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Source: NHHC

Total US Navy deaths, 1941-46, excluding Marine Corps and Coast Guard, but including October 1941 = 62,614, of these:

Combat Deaths = 36,950
Killed in Action = 30,831
Killed in Action - Air Combat = 3,173
Died of Wounds = 1,837
Died Prisoner of War = 919
Other Deaths Due to Enemy Action = 190

Deaths Non-Combat = 25,664
Natural Causes = 5,533
Aviation Accidents = 8,184
Other Deaths = 11,947


Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual - The Bureau of Naval Personnel's official list of the Navy's World War II casualties resulting from enemy action totals some 36,495 KIA, DOW or died as POW in the following campaigns and battles:

NORTH AFRICA and EUROPE - North African landings,  Sicilian landings, Italian landings, Landings in Southern France, Invasion of France

ATLANTIC - Atlantic or Caribbean area unspecified

PACIFIC - Attack on Pearl Harbor,  Fall of the Philippines,  Netherlands, East Indies engagement, Pacific raids, Battle of Coral Sea, Battle of Midway, Guadalcanal, Tulagi landings, Battle of Savo Island, Battle of Eastern Solomons, Battle of Cape Esperance, Battle of Santa Cruz Islands, Battle of Guadalcanal, Battle of Tassafaronga, Capture of remaining Solomons, Battle of Tarawa, Battle of Cape Gloucester, Invasion of Marshall Islands, Invasion of Marianas, Invasion of Palau Islands, Landings on Biak New Guinea, Bombardment of Truk, Return to the Philippines, Battle of Iwo Jima, Bombardments of Formosa French Indochina, Bombing and landing on Okinawa, Bombardment of Kyushu Island and Japan, Aleutian or Alaskan area, unspecified, Pacific or Asiatic area, unspecified

After 1 July 1945, Specific action not determined.

NOT designated in Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual - Other official casualty sources include:

US Submarine Losses, WW2 - 3,550 (total from "On Eternal Patrol")
Friendly fire - 372
Naval gun crews on merchant ships and Army transports - not totalled
Officers and enlisted prisoners of war as of 25 September 1945 - not seperated out

To give total of 37,222 plus


It is too early to reconcile the various totals, especially as the current Navy lists in NHN compiled from:

* American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC or bm),
* Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (ms),
* Bureau of Naval Personnel casualty lists (bp),
* POW/MIA Accounting Agency (pm),
* States Lists (na, from National Archives), and
* US Naval Memorial (nm) sites.

but excluding much of the DVA and Arlington National Cemetery, are not ready for totaling, although 36-37,000 deaths in combat and by marine causes suggests itself.

BuPers transcriptions by Don Kindell include 1941-42 Philippines campaign and POW deaths, USS Houston and USS Canopus POW; Armed Guard; and ships lost to marine causes etc = 31,000

Additional to this are:

3428 submarine losses/deaths  plus USS Bass 26 lost, plus c97 non-loss deaths = 3551 (based in part "On Eternal Patrol" - already included in the main US Navy list by name)

Pearl Harbor battleship losses  - Arizona 1177,  California 98, Nevada 57, Oklahoma 415, Pennsylvania 32, West Virginia 106 = 1884 (also included in the main US Navy list by name)

Total = 36,430

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