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Part 1 - BY DATE, 1941

USS Kearney alongside USS Monssen at Reykjavik two days after being torpedoed on Oct 17, 1941. Note torpedo hit amidships  (NA/Fred Weiss, click to enlarge) return to US Navy Casualties, WW2
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This limited list of Navy casualties by Date and Ship/Unit (where known) for December 1941 is a summary of the names in:

More information on each name should be found in Part 1 including possible variations.

The aim it to ensure that every casualty is listed, no matter what the source - in this case, the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC or bm), Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA or va), Arlington National Cemetery (ANC or ac), US Navy Memorial (NM or nm) and Pearl Harbor Casualties (PH or ph). Additional casualties have been added from the "On Eternal Patrol" (ep) and USS Dobbin Action Report (ar) sites.

US Marine Corps casualties in the sinking or damaging of USN ships are retained in these lists. Please go to the USMC-by-Name page for more information on each name.

The role of the Navy is widely known, but frequent excerpts from the "The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II" (oc) by Robert J Cressman  have still been added. These provide a fuller background to the casualties suffered.

This is a long term project, and the information on each name will not be edited until all main sources, including States Lists, have been accessed.

Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Ne



MAY 1941

Ship/Unit not known
DAVIS, Eugene, E., Lieutenant, O-061084, USN, from Utah, MIA, May 23, 1941, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm)

JUNE 1941

Ship/Unit not known
GROVE, George, W., Lieutenant Commander, O-009021, USN, Connecticut MIA, June 13, 1941, North Africa American Cemetery (bm)


Friday, October 17, 1941

Destroyer Kearny (DD- 432) is torpedoed by U-568 southwest of Iceland, 5700'N, 2400'W; 11 of Kearny's crew are killed, 22 injured

KEARNY  DD-432, destroyer, U-Boat attack in North Atlantic, damaged, 11 men died, 22 injured; 11 in USNM log
CALVERT, George, F1c, USN (nm)
CAMP, Floyd, SC1c, USN (nm)
CURTIS, Luther, WT1c, USN (nm)
DOBNIKAR, Louis, WT2c, USN (nm)
GAJEWAY, Herman, WT1c, USN (nm)
LAFLEUR, Lloyd, PhM2c, USN (nm)
LARRIVIERE, Sidney, F1c, USN (nm)
PYLE, Dwight, Sea2c, USN (nm)
STOLTZ, Iral, F1c, USN (nm)
WADE, Russell, F2c, USN (nm)
YOUNG, Harry, MM2c, USN (nm)

Friday, October 31, 1941

Destroyer Reuben James (DD-245), while escorting 42-ship convoy HX 156, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-552 off western Iceland, 5159'N, 2705'W; 115 men are killed.

  DD-245, destroyer, U-Boat attack in North Atlantic, sunk; 115 men died, 44 survivors, 99 in USNM log

BAUER, John, CRM, USN (nm)
BEASLEY, Harold, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BELDEN, James, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
BENSON, James, MM2c, USN (nm)
BIEHL, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BOYNTON, Paul, Y1c, USN (nm)
BRITT, Harold, Cox, USN (nm)
BURRELL, Herbert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BYRD, Hartwell, Sea1c, USN (nm)

CARBAUGH, Leftwich, F1c, USN (nm)
CARUSO, Joseph, RM2c, USN (nm)
CLARK, James, FC2c, USN (nm)
COOK, Raymond, Matt1c, USN (nm)
COOPERIDGE, Carl, GM3c, USN (nm)
COSGROVE, Lawrence, GM2c, USN (nm)
COUSINS, Alton, CMM, USN (nm)
COX, Charles, CTM, USN (nm)

DANIEL, Dennis, Y1c, USN (nm)
DAUB, John, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
DEVEREAU, Laurence, CBM, USN (nm)
DICKERSON, Leonidas, SK3c, USN (nm)
DOIRON, Gilbert, WT1c, USN (nm)
DRINKWALTER, Karl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DUNSTON, Nebraska, Matt3c, USN (nm)
DYSON, Corbon, RM3c, USN (nm)

EDWARDS, Heywood, LCdr, USN (nm)
EVANS, Gene, B2c, USN (nm)
EVANS, Linn, FC3c, USN (nm)
EVERETT, Carlyle, F2c, USN (nm)

FARLEY, Edwin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FITZGERALD, John, QM3c, USN (nm)
FLYNN, William, TM2c, USN (nm)
FRANKS, Hartley, SC2c, USN (nm)
FRENCH, Ralph, CCS, USN (nm)

GASKINS, Lester, MM1c, USN (nm)
GHETZLER, Benjamin, Lt, USN (nm)
GREER, John, CEM, USN (nm)
GREY, Ernest, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GRIFFIN, Arthur, SM2c, USN (nm)

HARRIS, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HAYES, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HENNIGER, William, GM1c, USN (nm)
HOGAN, Francis, GM3c, USN (nm)
HOUSE, Hugh, GM3c, USN (nm)
HUDLIN, Maurice, F1c, USN (nm)

JOHNSON, Joseph, Matt1c, USN (nm)
JOHNSTON, Dewey, Lt, USN (nm)
JONES, Glen, CQM, USN (nm)

KALANTA, Anthony, BM2c, USN (nm)
KAPP, Donald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KEEVER, Leonard, CMM, USN (nm)
KLOEPPER, Ralph, SM3c, USN (nm)

LITTLE, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)

MAGARIS, Paul, RM1c, USN (nm)
MCKEEVER, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MERRELL, Windell, F2c, USN (nm)
MERRITT, Auburn, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MILLS, Gerald, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MONDOUX, Albert, CWT, USN (nm)
MUSSELWHITE, Edgar, MM1c, USN (nm)

NEELY, Kenneth, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NEPTUNE, Aldon, TM3c, USN (nm)
NEWTON, William, Y3c, USN (nm)

ORANGE, Harold, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ORTIZUELA, Pedro, CK1c, USN (nm)
OWEN, Benjamin, Sea1c, USN (nm)

PAINTER, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PARKIN, Joseph, CWT, USN (nm)
PATERSON, William, Cox, USN (nm)
PENNINGTON, Burl, QM2c, USN (nm)
POLIZZI, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PORTER, Corwin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
POST, Frederick, BM1c, USN (nm)
POWELL, Lee, PhM1c, USN (nm)

RAYHILL, Elmer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
REID, Lee, TM1c, USN (nm)
RESS, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROGERS, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RYAN, John, Cox, USN (nm)
RYGWELSKI, Clarence, Sea1c, USN (nm)

SETTLE, Sunny, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SORENSEN, Walter, GM3c, USN (nm)
SOWERS, Wallace, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SPOWERS, Craig, Ens, USN (nm)
STANKUS, Anthony, Sea2c, USN (nm)
STELMACH, Jerome, Sea1c, USN (nm)

TAYLOR, Wilton, F1c, USN (nm)
TOWERS, George, CGM, USN (nm)
TURNER, Lewis, SM3c, USN (nm)

VOILES, Loyd, Sea1c, USN (nm)
VORE, Harold, F1c, USN (nm)

WADE, Howard, Ens, USN (nm)
WEAVER, Jesse, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WELCH, Chester, F2c, USN (nm)
WHARTON, Kenneth, FC1c, USN (nm)
WOODY, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WRAY, Edwin, Sea1c, USN (nm)

Ship/Unit not known, possibly USS Reuben James above
SALTIS, Edward, P., Boilermaker First Class, 2996521, USN, Virginia, MIA, October 31, 1941, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm)



Sunday, December 7, 1941

Japanese planes torpedo and sink battleships Oklahoma (BB-37) and West Virginia (BB-48), and auxiliary (gunnery training/target ship) Utah (AG-16). On board Oklahoma, Ensign Francis G. Flaherty, USNR, and Seaman First Class James R. Ward, as the ship is abandoned, hold flashlights to allow their shipmates to escape; on board West Virginia, her commanding officer, Captain Mervyn Bennion, directs his ship's defense until struck down and mortally wounded by a fragment from a bomb that hits battleship Tennessee (BB-43) moored inboard; on board Utah, Austrian-born Chief Watertender Peter Tomich remains at his post as the ship capsizes, securing the boilers and making sure his shipmates have escaped from the fireroom.

Japanese bombs also sink battleship Arizona (BB-39); the cataclysmic explosion of her forward magazine causes heavy casualties, among them Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, Commander Battleship Division 1 .

When Arizona explodes, she is moored inboard of repair ship Vestal (AR-4); the blast causes damage to the repair ship, which has already been hit by a bomb. ..

Battleship California (BB-44) is hit by both bombs and torpedoes and sinks at her berth alongside Ford Island; ..

Japanese bombs damage destroyers Cassin (DD-372) and Downes (DD-375), which are lying immobile in Drydock No. 1.

Minelayer Oglala (CM-4) is damaged by concussion from torpedo exploding in light cruiser Helena (CL-50) moored alongside, and capsizes at her berth; harbor tug Sotoyomo (YT-9) is sunk in floating drydock YFD-2. .. Of the other sunken ships, California, West Virginia, Oglala, and Sotoyomo are raised and repaired; Cassin and Downes are rebuilt around their surviving machinery; all are returned to service. Oklahoma, although raised after monumental effort, is never repaired, and ultimately sinks while under tow to the west coast to be broken up for scrap. The hulks of Arizona and Utah remain at Pearl as Memorial (bm)s.

Battleship Nevada (BB-36), the only capital ship to get underway during the attack, is damaged by bombs and a torpedo before she is beached. ..

Battleships Pennsylvania (BB-38), Tennessee (BB-43), and Maryland (BB-46), light cruiser Honolulu (CL-48), and floating drydock YFD-2 are damaged by bombs; light cruisers Raleigh (CL-7) and Helena (CL-50) are damaged by torpedoes; destroyer Shaw (DD-373), by bombs, in floating drydock YFD-2; heavy cruiser New Orleans (CA-32), destroyers Helm (DD-388) and Hull (DD- 350), destroyer tender Dobbin (AD-3), repair ship Rigel (AR-11), and seaplane tender Tangier (AV-8), are damaged by near-misses of bombs; seaplane tender Curtiss (AV-4) is damaged by crashing carrier bomber; garbage lighter YG-17 (alongside Nevada at the outset) is damaged by strafing and/or concussion of bombs.

Carrier Enterprise (CV-6) Air Group (CEAG, VB 6 and VS 6) search flight (Commander Howard L. Young, CEAG), in two-plane sections of SBDs, begins arriving off Oahu as the Japanese attack unfolds; some SBDs meet their doom at the hands of Japanese planes; one (VS 6) is shot down by friendly fire. ..

Navy Yard and Naval Station, Pearl Harbor; Naval Air Stations at Ford Island and Kaneohe Bay; Ewa Mooring Mast Field (Marine Corps air facility); Army airfields at Hickam, Wheeler, and Bellows; and Schofield Barracks suffer varying degrees of bomb and fragment damage.

Casualties amount to: killed or missing: Navy, 2,008; Marine Corps, 109; Army, 218; Civilian, 68; Wounded: Navy, 710; Marine Corps, 69; Army, 364; Civilian, 35. ..

.. Enterprise turns on searchlights to aid returning SBDs (VB 6 and VS 6) and TBDs (VT 6) that had been launched at dusk in an attempt to find Japanese ships reported off Oahu. Friendly fire, however, downs four of Enterprise's six F4Fs (VF 6) (the strike group escort) that are directed to land at Ford Island.

Midway Island is bombarded by Japanese Midway Neutralization Unit .. consisting of (2) destroyers

(ships and units are listed in name order)

ARIZONA  BB-39, battleship, air attack, Pearl Harbor, sunk; 1400 crew, 1177 died; 1177 in USNM log. Pearl Harbor casualties (ph) lists three additional names. One is confirmed by the USS Arizona Memorial (az), but two are not.

AARON, Hubert, F2c, USN (nm)
ABERCROMBIE, Samuel, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ADAMS, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ADKISON, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
AGUIRRE, Reyner, Sea2c, USN (nm)
AGUON, Gregorio, Matt1c, USN (nm)
AHERN, Richard, F1c, USN (nm)
ALBEROVSKY, Francis, BMkr1c, USN (nm)
ALBRIGHT, Galen, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ALEXANDER, Elvis, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ALLEN, Robert, SF3c, USN (nm)
ALLEN, William, EM1c, USN (nm)
ALLEN, William, SK2c, USN (nm)
ALLEY, Jay, GM1c, USN (nm)
ALLISON, Andrew, F1c, USN (nm)
ALLISON, J., F1c, USN (nm)
ALTEN, Ernest, Sea2c, USN (nm)
AMON, Frederick, Sea1c, USN (nm)
AMUNDSON, Leo, Pfc, USMC (nm)
ANDERBERG, William, F2c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Charles, CM2c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Delbert, BM2c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Donald, SM3c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Harry, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Howard, F2c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Irwin, Matt1c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Lawrence, Ens, USN (nm)
ANDERSON, Robert, GM3c, USN (nm)
ANDREWS, Brainerd, CCM, USN (nm)
ANGLE, Earnest, F2c, USN (nm)
ANTHONY, Glenn, Sea1c, USN (nm)
APLIN, James, CWT, USN (nm)
APPLE, Robert, F1c, USN (nm)
APREA, Frank, Cox, USN (nm)
ARLEDGE, Eston, SM2c, USN (nm)
ARNAUD, Achilles, F2c, USN (nm)
ARNOLD, Claude, F3c, USN (nm)
ARNOLD, Thell, SC1c, USN (nm)
ARRANT, John, MM1c, USN (nm)
ARVIDSON, Carl Harry, C.M.M.P, USN, USS Arizona, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); confirmed by USS Arizona Memorial (az)
ASHMORE, Wilburn, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ATCHISON, John, Pvt, USMC (nm)
ATKINS, Gerald, HA1c, USN (nm)
AUSTIN, Laverne, Sea1c, USN (nm)
AUTRY, Eligah, Cox, USN (nm)
AVES, Willard, F2c, USN (nm)
AYDELL, Miller, WT2c, USN (nm)
AYERS, Dee, Sea2c, USN (nm)

BADILLA, Manuel, F1c, USN (nm)
BAILEY, George, Pfc, USMC (nm)
BAIRD, Billy, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BAJORIMS, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BAKER, Robert, CMM, USN (nm)
BALL, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BANDY, Wayne, Mus2c, USN (nm)
BANGERT, John, FC1c, USN (nm)
BARAGA, Joseph, Sgt, USMC (nm)
BARDON, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BARKER, Loren, Cox, USN (nm)
BARNER, Walter, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BARNES, Charles, Y3c, USN (nm)
BARNES, Delmar, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
BARNETT, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BARTLETT, David, Cpl, USMC (nm)
BARTLETT, Paul, MM2c, USN (nm)
BATES, Edward, Ens, USN (nm)
BATES, Robert, PhM3c, USN (nm)
BATOR, Edward, F1c, USN (nm)
BAUER, Harold, RM3c, USN (nm)
BEATON, Freddie, Pvt, USMC (nm)
BEAUMONT, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BECK, George, Sea1c, USN (nm); believed DOW 10th (va)
BECKER, Wesley, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BECKER, Marvin, GM3c, USN (nm)
BEDFORD, Purdy, F1c, USN (nm)
BEERMAN, Henry, CM3c, USN (nm)
BEGGS, Harold, F1c, USN (nm)
BELL, Hershel, FC2c, USN (nm)
BELL, Richard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BELLAMY, James, OStd3c, USN (nm)
BELT, Everett, Pfc, USMC (nm)
BENFORD, Sam, Bkr2c, USN (nm)
BENNETT, William, Y3c, USN (nm)
BENSON, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BERGIN, Roger, F2c, USN (nm)
BERKANSKI, Albert, Cox, USN (nm)
BERNARD, Frank, SF2c, USN (nm)
BERRY, Gordon, F2c, USN (nm)
BERRY, James, F2c, USN (nm)
BERSCH, Arthur, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BERTIE, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BIBBY, Charles, F2c, USN (nm)
BICKEL, Kenneth, F1c, USN (nm)
BICKNELL, Dale, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BIRCHER, Frederick, RDM3c, USN (nm)
BIRDSELL, Rayon, F2c, USN (nm)
BIRGE, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BISHOP, Grover, MM1c, USN (nm)
BISHOP, Millard, F3c, USN (nm)
BISHOP, Wesley Horner, Jr., R.M.3c, USN (R), USS Arizona, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); not confirmed by USS Arizona Memorial (az); but listed on Honolulu Memorial for Dec 7th (bm)
BLACK, James, Pvt, USMC (nm)
BLAIS, Albert, RM3c, USN (nm)
BLAKE, James, F2c, USN (nm)
BLANCHARD, Albert, Cox, USN (nm)
BLANKENSHIP, Theron, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BLANTON, Atticus, SF3c, USN (nm)
BLIEFFERT, Richmond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BLOCK, Ivan, PhM2c, USN (nm)
BLOUNT, Wayman, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BOGGESS, Roy, SF2c, USN (nm)
BOHLENDER, Sam, GM3c, USN (nm)
BOLLING, Gerald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BOLLING, Walter, F3c, USN (nm)
BOND, Burnis, Cpl, USMC (nm)
BONEBRAKE, Buford, F2c, USN (nm)
BONFIGILO, William, EM1c, USN (nm)
BOOTH, Robert, Ens, USN (nm)R
BOOZE, Asbury, BM1c, USN (nm)
BORGER, Richard, CMM, USN (nm)
BOROVICH, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BORUSKY, Edwin, Cpl, USMC (nm)
BOSLEY, Kenneth, EM3c, USN (nm)
BOVIALL, Walter, AMM2c, USN (nm)
BOWMAN, Howard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BOYD, Charles, CM3c, USN (nm)
BOYDSTUN, Don, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BOYDSTUN, R., Sea2c, USN (nm)
BRABBZSON, Oran, Mus2c, USN (nm)
BRADLEY, Bruce, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BRAKKE, Kenneth, F3c, USN (nm)
BRICKLEY, Eugene, Pvt, USMC (nm)
BRIDGES, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BRIDGES, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BRIDIE, Robert, F1c, USN (nm)
BRIGNOLE, Erminio, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BRITTAN, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BROADHEAD, Johnnie, F2c, USN (nm)
BROCK, Walter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BROMLEY, George, SM3c, USN (nm)
BROMLEY, Jimmie, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BROOKS, Robert, Ens, USN (nm)
BROOME, Loy, SM3c, USN (nm)
BROONER, Allen, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BROPHY, Myron, F2c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Charles, TM3c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Elwyn, EM3c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Frank, QM3c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BROWN, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BROWNE, Harry, CMM, USN (nm)
BROWNING, Tilmon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BRUNE, James, RM3c, USN (nm)
BRYAN, Leland, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BRYANT, Lloyd, BM2c, USN (nm)
BUCKLEY, Jack, FC3c, USN (nm)
BUDD, Robert, F2c, USN (nm)
BUHR, Clarence, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BURDEN, Ralph, RM3c, USN (nm)
BURDETTE, Ralph, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BURKE, Frank, SK2c, USN (nm)
BURNETT, Charlie, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BURNS, John, F1c, USN (nm)
BUSICK, Dewey, F3c, USN (nm)
BUTCHER, David, F2c, USN (nm)
BUTLER, John, F1c, USN (nm)
BYRD, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)

CABAY, Louis, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CADE, Richard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CALDWELL, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CALLAGHAN, James, BM2c, USN (nm)
CAMDEN, Raymond, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CAMM, William, Y2c, USN (nm)
CAMPA, Ralph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CAMPBELL, Burdette, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CAPLINGER, Donald, SC3c, USN (nm)
CAREY, Francis, SC3c, USN (nm)
CARLISLE, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CARLSON, Harry, SK3c, USN (nm)
CARMACK, Harold, F2c, USN (nm)
CARPENTER, Robert, Matt1c, USN (nm)
CARROLL, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CARTER, Burton, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CARTER, Paxton, Act Pay Clk, USN (nm)
CASEY, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CASILAN, Epifanio, OStd3c, USN (nm)
CASKEY, Clarence, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CASTLEBERRY, Claude, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CATSOS, George, F1c, USN (nm)
CHACE, Raymond, CSK, USN (nm)
CHADWICK, Charles, MM2c, USN (nm)
CHADWICK, Harold, Matt1c, USN (nm)
CHAPMAN, Naaman, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CHARLTON, Charles, WT1c, USN (nm)
CHERNUCHA, Harry, Mus2c, USN (nm)
CHESTER, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CHRISTENSEN, Elmer, MM2c, USN (nm)
CHRISTENSEN, Loyd, F1c, USN (nm)
CHRISTIANSEN, Edward, Bkr3c, USN (nm)
CIHLAR, Lawrence, PhM3c, USN (nm)
CLARK, George, GM3c, USN (nm)
CLARK, John, F3c, USN (nm)
CLARK, Malcolm, Bkr3c, USN (nm)
CLARK, Robert, FC3c, USN (nm)
CLARKE, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CLASH, Donald, F2c, USN (nm)
CLAYTON, Robert, Cox, USN (nm)
CLEMMENS, Claude, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CLIFT, Ray, Cox, USN (nm)
CLOUES, Edward, Ens, USN (nm)
CLOUGH, Edward, GM1c, USN (nm)
COBB, Ballard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
COBURN, Walter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
COCKRUM, Kenneth, MM1c, USN (nm)
COFFIN, Robert, SF3c, USN (nm)
COFFMAN, Marshal, GM3c, USN (nm)
COLE, Charles, Sgt, USMC (nm)
COLE, David, Ens, USN (nm)
COLEGROVE, Willitt, Sea2c, USN (nm)
COLLIER, John, F2c, USN (nm)
COLLIER, Linald, Brk3c, USN (nm)
COLLINS, Austin, SF3c, USN (nm)
COLLINS, Billy, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CONLIN, Bernard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CONLIN, James, F2c, USN (nm)
CONNELLY, Richard, CQM, USN (nm)
CONRAD, Homer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CONRAD, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CONRAD, Walter, QM2c, USN (nm)
COOPER, Clarence, F2c, USN (nm)
COOPER, Kenneth, F2c, USN (nm)
CORCORAN, Gerard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
COREY, Ernest, PhM3c, USN (nm)
CORNELIUS, P., Sea2c, USN (nm)
CORNING, Russell, RM3c, USN (nm)
COULTER, Arthur, Sea2c, USN (nm)
COWAN, William, Cox, USN (nm)
COWDEN, Joel, Sea2c, USN (nm)
COX, Gerald, Mus2c, USN (nm)
COX, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CRAFT, Harley, CM3c, USN (nm)
CRAWLEY, Wallace, Cox, USN (nm)
CREMEENS, Louis, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CRISCUOLO, Michael, Y2c, USN (nm)
CRISWELL, Wilfred, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CROWE, Cecil, GM2c, USN (nm)
CROWLEY, Thomas, LCdr, USN (nm)
CURRY, William, WT2c, USN (nm)
CURTIS, Lloyd, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CURTIS, Lyle, RM2c, USN (nm)
CYBULSKI, Harold, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CYCHOSZ, Francis, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CZARNECKI, Stanley, F1c, USN (nm)
CZEKAJSKI, Theophil, SM3c, USN (nm)

DAHLHEIMER, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DANIEL, Lloyd, Y1c, USN (nm)
DANIK, Andrew, Sea2c, USN (nm)
DARCH, Phillip, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DAUGHERTY, Paul, EM3c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Thomas, SF1c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Milton, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Murle, RM2c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Myrle, F3c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Thomas, SF1c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Virgil, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DAWSON, James, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DAY, William, Sea2c, USN (nm); believed DOW 8th (va)
DEAN, Lyle, Cox, USN (nm)
DEARMOUN, Donald, GM3c, USN (nm)
DECASTRO, Vincente, OStd3c, USN (nm)
DELONG, Frederick, Cpl, USMC (nm)
DERITIS, Russell, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DEWITT, John, Cox, USN (nm)
DIAL, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DICK, Ralph, GM1c, USN (nm)
DINE, John, F2c, USN (nm)
DINEEN, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DOBEY, Milton, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DOHERTY, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
DOHERTY, John, MM2c, USN (nm)
DONOHUE, Ned, F1c, USN (nm)
DORITY, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DOUGHERTY, Ralph, FC1c, USN (nm)
DOYLE, Wand, Cox, USN (nm)
DREESBACH, Herbert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
DRIVER, Bill, RM3c, USN (nm)
DUCREST, Louis, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DUKE, Robert, CCS, USN (nm)
DULLUM, Jerald, EM3c, USN (nm)
DUNAWAY, Kenneth, F3c, USN (nm)
DUNHAM, Elmer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DUNNAM, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DUPREE, Arthur, F2c, USN (nm)
DURHAM, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DURIO, Russell, Pvt, USMC (nm)
DUVEENE, John, 1 Sgt, USMC (nm)
DVORAK, Alvin, BM2c, USN (nm); believed DOW 24th (va)

EATON, Emory, F3c, USN (nm)
EBEL, Walter, CTC, USN (nm)
EBERHART, Vincent, Cox, USN (nm)
ECHOLS, Charles, EM3c, USN (nm)
ECHTERNKAMP, Henry, Sea1c, USN (nm); believed DOW 10th (va)
EDMUNDS, Bruce, Y2c, USN (nm)
EERISSE, William, Ptr1c, USN (nm)
EGNEW, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
EHLERT, Casper, SM3c, USN (nm)
EHRMANTRAUT, Frank, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ELLIS, Wilbur, RM2c, USN (nm)
ELLIS, Francis, EM3c, USN (nm)
ELLIS, Richard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ELWELL, Royal, Sea1c, USN (nm)
EMBREY, Bill, F3c, USN (nm)
EMERY, Jack, Ens, USN (nm)
EMERY, John, GM3c, USN (nm)
EMERY, Wesley, SK2c, USN (nm)
ENGER, Stanley, GM3c, USN (nm)
ERICKSON, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ERSKINE, Robert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
ERWIN, Stanley, MM1c, USN (nm)
ERWIN, Walton, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ESTEP, Carl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ESTES, Forrest, F1c, USN (nm)
ESTES, Carl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ETCHASON, Leslie, Sea1c, USN (nm)
EULBERG, Richard, FC2c, USN (nm)
EVANS, David, Pfc, USMC (nm)
EVANS, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
EVANS, Mickey, Sea1c, USN (nm)
EVANS, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)
EVANS, Evan, Ens, USN (nm)
EWELL, Alfred, WT1c, USN (nm)
EYED, George, SK3c, USN (nm)

FALLIS, Alvin, PhM2c, USN (nm)
FANSLER, Edgar, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FARMER, John, Cox, USN (nm)
FEGURGUR, Nicolas, Matt2c, USN (nm)
FESS, John, F1c, USN (nm)
FIELDS, Reliford, Matt2c, USN (nm)
FIELDS, Bernard, RM3c, USN (nm)
FIFE, Ralph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FILKINS, George, Cox, USN (nm)
FINCHER, Allen, ACk, USMC (nm)
FINCHER, Dexter, Sgt, USMC (nm)
FINLEY, Woodrow, Pfc, USMC (nm)
FIRTH, Henry, F3c, USN (nm)
FISCHER, Leslie, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FISHER, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FISHER, Delbert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FISHER, James, Matt1c, USN (nm)
FISK, Charles, Y1c, USN (nm)
FITCH, Simon, Matt1c, USN (nm)
FITZGERALD, Kent, Pvt, USMC (nm)
FITZSIMMONS, Eugene, F3c, USN (nm)
FLANNERY, James, SK3c, USN (nm)
FLEETWOOD, Donald, Pfc, USMC (nm)
FLOEGE, Frank, Mus2c, USN (nm)
FLORY, Max, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FONES, George, FC3c, USN (nm)
FORD, Jack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FORD, William, EM3c, USN (nm)
FOREMAN, Elmer, F2c, USN (nm)
FORTENBERRY, Alvie, Cox, USN (nm)
FOWLER, Ralph, LCDR, USN (nm)
FOWLER, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FOX, Daniel, Lt Col, USMC (nm)
FRANK , Leroy, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FREDERICK, Charles, EM2c, USN (nm)
FREE, Thomas, MM1c, USN (nm)
FREE, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FRENCH, John, LCdr, USN (nm)
FRIZZELL, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FULTON, Robert, AM1c, USN (nm)
FUNK, Frank, BM2c, USN (nm)
FUNK, Lawrence, Sea1c, USN (nm)

GAGER, Roy, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GARGARO, Ernest, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GARLINGTON, Raymond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GARRETT, Orville, SF2c, USN (nm)
GARTIN, Gerald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GAUDETTE, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GAULTNEY, Ralph, EM3c, USN (nm)
GAZECKI, Philip, Ens, USN (nm)
GEBHARDT, Kenneth, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GEER, Kenneth, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GEISE, Marvin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GEMIENHARDT, Samuel, MM2c, USN (nm)
GHOLSTON, Roscoe, Y2c, USN (nm)
GIBSON, Billy, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GIESEN, Karl, Y2c, USN (nm)
GILL, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GIOVENAZZO, Michael, WT2c, USN (nm)
GIVENS, Harold, Y3c, USN (nm)
GOBBIN, Angelo, SC1c, USN (nm)
GOFF, Wiley, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GOMEZ, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GOOD, Leland, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GOODWIN, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GORDON, Peter, F1c, USN (nm)
GOSSELIN, Edward, Ens, USN (nm)
GOSSELIN, Joseph, RM1c, USN (nm)
GOULD, Harry, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GOVE, Rupert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GRANGER, Raymond, F3c, USN (nm)
GRANT, Lawrence, Y3c, USN (nm)
GRAY, Albert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GRAY, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GRAY, Lawrence, F1c, USN (nm)
GREEN, Glen, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GREENFIELD, Carroll, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GRIFFIN, Reese, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GRIFFIN, Lawrence, Pvt, USMC (nm)
GRIFFITHS, Robert, EM3c, USN (nm)
GRISSINGER, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GROSNICKLE, Warren, EM2c, USN (nm)
GROSS, Milton, CSK, USN (nm)
GRUNDSTROM, Richard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GURLEY, Jesse, SK3c, USN (nm)

HAAS, Curtis, Mus2c, USN (nm)
HADEN, Samuel, Cox, USN (nm)
HAFFNER, Floyd, F1c, USN (nm)
HAINES, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HALL, John, CBM, USN (nm)
HALLORAN, William, Ens, USN (nm)
HAMEL, Don, F M, USMC (nm)
HAMILTON, William, GM3c, USN (nm)
HAMILTON, Clarence, MM1c, USN (nm)
HAMILTON, Edwin, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HAMMERUD, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HAMPTON, J, F1c, USN (nm)
HAMPTON, Ted, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HAMPTON, Walter, BM2c, USN (nm)
HANNA, David, EM3c, USN (nm)
HANSEN, Harvey, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HANSEN, Carlyle, F1c, USN (nm)
HANZEL, Edward, WT1c, USN (nm)
HARDIN, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HARGRAVES, Kenneth, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HARMON, William, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HARRINGTON, Keith, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HARRIS, Noble, Cox, USN (nm)
HARRIS, Peter, Cox, USN (nm)
HARRIS, George, MM1c, USN (nm)
HARRIS, Hiram, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HARRIS, James, F1c, USN (nm)
HARTLEY, Alvin, GM3c, USN (nm)
HARTSOE, Max, GM3c, USN (nm)
HARTSON, Lonnie, SM3c, USN (nm)
HASL, James, F1c, USN (nm)
HAVERFIELD, James, Ens, USN (nm)
HAVINS, Harvey, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HAWKINS, Russell, SM3c, USN (nm)
HAYES, John, BM1c, USN (nm)
HAYES, Kenneth, F1c, USN (nm)
HAYNES, Curtis, QM2c, USN (nm)
HAYS, William, SK3c, USN (nm)
HAZDOVAC, Jack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HEAD, Frank, CY, USN (nm)
HEATER, Verrel, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HEATH, Alfred, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HEBEL, Robert, SM3c, USN (nm)
HECKENDORN, Warren, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HEDGER, Jess, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HEDRICK, Paul, BM1c, USN (nm)
HEELY, Leo, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HEIDT, Edward, F1c, USN (nm)
HEIDT, Wesley, MM2c, USN (nm)
HELM, Merritt, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HENDERSON, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HENDRIKSEN, Frank, F2c, USN (nm)
HERRICK, Paul, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HERRING, James, SM3c, USN (nm)
HERRIOTT, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HESS, Darrel, FC1c, USN (nm)
HESSDORFER, Anthony, MM2c, USN (nm)
HIBBARD, Robert, Bkr2c, USN (nm)
HICKMAN, Arthur, SM3c, USN (nm)
HICKS, Elmer, GM3c, USN (nm)
HICKS, Ralph, Ptr2c, USN (nm)
HILL, Bartley, AOM3c, USN (nm)
HILTON, Wilson, GM1c, USN (nm)
HINDMAN, Frank, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HODGES, Garris, F2c, USN (nm)
HOELSCHER, Lester, HA1c, USN (nm)
HOLLAND, Claude, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HOLLENBACH, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HOLLIS, Ralph, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
HOLLOWELL, George, Cox, USN (nm)
HOLMES, Lowell, F3c, USN (nm)
HOLZWORTH, Walter, M Gy Sgt, USMC (nm)
HOMER, Henry, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HOPE, Harold, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HOPKINS, Homer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HORN, Malvin, F3c, USN (nm)
HORRELL, Harvey, SM1c, USN (nm)
HORROCKS, James, CGM, USN (nm)
HOSLER, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HOUSE, Clem, CWT, USN (nm)
HOUSEL, John, SK1c, USN (nm)
HOWARD, Elmo, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HOWARD, Rolan, GM2c, USN (nm)
HOWE, Darrell, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HOWELL, Leroy, Cox, USN (nm)
HUBBARD, Haywood, Matt2c, USN (nm)
HUDNALL, Robert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HUFF, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HUFFMAN, Clyde, F1c, USN (nm)
HUGHES, Marvin, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HUGHES, Lewis, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HUGHES, Bernard, Mus2c, USN (nm)
HUGHEY, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HUIE, Doyne, HA1c, USN (nm)
HULTMAN, Donald, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HUNTER, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HUNTINGTON, Henry, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HURD, Willard, Matt2c, USN (nm)
HURLEY, Wendell, Mus2c, USN (nm)
HUVAL, Ivan, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HUX, Leslie, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HUYS, Arthur, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HYDE, William, Cox, USN (nm)

IAK, Joseph, Y3c, USN (nm)
IBBOTSON, Howard, F1c, USN (nm)
INGALLS, Richard, SC3c, USN (nm)
INGALLS, Theodore, SC3c, USN (nm)
INGRAHAM, David, FC3c, USN (nm)
ISHAM, Orville, CGM, USN (nm)
ISOM, Luther, Sea1c, USN (nm)
IVERSEN, Earl, Sea2c, USN (nm)
IVERSEN, Norman, Sea2c, USN (nm)
IVEY, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)

JACKSON, Robert, Y3c, USN (nm)
JACKSON, David, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JAMES, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JANTE, Edwin, Y3c, USN (nm)
JANZ, Clifford, Lt, USN (nm)
JASTRZEMSKI, Edwin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JEANS, Victor, WT2c, USN (nm)
JEFFRIES, Keith, Cox, USN (nm)
JENKINS, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JENSEN, Keith, EM3c, USN (nm)
JERRISON, Donald, Cpl, USMC (nm)
JOHANN, Paul, GM3c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Sterling, Cox, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Samuel, Cdr, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, David, OC2c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Edmund, MM1c, USN (nm)
JOLLEY, Berry, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JONES, Woodrow, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JONES, Thomas, Ens, USN (nm)
JONES, Warren, Y3c, USN (nm)
JONES, Willard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Leland, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Homer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Hugh, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JONES, Quincy, Pfc, USMC (nm)
JONES, Harry, GM3c, USN (nm)
JONES, Henry, Matt1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Daniel, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JONES, Edmon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Floyd, Matt2c, USN (nm)
JOYCE, Calvin, F2c, USN (nm)
JUDD, Albert, Cox, USN (nm)

KAGARICE, Harold, CSK, USN (nm)
KAISER, Robert, F1c, USN (nm)
KALINOWSKI, Henry, Pvt, USMC (nm)
KATT, Eugene, Sea2c, USN (nm)
KEEN, Billy, Pvt, USMC (nm)
KELLER, Paul, Mldr2c, USN (nm)
KELLEY, James, SF3c, USN (nm)
KELLOGG, Wilbur, F1c, USN (nm)
KELLY, Robert, CEM, USN (nm)
KENISTON, Donald, AS, USN (nm)
KENISTON, Kenneth, F3c, USN (nm)
KENNARD, Kenneth, GM3c, USN (nm)
KENNINGTON, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KENNINGTON, Milton, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KENT, Texas, Sea2c, USN (nm)
KIDD, Isaac, R Adm, USN (nm)
KIEHN, Ronald, MM2c, USN (nm)
KIESELBACH, Charles, CM1c, USN (nm)
KING, Gordon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KING, Leander, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KING, Lewis, F1c, USN (nm)
KING, Robert, Ens, USN (nm)
KINNEY, Frederick, Mus1c, USN (nm)
KINNEY, Gilbert, QM2c, USN (nm)
KIRCHHOFF, Wilbur, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KIRKPATRICK, Thomas, Capt, USN (nm)
KLANN, Edward, SC1c, USN (nm)
KLINE, Robert, GM2c, USN (nm)
KLOPP, Francis, GM3c, USN (nm)
KNIGHT, Robert, EM3c, USN (nm)
KNUBEL, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KOCH, Walter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KOENEKAMP, Clarence, F1c, USN (nm)
KOEPPE, Herman, Sea2c, USN (nm)
KOLAJAJCK, Brosig, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KONNICK, Albert, CM2c, USN (nm)
KOSEC, John, BM2c, USN (nm)
KOVAR, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KRAHN, James, Pfc, USMC (nm)
KRAMB, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KRAMB, John, M1c, USN (nm)
KRAMER, Robert, GM2c, USN (nm)
KRAUSE, Fred, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KRISSMAN, Max, Sea2c, USN (nm)
KRUGER, Richard, QM2c, USN (nm)
KRUPPA, Adolph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KUKUK, Howard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KULA, Stanley, SC3c, USN (nm)
KUSIE, Donald, RM3c, USN (nm)

LADERACH, Robert, FC2c, USN (nm)
LAFRANCE, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LAKE, John, Act Pay Clk, USN (nm)
LAKIN, Donald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LAKIN, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LAMAR, Ralph, FC3c, USN (nm)
LAMB, George, CSF, USN (nm)
LANDMAN, Henry, AMM2c, USN (nm)
LANDRY, James, Bkr2c, USN (nm)
LANE, Edward, Cox, USN (nm)
LANE, Mancel, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LANGE, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LANGENWALTER, Orville, SK2c, USN (nm)
LANOUETTE, Henry, Cox, USN (nm)
LARSON, Leonard, F3c, USN (nm)
LASALLE, Willard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LATTIN, Bleecker, RM3c, USN (nm)
LEE, Henry, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LEE, Carroll, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LEEDY, David, FC2c, USN (nm)
LEGGETT, John, BM2c, USN (nm)
LEGROS, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LEIGH, Malcolm, GM3c, USN (nm)
LEIGHT, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
LEOPOLD, Robert, Ens, USN (nm)
LESMEISTER, Steve, F3c, USN (nm)
LEVAR, Frank, CWT, USN (nm)
LEWIS, Wayne, CM3c, USN (nm)
LEWISON, Neil, FC3c, USN (nm)
LIGHTFOOT, Worth, GM3c, USN (nm)
LINBO, Gordon, GM1c, USN (nm)
LINCOLN, John, F1c, USN (nm)
LINDSAY, James, Pfc, USMC (nm)
LINDSAY, James, SF2c, USN (nm)
LINTON, George, F2c, USN (nm)
LIPKE, Clarence, F2c, USN (nm)
LIPPLE, John, SF1c, USN (nm)
LISENBY, Daniel, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LIVERS, Raymond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LIVERS, Wayne, F1c, USN (nm)
LOCK, Douglas, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LOHMAN, Earl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LOMAX, Frank, Ens, USN (nm)
LOMIBAO, Marciano, OStd1c, USN (nm)
LONG, Benjamin, CY, USN (nm)
LOUNSBURY, Thomas, Sea2c, USN (nm)
LOUSTANAU, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LOVELAND, Frank, Sea2c, USN (nm)
LOVSHIN, William, Pfc, USMC (nm)
LUCEY, Neil, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LUNA, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
LUZIER, Ernest, MM2c, USN (nm)
LYNCH, James, GM3c, USN (nm)
LYNCH, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LYNCH, Emmett, Mus2c, USN (nm)

MADDOX, Raymond, CEM, USN (nm)
MADRID, Arthur, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MAFNAS, Francisco, Matt2c, USN (nm)
MAGEE, Gerald, SK3c, USN (nm)
MALECKI, Frank, CY, USN (nm)
MALINOWSKI, John, SM3c, USN (nm)
MALSON, Harry, SK3c, USN (nm)
MANION, Edward, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MANLOVE, Arthur, Elec, USN (nm)
MANN, William, GM3c, USN (nm)
MANNING, LeRoy, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MANSKE, Robert, Y2c, USN (nm)
MARINICH, Steve, Cox, USN (nm)
MARIS, Elwood, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MARLING, Joseph, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MARLOW, Urban, Cox, USN (nm)
MARSH, William, Sea1c, USN (nm); believed DOW 10th (va)
MARSH, Benjamin, Ens, USN (nm)
MARSHALL, Thomas, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MARTIN, Hugh, Y3c, USN (nm)
MARTIN, James, BM1c, USN (nm)
MARTIN, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MARTIN, Luster, F3c, USN (nm)
MASON, Byron, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MASTEL, Clyde, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MASTERS, Dayton, GM3c, USN (nm)
MASTERSON, Cleburne, PhM1c, USN (nm)
MATHEIN, Harold, B2c, USN (nm)
MATHISON, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MATNEY, Vernon, F1c, USN (nm)
MATTOX, James, AM3c, USN (nm)
MAY, Louis, SC2c, USN (nm)
MAYBEE, George, RM2c, USN (nm)
MAYFIELD, Lester, F1c, USN (nm)
MAYO, Rex, EM2c, USN (nm)
MCCARRENS, James, Cpl, USMC (nm)
MCCARY, William, Mus2c, USN (nm)
MCCLUNG, Harvey, Ens, USN (nm)
MCFADDIN, Lawrence, Y2c, USN (nm)
MCGLASSON, Joe, GM3c, USN (nm)
MCGRADY, Samme, Matt1c, USN (nm)
MCGUIRE, Francis, SK2c, USN (nm)
MCINTOSH, Harry, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MCKINNIE, Russell, Matt2c, USN (nm)
MCKOSKY, Michael, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MCPHERSON, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MEANS, Louis, Matt1c, USN (nm)
MEARES, John, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MELSEN, George, S.C.2c, USN, USS Arizona, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); not confirmed by USS Arizona Memorial (az)
MENEFEE, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MENO, Vicente, Matt2c, USN (nm)
MENZENSKI, Stanley, Cox, USN (nm)
MERRILL, Howard, Ens, USN (nm)
MILES, Oscar, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MILLER, William, SM3c, USN (nm)
MILLER, Jesse, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MILLER, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MILLER, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MILLER, Forrest, CEM, USN (nm)
MILLER, Doyle, Cox, USN (nm)
MILLER, Chester, F2c, USN (nm)
MILLIGAN, Weldon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MIMS, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MINEAR, Richard, Pfc, USMC (nm)
MLINAR, Joseph, Cox, USN (nm)
MOLPUS, Richard, CM, USN (nm)
MONROE, Donald, Matt2c, USN (nm)
MONTGOMERY, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MOODY, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MOORE, Douglas, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MOORE, Fred, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MOORE, James, SF3c, USN (nm)
MOORHOUSE, William, Mus2c, USN (nm)
MOORMAN, Russell, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MORGAN, Wayne, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MORGAREIDGE, James, F2c, USN (nm)
MORLEY, Eugene, F1c, USN (nm)
MORRIS, Owen, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MORRISON, Earl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MORSE, Norman, WT2c, USN (nm)
MORSE, Edward, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MORSE, Francis, BM1c, USN (nm)
MORSE, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MOSS, Tommy, Matt2c, USN (nm)
MOSTEK, Francis, Pfc, USMC (nm)
MOULTON, Gordon, F1c, USN (nm)
MUNCY, Claude, MM2c, USN (nm)
MURDOCK, Charles, WT1c, USN (nm)
MURDOCK, Melvin, WT2c, USN (nm)
MURPHY, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MURPHY, James, F3c, USN (nm)
MURPHY, James, F3c, USN (nm)
MURPHY, Jessie, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MYERS, James, SK1c, USN (nm)

NAASZ, Erwin, SF2c, USN (nm)
NADEL, Alexander, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NATIONS, James, FC2c, USN (nm)
NAYLOR, J, SM2c, USN (nm)
NEAL, Tom, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NECESSARY, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NEIPP, Paul, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NELSEN, George, SC2c, USN (nm); NELSON, believed DOW 9th (va)
NELSON, Henry, BM1c, USN (nm)
NELSON, Harl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NELSON, Lawrence, CTC, USN (nm)
NELSON, Richard, F3c, USN (nm)
NICHOLS, Alfred, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NICHOLS, Bethel, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NICHOLS, Clifford, TC1c, USN (nm)
NICHOLS, Louis, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NICHOLSON, Glen, EM3c, USN (nm)
NICHOLSON, Hancel, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NIDES, Thomas, EM1c, USN (nm)
NIELSEN, Floyd, CM3c, USN (nm)
NOLATUBBY, Henry, Pfc, USMC (nm)
NOONAN, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NOWOSACKI, Theodore, Ens, USN (nm)
NUSSER, Raymond, GM3c, USN (nm)
NYE, Frank, Sea1c, USN (nm)

OBRIEN, Joseph, Pfc, USMC (nm)
OBRYAN, George, FC3c, USN (nm)
OBRYAN, Joseph, FC3c, USN (nm)
OCHOSKI, Henry, GM3c, USN (nm)
OFF, Virgil, Sea1c, USN (nm)
OGLE, Victor, Sea2c, USN (nm)
OGLESBY, Lonnie, Sea2c, USN (nm)
OLIVER, Raymond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
OLSEN, Edward, Ens, USN (nm)
OLSON, Glen, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ONEALL, Rex, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ONEILL, William, Ens, USN (nm)
ORR, Dwight, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ORZECH, Stanislaus, Sea2c, USN (nm)
OSBORNE, Mervin, F1c, USN (nm)
OSTRANDER, Leland, PhM3c, USN (nm)
OTT, Peter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
OWEN, Frederick, Sea2c, USN (nm)
OWENS, Richard, SK2c, USN (nm)
OWSLEY, Thomas, SC2c, USN (nm)

PACE, Amos, BM1c, USN (nm)
PARKES, Harry, BM1c, USN (nm)
PAROLI, Peter, Bkr3c, USN (nm)
PATTERSON, Harold, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PATTERSON, Richard, SF3c, USN (nm)
PATTERSON, Clarence, Pfc, USMC (nm)
PAULMAND, Hilery, OStd2c, USN (nm)
PAVINI, Bruno, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PAWLOWSKI, Raymond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PEARCE, Alonzo, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PEARSON, Norman, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PEARSON, Robert, F2c, USN (nm)
PEAVEY, William, QM2c, USN (nm)
PECKHAM, Howard, F3c, USN (nm)
PEDROTTI, Francis, Pvt, USMC (nm)
PEERY, Max, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PELESCHAK, Michael, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PELTIER, John, EM3c, USN (nm)
PENTON, Howard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PERKINS, George, F1c, USN (nm)
PETERSON, Roscoe, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PETERSON, Albert, FC3c, USN (nm)
PETERSON, Elroy, FC2c, USN (nm)
PETERSON, Hardy, FC3c, USN (nm)
PETTIT, Charles, CRM, USN (nm)
PETYAK, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PHELPS, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PHILBIN, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PIASECKI, Alexander, Cpl, USMC (nm)
PIKE, Harvey, EM3c, USN (nm)
PIKE, Lewis, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PINKHAM, Albert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PITCHER, Walter, GM1c, USN (nm)
POOL, Elmer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
POOLE, Ralph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
POST, Darrell, CMM, USN (nm)
POVESKO, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
POWELL, Thomas, Sea1c, USN (nm)
POWELL, Jack, Pfc, USMC (nm)
POWER, Abner, Pvt, USMC (nm)
PRESSON, Wayne, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PRICE, Arland, RM2c, USN (nm)
PRITCHETT, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PUCKETT, Edwin, SK3c, USN (nm)
PUGH, John, SF3c, USN (nm)
PUTNAM, Avis, SC3c, USN (nm)
PUZIO, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)

QUARTO, Mike, Sea1c, USN (nm)
QUINATA, Jose, Matt2c, USN (nm)

RADFORD, Neal, Mus2c, USN (nm)
RASMUSSEN, Arthur, CM1c, USN (nm)
RASMUSSON, George, F3c, USN (nm)
RATKOVICH, William, WT1c, USN (nm)
RAWHOUSER, Glen, F3c, USN (nm)
RAWSON, Clyde, BM1c, USN (nm)
RAY, Harry, BM2c, USN (nm)
REAVES, Casbie, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RECTOR, Clay, SK3c, USN (nm)
REECE, John, Sea2c, USN (nm)
REED, James, SK1c, USN (nm)
REED, Ray, Sea2c, USN (nm)
REGISTER, Paul, LCdr, USN (nm)
REINHOLD, Rudolph, Pvt, USMC (nm)
RESTIVO, Jack, Y2c, USN (nm)
REYNOLDS, Jack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
REYNOLDS, Earl, Sea2c, USN (nm)
RHODES, Birb, F2c, USN (nm)
RHODES, Mark, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RICE, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
RICH, Claude, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RICHAR, Raymond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RICHARDSON, Warren, Cox, USN (nm)
RICHISON, Fred, GM3c, USN (nm)
RICHTER, Albert, Cox, USN (nm)
RICO, Guadalupe, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RIDDELL, Eugene, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RIGANTI, Fred, SF3c, USN (nm)
RIGGINS, Gerald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RIVERA, Francisco, Matt2c, USN (nm)
ROBERTS, Walter, RM1c, USN (nm)
ROBERTS, Wilburn, Bkr3c, USN (nm)
ROBERTS, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROBERTS, Kenneth, BM2c, USN (nm)
ROBERTS, McClellan, CPhM, USN (nm)
ROBERTS, Dwight, F1c, USN (nm)
ROBERTSON, Edgar, Matt3c, USN (nm)
ROBERTSON, James, MM1c, USN (nm)
ROBINSON, John, EM1c, USN (nm)
ROBINSON, Robert, PhM3c, USN (nm)
ROBINSON, Harold, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROBINSON, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROBY, Raymond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RODGERS, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROEHM, Harry, MM2c, USN (nm)
ROGERS, Thomas, CTM, USN (nm)
ROMANO, Simon, OC1c, USN (nm)
ROMBALSKI, Donald, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROMERO, Vladimir, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROOT, Melvin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROSE, Chester, BM1c, USN (nm)
ROSENBERRY, Orval, SF2c, USN (nm)
ROSS, Deane, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROSS, William, GM3c, USN (nm)
ROWE, Eugene, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROWELL, Frank, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROYALS, William, F1c, USN (nm)
ROYER, Howard, GM3c, USN (nm)
ROZAR, John, WT2c, USN (nm)
ROZMUS, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RUDDOCK, Cecil, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RUGGERIO, William, FC3c, USN (nm)
RUNCKEL, Robert, Bug1c, USN (nm)
RUNIAK, Nicholas, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RUSH, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RUSHER, Orville, MM1c, USN (nm)
RUSKEY, Joseph, CBM, USN (nm)
RUTKOWSKI, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RUTTAN, Dale, EM3c, USN (nm)

SAMPSON, Sherley, RM3c, USN (nm)
SANDALL, Merrill, SF3c, USN (nm)
SANDERS, Eugene, Ens, USN (nm)
SANDERSON, James, Mus2c, USN (nm)
SANFORD, Thomas, F3c, USN (nm)
SANTOS, Filomeno, OC2c, USN (nm)
SATHER, William, PMkr1c, USN (nm)
SAVAGE, Walter, Ens, USN (nm)
SAVIN, Tom, RM2c, USN (nm)
SAVINSKI, Michael, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SCHDOWSKI, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SCHEUERLEIN, George, GM3c, USN (nm)
SCHILLER, Ernest, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SCHLUND, Elmer, MM1c, USN (nm)
SCHMIDT, Vernon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SCHNEIDER, William, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SCHRANK, Harold, Bkr1c, USN (nm)
SCHROEDER, Henry, BM1c, USN (nm)
SCHUMAN, Herman, SK1c, USN (nm)
SCHURR, John, EM2c, USN (nm)
SCILLEY, Harold, SF2c, USN (nm)
SCOTT, A., Sea2c, USN (nm)
SCOTT, George, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SCOTT, Crawford, Pfc, USMC (nm)
SCRUGGS, Jack, Mus2c, USN (nm)
SEAMAN, Russell, F1c, USN (nm)
SEELEY, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SEVIER, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHANNON, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHARBAUGH, Harry, GM3c, USN (nm)
SHARON, Lewis, F1c, USN (nm)
SHAW, Clyde, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHAW, Robert, Mus2c, USN (nm)
SHEFFER, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHERRILL, Warren, Y2c, USN (nm)
SHERVEN, Richard, EM3c, USN (nm)
SHIFFMAN, Harold, RM3c, USN (nm)
SHILEY, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHIMER, Melvin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHIVE, Malcolm, RM3c, USN (nm)
SHIVE, Gordon, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SHIVELY, Benjamin, F1c, USN (nm)
SHORES, Irland, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHUGART, Marvin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SIBLEY, Delmar, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SIDDERS, Russell, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SIDELL, John, GM3c, USN (nm)
SILVEY, Jesse, MM2c, USN (nm)
SIMENSEN, Carleton, 2 Lt, USMC (nm)
SIMON, Walter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SIMPSON, Albert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SKEEN, Harvey, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SKILES, Charley, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SKILES, Eugene, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SLETTO, Earl, MM1c, USN (nm)
SMALLEY, Jack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SMART, George, Cox, USN (nm)
SMESTAD, Halge, RM2c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Mack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Orville, Ens, USN (nm)
SMITH, Walter, Matt1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Albert, CRE, USN (nm)
SMITH, Earl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Earl, FC3c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Edward, GM3c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Harry, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SMITH, John, SF3c, USN (nm)
SMITH, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Marvin, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Luther, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SNIFF, Jack, F M Cpl, USMC (nm)
SOENS, Harold, SC1c, USN (nm)
SOOTER, James, RM3c, USN (nm)
SORENSEN, Holger, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SOUTH, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SPENCE, Merle, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SPOTZ, Maurice, F1c, USN (nm)
SPREEMAN, Robert, GM3c, USN (nm)
SPRINGER, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
STALLINGS, Kermit, F1c, USN (nm)
STARKOVICH, Charles, F3c, USN (nm)
STARKOVICH, Joseph, F2c, USN (nm)
STAUDT, Alfred, F3c, USN (nm)
STEFFAN, Joseph, BM2c, USN (nm)
STEIGLEDER, Lester, Cox, USN (nm)
STEINHOFF, Lloyd, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STEPHENS, Woodrow, EM1c, USN (nm)
STEPHENSON, Hugh, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STEVENS, Theadore, AMM2c, USN (nm)
STEVENS, Jack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STEVENSON, Frank, Pfc, USMC (nm)
STEWART, Thomas, SC3c, USN (nm)
STILLINGS, Gerald, F2c, USN (nm)
STOCKMAN, Harold, FC3c, USN (nm)
STOCKTON, Louis, Sea2c, USN (nm)
STODDARD, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STOPYRA, Julian, RM3c, USN (nm)
STORM, Laun, Y1c, USN (nm)
STOVALL, Richard, Pvt, USMC (nm)
STRANGE, Charles, F2c, USN (nm)
STRATTON, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SUGGS, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SULSER, Frederick, GM3c, USN (nm)
SUMMERS, Glen, Y1c, USN (nm)
SUMMERS, Harold, SM2c, USN (nm)
SUMNER, Oren, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SUTTON, Clyde, CCS, USN (nm)
SUTTON, George, SK1c, USN (nm)
SWIONTEK, Stanley, F Ck, USMC (nm)
SWISHER, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SYMONETTE, Henry, OC1c, USN (nm)
SZABO, Theodore, Pvt, USMC (nm)

TAMBOLLEO, Victor, SF3c, USN (nm)
TANNER, Russell, GM3c, USN (nm)
TAPIE, Edward, MM2c, USN (nm)
TAPP, Lambert, GM3c, USN (nm)
TARG, John, CWT, USN (nm)
TAYLOR, Robert, Cox, USN (nm)
TAYLOR, Aaron, Matt1c, USN (nm)
TAYLOR, Charles, EM2c, USN (nm)
TAYLOR, Harry, GM2c, USN (nm)
TEELING, Charles, CPrtr, USN (nm)
TEER, Allen, EM3c, USN (nm)
TENNELL, Raymond, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TERRELL, John, F2c, USN (nm)
THEILLER, Rudolph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
THOMAS, Randall, Sea1c, USN (nm)
THOMAS, Stanley, F3c, USN (nm)
THOMAS, Vincent, Cox, USN (nm)
THOMAS, Houston, Cox, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, Robert, SC1c, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, Irven, Sea1c, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
THORMAN, John, EM2c, USN (nm)
THORNTON, George, GM3c, USN (nm)
TINER, Robert, F2c, USN (nm)
TISDALE, William, CWT, USN (nm)
TRIPLETT, Thomas, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TROVATO, Tom, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TUCKER, Raymond, Cox, USN (nm)
TUNTLAND, Earl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TURNIPSEED, John, F3c, USN (nm)
TUSSEY, Lloyd, EM3c, USN (nm)
TYSON, Robert, FC3c, USN (nm)

UHRENHOLDT, Andrew, Ens, USN (nm)

VALENTE, Richard, GM3c, USN (nm)
VAN HORN, James, AS, USN (nm)
VAN VALKENBURGH, Franklin, Capt, USN (nm)
VANATTA, Garland, MM1c, USN (nm)
VARCHOL, Brinley, GM2c, USN (nm)
VAUGHAN, William, PhM2c, USN (nm)
VEEDER, Gordon, Sea2c, USN (nm)
VELIA, Galen, SM3c, USN (nm)
VIEIRA, Alvaro, Sea2c, USN (nm)
VOJTA, Walter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
VOSTI, Anthony, GM3c, USN (nm)

WAGNER, Mearl, SC2c, USN (nm)
WAINWRIGHT, Silas, PhM1c, USN (nm)
WAIT, Wayland, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WALKER, Bill, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WALLACE, Houston, WT1c, USN (nm)
WALLACE, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WALLACE, Ralph, F3c, USN (nm)
WALLENSTEIN, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WALTERS, Clarence, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WALTERS, William, FC3c, USN (nm)
WALTHER, Edward, FC3c, USN (nm)
WALTON, Alva, Y3c, USN (nm)
WARD, William, Cox, USN (nm)
WARD, Albert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WATKINS, Lenvil, F2c, USN (nm)
WATSON, William, F3c, USN (nm)
WATTS, Sherman, HA1c, USN (nm)
WATTS, Victor, GM3c, USN (nm)
WEAVER, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WEBB, Carl, Pfc, USMC (nm)
WEBSTER, Harold, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WEEDEN, Carl, Ens, USN (nm)
WEIDELL, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WEIER, Bernard, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WELLER, Ludwig, CSK, USN (nm)
WELLS, Floyd, RM2c, USN (nm)
WELLS, Harvey, SF2c, USN (nm)
WELLS, Raymond, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WELLS, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WEST, Broadus, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WEST, Webster, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WESTCOTT, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WESTERFIELD, Ivan, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WESTIN, Donald, F3c, USN (nm)
WESTLUND, Fred, BM2c, USN (nm)
WHISLER, Gilbert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
WHITAKER, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WHITCOMB, Cecil, EM3c, USN (nm)
WHITE, Vernon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WHITE, Volmer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WHITE, James, F1c, USN (nm)
WHITE, Charles, Mus2c, USN (nm)
WHITEHEAD, Ulmont, Ens, USN (nm)
WHITLOCK, Paul, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WHITSON, Ernest, Mus2c, USN (nm)
WHITT, William, GM3c, USN (nm)
WHITTEMORE, Andrew, Matt2c, USN (nm)
WICK, Everett, FC3c, USN (nm)
WICKLUND, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WILCOX, Arnold, QM2c, USN (nm)
WILL, Joseph, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WILLETTE, Laddie, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, Adrian, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, Clyde, Mus2c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, Lawrence, Ens, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, Jack, RM3c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMSON, Randolph, Matt1c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMSON, William, RM2c, USN (nm)
WILLIS, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WILSON, Hurschel, F2c, USN (nm)
WILSON, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WILSON, Comer, CBM, USN (nm)
WILSON, Neil, Ch Mach, USN (nm)
WILSON, Ray, RM3c, USN (nm)
WILSON, Bernard, RM3c, USN (nm)
WIMBERLEY, Paul, GM3c, USN (nm)
WINDISH, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WINDLE, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WINTER, Edward, Mach, USN (nm)
WITTENBERG, Russell, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WOLF, George, Ens, USN (nm)
WOOD, Harold, Cox, USN (nm)
WOOD, Horace, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WOOD, Roy, F1c, USN (nm)
WOODS, Vernon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WOODS, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WOODWARD, Ardene, MM2c, USN (nm)
WOODY, Harlan, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WOOLF, Norman, CWT, USN (nm)
WRIGHT, Edward, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WYCKOFF, Robert, F1c, USN (nm)

YATES, Elmer, SC3c, USN (nm)
YEATS, Charles, Cox, USN (nm)
YOMINE, Frank, F2c, USN (nm)
YOUNG, Jay, Sea1c, USN (nm)
YOUNG, Vivian, WT1c, USN (nm)
YOUNG, Eric, Ens, USN (nm)
YOUNG, Glendale, Sea1c, USN (nm)

ZEILER, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ZIEMBICKI, Steve, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ZIMMERMAN, Fred, Cox, USN (nm)
ZIMMERMAN, Loyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ZWARUN, Michael, Sea1c, USN (nm)

CALIFORNIA, BB-44, battleship, bombed and sunk, refloated and rebuilt; 98 men lost, 61 wounded; 99 in USNM log (105 in  Pearl Harbor listing)

ADKINS, Howard, F1c, USN (nm)
ALLEN, Thomas Benton, G.M.2c, USN, USS California, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); believed DOW 11th (va)
ALLEN, Moses, Matt1c, USN (nm)

BAILEY, Wilbur, Sea1c, USN (nm); believed DOW 13th (va)
BAKER, Glen, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BALL, James, F2c, USN (nm)
BANDEMAR, Harold, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BAZETTI, Michael, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BEAL, Albert, RM2c, USN (nm)
BECKWITH, Thomas, SF2c, USN (nm)
BLANKENSHIP, Henry, PhM1c, USN (nm)
BLOUNT, John, Pfc, USMC (nm)
BOWDEN, Edward, F1c, USN (nm)
BOWERS, Robert, Ens, USN (nm)
BREWER, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BUSH, Samuel, Matt1c, USN (nm)
BUTLER, James, F2c, USN (nm)

CARPENTER, Elmer, BM1c, USN (nm)
CARTER, Lloyd George, Sea.2c, USN, USS California, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); but see note in Name list
CLARK, Cullen, F1c, USN (nm)
COLE, Francis, M2c, USN (nm)
COOPER, Kenneth, FC3c, USN (nm)
CURTIS, Herbert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CUTRER, Lloyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)

DAVIS, Edward, SK1c, USN (nm)
DEETZ, John, GM3c, USN (nm)
DOMPIER, Marshall, SK2c, USN (nm)
DOUGLAS, Norman, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DUGGER, Guy, F1c, USN (nm)
DUKES, Billie, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DURNING, Thomas, Sea2c, USN (nm)

ERNEST, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)

FARLEY, Alfred, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FERGUSON, Marvin, AS, USN (nm)

GALASZEWSKI, Stanley, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GARCIA, Robert, SK3c, USN (nm)
GARY, Thomas, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GILBERT, Tom, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GILBERT, George, Ens, USN (nm)

HANSON, Helmer, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HENDERSON, Gilbert, Matt2c, USN (nm)
HILDERBRAND, John, F1c, USN (nm)
HILLMAN, Merle, PhM2c, USN (nm)
HOLLEY, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)

JACOBS, Richard, SF3c, USN (nm)
JEFFERY, Ira, Ens, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Melvin, RM3c, USN (nm)
JONES, Edward Watkin, Sea.2c, USN, USS California, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
JONES, Ernest, Matt3c, USN (nm)
JONES, Herbert, Ens, USNR (nm)

KAUFMAN, Harry, BM1c, USN (nm)
KEENER, Arlie, SK3c, USN (nm)
KRAMER, Harry, F1c, USN (nm)

LANCASTER, John, PhM3c, USN (nm)
LARSEN, Donald, RM3c, USN (nm)
LEE, Roy, Pvt, USMC (nm)
LEWIS, John, SK1c, USN (nm)
LONDON, James, SK1c, USN (nm)

MANGES, Howard, FC3c, USN (nm)
MARTIN, John, F3c, USN (nm)
MCGRAW, George, F1c, USN (nm)
MCMEANS, Clyde, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MCMURTREY, Aaron, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MILNER, James, F1c, USN (nm)
MINTER, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MIRELLO, Bernard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MONTGOMERY, William, GM3c, USN (nm)

NELSON, Marlyn Wayne, F.2c, USN, USS California, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
NEWTON, Wayne, Sea1c, USN (nm)

PARKER, June, QM3c, USN (nm)
PAYNE, Kenneth, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PENDARVIS, George, F3c, USN (nm)
PITTS, Lewis, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PRZYBYSZ, Alexsander, Prtr2c, USN (nm)
PULLEN, Roy, Sea2c, USN (nm)

RACISZ, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)
REEVES, Thomas, CRE, USN (nm)
RICHEY, Joseph, Ens, USN (nm)
RIPLEY, Edwin, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROBERTS, Earl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROSENTHAL, Alfred, RM3c, USN (nm)
ROSS, Joe, RM2c, USN (nm)
ROYSE, Frank, RM3c, USN (nm)

SAFFELL, Morris, F1c, USN (nm)
SCOTT, Robert, MM1c, USN (nm)
SEARLE, Erwin, GM3c, USN (nm)
SHELLY, Russell, Mus2c, USN (nm)
SHOOK, Shelby, Pvt, USMC (nm)
SIMMONS, Frank, Matt2c, USN (nm); believed DOW 9th (va)
SIMMONS, Tceollyar, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Lloyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)
STAFFORD, Gordon William, Sea.2c, USN, USS California, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
STAPLER, Leo, Matt1c, USN (nm)
SWEANY, Charles, EM1c, USN (nm)
SZURGOT, Edward, SK3c, USN (nm)

TREANOR, Frank, RM3c, USN (nm)
TURK, Pete, Sea2c, USN (nm)

ULRICH, George, F1c, USN (nm)

VINING, George, Matt2c, USN (nm)

WALKER, David, Matt3c, USN (nm)
WALLEN, Earl, Pfc, USMC (nm)
WIANT, Thomas Solomon, AS, USN, USS California, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
WILSON, Milton, F3c, USN (nm)
WODARSKI, Steven, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WYDILA, John, SF3c, USN (nm)

CURTISS  AV-4, seaplane tender, dive bombed, damaged; 19 men died; 21 in USNM log
CARO, Joseph, F2c, USN (nm)
DUKE, Lee, Sea2c, USN (nm)
EDMONDS, Clifton, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FRAZIER, John, Cox, USN (nm); believed DOW 8th (va)
GANAS, Nickolas, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GUY, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HARTLEY, Kenneth, F1c, USN (nm)
HAVEN, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HAWKINS, Anthony, Matt2c, USN (nm)
HEMBREE, Thomas, AS, USN (nm)
KING, Andrew, AS, USN (nm)
LOWE, Robert, AS, USN (nm)
MASSEY, James, AS, USN (nm)
MASTROTOTARO, Maurice, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MILBOURNE, Jesse, AS, USN (nm)
ORWICK, Dean, RM2c, USN (nm)
POWELL, William, Matt2c, USN (nm)
RICE, Wilson, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROSENAU, Howard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SCHLECT, Benjamin, RM2c, USN (nm)
SPERLING, Joseph, SF1c, USN (nm)

DOBBIN, AD-3, destroyer tender, aircraft attack, damaged; 8 in USNM log (3 in Pearl Harbor listing and 4 in USS Dobbins Pearl Harbor action report (ar) - these names have been inserted)
BAKER, J W, 356 23 73, TM3c, USN, next of kin, father John W. Baker, Oklahoma City, Okla, USS Dobbin (AD-3), Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941, DOW (ar)
CARTER, Howard Frederic, 381 23 23, Cox, USN, next of kin, mother Mabel Rose Carter, Lakeside, California, USS Dobbin (AD-3), Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941, KIA (ar)
GROSS, Roy Arthur, 385 88 05, F1c, USN, next of kin, mother Edna Mable Eld, Oak Park, Illinois, USS Dobbin (AD-3), Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941, DOW (ar)
MARZE, Andrew Michael, 250 29 87, GM1c, USN, next of kin, wife Doris Grace Marze, 520 10th Street, Naval Housing, Pearl Harbor, T.H., USS Dobbin (AD-3), on board USS Pennsylvania, Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941, KIA (ar)

DOWNES, DD-375, destroyer, in dry dock, wrecked, reconstructed. Not listed in USNM, the 12 deaths are from the Pearl Harbor listing
BAILEY, James Edward, R.M.3c, USN (ph)
BROWN, Benjamin Lee, Sea.2c, USN  (ph)
CLAPP, Marvin John, S.C.3c, USN  (ph)
COLLINS, Thomas W., F.3c, USN  (ph)
DALY, Edward Carlyle, Cox, USN  (ph)
HITRIK, Albert Joseph, F.2c, USN  (ph)
JONES, George Edwin, R.M.3c, USN  (ph)
MARSHALL, John Andrew, W.T.2c, USN  (ph)
PUMMILL, Nolan Eugene, M.M.2c, USN  (ph)
SILVA, William Howard, Sea.2c, USN  (ph)
STRICKLAND, Perry William, Sea.1c, USN  (ph)
VINSON, James, F.3c, USN  (ph)

, (CV-6), aircraft lost over Pearl Harbor
ALLEN, Eric, Jr., Lieutenant (jg), USN (ph)
COHN, Mitchell, R.M.3c, USN (ph)
DUCOLON, Fred John, Cox, USN (ph)
HEBEL, Francis F., Lieutenant (jg), USN (ph)
KOZELEK, Leonard Joseph, R.M.3c, USN (ph)
MENGES, Herbert Hugo, Ensign, USN (R) (ph)
PIERCE, Sidney, R.M.3c, USN (ph)
VOGT, John H. L., Jr., Ensign, USN (ph)

CROFT, Theodore Wheeler, A.O.M1.c, USN (ph)

HELENA, CL-50, light cruiser, aircraft torpedo hit, damaged; 28 in USNM log (34 in Pearl Harbor listing)
ALBANESE, Salvatore, F2c, USN (nm)
ALDRIDGE, Thomas, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ARNESEN, Robert Arne, F.1c, USN, USS Helena, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
BEARDSLEY, Loren, EM3c, USN (nm)
BODECKER, Regis, Y1c, USN (nm)
CARTER, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CISCO, Luther, Sea2c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Allen, F3c, USN (nm)
DICKENS, Ernest, F2c, USN (nm)
DOBBINS, Richard, EM2c, USN (nm)
EDLING, Robert, RM3c, USN (nm)
ERBES, Leland, F2c, USN (nm)
FLANNERY, Robert, FC3c, USN (nm)
FUZI, Eugene, FC3c, USN (nm)
GARDNER, Arthur, WT2c, USN (nm)
GREENWALD, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HINES, Arvel, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Donald Walter, Sea.2c, USN, USS Helena, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
JOHNSON, George, Pfc, USMC (nm)
KUZEE, Ernest, Sea1c, USN (nm); believed DOW 9th (va)
LOVE, Carl Robert, Sea.2c, USN, USS Helena, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); believed DOW 11th (va)
MAYO, Marvin, FC2c, USN (nm)
MINIX, Orville Ray, Sea.1c, USN, USS Helena, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
NAFF, Hugh, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PENSYL, John, GM2c, USN (nm)
POWERS, Joe, SK3c, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, Ralph, F3c, USN (nm); believed DOW 11th (va)
UHLIG, Edward Bruno, Sea.2c, USN, USS Helena, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); believed DOW 10th (va)
URBAN, John, MM2c, USN (nm)
VASSAR, Benjamin, Sea2c, USN (nm)
VENABLE, Hoge, SK2c, USN (nm)
WOHL, Oswald Carl, Sea.2c, USN, USS Helena, Dec 7, 1941 (ph); believed DOW 13th (va)
YUGOVICH, Michael, EM2c, USN (nm)

BROWN, Walter Scott, A.M.M.2c, USN (ph)
BUCKLEY, John Daniel, A.O.M.3c, USN (ph)
DOSICK, Stanley Daniel, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
FORMOE, Clarence Melvin, A.M.M.1c, USN (R) (ph)
FOSS, Rodney Shelton, Ensign, USN (R) (ph)
FOX, Lee, Jr., Ensign, USN (R)  (ph)
GRIFFIN, Daniel Thornburg, A.M.M.1c, USN (ph)
INGRAM, George Washington, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
LAWRENCE, Charles, A.M.M.2c, USN (ph)
MANNING, Milburn Alex, A.M.M.3c, USN (ph); believed DOW 8th (va)
NEWMAN, Laxton Gail, A.M.M.3c, USN (ph)
OTTERSTETTER, Carl William, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
PORTERFIELD, Robert Kirk, A.M.M.3c, USN (ph)
SMARTT, Joseph Gillespie, Ensign, USN (R) (ph)
UHLMANN, Robert W., Ensign, USN (R) (ph
WATSON, Raphael August, A.M.M.1c, USN (ph)
WEAVER, Luther Dayton, Sea.1c, USN (ph)

, BB-46, battleship, bomb attack, damaged; 3 in USNM log (4 in  Pearl Harbor listing)
BRIER, Claire, MM2c, USN (nm)
CROW, Howard, Ens, USN (nm)
GINN, James Blackburn, Lieutenant (jg), USN (ph)
MCCUTCHEON, Warren, Sea2c, USN (nm)

RUSSETT, Arthur William, Ph.M.1c, USN, Naval Hosp P.H, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)

NAVAL HOSPITAL No 2 (Mobile), Pearl Harbor
THUMAN, John Henry, Ph.M.3c, USN, Naval Mobile Hosp No 2 (ph)

NEVADA, BB-36, battleship, torpedo and bomb attack, damaged. Not listed in USNM, the 57 deaths are from the Pearl Harbor listing
ANDERSON, Arnold Leo, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
AQUINO, Zoilo, M.A.T.T.1c, USN (ph)
BINGHAM, James Robert, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
BLEDSOE, Herman, M.A.T.T.2c, USN (ph)
BRIGGS, Lyle Lee, E.M.2c, USN (ph)
BRITTON, Thomas Alonzo, CPL, USMC (ph)
CHRISTOPHER, Harold Jensen, Ensign, USN (R) (ph)
COOK, Joseph William, G.M.3c, USN (ph)
CORBIN, Leon John, G.M.1c, USN (ph)
COTNER, Leo Paul, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
DAVIS, Frederick Curtis, Ensign, USN (R) (ph)
DUKES, Lonnie William, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
ECHOLS, Edward Wesley, Cox, USN (ph)
EDWARDS, Harry Lee, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
FADDIS, George Leon, G.M.3c, USN (ph)
FUGATE, Kay Ivan, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
GANTNER, Samuel Merritt, B.M.2c, USN (ph)
GILES, Thomas Robert, E.M.3c, USN (ph)
GOETSCH, Herman August, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
GULLACHSON, Arthur K., Sea.2c, USN (ph)
HALLMARK, Johnnie W., Sea.1c, USN (ph)
HARKER, Charles Ward, F.C.3c, USN (ph)
HEATH, Francis Colston, PFC, USMC (ph)
HEIM, Gerald Leroy, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
HILL, Edwin Joseph, C.W.O, USN (ph) (awarded MoH)
HUBNER, Edgar E., Sea.1c, USN (ph)
IRISH, Robert Clement, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
JOHNSON, Flavous B. M., G.M.3c, USN (ph)
KING, Orvell Vaniel, Jr., PFC, USMC (ph)
LAMONS, Kenneth Taft, B.M.2c, USN (ph)
LIPE, Wilbur Thomas, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
LUNSFORD, Jack Leon, PFC, USMC (ph)
LUNTTA, John Kallervo, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
MAFNAS, Andres Franquez, M.A.T.T.1c, USN (ph)
MARTIN, Dale Lewis, S.C.1c, USN (ph)
MAYFIELD, Frazier, M.A.T.T.1c, USN (ph)
MCGHEE, Lester Fred, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
MCGUCKIN, Edward L., Sea.1c, USN (ph)
MORRISSEY, Edward Francis, PFC, USMC (ph)
NEUENDORF, William F., Jr., Sea.1c, USN (ph)
NORVELLE, Alwyn Berry, C.S.K.A, USN (ph)
PATTERSON, Elmer Marvin, C.K.2c, USN (ph); believed DOW 10th (va)
PECK, Eugene Edward, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
ROBISON, Mark Clifton, M.A.T.T.1c, USN (ph)
RONNING, Emil Oliver, Cox, USN (ph)
RUSHFORD, Harvey George, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
SCHWARTING, Herbert C., Sea.1c, USN (ph)
SHAUM, Donald Robert, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
SMITH, Keith Vodden, PVT, USMC (R) (ph)
SOLAR, Adolfo, B.M.1c, USN (ph)
SPEAR, Herman Alder, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
SPENCER, Delbert James, Sea.1c, USN (ph); believed DOW 9th (va)
STEMBROSKY, George Joseph, Sea.1c, USN (ph)
STRICKLAND, Charles E., Sea.1c, USN (ph)
THUNHORST, Lee Vernon, Sea.2c, USN (ph)
TRUJILLO, Richard Ignacio, PFC, USMC (ph)
WALTON, Ivan Irwin, Cox, USN (ph)

OKLAHOMA, BB-37, battleship, aircraft torpedo attack, sunk, raised and scrapped; 415 men killed, 32 wounded, 32 trapped survivors rescued from upturned hull; 429 men in USNM log

ADKINS, Marvin, GM3c, USN (nm)
ALDRIDGE, Willard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ALEXANDER, Hugh, LCdr, USN (nm)
ALLEN, Stanley, Ens, USN (nm)
ALLISON, Hal, F2c, USN (nm)
ARICKX, Leon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ARMSTRONG, Kenneth, M1c, USN (nm)
ARTHURHOLTZ, Marley, Pfc, USMC (nm)
ARTLEY, Daryle, QM2c, USN (nm)
AULD, John, Sea2c, USN (nm)
AUSTIN, John, Ch Carp, USN (nm)

BACKMAN, Walter, RM2c, USN (nm)
BAILEY, Gerald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BAILEY, Robert, SF3c, USN (nm)
BALLANCE, Wilbur, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BANKS, Layton, Cox, USN (nm)
BARBER, Leroy, F1c, USN (nm)
BARBER, Malcolm, F1c, USN (nm)
BARBER, Randolph, F2c, USN (nm)
BARNCORD, Cecil, EM3c, USN (nm)
BARRETT, Wilbur, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BATES, Harold, F1c, USN (nm)
BATTLES, Ralph, F2c, USN (nm)
BAUM, Earl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BEAN, Howard, RM3c, USN (nm)
BELT, Walter, F1c, USN (nm)
BENNETT, Robert, F3c, USN (nm)
BLACK, Waldean, Pvt, USMC (nm)
BLACKBURN, Harding, Y3c, USN (nm)
BLANCHARD, William, B1c, USN (nm)
BLAYLOCK, Clarence, F3c, USN (nm)
BLITZ, Leo, MM2c, USN (nm)
BLITZ, Rudolph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BOCK, John, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BOEMER, Paul, Cox, USN (nm)
BOOE, James, BMstr, USN (nm)
BORING, James, F2c, USN (nm)
BOUDREAUX, Ralph, Matt1c, USN (nm)
BOXRUCKER, Lawrence, F2c, USN (nm)
BOYNTON, Raymond, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BRADLEY, Carl, F2c, USN (nm)
BRANDT, Oris, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BREEDLOVE, Jack, FC3c, USN (nm)
BREWER, Randall, Matt1c, USN (nm)
BROOKS, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Wesley, F1c, USN (nm)
BRUESEWITZ, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BUCHANAN, James, MM2c, USN (nm)
BURCH, Earl, Bkr3c, USN (nm)
BURGER, Oliver, WT1c, USN (nm)
BURK, Millard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BUTTS, Rodger, SC1c, USN (nm)

CALLAHAN, Archie, Matt2c, USN (nm)
CAMERY, Raymond, F1c, USN (nm)
CAMPBELL, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CARGILE, Murry, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CARNEY, Harold, MM1c, USN (nm)
CARROLL, Joseph, F2c, USN (nm)
CASINGER, Edward, F2c, USN (nm)
CASOLA, Biacio, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CASTO, Charles, F1c, USN (nm)
CASTO, Richard, F2c, USN (nm)
CHESHIRE, James, CPhM, USN (nm)
CHESS, Patrick, SF3c, USN (nm)
CLARK, David, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CLAYTON, Gerald, SK2c, USN (nm)
CLEMENT, Hubert, FC1c, USN (nm)
CLIFFORD, Floyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)
COKE, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
COLLIER, Walter, Pfc, USMC (nm)
COLLINS, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CONNOLLY, John, Ch P Clk, USN (nm)
CONNOLLY, Keefe, HA1c, USN (nm)
CONWAY, Edward, EM1c, USN (nm)
COOK, Grant, F1c, USN (nm)
CORN, Robert, FC1c, USN (nm)
CORZATT, Beoin, F1c, USN (nm)
CRAIG, John, SK1c, USN (nm)
CREMEAN, Alva, Pfc, USMC (nm)
CRIM, Warren, F3c, USN (nm)
CROWDER, Samuel, F1c, USN (nm)
CURRY, William, EM1c, USN (nm)
CYRIACK, Glenn, SK2c, USN (nm)

DARBY, Marshall, Ens, USN (nm)
DAVENPORT, James, F1c, USN (nm)
DAY, Francis, CWT, USN (nm)
DELLES, Leslie, EM3c, USN (nm)
DICK, Francis, Mus2c, USN (nm)
DILL, Leaman, EM2c, USN (nm)
DOERNENBURG, Kenneth, F1c, USN (nm)
DONALD, John, SF3c, USN (nm)
DORR, Carl, F2c, USN (nm)
DOYLE, Bernard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
DREFAHL, Elmer, Cpl, USMC (nm)
DRWALL, Stanislaw, PMkr, USN (nm)
DUSSET, Cyril, Matt1c, USN (nm)
DYER, Buford, Sea1c, USN (nm)

EAKES, Wallace, SK3c, USN (nm)
EBERHARDT, Eugene, MM1c, USN (nm)
EDMONSTON, David, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ELLIS, Earl, RM3c, USN (nm)
ELLISON, Bruce, RM3c, USN (nm)
ELLSBERRY, Julius, Matt1c, USN (nm)
ENGLAND, John, Ens, USN (nm)

FARFAN, Ignacio, Matt1c, USN (nm)
FARMER, Luther, MM1c, USN (nm)
FECHO, Lawrence, F1c, USN (nm)
FERGUSON, Charlton, Mus2c, USN (nm)
FIELDS, Robert, EM3c, USN (nm)
FINNEGAN, William, Ens, USN (nm)
FLAHERTY, Francis, Ens, USN (nm)
FLANAGAN, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FLORESE, Felcismo, OStd2c, USN (nm)
FOLEY, Walter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
FOOTE, George, SK3c, USN (nm)
FORD, George, F2c, USN (nm)
FRENCH, Joy, Sea2c, USN (nm)
FURR, Tedd, CCM, USN (nm)

GALAJDIK, Michael, F1c, USN (nm)
GARA, Martin, F2c, USN (nm)
GARCIA, Jesus, Matt2c, USN (nm)
GARRIS, Eugene, Matt2c, USN (nm)
GAVER, Harry, 2 Lt, USMC (nm)
GEBSER, Paul, MM1c, USN (nm)
GELLER, Leonard, F1c, USN (nm)
GEORGE, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GIBSON, George, EM3c, USN (nm)
GIESA, George, F2c, USN (nm)
GIFFORD, Quentin, RM2c, USN (nm)
GILBERT, George, FC3c, USN (nm)
GILLETTE, Warren, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GILLIARD, Benjamin, Matt1c, USN (nm)
GLENN, Arthur, MM1c, USN (nm)
GOGGIN, Daryl, Mach, USN (nm)
GOLDWATER, Jack, RM3c, USN (nm)
GOMEZ, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GOOCH, George, EM3c, USN (nm)
GOODWIN, Clifford, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GOODWIN, Robert, SC3c, USN (nm)
GORDON, Duff, CM, USN (nm)
GOWEY, Claude, F1c, USN (nm)
GRAHAM, Wesley, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GRANDPRE, Arthur M., F.2c, USN, USS Oklahoma, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
GRIFFITH, Thomas, RM3c, USN (nm)
GROSS, Edgar, WT2c, USN (nm)
GROW, Vernon, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GUISINGER, Daniel, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GURGANUS, William, CEM, USN (nm)
GUSIE, William, FC3c, USN (nm)

HALL, Ted, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HALL, Hubert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HALTERMAN, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HAM, Harold, MM2c, USN (nm)
HAMLIN, Dale, GM3c, USN (nm)
HANN, Eugene, GM3c, USN (nm)
HANNON, Francis, SF3c, USN (nm)
HANSON, George, MM1c, USN (nm)
HARR, Robert, F1c, USN (nm)
HARRIS, Daniel, CFC, USN (nm)
HARRIS, Charles, EM3c, USN (nm)
HARRIS, Louis, Mus2c, USN (nm)
HAYDEN, Albert, CEM, USN (nm)
HEAD, Harold, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HEADINGTON, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HELLSTERN, William, GM2c, USN (nm)
HELTON, Floyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HENRICHSEN, Jimmie, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HENRY, Otis, Pvt, USMC (nm)
HENSON, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HERBER, Harvey, EM1c, USN (nm)
HERBERT, George, GM1c, USN (nm)
HESLER, Austin, SM3c, USN (nm)
HISKETT, Denis, F1c, USN (nm)
HITTORFF, Joseph, Ens, USN (nm)
HOAG, Frank, RM3c, USN (nm)
HOARD, Herbert, CSK, USN (nm)
HOFFMAN, Joseph, Mus1c, USN (nm)
HOLM, Kenneth, F3c, USN (nm)
HOLMES, Harry, F3c, USN (nm)
HOLMES, Robert, Pfc, USMC (nm)
HOLZHAUER, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HOPKINS, Edwin, F3c, USN (nm)
HORD, Chester, SK3c, USN (nm)
HRYNIEWICZ, Frank, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HUDSON, Charles, WT1c, USN (nm)
HULTGREN, Lorentz, MM2c, USN (nm)
HUNTER, Robert, Ens, USN (nm)

IVERSON, Glaydon, F3c, USN (nm)

JACKSON, Willie, OC1c, USN (nm)
JACOBSON, Herbert, F3c, USN (nm)
JAMES, Challis, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JARDING, George, F3c, USN (nm)
JAYNE, Kenneth, F3c, USN (nm)
JENSEN, Theodore, RM3c, USN (nm)
JENSON, Jesse, GM3c, USN (nm)
JOHANNES, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Edward, F1c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Billy, F1c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JOHNSTON, Jim, F1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Fred, MM1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JONES, Jerry, Matt3c, USN (nm)
JORDAN, Julian, Lt, USN (nm)
JORDAN, Wesley, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JURASHEN, Thomas, Sea2c, USN (nm)

KANE, Albert, F1c, USN (nm)
KARLI, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KEATON, Vernon, Pvt, USMC (nm)
KEFFER, Howard, RM3c, USN (nm)
KEIL, Ralph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KELLER, Donald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
KELLEY, Joe, Sea2c, USN (nm)
KEMPF, Warren, RM3c, USN (nm)
KENINGER, Leo, F1c, USN (nm)
KENNEDY, William, F1c, USN (nm)
KERESTES, Elmer, F1c, USN (nm)
KESLER, David, Bkr2c, USN (nm)
KLASING, William, EM3c, USN (nm)
KNIPP, Verne, Cox, USN (nm)
KVALNES, Hans, Sea2c, USN (nm)
KVIDERA, William, CM3c, USN (nm)
KYSER, D., Sea2c, USN (nm)

LARSEN, Elliott, Mus1c, USN (nm)
LAURIE, Johnnie, Matt1c, USN (nm)
LAWRENCE, Elmer, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LAWSON, Willard, F3c, USN (nm)
LEHMAN, Gerald, F3c, USN (nm)
LEHMAN, Myron, Sea2c, USN (nm)
LESCAULT, Lionel, BugM2c, USN (nm)
LINDSEY, Harold, Sea2c, USN (nm)
LINDSLEY, John, F3c, USN (nm)
LIVINGSTON, Alfred, F3c, USN (nm)
LOCKWOOD, Clarence, WT2c, USN (nm)
LOEBACH, Adolph, FC3c, USN (nm)
LUKE, Vernon, MM1c, USN (nm)

MABINE, Octavius, Matt1c, USN (nm)
MAGERS, Howard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MALEK, Michael, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MALFANTE, Algeo, SF2c, USN (nm)
MANNING, Walter, EM1c, USN (nm)
MASON, Henri, , USN (nm)
MAULE, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm); believed DOW 12th (va)
MCCABE, Edwin, WT1c, USN (nm)
MCCLOUD, Donald, FC2c, USN (nm)
MCDONALD, James, F1c, USN (nm)
MCKEEMAN, Bert, F1c, USN (nm)
MCKISSACK, Hale, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MCLAUGHLIN, Lloyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MELTON, Earl, MM1c, USN (nm)
MELTON, Herbert, BM2c, USN (nm)
MILES, Archie, MM2c, USN (nm)
MITCHELL, Wallace, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MONTGOMERY, Charles, RM3c, USN (nm)
MULICK, John, HA1c, USN (nm)
MYERS, Ray, Sea2c, USN (nm)

NAEGLE, George, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NAIL, Elmer, F1c, USN (nm)
NASH, Paul, , USN (nm)
NEHER, Don, EM3c, USN (nm)
NEVILL, Samuel, Y3c, USN (nm)
NEWTON, Wilbur, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NICHOLS, Carl, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NICHOLS, Harry, SK3c, USN (nm)
NICOLES, Frank, F1c, USN (nm)
NIELSEN, Arnold, BM1c, USN (nm)
NIGG, Laverne, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NIGHTINGALE, Joe, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NIX, Charles, SM3c, USN (nm)

OGLE, Charles, F1c, USN (nm)
OGRADY, Camillus, Sea1c, USN (nm)
OLSEN, Eli, SK3c, USN (nm)
OUTLAND, Jarvis, F1c, USN (nm)
OVERLEY, Lawrence, FC2c, USN (nm)
OWSLEY, Alphard, EM3c, USN (nm)

PACE, Millard, F1c, USN (nm)
PALIDES, James, Mus2c, USN (nm)
PALMER, Wilfred, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PALMER, Calvin, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PARADIS, George, PhM3c, USN (nm)
PARKER, Issac, Matt3c, USN (nm)
PEAK, Robert, Pvt, USMC (nm)
PEARCE, Dale, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PENNINGTON, Raymond, Pvt, USMC (nm)
PENTICO, Walter, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PEPE, Stephen, WT1c, USN (nm)
PERDUE, Charles, SF1c, USN (nm)
PETWAY, Wiley, B2c, USN (nm)
PHILLIPS, Milo, WT1c, USN (nm)
PHIPPS, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PIRTLE, Gerald, F1c, USN (nm)
PISKURAN, Rudolph, Sea2c, USN (nm)
POINDEXTER, Herbert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PRE, Rand, F1c, USN (nm)
PREWITT, Brady, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PRIBBLE, Robert, FC3c, USN (nm)
PRICE, George, F1c, USN (nm)
PRIDE, Lewis, Ens, USN (nm)
PUE, Jasper, F3c, USN (nm)

RAIMOND, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RAY, Eldon, SK3c, USN (nm)
REAGAN, Dan, F1c, USN (nm)
REGAN, Leo, WT1c, USN (nm)
RICE, Irwin, RM3c, USN (nm)
RICH, Porter, WT2c, USN (nm)
RIDENOUR, Clyde, RM3c, USN (nm)
RILEY, David, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROACH, Russell, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROBERTSON, Joseph, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ROESCH, Harold, Sea1c, USN (nm)
ROGERS, Walter, F1c, USN (nm)
ROUSE, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RUSE, Charles, Mus2c, USN (nm)
RYAN, Edmund, Y3c, USN (nm)

SADLOWSKI, Roman, EM3c, USN (nm)
SAMPSON, Kenneth, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SANDERS, Dean, CMM, USN (nm)
SAUNDERS, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SAVAGE, Lyal, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SAVIDGE, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SAYLOR, Paul, F1c, USN (nm)
SCHLEITER, Walter, F1c, USN (nm)
SCHMIDT, Herman, GM3c, USN (nm)
SCHMITT, Aloysius, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
SCHMITZ, Andrew, F1c, USN (nm)
SCHOONOVER, John, PhM1c, USN (nm)
SCOTT, Bernard, Matt1c, USN (nm)
SEATON, Chester, F1c, USN (nm)
SEDERSTROM, Verdi, Ens, USN (nm)
SELLON, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SEVERINSON, Everett, SF1c, USN (nm)
SHAFER, William, F2c, USN (nm)
SHANAHAN, William, SM3c, USN (nm)
SHELDEN, Edward, FC1c, USN (nm)
SILVA, William, GM1c, USN (nm)
SKAGGS, Eugene, SM1c, USN (nm)
SKILES, Garold, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SLAPIKAS, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Rowland, Mus1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Leonard, M1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Merle, EM3c, USN (nm)
SOLLIE, Walter, WT1c, USN (nm)
SOLOMON, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SPANGLER, Maurice, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STAPLETON, Kirby, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STEELY, Ulis, MM1c, USN (nm)
STEIN, Walter, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STEINER, Samuel, F1c, USN (nm)
STERN, Charles, Ens, USN (nm)
STEWART, Everett, MM2c, USN (nm)
STOCKDALE, Lewis, Ens, USN (nm)
STOTT, Donald, Sea1c, USN (nm)
STOUT, Robert, FC3c, USN (nm)
STOUTEN, James, CBM, USN (nm)
SURRATT, Milton, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SWANSON, Charles, MM1c, USN (nm)

TALBERT, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TANNER, Rangner, Sea2c, USN (nm)
TAYLOR, Charles, Pfc, USMC (nm)
TEMPLE, Monroe, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TEMPLES, Houston, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TERHUNE, Benjamin, F2c, USN (nm)
THINNES, Arthur, Sea2c, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, William, Ens, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, Irvin, Ens, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, Charles, F1c, USN (nm)
THOMPSON, Clarence, SC1c, USN (nm)
THOMSON, Richard, Sea2c, USN (nm)
THORNTON, Cecil, Sea2c, USN (nm)
THROMBLEY, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
TIDBALL, David, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TIMM, Lloyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)
TINDALL, Lewis, F1c, USN (nm)
TINI, Dante, RM3c, USN (nm)
TIPTON, Henry, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TITTERINGTON, Everett, F1c, USN (nm)
TODD, Neal, F1c, USN (nm)
TORTI, Natale, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TRANBARGER, Orval, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TRAPP, Harold, FC2c, USN (nm)
TRAPP, William, EM3c, USN (nm)
TREADWAY, Shelby, GM3c, USN (nm)
TUCKER, William, F1c, USN (nm)
TUMLINSON, Victor, FC3c, USN (nm)
TURNER, Billy, Sea1c, USN (nm)
TUSHLA, Louis, F1c, USN (nm)

UFFORD, Russell, Sea2c, USN (nm)

VALLEY, Lowell, F2c, USN (nm)

WADE, Durell, AMM2c, USN (nm)
WAGONER, Lewis, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WALKER, Harry, SK1c, USN (nm)
WALKOWIAK, Robert, F3c, USN (nm)
WALPOLE, Eugene, AS, USN (nm)
WALTERS, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WARD, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WASIELEWSKI, Edward, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WATSON, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WEBB, James, F1c, USN (nm)
WELCH, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WELLS, Alfred, MM1c, USN (nm)
WEST, Ernest, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WHEELER, John, F2c, USN (nm)
WHITE, Jack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WHITE, Claude, CWT, USN (nm)
WHITSON, Alton, EM3c, USN (nm)
WICKER, Eugene, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WIEGAND, Lloyd, Mus2c, USN (nm)
WILCOX, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, Wilbur, OStd3c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, Albert, Mus2c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WIMMER, Bernard, FC1c, USN (nm)
WINDLE, Everett, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WINFIELD, Starring, RM3c, USN (nm)
WISE, Rex, F1c, USN (nm)
WOOD, Frank, Sea2c, USN (nm)
WOODS, Lawrence, F1c, USN (nm)
WOODS, Winfred, MM1c, USN (nm)
WORKMAN, Creighton, F1c, USN (nm)
WORTHAM, John, GM2c, USN (nm)
WRIGHT, Paul, CWT, USN (nm)
WYMAN, Eldon, Ens, USN (nm)

YOUNG, Martin, F2c, USN (nm)
YOUNG, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
YURKO, Joseph, WT1c, USN (nm)

ZVANSKY, Thomas, CSM, USN (nm)

PENNSYLVANIA, BB-38, battleship, In drydock, bombed and damaged; 24 in USNM log (32 in  Pearl Harbor listing)
AGOLA, Mathew Joe, Sea.2c,USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
ARNOTT, Robert, PhM2c, USN (nm)
BAKER, Henry, Cox, USN (nm)
BARRON, Thomas, Cpl, USMC (nm)
BIRD, John Arthur, Sea.1c, USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
BRAGA, Charles, Y2c, USN (nm)
BREKKEN, Evan, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BROWNE, Frederick, GM3c, USN (nm)
COMSTOCK, Harold, Sea1c, USN (nm)
CRAIG, James, LCdr, USN (nm)
HAASE, Clarence, Sea1c, USN (nm)
HICKOK, Warren Paul, Sea.2c, USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
KEITH, George Richard, R.M.3c, USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
MARZE, Andrew Michael, G.M.1c, USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
MCINTOSH, Dencil, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MUHOFSKI, Joseph, RM3c, USN (nm)
NATIONS, Morris, Cpl, USMC (nm)
OWENS, James, RM3c, USN (nm)
PACE, Joseph, RM3c, USN (nm)
PENCE, John Wallace, R.M.3c, USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
PORTILLO, Damian, SC1c, USN (nm)
RALL, Richard, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
RICE, William, GM3c, USN (nm)
SLIFER, Martin, GM1c, USN (nm)
STEWART, Floyd, Pfc, USMC (nm)
TOBIN, Patrick, Pfc, USMC (nm)
VANDERPOOL, Payton, F2c, USN (nm)
VINCENT, Jesse, Cpl, USMC (nm)
WADE, George, Pvt, USMC (nm)
WATSON, Claude, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WISE, Clarence Alvin, F.3c, USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
ZACEK, Laddie John, Sea.1c, USN, USS Pennsylvania, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)

SHAW, DD-373, destroyer, in drydock, bombed, damaged; 24 in USNM log
ANNUNZIATO, Frank, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BILYI, Anthony, SC3c, USN (nm)
BOLEN, Albert, F1c, USN (nm)
CARROLL, Guy, QM2c, USN (nm)
EGBERT, Leon, Matt2c, USN (nm)
FUGATE, Fred, CCS, USN (nm)
GAUDRAULT, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GOSNELL, Paul, GM1c, USN (nm)
JONES, Rodney, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MCALLEN, John, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MCQUADE, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MOORE, Clyde, RM2c, USN (nm)
PARKS, Chester, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PENUEL, George, BM2c, USN (nm)
PETZ, Robert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PLATSCHORRE, Daniel, Sea2c, USN (nm)
QUIRK, Edward, F1c, USN (nm)
RAINBOLT, John, F1c, USN (nm)
RUSSELL, Benjamin, AS, USN (nm)
SPAETH, Johnnie, AS, USN (nm)
STIEF, Franklin, SC2c, USN (nm)
TAYLOR, Palmer, Matt1c, USN (nm)
WESTBROOK, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WILLIAMS, Clyde, Sea1c, USN (nm)

TENNESSEE, BB-43, battleship, bomb attack, damaged. Not listed in USNM log, the 5 deaths are from the Pearl Harbor listing
ADAMS, Jesse Leroy, Sea.1c, USN  (ph)
HUDGELL, Alfred William, B.M.1c, USN  (ph)
MILLER, J. B. Delane, Cox, USN  (ph)
ROE, Eugene Oscar, Sea.1c, USN  (ph)
SMITH, Gerald Owen, S.K.1c, USN  (ph)

UTAH, BB-31, battleship, aircraft torpedo attack, sunk; 6 officers and 58 men died, 30 officers and 431 men survived; 58 in USNM log
ARBUCKLE, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BARTA, Joseph, F3c, USN (nm)
BIELKA, Rudolph, LCdr, USN (nm)
BIGHAM, Virgil, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BLACK, John, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
BLACKBURN, John, F1c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Pallas, Sea2c, USN (nm)
BRUNNER, William, F3c, USN (nm)
BUGARIN, Feliciano, OC2c, USN (nm)
CHESTNUTT, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CLIPPARD, Lloyd, Sea2c, USN (nm)
CONNER, Joseph, F1c, USN (nm)
CRAIN, John, F1c, USN (nm)
CROSSETT, David, Sea1c, USN (nm)
DAVIS, Billy, F2c, USN (nm)
DENNIS, Leroy, Sea2c, USN (nm)
DIECKHOFF, Douglas, SM1c, USN (nm)
DOSSER, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
EIDSVIG, Vernon, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GANDRE, Melvyn, QM1c, USN (nm)
GIFT, Kenneth, BM2c, USN (nm)
GREGOIRE, Charles, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HARVESON, Herold, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
HILL, Clifford, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HOUDE, Emery, Bkr2c, USN (nm)
JACKSON, David, Ens, USN (nm)
JONES, Leroy, Sea1c, USN (nm)
JUEDES, William, SC2c, USN (nm)
KAELIN, John, Y3c, USN (nm)
KAMPMEYER, Eric, GM3c, USN (nm)
KARABON, Joseph, F1c, USN (nm)
KENT, William, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LARUE, George, GM3c, USN (nm)
LITTLE, John, Lt(jg), USN (nm)
LYNCH, Kenneth, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MARSHALL, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MARTINEZ, Rudolph, EM3c, USN (nm)
MICHAEL, Charles, LCdr, USN (nm)
MILLER, Marvin, Sea2c, USN (nm)
NORMAN, Orris, F2c, USN (nm)
NORMAN, Donald, Sea2c, USN (nm)
ODGAARD, Edwin, EM2c, USN (nm)
PARKER, Elmer, CSK, USN (nm)
PERRY, Forrest, SC3c, USN (nm)
PHILLIPS, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
PONDER, Walter, MM1c, USN (nm)
REED, Frank, SF3c, USN (nm)
SCOTT, Ralph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SHOUSE, Henson, F1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, George, Matt1c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Robert, Sea2c, USN (nm)
SOUSLEY, Joseph, Sea2c, USN (nm)
STRINZ, Gerald, F3c, USN (nm)
TOMICH, Peter, CWT, USN (nm)
ULRICH, Elmer, F3c, USN (nm)
VILLA, Michael, F3c, USN (nm)
WETRICH, Vernard, FC1c, USN (nm)
WHITE, Glen, F1c, USN (nm)

VESTAL, AR-4, repair ship, bomb attack, damaged; 7 in USNM log
ARNEBERG, Foster, F3c, USN (nm)
DUANE, William, CBM, USN (nm)
JACKSON, Lowell, Sea2c, USN (nm)
JONES, Charles, M2c, USN (nm)
KERRIGAN, Raymond, MM1c, USN (nm)
LONG, Guy, Sea2c, USN (nm)
REID, William, F2c, USN (nm)

WEST VIRGINIA, BB-48, battleship, aircraft torpedo and bomb attack; 106 in USNM log

AHL, Glenn, F3c, USN (nm)
ASHBY, Welborn, F3c, USN (nm)

BARGERHUFF, Benjamin, SF3c, USN (nm)
BARNETT, William, F3c, USN (nm)
BARTEK, Frank, F2c, USN (nm)
BENNION, Merwyn, Capt, USN (nm)
BOOTON, Charlie, Sea1c, USN (nm)
BOYER, Fred, F1c, USN (nm)
BRANHAM, George, Mldr1c, USN (nm)
BROOKS, Ennis, F1c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Charles, EM3c, USN (nm)
BROWN, Riley, F1c, USN (nm)
BURGESS, John, Sea2c, USN (nm)

CAMPBELL, William, Cox, USN (nm)
CHRISTIAN, William, Bkr2c, USN (nm)
COSTILL, Harold, F3c, USN (nm)
COSTIN, Louis, F1c, USN (nm)
COTTIER, Charles, F1c, USN (nm)
CROMWELL, Howard, CM3c, USN (nm)

DOWNING, Eugene, Sea2c, USN (nm)
DRUM, Donald, F2c, USN (nm)
DUNN, George, Sea2c, USN (nm)
DURKEE, Edward, CMM, USN (nm)
DURR, Clement, Sea1c, USN (nm); believed DOW 11th (va)
DYE, Tommy, F1c, USN (nm)

EDWARDS, Roland, F2c, USN (nm)
ENDICOTT, Ronald, F3c, USN (nm)
ENGLAND, Richard, MM2c, USN (nm)
EVANS, Woodrow, GM3c, USN (nm)

FLORES, Jose, Matt2c, USN (nm)
FOTH, Jack, EM1c, USN (nm)
FOX, Gilbert, F1c, USN (nm)
FRYE, Neil, Matt3c, USN (nm)

GABRIELE, Angelo, F1c, USN (nm)
GARCIA, Claude, SF2c, USN (nm)
GONZALES, Bibian, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GOODWIN, Myron, Sea2c, USN (nm)
GOORE, Albert, F1c, USN (nm)
GOULD, Arthur, RM3c, USN (nm)

HALVORSEN, Harry, F1c, USN (nm)
HARRISS, Hugh, HA1c, USN (nm)
HEAVIN, Hadley, F1c, USN (nm)
HILT, Fred, MM1c, USN (nm)
HODGES, Howard, F1c, USN (nm)
HOOD, Joseph, F1c, USN (nm)
HORTON, William, Sea2c, USN (nm)
HUDSON, Ira, F3c, USN (nm)

JACKSON, William, EM3c, USN (nm)
JOHNSON, Carl, Sea1c, USN (nm)

KELLEY, Sanford, GM3c, USN (nm)
KLEIST, Chester, Cox, USN (nm)
KNIGHT, Milton, F1c, USN (nm)
KUBINEC, William, F2c, USN (nm)

LACROSSE, Henry, SK3c, USN (nm)
LEARY, Thomas, F1c, USN (nm)
LEMIRE, Joseph, Sea1c, USN (nm)
LISH, Eugene, Mus1c, USN (nm)
LUKER, Royle, F3c, USN (nm)
LYNCH, Donald, F1c, USN (nm)
LYON, Arnold, GM3c, USN (nm)

MANN, Charles, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MATA, Jesus, Matt1c, USN (nm)
MATHISON, Donald, FC3c, USN (nm)
MCBEE, Luther, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MCCLELLAND, Thomas, Ens, USN (nm)
MCCOLLOM, Lawrence, MM2c, USN (nm)
MCCOMAS, Clarence, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MCKEE, Quentin, Sea2c, USN (nm)
MEGLIS, John, F1c, USN (nm)
MELTON, John, Sea1c, USN (nm)
MENDIOLA, Enrique, Matt1c, USN (nm)
MISTER, Joe, Matt1c, USN (nm)
MONTGOMERY, Wallace, MM2c, USN (nm)
MORRIS, William, F1c, USN (nm)
MRACE, Albin, WT2c, USN (nm)
MYERS, Clair, Sea1c, USN (nm)

NERMOE, Earl, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NEWTON, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)
NOCE, Emile, EM2c, USN (nm)

OCONNOR, Maurice, MM1c, USN (nm)
OLDS, Clifford, F1c, USN (nm)
OWSLEY, Arnold, Sea1c, USN (nm)

PACIGA, Walter, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PAOLUCCI, James, Sea2c, USN (nm)
PINKO, Andrew, EM3c, USN (nm)
PITCHER, Jack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
POWERS, Roy, SF2c, USN (nm)

REID, George, SF1c, USN (nm)
RENNER, Albert, F2c, USN (nm)
RICHTER, Leonard, MM1c, USN (nm)
ROSE, Ernest, SC1c, USN (nm)

SAHL, Glenn Dawain, F.3c, USN, USS West Virginia, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
SAULSBURY, Theodore, OC2c, USN (nm)
SCHUON, Richard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SCOTT, George, SK2c, USN (nm)
SMITH, Gordon, Cox, USN (nm)
SPEICHER, Ernest, EM2c, USN (nm)
STERLING, Otis, Matt1c, USN (nm)

TABER, George, MM2c, USN (nm)
TIBBS, Ernie, CMM, USN (nm)
TIPSWORD, Keith, MM1c, USN (nm)

VANDER GOORE, Albert Peter, F.1c, USN, USS West Virginia, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
VOGELGESANG, Joseph, F2c, USN (nm)

WAGNER, Thomas, Sea1c, USN (nm)
WALTERS, Bethel, F2c, USN (nm)
WILBUR, Harold, CM3c, USN (nm)
WILSON, Clyde, Sea1c, USN (nm)

ZOBECK, Lester, Sea2c, USN (nm)

Pearl Harbor Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known

UNKNOWN, rank not known, USN, dob 01/02/1921, WW2, died Dec 7, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

UNKNOWN, rank not known, USN, dob 01/12/1919, WW2, died Dec 7, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific,  Honolulu, HI (va)

UNKNOWN, service not known, but presumably including US Navy, listed as numbers 7 to 353 under letter U, ranks not known, WW2, died Dec 7, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)


Naval Air Station
KRAKER, Donald J., Ensign, USN (R), Midway Island NAS, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)
TUTTLE, Ralph E., F.2c, USN, Midway Island NAS, Dec 7, 1941 (ph)


Unit not known
JACOBS, Richard William, Sea.2c, USN (ph)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
CABANA, Napoleon, J., Machinist, 100697, USN, from Massachusetts, MIA, Dec 7, 1941, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
ELWELL, Royal, S 1C, USN, dob 05/21/1920, WW2, died Dec 7, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
KEEFER, Howard, Verne, Radioman Third Class, 4121961, USN, from California, MIA, Dec 7, 1941, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
SABATER, Gregorio, Seaman Second Class, 4985415, USN, Philippines, MIA, Dec 7,1941, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
SIMPSON, Ansel, King, Pharmacist's Mate First Class, 2618615, USN, South Carolina, MIA, Dec 7, 1941, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Monday, December 8, 1941

Seaplane tender (destroyer) William B. Preston (AVD-7) is attacked by fighters and attack planes from Japanese carrier Ryujo in Davao Gulf, P.I.

Japanese forces land on Batan Island, north of Luzon.

Japanese planes bomb .. the Philippine Islands. Extensive damage is inflicted on USAAF aircraft at Clark Field, Luzon, P.I. During Japanese bombing of shipping in Manila Bay, U.S. freighter Capillo is damaged by bomb, set afire, and abandoned

Japanese floatplanes (18th Kokutai) bomb Guam, M.I., damaging minesweeper Penguin (AM-33) and miscellaneous auxiliary Robert L. Barnes (AG-27).

Japanese naval land attack planes (Chitose Kokutai) bomb Wake Island, inflicting heavy damage on airfield installations and VMF 211's F4Fs on Wake islet.

ARIZONA  BB-39, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
DAY, William John, SEA2C, USN, WW2, died Dec 8, 1941, buried National MemorialCemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

CURTISS  AV-4, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
FRAZIER, John William, COX, USN, dob 05/16/1917, died Dec 8, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, HI (va)

KANEOHE NAVAL AIR STATION, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
MANNING, Milburn Alexander, AMM 3C, USN, WW2, died Dec 8, 1941, buried NationalMemorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
HUGHES, Rich, B., Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-078667, USN, from West Virginia, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)
LANG, Earl Willard, Radioman Second Class, 3286168, USN, from Minnesota, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
MILLER, Golan William, BAKR 1/C, USN, died Dec 8, 1941, buried Philadelphia National Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA (va)
MONAHAN, John Daniel, MM, USN, died Dec 8, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
NORWOOD, Gus Hayward, Coxswain, 2743637, USN, from Mississippi, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
RUCHINSKY, Stephen, Pharmacist's Mate First Class, 2432102, USN, from Pennsylvania, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
SHEEP, Harry H., Radioman Third Class, 2659353, USN, from North Carolina, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)
TILLS, Robert G., Ensign, O-081538, USN, from Wisconsin, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
WELLS, Cleo, Aviation Machinist's Mate First Class, 3417862, USN, from Kansas, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)
WHITE, Gabriel White, Ens, USNR, dob May 14, 1920, Kentucky, WW2, died Dec 8, 1941, interred Jun 5, 1951 (ac)

Tuesday, December 9, 1941

Japanese naval land attack planes (Chitose Kokutai) bomb defense installations on the islets of Wilkes and Wake, Wake Island.

ARIZONA  BB-39, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
NELSON, George, SC 2, USN, WW2, died Dec 9, 1941, buried National MemorialCemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

CALIFORNIA, BB-44, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
SIMMONS, Frank Leroy, STM 2, USN, dob 12/28/1921, WW2, died Dec 9, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

HELENA, CL-50, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
KUZEE, Ernest George, S1C, USN, dob 01/21/1922, WW2, died Dec 9, 1941, buried Mill Springs National Cemetery, Nancy, KY (va)
NEVADA, BB-36, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
SPENCER, Delbert James, SEA 1C, USN, dob 12/14/1921, WW2, died Dec 9, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
RIGOR, David Miles, Ens, USNRF, New Jersey, died Dec 9, 1941, interred Dec 19, 1941 (ac)
SIGLER, Arthur William, AVIATION, USN, died Dec 9, 1941, buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA (va)
VALENTINE, Nicholas Peter, CH CARP MATE, USN, died Dec 9, 1941, buried Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA (va)
WEINZAPFEL, R. J. H., Ensign, O-085985, USN, from Texas, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

Wednesday, December 10, 1941

ARIZONA  BB-39, casualties listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
BECK, George Richard, S1, USN, dob 03/31/1918, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
ECHTERNKAMP, Henry Clarence, SNA 1C, USN, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
MARSH, William Arthur, SEA 1C, USN, dob 05/20/1918, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

HELENA, CL-50, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
UHLIG, Edward Bruno, S2, USN, dob 01/20/1922, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)


DD-226, destroyer, bombing raid at Cavite Navy Yard; 17 in USNM log
DAUGA, USS Peary, Cavite bomb attack, Dec 10, 1941 (mq); believed DOW 11th (bm)
DEFUENTES, Stanley, MM1c, USN (nm)
GASHAW, James, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GATES, Albert, Lt, USN (nm)
GEORGE, Paul, F2c, USN (nm)
GEORGE, Roy, Sea1c, USN (nm)
GIONCARDI, Ralph, SC3c, USN (nm)
HINTON, Carson, Cox, USN (nm)
KERR, James, QM1c, USN (nm)
LEWIS, Clifford, Cox, USN (nm)
PLATT, Paul, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RANDOL, Mack, Sea1c, USN (nm)
RUSSO, Albert, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SANTON, Howard, Sea1c, USN (nm)
SOLLIS, Milton, Sea2c, USN (nm)
THROCKMORTON, Lester, SC3c, USN (nm)
TODD, Cecil, SC3c, USN (nm); believed DOW 12th (va)

SEALION, SS-195, submarine, in drydock, Cavite, bombing attack, damaged beyond repair  (CEM Firth and additional information on the four men killed are from "On Eternal Patrol")
FIRTH, Howard, 320 85 76, CEM, USN (nm), USS Sealion, taken prisoner, possibly died August 9, 1942, Cabanatuan, Prison Camp No 3, PI (ep)
FOSTER, Sterling Cecil, 371 81 29, CEM, USN (nm)
O'CONNELL, Melvin Donald, 375 57 43, CEM, USN (nm)
OGILVIE, Ernest Ephrom, MM1c, 336 69 32, USN (nm)
PAUL, Vallentyne Lester, 311 41 94, EM3c, USN (nm)

SEADRAGON, SS-194, submarine, in drydock alongside Sealion, Cavite, bombing attack, damaged (three men lost confirmed by "On Eternal Patrol")
BENSON, Walter Amburn, 311 45 63, Sea1c, USN, dob June 26, 1920 (ep)
DIAZ, Arthur Irving, 214 61 25, CPhM, USN, dob March 3, 1907, USS Seadragon, taken prisoner, died on board Japanese Arisan Maru, October 24, 1944 (ep)
HUNTER, Samuel Howard, 0-091372, Ens (ep - Lt(jg)), USN, dob August 20, 1914 (ep)

, BB-36, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
PATTERSON, Elmer Marvin, CK 2C, USN, dob 05/04/1916, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

WEST VIRGINIA, BB-48, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
DURR, Clement Edward, SEA 1C, USN, dob 08/26/1922, WW2, died Dec 11, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

Ship/Unit not known
AUSTIN, Walter Ross, AM 1, USN, dob 05/20/1906, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
BUEHLER, Otto Frederick, RM3, USN, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried Golden Gate National Cemetery, 1300 Sneath Lane San Bruno, CA (va)
CRUZ, Jesus Cruz, rank not listed, USN, dob 09/20/1911, died Dec 10, 1941, buried Guam Veterans Cemetery, Santa Rita, GU (va)
FRASER, Rollin George, BMM1C, USN, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried Little Rock National Cemetery, Little Rock, AR (va)
O NEILL, Frank James, BM 1C, USN, dob 11/10/1909, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
PAYTON, Walter C, rank not listed, USN, dob 10/26/1917, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, KY (va)
PINEAULT, Leo Joseph, COX, USN, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
SNYDER, Russell, ENS, USN, dob 10/27/1915, WW2, died Dec 10, 1941, buried Pine Hill Cemetery, Corbin, KY (va)
WETHERINGTON, Thomas L., Private First Class, 266778, USMC, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Thursday, December 11, 1941

Wake Island garrison repulses Japanese invasion force.

Japanese make landings at Legaspi, Luzon.

CALIFORNIA, BB-44, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
ALLEN, Thomas Benton, GM2C, USN, dob 01/30/1915, WW2, died December 11, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

HELENA, CL-50, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
THOMPSON, Ralph William, F3, USN, dob 04/21/1917, WW2, died Dec 11, 1941,buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)

DD-226, casualty listed as December 10th, but believed DOW on this date
DAUGA, John, Chief Water Tender, 2739857, USN, California, MIA, Dec 11, 1941, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
KUNIS, Nicholas W, FIREMAN, USN, died Dec 11, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
LAZENBY, John Wesley, HA1C, USN, WW2, died Dec 11, 1941, buried Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN (va)

Friday, December 12, 1941

Japanese reconnaissance flying boats (Yokohama Kokutai) bomb Wake Island in pre-dawn raid. Later in the day, land attack planes (Chitose Kokutai) bomb Wake.

OKLAHOMA, BB-37, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
MAULE, Joseph, Keith, Seaman First Class, 3167381, USN, frm Nebraska, MIA, Dec 12, 1941, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

DD-226, listed as December 10th, but believed DOW on this date
TODD, Cecil Leon, Storekeeper Third Class, 3562358, USN, Oklahoma, MIA, Dec 12, 1941, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
HUNTER, Samuel H., Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-081372, USN, from Pennsylvania, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
MAULE, Joseph Keith, Seaman First Class, 3167381, USN, from Nebraska, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
SEECK, George, Aviation Chief Machinist's Mate, 3205370, USN, from Hawaii, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
TODD, Cecil Leon, Storekeeper Third Class, 3562358, USN, from Oklahoma, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
VILLEGAS, Francisco, Seaman First Class, 4985442, USN, from Philippines, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
WARREN, Bryan Little, Seaman First Class, 2624395, USN, from North Carolina, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
WATSON, Kenneth Campbell, SEAMAN 2, USN, WW2, died Dec 12, 1941, buried Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY (va)
WILKINS, Kenneth Paul, Fireman First Class, 2624604, USN, from North Carolina, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
YZELMAN, Charles Ray, Seaman First Class, 3813678, USN, from California, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Saturday, December 13, 1941

Japanese planes attack Subic Bay area and airfields in Philippines. During bombing of shipping in Manila Bay by naval land attack planes (Takao Kokutai), unarmed U.S. tankship Manatawny is damaged

CALIFORNIA, BB-44, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
BAILEY, William C, COOK, USN, died Dec 13, 1941, buried Hampton National Cemetery,  Hampton, VA (va)

HELENA, CL-50, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
WOHL, Oswald Carl, S2C, USN, dob 07/04/1922, WW2, died Dec 13, 1941, buried Ft Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN (va)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
BAILEY, William C, COOK, USN, died December 13, 1941, buried Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA (va)
DOOLEY, Martin J., Carpenter's Mate Second Class, 6640337, USN, from Washington, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
FOOTE, Jake K, SEAMAN 3CL, USN, died Dec 13, 1941, buried Hot Springs National Cemetery, Va Medical Center Hot Springs, SD (va)
GABAT, Victor, Radioman Second Class, 1449457, USN, from  Philippines, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
HILL, Roger Marvin, Machinist's Mate Second Class, 5100740, USN, from Washington, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
KELLEY, Ferris E., Radioman Third Class, 3467972, USN, from Texas, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)
STEWART, Orval Lee, Electrician's Mate Third Class, 2915896, USN, from Indiana, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
TAYLOR, Arthur Lionel, Boatswain's Mate Second Class, 5101100, USN, from Washington, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
WATSON, John C., Ensign, O-084114, USN, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
ZINK, Oswald A., Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-081351, USN, from New York, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)

Sunday, December 14, 1941

Japanese reconnaissance flying boats (Yokohama Kokutai) bomb Wake Island. Later in the day, naval land attack planes (Chitose Kokutai) raid Wake, bombing airfield installations.

Destroyer Craven (DD-382) collides with heavy cruiser Northampton (CA-26) during underway refueling and is damaged. The ships are part of TF 8 operating north of Oahu.

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
CLARK, Joseph Henry, BM, USN, died Dec 14, 1941, buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery, PO Box 6237 San Diego, CA (va)
GREENWOOD, James, Boatswain's Mate First Class, 2069386, USN, from Rhode Island, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
LANEY, Durward Allan, Pharmacist's Mate Second Class, 3112168, USN, from Ohio, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Monday, December 15, 1941

Ship/Unit not known
COLMYER, George Henry, CMM, USN, died Dec 15, 1941, buried Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, KY (va)
HODGE, Albert, COAL PASSER, USN, WW2?, died Dec 15, 1941, buried Bath National Cemetery, Bath, NY (va)
HOLLOWAY, Elisha M, BTSWN, USN, died Dec 15, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
WEINBERG, Robert, SC 2C, USN, dob 02/14/1890, died Dec 15, 1941, buried Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA (va)

Tuesday, December 16, 1941

Japanese naval land attack planes (Chitose Kokutai) bomb Wake.

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
MARSHALL, James K., Aviation Machinist's Mate First Class, 3558610, USN, from Texas, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
REYNOLDS, Thomas C., Ensign, O-079134, USN, from Oklahoma, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
TINGLE, George Washington, CSF, USN, from Virginia, died Dec 16, 1941, interred Dec 19, 1941 (ac)

Wednesday, December 17, 1941

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
LEISTNER, Leon Lester, AMM3c, USN, died Dec 17, 1941, interred Dec 22, 1941 (ac)
MCCORD, John A, MUSICIAN, USN, died Dec 17, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)

Friday, December 19, 1941

Destroyer Craven (DD-382), in TF 8, is damaged by heavy sea soon after departure, however, and returns to Pearl for repairs.

Japanese naval land attack planes (Chitose Kokutai) bomb Wake Island, targeting installations on Wake and Peale islets.

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
AYTONA, Melquiades, Ship's Cook First Class, 4977193, USN, from Philippines, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
BATCHELDER, George James, CMM, USN, died Dec 19, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
DAVID, Jose Pinco, Seaman Second Class, 4985358, USN, from Philippines, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
GUIVARA, Vibencio, Electrician's Mate Second Class, 1622842, USN, from Philippines, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
HASTINGS, Burden R, LT, USN, dob 08/01/1910, WW2, died Dec 19, 1941, buried Ft McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, NE (va)
ICAZA, Jose L., Seaman Second Class, 4985210, USN, from  Philippines, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
LINGNER, Frederick Conrad, CGM, USN, died Dec 19, 1941, buried Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY (va)
MICHALOWSKY, Henry, SEA 1, USN, dob 10/05/1916, WW2, died Dec 19, 1941, buried National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI (va)
PETTOLETTI, Lauritz, LT, USN, died Dec 19, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
STEPHENS, Eugene W., Chief Radioman, 2790522, USN, from  California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
YOUNGBLOOD, Marvin Samuel, COXSWAIN, USN, WW2, died Dec 20, 1941, buried Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA (va)

Sunday, December 21, 1941

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
BUSHKEMPER, Louis, SEAMAN, USN, died Dec 21, 1941, buried Long Island National Cemetery, 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY (va)
EDWARDS, Charles M, SHIPS COOK 2/CL, USN, died Dec 21, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
MCINERNY, Daniel F, CMM2, USN, died Dec 21, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, 950 South Sepulveda Boulevard LosAngeles, CA (va)

Monday, December 22, 1941

Japanese bombers and attack planes, covered by fighters, from carriers Soryu and Hiryu, bomb Wake Island for the second time; the last two flyable USMC F4Fs (VMF 211) intercept the raid. One F4F is shot down, the other is badly damaged.

Japanese commence invasion of Luzon, landing troops at Lingayen, P.I.

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
BRANDT, William John, CP USN, USN, died Dec 22, 1941, buried Long Island National Cemetery, 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY (va)
GADROW, Victor M., Lieutenant, O-074828, USN, from Rhode Island, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
PUDDY, Harold Arthur, Seaman Second Class, 3003751, USN, from Wisconsin, MIA, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm)
ROGERS, Robert F., Ensign, O-081562, USN, from New Hampshire, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
SAXTON, Glen Dwayne, Radioman First Class, 3212801, USN, from Iowa, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Tuesday, December 23, 1941

Wake Island is captured by Japanese naval landing force

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
DAVIS, Joel A., Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-074938, USN, from Pennsylvania, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
MCROBERTS, James J., Lieutenant Commander, O-061235, USN, from Missouri, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)
SCHMIDT, Vernon John, Radioman Third Class, 3371791, USN, from Missouri, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
SCREETON, James Clark, Radioman Third Class, 3468169, USN, from Arkansas, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
SHRIDER, Harold D., Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-078688, USN, from Nebraska, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
TOLSON, Albert, MA3c, USNRF, from District of Columbia, WW2? died Dec 19, 1941, interred Dec 23, 1941 (ac)

Wednesday, December 24, 1941

ARIZONA  BB-39, casualty listed as December 7th, but believed DOW on this date
DVORAK, Alvin Albert, BM2, USN, WW2, died Dec 24, 1941, buried Ft Snelling National Cemetery, South Minneapolis, MN (va)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
ROSS, Alexander Douglas, Aviation Cadet, USNR, died Dec 24, 1941, interred Dec 29, 1941 (ac)

Thursday, December 25, 1941

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
WARE, Robert Roy, FN3, USN, WW2, died Dec 25, 1941, buried Fayetteville National Cemetery, Fayetteville, AR (va)

Friday, December 26, 1941

Manila, P.I., is declared an open city but Japanese bombing continues unabated. Japanese naval land attack planes (Takao Kokutai and 1st Kokutai) bomb shipping in Manila Bay; destroyer Peary (DD-226) is damaged by near-misses.

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
BANGUST, Joseph, Aviation Machinist's Mate Second Class, 3812689, USN, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
HALL, Earle Boitnott, Aviation Machinist's Mate Second Class, 2872530, USN, from Kentucky, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
LAMBERT, William Earl, RADIOMAN 1/C, USN, died Dec 26, 1941, buried Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, NY (va)
PETTIT, Robert Lee, Radioman First Class, 3108990, USN, from Michigan, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
PIERCE, James F, FN1, USN, died Dec 26, 1941, buried Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, OH (va)
SCRIBNER, James M., Radioman Third Class, 3000617, USN, from Wisconsin, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
SCHLESINGER, William Fredrick, Lt, USN, Ohio, died Dec 26, 1941, interred Dec 30, 1941 (ac)
WATERMAN, Andrew K., Aviation Machinist's Mate First Class, 2340582, USN, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Saturday, December 27, 1941

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
ADAMS, Harry, Lt, USN, Illinois, WW2? died Dec 27, 1941, interred Jan 12, 1942 (ac)
NORFLEET, Stuart M, YEOMAN, USN, died Dec 27, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
PAYNE, James, George, Lt, USNRF, Florida, WW2? died Dec 27, 1941, interred Dec 31, 1941 (ac)

Sunday, December 28, 1941

PEARY (DD-226) damaged when mistakenly bombed and strafed by RAAF Hudsons off Kina, Celebes, N.E.I.
QUINAUX, Kenneth E., Seaman First Class, 2505784, USN, from Pennsylvania, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm/mq)

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
BAKER, Ralph S, rank not listed, USN, died Dec 28, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
WAGGONER, Walter Willis, ENGINEMAN 2ND CL, USN, WW2?, died Dec 28, 1941, buried Little Rock National Cemetery, Little Rock, AR (va)

Monday, December 29, 1941

Corregidor is bombed for the first time by Japanese naval land attack planes - submarine tender Canopus (AS-9) is damaged in Mariveles Harbor, 1425'N, 12030'E; river gunboat Mindanao (PR-8) is damaged by near-misses off Corregidor.

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
CHANEY, George Reece, Fireman Third Class, 2874613, USN, from Kentucky, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
CLAFFY, Charles P., Fireman Third Class, 3287725, USN, from Minnesota, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
MITSLER, Alfred Jacob, CH COM STEW, USN, died Dec 29, 1941, buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA (va)
REX, William Henry, Fireman First Class, 2435503, USN, from Pennsylvania, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
THUMME, Arthur Joseph, Carpenter's Mate Second Class, 3856507, USN, from Washington, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
WALCZEK, Leo, CWT, USN, died Dec 29, 1941, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (va)
ZANE, Squire Boone, Water Tender First Class, 3418739, USN, from Kansas, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

Tuesday, December 30, 1941

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
BAKER, Martin Loyd, MMC, USN, died Dec 30, 1941, buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery, PO Box 6237 SanDiego, CA (va)
BOWMAN, Opal Hunt, USN, WW2? died Dec 30, 1941, interred Jan 2, 1942 (ac)

Wednesday, December 31, 1941

Japanese submarines shell Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii.

While returning from attempting to aid destroyer Peary (DD-226) (see 28 December), small seaplane tender Heron (AVP-2) is damaged but fights off, over a seven-hour span, a series of attacks by Japanese reconnaissance flying boats (Toko Kokutai) and land attack planes off Ambon, N.E.I.

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known
BORODENKO, Michael, Coxswain, 2146532, USN, from New York, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
DRAPER, Robert Clark, BM1, USN, died Dec 31, 1941, interred Jan 5, 1942 (ac)
GARRITSON, Elmer Elsworth, ENSIGN, USN, died Dec 31, 1941, buried Long Island National Cemetery, 2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY (va)
GRISHAM, Kenneth F., Yeoman Third Class, 3756854, USN, from California, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

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