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TRIBUTE to BRITISH SHIPBUILDING and REPAIR INDUSTRIES 1914-18, including Royal Naval Dockyards and Research Establishments

Part 2 of 3

Battlecruiser HMS Renown, built Fairfield and Oiler Nucula, built Armstrong 1906 at Auckland after the war (Dave Martin, click to enlarge)

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Part 2




Yards and Locations:







mainly from "British Shipbuilding Yards", Volumes 1, 2, 3, by Norman L Middlemiss, 1995





All the identified shipbuilding yards and companies - around 173 -  are grouped from:

North to
South &

West to East moving down the British Isles

- those on rivers and estuaries are listed in approximate order from the estuary/mouth towards the source of river i.e. upstream, and where known, their location on the north (N) or south (S) bank.


The old historical, but now often forgotten County names, also so important to the Army Regiments of World War 1, are also used.








1. Many "War" standard cargo ships/tankers/colliers/coasters and some warships were completed after the armistice.


2. Most of the yards listed are believed to be those in operation in 1914 with company names at that time; however, some yards which closed pre-WW1 or opened post-WW1 are included for interest.


3. Warship build totals during the war from Middlemass may not match the lists of named vessels from Conways. The warships lists are in order - type, class and name with launch date. The only exceptions are dreadnoughts and battlecruisers, all of which are included starting with HMS Dreadnought herself, and which are in launch date order.






Firth of Clyde Approaches - westside


1. Campbeltown Shipyard Ltd, Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyllshire - mercantile, plus "War" colliers


2. Munro, A, Ardrishaig, on Loch Fyne, Argyllshire - mercantile


3. Robertson, A. & Co, Sandbank, on Holy Loch, Argyllshire - mercantile


Firth of Clyde Approaches - eastside


4. Ailsa Shipbuilding Co, Ltd, Ayr & Troon, Ayrshire - mercantile, plus sloops, minesweepers, river gunboats


Ailsa Shipbuilding
ships built during the war, larger vessels with launch date

Hunt-class minesweepers Belvoir, Bicester

Aberdare-class minesweepers Aberdare, Abingdon, Albury, Alresford, Ambleside, Amersham, Appledore,

Ascot-class paddle minesweepers
Ascot, Atherstone, Banbury, Chelmsford, Harpenden

Insect-class river gunboats Aphis, Bee


5. Ayrshire Dockyard Ltd, Irvine, Ayrshire - mercantile, plus fleet tugs




Aberdare-class minesweepers Banchory, Bloxham, Bradfield, Bursle

Ascot-class paddle minesweepers Chepstow, Croxton,
Doncaster, Eglinton, Redcar


6. Ardrossan Dockyard Ltd, Ardrossan, Ayrshire - mercantile, plus minesweepers, small warships, "War" colliers


Ardrossan Shipbuilding


Hunt-class minesweeper Blackmorevale

Aberdare-class minesweepers Badminton, Bagshot, Bamstaple,

Ascot-class paddle minesweeper


7. Fife, W & Sons, Fairlie, Ayrshire - mercantile


Clyde Estuary, Greenock & Port Glasgow, west to east


8S. Caird & Co Ltd, Greenock, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus small naval vessels, "War" cargo ships/tankers




P-type patrol boats P.22, P.35

PC-type decoy patrol boats PC.42, PC.43


9S. Scott's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd (later Scott's of Greenock), Greenock, Renfrewshire; six large building slips and four for smaller vessels, graving dock (369x 48ft), c2500 employees in shipyard, c2000 in engine works. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - mercantile, plus cruisers Caradoc, Dragon, monitor Sir John Moore, 12 destroyers, S-class submarines and others, 3 sloops, "War" cargo ships/tankers




Dreadnoughts Colossus (Colossus-class, 9.4.10), Ajax (King George V-class, 21.03.12)

Lord Clive-class monitor Sir John Moore (31.5.15)

C-type light cruisers Caradoc (23.12.16), Conquest (20.1.15)

D-class light cruisers Dragon (29.12.17),
Durban (29.5.19)

M-class destroyers Obdurate (21.1.16), Obedient (6.11.15), Paladin (27.3.16), Parthian (3.7.16), Plucky (21.4.16), Portia (10.8.16)

R-class destroyers Tirade (21.4.17), Ursula (2.8.17)

S-class destroyers Strenuous (9.11.18), Stronghold (6.5.19), Sturdy (26.6.19), Swallow (1.8.18), Swordsman (28.12.18)

V&W-class destroyers
Westminster (24.2.18), Windsor (21.6.18)

Submarines E.31 (23.8.15), E.51 (minelayer) (30.11.16), G.14 (17.5.17), K.15 (31.10.17), L.71 (17.5.19), S.1 (28.2.14), S.2 (14.4.15), S.3 (10.6.15), Swordfish (18.3.16)

Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloops Bluebell (24.7.15), Daffodil (17.8.15), Magnolia (26.6.15)


10S. Greenock & Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd (previously Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co), Greenock, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus RFA Slavol, Thermol, "War" cargo ships


Greenock & Grangemouth


Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloop Lilac (29.4.15)

Azalea-class fleet sweeping sloops Carnation (6.9.15), Clematis (29.7.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Gentian (23.12.15), Geranium (8.11.15)

Aubretia-class convoy sloop Heather (16.6.16), Hibiscus (17.11.17)

Anchusa-class convoy sloops Marjoram (26.12.17), Mistletoe (17.11.17)

24-class fleet sweeping sloops Donovan, Isinglass, Sanfoin, Sir Hugo


11S. Brown, George & Co Ltd, Greenock, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus paddle minesweepers


George Brown


Kil-class patrol gunboats Kilberry, Kilbeggan, Kilbirnie

Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Epsom


12S. Dunlop, Bremner & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus 3 sloops, 4 paddle minesweepers, 6 minesweepers, dumb barges, "War" coasters


Dunlop Bremmer


Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloop Veronica (27.5.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Marguerite (23.11.15), Mignonette (26.1.16)

Hunt-class minesweepers
Dartmoor, Garth

Aberdare-class minesweepers
Fareham, Faversham, Ford, Rugby

Ascot-class paddle minesweepers Haldon, Hurst, Sandown, Shirley


13S. Lithgows Ltd, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus 1 P-boat, "War" cargo ships/tankers


14S. Hamilton, William & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus more than 12 warships, 36 X-lighters, "War" cargo ships/tankers




Lord Clive-class monitor Prince Rupert (20.5.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Nigella (10.12.15), Pansy (1.2.16)

Aubretia-class convoy sloop Lychnis (21.8.17)

Anchusa-class convoy sloop Pelargonium (18.3.18)

P-type patrol boats P.13, P.38, P.57, P.58

Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Melton

Dance-class tunnel minesweeper Tarantella (built 1917)


15S. Murdoch & Murray Ltd, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus paddle minesweepers, tunnel minesweepers, 4 Saint-class tugs


Murdoch & Murray


Hunt-class minesweeper Zetland

Aberdare-class minesweepers
Salford, Saltash, Saltburn, Selkirk

Ascot-class paddle minesweepers Pontefract, Wetherby

Dance-class tunnel minesweepers Hornpipe, Mazurka (built 1917)


16S. Duncan, Robert & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus "War" cargo ships/tankers


17S. Ferguson Brothers Ltd, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile




Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Kempton

Dance-class tunnel minesweepers Coverley, Quadrille (built 1917)


18S. Clyde Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd/James Lamont & Co Ltd, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus 4 gunboats, "War" cargo ships/tankers


Clyde Shipbuilding


Hunt-class minesweepers Cattistock, Croome

Aberdare-class minesweepers Craigie,
Derby, Dorking, Dundalk, Dunoon, Fairfield, Forres

Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Eridge, Hexham


19S. Russell & Co, Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire - mercantile




P-type patrol boat P.21


Clydeside - Down-River


19N. MacMillan, A & Son Ltd, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire - mercantile, plus sloops, minesweepers, "War" cargo ships/tankers/coasters




Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloop Lavender (12.6.15)

Azalea-class fleet sweeping sloops Peony (27.10.15), Snowdrop (7.10.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloop Nasturtium (21.12.15)

Aberdare-class minesweepers Cupar, Sutton

Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Plumpton, Totnes


20N. McAllister, R & Sons, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire - mercantile


21N. Denny, Wm & Bros Ltd, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire. Private yard building destroyers, torpedo boats, etc prewar; during war - mercantile, plus 28 destroyers, 5 submarines, 2 river hospital ships




Lightfoot-class flotilla leader Nimrod (12.4.15)

Parker-class flotilla leader Anzac (11.1.17)

V-class flotilla leaders Valkyrie (13.3.17), Valorous (8.5.17)

M-class destroyers Maenad (10.8.15), Marvel (7.10.15), Mystic (26.6.15), Narwhal (30.12.15), Nicator (3.2.16), Petard (24.3.16), Peyton (2.5.16)

R-class destroyers Redgauntlet (23.11.16), Robroy (28.8.16), Rocket (2.7.16)

S-class destroyers Senator (2.4.18), Sepoy (22.5.18), Seraph (8.7.18), Serapis (17.9.18), Serene (30.11.18), Sesame (30.12.18)

V&W-class destroyers Vehement (6.7.17), Venturous (21.9.17), Volunteer (17.4.19), Walker (29.11.17), Westcott (14.2.18)

Submarines E.52 (25.1.17), E.55 (5.2.16), E.56 (19.6.16), L.9 (29.1.18), L.10 (24.1.18), L.54 (20.8.19)


22N. Scott & Sons (Bowling) Ltd, Bowling, near Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire - mercantile


23N. Napier & Miller Ltd, Old Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire - mercantile, plus sloops, minesweepers, "War" cargo ships/tankers (plus aircraft)


Napier & Miller


Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloop Larkspur (11.5.15)

Azalea-class fleet sweeping sloop Narcissus (22.9.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Delphinium (23.12.15), Genista (22.2.16)

Hunt-class minesweepers Pytchley, Quorn

Aberdare-class minesweepers
Shrewsbury, Sligo, Widnes, Yeovil

P-type patrol boat P.33


24N. Beardmore, Wm, & Co Ltd, Naval Construction Works, Dalmuir, Dumbartonshire; vessels up to 900ft long, six big building slips, four smaller slips, c10,000 employees. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - dreadnought Ramillies, carrier Argus, cruisers Galatea, Inconstant, Royalist, 15 destroyers, 2 sloops, 9 submarines, 4 small hospital ships, 20 X-lighters, dumb lighters (plus airships)





Dreadnoughts Conqueror (Orion-class, 1.5.11), Benbow (Iron Duke-class, 12.11.13), Ramillies (Revenge-class dreadnought, 12.9.16)

carrier Argus (ex-liner, 2.12.17)

Arethusa-class light cruisers Galatea (14.5.14), Inconstant (6.7.14), Royalist (14.1.15)

Cavendish-class cruiser Raleigh (28.8.19)

L-class destroyers Lassoo (24.8.15), Lochinvar (9.10.15)

M-class destroyers Pelican (18.3.16), Pellew (8.5.16)

R-class destroyers Satyr (27.12.16), Sharpshooter (27.2.17), Tancred (30.6.17),
Ulster (10.10.17)

S-class destroyers Tactician (7.8.18), Tara (12.10.18),
Tasmania (22.11.18), Tattoo (28.12.18)

V&W-class destroyers Vancouver (28.12.17), Vanessa (16.3.18), Vanity (3.5.18), Vansittart (17.4.19)

Submarines E.25 (23.8.15), E.26 (11.11.15), E.53 (1916), E.54 (1916), H.47 (19.11.18), H.48 (31.3.19), H.49 (15.7.19), H.50 (25.10.19), K.16 (5.11.17), L.6 (14.1.18), L.69 (6.12.18)


25N. Brown, John & Co Ltd, Clydebank; Dumbartonshire; nine big slips, c 9000 employees. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - capital ships Barham, Repulse, cruisers Canterbury, Ceres, 34 destroyers, 3 submarines, seaplane carrier Pegasus, "War" cargo ships


John Brown, Clydebank


Dreadnought Barham (Queen Elizabeth-class, 31.10.14)

Battlecruisers Inflexible (Invincible-class, 26.6.07), Australia (Indefatigable-class, 25.10.11), Tiger (15.12.13), Repulse (Renown-class, 8.1.16), Hood (Hood-class, 22.8.18)

C-type light cruisers Canterbury (21.12.15), Ceres (24.3.17)

Emerald-class light cruiser Enterprise (23.12.19)

Seaplane carrier Pegasus (ex-steamer, 9.6.17)

M-class destroyers Mameluke (14.8.15), Marne (29.5.15), Milne (5.10.14), Mons (1.5.15), Moorsom (20.12.14), Morris (19.11.14), Napier (27.11.15), Narbrough (2.3.16), Ossory (9.10.15), Penn (8.4.16), Peregrine (29.5.16)

Medea-class destroyers Medea (30.1.15), Medusa (27.3.15)

R-class destroyers Restless (12.8.16), Rigorous (30.9.16), Romola (14.5.16), Rowena (1.7.16), Simoom (30.10.16), Skate (11.1.17), Tarpon (10.3.17), Telemachus (21.4.17)

S-class destroyers Scimitar (27.2.18), Scotsman (30.3.18), Scout (27.4.18), Scythe (25.4.18), Seabear (6.7.18), Seafire (10.8.18), Searcher (11.9.18), Seawolf (2.11.18), Simoom (26.1.18)

V&W-class destroyers Vanoc (14.6.17), Vanquisher (18.8.17), Venomous (21.12.18), Verity (19.3.19), Veteran (26.4.19), Wakeful (6.10.17), Watchman (2.11.17)

Submarines E.35 (20.5.16), E.36 (16.9.16), E.50 (13.11.16)


26S. Lobnitz & Co Ltd, Renfrew, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus small warships, gunboats




Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloops Honeysuckle (29.4.15), Iris (1.6.15)

Azalea-class fleet sweeping sloops Heliotrope (10.9.15), Myrtle (11.10.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Crocus (24.12.15), Cyclamen (22.2.16)

Aubretia-class convoy sloop Polyanthus (24.9.17), Tamarisk (2.6.16)

Anchusa-class convoy sloop Saxifrage (29.1.18)

Hunt-class minesweepers Muskerry, Oakley

Aberdare-class minesweepers Pangbourne, Penarth, Petersfield, Pinner, Pontypool, Prestatyn, Radley, Ross

Insect-class river gunboats Gnat, Ladybird


27S. Simons, Wm & Co Ltd, Renfrew, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus sloops, minesweepers, tugs, shallow-draught craft




Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloop Primrose (29.6.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Lobelia (7.3.16), Lupin (31.5.16)

Anchusa-class convoy sloops Silene (13.3.18), Spiraea (1.11.17)

Hunt-class minesweepers Southdown, Tedworth

Aberdare-class minesweepers Clonmel, Elgin, Sherborne, Tiverton, Tonbridge, Tralee, Tring, Truro, Uppingham, Verwood, Wem, Wexford


28S. Hanna Donald & Wilson, Paisley, Renfrewshire. Private yard building destroyers prewar; during war - destroyers, etc


29. Bow McLachlan & Co Ltd, (on Cart River), Paisley, Renfrewshire - mercantile


Bow McLachlan


Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloops Marigold (27.5.15), Mimosa (16.7.15)

Azalea-class fleet sweeping sloop Camellia (25.9.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloop Myosotis (4.4.16)

Hunt-class minesweepers Cotswold, Cottesmore

Aberdare-class minesweepers Blackburn, Bootle, Caerleon, Camberley, Carstairs, Caterham


30. Fullerton, John & Co, (on Cart River), Paisley, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus "War" coasters


31. Fleming & Ferguson Ltd, (on Cart River), Paisley, Renfrewshire - mercantile, plus small warships


Fleming & Ferguson


Hunt-class minesweepers Hambledon, Heythrop

Aberdare-class minesweepers Mallaig, Malvern, Marazion, Munlochy

Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Lanark, Lewes, Lingfield



Clydeside - Up-River/Glasgow


32N. Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd, West Scotstoun (also Clydeholm - below), Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile, plus 30 sloops, 5 P-boats, 4 river gunboats, RFAs Boxleaf, Limeleaf, "War" cargo ships/tankers


Barclay Curle


Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloops Dahlia (21.4.15), Daphne (19.5.15), Foxglove (30.3.15), Hollyhock (1.5.15), Lily (6.6.15), Mallow (13.7.15)

Azalea-class fleet sweeping sloops Azalea (10.9.15), Begonia (26.8.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Buttercup (24.10.15), Campanula (25.12.15), Celandine (19.2.16), Cornflower (30.3.16)

Anchusa-class convoy sloops Convolvulus (19.5.17), Coreopsis (15.9.17), Cowslip (19.10.17), Dianthus (1.12.17), Eglantine (22.6.17), Gardenia (27.12.17), Gilia (15.3.18), Harebell (10.5.18)

24-class fleet sweeping sloops Bend Or, Harvester, Iroquois, Sefton, Silvio, Sir Bevis

P-type patrol boats P.34, P.53, P.54

PC-type decoy patrol boats PC.55, PC.56

Insect-class river gunboats Cicala, Cockchafer, Cricket, Glowworm


33N. Yarrow & Co Ltd, Scotstoun, Glasgow, Lanarkshire (moved from River Thames 1908). Private yard building destroyers prewar; during war - 29 destroyers, 16 gunboats, 1 submarine, 3 hospital ships, floating workshop for RN




M-class destroyers Manly (12.10.14), Minos (6.8.14), Miranda (27.5.14), Moon (23.4.15), Morning Star (26.6.15), Mounsey (11.9.15), Musketeer (12.11.15), Nerissa (9.2.16), Relentless (15.4.16), Rival (14.6.16)

R-class destroyers Sabrina (24.7.16), Strongbow (30.9.16), Surprise (25.11.16), Sybille (5.2.17), Truculent (24.3.17), Tyrant (19.5.17), Ulleswater (4.8.17)

S-class destroyers Tomahawk (11.5.18), Torch (16.3.18), Tryphon (22.6.18), Tumult (17.9.18), Turquoise (9.11.18), Tuscan (1.3.19), Tyrian (2.7.19)

V&W-class destroyers Vivacious (3.11.17), Vivien (16.2.18), Wren (11.11.19)

Submarine E.27 (9.6.17)

Fly-class river gunboats Blackfly, Butterfly, Caddisfly, Cranefly, Dragonfly, Firefly, Gadfly, Grayfly, Greenfly, Hoverfly, Mayfly, Sawfly, Sedgefly, Snakefly, Stonefly, Waterfly, built 1915-16


34N. Blythswood Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Scotstoun, Glasgow, Lanarkshire; 1 of 3 WW1 emergency shipyards (on Clyde, Forth, Tees) - came into operation post-WW1


35N. Connell, Charles & Co Ltd, Scotstoun, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile, plus 7 sloops, "War" cargo ships/tankers




Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloops Jonquil (12.5.15), Laburnum (10.6.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Gladiolus (25.10.15), Godetia (8.1.16), Hydrangea (2.3.16)

P-type patrol boat P.14

PC-type decoy patrol boat PC.63


36N. Ritchie, Graham & Milne, Scotstoun, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile


37N. Barclay, Curle & Co Ltd, Clydeholm (also West Scotstoun - above), Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile


38S. Stephen, Alexander & Sons Ltd, Linthouse, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile, plus 16 destroyers "War" tankers


A Stephen


M-class destroyers Nizam (6.4.16), Noble (25.11.15), Nomad (7.2.16), Nonpareil (16.5.16), Prince (26.7.16), Pylades (28.9.16)

R-class destroyers Sceptre (18.4.17), Sturgeon (11.1.17), Tormentor (22.5.17), Tornado (4.8.17)

S-class destroyers Sabre (23.9.18), Saladin (17.2.19), Sardonyx (27.5.19)

V&W-class destroyers Vesper (15.12.17), Vidette (28.2.18), Voyager (8.5.16)


39S. Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, eleven building slips, 8500 employees, 1913 shipping/engine output - 33,000 tons/202,000hp. Private yard building destroyers prewar; during war - capital ships Valiant, Renown, cruisers Cardiff, Carlisle, Colombo, 24 destroyers, 9 submarines, minor craft, AMC Avenger, "War" tankers



Dreadnought Valiant (Queen Elizabeth-class, 4.11.14)

Battlecruisers Indomitable (Invincible-class, 16.3.07), New Zealand (Indefatigable-class, 1.7.11), Renown (Renown-class, 4.3.16), Rodney (Hood-class, laid down 9.10.16, cancelled 1918)

Arethusa-class light cruiser Undaunted (28.4.14)

C-type light cruisers Cardiff (12.4.17), Carlisle (9.7.18), Colombo (18.12.18)

D-class light cruiser Despatch (24.9.19)

M-class destroyers Mandate (27.4.15), Manners (15.6.15), Mindful (24.8.15), Mischief (12.10.15), Observer (1.5.16), Offa (7.6.16), Onslaught (4.12.15), Onslow (15.2.16), Orcadia (26.7.16), Oriana (23.9.16), Pheasant (23.10.16), Phoebe (20.11.16)

Medea-class destroyers Melampus (16.12.14), Melpomene (1.2.15)

R-class destroyers Tempest (26.1.17), Undine (22.3.17)

S-class destroyers Sikh (7.5.18), Sirdar (6.7.18), Somme (10.9.18), Spear (9.11.18), Spindrift (30.12.18)

V&W-class destroyers Vendetta (3.9.17), Venetia (29.10.17), Walrus (27.12.17), Wanderer (7.8.18), Wolfhound (14.3.18)

Submarines E.37 (2.9.15), E.38 (13.6.16), E.47 (29.5.16), E.48 (2.8.16), K.13 (11.11.16), K.14 (8.2.17), L.15 (16.1.18), L.16 (9.4.18), L.55 (21.9.18), L.56 (29.5.19)

Aberdare-class minesweepers Irvine, Kendal, Kinross, Lydd


40N. Henderson, D & W & Co Ltd, Meadowside, Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile, plus "War" cargo ships/tankers




Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloop Sunflower (28.5.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Arabis (6.11.15), Asphodel (21.12.15), Berberis (3.2.16)

Hunt-class minesweepers Holderness, Meynell


41N. Inglis, A & J Ltd, Pointhouse, Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Private yard building destroyers etc prewar; during war - destroyers, minesweepers




P-type patrol boats P.18, P.39, P.64

Aberdare-class minesweepers Nailsea, Newark, Repton, Weybourne

Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Newbury


42S. Harland & Wolff Ltd (of Belfast), Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire; six big building slips. Private yard believed building warships prewar; during war - mercantile, plus monitors Raglan, Prince Eugene, Erebus, Terror, 6 destroyers, 3 P-boats, 4 naval tugs, "War" cargo ships/tankers


Harland & Wolff, Govan


Monitors Raglan (Abercrombie-class, 29.04.15), Prince Eugene (Lord Clive-class, 14.07.15)

Erebus-class monitors Erebus (19.6.16), Terror (18.5.16)

R-class destroyers Salmon (7.10.16), Skilful (3.2.17), Springbok (9.3.17), Sylph (15.11.16), Tenacious (21.5.17), Tetrarch (20.4.17)

P-type patrol boats P.24, P.25

PC-type decoy patrol boat PC.62


43S. Alley & McLellan Ltd, Polmadie, Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile


44S. MacColl & Thomson Ltd, Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile


45S. MacKie & Thomson Ltd, Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile


46S. London & Glasgow Engineering & Iron Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Govan, Glasgow, Lanarkshire; three big building slips, three smaller, 3000 employees. Private yard building warship prewar


47. Chalmers, W & Co Ltd, Rutherglen, Glasgow, Lanarkshire - mercantile


Clyde area - inland


48. McGregor & Sons, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire - mercantile





Aberdeenshire to mouth of Forth, going south


49. Forbes & Birnie, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire - mercantile


50. Duthie, J & Sons Ltd, Torry, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire - mercantile


51. Hall, Alexander & Co Ltd, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire - mercantile, plus Admiralty steel drifters


52. Hall, Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire - mercantile, plus Admiralty trawlers & drifters


Hall Russell

Kil-class patrol gunboats Kilbride, Kilburn


53. Lewis, John & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire - mercantile, plus "War" coasters


54. Montrose Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Montrose, Angus - mercantile


55. Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Dundee (Firth of Tay), Angus - mercantile, plus "War" cargo ships/coasters


56. Dundee Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Dundee (Firth of Tay), Angus - mercantile


Dundee Shipbuilding


Aberdare-class minesweepers Battle, Fermoy, Forfar

Ascot-class paddle minesweepers Gatwick, Goodwood, Shincliffe



Firth of Forth & area, going up-river


57S. Cran, J & Co (later Cran & Somerville Ltd), Leith, Midlothian - mercantile


58S. Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith, Midlothian - mercantile


59S. Ramage & Ferguson Ltd, Leith, Midlothian - mercantile, plus oil hulk, 2 Admiralty hospital ships


60S. Robb, Henry Ltd, Leith, Midlothian - started on April 1st 1918 as a new, independent ship repairer and builder and gradually bought over other yards as the company grew. (thanks to Ruth Patterson - see Henry Robb's Shipyard)


61S. Menzies & Co, Leith, Midlothian - mercantile


62N. Burntisland Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Burntisland, Fife; 1 of 3 WW1 emergency shipyards (on Clyde, Forth, Tees) - "War" cargo ships


63S. Greenock & Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd (previously Grangemouth Dockyard Co, and then Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co), Grangemouth, Stirlingshire - mercantile


64. MacKay Bros, Alloa, Clackmannan - mercantile


65. Forth Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Alloa, Clackmannan - mercantile, plus "War" colliers



Nos 66-71, IRELAND


Northern Ireland, west to east


66. North of Ireland Shipbuilding, Londonderry, Co Londonderry - mercantile, plus "War" cargo ships


67. Larne Shipbuilding Co, Larne Harbour, Co Antrim - mercantile


68. Harland & Wolff Ltd, Belfast, Co Antrim; six big building slips, three smaller, two large docks (850x100ft & 825x80ft), 15,000 employees. Private yard building warship machinery prewar; during war - mercantile, plus light battlecruiser Glorious, 7 monitors, 3 small monitors, cruiser Cavendish, "War" cargo ships/tankers


Harland & Wolff, Belfast


Light battlecruiser Glorious (Courageous-class, 20.4.16)

Abercrombie-class monitors Abercrombie (15.4.15), Havelock (29.4.15)

Lord Clive-class monitors Earl of Peterborough (26.8.15), General Craufurd (8.7.15), Lord Clive (10.6.15), Sir Thomas Picton (30.09.15)

M.29-class monitors M.29 (22.5.15), M.30 (23.6.15), M.31 (24.6.15)

Cavendish-class cruiser Cavendish (17.1.18)


69. MacColl Ltd, Abercorn Basin, Belfast, Co Antrim - mercantile


70. Workman, Clark & Co Ltd, Belfast, Co Antrim - mercantile, plus 2 small monitors, 3 Flower-class sloops, 7 patrol boats, boom defence vessels, "War" cargo ships


Workman Clark, Belfast


M.29-class monitors M.32 (22.5.15), M.33 (22.5.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Pentstemon (15.2.16), Petunia (3.4.16)

Anchusa-class convoy sloops Syringa (29.9.17), Windflower (12.4.18)

P-type patrol boats P.15, P.16, P.17

PC-type decoy patrol boats PC.60, PC.61, PC.69, PC.70


Southern Ireland


71. Dublin Dockyard Co Ltd, Dublin - mercantile






Cumberland to mouth of Mersey


72. Williamson, R & Son Ltd, Workington, Cumberland - mercantile


73. Vickers Ltd (previously Vickers, Son & Maxim Ltd; later Vickers-Armstrong Ltd to 1965), Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire; six big building slips, 18 smaller slips, local graving dock (500x60ft), c16,000 employees, including ordnance works. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - battleships Erin, Emperor of India, Revenge, cruisers Penelope, Phaeton, Cassandra, Curlew, Calcutta, 64 E, G, H, K, L-class submarines, "War" tankers





Dreadnoughts Vanguard (St Vincent-class, 22.2.09), Erin (ex-Turkish, 3.9.13), Emperor of India (Iron Duke-class, 27.11.13), Revenge (Revenge-class, 29.5.15)

Lion-class battlecruiser Princess Royal (24.04.11)

Arethusa-class light cruisers Penelope (25.8.14), Phaeton (21.10.14)

C-type light cruisers Calcutta (9.7.18), Cassandra (25.11.16), Centaur (6.1.16), Concord (1.4.16), Curlew (5.7.17)

D-class light cruiser Diomede (29.4.19)

Submarines E.14 (7.7.14), E.15 (23.4.14), E.16 (23.9.14), E.17 (16.1.16), E.18 (4.3.15), E.19 (13.5.15), E.20 (12.6.16), E.21 (24.7.15), E.22 (27.8.15), E.23 (28.9.15), E.24 (minelayer) (9.12.15), G.8 (1.5.16), G.9 (15.6.16), G.10 (11.1.16), G.11 (22.2.16), G.12 (24.3.16), G.13 (18.7.16), H.21 (20.10.17), H.22 (14.11.17), H.23 (29.1.18), H.24 (14.11.17), H.25 (27.4.18), H.26 (15.11.17), H.27 (25.9.18), H.28 (12.3.18), H.29 (8.6.18), H.30 (9.5.18), H.31 (16.11.18), H.32 (19.11.18), K.3 (20.5.16), K.4 (15.7.16), K.8 (10.10.16), K.9 (8.11.16), K.10 (27.12.16), K.17 (10.4.17), K.26 (26.8.19), L.1 (10.5.17), L.2 (6.7.17), , L.3 (1.9.17), L.4 (17.11.17), L.11 (minelayer) (26.2.18), L.12 (minelayer) (16.3.18), L.14 (minelayer) (10.6.18), L.17 (minelayer) (13.5.18), L.18 (21.11.18), L.19 (4.2.19), L.20 (23.9.18), L.21 (11.10.19), L.22 (25.10.19), L.23 (1.7.19), L.24 (19.2.19), L.25 (minelayer) (13.2.19), L.26 (29.5.19), L.27 (14.6.19), L.32 (23.8.19 cancelled), M.1 (9.7.17), M.2 (19.10.18), Nautilus (31.12.14), R.7 (14.5.18), R.8 (28.6.18), V.1 (23.7.14), V.2 (17.2.15), V.3 (1.4.15), V.4 (25.11.15)


74. Lytham Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Lytham (previously Richard Smith & Co, Preston), Lancashire - mercantile, plus 3 Saint-class tugs, smaller tugs, ammo barges, other small naval craft


Lytham Shipbuilding


Dance-class tunnel minesweepers Fandango, Morris Dance, Step Dance, Sword Dance (built 1917/18)


Merseyside & area


75N. Mersey Engineering Works Co Ltd, Liverpool, Lancashire - mercantile


76S. Cammell, Laird & Co Ltd (previously Laird Brothers), Birkenhead & Tranmere, Cheshire; six large building slips, five small slips, two docks (No.6, 730x85ft & No.7, 880x95ft) capable of taking dreadnoughts, 8000 employees. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - mercantile, plus 5 C-type light cruisers, 6 destroyers, 2 escorts, 8 submarines, conversions of Snaefell, King Orry, Ben-my-Chree, Campania, "War" cargo ships


Cammell Laird


Dreadnought Audacious (King George V-class, 14.9.12)

Battlecruiser Howe (Hood-class, laid down 16.10.16, cancelled 1918)

Birkenhead-class light cruisers Birkenhead (18.1.15), Chester (8.12.15), (both ex-Greek)

C-type light cruisers Cairo (19.11.18), Caledon (25.11.16), Capetown (18.6.19), Caroline (29.9.14), Castor (28.7.15), Cleopatra (14.1.15), Constance (12.9.15)

Lightfoot-class flotilla leader Abdiel (12.10.15), Gabriel (23.12.15), Ithuriel (8.3.16), Kempenfelt (1.5.15)

Parker-class flotilla leaders Grenville (17.6.16), Hoste (16.8.16), Parker (19.4.16), Saumarez (14.10.16), Seymour (31.8.16)

V-class flotilla leaders Valentine (24.3.17), Valhalla (22.5.17)

Scott-class flotilla leaders Bruce (26.2.18), Campbell (21.9.18), Douglas (8.5.18), Mackay (21.12.18), Malcolm (29.5.19), Scott (18.10.17)

Submarines E.41 (minelayer) (22.10.15), E.42 (22.10.15), E.45 (minelayer) (25.1.16), E.46 (minelayer) (4.4.16), H.33 (24.8.18), H.34 (5.11.18), L.7 (24.4.17), L.8 (7.7.17), R.11 (16.3.18), R.12 (9.4.18)


77S. Grayson, H & C, Birkenhead, Cheshire - mercantile, plus "War" coasters


78. Yarwood, W J & Sons Ltd, Castle Dock, Northwich (River Weaver), Northwich, Cheshire - mercantile


79. Pimblott, Isaac & Sons Ltd, Northwich (River Weaver), Northwich, Cheshire - mercantile





Northumberland coast


80. Blyth Shipbuilding & Dry Docks Co. Ltd, Blyth, Northumberland - mercantile, plus seaplane carrier Ark Royal, 4 sloops, survey ship Merry Hampton, 10 lighters, "War" cargo ships


Blyth Shipbuilding


Aircraft carrier Ark Royal (5.9.14)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloop Verbena (9.11.15)

Aubretia-class convoy sloops Aubrietia (17.6.16), Gaillardia (19.5.17)

Anchusa-class convoy sloop Ivy (31.10.17)

24-class fleet sweeping sloops Merry Hampton (completed as survey ship), Ormonde


Tyneside & Newcastle-on-Tyne area


81S. Rennoldson, Charles & Company, South Shields, Co Durham - mercantile, plus minesweeper Southwold, "War" coasters


C Rennoldson


Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloop Valerian (21.2.16)

Aberdare-class minesweepers
Stafford, Stoke (ex-Southwold)


82S. Rennoldson, J P & Sons Ltd, South Shields, Co Durham - mercantile


83S. Hepple & Company, South Shields, Co Durham - mercantile


84S. Readhead, John & Sons Ltd., South Shields, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 3 P-boats, "War" cargo ships



P-type patrol boats P.31, P.47, P.48



85N. Baird Bros, North Shields, Northumberland - mercantile


86N. Northumberland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Howdon-on-Tyne, Northumberland - mercantile, plus "War" cargo ships


Northumberland Shipbuilding


P-type patrol boats P.19, P.20


87N. Palmers, Howdon-on-Tyne, Northumberland, from 1914 J. T. Eltringham (of South Shields) - mercantile, plus patrol boats, minesweeper Harrow




P-type patrol boats P.27, P.36

PC-type decoy patrol boats PC.44, PC.65

Aberdare-class minesweepers Bury, Cheam, Gretna, Harrow, Havant, Huntley, Instow, Gaddesdon, Gainsborough, Northolt


88S. Palmer's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hebburn and Jarrow-on-Tyne, Co Durham; fourteen building slips, docks at Hebburn (700x90ft) big enough for dreadnoughts, and Jarrow (440x70ft), 9000 employees. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - mercantile, plus dreadnought Resolution, cruiser Dauntless, 3 monitors, 18 destroyers, 2 submarines, "War" cargo ships




Dreadnoughts Hercules (Colossus-class, 10.5.10), Resolution (Revenge-class, 14.01.15)

Lion-type battlecruiser Queen Mary (20.3.12)

Marshal Soult-class monitors Marshal Ney (17.6.15), Marshal Soult (24.8.15)

Lord Clive-class monitor General Wolfe (9.9.15)

D-class light cruiser Dauntless (10.4.18)

M-class destroyers Murray (6.8.14), Myngs (24.9.14), Negro (8.3.16), Nonsuch (8.12.15), Norman (20.3.16), Northesk (5.7.16), Northstar (9.11.16), Nugent (23.1.17), Oriole (31.7.16), Osiris (28.9.16)

R-class destroyers Urchin (7.6.17), Ursa (23.7.17)

S-class destroyers Steadfast (8.8.18), Sterling (8.10.18), Stonehenge (19.3.19), Stormcloud (30.5.19)

V&W-class destroyers Waterhen (26.3.18), Wryneck (13.5.18)

Submarines E.39 (18.5.16), E.40 (9.11.16)


89N. Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Willington-Quay-on-Tyne, Howdon, Northumberland - mercantile, plus 3 patrol boats, RFAs Philol, Scotol, "War" cargo ships


Tyne Iron Shipbuilding


P-type patrol boats P.26, P.50

PC-type decoy patrol boat PC.51


90N. Wallsend Slipway, Wallsend, Northumberland - owned by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd


91S. Hawthorn, R & W, Leslie & Co. Ltd, Hebburn, Co Durham; nine slips up to 700ft long, 3000 employees, engine output 150,000hp pa. Private yard building destroyers prewar; during war - mercantile, plus cruisers Champion, Calypso, 3 destroyers, 21 TBD's, "War" cargo ships


Hawthorn Leslie


C-type light cruisers Calypso (24.1.17), Carysfort (14.11.14), Champion (29.5.15)

Lightfoot-class flotilla leader Marksman (28.4.15)

Scott-class flotilla leaders Montrose (10.6.18), Stuart (22.8.18)

Talisman-class destroyers Talisman (15.7.15), Termagant (26.8.15), Trident (20.11.15), Turbulent (5.1.16)

M-class destroyers Pigeon (3.3.16), Plover (3.3.16), Mansfield (3.12.14), Mentor (21.8.14)

R-class destroyers Sarpedon (1.6.16), Starfish (27.9.16), Stork (15.11.16), Thisbe (8.3.17), Thruster (10.1.17), Tenedos (21.10.18), Thanet (5.11.18), Thracian (5.3.20), Turbulent (29.5.19)

V&W-class destroyers Verdun (21.8.17), Versatile (31.10.17), Verulam (3.10.17), Warwick (28.12.17), Wessex (12.3.18)




HMS Calypso - under construction, launching, completed.

Water colours by H G Bucknell, courtesy Rory Carson whose grandmother, Lady Carson launched the ship when her husband , Sir Edward, later Lord Carson, was First Lord of the Admiralty


92N. Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend-on-Tyne, Northumberland; seventeen building berths, eleven berths with overhead electric cranes, four berths covered-in, c7000 employees, shipbuilding capacity of 150,000grt pa. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - mercantile, plus cruisers Comus, Coventry, 28 destroyers, monitor Roberts, 20 sloops, some submarines, RFA Elmol, Elderol, "War" cargo ships/tankers


Swan Hunter


Abercrombie-class monitor Roberts (15.4.15)

C-type light cruisers Comus (16.12.14), Coventry (6.7.17)

M-class destroyers Marmion (28.5.15), Martial (1.7.15), Mary Rose (8.10.15), Matchless (5.10.14), Menace (9.11.15), Nessus (24.8.15), Nestor (9.10.15), Partridge (4.3.16), Pasley (15.4.16)

R-class destroyers Radstock (3.6.16), Raider (17.7.16), Sorceress (29.8.16), Torrent (26.11.16), Torrid (10.2.17), Tower (5.4.17)

S-class destroyers Shark (9.4.16), Sparrowhawk (14.5.18), Splendid (10.7.18), Sportive (19.9.18), Stalwart (23.10.18), Tilbury (3.6.18), Tintagel (9.8.18)

V&W-class destroyers Vimiera (22.6.17), Violent (1.9.17), Vittoria (29.10.17), Whirlwind (15.12.17), Whitehall (11.9.19), Whitshed (31.1.19), Wild Swan (17.5.19), Wrestler (25.2.18)

Submarines E.43 (11.11.15), E.44 (21.2.16), E.49 (18.9.16), L.5 (26.1.18), L.33 (29.5.19)

Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloops Acacia (15.4.15), Anemone (30.6.15)

Azalea-class fleet sweeping sloops Jessamine (9.9.15), Zinnia (12.8.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Poppy (9.11.15), Primula (6.12.15)

Aubretia-class convoy sloop Andromeda (6.17)

Anchusa-class convoy sloops Sweetbriar (5.10.17), Tuberose (16.11.17)

24-class fleet sweeping sloops Ard Patrick, Cicero, Flying Fox, Minoru, Orby, Rocksand, Spearmint


93N. Armstrong-Whitworth's, previously Charles Mitchell & Co's Low Walker yard (see 98N below), Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland; six building slips from 650 to 450ft long - mercantile, plus "War" cargo ships/tankers


94N. Dobson, William & Co. Ltd., Walker, Newcastle-on-Tyne - mercantile, plus X-lighters, "War" cargo ships


95S. Morris, J D Ltd, Hebburn, Co Durham - mercantile, plus War" coasters


96N. Armstrong-Whitworth's High Walker Naval Yard (see 98N below), Walker, Newscastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland; eight building slips, 1000 to 500ft long. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - battleships Malaya, Agincourt, light battlecruisers Courageous, Furious (latter converted to carrier), 6 cruisers, 8 sloops, 9 submarines, plus ferries and barges, ice-breaker Alexander, plus aircraft carrier Hermes completed by Devonport Dyd



Dreadnoughts Monarch (Orion-class, 1911), Agincourt (ex-Brazilian, 1.13), Canada (ex-Chilean, 11.13), Malaya (Queen Elizabeth-class, 18.3.15)

Battlecruisers Courageous (Courageous-class light battlecruiser, 5.2.16), Furious (light battlecruiser, 15.8.16), Anson (Hood-class, laid down 9.11.17, cancelled 1918)

D-class light cruisers Danae (26.1.18), Delhi (23.8.18), Dunedin (19.11.18)

Emerald-class light cruiser Emerald (19.5.20)

Aircraft carriers Eagle (ex-Chilean dreadnought, 8.6.18), Hermes (11.9.19)

Submarines E.29 (1.6.15), E.30 (29.6.15), G.6 (7.12.15), G.7 (4.3.16), H.41 (26.7.18, cancelled), H.42 (21.10.18), H.43 (3.2.19), H.44 (17.2.19), K.11 (16.8.16), K.12 (23.2.17), L.52 (18.12.18), L.53 (12.8.19), M.3 (19.10.18), M.4 (20.7.19 cancelled), R.9 (12.8.18), R.10 (5.10.18), W.1 (19.11.14), W.2 (15.2.15), W.3 (1.4.15), W.4 (25.11.15)

Anchusa-class convoy sloops Anchusa (21.4.17), Arbutus (8.9.17), Auricula (4.10.17), Bergamot (5.5.17), Bryony (27.10.17), Candytuft (19.5.17), Ceanothus (2.6.17), Chrysanthemum (10.11.17)


97S. Wood, Skinner & Co. Ltd., Gateshead, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 2 Insect-class river gunboats, "War" cargo ships


Wood Skinner


Insect-class river gunboats Scarab, Tarantula


98N. Armstrong, Sir W G, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Elswick, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland. William Armstrong's original Elswick yard (1) before taking over Charles Mitchell's Low Walker yard (2), and then building the High Walker Naval Yard (3) five miles down-stream from Elswick. Company known as Armstrong-Whitworth from 1897, then Vickers-Armstrong from 1928. Elswick yard - three big building slips, six smaller slips, prior claim to Hebburn graving dock (700x90ft) for dreadnoughts, all three yards totalled c25,000 employees including steel and ordnance works. Elswick was a private yard building warships prewar; by WW1 most warship construction transferred to High Walker; during the war - some submarines built, dreadnought Canada completed, aircraft carrier Eagle launched but fitted out at High Walker before completion by Portsmouth Dyd




Dreadnought Superb (Bellerophon-class, 7.11.07)

Battlecruiser Invincible (Invincible-class, 13.4.07)

Gorgon-class monitors Gorgon (9.6.14), Glatton (8.8.14) (both ex-Norwegian, completed 1918)


Wearside & Sunderland area


99S. Bartram & Sons Ltd., South Dock, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 2 small naval craft, "War" cargo ships



P-type patrol boats P.23, P.41


100S. Sunderland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., South Dock, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus gunboats Mantis, Moth, 17 more small naval craft,"War" cargo ships


Sunderland Shipbuilding


Insect-class river gunboats Mantis, Moth


101N. Blumer, John & Co, North Dock, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 5 Admiralty lighters, "War" cargo ships


102N. Thompson, Joseph L & Sons Ltd, North Sands, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus RFA Bornol, "War" cargo ships


103N. Crown, John & Sons Ltd, North Sands, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus "War" collier


104S. Austin, S P & Son Ltd, Wearmouth Bridge, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 5 small naval craft, "War" colliers


105N. Thompson, Robert & Sons Ltd, Wearmouth Bridge & Southwick yards, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 9 Admiralty barges, 2 patrol vessels, "War" cargo ships


R Thompson


P-type patrol boats P.28, P.49


106S. Laing, Sir James & Sons Ltd., Deptford, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 6 small naval craft, "War" cargo ships/tankers


107S. Doxford, William & Sons Ltd., Pallion, Sunderland, Co Durham; vessels up to 20,000t dead-weight, reciprocating, turbine and diesel marine engines up to any size, average shipbuilding output over 100,000grt pa. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - mercantile, plus 21 destroyers, Shikari launched and completed by Chatham Dyd, "War" cargo ships




M-class destroyers Norseman (15.8.16), Oberon (29.9.16), Octavia (21.6.16), Opal (11.9.15), Ophelia (13.10.15), Opportune (20.11.15), Oracle (23.12.15), Orestes (21.3.16), Orford (19.4.16), Orpheus (17.6.16)

R-class destroyers Recruit (9.12.16), Redoubt (28.10.16), Ulysses (24.3.17), Umpire (9.6.17)

S-class destroyers Shamrock (26.8.18), Shikari (14.7.19), Success (29.6.18)

V&W-class destroyers Vega (1.9.17), Velox (17.11.17), Walpole (12.2.18), Whitley (13.4.18)


108N. Pickersgill, Wm & Sons Ltd, Southwick, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus number of small naval vessels, "War" cargo ships


109N. Priestman, Sir John & Co, Southwick, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus "War" cargo ships


110S. Short Brothers Ltd, Pallion, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus RFA Birchleaf, small oilers Creosol, Celerol, Sprucol, Teakol, 14 barges for Admiralty, "War" cargo ships


111N. Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson (of Tyneside), Southwick, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus "War" colliers


112S. Gray, William & Co (of Hartlepool), EGIS (new yard for Ellerman, Gray, Inchcape, Strick) Shipbuilding Co, Pallion, Sunderland, Co Durham - "War" cargo ship


113N. Osbourne, Graham & Co, North Hylton, Sunderland, Co Durham - mercantile, plus small naval craft, "War" colliers


Osbourne Graham


24-class fleet sweeping sloops Ladas, Persimmon, Sir Visto



Hartlepool, Co Durham


114. Furness, Withy & Co Ltd, Main Harbour, Hartlepool, Co Durham - mercantile, plus RFAs Palmleaf, Belgol, 6 Flower-class sloops, 6 X-lighters, "War" cargo ships/tankers


115. Gray, William & Co Ltd., Jackson Dock, Hartlepool, Co Durham - mercantile, plus RFAs Pearleaf, Rapidol, Montenol, Oakol, Palmol, 4 gunboats, 4 patrol boats, "War" cargo ships/tankers




M.15-class monitors M.15 (28.4.15), M.16 (3.5.15), M.17 (12.5.15), M.18 (15.5.15)

P-type patrol boats P.29, P.30, P.37, P.45


116. Irvine, Robert & Co, later Irvine's Shipbuilding & Dry Docks Co. Ltd, West Harbour, Hartlepool, Co Durham - mercantile, plus 3 Flower-class sloops, 6-100t motorised barges, "War" cargo ships




Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Wallflower (8.11.15), Wisteria (7.12.15)

Aubretia-class convoy sloops Montbretia (3.9.17), Salvia (16.6.16)

Anchusa-class convoy sloop Rhododendron (15.10.17)


Teeside & Middlesbrough/Stockton area


117S. Smith's Dock Co. Ltd, South Bank, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus all trawlers building at outbreak of war, 15 submarine chasers to a yard design, 40 minesweepers, 36 Kil class patrol boats (plus 4,000 ships repaired)


Smith's Dock


Kil-class patrol gunboats Kildary, Kildorough, Kilfenora, Kilgobnet, Kilclare, Kilchrenan, Kildavin, Kildorrey, Kilfullert, Kilkeel, Kilcock, Kildimo, Kildysart, Kilgarvan, Kilchreest, Kilham, Killena, Killerig, Killiney, Killour, Killowen, Killybegs, Killygordon, Kilmacolm, Kilmacrennan, Kilmaine, Kilmallock, Kilmanahan, Kilmarnock, Kilmartin, Kilmead, Kilmelford, Kilmersdon, Kilmington, Kilmore, Kilmuckridge, Kilmun

Z-type patrol craft Arctic Whale, Balena, Beluga, Blackwhale, Bowhead, Bullwhale, Cachalot, Cowwhale, Finwhale, Humpback, Icewhale, Pilotwhale, Rightwhale, Rorqual, Zedwhale (all launched 1915)


118S. Harkess, William & Son Ltd., Middlesbrough Dock, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus minesweepers, patrol boats, "War" coasters




P-type patrol boats P.32, P.46

PC-type decoy patrol boats PC.66

Aberdare-class minesweepers Longford, Marlow, Mistley, Monaghan


119S. Dixon, Sir Raylton & Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough Dock, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus RFAs Roseleaf, Persol, 10 small 600t monitors, "War" cargo ships/tankers


Raylton Dixon, Tees


M.15-class monitors M.19 (4.5.15), M.20 (11.5.15), M.21 (27.5.15), M.22 (10.6.15), M.23 (17.6.15), M.24 (9.8.15), M.25 (24.7.15), M.26 (24.8.15), M.27 (8.9.15), M.28 (28.6.15)


120N. Furness Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Haverton Hill, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire; 1 of 3 WW1 emergency shipyards (on Clyde, Forth, Tees) - "War" cargo ships


121S. Richardson, Duck & Co. Ltd., Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham (Note: Duck, not Dock) - mercantile, plus sloops, "War" cargo ships/tankers


Richardson Duck


Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloop Rosemary (22.11.15)

Aubretia-class convoy sloop Tulip (15.7.16)


122N. Ropner & Sons Ltd (later Ropner Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd), Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham - mercantile, plus sloops Viola, Snapdragon, 6 X-lighters, RFA Ashleaf, "War" cargo ships




Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloop Snapdragon (21.12.15)

Aubretia-class convoy sloop Viola (14.7.16)


123S. Craig, Taylor & Co. Ltd., Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham - mercantile plus "War" cargo ships


Humberside & Hull areas


124S. Walker, R C, Grimsby, Lincolnshire - mercantile


125S. Warren, W H, New Holland, Lincolnshire - mercantile


126N. Earle's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull, Yorkshire. Private yard building warships prewar; during war - mercantile, plus 3 sloops, RFA's including Elmleaf, "War" cargo ships




Acacia-class fleet sweeping sloop Aster (1.5.15)

Arabis-class fleet sweeping sloops Alyssum (5.11.15), Amaryllis (9.12.15)


127. Scarr, Joseph & Son, Beverley, Yorkshire - mercantile


128. Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, Beverley, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus whalers, tugs, minesweepers, patrol boats


Cook, Welton & Gemmell

Kil-class patrol gunboats Kilchattan, Kilchvan, Kilclief, Kilclogher


129N. Livingstone & Cooper Ltd, Hessle, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus 5 Saint-class tugs, "War" coasters


130N. Scarr, Henry Ltd, Hessle, Yorkshire - mercantile


131S. Ouse Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Hook, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus Admiralty trawlers, "War" coasters


132S. Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co Ltd, Goole, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus paddle minesweepers, other naval


Goole Shipbuilding


Ascot-class paddle minesweeper Ludlow

Dance-class tunnel minesweepers Gavotte, Sarabande (built 1918)


133. Dunston, Richard Ltd, Thorne (inland, S of Goole), Yorkshire - mercantile, plus naval craft including 3 Admiralty wooden drifters


134. Cochrane & Sons Ltd, Selby, Yorkshire - mercantile, plus 70 Admiralty trawler minesweepers, 8 Kil-class sloops, 6 X-lighters



Kil-class patrol gunboats Kildalkey, Kildangan, Kildare, Kildonan, Kildress, Kildwick, Kilfinny, Kilfree





Deeside, N Wales


135. Crichton, J & Co Ltd, Connah's Quay, Flint, N Wales - mercantile


136. Abdela, Isaac J & Mitchell Ltd, Queensferry, Flint, N Wales - mercantile, plus naval craft


Anglesey, NW Wales


137. Thomas, W & Sons, Amlwch, island of Anglesey, North Wales - mercantile



Bristol Channel


138N. Walker, C H & Co, Ltd, Sudbrook, near Caldicot, Monmouthshire - mercantile


139N. Finch, Edward & Co Ltd (later Monmouth Shipbuilding Co Ltd), Chepstow, Monmouthshire - mercantile, plus minesweepers, tugs, boom defence vessels, "War" cargo ships


140. Hill, Charles & Sons Ltd, Bristol, Gloucestershire - mercantile, plus "War" colliers


Devon & Cornwall coasts


141. Harris, P K & Sons Ltd (later Appledore Shipbuilders Ltd), Appledore (River Torridge), North Devon - mercantile, possibly post WW1


142. Blackmore, M W & Sons, Bideford (River Torridge), North Devon - mercantile, possibly post-WW1


143. Cox & Co, Engineers, Ltd, Falmouth, South Cornwall - mercantile


144. Willoughby Brothers, Plymouth, South Devon - mercantile


145. Simpson, Strickland & Co Ltd, Dartmouth, South Devon - mercantile


146. Philip & Son Ltd, Sandquay, Dartmouth, South Devon - mercantile, plus Admiralty tugs






Norfolk & Suffolk coasts


147. Beaching Bros Ltd, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - mercantile


148. Crabtree & Co Ltd, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - mercantile


149. Fellows & Co Ltd, Southdown Dry Docks, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - mercantile


150. Richards Ltd, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk & Lowestoft, Suffolk - mercantile, plus Q-ship conversions including Lowestoft drifters, Humber and NE coast trawlers, Scottish paddle steamers


151. Brook Marine Ltd, Lowestoft, Suffolk - boatbuilding until post-WW1


J W Brooke, Lowestoft


Coastal motor boats CMB.44, CMB.45, CMB.59 (45ft-type)


152. Chambers, J, Lowestoft, Suffolk - mercantile


River Colne, Essex, leading to Colchester


153N. Aldous Successors Ltd, Brightlingsea, Essex - mercantile, possibly post-WW1


154N. James & Stone Ltd, Brightlingsea, Essex - mercantile


155S. Rowhedge Ironworks Ltd, Rowhedge, Essex - mercantile, plus small tugs, barges etc


Rowhedge Iron Works


Coastal motor boats CMB.29A, CMB.35A, CMB.90BD, CMB.91BD, CMB.92BD, CMB.93BD (55ft-type)


156N. Rennie Forrest Shipbuilding, Engineering and Dry Dock Co Ltd, Wivenhoe, Essex - mercantile


Rennie Forrest


Dance-class tunnel minesweeper Pirouette (built 1917)


River Thames & London area


157S. Everard, Frederick T & Sons Ltd, Greenhithe, near Gravesend, Kent - mercantile


158N. Wigram & Green, Blackwall (Isle of Dogs), London - builder of early steam frigates, closed pre-WW1


159N. Thames Iron Works & Shipbuilding Co Ltd, previously Ditchburn & Mare, Blackwall (Isle of Dogs), London - builder of ironclads, including HMS Warrior and pre-dreadnought battleships, closed pre-WW1


Thames Iron Works


Dreadnought Orion-class Thunderer (1.2.11)


160S. Shrubsall, H E, Greenwich, London - mercantile


161N. Robertson, A W & Co, Canning Town (just downstream of Isle of Dogs), London - mercantile


162N. Edwards & Co Ltd, Millwall (Isle of Dogs), London - mercantile


163N. Napier, David, Millwall (Isle of Dogs), London - yard leased to build Brunel's "Great Eastern", closed pre-WW1


164N. Westwood & Baillie, Poplar (Isle of Dogs), London - builder of ironclads, closed pre-WW1


165N. Yarrow, Poplar (Isle of Dogs), London - moved to Scotstoun, Clyde 1908


166. Thornycroft, Chiswick, London - moved to Woolston, Southampton 1904, closed Chiswick 1909


River Medway area, Kent


167. Pollock, James, Sons & Co Ltd, Faversham, Kent - WW1-opened shipyard, building shallow-draft X-lighters, ferro-concrete barges etc





168. Day, Summers & Co Ltd, Northam, Southampton, Hampshire - mercantile, plus Saint-class tugs


Day, Summers


Dance-class tunnel minesweepers Cotillion, Minuet (built 1917)


169. Fay, J G & Co Ltd, Southampton, Hampshire - mercantile


170. Thornycroft, John I & Co Ltd (later Vosper Thornycroft Ltd), Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire; moved from River Thames 1904, c3500 employees, 1913 engine output 110,000hp. Private yard building light cruisers, destroyers torpedo boats, minelayers etc, up to 3500t prewar; during war - 24 destroyers, boom defence vessels, 3 submarines, decoy ship, naval tugs, other small craft



Shakespeare-class flotilla leaders Keppel (23.4.20), Rooke (16.9.20), Shakespeare (7.7.17), Spenser (22.9.17), Wallace (26.10.18)

M-class destroyers Michael (19.5.15), Mastiff (5.9.14), Meteor (24.7.14), Milbrook (12.7.15), Minion (11.9.15), Munster (24.11.15), Nepean (22.1.16), Nereus (24.2.16), Patrician (5.6.16), Patriot (20.4.16), Rapid (15.7.16), Ready (26.8.16)

R-class destroyers Radiant (25.11.16), Retriever (15.1.17), Rosalind (14.10.16), Taurus (10.3.17), Teazer (21.4.17)

S-class destroyers Speedy (1.6.18), Tobago (15.7.18), Torbay (6.3.18), Toreador (7.12.18), Tourmaline (12.4.19)

V&W-class destroyers Wishart (18.7.19), Witch (11.11.19), Wolsey (16.3.18), Woolston (27.4.18), Viceroy (17.11.17), Viscount (29.12.17)

Submarines E.33 (18.4.16), E.34 (minelayer) (27.1.17), F.3 (19.2.16)


171. Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, Portsmouth, Hampshire - mercantile, plus patrol boats, minesweepers, other naval craft


Camper & Nicholson, Gosport/Portsmouth

Coastal motor boats CMB.20A, CMB.37A, CMB.39B, CMB.69A, CMB.70A, CMB.72A, CMB.75B, CMB.77A, CMB.79A, CMB.81C, CMB.98ED, CMB.99ED, CMB.39B (55ft-type)


172. White, Wm & Sons, Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire - mercantile


173. White, J Samuel & Co Ltd, Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire; seven building berths, engine works for reciprocating and turbine engines of highest powers, also diesel engines, 1800 employees. Private yard building torpedo boats and destroyers of largest types warships prewar; during war - 4 ex-Chilean destroyers, 16 more destroyers, 5 patrol boats, 6 Q-ships, 2 submarines


J S White


Faulknor-class flotilla leaders Botha (2.12.14), Broke (25.5.14), Faulknor (26.2.14), Tipperary (5.3.15) (all ex-Chilean)

Lightfoot-class flotilla leader Lightfoot (28.5.15)

V-class flotilla leaders Vampire (21.5.17)

M-class destroyers Magic (10.9.15), Medina (8.3.16), Medway (19.4.16), Moresby (20.11.15)

R-class destroyers Sable (28.6.16), Setter (18.8.16), Trenchant (23.12.16), Tristram (24.2.17)

S-class destroyers Tribune (28.3.18), Trinidad (8.4.18), Trojan (20.7.18), Truant (18.9.18), Trusty (6.11.18)

V&W-class destroyers Vectis (4.9.17), Vortigern (15.10.17), Winchelsea (15.12.17), Winchester (1.2.18), Witherington (18.4.19), Wolverine (17.7.19), Worcester (20.4.19)

Submarines E.32 (16.8.16), F.2 (7.7.17)

P-type patrol boats P.11, P.12, P.40, P.52, P.59

PC-type decoy patrol boats PC.67, PC.68, PC.71, PC.72, PC.73, PC.74




Other CMB Builders




River Thames - West to East


Salter Bros, Oxford


Coastal motor boats CMB.51, CMB.52, CMB.60, CMB.61 (45ft-type); CMB.23B, CMB.62BD, CMB.67A (55ft-type)


Taylor & Bates, Chertsey


CMB.43, CMB.49 (45ft-type); CMB.19A, CMB.68B, CMB.73B, CMB.74B, CMB.84C, CMB.86BD, CMB.114D, CMB.115DE (55ft-type)


Thornycroft, Hampton


CMB.1, CMB.2, CMB.3, CMB.4, CMB.5, CMB.6, CMB.7, CMB.8, CMB.9, CMB.10, CMB.13, CMB.40, CMB.41, CMB.42, CMB.47, CMB.48, CMB.50, CMB.55, CMB.56, CMB.112, CMB.121, CMB.122, CMB.123 (45ft-type); CMB.14A, CMB.15A, CMB.16A, CMB.17A, CMB.18A, CMB.21B, CMB.24A, CMB.25BD, CMB.26B, CMB.27A, CMB.28A, CMB.31BD, CMB.33A, CMB.34A, CMB.36A, CMB.65A, CMB.76A, CMB.78E, CMB.80C, CMB.82C, CMB.83CE, CMB.87B, CMB.93E, CMB.94E, CMB.95E, CMB.96E, CMB.97E, CMB.113CK, CMB.120F (55ft-type)


Frank Maynard, Chiswick


CMB.46, CMB.53, CMB.54 (45ft-type); CMB.32A, CMB.38B, CMB.68BD, CMB.71A, CMB.85C, CMB.88BD (55ft-type)


Tom Bunn, Rotherhithe


CMB.11, CMB.12 (45ft-type)


Wills & Packham, Sittingbourne


CMB.57, CMB.58 (45ft-type); CMB.22B, CMB.30B, CMB.63BD, CMB.64BD, CMB.116D, CMB.117D (55ft-type)


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