1916 - torpedoed again and sunk by U.63 on 20th, wounded, believed in first attack along with live lost

Apps, Edward Thomas, Stoker 1c, 304385

Cherry, William Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, K 7339

Clare, Thomas Charles, Leading Stoker, K 947

Coleman, Edward, Stoker 1c, 308799

Gordon, Matthew, Able Seaman, RNVR, TYNESIDE Z 6234

Haynes, William Edward, Able Seaman, J 22085

Ivory, Rupert Henry, Able Seaman, J 21592

McCrane, P S, Stoker, RNR, 750V

Mitchell, George Charles, Able Seaman, J 21485

Roe, William Herbert, Wireman 2c, M 17586

Sutton, Percival Sydney, Stoker 1c, SS 116013

Tedray, Alfred, Chief Petty Officer, 185027

Whitworth, William, Stoker 1c, SS 112405




Armed boarding steamer, mined, laid by UC.7 or UB.29 in North Sea, and sunk, 9 March 1916, survivors

Ames, William Arthur, Deckhand, RNR, 2320 D A

Anderson, Albert, Fireman, MMR

Balten, Ernest Charles, Armourer's Crew, M 7222 (Dev)

Bateman, W, 3rd Assistant Engineer, MMR

Benzman, Edward, Carpenter, MMR

Bowden (Bowman?), Arthur, Fireman, MMR

Bridgewater, William, Assistant Steward, MMR

Brinnacombe, William Henry, Seaman, RNR, 3342 B

Brooks, Alfred Edward, Able Seaman, 184312 (Po)

Butler, A, Apprentice, MMR

Butler, W, Chief Steward, MMR

Clark, William Henry, Seaman, RNR, 5187 B

Cornish, George A, Assistant Steward, MMR

Dade, Richard, Boatswain's Mate, MMR

Day, Edwin, Able Seaman, Quartermaster, MMR

Durr, Edward, Fireman, MMR

Evans, David, Fireman, MMR

Fell, Edward Offor, Seaman, RNR, 2469 A

Gigg, Sidney, Petty Officer 2 c, 129811 (Dev)

Giltsham, William Henry, Leading Seaman, 203708 (Dev)

Gowan, Arthur, Boatswain's Mate, MMR

Hale, George, Able Seaman, MMR

Henry, Joseph T, Lieutenant Commander, RNR

Herbert, Percy, Able Seaman, 232240 (Ch)

Holmes, Herbert Frederick, Private, RMLI, Po 15551

Hopton, Bertram S, Able Seaman, MMR

Hunter, Alfred E, 2nd Steward, MMR

Hurden, Archibald Garland, Able Seaman, 149369 (Dev)

Jones, Alfred Edward, Wireless Operator, MMR

Jones, Robert Richard, Leading Stoker, RNR, 349 V

Masterson, Thomas Charles, Able Seaman, 236477 (Ch)

Mathieson, Joseph, Fireman, MMR

McCaskill, John, Able Seaman, Quartermaster, MMR

McGregor, William, Able Seaman, MMR

Milner, Arthur, Able Seaman, MMR

Mogford, James, Assistant Steward, MMR

Owens, Michael, Able Seaman, Quartermaster, MMR

Partridge, George, Fireman, MMR

Pratt, Albert J, Chief Baker, MMR

Rump, David, Fireman, MMR

Stocker, Clifford, Able Seaman, MMR

Stuart, James William, Ordinary Signalman, J 24904 (Po)

Tincknell, John, Chief Cook, MMR

White, William Arthur, Able Seaman, 206121 (Dev)

Winchester, John, Cook's Boy, MMR

Winchester, Joseph Arthur, Stoker 1c, 300307 (Ch)

Wyatt, Joseph Henry Crawford, Able Seaman, 193721

Young, Arthur, Able Seaman, MMR



Destroyer, sunk by German destroyer gunfire in Dover Straits, night of 26/27 October 1916, survivors

Barter, John A, Act/Gunner

Chater, John D G, Sub Lieutenant, RNR

Hankins, George Edward, Able Seaman, J 25075 (Po)

Higgins, Frederick Cecil, Able Seaman, SS 4048 (Po)

Innes, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, 6899 A

Philpott, Sydney Charles, Signalman, RNVR, London Z / 4862

Riggs, Reginald Owen, Able Seaman, J 22629 (Po)

Smith, Charles, Able Seaman, J 23424 (Po)

Trevett, James Frederick, Able Seaman, J 23916 (Po)




Battleship, torpedoed and sunk by U.24 in English Channel, 1 January 1915, survivors, wounded and rescue ships


 Agnew, Walter L, Midshipman, rescued by Diamond

 Alderton, Arthur, Able Seaman, 223070 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Ames, Frederick, Harold, Yeoman of Signals, 221479, rescued by Topaze

 Andrews, Walter David, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4977, rescued by trawler Provident

 Arscott, Thomas George, Able Seaman, 214334 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Ash, Albert Edward, Boy Domestic, L 5021, rescued by Diamond

 Ashby, Ambrose, Petty Officer, 304223 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Atkins, R C, Ordinary Seaman, transferred from Diamond to Implacable, (not in Times list of survivors)

 Aucherterlorne, James, Able Seaman, 215420 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Avery, William Edward, Ordinary Seaman, J 20414, rescued by Topaze

 Backhouse, Ernest, Able Seaman, 239290, rescued by Topaze

 Baker, Albert Edward, Leading Seaman, 217378 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Balchin, Alfred, Boy 1c, J 30080 (Po), rescued by trawler Provident

 Barrow, Percy Cecil, Ordinary Seaman, J 29901 (Dev), rescued by trawler Provident

 Barry, Harry, Able Seaman, J 12101, rescued by trawler Provident

 Barthram, Edward, Chief Yeoman Of Signals, 179692 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Bavin, Victor Charles, Leading Seaman, 238660, rescued by Topaze

 Beal, Herbert W, Private, CH 16973, rescued by Diamond

 Beardall, Thomas, Boy 1c, 271123 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Bell, Mark, Able Seaman, 238463 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Bicker, Alfred John, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4897, rescued by trawler Provident

 Bing, Herbert, Leading Seaman, 194410 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Booth, Alfred Walter, Able Seaman, J 12890 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Bown, William Alfred, Leading Signalman, 220910, rescued by Diamond

 Brown, Henry Daniel, Able Seaman, J 11899, rescued by Topaze

 Brown, James Frederick, Leading Seaman, 181126, rescued by Topaze

 Burke, James Archibald, Able Seaman, J 2999, rescued by Topaze

 Carroll, Thomas Hanlon, Leading Seaman, 176794 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Church, Charles William Horace E B, Seaman, RNR, 5070 A, rescued by trawler Provident

 Clift, Fred, Able Seaman RFR B 5969, 183438 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Connor, James Francis, Stoker 1c, K 5688 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Cook, William Thomas, Chief Petty Officer, 168159, rescued by Diamond

 Cooper, Martin Edward, Master At Arms, 16777 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Cowan, John William Spowert, Able Seaman, RFR B 10766, 208123 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Cox, Harry, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4980 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Crouch, Arthur Edward, Able Seaman, 219040 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Cullen, Alfred George, Able Seaman, 197560 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Darnell, William Thomas, Boy 1c, J 27793, rescued by trawler Provident

 Darton, Herbert Levi, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4963 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Darvill, George, Able Seaman, J 15663 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Davies, Charles Birbeck, Carpenters Crew, M 7483, rescued by Topaze

 Davis, Charles Frederick, Leading Seaman, RFR B 6830, 136830 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Dawe, E G, J 22865, rescued by trawler Provident, (not in Times list of survivors)

 Day, Alfred William, Acting Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 6994 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Duggan, Alan Montgomerie, Able Seaman, J 16874 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Falconer, Edward, Leading Seaman, 238840, rescued by Diamond

 Farrar, Joseph, Stoker 1c, K 702 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Faulkner, John Charles, Ordinary Seaman, J 29902, rescued by Topaze

 Felton, George Edward, Acting Leading Stoker, 310838 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Field, Henry Frederick, Stoker 1c, SS 114883 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Fisher, Jack, Able Seaman, J 14897, rescued by Topaze

 Fletcher, William Henry, Ordinary Seaman, J 29923, rescued by Diamond

 Ford, George William, Shipwright, 344937 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Fowler, George Henry, Stoker 1c, K 20663 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Fox, William, Corporal, CH 12834, rescued by Diamond

 Francis, William E, Stoker, RNR, 1673 U, rescued by Topaze

 Garf, J, Petty Officer, 193916, rescued by trawler Provident, (not in Times list of survivors)

 Garwood, Percy Albert, Stoker 1c, 228840 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Glover, Ernest John, Stoker 1c, 232679, rescued by Diamond

 Goode, Albert Edward, Boy 1c, J 29316 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Greathed, Bernard W, Lieutenant, rescued by Diamond

 Green, George, Stoker 1c, K 26667, rescued by Diamond

 Gregg, Cyril Arthur, Boy 1c, J 29173 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Grint, Lawrence Golden, Boy 1c, J 27157, rescued by Diamond

 Guinness, Eustace J, Midshipman, rescued by Diamond

 Hall, George Anthony, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4895, rescued by Topaze

 Hambling, Herbert Bartlett, Able Seaman, RFR B 6544, 183639 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Hammond, George Henry, Able Seaman, RFR B 5455, 181784 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Hand, Alfred Joseph John, Officer's Steward 3c, L 1855 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Hann, Frederick George, Boy 1c, J 22861 (Ch), not known how rescued

 Harford, Norman, Able Seaman, J 8718 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Harlow, John, Able Seaman, J 22110, rescued by Topaze

 Harris, Richard, Leading Seaman, 224858(Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Hartfield, Stephen, Stoker 1c, K 10015 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Hawker, Alfred, Stoker 1c, SS 111881 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Hawkins, William, Stoker, RNR, 1774 U, rescued by Diamond, slightly injured

 Hickford, Alfred Ernest, Able Seaman, 238474, rescued by Diamond

 Holtsworth, Ernest Frederick, Able Seaman, 233324 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Hopkins, Henry Thomas, Chief Stoker, 170221, rescued by Topaze

 Horrigan, Daniel, Gunner, rescued by trawler Provident

 Howard, David Henry, Stoker 1c, K 20142 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Hughes, Edward John, Armourers Crew, M 6331, rescued by trawler Provident

 Hughes, William, Able Seaman, SS 3214 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Hull, Charles James, Boy 1c, J 27083, rescued by trawler Provident

 Humphreys, Arthur William, Stoker 1c, K 14627 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Hunt, Ernest Albert, Private, Ch 15224, rescued by trawler Provident

 Hurd-Wood, Norman F, Midshipman, rescued by Diamond

 Jackson, Matthew Oliver Frederick, Officer's Steward 1c, 116315, rescued by Diamond

 Jealous, William Lionel Maynard, Ordinary Seaman, J 18663, rescued by Topaze

 Jones, John Newton, Able Seaman, J 10644, rescued by Topaze

 Kerslake, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, 226693, rescued by Topaze

 King, George Charles, Stoker 1c, K 106 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Knight, Alfred Henry, Ship's Cook, 347120 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Knock, Frederick, Marine, CH 13122, rescued by trawler Provident

 Lambert, John W, Signalman, RNR, landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Laverty, William John, Ordinary Seaman, J 18437 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Lawrence, Arthur, Boy 1c, J 29024 (Dev), rescued by trawler Provident

 Laws, Sidney Evans, Able Seaman, J 6089, rescued by Topaze

 License, Harry Percy, Able Seaman, 235059 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Limming, Bertie William, Able Seaman, J 6251 (Ch), not known how rescued

 Macleod, John, Able Seaman, RNR, 3090 A, rescued by Topaze

 Mainprize, Ernest Thomas, Petty Officer, 184923 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Mallett, Frederick William, Able Seaman, J 14326, rescued by Topaze

 Mann, Frederick, Thomas, Boy 1c, J 27859 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Martin, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, D 2005, rescued by trawler Provident

 Martin, Frederick John, Able Seaman, RFR B 6016, 187497, rescued by Diamond

 Martin, Frederick, Able Seaman, 208886 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Martin, John William, Able Seaman, RFR B 2956, 179500, rescued by Topaze

 Mather, John, Able Seaman, J 11140 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 May, Reginald Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, J 29927 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 McClounan, Sydney C, Carpenter, rescued by Diamond

 McDonald, Donald, Seaman, RNR, 3047 A, landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 McMaster, James, Stoker, RNR, 1817 S, rescued by Topaze

 Milburn, Robert William, Signalman, J 3035, rescued by Diamond

 Miller, Henry Edward George, Officer's Steward 2c, 365933, rescued by Diamond

 Mitchell, John George, Private, Ch 16932, rescued by trawler Provident

 Munday, George, Boy 1c, J 29696, landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Murie, Charles Smillie, Ordinary Seaman, J 29899, rescued by Topaze

 Murton, Edwin Herbert, Signalman, J 11307 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace, also survived sinking of Amphion and Cressy

 Noden, Joseph, Able Seaman, 193451, rescued by Topaze

 Norris, Aaron, Leading Seaman, 217834 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Norwood, William Edward, Ordinary Seaman, J 29392 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Nutch, Robert Bruce, Marine, CH 17877, rescued by trawler Provident

 Older, William Francis, Able Seaman, J 6228 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Park, Patrick Joseph, Petty Officer 1c, 193976 (Ch), not known how rescued

 Parr, William George, Leading Stoker, RFR B 10137, 296714 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Payne, George, Leading Seaman, 213615 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Pearce, Albert Edward, Stoker 1c, K 16292, rescued by Diamond

 Pearks, Edward Alfred, Sick Berth Attendant, 350315 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Peebles, Robert Carson, Leading Seaman, 213587 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Pelley, Denis E, Midshipman, rescued by Diamond

 Perks, Elvise Frank, Able Seaman, RFR B 6884, 204950, rescued by Topaze

 Pett, Arthur, Petty Officer Stoker, 292086 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Phillips, R, Engine Room Artificer, rescued by trawler Provident, (not in Times list of survivors)

 Pound, William Charles, Able Seaman, J 16766 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Powell, William, Sick Berth Attendant, M 3369, rescued by Topaze

 Preston, George, Able Seaman, 155068 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Rackstraw, Frank, Blacksmiths Mate, M 3660 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Rainsbury, Samuel, Ordinary Seaman, J 24014, rescued by Topaze

 Richardson, George Richard, Chief Petty Officer, 134780, rescued by Topaze

 Richardson, George, Acting Leading Stoker, 306784, rescued by Topaze

 Richardson, William Frederick, Able Seaman, J 20702 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Ridley, John, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 347542, landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Robinson, William George, Petty Officer, 193859 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Rumsey, Henry, Petty Officer 2c (Coast Guard), 155790, rescued by trawler Provident

 Saker, George Edward, Able Seaman, 221557, rescued by Diamond

 Saunders, Joseph George, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4922 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Saxton, Sidney W, Assistant Paymaster, rescued by Diamond

 Sayer, Henry George, Able Seaman, 218172, rescued by Topaze

 Searles, Percy William, Ordinary Seaman, J 29651 (Dev), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Sharp, Charles Edward, Private, CH 14009, rescued by Topaze

 Shea, Francis Gerald, Boy 1c, J 27795 (Dev), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Shelley, Reginald, James, Acting Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 7272(Ch), not known how rescued

 Simming, Bertie, Able Seaman, landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Simmonds, Alfred George, Chief Stoker (Pens) RFR A 1820, 153616, rescued by Diamond

 Simmons, Albert, Ernest, Able Seaman, 210882 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Simonds, Henry D, Lieutenant, rescued by Diamond

 Sims, Ernest George, Ordinary Seaman, J 29891 (Dev), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Sinclair, Charles Horace, Petty Officer, 186574 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Sirkett, Frank Ernest, Private, CH 17780, rescued by Diamond

 Sitterdale, (first name not known), 181484, rescued by trawler Provident, (not in Times list of survivors)

 Smith, Cameron Robert, Able Seaman, RFR B 9140, SS 2178 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Smith, Reuben John, Stoker 1c, K 13751 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Smith, Robert, Petty Officer, 201669 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Smithurst, Harold, Stoker 1c, RFR B 9026, SS105825 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Snell, Albert James, Petty Officer, 203870 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Snowden, Harry, Chief Stoker, 279881 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Soutter, James C J, Lieutenant, rescued by Diamond

 Speight, Frederick, Able Seaman, 218835, rescued by Topaze

 Stafford, Frederick John, Marine, CH 16157, rescued by trawler Provident

 Steed, Stephen William, Stoker 1c, K 17828 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Stephens, William Derek, Midshipman, rescued by Diamond

 Stevens, Harry Henry, Stoker 1c, SS 106914 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Still, Benjamin William, Stoker 1c, K 501 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Stoakes, Charles Thomas, Able Seaman, 209664 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Stobart, John, Artificer Engineer, rescued by Diamond

 Stollery, Thomas Bruce, Seaman, RNR, 4716 A, rescued by Diamond

 Stow, Frank, Able Seaman, 222409 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Strange, George Thomas, Boy 1c, J 20545, rescued by trawler Provident

 Taplin, Joseph Henry, Acting Leading Stoker, K 644 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Taylor, George, Boatswain, rescued by trawler Provident

 Taylor, William, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 4156 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Thornton, John, Leading Seaman RFR B10425, 208119, rescued by Topaze

 Thurgood, Edward Charles, Able Seaman, J 5657, rescued by Topaze

 Tullett, George Henry, Acting Leading Stoker, K 558 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Turner, Henry Albert, Able Seaman, 222326, rescued by Topaze

 Wakeford, Francis H, Assistant Paymaster, RNR, rescued by Diamond

 Walker, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, J 26881, rescued by Diamond

 Wallace, Charles J M, Engineer Commander, rescued by Diamond, slightly injured

 Watson, Henry, Able Seaman, J 26881, rescued by Topaze

 Waudby, John Henry, Ordinary Seaman, J 17001 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Whale, Percy Henry, Petty Officer 2c, RFR B 5831, 191158, rescued by Topaze

 Wheatley, Eddison, Boy 1c, J 29546, rescued by trawler Provident

 White, John Robert, Boy 1c, J 26434, rescued by Topaze

 Whitley, Wilson, Signal Boy, J 23234, rescued by Diamond

 Whitney, Sidney Charles, Able Seaman, J 6217, rescued by Topaze

 Whittington, George Alfred, Able Seaman, 9635 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Wickham, John Humphrey, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268280, rescued by Topaze

 Wilson, George William, Telegraphist, J 941 (Ch), landed at Lyme Regis from pinnace

 Wilson, Walter, Stoker, RNR, 2675 T, rescued by Topaze

 Woolford, Joseph, Private, RFR Ch B 238, CH 6786, rescued by Topaze

 Wright, Cecil, Leading Cook's Mate, M 1817 (Ch), rescued by trawler Provident

 Wright, Wesley Hollier, Able Seaman, J 5316, rescued by Topaze

 Wynne, Trehowan C T, Midshipman, rescued by Diamond




Destroyer, sunk by gunfire, Battle of Jutland, 1 June 1916, survivors, including those taken prisoner

Barnes, Alexander Percy, Artisan Engineer, RN, POW

Clifford, Thomas William, Leading Seaman, 231325, POW

Davies, Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, 289400, POW

Glews, Thomas Henry, Stoker 1c, 301394, survivor

Hale, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 19419, survivor

Hannant, Henry, Chief Stoker, 289748, POW

Kean, James, Leading Seaman, 213319, survivor

Kempsell, Frederick Nelson, Able Seaman, SS 4103, survivor

Langrish, Percy James, Leading Stoker, 309994, survivor

May, Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 306922, wounded

Newman, Arthur George, Stoker 1C, K 26588, POW

Perry, Percy Walter, Able Seaman, J 11486, POW

Porter, Ernest Edward, Able Seaman, J 15699, wounded

Simmonds, James Arthur, Able Seaman, J 9848, survivor

Simmonds, Sidney Albert, Petty Officer, 180212, survivor

Tocher, Edward, Able Seaman, J 11057, survivor

Warr, Arthur, Able Seaman, 234879, survivor

Whall, William Henry, Able Seaman, J 8352, POW,




Light cruiser, damaged by gunfire, Battle of Falklands, 8 December 1914, wounded

Bridger, Maurice James Edwin, Able Seaman, J 7095 (Po), dangerously, DOW 27 Jan 1915

Ford, Harry Becket Sidney, Signalman, J 4597 (Po), severely

Major, Percy Eli, Shipwright 2c, 344489 (Po), severely

Scotchmer, Alfred David, Able Seaman, 232275 (Po), severely




Battleship, torpedoed and sunk by German-commanded, Turkish torpedo boat off Dardanelles, 13 May 1915, survivors


 Amery, Charles Joseph, Able Seaman (RFR B 4098), 204652 (Dev)

 Arnold, Frederick Watson, S Petty Officer, 171072 (Ch)

 Axe, Talbot, Private (RFR IC 87), Ply 10535

 Back, Albert George, Able Seaman, J 3714 (Dev)

 Baker, William James, Able Seaman, 219087 (Dev)

 Bale, James Charles Edwin, Able Seaman (RFR B 2451), 228049 (Dev)

 Balten, Ernest Charles, Armourer's Crew, M7222

 Barrett, P, Seaman, RNR, 2552A

 Baston, Thomas Francis, Seaman, RNR, 3172A

 Batey, J, Seaman, RNR, 1979C

 Bean, Henry Ernest Robert, Boy 1c, J 25826

 Bennett, Joshua Heath, Petty Officer 1c, 153914 (Dev)

 Bess, Charles, Petty Officer, 185459 (Dev)

 Bignell, Alfred James, Boy 1c, J27918

 Brace, Charles D, Private, Ply 7997

 Brooks, Wildred Archibald, Ship's Cook, 347449 (Dev)

 Brown, William John, Chief Shipwright, 142283 (Dev)

 Bruce, Alexander, Able Seaman (RFR B 5891), SS 2848 (Dev)

 Butt, Francis John, Leading Seaman (CG), 135566 (Po)

 Button, Thomas Henry, Shipwright 1c, 161723 (Dev)

 Byrne, James, Petty Officer 2c, 117191 (Dev)

 Chapman, George, Armourer, 161444 (Dev)

 Cheney, Edward Montague, Boy 1c, J 27165

 Clark, William James George, S S A, M7759 (Ch)

 Clark, Edwin Albert, Stoker 1c, K 8387

 Clarke, W H, Seaman, RNR, 5187B

 Cloke, R J, Seaman, RNR, 2781C

 Coleman, Edward, Private, Ply 12979

 Collier, Robert, Able Seaman, SS 2942

 Collins, T, Seaman, RNR, 4397A

 Connar, Richard Vaughan, Boy 1c, J 26439

 Connock, Francis Joseph, Petty Officer 2c (RFR A 1881), 125976 (Dev)

 Cox, William James, Stoker 1c, 283553 (Dev)

 Crank, Christian Geoffrey, Able Seaman (RFR B 5979), 232501 (Dev)

 Crellin, Richard, Seaman, RNR, 1774D

 Cudd, H E, Seaman, RNR, 5297B

 Cuff, Charles George Kekewich, Stoker 1c, K14084

 Culpeck, Bertie, Boy 1c, J 27594

 Dale, H, Seaman, RNR, 6820A

 Davey, Richard John, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3830), 292695 (Dev)

 Douglas, David W S, Lieutenant Commander

 Easton, A A, Seaman, RNR, 4822B

 Edwards, George Henry, Able Seaman (RFR A 1233), 116168 (Dev)

 Eidsforth, Stanley, Engine Room Artificer 5c, 272015 (Ch)

 Elliott, George, Leading Seaman, 217453 (Dev)

 Faraghar, Charles, Seaman, RNR, 5189B, previously discharged to HS Soudan

 Farghar, Robert, Seaman, RNR, 2273 B

 Fayle, S, Seaman, RNR, 1668D

 Fell, E O, Seaman, RNR, 2409A

 Flynn, F, Seaman, RNR, 3584B

 Foalle, Phillip, Leading Seaman, 192594 (Dev)

 Fuggle, Louis William, Boy 1c, J 29199 (Dev)

 Fullerton, Sidney Herbert, Private, Ply 16088

 Furlong, L, Seaman, RNR, 3125B

 Garrett, J F, Seaman, RNR, 2154C

 Gilbert, Thomas, Seaman, RNR, 1531D

 Gill, Stanley, Sick Berth Attendant, M 5797 (Dev)

 Gilmour, J, Stoker, RNR, 1095U

 Gitsham, William Henry, Leading Seaman (RFR B 5243), 203708 (Dev)

 Glover, Ernest Ambrose, Petty Officer 2c, 132555 (Dev)

 Golightly, William Robert, Able Seaman, 237473 (Dev)

 Gribble, Henry, Able Seaman, SS 2707

 Griffiths, Thomas, Telegraphist, J 12978

 Hanlon, Garrett, Petty Officer 1c, 109967 (Dev)

 Hardcastle, Ernest, Private, Ply 13187

 Harrison, Frederick, Leading Seaman, 201726 (Dev)

 Hay, John, Seaman, RNR, 3056B

 Heath, John Frederick, Petty Officer 1c, 134740 (Dev)

 Heydon, Thomas, Chief Petty Officer, 169146 (Dev)

 Hickey, Patric, Seaman, RNR, 3694A

 Hinton, John Thomas, Lance Sergeant, Ply 9836

 Hiskins, William John, Private, Ply 12272

 Hissett, Frederick, Officer?s Steward 1c, 353225 (Ch)

 Holly, James Frederick, Stoker 1c, 171286 (Dev)

 Howelis, William John, Able Seaman, 220111 (Dev)

 Hughes, P, Stoker, RNR, 2067S

 Hunkins, J F, Seaman, RNR, 3605C

 Ingram, Edward W, Private, Ply 14299

 Johns, Thomas, Petty Officer 1c (RFR A 3289), 134656 (Dev)

 Johnston, Alexander, Able Seaman (RFR B 4178), SS 1798 (Dev)

 Joseph, Franklin Arthur, Able Seaman, 208206 (Dev)

 Kelly, Robert William, Seaman, RNR, 4248B

 Kelly, J W, Seaman, RNR, 2301C

 Knapton, Frank Henry, Private, Ply 16073

 Ladner, Henry Barnicoat, Seaman, RNR, 2219C

 Laity, Thomas John, Seaman, RNR, 3066B

 Leighton, J, Seaman, RNR, 1982C

 Lodge, Robert Wiliam, Leading Seaman (CG), 207289 (Po)

 Lund, Albert Christopher, Sub Lieutenant, RNR

 Mahoney, Richard, Seaman, RNR, 4389A

 Marsh, Thomas, Private (RFR B 709), Ply 11441

 Martin, Francis Jospeh, Leading Seaman, 193697 (Dev)

 May, George, Leading Seaman, 239825 (Dev)

 Mayhew, Cecil, Private, Ply 10772

 Merchant, Edgar Joseph, Able Seaman, 173056 (Dev)

 Moore, William Henry, Seaman, RNR, 1397C

 Morris, Henry William, Boy 1c, J 27014 (Dev)

 Moyse, George J, Private, Ply 12098

 Munden, Thomas William, Leading Signalman, RNVR, Bristol 4/1130

 Murphy, James, Officer?s Steward 3c, L 3131 (Ch)

 Murphy, D, Seaman, RNR, 5807A

 Nelmes, William, Act/Leading Stoker, 296633 (Dev)

 Nicholls, William, Private (RFR IC 89), Ply 9990

 Nisbet, Henry George, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11055 (Ch)

 O'Connor, M, Seaman, RNR, 1987C

 O'Leary, Michael, Stoker, RNR, 979U

 Oliver, S H, Seaman, RNR, 2367B

 Ould, William, Petty Officer, 208855 (Dev)

 Oxland, Harold Thomas, Boy 1c, J 27275

 Paddy, F, Seaman, RNR, 4818B

 Patient, William John, Able Seaman, 214834 (Dev)

 Patterson, Frederick John, Petty Officer, 223018 (Dev)

 Paul, Charles, Seaman, RNR, 1187D

 Perry, Frederick Pomery, Master At Arms, 173061 (Dev)

 Pitchers, George, Boy 1c, J 27616 (Dev)

 Pope, Francis Samuel, Boy 1c, J 27262

 Porter, George, Private, Plyl 10397

 Power, Patrick, Able Seaman, 178084 (Dev)

 Preston, Stanley Edward, Private, Ply 10214

 Pritchard, Frederick Charles, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4331), 210043 (Dev)

 Punter, Bertie, Petty Officer, 215131 (Dev)

 Rees, David Oliver, S Petty Officer (CG), 288586 (Dev)

 Reeves, William Stanley, Stoker 1c, K 17315 (Dev)

 Rendle, Francis, Seaman, RNR, 4110A

 Renshaw, R W, W/T Operator, 10 W T S

 Rice, Franck Chase, S S A, 342743 (Ch)

 Rider, James Edward, Boy 1c, J 27518

 Rieley, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, 215902 (Dev)

 Roberts, James, Petty Officer 1c, 147140 (Dev)

 Robinson, John, Seaman, RNR, 4245B

 Roney, Richard, Leading Seaman, RNR, 2352C

 Rudge, Henry Algernon James, Able Seaman (RFR B 3524), SS 1234 (Dev)

 Rushton, Charles, Chief Petty Officer, 132959 (Dev)

 Shaw, Bertram, Boy 1c, J 26387

 Smith, George Edwin, Private, Ply 10289

 Solomon, G W, Seaman, RNR, 1732D

 Stanley, Robert James, Petty Officer 1c, 187959 (Dev)

 Stewart, George Robert, Private, Ply 11437

 Stoyle, William, Petty Officer 1c, 166890 (Dev)

 Talbot, Frederick, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4623), 357569 (Dev)

 Taylor, Walter Isaac, Able Seaman, J 2723

 Taylor, Albert, Private, Ply 13707

 Teppett, Sydney Thomas, Petty Officer, 152840 (Dev)

 Thomas, William, Blacksmith, 132228 (Dev)

 Thorn, Henry, Sergeant, Ply 8421

 Tripp, S, Seaman, RNR, 2218B

 Turner, Benjamin Thomas, Chief Ship's Cook, 145959 (Dev)

 Vicary, William Henry, Able Seaman, 180047 (Dev)

 Wallis, Philip, Seaman, RNR, 1498C

 Ward, Allen Stanley, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11584 (Ch)

 Ward, John Henry, Chief Yeoman of Signals, 143472 (Dev)

 Waterson, Frederick Parnell, Signalman, 215619 (Dev), previously discharged to HS Soudan

 Wearne, Arthur, Seaman, RNR, 1914C

 Wheater, Thomas Lee, Private, Ply 12179

 Whetton, Harry, Private, Ply 14101

 White, Edwin, Leading Stoker (RFR B 4007), 293409 (Dev)

 Whiteley, Hiley, Stoker 1c (RFR B 2468, I C 125), SS 100365 (Dev)

 Whiteway, John W, Seaman, RNR, 4214B

 Wignall, Frederick, Able Seaman, 233617 (Dev)

 Williams, W, Seaman, RNR, 6798A

 Williamson, Charles Harold, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 183977 (Dev)

 Willis, Robert, Ship?s Corporal 1c, 308460 (Dev)

 Winterhalder, Walter, Cook's Mate, M 7138

 Wonnacott, George, Petty Officer 1c, 151032 (Dev)

 Wonnacott, Sidney Albert, Private, Ply 10015

 York, Ernest, Able Seaman, 230888 (Dev)




Submarine, ran aground on Dutch coast, 19 January 1916, 10 or 12 taken off (if latter, two officers, coxswain, chief ERA and 8 ratings), rest of crew interned

Beebe, Arthur William, Stoker 1c, K 11810, interned

Beer, John William Bath, Stoker 1c, K 4194, interned

Brown, Cuthbert Leslie, Lieutenant, RNR, taken of

Burnett, John, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 26636, interned

Chandler, Harry, Able Seaman, J 1795, interned

Charman, William Albert, Boy Telegraphist, J 31362, taken of

Cooper, David William, Able Seaman, 219705, interned

Darvill, Frederick Albert, Able Seaman, 236159, taken of

Davis, Frederick Charles, Stoker 1c, K 11937, taken of

Dudley, Leonard, Able Seaman, 236955, interned

Elderfield, William Francis, Stoker 1c, K 10483, interned

Gibson, Arthur, Petty Officer, 179798, interned

Hawkins, Sidney Victor, Leading Stoker, 308323, taken of

Keys, Frank, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 5105, taken of

King, Cecil Hanks, Able Seaman, J 790, taken of

Manley, Joseph, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 272478, taken of

Ridding, Ernest Henry, Leading Seaman, 220966, interned

Robinson, Frederick James, Stoker Petty Officer, 308214, interned

Ryder, Dudley William, Lieutenant, RN, taken of

Saunders, Henry George, Petty Officer, 194067, taken of

Stopford, Robert Neville, Lieutenant, RN, interned

Whitelaw, Thomas Broomfield, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 936 EA, interned




Armoured cruiser, mined, laid by U.75 off Orkneys and sunk, 5 June 1916, survivors

 Bennet, William, Warrant Mechanician

 Bowman, John Robert, Able Seaman, J 15315 (Po)

 Buerdsell, Horace Llewellyn, Able Seaman, J 15527 (Po)

 Cashman, William, Leading Seaman, 228580 (Po)

 Farndon, Walter Charles, Stoker 1c, K 18337 (Po)

 Phillips, William Charles, Shipwright 1c, 343500 (Po)

 Read, Alfred Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 15762 (Po)

 Rogerson, Charles Walter, Leading Seaman, 236059 (Po)

 Simpson, Richard, Able Seaman, RNVR, Tyne Z 5589

 Sims, Frederick Lot, Stoker 1c, SS 113673 (Po)

 Sweeney, Samuel Edward, Petty Officer 1c, 155874 (Po)

 Wesson, Wilfred, Petty Officer, 201136 (Po)




Destroyer, damaged by gunfire in action with German forces in the Dogger Bank area, 16 December 1914, wounded

Adlam, Henry James, Able Seaman, 209445 (Po)

Atkins, George, Stoker 1c (RFR B 9628), SS 107000 (Ch)

Bailey, James Albert, Stoker Petty Officer, 290613 (Po)

Belton, Philip John, Leading Seaman, 228011 (Po)

Chapple, Edwin John, Leading Signalman, 212392 (Po), severely

Goulding, William, Able Seaman, J 5417 (Po)

Greiffenhagen, Rider M W, Sub Lieutenant

Johnson, John Walter, Signalman, J 6110 (Po)

Ledley, Alfred William, Able Seaman, J 12133 (Po)

Lewis, Jesse Gordon, Able Seaman, 217891 (Po)

Manser, Thomas George, Able Seaman, J 11678 (Po), severely

Myers, John, Stoker 1c, SS 111735 (Po)

Niven, W J, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, 1196 E A, slightly

Plackett, Samuel Sidney, Stoker 1c, SS 111988 (Po)

Watts, Edward Charles, Able Seaman, 205399 (Po)




Protected cruiser, torpedoed and sunk by U.9 in North Sea, 15 October 1914, survivors


 Aitken, John, Stoker 1c, RFR B 10544, SS 108524 (Ch)

 Allen, John Alexander, Stoker 1c, RFR B 5770, SS 10977 (Ch)

 Austin, Sidney, Boatswain, also survivor of Hogue

 Barnard, John, Stoker 1c, RFR B 7560, SS 102787 (Ch)

 Bishop, George William, Leading Seaman, 206624 (Ch)

 Bowen, Frederick Lawrence William, Boy 1c, J 26759 (Ch)

 Boyce, Charles Hener, Able Seaman, J 5691 (Ch)

 Bradshaw, Robert, Stoker 1c, K 2674 (Ch)

 Buckle, George, Able Seaman, RFR B 6695, SS 1006 (Ch)

 Colgan, Peter, Able Seaman, RFR B 2683, 159835 (Ch)

 Cooke, Joseph Edwin, Private, RFR B 1228, Ch 9542

 Cotton, George Henry, Able Seaman, RFR B 3873, 185680 (Ch)

 Criddenden, John Thomas, Stoker Petty Officer, K 922 (Ch)

 Curd, Frank, Stoker 1c, RFR B 9368, SS 106566 (Ch)

 Davies, James, Stoker 1c, RFR B 9309, SS 106482 (Ch)

 Davis, William Arthur, Stoker 1c, RFR B 9443, SS 106679 (Ch)

 Deed, John Crisp, Chief Stoker, 283151 (Ch)

 Dennis, James, Gunner

 Dinning, Joseph Frederick, Boy 1c, J 22000 (Ch)

 Doyle, Thomas Hugh, Able Seaman, RFR B 6063, 226467 (Ch)

 Dunn, George, Leading Seaman, RFR B B 5804, 185473 (Ch)

 Edis, Francis Arthur Edward, Private, Ch 15023

 Edwards, Lethe, Boy 1c, J 27528 (Ch)

 Elliott, W E, Stoker, RNR, 1581 U (Ch)

 Evitt, Henry C T, Gunner

 Faint, George Arthur, Leading Seaman (Coast Guard), 149914 (Ch)

 Fletcher, Tom Albert, Private, Ch 14932

 Fox, James Frederick, Able Seaman, RFR B 3888, 190649 (Ch)

 Fryer, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 11795 (Ch)

 Gifkins, Francis Albert Edgar, Leading Seaman, RFR B 6855, 189459 (Ch)

 Giles, George Edward, Private, RFR B 1348, Ch 8548

 Gray, Frank, Petty Officer 1c, 190321 (Ch)

 Greeves, Henry Joseph, Ordinary Seaman, J 24850 (Ch)

 Halls, Alfred, Able Seaman, RFR B 3459, 189832 (Ch)

 Hanford, Joshua, Stoker 1c, RFR B 8611, SS 104964 (Ch)

 Hatcher, Alfred, Able Seaman, RFR B 3865, 188026 (Ch)

 Hoy, Thomas, Able Seaman, RFR B 5623, 178570 (Ch)

 Hudson, Charles, Able Seaman, RFR B 456, 186262 (Ch)

 Hughes, William Thomas, Stoker 1c, RFR B 7238, SS 102130 (Ch)

 Jarmain, Walter Thomas William, Stoker 1c, K 17588 (Ch)

 Jinks, Hart, Corporal, Ch 13256

 Lovelady, Joseph, Able Seaman, 212101 (Ch)

 Lynn, John Robert, Able Seaman, RFR B 3880, 163024 (Ch)

 McLean, James, Stoker 1c, RFR B 9657, SS 107095 (Ch)

 McNamara, William, Leading Seaman (Coast Guard), 124084 (Ch)

 Metcalf, Thomas Frederick, Leading Seaman, 197078 (Ch)

 Munn, Edwin Frederick, Able Seaman, RFR B 3867, 133605 (Ch)

 Nicholls, Henry Fludger, Private, RFR B 1428, Ch 11566

 O'Beirne, Edward John, Boy 1c, J 23556 (Ch)

 Ogden, Albert Edmund, Boy 1c, J 26389 (Ch)

 O'Neill, James, Able Seaman, RFR B 4664, 177800 (Ch)

 O'Neill, Malachi John, Stoker Petty Officer, RFR B 8604, 295247 (Ch)

 Pascoe, William Coulls, Shipwright 2c, M 6761 (Dev)

 Peters, Henry, Able Seaman, RFR B 3850, 179235 (Ch)

 Rosoman, Robert R, Lieutenant Commander

 Rye, Albert George, Able Seaman, 218439 (Ch)

 Salmon, Edward, Stoker 1c, RFR B 7680, 292117 (Ch)

 Savory, Edward, Able Seaman, 213258 (Ch)

 Scott, William Collin, Leading Seaman, 185859 (Ch)

 Sharp, Ernest Claud, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Sussex/ 281

 Simmonds, James Thomas, Stoker 1c, RFR B 1441, 146933 (Ch)

 Smith, Arthur Stanley, Boy 1c, J 23573 (Ch)

 Summers, John, Able Seaman, RFR B 3846, 202888 (Ch)

 Taylor, William, Petty Officer 1c, 170545 (Ch)

 Terry, Charles Albert, Petty Officer, 204486 (Ch)

 Thompson, Herbert Henry, Leading Signalman, 230433 (Ch)

 Trainor, Charles, Able Seaman, RFR B 1353, 177805 (Ch)

 Walter, George Martin, Act/Leading Stoker, 307446 (Ch)

 Wetherell, Leonard Harold, Boy 1c, J 27500 (Ch)

 Wratten, George Walter, Able Seaman, RFR B 8052, SS 1600 (Ch)




Armoured cruiser, torpedoed and sunk by U.9 in southern North Sea, 22 September 1914, survivors


 Abbot, Oswald Cecil, Able Seaman, 231770Z

 Abrahams, George, Able Seaman, 171514Z, RFR B 3030

 Adams, John, Stoker 1c, 174424Z

 Aitchison, George, Gunner, RMA, 6286

 Aldridge, William George, Stoker 1c, K 7770 (Po)

 Alexander, Aeneas C, Warrant Engineer, RNR

 Allen, Alexander, Gunner, RMA, LATE 9390Z, RFR 1086

 Amos, William, Able Seaman, SS 2622, RFR B 10163

 Anderson, Harry Harvey, Able Seaman, J 11766

 Anderson, James, Stoker 1c, SS 108735

 Anderson, Robert, Able Seaman, 185540, RFR B 6202

 Ash, Harry A, Lieutenant, RNR

 Aspel, Patrick Leonard, Able Seaman, 129438, RFR B 912

 Astell, Arthur Edward, Stoker 1c, 285150, RFR B 5785, slightly injured

 Astell, Charles, Stoker 1c, SS 102633, RFR B 7493, slightly injured

 Austin, Sidney, Boatswain

 Avery, William H, Seaman, RNR, 5712A

 Backhouse, William J, Bombardier, RMA, 12393

 Bacon, William Robert, Stoker 1c, 297746

 Bade, William, Able Seaman, 232199

 Bagley, William Charles Holah, Able Seaman, 205570, RFR B 5185

 Bailey, Arthur William, Able Seaman, 161585, RFR B 4041

 Bailey, George Albert Victor, Able Seaman, 183842, RFR B 3572

 Barbara, Carlo, Officers' Cook 1c, 354801

 Barker, Frank Geoffrey, Able Seaman, J 9387

 Barlow, William, Petty Officer, 184935

 Barton, Frederick, Able Seaman, 185591, RFR B 6569

 Bath, Frederick, Gunner, RMA, 11058

 Bays, Robert R, Stoker 1c, RNR, 1400U

 Bear, John, Able Seaman, 180073, RFR B 3029

 Bearne, Sidney Herbert, Stoker 1c, K 9517 (Po)

 Beartup, Charles Frederick, Able Seaman, 185375, RFR B 3521

 Bellaby, Harry, Stoker 1c, 107278, RFR B 9864

 Bent, Henry, Able Seaman, 204610, RFR B 5319

 Bernard, T H, Canteen Assistant

 Bevan, Algernon Harry, Officers' Steward 1c, 364942 (Po)

 Bicker, W J, Seaman, RNR, 4770A

 Bigling, Charles Percy, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268466

 Blake, Ernest Harry, Able Seaman, 161003, RFR B 4044

 Bolton, Frederick Clarence, Stoker 1c, SS 105653, RFR B 8927

 Booth, Charles Alfred, Petty Officer, 177942

 Brading, John, Chief Armourer (Pens), 160478, slightly injured

 Brayshaw, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 16793 (CH)

 Brazier, Gordon Herbert William, Stoker 1c, SS 107374, RFR B 9874

 Brewer, James Edward, Stoker 1c, 285439, RFR B 2143

 Britton, Stanley George, Stoker 1c, 212028, RFR B 10071

 Brooks, Stephen Louis, Able Seaman, 187080, RFR B 6551

 Brown, William John, Gunner, RMA, LATE RMA 7727, RFR 498

 Buckingham, Walter, Private, RMLI, LATE CH 3645, RFR 326

 Budden, Alfred William, Corporal, RMA 7931

 Bullen, Herbert, Leading Seaman, 206211, RFR B 10553

 Burns, John Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 109483

 Burridge, Reginald James, Stoker 1c, 287887 (Po)

 Butler, Herbert Charles, Able Seaman, 198547, RFR B 3028

 Butterworth, Henry Squires, Able Seaman, 215775, RFR B 10593

 Camilleri, Joseph, Officers' Steward 2c

 Campbell, Cluny C, Able Seaman, 191210, RFR B 7645

 Canham, Edward H, Able Seaman, 198142, RFR B 3875

 Cannon, Ernest, Able Seaman, 219375, RFR B 10568

 Carter, Harry James, Gunner, RMA, 8885, slightly injured

 Castell, Frederick James, Able Seaman, 207698, RFR B 4014

 Castle, Joseph, Seaman, RNR, 2765A

 Catchpole, Harry A, Seaman, RNR, 4859A

 Caveney, Thomas, Able Seaman, 178580, RFR B 5168

 Chander, Jesse William, Able Seaman, 181246, RFR B 5307

 Chapman, James George, Leading Seaman, J 2758

 Chapman, William Henry, Able Seaman, J 22830

 Chichester, Ivor F, Lieutenant (ret)

 Churcher, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 10652 (Po)

 Clark, Fred, Able Seaman, 181510, RFR B 3503

 Clarke, Frederick, Able Seaman, 189894, RFR B 7169

 Claypole, John, Private, RMLI, LATE CH 16029, RFR 1896

 Coakes, Raymond George, Stoker 1c, K 11073 (Po)

 Cocks, Albert Edward, Petty Officer, 176269

 Collins, Robert Frank, Stoker 1c, K 10604 (Po)

 Congdon, William Henry, Master at Arms, 114357, RFR A 1117

 Cook, William, Able Seaman, 211013, RFB 4055

 Cooper, Thomas, Chief Petty Officer, 166855

 Cox, William Edwin, Able Seaman, 211211, RFR B 4945

 Crockford, Henry Gibson, Stoker 1c, K 10170 (Po)

 Crosby, Frederick George Montague, Stoker, 298843 (Po)

 Crouch, George Alfred, Able Seaman, 179057, RFR B 5786

 Culverwell, Bernard Harry, Leading Carpenter's Crew, M 2727

 Dangerfield, Edward, Midshipman

 Darwell, Albert, Stoker 1c, 174419, RFR B 3205

 Daughters, Robert, Able Seaman, 162904, RFR B 4122

 Dear, Edward John, Corporal, RMLI, LATE PLY 8465, RFR B 804

 Demuth, Richard William, Able Seaman, 190180, RFR B 3725

 Denford, Horace Stanley Frederick, Armourers Crew, M 7480

 Deverson, George, Seaman, RNR, 40648

 Dobbyn, Aubrey F, Lieutenant

 Donaldson, Thomas E K, Midshipman

 Dowler, Arthur John, Stoker 1c, 311938, RFR B 10405

 Downs, Percival George, Leading Seaman, 176894, RFR Ch B 5187

 Drewitt, Albert John, Stoker 1c, SS 107665, RFR B 9976

 Dryden, William H, Seaman, RNR, 5119A

 Dunn, Arthur, Stoker 1c, RNR, 13118

 Eales, William, Able Seaman, 203564 (Dev)

 Eddens, Howard, Stoker 1cv, 298010, RFR B 9870

 Edler, Alfred, Stoker 1c, 312076, RFR B 10622

 Edmunds, W G, Seaman, RNR, 1583

 Edwards, Charles William, Stoker 1c, K 10641 (Po)

 Edwards, George, Able Seaman, 190090, RFR B 5310

 Edwards, Harry, Stoker 1c, SS 107290, RFR B 9784

 Elder, John W, Seaman, RNR

 Eldred, Edward H, Fleet Paymaster

 Ellingham, Walter, Petty Officer, 195450

 Ellis, John Stanley, Stoker 1c, K 8722 (Po)

 Ellis, The Rev Wilfrid F P, Chaplain

 Emery, James, Stoker 1c, 310122, RFR B 10037

 Featherbee, David, Seaman, RNR, 4258A

 Featherbee, Frederick G, Seaman, RNR, 4502B

 Fendick, Walter R, Engineer Lieutenant Commander

 Ferguson, Frederick Frost, Able Seaman, J 6285

 Ferguson, William, Leading Seaman, 200510, RFR B 8733

 Finch, William Henry, Able Seaman, 171096, RFR B 3506

 Finlayson, Andrew, Master at Arms, 156788

 Fish, Alfred Thomas Herbert, Gunner, RMA, 10383

 Foggie, Richard, Able Seaman, 157170, RFR B 4239

 Forbes, John Reuben, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4646

 Formston, Samuel, Able Seaman, 186643, RFR B 6720

 Gash, Robert, Seaman, RNR

 Gendall, John, Able Seaman, J 8282

 Gill, John T, Seaman, RNR, 2829

 Gill, Robert, Seaman, RNR, 4580A

 Girling, Isaac Richard, Able Seaman, 203365, RFR B 4598)

 Goddard, Thomas Edward, Able Seaman, 205714, RFR B 10702

 Goldsmith, George Henry, Leading Seaman, 204677 (Po)

 Goldsmith, William, Able Seaman (Coast Guard)

 Goody, Charles, Able Seaman, 222060

 Gore, Reginald E, Lieutenant

 Gorman, Benjamin, Stoker 1c, SS 105647, RFR B 8914)

 Gower, Harry, Able Seaman, 189572, RFR B 6641

 Green, Charles, Leading Seaman, RNR, 2353C

 Grimerd, Edwin Ernest, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 127948, RFR A 1765

 Grimes, Frank, Able Seaman, 174945, RFR B 3727

 Grocott, Frank William, Signalman, 232025

 Hadlow, Thomas George, Able Seaman, 207936, RFR B 9567

 Hale, Charles Walter, Stoker 1c, 295533, RFR B 8743

 Hall, William, Seaman, RNR, 5106A

 Hamer, Jesse, Stoker, RNR, 3053T

 Hannan, James Albert, Able Seaman, SS 2644, RFR B 10163

 Harness, Charles Edward, Leading Stoker, 295647, RFR B 9810

 Harper, John, Private, RMLI, 7550

 Harris, Levi Edward, Stoker 1c, K 8661 (Po)

 Harrison, Arthur, Seaman, RNR, 5542A

 Harvey, Edward Albert, Blacksmith, 342578 (Po)

 Harvey, William, Stoker, 309477

 Harvey, William Patrick, Stoker 1c, SS 109874

 Hastings, C J, Seaman, RNR, 3116B

 Hawes, John Henry, Private, RMLI, CH 14223

 Heale, Arthur, Sick Berth Steward (Pens), 129817

 Heslop, William, Stoker 1c, RNR, 19238

 Higgs, Edward Gabriel, Stoker 1c, K 9410 (Po)

 Highfield, William, Shipwright 2c, 343930

 Hill, John W, Seaman, RNR

 Hind, John Robert, Seaman, RNR, 4929A

 Hodgson, William Henry, Seaman, RNR, 4781S

 Holdham, Horace, Able Seaman, 239451, RFR B 10607

 Holdsworth, Alfred, Leading Seaman, 238032

 Holmes, Edward, Leading Stoker, 289223

 Holmes, Ronald William, Stoker 1c, SS 107586, RFR B 9952

 Hook, Hereward, Midshipman

 Hopper, William James, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 6887 (Po)

 Horrocks, Horatio, Petty Officer, 193544

 Hosker, Walter William, Leading Cook's Mate, 347895

 Hubbard, Philip, Able Seaman, 206343, RFE B 10222

 Huggins, George, Able Seaman, 174050, RFR B 4045

 Hughes, Henry, Petty Officer 1c, 190327

 Hughes, James Joseph, Petty Officer 1c, 174763, RFR B 2994

 Hulme, Samuel, Stoker 1c, 228747, RFR B 9873

 Humphreys, William, Stoker 1c, 298016, RFR B 9886

 Humphries, Albert, Able Seaman, 206066, RFR B 4671

 Humphries, Frederick Charles, Leading Seaman, 206059, RFR B 10683

 Hunt, John William, Able Seaman, RNR, 4310A

 Hunter, Matthew, Stoker Petty Officer, 306370

 Huntley, Francis Herbert, Leading Signalman, 107488, RFR B 6132

 Ingham, Lancelot G, Lieutenant

 Irvine, Leonard C D

 Jameson, Thomas Richard, Stoker 1c, 289680, RFR B 3376

 Jelf, Joshua, Able Seaman, SS 493, RFR B 5789

 Johnson, William Edward James, Stoker 1c, K 9390

 Jones, John Robert, Stoker 1c, K 8291

 Jones, Sydney Duke, Able Seaman, 218502, RFR B 10667, alias Duke Sydney

 Jones, William Edward Adam, Stoker, 279554, RFR B 2198

 Kay, Tom, Chief Electrician 2c, 345642

 Kennedy, William Henry, Able Seaman, SS 2608, RFR B 10028

 Kennett, Frederick John, Sailmaker, 171792, RFR B 4920, slightly injured

 Kenyon, Enoch Gibson, Able Seaman, 204445, RFR B 10121

 Kidston, George P G, Midshipman

 Kimp, William James, 2ND YEOMAN OF SignalS, 176348, RFR B 2493

 King, George, Stoker 1c, 102223, RFR B 7325

 Knight, Harold Percy, Stoker 1c, K 12407

 Lambert, Horace, Able Seaman, 170095, RFR B 5025

 Langford, Charles Harry, Able Seaman, 210614, RFR B 10464

 Langley, Harry, Able Seaman, 179542, RFR B 819

 Langston, Joseph Alfred, Stoker 1c, SS 108528, RFR B 10576

 Larrett, Alfred, Petty Officer 1c, 179429

 Lawrie, Frederick B, Midshipman

 Lester, Joseph Richard, Private, RMLI, CH 13181

 Lewis, Edward, Stoker 1c, K 10639 (Po)

 Lewis, Walter, Stoker 1c, SS 107373, RFR B 9876

 Longmate, Robert, Able Seaman, 185905, RFR B 6780

 Lower, William Walter, Able Seaman, SS 2383, RFR B 9791

 Lucas, Henry, Seaman, RNR, 5190A

 Lumby, Walter Ernest, Petty Officer, 211561

 Lyall, David, Able Seaman, 210744

 Malcolm, Samuel Philip, Stoker 1c, SS 109518

 Mallin, Hugh, Stoker 1c, RNR, 1681S

 Marks, Richard, Leading Seaman, 195449

 Marsh, William George Philip, Gunner, RMA, 10171

 Martin, Joseph James, Stoker 1c, 311480

 Maxted, Frederick Edward, Petty Officer, 188894

 McCartney, Arthur George, Able Seaman, 180621, RFR B 5321

 McDonald, Frederick, Petty Officer, 204921

 McDonald, John, Able Seaman, 218805

 McDonald, Thomas Berry, Able Seaman, 212529, RFR B 10443

 McDowell, Edward, Able Seaman, 201918, RFR B 7176

 McFadden, William, Gunner, RMA, 4976

 McGee, Frank, Canteen Manager

 McGrave, Christopher, Gunner, RMA, 13517

 McHugh, Neil, Stoker 1c, RNR, 310V

 McIntosh, James, Gunner, RMA, 6113

 McKay, Frank, Stoker 1c, RNR, 2805T

 McMillan, Malcolm Stuart, Leading Cook's Mate, M 1687

 McWhinnie, Alexander, Shipwright 2c, 343180

 Mills, Ernest Samuel, Able Seaman, 193447, RFR B 3042

 Mitchelmore, Ernest John, Officers' Steward 2c, L 2687

 Mogridge, Charles James, Gunner, RMA, 5406, RFR Po B 276

 Moody, Leonard Victor, Able Seaman, SS 2806, RFR B 10654

 Moore, Arthur, Able Seaman, 188333, RFR B 6637

 Moss, Harry James, Able Seaman, 233818

 Munday, William, Stoker 1c, SS 107625, RFR B 10027

 Murfield, George, Seaman, RNR, 3929

 Murfield, Harry, Seaman, RNR, 3895A

 Murfield, James, Seaman, RNR, 4405A

 Murfield, Thomas, Seaman, RNR, 5353A

 Mussett, Charles Henry, Seaman, RNR, 4189A

 New, James, Stoker 1c, 278036, RFR B 4214

 Nicholls, Percival T, Staff Surgeon, RNVR

 Nicholson, Wilmot S, Captain

 Noble, Charles Thomas, Carpenter's Mate (Pens), 114224

 Norgate, Purcell George, Able Seaman, 190540, RFR B 6676

 Norton, Reginald A, Commander

 Nurse, Charles Clemance, Able Seaman, 209580, RFR B 10422

 Osborne, Ernest Edwin, Able Seaman, 227883, RFR B 10322

 Padain, William, Stoker 1c, 276267, RFR B 632

 Padden, James J, Stoker Petty Officer, 163650, RFR A 4162

 Page, Harry, Able Seaman, 235965

 Paine, William, Able Seaman, SS 2448, RFR B 9788

 Palmer, Charles S, Corporal, RMA, 8385

 Parker, Benjamin Henry, Able Seaman, J 2130

 Parsons, Edward James, Able Seaman, 181553, RFR B 5041

 Payne, Charles, Leading Stoker, 298919, RFR B 10196

 Payne, J, Able Seaman (Coast Guard)

 Peachey, John, Able Seaman, 203317, RFR Ch B 4594

 Peacock, John Bridges, Able Seaman, 208636, RFR B 5126

 Pearman, Frederick George, Stoker 1c, K 9405 (Po)

 Pembroke, William John, Able Seaman, 189776, RFR B 7270

 Penny, Victor James, Gunner, RMA, 11799

 Pepper, William, Stoker 1c, RNR, 1481

 Perry, Harry, Stoker 1c, SS 108645, RFR B 10639

 Petch, Albert Henry, Stoker 1c, 298323, RFR B 10670

 Pett, Richard John, Able Seaman, 184375, RFR B 6665

 Phillips, Arthur Wiliam, Able Seaman, 179966, RFR B 6994

 Philpott, Walter Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 3476 (Po)

 Pike, Edward James, Able Seaman, 215129, RFR B 5297

 Pleydell-Bouverie, The Hon Edward, Midshipman

 Pollard, Samuel, Private, RMLI, CH 11667, RFR 1838

 Poulton, William George, Stoker 1c, 297992, RFR B 9872

 Preston, Thomas A, Private, RMLI, CH 17074

 Prince, Albert George, Gunner, RMA, 12262

 Prior, George John, Chief Stoker, 161300 (Po), RFR A 3779

 Pryke, Maurice, Private, RMLI, CH 7927, RFR 1367

 Puntt, James Edward, Stoker 1c, SS 108808, RFR B 10390

 Read, Willie, Able Seaman, 186779, RFR B 3510

 Reddall, Benjamin William, Stoker 1c, SS107753, RFR B 10077

 Redgrave, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 152455, RFR Ch A 1983

 Reed, William H, Chief Carpenter

 Reeves, William, Stoker 1c, 312411 (Po)

 Renwick, Alfred, Leading Seaman, 221335

 Reynolds, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, 169492, RFR B 4468

 Roberts, Frederick, Able Seaman, 199900, RFR B 10423

 Roberts, John, Seaman, RNR, 3559C

 Robinson, William George, Able Seaman, 186281, RFR B 5656

 Ross, Stephen John, Stoker Petty Officer, 289189

 Rowe, Arthur, Acting Gunner

 Rudge, Edward Burt, Private, RMLI, CH 15827

 Rush, Harry, Stoker 1c, SS 26, RFR B 5269

 Rush, Thomas A E, Artificer Engineer

 Savage, Alfred H, Gunner

 Sayer, William Frederick, Able Seaman, 213265, RFR B 7070

 Seabrook, Reginald, Stoker 1c, SS 107826, RFR B 10151

 Sharp, Harry, Stoker 1c, 298154, RFR B 9961

 Shaw, Richard Henry, Stoker 1c, 172121, RFR B 2072

 Shawyer, Thomas, Gunner, RMA, 5898, RFR 519

 Shoebridge, Frederick John, Gunner, RMA, 8447, RFR 115

 Showell, William Henry, Stoker 1c, SS102813, RFR B 7497

 Sidney, James Henry, Carpenter's Crew Mate, 7624

 Sillett, Harry, Able Seaman, 186985, RFR B 5276

 Skeels, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 9562

 Slark, Henry George, Private, RMLI, CH 11543, RFR 1778

 Smart, William, Stoker 1c, SS 108060 (Dev), RFR B 5650

 Smith, Charles William, Stoker 1c, 276120, RFR B 1715

 Smith, Henry Arthur, Able Seaman, 212153, RFR B 10397

 Smith, John, Gunner, RMA, 9643

 Smith, William, Leading Signalman, 237896

 Snell, Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 160076, RFA 1926

 Spalding, George, Able Seaman, 217826

 Sparrow, Thomas Weymouth, Gunner, RMA, 4873, RFR 914

 Spawson, Samuel Guppy, Able Seaman, 182747, RFR B 3502, alias Samuel Gardner

 Stead, Henry Robert, Able Seaman, 215405, RFR B 6601

 Stephens, Alfred, Able Seaman, SS 432, RFR B 5688

 Stevens, Percy Herbert, Ordinary Signalman, J 12376

 Stewart, Robert, Able Seaman, 186884, RFR B 6675

 Stokes, Walter, Engineer Commander, injured both legs

 Stone, Stephen William, Engine Room Artificer 1c (Pens), 148213

 Stratham, George, Private, RMLI, CH 8491, RFR 868

 Street, John, Able Seaman, 216468, RFR B 10620

 Stuart, William Tennant, Petty Officer, 186878

 Styles, George Charles, Signal Boy, J 26210

 Sugg, Albert Edward, Sailmaker's Mate, 190894, RFR B 8720

 Swart, Albert, Stoker 1c, SS 107291, RFR B 9804

 Symons, Henry, Leading Signalman, 144132, RFR B 1719

 Symons, Rodamond, Gunner, RMA, 7558, RFR 1039

 Tassell, Albert Victor, 2ND SICK BERTH Steward, M 1325

 Taylor, Frederick, Private, RMLI, CH 7235

 Taylor, John Bishop, Able Seaman, 198288, RFR Ch B 6840

 Taylor, William Charles Burtenshaw, Able Seaman, 194430, RFR B 6716

 Tecke, Carl, Private, RMLI, CH 14231

 Theobald, Arthur, Private, RMLI, CH 15482

 Thompson, Edward, Petty Officer, 181978

 Thomson, Robert, Able Seaman, 213224, RFR B 10700

 Thornton, Richard Frank, Able Seaman, 218968, RFR B 4297

 Tice, William John, Petty Officer 2c (Coast Guard), 158800, RFR A 1982

 Tillard, Stephen D, Lieutenant Commander

 Tilley, Henry, Chief Stoker, 162737, RFR A 1992

 Toms, Stephen, Stoker 1c, SS 107376, RFR 9875

 Toombs, Edward John, Signalman, 238255

 Tracey, Walter, Leading Seaman, 201539, RFR B 9809

 Travis, Frederick, Stoker 1c, 297688, RFR B 9799

 Trett, Bertie Walter, Leading Seaman, 209395

 Trowbridge, Reuben, Stoker 1c, SS 111077 (Po)

 Troy, James Henry, Able Seaman, 194765, RFR B 8198

 Tucker, Frederick Charles, Bugler, CH 17881

 Tucker, George Albert, Stoker 1c, 299885, RFR B 10364

 Tucker, John Alfred, Engine Room Artificer 1c (Pens), 145522

 Tunley, Frederick James, Able Seaman, 205251, RFR Ch B 5266

 Turvey, Henry, Stoker 1c, K 10661 (Po)

 Tyrer, Austin, Lieutenant, RNR

 Tysoe, William Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 197583, RFR B

 Usher, Robert, Seaman, RNR

 Ventress, Robert, Seaman, RNR

 Waight, Mark Harry, Leading Seaman, 202890, RFR B

 Waite, Joseph, Private, RMLI, CH 15971

 Wakeley, William George, Able Seaman, 211952, RFR B 6649

 Waldeck, Alexander Peter, Able Seaman, 199818, RFR B 9991

 Walden, Alfred James M, Able Seaman, 209443

 Walker, George C, Seaman, RNR

 Walker, Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 111273 (Po)

 Walsh, William, Able Seaman, J 1866 (Dev)

 Ward, Henry Allan, Able Seaman, J 12684

 Warner, James, Stoker 1c, SS 107756, RFR B

 Warrington, Percy James, Petty Officer, 168147

 Watson, Frederick, Able Seaman, 185878, RFR B 5757

 Watts, Joseph Evans, Able Seaman, 186054, RFR B 10186

 Watts, Wilfred Leonard, Gunner, RMA, 12688

 Watts, William John, Stoker 1c, K 11064 (Po)

 Weatherhead, Robert W D, Seaman, RNR

 Weight, Edmund William, Stoker 1c, 293156, RFR B 9979

 Welham, Walter, Seaman, RNR, 2416A

 Wellard, Ernest William, Able Seaman, 212079

 Wells, Ernest Baker, Officers' Steward 2c, L 1497

 Wells, William Edward, Petty Officer, 186203

 Wells, William J H, Private, RMLI, CH 2542, RFR 565

 Wentworth, John Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 107755, RFR B 10079

 West, Charles Benjamin, Gunner, RMA, 9916, RFR 1314

 Wheatley, Albert Edward, Leading Stoker, 299572, RFR B 8771

 Whetmore, Francis Edward, Third Writer, M 6120

 White, F E, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, 1935

 White, Thomas B, Seaman, RNR, 4805B

 Whitehead, Frederick, Stoker Petty Officer, 160552, RFR A 1923

 Wicks, Jack Frederick, Gunner, RMA, 7675

 Williams, Cuthbert

 Williams, James, Private, RMLI, CH 7787

 Willis, Harold J, Midshipman

 Willoughby, Frederick James, Able Seaman, 198811, RFR B 3889

 Winspear, George, Seaman, RNR

 Winspear, Matthew, Seaman, RNR, 5319

 Winspear, William T, Seaman, RNR, 3750A

 Winton, William Herbert, Petty Officer (Coast Guard), 191799

 Wood, James G (Or P ?), Seaman, RNR, 5118A

 Wood, Walter Charles, Able Seaman, 175564, RFR B 303

 Wooden, Nelson, Officers' Cook 1c, 3574778

 Woodward, William Thomas, Leading Stoker, 289658, RFR B

 Worboys, Percy George, Leading Seaman, 226188

 Wright, William, Stoker 1c, K 10699 (Po)

 Yarham, Richard, Seaman, RNR, 3709C

 Yates, Henry Thomas, Boy Servant, L 4873

 Yeowart, Frederick, Acting Leading Stoker, 309583, RFR B 8486




Armed merchant cruiser, torpedoed and sunk by U.22 of Norwegian coast, 8 August 1915, survivors


 Akerman, Andrew S R, Warrant Telegraphist, RNR

 Alltree, Ernest W, Act/Sub Lieutenant, RNR

 Atkins, D, Greaser, MMR

 Attwood, John Shirley, Able Seaman, RNVR, London 1/2680

 Baker, Arthur William, Signalman, 238983 (Ch)

 Bale, Claude J, Sub Lieutenant, RNR

 Barber, G, Trimmer, MMR

 Bentley, W L, Baker's Mate, MMR

 Biggs, John H, Lieutenant, RNR

 Binney, Charles, Able Seaman, SS 2214 (Ch)

 Black, Charles L, Ty/Midshipman, RNR

 Bolton, Norman, Private, Ch 19119

 Brown, George Andrew, Able Seaman, 208652 (Ch)

 Bruce, A, Leading Fireman, MMR

 Bryant, E W, Steward, MMR

 Byrne, Charles J, Chief Gunner

 Carnes, John Henry, Able Seaman, 166541 (Ch)

 Carpenter, Henry, Able Seaman, 201208 (Ch)

 Chircop, L, Captain's Valet, MMR

 Churcher, A A, Steward, MMR

 Clark, W, Fireman, MMR

 Clarke, J, Fireman, MMR

 Clarke, R A, Engine Room Artificer, RNVR, CLYDE Z 16

 Connor, J, Trimmer, MMR

 Cooper, G, Leading Fireman, MMR

 Cruikshank, Robert D, Probationary Midshipman, RNR

 Daly, W, Trimmer, MMR

 Davies, Hugh, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 251

 Davies, W T, Trimmer, MMR

 Dockree, Walter, Master At Arms (Pens), 350132 (Ch)

 Dunn, R, Storekeeper, MMR

 Dunt, William Charles, Able Seaman, 182308 (Ch)

 Eade, Alfred Freddy, Master At Arms (Pens), 139530 (Ch)

 Evans, Clarence Thomas, Private, Ch 19126

 Farley, Edward George, Junior Reserve Attendant, M 9919

 Fielding, G, Chief Writer, MMR

 Fisher, J H, Trimmer, MMR

 Flynn, T, Fireman, MMR

 Franklin, J, Greaser, MMR

 Frost, A, Trimmer, MMR

 Furniss, Charles Matthew, Able Seaman, 162226 (Ch)

 Fury, A, Greaser, MMR

 German, G, Steward, MMR

 Gilchrist, Alan Alfred, Able Seaman, SS 2893 (Ch)

 Gill, A T, Trimmer, MMR

 Glibbery, A, Fireman, MMR

 Gomes, F, Pantryman, MMR

 Goodman, J, Fireman, MMR

 Gowers, Reginald Charles, Private, Ch 19151

 Groundwater, Richard G, Lieutenant, RNR

 Hackett, William, Able Seaman, 173676 (Ch)

 Haddow, F A, Trimmer, MMR

 Hawes, S, Fireman, MMR

 Hennessey, D, Trimmer, MMR

 Henry, D, Fireman, MMR

 Hill, Henry George, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol 2/130

 Hines, Fred, Petty Officer 1c, 190736 (Ch)

 Hole, Sydney Percy, Able Seaman, 236285 (Ch)

 Hood, F, Hydraulic Winchman, MMR

 Howlett, Thomas, Able Seaman, 172508 (Ch)

 Hyde, T H, Greaser, MMR

 Irwin, William, Able Seaman, 191440 (Ch)

 Jackson, W G, Chief Cook, MMR

 Jenkins, Harold R, Ty/Midshipman, RNR

 Johnson, Gerald S, Engineer, RNR

 Johnston, James T, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

 Jones, Wiliam, Able Seaman, 178144 (Ch)

 Kennedy, William G A, Commander

 Lamb, W, Steward, MMR

 Lawrence, R T, Baker, MMR

 Lawson, Frank W, Ty/Surgeon

 Macdiarmid, John M, Assistant Engineer, RNR

 Magill, Joseph Vincent Mahood, Boy 1c, J 34313

 Malam, W, Fireman, MMR

 Marchington, E, Trimmer, MMR

 McCan, J, Stoker, identified as Stoker without official number

 McKay, John, Engineer, RNR

 McKeag, Ernest L, Ty/Midshipman, RNR

 McKee, John, Fireman

 McKinnon, J, Stoker, identified as Stoker without official number

 McKiver, E, Stoker, identified as Stoker without official number

 McReary, Ernest James, Private, Ch 19222

 Miller, E, Fireman, MMR

 Milligan, Matthew, Ordinary Seaman, J 41004 (Ch)

 Moore, C, Trimmer, MMR

 Moore, David, Petty Officer 1c, 134222 (Ch)

 Moss, George Valentine, Able Seaman, 228500 (Ch)

 Musselwhite, Harold, Act/Sub Lieutenant, RNR

 Nahar, J G, Steward, MMR

 Nelson, Charles W, Senior Engineer, RNR

 Norton, F H, Fireman, MMR

 Oakby, W, Trimmer, MMR

 O'connor, Nicholas, Private, Ch 19107

 Patmore, Francis W, Assistant Engineer, RNR

 Perry, S J, Steward, MMR

 Peters, A W, Steward, MMR

 Pike, Frederick, Corporal, RMLI, Ch 11417

 Pipkin, E, Assistant Storekeeper

 Revell, J L, Warrant Telegraphist, MMR

 Revell, John L, Ty/Warrant Telegraphist, RNR

 Rex, Cyril, Private, Ch 19118

 Riley, H, Chief Stoker, identified as Stoker without official number

 Ripley, Herbert Charles, Colour Sergeant, RMLI, Ch 7437

 Robertson, A, Trimmer, MMR

 Rodrigues, M, Steward, MMR

 Ross, C, Steward, MMR

 Ross, Ronal C, Py/Midshipman, RNR

 Sampson, Frederick Ernest, Able Seaman, 171702 (Ch)

 Skelton, A J, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, 1741 EA

 Smart, William, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Clyde Z 1493

 Smith, H, Fireman, MMR

 Smith, Thomas Henry, Private, Ch 18258

 Spiteri, F, Fireman, MMR

 Summerfield, Samuel Edward, Able Seaman, 164464 (Ch)

 Tanner, Arthur Charles, Petty Officer 1c (C G ), 201416 (Po)

 Thompson, Charles Steven, Private, Ch 19243

 Tilley, W, Fireman, MMR

 Tims, Frederick W, Engineer, RNR

 Tindling, J, Fireman, MMR

 Tothill, John Holman, Stoker 1c, SS 102744 (Dev)

 Travis, W, Able Seaman, 201860 (Ch)

 Trinder, David Francis, Private, Ch 18228

 Turner, Louis Cecil, Armourer's Crew, M 8470 (Ch)

 Walker, Charles Percival, Bugler, RMLI, 18305 (Ch)

 Walker, Henry John, Leading Seaman, 177263 (Ch)

 Wallis, Charles Edward, Able Seaman, 180600 (Ch)

 Ward, A, Butcher, MMR

 Ward, William James, Petty Officer 1c, 125843 (Ch)

 Ware, Albert Charles, Leading Seaman, 170330 (Ch)

 Watkins, W, Greaser, MMR

 Wells, John Thomas, Able Seaman, 187563 (Ch)

 Whhite, A, Trimmer, MMR

 White, Charles, Able Seaman, 181578 (Ch)

 Williams, Thomas, Private, Ch 18239

 Wilson, C R, Steward, MMR

 Wood, Georfge Arthur, Junior Reserve Attendant, M 9723 (Ch)

 Worrow, T, Fireman, MMR

 Wyatt, William Henry, Able Seaman, 184628 (Ch)

 Zwink, Henry Otto, Able Seaman, SS 2209 (Ch), also known as Thomas, Henry George




Battlecruiser, damaged by German gunfire, Battle of Falklands, 8 December 1914, wounded

Hasler, Terence, Ordinary Seaman, J 18032, slightly

Mayes, Arthur, Seaman, 14754

Spratt, George Frederick, Able Seaman, 237219, slightly



Submarine, sunk by accident by Q-ship Cymric in North Sea, 15 October 1918, survivors

Burtenshaw, Alfred, Signalman, 226545

Green, Herbert B, Petty Officer, D/211866

Hall, Harold, Able Seaman, D/21184

Hockridge, William, Stoker, K 10070

Knibb, Sidney E, Stoker, C/K 13381

Luff, James, Petty Officer, P/J 10625

Noakes, Frederick W, Petty Officer, D/J 18834

Phillips, Alfred A E, Chief Petty Officer, D/228052

Preston, John S, Stoker, C/K 17085, Hospital

Rawlings, Albert E, Stoker, P/303854

Seymour, George, Stoker 1c, C/K 24204

Warburton, Geoffrey, Lieutenant

Warner, Leonard B, Telegraphist, D/0705




Armoured cruiser, damaged by German gunfire, Battle of Falklands, 8 December 1914, wounded

Arnold, William, Private (RFR B 866), Po 8342

Brewer, George Silvester, Stoker Petty Officer (RFR A 3572), 150950

Day, Francis Thomas, Private, RMILI, Po 6517

Joy, Edward, Lance Corporal, RMLI (RFR B 659), Po 10568

Lindsey, Herbert, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3754), SS 101403

Pear, Joseph, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4172), SS 102840

Restall, John, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4055), 291073

Sheridan, Alfred Brindsley, Private, RMLI, Po 13708




Admiralty trawler, mined, laid by UC.11 in North Sea, and sunk 26 October 1916, survivors

Baker, Norman, Lieutenant, RNR

Roberts, Norman, Lieutenant, RNR



Destroyer, mined, laid by German raider Meteor in Moray Firth and sunk, 9 August 1915, survivors


 Anderson, Robert, Able Seaman, J 6900 (Po)

 Bain, F or P, Able Seaman, slightly injured, unable to identify this man

 Bassett, Arthur James, Petty Officer, 204302 (Po)

 Bewley, Jacob, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 270836 (Po)

 Collins, Henry Ernest, Officers' Steward 2c, L 4181 (Ch)

 Cook, George Edward, Stoker 1c, K 7321 (Po)

 Coulter, William, Chief Stoker RFR A 1711, 154107 (Ch)

 Cullen, James Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 306283 (Po)

 Edwards, Joseph William, Stoker Petty Officer, 279781 (Po)

 Farmer, William Henry, Stoker 1c, K 15011 (Po)

 Hall, Richard, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 7856 (Po)

 Harvey, Thomas, Yeoman of Signals, 155389 (Po), slightly injured

 Hendrick, Patrick, Able Seaman, J 36054 (Po)

 Langford-Jones, P, Surgeon Probationer

 Lush, Benjamin, Stoker Petty Officer, 306420 (Po)

 Main, William George, Stoker Petty Officer, K 2112 (Po)

 Paramore, J R, Sub Lieutenant

 Reed, Herbert Edwin, Stoker 1c, K 2466 (Po)

 Schloegell, J, Gunner

 Seddon, F, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, 1473 E A (Po), seriously injured

 Simpson, George, Petty Officer, 200263 (Po)

 Smith, John Darby, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 268884 (Po)

 Thorpe, Frank Ernest, Able Seaman, J 5204, slightly injured

 Warwick, Harold, Stoker 1c, K 15237 (Po)

 Whitehead, H, Stoker, RNR, 3910 S

 Whyham, V, Engineer Lieutenant Commander




Destroyer, mined and sunk off Belgian Coast, 7 May 1915, all  crew taken prisoner

Ayling, William John, Ordinary Seaman, J 309990 (Po)

Barrow, Benjamin Wingate, Commander, RN

Blaylock, John, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271603 (Po)

Botley, Thomas Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 16572 (Po)

Brown, William Wallace King, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

Bushell, Alfred Ethelbert, Chief Petty Officer, 156648 (Po),

Buttonshaw, John, Yeoman of Signals, 215905 (Po)

Carver, Arthur, Leading Stoker, 310971 (Po)

Coker, Frederick Walter Maitland, Gunner, RN

Cowley, William Alfred, Officer's Steward 3c, L 5715 (Po)

Craven, Samuel James, Stoker 2c, SS 115492 Po)

Davis, William, Leading Stoker, 304755

Day, George Francis, Able Seaman, J 13541 (Po)

Depledge, Edmund, Stoker 1c, K 9354 (Po)

Dyer, Walter Jubilee, Leading Stoker, 311742 (Po)

Enticknap, Henry Charles, Stoker 1c, K 17650 (Po)

Eves, Arthur John, Stoker Petty Officer, 309683 (Dev)

Farnsworth, Ernest, Able Seaman, 229392 (Po)

Farrell, Peter, Stoker, RNR, 4529 S

Foster, John, Stoker, RNR, 4892 S

Garrett, David, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270942 (Po)

Gates, Leonard Benjamin George, Stoker Petty Officer, 303790 (Po)

Green, Hubert Reginald, Leading Stoker, 358632 (Po)

Harvey, Harold Geoffrey Leech, Lieutenant, RN

Henderson, Arthur Alexander, Able Seaman, 237877 (Po)

Higginson, Edgar, Able Seaman, J 11511 (Po)

Hitcham, George Alfred, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 11931 (Ch)

Howard, George Alfred, Leading Cook's Mate, M 1930 (Po)

Hunt, William Charles, Leading Telegraphist, 233979 (Po)

Huxter, William George, Able Seaman, J 8981 (Po)

Isaac, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 363680 (Dev)

Johnson, George James Michael, Leading Signalman, 230253 (Po)

Keeble, Stanley William, Stoker 1c, K 5591 (Po)

Lewis, John Henry, Able Seaman, J 17852 (Po)

Lister, Charles Henry, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 5706 (Po)

Littlehales, Charlie Frederick, Seaman, RNR, 5051 A

Long, Leonard Herbert, Able Seaman, 221716 (Po)

MacArthur, Angus, Seaman, RNR, 2867 A

Main, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, 2882 C

Marshall, William, Stoker, RNR, 4345 S

McCabe, Joseph Patrick, Stoker, RNR, 4531 S

McCall, Patrick, Stoker, RNR, 4852 S

McWilliams, Henry Hastings, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Morgan, Hugh Percy, Able Seaman, J 6434 (Po)

Neale, William, Petty Officer, 217518 (Po)

Payne, Arthur Herbert, Leading Seaman, J 621 (Po)

Payne, Charles, Stoker Petty Officer, 299110 (Po)

Pepper, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 5356 (Po)

Perman, Albert, Petty Officer, 198741 (Po)

Phillips, Joseph, Stoker 1c, K 18644 (Po)

Pickett, Henry Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 3762 Po)

Pocock, Thomas Henry, Able Seaman, J 6726 (Po)

Pope, James, Seaman, RNR, 4949 A

Porter, William James, Chief Stoker, 353338 (Po)

Porteus, Andrew Nicol, Engine Room Artificer, RNR, 1093 EA

Powell, Richard Lewis, Able Seaman, J 10136 (Po)

Pullen, Harry Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, J 23640 (Po)

Quinton, John Henry, Stoker 1c, K 18229 (Po)

Reeves, Thomas Richard, Petty Officer, 156074 (Po)

Roche, William, Able Seaman, J 10339 (Po)

Ruddock, William Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 5670 (Po)

Samphire, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 178211 (Po)

Scholey, Oswald Sydney, Petty Officer, 195660 (Po)

Southgate, Sydney, Stoker Petty Officer, 283228 (Po)

Squibb, Alfred Charles, Stoker 1c, K 18235 (Po)

Stallwood, Thomas Edward, Stoker 2c, SS 115443 (Po)

Starmore, Alexander Sydney Frank, Officer's Steward 3c, L 5723 (Po)

Teviotdale, Thomas George, Stoker 2c, SS 115501 (Po)

Titheridge, Jack George Ralph, Able Seaman, J 10158 (Po)

Upstall, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 306461 (Dev)

Vaughan, Walter, Stoker 2c, SS 115497 (Po)

Vine, Alfred John, Petty Officer, 175551 (Po)

Wallis, Frank Charles, Stoker Petty Officer, 193076 (Po)

Wareham, George Frederick, Able Seaman, J 10850 (Po)

Welch, George James, Able Seaman, J 10850 (Po)

White, Charles Henry, Stoker 1c, K 10467 (Po)

White, Edward, Stoker 1c, K 19770 (Po)

White, John William, Able Seaman, J 8734 (Po)

Woods, Thomas John, Leading Stoker, 309921 (Po)

Wright, John Herbert, Stoker 1c, K 15259 (Po)

Young, Leonard Hasler, Artificer Engineer, RN




Destroyer, sunk by gunfire during withdrawal, Zeebrugge Raid, 23 April 1918, lives lost, men wounded and taken prisoner

Brooker, Percy Robert, Artificer Engineer, RN, wounded

Byron, George Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 307590, wounded

Cockburn, Robert, Petty Officer, J 4132, wounded

Crabb, George Frank, Able Seaman, J 32766, wounded

Cribbin, Edward George Victor, Stoker 1c, K 33067, wounded

Curtis, Frederick William, Steward, K 19904, wounded

Cuthbert, Frank Edwin, Stoker 1c, J 23500, wounded

Divers, Thomas Frank, Leading Stoker, K 9197, wounded

Dunn, Alfred William Charles, Ordinary Seaman, J 61960, wounded

Ferry, Henry Joseph, Stoker 1c, 306073, wounded

Galletly, Thomas William, Gunner, RN, wounded

Hardy, George Henry, Able Seaman, J 62370, wounded

Hayward, Leslie George, Ordinary Seaman, J 63576, POW

Holden, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 281687, wounded

James, Robert Henry, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1177, POW

Johnston, Frank Charles, Stoker, K 21122, POW

Knight, William, Able Seaman, 222481, wounded

Ludlow, Norman Pinson, Able Seaman, J 72123, wounded

Mead, Herbert William, Able Seaman, 240071, wounded

Neville, Kenneth William, Signalman, L 214987, POW

Porter, George Patrick, Stoker 1c, SS 110436, wounded

Redmond, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 33681, wounded

Shepherd, Frank Beasley, Leading Stoker, K 8317, wounded

Smith, Leslie, Telegraphist Petty Officer, J 10694, POW

Whincup, Arthur Henry, Able Seaman, S 33489, wounded




Destroyer, torpedoed by German destroyer in Dover Straits, night of 26/27 October 1916 - stern salvaged, rebuilt as half of HMS Zubian, lives were lost, wounded follow:

Bernard, Montague Robert, Commander, RN, survivor

Burchell, William, Stoker Petty Officer, 308032, wounded

Dale, Henry Edward, Lieutenant, RN, wounded

Edwards, Walter, Stoker Petty Officer, 309780, wounded

White, Jabez John, Chief Stoker, 276998, wounded

Yarrow, William Horace, Cook's Mate, M 5857, wounded




Destroyer, ran ashore on Pentland Skerries in snow storm on 12 January 1918, one survivor

Sissons, William, Able Seaman, J 16486 (Po)




Scout cruiser, damaged in action by German battlecruisers off Hartlepool, 16 December 1914, wounded

Gilbert, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 12645 (Ch)

McClure, Robert, Shipwright 2c, 344936 (Ch)

Pace, William James, Leading Seaman, 227986 (Ch)

Richmond, Robert Henry, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1367 (Ch)




Old light cruiser, sunk by German light cruiser Konigsberg off Zanzibar, 20 September 1914, wounded

Adams, George Edward, Carpenter, RN, wounded

Beddows, Albert William, Stoker, 301646 (Po), wounded

Bilborough, James, Able Seaman, J15640 (Dev), wounded

Bowden, Canteen Assistant, severely wounded

Briggs, Samuel William Henry, Able Seaman, J8806 (Dev), wounded

Brown, William James, Able Seaman, 227825 (Dev), wounded

Brunker, George, Able Seaman, 222576 (Dev), wounded

Burt, John William, Stoker 1c, 295392 (Dev), wounded

Butler, Canteen Manager, slightly wounded

Carr, Christopher, Able Seaman, J 1193 (Dev)

Clarke, Horace William, Able Seaman, 224914 (Dev), wounded

Commins, George, Able Seaman, 238871 (Dev), wounded

Davis, Arthur Richard, Ordinary Seaman, J 15514, wounded

Derry, John Gidley, Clerk, RN, wounded

Edwards, Edgar John, Stoker 1c, K 15294 (Dev), wounded

Edwards, Leslie William Hemry, Ship's Steward Assistant, M 1995 (Dev), wounded

Evans, Reginald Thomas, Leading Signalman, 236013 (Dev), wounded

Gage, Frederick Charles, Leading Seaman, 229709 (Dev), wounded

Gill, James, Able Seaman, 234363, wounded

Goss, George William Charles, Gunner, RN, wounded

Gregory, William Robert Featherstanhaugh, Sub Lieutenant, RN, wounded

Hackworthy, Samuel Stanley, Stoker 1c, K 14421 (Dev), wounded

Hall, Albert Edward, Able Seaman, J 13932 (Dev), wounded

Hazlehurst, Frederick Thomas, Able Seaman, J 9678 (Dev), wounded

Hickman, Edgar, Ordinary Seaman, J 15510 (Dev), wounded

Horrell, Irwin George, Leading Seaman, 219793 (Dev), wounded

Jacka, Frank, Cook's Mate, 347533 (Dev), wounded

Jones, William Alfred Willcox, Ordinary Seaman, J 15588 (Dev), wounded

Kilgore, Samuel John, Ordinary Seaman, J 17386, wounded

King, Percival Charles, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 235463 (Dev), wounded

Lawrance, Leonard Claude, Leading Seaman, 235960 (Dev), wounded

Lee, George, Able Seaman, J 14012 (Dev), wounded

Llewllyn, George St John, Lieutenant, RN, wounded

Mathias, Hubert Parmee, Shipwright, 346004 (Dev), wounded

McCarthy, Richard Joseph, Stoker 1c, SS 112879 (Dev), wounded

Morgan, Charles, Able Seaman, SS 3322 (Dev)

Nobes, William Lewis, Able Seaman, J 969 (Dev), wounded

Pepperell, Frederick John, Able Seaman, 219275 (Dev), wounded

Phillips, John Elias, Able Seaman, 180066 (Dev), wounded

Pickersgill, Tom, Ordinary Seaman, J 17340, wounded

Pobjoy, Henry Albert Edward, Stoker 1c, K 14181 (Dev), wounded

Pudner, Gilbert, Able Seaman, 164857 (Dev), wounded

Puleston, Frank, Stoker 1c, K 14406 (Dev), wounded

Ridewood, James Bilbie, Armourer's Mate, 345905 (Dev), wounded

Sanders, Samuel, Stoker Petty Officer, 199506 (Dev), wounded

Satterford, Richard Douglas, Ordinary Seaman, J 15174 (Dev), wounded

Seath, Thomas William Spencer, Staff Paymaster, RN, slightly wounded

Smith, Alfred, Able Seaman, J 14265 (Dev), wounded

Thompson, David, Private, PLY 12483, wounded

Thorne, Walter, Stoker 1c, K 13254 (Dev), wounded

Tillotson, Ernest, Ordinary Seaman, J 15731 (Dev), wounded

Ward, James Henry, 2nd Cooper, 343443 (Dev), wounded

Whalley, Charles, Ordinary Seaman, J 16416 (Dev)

Whitton, Herbert John, Able Seaman, 185044 (Dev), wounded

Wiblin, Frederick John Sellick, Plumber, 343641 (Dev), wounded

Wide, Walter Henry, Stoker 1c, K 14398 (Dev), wounded

William, John, Able Seaman, J 11886 (Dev), wounded

Williams, Walter Frederick, Ordinary Seaman, J 15478 (Dev), wounded




Auxiliary minelayer, accidental internal explosion at Sheerness, 27 May 1915, one survivor from crew

Wills, David Percy, Stoker K 906



Battlecruiser, sunk by German battlecruiser gunfire, Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916, survivors, including two taken prisoner


 Brend, Albert Henry, Able Seaman, J 22156, slightly wounded

 Clark, Albert Bower, Stoker 1c, K 25655, wounded

 Cunnah, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 20438

 Dearden, Peregrine, Midshipman, POW

 (Durrant, Humphrey M L, Midshipman, died of injuries 6 June

 Edwards, Albert, Stoker, RNR, 2924 T, wounded

 Ford, Stanley Foster, Petty Officer, 203681, slightly wounded

 Francis, Ernest Benjamin, Petty Officer, 178395

 Hughes, Herbert Ernest, Leading Stoker, K 6445, slightly wounded

 Hutchinson, John, Able Seaman, J 20122, slightly wounded

 Lloyd-Owen, John H, Midshipman, RNR

 Manners, George William, Leading Stoker, 308014, slightly wounded

 May, Thomas Charles, Boy 1c, J 42494, seriously wounded

 Meads, Frederick William, Able Seaman, 20095

 Ralph, Albert, Leading Stoker, K 4, slightly wounded

 Sherwood, Alfred Thomas, Able Seaman, J 7221, POW

 Smith, Frank, Stoker 1c, K 17778, slightly wounded

 Storey, Jocelyn L, Midshipman

 Taylor, Marshall W, Stoker Petty Officer, 295746, slightly wounded

 Van Der Byl, Voltelin St J, Midshipman, wounded




Armed boarding steamer, sunk in action with German raider Meteor in North Sea, 8 August 1915, survivors and wounded

Allen, Thomas James, Able Seaman, RNVR, SUSSEX 1/248

Armour, Walter Cecil, Assistant Engineer, MMR

Austin, Arthur, Assistant Engineer, MMR, wounded

Barnes, Joseph, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, MERSEY 2/212

Beattie, Charles Henry, Trimmer, MMR

Blake, Frederick, Private, RMLI, Po 5311, slightly injured

Bowers, John, Chief Petty Officer, 108393 (Ch), slightly injured

Brew, William, Greaser, MMR

Brooker, Albert Edward, Cook, MMR

Christian, Philip Henry, Fireman, MMR

Cleaton, Marshall Douglas, Trimmer, MMR

Cohen, John, Electrician, MMR

Corris, Enos Thomas, Greaser, MMR

Cotter, Alexander, Steward, MMR

Culley, Joseph, Petty Officer 1c, 151638 (Po),

Emsley, Albert, Able Seaman, RNVR, SUSSEX 2/286

Fanning, John, Senior Engineer, MMR

Fayle, Thomas J, Engineer, RNR

Fraser, John, Seaman, RNR, 4446 B, slightly injured

Fraser, William, Leading Seaman, RNR, 2454 C

Gander, Albert Harvey, Able Seaman, RNVR, SUSSEX 1/300, wounded

Ganson, Thomas, Seaman, RNR, 1937 D

Goodlad, Gilbert, Seaman, RNR, 4903 B

Greswell, Gilbert, Private, RMLI, Po 1366

Hughes, Charles William, Steward, MMR, slightly injured

Hutchison, Gilbert, Seaman, RNR, 4692 B

Hutchison, John, Seaman, RNR, 3337 C

Jarvis, Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, MERSEY 1/206

Keech, Thomas Charles, Petty Officer 1c, 121672 (Po)

Lowe, Harry Cash, Assistant Steward, MMR, slightly injured

McCrudden, Hugh, Trimmer, MMR

McCusker, Hugh, Chief Petty Officer, 137722 (Po)

Murray, Robert, Fireman, MMR

Norcott, Ernest Alfred, Trimmer, MMR, slightly injured

O'Toole, Herbert, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, MERSEY 1/178

Piper, Edward John, S.S.A., M 10728 (Po)

Saul, Joseph, Greaser, MMR

Walker, William, Stoker, MMR, slightly injured

White, Edwin, Leading Signalman, RNVR, LONDON 8/3372, slightly injured

Whitworth, Ernest Frederick Stowe, W.T.O. 1c, RNR, 218 WTS

Williams, Edward Owen, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, MERSEY 1/189




Old sloop, damaged by German shore gunfire off Belgian coast, 29 October 1914, wounded but list is dated 28th

Acaster, William, Able Seaman, 211548 (Ch) (RFR B 5412)

Brindle, George, Stoker, RNR, 3347 S, dangerously

Bushell, Stephen Henry, Petty Officer, 216859 (Ch), slightly

Elsegood, Charles, Leading Seaman, 212015 (Ch) (RFR B 9424), slightly

Harry, Thomas, Sick Berth Attendant, 351207 (Dev), slightly

Knott, John Thomas, Leading Seaman, J 1186 (Ch)

Lee, William, Able Seaman, 197216 (Dev) (RFR B 1799), slightly

Martin, Samuel Foster, Armourers' Mate, 346342 (Dev), injured

McDougall, James Davidson, Leading Seaman, 186422 (Ch) (RFR B 2643)

McKeane, Henry (also Henry Kane), Boy 1c, J 18460, slightly

Moore, Charles Edward, Officers' Cook 3c, L 5707 (Dev), slightly

Patience, William, Seaman, RNR, 3420 C

Robertson, Angus, Private, RMLI, 7795 (Ply) (RFR B 582), slightly




Destroyer, sunk in action with German minelaying cruisers in northern North Sea, 17 October 1917, survivors

Balls, George William, Petty Officer, 156163, wounded

Blundell, John George, Able Seaman, C/ 121092

Boulton, Alfred Ernest, Able Seaman, P/J 31974

Brooke, Edward Lieutenant Commander, RN, wounded, died 10 February 1919 from pneumonia as a result of the action

Brown, Morgan Ernest John, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M/ 3697

Coates, William Alfred, Able Seaman, 215078

Cook, James William Richard, Cook's Mate, C/M 13459

Coxhill, Arthur Edwin George, Signalman, P/J 33681, wounded

Davison, Robert, Stoker, C/K 28660, wounded

Eiloart, Norman Frederick, Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/M 20077

Fielder, Herbert Edward, Chief Petty Officer, 180659, wounded

Forster, Albert Victor, Stoker 1c, C/K 35745, wounded

Foster, George, Stoker Petty Officer, C/ 295659, wounded

Hards, Sidney, Stoker Petty Officer, C/J 39672

Harford, Thomas William, Able Seaman, J 12180, wounded

Harvey, Thomas William, Able Seaman, C/J 12180

Hastings, Clarence Walter, Able Seaman, C/J 914, wounded

Hayne, George, Able Seaman, D/M 21658

Heron, Walter Francis Alfred, Stoker Petty Officer, 297654

Hicks, John Frederick, Stoker 1c, D/K 23005

Hodges, Francis Iola, Ordinary Seaman, C/J 33410

James, Rupert Warden, Lieutenant, RN

Johnston, Harold Frank, Officers' Steward, C/L 10425, wounded

Kings, Frederick Charles, Able Seaman, SS 3412, wounded

Kingsman, Arthur Leonard, Leading Seaman, C/ 239548

Mainwaring, Arthur Arnold, Stoker, C/K 23732, wounded

Matthews, William John, Stoker 1c, C/K 19350

McDonald, Angus, Ordinary Seaman, 2974 B

McDonald, Kenneth, Ordinary Seaman, 3137 B

McKenzie, Donald, Ordinary Seaman, 3496 A

McMurray, James, Stoker, SS 112985, wounded

Mullings, Percy Henry, Able Seaman, C/ 239195

Norrington, Frederick Arthur, Stoker 1c, SS 110431

Palmer, Alfred Richard, Stoker, 310295, wounded

Peall, Charles, Stoker, C/ 304979

Putland, Albert, Stoker, 308875, wounded

Quince, Horace Sidney, Able Seaman, J/ 21804, wounded

Read, Arthur John, Petty Officer, 237122

Ross, Alfred Charles, Ordinary Seaman, C/J 65782

Routley, George Herbert, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 180659, wounded

Sharp, Walter, Able Seaman, C/J 37913

Simmonds, William, Signalman, L/ 214961, wounded

Stephens, Alexander Wesley, Gunner, RN

Thompson, Ian McLean, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

Turner, Bertram Edward, Able Seaman, C/J 29363, wounded

Waight, William Charles, Stoker 1c, C/K 41179

Waits, George Edward Henry, Stoker, C/K 25576

Walker, Albert, Stoker 1c, C/K 19335, wounded

Weight, Charles Thomas, Leading Seaman, C/ 234414, wounded

Willis, Alfred William, Able Seaman, C/J 23015

Wright, Stoker 1c, possible survivor




One of three destroyers mined and sunk off Dutch coast, 23 December 1917, survivors

Ashby, Roy Stuart Austen, Midshipman, RNR

Gisby, Horace John Robert, Signalman, J 41058

Hodges, Albert Edward, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 270090

Hope, John Paton, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

Jones, Sydney Herbert, Gunner, RN

Phillips, Arthur George, Chief Petty Officer, 180792

Thompson, Wilfred Arthur, Commander, RN



Sydney (RAN)

Light cruiser, damaged in action with German light cruiser Emden (destroyed) in Indian Ocean, 9 November 1914, wounded

Butcher, John, Able Seaman, RAN, 193, severely

Crosby, Albert, Able Seaman, RAN, 2835

Gascoigne, Thomas, Able Seaman, RAN, 1950, severely

Green, Bertie, Able Seaman, RAN, 2511

Hampden, Geoffrey Cromwell Edward, Lieutenant, RN

Harvey, Mark Beer, Petty Officer, 180996, slightly

Hooper, Arthur, Able Seaman, RAN, 1677, slightly

Horne, Richard, Able Seaman, RAN, 1540, severely

Kinniburgh, James, Able Seaman, RAN, 2907

Meldrum, William, Ordinary Seaman, 113650, severely

Stevenson, Thomas, Ordinary Signalman, RAN, 1871, slightly

Williamson, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, 2329, slightly




Armed boarding steamer, torpedoed and sunk by U.35 off Sollum, Eastern Mediterranean, 5 November 1915, all survivors taken prisoner, some died in captivity

Abbit, Robert, Quartermaster, MMR

Allen, Henry George James Thomas, Yeoman of Signals, 182570 (Dev)

Andrews, W J, Fireman, MMR

Arthur, John D, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

Bagall, J O, Fireman, MMR

Barton, William, 2nd Steward, MMR

Birkby, C W, Wireless Telegraphist, MMR

Black, William, Seaman, MMR

Brosnan, John, Steward, MMR

Brosnan, Thomas, Steward, MMR

Cooke, W O V, Electrician, MMR

Cooper, William, Greaser, MMR
Cox, George, Artificer, MMR, (no service number listed), died in captivity 5 January 1916

Davies, David J G, Engineer Sub Lieutenant, RNR

Davies, Owen, Greaser, MMR

Doughty, T, Fireman, MMR

Dudgeon, Leslie T, Sub Lieutenant, RNR, was not rescued when the other crew members were released in March 1916.

Dutton, Alfred, Assistant Paymaster, RNR

Evans, Evan, Steward, MMR

Fenlen, J, Steward, MMR

Fulcher, Raymond, Signal Boy, J 30366

Gray, Owen, Fireman, MMR

Griffiths, Griffith, Seaman, MMR

Griffiths, W, Fireman, MMR

Griffiths, William T, Sub Lieutenant, RNR

Gunn, William, Seaman, RNR, 4369 A

Gwatkin Williams, Rupert S, Captain, RN

Higgins, T, Fireman, MMR
Hodgson, John, Seaman, MMR, (no service number listed), died of illness in captivity 10 January 1916

Hughes, Alfred, Seaman, MMR

Hughes, Howarth, Engineer Sub Lieutenant, RNR

Hughes, Hugh, Fireman, MMR

Hughes, Hugh Owen, Greaser, MMR

Hughes, Owen, Seaman, MMR

Hughes, W H, Seaman, MMR

James, W, Steward, MMR

Jones, Griffith Tatum, Seaman, MMR

Jones, Harold, Fireman, MMR

Jones, Hugh, Steward, MMR

Jones, Hugh Owen, Fireman, MMR

Jones, John, Fireman, MMR

Jones, John, Seaman, MMR

Jones, John L, Seaman, MMR

Jones, Rhys, Fireman, MMR

Jones, Richard, Fireman, MMR

Jones, Richard, Trimmer, MMR

Jones, Thomas, Fireman, MMR

Jones, William, Deckboy, MMR

Jones, William T, Seaman, MMR

Learmouth, Albert J, Seaman, MMR

Lewis, Richard, Fireman, MMR

MacMillan, Peter, Seaman, MMR

MacNaughton, Charles, Seaman, RNR, 6218 A

Manning, W G J T, Clerk, MMR

Marsh, Albert, Sub Lieutenant, RNR

Marwick, James, Leading Seaman, RNR, 3354 C

McKinven, James, Fireman, MMR

McNee, John, Stoker, RNR, 7917 S

Millward, William Prince, Able Seaman, SS 1730 (Ch)

Mintram, Charles, Ship's Corporal, 146622

Moorehead, Thomas, Fireman, MMR

Morris, Andrew, Chief Steward, MMR

Neil, Robert, Warrant Telegraphist, RNR

Owen, John, Boatswain's Mate, MMR

Owen, Thomas, Fireman, MMR

Owens, Thomas, Boatswain, MMR

Parry, William Henry, Galley Boy, MMR

Pritchard, John, 2nd Cook, MMR

Pritchard, Owen, Fireman, MMR

Pritchard, Thomas, Seaman, MMR, (no service number listed), died of illness in captivity, 4 April 1916
Roberts, Owen H, Greaser, MMR, (no service number listed), died of injuries in captivity, 19 February 1916

Ross, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, 3772 A

Rowlands, W J, Seaman, MMR

Rowlands, William, Quartermaster, MMR

Swaine, John H, Seaman, MMR

Tanner, Edward B, Lieutenant, RNR,

Tanner, George Alfred, Ordinary Telegraphist, J 30698

Thomas, Arthur, Engineer's Boy, MMR

Thomas, John, 3rd Mate, MMR

Williams, Hugh, Trimmer, MMR

Williams, John, Trimmer, MMR

Williams, R, Fireman, MMR

Williams, R J, Trimmer, MMR

Williams, Richard, Quartermaster, MMR
Williams, Robert J S, Engineer Lieutenant, RNR, died of injuries in captivity, 28 January 1916

Williams, W H, Steward, MMR

Wright, G A, Fireman, MMR

Wright, H E, Fireman, MMR

Wright, Thomas, Fireman, MMR




One of three destroyers mined and sunk off Dutch coast, 23 December 1917, survivors

Day, Horace Trewlawny, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Grove, Robert Philip, Midshipman, RNR




One of three destroyers mined and sunk off Dutch coast, 23 December 1917, survivors

Beason, Charles Robert, Flight Sub Lieutenant, RN

Brown, Frank Gough, Lieutenant Commander (E), RN

MacNie, William Randolph, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR



Dreadnought battleship, accidental internal explosion in Scapa Flow, 9 July 1917, survivors

Cox, Frederick William, Stoker 1c, K 3300 (Ch)

Williams, John, Private, Ch 17710




One of two destroyers mined and sunk in Heligoland Bight, night of 1/2 August 1918, survivors

Adams, Walter Ernest, Able Seaman, J 38475

Ball, William, Leading Seaman, 193650

Barnecutt, Richard Claude, Ordinary Seaman, J 45118

Bate, William James Edward, Stoker 1c, K 42114

Blandford, William Charles, Chief Petty Officer, 163276

Bowman, Charles Edward, Able Seaman, J 58777

Brock, Hugh Turner, Able Seaman, J 59286

Clarke, Ernest, Officers' Steward, L 8612

Cole, Raymond John, Able Seaman, J 59181

Coughlan, Timothy, Stoker Petty Officer, 309397

Edmonds, Harry Joseph Alfred, Ordinary Seaman, J 46839

Elsworthy, Frederick John, Officers' Steward, L 9242

Farrar, Arnold, Able Seaman, J 58874

Filton, Edmund, Able Seaman, J 50084

Foster, Walter, Able Seaman, J 59283

Freeborn, Henry John, Chief Petty Officer, 218916

Gauntlett, Gilbert Harry, Stoker 1c, K 37805

Gitsham, Francis George, Able Seaman, 202068

Gittings, Sydney, Stoker, K 44203

Hammersley-Heenan, Vernon, Lieutenant Commander, RN

Heasmith, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 37260

Hipkiss, Frederick William, Cook's Mate, M 24730

Hood, Stanley, Leading Stoker, K 16726

Husband, Alfred John, Leading Seaman, J 11121

Huxley, Harry, Artificer Engineer, RN

Jones, Albert Cecil, Able Seaman, J 38477

Judd, John, Able Seaman, J 58760

Keast, Henry, Stoker Petty Officer, 288157

Knight, Henwood Hart, Able Seaman, J 60894

Lamble, Harold Bernard, Leading Seaman, J 20675

Langford, Michael, Able Seaman, J 22130

Lea, Stanley, Ordinary Seaman, J 52896

Lewis, John, Stoker 1c, K 36240

Lister, George Aubrey, Able Seaman, J 4165

Malleson, Rupert St Aubyn, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Marks, William, Chief Stoker, 306258

McCarthy, Cornelius, Able Seaman, 181399

Miller, Joseph Muir, Ordinary Seaman, J 42699

Morgans, Charles Stanley, Stoker 1c, K 44260

Morris, William, Able Seaman, J 59281

Neve, Montagu William James, Petty Officer, 190576

Norton, Robert Thomas Ames, Able Seaman, J 15299

Page, Thomas Henry, Stoker 1c, K 37151

Parke, Edward James, Able Seaman, J 52953

Pawley, Edward Ferdinand, Leading Seaman, 232044

Pepworth, John Frederick, Stoker, K 9927

Perry, Christopher, Officers' Steward, L 6923

Phillips, David Thomas, Stoker, K 36242

Pollard, William Henry, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271793

Powell, Arnold William, Able Seaman, BZ 3681

Radcliffe, William James, Able Seaman, J 6197

Rapson, Alfred Edward, Boy Servant, L 11003

Raynor, Robert Armakin, Able Seaman, J 20170

Rogers, Alvon George, Stoker 1c, K 44259

Rowlands, William James, Able Seaman, 223384

Savage, Charles Ernest, Able Seaman, SS 5012

Shackleton, Harry, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 30529

Sutherland, William, Gunner, RN

Talbot, Lawrence, Leading Stoker, K 7521

Tanner, William Butler, Midshipman, RNR

Walker, William Newton, Surgeon Probationer, RNVR

Webber, Mark, Stoker Petty Officer, K 5634

Weeks, Edwin Hubert, Officers' Steward, L 7912

Whitcombe, William Samuel, Stoker Petty Officer, 305383

White, Ernest Leonard, Able Seaman, J 16608

Williams, Alma Cowley, Able Seaman, 211479

Wilson, David Robert, Sub Lieutenant, RN




Destroyer, damaged by U-boat-laid mine in Dover Straits, 29 January 1916, wounded

Daniels, Frederick George, Able Seaman, 202261

Edmiston, William Ernest, Able Seaman, J 8079

Godfrey, Harry, Stoker, 309266

King, George Alfred, Gunner, RN

Sheath, Frank Percy, Stoker 1c, K 3717

Symonds, Albert John, Able Seaman, J 26820

White, Horace, Leading Seaman, J 8144

Williamson, Thomas Soulsby, Chief Petty Officer, 174570

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