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SIERRA LEONE (links – Britain’s Small Wars, Palace Barracks Memorial Garden)



Sunday, 6 February 2000



 WATTS, Clare G, Leading Wren Writer, W137763C, died



Friday, 3 March 2000


Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)

 ALLEN, William N, Warrant Officer (M), D153529X, died



Saturday, 11 March 2000


RNAS Culdrose

 RILEY, Wayne M, Naval Airman (N.A.) (A.H.) 1c, D236160L, died



Saturday, 25 March 2000


Ministry of Defence, London

 BATES, Paul S, Leading Writer, D167265V, died



Friday, 14 April 2000



 MCDOWALL, Harry D D, Naval Airman (A.H.) 1c, D243308L, died



Tuesday, 9 May 2000


Argus, RFA

 BONNAMY, David, Naval Airman (A.H.), D239529V, died



Wednesday, 31 May 2000



 ROSS, Mark C, Able Seaman (Radar) (R), D219372Q, died



Wednesday, 7 June 2000


Ministry of Defence, Bath

 WESTWOOD, Stephen P C, (not listed), C017364A, died



Monday, 19 June 2000



 SMITH, Michael D, Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic (L), D221404J, died



Wednesday, 12 July 2000



 HUMPHREYS, Paul, Charge Chief Petty Officer (C.C.P.O.), D195031P, died



Thursday, 10 August 2000



 BARBER, Andrew S, Lieutenant Commander, C032611N, died



Saturday, 23 September 2000


Dumbarton Castle

 DISTIN, Lee, Regulating Petty Officer, D181781G, died



Sunday, 24 September 2000



 BURN, Gary J, Petty Officer Air Engineering Mechanic (M), D176329L, died



Saturday, 30 September 2000



 ROBERTSON, Andrew G M, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, D236199K, died



Friday, 6 October 2000



 SOMERVILLE, Steven, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (W.S.M.) 2c, D243590Y, died



Saturday, 28 October 2000



 HUNT, Adrian D, Weapon Engineering Artificer Apprentice, D248286W, died



Tuesday, 31 October 2000



 CAMPBELL, Jason R, Chef (C.H.) 1c, D223557X, died



Tuesday, 5 December 2000


RNAS Culdrose

 OLIVER, Tony J, Naval Airman (N.A.) (A.H.) 1c, D239429C, died



Wednesday, 13 December 2000



 MIDDLEBROOK, Mark S, Lieutenant Commander, C034528Q, died



Saturday, 16 December 2000


Royal Navy

 GREER, James P, Surgeon Commander, C027250U, died







(linksBritain’s Small Wars, MOD Operations in Afghanistan: British Fatalities, Palace Barracks Memorial Garden)



Thursday, 25 January 2001



 TAYLOR, David P, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) 2c (Electronic Warfare), D246636U, died



Saturday, 27 January 2001



 BAKER, Richard J, Air Engineering Mechanic, D233377V, died



Wednesday, 7 February 2001



 HALE, David R, Air Engineering Mechanic, D239771P, died



Thursday, 8 February 2001



 LEWIS, Matthew J, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (A.W.) 2c, D246291T, died



Tuesday, 27 March 2001


Commodore Naval Aviation (COMNA), Yeovilton

 HOUGHTON, Nicholas G, Lieutenant Commander, died



Thursday, 5 April 2001



 RULE, Stuart J, Captain, RM, N029263B, died



Thursday, 26 April 2001



 SCAMP, Michael J, Air Engineering Mechanic 2c, D248699M, died



Friday, 11 May 2001



 STEWART, Alastair M, Lieutenant Commander, C033447V, died



Tuesday, 15 May 2001


Institute of Naval Medicine (INM), Alverstoke

 KERSHAW, Damian J E, Surgeon Lieutenant, C038099P, died



Sunday, 27 May 2001



 ROLLO, Barry, Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Mechanic (Ordnance), D112071K, died



Tuesday, 19 June 2001



 SUGGETT, Peter R, Lieutenant, C038329X, died



Friday, 29 June 2001



 WOOLLIAMS, Michael F, Lieutenant Commander, C021118U, died



Sunday, 22 July 2001



 WARD, Neil A, Communications Technician (P.C.T.), D247271D, died



Tuesday, 24 July 2001



 MURRAY, David M, Diver 2c, D222515F, died



Wednesday, 25 July 2001


Excellent, RN Training Establishment, accident

 PATON, David W, Lieutenant, C038998P, died


Seahawk, road accident in Manhay, Cornwall

 READER, Adam R, Air Engineering Mechanic, D245534Y,

 ROBERTS, Jason R, Air Engineering Mechanic, D245399X,



Friday, 17 August 2001



 SILCOX, Alan G, Diver 1c, D219054H, died



Sunday, 26 August 2001


Maritime Aircraft Support Unit (MASU), Gosport

 DODD, Edward J, Chief Petty Officer Air Engineering Artificer (M), D204081S, died



Tuesday, 11 September 2001



 DALLEY, Anthony, Leading Seaman (R), D191767Q, died



Saturday, 15 September 2001


Senior Naval Office Northern Ireland (SNONI)

 MCKNIGHT, Samuel, Warrant Officer Marine Engineering Artificer, D138874Q, died



Wednesday, 24 October 2001



 THOMSON, James L, Chef (C.H.) 1c, D236095B, died



Friday, 9 November 2001


Commodore Mine Warfare and Fishery Protection (MFP)

 PADBURY, Alan, Leading Writer, D213669A, died



Thursday, 22 November 2001



 KNIGHT, Philip A, Marine Engineering Mechanic (L), D239098J, died



Friday, 23 November 2001



 PURSLOW, Simon, Petty Officer (S), D187546P, died



Saturday, 1 December 2001



 CHISHOLM, Dallas C, Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Mechanic (L), D177854T, died







Tuesday, 5 March 2002



 CLARKE, Matthew, Medical Assistant (M.A.), D238988N, died



Thursday, 14 March 2002



 CHRISTIE, David W, Lieutenant, C039496J, died



Tuesday, 9 April 2002



 MAUGHAN, Jonathan M C, Commander, C020793T, died



Tuesday, 23 April 2002


Royal Navy

 NEVARD, Steven M, Warrant Officer (Marine Engineering Mechanic), D116789Q, died



Wednesday, 24 April 2002



 BOWEY, William A, Leading Airman (A.H.), D216192E, died



Thursday, 2 May 2002



 MIDDLETON, Gordon, Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer, D156787Q, died



Friday, 3 May 2002


RNAS Yeovilton

 EDWARDS, Darren J, Leading Air Engineering Mechanic (L), D226232P, died



Sunday, 19 May 2002



 HAWLEY, Stephen C, Lieutenant Commander, C035693T, died



Wednesday, 12 June 2002


helicopter crash in USA

 LEWIS, Jennifer L, Lieutenant, V030755L, Richmond

 SKIDMORE, Rodney P, Lieutenant (P), C034632D, RNAS Yeovilton



Tuesday, 16 July 2002



 BOWKETT, Robert, Brigadier, RM, N023363C, illness



Friday, 9 August 2002



 MILLINGTON, Isobel R, Lieutenant, V030676L, died



Friday, 16 August 2002



 THOMAS, Stephen, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (A.W.), D245920Q, died



Monday, 19 August 2002



 HOULSTON, Stephen J, Seaman Specialist (S.E.A.) 2c, D246823Q, died



Sunday, 22 September 2002



 HARRIS, Jamie, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (A.W.), D249700W, died



Monday, 14 October 2002



 IDESON, Jason, Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Mechanic (R), D233117E, died



Saturday, 26 October 2002


RNAS Culdrose

 HIGGS, Eric, Chief Petty Officer Air Engineering Artificer, D127160N, died



Tuesday, 12 November 2002



 CURWEN, Lee, Marine Engineering Mechanic 2c, D254534A, died



Friday, 15 November 2002



 RAMSDEN, Charles E, Petty Officer Air Engineering Artificer, D201946M, died



Sunday, 24 November 2002



 CRUMPLIN, Carolyn A, Lieutenant Commander, V0240161L, died



Thursday, 28 November 2002



 MCAULAY, Paul J, Lieutenant, C039159H, died



Thursday, 5 December 2002


RNAS Yeovilton

 LONDON, Martin, Lieutenant Commander, C026086N, died







 (linksBritain’s Small Wars, MOD Operations in Iraq: British Fatalities, Palace Barracks Memorial Garden)



Friday, 21 March 2003


Royal Marines, 3 Commando Brigade, flying in US Marine Corps Sea Knight helicopter, crashed south of the Kuwait border. The four US aircrew were also killed.

 CECIL, John, Colour Sergeant, RM, P043777V, UK Landing Force Command Support Group (UKLF CSG)

 EVANS, Llywelyn K, Lance Bombardier (Army), 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery

 GUY, Philip S, Captain, RM, N029162R, UK Landing Force Command Support Group

 HEDENSKOG, Sholto B, Marine, P057659Y, UK Landing Force Command Support Group

 HEHIR, Les, Sergeant (Army), 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery

 SEYMOUR, Ian, Operator Mechanic (Communications) 2c, D227999G, RN, 148 Commando Battery Royal Artillery, UK Land Forces Combat Support Group

 STRATFORD, Mark, Warrant Officer 2c, RM,  P043484J, UK Landing Force Command Support Group

 WARD, Jason, Major, RM, N028273Y, UK Landing Force Command Support Group



Saturday, 22 March 2003


FAA, 849 Squadron A Flight, collision of two Sea King Mk 7 AEW helicopters over northern Arabian Gulf

 ADAMS, Thomas M, Lieutenant, USN (on attachment)

 GREEN, Philip D, Lieutenant (P), C038295L

 KING, Antony R, Lieutenant (O), C034301E

 LAWRENCE, Marc A, Lieutenant, C039442G

 WEST, Philip J, Lieutenant, C037055K

 WILLIAMS, James R, Lieutenant (P), C039324L

 WILSON, Andrew S, Lieutenant, C037064L



Saturday, 29 March 2003


RNAS Yeovilton

 VERMEER, Wayne, Naval Airman (A.H.), D237769N, died



Sunday, 30 March 2003



 FLETCHER, Ryan E, Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic, D220220W, died


Royal Marines, 3 Commando Brigade, Iraq

 BALLARD, Stephen A, Major, N029085G, died of natural causes


Royal Marines, 9 Assault Squadron, fighting insurgents in Basrah area, Iraq

 MADDISON, Christopher R, Marine, P053354J, killed



Wednesday, 2 April 2003



 BLYTH, Michael, Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Artificer, D134813R, died



Sunday, 6 April 2003



 BALLOCH, Kevin R J, Warrant Officer Master-at-Arms (M.A.A.), D192867D, died



Tuesday, 15 April 2003


Joint Support Unit (JSU), Northwood

 MARTIN, Jonathan F F, Operator Mechanic (O.M.), D245495B, died



Monday, 1 May 2003


RNAS Culdrose

 JOHNSON, Patricia J, Petty Officer Air Engineering Artificer (L), W140769J, died



Monday, 8 May 2003


HMS Liverpool, destroyer, at Singapore

 PACKHAM, Lesley J, Act/Leading Seaman (Seaman Specialist) A.L.S. (SEA), W142760B, died




Tuesday, 3 June 2003


Naval Base Commander (NBCDPers), Portsmouth

 OSBORN, Stephen R, Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer, D087284J, died



Wednesday, 4 June 2003



 FOSTER, Paul D, Petty Officer (A.W.W.), D214889R, died



Saturday, 14 June 2003


Naval Base Commander (NBCDPers), Portsmouth

 ROBERTSON, Duncan, Marine Engineering Artificer Apprentice, D253680V, died



Saturday, 12 July 2003


FAA, 727 Squadron, Heron

 MURTON, William M, Lieutenant Commander, C029287A, died



Monday, 21 July 2003



 WINTHROP, Christopher, Marine Engineering Mechanic 1c, D243562E, died



Monday, 28 July 2003



 PORT, Andrew, Weapon Engineering Artificer Apprentice, D252806W, died



Monday, 8 September 2003



 MUNT, Elizabeth, Weapon Ordnance Mechanic (W.O.M.) (Electronic Warfare), W145698Y, died



Saturday, 13 September 2003



 MORAN, Stuart T, Marine Engineering Artificer Apprentice, D250071A, died



Thursday, 25 September 2003



 BENTON, Guy J, Marine Engineering Mechanic 2c, D257294H, died



Sunday, 5 October 2003



 HUTCHINSON, John A, Air Engineering Mechanic, D246856R, died



Saturday, 25 October 2003



 MCCARTHY, Michael J J, Marine Engineering Mechanic 1c, D243854A, died



Friday 31 October 2003


Royal Marines, Iraq, on operations and under attack by insurgents

 PLANK, Ian, Corporal, RM, P051163J, killed in action



Thursday, 6 November 2003


FAA, 771 Squadron

 WARDLE, Jason, Air Engineering Mechanic 1c, D238702P, died



Friday, 21 November 2003


Naval Base Commander (NBC), Devonport

 OWEN, Gareth, Leading Seaman (Seaman Specialist) (S.E.A.), D219995K, died



Sunday, 28 December 2003


King Alfred, RNR

 BEECH, Louise A, Able Seaman, W996361Y, died







Saturday, 3 January 2004


Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)

 LAMBERT, Daryl C, Petty Officer (T.S.S.M.), D209978D, died



Monday, 12 January 2004



 CROOK, Kevin G, Petty Officer Medical Assistant (M.A.), D181803T, died



Tuesday, 13 January 2004



 PORTER, John, Warrant Officer (Weapon Engineering Mechanic), D152199B, died



Friday, 6 February 2004



 PEACOCK, Michael, Lieutenant Commander, C033077Y, died



Saturday, 7 February 2004



 CARLON, Trevor, Leading Radio Operator (R.O.) (T), D203014A, died



Saturday, 21 February 2004


Northern Diving Unit, Faslane

 WALTERS, Jeffery C, Leading Seaman (D), D201868L, died



Sunday, 14 March 2004



 SAMUELS, Craig, Marine Engineering Mechanic, D256206P, died



Tuesday, 27 April 2004


RNAS Culdrose

 BUTCHER, Martin, Commander, C021519K, died



Sunday, 2 May 2004


RNAS Yeovilton

 PANTELI, Aaron A, Air Engineering Mechanic, D249004H, died



Tuesday, 11 May 2004



 WALTON, Matthew P, Diver 2c, D253545P, died



Thursday, 13 May 2004



 CROSS, David, Leading Marine Engineering Artificer, D250043F, died



Tuesday, 3 August 2004



 GRAHAM, Jamie A, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (W), D256750V, died



Sunday, 8 August 2004



 WOOD, David A, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (C.S.M.) 1c, D248507E, died



Wednesday, 25 August 2004



 SHARMAN, David J T, Commander, C029894E, died



Monday, 27 September 2004


RNAS Yeovilton

 DODGSON, Stephen J, Commander, C030728Y, died



Sunday, 3 October 2004



 DOUGLAS, Emma, Lieutenant, V030951H, died



Saturday, 9 October 2004



 JACKSON, David, Warrant Officer 2c (Marine Engineering Artificer), D183353C, died



Sunday, 17 October 2004


Defence Dental Agency (DDA), Halton

 MYERS, Geoffrey W, Commodore, C019162U, died



Tuesday, 19 October 2004


RAF Wyton

 BROSTER, Patrick T, Lieutenant Commander, C030469E, died



Sunday, 31 October 2004



 SIMMONS, Mark I, Chief Petty Officer (A.W.T.), D204407A, died



Monday, 22 November 2004



 ODEA, Stephen P, Petty Officer, D137459T, died



Wednesday, 8 December 2004


FAA, 815 Sqn, 229 Flight, RNAS Yeovilton, flying Lynx Mk 3 helicopter, carrying out search over the English Channel off the Lizard for a possible man-overboard, contact lost, crashed and wreckage found on seabed

 COLE, David J, Lieutenant, C038226F, observer and commander 229 Flight, killed

 DARNELL, Richard, Leading Air Engineering Mechanic, D228327L, flight engineer and winchman, killed

 DUNN, Robert A P, Lieutenant, C038948C, pilot, killed

 MITCHELL, James M, Lieutenant, C039689C, observer, killed



Wednesday, 15 December 2004



 GIBSON, George A, Chief Petty Officer Marine Engineering Artificer, D230256S, died



Friday, 17 December 2004


Chatham, Persian Gulf

 OWEN, Simon R, L.A. Chief Petty Officer (C), D204371F, died of natural causes







Friday, 7 January 2005



 BELBEN, Caroline, Chief Petty Officer (A.W.T.), W138339T, died



Saturday, 8 January 2005


Commodore British Forces (CBF), Gibraltar

 WHITE, David S M, Commodore, C022381J, died



Saturday, 22 January 2005


RNAS Culdrose

 HAYES, Anya V, Medical Assistant (M.A.), W147236C, died



Thursday, 3 February 2005



 SMITH, Geoffrey J, Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer, D194790Q, died



Saturday, 19 February 2005


Naval Base Commander (NBC), Devonport

 RIDEN, Keith, Surgeon Commander, C033305A, died



Wednesday, 23 February 2005


RNAS Yeovilton

 DOMINEY, Sam, Air Engineering Artificer Apprentice, D258632P, died



Friday, 25 February 2005



 SCHMIDT, James F K, Lieutenant Commander, C026403Y, died



Saturday, 12 March 2005



 WARD, David J T, Marine, P059829X, died



Saturday, 26 March 2005



 HAYWARD, John A, Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer, D230450G, died



Saturday, 2 April 2005


Kanimbla (RAN), helicopter crash in Indonesia

 BENNETT, Scott, Leading Seaman, RAN, (not listed),

 DAVEY, Matthew, Lieutenant, RAN, (not listed),

 GOODALL, Matthew, Lieutenant, RAN

 KIMLIN, Paul, Lieutenant, RAN

 KING, Jonathan, Lieutenant, RAN

 SLATTERY, Stephen, Petty Officer, RAN



Thursday, 5 May 2005


Defence Communications Services Agency (DCSA), London

 PEACOCK, Richard, Leading Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (C), D234267E, died


Joint Support Unit (JSU), Northwood

 KENWORTHY, Mark, Leading Weapon Engineering Mechanic (R), D182531C, died



Saturday, 4 June 2005


Orangeleaf, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, at anchor off Douglas, Isle of Man, lost overboard and drowned

 PETRE, Mark (rate not known), RFA 

 RICE, Keith, Leading Cook, RFA

    (with thanks to Chris White, ex-RFA)



Sunday, 31 July 2005



 COULSON, Alexander, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (W) 2c, D259228Q, died



Sunday, 4 September 2005



 RIMMER, Mark, L.A. Petty Officer (Catering Accountant), D215350U, died



Friday, 23 September 2005


Fleet Weapons Officer (FWO), Faslane

 DICK, Jan, Warrant Officer 2c, D088914L, died



Thursday, 29 September 2005



 BENNETT, Craig, Leading A.L.M.A., D247138E, died



 BENNETT, Alexander, Marine Engineering Mechanic 2c, D254065B, died



Wednesday, 5 October 2005



 CAVANAGH, Anthony, Writer 1c, D254413F, died



Saturday, 29 October 2005


Dumbarton Castle

 BURTON, Darren, Marine Engineering Mechanic, D248497S, died



Monday, 12 December 2005


2nd Sea Lord/Commander in Chief Naval Home Command (CNH), Portsmouth

 TAYLOR, Stephen J, Commander, C033517M, died



Wednesday, 14 December 2005


Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM)

 ABEL, Stephanie, Act/Leading Naval Nurse (N.N.), Y004097T, died



Thursday, 22 December 2005



 MACLEOD, Peter N, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (M.W.) 1c, D251201K, died



Friday, 30 December 2005


Medical Defence Hospital Unit (MDHU), Derriford

 ADEMOKUN, Gloria O A, Lieutenant, X027037R, died







Saturday, 4 February 2006



 O'GRADY, Stephen, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (W) 1c, D251274F, died



Tuesday, 14 February 2006


UK Military Representative (MILREP), Brussels

 HIBBERT, Peter N, Commander, C021119L, died



Tuesday, 28 February 2006



 CLARKE, Paul, Petty Officer (Seaman Specialist) (S.E.A.), D173133K, died



Saturday, 4 March 2006


Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST)

 JONES, Kevin, Warrant Officer 1c, D197565N, died



 MOULE, Steven J F, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (C) 1c, D258416H, died



Thursday, 6 April 2006



 BETTS, Steven, L.A. Chief Petty Officer Writer, D204328H, died



Saturday 6 May 2006


FAA, 847 Sqn, Lynx helicopter on routine flight, crash-landed in Basra City, Iraq

 COLLINS, Paul, Marine, P061751Q, air door-gunner, killed

 CHAPMAN, Darren, Lieutenant Commander (P), CO32739W, commanding officer 847 Sqn, killed

 COXEN, John, Wing Commander, RAF, killed

 DOBSON, David, Captain, Army Air Corps, killed

 MULVIHILL, Sarah-Jayne, Flight Lieutenant, RAF, killed



Sunday, 7 May 2006


Fleet Weapons Officer (FWO), Faslane

 PITT-REDSELL, Michael, Leading Chef (C.H.), D227057N, died



Monday, 15 May 2006



 WATSON, Steven, Warrant Officer 1c (Weapon Engineering Artificer), D147795Y, died



Friday, 9 June 2006



 CROFT, David F, Lieutenant, C038764K, died



Tuesday, 27 June 2006


British military patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, came under Afghan insurgent fire

 BARTLETT, Paul, Sergeant, RM, P048457D

 PATTEN, David, Captain, Parachute Regiment (Army)



Tuesday, 11 July 2006



 KIRBY, Scott, Marine Engineering Mechanic 1c, D251875H, died



Wednesday, 26 July 2006


Flag Officer Training and Recruitment (FOTR)

 NICHOLL, Andrew J, Lieutenant Commander, C037363A, died



Thursday, 10 August 2006



 THATCHER, Darryl, Chief Petty Officer Weapon Engineering Artificer, D217489B, died



Saturday, 2 September 2006


RAF Nimrod MR2 crashed in Afghanistan killed all 12 RAF crew, one member of the Parachute Regt, and a Royal Marine Signaller

 WINDALL, David J, Marine, P061055B, killed



Thursday, 7 September 2006



 KEMP, Ryan, Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (W) 2c, D260771A, motorcycle accident



Monday, 25 September 2006


Royal Marines Assault Group, routine training in fast roping from helicopter, Pontrilas Army Training Area, near Hereford, fell

 CAMPBELL, Gordon A, Lance Corporal, RM, P054965X, killed



Saturday, 30 September 2006



 APPLETON, Samantha, Radio Operator (R.O.) R.S. (U), W138133J, died



Monday, 2 October 2006


FAA, 792 Squadron, Helston, road accident

 DEDMAN, Anthony, Petty Officer Supply Assistant, D172449L, DOI



Thursday, 19 October 2006


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, on patrol in Lashkar Gah, Helmand province, Afghanistan, suicide-borne IED detonated by Afghan insurgent next to his vehicle

 WRIGHT, Gary, Marine, P060995S, DOW



Sunday, 5 November 2006



 BRIDGMAN, Simon, Leading Operator Mechanic (O.M.) (C), D236246S, died



Tuesday, 7 November 2006



 HODGKINSON, Craig, Marine, P062673J, collapsed after rugby match



Sunday, 12 November 2006


Multi-National Forces boat patrol on Shatt Al-Arab waterway in Basra city, Iraqi insurgent attack

 ELLIOTT, Sharron, Staff Sergeant, Intelligence Corps (Army), killed

 HOPKINS, Lee, Warrant Officer Class 2, Royal Corps of Signals (Army), killed

 HYLTON, Jason, Marine, P053801Q, 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, killed

 NOWAK, Benjamin, Corporal, RM, P053801Q, 45 Commando RM, killed



Wednesday, 15 November 2006



 HANBY, Kevin, Chief Petty Officer, D198218P, riding motorcycle, in collision with car



Monday, 27 November 2006



 DEVLING, Christopher J, Marine Engineering Mechanic, D259447V, accidental fall



Tuesday,  5 December 2006


Royal Marines, Zulu Company, 45 Commando, on operations near Garmsir village, southern Helmand, Afghanistan

 WIGLEY, Jonathan, Marine, P060782P, wounded in action earlier, DOW in UK  



Tuesday, 12 December 2006


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, patrolling near Now Zad, north Helmand province, Afghanistan

 WATSON, Richard J, Marine, P0622466D, fatally wounded by small arms fire and died that day







Saturday, 13 January 2007


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, offensive operations, near Kajaki, Helmand province, Afghanistan

 CURRY, Thomas, Marine, P063705H, killed in action by small arms fire



Monday, 15 January 2007


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, offensive operations, south of Garmsir, Helmand province, Afghanistan

 FORD, Matthew C, Lance Corporal, P059151Q, killed in action



Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Afghanistan

 SUMMERS, Scott G, Marine, P063409S, road traffic accident earlier in the month, DOI


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, routine patrol, Sangin District, Helmand province, Afghanistan

 HOLLAND, Jonathan M, Marine, P060896Q, killed by anti-personnel mine



Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Royal Marines, K Company, 42 Commando, under fire in Kajaki area, Helmand province, Afghanistan

 REDDY, Benjamin, Marine, P063630K, killed in action



Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Tireless, nuclear submarine, submerged, North Polar icecap, explosion and fire on board

 HUNTROD, Anthony, Ordnance Electrical Mechanic (O.E.M.) (W) 2c, D216007R, accident

 MCCANN, Paul , Leading Operator Mechanic (W), D252555M, accident



Sunday, 29 July 2007


Royal Marines, operations in southern Afghanistan

 JONES, Michael P, Lance Corporal, P056581H, killed in action







Sunday, 20 February 2008


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, on patrol north of Sangin, Helmand province, Afghanistan

 MULVIHILL, Damian, Corporal, killed in IED explosion



Sunday, 30 March 2008


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, travelling in vehicle near Kajaki, Helmand province, Afghanistan, caught in explosion

 MARSH, David, Marine, killed

 THORNTON, John, Lieutenant, killed



Sunday, 25 May 2008


Royal Marines, 3 Troop Armoured Support Company, near Sangin, Helmand province, Afghanistan

 GOSTICK, Dale, Marine, killed in action



Monday, 28 July 2008


Royal Marines, selection tests for SAS/SBS, training exercise in Brecon Beacons

 POOLE, Benjamin, Marine, died



Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Royal Marines, both Reconnaissance Operators, Brigade Reconnaissance Force, UK Landing Force Command Support Group, taking part in joint patrol in Garmsir District, southern Helmand province, Afghanistan, vehicle blown up by explosive device, both killed

 DUNSTAN, Neil David, Marine, aged 32, from Bournemouth

 McKIBBEN, Robert Joseph, Marine, 32, from County Mayo



Monday, 24 November 2008


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, Kajaki area of Helmand province, clearing IED's and mortally wounded when one exploded

 LUCAS, Alexander, Marine, 24, from Edinburgh



Thursday, 27 November 2008


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, northwest of Lashkar Gar, southern Helmand province, in action and mortally wounded by RPG's

 EVANS, Tony, Marine, 20, from Sunderland

 SPARKS, Georgie, Marine, 19, from Epping



Friday, 12 December 2008


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, X-Ray Company, Sangin area of Helmand province, all three killed by young suicide bomber

 BIRCH, Marc, Corporal, 26, from Northampton

 DAVIES, Damian, Marine, 27

 MANUEL, John, Sergeant, 38, from NE England

same area, 45 Commando, conducting foot and vehicle patrol, IED detonated near his Jackal vehicle, mortally wounded and died

 FELLOWS, Steven 'Jamie', Lance Corporal, 28, from Sheffield



Sunday, 21 December 2008


Royal Marines, Commando Logistics Regiment, west of Lashkah Gar, Helmand province, Afghanistan, approached Viking APC disabled by explosion and killed by second explosion

 DEERING, Robert, Corporal, 33, from Solihull



Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Lima Company, clearance operation in Nad-E-Ali District, central Helmand province, Afghanistan, killed in action by enemy fire

 WHATLEY, Benjamin, Lance Corporal, 20, from King's Lynn



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