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Dear Visitor,

Due to long term illness, I am aiming to limit the number of emails I receive, hence my address is not shown. However, I hope to continue to add new material to Naval-History.Net.

You are welcome to use anything from Naval-History.Net for any purpose, and without asking my permission, but please acknowledge the source. Some of the images belong to me or to those who have sent me naval history research or memoirs.The rest are mainly from a limited number of internet sites including Cyber-Heritage, Maritime Quest, Navy Photos, Photo Ships and Wikipedia. You should acknowledge these sites as necessary,

I can be contacted through my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The following guidelines should enable you to find what you want on the Internet:

1. My main area of interest is the Navies of the world 1914 to 1945 and postwar, and now the Victorian Navy. Outside this, you could search for more suitable websites (I use Google).

2. To find out about particular ships, use the search box at the top of If you can not find what you want, do an internet search, but add HMS (or HMAS, HMCS, HMIS, HMNZS, USS etc) in front of the name and make sure the spelling is right. This applies both to ships and shore bases.

3. includes Royal, Indian and Dominion Navy casualties 1914-2008 and some United States Navy  and Marine Corps casualties  1914-1918.  You can also check the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site (Google search).

4. To find out about ex-Navy family and friends, you will need their service records. The easiest thing is an internet search by RN and USN service records. The RN record should include ships and dates, and you can then research those ships on Naval-History.Net and other sites. Note: some of these ships will be shore bases.

Good luck with your researches.

Best wishes,

Gordon Smith


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revised 28/9/15