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British and Other Navies in World War 2 Day-by-Day
by Don Kindell


HMS Dundee, sloop (CyberHeritage, click to enlarge)

on to French Navy, June 1940


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Part 4 of 4






Some warships are listed with their own unit and again when detached to another




Adm Sir Dudley North


Harbour establishment - CORMORANT (Capt J H McNair)


Battleship - RESOLUTION (Capt O Bevir) dep Scapa Flow 4 Jun for Gibraltar arr 10 Jun


Light cruiser - ARETHUSA (Capt Q D Graham) arr Gibraltar 7 Jun


Armed merchant Cruiser - PATROCLUS (Capt G C Wynter Rtd) dep Gibraltar 31 May on patrol


13th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt F S W de Winton)

25th Division - KEPPEL (Lt Cdr E G Heywood-Lonsdale Emgcy) arr 7 Jun, VELOX (Cdr J C Colvill Rtd) dep 5 Jun, VIDETTE (Lt E N Walmsley) dep 8 Jun, VORTIGERN (Lt Cdr R S Howlett) arr 6 Jun for refitting, WATCHMAN (Lt Cdr E C L Day) arr 3 Jun, all arr or dep Gibraltar

26th Division - ACTIVE (Lt Cdr E C L Turner) dep 7 Jun, DOUGLAS (Cdr J G Crossley Rtd) dep 8 Jun, WISHART (Cdr E T Cooper), WRESTLER (Lt Cdr E N V Currey), all dep or at Gibraltar


7th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers ARCTIC RANGER (Cdr J H Young Rtd), KINGSTON CHRYSOLITE (Lt R L Green RNVR), LEYLAND (Lt Cdr A Wilkinson RNR), LORD HOTHAM (Sk J W Morris RNR), STELLA SIRIUS (Lt Cdr A N Benson RNVR) arr 31 May, all arr or at Gibraltar


Minesweeping Group 92 - minesweeping trawlers CLYNE CASTLE (Lt T Fraser RNR), HONJO (Sk J Bowie RNR), both at Gibraltar


Tug - ST OMAR (no CO listed) at Gibraltar refitting


Contraband Control Service (yachts serving as armed boarding vessels) - ANGLIA (Lt R McCready RNR), CHARLES MC IVER (Lt B T R Russell RNR), LORNA (Lt R Atkinson RNR), ROSABELLA (Lt H H Brown RNR), SAYONARA (Cdr H Hamilton Rtd), TIERCEL (Lt Cdr J N G Grace Rtd), all at Gibraltar


Examination Service - motor boat KELVIN (no CO listed) at Gibraltar




Vice Adm Sir Andrew Cunningham KCB, DSO


1st Battle Squadron (Rear Adm H D Pridham-Wippell) - battleships MALAYA (Capt A F E Palliser DSC) arr 3 May, RAMILLIES (Capt H T Baillie-Grohman DSO, OBE, ADC) drydocked, ROYAL SOVEREIGN (Flag, Pridham-Wippell, Capt H B Jacomb) arr 3 May, WARSPITE (Flag, Cunningham, Capt D B Fisher CBE) arr 10 May, all arr or at Alexandria


French battleship - LORRAINE (CV M L M Rey) at Alexandria


Aircraft carriers - ARGUS (Capt H C Bovell) arr Gibraltar 7 Jun, EAGLE (Capt A R M Bridge) arr Alexandria 27 May


Attendant destroyer to ARGUS - destroyer STURDY (Cdr G T Cooper) arr Gibraltar 7 Jun


3rd Cruiser Squadron (Rear Adm E de F Renouf CVO) - light cruisers CALEDON (Capt C P Clark) arr Suez 3 Jun, at Port Said on this date, CALYPSO (Capt H A Rowley) dep Port Said 10 Jun, CAPETOWN (Flag, Renouf, Capt T H Back) dep Alexandria 2 Jun


7th Cruiser Squadron (Vice Adm J C Tovey CB, DSO, also Vice Admiral Destroyers) - light cruisers GLOUCESTER (Capt F R Garside CBE) arr 10 Jun, LIVERPOOL (Capt P A Read) arr 10 Jun, NEPTUNE (Capt R C O'Conor) arr 5 May, ORION (Flag, Tovey, Capt G R B Back) arr 4 May, Australian SYDNEY (Capt J A Collins RAN) arr 26 May, all arr Alexandria


Light cruiser - DELHI (Capt A S Russell) arr Gibraltar 8 Jun


French 2nd Cruiser Division - heavy cruisers DUQUESNE (CV G E Besineau), SUFFREN (CV R J M Dillard), TOURVILLE (CV A J A Marloy), light cruiser DUQUAY TROUIN (CV J M C Trolley de Prevaux), all at Beirut


2nd Destroyer Flotilla (Cdr H St L Nicolson DSO, Commander, Destroyers)

3rd Division - HAVOCK (Cdr R E Courage DSO, DSC) arr 26 May, HEREWARD (Lt Cdr C W Greening) arr 27 May, HERO (Cdr H W Biggs DSO) arr 27 May, HYPERION (Nicolson) arr 23 May, all arr Alexandria

4th Division, HASTY (Lt Cdr L R K Tyrwhitt) arr 23 May, HOSTILE (Cdr J P Wright, Lt Cdr A F Burnell-Nugent from 18 Jul) arr 25 May, ILEX (Lt Cdr P L Saumarez DSC) arr 28 May, IMPERIAL (Lt Cdr C A de W Kitcat) arr 24 May, all arr Alexandria


10th Destroyer Flotilla (Cdr H M L Waller RAN, promoted to Capt on 30 Jun)

19th Division – Australian destroyers STUART (Waller) arr 25 May, VAMPIRE (Cdr J A Walsh RAN) arr 26 May, VENDETTA (Cdr R Rhoades RAN) at Malta refitting to comp on 9 Jul, VOYAGER (Cdr J C Morrow RAN) arr 25 May, WATERHEN (Lt Cdr J H Swain) arr 25 May, all but one arr Alexandria

20th Division - DAINTY (Cdr M S Thomas) arr 10 Jun, DECOY (Cdr E G McGregor) arr 23 May, DEFENDER (Lt Cdr St J R J Tyrwhitt), all arr or at Alexandria, DIAMOND (Lt Cdr P A Cartwright) arr Malta 8 Jun


14th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt P J Mack)

27th Division - JANUS (Capt P J Mack until JERVIS arr in the Mediterranean, Cdr J A W Tothill from 15 Jul) arr 24 May, JUNO (Cdr W E Wilson) arr 24 May, NUBIAN (Cdr R W Ravenhill) arr 23 May, MOHAWK (Cdr J W M Eaton) arr 29 May, all arr Alexandria


28th Destroyer Division - in Red Sea.


Polish destroyer - GARLAND (Cdr A Doroczkowski, Cdr K Namiensniowski ORP from 7 Oct) arr Alexandria 18 May to work up after repairs


French destroyers - BASQUE (CC Y G M Caron), FORBIN (CC R C M Chatellier), LE FORTUNE (CC J E L Serres), all at Beirut


1st Submarine Flotilla (Capt G M K Keble White) - depot ship MEDWAY (Keble White) arr 3 May, submarines OSIRIS (Lt Cdr R Sheridan-Patterson) dep 31 May, arr back 10 Jun, PANDORA (Lt Cdr J W Linton) arr 10 Jun, PARTHIAN (Lt Cdr M G Rimington) arr 5 Jun, PHOENIX (Lt Cdr G H Nowell) arr 4 Jun, dep again that day, PROTEUS (Lt Cdr R T Gordon-Duff) arr 3 May, all arr or dep Alexandria, RORQUAL (Lt Cdr R H Dewhurst) dep Malta 10 Jun


Under command of Actg Capt S M Raw, Commander Submarines, Malta - submarines ODIN (Lt Cdr K Mac I Woods) dep 10 Jun, OLYMPUS (Lt Cdr H G Dymott) refitting to comp 29 Nov, ORPHEUS (Lt Cdr J A S Wise) dep 10 Jun, OSWALD (Lt Cdr D A Fraser) dep 10 Jun, OTUS (Lt Cdr E C F Nicolay) refitting to comp 21 Oct, GRAMPUS (Lt Cdr C A Rowe) dep 10 Jun, all at or dep Malta


French submarine - PROTÉE (CC J M L J Garreau) at Beirut


Netlayer - PROTECTOR (Capt W Y La R Beverly) arr Alexandria 10 Jun


4th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BERYL (Boatswain H E Sellwood Actg) arr 6 May, CORAL (Boatswain G F Easterby) arr 13 May, JADE (Boatswain J Hughes) arr 6 May, all arr Malta


5th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BANDOLERO (SO, Lt Cdr F M W Harris RNR) arr 14 May, LOCH MELFORT (Lt F Graham-Browne RNR) arr 14 May, LYDIARD (Lt K Currie RNR) arr 14 May, SINDONIS (Sk G Rawding RNR) arr 19 May, VICTORIAN (Ch Sk M A Smith RNR) arr 14 May, all arr Alexandria


28th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers KINGSTON CORAL (Sk W Kirman RNR) arr 19 May, KINGSTON CRYSTAL (Lt Cdr G H P James RNR) arr 13 May, KINGSTON CYANITE (Sk F A Yeomans RNR) arr 13 May, WOLBOROUGH (SO, Cdr J S Hoffman Rtd, Lt Cdr F A W Ramsay from 18 Jun) arr 13 May, all arr Alexandria


Minesweeping Flotilla (Capt A R Farquhar Rtd) - minesweepers ABINGDON (Lt G A Simmers RNR) arr Alexandria 29 Apr, BAGSHOT (Lt Cdr J F B Gage RNVR) at Alexandria, FAREHAM (Lt W J P Church) at Alexandria refitting to comp 15 Jun, FERMOY (Lt Cdr J G D Wetherfield) arr Malta 27 May, STOKE (Cdr C J B Hill Rtd) arr Port Said 19 May


Minesweeping Group 91 - minesweeping trawlers ARTHUR CAVANAGH (Sk T W Kirby RNR), MILFORD HAVEN COUNTESS (Sk E W Oxborough RNR), both arr Alexandria 22 May, MUROTO (Sk J T H McDonald RNR), RAGLAN CASTLE (Sk G Buchan RNR), both arr Port Said 28 May


Minesweeping trawlers - EMPYREAN (Sk R Wilson RNR) dep Portsmouth 5 Jun for Gibraltar, RETURNO (Sk G S Burr RNR), both dep Portsmouth 5 Jun for Gibraltar


Motor anti-submarine boats - MA/SB.2 (Lt J C Lapage), MA/SB.3 (Lt J D Ritchie), both at Malta




Vice Adm W T R Ford KBE, CB


Harbour establishment - ST ANGELO (Capt E C Denison MVO)


Gunboats (tenders to ST ANGELO) - APHIS (Lt J B Cox) dep Malta 2 Jun, LADYBIRD (Lt Cdr J F Blackburn Rtd) arr Port Said 8 Jun


Monitor - TERROR (Cdr H J Haines DSC) at Malta


Tender - minelayer MEDUSA (Lt J Pobjoy RNR) at Malta


Royal Fleet Auxiliary supply ship - RELIANT (Master R C E Neyroud) at Alexandria


Repair ship - RESOURCE (Capt D B O'Connell Rtd) arr Alexandria 5 May



Rear Adm F Elliot OBE Rtd


Harbour establishment - NILE (Capt A W J Finlayson Rtd)


Fleet Target Service - trawlers MOY (Lt V G Palmer) dep Malta 7 Jun, OUSE (Lt J E Grice) arr Alexandria 5 May, tug ST ISSEY (Lt J H W Howe RNR) arr Alexandria 12 May


Drifters - CRESCENT MOON (Lt C F Vine RNR) at Port Said, EDDY (Sk J Carnie RNR) at Malta, LANDFALL (S/Lt P D Vine RNR) at Port Said, SUNSET (Sk A G Jenner RNR) at Malta


Boom defence vessels - MAGNET (Ty Boom Sk J W Hogarth RNR) at Alexandria, WESTGATE (Sk W Stewart RNR) at Malta


Contraband Control Service - armed boarding vessels ARPHA (Cdr F M Smith RD RNR) arr Port Said 30 Mar, CHAKLA (Cdr L C Bach RD RNR) arr Alexandria 10 Jun, FIONA (Cdr A H H Griffiths RD RNR) dep Alexandria 5 Jun, converted yachts ROSAURA (Lt L H Davies RNR) arr Port Said 9 Jun, SURF (Lt Cdr A J McHattie RNR) arr Port Said 17 Apr


Miscellaneous - destroyer WRYNECK (Cdr R H D Lane from 26 Jul) at Malta converting to anti-aircraft escort ship to comp at end of Aug


Red Sea Force

SO, Capt H E Horan DSC

Rear Adm A J L Murray CB, DSC, OBE assumed command on 29 Jun


Light cruisers - LEANDER (Capt H E Horan DSC) arr Port Sudan 8 Jun, Australian HOBART (Capt H L Howden OBE) arr Aden 4 Jun, dep on patrol 11 Jun


Anti-aircraft cruiser - CARLISLE (Capt G M B Langley OBE) arr Aden 3 Jun


28th Destroyer Division (Cdr W G A Robson) - KANDAHAR (Robson) dep Aden 10 Jun, KHARTOUM (Cdr D T Dowler) dep Aden 5 Jun, KIMBERLEY (Lt Cdr J S M Richardson) arr Bombay 10 Jun for boiler cleaning, KINGSTON (Lt Cdr P Somerville DSO) dep Aden 5 Jun


Sloops - AUCKLAND (Cdr J G Hewitt DSO) dep Aden 10 Jun, FLAMINGO (Cdr J H Huntley) arr Aden 6 Jun, GRIMSBY (Cdr K J D'Arcy) arr Port Said 9 Jun, SHOREHAM (Lt Cdr F D Miller) arr Aden 9 Jun, Indian CORNWALLIS (Cdr H C Beauchamp RIN) dep Aden


Force S was formed with sloop GRIMSBY and Indian sloop CLIVE to escort southbound convoys from Suez to the latitude of Port Sudan where the escort from Aden took over. They then picked up a northbound convoy.




Vice Adm G H Oyly Lyon CB, Vice Adm R H T Raikes CB, CVO, DSO from Aug

Rear Adm Sir H Harwood, Commodore South America Station, Capt F H Pegram Cdre 2/c from 1 Jul


Base accommodation and wireless transmitting ship (Vice Adm G H Oyly Lyon) - accommodation ship EDINBURGH CASTLE (Capt E M Palmer OBE Rtd) at Freetown


Depot ship - AFRIKANDER (Capt D A Budgen Cdre 2/c, SNO Simonstown) at Simonstown


Aircraft carrier - HERMES (Capt R F J Onslow MVO, DSC) dep Freetown 6 Jun


Seaplane tender- ALBATROSS (Capt W G Andrewes) at Freetown


Cruisers - heavy cruisers CUMBERLAND (Capt the Hon C H E Russell) arr Freetown 7 Jun, CORNWALL (Capt C F Hammill) dep Freetown 27 May, DORSETSHIRE (Capt B C S Martin) at Plymouth, SHROPSHIRE (Capt J H Edelsten) arr Freetown 7 Jun, cruiser HAWKINS (Flag, Harwood, Capt H P K Oram) dep Montevideo 4 Jun, light cruiser DRAGON (Capt R G Bowes-Lyon MVO) arr Kilindini en route to Durban


Armed merchant cruisers (cruiser duties) - ALCANTARA (Capt J G Ingham Rtd) at Simonstown docking to comp 22 Jun, QUEEN OF BERMUDA (Capt G A B Hawkins MVO, DSC) dep Buenas Aires 12 May, PRETORIA CASTLE (Capt E J Shelley Rtd) dep Dakar 10 Jun


Freetown Convoy Escort Force – armed merchant cruisers BULOLO (Capt C H Petrie Rtd) dep Freetown 23 May, CARNARVON CASTLE (Capt H N M Hardy DSO Rtd) dep Freetown 31 May, DUNNOTTAR CASTLE (Capt H E H Spencer-Cooper MVO Rtd) dep Freetown 8 Jun, DUNVEGAN CASTLE (Capt H Ardill Rtd) dep Freetown 17 May, MOOLTAN (Capt C G Sutliff Rtd) at Plymouth


Sloops - BRIDGEWATER (Lt Cdr H F C Leftwich Rtd) at Matardi, MILFORD HAVEN (Capt R J Shaw MBE) arr Freetown 8 May


6th Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers BENGALI (Lt E E Barnes RNVR) arr Lagos 7 Jun, KELT (Sk W Mc K Smith RNR) arr Freetown 9 May, PICT (Lt Cdr W N M Falchney RNR) arr Lagos 7 Jun, SPANIARD (Lt Cdr F J Webster RNR) at Freetown, TURCOMAN (S/Lt W T Hobson RNVR) arr Freetown 9 May


Auxiliary anti-submarine trawlers - BLOOMVLEI (Sk S B Petzer SARNVR), MOOIVLEI (Sk H A Crons SARNVR), both at Simonstown


93rd Minesweeper Group - trawler GENERAL BIRDWOOD (Sk W J Taylor RNR), MAPLE (no CO listed) docked, REDWOOD (no CO listed) docked, ST MINVER (Sk J Duthle RNR), all at Dakar, SNAKEFLY (Lt O H Pullman RNR) arr Freetown 29 May, whaler WILLIAM SCORESBY (Cdr H Petit-Dann RD RNR Rtd) dep Freetown 1 Jun for Rio de Janiero


Whaler (tender to cruiser HAWKINS) - ROYDUR (no CO listed) at Port Stanley


South African auxiliary minesweeping vessels - trawlers ARUM (Sk T W M Stockton SARNVR), NERINE (Sk J M Bowden SARNVR), both at Capetown


Harbour defence duties - motor fishing vessels MOIRA, NOSS HEAD, VILLAGE BELLE (no COs listed), all at Freetown


Boom defence vessels - BARBROOK (Sk D Smith RNR), BARCASTLE (Boom Sk D H Brewer RNR), QUANNET (Lt C E Richardson RNR), all at Freetown


Boom defence tenders - former French trawlers MARIE LOUISE, PAMONICA (no COs listed), both at Freetown.




Vice Adm Sir Charles E Kennedy-Purvis KCB, ashore at Bermuda


Shore establishment - MALABAR at Bermuda


8th Cruiser Squadron - light cruisers CARADOC (Capt J S Bethell) arr Halifax 7 Jun, DESPATCH (Capt C G B Coltart CVO, Capt C E Douglas-Pennant DSC Cdre 2/c, Commodore Commanding West Indies from 25 Jun) at Bermuda refitting to comp 4 Jul, DIOMEDE (Capt J W Farquhar) dep Kingston 5 Jun to arr Bermuda 11 Jun, DUNEDIN (Capt C E Lambe CVO, SO Jamaica Force) arr Trinidad 8 Jun


Canadian destroyers - ASSINIBOINE (SO, Capt L W Murray Cdre 2/c RCN) dep 9 Jun, OTTAWA (Cdr E R Mainguy RCN) arr 10 Apr repairing to comp 13 Jun, SAGUENAY (Lt Cdr G R Miles RCN) dep 9 Jun, all arr or dep Halifax


Sloops - DUNDEE (Capt O M F Stokes Rtd) dep Trinidad on patrol 14 Apr, PENZANCE (Cdr A J Wavish) dep Bermuda 8 Jun


Dutch submarines - O.14 (Lt Cdr H Tichelman RNN), O.15 (Lt H M L F E van Oostrom Soede RNN), both at Curacao


Bermuda and Halifax Escort Force

Rear Adm S S Bonham-Carter CB, CVO, DSO


3rd Battle Squadron - battleship REVENGE (Capt E R Archer) arr Halifax 8 Jun


Drifter - SEABORN (Flag, Bonham-Carter) at Halifax


Light cruiser - EMERALD (Capt A W S Agar VC, DSO, Capt F C Flynn from mid-Jun) dep Halifax 5 Jun


Attached light cruisers - Dutch HEEMSKERK dep Portsmouth, met SUMATRA at sea on 7 Jun, SUMATRA (Crown Princess Juliana embarked) dep Milford Haven 2 Jun, both to arr Halifax 11 Jun


Armed merchant cruisers - ALAUNIA (Capt H J Woodward DSO Rtd) at Southampton refitting to comp 10 Jun, dep for Halifax 11 Jun, arr 19 Jun, ASCANIA (Capt C H Ringrose-Wharton Rtd) dep Bermuda 31 May, AURANIA (Capt I W Whitehorn Rtd) arr Greenock 10 Jun, AUSONIA (Capt H G Norman) dep Halifax 9 Jun, COMORIN (Capt J I Hallett Rtd) arr Bermuda 6 Jun, ESPERANCE BAY (Capt G S Holder Rtd) dep Halifax 2 Jun for Southampton to refit, JERVIS BAY (Capt E S F Fegen Actg) dep Bermuda 4 Jun, LACONIA (Capt G G P Hewett Rtd) at Halifax, RAJPUTANA (Capt F H Taylor DSC Rtd) dep Bermuda 8 Jun, RANPURA (Capt R I Money Rtd) dep Halifax 5 Jun, VOLTAIRE (Capt C L Bate Rtd) dep Halifax 24 May




Vice Adm R Leatham


Cruisers - heavy cruiser KENT (Capt D Young-Jamieson) dep Bombay 6 Jun on convoy duty, light cruisers CERES (Capt E G Abbott AM) dep Colombo 9 Jun, COLOMBO (Capt C A E Stanfield) dep Colombo 9 Jun


Armed merchant cruisers - ANTENOR (Capt D I McGillewie Rtd) arr Aden 10 Jun, CARTHAGE (Capt B O Bell-Salter Rtd) arr Durban 1 Jun for docking, CATHAY (Capt C McC Merewether Rtd) dep Bombay 4 Jun, RANCHI (Capt H C Legge Rtd) arr Durban 9 Jun


Sloops - FALMOUTH (Cdr C C Hardy) arr Khor Kuwai 5 Jun, Indian CLIVE (Cdr H R Inigo-Jones RIN) dep Khor Kuwai 5 Jun and arr Aden 12 Jun


Persian Gulf sloops - Indian HINDUSTAN (Cdr G V G Beamish RIN, Cdr I B W Heanly RIN from 6 Jul) arr Basra 19 May, INDUS (Cdr E G G Hunt RIN) arr Basra 28 May, LAWRENCE (Cdr H V Banfield RIN) at Khor Kuwai


Depot ship - LUCIA (Flag, Rear Adm A J L Murray CB, DSC, OBE, Cdr C R de B L Townsend Rtd) at Aden


Gunboats - COCKCHAFER (Lt Cdr A F Robertson-Aikman) arr Basra 19 May, GNAT (Lt Cdr S R H Davonport) arr Basra 19 May to refit, comp in Jun


Anti-submarine vessels - anti-submarine trawlers AMBER (Boatswain H W Clark) arr 8 May, MOONSTONE (Boatswain W J H Moorman DSC) arr 31 May, both arr Aden


Minesweepers - DERBY (Lt F C V Brightman), HUNTLEY (Lt Cdr H R A King RNR), both at Aden docked, WIDNES (Lt Cdr R B Chandler), minesweeping trawler OVERDALE WYKE (Lt N M Waldman RNR), both at Colombo


Chartered boom carrier - LAOMEDON (Cdr J J E Barclay RNR) at Aden


Boom defence vessels - BARBETTE (Lt E J P Webster RNR) at Trincomalee, BARNET (Ty Boom Eng G Mann RNR) at Colombo, BURGONET (Lt C T Grantley RNR), PLANET (Ty Boom Sk D Cowie RNR), both at Aden, SANDGATE (no CO), SOUTHGATE (no CO), both at Trincomalee


Boom defence tender - MAJESTIC (CO not listed) at Trincomalee


Contraband Control Service - armed boarding vessels CHAKDINA (Lt Cdr W R Hickey RNR) arr 4 Jun, CHANTALA (Lt Cdr C E I Gibbs Rtd), PERRONELLE (no CO listed), converted yacht SAGITTA (Cdr J O Dunn RNR), all arr or at Aden


Aden Force


Composed of minesweepers DERBY, HUNTLEY, armed boarding vessels CHAKDINA, CHANTALA, SAGITTA, trawlers AMBER, MOONSTONE




Adm Sir Percy Noble


Harbour establishments - SULTAN (Rear Adm T B Drew OBE) at Singapore, TAMAR (Adm Sir Percy Noble) at Hong Kong


5th Cruiser Squadron - light cruisers DANAE (Capt A C Collinson) left Direction Islands 7 Jun for Penang, DAUNTLESS (Capt G D Moore RAN) at Hong Kong, DURBAN (Capt J A S Eccles) arr Penang 8 Jun


Armed merchant cruisers (attached to 5th Cruiser Squadron) - ARAWA (Capt G R Deverell Actg) dep 10 Jun, KANIMBLA (Capt F E Getting Actg) dep 29 May, MORETON BAY (Capt E M Haes Actg) dep 13 May to patrol east of Japan, all dep Hong Kong


Hong Kong and Singapore Local Defence


Destroyers - SCOUT (Lt Cdr C H Holmes) at Hong Kong, STRONGHOLD (Lt Cdr R Alexander) at Singapore, TENEDOS (Lt Cdr J O'B Milner Barry) at Singapore refitting to comp 15 Jun, THANET (Lt Cdr J Mowlam) at Hong Kong, THRACIAN (Lt Cdr H G D de Chair) at Hong Kong.


4th Submarine Flotilla - submarines PERSEUS (Lt Cdr P H J Bartlett) at Hong Kong docking to comp 18 Jun, RAINBOW (Lt Cdr L P Moore) at Singapore, REGENT (Lt Cdr H C Browne) at Hong Kong refitting to comp 19 Jun, REGULUS (Cdr J M Money) at Hong Kong refitting to comp 18 Jun, ROVER (Lt Cdr H A L Marsham) at Singapore refitting to comp 27 Jul


2nd Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - MTB.7 (Lt R R W Ashby), MTB.8 (Lt L D Kilbee), MTB.9 (S/Lt A Kennedy), MTB.10 (Lt Cdr D G Clark), MTB.11 (Lt J Collingwood) damaged by accidental shelling on 26 Oct 39, not operational, MTB.12 (S/Lt W E Richards RNVR), MTB.26 (Lt M J de C Carey), MTB.27 (S/Lt T M Parsons), all at Hong Kong.


Minelayer - REDSTART (Cdr A F Jackson) at Hong Kong.


Tug - ST BREOCK (Sk J Jappy RNR) at Wei Hai Wei


Yangtze gunboats (adminstered by Rear Adm A M Peters, Commodore in Charge, Hong Kong) - CRICKET (Cdr H V Creer RAN Rtd) at Shanghai, to depart for Hong Kong 1 Jul, FALCON (Lt Cdr R S Abram) at Chungking, GANNET (Cdr A F St G Orphen) laid up at Chungking, MANTIS at Shanghai, to be sold for scrap, PETEREL (Capt P H G James) at Shanghai, SANDPIPER (S/Lt J H Taylor RNVR) laid up at Changsha, SCARAB (Lt Cdr J A Agnew) at Singapore, SCORPION (Lt Cdr P C Gilmore Rtd) arr Penang 6 Jun, TERN (Lt Cdr M H R Crichton) at Shanghai, to depart for Hong Kong 1 Jul


West River gunboats (under Command of Commodore, Hong Kong) - CICALA (Lt Cdr G H Gandy Rtd) at Hong Kong, MOTH (Lt Cdr H R White) at Hong Kong, SEAMEW (Lt Cdr N R Murch) at Canton, TARANTULA (SO, Cdr R C Creer RAN Rtd) at Hong Kong.


Gunboats - DRAGONFLY (Lt A H Diack), GRASSHOPPER (Lt Cdr R H Aldworth Rtd) refitting to comp 18 Jun, both at Singapore


Auxiliary anti-submarine vessels - KEDAH (Lt Cdr E Neville), SHUH KWANG (Cdr A D Thomson DSC RNR Rtd), TIEN KWANG (Lt W C Briggs RNR), all at Trengganu


Survey ships - ENDEAVOUR (Lt J M Sharpey-Schafer), HERALD (Lt E R Maples RNR) paid off, both at Singapore


Minesweepers - ABERDARE (Lt Cdr G Nelson), HARROW (Lt F S Redgrove RNR), both at Singapore


Depot ship for Straits Settlement - RNVR Drill Ship LABURNUM at Singapore


Boom defence depot ship - gunboat ROBIN (Cdr H M Montague Rtd) at Hong Kong


Boom defence vessels - ALDGATE (Sk J H Cowling, DSM RNR), BARLANE (Sk F Bremner RNR), BARLIGHT (Lt A W Skelly RNR), all at Hong Kong, BARRICADE (Lt H W Clouston RNR), BARRIER (Sk R E Souter RNR), DOWGATE (Boom engineer R P W Tonkin RNR), FASTNET (Sk R Thompson RNR), LUDGATE (no CO), all at Singapore, WATERGATE (Sk J W Cowling RNR) at Hong Kong







Rear Adm J G Crace on HMAS PERTH


Heavy cruisers - AUSTRALIA (Capt R R Stewart) arr Simonstown 31 May, CANBERRA (Capt H B Farncomb RAN) arr Sydney 5 Jun


Light cruisers - ADELAIDE (Capt H A Showers RAN) dep Fremantle 31 May, PERTH (Capt Sir P W Bowyer-Smyth Bt) arr Sydney 5 Jun


20th Minesweeping Flotilla - sloops SWAN (Lt Cdr A J Travis RAN) dep Melbourne 10 Jun, YARRA (Lt Cdr W H Harrington RAN) at Sydney, auxiliary minesweepers DOOMBA (Lt Cdr N R Read RAN) dep Melbourne 10 Jun, ORARA (Lt C J Stephenson RAN) at Sydney


Sloops under construction - PARRAMATTA (Lt Cdr J A Walker MVO RAN) dep Melbourne 10 Jun, WARREGO (Cdr R V Wheatley from 22 Aug) at Sydney under construction


Armed merchant cruisers - MANOORA (Cdr A H Spurgeon RAN) dep Morton Bay 5 Jun, WESTRALIA (Cdr A S Rosenthal Emgcy RAN) arr Darwin 15 May


Anti-submarine patrol vessels – survey ship MORESBY (Lt Cdr B T Brewster RN) dep Newcastle 6 Jun, auxiliary patrol vessels BINGERA (Lt E W Livingstone RANR), BONTHORPE (Lt W J C Webb RANR), no locations or movements given for either


Auxiliary anti-submarine vessels - auxiliary patrol vessels HEROS (Ty Lt C H Brown RANR), ST GILES (Ty Lt H A Litchfield RANR)


Minesweepers - minesweeping trawlers BERYL II (Comm Off from WO rank D Smith RANR (S)) at Victoria, COOLEBAR (Lt Cdr P MacIntosh RANR (S)) at Sydney, GOOLGWAI (Ty Comm Off from WO rank W J T Double RANR) at Sydney, GOORANGAI (Ty Comm Off from WO rank D McGregor RANR) at Victoria, KOROWA (Ty Comm Off from WO rank J R Reynolds DSC RANR) in West Australia, OLIVE CAM (Ty Officer from WO rank J Gathercole RANR) in West Australia, TAMBAR (Actg Lt J G S Fyfe Pbty RANR) in West Australia, TONGKOL (Ty WO W J Edmonds RANR) at Sydney


Depot and repair ship - depot ship PENGUIN (Cdre G C Muirhead-Gould RN) at Sydney


Boom defence vessels - one boom defence vessel at Sydney, two at Darwin


Examination Service vessel - one trawler at Darwin






Shore establishments - NADEN (Capt V G Brodeur, Cdre 1/c RCN) at Esquimalt, STADCONA (Capt H E Reid RCN) at Halifax


Armed merchant cruisers - PRINCE DAVID (Ty Cdr W D Armit RD RCNR) at Halifax, PRINCE HENRY (Ty Lt Cdr A R E Coleman RCNR) at Montreal, PRINCE ROBERT (Ty Cdr C T Beard RCNR) at Vancouver, all fitting out


Auxiliary patrol vessels - ACADIA (Lt Cdr H G Shadforth RCNR), BRAS D'OR (Ty Lt C A Hornsby Actg RCNR), FRENCH (Lt J W Bonner RCNR), LAURIER (Ty Lt R A S MacNeil Actg RCNR), MACDONALD (Ty Lt A R Ascah Actg RCNR), all at Halifax, yacht SANS PEUR (Actg Lt Cdr W C Halliday RCNR) at Esquimalt


Fundy-class minesweepers - COMOX (A/Lt Cdr D C Wallace RCNR), FUNDY (A/Lt Cdr A G Stanley RNCR), GASPE (A/Lt Cdr H D Mackay RCNR), NOOTKA (Lt A T Morrell RCNR), all at Halifax


Minesweeping trawler - ARMENTIERS (Lt T MacDuff RCNR) at Esquimalt


Auxiliary minesweepers - RAYON d'OR (Ty Lt T Gilmour Actg RCNR), VENOSTA (Ty Lt W E S Briggs Actg RCN), both at Halifax


Training ship - VENTURE (Cdr W J R Beech RCN) at Halifax






See Red Sea Force and East Indies Command for operational ships





 (Capt W E Parry, Cdre 2/c)


Light cruiser - ACHILLES (Capt W E Parry Cdre 2/c) at Auckland comp refit, trials in Hauraki Bay on 14 Jun


Armed merchant cruisers - HECTOR (Capt R W M Lloyd Rtd) dep Wellington 9 Jun for Auckland, to go to East Indies Station on 24 Jun, MONOWAI (Capt H V P McClintock Actg) refitting


Trawler - WAKAKURA (Cdr A D Holden Actg NZRNR) at Lyttelton


Depot ship - PHILOMEL (Capt H M Barnes) at Auckland


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