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Part 2 - BY DATE, JANUARY 1942, including Philippines

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This list of Marine casualties - those who died or were killed - is compiled from the USMC Casualty Cards (mc), supplemented by other sources - click for source abbreviations. For unit abbreviations, see the 'Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations", OPNAV 29-P1000 made available online by Hyperwar.

More information on each casualty is being added to:

The role of the Marine Corps is widely known, but excerpts, in italics with grey background, from the official "Chronology of the United States Marine Corps 1935-1946" (mh) by Carolyn A Tyson have been added. These provide a background to the casualties suffered, but have not been cross-checked against the Units under which the Marines are listed.


Thursday, January, 1, 1942

WOODBURN, Robert George, 271764, BtryC, 1stBn, 10thMar, San Diego, Calif, killed in action (mc)

Friday, January, 2, 1942

USMC: The Marine Corps Supply Center, Barstow, California, was organized as Marine Barracks, Marine Corps Depot of Supplies


ANDREWS, Verden Golden, 280085, Pfc, CoE, 2ndBn, 4thMar, Fort Mills, Philippines Is, accidental death (mc)

Monday, January 5, 1942

REID, Jr, Earl Hilton, 276038, Sgt, VMF211, MAG21, 2ndMAW, Ewa, Oahu, Hawaiian Is, accidental death (mc)
VINSON, Carl Nelson, 253740, VMF211, MAG21, 2ndMAW, killed in action (mc)

Friday, January, 9, 1942

PHILIPPINES: Marines from Batteries A and C, 3d Battalion, 4th Marines, who remained on Bataan under naval control were integrated into a naval battalion for ground combat   

Monday, January 12, 1942

KENNEDY, Rowe Colvin, 307836, BksDet, MarBks, NYD, Mare Island, Calif, accidental death (mc)
O'DONNELL, William Leo, 302205, BksDet, MarBks, NYD, Mare Island, Calif, accidental death (mc)
WEBB, Charles David, Jr, 280049, BksDet, MarBks, NYD, Mare Island, Calif, accidental death (mc)

Friday, January 16, 1942


BROWN, Robert Joseph, 96184, Pfc. Co?, 3rdBn, 4thMar, Corregidor, Philiippine Is, died of wounds (mc)
MCCLAIN, Charles Warren, 284224, Pfc, CoI, 3rdBn, 4thMar, Corregidor, Philippine Is, accidental death (mc)

Monday, January 19, 1942

TA'ELEIFI, Alofoti, 327652, CoC, 1stSamoanBn, Tutuila, Samoan Is, died (mc)

Tuesday, January, 20, 1942

GRAVITT, Walter A, 260894, BarrageBallSch, Parris Island, SC, died (mc)

Friday, January, 23, 1942

SAMOA: The 7th Defense Battalion was reinforced by the 2d Marine Brigade (the 8th and 10th Marines, and the 2d Defense Battalion)


SITTON, Quentin Ray, 265953, CoM, 3rdBn, 4thMar, Corregidor, Philippine Is, killed in action (mc)

BAILEY, Vincent William, TechSgt, 247730, POW&MPDet, HQUSMC, Washington DC, killed in action (mc)
SIDES, Richard Holmes, 245005, SerDet, PostSerBn, MarBks, Quantico, Va, accidental death (mc)
HANNUM, Earl Raymond, TechSgt, 212844, VMSB231, MAG21, 2ndMAW, Oahu, Hawaiian Is, killed in action (mc)

Saturday, January, 24, 1942

ELLINGTON, Horace Ray, 264435, BksDet, Washington DC, died (mc)

Sunday, January, 25, 1942


CARVER, Warren John, 275637, CoM, 3rdBn, 4thMar, Philippine Is, killed in action (mc)

ROOKARD, Ellis Rollin, 316411, GdCo, MarCorpsBase, Guantanamo, Bay, Cuba, died (mc)

Tuesday, January, 27, 1942

PHILIPPINES: Elements of the 4th Marine Regiment participated in an attack to contain Japanese forces on Longoskawayan Point, Bataan

Wednesday, January, 28, 1942

PHILIPPINES: Mortars and machine guns of the 4th Marines were assigned to the 57th Philippine Scout Regiment to support their operations in partial relief of the naval battalion on Longoskawayan Point, Bataan.

Thursday, January 29, 1942

GILSTRAP, William General, 331227, CasCo, RecDep, MCB, San Diego, Calif, died (mc)
MEYER, Eugene John, 316666, RecBn, MarBks, NYD, Mare Island, Calif, accidental death (mc)

Friday, January 30, 1942

MILATZO, Robert Caesar, 306943, 3rdAAGrp, 2ndDefBn, Samoan Is, died (mc)

Saturday, January, 31, 1942

LEE, Melvin Eugene, 319348, CoK, 3rdBn, 8thMar, 2ndMarBrig, Samoan Is, died (mc)

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