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World War 1 - Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies
Researched & compiled by Don Kindell

1st - 30th NOVEMBER 1914
in date, ship/unit & name order

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HMS Bulwark, battleship in 1904, blew up 26 November 1914
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on to December 1914



(1) Casualty information in order - Surname, First name, Initial(s), Rank and part of the Service other than RN (RNR, RNVR, RFR, RMLI etc), Service Number (ratings only, also if Dominion or Indian Navies), (on the books of another ship/shore establishment, O/P – on passage), Fate

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Sunday, 1 November 1914


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Portia, fleet messenger

 SAVILE, Henry, Captain, illness


TB.81, torpedo boat

 NEALE, George, Leading Stoker, 311133, died in UK




Monday, 2 November 1914


Challenger, old light cruiser

 COURTIS, Arthur, Seaman, RNR, 2875 C, illness in Cameroons



Tuesday, 3 November 1914

DARDANELLES – Naval bombardment of outer forts


Carmania, armed merchant cruiser

 CONNOR, Martin J, Fireman, Mercant Marine Reserve, 1878, illness




D.5, submarine, mined and sunk, probably by drifting British mine (survivor list included)

 BLUNSDON, Frederick D, Petty Officer 1c, 203087 (Po)

 BOARDMAN, Wright, Leading Seaman, 237913 (Dev)

 BRADLEY, Frederick, Act/Leading Stoker, 302220 (Dev)

 BRODIE, Donald F O'C, Lieutenant

 COPLAND, William J, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271454 (Dev)

 CRIMP, George, Leading Seaman, 217450 (Dev)

 DOWSETT, William R C, Signalman, J 8219 (Po)

 DUNNE, Joseph, Able Seaman, J 14000 (Dev)

 HOULCROFT, Edward, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 2924 (Ch)

 INGHAM, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 7494 (Dev)

 KING, George C, Telegraphist, J 5894 (Dev)

 LEAKE, John R, Act/Leading Stoker, 304084 (Po)

 NORRIS, Albert, Leading Seaman, 187835 (Dev)

 PENHALIGON, Richard C, Stoker 1c, 223326 (Dev)

 SIMMONS, Sidney C S, Stoker 1c, K 1975 (Dev)

 SMITH, Arthur C, Act/Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 270627 (Po)

 SMITH, Timothy, Stoker Petty Officer, 344519 (Po)

 TILLEY, John T P, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 272256 (Dev)

 WHITING, Henry, Stoker 1c, K 7502 (Dev)

 WILCOX, Ernest, Able Seaman, 222115 (Dev)

 WORTH, Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 2292 (Dev)


Herbert, Godfrey, Lieutenant Commander, RN

Macintyre, Ian Agnew Patterson, Sub Lieutenant, RN

Sexton, Charles Henry, Able Seaman, J 106260

Spiers, Robert Alexander Duff, Chief Petty Officer, 154380

Suttill, Albert Dearlove, Able Seaman, J 7463



Halcyon, minesweeper, ex-torpedo gunboat, damaged by German battlecruiser in raid

 SCOTNEY, Harry, Able Seaman, SS 3063 (Ch), DOW



Drake, cruiser

 WELCH, Robert H, Able Seaman, 216023 (Po), drowned


RMLI, Plymouth Division

 PEARCE, Alfred G, Private, RMLI, 8565 (Ply), ex-Tiger, died in UK


Royal Navy

 ROEBUCK, John H, Lieutenant, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 RYDER, Robert, Stoker 2c, K 22281 (Dev), ex-Lion, died in RN Hospital Plymouth



Wednesday, 4 November 1914


Forth, submarine depot ship

 FARR, Arthur, Able Seaman, 224860, died in UK


New Zealand, battlecruiser

 GOOD, James A, Private, RMLI, 9300 (Ply), illness


Pyramus, old light cruiser

 WESTALL, Nigel C, Lieutenant, illness in Australia


Queen Mary, battlecruiser

 MCLOUGHLIN, Henry J, Petty Officer, 192051 (Po), illness


Royal Naval Air Service, air crash in UK (no further information)

  MURRAY, Petchell B, Flight Sub Lieutenant


Royal Navy

 SHILLITOE, Charles, Lieutenant, died in UK

 WRIGHT, Henry, Captain, died in UK


Schiehallion, hired trawler, minesweeper

 HORSLEY, Ernest E, Deck Hand, RNR, 624 DA, illness



Thursday, 5 November 1914


Argonaut, old cruiser

 SYMONS, William, Seaman, RNR, 1523 C, illness


Defiance, Devonport

 LEE, Anthony A, Able Seaman, 164750, died in UK




Dwarf, gunboat

 GREEN, Benjamin, Stoker 1c, K 1021, died aboard SS Appam on 5th, probably from sickness, buried ashore at Duala on 6th (with thanks to Paul Money, 12 Nov 2012)



MARY, hired trawler, minesweeper, mined and sunk in North Sea

 BURTON, William J, Leading Seaman (RFR B 6850), 207072 (Po)

 CARTER, William, 2nd Hand, RNR, SA 173

 COCKSHOTT, Robert, Trimmer, TS 378

 GREENWAY, William S, Skipper, RNR

 HALL, Frank A, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 1517

 LEVITT, Ernest, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 510

 MCKIMMIE, John, Engineman, RNR, ES 1020

 PEARSON, Samuel, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 707


Royal Naval Air Service, flying in Bristol TB.8 tractor biplane seaplane No.1220 from Eastchurch to Dunkirk, shot down in sea

 ANNESLEY, Francis, Earl of, Ty/Sub Lieutenant, RNVR

 BEEVOR, Charles F, Flight Lieutenant


Royal Navy

 TUCKWELL, Charles, Honorary Lieutenant, died in UK


War Signal Station Foreness

 JENKINS, Cecil J, Able Seaman, 117085, died in UK


Wessex, fishing trawler, not requisitioned

 WEBB, Charles, Mate, MMR, (no service number listed), drowned



Friday, 6 November 1914


Albatross, old destroyer

 AHERN, Eugene, Stoker 1c, 305902, drowned


Cambria, armed boarding steamer

 GRIFFITH, Robert, Steward, MMR, (no service number listed), died in UK


RND, Collingwood Battalion

 FRANKLIN, Melville, Able Seaman, RNVR, Bristol Z 895, illness in UK


Victorian, armed merchant cruiser

 HORSCROFT, Horace R, Seaman, RNR, 1765 D, drowned


Victorious, pre-Dreadnought battleship, guardship, Humber

 CASTELLANO, Frederick C, Able Seaman, RFR, 203957, died in UK



Saturday, 7 November 1914


Birmingham, light cruiser

 MOODY, James, Chief Petty Officer, 159483, died in UK


RMLI, Plymouth Division

 WHITE, Thomas W, Private, RMLI, 8626 (Ply), died in UK


Viola, hired trawler

 CRAVEN, Thomas, Deck Hand, RNR, 1386 DA, drowned in UK



Sunday, 8 November 1914


Orion, Dreadnought battleship

 MEAD, Thomas J, Leading Stoker, K 11678, died in UK


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 DAWS, Leonard, Able Seaman, J 11730, drowned in UK


Pembroke II, RNAS Eastchurch, Sheppey

 CLARKE, George J, Private, RMLI (RMR B 8/946, 12852 (Ch), illness in UK


RMLI, Plymouth Division

 LEWIS, Charles G, Private, RMLI (RFR Immed Cl 56), 7171 (Ply), ex-Jupiter, died in UK



Monday, 9 November 1914




Challenger, old light cruiser (Cumberland, cruiser)

 MORGAN, George, Able Seaman, 226369 (Dev), drowned



Royal Navy

 BEATON, Willoughby, Chief Inspector of Machinery, died in UK


Superb, Dreadnought battleship

 LEWES, Price V, Captain, died in UK




Sydney (RAN), light cruiser, damaged in sinking of Emden in Indian Ocean (wounded list included)

 BELL, Robert W, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, 1964

 HOY, Albert, Able Seaman, RAN, 7912 (RN 216421)

 LYNCH, Thomas, Petty Officer, RAN, 7902 (RN 17653)

 SHARPE, Reginald A, Able Seaman, RAN, 8003 (RN 239494), DOW


 Butcher, John, Able Seaman, RAN, 193, severely

 Crosby, Albert, Able Seaman, RAN, 2835

 Gascoigne, Thomas, Able Seaman, RAN, 1950, severely

 Green, Bertie, Able Seaman, RAN, 2511

 Hampden, Geoffrey Cromwell Edward, Lieutenant, RN

 Harvey, Mark Beer, Petty Officer, 180996, slightly

 Hooper, Arthur, Able Seaman, RAN, 1677, slightly

 Horne, Richard, Able Seaman, RAN, 1540, severely

 Kinniburgh, James, Able Seaman, RAN, 2907

 Meldrum, William, Ordinary Seaman, 113650, severely

 Stevenson, Thomas, Ordinary Signalman, RAN, 1871, slightly

 Williamson, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, RAN, 2329, slightly



Tuesday, 10 November 1914


Agincourt, Dreadnought battleship

 SMITH, Charles L, Able Seaman, 161131, accident

 TENNANT, Sydney C B, Able Seaman, J 11936, accident


Albatross, old destroyer

 HENSHALL, William L, Petty Officer Stoker, 302592, drowned


Goliath, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 MCCARTHY, Timothy, Leading Seaman, 220297 (Dev), died in Kenya


Sutlej, cruiser

 ROBB, Hamilton J, Act/Lieutenant, RM, drowned


Weymouth, light cruiser

 FITZJOHN, Walter G, Leading Seaman, 228785 (Ch), killed



Wednesday, 11 November 1914


Edgar, old cruiser, damaged in storm off northern Scotland

 ETHERINGTON, Jesse, Able Seaman, 194385, drowned


Hornet, destroyer

 HOUGHTON, Fred, Leading Stoker, 294441, died in UK


NIGER, minesweeper, ex-torpedo gunboat, torpedoed and sunk by U.12 in Dover Straits

 BAUGH, John G B, Stoker 1c, SS 109714 (Po)

 BONIFACE, Charles L, Stoker 1c, K 5397 (Po)

 BREWER, William J, Ship's Steward, 151080 (Po)

 BUTLER, Albert E, Stoker 1c, SS 111999 (Po)

 CURRY, John, Stoker 1c, 301425 (Po)

 DRELAND, Walter, Sick Berth Attendant, 351242 (Po)

 DUBBIN, Reginald J, Stoker 1c, K 8609 (Po)

 EVANS, George, Stoker 1c, 297144 (Po)

 LINLEY, Leonard, Stoker 1c, K 6852 (Po)

 LOADER, Charles, Able Seaman, 215202 (Po)

 MARSHALL, William H, Stoker 1c, K 7818 (Po)

 ORCHARD, Albert F, 3rd Writer, M 3927 (Po)

 ROUGHT, Thomas (real name, but served as Thomas Hicks), Stoker 1c, SS 109408 (Po)

 SMITH, Bernard, Stoker 1c, SS 110153 (Po)

 WHITE, Roland A, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 5733 (Po)


Revenge, pre-Dreadnought battleship, later Redoubtable

 ATLAY, Harold T, Lieutenant Commander, died in UK


TB.117, torpedo boat

 DEVEREUX, John W, Gunner, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 WORTH, Amos, Chief Sick Berth Steward, 133437 (Dev), illness



Thursday, 12 November 1914


Edinburgh Castle, armed merchant cruiser

 STOKES, Walter, Private, RMLI, 10147 (Ch), illness


New Zealand, battlecruiser

 FREEMAN, Thomas H, Stoker 1c, K 8956, drowned


Zoe, hired drifter, minefields tender

 MCKENZIE, James, Fireman, MMR, (no service number listed), illness



Friday, 13 November 1914


Lancaster, cruiser

 HILLSON, William, Stoker 1c, SS 111362, drowned


RMLI, HQ Chatham

 SMITH, Charles, Sergeant, RMLI, 1643 (Ch), died in UK


Royal Navy

 COLLES, Richard B, Lieutenant, died in UK


Shannon, cruiser

 HAMSHIRE, George L, Boy 1c, J 25404, died in UK



Saturday, 14 November 1914


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 HIGGS, Walter J, Petty Officer 1c, 134873, ex-Brilliant, died in UK


Royal Navy

 BRACEY, George W, Chief Boatswain, died in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 PARR, Richard, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4543 (Po), ex-Queen, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 DALY, John, Able Seaman, 232789 (Dev), ex-Brisk, illness in UK



Sunday, 15 November 1914


Carmania, armed merchant cruiser

 HOWARD, John, Trimmer, MMR, (no service number given), died in Gibraltar


Empress of Russia, armed merchant cruiser

 FAT, Tang, Trimmer, (no service number listed), illness


Hannibal, pre-Dreadnought battleship, guardship, Scapa Flow

 BRICE, Percy J, Able Seaman, J 10963 (Ch), drowned


King Edward VII, pre-Dreadnought battleship, all drowned

 SIMMONS, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 16205 (Ch)

 SOLMAN, Herbert, Able Seaman, J 20090 (Ch)

 SOUTH, Leslie, Boy 1c, J 20638 (Ch)


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 TANNER, Joseph J B, Petty Officer, 1c 191550. died in UK


RM Depot Deal

 WAPLINGTON, John, Private, RMLI, 17535 (Po), illness


Royal Navy

 FORD, Robert, Chief Boatswain, died in UK


St Vincent, Dreadnought battleship

 O'BRIEN, George, Ordinary Seaman, J 26306, died in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 NEW, George H, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4838, ex-Irresistible, pre-Dreadnought battleship, died


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 HOWE, Arthur R, Leading Seaman, 206051 (Dev), ex-New Zealand, battlecruiser, died


Zealandia, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 BOSLEY, John W, Chief Stoker, 172243, drowned



Monday, 16 November 1914


Highflyer, old light cruiser

 WHITECROSS, Peter A, Petty Officer, 137409 (Ply), illness


Kharki, oiler, RFA

 PICOT, George P, Able Seaman, (no service number listed), died in UK


Royal Naval Reserve

 PLANE, J (initial only), Deck Hand, RNR, 60 ST, died in UK


Royal Navy

 OARE, James C, Engineer, died in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 LAGAN, Andrew, Lance Corporal, RMLI, 15996 (Po), died in UK (listed in Ledger as Princess Helena, hired paddle minesweeper)


Viking, destroyer

 HARDING, John A, Stoker 1c, K 4666 (Po), died in UK



Tuesday, 17 November 1914


Hyacinth, old light cruiser

 JOHNSON, Owen, Gunner, RMA, RMA 14213, died in Simonstown


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 SIMS, Alfred W, Stoker 1c, 310563, ex-Queen Mary, died in UK



Wednesday, 18 November 1914


Boxer, old destroyer

 SULLY, Walter J, Stoker 1c, K 3733, died in UK


Inflexible, battlecruiser

 STUART, Percy B, Boy Telegraphist, J 26668 (Ch), accident


Jackal, destroyer

 TATTERSALL, Thomas, Able Seaman, 229511, illness


Motor Boat Reserve, all drowned

 BURRELL, William, Lieutenant, RNVR

 ELLIS, Anwyl, Lieutenant, RNVR

 LONGTON, Eric R D, Sub Lieutenant, RNVR


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 ROBATHAN, George R, Petty Officer Stoker, 284858, ex-Inflexible, died in UK


Rajah, hired trawler, minesweeper

 WALKER, Thomas, Trimmer, RNR, 910 TS, died in UK



Thursday, 19 November 1914


Goliath, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 WATTERSON, Peter, Seaman, RNR, 1398 D, died in Kenya


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 SLATER, Joseph, Senior Reserve Attendant, M 9473, died in UK


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 RANSOM, Bertie T, Able Seaman, 231140, died in UK


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 GOODMAN, Warwick A, Chief Armourer, 343628 (Dev), ex-Charybdis, old light cruiser, died in UK



Friday, 20 November 1914


Minotaur, cruiser

 SHORT, John D, Able Seaman, 236970, accident


Nottingham, light cruiser

 CRYER, Henry G, Able Seaman, J 10372, drowned


Wear, old destroyer

 BURR, Edward A, Chief Petty Officer (Pens), 140367, drowned



Saturday, 21 November 1914


Benbow, Dreadnought battleship

 PENNY, William E, Petty Officer 1c, 179420 (Dev), accident


Black Prince, cruiser

 SALKELD, Thomas R, Boy 1c, J 19212, drowned


Empress of Asia, armed merchant cruiser

 WONG, Quong, Trimmer, (no service number listed), died in UK


Pembroke, RN Barracks/Base, Chatham

 HERRIVEN, George W, Seaman, RNR, 5877 A, died in UK

 MOAT, Walter J, Petty Officer 2c, 150687, died in UK


Royal Navy

 LIBBY, Samuel, Captain, died in UK


Swiftsure, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 SHABAN, (no first name listed), Seedie Boy (no service number listed), died in Egypt



Sunday, 22 November 1914


Boxer, old destroyer

 KING, Frederick, Stoker 1c, 304504, died in UK


Humber, river monitor

 BARKER, Benjamin, Able Seaman, 171167, drowned


Royal Navy

 BARROW, Arthur, Admiral, illness


TB.08, torpedo boat

 WICKER, Edwin G, Leading Seaman, 232543 (Ch), drowned


Victory, RN Barracks/Base, Portsmouth

 BERRY, Harry, Stoker 1c (RFR B 5129), SS 104743, illness



Monday, 23 November 1914


Conqueror, Dreadnought battleship

 HICKS, Wilfred G A, Able Seaman, J 4510, accident


D.2, submarine, lost two days later with new commanding officer

 JAMESON, Arthur G, Lieutenant Commander, lost overboard


Royal Navy

 MARTIN, John, Captain, died in UK


Swiftsure, pre-Dreadnought battleship

 WARREN, Ernest R, Chief Stoker, 281675, died in Egypt



Tuesday, 24 November 1914


AE.2 (RAN), submarine

 HUGHES, George, Stoker, 1566 (RAN), illness, died in Australia


RND, Collingwood Battalion

 MATHEWS, Alfred J, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4971), SS 104526, prisoner of war, DOW in Germany


Vivid, RN Barracks/Base, Devonport

 HARRIS, George, Petty Officer Stoker, 115285 (Dev), illness



Wednesday, 25 November 1914


D.2, submarine, lost around this date, cause unknown, off German coast

 ARTIS, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 3712 (Po)

 BARNETT, Alfred, Stoker 1c, 310969 (Po)

 BIRD, Herbert C J, Stoker 1c, K 5470

 COPLESTONE, Frederick L, Lieutenant Commander (ret)

 COX, Samuel F, Able Seaman, 239274 (Po)

 DALTON, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 291703 (Po)

 DAWE, Charles H, Leading Seaman, 221373 (Po)

 FISH, Frederick, Act/Leading Stoker, 283286 (Po)

 HEAD, Clement G W, Lieutenant Commander

 HIBBS, Fredrick, Petty Officer, 212178 (Po)

 HISCOCK, Arthur, Petty Officer; 191423 (Po)

 HOBSON, George, Stoker 1c, K 2805 (Po)

 KEMP, Frederick J, Stoker 1c, K 8777 (Po)

 KENNETT, Thomas E, Able Seaman (RFR B 8014), 196592 (Ch)

 KILBURN, Charlie E, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 848 (Po)

 KILLHAM, Edgar J, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 776 (Po)

 LOCK, Walter H, Able Seaman, 205253 (Po)

 LUMB, Joseph, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1674 (Po)

 MCDONALD, William, Petty Officer, 210701 (Po)

 NOYCE, William H, Stoker 1c, K 4834 (Po)

 OAKELEY, Francis E, Lieutenant

 PETERS, William T, Leading Seaman, 229227 (Po)

 PETHICK, Eli, Able Seaman, J 1209 (Dev)

 ROLFE, Charles B, Leading Seaman, 226345 (Po)

 SMITH, George W, Engine Room Artificer 2c, 271616 (Po)

 WILKINSON, Joseph, Telegraphist, J 9962 (Dev)


Hearty, survey vessel, laid down as tug

 BELL, Charles E, Stoker 1c, 297792, illness


Island Prince, hired trawler, minesweeper

 MORRICE, William, Trimmer, RNR 15 TS, died in UK, advised 3 February 1915


Revenge, pre-Dreadnought battleship, later Redoubtable

 MORRIS, Joseph A, Private, RMLI, 4649 (Ch), died in UK


Royal Navy

 JESSOP, James, Fleet Engineer, died in UK

 SULWAN, Malcolm W, Assistant Paymaster, died in UK


Schiehallion, hired trawler, minesweeper

 CASTLE, Alexander, Engineman, RNR, 266 ES, died in UK


Sirius, old light cruiser

 CARDNO, John H, Seaman, RNR, 3199 B, illness in UK


Weymouth, light cruiser

 WELLS, John W, Able Seaman, 239697, died in Natal



Thursday, 26 November 1914




BULWARK, pre-Dreadnought battleship, destroyed off Sheerness, Thames Estuary, one man DOW on 27th, one on 28th, one on 29th, two on 30th, and one on 18 January 1918  (injured list included)

 ADAMES, Alfred H, Blacksmith's Mate, 341309 (Po)

 ADDY, Robert, Stoker 1c, K 6758 (Po)

 ADKINS, Thomas F, Ordinary Seaman, J 21941 (Po)

 AITKEN, William S, Officer's Cook 3c, L 5315 (Po)

 ALLCOCK, Horatio W, Ordinary Signalman, J 11556 (Po)

 ALLEN, William H, Boy 1c, J 21873 (Po)

 AMIS, James W, Seaman, RNR, A 4825 (Po)

 ANDERSON, Charles, Stoker, RNR, S 1585 (Po)

 ANDERSON, Kenneth A, Midshipman

 ANDREWS, George P, Stoker 2c, K 19436 (Po)

 ANDREWS, Stanley W, Ordinary Seaman, J 20822 (Po)

 APPERLEY, Arthur J S, Able Seaman, J 13242 (Po)

 ARGENT, Frederick, Boy 1c, J 21919 (Po)

 ARMSTRONG, George, Ordinary Seaman, J 15512 (Po)

 ARNELL, Ernest H, Stoker 1c, 309506 (Po)

 ARNEY, Herbert G, Stoker 2c, K 21438 (Po)

 ARNOLD, Harry C, Private, RMLI, 13839 (Po)

 ASHBY, Sidney, Officer's Steward 2c, L 4590 (Ch)

 ASHFORD, Ernest, Stoker Petty Officer, 299646 (Po)

 ASHMAN, Paul, Private, RMLI, 14955 (Po)

 ASTLEY, William, Boy 1c, J 24992 (Po)

 ASTON, John E, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4962 (Po)

 ATKINSON, Leonard H, Telegraphist, J 8395 (Po)

 ATKINSON, Thomas, Stoker 1c, K 4367 (Po)

 ATTWOOD, George, Yeoman of Signals, 197728 (Po)

 AVERLEY, Henry, Musician, RMB 108 (Po)

 AVERY, William E, Boy 1c, J 21906 (Po)

 AVIS, Joseph H, Able Seaman, J 4895 (Po)

 BAGGETT, Thorne W J, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4960 (Po)

 BAILEY, Christopher, Boy 1c, J 25971 (Po)

 BAILEY, Harry, Leading Stoker, 284399 (Po)

 BAKER, John, Ordinary Seaman, J 17562 (Po)

 BAKIE, John, Seaman, RNR, A 3945 (Po)

 BALMER, William, Chief Stoker (RFR A 3191), 149705 (Po)

 BANNISTER, John R, Able Seaman, 236933 (Po)

 BARFOOT, John F, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4720 (Po)

 BARFOOT, William A, Chief Ship's Cook, 286832 (Po)

 BARKER, Alfred W, Stoker 1c, K 20835 (Po)

 BARKER, Joseph H, Able Seaman, J 11653 (Po)

 BARLOW, George, Private, RMLI, 16298 (Po)

 BARLOW, George E, Leading Seaman, 228875 (Po)

 BARNES, Sidney S, Able Seaman, J 22275 (Po)

 BARRELL, Alfred J, Musician, RMB 608 (Po)

 BARRY, James, Boatswain

 BARTER, Arthur S J, Able Seaman, 239800 (Po)

 BARTLETT, Frederick W, Ordinary Seaman, J 22216 (Po)

 BARTLETT, Geoffrey E R, Py/Midshipman, RNR

 BARTON, James F, Able Seaman, 231649 (Po)

 BASTABLE, Charles, Painter 1c, 346973 (Po)

 BATTRICK, George H, Private, RMLI, 16508 (Po)

 BAYLISS, Edwin C, Leading Seaman, 217124 (Po)

 BEABEY, Albert J, Band Corporal, RMB 606 (Po)

 BEAN, Thomas J, Able Seaman (RFR A 1984), A 127066 (Po)

 BECKETT, Robert H, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3689), 288362 (Po)

 BECKETT, William T, Electrical Artificer 4c, M 6629 (Po)

 BEDDOW, Hamilton, Stoker 2c, SS 115689 (Po)

 BEEKEN, Albert F, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4959 (Po)

 BEGLEY, James, Seaman, RNR, A 2276 (Po)

 BELLAMY, John H, Private, RMLI, 15123 (Po)

 BENNETT, Albert H, Sick Berth Steward, 135321 (Po)

 BENNETT, Sidney, Able Seaman, J 12924 (Po)

 BERRA, Leonard, Stoker Petty Officer, 302924 (Po)

 BEST, Horace G, Boy 1c, J 25701 (Po)

 BILES, John C, Stoker Petty Officer, 310314 (Po)

 BILLINGSLEY, Robert B, Able Seaman, 223334 (Po)

 BISHOP, Alfred G, Leading Seaman, 202557 (Po)

 BISHOP, Henry C, Ordinary Seaman, J 21582 (Po)

 BLACKWELL, George H P, Able Seaman, J 22927 (Po)

 BLAKE, Arthur J, Leading Seaman, 204731 (Po)

 BLOCK, George E, Able Seaman, J 11467 (Po)

 BLOOMFIELD, Stuart McK, Armourer's Crew, M 7164 (Po)

 BOARDMAN, Francis, Leading Seaman, 216537 (Po)

 BOND, Edward A, Leading Signalman, 230609 (Po)

 BOND, Henry, Stoker 1c (RFR B 1754), 289995 (Po)

 BOND, Sidney H, Boy 1c, J 25938 (Po)

 BORER, Norman J, Ordinary Seaman, J 21973 (Po)

 BOSLEY, Reginald W, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4269 (Po)

 BOURNE, Albert E, Stoker 1c, K 11368 (Po)

 BOWERN, Frederick C, Able Seaman, 227167 (Po)

 BOX, Frederick R H, Sergeant, RMLI, 11349 (Po)

 BOXALL, Roland E, Able Seaman, 232301 (Po)

 BRACKSTONE, William, Stoker, RNR, U 1976 (Po)

 BRADFORD, Samuel W, Stoker 1c, 301737 (Po)

 BRADLEY, Henry R, Act/Chief Petty Officer (NS), 165465 (Po)

 BRADSHAW, John F, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4972 (Po)

 BRAGINTON, Frederick C, Leading Seaman, 225937 (Po)

 BRAITHWAITE, Clarence, Ordinary Seaman, J 22207 (Po)

 BRANNAN, Patrick, Stoker 2c, K 21797 (Po)

 BRAY, Samuel G, Seaman, RNR, A 3682 (Po)

 BREAKSPERE, Arthur J, Chief Gunner

 BREHAUT, James, Leading Seaman, 211587 (Po)

 BRESLIN, James, Stoker, RNR, U 1980 (Po)

 BRETT, George E, Act/Leading Stoker, 7893 (Po)

 BRETT, Henry M, Leading Seaman, 231619 (Po)

 BRETT, Thomas, Shipwright, 342759 (Po)

 BREWER, David C, Ordinary Seaman, J 16688 (Po)

 BRICKELL, William T, Boy 1c, J 25399 (Po)

 BRIDLE, Harry T, Private, RMLI, 15864 (Po)

 BRIEN, William, Able Seaman, 217440 (Po)

 BROCKS, Harry E, Ship's Corporal 1c, 210865 (Po)

 BROOKES, Edgar C, Signalman, RNVR, London 6/2672

 BROOKS, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 7754 (Po)

 BROOKSBANK, William H, Stoker 1c, 301749 (Po)

 BROTCHIE, Robert T, Surgeon, RNVR

 BROWN, Alfred E, Leading Seaman, 237711 (Po)

 BROWN, Alfred F, Stoker 1c, K 19945 (Po)

 BROWN, Alfred J, Boy Bugler 1c, J 23496 (Po)

 BROWN, Charles J, Private, RMLI, 15879 (Po)

 BROWN, Edward, Boy 1c, J 19714 (Po)

 BROWN, James F W, Stoker, RNR, S 1512 (Po)

 BROWN, Tom, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6520), 299647 (Po)

 BROWNE, William E, Private, RMLI, 6570 (Po)

 BRUCE, Donald H, Private, RMLI, 15881 (Po)

 BUCKFIELD, George L, Ordinary Seaman, J 17541 (Po)

 BUCKINGHAM, Edward H, Stoker 1c, K 7948 (Po)

 BUCKLAND, Rupert, Plumber, 341349 (Po)

 BUCKLEY, Harry, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4136 (Po)

 BULLEN, Philip O, Bugler, 17035 (Po)

 BULLOCK, George H, Stoker 1c, 235605 (Po)

 BURKE, Henry, Petty Officer 1c, 192878 (Po)

 BURNS, Walter B, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4618 (Po)

 BURT, Archibald C, Private, RMLI, 15576 (Po)

 BURT, Frederick, Stoker 1c, K 12729 (Po)

 BURT, Frederick J, Leading Seaman, 230691 (Po)

 BURT, John C, Carpenter

 BURTON, Ernest, Stoker 1c, K 18257 (Po)

 BUSH, George, Private, RMLI, 16931 (Po)

 BUSS, Sydney R, Private, RMLI, 15878 (Po)

 BUTLER, Jack, Boy 1c, J 22015 (Po)

 BUTLER, William, Seaman, RNR, A 5804 (Po)

 BYRNE, Jeremiah, Stoker 1c, 286880 (Po)

 CAMERON, George, Stoker 2c, K 21744 (Po)

 CAMPBELL, Dennis, Musician, RMB 598 (Po)

 CARPENTER, William C, Chief Stoker, 296346 (Po)

 CARTER, Cyril, Ordinary Seaman, J 20486 (Po)

 CARTER, Francis, Act/Artificer Engineer

 CARVER, Wilfred, Private, 16955 (Po)

 CASBOLT, William G, Leading Seaman (RFR B 1879), 170576 (Po)

 CATES, Walter J, Petty Officer (Gunner), 204331 (Po)

 CATHERY, Albert R, Engine Room Artificer 1c, 269862 (Po)

 CHAMBERLAIN, Edgar W, Engineer Commander

 CHANDLER, Godfrey, Stoker Petty Officer, 290791 (Po)

 CHAPMAN, Henry, Stoker Petty Officer (Coast Guard), 147160 (Ch)

 CHAPMAN, Richard K G S, Midshipman

 CHARMAN, Robert, Leading Signalman, 226275 (Po)

 CHELLINGSWORTH, Arthur A, Ship's Clerk, 346270 (Po)

 CHENOWETH, James, Able Seaman, 311117 (Po)

 CHESSELL, Edmund H, Stoker 1c, K 5989 (Po)

 CHEW, Albert L, Private, RMLI, 16700 (Po)

 CHOPE, Thomas W, Act/Chief Petty Officer, 172371 (Po)

 CHURCH, Henry E, Boy 1c, J 28648 (Po)

 CLARK, Wilfred R, Able Seaman, J 7303 (Po)

 CLARK, William, Able Seaman, J 3284 (Po)

 CLARKE, Albert G, 2nd Cook's Mate, M 5011 (Po)

 CLARKE, Arthur J, Able Seaman, J 5228 (Po)

 CLARKE, Charles, Signalman, 218665 (Po)

 CLARKE, Frank, Lieutenant

 CLARKE, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 16152 (Po)

 COLBRAN, George F, Able Seaman, 207444 (Po)

 COLE, Horace C, Ship's Corporal 1c, 178889 (Po)

 COLEBORN, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 16703 (Po)

 COLES, James B, Ordinary Seaman, J 21937 (Po)

 COLLETT, Henry W, Boy 1c, J 18135 (Po)

 COLLINS, John E, Ordinary Seaman, J 13536 (Po)

 COLLINS, John W, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2384 (Po)

 COLLINS, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 16667 (Po)

 COLLINS, Thomas H V, Private, RMLI, 13226 (Po)

 CONCANNON, James, Seaman, RNR, 1962 (Ch)

 COOGAN, Thomas, Stoker, RNR, U 1984 (Po)

 COOK, Frank, Ordinary Seaman, J 14465 (Po)

 CORDDELL, Alfred E, Boy 1c, J 28354 (Po)

 CORDINER, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, C 3178 (Po)

 CORN, Forster, Boy Servant, L 5133 (Po)

 COTTON, Edward J, Stoker 2c, K 21447 (Po)

 COVENEY, George, Private, RMLI, 16696 (Po)

 COX, Ernest A, Able Seaman, 237359 (Po)

 COX, Leonard C, Leading Seaman, 226894 (Po)

 CRAMP, Lance P, Stoker 1c, K 5991 (Po)

 CRANK, Charles W J, Private, RMLI, 16409 (Po)

 CRAYTHORNE, William, Ordinary Seaman, J 22205 (Po)

 CRONSHAW, Percy, Able Seaman, 219392 (Po)

 CROUCH, Ernest, Able Seaman, J 172 (Po)

 CROWTHER, Charles J, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271317 (Po)

 CULLIGAN, Laurence, Seaman, RNR, B 4790 (Po)

 CURTIS, Albert E, Able Seaman, J 15540 (Po)

 CURTIS, Albert H, Able Seaman, SS 4170 (Po)

 CUTLER, Edwin, Ordinary Seaman, J 22096 (Po)

 DAKIN, Harry, Ordinary Seaman, J 22234 (Po)

 DARCY, John C, Stoker 1c, K 11591 (Po)

 DARTHENAY, Adolphus, Able Seaman, 239407 (Po)

 DASH, Reginald V, Boy 1c, J 25719 (Po)

 DAVIDSON, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, 2703 (Ch)

 DAVIES, George, Leading Stoker (RFR B 925), 278049 (Po)

 DAVIS, Frederick, Musician, RMB 1079 (Po)

 DAVIS, Jack, Stoker 1c, K 16527 (Po)

 DAW, Arthur W P, Artificer Engineer

 DAY, John A, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4887), SS 104312 (Po)

 DAYSH, William, Stoker 1c, K 21150 (Po)

 DEACON, Arthur, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271867 (Po)

 DEADMAN, Harry, Boy 1c, J 28342 (Po)

 DEAN, Frederick J, Ordinary Seaman, J 22310 (Po)

 DENT, Arthur, Boy 1c, J 21227 (Po)

 DEWDNEY, Albert E, Stoker 2c, K 20822 (Po)

 DITCH, William G, Chief Stoker, 149805 (Po)

 DOHERTY, George C, Officer's Cook 1c, 149030 (Ch)

 DONOVAN, Dennis J, Stoker 1c, K 11134 (Po)

 DOREY, Frederick G, Stoker Petty Officer (Coast Guard), 152697 (Po)

 DOSWELL, William, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2422 (Po)

 DOWLING, Henry W, Stoker 1c, K 17681 (Po)

 DRINKWATER, William J, Stoker 1c, K 20853 (Po)

 DUFFETT, James, Able Seaman, J 11276 (Po)

 DUNFORD, Henry T, Able Seaman, J 3360 (Po)

 DUNFORD, Reginald J, Ordinary Seaman, J 19958 (Po)

 DURHAM, Albert E, Petty Officer 1c, 175297 (Po)

 DURRANCE, Richard, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4836 (Po)

 DYER, Alfred E, Able Seaman, 229587 (Po)

 EDEN, Walter, Stoker 1c, K 4379 (Po)

 EDGAR, John, Signalman, J 11542 (Po)

 EDGAR, Leslie, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4956 (Po)

 EDGELL, Stanley S, Able Seaman, 237334 (Po)

 EDGLEY, Walter, Private, RMLI, 15893 (Po)

 EDMANS, Frank S, Stoker 2c, SS 115220 (Po)

 EDMONDS, William, Leading Stoker (RFR B 3477), 287761 (Po)

 EDWARDS, Arthur S, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, H 750 (Po)

 EDWARDS, Richard S, Able Seaman, SS 4261 (Po)

 EGAN, William J, Ordinary Seaman, J 20962 (Po)

 ELLICE, William, Midshipman

 ELLIS, Joseph H, Stoker 1c, K 17683 (Po)

 ELLIS, Owen J, Private, RMLI, 15659 (Po)

 ELVIDGE, John H, Able Seaman, 199835 (Po)

 ENTICKNAP, George W, Leading Stoker, 312088 (Po)

 ESSERY, Frederick H, Shipwright 1c, 345081 (Po)

 EVANS, Thomas H, Able Seaman (RFR B 5622), 197379 (Po)

 EVANS, Thomas J J, Ordinary Seaman, J 22213 (Po)

 EVERITT, Everard, Private, RMLI, 14728 (Po)

 FARR, William, Petty Officer, 200394 (Po)

 FELLS, Jonah A J, Able Seaman, J 22219 (Po)

 FERGUSSON, Nigel R, Lieutenant

 FERRIS, William, Private, RMLI, 12746 (Po)

 FIELD, Harry, Stoker 1c, K 2509 (Po)

 FINCH, Edward T D, Lieutenant

 FINLAY, Walter J, 1st Writer, 343795 (Po)

 FINN, Edmund, Seaman, RNR, B 4154 (Po)

 FITZGERALD, Stephen, Chief Stoker (RFR A 4095), 167130 (Po)

 FLAHERTY, Patrick, Seaman, RNR, B 4864 (Po)

 FLEET, William, Private, RMLI, 9072 (Po)

 FLICK, William F, Armourer's Mate, 345254 (Po)

 FLOWERS, Reginald C, Able Seaman, SS 4169 (Po)

 FOORD, Arthur, Petty Officer, 176283 (Po)

 FOORD, Fred, Stoker Petty Officer, 282139 (Po)

 FORD, Charles E, Leading Seaman, 234880 (Po)

 FORSYTH, James T, Stoker 1c, SS 113685 (Po)

 FORTH, Harry, Able Seaman, J 3939 (Po)

 FOSTER, Alfred S A, Able Seaman, J 11816 (Po)

 FRAHILL, William, Shipwright 2c, H 7110 (Po)

 FRANCIS, Arthur W T, Stoker 2c, K 21439 (Po)

 FREEMAN, Albert J, Able Seaman, J 22277 (Po)

 FROST, Albert, Private, RMLI, 12675 (Po)

 GAINES, George, Stoker Petty Officer, 299933 (Po)

 GALE, Robert S, Able Seaman, SS 4187 (Po)

 GALLOWAY, John, Officer's Cook 3c, L 4496 (Po)

 GAMBIER, Kenneth M, Sick Berth Steward 2c, 351604 (Po)

 GANE, Archie, Boy 1c, J 28728 (Po)

 GARDNER, Arthur J, Stoker Petty Officer, 301415 (Po)

 GARDNER, James T, Petty Officer (Coast Guard), 123062 (Po)

 GASSON, Cecil J, Boy 1c, J 20317 (Po)

 GEARY, Leonard J, Private, RMLI, 16844 (Po)

 GEDDES, Alexander, Seaman, RNR, 2008 (Ch)

 GILBERT, George S, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 6963 (Po)

 GILMOUR, Hugh, Stoker, RNR, U 1586 (Po)

 GODDEN, Ernest E, Shipwright 2c, 343011 (Po)

 GODMAN, Cyril C, Musician, RMB 1541 (Po)

 GOODALL, Jack, Ordinary Seaman, J 20709 (Po)

 GOODRIGHT, George H J, Ordinary Seaman, J 22931 (Po)

 GOODWIN, Alfred E, Stoker 1c, 301046 (Po)

 GOODWIN, George H H, Able Seaman, J 2528 (Po)

 GOVER, Reginald J, Able Seaman, J 11357 (Po)

 GRAHAM, Andrew, Stoker Petty Officer, 278074 (Po)

 GRAINGER, Harry, Chief Stoker (RFR A 3586), 156690 (Po)

 GRANT, George F, Stoker 1c, 304986 (Po)

 GRANT, James, Stoker, RNR, U 882 (Po)

 GRAY, William, Stoker, RNR, U 1979 (Po)

 GREATOREX, Thomas, Able Seaman (RFR B 3501), 215530 (Po)

 GREEN, George, Leading Stoker (RFR B 706), 300676 (Po)

 GREEN, William J, Private, RMLI, 14831 (Po)

 GREENTREE, Alban E, Petty Officer (NS), 216373 (Po)

 GREGORY, William E, Able Seaman, J 5933 (Po)

 GRIFFIN, John, Able Seaman, 215611 (Dev)

 GRIFFITHS, Andrew, Stoker 1c, SS 111501 (Po)

 GROVE, James W, Ordinary Seaman, J 22923 (Po)

 GUBBEY, William E, Ordinary Seaman, J 19654 (Po)

 GUNNER, Edward L, Sub Lieutenant

 HALCOOP, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 9395 (Po)

 HALL, Edward E, Boy 1c, J 25047 (Po)

 HALL, Edward T, Able Seaman, J 4599 (Po)

 HALL, Ernest W, Able Seaman, J 13025 (Po)

 HALLETT, Henry R, Ordinary Seaman, J 21622 (Po)

 HALSTEAD, Gilbert H, Ordinary Seaman, J 18040 (Po)

 HAMMOND, William, Able Seaman, J 10508 (Po)

 HAMMOND, William, Able Seaman, J 11082 (Po)

 HAMMOND, William H, Shipwright 2c, M 6550 (Po)

 HANMORE, Edward J, Boy 1c, J 28347 (Po)

 HARDS, Ernest W, Chief Engine Room Artificer 2c, 269752 (Po)

 HARDY, John, Boy 1c, J 28712 (Po)

 HARDY, Thomas A, Stoker 2c, SS 114417 (Po)

 HARPER, Magnus, Stoker, RNR, U 885 (Po)

 HARRIS, Alfred, Private, RMLI, 7495 (Po)

 HARRIS, Joseph, Officer's Steward 2c, L 1631 (Ch)

 HARRIS, Norman, Midshipman

 HARRISON, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 17691 (Po)

 HARRISON, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 11998 (Po)

 HARRISON, Frank, Petty Officer, 193600 (Po)

 HARWOOD, Ernest G, Able Seaman, 217276 (Po)

 HASSALL, Tom, Sick Berth Attendant, M 4924 (Po)

 HASSAN, Peter, Stoker 1c (RFR B 3260), 285861 (Po)

 HATCH, Harry, Private, RMLI, 13052 (Po)

 HATCHARD, William, Leading Stoker, 297916 (Po)

 HATCHER, Herbert J O, Ordinary Signalman, J 11942 (Po)

 HAVIS, Frank, Boy 1c, J 25912 (Po)

 HAWKES, Thomas, Petty Officer 1c, 187736 (Ch)

 HAWKINS, George E, Ship's Steward's Assistant, M 3876 (Po)

 HAWKINS, Leonard D, Carpenter's Crew, M 4342 (Po)

 HAYES, Edward, Private, RMLI, 10867 (Po)

 HAYHOW, Robert J, Able Seaman, 152212 (Po)

 HAZZELDINE, Frank, Private, RMLI, 16517 (Po)

 HEATER, Charles F, Stoker 2c, K 21440 (Po)

 HEATH, Reginald L, Shipwright 2c, 345674 (Po)

 HENDRY, William G, Musician, RMB 1641

 HENRY, John, Leading Seaman, RNR, C 1776 (Po)

 HENRY, Joseph T, Stoker 1c, K 6794 (Po)

 HERRIDGE, William, Stoker 1c, 312234 (Po)

 HESSEY, William, Private, RMLI, 16526 (Po)

 HEWETSON, Rev George H, Chaplain

 HILL, Frederick J W, Able Seaman, J 10968 (Po)

 HILL, Rowland, Able Seaman (RFR B 6178), SS 2512 (Po)

 HILLS, Edmund, Able Seaman, J 4111 (Po)

 HIND, Thomas R, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4961 (Po)

 HINE, Stephen C, Able Seaman, 219944 (Po)

 HOARE, Robert, Able Seaman, J 8467 (Po)

 HOLLAND, Arthur W, Able Seaman, late SS 2749/J 32434 (Po)

 HOLLINGSWORTH, William G, Stoker 1c, 307410 (Po)

 HOLMES, Thomas G, Able Seaman, 232853 (Po)

 HOLNESS, Josiah C, Corporal, RMLI, 14006 (Po)

 HOLT, Arthur H, Boy 1c, J 21931 (Po)

 HOLT, William E, Stoker 1c, SS 113683 (Po)

 HOOPER, Herbert G, Private, RMLI, 16446 (Po)

 HOOPER, Robert, Blacksmith, 189071 (Po)

 HOPE, Alfred T, Musician, RMB 374 (Po)

 HORN, William G, Able Seaman, 215219 (Po)

 HORNER, Harry A, Stoker 1c, K 281 (Po)

 HORNSEY, Arthur A, Ordinary Seaman, J 16580 (Po)

 HORSTED, Alfred G, Boy 1c, J 28359 (Po)

 HOSKIN, James H, Petty Officer 1c (RFR A 4180), 145895 (Po)

 HOUSE, William A, Private, RMLI, 16930 (Po)

 HOWCROFT, Arthur, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4966 (Po)

 HUGHES, Charles H, Private, RMLI, 15894 (Po)

 HUGHES, Henry A, Boy 1c, J 20467 (Po)

 HUGHES, Hugh R, Act/Lieutenant, RNR

 HUGHES, Patrick, Seaman, RNR, A 2634 (Po)

 HULL, Norman W, Boy 1c, J 28632 (Po)

 HUMPHERSON, George, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4810), SS 104142 (Po)

 HURLE, Arthur H J, Boy 1c, J 21823 (Po)

 HYDE, Alfred W T, Able Seaman, J 4457 (Po)

 HYDE, Harry H, Petty Officer 1c, 181549 (Po)

 HYSLOP, Edward E L, Boy 1c, J 28341 (Po)

 INGRAM, Charles H, Petty Officer, 176856 (Po)

 IRELAND, Joseph, Stoker Petty Officer, 294847 (Po)

 JACKSON, Richard S, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4186 (Po)

 JACOBS, Andrew W, Able Seaman, J 13549 (Po)

 JAGGER, Oliver R O, Naval Cadet

 JAMES, Frederick A, Able Seaman, 181984 (Po)

 JERROM, Harry H, Boy 1c, J 23308 (Po)

 JOHNSON, Daniel, Leading Stoker (Coast Guard), 304018 (Dev)

 JOHNSON, Horace E, Engine Room Artificer 3c, 271955 (Po)

 JOHNSTON, John D, Stoker, RNR, S 1528 (Po)

 JONES, Albert, Private, RMLI, 14599 (Po)

 JONES, Alfred H, Act/Leading Stoker, 303002 (Po)

 JONES, Charles, Petty Officer 1c, 158083 (Po)

 JONES, Harold, Able Seaman, J 5219 (Po)

 JONES, John, Stoker, RNR, U 1768 (Po)

 JONES, Owen R, Ordinary Seaman, J 5588 (Po)

 JONES, William E, Leading Seaman, 226533 (Po)

 JOYCE, John U, Corporal, RMLI, 13059 (Po)

 JUDD, William, Able Seaman, 217537 (Po)

 JUPP, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, J 22963 (Po)

 KAY, George M, Boy 1c, J 21869 (Po)

 KEIGHTLEY, Norman, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4965 (Po)

 KELLOW, William M, Boy 1c, J 28702 (Po)

 KELLY, Joseph, Able Seaman, 230985 (Po)

 KEMP, Joseph A, Shipwright 2c, M 6549 (Po)

 KENNEDY, Michael, Stoker 1c, K 5941 (Po)

 KENNINGLEY, Clifford, Stoker 1c, SS 114941 (Po)

 KENYON, Thomas E, Armourer's Crew, M 3614 (Po)

 KIDD, Henry A, Able Seaman, J 12743 (Po)

 KILBOURN, George H, Petty Officer 1c, 198785 (Po)

 KING, Ernest, Seaman, RNR, B 3856 (Po)

 KING, George E, Ordinary Seaman, J 21259 (Po)

 KING, Harry, Musician, RMB 474 (Po)

 KING, Laurence, Seaman, RNR, A 5810 (Po)

 KING, William, Act/Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 6072 (Po)

 KING, William E, Gunner

 KINGSTON, James D, Able Seaman, 201061 (Po)

 KINGSWOOD, Stewart, Private, RMLI, 13157 (Po)

 KIRKPATRICK, James C, Canteen Manager, Admiralty civilian

 KITSON, Albert E, Able Seaman, 216936 (Po)

 KITTLE, Charles E, Signal Boy, J 25976 (Po)

 KNIGHT, Arthur J, Stoker 1c, SS 109665 (Po)

 LAMING, John A, Private, RMLI, 7901 (Po)

 LAMING, Walter J, Private, RMLI, 13819 (Po)

 LANE, Frederick, Mechanician, 290518 (Po)

 LANE, Ralph, Able Seaman (RFR B 3248), 219926 (Po)

 LARKHAM, Arthur P, Petty Officer, 183215 (Po)

 LAYTON, Charles E, Able Seaman, SS R 1706 (Po)

 LAZENBY, Arthur H, Ordinary Seaman, J 22141 (Po)

 LEARY, Albert, Sailmaker, 174149 (Po)

 LEE, Alfred R, Private, RMLI, 14685 (Po)

 LEGG, Francis, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 731 (Po)

 LEGGETT, George F, Ordinary Seaman, J 23345 (Po)

 LEMILLIERE, John B C, Stoker 2c, K 21441 (Po)

 LEONARD, William R, Private, RMLI, 15897 (Po)

 LETHBRIDGE, Syd H, Petty Officer, 207048 (Po)

 LEWIS, Michael C, Officer's Steward 3c, L 4929 (Po)

 LIBBY, Charles, Canteen Assistant, Admiralty civilian

 LILEY, Bertie C, Stoker 1c, K 19801 (Po)

 LITTLEFORD, Alfred G, Ordinary Seaman, SS 3963 (Po)

 LLOYD, Robert, Chief Stoker, 168419 (Po)

 LOCK, Henry J, Lieutenant, RM

 LOCKETT, Robert, Able Seaman, 218626 (Po)

 LOFTHOUSE, Francis I, Stoker 2c, K 21448 (Po)

 LOVEITT, Thomas H, Able Seaman, 186016 (Po)

 LOWE, James H A, Leading Seaman, 210043 (Po)

 LOWE, William J, Ordinary Seaman, J 22209 (Po)

 LUCAS, Frederick W, Stoker 1c, 309663 (Po)

 LUCKING, Samuel F, Private, RMLI, 13020 (Po)

 LUSH, William J, 2nd Cook's Mate, M 5006 (Po)

 LYCETT, Albert H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 3163 (Po)

 LYNES, William, Boy 1c, J 28722 (Po)

 MACARTHUR, Christopher, Leading Seaman, 203605 (Po)

 MACEY, Frederick, Chief Writer, 345342 (Po)

 MACKIE, David, Petty Officer 1c (RFR A 1260), 116147 (Po)

 MACLEOD, Norman, Seaman, RNR, C 3630 (Po)

 MACPHERSON, John, Naval Cadet

 MAHON, Alfred W J, Musician, RMB 546 (Po)

 MAINPRICE, Bernard P, Clerk

 MAITLAND, Alexander, Stoker, RNR, S 1747 (Po)

 MARCHMENT, George H, Chief Armourer, 340448 (Po)

 MARNIE, James C, Seaman, RNR, A 2169 (Po)

 MARRIOTT, Herbert E, Sergeant, RMLI, 8008 (Po)

 MARSH, William G, Chief Stoker, 172433 (Po)

 MARSTON, Wallace C, Private, RMLI, 14787 (Po)

 MARTER, Joseph, Private, RMLI, 10554 (Po)

 MARTIN, Stanley, Chief Electrical Artificer 2c, 345056 (Po)

 MASLEN, Nelson, Private, RMLI, 16921 (Po)

 MASTERS, James A, Able Seaman, 220445 (Po)

 MATON, Edward T, Stoker 1c, SS 114371 (Po)

 MATTHEWS, Edward C, Chief Stoker, 278364 (Po)

 MATTHEWSON, Francis E, Ordinary Seaman, J 21577 (Po)

 MAXWELL, William, Musician, RMB 1379 (Po)

 MAY, John, Leading Stoker, RNR, U 1963 (Po)

 MAY, William H, Petty Officer 1c, 184652 (Po)

 MAYNE, William R, Chief Yeoman of Signals, 167410 (Po)

 MCALLISTER, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 12655 (Po)

 MCCARTHY, James, Seaman, RNR, B 4811 (Po)

 MCKENNA, Andrew, Seaman, RNR, A 2594 (Po)

 MCKENZIE, Malcolm, Seaman, RNR, B 5055 (Po)

 MCKIE, James, Stoker, RNR, 3100 T (Po)

 MCLENAHAN, John, Sergeant, RMLI, 12361 (Po)

 MCNICHOL, James, Seaman, RNR, B 5012 (Po)

 MCRITCHIE, Murdo, Seaman, RNR, A 2164 (Po)

 MCWILLIAMS, Alfred A, Boy 1c, J 19864 (Po)

 MERRIKIN, John, Able Seaman, SS 4133 (Po)

 MERWOOD, Frank R E, Mechanician, 2944412 (Po)

 MIDDLETON, William C, Private, RMLI, 15728 (Po)

 MIFSUD, Antonio, Officer's Cook 2c, 359765 (Po)

 MILLER, William, Petty Officer (NS), 169406 (Po)

 MILLER, William, Surgeon

 MILLIS, Frederick H, Ordinary Seaman, J 22201 (Po)

 MILLS, John R, Act/Leading Stoker, K 8054 (Po)

 MITCHELL, John A, Stoker Petty Officer, 294555 (Po)

 MONTAGU, Alexander C, Lieutenant

 MOODY, Albert E, Stoker 1c, 311523 (Po)

 MOORE, Frederick, Musician, RMB 757 (Po)

 MOORE, Sydney V, Boy 1c, J 22012 (Po)

 MOORHEAD, David, Stoker 1c, K 22184 (Po)

 MOORHOUSE, Stuart, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4294 (Po)

 MORGAN, Harry, Ordinary Seaman, J 20693 (Po)

 MORGAN, Henry, Ship's Corporal 1c (proby), M 6168 (Po)

 MORGAN, James F, Stoker 1c, K 10193 (Po)

 MORRISH, Harold, Able Seaman, 232359 (Po)

 MORRISON, Alfred, Corporal, RMLI, 15260 (Po)

 MORRISON, John B, Able Seaman, J 11844 (Po)

 MORTIMER, Albert E, Act/Leading Stoker, 308375 (Po)

 MORTON, Herbert C, Captain, RM

 MORTRAM, Norman, Ordinary Seaman, J 20479 (Po)

 MOSEDALE, William J, Provisional Seaman, RNR, A 5813 (Po)

 MOSS, William, Boy 1c, J 22017 (Po)

 MUGGERIDGE, Stephen, Private, RMLI, 11648 (Po)

 MULHALL, Edward, Stoker 1c, SS 110177 (Po)

 MULLARKEY, Alfred J, Chief Petty Officer, 139722 (Po)

 MUNDAY, Jack G, Private, RMLI, 15857 (Po)

 NASH, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 2470 (Po)

 NASH, Henry J, Able Seaman, 210357 (Po)

 NASH, Samuel T, Petty Officer 1c, 175321 (Po)

 NASH, William, Stoker 1c, K 8684 (Po)

 NEALE, Thomas, Private, RMLI, 10125 (Po)

 NEISH, James N, Able Seaman, 215565 (Po)

 NEW, Charles W, Ship's Steward, 341245 (Po)

 NEWELL, William E, Stoker Petty Officer, 281808 (Po)

 NEWING, Cecil E E, Boy 1c, J 21910 (Po)

 NEWMAN, Harry L, Stoker 2c, K 20779 (Po)

 NEWSON, Herbert E, Boy 1c, J 25990 (Po)

 NICHOLLS, Harry, Artificer Engineer

 NICHOLSON, George R, Officer's Cook 1c, 357957 (Po)

 NIX, Percival K, Fleet Surgeon

 NIXON, Edward W, 3rd Writer, M 4645 (Po)

 NOBBS, Frank C, Able Seaman, 221208 (Po)

 NORRIS, Sam, Officer's Steward 1c, 363319 (Po)

 NORTH, Edward D, Private, RMLI, 16622 (Po)

 NORTHCOTT, Arthur, Boy 1c, J 28673 (Po)

 NUNN, Herbert S, Petty Officer 1c, 188041 (Po)

 OGDEN, George, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 269671 (Po)

 OLIVER, Mont G, Able Seaman, J 22955 (Po)

 OTHEN, William A E, Ordinary Signalman, J 11241 (Po)

 OUTHWAITE, George H, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4620 (Po)

 OVERTON, Reginald, Boy 1c, J 21987 (Po)

 OXFORD, Ernest, Private, RMLI, 16421 (Po)

 PACKHAM, William S, Boy 1c, J 25175 (Po)

 PAGETT, Frederick, Private, RMLI, 15861 (Po)

 PALMER, Edgar C, Able Seaman, SS 4138 (Po)

 PARFITT, Walter W, Able Seaman, 219222 (Po)

 PARK, George, Stoker 1c, K 2812 (Po)

 PARKER, John F, Engine Room Artificer 4c, M 794 (Po)

 PARKINS, Harry H, Leading Signalman, 225818 (Po)

 PARSONS, William A, Ordinary Signalman, J 24088 (Po)

 PARSONS, William J, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4189 (Po)

 PARTRIDGE, Ernest P, Private, RMLI, 11143 (Po)

 PARTRIDGE, Herbert S, Leading Seaman, 209145 (Po)

 PARVIN, Arthur E, Stoker Petty Officer, 290747 (Po)

 PATERSON, William, Private, RMLI, 15541 (Po)

 PAY, Ernest, Leading Stoker, 307382 (Po)

 PEARCE, Walter H, Able Seaman, 229312 (Po)

 PEARS, Arthur R, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4958 (Po)

 PELHAM, John, Able Seaman, 227558 (Po)

 PELLING, Horace L, Private, RMLI, 18111 (Ch)

 PENROSE, John S S, Lieutenant Commander

 PERIGO, Charles J, Petty Officer 1c, 198472 (Po)

 PERREN, Christopher, Stoker 1c, 229921 (Po)

 PERRY, Percival, Mechanician, 291717 (Po)

 PETTER, Frank, Stoker 2c, K 20804 (Po)

 PEXTON, Charles W, Leading Stoker, 283978 (Po)

 PHILLIPS, Albert M H, Commander

 PHILLIPS, Arthur T, Chief Ship's Cook, 341680 (Po)

 PHILLIPS, Owen, Able Seaman, 217302 (Po)

 PIERSON, Dan, Leading Seaman, 213526 (Po)

 PINK, Harry E, Boy 1c, J 23599 (Po)

 PINKNEY, William H, Ordinary Seaman, J 6953 (Po)

 PITHER, Frederick J, Ordinary Seaman, J 22167 (Po)

 PLANK, Frank, Leading Seaman, 194389 (Po)

 PLOWMAN, John S, Able Seaman, J 9253 (Po)

 PLUMBRIDGE, William A, Boy 1c, J 21897 (Po)

 POATE, Reginald L, Able Seaman, J 22276 (Po)

 POLLARD, William H, Act/Leading Stoker, 312410 (Po)

 POLS, Henry J, Ordinary Seaman, J 13105 (Po)

 PONSFORD, Bertram E, Ordinary Seaman, J 20422 (Po)

 PONSONBY, Bertie H, Naval Cadet

 POOLE, John, Able Seaman, J 3730 (Po)

 POPE, Percy J, Signalman, J 11516 (Po)

 POPLAR, John A, Mechanician, 283519 (Ch)

 PORTER, John E, Able Seaman, J 16707 (Po)

 PORTER, William, Stoker 1c, K 17685 (Po)

 POTTER, Charles, Stoker 1c, K 4731 (Po)

 POULSON, Charles F, Act/Leading Stoker, K 5868 (Po)

 POWELL, George, Able Seaman, J 1999 (Po)

 POWELL, William O, Stoker Petty Officer, 286566 (Po)

 PRATT, Samuel H, Able Seaman, 210159 (Po)

 PRATT, Thomas W, Electrical Artificer 3c, M 2835 (Po)

 PRATT, William, Leading Seaman, 225409 (Po)

 PRICE, William S, Chief Petty Officer (RFR A 4082), 149319 (Po)

 PRITCHARD, James A, Able Seaman, 236685 (Po)

 PRITCHARD, Robert, Stoker, RNR, U 1887 (Po)

 PRIVETT, George H, Private, RMLI, 14435 (Po)

 PULLEY, Hubert, Able Seaman, J 679 (Po)

 PYE, John H C, Ordinary Seaman, J 22922 (Po)

 QUERIPEL, Cecil M, Lieutenant Commander

 RANDLE, Alfred, Stoker 2c, K 20778 (Po)

 RAWSTHORNE, John, Electrical Artificer 2c, 3473989 (Po)

 RAY, Arthur E, Ordinary Seaman, J 22944 (Po)

 REDMAN, George H, Able Seaman, 237084 (Po)

 REED, Thomas, Stoker 1c, SS 114147 (Po)

 REID, David H, Stoker 2c, K 21445 (Po)

 REID, John A F, Boy 1c, J 21914 (Po)

 REID, Michael, Stoker 2c, SS 114412 (Po)

 RENDELL, Frederick, Sergeant, RMLI, 9599 (Po)

 RICHARDS, George C, Able Seaman, 229696 (Po)

 RICHARDS, William, Stoker 1c, K 11951 (Po)

 RICHARDSON, William J, 2nd Sick Berth Steward, 351566 (Po)

 RIDGE, Edward J, Seaman, RNR, B 3920 (Po)

 RILEY, Thomas W, Able Seaman (RFR B 6929), 215133 (Po)

 RITTEY, Arthur E, Chief Petty Officer (Pens), 146592 (Po)

 ROATH, Frank, Stoker 1c, K 7737 (Po)

 ROBB, George, Able Seaman (RFR B 1425), 177783 (Po)

 ROBERTS, Benjamin J, Petty Officer, 217641 (Po)

 ROBERTSON, George, Musician, RMB 9 (Po)

 ROBINSON, Albert E, Ordinary Signalman, J 10794 (Po)

 ROBINSON, Lancelot A, Assistant Paymaster, RNR

 ROGERS, Henry G F, Stoker 1c, K 14647 (Po)

 ROGERS, Percy F, Officer's Steward 3c, L 3814 (Po)

 ROSE, John A, Private, RMLI, 15257 (Po)

 ROSE, Roland J, Leading Seaman, 232420 (Po)

 ROSE, Wilfred, Able Seaman, 231679 (Po)

 ROWLEY, Bert, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4536), SS 103535 (Po)

 RUDKIN, Frederick H, Private, RMLI, 14535 (Po)

 RUFF, Henry J, Able Seaman, J 22200 (Po)

 RUMMERY, George A, Ship's Corporal 2c, 208425 (Po)

 RUSSELL, George E, Stoker 1c, K 7815 (Po)

 RUSSELL, James, Chief Engine Room Artificer 1c, 269300 (Po)

 RYDER, Charles E, Stoker 1c, SS 109786 (Po)

 SAIT, Frederick G, Shipwright 1c, 343213 (Po)

 SANDERS, Albert E, Stoker 1c, 310090 (Po)

 SANDY, William J, Stoker 1c, 305009 (Po)

 SARGENT, Herbert F, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2056 (Po)

 SAUNDERS, Edgar W, Bugler, RMLI, 15495 (Po)

 SCHOFIELD, Edward, Bandmaster, RM

 SCLATER, Guy L, Captain

 SCOFIELD, William F E J, Boy 1c, J 20687 (Po)

 SCOTMAN, Edward G, Able Seaman, J 14112 (Po)

 SCOTT, Reginald C, Able Seaman, J 11273 (Po)

 SCOTT, Robert, Able Seaman, J 11480 (Po)

 SCOTT, William W, Master at Arms, 150144 (Po)

 SEAMAN, George A, Stoker 1c, SS 110145 (Po)

 SELLAR, Percy L, Act/Leading Stoker, K 5389 (Po)

 SHARPE, Frederick J, Engine Room Artificer 3c, M 1468 (Po)

 SHAW, Robert, Private, RMLI, 16947 (Po)

 SHEATH, Frederick C, Gunner

 SHERWIN, Henry A, Act/Chief Petty Officer, 173855 (Po)

 SHINER, Walter J, Private, RMLI, 17038 (Po)

 SHORE, Arthur W, Able Seaman, 239119 (Po)

 SHORT, Patrick J, Stoker, RNR, U 2014 (Po)

 SHORTER, William T, Petty Officer Telegraphist, 211056 (Po)

 SHUTTLEWORTH, William, Stoker 1c (RFR B 2894), 302814 (Po)

 SILLENCE, George, Able Seaman, 212399 (Po)

 SILLENCE, Henry H, Able Seaman, J 5789 (Po)

 SIMMONDS, Oliver, Petty Officer 1c, 100001 (Po)

 SIMMONS, William H, Act/Leading Stoker, K 7208 (Po)

 SIMS, John, Naval Cadet

 SKENE, John L, Stoker, RNR, S 1505 (Po)

 SLADE, Ernest F W, Able Seaman, 177143 (Po)

 SLATER, Henry J, Leading Seaman, 204658 (Po)

 SMITH, Charles E, Able Seaman, J 14923 (Po)

 SMITH, Clarence W, Ordinary Seaman, J 18467 (Po)

 SMITH, John G, Able Seaman, J 7689 (Po)

 SMITH, Joseph A, Stoker 2c, K 22344 (Po)

 SMITH, Mark A W H, Painter 2c, M 7438 (Po)

 SMITH, Samuel J, Private, RMLI, 12256 (Po)

 SMITH, William C, Ordinary Seaman, J 22935 (Po)

 SMITH, William J, Ty/Warrant Engineer, RNR

 SMITH, William W, Private, RMLI, 16701 (Po)

 SOPP, Percy, Boy 1c, J 25189 (Po)

 SPAIN, Percy F, Engine Room Artificer 4c, 272454 (Po)

 SPARKS, Walter E, Ordinary Seaman, J 16409 (Po)

 SPEARING, William, Able Seaman, 187428 (Po)

 SPENCER, Benjamin, Signal Boy, J 27267 (Po)

 SPINDLOE, Walter A, Stoker 1c, K 9319 (Po)

 SPROWSON, Harold, Able Seaman, SS 4184 (Po)

 STACEY, John, Stoker 1c, 290253 (Po)

 STAINER, William G, Paymaster

 STAINTON, Stanley G, Boy 1c, J 17548 (Po)

 STANDAGE, Charles A, Able Seaman, 218114 (Po)

 STARES, George, Private, RMLI, 9336 (Po)

 STEPHENS, Harold A, Boy 1c, J 28651 (Po)

 STEWART, Alexander, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4131 (Po)

 STEWART, John A, Able Seaman (RFR B 6585), 197314 (Po)

 STEWART, William J, Petty Officer, 211651 (Po)

 STILLMAN, William, Private, RMLI, 13269 (Po)

 STOTT, Ellis, Carpenter's Crew, M 5192 (Po)

 STROTTON, Thomas W, Leading Seaman, 224279 (Po), died that day in RN Hospital Chatham

 STROUD, William G, Seaman, RNR, B 4863

 STUCKEY, Frank S, Artificer Engineer

 STURGEON, Harry, Stoker 2c, SS 115102 (Po)

 SUTTON, Frank, Able Seaman, 237800 (Po)

 SWABY, Septimus, Able Seaman, SS 4223 (Po)

 TANSWELL, Reginald C, Private, RMLI, 16949 (Po)

 TAYLOR, Benjamin D, Private, RMLI, 14200 (Po)

 TAYLOR, Norman W, Midshipman

 TAYLOR, Wilfred J, Boy 1c, J 19153 (Po)

 TEDRAKE, Ernest G, Petty Officer 1c, 189524 (Po)

 TERRY, George, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4640), 103854 (Po)

 THOMAS, George, Private, RMLI, 15867 (Po)

 THOMPSON, Arthur, Private, RMLI, 15550 (Po)

 THOMSON, Alexander E, Seaman, RNR, A 3776 (Po)

 THOMSON, Magnus B, Seaman, RNR, B 4895 (Po)

 THOMSON, William, Seaman, RNR, D 1808 (Po)

 THORNTON, Harry, Stoker 1c, 114514 (Po)

 TIDY, Tom, Ordinary Signalman, RNVR, Sussex 1/343

 TINKLER, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 8681 (Po)

 TOMLINSON, James A, Stoker 1c (RFR B 6680), SS 108332 (Po)

 TOMPKINSON, Joseph S, Private, RMLI, 13056 (Po)

 TOTTAN, Henry K, Able Seaman, J 22918 (Po)

 TOY, Alfred S, Boy 1c, J 25902 (Po)

 TRACEY, Frederick, Private, RMLI, 15891 (Po)

 TRAVERS, Frederick H R, Act/Leading Stoker, K 6012 (Po)

 TRAVES, Edward J, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2511 (Po)

 TREACHER, Thomas H, Petty Officer, 182390 (Po)

 TREEBY, Reginald B, Py/Midshipman, RNR

 TREMAIN, William R R, Able Seaman, 229089 (Po)

 TRUMAN, Frank P, Private, RMLI, 15286 (Po)

 TUBB, Charles E, Cook's Mate 2c, M 7577 (Po)

 TUBBS, Charles H, Stoker, RNR, U 1880 (Po)

 TUCK, Tom, Petty Officer 1c, 184815 (Po)

 TUCKER, William J N, Leading Seaman, 203288 (Po)

 TULLETT, Frank, Petty Officer (G), 217763 (Po)

 TURNER, Arthur, Mechanician, 283166 (Po)

 TURNER, Gerald De La M, Midshipman

 TWEDDELL, Alfred J, Blacksmith's Mate, 346052 (Po)

 TWINN, John E, Stoker 1c, SS 110149 (Po)

 TWORT, William, Ordinary Seaman, J 23974 (Po)

 TYE, Arthur, Stoker 1c (RFR B 4574), SS 103680 (Po)

 TYERS, George W, Stoker 2c, K 21449 (Po)

 UNDERHAY, William F G, Able Seaman, 195322 (Po)

 UPCHURCH, William J, Stoker 1c, K 19955 (Po)

 UPFIELD, Alfred, Stoker 1c, K 3786 (Po)

 UPPERTON, William A, Stoker 1c, K 10636 (Po)

 USHER, George T G, Act/Leading Stoker, 226977 (Po)

 VERNON, Harold W, Ordinary Seaman, J 22218 (Po)

 VINCENT, Frank W, Cook's Mate, M 5013 (Po)

 VINCENT, Henry S J, Armourer's Crew, M 4093 (Po)

 VINCENT, William T C, Telegraphist, J 12355 (Po)

 WAGGETT, George, Shipwright 1c, 343008 (Po)

 WAKELY, Percy T, Officer's Steward 2c, L 1303 (Po)

 WALKER, William J, Private, RMLI, 15876 (Po)

 WALLS, Thomas F, Ordinary Seaman, J 22024 (Po)

 WALTERS, William C, Able Seaman, J 5627 (Po)

 WALTERS, William J, Boy 1c, J 28357 (Po)

 WARD, Edwin J, Sergeant, RMLI, 9009 (Po)

 WARE, Frederick W, Leading Seaman (RFR B 705), 156294 (Po)

 WARMAN, Reginald P, Able Seaman, 239859 (Po)

 WARNER, Bertram W, Ordinary Seaman, J 22952 (Po)

 WATHEN, John, Stoker, RNR, V 1195 (Po)

 WATKINS, George, Shipwright 1c, 344396 (Po)

 WATSON, Walter J, Leading Stoker, K 2106 (Po)

 WATT, Edward G B, Lieutenant, RNR

 WATTS, Thomas, Boy 1c, J 28723 (Po)

 WEBB, Albert E, Stoker Petty Officer (RFR B 6574), 299777 (Po)

 WEBB, Albert E, Yeoman of Signals, 205158 (Po)

 WEBB, Cecil J, Canteen Assistant, Admiralty civilian

 WEBB, Ernest S, Canteen Assistant, Admiralty civilian

 WEBSTER, Harry, Private, RMLI, 8563 (Po)

 WELLS, Frederick, Mechanician, 281105 (Po)

 WESTBROOK, William, Gunner

 WESTON, Arthur F C, Private, RMLI, 15392 (Po)

 WHARTON, Charles, Private, RMLI, 7860 (Po)

 WHEATLEY, Vincent, Boy 1c, J 22019 (Po)

 WHEELER, William L, Ordinary Seaman, J 20477 (Po)

 WHEELER, William R, Boy 1c, J 20385 (Po)

 WHICHELLO, John, Musician, RMB 250

 WHITE, Albert P, Private, RMLI, 15390 (Po)

 WHITE, Edward H, Cook's Mate, M 3446 (Po)

 WICKS, Henry, Leading Seaman, 231240 (Po)

 WIKE, George H, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4957 (Po)

 WILCOX, Joseph J, Act/Leading Stoker, K 2365 (Po)

 WILKINS, Herbert C, Stoker 1c, 301771 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, James, Able Seaman (RFR B 6042), 199924 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, James F, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4815 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Leslie T, Ordinary Seaman, J 19601 (Po)

 WILLIAMS, Walter K, Engineer Captain

 WILLIAMSON, Evelyn J, Midshipman

 WILLIAMSON, William, Stoker 1c, SS 109588 (Po)

 WILLISON, Arthur, Stoker 1c, K 17669 (Po)

 WILLSMORE, Albert J, Boy 1c, J 25974 (Po)

 WILSON, Andrew, Stoker 1c, 286778 (Po)

 WILSON, Charles H, Naval Cadet

 WILSON, Douglas H V, Lieutenant

 WILSON, Harry, Private, RMLI, 13568 (Ch)

 WILSON, John R K, Stoker 1c, 168866 (Po)

 WILTSHIRE, Charles E, Stoker 2c, K 21202 (Po)

 WING, Leonard C, Cook's Mate, M 2935 (Po)

 WINKWORTH, Albert E, Ordinary Seaman, SS 4180 (Po)

 WITHERS, Ernest W, Able Seaman, J 13034 (Po)

 WOOD, Edgar E, Stoker 1c, K 21171 (Po)

 WOOD, Edwin A, Armourer, 341313 (Po)

 WOOD, William A, Engineer Lieutenant

 WOODGATE, John A, Cooper, 240367 (Po)

 WOODWARD, Roland R, Boy 1c, J 28701 (Po)

 WOOLGAR, William, Ordinary Seaman, J 21990 (Po)

 WORT, Leonard J, Leading Telegraphist, 311145 (Po)

 WREN, Thomas G, Able Seaman, SS 3273 (Po)

 WREST, George A, Sick Berth Attendant, M 5014 (Po)

 WRIGHT, Joseph, Able Seaman, 235206 (Po)

 WRIGHT, Lawrence W, Ty/Engineer Lieutenant

 WYNNE, John, Stoker, RNR, T 2449 (Po)

 YOUNG, Edwin V, Stoker 1c, K 4426 (Po)

 YOUNG, John, Stoker 1c (RFR B 888), 170257 (Po)

 SURVIVORS (16), including seven who died of injuries

Anderson, James, Seaman, RNR, C 3695 (Po), DOI 30th

Andrews, Frederick George, Officer's Steward 2c, L 5829 (Po), DOI 30th

Budd, Albert Cosham, Sergeant, Po 8314

Crow, William Archibald, Able Seaman, 238557 (Po), DOI 27th

Day, William Ewart Gladstone, Stoker 2c, K 21477 (Po)

Dufty, Fred Goodlad, Stoker 1c, K 17693 (Po)

Eames, Anthony, Stoker 1c, 283372 (Po), DOI 29th

Gale, James John, Able Seaman (RFR B 1086), 166068 (Po), DOI 18 Jan 15

Guy, Gilbert Lionel, Private, 15744 (Po), DOI 28th

Johnson, William, Leading Seaman, 198355 (Po)

Marshall, Stephen Frederick, Able Seaman, 231657 (Po)

Pitter, Charles, Able Seaman, J 7172 (Po)

Spackman, Frederick Charles, Able Seaman, 205028 (Po) RFR Po B 6521

Stait, James, Able Seaman, 226097 (Po)

Strotten, Thomas William, Leading Seaman, 224279 (Po), DOI that day in Chatham HospItal (also in main list)

Stroud, Norman, Able Seaman, 161786 (Po) RFR Po B 967



Friday, 27 November 1914


Bulwark, pre-Dreadnought battleship, destroyed on 26th

 CROW, William A, Able Seaman, 238557 (Po), DOW


Crusader, destroyer

 MILES, Albert E, Able Seaman, 238588, died in UK


RND, 4th (Depot) Battalion

 MORRISON, James A, Ordinary Seaman, RNVR, Z 2406 (Clyde), DOI in Crystal Palace


Royal Navy

 MARTIN, William, Lieutenant, illness



Saturday, 28 November 1914


Alsatian, armed merchant cruiser

 SPRY, William, Fleet Surgeon, illness


Bulwark, pre-Dreadnought battleship, destroyed on 26th

 GUY, Gilbert L, Private, RMLI, 15744 (Po), DOW


E.15, submarine

 MORRIS, George J, Able Seaman, 200450, drowned




Fox, old light cruiser

 LACEY, Herbert T, Stoker 1c, K 6663 (Dev), killed in action



Fury, destroyer

 SLEE, Thomas, Able Seaman, 185983, illness


Orama, armed merchant cruiser

 SURRY, William, Fireman, MMR, (no service number listed), died in St Lucia



Sunday, 29 November 1914


Bulwark, pre-Dreadnought battleship, destroyed on 26th

 EAMES, Anthony, Stoker 1c (RFR B 2763), 283372 (Po), DOW


Royal Marines

 OWEN, Charles L, Captain (and Hon. Colonel, RM), illness



Monday, 30 November 1914


Bellona, light cruiser

 WESTLAKE, Thomas, Ship's Corporal, 202718, illness


Bulwark, pre-Dreadnought battleship, destroyed on 26th

 ANDERSON, James, Seaman, RNR, C 3695 (Po), DOW

 ANDREWS, Frederick G, Officer's Steward 2c, L 5829 (Po), DOW


Kestrel, old destroyer

 BAILEY, Harry N, Able Seaman, J 12442 (Ch), drowned


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