(Staten Island, New York Harbor island)

Type and Characteristics - Diesel-electric cutter, one of seven Wind-class, WAG-278, built by Western Pipe & Steel Co, Los Angeles, CA at cost of $9,880,000, laid down 9 June 1942, assigned for transfer to USSR, launched 28 December 1942, commissioned 26 February 1944, in USN 1951/52 (as USS Northwind, AGB-5, renamed USS Staten Island), in USCG 1966, 6,515 tons displacement full load, 269ft long x 63ft beam x 25ft 9in draft, 13.4kts, no armament, helicopter flight deck, crew of 219 - 12 officers, 2 warrant officer, 205 men.

Log Period and Areas of Service: 1952-66, Greenland waters, Alaskan waters, Antarctica, and points in between.

Summary of Service

26 February 1944 – Commissioned (USCG / USSR) and delivered directly to the Soviet Union under the auspices of the Lend-Lease program as Severny Venter (North Wind).

31 January 1952 – Returned to the US and commissioned as USS Northwind.

15 April 1952 – Name changed to USS Staten Island (AGB-5) to avoid confusion with the Coast Guard ship Northwind.

1 July 1952 – On duty in Frobisher Bay on icebreaker duty.

8 September 1952 – Returned to spend the winter in New England waters. Conducted a total of six ice breaking operations in northern waters between1952 and 15 December 1954.

19 May 1955 – Sailed for the Pacific and duty with Service Squadron 1.

10 June 1955 – Broke ice for ships resupplying the Distant Early Warning (DEW) radar stations along the top of the North American continent in 1955 and 1956.

3 November 1956 – Assisted in Operation “Deep Freeze” and the commissioning of the Ellsworth International Geophysical Station. She participated in operations and expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic until early 1966.

1 February 1966 – Placed out of commission by the USN, and recommissioned with the Coast Guard as USCGC Staten Island (W-AGB-278).

1 March 1966 – Struck from the Navy list.

Fate: Decommissioned 15 November 1974, sold for scrap.

Links: DANFS, USCG Historian's site

USS Staten Island 2

Icebreaker USS Staten Island approaching USCGC Northwind; Icy Cape, Alaska

USS Staten Island 3

USS Staten Island in the Antarctic ice pack

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