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Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies, World War 2
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell, all rights reserved


1st - 31st DECEMBER 1944 -  in date, ship/unit & name order


Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

HMS Sardonyx, destroyer

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on to January 1945



(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion or Indian Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P on passage), Fate

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Background Events - September-December 1944

Western Allies cross into Germany, U-boat's British Inshore campaign, V.2's hit London, Russians reach Eastern Europe, Battles of Leyte Gulf




Friday, 1 December 1944


Empire Dace, steamship

BANKS, Herbert E, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), C/JX 552674, (President III, O/P), MPK

LUCAS, John H, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), P/JX 397483, (President III, O/P), MPK



HUGHES, Lester, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 702188, illness, died


Malayan RNVR, POW's

AHMAD, Bin M, Able Seaman, SE/X 685 (Malayan RNVR), died

CHE, Teh B A R, Ordinary Signalman, SE/X 895 (Malayan RNVR), died



SUTTON, Frederic, Stoker Petty Officer, C/K 8305, illness, died


New Liskeard (RCN)

MCCAIG, Allan R, Stoker 1c, V/36923 (RCNVR), died


RM 26th Light AA Battery

ARMSTRONG, James E, Marine, PLY/X 105792, killed

BATES, Charles, Lance Corporal, RM, PO/X 112189, killed

BUNYARD, Frank E, Marine, CH/X 111502, killed

FOGERTY, Leopold P, Marine, CH/X 111489, killed

HURCOMB, Jack E, Marine, CH/X 108616, killed

NICHOLLS, Leonard, Ty/Act/Sergeant, RM, CH/X 107477, killed


RM 40 Commando

COPE, Herbert J, Marine, PO/X 108789, illness, died


RN Naval Party 1645

PENDLEBURY, Eli, Ty/Corporal, RM, PO/X 2190 (Odyssey), killed



CARR, Frederick, Stoker 1c, R/KX 166910, illness, died



SUMMERS, Albert H W, Marine, PLY/X 100191, (ex-Prince of Wales), POW, died



Saturday, 2 December 1944



WALSH, Leslie V, Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, accident, died



SAVAGE, Roy S, Leading Writer, P/MX 698132, road accident, DOWS


FAA, 778 Sqn, Condor, air crash

ARMSTRONG, John G, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


FAA, 792 Sqn, Vulture, air crash

PEART, Hector P, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed



JONES, Charles A, Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist, C/J 55521, illness, died



ELDEN, John, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 280696, MPK



EDWARDS, George A, Chief Petty Officer, P/JX 128512, illness, died



HIETT, Ronald, Act/Leading Telegraphist, P/JX 166741, drowning, MPK



ALEXANDER, James S, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 209976, POW, bombing, died



D'SOUZA, Joseph, Steward, G/LX 612952, illness, died



Sunday, 3 December 1944


Circars (RIN)

RAMA, Krishnayya S R, Telegraphist, 9738 (RIN), died


Cornwallis, steamship

BREWER, Aldon R, Able Seaman, V/72623 (RCNVR), MPK

CYR, Thomas S, Able Seaman, V/69722 (RCNVR), MPK

HOPFE, Kenneth V, Able Seaman, V/32591 (RCNVR), killed

LYONS, Francis E T, Able Seaman, V/73098 (RCNVR), MPK

MAUGHAN, Edward J, Leading Seaman, V/9377 (RCNVR), MPK

SZUSZWAL, Nick, Able Seaman, V/77144 (RCNVR), MPK



MCSHANE, Joseph, Marine, PLY/X 103941, DOWS



CHRISTMAS, Frank, Chief Engine Room Artificer, P/M 35144, illness, died



NORRIS, Herbert, Able Seaman, P/JX 296115, killed


Niobe (RCN)

HENRY, Alexander, Engine Room Artificer 3c, A/4159 (RCNR), died



HEELEY, Arthur, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 192184, MPK



LEWIS, George S, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 142481, MPK



Monday, 4 December 1944



MADDEN, George M, Ty/Boom Skipper, RNR, illness, died



TWICHETT, Thomas H, Able Seaman, D/JX 219886, DOWS



CRACKENTHORPE, Francis D M, Lieutenant Commander, accident, died



RICKHUSS, Thomas W, Leading Stores Assistant, D/MX 611570, DOWS


Royal Navy

JACKSON, Michael C, Naval Airman 2c, FAA/FX 686139, died



GASKIN, Albert, Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 97666, illness, died



PARKER, Fred, Chief Boom Skipper, RNR, illness, died



ATKINSON, John J L, Stoker 1c, C/KX 506768, illness, DOWS



Tuesday, 5 December 1944


Arethusa, lost overboard

WING, Kenneth I, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 659183, MPK


FAA, 710 Sqn, Urley, air crash

ADDISON, Denys, Ty/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 512249, MPK

KEDDIE, Basil G, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

MATHER, Peter J T, Ty/Act/Petty Officer Pilot, FAA/FX 112908, MPK


FAA, 728 Sqn, Peewit, air crash

BATTEN, Frederick M, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNZNVR, killed



REDDIN, William, Leading Steward, D/LX 27902, DOWS



GRANT, Philip, Telegraphist, P/JX 404135, DOWS



FINN, James, Air Mechanic (A) 1c, FAA/FX 87742, killed


LCT.328, ship loss

BROOKMAN, William, Able Seaman, C/JX 373111, MPK

GOWLER, Frederick C, Able Seaman, C/JX 378689, MPK



HALLIFAX, Leslie A, Marine, PLY/X 3115, killed


St Christopher, illness

NORTON, Ernest J, Chief Armourer, P/M 7978, died


Victory, house fire

FRANCE, Frederick A L, Petty Officer, P/JX 134407, died



Wednesday, 6 December 1944



JACOBS, John, Stoker 1c, CN 72209 (SANF), died


Bullen, ship loss

ASHWORTH, Ronald T, Sick Berth Attendant, D/SBRX 7068, MPK

BACON, Cecil G, Leading Stoker (Pens), C/K 36108, MPK

BALDWIN, Alfred, Able Seaman, P/JX 330667, MPK

BARKER, John K, Electrical Artificer 4c, C/MX 119001, killed

BELL, Frederick, Stoker 1c, C/KX 599223, MPK

BINKS, Norman, Telegraphist, C/JX 389920, killed

BIRT, Norman, Stoker 1c, C/KX 551817, MPK

BROADLEY, Arthur, Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 76509, killed

BROWN, Robert L H, Able Seaman, C/JX 277214, killed

CARRUTHERS, Leslie, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 657722, killed

CHATFIELD, Charles D, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 673637, MPK

CHESNEY, Albert C, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 504120, MPK

CHRISTIAN, Thomas B, Stoker Petty Officer, C/KX 82833, MPK

CLARK, Thomas R J, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

CLEAVER, John H, Mechanician 1c, D/KX 90735, MPK

COOK, Max D, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 77631, MPK

COOK, Robert C C, Act/Stoker 1c, C/KX 141647, MPK

COOPER, Norman G, Coder, C/JX 293733, killed

CROSSAN, Charles McG, Ty/Lieutenant (E), RNR, MPK

CULL, Hugh S, Stoker 1c, C/KX 142601, MPK

DAFT, Harry D, Stoker 1c, C/KX 616954, MPK

DAVIS, Clarence A, Stoker 1c, C/KX 671566, MPK

DAWSON, Harry, Canteen Manager, C/NX 573262, MPK

DUDDLE, Samuel, Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 71385, killed

DYKE, Geoffrey, Telegraphist, C/JX 389937, MPK

EVANS, Edward, Act/Stoker 1c, C/KX 694023, killed

FARRELL, Francis, Ty/Leading Stores Assistant, C/MX 675891, killed

FISHER, Frederick A, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 547728, MPK

FITCH, Albert D, Able Seaman, C/JX 410012, MPK

GIBBS, Frank A, Stoker 2c, C/KX 709044, MPK

GRIFFIN, Anthony K, Able Seaman, C/JX 394396, killed

GUNN, Benjamin McK, Stoker 1c, C/KX 128855, MPK

HAYDEN, John J, Able Seaman, C/JX 654209, killed

HAYES, John, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 320350, MPK

HEARD, Albert, Ty/Act/Petty Officer, C/JX 159696, MPK

HOWIE, John T, Ty/Act/Electrical Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

JONES, Bernard, Telegraphist, C/JX 308556, MPK

KEENAN, Thomas D, Ty/Act/Ty/Stoker Petty Officer, C/KX 99338, MPK

LAIRD, William S, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 659357, MPK

LLOYD, George, Cook (O), D/MX 121042, MPK

LOWN, Norman E, Ty/Petty Officer, C/JX 140413, MPK

MATTHEWS, Lewis D, Ty/Leading Seaman, RNVR, C/LD/X 2708, MPK

MAXTED, Thomas N, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 76776, MPK

MCLOUGHLIN, John J, Able Seaman, C/JX 363419, MPK

NOON, Walter J, Telegraphist, C/JX 358552, killed

NORMAN, Percy, Able Seaman, P/JX 309528, MPK

O'NEILL, Edward F, Leading Cook (S), D/MX 60993, MPK

PALMER, Frank E, Coder, C/JX 508410, MPK

PARISH, Anthony H, Lieutenant Commander, killed

PATIENT, Frank, Ty/Act/Ty/Stoker Petty Officer, C/KX 89709, MPK

QUINN, Thomas, Able Seaman, C/JX 571129, killed

RANKIN, James H, Signalman, C/JX 578222, MPK

READ, Felix J, Ty/Leading Stoker, C/KX 103891, killed

RIX, William A, Ordnance Artificer 4c, P/MX 55291, MPK

ROBERTS, Roy, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 639325, MPK

ROBINSON, Herbert H, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, C/SSX 26977, killed

ROUTH, Peter S, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

SAUNDERS, Leslie J, Able Seaman, C/JX 228501, killed

SHARRAR, Victor J, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 443303, MPK

SIMPSON, Frederick R, Able Seaman, C/JX 319468, killed

SPENCER, Edward S, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

TEMPLETON, Richard W, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 639964, MPK

TUTT, Stanley A, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, C/JX 158930, MPK

WALKER, James, Able Seaman, C/JX 512675, MPK

WARD, James R, Able Seaman, C/JX 300788, killed

WARDALE, Robert P, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, C/KX 96328, MPK

WATSHAM, Dennis H, Able Seaman, C/JX 654069, killed

WEALTHALL, Arthur R, Able Seaman, C/JX 407036, MPK

WHITING, Reginald, Able Seaman, C/JX 317823, MPK

WILSON, George D, Able Seaman, C/JX 190708, MPK

WOODCOCK, Frederick E, Able Seaman, C/JX 205998, MPK

WRIGHT, William F, Petty Officer Steward, C/LX 21627, killed



HEELEY, Edward A, Marine, PO/X 108970, DOWS


Copra, in Greece

HARDING, Eric W, Leading Seaman, P/SSX 26421, killed


Goodall, whaler accident

SILLS, Herbert, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 650891, MPK

WHITTICK, Stanley, Able Seaman, C/JX 308324, MPK



STACY, Henry G, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 523770, DOWS


RM 41 Commando

BOND, Alfred J, Lance Corporal, RM, PO/X 100850, died


Royal Canadian Navy Reserve

NICKERSON, Osborne C, Able Seaman, A/4429 (RCNR), died


Stag, illness

SACH, Percy G, Lieutenant, RNVR, died



Thursday, 7 December 1944


FAA, 763 Sqn, Nightjar, air crash

CALLANDER, William W, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

HEMING, Arthur, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

WESTCOTT, Norman, Ty/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 605264, MPK


FAA, 814 Sqn, Owl, air crash

GREIG, John H, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

OAKES, Dennis L, Ty/Act/Petty Officer Pilot, FAA/FX 112475, MPK

PENNY, Trevor W, Ty/Act/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 96625, MPK


FAA, 856 Sqn, Premier, air operations

VITTLE, Wilfred S, Ty/Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


Loch Laggan, accident

HOLMES, Joseph, Petty Officer Rigger, E/JX 164677, killed


Trumpeter, illness

HITT, Ronald, Able Seaman, P/JX 393808, died



MALCOLM, George, Able Seaman, P/JX 626302, DOWS



Friday, 8 December 1944


Empire Unity, steamship

HASTIE, George, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), P/JX 392849, (President III, O/P), DOWS


FAA, 785 Sqn, Jackdaw, air crash

BELL, Anthony D, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

BENNETT, Michael V M, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed

DINSDALE, Ronald T, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

FURSSE, Dennis R, Ty/Midshipman (A), RNVR, MPK

WAUGH, Victor G W, Ty/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 112408, MPK


ML.477 (RIN)

GOMES, P (initial only) M, Leading Cook, 14324 (RIN), died


Perth (RAN), as POW, bombing in Thailand

GRIEVE, Ronald M, Act/Leading Stoker, 23182 (RAN), killed


RM 26th Light AA Battery

WARWICK, John M, Ty/Act/Sergeant, RM, PO/X 103429, killed


RN Auxiliary Hospital Sherborne, illness

DOUGLAS, Allan, Stoker 1c, P/KX 98815, died


Yeoman, during robbery

BINNEY, Ralph D, Captain, killed



Saturday, 9 December 1944


FAA, 828 Sqn, Implacable, air crash

COLE, Leonard A, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

MACDONALD, Thomas A, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


Narbada (RIN)

KHAN, Muhammad, Petty Officer, 3249 (RIN), died



PICKERING, Robert A, Telegraphist, C/JX 271296, killed



LYDON, John, Able Seaman, D/JX 153407, DOWS



KEEPENCE, Ernest E, Stoker 1c, C/K 58852, DOWS


RM 26th Light AA Battery

LENTELL, Wilfred, Marine, CH/X 111467, DOWS


RM Chatham Division

MILLER, Leonard, Marine, CH/X 109809, DOWS



DELF, Jack W, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 19579, DOWS


Royal Indian Navy

CHERIAN, P (initial only) V, Stoker 2c, 13949 (RIN), died


Saker II, USN VTB Sqn, Officer Training Unit, air crash

WATSON, Robert H, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed



Sunday, 10 December 1944


Dryad, illness

MACWHIRTER, Ronald M, Ty/Lieutenant, RNR, died


Lunenburg (RCN)

DANIELS, Michael G, Able Seaman, V/46624 (RCNVR), died



DILLY, John H C, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 281066, died


Ukussa, drowning

LLOYD, Jack, Air Fitter (L), FAA/FX 98829, died



Monday, 11 December 1944


Cassandra, torpedoed

BAKER, Alfred, Ty/Leading Stoker, C/K 62929, MPK

BARNARD, Henry G, Stoker 1c, C/KX 133361, MPK

BARR, James H, Leading Stoker, C/KX 95425, MPK

BARRETT, John D, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 545126, MPK

BAUER, George, Cinematographer, C/JX 663171, MPK

BERRY, Donald G, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 654721, MPK

BLACKWELL, Douglas W, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 648434, MPK

BRITTAIN, Louis J, Act/Signalman, C/JX 673645, MPK

BROCKSOPP, George, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 678589, MPK

BROWN, William H, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, C/JX 352209, MPK

CANNING, Lawrence A, Able Seaman, C/JX 372942, MPK

CASEY, James, Able Seaman, C/JX 279278, MPK

CASSEY, Frederick S, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 580443, MPK

CAUSEY, David, Stoker 2c, C/KX 149758, MPK

CLARK, Edward C, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 641001, MPK

CLARKE, Charles E, Able Seaman, C/JX 235134, MPK

CLEGG, William G, Able Seaman, C/JX 364553, MPK

COUNSEL, Albert, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 649951, MPK

DOWNIE, Peter J, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 547710, MPK

FORDHAM, George A, Stoker 1c, C/SKX 1529, killed

GILL, Norman, Telegraphist, C/JX 453685, MPK

GOODMAN, Jack L, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 542099, MPK

GURR, George A, Able Seaman, C/JX 316060, MPK

HAWKINS, James T, Able Seaman, C/JX 277075, MPK

HENSBY, Gordon D, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 378365, MPK

HOLLOWAY, Cyril H J, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 629153, MPK

HOPKINS, Clifford, Signalman, C/JX 250842, MPK

HORNSEY, Ernest E, Stoker 1c, C/KX 129977, MPK

HUCKLESBY, William, Able Seaman, C/SSX 27911, MPK

JONES, James, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 437149, MPK

KILEY, Terence R, Able Seaman, C/JX 406928, MPK

KISH, John G, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, C/KX 114790, MPK

MANNING, Harry W, Able Seaman, C/JX 543813, MPK

MIALL, Cyril J, Signalman, C/JX 454457, MPK

MUNRO, George M, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 379796, MPK

MURRAY, Richard R, Stoker 1c, C/KX 99341, MPK

NEAME, Brian L, Able Seaman, C/JX 378772, MPK

NEWMAN, Thomas J, Assistant Cook (S), C/MX 641226, MPK

NICHOLLS, Samuel T, Able Seaman, C/JX 373012, MPK

NIXON, John, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 355855, MPK

OWEN, William, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 544857, MPK

PATON, Geoffrey W, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 707134, MPK

PEARCE, Henry F, Cook (S), C/MX 536147, MPK

PEARSON, Lawrence, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 550220, MPK

REID, Joseph T, Stoker 1c, C/KX 143920, MPK

REUS, Paul W, Able Seaman, C/JX 316951, MPK

RHODES, James E, Leading Telegraphist, D/JX 342226, MPK

ROBERTS, Harry, Able Seaman, C/JX 373642, MPK

ROBSON, James W, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 656489, MPK

ROCHELL, William J, Act/Able Seaman, C/JX 654308, MPK

RODGERS, James J, Stoker 1c, C/KX 96563, MPK

SAYER, John M, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 672789, MPK

SHILLAKER, William E, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 707230, MPK

SMITH, Kenneth J, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 545474, MPK

SMITH, Robert A G, Stoker 1c, C/KX 122022, DOW

SMITH, Stanley W, Able Seaman, C/JX 393466, MPK

STOVELL, Roy W A, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 544224, MPK

WAKE, Jack S, Coder, C/JX 558124, MPK

WAKEFIELD, Geoffrey W, Telegraphist (S), C/JX 575451, MPK

WARNER, William E, Stoker 1c, C/KX 133712, MPK

WATERHORN, William F, Stoker 1c, C/KX 105618, MPK

WATSON, John C, Ty/Act/Leading Seaman, C/JX 243257, MPK

WEBB, Richard W A, Act/Telegraphist, C/JX 617753, MPK


Hamilcar, illness

ATKINSON, James N, Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR, died


MMS.257, ship loss

CRINSON, Arthur E, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 160753, MPK

SMITH, Roger, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 222417, MPK


Searcher, illness

MARLING, Richard H, Able Seaman, D/JX 567920, died



Tuesday, 12 December 1944


Bishopdale (RAN), bombing

SAVAGE, Stuart W, Able Seaman, B 2083 (RANR), killed


Calliope, illness

TRUSCOTT, John R, Lieutenant Commander (S), died


FAA, 710 Sqn, Urley, air crash

BATTERSBY, John C, Ty/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 112062, MPK

REGAN, James, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

TAMLIN, Bernard J, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


FAA, 785/786 Sqn, Jackdaw, air crash

MICHIE, William F, Ty/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 564115, MPK


FAA, 786 Sqn, Jackdaw, air crash

FALLOWS, George, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK

LAFFEY, Kenneth, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


FAA, 835 Sqn, Nairana, air crash

MILLER, Ian L T, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK


Malayan RNVR, as POW

REJAD, Bin A, Able Seaman, SE/X 580 (Malayan RNVR), died


Sandhurst, illness

ROWBERRY, Geoffrey D, Able Seaman, C/JX 154720, died


Ukussa, illness

GURUGE, James P, Leading Cook, G/MCX 2030, died



Wednesday, 13 December 1944


Adyar (RIN), illness

DEAN, George L H, Captain, RNR, died


Ben Tarbert, drowning

MACPHEE, Norman, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 529739, died


Cressy, illness

JENNINGS, Frank S, Ordinary Telegraphist, D/JX 709587, died


Eland, accident

REYNOLDS, John M, Lieutenant, RNVR, died


Exeter, as POW

MIDDLETON, Kenneth W, Able Seaman, D/JX 170908, died



SANSOM, Donald E, Telegraphist, C/JX 677355, DOWS



ODELL, Kenneth J, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 297246, DOWS


Pembroke, illness

REID, Clifford, Yeoman of Signals, C/JX 132577, died


Perth (RAN), as POW, bombing in Thailand

IKIN, Kenneth W, Able Seaman, H 1048 (RANR), killed


Victory I, illness

MARKHAM, Leonard J A, Leading Seaman, P/J 13245, died



Thursday, 14 December 1944


Aldenham, ship loss

ADAMS, Frederick E, Ty/Stoker Petty Officer, C/KX 92962, MPK

AMY, William D H, Ty/Lieutenant, RNR, MPK

ANDERSON, David W H, Able Seaman, P/JX 325993, MPK

ANDREWS, Frederick K, Able Seaman, P/JX 309675, MPK

APPLEBY, Bertram F, Act/Chief Petty Officer, C/JX 143852, MPK

ASHBY, Alfred W B, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 84264, MPK

BANKS, John W, Petty Officer Cook (O), D/MX 81822, MPK

BLAKE, James H, Signalman, P/JX 672795, MPK

BOOTH, John V, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 649910, MPK

BRACKENRIDGE, Ian, Able Seaman, P/JX 635839, MPK

BRAITHWAITE, Frank, Stores Assistant, P/MX 733784, killed

BROWN, George O, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 86151, MPK

BUCHANAN, Daniel, Steward, P/LX 553060, MPK

BUTCHER, Leonard A, Ty/Act/Petty Officer, C/SSX 33830, MPK

BUTT, Ronald E, Stoker 1c, D/KX 163778, MPK

CAMPLING, John N, Ty/Lieutenant (E), MPK

CHAPMAN, Jeffrey E, Act/Cook (S), C/MX 684087, MPK

CHESS, Frank A, Stoker 2c, D/KX 528885, MPK

CHISHOLM, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 427700, MPK

CHURCHER, Harold G, Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/JX 131796, MPK

COLEMAN, George W, Stoker 1c, P/KX 178279, MPK

COLEMAN, Victor, Sick Berth Attendant, P/MX 84558, MPK

COLES, Fred S, Ty/Leading Steward, D/LX 22882, MPK

CRAWFORD, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 175139, MPK

CROWE, James F, Able Seaman, RNVR, P/ESD/X 1564, MPK

CURNOW, Richard T, Stoker 2c, C/KX 600469, MPK

DAVIES, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 652808, MPK

DAVIS, Thomas L, Able Seaman, P/JX 627547, MPK

DAY, Geoffrey W, Able Seaman, C/JX 639876, MPK

DEANS, Andrew, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 90012, MPK

DINSDALE, Leslie, Able Seaman, P/JX 515503, MPK

DOLAN, Joseph, Able Seaman, P/JX 517866, MPK

DOWSETT, James, Steward, P/LX 31411, MPK

DOYLE, James W, Stoker 1c, D/KX 153676, MPK

DUKE, Alan W, Able Seaman, D/JX 418620, MPK

EGAN, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 626369, MPK

ENGLISH, Stanley C, Able Seaman, P/JX 323123, killed

EVANS, David P, Able Seaman, P/JX 650236, killed

FITZSIMMONS, Bernard, Able Seaman, C/JX 612912, MPK

FORSYTHE, William A, Act/Stoker 1c, C/KX 159428, MPK

FRANK, Ronald W, Able Seaman, P/JX 650413, MPK

GARDINER, Kenneth, Able Seaman, P/JX 339020, MPK

GOAD, Eric G, Act/Electrical Artificer 4c, D/MX 102222, MPK

GOODCHILD, Frank A, Stoker 1c, C/KX 610952, MPK

GRAHAM, Alan MacK, Able Seaman, P/JX 330925, MPK

GWINWELL, Leslie J, Ty/Petty Officer Cook (S), C/MX 57120, MPK

HILLING, Sidney, Signalman, C/JX 310247, MPK

HOLLAND, Wilfred, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 132737, MPK

HOUGHTON, William, Engine Room Artificer 5c, D/MX 103147, MPK

HUDGELL, Cyril R, Able Seaman, C/JX 352995, MPK

HUXLEY, Richard T, Ty/Leading Seaman, C/JX 299020, MPK

HYDE, Isaac, Signalman, C/JX 229497, MPK

JAMES, Douglas R, Stoker 2c, D/KX 602615, MPK

JENKINS, Kenneth J, Engine Room Artificer 5c, D/MX 583740, killed

JENNER, George D, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 558371, MPK

KEATES, Thomas E, Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 618811, MPK

KINSMEN, William A, Ty/Chief Petty Officer Stoker, D/KX 79824, MPK

KIRBY, Richard W, Ordinary Coder, P/JX 536765, MPK

LITTLE, Arthur W, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, SANF (V), MPK

LOWE, James W, Able Seaman, C/SSX 29365, MPK

MACKIE, Thomas G, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 733323, MPK

MAJOR, Richard A, Leading Writer, P/MX 95932, MPK

MANSON, Alexander, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 615724, MPK

MARRINER, Frederick A, Able Seaman, P/JX 604865, MPK

MARTIN, William A, Act/Stoker 1c, D/KX 524255, MPK

MCLACHLAN, Lachlan, Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

MEREDITH, Frederick, Ty/Leading Stoker, C/KX 119585, MPK

METCALF, Cyril, Stoker 1c, C/KX 600020, MPK

MILLARD, William G R, Engine Room Artificer 4c, C/MX 57625, MPK

MILNE, Raymond, Able Seaman, C/JX 373007, MPK

MOLD, Ronald D, Able Seaman, C/JX 425025, MPK

MORTON, Robert, Ty/Leading Cook (S), D/MX 56885, MPK

MOULDER, Ernest F, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 572221, MPK

MULCAHY, Joseph, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 658570, MPK

MURRAY, Alexander B, Able Seaman, P/JX 175506, MPK

MYLCHREEST, Thomas E, Able Seaman, P/JX 149678, MPK

PARKINSON, John, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 733398, MPK

PAUL, Cyril J, Able Seaman, P/JX 382198, MPK

PEARSON, Herbert J, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 679645, MPK

PEPLOW, Marshall A, Telegraphist, P/JX 386068, MPK

PETHERICK, Kenneth J, Ty/Stores Petty Officer, D/SMX 323, MPK

PIPER, James R, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 617373, MPK

PORRITT, Basil, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 679609, MPK

POSTLETHWAITE, James, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 731756, MPK

PRICE, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 631926, MPK

PRICE, Cyril, Able Seaman, D/JX 208556, MPK

PRICE, John, Stoker 1c, D/KX 121538, MPK

PRICE, Joseph, Telegraphist, P/JX 270623, MPK

QUAILE, William F, Able Seaman, C/JX 549154, MPK

QUINLAN, James, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 81282, MPK

RALPH, Francis R, Stoker 1c, D/KX 525746, MPK

RAMSHAW, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 388922, MPK

REDGRAVE, Lionel B, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 626652, MPK

RICOU, Albert K, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 641266, MPK

ROSE, Charles J, Stoker 2c, C/KX 602539, MPK

RUFFLE, Thomas K, Able Seaman, P/JX 520685, MPK

RYAN, Charles, Able Seaman, P/JX 652394, MPK

SAMWORTH, Leslie, Stoker 1c, C/KX 142552, MPK

SANDERS, John H, Able Seaman, P/JX 162190, MPK

SEARING, Joseph A, Able Seaman, C/JX 544885, MPK

SHARPLES, Alan, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 652378, MPK

SHELDRAKE, James G, Stoker Petty Officer, P/KX 94773, MPK

SIMONCELLI, Bernard G, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 273579, MPK

SMITH, George E, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 609053, MPK

STACEY, William C, Leading Telegraphist, D/JX 309190, MPK

STANFORD, Dennis R, Able Seaman, P/SSX 26357, MPK

STEVENSON, Ben, Able Seaman, P/JX 397505, MPK

STIFF, Jack A, Able Seaman, P/JX 383931, MPK

SURGEY, Stanley A, Stoker 1c, C/KX 525966, MPK

SURTEES, Alfred, Ty/Leading Stoker, C/SS 119430, MPK

TAYLOR, Benjamin C, Coder, P/JX 508663, MPK

WALKER, Brian L, Ty/Leading Steward, D/LX 22564, MPK

WATSON, Alfred, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

WATTS, Donald H, Able Seaman, P/JX 648320, MPK

WHITE, Herbert R, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 580877, MPK

WHITEHEAD, Robert, Leading Wireman, P/MX 62858, MPK

WHITEHORN, Bernard K, Ordinary Coder, P/JX 402738, MPK

WILLIAMS, Norman D, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 612308, MPK

WOODS, Henry J, Leading Stoker, P/KX 76564, MPK

WRIGHT, Ernest W, Stoker 1c, C/KX 526249, MPK



HERBERT, Harry W, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 566996, killed


RN Barracks Le Treport

NEEDHAM, Robert C, Stores Chief Petty Officer, P/MX 46784, died



TORRANCE, Robert C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 78543, DOWS



Friday, 15 December 1944



PULESTON, William G, Chief Petty Officer Stoker (Pens), D/K 13839, killed


FAA, 766 Sqn, Nightjar, air crash

SUMNER, Fred, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


FAA, 814 Sqn, Blackcap, air crash

NEIL, Robert C, Ty/Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


FAA, 814 Sqn, Owl, air crash

MAGUIRE, Robert A, Ty/Petty Officer Airman, FAA/FX 77831, killed


FAA, 814 Sqn, Sparrowhawk, air crash

PEERS, Richard G, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNZNVR, killed



MIDDLETON, Francis P, Petty Officer, C/J 109337, died


Moreton (RAN), accident

REED, Cameron W, Ordinary Seaman 2c, B 5256 (RANR), killed



Saturday, 16 December 1944


Aldenham, ship loss

MCSHANE, Henry, Stoker 2c, P/KX 597087, DOW


Kamsack (RCN)

MADDEN, William P, Leading Stoker, V/22713 (RCNVR), died


Lewant, steamship

CAVANAGH, Ernest S, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), D/JX 443891, (President III, O/P), killed



DOBBS, Reginald V, Marine, PLY/X 102653, killed

WALDEN, Clifford H, Marine, CH/X 101269, killed


Pembroke IV

BAERT, Guillaume L, Able Seaman, D/SB/JX 356 (Belgian section), died


RM 3rd Heavy AA Regt, Antwerp operations

ARNOTT, Edward, Marine, CH/X 109889, killed

SKILLING, John H, Marine, PO/X 105153, killed

WILLMOTT, William A, Marine, PLY/X 103071, killed


RM 47 Commando, Antwerp operations

GUYMER, Arthur W, Marine, CH/X 103852, killed


RM 48 Commando, Antwerp operations

HALL, Thomas, Marine, PLY/X 110485, killed

LEE, Reginald J, Marine, PO/X 117881, killed


RM 4th Light AA Regt, Antwerp operations

ARMITAGE, Stanley, Marine, PO/X 103443, killed

BASTABLE, John, Marine, CH/X 111335, killed

LILLYWHITE, George C, Marine, CH/X 104303, killed

WELSH, William, Marine, PLY/X 102179, killed

WESTROPE, John, Marine, CH/X 106827, killed


RM Chatham Division, illness

ALDIS, Francis T H, Marine, CH/X 106097, died


RM Portsmouth Division

TOTTON, Robert, Marine, PO/X 4901, MPK


Scorpion, as POW

JONES, David A, Able Seaman, D/JX 566130, MPK


Stalker, illness

POOLE, Frederick W, Leading Seaman, D/J 52794, died


Victory, illness

YOUNG, Samuel E, Engine Room Artificer 4c, P/MX 89258, died


War Diwan, RFA

HOPPER, James T, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), C/JX 312708, MPK


Westward Ho

CHOULES, Leonard G, Able Seaman, D/JX 188297, DOW



Sunday, 17 December 1944


Aggressive, illness

PHIPPS, Frederick E, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, died


Dalhousie (RIN)

DAVIES, Joseph H, Lieutenant (E), RINVR, died



HYDE, Frederick D, Ty/Stores Petty Officer, C/MX 69205, DOWS



HOBART, John R, Able Seaman, C/JX 408807, DOWS



Monday, 18 December 1944


Drake, illness

MEGGITT, William K, Petty Officer Motor Mechanic, D/MX 500138, died


FAA, 772 Sqn, Wagtail, air crash

VOSE, Peter G, Ty/Act/Petty Officer Pilot, FAA/FX 96203, killed


FAA, 807 Sqn, Hunter, air crash

JACKSON, Kenneth R, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Melville (RAN)

COOPER, Allen F, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 18885 (RAN), killed


Nimrod, accident

COOK, James, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR, (Danube V), died



Tuesday, 19 December 1944



RITCHIE, Desmond L, Petty Officer Radio Mechanic, 2313 (RNZN), died


FAA, 849 Sqn, Victorious, air crash

DORMAN, Kenneth F E, Ty/Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


Highflyer, illness

ROWBOTHAM, Frank, Petty Officer, P/JX 218617, died



CRAWFORD, John E, Able Seaman, D/SSX 27891, DOWS



COOKE, George D, Chief Motor Mechanic, P/MX 98372, DOWS


RN Naval Party 1571

BRUNSKELL, William, Able Seaman, P/JX 273286 (Odyssey), DOWS


Shellmex, steamship

WINGROVE, Sidney T, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), C/JX 393463, (President III, O/P), killed



Wednesday, 20 December 1944


FAA, 887 Sqn, Indefatigable, air crash

OSTERGAARD, Horace W, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Fuh Wo, as POW

DOWNING, Frank H, Leading Seaman, D/J 81746, died



DALRYMPLE HAY, Christopher M V F, Commander, died


Lonsdale, illness

THOMPSON, Alfred, Constable, NDP, 726 (NDP), died



HOWES, Albert H, Cook, RNPS, LT/MX 106525, DOWS


President, illness

WASHINGTON, Edward J, Lieutenant, RNVR, died


RM Engineers, HQ Company, accident

SMITH, William G, Marine, RME 14652, died


RM Ledger Office, illness

WEBB, Alfred J, Superintendent Clerk, RM, died



Thursday, 21 December 1944


Bahadur (RIN)

KHAN, Zada K S, Boy, 11205 (RIN), died


Dalhousie (RIN)

NANDA, Chimaya, Topass, 30700 (RIN), died


FAA, 710 Sqn, Urley, air crash

ATKINSON, Frank, Ty/Act/Petty Officer Pilot, FAA/FX 112335, MPK

FINLAYSON, James M, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed

RANKIN, John, Ty/Act/Petty Officer Airman, FAA/FX 113684, MPK


FAA, 733 Sqn, Bherunda, air crash

WALKER, Reginald P, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Himalaya (RIN)

MUSTAFA, G (initial only), Boy, 14276 (RIN), died


Hooghly (RIN)

GOVING, Rama S, Topass, 76908 (RIN), died


MMS.186, illness

BUTLER, Alfred C, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 185930, died



COSGROVE, James, Engineman, LT/KX 104283, DOWS


Stonetown (RCN)

HARDY, Sydney A, Ordinary Seaman, V/70922 (RCNVR), MPK



Friday, 22 December 1944


Duke of York

BELLINGHAM, John, Leading Stoker, D/KX 86957, DOWS


FAA, 725 Sqn, Landrail, air crash

SOUTHWELL, Hon John M, Lieutenant Commander, killed


FAA, 786 Sqn, Jackdaw, air crash

KENNEDY, William, Ty/Leading Airman, FAA/FX 578007, MPK


RM 3rd Heavy AA Regt

RUTHERFORD, Ronald, Ty/Act/Corporal, CH/X 103023, DOWS


RM 40 Commando

CAPES, Edward A, Marine, CH/X 103413, DOWS

HADFIELD, Robert W, Marine, PLY/X 4097, DOWS


RM Chatham Division, illness

PALMER, Alfred F, Marine, CH/22005, died


Scalby Wyke

 FREW, Francis, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 155638, DOWS



Saturday, 23 December 1944


3 Maritime Regt, RA

PRATT, William, Gunner, RA, 1746137, MPK


Dunluce Castle, illness

ARTHUR, George, Shipwright 3c, C/MX 76599, died


FAA, 717 Sqn, Merganser, air crash

CROSSLING, Ian P, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, MPK


President III, illness

SETTERFIELD, Bernard L, Lieutenant, RNVR, died


Quebec, accident

RICHARDS, Geoffrey, Lieutenant Commander, RNVR, died



BRYANT, Clifford J, Chief Writer, D/M 38897, DOWS



WATERS, Henry A M, Air Artificer 4c, FAA/FX 81757, DOWS


Victory, illness

WEEKS, William A, Leading Stoker, P/K 3675, died


West York (RCN)

SMITH, Murdo, Lieutenant, RCNVR, died



Sunday, 24 December 1944


Appledore, illness

SOLOMON, George H, Sick Berth Petty Officer, D/351708, died


Clayoquot (RCN), ship loss

BATE, John R, Ordinary Seaman, V/75753 (RCNVR), MPK

BROZOVICH, Walter, Ordinary Seaman, V/70636 (RCNVR), MPK

COLBECK, Arthur W, Sub Lieutenant, RCNVR, MPK

FINLAY, Paul W, Lieutenant, RCNVR, MPK

HILYARD, Edmond, Able Seaman, 4229 (RCN), MPK

MUNRO, William J, Sub Lieutenant, RCNVR, MPK

NEIL, John D, Lieutenant (E), RCNVR, MPK

SMITH, Lloyd W, Able Seaman, V/1796 (RCNVR), MPK



THOMSON, Ronald G, Ordinary Seaman, C/JX 556533, DOWS



FARMER, Charles F, Stoker 1c, C/KX 597314, MPK


RM 40 Commando, accident

KENDRICK, Roy, Marine, CH/X 111228, killed


Vernon, illness

HORSWELL, Alfred C W, Electrical Artificer 1c, P/MX 55097, died



TRAVIS, Norman L, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 606111, killed



Monday, 25 December 1944


Chance, accident

HOOPER, Reginald B, Lieutenant (E), RNR, died


Fort Ville Marie, steamship

DOWDALLS, John, Act/Able Seaman (DEMS), P/JX 252804, (President III, O/P), MPK



TURNBULL, Alexander, Electrical Artificer 3c, P/MX 79834, MPK



HOUSTON, Robert B W, Act/Joiner 4c, P/MX 125378, DOWS



PARKER, Reginald, Ty/Leading Seaman, C/JX 315242, MPK


Melville (RAN), drowning

SCHNEIDER, William N, Able Seaman, PM 6206 (RANR), died


RM 40 Commando

KENNEY, Howard, Marine, PLY/X 101997, DOWS



 SHOEBRIDGE, Charles W, Marine, CH/20844, killed


St Angelo, drowning

BALLANTYNE, John C, Ty/Surgeon Lieutenant, RNVR, died


Victory, illness

GALE, Stanley G, Leading Stoker, P/K 15277, died



Tuesday, 26 December 1944


Affleck, torpedoed

DALEY, Peter, Able Seaman, P/JX 554994, DOW

GATLAND, Eric J, Wireman (L), P/MX 573448, killed

HORNE, John, Able Seaman, D/JX 564549, DOW

LANGLEY, Alfred, Petty Officer, P/JX 139885, DOW

PIKE, Gerald A, Able Seaman, C/JX 570433, killed

THOMPSON, William, Able Seaman, D/JX 368210, killed

WALKER, Joseph H, Stoker 1c, P/KX 147998, killed


Capel, ship loss

APPLEBY, Thomas, Petty Officer, P/JX 139839, MPK

ARMITAGE, Tom, Stoker 1c, P/KX 600836, MPK

ASHFIELD, Leslie C, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 327064, MPK

BEACH, Cyril, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 518595, MPK

BISHOP, Thomas A, Able Seaman, P/JX 514739, MPK

BOWYER, Thomas H C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 146669, MPK

BRACKENBURY, Alfred, Able Seaman, RFR, P/SS 11810, MPK

BUNCE, George E, Able Seaman, P/SSX 33690, MPK

BUSSON, Francis H, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 648649, MPK

CHURCH, George L, Stoker 1c, P/SKX 1101, MPK

CLARKSON, Leslie, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 100088, MPK

CROOKES, Francis H, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 92757, MPK

DAVIS, Sidney W, Telegraphist, P/JX 579317, MPK

DOWDEN, Dyril E, Able Seaman, C/JX 548782, MPK

EARNSBY, Frederick W, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

EAST, Walter P, Coder, P/JX 250780, MPK

FLETCHER, Dennis B, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 628677, MPK

FOUNTAIN, John H, Stoker1c, P/KX 602676, MPK

FRANCIS, Charles, Stoker 1c, P/KX 602677, MPK

FRENCH, Jack, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 121080, MPK

FROHWEIN, William D, Stoker 1c, P/KX 602587, MPK

FURBER, Arthur G, Steward, P/LX 556891, MPK

GIBBS, Leslie J, Able Seaman, P/JX 382052, MPK

GILLETT, Walter E B, Stoker 1c, P/KX 178114, MPK

GLADWIN, Ronald, Able Seaman, P/JX 514732, MPK

GUY, Percival C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 105913, MPK

HALL, Francis R, Stoker 1c, P/KX 178116, MPK

HARFIELD, Jack F W, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

HARRISON, Dennis G, Able Seaman, P/SSX 29660, MPK

HARVEY, Arthur H, Petty Officer, P/JX 135847, MPK

HELLIWELL, Arthur, Ty/Lieutenant (E), RNVR, MPK

HENDLEY, Basil E, Able Seaman, P/JX 514753, MPK

HESLOP, Bevil G, Lieutenant, MPK

HEYWOOD, Joseph, Ty/Sub Lieutenant (E), RNVR, MPK

HOLT, Bernard H, Ordnance Artificer 3c, P/MX 69334, MPK

HUGHES, Robert, Leading Cook (S), P/MX 82055, DOW

JOHNSTON, Edward A J, Leading Stoker, P/KX 102585, MPK

JONES, Robert M, Stoker 1c, P/KX 597189, MPK

KNIVETON, Harry, Stoker 1c, P/KX 601704, MPK

LANGLEY, Roy C, Stoker 1c, P/KX 599145, MPK

LEWIS, George, Able Seaman, P/JX 295534, MPK

LODGE, Robert W, Signalman, P/JX 542504, MPK

MCELVANEY, Ronald, Able Seaman, P/JX 295541, MPK

NORMAN, Cecil G, Petty Officer, P/J 112890, MPK

PAGE, John A, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 397601, MPK

PAYNE, Charles R, Able Seaman, P/JX 523744, MPK

PEACOCK, Raymond L, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 428619, MPK

PEARSON, John H, Leading Stoker, P/KX 98749, MPK

PHILLIPS, Anthony T, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 649554, MPK

PHILLIPS, Francis, Act/Leading Seaman, P/JX 295536, MPK

REECE, John S, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

RENDEL, Reginald A, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, MPK

SELLEARS, Ernest A, Leading Stoker, P/KX 107068, MPK

SMITH, Eric S, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, killed

SMITH, Norman H W, Able Seaman, P/JX 188559, MPK

SMITH, Ronald, Act/Leading Stoker, P/KX 136897, MPK

SPENCER, Robert, Act/Petty Officer Telegraphist, P/JX 141012, MPK

SPRINGFORD, Cyril, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 393224, MPK

STACEY, Herbert, Stoker 2c, P/KX 527158, MPK

STEPHENSON, Harry, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 393231, MPK

TANNER, Ralph T C, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 426321, MPK

TAYLOR, John, Stoker 1c, P/KX 601918, MPK

TAYLOR, Norman A, Able Seaman, P/JX 197672, MPK

TINGLEY, Frank A, Able Seaman, P/JX 296472, MPK

TRANGMAR, William, Act/Stoker 1c, P/KX 600207, MPK

TUBBS, Thomas F, Able Seaman, P/JX 384014, MPK

WADDINGTON, Edward, Stoker 1c, P/KX 159699, MPK

WALKER, Frederick A, Act/Ordnance Mechanic 4c, P/MX 126598, MPK

WALKER, John, Lieutenant, RNZN, MPK

WATTS, William F, Petty Officer Steward, P/L 13125, MPK

WEBBER, Edward, Able Seaman, P/JX 201292, MPK

WHELAN, John E, Act/Able Seaman, D/JX 638285, MPK

WHITE, Dennis, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 515780, MPK

WHITE, Thomas E, Act/Able Seaman, P/JX 629695, MPK

WILKINSON, Charles, Ordinary Seaman, P/JX 633052, MPK

YARHAM, Walter, Stoker 1c, P/KX 600327, MPK



LE CHEMINANT, Robert D, Leading Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 199038, DOWS


Dolphin, illness

BARR, Ronald W, Telegraphist, C/JX 619020, died


FAA, 714 Sqn, Macaw, air crash

KNOWLES, Sydney, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed


Fortitude, illness

JOHNSTON, Catherine, WRNS, WA/WRNS 15436, died


Lanka, illness

WOODCOCK, Frank A, Corporal, RM, CH/1566, died



STONE, Walter H, Stoker 1c, C/KX 79291, DOWS



GOSLING, William A, Able Seaman, C/JX 393658, killed


LST.(B) (listed as Royal Navy, LST(B) not known)

LOWE, Walter, Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 127677, DOWS


MMS.84, drowning

DAVISON, James, Wireman, C/MX 97104, MPK

MCDONALD, Ronald, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 258383, MPK



HOPWOOD, Frank J, Marine, CH/X 107961, killed


RM 3rd Heavy AA Regt

GREEN, Charles, Marine, CH/X 109891, killed


RM Lympstone

LAIRD, George W M, Corporal, RM, EX/4141, died


RM Plymouth Division, illness

PEARCE, Frank A, Corporal, RM, PLY/14477, died


RN Auxiliary Hospital Invergordon, illness

WOODWARD, James M, Sick Berth Attendant, D/SBR/X 7458, died



HARRIS, Nathaniel, Able Seaman, D/SSX 23397, MPK


Wolverine, illness

HALL, James, Able Seaman, D/JX 214341, died



Wednesday, 27 December 1944



RICHES, Albert E, Leading Steward, RNPS, LT/LX 27771, DOWS


Byrsa, illness

BIBBY, Edward, Petty Officer, P/JX 145572, died


Capel, ship loss

WILLIAMS, John H, Signalman, P/JX 196510, DOW


Eaglet, illness

CRAKER, Elsie S, WRNS, WA/WRNS 85269, died


Lasso, illness

GRIFFITH, Victor I, Commander, died



REID, James, Seaman, RNR (PS), LT/X 19571 A, DOWS


Moreton (RAN), illness

BURTON, Norman R, Chief Engine Room Artificer, PM 2648 (RANR), died


Odyssey, road accident

BLOMMAERT August L, Ty/Lieutenant, RNR, DOI,


Stramrealm, steamship, accident

SAMPSON, Frederick S, Able Seaman, D/JX 267178, (President III, O/P), died



Thursday, 28 December 1944


Petunia, illness

KARBY, George C, Able Seaman, P/JX 389236, died


Quebec, illness

ADAMS, Alfred J, Stoker, D/KX 195856, died


RN Auxiliary Hospital Bombay, illness

SWIFT, Mary D, Nursing Sister, died


Victory III, illness

STAFFORD, Brenda O, 3rd Officer WRNS, died



SMITH, Raymond, Able Seaman, P/JX 694809, DOWS



Friday, 29 December 1944


Birchgrove Park (RAN), illness

FARQUHARSON, Ian C, Engine Room Artificer, 24362 (RAN), died


FAA, 768 Sqn, Smiter, air crash

TUCKER, Donald, Ty/Act/Petty Officer Pilot, 3070 (RNZN), killed


King George V

DOWNS, Gordon, Act/Electrical Mechanic 4c, P/MX 106548, DOWS


MTB.782, ship loss

JENKINS, Walter, Stoker 1c, C/KX 603665, MPK

NEILL, Albert N, Ordinary Telegraphist, C/JX 580654, MPK

THORNE, Kenneth E, Telegraphist, P/JX 224752, MPK


President, air crash

EVANS, Sir Alfred E, Vice Admiral (ret), MPK


RN W/T Station Portland, illness

MILLETT, John, Chief Officer Shore Signal Station



Saturday, 30 December 1944



WRIGHT, William, Ty/Act/Leading Stoker, D/KX 129139, drowning, killed


FAA, 769 Sqn, Peewit, air crash

PARKER, Henry K W, Ty/Act/Sub Lieutenant (A), RNVR, killed



NOBBS, Francis R, Ty/Lieutenant, RNR, accident, died



MCLENNAN, James, Ty/Lieutenant (E), RNVR, illness, died


MTB.782, ship loss

GUPPY, Robert E, Ordinary Seaman, D/JX 707167, DOW



MARSH, Charles L, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 424247, illness, died



JOHNSON, Thomas L, Leading Seaman, P/JX 226616, killed


Sioux (RCN)

WILLIAMS, James J, Leading Seaman, 3751 (RCN), killed at Scapa Flow



Sunday, 31 December 1944


4 Maritime Regt, RA

BATCHELOR, Thomas A, Lance Bombardier, RA, 7045747, MPK



MILLS, Wilfred H, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 192189, illness, DOWS



CLARKE, Cyril T, Leading Canteen Assistant, C/NX 607724, illness, died



MUSCAT, Fortunato, Cook, E/L 10791, illness, died



MAWK, Peter G, Fireman, RTP R/269655, illness, died



KUTTNER, Walter, Chief Motor Mechanic 4c, H/MX 101663, illness, died

TRIBE, Charles R, Act/Lieutenant Commander, MPK


RM 47 Commando

ZAMMIT, Robert, Marine, PO/X 106117, DOWS


RM Portsmouth Division

SMITH, Paul B, Marine, PO/X 104773, illness, died


Stratagem, submarine, POW's

HOWLETT, Reginald C, Stoker 1c, D/KX 164938, died

PHILLIPS, Francis J J, Able Seaman, D/JX 420937, killed

RITCHENS, Stanley H, Able Seaman, D/JX 148278, MPK

WEBB, Peter J, Able Seaman, P/JX 382419, MPK

WESTWOOD, Arthur L, Able Seaman, P/JX 220335, died



MAKINSON, Alyn, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR, illness, died



WILSON, John, Ty/Stoker Petty Officer, C/KX 87879, killed


on to January 1945

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