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by Don Kindell

ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, January 1942 (Part 4 of 4)

HMS Honeysuckle, corvette (Navy Photos/Mark Teadham click to enlarge)

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North Atlantic Command - Force H - Mediterranean Fleet - South Atlantic Command - America and West Indies Command - East Indies Command - Eastern Fleet


Royal Australian Navy - Royal Canadian Navy - Royal Indian Navy - Royal New Zealand Navy - Union Government of South Africa






(Flag Officer Commanding North Atlantic Vice Admiral Sir George Frederick B Edward-Collins KCB, KCVO, ashore at Gibraltar)



Depot ships - CORMORANT (Flagship Capt D.13 Capt C S Holland), MAIDSTONE (Capt G A W Voelcker), both at Gibraltar


13th Destroyer Flotilla (Capt D, Gibraltar Force in CORMORANT)

35th Division - WISHART (SO, Cdr H G Scott), VIDETTE (Lt Cdr E N Walmsley), both arr Gibraltar 23 Dec, (refit and repairs), DUNCAN (Lt Cdr A N Rowell) at Chatham refitting to complete 17 Jan


Corvettes (attached to 13th Destroyer Flotilla) - AZALEA (Lt G C Geddes RNR) dep Gibraltar 27 Dec, COLTSFOOT (Ty/Lt the Hon W K Rous RNR) arr Gibraltar 17 Dec, COREOPSIS (Lt Cdr A H Davies RNR) arr Gibraltar 26 Nov, GERANIUM (Ty/Lt Cdr A Foxall (acting) RNR) dep Gibraltar 27 Dec, JONQUIL (Lt Cdr R E H Partington RD RNR) arr Sheerness 31 Dec, SPIREA (Ty/Lt R W Tretheway RNR) arr Gibraltar 12 Dec


36th Escort Group (lent to Flag Officer Commanding North Atlantic) - sloops DEPTFORD (Lt Cdr H R White) arr Liverpool 28 Dec, STORK (Cdr F J Walker) arr Plymouth 27 Dec, corvettes CONVOLVULUS (Py/Ty/Lt R S Connell RNR) arr Liverpool 29 Dec, MARIGOLD (Lt W S Macdonald RNVR) arr Liverpool 27 Dec, GARDENIA (Lt Cdr H Hill RNR) dep Iceland 30 Dec, PENSTEMON (Lt Cdr J Byron RNR), RHODODENDRON (Lt H I Davis RNVR), SAMPHIRE (Lt Cdr F T Renny RNR) all arr Liverpool 27 Dec, VETCH (Ty/Lt Cdr H J Beverley DSC RNR) arr Liverpool 28 Dec (refits and repairs) ARBUTUS (Ty/Lt A L W Warren DSC RNR) at Liverpool repairing to complete 10 Jan, COWSLIP (Lt F Granger RNR) at Gibraltar undergoing temporary repairs


8th Submarine Flotilla - depot ship MAIDSTONE(Capt G A W Voelcker) at Gibraltar, submarines CLYDE (Cdr D C Ingram DSC) arr Gibraltar 14 Dec, OLYMPUS (Lt Cdr H G Dymott) dep Malta 26 Dec, SEVERN (Lt Cdr A N G Campbell) at Gibraltar, Dutch O.24 (Lt Cdr O de Booy RNN) arr Gibraltar 23 Dec


7th Anti Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers ARCTIC RANGER (SO, Chief Skipper H B Wray RNR) arr Gibraltar 27 Dec, ERIN (Ty/Lt W G Swanston RNVR), HAARLEM (Ty/Lt L B Merrick RNR), KINGSTON CHRYSOLITE (Skipper G T Littey DSC RNR), all at Gibraltar, LEYLAND (Ty/Lt A K Nears RNR) arr Clyde 10 Dec, LORD HOTHAM (Act/Ty/Skipper F J Settesfield RNR) at Gibraltar


31st Anti-Submarine Group - anti-submarine trawlers LADY HOGARTH (Ty/Lt S G Barnes RNR), ST NECTAN (Ty/Lt Cdr H B Phillips RNR), STELLA CARINA (Ty/Lt L A J Berry RNVR)


92nd Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers BURKE (Act/Ty/Skipper W T Ritchie DSC RNR), CLYNE CASTLE (Ty/Lt D K Forbes RNVR), HONJU (Chief Skipper J Bowie RNR), LAUREL (Ty/Skipper T W Morgan RNR), all at Gibraltar


165th Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers EMPYREAN (Ty/Skipper R Cane RNR), RETURNO (Ty/Lt E R Crane RNVR), both at Gibraltar

, for Motor Launches - accommodation ship ISKRA (Lt Cdr F D M Crackanthorpe Rtd) at Gibraltar


3rd Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.121, ML.126, ML.129, ML.130, ML.132, ML.134, ML.135, ML.168 (no COs listed), all at Gibraltar


9th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.169, ML.170, ML.172, ML.173, ML.174, ML.175, ML.176 (no COs listed), all at Gibraltar


Contraband Control Service - armed boarding vessels (yachts) ANGLIA (Ty/Lt A A Anderson RNVR), CHARLES MCIVER (Py/Ty/Lt A L Smith RNR), SAYONARA (Cdr H G Gorton Rtd), all at Gibraltar


Straits Patrol - armed patrol vessel OASIS (no CO listed) at Gibraltar


Armed Boarding Vessels (trawlers) - ALOUETTE (Lt Lord Churston RNVR) dep Gibraltar 1 Jan, IMPERIALIST (Ty/Lt P E Kitto RNR) arr Gibraltar 29 Dec, LOCH OSKAIG (Ty/Lt E S R Swan RNVR) arr Gibraltar 16 Dec, SCOTTISH (Act/Cdr L H Phillips Rtd) dep Gibraltar 28 Dec


Examination Service - examination vessels ARPURO, BASHA, NEVADA, SAMARANG, TOM (no COs listed), all at Gibraltar


De Gaussing Mobile Wiping Unit - degaussing vessel FRANCISCO ANTONIO QUARTO (no CO listed) at Gibraltar


Cable Ship - MIRROR (no CO listed) Azores area


Boom Defence Vessel - QUANNET (Ty/Lt W P Jones RNR) dep Takoradi 25 Dec for Freetown


Tugs - ST DAY (Ty/Lt G B Marriott RNR), ST OMAR (no CO listed), both at Gibraltar






Battleship - MALAYA (Flag Vice Admiral Commanding Force H Vice Admiral Sir J F Somerville KCB, DSO, Rear Admiral E N Syfret CB from 10 Jan, Capt C Coppinger DSC) arr Gibraltar 13 Nov


Aircraft Carrier - ARGUS (Capt G T Philip DSC) dep Gibraltar 10 Dec


Light Cruiser - HERMIONE (Capt G N Oliver DSO) arr Gibraltar 22 Dec


Destroyers - ANTHONY (Lt Cdr J M Hodges) at Humber, LIGHTNING (Cdr H G Walters DSC) arr Norfolk, Virginia 31 Dec, LAFOREY (Capt R M J Hutton) at Gibraltar, LEGION (Cdr R F Jessel) dep Alexandria 29 Dec, HESPERUS (Lt Cdr A A Tait) at Gibraltar, ACTIVE (Lt Cdr M W Tomkinson) arr Gibraltar 29 Dec, CAMPBELTOWN (Emgcy/), Lt Cdr Lord Teynham FORTUNE (Lt Cdr R D H S Pankhurst), WHITEHALL (Lt Cdr A B Russell), all at Gibraltar, CROOME (Lt Cdr J D Hayes DSO) arr Bathurst 28 Dec, EXMOOR (Lt Cdr L ST G Rich) dep Bathurst 29 Dec, (refits and repairs), BLANKNEY (Lt Cdr R H W Atkins) at Gibraltar refitting to complete end Jan, WESTCOTT (Cdr I H Bockett-Pugh) at Gibraltar with defects





(Flag C-in-C Admiral Sir Andrew B Cunningham KCB, CVO, in QUEEN ELIZABETH)



Base Depot Ships - MEDWAY (Capt S M Raw CBE), NILE (Rear Admiral G H Cresswell DSO, DSC, ADC Rtd, both at Alexandria, ST ANGELO (Vice Admiral R Leatham, KCB) at Malta, STAG (Motor Boat 38205, Capt W B Hynes DSO, Rtd) at Port Said, WOOLWICH (Rear Admiral I G Glennie, Commanding Mediterranean Destroyer Flotillas, Act/Capt J Fawcett Rtd) at Alexandria


1st Battle Squadron (Vice Admiral H D Pridham-Wippell KCB, CVO) - battleships QUEEN ELIZABETH (Flag C-in-C Med, Capt C B Barry DSO), VALIANT (Capt C E Morgan DSO), both damaged at Alexandria, (refit and repairs), WARSPITE (Capt D B Fisher CBE) arr Bremerton, Washington 11 Aug 1941, repairs comp 1 Jan, sailed 10 Jan


Aircraft Carriers (Flag Rear Admiral Commanding Mediterranean Aircraft carriers transferred to GREBE on 25 Jul 1941) - ILLUSTRIOUS (Capt A G Talbot DSO) arr Liverpool 29 Dec, (refit and repairs), FORMIDABLE (Capt A W Le T Bisset) at Belfast repairing


7th Cruiser Squadron (Rear Admiral H B Rawlings OBE) - light cruisers AJAX (Flag Cruiser Squadron 7 (Capt S L Bateson) dep Alexandria 30 Dec, HOBART (Capt H L Howden OBE RAN) dep Colombo 24 Dec, due Singapore 3 Jan, (refit and repairs), ORION (Cdr J P de W Kitcat, Capt G C P Menzies from 15 Jan) arr Mare Island 5 Sep 1941, repairing to complete end of Feb


15th Cruiser Squadron (Rear Admiral P L Vian DSO) - light cruisers NAIAD (Flag Cruiser Squadron 15, Capt W H A Kelsey DSC) arr Alexandria 19 Dec, DIDO (Capt H W U McCall) arr Alexandria 29 Dec, (refit and repairs), PHOEBE (Cdr F A Ballance, Capt C P Frend from Feb) arr New York 21 Nov for repairs to exceed three months


Light cruiser - EURYALUS (Capt E W Bush DSO DSC) arr Alexandria 19 Dec


Anti-Aircraft Cruiser - COVENTRY (Capt W P Carne) at Bombay refitting to complete mid Feb


Force K - light cruisers AURORA (Capt W C Agnew CB) at Malta repairing to complete in at least six weeks, PENELOPE (Capt A D Nicholl) at Malta repairing to complete 3 Jan, destroyers LANCE (Lt Cdr R W F Northcott), LIVELY (Lt Cdr W F E Hussey), both arr Malta 29 Dec


Destroyer Depot Ship (Flag Rear Admiral Destroyers Rear Admiral I G Glennie) - WOOLWICH (Act/Capt J Fawcett Rtd) at Alexandria


Second Destroyer Flotilla (Capt D.2 ashore)

3rd Division - HASTY (Lt N H G Austen) dep Gibraltar 31 Dec, HOTSPUR (Lt P M Whatley) dep Alexandria 28 Dec

4th Division - HERO (Cdr H W Biggs DSO) dep Alexandria 28 Dec (refits and repairs) DECOY (Lt Cdr J M Alliston) at Malta repairing to complete 26 Jan, HAVOCK (Lt G R G Watkins) at Malta repairing to complete 3 Jan, ILEX (Lt C R P Goodden) at Durban repairing, ISIS (Cdr B Jones) at Singapore to complete 21 Mar


Seventh Destroyer Flotilla

13th Division - NAPIER (Capt D.7 Capt S H T Arliss DSO RAN), NIZAM (Lt Cdr M J Clark DSC RAN), NESTOR (Cdr A S Rosenthal RAN) all dep Alexandria 30 Dec

14th Division - JACKAL (Cdr R M P Jonas DSC) at Alexandria damaged, KIPLING (Cdr A ST Clair-Ford) dep Alexandria 29 Dec, (refit and repairs), KELVIN (Cdr J H Allison DSO) at Bombay docked


Fifth Destroyer Flotilla (under administration of Rear Admiral Destroyers) - AVON VALE (Lt Cdr P A R Withers DSC) at Alexandria, BEAUFORT (Lt Cdr Sir Standish O’G Roche Bt) at Freetown, DULVERTON (Lt Cdr W N Petch OBE) dep Aden 1 Jan, ERIDGE (Lt Cdr W F N Gregory-Smith DSC), FARNDALE (Cdr S H Carlill), both at Tobruk, HEYTHROP (Lt Cdr R S Stafford) dep Alexandria 28 Dec, HURWORTH (Lt Cdr J T B Birch) at Freetown, SOUTHWOLD (Cdr C T Jellicoe) dep Aden 30 Dec


Twelfth Destroyer Flotilla - PALADIN (Cdr A F Pugsley) at Clyde, PANTHER (Lt Cdr the Viscount Jocelyn) arr Scapa Flow 1 Jan


Fourteenth Destroyer Flotilla

27th Division - JERVIS (Capt D.14 Capt P J Mack, Capt F S W de Winton from 1 Feb) arr Alexandria 19 Dec, GRIFFIN (Capt H St L Nicholson DSO) arr Alexandria 31 Dec, JAGUAR (Lt Cdr L R K Tyrwhitt DSC) arr Malta 20 Dec

28th Division - KIMBERLEY (Cdr J S M Richardson DSO) arr Alexandria 26 Dec, KINGSTON (Cdr P Somerville DSO DSC) dep Alexandria 30 Dec (refits and repairs) GALLANT (no CO listed) at Malta in dockyard control repairing to complete Jun, JANUS (Lt S E Jagger) at Simonstown repairing to complete 1 Mar, NUBIAN (Capt S W Ravenhill) at Bombay repairing to complete in Feb/Mar


Destroyers - ARROW (Cdr A M McKillop) arr Alexandria 29 Dec, FOXHOUND (Cdr G H Peters DSC) dep Gibraltar 30 Dec, GURKHA Cdr C N Lentaigne DSO), both dep Gibraltar 30 Dec, MAORI (Cdr R E Courage DSO, DSC) arr Alexandria 29 Dec, SIKH (Cdr G H Stokes DSC) dep Alexandria 28 Dec, ZULU (Cdr H R Graham DSO, DSC) at Gibraltar, Dutch ISAAC SWEERS (Cdr J Houtsmuller RNN) arr Alexandria 27 Dec


Gunboats - APHIS (Lt Cdr F Y Bethell) dep Tobruk 30 Dec, CRICKET (no CO listed) constructive total loss 30 Jun 1941, arr Suez 21 Dec under tow, GNAT (Ty/Lt A W Packham RNR) arr Suez 23 Nov


Convoy Escort Vessels - ANTWERP (Lt Cdr J N Hulse RNR) arr Alexandria 23 Dec, MALINES (Lt L N Mates RNR) arr Alexandria 27 Dec


Tenth Corvette Group - corvettes PEONY (SO, Cdr M B Sherwood DSO Rtd) dep Alexandria 31 Dec, GLOXINIA (Lt Cdr A J C Pomeroy RNVR) at Malta, HYACINTH (Act/Lt Cdr F C Hopkins DSC RNR) arr Alexandria 26 Dec


Eleventh Corvette Group - corvettes DELPHINIUM (Cdr R L Spalding Rtd) arr Alexandria 17 Dec, ERICA (Lt Cdr W C Riley RNR) dep Haifa 30 Dec, PRIMULA (Ty/Lt J Paterson RNR) dep Port Said 30 Dec, SNAPDRAGON (Ty/Lt P H Potter RNR) arr Port Said 30 Dec


First Submarine Flotilla - submarine depot Ship MEDWAY (Capt S 1 (Capt S M Raw CBE)) at Alexandria, submarines OSIRIS (Lt R S Brookes DSC) dep Alexandria 22 Dec, PORPOISE (Cdr E F Pizey DSO) arr Alexandria 19 Dec, PROTEUS (Lt Cdr P S Francis) arr Alexandria 12 Dec, TALISMAN (Lt Cdr M Willmott) dep Alexandria 29 Dec, THORN (Lt Cdr R G Norfolk) dep Alexandria 18 Dec, THRASHER (Lt H S Mackenzie) arr Alexandria 23 Dec, THUNDERBOLt (Lt Cdr C B Crouch DSO) dep Alexandria 22 Dec, TORBAY (Lt Cdr A C C Miers DSO) arr Alexandria 27 Dec, TRIUMPH (Lt J S Huddart) dep Alexandria 26 Dec, (refits and repairs), OTUS (Lt R M Favell) at Port Said with defects, ROVER (Lt Cdr R M T Peacock) at Singapore refitting


Tenth Submarine Flotilla (administered by Capt S.10 Capt G W G Simpson) - submarine depot ship TALBOT (Capt G W G Simpson) at Malta, submarine P.31 (Lt J B de B Kershaw) arr Malta 22 Dec, P.34 (Lt P K H Harrison DSC) dep Malta 29 Dec, P.35 (Lt S L C Maydon) dep Gibraltar 27 Dec, P.36 (Lt H N Edmonds DSC) dep Gibraltar 30 Dec, P.39 (Lt N Marriott DSC) dep Gibraltar 2 Jan, UNA (Lt D S R Martin) arr Gibraltar 19 Dec, UNBEATEN (Lt Cdr E A Woodward) arr Malta 22 Dec, UNIQUE (Lt A F Collett DSC) dep Malta 29 Dec, UPHOLDER (Lt Cdr M D Wanklyn VC, DSO) dep Malta 31 Dec, UPRIGHT (Lt J S Wraith DSC) dep Alexandria 29 Dec, URGE (Lt Cdr F P Tomkinson DSO) dep Malta 30 Dec, UTMOST (Lt Cdr J H Eaden DSC) dep Malta 2 Jan, Polish SOKOL (Lt Cdr B Karnicki ORP) arr Malta 23 Dec


4th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers AMBER (Ty/Lt S Barrie RNR) at Port Said, BERYL (Acting Sub Lt H W du Boisson RNR), CORAL (Lt M C English RNR) damaged, JADE (Ty/Lt A R J Tilson DSC RNR), all at Malta, MOONSTONE (Lt Cdr P G Britten Rtd RNR) at Port Said


5th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers LOCH MELFORT (Ty/Lt W F McAusland RNVR), LYDIARD (Ty/Lt F A Seward RNR), VICTORIAN (Act/Skipper Lt M A Smith RNR), all at Haifa


16th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine whaler COCKER (former KOS XIX, Py/Ty/Lt J Scott RNR) arr Haifa 30 Dec


22nd Anti-Submarine Group (administered by Capt S.1) – anti-submarine whalers SOUTHERN MAID (SO, Lt Cdr A F Trew SASDF) arr Tobruk 25 Dec, PROTEA (Lt R P D Dymond RNVR (SA)) dep Alexandria 22 Dec, SOUTHERN ISLE (Lt A S Bowyer SASDF), SOUTHERN SEA (Lt A Thomas DSC SASDF), both at Alexandria


25th Anti-Submarine Group - Norwegian anti-submarine whalers FALK (Lt H S Upperton RNR) arr Port Said 25 Dec, KLO (Lt M C English RNR) dep Alexandria 29 Dec, THORGRIM (Lt J R Sparkes RNR) arr Alexandria 29 Dec


28th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers KINGSTON CORAL (Act/Skipper Lt I Mackintosh MBE RNR), KINGSTON CRYSTAL (Sub Lt J E Johnson RNVR), KINGSTON CYANITE (Skipper Lt F A Yeomans Act/RNR), all at Alexandria, WOLBOROUGH (SO, Act/Lt Cdr A F Harkness DSC RNR) arr Tobruk 30 Dec


2nd Minesweeper Flotilla - minesweepers ABERDARE (SO, Act/Ty/Lt Cdr W H Brittain RNR) dep Tobruk 29 Dec, ABINGDON (Lt G A Simmers RNR) at Malta, BAGSHOT (Lt Cdr D N Venables Rtd) dep Tobruk 29 Dec, DERBY (Lt Cdr A F MacFie OBE RNR) dep Port Said 30 Dec, FAREHAM (Lt Cdr N H B Bloye RNR), HARROW (Lt G C Hocart RNR Rtd), both at Alexandria


2nd Trawler Group (anti-submarine/minesweeping) - naval trawlers BURRA (Ty/Lt W J C Harrison RNVR) arr Capetown 18 Dec, CUMBRAE (Py/Ty/Lt C E Midwinter RNR) dep Aden 31 Dec, ISLAY (Act/Skipper Lt C H Grimmer RNR) at Port Elizabeth repairing to complete 7 Jan, ROMEO (Act/Ty/Skipper Lt W R H Stewart RNR) dep Durban 19 Dec


91st Minesweeping Group (part) - minesweeping trawlers MUROTO (Ty/Skipper J Willis DSC RNR) arr Tobruk 30 Dec, RAGLAN CASTLE (Skipper G Buchan RNR) arr Port Said 7 Dec


93rd Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers GENERAL BIRDWOOD (Skipper W G Nicholas, DSM RNR) dep Lagos 23 Dec, MAPLE (Ty/Lt C B Sharp RNVR), REDWOOD (Ty/Lt O H Pulman RNR), ST MINVER (Capt J R C Cavendish Rtd), all arr Capetown 12 Dec


109th Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers GUILIO (Ty/Lt K Tholfsen RNR) at Alexandria, SKUDD IV (no CO listed) damaged, both at Alexandria, SKUDD V (Act/Lt R H Morrison RNR) dep Tobruk 22 Dec, SWONA (Ty/Lt E C Davids RNR) at Malta


142nd Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers CALAMARA (Ty/Sub Lt R H Vallings RNR) at Tobruk, SOIKA (Ty/Lt C F Bailey RNVR) at Alexandria, SOTRA (Ty/Lt F R Linfield RNR) dep Tobruk 29 Dec, SVANA (Ty/Lt J MC D Ruttan RCNVR) at Alexandria


152nd Minesweeping Group - Norwegian minesweeping whalers BOREALIS (Lt M H P Coombs RNR), HEKTOR 7 (Ty/Acting Sub Lt R E Wakefield RNVR), both in Canal Area, KAI (Ty/Lt G R Prier RNVR) arr Tobruk 30 Dec, NEBB (Ty/Lt F G Cousins RNVR) dep Tobruk 30 Dec


156th Minesweeping Group (part) - Norwegian minesweeping whaler CALM (ex-GOS 7, Lt Cdr W R Harris, SARNVR) at Alexandria, HAILSTORM (ex-KOS XII, no CO listed) dep Tobruk 29 Dec


157th Minesweeping Group - minesweeping whalers DAYBREAK (ex-KOS VII) at Capetown repairing to complete 10 Jan, FIRMAMENT (ex-KOS IX) at Durban, ready for sea 1 Jan (no COs listed)


158th Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers AIGLON (Ty/Skipper A Christy RNR) arr Clyde 23 Dec, CORDELA (Act/Ty/Skipper Lt J Enevolson RNR), LORD IRWIN (Lt L L Thornton RNR), both arr Port Said 18 Dec, NORSE (Ty/J C Staniland RNVR) at Alexandria


166th Minesweeping Group - Norwegian minesweeping whalers GRIBB (ex-HEKTOR 9, Lt W J Toddun SASDF), IMHOFF (Lt H H Bierman, SASDF), SEKSERN (Lt J Fairbairn RNVR (SA)), TREERN (Lt H H Cook SASDF), all at Alexandria


167th Minesweeping Group - Norwegian minesweeping whalers ALBERT HULETT (Lt J Alexander SASDF) at Capetown, BEVER (Lt P A North SASDF) arr Alexandria 16 Dec, BOKSBURG (Lt W H Foster SASDF) arr Alexandria 23 Dec, SIDNEY SMITH (Lt L J Jagger SASDF) at Capetown


168th Minesweeping Group - Norwegian minesweeping trawlers EGELAND (Norwegian crew) stranded Palestinian coast 29 Nov, JOHN WILLIAMSON (Norwegian crew) at Haifa fitting out to complete Jan, NOBLE NORA (Lt C L Carroll RNR), TRANSVALIA (Norwegian crew), both at Alexandria fitting out with LL magnetic minesweeping gear to complete Jan


169th Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers KENNETT (Ty/Lt W G Lloyd RNVR), MYRLAND (Norwegian crew), both dep Walvis Bay 28 Dec


400th Minesweeping Group - minesweeping drifters CRESCENT MOON (no CO listed) Suez Canal Area, FELLOWSHIP (Ty/Sub Lt E Saul RNVR), LANDFALL (Sub Lt M F B Williams RNVR), both at Alexandria, LANNER (Skipper W Stewart RNR) Suez Canal Area


401st Minesweeping Group - Greek minesweeping schooners AGHIOS GEORGIOS, CHRISTOS, SEVASTI, THALIA (all Greek manned), all at Alexandria


402nd Minesweeping Group - hopper No.33 at Alexandria, No.42, No.44, both at Port Said (no COs listed)


403rd Minesweeping Group - minesweeping drifters EDDY (Ty/Skipper J A J Jones RNR), GIRL MARGARET (Skipper G C Clarkson RNR), SUNSET (Lt J R Lidgey RNR), TRUSTY STAR (Ty/Sub Lt R Lawrie RNVR), all at Malta


Minesweeping Drifters - PLOUGH BOY (Ty/Lt J Findlay RNR) at Malta, VICTORIA I, VICTORIA II (no COs listed), both at Alexandria


Auxiliary minesweepers - ALKANET (no CO listed) at Beirut fitting out to complete Jan, AURORA II (no CO listed), BAHMAS (Skipper C.C.H. Thomas RNR), both at Alexandria, BALA QUIEB (no CO listed) at Beirut, BLUE DANUBE (Lt D F Dunn RNVR) at Port Said, ANDROMEDA (Ty/Lt L C Watson RNR), JUSTIFIED (Ty/Skipper W J L Beamish RNR), ST ANGELO, all at Malta, AMS.1, AMS.2, both at Haifa, ABEILLE 109, ABEILLE 110, ABEILLE 145, ABEILLE 148, ABEILLE 150, ABEILLE 152, ALEXANDRA, all at Port Said, EQUILETTE at Beirut, GHAZI at Alexandria converting to skid tower, KALAMARA at Alexandria, LEBAN (no COs listed) at Beirut, MIDHAT (Ty/Skipper A Myers RNR), TASER (no CO listed), TAURUS (no CO listed), THASOS (Ty/Lt D J Sloane RNVR), all at Alexandria fitting out


Motor Anti-Submarine Boat (ex-1st Flotilla) - MA/SB.2 (no CO listed) at Alexandria


Supply ship - RELIANT at Alexandria


Repair ship - RESOURCE (Capt D.B O’Connell Rtd) at Alexandria


Admiralty Cable Ship - BULLFINCH (Act/Cdr H M Blake Rtd) arr Alexandria 13 Nov


Netlayer - PROTECTOR dep Aden 27 Dec damaged


Fleet tug - BRIGAND (Act/Ty/Lt D R Gall RNR dep Kilindini 28 Dec


Fleet Target Service - trawler MOYL (Lt Cdr V G Palmer Rtd) dep Tobruk 22 Dec, tug ST ISSEY (Lt J H W Howe RNR) dep Alexandria 22 Dec


Special Service Vessels (IAS - Infantry Assault Ship, administered by SBNO Suez Canal, later LSI(L)s) - GLENEARN (Lt Cdr T Hood Rtd) arr Colombo 28 Dec, GLENGYLE (Act/Capt C H Petrie DSO Rtd) arr Alexandria 16 Nov, GLENROY (Capt Sir James Paget Bart Rtd) arr Alexandria 29 Nov


Boom Defence Vessels - BURGONET (Ty/Boom Engineer K C Cameron RNR) arr Tobruk 27 Dec, JENNET (Lt Cdr C W C Pinckney RNR) dep Suez 30 Dec, MAGNET (Ty/Boom Engineer J W Hogarth RNR) arr Alexandria 13 Oct, PUNNET (Ty/Boom Engineer W E Howes RNR), RENNET (Ty/Boom Engineer J H Hughes RNR), both arr Suez 29 Dec, WESTGATE (Ty/Boom Engineer A Stewart RNR) at Malta paid off


10th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla - depot ship VULCAN (Lt H B Binks) at Alexandria, MTB.68 (no CO listed), MTB.215 (Ty/Sub Lt A P G Joy RCNVR), both at Tobruk


101st Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.1004, ML.1005, ML.1007, ML.1032, all at Alexandria, ML.1046 being freighted to Mediterranean, ML.1069, both being freighted to Mediterranean, ML.1079 to be freighted from UK, ML.1083 at Clyde awaiting shipment (no COs listed)


102nd Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.1012, ML.1015, ML.1017, ML.1023, ML.1038, ML.1039, ML.1051 (no COs listed), all at Alexandria


Auxiliary Supply Ship - BRECONSHIRE (Capt C A G Hutchison Rtd) arr Malta 18 Dec


Local Defence Craft – AN.13 (no CO listed) at Alexandria


Ras-et-Tin School - depot CANOPUS (Capt E W H Brookfield Rtd) at Alexandria


RN Air Station - GREBE (Rear Admiral D W Boyd CBE, DSC) at Dekheila


RN Aircraft Repair Yard – aircraft repair yard PHOENIX (Act/) Capt C B Tidd at Fayid


Naval Accommodation Camp - SPHINX (Cdr M S Thomas, Cdr A C Behague DSC from 21 Jan) at Alexandria


Palestine Coast Patrol - patrol boats EAGLE, HAWK, MOQITA, SEASNIPE, SNIPE (no COs listed), all at Haifa


Schooners - AMIN (Lt J H Linggard RNVR), DI-GIOVANNI (no CO listed), both at Alexandria, HILMI (Ty/Lt W A L May RANVR) dep Alexandria 28 Dec, KHEIR EL DINE (Ty/Sub Lt R B McAusland RNR) dep Alexandria 30 Dec, QUANA (no CO listed) at Alexandria


French patrol vessel - VIKINGS (LV Touchaleaume) at Beirut


Schooners on Western Desert Service - CHLORIS at Alexandria, ESKIMO at Tobruk damaged, GEORGIA at Alexandria, KEPHALONIA at Alexandria (no COs listed), MARIA DE GIOVANNI (Ty/Lt A B Palmer RNR), TIBERIO (Ty/Sub Lt I H Laing RNR), ZIGARELLA (Lt W F Ross RNR), ZUSDUCUS PIGI (Ty/Lt W B Chisholm RNVR) refitting, all at Alexandria


Naval Auxiliary Boats - DORRIMEE (Ty/Lt R Young RNVR), FESSONIA (no CO listed), GULF STREAM (Py/Ty/Sub Lt S D Lambert RNVR, MAUREEN II, TRIM TOO, WYREEMA (no COs listed), all at Alexandria


Tugs – C.308, EMILY, WEST COCKER, all at Malta, CONRAD at Port Said, CONTROL, both at Port Said, ST MONANCE at Alexandria (no COs listed)


Contraband Control Service - armed boarding vessels ARPHA (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr A J Bell RNR) dep Suez 13 Dec, CHANTALA (Lt Cdr C E I Gibbs Rtd) at Tobruk damaged, PERRONELLE at Aden, miscellaneous vessels BLUEJACKET at Alexandria, EDGAR at Suez Canal, TONELINE at Alexandria, XMAS at Malta (no COs listed)


Greek Navy – (1) depot and repair ship hiphaistos (greek crew) arr Port Sudan 25 Jul, (2) cruiser giorgios averoff arr Colombo 28 Oct, (3) destroyers aetos arr Calcutta 9 Dec, condouriotis arr Massawa 28 Dec, ierax dep Haifa 28 Dec, panther arr Port Said 25 Dec, queen olga at Calcutta, (refit and repairs), spetsaI at Calcutta refitting to complete late Jan, (4) submarines GLAVKOS arr Malta 19 Nov, katsonis at Alexandria, nereus arr Port Said 23 Dec, papanicolis at Alexandria, triton arr Port Said 5 Dec, (5) torpedo boat destroyers aspis at Alexandria, niki arr Alexandria 11 Dec, sphendoni at Aden, (6) minesweeping vessels aghios georgios, christos, sevasti, thalia, all at Alexandria, (all ships Greek crews)


Yugoslav Navy - torpedo boats durmitor, kajmakaian, submarine nebojsca (all Yugoslavian crews), all at Alexandria




Red Sea Force

(independent command, Flag officer commanding Red Sea Rear Admiral R H C Hallifax CB,

 ashore at Port Tewfik)



Repair and accommodation ships - repair ship LUCIA (Act/Cdr C R de B L Townsend Rtd) at Bombay, tender EL (no CO listed) at Perim


Anti-aircraft cruiser - CARLISLE (Capt D.M L Neame DSO) arr Alexandria 29 Dec


Sloops - FALMOUTH (Cdr U H R James) arr Colombo 29 Dec, FLAMINGO (Lt S G Bloomer) at Alexandria damaged, SHOREHAM (Cdr G P Claridge) arr Aden 31 Dec, Australian YARRA (Cdr W H Harrington RAN) arr Colombo 30 Dec




Aden Force

(Administered by East Indies Station, under operational control of Naval Officer in charge Aden,

 Act/Capt E S Graham Rtd)



Sloops – Indian HINDUSTAN (Cdr G V G Beamish RIN) arr Colombo 20 Dec, INDUS (Cdr E G G Hunt RIN) at Trincomalee, French SAVORGNAN DE BRAZZA (CC Roux) dep Aden 29 Dec


Indian Anti-Submarine Vessels - NETRAVATI (Lt D A McDonald RIN) arr Aden 29 Dec, RATNAGIRI (Lt H M Clark RIN) arr Bombay 5 Dec


21st Minesweeping Flotilla (part) - Australian minesweepers BATHURST (Lt Cdr A V Bunyan RANR (S)), LISMORE (Lt Cdr S H Crawford RANR (S)), both arr Colombo 29 Dec


Salvage vessel - CONFEDERATE (no CO listed) at Suez





(Flag of C-in-C Act/Vice Admiral A U Willis CB, DSO ashore, Freetown)



Base Account and Accommodation Ships- base ship EDINBURGH CASTLE (Capt D B Nicol Rtd), accommodation ships MOIRA (Lt F R Pike RCNVR), both at Freetown, PURSUIVANT (Cdr R B Martin Rtd) at Port Stanley


Naval Bases (under Naval Officers in Charge) - ASTRAGA (Capt G S Holden Rtd) at Lagos, LEONIDAS (Act/Cdr A G Boyce Rtd) at Takoradi, MELAMPUS (Act/Cdr E F Lawder Rtd) at Bathurst


Depot Ships - base ships AFRIKANDER (Rear Admiral D A Budgen Rtd) at Simonstown, ELAND (harbour launch 220, no CO listed) at Freetown


Aircraft carrier - EAGLE (Capt E G N Rushbrooke DSC) at Liverpool


Seaplane carrier - ALBATROSS (Act/Capt F W H Clarke) dep Freetown 23 Dec, due Trinidad 4 Jan


Cruisers - heavy cruisers DEVONSHIRE (Capt R D Oliver DSC) dep Freetown 26 Dec, DORSETSHIRE (Capt A W S Agar VC, DSO) arr Bombay 27 Dec, light cruisers BIRMINGHAM (Flag Rear Admiral South Atlantic Division Rear Admiral F H Pegram, Capt H B Crane) Plate area, NEWCASTLE (Capt E A Aylmer DSC) arr Plymouth 29 Dec


Armed Merchant Cruisers - BULOLO (Act/Capt R L Hamer DSO) Plate area, CANTON (Act/Capt C A G Nichols MVO, Act/Capt G N Loriston-Clarke from 29 Jan) dep Freetown 22 Dec, CHESHIRE (Capt J M Begg Rtd) at Liverpool, CILICIA (Act/Capt V B Cardwell Rtd) dep Freetown 23 Dec, DERBYSHIRE (Capt C C Bell DSO Rtd) arr Simonstown 25 Dec, (refit and repairs), DUNNOTTAR CASTLE (Capt C T A Bunbury OBE Rtd) at Capetown repairing to complete 3 Jan


Cruiser Duties - armed merchant cruisers ASTURIAS (Capt H Ardill Rtd) dep Montevideo 7 Dec, CALIFORNIA (Capt E W Kitson Rtd) arr Clyde 18 Dec, PRETORIA CASTLE (Act/Capt A V Hemming) dep Clyde 22 Dec for Freetown, QUEEN OF BERMUDA (Act/Capt the Hon Sir D Cochrane KCSI, GCMG, DSO Rtd) arr Bermuda 31 Dec, (refits and repairs), ALCANTARA (Act/Capt J D Harrey Rtd) arr Newport News 15 Dec to refit, to comp 20 Jan, CARNARVON CASTLE (Capt H N M Hardy DSO Rtd) arr Newport News 20 Dec to refit


Sloops - BRIDGEWATER (Act/Cdr H F G Leftwich Rtd) arr Freetown 18 Dec, MILFORD (Cdr the Hon V M Wyndham-Quin Rtd) arr Simonstown 30 Dec, French COMMANDANT DOMINE (CC Burin des Roziers) arr Aden 26 Dec, COMMANDANT DUBOC (LV Bourgine) at Bristol repairing to complete end of Apr, PRESIDENT HOUDUCE (LV Deschatres) at Point Noire


18th Destroyer Flotilla - destroyers BOREAS (Lt Cdr E L Jones DSC) at Tyne, BRILLIANT (Lt Cdr A G Poe) dep Takoradi 30 Dec, VANSITTART (Lt Cdr R L S Gaisford) dep Bathurst 31 Dec, VELOX (Lt Cdr E G Roper DSC) dep Bathurst 29 Dec, VIMY (Lt Cdr H G D de Chair) dep Freetown 30 Dec, WILD SWAN (Lt Cdr C E L Sclater) arr Freetown 29 Dec, WIVERN (Cdr M D C Meyrick) at Portsmouth, (refit and repairs), WRESTLER (Lt R W B Lacon) at Portsmouth repairing to complete 30 Jan


Corvettes - AMARANTHUS (Ty/Lt W S Thomson RNR), ARMERIA (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr H N Russell DSC RNR, both dep Freetown 26 Dec, ASTER (Lt W L Smith RNR) arr Simonstown 26 Dec, AURICULA (Lt Cdr S L B Maybury) dep Freetown 26 Dec, BERGAMOT (Lt R T Horan RNR) arr Freetown 30 Dec, BURDOCK (Lt H J Fellowes, SARNVR) dep Freetown 29 Dec, CLOVER (LCR F A Shaw RNR) arr Freetown 21 Dec, CROCUS (Cdr E Wheeler RD RNR) dep Freetown 26 Dec, FREESIA (Act/Cdr T G P Crick) arr Freetown 19 Dec, FRITILLARY (Lt Cdr W H Barker RNR) dep Freetown 30 Dec, HOLLYHOCK (Lt Cdr T E Davies OBE RNR) at Capetown, JASMINE (Lt Cdr C D B Coventry RNR Rtd) dep Freetown 28 Dec, LAVENDER (Lt Cdr J W Whayman) arr Freetown 31 Dec, MARGUERITE (Lt Cdr A N Blundell RNR) arr Simonstown 26 Dec, NIGELLA (Ty/Lt L J Simpson RNR) dep Freetown 29 Dec, ORCHIS (Lt A D White RNR) dep Freetown 26 Dec, ROCKROSE (Lt Cdr J D Birch RD RNR) dep Freetown 29 Dec, STARWORT (Lt Cdr N W Duck) dep Freetown 18 Dec, TULIP (Lt Cdr A Wilkinson RNR) arr Freetown 28 Dec, VERBENA (Lt Cdr D A Rayner DSC RNVR) at Capetown, VIOLET (Lt F C Reynolds RCNVR) at Freetown, WALLFLOWER (Lt Cdr I J Tyson) arr Freetown 30 Dec, WOODRUFF (Lt T Muir RNVR) arr Freetown 28 Dec, (refit and repairs), CYCLAMEN (Lt Cdr H N Lawson RNR) at Humber refitting to complete 10 Feb


Anti-Submarine Whalers - SOUTHERN GEM (Act/Ty/Lt D C Hayes RNVR) arr Freetown 21 Dec, SOUTHERN PRIDE (Ty/Lt F A Darrak RNVR) arr Lagos 20 Dec


6th Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers KELt (Ty/Lt S C Callister RNVR) at Freetown, BENGALI (Ty/Lt R L Petty-Major RNVR), PICT (Lt Cdr W N M Faichney RNR), both at Lagos, ST WISTAN (Lt H P Carse DSC RNVR), SPANIARD (Py/Ty/Sub Lt W B Chisholm RNVR), TURCOMAN (Ty/Lt R F Pretty RNR), all at Freetown


33rd Anti-Submarine Group – anti-submarine trawlers FANDANGO (Lt J A T Maishman RNR), MORRIS DANCE (Lt A Bruce RCNVR), RUMBA (Ty/Sub Lt S G Fowler RNVR), SARABANDE (Skipper Lt L F Scarlett DSC, RD RNR Rtd), all at Freetown


Anti Submarine Yacht - SURPRISE (Cdr L C Ansdell Rtd) dep Bathurst 18 Dec


1st Trawler Group (anti-submarine/minesweeping) - Naval trawlers ARRAN (Ty/Lt J E B Healy RNVR) at Freetown, CANNA (Ty/Lt G C L Payne RNVR), COPINSAY (Skipper Lt E R Harris RNR), LAERTES (Skipper Lt J A Prettyman RNR), all at Lagos


Minesweeping Group 100 - minesweeping trawlers HOLLY (Ty/Lt J E Freestone RNR) dep Freetown 24 Dec, RUNSWICK BAY (Ty/Sub Lt S Sparrow RNVR) arr Lagos 28 Dec, ST MELANTE (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr L C Gilbert RNR) arr Freetown 3 Jan, SYRINGA (Ty/Skipper A L Olesen RNR) at Freetown


Minesweeping Group 154 - minesweeping trawlers POLAR V (Ty/Lt C B Sharp RNR) at Lagos, SKUDD VI (Ty/Lt (E) O M Amundsen RNR) at Takoradi


Minesweeping Trawler - WILLIAM SCORESBY (Cdr H Petit-Dann Rtd) at Port Stanley


Minesweeping Whaler - ROYDUR (Ty/Lt F F Jakeman RNVR) at Port Stanley


Drifter - AFTERGLOW (no CO listed) at Port Stanley


17th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.242 at Takoradi, ML.256, ML.261, ML.263, all at Freetown, ML.265, ML.266, both at Takoradi, ML.272 at Freetown, ML.274 at Takoradi (no COs listed)


26th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.209 at Freetown, ML.244, ML.251, both at Gibraltar, ML.271 at Freetown, ML.277 at Bathurst, ML.279 at Freetown, ML.281, ML.289, both at Bathurst (no COs listed)


104th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.1006 at Freetown, ML.1014 at Lagos, ML.1016 at Freetown, ML.1018, ML.1019, both at Lagos, ML.1041 at Takoradi, ML.1042 at Lagos, ML.1052 at Freetown (no COs listed)


108th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.1028 at Clyde awaiting shipment, ML.1044, ML.1050, ML.1065, ML.1066, all freighted to Freetown, ML.1076, ML.1077, ML.1078, all at Clyde awaiting shipment (no COs listed)


MD (Mine Disposal) and Deperming Vessel - deperming vessel CORBRAE (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr J Martin-Smith RNR) at Freetown


Base Mining Depot Ship - ALCA (Cdr S N Smith Rtd) at Freetown


Controlled minelayer - SNAKEFLY (Ty/Lt E Fagan RNVR) at Freetown


Base Repair Ship - VINDICTIVE (Capt H G D Acland DSO, ADC) at Freetown


Trawler and Minelaying Depot Ship - MUNSHI (no CO listed) at Lagos


Cable Ships - NOSS HEAD (Ty/Lt R A Vicars RNVR), VILLAGE BELLE (Ty/Lt N R Parsons RNVR), both at Freetown


Naval Auxiliary Boats - FESTIVAL (ex-MORNING STAR, GLEN FRUIN, ROFFEN, all at Freetown (no COs listed)


Boom Carrier - ETHIOPIAN (Cdr J P White DSC Rtd) at Takoradi


Boom Defence Vessels - BARBROOK (Ty/Boom Skipper G E Crawford RNR) arr Lagos 27 Dec, BARCASTLE (Py/Ty/Lt J MacFarlane RNR) at Freetown, BARCLOSE (Ty/Lt E H Price RNR), BARFOAM (Ty/Lt F T Graham RNR), BARFORD (Py/Ty/Lt L Burn RNR), all dep Londonderry 29 Dec to arrive Horta 7 Jan, BARKING (Ty/Lt H W Clouston RNR) at Clyde, BARRYMORE (Lt P H Rawle) at Takoradi, BOWNET (Py/Ty/Lt F Woodward RNR) at Freetown, CONSBRO (Ty/Boom Skipper P Larsen RNR) at Takoradi, LORD GAINFORD (Act/Ty/Warrant Mechanician C W Griffin) at Pointe Noire, PANORAMA (Ty/Boom Skipper T W Turner RNR) at Bathurst, PHYLLISIA (Ty/Warrant N S Morley) at Takoradi


Boom Defence Tenders - ANGELA, CAIRNGORM, both to be freighted to Freetown, LIZWE, LOUISE, MUTINGA, PAMONICA, all at Freetown (no COs listed)


Water Boat - CAPACITY (no CO listed) at Freetown


Naval Auxiliary Boats - DOMINICIA, EMANCIPATION, both at Freetown, FUCHSIA VALLEY at Sierra Leone, LILAC, LYD II, MAID OF SHEPPEY, all at Freetown, MAUD BEATRICE, SILVER STAR, both at Sierra Leone, TADPOLE at Freetown, VALIANT at Sierra Leone, VIXEN, WENDY (unamed tender ex-RANGER), all at Freetown (no COs listed)


Special duties Vessels


Landing Ships - PRINSES BEATRIX (Act/Cdr T B Brunton) arr Freetown 29 Dec, QUEEN EMMA (Capt G L D Gibbs DSO Rtd) arr Freetown 7 Nov


Commissioned Transports - SCOTSMAN (Ty/Cdr J W Peters RNR), ROYAL ULSTERMAN (Ty/Cdr H F Jackson RNR), ULSTER MONARCH (Ty/Cdr J Wilson RNR), ll arr Gibraltar 15 Nov


Tank Landing Ships - MISOA (Ty/Lt H D Neil RNR), BACHAQUERO (Act/Lt Cdr A W McMullan RNR Rtd), both at Freetown


Landing Ships Gantry  – LSG’s DERWENTDALE (Master J M Humphrey), DEWDALE (Master R Grimer), ENNERDALE (Master S T Dunster), all at Freetown


Aircraft Transport Vessels - ATHENE (Cdr R W Jones RD RNR) at Takoradi, ENGADINE (Cdr W T Fitzgerald RD RNR) arr Capetown 1 Jan


Miscellaneous - coal hulk FARADAY (Lt N C Roulston RNVR), motor launch H.15 (no CO listed), both at Freetown






(Flag C-in-C Vice Admiral Sir Charles R Kennedy-Purvis KCB, ashore)



Depot Ships - BENBOW (Admiral Sir Michael H Hodges KCB, CMG, MVO Rtd) at Trinidad, MALABAR (Rear Admiral J Powell DSO Rtd) at Bermuda, MORGAN (Act/Capt C B Turner) at Jamaica


Nominal Vessels Attached to RN Air Stations - air stations BUZZARD (Cdr (A) J F W C Hawkins) at Jamaica, BLACK BEAR (Lt Cdr C J Skrine Rtd), CORSAIR (Capt N Clover Rtd), GOSHAWK (Capt (A) R de H Burton), all at Trinidad


Aircraft Carrier - INDOMITABLE (Capt T H Troubridge) dep Capetown 2 Jan, due Aden 10 Jan


Eighth Cruiser Squadron - light cruisers DESPATCH (Commodore West Indies Capt C E Douglas-Pennant DSC (Commodore 2c) dep Balboa 2 Jan, (refits and repairs), CARADOC (Act/Cdr J F D Bowen) arr New York 29 Oct refitting to complete 26 Feb, DIOMEDE (Capt D. Orr Ewing) at Bermuda repairing to complete 14 Jan


Armed Merchant Cruisers - AUSONIA (Capt G H Freyberg CBE Rtd) at Cardiff repairing to complete 8 Jan, CIRCASSIA (Act/Capt E V Lees) arr Trinidad 24 Dec


Attached Auxiliary Cruisers (Royal Canadian Navy) - PRINCE DAVID (Ty/Cdr W B Armit RD RCNR) arr Esquimalt 30 Dec, PRINCE HENRY (Ty/Lt Cdr A R E Coleman RCNR) arr Bermuda 29 Dec, PRINCE ROBERT (Ty/Cdr C T Beard RCN) arr EsquimaLt 11 Dec


Attached Sloop - Dutch VAN KINSBERGEN (Dutch crew) at Paramaribo


Corvette - CLARKIA (Lt Cdr F J G Jones RNR) dep Kingston 12 Dec


Submarine - French SURCOUF (C F Blaison)


Skid Towing Vessels - GANEFF (Ty/Lt A H Peniston RNR) at Bermuda, THOMAS J CARROLL (no CO listed) at Trinidad


Anti-Submarine Vessels - ALETES (no CO listed), DOROTHY DUKE (Ty/Lt E B Thomas RNR), ELK (Ty/Lt T B Edwards RCNR), all at Trinidad, HUSKY (Act/Ty/Lt H Freeland RCNR) at Halifax, MARAVAL (Ty/Lt K Clayton RNVR), SUMAR (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr C A King DSC RNR), both at Bermuda, VISON (Cdr W G Sheddon RCNR) at Trinidad


Minesweeping Group 88 - Dutch minesweeping trawler DIRKJE (SO) dep Halifax 1 Jan, CLAESJE arr Curacoa 21 Nov, (both Dutch crews)


LL Minesweepers - Norwegian GLOBE I, GLOBE II both arr Bermuda 29 Aug, (both Norwegian crews)


Patrol and Minesweeping Craft - GEMMA (no CO listed) at Trinidad, SATURN (Ty/Skipper H C Watson RNR) at Halifax, to be fitted out at Trinidad, TEXAS at Bermuda, alterations work suspended, TOBAGO at Trinidad, WHITECAP at Halifax, to be fitted out at Trinidad (no COs listed), Norwegian GVAS II at Bermuda damaged, HAUKEN at Jamaica, ORNEN III at Trinidad, THORVORD at Trinidad (all Norwegian crews)


Examination Vessels - CASTLE HARBOUR (no CO listed) at Bermuda, HELENE (no CO listed) at Georgetown, O-WE-RA (Lt H M Fisher) at Trinidad, WESTERN EXPLORER (no CO listed) at Jamaica


Contraband Control Vessel - CUPID (no CO listed) at Bermuda


Training Vessel - Norwegian MOSS (Norwegian crew) at Halifax


Tugs - SANDBOY (no CO listed) at Bermuda refitting, Dutch ROODE ZEE (Dutch crew) at Bermuda


Cable Ships - CAMBRIA dep Bathurst 18 Dec, CYRUS FIELD dep Halifax 26 Dec (no COs listed)


Miscellaneous Ships - KENKORA II dep Bermuda 27 Nov, WHY, tender to Flying Boat Service (no COs listed)


Depot Ship - GREENWICH (Cdr J H Pipe Rtd) at St John’s


Attached Submarine - Dutch O.15 (Lt G Quint RNN) at Halifax for anti submarine duties


Patrol Boats (attached Bermuda Convoy Area) - MISS ELVA, VEDAL, both at Bermuda (no COs listed)






(flag C-in-C Vice Admiral G S Arbuthnot CB, DSO, ashore at Colombo)



Base accounting ships - LANKA (Act/Capt C A Merriman) at Colombo, SHEBA (Act/Capt E S Graham) at Aden (also personnel at Port Sudan)


Base ship - HAITAN (Act/Capt W O Scryngeour-Wedderburn DSC from Mar) at Addu


Aircraft carrier - HERMES (Capt R F J Onslow MVO, DSC) at Simonstown refitting to complete 24 Jan


Cruisers - heavy cruiser CORNWALL (Capt P C W Manwaring) dep Aden 26 Dec to arrive Bombay 6 Jan, EXETER (Capt O L Gordon, MVO) dep Colombo 31 Dec to arrive at Addu 2 Jan, light cruisers CALEDON (Act/Capt H J Haynes DSO, DSC) arr Bombay 31 Dec, CERES (Capt H H McWilliam) arr Durban 29 Dec, COLOMBO (Capt C C A Allen) dep Mombasa 29 Dec to arrive Aden 6 Jan, EMERALD (Capt F C Flynn) dep Mombasa, ENTERPRISE (Capt J C Annesley DSO) at Colombo, GLASGOW (Capt H Hickling DSO) dep Colombo 26 Dec to arrive Singapore 7 Jan, MAURITIUS (Capt W D Stephens) dep Singapore 15 Dec, (refits and repairs), cruiser HAWKINS (Capt H P K Oram) at Portsmouth refitting to complete Apr, light cruiser CAPETOWN (Capt P H G James) at Bombay refitting to complete end of Apr


Armed merchant cruisers - ALAUNIA (Capt C A Kershaw Rtd) dep Clyde 22 Dec, CARTHAGE (Capt H L I Kirkpatrick OBE Rtd) dep Bombay 31 Dec, CHITRAL (Act/) Capt G W Hoare-Smith dep Clyde 22 Dec, CORFU (Capt J P Landon Rtd) dep Mombasa 28 Dec, HECTOR (Capt F Howard DSC Rtd) dep Mauritius 30 Dec to return to Trade, RANCHI (Act/Capt Sir J M Alleyne Bt DSO, DSC Rtd) at Addu Atoll, RANPURA (Act/Capt H T W Pawsey at Clyde, WORCESTERSHIRE (Act/Capt E H Hopkinson OBE Rtd) dep Clyde 23 Dec


Indian sloops - CLIVE (Cdr H R Inigo-Jones RIN) at Diego Garcia, CORNWALLIS Lt Cdr W J C Hughes RIN) at Calcutta, JUMNA (Cdr W R Shewring RIN) at Addu Atoll, LAWRENCE (Lt A T J Cole RIN) arr Bombay 15 Dec, SUTLEJ (Capt P A Mare RIN) arr Madras 1 Jan


Gunboats - COCKCHAFER (Lt Cdr R S Blacker) at Karun River, SCARAB (Lt J B Cox), SEAMEW (Lt Cdr R B Cooper), both arr Karachi 29 Dec, TARANTULA (Cdr R C Creer RAN Rtd) at Colombo


Submarine - X.2 (captured Italian, Commissioned Engineer J Stephens DSC) at Suez


Controlled Minelayers - ALSEY (Py/Ty/Lt H A Inglis RNR) arr Colombo 29 Nov, ATREUS (Act/Capt J D Campbell OBE DSC Rtd) arr Colombo 8 Dec


Yacht - SEABELLE (Act/Cdr L H James Rtd) at Karachi refitting to complete 21 Jan


Indian Anti-Submarine Vessel - SONAVATI (Lt M B Hall RIN) arr Bombay 19 Dec


Base ship – EUPHRATES (Rear Admiral C M Graham CB Rtd) at Basra


Contraband Control Service Vessel - SAGITTA (Lt Cdr A H Straight RNR Rtd) arr Suez 15 Dec


Minesweeping Group 91 (part) - minesweeping trawlers ARTHUR CAVANAGH (Ty/Skipper T W Kirby RNR), MILFORD COUNTESS (Ty/Lt H L Watts RNVR), both at Basra


Minesweeping Group 156 (part) - Norwegian minesweeping trawlers FLICKER (ex-KOS X), FULL MOON (ex-KOS XI), (Norwegian crews), both at Basra


Minesweeping Group 157 (part) - Norwegian minesweeping trawlers ATMOSPHERE (ex-GOS 2), BILLOW (ex-GOS 3), (Norwegian crews), both at Basra


Minesweeping Group 170 - minesweeping trawlers LORD GRAY (Ty/Lt R M Bell RNR) arr Clyde 23 Dec


Minesweeping Group 171 - minesweeping trawler ROSEMONDE (Ty/Lt K Galteland RNR) at Clyde with defects


Minesweeping trawler - OVERDALE WYKE (no CO listed) at Colombo


Minesweeping Vessels (Mark I Oropesa) - ST AUBIN (Ty/Lt R B Goodwin RNVR), ST SAMPSON (no CO listed), both at Aden


174th Minesweeping Group (to fit out with LL sweeps) - minesweeping whalers VESTFOLD I (to be renamed NEBULA, VESTFOLD II (to be renamed NIMBUS, both to Bombay, VESTFOLD V (to be renamed SANDSTORM, to Karachi, VESTFOLD VI (to be renamed SHOOTING STAR), both to Karachi (no COs listed)


175th Minesweeping Group (to fit out with LL sweeps) - minesweeping whalers VESTFOLD III (to be renamed PACKICE, VESTFOLD X (to be renamed SQUALL, both to Cochin, SNOWDRIFT (ex-BUSEN 11, SILHOUETTE (ex-BUSEN 7, both to Ceylon (no COs listed)


176th Minesweeping Group (to fit out with LL sweeps) - minesweeping whalers SAHRA, SANTA, both arr Capetown 25 Dec, to Ceylon, SARKA, SATSA, both arr Capetown 25 Dec, to Dar es Salaam (no COs listed)


177th Minesweeping Group (to fit out with LL sweeps) - Norwegian minesweeping whalers GLOBE V (renamed KARMOY) at Bombay, GLOBE VI (renamed MAALOY), GLOBE VIII (renamed HINNOY), both at Karachi, POL II (renamed JELOY), POL IV (renamed TROMOY), both at Cochin, POL VI (renamed OSKOY) at Bombay (all Norwegian crews)


178th Minesweeping Group - minesweeping trawlers RAINSTORM (ex-BUSEN 6) at South Georgia, SEMLA arr Capetown 25 Dec, to Ceylon (no COs listed)


Auxiliary minesweeping tugs - ALARM (Ty/Lt E R D Sworder RNVR) at Shatt el Arab, AL HATHERA at Zanzibar, GOLIATH, SAMSON, both at Colombo, NDOVA, NGUVU, both at Mombasa, PAUL, VIRGINIE, both at Port Louis, Mauritius (no COs listed), EL AFFIA (Lt H R Farquharson RNR), EL KEBIR, both at Port Sudan, ZEILA at Aden, ZERANG at Bombay, C.405 at Trincomalee (no COs listed)


Auxiliary minesweeping vessels - AZANIA at Dar es Salaam, CHABOOK at Aden, TRYME at Tanga (no COs listed)


Skid towing vessels - ATLASI, BREMERTON, both at Basra fitting out (no COs listed), BURDOCK (Lt H J Fellowes, SARNVR) arr Bathurst 30 Dec, CALYPSO, DRISS, both at Basra fitting out, DROSS 1 at Shatt el Arab, DROSS 2, EUPHRATES, LAMPEDUSA, TONKINGI, all at Basra fitting out, DHOW 1, DHOW 2, DHOW 3, DHOW 4, DHOW 5, all at Shatt el Arab (no COs listed)


110th Motor Launch Flotilla - ML.1057, ML.1080, both at Hamble awaiting shipment, ML.1072, ML.1082, ML.1084, ML.1086, ML.1087, ML.1088 all to be freighted out when complete (no COs listed)


Local Defence Craft - IMPALA at Basra, OKAPI arr Colombo 7 Dec, SAMBHUR at Durban, allocated to Ceylon (no COs listed)


Boom Defence Tender - MAJESTIC (no CO listed) at Trincomalee


Netlayer - GUARDIAN (Act/Capt H A C Lane) arr Colombo 13 Dec


Sea and River Patrol - patrol boats MERCUR SKARBAK, VIGILANT, Motor Boat (1 off, all at Dar es Salaam, Norwegian patrol boat ORYX at Kilindini (no COs listed)


Patrol vessels - ALMA, BALEKA, JOAN, NFOVN, all at Kilindini (no COs listed)


Boom Defence Vessels - BARBOUR (Ty/Boom Engineer M T O’Rourke RNR) dep Durban 31 Dec.Allocated to Trincomalee, BARMILL (Ty/Lt H A Hartley RNR) arr Mombasa 20 Dec.Allocated to Addu Atoll, BARNET (Ty/Boom Skipper G A Cass RNR) at Aden, BARONIA (Py/Ty/Lt A Smith RNR), BARSTOKE (Ty/Lt H Scott RNR), both eparted Durban 31 Dec, allocated to Addu Atoll, LUMINARY (Ty/Lt A C Weightman RNR) at Colombo, PLANET (Ty/Boom Engineer T Moore RNR) at Aden, SANDGATE, SOUTHGATE, both at Trincomalee (no COs listed), TEAL (Ty/Boom Skipper J Coull RNR) arr Mombasa 20 Dec, allocated to Addu Atoll, Belgian GRAFF VAN VLANDEREN arr Capetown 3 Dec, allocated to Diego Garcia, JAN DE WAELE, PRINCE DE LIEGE, both arr Mombasa 25 Dec, allocated to Addu Atoll, (all Belgian crews)


Boom Carriers - KIRRIEMOOR (Lt Cdr K M Greig DSO Rtd) dep Colombo 28 Dec, LAOMEDON (Act/Cdr B L Clark Rtd) arr Colombo 11 Dec





(Flag C-in-C Eastern Fleet Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton KCB, DSO, ashore at Singapore)



Base Depot Ship - SULTAN (Capt F S Bell, CB) at Singapore


Base Ship - ANKING (Capt J P L Reid from 10 Jan) to fit out at Singapore


Depot ship for Straits Settlements (RNVR Drill Ship) - LABURNUM (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr F S Redgrove RNR) at Singapore


Depot ship for Malay Royal Navy - PELANDOK (Lt Cdr H Vickers) at Singapore


Third Battle Squadron (Flag Vice Admiral Commanding 3 BS Vice Admiral W E C Tait CB, MVO from 5 Jan) - battleships RESOLUTION (Flag 3 BS, Capt A R Halfhide CBE) arr Scapa Flow 27 Nov, RAMILLIES (Capt D N C Tufnell DSC) arr Freetown 21 Dec, REVENGE (Capt L V Morgan CBE, MVO, DSO) arr Trincomalee 13 Dec, ROYAL SOVEREIGN (Capt R H Portal DSC) dep Durban 24 Dec to Mombasa arriving on 6 Jan


Fifth Cruiser Squadron - light cruisers DAUNTLESS (Act/Capt J G Hewitt DSO) arr Pointe Noire 3 Jan, DANAE (Capt F J Butler MBE) dep Singapore 26 Dec, DRAGON (Capt R J Shaw MBE), DURBAN (Capt P G L Cazalet DSC), both dep Singapore 29 Dec


Destroyers - ELECTRA (Cdr C W May) dep Singapore 31 Dec, ENCOUNTER (Lt Cdr E V ST J Morgan) dep Singapore 28 Dec for Batavia, EXPRESS (Lt Cdr F J Cartwright) dep Singapore 31 Dec, JUPITER (Lt Cdr N V J T Thew) dep Singapore 28 Dec for Batavia, Australian VAMPIRE (Cdr W T A Moran RAN) dep Singapore 29 Dec


Submarines - TRUANT (Lt Cdr H A V Haggard) at Alexandria, TRUSTY (Lt Cdr W D A King DSO, DSC) arr Aden 1 Jan


Fast Minelayer - ABDIEL (Capt the Hon E Pleydell-Bouverie MVO) dep Suez 1 Jan


Local Defence Destroyers - SCOUT (Lt Cdr H Lambton) dep Singapore 20 Dec, STRONGHOLD (Lt Cdr G R Pretor-Pinney Rtd), TENEDOS (Lt R Dyer), THANET (Lt Cdr B S Davies Rtd), all dep Singapore 31 Dec


Gunboats - DRAGONFLY (Lt A H Diack), GRASSHOPPER (Cdr J S Hoffman Rtd), SCORPION (Lt Cdr G C Ashworth SSRNVR), all at Singapore


Yangtse Gunboats - FALCON, GANNET, both at Chungking laid up, MANTIS at Shanghai (no COs listed), SANDPIPER (Ty/Sub Lt (Special Branch - Intelligence officer) J H Taylor RNVR) at Changsha laid up


Auxiliary Anti-Submarine Vessels - BAN HONG LIONG (Ty/Lt G M Christie RNR), BULAN (Ty/Lt W A Busby RNR), GIANG BEE (Act/Lt S K Rayner SSNVR), KEDAH (Cdr A W Sprott Rtd), KELANA (Ty/Lt C J Windsor RNVR), KUALA (Lt F H George, SSNVR), MATA HARI (Ty/Lt G A Brignall RNR), PING WO (Ty/Lt J Fant RNR), all at Singapore, SHU KWANG (Cdr A D Thomson DSC Rtd) at Trengganu, SHUN AN (Lt O R T Henman SSRNVR), SIANG WO (Ty/Lt Cdr A Woodley RNR), both at Singapore, TIEN KWANG (Act/Lt R W Heale SSRNVR) at Trengganu


21st Minesweeping Flotilla (part) – Australian minesweepers BALLARAT (Ty/Lt A D Barling RANR (S)) arr Darwin 21 Dec, BENDIGO (Lt Cdr J A R Patrick RANR (S)) arr Singapore 30 Dec, BURNIE (Ty/Lt G E Gough RANR (S)) dep Singapore 30 Dec, GOULBURN (Lt B Paul RANR (S)) dep Singapore 30 Dec, MARYBOROUGH (Lt Cdr G L Cant RAN) at Singapore, TOOWOOMBA (Emgcy/Lt Cdr P H Hirst RAN) arr Thursday Island 25 Dec, WHYALLA (Lt L N Morison RANR (S) from 8 Jan) completing construction at Whyalla


22nd Minesweeping Flotilla – Australian minesweeper WOOLONGONG (Ty/Lt C A Keith RANR (S)) arr Thursday Island 25 Dec


3rd Trawler Group (Anti submarine/Minesweeping) - Naval trawlers BALTA (Py/Ty/Lt J A H Pontin RNR) at Colombo repairing, FARA (Lt Cdr N L Pickersgill RCNVR) arr Mombasa 19 Dec, HOXA (Ty/Lt H P Davies RNR) arr Colombo 29 Dec, ROSALIND (Act/Skipper Lt E G Littler RNR) at Clyde


Auxiliary minesweepers - CHANGTEH (Act/Lt P R S O Spicer SSRNVR), CIRCE (Ty/Lt A Brown RNR), GEMAS (Acting Sub Lt W E Quirke SSRNVR), all at Singapore, HUA TONG (Ty/Lt O G Jones RNR) at Penang, JERAK (Lt H C Butcher SSRNVR), JERANTUT (Ty/Lt J P Upton RNVR), both at Singapore, JERAM (Lt J H Evans RNVR) at Penang, KLIAS (Lt H N Smyth SSRNVR) at Singapore, MALACCA (Lt J W Morphett SSRNVR) at Penang, MEDUSA (Ty/P B Bruce RNR), RAHMAN (Act/Sub Lt D G Freeman SSRNVR), SCOTT HARLEY (Ty/Lt J Rennie RNR), all at Singapore, SIN AIK LEE (Lt J M Brander SSRNVR) at Penang, SOMAGYI (no CO listed) at Rangoon, TAPAH (Cdr G E W W Bayly SSRNVR) at Singapore, TITAN (no CO listed) at Rangoon, TRANG (Lt H T Rigden RNVR) at Penang, WO KWANG (Ty/Lt J Robinson RNR) at Singapore


Auxiliary Patrol Boats - FANLING (Lt D E M W Fiennes SSRNVR), FUH WO (Ty/Lt B Shaw RNVR), HUNGJAO (Ty/Lt T E Mellor RNVR), LI WO (Ty/Lt T Wilkinson RNR), PANGKOR (Ty/Lt T Sutherland RNR), all at Singapore


Survey Ship - HERALD (Py/Ty/Lt E R Maples RNR) at Singapore paid off


Minelayer - MANYEUNG (no CO listed) location not known


Examination Service - examination vessels KAI MING location not known, KUNG WO at Manila, SWANLEY location not known (no COs listed)


NCS (Naval Communication Service) - vessels AH MING, KWANG MING (no COs listed), locations not known


Motor Launches - CHENGTEH (Lt P R S O Spicer SSRNVR), MADRAS (no CO listed), O K (no CO listed), PAHLAWAN (Sub Lt P D Cork SSRNVR), PANGLIMA (Lt H G G G Riches SSRNVR), PENGAIL (Lt R J Draycott SSRNVR), PENGAWAL (Sub Lt L C Jago SSRNVR), PENGHAMBAT (Lt F D S Man SSRNVR), PENINGAT (no CO listed), ROHDA (Ty/Lt G D Inns RNVR), SYLVIA (Lt R J D Draycott SSRNVR), locations not known


Boom Defence Depot Ship - ENDEAVOUR (Cdr E H B Baker) at Singapore


Boom Defence Accommodation Ship - SUI WO (Ty/Lt A Robertson RNR) at Changi


Tugs - CHUTING (no CO listed), ST BREOCK (Skipper J Jappy RNR), both at Singapore


Skid Towing Vessels - CHINTHES at Rangoon, PRINCE, VULTURE, both at Penang (no COs listed)


MD (Mine Disposal) and Deperming Vessels - deperming vessels SPRINGDALE (Act/Lt Cdr J S Seal RNR Rtd) at Singapore, SPRINGTIDE (Cdr F E Taylor RNZNVR) at Colombo


Boom Defence Vessels - BARLANE (Skipper Lt F Bremner RNR), BARRICADE (Chief Skipper J Main RNR), BARRIER (Skipper Lt R E Souter RD RNR), DOWGATE (no CO listed), FASTNET (Chief Skipper R Thompson RNR), LUDGATE (no CO listed), all at Singapore


Miscellaneous motor launch - SEEKINGJAS (no CO listed) at Singapore





Converting - ARCHER (Cdr J I Robertson) arr Philadelphia 28 Dec, AVENGER (Cdr A P Colthurst) at New York to complete 1 Mar, BITER (Capt E M C Abel-Smith from Jan) at Brooklyn to complete 1 Apr, CHARGER (Ty/Lt Cdr (E) R F McArt) at Newport News to complete 1 Feb, DASHER (Lt Cdr E W E Lane from 3 Feb) at Hoboken to complete 15 May, TRACKER (no CO listed) at Puget Sound to complete in Jul. Accounts of advance personnel carried in light cruiser DELHI





(Flag Flag Officer Commanding Australian Squadron in Australia



Depot Ships - PENGUIN (Capt G C Muirhead-Gould, Commodore 2c RAN) at Sydney, PLATYPUS (Tender to PENGUIN, Emgcy/Cdr H T Bennett DSO RAN) at Darwin, KUTTABUL (Lt Cdr A G Lewis RAN) at Sydney


Base Depots - BRISBANE at Brisbane, DERWENT at Hobart, LEEUWIN at Fremantle, LONSDALE at Melbourne, MAITLAND at Newcastle, MELVILLE at Darwin, RUSHCUTTER at Sydney, TORRENS at Adelaide


Cruisers - heavy cruisers AUSTRALIA (Flag Flag Officer Australian Squadron Rear Admiral J G Grace CB, Capt H B Farncomb MVO RAN), CANBERRA (Capt G D Moore RAN), both dep Sydney 27 Dec, light cruisers ADELAIDE (Capt H A Showers ADC RAN) at Sydney, PERTH (Capt H M L Waller DSO RAN) dep Sydney 27 Dec


Armed Merchant Cruisers - KANIMBLA (Act/Capt W L G Adams) arr Melbourne 24 Dec, MANOORA (Act/Capt A H Spurgeon OBE RAN) dep Colombo 25 Dec, WESTRALIA(Emgcy/Capt H V Hudson OBE RAN) dep Darwin 30 Dec, (refit and repairs), MONTCLARE (Act/Capt L H Bayley) at Falmouth refitting to complete end of Jan


19th Destroyer Division - (refits and repairs) STUART (Lt Cdr R C Robison RAN) at Melbourne repairing to complete Feb, VENDETTA (Lt Cdr C J Stephenson RAN) at Singapore refitting to complete 15 Apr, VOYAGER (Lt W F Cook RAN) at Sydney refitting to complete Feb


Minelayer - BUNGAREE (Cdr N K Calder Act/RAN) arr Sydney 12 Dec


Armed Boarding Vessel - VIGILANT (Lt T F Roberts RANR) at Darwin


20th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweeper ORARA (Lt J G S Fyfe RANR (S)) at Sydney, minesweeping sloops SWAN (Lt Cdr A J Travis RAN), WARREGO (Cdr R V Wheatley RAN), both arr Port Moresby 29 Dec


27th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers DELORAINE (Lt Cdr D A Menlove RANR (S)) dep Brisbane 30 Dec for Townsville, KATOOMBA (Lt P E Begg RANR), LITHGOW (Cdr A V Knight DSC RANR (S)), MILDURA (Ty/Lt G E V Owen RANR (S)), TOWNSVILLE (Lt Emgcy/Cdr J Abbott), WARRNABOOL (Ty/Lt E J Barron RANR (S)), all at Sydney


Anti-Submarine Patrol Vessels - BINGERA (Lt Cdr N R Read RAN) at Fremantle, MORESBY (Lt Cdr R B A Hunt RAN) arr Sydney 22 Dec


Auxiliary Anti-Submarine Vessels - HEROS (Lt Cdr H G Whitbrook RANR), KYBRA (Lt Cdr J M Little RANR (S)), ST GILES(Lt Cdr R A Denevon RANVR), all at Sydney, WYRALLAH (Lt Cdr D Wiley RANR), YANDRA (Lt J A Tapin RANR (S)), both at Fremantle


Trawlers - ALFIE CAM (Lt Cdr N J Trace RANR) at Fremantle, BERYL II (Py/Ty/Warrant Officer D Lawrie RANR (S)) at Melbourne, BONTHORPE (Lt Cdr F W Blaydon RANR) at Fremantle, DURRAWEEN (Lt Cdr W J C Webb RANR) at Melbourne, GOOLGWAI (Ty/Lt A J Ennis RANR (S)), GOONAMBEE (Lt Cdr E W Andrewartha RANR), both at Sydney, KOROWA (Py/Ty/Commissioned Officer from Warrant Rank H J R Jeans RANR (S)) at Melbourne, OLIVE CAM (Ty/Commissioned Officer from Warrant Rank S Armstrong RANR (S)) at Fremantle, SAMUEL BENBOW (Lt Cdr K M Levy RANR) at Sydney, TONGKOL (Ty/Warrant Officer W J Edmonds RANR (S)) at Brisbane


Auxiliary Minesweeping Vessels - ALLENWOOD (Ty/Lt F C Pilcher RANR (S)) at Sydney, BERMAGUI (Ty/Lt J C Paulsen RANR (S)) at Newcastle, BIRCHGROVE PARK (Ty/Lt C M Clayton RANR (S)) at Sydney fitting out, BOMBO (Ty/Lt A S Codling RANR (S)) at Hobart, COOLEBAR (Lt Cdr C W J Patterson RANR) at Adelaide, COOMBAR (Ty/Lt S J Gillies RANR (S)) at Hobart, DOOMBA (Ty/Lt F J Reading RANR (S)) at Port Phillip Bay, GUNBAR (Lt N H Muzzell RANR (S)) at Fremantle, KIANGA (Py/Ty/Lt S Quinn RANR (S)) at Sydney, NAMBUCCA (Ty/Lt T J M Hehir RANR (S)) at Adelaide, NARANI (Ty/Lt A G S Hill RANR (S)), PATERSON (Ty/Lt A S Macdonald RANR (S)), both at Melbourne, TAMBAR (Lt J H P Dixon RANR) at Brisbane, TERKA (Lt D K Cracknall RANR (S)) at Darwin, TOORIE (Lt R A Roake RANR (S)) at Melbourne, TOLGA (Emgcy/Lt Cdr J H Malley RAN) at Darwin, UKI (Ty/Lt H C Asher RANR (S)) at Newcastle, WARRAWEE (Py/Ty/Lt J R Neville RANR (S)) at Melbourne fitting out


Boom Defence Vessels - KANGAROO (Lt H R Gaskill RANVR) at Sydney, KARA (no CO listed) at Fremantle, KOALA (Ty/Lt J B Marshall RANR (S)) at Darwin, KOOKABURRA (Ty/Lt G C Moss RANR (S)) at Rabaul


Boom Gate Vessels - KARA KARA (Ty/Lt E Catchpole RANR (S)), KIARA (Py/Lt H C Brown RANVR), both at Darwin


Examination Service Vessels - ADELE (Ty/Lt P J Sullivan RANR (S)) at Darwin, KING BAY (Ty/Lt N O A Hodgkinson RANR (S)), SOUTHERN CROSS (Emgcy/Lt Cdr C F Symonds RAN, both at Fremantle


Fleet Auxiliaries - KURUMBA (no CO listed), location not known, WONGALA (Ty/Lt C W T Henderson RANR (S)) at Adelaide


Cable Repair Ship - INNISFAIL (Lt Cdr J H Thompson RANR (S) Rtd) at Sydney






(Vice Admiral P W Nelles RCN)



Base Depot Ships - BYTOWN (Cdr H N Lay RCN) at Ottawa, CAPTOR II(Capt J E W Oland DSC RCN) at ST John NB, CHALEUR II (Cdr L J M Gauvreau RCN) at Quebec, GIVENCHY Cdr J McCulloch RCN) at Esquimalt, HOCHELAGA II (Cdr C J Stuart OBE, RD RCNR) at Montreal, NADEN (Capt V G Brodeur RCN) at Esquimalt, PROTECTOR (Capt M Goolden DSC RCN) at Sydney NS, STADACONA (Capt H E Reid RCN) at Halifax


Destroyers - ANNAPOLIS (Lt Cdr F C Smith RCNR) arr Halifax 31 Dec, HAMILTON (Lt Cdr N V Clark RCNR) arr Halifax 6 Dec


Corvettes - BATTLEFORD (Lt R J Roberts RCNVR) dep Iceland 21 Dec, DAWSON (Act/Lt Cdr A H G Storrs RCNR) at Victoria, DRUMHELLER (Act/Cdr G H Griffiths RCN) arr Iceland 23 Dec, DUNVEGAN (Lt J A Tullis RCNR) arr Halifax 18 Dec, EDMUNDSTON (Lt Cdr R D Barrett (acting) RCNR) at Esquimalt, HALIFAX (Lt Cdr C Copelin OBE RCNR), (working up), KAMLOOPS (Lt P J B Watts RCNR) arr Halifax 18 Dec, KAMSACK (Lt E Randell RCNR) at Sydney, MIDLAND (Act/Lt Cdr A B Taylor RCNR) at Halifax repairing to complete 10 Jan, OAKVILLE (Lt A C Jones RCNR) at Sydney, N B, QUESNEL (Lt J A Gow RCNR) at Esquimalt, SASKATOON (Lt J S Scott RCNR) arr Halifax 31 Dec, SHAWINIGAN (Act/Lt Cdr C P Balfry RCNR) dep Halifax 26 Nov, SOREL (Lt A E Giffen RCNR) arr St Johns 16 Dec, SUMMERSIDE (Lt Cdr F O Gerity RCNR) arr Iceland 22 Dec, THE PAS (Lt Cdr E G Old RCNR) arr Halifax 31 Dec, (refit and repairs), MORDEN (Lt J J Hodgkinson RCNR) at Southampton refitting


Auxiliary Anti-Submarine vessels - ACADIA (Lt Cdr J L Diver RCNR), BEAVER (Act/Cdr R I Swansburg RCNR), CARIBOU (Lt J H Marshall RCNR), COUGAR (Chief Skipper G F Cassidy RCNR), FRENCH (Skipper Lt K W N Hall RCNR), LYNX (Lt J L A Levesque RCNR), MOOSE (Lt J H Langille RCNR), RACOON (Lt Cdr J N Smith RCNR), RENARD (Lt Cdr D G Jeffrey RCN)


Auxiliary Anti-Submarine Yacht - SANS PEUR (Act/Lt Cdr W C Halliday RCNR), all at Halifax, WOLF (Skipper Lt W R Chaster RCNR) at Esquimalt


Fast Minesweepers - BURLINGTON (Lt J M Richardson RCNVR) at Halifax, CHEDABUCTO (Lt J H B Davies RCNR) arr Halifax 17 Dec, CHIGNECTO (Lt L F McQuarrie RNCR), CLAYOQUOT (Act/Lt Cdr R B Campbell RCNR), both at Halifax, COWICHAN (Lt Richard Jackson RCNR) arr St Johns 29 Dec, DRUMMONDVILLE (Lt J P Fraser RCNR), GANANOQUE (Lt E M More RCNR), both at Halifax, GEORGIAN (Act/Lt Cdr A G Stanley RCNR) dep St Johns 2 Dec, MAHONE (Lt D M Stewart RCNR) arr Halifax 17 Dec, MALPEQUE (Act/Cdr W R Stacey RCNR) arr Sydney, NB 12 Dec, MINAS (Lt J C Barbour RCNR) arr Sydney, NB 12 Dec, MIRAMICHI (Lt W G Johnstone RCNR) location not known, NIPIGON (Lt Cdr A T Morrell RCNR) at Halifax, QUATSINO (Act/Lt Cdr T MacDuff RCN) at Prince Rupert, QUINTE (Lt C A Nicol RCNR), RED DEER (Lt A Moorhouse RCNR), SWIFT CURRENT (Lt Cdr A G King RCNR), THUNDER (Cdr H D Mackay RCNR), UNGAVA (Lt C Winterbottom RCNR), WASAGA (Lt Cdr W Redford RCNR), all at Halifax


LL Whalers - Norwegian STAR XVI (Lt Cdr T S H Beament RCNVR, Lt J M Gracey RCNVR from 20 Jan), SUDEROY IV (Mate C A Mott RCNR), both at Sydney NS, SUDEROY V (Lt R M Meredith RCNR), SUDEROY VI (Lt R J C Pringle RCNVR), both at Halifax


Miscellaneous Trawlers – (East Coast) ARRAS (Lt W S Arsenault RCNR) at Sydney, NS, COMOX (Mate J R Biggs RCNR), FUNDY (Mate J B Raine RCNR), GASPE (Chief Skipper G A Myra RCNR), NOOTKA (Mate W R Nunn RCNR), all at Halifax, RAYON D’OR (Ty/Mate H E Lade RCNR) at Sydney, NS, (West Coast) ALLAVERDY (Coswain H P Nightingale RCNR) at Esquimalt, ARMENTIERS (Chief Skipper G Billard RCNR) at Prince Rupert, B C LADY (Coxswain G V Linnell RCNR), CAPE BEALE (Skipper Coxswain E J Arnet RCNR), JOAN W II (Coxswain A Neish RCNR), MARAUDER (Coxswain F R Brown RCNR), MITCHELL BAY (Coxsawin R S Turner RCNR) refitting, all at Esquimalt, SIGNAL (Coxswain J K Iversen RCNR), TAKLA (Coxswain C Parkvold RCNR), both at Prince Rupert, WEST COAST (Coxswain L P Jorgensen RCNR) at Esquimalt


Armed Yachts - REINDEER (Lt L G Cumming RCNVR), SKY (no CO listed), both at Halifax


Minesweeping Tug - OCEAN EAGLE (no CO listed) at Halifax


Motor Torpedo Boat - Canadian CMTB.1 (no CO listed) at Halifax


Motor Launches - Canadian CML.01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 09, 10, 21, 23, 24 (no COs listed), locations not known


Patrol Vessels - LAURIER (Skipper Lt D E Freeman RCNR), LEELO (Skipper Coxswain J H Auchterloniem RCNR), KUITAN (Coxswain A F Denton RCNR), TALAPUS (Skipper Coxswain P Q R Sowerby RCNR)), EHKOLI (Skipper Coxswain J Patterson RCNR), all at Halifax


Coil Skid Vessels - REO II fitting out, on completion to St Johns, STANDARD COASTER, both at Halifax (no COs listed)


Mobile Deperming Vessel - ROSS (no CO listed) at Halifax


Training Ships - CARTIER (Lt E R Shaw RCNR) at Nova Scotia refitting, SKIDEGATE (no CO listed) at Esquimalt


Signal Training Establishment - ST HYACINTHE (Act/Ty/Cdr A P Musgrave RCN) at St Hyacinthe, P Q


Training Schooner - VENTURE (Ty/Lt J C McCarty RCNR) at Halifax


RCN Officers Training Establishment - KING’S (Cdr A M Hope RCN) at Halifax


Boom Gate Vessels - ARLEUX, FESTUBERT, both at Halifax, LOOS at Shelburne NS, GV.1, GV.2, both at Gaspe, SCOW 1, SCOW 2, both at Prince Rupert, SCOW 3, SCOW 4, both at Esquimalt, ST ELOI at Shelburne NS (no COs listed), VIERNOE (Act/Ty/Lt A Moorhouse RCNVR), VENOSTA (Act/Ty/Lt W E S Briggs RCNR), both at Sydney NS


Harbour Craft - HC.14, HC.15, HC.16, HC. 17 all at Nova Scotia, (no COs listed)



Newfoundland Force

(ships based at St Johns administered by Capt D. Newfoundland (AVALON) and ships based on Halifax by Capt D. Halifax (SAMBRO)


Base Ships - AVALON (Commodore Newfound Force Commodore 1c L W Murray RCN) at St John’s, AVALON III at St John’s (for RN personnel based on Newfoundland, SAMBRO (Cdr G R Miles RCN) at Halifax


RN Air Station - SAKER (Lt Cdr C A R Gibb Rtd) at Dartmouth, Halifax



Escort Force (RCN)


Destroyers - Canadian ASSINIBOINE (Act/Lt Cdr J H Stubbs RCN) dep St Johns 29 Dec, NIAGARA (Lt Cdr T P Ryan OBE RCN) dep St Johns 27 Dec, OTTAWA (Act/Cdr C D Donald RCN) arr St Johns 24 Dec, SAGUENAY (Lt P E Haddon RCN) arr Iceland 29 Dec, SKEENA (Cdr H Kingsley RCN from 11 Dec) at Halifax, ST CLAIR (Lt Cdr D C Wallace RCNR) at St John NB, ST CROIX (Cdr H Kingsley RCN to 10 Dec, Lt Cdr A H Dobson from 6 Jan) at St John NB, ST LAURENT (Lt H S Rayner DSC RCN) dep Iceland 21 Dec, (refits and repairs), RESTIGOUCHE (Lt Cdr D W Piers RCN) at Clyde repairing, ST FRANCIS (Lt C A Rutherford RCN) at Halifax repairing to complete 7 Feb, COLUMBIA (Lt Cdr S W Davis DSC RCN) at Halifax repairing to complete 9 Feb, (lent from RN), BURNHAM (Act/Cdr J Bostock) dep Iceland 26 Dec (refits and repairs) BROADWAY (Lt Cdr T Taylor DSC) at London in care and maintenance refitting to complete 27 Feb, BURWELL (Lt Cdr S R J Woods) arr Boston 14 Nov, repairing to complete 19 Jan, RAMSEY (Lt Cdr R B Stannard, VC RNR) arr Boston 13 Nov.Repairing to complete 19 Jan, READING (Lt Cdr D V Clift) at Liverpool refitting to complete 1 Jan



(1) Canadian AGASSIZ (Lt Cdr B D L Johnson RCNR) arr St Johns 24 Dec, ALGOMA (Lt J Harding RCNR) arr Iceland 23 Dec, AMHERST (Lt H G Denyer RCNR) arr St Johns 21 Dec, ARVIDA (Lt A I MacKay RCNR) arr Halifax 30 Dec, BADDECK (Lt A S Easton RCNR) arr Halifax 28 Dec, BARRIE (Lt R M Mosher RCNR) dep Aultbrea 25 Dec, BITTERSWEET (Act/Lt Cdr J A Woods RCNR) arr Charleston 31 Dec, BUCTOUCHE (Lt W W Hackney RCNR) arr St Johns 30 Dec, CAMROSE (Act/Lt Cdr L R Pavillard RCNR) dep St Johns 18 Dec, CHAMBLY (Cdr J D Prentice RCN) arr Halifax 8 Dec, CHICOUTIMI (Lt W Black RCNR) arr St Johns 21 Dec, CHILLIWACK (Act/Lt Cdr L F Foxall RCNR) arr Iceland 22 Dec, DAUPHIN (Lt Cdr R A S McNeil OBE RCNR) arr Clyde 30 Dec, FENNEL (Lt J M Gillison RCNR) arr Tobermory 25 Dec, GALt (Lt A D Landles RCNR) dep St Johns 24 Dec, HEPATICA (Lt Cdr T Gilmour RCNR) dep Iceland 21 Dec, KENOGAMI (Lt Cdr R Jackson RCNR) at Halifax, LETHBRIDGE (Act/Lt Cdr H Freeland RCNR) dep St Johns 23 Dec, LOUISBURG (Lt Cdr W F Campbell RCNVR), MATAPEDIA (Lt R J Herman RCNR), both at Halifax, MOOSEJAW (Lt H D Campsie RCNR) dep Iceland 21 Dec, NANAIMO (Lt T J Bellas RCNR) dep St Johns 23 Dec, NAPANEE (Lt S Henderson RCNR) arr Iceland 22 Dec, ORILLIA (Act/Lt Cdr W E S Briggs RCNR) arr Halifax 24 Dec, PICTOU (Lt A G S Griffin RCNVR) dep St Johns 1 Jan, PRESCOTT (Lt H A Russell RCNR), RIMOUSKI (Act/Lt Cdr A G Boulton RCNVR), both at Halifax, ROSTHERN (Cdr P B Cross RCNVR) arr Halifax 28 Dec, SHEDIAC (Lt J E Clayton RCNR) arr Iceland 29 Dec, SHERBROOKE (Lt Cdr E G M Donald RCN) arr St Johns 24 Dec, SUDBURY (Lt Cdr A M McLarnon RCNR) at Halifax, TRAIL (Lt G S Hall RCNR) dep Iceland 30 Dec to arrive St Johns 5 Jan, TRILLIUM (Skipper Lt G E Gaudreau RCNR) at Iceland, WETASKIWIN (Lt Cdr G Windeyer RCN) arr Iceland 29 Dec, (refits and repairs), ALBERNI (Lt Cdr G O Baugh OBE RCNR) at Halifax refitting to complete 6 Jan, ARROWHEAD(Cdr E G Skinner RCNR) arr Charleston 8 Dec to refit completing 26 Jan, EYEBRIGHT (Lt Cdr H C R Davis RCNR) arr Charleston 14 Nov refitting, SPIKENARD (Lt Cdr H G Shadforth RCNR) arr Iceland 29 Dec, BRANDON (Act/Lt Cdr J C Littler RCNR) at South Shields repairing to complete 7 Feb, COBALt (Lt C J Angus RCNR) at Liverpool, N S refitting to complete 14 Jan, COLLINGWOOD (Act/Lt Cdr W Woods RCNR) at Halifax refitting to complete in Jan, MAYFLOWER (Act/Lt Cdr G H Stephen RCNR) arr Charleston 23 Dec for refit, SNOWBERRY (Lt R S Kelly RCNR) arr Charleston 8 Dec to complete 26 Jan, (lent by Western Approaches)

(2) British CELANDINE (Lt C T A Stannard RNR) arr St Johns 20 Dec, DIANTHUS (Lt Cdr C E Bridgeman RNR) dep St Johns 23 Dec, NASTURTIUM (Lt Cdr R C Freaker DSO RNR) arr Mobile 29 Dec, POLYANTHUS (Lt A Hague RNR), PRIMROSE (Lt Cdr A Ayre RNR Rtd), both arr St Johns 24 Dec, (refit and repairs), CANDYTUFT (Ty/Lt C P Thode RNVR) arr New York 11 Oct refitting to complete 19 Mar, French ACONIT (LV Levasseur), ALYSSE (LV Pepin Lehalleur), MIMOSA (CF Birot), all at St Johns





(Flag Officer Commanding ashore at New Delhi, RIN serving with East Indies Command)



Depot ship - DALHOUSIE (Cdr A R Rattray RIN) at Bombay


Boys’ Training Establishment - BAHADUR (Capt H P Hughes-Hallett MBE, DSC RIN) at Manora


Training Ship - DUFFERIN (no CO listed) at Bombay


Surveying Ship - INVESTIGATOR (Cdr H C Beauchamp RIN) at Bombay repairing to complete 4 Jan


Anti-Submarine Trawler - TRAVENCORE (no CO listed) at Bombay


Minesweeping Trawlers - NAUTILUS (Lt A M Robinson RIN) arr Cochin 21 Dec, TANJORE (no CO listed) arr Cochin 22 Dec


Local Naval Defence Vessels - patrol vessels BADORA (Py/Ty/Lt H Lee RINR) at Madras, BHADRAVATI (Lt A T Bond RIN) at Karachi, CHANDBALI (Py/Ty/Lt W J Wilson RINR) at Calcutta, DIPAVATI (Lt A B Goord RIN) arr Bombay 15 Dec, GANGA (Py/Ty/Sub Lt R Sawhny RINVR), location not known, HAIDERI (Lt S Gill RINR) at Calcutta, HASHEMI (Lt M G Collins RIN) dep Colombo 23 Dec, HIRAVATI (Lt P Munday RINVR) at Karachi, IRRIWADDI (Lt H J D Hamilton RIN) at Cochin, JAMNAGAR (no CO listed) at Cochin, KALAVATI (Ty/Sub Lt E C Wrigley RINVR) at Bombay, KUTUBTARI (Py/Lt S J Gellett RINR) at Vizagapatam, LADY CRADDOCK (Lt W H Dunster RINR) at Calcutta, LAXMI (Lt D G C Courtenay RINVR), LILAVATI (Lt M J Gahan RINR), both at Shatt el Arab, NULCHIRA (Lt Cdr J E N Coope RIN) at Vizagapatam, OOSTACAPPALLE (Py/Ty/Lt C H Potten RINR) arr Calcutta 21 Dec, PANSY (Lt H Harrison RINR) arr Madras 31 Dec, RAMDAS (Lt Cdr St J A D Garniss RIN) at Karachi, RUKMAVATI (Lt G W Barnes RINVR) at Bombay, ST ANTHONY (Lt H M O Bryan RINR) arr Mendapam 30 Dec, SANDIP (Lt H A Tod RINVR) at Madras, SANDOWAY (Lt J B F Henfrey RINR) at Madras, SATYAVATI (Py/Ty/Lt S K Kumarhia RINR) at Karachi, SELAMA (Lt H Morland RIN) at Vizagapatam, SITA (believed Sub Lt H J Duggan RINVR) location not known, SITAKHOOND (Py/Ty/Lt T R V Bird RINR) at Madras, SOPHIE MARIE (Lt E G Dyke RINR) arr Calcutta 21 Dec, VICTORIA MARIE (Lt D A McDonald RIN) dep Madras 31 Dec, VITA (no CO listed) location not known, patrol tug GUTHRIE RUSSEL (no CO listed) location not known







Depot and Training Ship - PHILOMEL (Capt E Rotherham RNZN) at Auckland


Light Cruisers - ACHILLES (Capt H M Barnes RNZN) dep Sydney 27 Dec, LEANDER Capt R H Bevan RNZN) arr Auckland 29 Dec


Armed Merchant Cruisers - ASCANIA (Act/Capt A G Davidson Rtd) at Southampton refitting to complete 6 Jan, MONWAI (Act/Capt G R Deverell) arr Auckland 8 Nov


French Large Destroyer - LE TRIOMPHANT (CF Auboyneau) arr Brisbane 29 Dec


Sloop - CHEVREUIL (L V Fourlinnie) dep Noumea 29 Dec


HM Fijian Ship - VITI (no CO listed) at Auckland refitting


25th Minesweeping Flotilla - minesweepers MATAI (SO, Cdr A D Holden RNZNR) at Auckland, GALE (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr C McLeod RNZNVR) arr Suva 25 Dec, MURITAI (Lt Cdr H W Jones RNZNVR), RATA (Lt Cdr N L Mackie RNZNR Rtd), both at Auckland


Danlayers - COASTGUARD (Ty/Lt F Johnston RNZNR), KAIWAHA (Ty/Lt J Holt RNZNR), both at Auckland


Minesweeping/Anti-Submarine Vessels - trawlers KIWI dep Clyde 31 Dec, MOA dep Balboa 22 Dec (no COs listed)


Auxiliary Minesweepers - Group I (Auckland), DUCHESS (no CO listed), HUMPHREY (Ty/Lt A G Nilsson RNZNR), WAKAKURA (Act/Ty/Lt Cdr W MacMillan RNZNR), all at Auckland, Group II (Wellington), FUTURIST (Ty/Lt D Horn RNZNR), SOUTH SEA (Ty/Lt P E Bradley RNZNR), both at Wellington, Group III (Lyttelton), JAMES COSGROVE (Ty/Lt A E Webster RNZNR), THOMAS CURRELL (Ty/Lt E H Willson RNZNR), both at Lyttelton


Magnetic Minesweepers - HAWERA (Lt Cdr A B Gilfillan RNZNVR) at Auckland, KAPUNI (Ty/Lt J W Monaghan RNZNR), both at Auckland


Examination vessels - AWANUI, IKATERE, JAOIE SEDDON, JOHN ANDERSON, all at Auckland (no COs listed)


Patrol Launches - ten in number








Seaward Defence Force – anti-submarine trawlers BLOMVLEI (Lt W L Graham SDF) at Simonstown, MOOIVLEI (Lt M R J Terry-Lloyd RNVR (SA)) at Capetown, RONDEVLEI (Lt R Macdonald SDF), SMALVLEI (Lt J K Mallory SDF), both at Simonstown, anti-submarine whalers, BLAAUWBERG (Lt O R D Stephen SDF), CEDARBERG (Lt E J Brown SDF), ODBERG (Lt D L Mackinnon SDF), SYDOSTLANDET (Lt G Burnwood SDF), all at Simonstown, TERJE VIII (renamed SONNEBLOM, Lt J Leask SDF), TERJE IX (renamed IMMORTELLE, no CO listed), TORDONN (no CO listed), all at Capetown


22nd Anti-Submarine Group (Whalers) - see Mediterranean Command


Auxiliary Minesweeping Vessels (administered by Director of Seaward Defence, fitted for moored minesweeping) - ARUM (Sub Lt G Flett SDF) at Port Elizabeth, GOULDING (Sub Lt N A Tomalin SDF), HEKTOR (Sub Lt E Matthew SDF), POL I (renamed RANDFONTEIN), ROBINSON (Sub Lt T W M Stockton SDF), WHYTOCK (Sub Lt G B Bennett SDF), all at Capetown and Simonstown, BRAKVLEI (Sub Lt L W Hofmeyr SDF), GRIMWOOD (Sub Lt G V Webb SDF), LARSEN (Sub Lt W E Gleave SDF), NATALIA (Sub Lt J C Walters SDF), SOETVLEI (Sub Lt D J Taylor SDF), SOUTHERN BARRIER (Lt Cdr R L V Shannon SDF, SO, MineCraft Flotilla), STEENBERG (Lt S B Petzer SDF), STELLENBERG (Lt W Taylor SDF), UNI IV (renamed GERMISTON), Sub Lt H A Wyllie SDF), UNI V (renamed KRUGERDORP, Sub Lt H F Van Eyssen SDF), all at Durban, Norwegian OOSTEWAAL (Sub Lt J H Johansen SDF) at Capetown and Simonstown


Motor Patrol Boats - INSIZWAI arr Port Elizabeth 26 Dec, INKOSANA, location not known (no COs listed)


Trawlers to fit LL Gear (in South Africa for Seaward Defence Force) - AFRICANA (Sub Lt J C Germishuys SDF) at Capetown not yet in hand, ARISTEA Lt W M Chesterfield SDF) at Capetown, BABIANA at East London, BENONI (no COs listed), BLUFF Sub Lt O E Johnson SDF), CRASSULA (Sub Lt W R E Pesterre SDF), all at Capetown, DAVID HAIGH at Port Elizabeth, JOHANNESBURG at Capetown converting to complete 31 Jan, (no COs listed), NIGEL (Lt W D de la Bat van Alphen) at Capetown, not yet in hand, SPRINGS, SUDEROY I (renamed PARKTOWN), ZWARTEBERG, all at Capetown converting to complete 31 Mar (no COs listed)


Anti-Submarine Whalers (to fit out) - COLLIE at Capetown fitting out, HELIER 1 at East London, LURCHER, MASTIF, both due Capetown about Apr, SIGRA for Capetown, SIMBRA for East London, SOBKA, SOLVRA, SONDRA, SORSA, all for Durban, VESTFOLD 8 (renamed TURFFONTEIN), at Capetown fitting out, VESTFOLD 9 (renamed VEREENIGING), at East London (no COs listed) 


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