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Part 2 - BY DATE, FEBRUARY 1942

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This list of Marine casualties - those who died or were killed - is compiled from the USMC Casualty Cards (mc), supplemented by other sources - click for source abbreviations. For unit abbreviations, see the 'Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations", OPNAV 29-P1000 made available online by Hyperwar.

More information on each casualty is being added to:

The role of the Marine Corps is widely known, but excerpts, in italics with grey background, from the official "Chronology of the United States Marine Corps 1935-1946" (mh) by Carolyn A Tyson have been added. These provide a background to the casualties suffered.


Sunday, February, 1, 1942

USMC: Air Detachment, Marine Barracks, Parris Island, was redesignated Marine Corps Air Station, Parris Island

MCCULLOCH, John Francis, 7574, MarBks, NavAuxAirStation, Pensacola, Fla, accidental death (mc)

Monday, February 2, 1942

HUVAL, Robert Anthony, 312362, MarDet, USS Chester, died of wounds (mc)
TUCKER, Edwin Postley, 192501, CoC, 1stBn, 5thMar, New River, NC, accidental death (mc)

Wednesday, February 4, 1942

DREYER, Frederick Thomas, 8051, MarBks, Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Tex, accidental death (mc)

Friday, February 6, 1942

POWELL, William Jack, 283470, HqDet, MAG21, 2ndMAW, Ewa, Oahu, Hawaiian Is, accidental death (mc)
SANDER, Rudolph Andrew, 313456, HQ, MAG21, 2ndMAW, Ewa, Oahu, Hawaiian Is, accidental death (mc)
SCOTT, Thomas Buford, Jr, 265816, HQ, MAG21, 2ndMAW, Ewa, Oahu, Hawaiian Is, accidental death (mc)

REED, Willard, Jr, 4600, Patrol Wing Ten, Asiatic Fleet, accidental death (mc)

Tuesday, February, 10, 1942

PACIFIC: The 2d Joint Training Force, commanded by Major General Clayton B. Vogel, was redesignated the Amphibious Force. U.S. Pacific Fleet

MIDWAY: A Japanese submarine fired two rounds at American installations before being driven off by aircraft of Marine Fighter Squadron 221

Thursday, February 12, 1942

BRATZ, Gerald Ray, 347901, BtryP, 10thMar, 2ndMarDiv, Camp Elliott, San Diego, Calif, died (mc)

Friday, February, 13, 1942

BEHRING, Benjamin Franklin, 318714, HqCo, RecDep, Parris Island, SC, accidental death (mc)

Saturday, February 14, 1942

HOFFMAN, Charles Edward M, 6897, MarBks, NavAirSta, Pensacola, Fla, accidental death (mc)

Monday, February 16, 1942

STOWERS, Moss Eliase, 326328, CoK, 3rdBn, 5thMar, MarBks, New River, NC, killed (mc)

Tuesday, February, 17, 1942

PHILIPPINES: A detachment of the USS Canopus crewmen, sailors from the Cavite Naval Ammunition Depot, and the majority of the general duty men were transferred to the 4th Marines on Corregidor  

Wednesday, February 18, 1942

FLEGAL, Milton Wallace, 329653, MarBks, NS, Balboa, Canal Zone, died (mc)

Thursday, February, 19, 1942

CUBA: The 9th Defense Battalion arrived in Guantanamo Bay via the USS Biddle from Norfolk, Virginia  

Friday, February 20, 1942

BACK, George Joseph, 6842, MarBks, NAS, Miami, Fla, accidental death (mc)

Saturday, February 21, 1942

BARNARD, William Gordon, 268210, VMSB232, MAG21, 2ndMAW, Ewa, Oahu, Hawaiian Is, died (mc)

Friday, February 27-March 1, 1942

JAVA SEA: The Battle of the Java Sea. An Allied naval force attacked a Japanese force covering the Java invasion convoy in a delaying action which resulted in the most severe U.S. naval losses since Pearl Harbor, including USS Houston

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