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1945-2008 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy
Compiled by Don Kindell


1950 -  in date, ship/unit & name order

Able Seaman Morris Ellis, RFA, killed 4 July 1950, awarded
 posthumous Albert Medal
(Chris White, click to enlarge)

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(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P on passage), Fate

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Thanks to Commander Peter Selfe RN (Rtd) for additional information on Fleet Air Arm casualties




Only some Dominion Navy casualties are included from 1948-on





KOREAN WAR, starts 25 June 1950, ceasefire on 27 July 1953 (links - Britain's Small Wars)



Sunday, 1 January 1950



 WELLS, Joseph W, died



 WILLIAMS, Albert E, Yeoman of Signals, JX 136538, died



Wednesday, 4 January 1950


FAA, 812 Squadron, Glory, air crash

 BRIGSTOCKE, Thomas O, Lieutenant, killed

 TURNEY, Alfred W R, Lieutenant, killed



Thursday, 5 January 1950



 SIMPSON, Michael R, Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 8 January 1950



 DIMOND, John, Radio Electrician, MX 844371, died


RNAS Abbotsinch Fulmar, air crash

 ROBERTSON, John A, Lieutenant, killed

 SMITH, John, V.R.A. 1c, RNVR, killed



Thursday, 12 January 1950




Truculent, collision with Swedish tanker Divina in Thames Estuary

 ALEXANDER, Ernest W, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 AUSTIN, Edward, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 BAILEY, Philip J, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 BARNDEN, William E, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 BROOKES, Ernest, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 834163, killed

 CAMPBELL, Eric, Stoker Mechanic, C/SKX 771241, killed

 CHILD, John G, Steward, C/LX 610757, killed

 DAW, Leonard A, Stoker Mechanic, D/SKX 790457, killed

 DENNY, John H, Engineering Mechanic, C/M 769280, killed

 DIGHTON, Warren E, Able Seaman, C/JX 163469, killed

 DONNELLY, Patrick, Engineering Mechanic, C/MX 855629, killed

 DORN, Alfred P, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 770263, killed

 DRING, Gordon R, Leading Seaman, C/JX 292569, killed

 EDWARDS, Kenneth K, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 EDWARDS, Thomas C, Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic, D/MX 766065, killed

 ELDRIDGE, George T, Petty Officer, C/JX 156154, killed

 ELLIS, Frederick G, Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 804235, killed

 FARMAN, Nigel, Sub Lieutenant, killed

 FIRBANK, Walter J, Leading Stoker Mechanic, D/KX 161252, killed

 FOX, Francis R, Leading Seaman, D/JX 151623, killed

 FROST, Ronald A C, Engine Room Artificer 3c, D/MX 70161, killed

 GUTRIDGE, Maurice F, Able Seaman, C/JX 778120, killed

 GUTTERIDGE, George, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 HANCOCK, Donald A, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 HARLING, Robert W, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 HARRISON, George W J, Able Seaman, P/JX 581983, killed

 HEAD, Percival A T, Leading Seaman, P/SSX 29670, killed

 HELLIWELL, Ronald W, Stoker Mechanic, P/KX 786841, killed

 HIGGINS, Leonard C, Leading Telegraphist, C/JX 246011, killed

 HINDES, Frederick J, Lieutenant, killed

 HINE, Francis W, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/MX 47321, killed

 HOLMES, Arthur A T, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 INGLE, William, Able Seaman, P/SSX 747938, killed

 JENNER, Albert E, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 JOHNSON, Robert, Leading Signalman, P/JX 158183, killed

 JOHNSTON, Mervyn B, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic, C/KX 85491, killed

 JONES, Harry G, Stoker Mechanic, D/KX 663987, killed

 LIKELY, Michael J, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 788502, killed

 MACKENZIE, Gordon E, Steward, D/LX 702249, killed

 MANLEY, Jack S, Electrical Artificer, D/MX 57836, killed

 MCINTYRE, John F, Chief Electrician, P/JX 134955, killed

 MCLAUGHLIN, John, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 MELVILLE, John E, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 MILLS, Norman A, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 MURPHY, Michael A, Able Seaman, C/JX 371908, killed

 MYATT, Francis G, Petty Officer, C/JX 161880, killed

 NEIGHBOUR, Russell A, Stoker Mechanic, P/KX 83137, killed

 NOON, Kenneth C E, Able Seaman, C/SSX 837436, killed

 OLIVER, William A, Able Seaman, C/JX 325747, killed

 PHILLIPS, Edward G L, Petty Officer Telegraphist, D/JX 162131, killed

 PHILLIPS, Terence P, Engine Room Artificer, C/MX 64343, killed

 POTTS, Charles W S, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 POWELL, Dennis N, Able Seaman, C/SSX 789251, killed

 PROUSE, Kenneth R, Able Seaman, P/SSX 832021, killed

 PURKISS, Brian S, Leading Seaman, P/JX 712689, killed

 READ, John L, Leading Seaman, C/JX 246474, killed

 RICHARDSON, Thomas, Leading Stoker Mechanic, P/KX 164200, killed

 ROBINSON, Peter R, Stoker Mechanic, C/SKX 789598, killed

 SMITH, Anthony R, Stoker Mechanic, D/KX 817944, killed

 STRICKLAND, Robert H, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 SWIRE, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 760475, killed

 TAYLOR, Clifford, Stoker Mechanic, P/SKX 789598, killed

 TESTER, Herbert G, Admiralty Civilian, (none given), killed

 WOOD, Edward G, Stoker Mechanic, D/KX 841026, killed



Sunday, 15 January 1950



 BOWES, Robert L, Signalman, JX 712291, died



Monday, 16 January 1950



 MCCAIG, James, Engine Room Artificer, D/MX 61917, died



Thursday, 19 January 1950



 KEEPING, Angela S H, Wren Writer, 101403, died



Saturday, 21 January 1950



 BECKETT, Wilfred A, Stoker, SKX 876345, died



Monday, 23 January 1950



 WILLIS, George R, Leading Stoker, KX 769652, died



Tuesday, 24 January 1950


Triumph, aircraft carrier, Malaya campaign

 HEARD, William J, Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 25 January 1950


Tarakan (RAN), Landing Ship Tank, explosion on board alongside at Sydney

 BOLTON, Jeffery S, Stoker Mechanic, RAN 27395, killed
 GRAYDON, David, Cook (Ships), RAN 34649,  DOI
 HOY, William, Engine Room Artificer 2c, RAN 32304, DOI
 MANNING, Frank, Able Seaman, RAN 32239, DOI
 MESSENGER, Donald D, Able Seaman, RAN 27624, DOI
 ROBERTSON, John L, Stoker, RAN 36625, DOI
 SAUNDERS, Reginald, Leading Hand Fitter (Contractor), DOI

 TYSOE, William Frank, Able Seaman, RAN 23458, DOI



Saturday, 28 January 1950



 HILL, Richard E C, Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 29 January 1950


Drake II

 PENGILLY, William J R, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 1c, MX 87665, died



Saturday, 4 February 1950



 TONNER, George, Leading Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), MX 667682, died



Sunday, 5 February 1950



 SMITH, Noel, Telegraphist, SSX 33603, died



 DARMANIN, Gerald, Petty Officer Steward, LX 22000, died



Monday, 6 February 1950


Triumph, aircraft carrier, Malaya campaign, Seafire of 800 Squadron piloted by Lt R C 'Lou' Stone entered barrier and caught fire, two crew on deck mortally injured (one DOI next day)

 CAMP, Charles A, Able Seaman, SSX661945, DOI



Tuesday, 7 February 1950



 SNAPES, Kenneth T, Naval Airman 1c, SFX 816381, died


Triumph, aircraft carrier, Malya campaign, aircraft fire on 6th

 MOORE, Allan R, Ordinary Telegraphist, SSX836288, DOI




Wednesday, 8 February 1950



 HARRIS, Charles J, Yeoman of Signals, JX 132037, died



Friday, 10 February 1950



 HARRISON, John, Commissioned Engineer, died



Saturday, 11 February 1950



 LAKIN, Peter, Naval Airman 2c, SFX 860161, died



 MORAN, Leslie, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 770133, died



Sunday, 12 February 1950



 BEAUMONT, Geoffrey A, Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 21 February 1950



 MCCARTHY, Edward E, Ordinary Telegraphist, SSX 795514, died



Thursday, 23 February 1950



 ADAMS, William, Stoker Mechanic, KX 798128, died



Monday, 27 February 1950



 BAYER, Ronald G, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 2 March 1950



 HARPER, Ernest A, Able Seaman, SSX 876816, died



Thursday, 9 March 1950


HM Australian (HMA) Naval Depot, London

 WALKER, Charles G, Lieutenant, died



Friday, 10 March 1950



 EDWARDS, John T, Able Seaman, SSX 833243, died



Sunday, 12 March 1950



 SOFFE, John De C, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 16 March 1950



 ALDRIDGE, Brian C, Naval Airman 1c, SFX 817229, died



Friday, 17 March 1950


Myngs, destroyer, explosion

 STREVENS, Robert E B, Commissioned Gunner, killed

 TYRRELL, John B St L, Lieutenant Commander (E), killed



Saturday, 18 March 1950



 SCULLY, Samuel A, Ordinary Seaman, JX 883874, died



Wednesday, 22 March 1950



 WARD, Richard J, Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 25 March 1950


St Vincent

 GARRAD, Raymond, Boy 1c, JX 882547, died



 WROUGHTON, Robert I, Ordinary Seaman, JX 842502, died



Monday, 27 March 1950


Road accident in Australia (third man DOI on 30th)

 BROTHERTON, Frank, Chief S.A.M., FX 75490, Sydney (RAN), killed

 NISBET, James, S.A.M. 1c, FX 66238, Daedalus, killed



Tuesday, 28 March 1950



 BLISS, Francis J, Stoker, SKX 858905, died



Thursday, 30 March 1950


Sydney (RAN), road accident in Australia on 27 March

 LAWTON, George W, Aircraft Artificer (A.A.) 4c, FX 82661, DOI



Saturday, 1 April 1950



 DENT, Ronald, Cook, MX 862781, died



Wednesday, 5 April 1950



 COBB, Norman V, Naval Airman 1c, SFX 860463, died



Friday, 7 April 1950


XE 9, midget submarine, explosion

 LLOYD, Edgar F, Leading Engineering Mechanic, D/MX 745909, killed



Saturday, 8 April 1950



 GRIFFITHS, Leonard J, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 837058, died



Tuesday, 11 April 1950



 WEST, John I E, Pilot 1c, FX 643305, died



Monday, 17 April 1950



 CLULEY, Wilfred E, Petty Officer Photographer, FX 857902, died


Triumph, aircraft carrier, off Iwakuni, Honshu, Japan. Unbriefed encounter between two Firefly's of 827 Squadron and two Mustang's of 77 Squadron RAAF, led to mid-air collision 3 miles south of Hiroshima, and the death of PO Aircrewman Gibbons and one Mustang pilot. The downed Firefly Pilot A Baillie escaped with a broken arm and was picked up by a Japanese fishing boat. The crew of the other two aircraft were Lt (P) S A Mearns DSC, Lt (O) P R Hartley and Flt Lt 'Blue' Rivers RAAF

 GIBBONS, Stanley W, Petty Officer Aircrewman 2c, FX 606406, killed



Saturday, 22 April 1950



 KINGSTON, Kenneth W, Ordinary Seaman, SSX 820046, died



Sunday, 23 April 1950



 MACLAREN, Robert C, Lieutenant, died



Friday, 28 April 1950



 MILLER, Henry R, Assistant Cook, MX 886232, died



Saturday, 29 April 1950



 MINNS, Richard J, Boy 1c, JX 839097, died



Sunday, 30 April 1950



 COWAN, Leslie, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic, KX 81500, died



Wednesday, 3 May 1950



 MARTIN, Desmond S R, Lieutenant Commander, died



Thursday, 11 May 1950



 HINCHLIFFE, Roy, Signalman, JX 538132, died



Monday, 15 May 1950


Illustrious, Sea Fury VX 630 of 736 Squadron landed, arrestor hook disengaged and the aircraft struck an after pom-pom mounting and burst into flame. Pilot J H Nash was saved but two crew members died of burns

 LITTLECHILD, Frank J, Leading Air Mechanic (A.M.), FX 813876, killed

 WILLIAMS, Donald J, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) (A) 1c, SFX 846017, killed



Tuesday, 16 May 1950



 PREECE, Michael T, Electrical Artificer (E.A.) Apprentice, MX 833477, died



Wednesday, 17 May 1950


FAA, 801 Squadron, Implacable, air crash

 BELL, Donald P, Lieutenant, killed

 HAYTER, John W, Lieutenant, killed



Wednesday, 24 May 1950



 GORDON, John L, Leading Seaman, JX 804336, died



 MUDFORD, John D F, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 25 May 1950



 BRAND, Frederick C, Lieutenant, died



Friday, 26 May 1950



 KIRBY, John, Naval Airman 1c, FX 869789, died



Saturday, 27 May 1950



 BALLINGER, Thomas, Cook, SMX 808674, died



Saturday, 3 June 1950



 MACK, Cuthbert, Engine Room Artificer 2c, MX 57438, died



 GREEN, George W A, Boy 1c, JX 839853, died



Monday, 5 June 1950



 DAWSON, Arthur S, Leading Air Mechanic (A.M.) (A), FX 108124, died



Friday, 9 June 1950



 HAYES, Eric, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 834476, died



Monday, 12 June 1950



 SHEPHERD, Keith W M, Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 18 June 1950



 MCMANUS, David, Able Seaman, JX 159833, died



Tuesday, 20 June 1950



 WARREN, Robert W, Steward (O), P/SLX 788638, died



Saturday, 24 June 1950


Unicorn, aircraft carrier

 BAKER, Raymond V, Leading Aircraft Handler (A.H.) 1c, FX 76576, died



Monday, 26 June 1950



 CARUANA, John, Able Seaman, JX 283070, died



Tuesday, 27 June 1950



 BEAUMONT, Keith, Boy 1c, C/JX 864677, died



Wednesday, 28 June 1950



 BLENKINSOP, Alan M, Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 1 July 1950



 RUSHBY, John H, Able Seaman, SSX 859482, died



Monday, 3 July 1950



 LAVENDER, Robert G, Radio Electrical Artificer (R.E.A.) 4c, MX 645973, died



 DRAPER, Stanley G, Stoker, SKX 833638, died



Wednesday, 5 July 1950


Wave Commander, RFA, at sea off Portugal, rescued Boatswain who was overcome with fumes during tank cleaning, but fell from ladder to bottom of the tank

 ELLIS, Morris Richard, Able Seaman, RFA, killed, buried at North Front Cemetery, Gibraltar, awarded posthumous Albert Medal (with thanks to Chris White, ex-RFA. For full account see London Gazette Issue 39131, published 23 January 1951)



Thursday, 6 July 1950



 HATFIELD, David M, Sub Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 8 July 1950


Jamaica (right - NavyPhotos), light cruiser, shore gunfire, Korean War

 BARWICK, Ralph J, Lance Bombardier, Royal Artillery, 22207636, killed

 FINCH, Bernard, Sergeant, 1st Middlesex Regt, 19039541, killed

 JEPSON, Kenneth, Royal Artillery, 14191203, killed

 LONG, Stanley G, Corporal, 1st Middlesex Regt, 1931911, killed

 MAWDSLEY, John D M, Able Seaman, SSX 849995, killed

 MERSH, Frederick T, Royal Artillery, 880249, killed



Tuesday, 11 July 1950



 KEARY, George, Stoker, SKX 885399, died



 LEWIS, Frederick W, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 790141, died



Wednesday, 12 July 1950


Rame Head

 ROSS, Albert J, Engine Room Artificer 3c, MX 57643, died



 SHORT, Deryk E, Pilot 4c, FX 670637, died



Saturday, 15 July 1950



 HAWKINS, Bernard, Ordinary Seaman, SSX 835939, died

 SHAW, John T, Sick Berth Attendant, MX 772927, died



Sunday, 16 July 1950



 DELVENTAL, Elmer H, Able Seaman, JX 581116, died


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Malaya campaign, gun accident

 ROSE, H H, Marine, RM8908, DOI in Ipoh General Hospital



Thursday, 20 July 1950



 PURNELL, Norman V, Leading Seaman, JX 151369, died



Tuesday, 25 July 1950



 KELLY, Robert G, Ordinary Seaman, JX 873741, died



 CHUEN, Lam P, Steward, O/0353, died



Wednesday, 26 July 1950



 BUSBY, Peter J, Lieutenant, died



 CHARLIER, Raymond S, Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 29 July 1950



 TREWARTHA, John D, Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 30 July 1950



 DANIEL, William A, Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 3 August 1950



 ORAM, Alfred, Senior C.O S.S.S., died



Friday, 4 August 1950



 SWEENIE, Robert H, Leading Airman, SFX 789620, died



Saturday, 12 August 1950


Telemachus, road accident

 GUTCH, Joseph G, Lieutenant, killed



 COBB, John W, Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 16 August 1950



 BENNETT, James F C, Leading Stoker Mechanic, SKX 769757, died



Monday, 21 August 1950



 FOO, Lai, Supply Assistant, O/ 1040, died



 WOOD, Bertie, Naval Airman 1c, SFX 867949, died



Wednesday, 23 August 1950


Comus, destroyer, air attack, Korean war

 ADDISON, James W, Leading Stoker Mechanic, KX 736603, killed



 JOBLING, Lancelot, Able Seaman, JX 385295, died



Friday, 25 August 1950



 CROOME, Alan F, Electrical Mechanic (E.M.) 2c, MX 874159, died



Monday, 28 August 1950


Loch Glendhu

 WATERMAN, Frederick, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic, KX 89109, died


St Angelo

 ALEXANDER, Alan, Commander, Rtd, died



Tuesday, 29 August 1950


FAA, 800 Sqn, Triumph, aircraft carrier, Korean War, earlier landing by Firefly of 827 Squadron which failed to lower hook and hit barrier

 MACLACHLAN, Ian M, Lieutenant Commander (P), 800 Squadron Commanding Officer, in plotting room at the time, struck by debris, DOI on this date



 CLEAR, Brenda E, Warrant Steward, 98566, died



Saturday, 2 September 1950



 SMITH, Ronald, Lieutenant, died



Sunday, 3 September 1950


Collingwood, road accident at Gosport (second man DOI on 4th)

 PEARMAN, John G, Leading Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) (B), SMX 833582, killed



Monday, 4 September 1950


Collingwood, road accident at Gosport

 BURTON, William G, Radio Electrical Mechanician (R.E.M.) 1c, SMX 853910, DOI



Saturday, 9 September 1950



 TIERNEY, Charles, Able Seaman, JX 626547, died



Sunday, 10 September 1950



 KEDDIE, John R, Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 12 September 1950


Operational Flying School Instruction (OFSI) Fighter Course, air crash

 BAKHSHI, Innmadan M, Lieutenant, killed

 PHILLIPS, William M, Lieutenant, RCN, DOI



Wednesday, 13 September 1950


FAA, 796 Squadron, Vulture, flying Fairey Firefly at St Merryn, bounced on landing, opened up to go around again, but torque-stalled from 150 feet, flicked on back and crashed inverted on airfield

 ALDWELL, Thomas D, Lieutenant (AE/P), killed

 HARRIS, Keith R, Midshipman, killed


Vulture, Station Flight Target Towing, flying Miles Martinet and towing winged target, accidentally shot down off Trevose Head by Culdrose-based Sea Fury

 BRADLEY, Peter J, Lieutenant, killed

 HEATHER, Ian A N, Telegraphist (F), JX 712202, killed



Thursday, 14 September 1950


Armada, destroyer

 VOWLES, Dennis L, Senior Commissioned Gunner, died



 WELCH, Eric M, Lieutenant, died


Royal Marine, 45 Commando, Malaya campaign, traveling in jeep along Tapah-Chenderiang Road, Perak, ambushed by Communist insurgents

 KEYES, David C, Marine, RM, RM 8028, killed

 NEVARD, Ernest J, Marine, RM, CH/X 4772, killed



Sunday, 17 September 1950



 TWIST, Joseph, Stoker Mechanic, KX 850144, died



Monday, 18 September 1950



 PLEWS, William N, Lieutenant, died



 NOCK, Victor G, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 770814, died



Sunday, 24 September 1950



 CLELLAND, David, Stoker, KX 891874, died


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Malaya campaign, in action with Communist insurgents

 ROWE, William R N, Sergeant, RM, PLY/X3615, killed, possibly accidentally



Tuesday, 26 September 1950


FAA, 807 Squadron, Theseus, aircraft carrier, Korean War, flying Sea Fury, carrying out ground attack exercise against British Army motor transport on hill in New Territories, Hong Kong, starboard wing hit Haddon Hill across the valley

 GREEN, Allen T, Lieutenant (P), killed



Wednesday, 27 September 1950


804 Squadron, Glory, aircraft carrier, flying Sea Fury, lost contact with Flight, crashed 17 miles, 56 off Cape de Palos, Spain

 HARRIS, Peter E M, Lieutenant, MPK


Jamaica, light cruiser, Korean War, shore gunfire

 GODSALL, Ronald A J, Ordinary Seaman, SSX 839054, DOW



Thursday, 28 September 1950



 BEER, Frederick C, Able Seaman, SWD 155, died



Friday, 29 September 1950



 LOCK, Leonard M, Electrical Artificer (E.A.) 3c, FX 87571, died



Sunday, 1 October 1950



 ABBOTT, Donald R S, Lieutenant Commander, died



Monday, 2 October 1950


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korean War

 JONES, Peter R, Marine, RM 8682, killed



Wednesday, 4 October 1950



 REID, William J, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic (S.M.), KX 87746, died



 MILLER, John L, Lieutenant (E), died



Thursday, 5 October 1950



 POTTER, Derek J, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 850433, died



Friday, 6 October 1950


FAA, 812 Squadron, Glory, flying Firefly from Hal Far, Malta, in collision with another Firefly and crashed off Gozo

 BETTELL, John W F, Lieutenant (P), killed

 MCFADDEN, William R, Aircrewman 1c, FX 79388, killed



Saturday, 7 October 1950


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korea

 BABB, Ronald B, Corporal, RM, PO/X 5056, killed



 DAVIES, Philip J, Leading Seaman, KX 851267, died



Sunday, 8 October 1950



 GREAVES, Harry D, Stoker, SKX 880384, died



 KNOWLES, John L G, Sub Lieutenant, died



Tuesday, 10 October 1950



 MURLEY, Michael R, Surgeon Lieutenant, died



Thursday, 12 October 1950



 SHEARER, Johnston J, Captain, RM, died



Monday, 16 October 1950


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korean deployment, accident in Japan

 HITCHMAN, Keigh D, Marine, RM 7796, killed



Tuesday, 17 October 1950



 WILSON, John R, Lieutenant, died



Wednesday, 18 October 1950



 HEATON, Philip, Able Seaman, JX 517177, died



Thursday, 19 October 1950



 BROWN, Leonard J, Electrical Artificer (E.A.) 3c, MX 60694, died



Friday, 20 October 1950



 WARRELL, John H, Able Seaman, SSX 832188, died


road accident in Lisbon, Portugal, drove off quay, all killed

 CHEYNE, Archibald R, Commander, Naval Attache Lisbon, killed

 HUMPHRIES, Peter T, Lieutenant, St Kitts, destroyer, killed

 PAFFARD, Roger K, Lieutenant, Sluys, destroyer, killed

 PHYSICK, Geoffrey S, Lieutenant, Sluys, destroyer, killed

 PONSONBY, Frederick W, Lieutenant Commander, Solebay, destroyer, killed

 SMITH, Arthur F, Lieutenant Commander, St Kitts, destroyer, killed



Saturday, 21 October 1950



 HART, Brian D, Midshipman, died



Wednesday, 25 October 1950



 PURCELL, Eric S G, Leading Stoker Mechanic, KX 96038, died



Saturday, 28 October 1950


Royal Marines,  45 Commando, Malaya campaign, Gopen-Kampar hills, in action with Communist insurgents

 PARR, Dennis, Marine, PLY/X 111706, killed

 TURNER, Leslie J, Marine, CH/X 5360, killed



Monday, 30 October 1950



 DIXON, Sydney, Petty Officer, JX 145325, died



Tuesday, 31 October 1950


FAA, 728 Sqn, Falcon, flying Mosquito from Hal Far, Malta, landing back and turned steeply to port on one engine, crashed

 CORDWELL, Victor H M, Lieutenant, killed

 JOPLIN, Arthur, Commissioned Pilot, killed



Friday, 3 November 1950


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, transport accident

 MATHIESON, K, Marine, PL/X5721, killed



Sunday, 5 November 1950



 MAY, Roy L, Midshipman, died



Tuesday, 7 November 1950



 KIERNAN, Edward J, Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 11 November 1950



 LEAL, Edward E, Chief Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic (S.M.), K 66215, died



 FORDHAM, George H G, Leading Electrical Mechanic (E.M.), MX 759482, died



Sunday, 12 November 1950


Royal Marines, 45 Commando, Malaya campaign, accident

 BARNETT, Terence W, Marine, RM9203, died



Friday, 17 November 1950



 MORGAN-THOMAS, Peredur V, Lieutenant, died



Monday, 20 November 1950


Royal Marines, 41 Commando

 JAUNCEY, William L J, Marine, CH/X 4020, killed



Tuesday, 21 November 1950


Royal Marines, 42 Commando, Malaya campaign, accident

 STOREY, J, Marine, RM7049, died



Thursday, 23 November 1950



 DART, Edward A, Commissioned Gunner, died



Sunday, 26 November 1950



 HANSON, Jack, Marine, PLY/X 5090, died



Wednesday, 29 November 1950


Royal Marines, 41 Commando, Korean War, Battle of Hagaru-Ri and Chosin Reservoir

 BELSEY, Jarvis E, Corporal, RM, CH/X 4167, killed

 CREECH, C R, Able Seaman, (service number not listed), killed (possibly POW but does not appear in any lists)

 DAVIES, Ronald G, Act/Sergeant, RM, PO/X 5115, POW, accidentally killed by ROK soldiers at Haguro-Ri

 GARNER, Ivan, Marine, RM 9211, MPK

 GRAHAM, John L, Marine, RM 9087, DOW

 KNOCK, Douglas A, Surgeon Lieutenant, killed

 JAUNCEY, William L J, Marine, CH/X 4020, killed

 LLOYD, J P, Sick Berth Petty Officer, (service number not listed), killed (possibly POW but does not appear in any lists)

 MCCOURT, Joseph, Marine, RM 9046, MPK


 SOUTHWORTH, Ronald, Corporal, RM, RM 10038, MPK

 STRAIN, Eric, Marine, PO/X 5315, killed

 STRAY, Dennis W, Marine, RM 9245, DOW

 TATE, John A, Act/Petty Officer, C/JX 166456, killed

 TROTT, Charles E, Corporal, RM, PLY/X 5281, killed

 WALKER, William A, Marine, RM 8800, killed

 WOOLDRIDGE, Royston, Marine, RM 9402, killed


Thursday, 30 November 1950



 NELSON, Derek M, Sub Lieutenant, died



Saturday, 2 December 1950


41 Commando RM (Drake), RN Hospital staff

 RAINE, Dennis, Leading Sick Berth Attendant, D/SMX 853707, killed



Wednesday, 6 December 1950


Mull of Galloway

 WILTON, Joseph J, Able Seaman, SSX 831943, died



Thursday, 7 December 1950



 BURROWS, William J, Sick Berth Attendant, SMX 817739, died



Tuesday, 12 December 1950



 PAGE, George W, Chief Aircraft Fitter (C.A.F.) (A), FX 80013, died



Thursday, 14 December 1950



 BLACKMORE, Samuel J, Petty Officer Stores, MX 53488, died



Thursday, 21 December 1950



 MCNAMEE, Francis, Able Seaman, JX 611662, died



Friday, 22 December 1950


Royal Marines,  42 Commando, Malaya campaign

 EATOUGH, Brian, Marine, RM8111, DOW



Saturday, 23 December 1950


St Angelo

 BEZZINA, William, Able Seaman, JX 747270, died



 SMITH, Thomas M, Leading Seaman, JX 150353, died



Monday, 25 December 1950



 SOPER, Stanley, Marine, RM 6967, died



Tuesday, 26 December 1950


Black Swan

 JORDAN, Joseph H, Able Seaman, SSX 847841, died



Wednesday, 27 December 1950


Royal Marines, 40 Commando, Malaya campaign, accident

 ORR, S, Sergeant, RM, PO/X127316, died


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