Wind-class icebreakers

Five were initially contracted by the USCG in November 1941, two more were built for the USN and an eighth, in Canada for the RCN. They started their careers in a variety of ways, but all ended up serving with the USCG by the mid-1960's.

  Launched Initial USCG Service To USSR USN Service Later USCG Service
STATEN ISLAND Dec 1942 USCG (WAG-278) Until 1951 USN, named Northwind (AGB-5), renamed USS Staten Island to avoid confusion with USCGC Northwind, until 1965 USCG Staten Island (WAGB-278)
EASTWIND Feb 1943 USCG (WAG-279)     USCG (WAGB-279)
SOUTHWIND Mar 1943 USCG (WAG-280) Until 1950 USN, renamed Atka (AGB-3) until 1966 USCG as Atka, renamed Southwind (WAGB-280)
WESTWIND Mar 1943 USCG (WAG-281) until 1944 Until 1952   USCG (WAGB-281)
NORTHWIND Feb 1945 USCG (WAG-282)     USCG (WAGB-282)
BURTON ISLAND Apr 1946     USN (AGB-88, AGB-1) until 1966 USCG (WAGB-283)
EDISTO May 1946     USN (AGB-89, AGB-2) until 1965 USCG (WAGB-284)
  Note: The "missing" AGB-4 was the later Glacier-class USS Glacier  

Some of these cutters, designated WAGB, were humorously nicknamed the "White Arctic Garbage Barge"

Most if not all served in the Antarctic with the Operation Deep Freeze series in the 1950's and 1960's.