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Part 2 - by DATE and SHIP/UNIT, 1941-1945

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A list of Coast Guard casualties by Date and Ship/Unit, where known, has been compiled from:
  • American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC or bm),
  • POW/MIA Accounting Agency (pm),
  • States Lists (na, from National Archives), 
  • U.S. Coast Guard (cg),
  • United States Naval Memorial (nm)
  • and a limited number of other identified sites.
see Part 1 - by NAME

In the case of the ABMC and some other entries, dates for those missing in action (MIA) are later than their actual or assumed death, usually a minimum of one year and a day, and often more.

The role of the Coast Guard in World War 2 is not widely known. Frequent excerpts, in italics, from the official "Daily Chronology of Coast Guard History" (gc) have therefore been added, both to provide background to the casualties and to highlight the Service's development and activities. Excerpts have also been added from "The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II" (oc) by Robert J Cressman.



March 17, 1941

CGC Cayuga left Boston with the South Greenland Survey Expedition on board to locate airfields, seaplane bases, radio and meteorological stations, and aids to navigation in Greenland.  This was the beginning of the Coast Guard's preeminent role in Greenland during World War II.

March 20, 1941

Sabotage was discovered on an Italian vessel at Wilmington, North Carolina.  The Coast Guard investigated all Italian and German vessels in American ports and took into "protective custody" 28 Italian vessels, two German and 35 Danish vessels.   Coast Guard boarding teams discovered that their crews had damaged 27 of the Italian ships and one of the German ships.  The Coast Guard also took into custody a total of 850 Italian and 63 German officers and crew. 

April 9, 1941

The United States and Denmark signed an "agreement relating to the defense of Greenland."  The Coast Guard, in part because of its experience in the Arctic environment, was the principal service used to carry out the agreement. 

May 18, 1941

Ship/Unit not known
SHAW, Jack E, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG, from Colorado, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

May 24, 1941

CGC Modoc sighted the German battleship Bismarck while the cutter searched for survivors of a convoy southeast of Cape Farewell, Greenland.  British Swordfish torpedo planes from the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Victorious circled Modoc as they flew towards the German battleship. 

June 1, 1941

The Navy organized the South Greenland Patrol.  It consisted of three cutters and a Navy vessel.

June 3, 1941

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order making 2,100 US Coast Guard officers and men available to man four transports, USS Leonard Wood, Hunter Liggett, Joseph T. Dickman, and Wakefield along with 22 other ships manned by US Navy personnel.

June 14, 1941

CGC Duane rescued 46 survivors from the torpedoed SS Tresillian.

July 1, 1941

The "Northeast Greenland Patrol" was organized in Boston.

July 11, 1941

Congress reconfirmed the military "status" of the Coast Guard, stating: "The Coast Guard shall be a military service and constitute a branch of the land and naval forces of the United States at all times and shall operate under the Treasury Department in time of peace and operate as part of the Navy, subject to the orders of the Secretary of the Navy, in time of war or when the President shall so direct." (14 U.S.C. 1)

July 18, 1941

USS Joseph T Dickman (APA-13), attack transport
STEWART, Cletus B., Boatswain, buried Wisconsin (cg/fg)

August  1, 1941

The Honolulu Coast Guard District was transferred to the Navy.

August  18, 1941

The Coast Guard was charged by Congress with enforcing a law to protect war-lanes in Alaskan waters.

September 12, 1941

After the Danish government in exile asked the U.S. to protect Greenland, CGC Northland seized the Norwegian sealer Buskoe, with Nazi agents on board, trying to establish radio and weather stations in MacKenzie Bay, Greenland.  The capture of the Buskoe was the first U.S. naval capture of World War II.

October 25, 1941

The Navy formally established the Greenland Patrol by combining the South Greenland Patrol with the three cutters of the Northeast Greenland Patrol.

November 12, 1941

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 8929 transferred the Coast Guard to the Navy Department.


Selected abbreviations: AIRSTA - Air Station, COTP - Captain of the Port

December 7, 1941

The Imperial Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and surrounding Army Air Force airfields in Hawaii.   Stationed in Honolulu were the Coast Guard's 327-foot cutter Taney, the 190-foot buoy tender Kukui, two 125-foot patrol craft, Reliance and Tiger, two 78-foot patrol boats and several smaller craft.  At the time of the attack, Taney lay at Pier Six in Honolulu Harbor, Reliance and the unarmed Kukui both lay at Pier Four and Tiger was on patrol along the western shore of Oahu. All were performing normal duties for a peacetime Sunday.  After the attack commenced Tiger conducted anti-submarine sweeps outside of Pearl Harbor and Taney opened fire on Japanese aircraft that appeared over Honolulu Harbor.

  Ship/Unit not known 
NICKERSON, William Henry, Surfman, USCG, buried Ft Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA (va)

December 8, 1941

Coast Guardsmen seized all nine Finnish vessels that were in U.S. ports and placed them in "protective custody" to "prevent the commission of any acts of sabotage" on orders from the Navy Department.  Twenty-four hours later the Coast Guard removed the crews from each of the vessels. 

December 10, 1941

Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.

December 15, 1941

Ship/Unit not known
BRONSON, Theodore Norman, Bugler 2, USCG, buried Long Island National Cemetery, NY (va)

December 21, 1941

Ship/Unit not known
HOPKINS, Theodore H, Boy 1C, USCG, buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, CA (va)

December 22, 1941

Ship/Unit not known
WINTERS, Frank R, Oiler, USCG, not known if WW2, buried Dayton National Cemetery, OH (va)



January 14, 1942

A Coast Guard aircraft, Hall PH-3 No. V-177, dropped food to a raft with six survivors of a torpedoed tanker in one of hundreds of such incidents carried out by Coast Guard aircraft during the war.  This tanker had been the victim of a German U-boat attack off the coast of the United States.

January 28, 1942

USCGC Alder (WAGL-216), lighthouse tender, Alaskan waters
DRURY, Morris, AS, from Iowa, MIA (cg/pm)

January 29, 1942

USCGC Alexander Hamilton (WPG-34), gunboat, torpedoed by German submarine U-132 off Reykjavik, Iceland, 64°10'N, 22°56'W; scuttled next day by gunfire of destroyer Ericsson (DD-440) off Reykjavik, Iceland (oc)

BOOTH, Julian C., F3 (cg)
BROOKS, Livingston W., WT2 (cg)
CAPPORELLI, John, S1 (cg)
COSTIGAN, James E., WT1 (cg)
COVINGTON, Cecil L, Y3 (cg)
DAVIS, Bruce E, MM1 (cg)
EMANUELLI, Joseph, AS (cg)
FLETCHER, Charles H, S1 (cg)
HOLL, George J, Jr, SM3 (cg)
HOLUBEC, Nicholas T., AS (cg)
KMENT, Joseph, F3 (cg)
LEARNER, Robert B, S2 (cg)
LIEBRA, Otto, CMM (cg)
LINDSAY, Clifford A, F1 (cg)
LITTLE, Clarence J, F1 (cg)
MCGRANE, James B., WT2 (cg)
MCKINNEY, John E, F3 (cg)
MUSSELWHITE, Elwood F, AS (cg)
REYNOLDS, George H., CMM (cg)
ROBERTS, Ennis L, MM2 (cg)
SABELLI, Nick, MM1 (cg)
SIECK, Ludwig V. T., CMM (cg)
WAGDA, Teddy, S1 (cg) (believed DOW on February 3rd)
VAS, Michael T, MM2 (cg)
YATES, Herbert W, MM2 (cg)
ZAJAC, Walter P, MM2 (cg)

January 30, 1942

The capsized wreck of CGC Alexander Hamilton was sunk by the Navy.  She was the first cutter sunk by enemy action during World War II.  Twenty-six of her crew perished in the attack.

USS Wakefield, the former passenger liner SS Manhattan converted to a troop transport and manned by a Coast Guard crew, transported British troops to Singapore.  Having disembarked the troops, she was bombed by Japanese aircraft while still tied up on 30 January 1942.  Five of her Coast Guard crew were killed and nine were wounded.  After temporary repairs, Wakefield evacuated 500 women and children to Bombay before the port fell to the Japanese. (cg). Japanese naval land attack planes (Genzan Kokutai) bombed Allied shipping at Keppel Harbor, Singapore, Straits Settlements; transport Wakefield (AP-21), waiting to embark passengers damaged by a bomb (oc)

COADY, Wilfred A., F1 (cg)
CRONCE, Paul R., MM2 (cg)
COOSE, John, S1 (cg)
PADILLA, Joe, F1, DOW February 15th (cg)
TURNER, Daniel N., Jr., S1 (cg)

February 3, 1942

USCGC Hamilton, presumably Alexander Hamilton attacked January 29th, DOW
WADGA, Teddy, AS (cg)

February 6, 1942

CGC Nike rescued 38 persons from SS China Arrow which had been torpedoed off Ocean City, Maryland.

February 15, 1942

USCGC Wakefield, presumably attack of January 30th, DOW
PADILLA, Joe, F1 (cg)

March 8, 1942

A Coast Guard aircraft located the lifeboats of SS Arubutan, which had been sunk by a German U-boat off the North Carolina coast, and directed CGC Calypso to them.

March 15, 1942

The 172-foot tender CGC Acacia was en route from Curacao, Netherlands West Indies to Antigua, British West Indies, when she was sunk by shellfire from the German submarine U-161.  The entire crew of Acacia was rescued.  She was the only Coast Guard buoy tender sunk by enemy action during the war.

March 30, 1942

By Presidential proclamation, the Coast Guard was designated as a service of the Navy to be administered by the Commandant of Coast Guard under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, similar to the administration of the Marine Corps.

April 3, 1942

Flying Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher, 5777 from AIRSTA Salem, ASW patrol off Salem, Mass, crashed
BRATU, Cecil V., RM3 (cg)
WERNER, Edward T, AMM2 (AP) (cg)

April 7, 1942

A Coast Guard aircraft directed a Royal Navy trawler to a life boat with 24 survivors off the coast of North Carolina.

April 16, 1942

Flying Grumman JRF-3, V190, AIRSTA Brooklyn, on test flight, diverted to reported submarine sighting SE of Nantucket, crashed in bad weather and in the dark into the cliffs on Block Island, Rhode Island, all killed
BOUTILLIER William A., RM1 (cg)
LAFFERTY, Robert J., LT (cg)
TARAPCHAK, Steven J., AMM1 (cg)

May 1, 1942

Two Coast Guard planes located a lifeboat with 13 survivors and landed in open seas and took injured men ashore as others were rescued by lifeboat.

May 2, 1942

Coast Guard plane V-167 rescued two from a torpedoed freighter.

May 4, 1942

The Chief of Naval Operations, ADM Ernest J. King, ordered the Coast Guard Auxiliary to organize into a anti-submarine patrol force, which becomes known as the "Corsair Fleet" for service along the east coast.  The Corsair Fleet was made up primarily of private yachts, crewed by their owners, and converted for ASW use.

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Port Angeles (incident area, Wash)
VENTRELLA, Joseph S., MoMM2 (cg)

May 7, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Detroit Base (incident area, Mich)
CANNON, William A. V., BM2 (cg)

May 9, 1942

CGC Icarus attacked and sank the German submarine U-352 off Moorehead City, North Carolina, and then rescued and took 33 prisoners-of-war, the first German prisoners taken in combat by any U.S. force in World War II.

June 5, 1942

Flying Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina, 05023, NAS Pensacola, student navigation flight and ASW patrol over Gulf of Mexico, disappeared and not found.  Eight USN crew with AM2 Fisher on board
FISHER, Richard L., AM2 (cg)

June 11, 1942

After the Battle of Midway, CGC Taney anchored at Midway Island after escorting USS Regulus (AK-14) there.  For the next four days Taney conducted SAR operations in the waters around Midway, the island itself, and then "went out into the Pacific Ocean to look for survivors reported by plane."  Taney departed Midway Island on 16 June and escorted Regulus back to Honolulu.

June 13, 1942

Coast Guardsman John C. Cullen (Seaman 2/c) discovered Nazi saboteurs landing on beach at Amagansett, Long Island.  He reported this to his superiors.  The FBI later captured the Nazis and Cullen was awarded the Legion of Merit.

CGC Thetis sank the German U-boat U-157 off the Florida Keys.  There were no survivors.

June 23, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, CGR 972 St. Louis (incident area, Mo)
COX, Joseph E., SN2 (cg)

June 24, 1942

USS Perseus, CGC, WPC-114
MILLER, Cecil D., RM2 (cg), MIA, Hawaiian Islands, but West Coast Memorial (pm)

June 30, 1942

The Coast Guard's Beach Patrol Division was established at Coast Guard Headquarters under the command of Captain Raymond J. Mauerman, USCG.

July 6, 1942

Coast Guard amphibious aircraft V-166 landed in the open ocean and took aboard 21 survivors of a torpedoed tanker in Gulf of Mexico.

July 16, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, CGR 966 St. Louis (incident area, Mo)
TRANCHANT, George A., SN2 (cg)

July 25, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Two Rivers Station (incident area, Wis)
KARNICKI, Raymond F., SN2 (cg)

July 28, 1942

Coast Guard J4F Widgeon V-214, piloted by Chief Aviation Pilot Henry White and carrying crewman RM1c Henderson Boggs, attacked a surfaced German submarine off the coast of Louisiana with a single depth charge.  After the war, the U.S. Navy credited V-214 with sinking the Nazi sub U-166.  White was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and Boggs was awarded the Air Medal.  Nevertheless the U-166 was later learned to have been sunk a few days earlier (un - sunk later on the 30th) by a Navy patrol vessel, USS PC-566. White and Boggs had actually attacked the U-171, which reported in her war diary as having been attacked by an unidentified aircraft in the very location that White reported attacking a U-boat.  The U-171 escaped with no damage.

July 29, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Astoria Base (incident area, Ore)
MCKENZIE, William F., SN2 (cg)

August 7, 1942

The landings at Tulagi and Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands commenced.  This first Allied invasion in the Pacific proved to be a critical battle.  Coast Guard manned transports, including the USS Hunter Liggett, participated in the invasion.  Many of the landing craft were crewed by Coast Guardsmen.  A Coast Guard officer, LCDR Dwight H. Dexter, and 25 Coast Guardsmen went ashore from the Liggett with their landing craft to set up a naval operating base on Lunga Point.  Signalman 1/c Douglas Munro, later killed at Guadalcanal, was a member of Dexter's command.

August 9, 1942

Coast Guard-manned attack transport USS Hunter Liggett rescued the survivors of the heavy cruisers USS Vincennes, Astoria, and Quincy and the Australian cruiser HMAS Canberra that had been sunk the preceding night by Imperial Japanese Navy warships during the Battle of Savo Island. 

August 11, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Pt. Adams Lifeboat Station (incident area, Ore)
NEUMAN, Earnest E., MoMM2 (cg)

August 12, 1942

Ship/Unit not known, both lost Florida Straits (pm) - assumed loss date is August 12, 1942, date declared dead is August 13, 1943.
PAGANELLI, Frank L, Radioman First Class, 206820, USCG, from New York, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)
PAUL, Guy Donald, Radioman First Class, 220318, USCG, from Ohio, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)

August 19, 1942

Ship/Unit not known, location Solomon Islands
ALCORN, John J, MM3C, 223039, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA (pm)
STICKNEY, Charles N, BM1C, 133886, USCG, from Michigan, MIA (pm)
WILLIAMS, Charles W, BM2C, 213620, USCG, from Ohio, MIA (pm)

August 27, 1942

CGC Mojave rescued 293 men from the torpedoed transport SS Chatham in the Strait of Belle Isle.

August 30, 1942

USS Colhoun (DD-85), Solomon Islands
DRESSLER, Harry A, Boatswain's Mate Second Class, 221526, USCG, from New York, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm/pm) - assumed loss date is August 30, 1942, date declared dead August 31, 1943.
DUVALL, Robert W, Machinist's Mate First Class, 210036, USCG, from North Carolina, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm/pm) - assumed loss date is August 30, 1942, date declared dead August 31, 1943.
IDZIAK, Frank M, Machinist's Mate Second Class, 229133, USCG, from Michigan, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm/pm)

September 4, 1942

USS Wakefield, attack transport
SILADIO, Francisco, Steward (cg)

September 5, 1942

High speed transports Gregory (APD-3) and Little (APD-4) presumed sunk by Japanese destroyers Yudachi, Murakumo, and Hatsuyuki off Lunga Point, Guadalcanal, 09°20'S, 160°01'E (oc). Included USCG casualties:

USS Gregory
EPPERSON, Roy K., Jr., S1, MIA (cg)
GILLIKIN, Walton, BM2, MIA (cg)

USS Little
OLSON, William S., MM1, MIA (cg)
THOMPSON, Lucian P., MM1, MIA (cg)
TOWNSEND, Linwood E., BM1, MIA (cg)

September 9, 1942

Coast Guard-manned weather ship USS Muskeget disappeared without a trace while on weather patrol in the North Atlantic during World War II.  Her entire crew of nine officers and 111 enlisted men were lost.  After the war the U.S. Navy determined that she had been torpedoed and sunk with all hands by the German submarine U-755. ..... Muskeget (WAG-48) torpedoed and sunk ... between Norfolk, Virginia, and Iceland. 117 USCG crew lost (oc) ( - 125 lost, including five civilians, no survivors)

AIETA, J. V., Ens (cg)
ALLEN, Clifton R., MAtt3 (cg)
ALTMAN, Albert J., Y3 (cg)
ANDERSON, Donald J., S1 (cg)
ASTLEY, George L., Coxwain (cg)
BAUERSFELD, P. M., Ens (cg)
BRADBERRY, Robert C., Coxwain (cg)
BRUCKNER, Irving L., WT2 (cg)
BRYAN, Herman A., AS (cg)
BURDEN, Alvin B., QM3 (cg)
BUSTARD, Christopher C., MM1 (cg)
BUTLER, John J., F1 (cg)
CANFIELD, Cecil S., CMM (cg)
CLARK, Henry B., Jr., F3 (cg)
CLARK, John W., Coxwain (cg)
CLARK, Robert Jessup, Lt (cg)
CRANSHAW, Charles E., MAtt3 (cg)
DAUPHIN, Maurice L, AS (cg)
DAVIS, Israel W., AS (cg)
DE SILVER, Carroll A, F2 (cg)
DEXTER, Norman R., S1 (cg)
DOMANICK, George, F2 (cg)
DOWNEY, John V., SC3 (cg)
EGAN, John G., F2 (cg)
EGGERS, Vessie F., F3 (cg)
ETHER, John H., Jr., S1 (cg)
FARR, Erman R., SoM3 (cg)
FLOYD, Walter M., BM2 (cg)
FULD, Stephen L., Ens (cg)
GAVEY, Robert, AS (cg)
GRAHAM, Ronald T., S2 (cg)
GRAY, Irvin P., MM1 (cg)
GREER, George, MAtt3 (cg)
GRIMES, Charlie S., MAtt3 (cg)
HALLIGAN, Thomas J., AS (cg)
HARBOUR, Francis, F3c, USCG (nm/not in cg)
HARTMAN, Roy, S1 (cg)
HAWKRIDGE, Earle F., S1 (cg)
HILL, Charles H., CMM (cg)
HINKSON, Clarence, Seaman Apprentice, 552739, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm) - assumed loss date is September 9, 1942, date declared dead September 10, 1943, believed USS Muskeget.
HUMES, Francis J., AS (cg)
HUNTER, Charles R., Ens (cg)
HVIZDOCK, Martin T., SC2 (cg)
HYRES, Paul H., CM1 (cg)
JOHNSON, Rolland, BM2c, USCG (pm)
JONES, Robert E., MAttl (cg)
KELSCH, Albert A., BM1 (cg)
KIMBER, Clifford R., AS (cg)
KINKSON, Clarence, AS (cg)
KOWALSKI, Tadeus, WT2 (cg)
LATTA, William J., AS (cg)
LIEN, Kenneth M., RM3 (cg)
LOPEZ, Carlos A., RM3 (cg)
LUTHYE, Henry J., MM2 (cg)
MANISCALCO, August G., F1 (cg)
MARTIN, Ivan E., SoM3 (cg)
MARTINDALE, Frank, Y1 (cg)
MASON, Carl S., CBM (cg)
MAYER, Edward S., QM2 (cg)
MCDONALD, John W., PhM1 (cg)
MEDEIROS, Gebbert F., F2 (cg)
MORLEY, Warren H., EM1 (cg)
MOUNT, Grover J., S1 (cg)
MULLEN, Robert F., CM2 (cg)
MURRAY, Harold A., S1 (cg)
NALBONE, Samuel J., F2 (cg)
NEEDS, Paul A., F3 (cg)
NORDYKE, Arhie V., CCStd (cg)
OHLSEN, Francis W., S1 (cg)
OSIER, Leuign W., CMM (cg)
PAINE, Robert V., S1 (cg)
PARKER, Samuel T., Y2 (cg)
PAWLUSIAK, Stanley E., Coxwain (cg)
PERRY, Frederick E., F1 (cg)
PETERSON, Donald R., RM3 (cg)
PETERSON, Roy E. L., F1 (cg)
POSNANSKY, Max H., S1 (cg)
POWER, Edmund F., S2 (cg)
PROFIT, Walter, Jr., GM2 (cg)
REINHERZ, Frank L., SK2 (cg)
RESTAINO, Aniello, F2 (cg)
REYNOLDS, Williams J., RM3 (cg)
ROBINSON, James E., F1 (cg)
ROBINSON, William L., S1 (cg)
RUGGERI, Anthony, S1 (cg)
SARRASIN, Gerald J., F2 (cg)
SHEARER, Robert F., SC2 (cg)
SIEDLECKI, Alexander J., QM2 (cg)
SILSBIE, Harold C., Jr., F3 (cg)
SMILLIE, Allan B., GM2 (cg)
SPOONER, William R., Lt (jg) (cg)
STANLEY, George A., S1 (cg)
STANLEY, Joseph, CGM (cg)
STEFENDEL, Frank L., EM2 (cg)
STEHLE, Joseph C., Lt (jg) (cg)
STEIGER, Alfred, F1c, USCG (nm/pm)
STODA, Edward F., CWT (cg)
SULLIVAN, Thomas M., Ens (cg)
SYVERTSEN, Harold T., CCStd (cg
TOFT, Charles E., Lt Cdr (cg)
TOWNE, Francis 1., AS (cg)
TRAHAN, James J. P., S2 (cg)
TRIMBOLI, Stephen E., S2 (cg)
TUCCILLO, Vincent, F1 (cg)
TURANSKI, Joseph E., S1 (cg)
VAIL, Walton B., QM3 (cg)
VAN ALSTYNE, George P., S1 (cg)
VELASCO, Braulio M., F3 (cg)
VINESKY, Peter, WT1 (cg)
VRABEL, Steve R., BM2 (cg)
WAHAB, John, Jr., MAtt2 (cg)
WALKER, Allen B., RM1 (cg)
WARD, Ralph E., S2 (cg)
WEBSTER, William D., MM2 (cg)
WEINER, Murray F., SOM3 (cg)
WEYMAN, John W., Jr., F2 (cg)
WHITE, Ralph C., AS (cg)
WILLIAMSON, Delma R., MM2 (cg)
WILLIAMSON, Victor L., RM1 (cg)
WOLEVER, Harold R., Jr., F1 (cg)

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Loraine Station (incident area, Ohio), patrol boat explosion (fg)
DOTY, Edward W., Coxswain (cg)

September 16, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Coastal Picket Charleston (incident area, SC)
MOORE, Ernest L., Jr., Coxswain (cg)

September 26, 1942

CGC Ingham rescued eight survivors from the torpedoed SS Tennessee.

September 27, 1942

Douglas A. Munro, Signalman 1/c, USCG (USS McCawley), gave his life evacuating Marines of the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, at Matanikau Point, Guadalcanal.  President Roosevelt posthumously awarded Munro the Medal of Honor, the only Coast Guardsmen to be awarded this decoration.  The medal was given to Douglas Munro's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Munro of South Cle Elum, Washington, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a ceremony at the White House on Thursday, 27 May 1943.  The citation read: "Awarded posthumously to DOUGLAS ALBERT MUNRO, SIGNALMAN FIRST CLASS, U.S. COAST GUARD 'For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry in action above and beyond the call of duty as Office-in-Charge of a group of Higgins boats, engaged in the evacuation of a Battalion of Marines trapped by enemy Japanese forces at Point Cruz, Guadalcanal, on September 27, 1942.  After making preliminary plans for the evacuation of nearly 500 beleaguered Marines, Munro, under constant risk of his life, daringly led five of his small craft toward the shore.   As he closed the beach, he [signaled] the others to land, and then in order to draw the enemy's fire and protect the heavily loaded boats, he valiantly placed his craft with its two small guns as a shield between the beachhead and the Japanese.   When the perilous task of evacuation was nearly completed, Munro was killed by enemy fire, but his crew, two of whom were wounded, carried on until the last boat had loaded and cleared the beach.  By his outstanding leadership, expert planning, and dauntless devotion to duty, he and his courageous comrades undoubtedly saved the lives of many who otherwise would have perished.  He gallantly gave up his life in defense of his country.'"

USS McCawley (APA-4), attack transport
MUNRO, Douglas A., SM1 (cg)

September 30, 1942

Ship/Unit not known
CROTTY, Thomas J E, Lieutenant, USCG, from New York, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

October 7, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Mobile (incident area, Ala)
MONIER, Daniel A. J., SA (cg)

October 14, 1942

SS Caribou, sunk by German U.69 in Gulf of St Lawrence, some 137 died (un), including:
BETHEA, Edward T., S2, MIA (cg)
BURNS, Joseph M., CMM, MIA (cg)
SCHULTZ, Edward TG., MM1 (cg)

October 15, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP San Diego (incident area, Calif)
BERRES, Gordon J., SN2 (cg)

October 17, 1942

USS Samuel Chase (APA-26), attack transport, possibly Scotland prior to Operation Torch (wk)
COCHRAN, Harmon G., AS (cg)

October 20, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Port Huron Station (incident area, Mich)
MILLER, Kenneth H., SA (cg)

 October 24, 1942

Ship/Unit not known
WHALEY, James Edward, Jr., Seaman, 1c, USCGR (na), buried Oak Lawn Cemetery, Fairfield, Connecticut (fg)

November 5, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, CGR 971 St. Louis (incident area, Mo)
GERMANN, Fred O., SN2 (cg)

November 8, 1942

Operation Torch, the Allied landings in Vichy-French-held North Africa, commenced.  Coast Guard-manned Navy vessels participated in the assault, including the attack transports USS Leonard Wood, Joseph T. Dickman, and Samuel Chase.  Coast Guardsmen also manned the landing craft on the Navy's USS Arcturus, Charles Carroll, Joseph Hewes, William P. Biddle and Exceller.

USS Charles Carroll (APA-28), also present at Torch
KOSAKOWSKI, Joseph A., F1 (cg)

USS Joseph T. Dickman (APA-13), attack transport, at Torch
LA RUE, Donald, S1 (cg)

November 13, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Portland (incident area, Me)
SULLIVAN, William E., SA (cg)

November 28, 1942

Petty Officer Clifford Johnson was on liberty at the Coconut Grove Lounge in Boston on the night of 28 November 1942 when the lounge caught fire. Over 490 persons perished in what was one of the worst fires in the nation's history. Petty Officer Johnson repeatedly risked his life by entering the fire on four occasions to pull victims from the flames, receiving severe burns over his body. He spent over two years in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

November 29, 1942

Flying Grumman J2F-4 Duck, V1640, CGC Northland, on Greenland Patrol, searching for crashed B-17 in Greenland, brought back two survivors, on second attempt with a third, crashed in heavy fog on take off
BOTTOMS, Benjamin A., RM1 (cg)
PRITCHARD, John A., LT (cg)
HOWARTH, Loren E., CPL, USAAF (cg)

December 4, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Oswego Station (incident area, NY), picket boat struck East Light and overturned (fg)
GINSBURG, Irving, SN2 (cg)
HOLDSWORTH, Leslie J., SN1 (cg)
JACKSON, Karl H., BM1 (cg)
SISSON, Eugene C., BM2 (cg)
SPRAW, Ralph J., MM2 (cg)
WILSON, Alston G., Lt (cg)

December 12, 1942

USS Joseph T. Dickman (APA-13), attack transport, at Torch
SACCO, Anthony E., S2 (cg) - not known if DOW from attack on November 8th

December 17, 1942

USS Natsek (WPG-170), part of the Greenland Patrol, disappeared in Belle Isle Strait while on patrol. There were no survivors among her 24-man crew.  It was thought that she capsized due to severe icing.
BARAM, Harry, S1 (cg)
BENASH, Chester, SC2 (cg)
CATTEL, Clarence, S2 (cg)
EATON, Carl M., CBM (cg)
FUCHS, Warren H., S2 (cg)
GARLOCK, Mark, RM1c, Natsek (nm/not in cg)
HERRING, William J., S2 (cg)
HILL, Tauno, S2 (cg)
HINCH, Lloyd E., MM1 (cg)
JENSEN, Charles F., RM2 (cg)
LA FARGE, Thomas S., Lt (jg) (cg)
LAWSON, Kenneth, MM1 (cg)
MATTSON, Ray E., RM1 (cg)
MCKAY, Alton P, Boatswain's Mate First Class, 220872, USCG, from Pennsylvania, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm),
NEIL, Allen G., Coxwain (cg)
PARDOE, William E., QM3 (cg)
REPUCCI, Robert E., Y2 (cg)
RICHARDS, Louis A., CQM (cg)
SARGENT, Kenneth A., S2 (cg)
SHEWBRIDGE, Melvin E., MM1 (cg)
WATERS, Nelson A., MM1 (cg)
WHITE, Norman, MAtt2 (cg)
WILLIAMS, Charles C., RM2 (cg)
YARNELL, Charles E., GM3 (cg)

December 18, 1942

The Navy credited CGC Ingham with attacking and sinking the submerged U-626 south of Greenland. (un - went missing after December 14th)

USCGC Northland, location off Greenland
BURKE, Robert W., S2 (cg)
HANSON, Thomas W., F1 (cg)
MYERS, Francis C., Coxwain (cg)

December 19, 1942

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Miami (incident area, Fla)
RILES, Edward E., BM1 (cg)

December 29, 1942

USS Dickenson - believed USS Dickerson (DD-157), US East Coast convoy escort (wk)
SMITH, Edwin M., CY (cg), lost in Atlantic, East Coast Memorial (bm/pm)


Ship/Unit not known
YAKSIC, Marko, Seaman 2c, USCGR (na), died 1943, buried Mount Prospect Cemetery, Hickory, Pennsylvania (fg)

January 1, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Portland (incident area, Me)
WADSWORTH, Frank M., Coxswain (cg)

January 10, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Mackinac Island Station (incident area, Mich)
DE SANTIS, Paul, SN1 (cg)

January 12, 1943

Coast Guardsmen participated in the landings at Amchitka, Alaska.

January 18, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, New York District (incident area, NY)
SENI, Joseph B., Coxswain (cg)

February 3, 1943

A U-boat torpedoed the transport USS Dorchester off the coast of Greenland.  Two of her escorts, CGCs Comanche and Escanaba, responded. The crew of Escanaba used a new rescue technique when pulling survivors from the water. This "retriever" technique used swimmers clad in wet suits to swim to victims in the water and secure a line to them so they could then be hauled onto the ship. Although Escanaba saved 133 men (one later died) and Comanche saved 97, over 600 men were lost, including the famous "Four Chaplains" who gave up their lifejackets to those that did not have one and all four went down with the ship.

USS Dorchester, all MIA, East Coast Memorial, Greenland area, loss date is February 3, 1943, date declared dead February 4, 1944.
BELLI, Joseph B, Chief Yeoman, 505420, USCG, from New Jersey (bm)
BUERDSELL, Joseph D, Storekeeper Second Class, 552527, USCG, from Rhode Island (bm)
COURTNEY, Philip M, Seaman Apprentice, 646732, USCG, from New York (bm)
ELLSWORTH, Harold J, Steward's Mate Third Class, 613875, USCG, from Louisiana (bm)
FASS, Marcus, Chief Radioman, 580108, USCG, from New York (bm)
HOPE, Paul E, Radioman Second Class, 617254, USCG, from Vermont (bm)
KELLEY, William J, Storekeeper First Class, 520251, USCG, from Maryland (bm)
MCHUGH, Walter F, Yeoman Third Class, 595155, USCG, from Rhode Island (bm)
MOUNT, Willard H, Radioman Third Class, 546884, USCG, from New Jersey (bm)
OLSZEWSKI, Joseph S, Storekeeper Second Class, 234788, USCG, from Maryland (bm)
PITTS, John A, Steward's Mate Second Class, 520699, USCG, from Pennsylvania (bm)
SMITH, Alvin A, Seaman Apprentice, 564390, USCG, from Pennsylvania (bm)
WICKS, Eugene, Boatswain's Mate Second Class, 217497, USCG, from Washington (bm)
WILLIAMS, Clarence V, Carpenter's Mate Second Class, 615079, USCG, from Massachusetts (bm)
ZECHINI, Peter Tom, Yeoman Third Class, 223775, USCG, from Tennessee (bm)

February 6, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Long Beach District (incident area, Calif)
BEEBE, Milton M., SN2 (cg)
WELLS, Roscoe M., SN2 (cg), killed in a landslide, San Diego County (fg)

USS North Star, CGC (WPG-59), Greenland Patrol (cg)
GANNON, Elvin G., S1 (cg)

February 7, 1943

During a fierce convoy battle near Greenland, CGC Ingham rescued 33 survivors from the torpedoed troopship SS Henry Mallory while CGC Bibb rescued 202.  Bibb then rescued 33 from the torpedoed SS Kalliopi.

February 10, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, CGR 571 Norfolk (incident area, Va)
CROCKETT, James C., BM2 (cg)

February 11, 1943

USS Ango - believed USS Argo (WPC-100), Atlantic Fleet convoy escort (cg)
JINKULY, Ludwig, CGM (cg)

February 15, 1943

CGC Calypso removed 42 persons from a lifeboat from the torpedoed vessel SS Buarque (Brazil) east of Cape Henry.

February 22, 1943

CGC Campbell under the command of CDR James A. Hirshfield and assigned to the international escort group A-3 that was escorting Convoy ON-166 through the North Atlantic, engaged numerous submarine contacts during a running battle across the sea.  Campbell's attacks damaged at least two U-boats.  The cutter also rescued 50 survivors from a torpedoed Norwegian freighter.  Then, on 22 February 1943, as Campbell returned to the convoy after rescuing the Norwegians, it detected a radar contact closing the convoy.  Campbell raced toward the target and soon made visual contact.  It was the surfaced U-606, earlier disabled by a depth charge attack delivered by the Free Polish destroyer Burza. Campbell closed to ram while its gunners opened fire. The big cutter struck the U-boat with a glancing blow and one of the submarine's hydroplanes sliced open Campbell's hull, flooding the engine room. The crew dropped two depth charges as the submarine slid past, and the explosions lifted the U-boat nearly five feet. Hirshfield later noted, "I felt sure he was ours."  Campbell illuminated the U-boat with a spotlight and the gunners continued to fire into the submarine's conning tower and hull.  Hirshfield was hit by shell fragments but remained at his station. When he realized the Germans had given up, he ordered his men to cease firing.  Campbell then rescued five of the U-606's crew.  Due to the collision, Campbell was towed to safety, repaired, and returned to service.  CDR Hirshfield was awarded the Navy Cross for this action.

February 26, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Houston (incident area, Tex)
PINARD, Floyd R., SN1 (cg)

March 3, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, New York District (incident area, NY)
NADYAHAN, Pedro, Off. Std.2 (cg)

March 4, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Baltimore CGR-898 (incident area, Md)
WASHINGTON, Carl M., SN2 (cg)

March 17, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Salisbury Beach Patrol (incident area, Mass)
DANKNER, Morris L., SN2 (cg)

March 18, 1943

CGC Ingham rescued all hands from the torpedoed SS Matthew Luckenbach.

March 19, 1943

British Steamer Svend Foyne was a victim of an iceberg collision off the southern tip of Greenland.  One hundred forty-five persons were rescued by the Coast Guard and others.  The International Ice Patrol was suspended during this period (1942-1945) of World War II.

March 22, 1943

Flying training in Vultee SNV-1 Valiant, USN 34225, NAS Pensacola, crashed on landing near NAS Saufley, Florida
THOMPSON, Robert Howard, AMM3 (cg)

March 27, 1943

CG-85006 (ex-motor boat Catamount) exploded off Ambrose Light, off Long Island, New York, while on Coastal Picket patrol duty.  Of a total of ten crew members on board, four drowned while five were reported missing.  Only the commanding officer, CBM Garfield L. Beal, USCG, escaped.  He was picked up six hours later by a passing merchant ship.  The cause of the explosion was never ascertained.

AUGUST, Robert W., S1 (cg)
CALDERON, Joaquin, SC1 (cg)
HARRIS, William L., MoMM1 (cg)
KOURY, John, MoMM1 (cg)
MECHAN, James P., BM2 (cg)
MORRIS, William, CMM (cg)
PANZYACH, John P., S1 (cg)
QUIGLEY, George S., Coxswain (cg)
WARLICH, Louis F., S1 (cg)

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Beach Patrol Sabine Pass (incident area, Tex)
ALFORD, Charles C., SN1 (cg)

March 31, 1943

Ship/Unit not known
VAUGHT, James Paul, Seaman First Class, 232183, USCG, from Arkansas, buried Cambridge American Cemetery (bm)

April 6, 1943

Flying Grumman JRF-2 Goose, V176, AIRSTA Port Angeles, en route to Seattle, hit Blyn Mountain, Olympia, WA
HEUSSY, Carl R, LTJG (cg)
KESNER, Thurlow E, RM1 (cg)
MUYSKENS, Earl H, CAP (cg)
WESTBROOK, Frederick L, LCDR (cg)

April 8, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, CG 36006 New York (incident area, NY)
HORBLIT, George, F3 (cg)
KNIGHT, Earl, BM2 (cg)

April 10, 1943

CG-72010, believed to be ex-civilian schooner Blue Water, patrol duties, Virginian Capes in 1943 (facebook/wooden boats)
HOOVER, Merrill W., S2 (cg)

April 17, 1943

Lieutenant Ross P. Bullard and Boatswain's Mate First Class C. S. "Mike" Hall boarded the U-175 at sea after their cutter, CGC Spencer, blasted the U-boat to the surface with depth charges when it attempted to attack the convoy Spencer was escorting.  These Coast Guardsmen were part of a specially trained boarding party sent to board the submarine to seize any code-related documents and cipher equipment they could find.  The damage to the U-boat was severe, however, and it sank after they had boarded it and climbed up the conning tower.  Both men ended up in the sea as the U-boat slipped beneath the waves but were pulled from the water unharmed.  The Navy credited Spencer with the U-boat kill.  The cutter rescued 19 of the U-boat's crew and a sister cutter, CGC Duane, rescued 22.  One Spencer crewman, RM 3/c Julius Petrella, was killed by friendly fire during the battle.

USCGC Spencer (above, but note different surname spelling)
PATNELLA, Julius T., RM3 (cg); PETRELLA, Julius T, Radioman Third Class, 224430, USCG, from New York, MIA, North Africa American Cemetery (bm)

April 21, 1943

Ship/Unit not known
HILDRETH, Charles E, Chief Commissary Steward, O-522918, USCG, from Massachusetts, buried, North Africa American Cemetery (bm)

April 22, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Potomac River (incident area, Md)
STOEFFLER, Gilbert A., SN2

April 24, 1943

While loading a cargo of ammunition at a Bayonne, New Jersey pier, the freighter El Estero caught fire, threatening  downtown Manhattan with devastation should the ship's cargo explode.  Coast Guardsmen under the command of LCDR John T. Stanley responded immediately and were soon reinforced by local firefighters.  Two Coast Guard fireboats along with commercial and New York City firefighting tugs headed to the area.  LCDR Stanley boarded the freighter which was now burning out of control and he was joined by LCDR Arthur F. Pfister who was in charge of the Coast Guard vessels.  Upon consultation with the Captain of the Port of New York, Third District commander RADM Stanley V. Parker, they decided to scuttle the ship.  However, the sea cocks were not accessible and so they decided to fill the vessel with water.  While firefighting teams fought the blaze aboard the El Estero, the tugs arrived and took the freighter under tow, heading to deeper water away from New York City.  The tugs and firefighting vessels began spraying their water cannons on the freighter, filling her holds with water.  The residents of the city were warned to expect an imminent explosion.  Fortunately, the vessel began listing to starboard and soon thereafter sank northwest of the Robbins Reef Light, extinguishing the fires.  All of the men aboard the vessel escaped harm.  The fire was later ruled as accidental.

April 25, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Beach Patrol Long Beach (incident area, Calif)
STENSON, Robert C., SN2 (cg)

May 1, 1943

Ship/Unit not known
BRIGHTLY, Harry G, Ensign, USCG, from New York, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)

May 2, 1943

CG-58012 exploded and sank off Manomet Point, Massachusetts.  No lives lost.

May 9, 1943

Flying Vought OS2U-2 Kingfisher, 2270, AIRSTA San Francisco, returning from A/S patrol, crashed into the sea near San Francisco. The CG crewman survived.
BURROUGHS, Dale C., LTJG, USN (sic) (cg)

May 18, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Baton Rouge (incident area, La)
PETTITO, Anthony J., SN2 (cg)

June 7, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, CG 57006 New York (incident area, NY)
KANCHUGA, Stephen, MoMM1 (cg)

June 13, 1943

USCGC Escanaba (WPG-77) sunk by explosion off Ivigtut, Greenland, 60°50'N, 52°00'W (oc) ..... (possibly mined or torpedoed, but not listed by as U-boat attack) ..... only two survivors.  The cause for the loss has never been confirmed (gc)

ALSTON, John, RM3 (cg)
ANDERSON, Ralph A, Signalman Second Class, 503007, USCG, from Illinois, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm/not in cg)
ARIDAS, George, Sea1  (cg)
ARRIGHI, Richard A, Ens (cg)
ASHFORD, Ralph, SM2 (cg)
BATHS, William, Y2 (cg)
BAUER, Norman M. D., WT2 (cg)
BIGGS, Melvin G., S2 (cg)
BONHAM, Max A., MM1 (cg)
BROWN, Oren E., SoM3 (cg)
BUKES, Ted S., RM3 (cg)
BURNS, Thomas F., SM2 (cg)
BYKOWSKI, Raymond J., Coxwain (cg)
CAMERON, John D., Jr., Ens (cg)
CARD, James F., F2 (cg)
CHAPLEAU, Eugene, Sea1  (cg)
CHAPMAN, Lyle T., Sea1  (cg)
CHRISTENSON, Clarence E., BM2 (cg)
CHUDACOFF, Sam, YN3 (cg)
CILO, John, Jr., MM2 (cg)
CLARK, Alfred E., MM2 (cg)
CLARK, Herman R., SoM2 (cg)
COREY, William H., GM1 (cg)
COUNSELOR, Layton R., CMM (cg)
CZELUSNIAK, George J., Sea1  (cg)
DAVIS, Daniel C, Ensign, USCG, from New York, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm/not in cg)
DAVIS, James F., CY (cg)
DELSART, Leonard, RM1 (cg)
DEYAMPERT, Warren T., Steward (cg)
DODGEN, Paul C., QM3 (cg)
ESTOCAPIO, Pedro A., Steward (cg)
FARRAR, Clarence A., CMM (cg)
FERRIS, Donald E, WT2 (cg)
FOSTER, Charles R., RM2 (cg)
GADEK, Eugene, RM1 (cg)
GARCIA, William C., Ens (cg)
GATOS, Lloyd J., F1 (cg)
GMEINER, George W., S1 (cg)
GRAHAM, Leroy J. A., SoM2 (cg)
HAWK, Arthur L., S2 (cg)
HOOPER, Frank Van (NOT Van Hooper, Frank), EM2 (cg)
HOSTAK, Quiren, S1 (cg)
HUNT, John N. C., Lt (cg)
JAROUSKY, Phillip, WT1 (cg)
JOHNS, Floyd R., S2 (cg)
KENNY, Joseph P., S1 (cg)
KLETZIEN, Kenneth A., SoM2 (cg)
KUCIA, Edward J., WT2 (cg)
KURCZ, Stanley J., RM1 (cg)
LARSON, George W., CBM (cg)
LAYTON, Clyde, CBM (cg)
LIETZ, Ralph F., S1 (cg)
LOBOSCO, Angelo F., Jr., S1 (cg)
LONDO, Victor J., Jr., UT1 (cg)
LUCAS, Joseph W., SC1 (cg)
MCCARTHY, Barton, GM3 (cg)
MCCREADY, Robert G., SM2 (cg)
MCGERHEARTY, Robert E., Ens (cg)
MCGOWAN, Ralph, S1 (cg)
MENKOL, Theodore T., GM2 (cg)
MEYERS, John B., SC2 (cg)
MICKLE, Charles R., CWT (cg)
MOHLER, Malcolm E, WT2 (cg)
MORE, Sidney A., SoM3 (cg)
NEALE, Arthur F., RM3 (cg)
NILSEN, Roy, S1 (cg)
NIX, Ralph R., Assistant Surgeon, US Public Health Service, USCG (na), USCGC Escanaba, at sea, died June 13, 1943, commemorated East Coast Memorial (fg)
NOWAKOWSKI, Bronislaw, S1 (cg)
O'LEARY, Walter F., S1 (cg)
PALSER, Hugh, QM1 (cg)
PAOLELLA, Valentino N., S1 (cg)
PETERSON, Carl U., Lt Cdr (cg)
PETERSON, Leo R., Coxwain (cg)
PRAUSE, Robert H., Jr., Lt (cg)
REDNOUR, Forrest O., SC2 (cg)
RICE, James J., SK2 (cg)
ROWLAND, Patrick C., RdM3 (cg)
ROWLAND, Robert H., SoM3 (cg)
RUIDL, Patrick C, Radarman Third Class, 230422, USCG, from Minnesota, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm/not in cg)
SALM, Victor N., CM3 (cg)
SALTER, Claud A., CBM (cg)
SATTLER, Kenneth E., RM1 (cg)
SICKLES, Frank E., Jr., S1 (cg)
SKARIN, Clifford B., Y2 (cg)
SMITH, Clayton R., S1 (cg)
SOMES, Thomas B., QM1 (cg)
SOMMERS, Joseph C., S1 (cg)
SULLIVAN, James, Lt (jg) (cg)
SWANDER, Dwight E., RM2 (cg)
THOMAS (or THOMAN), William P., Lt (jg) (cg)
TIERNEY, William C., PM2 (cg)
TILLETT, Thomas M., MAtt2 (cg)
TREADWELL, Jesse C., Lt (jg) (cg)
TYRUS, Earl J., MAtt2 (cg)
WELSH, Dean M., CM1 (cg)
WETMORE, Edward V. T., Jr., F2 (cg)
WIDMAN, Axel V. W., RdM3 (cg)
WILKINS, Woodrow W., Ens (cg)
WILLIAMS, Samuel, Jr., MAttl (cg)
YORK, Clyde B., MM1 (cg)
YURIK, Victor, F2 (cg)

June 20, 1943

Ship/Unit not known
WINFREY, Herbert Clifford, Ensign, USCG (na), from Alabama, buried Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia (fg)

June 25, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, ACOTP Mayaquez (incident area, Puerto Rico)
WOODHAM, Jesse, CBM (cg)

June 26, 1943

USCGC Menemsha (AG-39), weather patrol ship, North West Atlantic (wk)
MANKETTA, Joseph W., AS (cg)

June 27, 1943

USS Mintaka (AK-94), cargo ship, believed on passage San Francisco to New Zealand (wk)
HENDRIX, George O., CMM (cg)

July 1, 1943

Flight training as co-pilot in Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina, 04447, NAS Pensacola, broke up on landing in rainstorm off Pensacola, pilot and six other crew survived
HECKART, Dana W., MoMMC (cg)

July 9, 1943

Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily, commenced on this date.  Coast Guard-manned ships landed the first Allied troops in the assault, including 24 LCI(L)s of Flotilla 4 under the command of CAPT Miles Imlay and LSTs 326 and 381.  Coast Guard-manned attack transports USS Joseph T. Dickman, Leonard Wood, and Samuel Chase also participated.

July 10, 1943

USS Joseph T. Dickman, attack transport, present off Sicily
PROGER, Walter T., S2 (cg)

July 12, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Buffalo CG38047 (incident area, NY)
LYNCH, Joseph F., SN1 (cg)

July 18, 1943

Flying Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina, 08055, AIRSTA San Francisco, carrying out mapping survey with new camera developed by US Coast & Geodetic Survey, crashed near Adak, AK
BOEKE, Arthur Arnold, RM2 (cg)
DRENNAN, Curtis K., AMM3 (cg)
ISAASON, Charles E., AMMC (cg)
OLSON, George O., LCDR (cg)
BOLLES, Harry A., CDR, USN (cg)
ELLIOTT, Ray B., ENS, USC & GS (cg)
SOSBEE, Joe A., ENS, USC & GS (cg)

July 31, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Washington D.C. (incident area, DC)
HURLEY, Richard, Jr,  SN2 (cg)

August 15, 1943

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Vella La Vella, Solomon Islands.

August 17, 1943

Ship/Unit not known
CAUDILL, John Ellsworth, Fireman 2c, USCG (na), buried Fort Gibson National Cemetery, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma (fg)

August 23, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Lewes Station (incident area, Del)
ANDREW, Joseph G., SN2 (cg)

September 3, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, New River Detachment (incident area, NC), boat swamped (fg)
DALE, Calvin W., SN2 (cg)

September 9, 1943

The invasion of Salerno, Italy began on this date in 1943.  Coast Guard units, including LCI(L) Flotilla 4, participated.  LCI(L) Flotilla 4 was a fleet of ocean-going landing vessels manned entirely by Coast Guardsmen and commanded by Captain Miles Imlay, USCG. 

LCI -319, off Salerno (cg - also ''On the 11th, strafed by a German plane with five men wounded and one killed)
SCHEUSMAN, John C., S1 (cg)

September 10, 1943

Ship/Unit not known
ROSENBLUM, Dr Haskell, Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health Service, USCG (na) + at sea in North Atlantic, missing in action, died September 10, 1943, commemorated East Coast Memorial, Manhattan, New York (fg)

September 21, 1943

Crewman, Grumman JRF-5 Goose, V225, AIRSTA Salem, flying New York to San Francisco, AP1 Byrd reportedly leant out to repair radio antenna and fell to his death over Pennsylvania
BYRD, Carroll R., AP1 (cg)

Believed USCGC Clover, constructing LORAN station, St Matthew Island, Alaska, enlisted men in small surfboat sailing close inshore for Army base and disappeared
BREIMO, Elmer O, S1C, 536963, USCG, from Oregon (pm)
HAGEN, Edward C, RM3C, 584147, USCG, from Washington (pm)
HAGLUND, Floyd O, RM1C, 220806, USCG, from Pennsylvania (pm)
MACLEAN, Thomas L, S1C, 636878, USCG, from Pennsylvania (pm)
SCHMOLL, Kenneth H, RM3C, 506786, USCG, from Pennsylvania (pm)

September 22, 1943

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion and liberation of Finschafen, New Guinea.  An Allied invasion fleet, including Coast Guard-manned landing ships, landed Australian troops.  Coast Guard-manned ships in the invasion fleet included USS LST-18, LST-67, LST-168, and LST-204.  There were no casualties among the Coast Guard vessels.

September 24, 1943

Coast Guard-manned USS LST-167 and the USS LST-334, with a partial Coast Guard crew, landed troops during the invasion and liberation of Vella Lavella in the central Solomons despite fierce resistance from the Japanese defenders.  Japanese aircraft attacked the invasion fleet, hitting LST-167 with two bombs that killed 10 of her crew and wounded 10 more (see 25th).  Five crewmen were reported as missing in action.  The LST was later salvaged.

September 25, 1943

USS LST-167, US Coast Guard-manned tank landing ship, damaged by dive bomber off Vella Lavella, Solomons, 07°45'S, 156°30'E (oc).
ANDERSON, Roy, F1 (cg)
BUBECK, Sheldon T., Coxwain (cg)
HAMMOND, Gerald G., WT1 (cg)
MILLER, Robert W., Ens (cg)
POFI, Giovanni, EM3 (cg)
RUCKERT, Frederick, Y2 (cg/na)
SEXTON, Donald A., S1 (cg), DOW September 26th (fg)
WELLS, Harry F., Ens (cg)

September 30, 1943

CGC E.M. Wilcox foundered off Nags Head, NC. One crewman was lost.

USCGC E M Wilcox (WYP-333) foundered in storm east of Nags Head
DENNIS, Harry S Jr, S1C, 661389, USCG, from New Jersey, location Cape Hatteras, MIA, date of loss September 30, 1943 (pm) - assumed to be the crewman lost, as only casualty found on this date

October 1, 1943

Coast Guard-manned USS LST-203 was stranded in Southwest Pacific but there were no casualties.

October 5, 1943

Patrol Squadron 6 (VP-6 CG) was officially established.  This was an all Coast Guard unit.  Its home base was at Narsarssuak, Greenland, code name Bluie West-One.  It had nine PBY-5As assigned.  CDR Donald B. MacDiarmid, USCG, was the first commanding officer.  As additional PBYs became available, the unit's area of operation expanded and detachments were established in Argentia, Newfoundland and Reykjavik, Iceland, furnishing air cover for Navy and Coast Guard vessels.   Hundreds of rescue operations and aerial combat patrols were carried out during the 27 months the squadron was in operation.

October 10, 1943

USS LST-205, USCG-manned, Central Pacific theatre late 1943 (ns)
PETERS, Jack, S1 (cg)

October 14, 1943

CGC E.M. Dow grounded and was abandoned near Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. All hands were saved.

October 15, 1943

USS Serpens (AK-47), cargo ship, SW Pacific (wk)
BANONICH, Martin P., F2 (cg)

Ship not known, Cabot Straits (pm)
SHULTZ, Edward G, Machinist's Mate First Class, 204308, USCG, from Pennsylvania, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)

October 21, 1943

USS Mintaka (AK-94), cargo ship, believed Aleutians area at this time (wk)
MUHR, Leroy V, Chief Machinist's Mate, 208150, USCG (bm), from California, location Alaska, MIA, October 21, 1943 (pm)

October 23, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Beach Patrol San Francisco District (incident area, Calif)
MATHERNE JR., Evans J., SN1 (cg)
SAUTWIER, Joseph W. A., Coxswain (cg)
SILVER, Jonas, SN2 (cg)

October 28, 1943

Choiseul, Treasury Islands landing commenced (Coast Guard-manned LST-71 was in second echelon November 1, 1943).

November 1, 1943

The invasion of Bougainville, Solomon Islands, commenced.  Coast Guard units participated in the landings.

November 7, 1943

USS Hunter Liggett (APA-14), attack transport, believed Bougainville area
WALBURG, Stanley G., S1 (cg)

November 9, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Beach Patrol Morro Bay (incident area, Calif)
TERRY, Thomas C., MoMM2 (cg)

November 10, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP San Juan (incident area, Puerto Rico)
DUNN, David W., SN1 (cg)

November 16, 1943

USS LST-25, Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) area (wk)
SCHWARTZ, Frederick A., SM2 (cg)

November 17, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Block Island Lifeboat Station (incident area, RI)
LEWIN, Kenneth P., F2C (cg)

November 19, 1943

CG Air Station at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New York, was designated as a helicopter training base.  The Coast Guard ran the training program during the war.

Flying Grumman JRF-2 Goose seaplane, V175, 34075, AIRSTA Port Angeles, flying patrols and logistic missions in Alaska, took off from Port Heiden, turned back because of bad weather and hit mountainside.
BENNETT, Harold, D., ENS (cg)
BULL, Clifton W., AMM1 (cg)
COLE, James W., CRM (cg)
one unidentified passenger

November 20, 1943

Landings commenced at Makin and Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands.  The Coast Guard-manned assault transport USS Leonard Wood, veteran of the landings made in the Mediterranean, participated.  She landed 1,788 officers and men of the 165th Combat Team of the U.S. Army's 27th Division, on Makin Island.  Coast Guard-manned LST-20, LST-23, LST-69, LST-169, LST-205, and the USS Arthur Middleton, and the following Navy ships with partial Coast Guard crews: USSs Heywood, Bellatrix, and William P. Biddle, participated in the bloody assault of Tarawa.

November 27, 1943

Crewman in Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina, USN aircraft, BUNO 08118, calibrating new LORAN stations in Alaska, broke up on landing at Unalaska, Alaska
JOHNSON, Charles E., ENS, USCGR (cg)
two USN crewmen

December 7, 1943

USS Artisan (ABSD-1), large auxiliary ten-section floating dock, based in Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides
DENNEY, John A., S1 (cg)

December 9, 1943

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Sabine Station (incident area, Tex)
LEGENDRE, Royal J., SN1 (cg)

December 15, 1943

Coast Guardsmen participated in the landings made on Arawe Peninsula, New Britain.

December 16, 1943

Ship/Unit not known, location Alaska
BREEDLOVE, Robert L, Chief Machinist's Mate, 217793, USCG, from Washington, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
RESCH, William T, Yeoman Second Class, 230214, USCG, from Nebraska, Honolulu Memorial (bm)
YOUNG, David R, Chief Boatswain's Mate, 217997, USCG, from Washington, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

December 20, 1943

CGC Bodega grounded off the Canal Zone. No lives were lost.

December 26, 1943

Landings at Cape Gloucester were conducted by Coast Guard-manned LSTs 18, 22, 66, 67, 68, 168, 202, 204, and 206.  The LST-22 shot down a Japanese "Val" dive bomber while LST-66 was officially credited with downing three enemy aircraft.  Two of her crew were killed by near misses (see below).  LST-67 brought down one Japanese dive bomber while LST-204 shot down two and the gunners aboard LST-68 claimed another.  The LST-202 claimed three enemy planes shot down.

USS LST-66. 1st Marine Division landed at Cape Gloucester, New Britain ….. During retaliatory Japanese air strikes ….. tank landing ship LST-66 damaged by horizontal bomber (oc).
GERCZAK, Joseph, SM3 (cg)
second USGC crewman not identified


January 3, 1944

CDR Frank Erickson received an official commendation after he piloted a Sikorsky HNS-1 helicopter that carried two cases of blood plasma lashed to the helicopter's floats from New York City to Sandy Hook, New Jersey, for the treatment of Navy crewmen of the Navy destroyer USS Turner, which had exploded and burned off New York harbor.  Having performed that heroic deed in violent winds and snow that grounded all other aircraft Erickson became the first pilot in the world to fly a helicopter under such conditions.  It was also the first "lifesaving flight" ever performed by a helicopter.

January 5, 1944

YP-251, yard patrol craft, Alaska area (pm)
KRAFFT, Kenneth A, S1 (cg)

January 12, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Wachapreague Station (incident area, Va)
HUDSON, Alred A., MoMM1 (cg)

January 16, 1944

LT Stewart R. Graham became the first person to make a helicopter take-off and landing aboard a ship underway at sea when he piloted a Sikorsky HNS-1 off and back on the SS Daghestan in the North Atlantic.

January 18, 1944

Ship/Unit not known, Ellice Islands (pm)
HUNTER, Stuart, Seaman First Class, 676380, USCG, from California, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

January 20, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Maddaket Lifeboat Station (incident area, Mass)
MCHUGH, Dennis A., SN1 (cg)

January 22, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in Operation Shingle - the landings at Anzio-Nettuno, Italy.  Coast Guard units involved were USS PC-545 and LSTs 16, 326, 327, and 381.

January 25, 1944

Ship/Unit not known
HURT, James L, Steward Second Class, 0-234681, USCG, from Virginia, buried Sicily-Rome American Cemetery (bm) - dated January 26, 1945, but believe January 25, 1944

February 1, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll.

February 2, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the landings at Saidor, New Guinea.

February 4, 1944

USCGC Spencer, Greenland area (pm)
STRUDER, James A., AS (cg)

February 5, 1944

USS Lowe (DE-325) destroyer escort, believed Atlantic convoy escort (wk)
WITT, William C., S2 (cg)

Ship/Unit not known, Greenland area (pm)
JACKMAN, Franklin H, Gunner's Mate First Class, 205450, USCG, from Kentucky, MIA, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm)

February 17, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasions of Eniwetok and Engebi, Marshall Island.

February 18, 1944

Ship/Unit not known, at sea, Atlantic (pm)
PORTER, Sidney F, Lieutenant Commander, USCG, from Georgia, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)

February 22, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Parry Island in the Marshall Islands.

February 29, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Los Negros, Admiralty Islands.

March 9, 1944

USS Leopold (DE-319), US Coast Guard-manned destroyer escort, torpedoed by German submarine U-255, 650 miles west of Scotland. 170 men lost (oc) ( - 171 lost and 28 survivors). ..... off Iceland.  The attack marked the introduction of a newly developed acoustic torpedo.  All 13 officers, and 148 (158?) (out of 186) enlisted men on board were killed.  The 28 survivors were rescued by USS Joyce (DE-317), another Coast Guard-manned destroyer escort (cg).

ANCHALES, Basillo, St2 (cg)
ANTIOR, Jerome, F1 (cg)
ASTYZ, Vincent E., MM3 (cg)
AUSTGEN, John C., S1 (cg)
AYRAULT, George, Lt (jg) (cg)
BALCZON, Joseph E., S2 (cg)
BALLENGER, Clyde E., BM2 (cg)
BECKER, William F., QM3 (cg)
BELL, John D., S2 (cg)
BILLET, Joseph P., EM2 (cg)
BIOTTI, David C., F1 (cg)
BISSETT, William H., S2 (cg)
BOBLITT, Clyde A., EM3 (cg)
BOLTON, Robert J., S2 (cg)
BORDOVSKY, Gilbert A. S., WT2 (cg)
BRACKNELL, Huey L, MoMM1 (cg)
BRADLEY, Charles F., GM1 (cg)
BRAYTON, Lester, SoMM2 (cg)
BRESSLER, Seymour, S2 (cg)
BROWN, Shirley J., S2 (cg)
BUSEY, James A., F1 (cg)
CANTINE, Richard L., S2 (cg)
CARBON, Frank A., SK1 (cg)
CLARK, William H., Jr., MoMM2 (cg)
CLAUS, Gerald W., S2 (cg)
CONE, Burtis P., Lt (jg) (cg)
COOPER, Eldridge H., S2 (cg)
CORP, Henry J., BM2 (cg)
COTTREALL, Harold F., S2 (cg)
COVIELLO, Michael J., RM3 (cg)
COVINGTON, Robert T., Jr, MoMM1 (cg)
CRANDALL, Robert F., S1 (cg)
CRONIN, William S., CY (cg)
CROSWELL, Lindsay F., RM2 (cg)
CROTEAU, Joseph J., S1 (cg)
CULKIN, Daniel F., S2 (cg)
CULTER, Howard L, TM3 (cg)
CURREY, Francis P., SM3 (cg)
DANIELSKI, John, MoMM2 (cg)
DAVEY, William J., S1 (cg)
DAVIS, Lee W., F1 (cg)
DEATON, Lawence T., S1 (cg)
DILUVIO, Bartolo, F2 (cg)
DONOHUE, Leo E., Coxwain (cg)
DUHAMEL, Harold S., Lt (jg) (cg)
DURRENCE, Leon, Sea1c (cg)
EASTMAN, Joseph B., MM3 (cg)
EICK, Robert W., MM3 (cg)
ELLIOTT, George L., SC2 (cg)
ELLIS, Joseph, Jr., S1 (cg)
EVANS, Arthur B, Lt (jg), USCG, Leopold (nm/bm/not in cg)
FARNSLEY, Raymond J., S2 (cg)
FERENCIK, John, S2 (cg)
FITZGERALD, Charles M., S2 (cg)
FLINN, Harry R., S1 (cg)
FOLLMAN, Clarence H., F2 (cg)
FRAZIER, Edwin W., S1 (cg)
GARSIDE, Frank, Lt (jg) (cg)
GEE, William A., RM3 (cg)
GESAMAN, Glenn D., SoMM3 (cg)
GILDER, Robert W., MM3 (cg)
GIROUX, Loris W., CMoMM (cg)
GOAN, Louis McFerrin, CMoMM (cg)
GRAHAM, Richard L., CQM (cg)
GREENE, Ozzie L., S2 (cg)
GUENTHER, John D., GM3 (cg)
HAKE, Hans A. C., SC2 (cg)
HAMILTON, Stephen H., S1 (cg)
HANZARAK, John, S1 (cg)
HARRISON, John F., CM1 (cg)
HAUN, Harold H., RDM3 (cg)
HAYES, Daniel J., SM2 (cg)
HEFFERON, John F., S1 (cg)
HEIKE, Edward A., S1 (cg)
HOFFMAN, Claude J., Lt (jg) (cg)
HOOPES, William P., MM2 (cg)
HOPPE, Albert E., F2 (cg)
HUNT, Frank W., Sk2 (cg)
INGRAHAM, Edward M, S1 (cg)
JASKOWIAK, Earl J. J., S2 (cg)
JOHNSON, Kenneth J., F1 (cg)
JONES, Robert E., RM2 (cg)
JUSKIEWICZ, Menceslaus S., CRM (cg)
KACZYNSKI, John J., GM3 (cg)
KERR, Augustus S., CPhM (cg)
KINNARD, Benjamin, CRM (cg)
KLEIN, Bob C., S2 (cg)
KNOX, William C., F1 (cg)
KRATOCHVIL, Robert, S1 (cg)
KURPIEL, Frank C., S1 (cg)
LA REAU, Kingsley J., CBM (cg)
LAROCHE, Gayhard B., QM1 (cg)
LARSON, Ernest M., Jr., S1 (cg)
LARSON, Theodore, EM1 (cg)
LICHVARCIK, William, Y1 (cg)
LIESER, Irving, RdM3 (cg)
LOGUE, Samuel C., Ens (cg)
LOWRIE, James D., RM2 (cg)
LOZON, Edwin, BM1 (cg)
MACLENNAN, William R., S2 (cg)
MARCOULLIER, Howard J., GM2 (cg)
MARTENSEN, Orvill E., TM3 (cg)
MASCETTI, Albert P., S1 (cg)
MATHEWS, Eugene W., EM3 (cg)
MILES, Charles K, MoMM1 (cg)
MILLER, Everett V., S1 (cg)
MOLDER, Lecil K., S1 (cg)
MOORE, Bradner J., Jr., CMoMM (cg)
MORAN, Hugh J., S1 (cg)
MOSIER, William, Jr., S2 (cg)
MULLINAX, William A., NM3 (cg)
MUSETTI, Almo E, S1 (cg)
NEFF, William H., Jr., F2 (cg)
NELSON, Kenneth B., Lt (jg) (cg)
NICHOLAS, Charles A., S2 (cg)
O'GRADY, John W., S2 (cg)
OHAR, John, S2 (cg)
OTT, Harry W., EM2 (cg)
PAWLEN, John, S1 (cg)
PELLETIER, Victor C., S2 (cg)
PERKINS, John W., S1 (cg)
PETERSON, Leonard, S1 (cg)
PHILLIPS, Kenneth C., CDR (cg)
PORTER, Bennie R., S2 (cg)
POWLEY, Jack J., MM3 (cg)
PRUSS, Walter, MM1 (cg)
REITSEMA, John J., MoMM1 (cg)
RIDENOUR, Forrest D., S1 (cg)
ROBERTS, Joseph L., GM3 (cg)
ROBINETTE, John G., GM3 (cg)
ROTRUCK, Elwood E., S1 (cg)
ROWELL, Donald M., GM3 (cg)
RYAN, Vance E., S1 (cg)
SAMSON, Eddie B., St1 (cg)
SAVAGE, Edward A., MOMM2 (cg)
SAVOY, Joseph H., PhM3 (cg)
SCHMALFUSS, William J., TM3 (cg)
SIMON, Elmer S., S2 (cg)
SIMPSON, George, StM2 (cg)
SITGREAVES, Howard R., F1 (cg)
SNOOK, Edwin D., SM3 (cg)
SNOOK, Marshall F., CGM (cg)
SPENCER, William E., Lt (jg) (cg)
STARRETT, Willard L., S1 (cg)
STEPANEK, Lyle W., S1 (cg)
STEVENS, Eddie M., S1 (cg)
STOBART, James A., S1 (cg)
STORTS, Richard P., S2 (cg)
STROUSE, John A., QM3 (cg)
SULLIVAN, Raymond E., MoMM1 (cg)
SUTTON, Virgil L., F2 (cg)
SWEENEY, Leon E., S1 (cg)
TALSMA, Jacob, F1 (cg)
TAMAS, John, RM1c, USCG, Leopold (nm/bm/not in cg)
TILLMAN, William N., Ens (cg)
TIMOCKO, Paul, S1 (cg)
VALAER, Charles W., Ens (cg)
VALLET, Rene, SC2 (cg)
VAN EGMOND, William J., S1 (cg/bm)
VANCE, Dale L, S2 (cg)
WAHL, Lester A., MoMM2 (cg)
WARD, Walter L., RM3 (cg)
WASSILAK, Frank, Jr., Coxwain (cg)
WASSMER, John H., S1 (cg)
WELLS, Ray L., S2 (cg)
WESCOTT, Robert J., Lt (jg) (cg)
WHITE, James P., S2 (cg)
WIGGER, Paul W., MoMM1 (cg)
WINGATE, Lester, SOM2c, USCG, Leopold (nm/not in cg)
WINTER, Francis F., Y2 (cg)
WOODIN, Sherman F., F2 (cg)
WRIGHT, Gabriel De Veber, Coxwain (cg)

March 15, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasions of Manus in the Admiralties and Emirau, St. Mathias Island.

March 31, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Calumet Harbor Light Station (incident area, IL)
BLAIR, Seba E., SC3 (cg)

April 2, 1944

USS Sterope (AK-96), cargo ship, Pacific Fleet (wk)
HYATT, Paul R, S1 (cg)

April 7, 1944

USS Howard D Crow (DE-252), destroyer escort, Atlantic Ocean (pm)
ALESI, Anthony, S1 (cg)
THOMAS, Horace L., CEM (cg)

April 12, 1944

USS LST-21, New Guinea (pm)
BALDWIN, Leslie E., S1 (cg)

USS PC-46, Caribbean area (pm)
SESSA, Vincent, MoMM2 (cg)

April 13, 1944

USS Ricketts (DE-254), destroyer escort, Atlantic convoy escort (wk)
CLEMENS, Richard D., S1 (cg)

April 16, 1944

The Coast Guard-manned destroyer escort USS Joyce, along with her sister warship USS Peterson and a Navy DE (un - USS Gandy) sank the German submarine U-550 off New York.  The U-boat first torpedoed what was at the time the largest tanker in the world as the convoy it was joining was forming up outside of New York harbor (un - Pan Pennsylvania, 11,017grt in convoy CU-21).  The destroyer escorts then attacked the U-boat, forcing it to the surface and then sank it in a surface gun-battle.  Joyce rescued the surviving U-boatmen as well as those off the stricken tanker.

April 22, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasions of Aitape and Hollandia in Dutch New Guinea.

April 23, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP St. Louis (incident area, Mo)
LEWIS, Charles H., CSP(PS) (cg)
SLANE, Michael, RM3 (cg)

USCGC Forsythia (WAGL-63), buoy tender
RAY, Leonard W., S1 (cg), fell overboard in the Ohio River, near Wheeling, West Virginia (fg)

Ship/Unit not known
HENSON, Bronzo L, Steward's Mate First Class, O-587801, USCG, from Texas, buried, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm)

April 26, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Shinnecock Station (incident area, NY)
MAGARIELLO, Anthony, BM1 (cg)

April 29, 1944

Ship/Unit not known
LOOSE, Alvin L, Lieutenant Commander, USCG, from Ohio, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

April 30, 1944

USCGC Marita (WYP-195), ex-British patrol gunboat, training ship, Virginia or Mississippi
DUNBAR, Roger P., S1 (cg)

May 3, 1944

USS Menges - as convoy GUS 38 headed west toward the Straits of Gibraltar, German submarine U-371 closed in; destroyer escort Menges (DE-320) located the enemy but was torpedoed and damaged by her quarry off Bougie, Algeria (oc). An acoustic torpedo ..... hit and destroyed the stern of the Coast Guard-manned destroyer escort USS Menges while she was escorting a convoy in the Mediterranean, killing thirty-one of her crew.  The Menges was later repaired and returned to service (gc).

BRUGGER, Laverne C., CMoMM (cg)
CATALDO, Leonard J., GM1 (cg)
CATALONI, Angelo, S1 (cg)
DE YOUNG, Joseph A., BM1 (cg), DEYOUNG (nm)
ELAMAN, Woodrow, AS (cg)
ETCHISON, Homer N., TM3 (cg)
GALARY, Raymond J., S1 (cg)
GROUT, Jonathan D., Lt (cg)
HALL, Carl L., S1 (cg)
HOFFMAN, Elmer C., TM2 (cg)
HOODOCK, Joseph L., Jr, F1 (cg)
KOCH, Delmar H., S1 (cg)
LAVONIER, Robert J., F1 (cg)
MCSORLEY, Wilbur J., Ens (cg)
MINOR, Walter B., QM3 (cg)
MISSBACH, Richard H., F1 (cg)
MISUKONIS, Joseph S., BM2 (cg)
NICHOLS, Boyce R., S1 (cg)
OGLESBY, Buel B., TM3 (cg)
PETROLINI, Angelo, S2 (cg)
PIRRI, Joseph, S1 (cg)
RAMOND, Alphonse F., S2 (cg)
RISNER, Paul R., S2 (cg)
SANDERS, Carver G., BM2 (cg)
SANDERS, George T., S2 (cg)
SEPPI, Joseph, S1 (cg)
SHUCK, David R., S1 (cg)
STEWARTZ, Stanley S, S2 (cg)
THOMPSON, Robert E., S2 (cg)
WOODS, Howard J., F1 (cg)
ZEMROZ, Edmund F., MoMM3 (cg)

May 4, 1944

The Coast Guard-manned destroyer escort USS Pride (DE-323), with three other Allied escort vessels, sank U-371 in the Mediterranean.  The U-371 had torpedoed the Coast Guard-manned USS Menges the previous day.

May 14, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Savannah (incident area, Ga)
FERSCHOFF, Gerald F., SN2 (cg)

May 18, 1944

USCGC Clover (WLB-292), buoy tender, constructing LORAN sites, Alaska
EIGENRAUCH, Wallace B, BM2 (cg)
KING, Joseph L., CBM (cg)
MEINDL, Joseph J., S1 (cg)
ORCUTT, John R., MoMM1 (cg)
TUPPER, Orren O, S1 (cg)

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Racine Lifeboat Station (incident area, Wis)
COSTA, Manuel, SN2 (cg)

Ship/Unit not known, location Solomon Islands
SLONAKER, Harvey O, Jr, BM1C, 220550, USCG, from Pennsylvania, MIA (pm)
ZIEGERT, William E, BM1C, 224193, USCG, from New York, location Solomon Islands, MIA, May 18, 1944 (pm)
ZIMOWSKI, Vernon W, COX, 231075, USCG, from Indiana, location Solomon Islands, MIA (pm)

May 21, 1944

The Coast Guard-manned USS LST-69 exploded at Pearl Harbor.  None of her crew were killed but 13 were seriously injured.

May 25, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Sturgeon Bay, Canel Lifeboat Station (incident area, Wis)
WELLS, Lewis E., MM2 (cg)

May 26, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Lake Pontchartrain Station (incident area, La)
ARCENEAUX, Milton, SN2 (cg)

June 6, 1944

Nearly 100 Coast Guard cutters, Coast Guard-manned warships and landing craft participated in the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe at Normandy, France.  The Coast Guard-manned landing craft LCI(L)s-85, 91, 92, and 93 were lost at the Omaha beachhead that day.  Sixty cutters sailed in support of the invasion forces as well, acting as search and rescue craft for each of the five landing beaches.  A Coast Guard manned assault transport, the USS Bayfield, served as the command and control vessel for the landings at Utah Beach.  Coast Guard officers commanded one of the assault groups that landed troops on Omaha Beach that morning.

LCI-88 (sic, but LCI-85 (oc)), US Coast Guard-manned infantry landing craft, mined. Off Normandy …infantry landing craft LCI-85, LCI-91, LCI-92, LCI-232, and LCI-497 … sink after running aground (oc).
FRERE, Richard I., MoMM3 (cg)
MORAN, Warren J., Coxwain (cg)
SIMONE, Rocco, S1 (cg)

LCI-91, US Coast Guard-manned infantry landing craft, mined. Off Normandy …infantry landing craft LCI-85, LCI-91, LCI-92, LCI-232, and LCI-497 … sink after running aground (oc).
ATTERBERRY, James E., GM1 (cg)
FRITZ, Leslie, S1 (cg)
JOHNSON, Ernest, S1 (cg)
WILCZAK, Stanley, RM3 (cg)

ALEXANDER, Stoy K., S2, possibly DOW on 6th (cg)
BUNCIK, August B., S1 (cg)
BURTON, Fletcher, Jr., S1 (cg)
DE NUNZIO, Jack, S1 (cg)

USS Joseph T Dickman (APA-13), attack transport, Normandy
ROWE, Jack E., S2 (cg)

USS Samuel Chase (APA-26), attack transport, Normandy
SIEBERT, Harry L, Jr., BM2 (cg)

Ship/Unit not known
WOLFE, Bernard L, Seaman First Class, 541804, USCG, from New Jersey, MIA, Normandy American Cemetery (bm)

June 7, 1944
USS Joseph T Dickman (APA-13) attack transport, Normandy
GLOWACKI, Stanley A., S1 (cg)

June 8, 1944

ALEXANDER, Stoy K., S1 (also listed on the 6th - DOW?) (cg)

June 15, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Saipan, Marianas.  The Coast Guard-manned transports that took part in the invasion included the USS Cambria, Arthur Middleton, Callaway, Leonard Wood, LST-19, LST-23, LST-166 and LST-169.

June 21, 1944

Cutters 83415 and 83477 assigned to Rescue Flotilla One wrecked off coast of Normandy, France during a storm - no lives were lost.  This is the storm that wrecked the artificial harbor constructed by the Allies off the coast of Normandy.

June 26, 1944

LCDR Quentin R. Walsh and his commando unit forced the surrender of Fort du Homet, a Nazi stronghold at Cherbourg, France, captured 300 German soldiers and liberated 50 U.S. paratroopers who had been captured on D-Day.  For his heroic actions Walsh was awarded the Navy Cross.

July 17, 1944

Ammunition-carrying U.S. freighter E.A. Bryan explodes at the Port Chicago, California, ammunition depot; the adjacent freighter Quinalt Victory is also destroyed. Armed Guards on board both vessels are wiped out. Among the casualties are 250 African-American sailors (oc) and five USCG personnel:

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Alameda Base (incident area, Calif), Port Chicago Disaster
BRODA, Peter G., SN1 (cg)
DEGRYSE, William G., MM1 (cg), DE GRICE, William, MM1c, USCGR (nm)
PORTZ, Edward J., MoMM3 (cg)
RILEY, Charles H., SN1 (cg)
SULLIVAN, James C., SN2 (cg)

July 18, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Wrangell (incident area, Alaska)
MARTIN, Robert E., MoMM3 (cg)

July 21, 1944

The attack and liberation of Japanese-occupied Guam commenced.  Participating vessels included the Coast Guard tender CGC Tupelo and the Coast Guard-manned Navy attack transports and cargo vessels included Cor Caroli, Aquarius, Centaurus, Sterope, Arthur Middleton, LST-24, LST-70, LST-71 and LST-207.

July 24, 1944

The assault on Tinian Island, one of the Marshall Islands, commenced.  Coast Guard-manned attack transports that participated included USS Cambria and Cavalier.

July 31, 1944

USCG Small Boat Personnel, East Hampton Lifeboat Station (incident area, NY)
MACE, Joseph J., SN1 (cg)

August 8, 1944

USS Albireo (AK-90), cargo ship, Pacific theater
HILTON, Berlin W., S2 (cg)

August 11, 1944

Ship/Unit not known
SZADKOWSKI, Alfred J, Motor Machinist's Mate First Class, 507637, USCG, from Pennsylvania, MIA, Cambridge American Cemetery (bm)

August 15, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Southern France.

August 27, 1944

USS LST-327, tank landing ship, damaged by mine en route from Cherbourg to Southampton, England (oc).
CARLSON, Bror A. D., MoMM3 (cg)
CAWLEY, John J., EM2 (cg)
DABROSCA, Thomas W, Momm3 (cg)
FETTERHOFF, Ernest E., MoMM1 (cg)
GILLENWATERS, Ernest O, GM1 (cg)
GOODRICH, Jack K, GM2 (cg)
GRAU, Otto W, S1 (cg)
GREGORY, Edward E, S1 (cg)
LOCKE, Edward R., S1 (cg)
MEAD, Vernon W., SK2 (cg)
MCCONNEY, Kenneth O., GM3 (cg), DOW September 28, 1944 (fg) - repeated below
NICHOLSON, Warren J., BM1 (cg)
PAULOUSKI, Bruno B., GM2 (cg)
PRIHAR, Mike, EM2 (cg)
RECENELLO, Thomas, EM2 (cg)
SOLANA, Riley M., EM1 (cg)
WELLS, Richard L., SC2 (cg)
ZEBROOK, Edward J., MoMM2 (cg)
ZIEHENIEWSKI, Leoard C., MoMM3 (cg)

August 28, 1944

Ship/Unit not known
WATSON, Roy Butler, Seaman Second Class, USCG, Corozal American Cemetery, Panama (bm/fg)

September 1, 1944

CGC Northland captured the crew of a scuttled Nazi supply trawler off Greenland.  They had been attempting to establish a weather station on the coast of Greenland.

September 14, 1944

The Great Atlantic Hurricane, a Category 3 hurricane, made landfall at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Long Island, New York, and Point Judith, Rhode Island.  Cape Henry, Virginia, reported sustained winds at 134 MPH with gusts to 150 MPH.  There were 46 civilian deaths and $100 million in damage from Cape Hatteras northward through the Maine coast.  Cutters Jackson and Bedloe, and Lightship No. 73 on Vineyard Sound Station, foundered. All 12 of the lightship's crew perished. Only 30 of the 78 crewmen on board the two cutters were saved (48 lost, 46 listed).  Two Navy vessels also foundered.  A total of 344 perished at sea. (cg)

USCGC Bedloe (WPC-128) sunk by storm off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (oc)
BAUER, Roderick J., CBM (cg)
BERGREN, Ernest, GM3 (cg)
CLEMENTS, Robert W., MoMM3 (cg)
CUNTAN, George, S1 (cg)
ENOCH, Paul C., MoMM2 (cg)
FRANZINA, Robert C., S1 (cg)
GILL, David E., S1 (cg)
GRIMES, Mavis E., S2 (cg)
HERBST, George E., SoMM2 (cg)
JOHNSON, David, SC2 (cg)
LEAR, Jack, SoM2 (cg)
LINEK, Thomas J., Jr., MoMM2 (cg)
LOFTON, James H., S1 (cg)
MANTANI, Rudolph, RM2 (cg)
MCCUSKER, Leo J., Jr., S1 (cg)
MULHERN, Ray J., Jr., S1 (cg)
MYLES, Hugh L, Sr., S1 (cg)
NESENGER, William T., Ens (cg)
PETERS, Maurice, Ens (cg)
POGORZELSKI, Charles J., RM3 (cg)
RILEY, Daniel W., St1 (cg)
TILL, Donald, MoMM2 (cg)
VERNIER, Norman R., S2 (cg)
VISSMAN, Paul L, Sp3 (cg)
WEBER, Thomas J., Coxwain (cg)
WILDUNG, Lea W., RT3 (cg)

USCGC Jackson (WPC-142) sunk by storm off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (oc).
CALL, Norman D., Lt (jg) (cg)
CONDON, William T., MM2 (cg)
CULLEN, Lawrence F., PhM2 (cg)
DE LE ROI, Edwin F., BM2 (cg)
FLYNN, Joseph S. L, Y1 (cg)
GRIFFIN, James A., St3 (cg)
HADEN, Mansel R., S1 (cg)
KARP, Hyman A., S2 (cg)
KROPF, John Hugh, Motor Machinist's Mate Third Class, 251330, USCG, from Pennsylvania (pm)
MCCUE, Edward J., F1 (cg)
MICHALSKI, Jerome J., S1 (cg)
MINGIONE, John, RDM3 (cg)
NICHOLS, Richard C., S1 (cg)
PARKER, James A., RT3 (cg)
PATTON, Robert A., Cox (cg)
POSHINSKE, William P., GM3 (cg)
SNYDER, Arther J. F., RM2 (cg)
TILLER, Jennings R., S2 (cg)
WATERS, William F., Mach (cg)
WELSH, Denver C., QM3 (cg)
ZIMPEL, Joseph W., Ens (cg)

Lightship 73, Coast Guard Lightship No. 73 sunk by storm, Vineyard Sound, Massachusetts on 14th (oc). Note: date of loss was September 14th, date declared dead was the 17th
CONSTANTINE, Vangel, S1 (cg)
GORDON, Joseph G., S1 (cg)
HAMMETT, Jack M., SN1 (cg)
HULL, Allen R., S2 (cg)
KOLOZSY, John, MM2 (cg)
MICHALAK, Peter D., S1 (cg)
SEVIGNY, Edgar, CWO (cg)
STARRETT, Lawrence R, MM3 (cg)
STECKLING, Edward W., CMM (cg)
STELTER, Frederick J., WT3 (cg)
STIMAC, John J., S1 (cg)
TALBOT, Richard R., SC2 (cg)

September 15, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion and liberation of Morotai Island.

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Naval Ammunitions Depot, Hastings (incident area, Nebr)
HUGEN, Bert E., SN1 (cg)

September 17, 1944

Ship/Unit not known
EDWARDS, John Carlos, Lieutenant (jg), USCG (na), died Honolulu, Hawaii (fg)

September 19, 1944

USS Tacoma (PF-3), patrol frigate, NE Pacific (wk)
MCCALL, Tommy Lee, WT1 (cg)

Ship/Unit not known, location Baker Island
MCKEEHAN, James O, Boatswain's Mate Second Class, 516944, USCG, from Oregon, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

September 20, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasions of Peleliu and Angaur.

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP New Orleans (incident area, La)
GARY, Francis, SN2 (cg)

September 28, 1944

USS LST-327, tank landing ship, damaged by mine en route from Cherbourg to Southampton, England on August 27, 1944 (oc)
MCCONNEY, Kenneth O., GM3 (cg), DOW September 28, 1944 (fg)

October 1, 1944

Ship/Unit not known, location Cape Hatteras
DENNIS, Harry S, Seaman First Class, 661389, USCG, from New Jersey, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)

October 14, 1944

CGCs Eastwind and Southwind captured the Nazi weather and supply vessel Externsteine off the coast of Greenland after a brief fire-fight.  There were no casualties.  The Coast Guardsmen christened their prize-of-war USS Eastbreeze and placed a prize crew on board.  The prize crew was commanded by LT Curtiss Howard and consisted of 36 men, including some from Southwind.  After sailing with the Greenland Patrol for three weeks, Eastbreeze sailed on to Boston where the Navy renamed it as USS Callao. The Externsteine/Eastbreeze/Callao was the only enemy surface vessel captured at sea by U.S. naval forces during the war.  Eastwind and Southwind had gone farther north and returned under their own power than any vessel ever before.

October 20, 1944

Allied landings on Leyte, Philippine Islands commenced.  Many Coast Guard units participated in the landings, which marked the the fulfillment of General Douglas MacArthur's promise to the Filipino people that he would return to liberate them from the Japanese.

November 11, 1944

Ship/Unit not known, location Atlantic Ocean
ELDRED, Melford, Chief Boatswain's Mate, 3010163, USCG, from New York, MIA, East Coast Memorial (bm)

November 12, 1944

LST-66, Leyte landings, hit by Japanese suicide plane
GOURLEY, Clyde E., S1c (cg)
HARDEN, Earnest J., S1c (cg)
MADER, Louis E., MoMM2c (cg)
MCGEHEE, Harold E., RM3c (cg)
NORENBERG, Hugh C., S1c (cg)

November 13, 1944

The Coast Guard-manned frigate USS Rockford and the Navy minesweeper USS Ardent attacked and sank the Japanese Navy submarine I-12 mid-way between Hawaii and California.  There were no survivors.

November 14, 1944

CG-74327, small cutter/patrol boat, believed rammed and sunk by recently-commissioned submarine USS Thornback, Portsmouth, NH area, November 10, 1944, date and circumstances uncertain (cg/un)
AUGUSTYNOWICZ, Ireneus K., BM2 (cg)

November 18, 1944

USS Camp (DE-251), destroyer escort, Atlantic convoy escort, in collision with tanker off S coast of Ireland (wk)
HOERTH, Albert J., SoMM2 (cg)

November 23, 1944

USCGC West Wind (WAGB-281), location Alaska
BROOKS, Charles L., Coxwain (cg)

USARS W. J. Connors, US Army Repair Ship, location New Guinea
AVERY, Matthew, S2 (cg)

November 30, 1944

USS Arthur Middleton (APA-25), attack transport, Western Pacific
PERKINS, Henry T., S1 (cg)

December 2, 1944

USS Salvia (WAGL-400), CGC, 5th Coast Guard District, Portsmouth, Va
HAUGHAN, Leonard M., S1 (cg)

December 5, 1944

Ship(s)/Unit(s) not known,
CONSTABLE, Godfrey Hammon, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG, from California, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)
GIBLIN, John T, Seaman First Class, 533693, USCG, from California, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm), location Hawaiian Islands (pm)
NESOM, Leon B Jr, S2C, 650681, USCG, from Texas, location Atlantic Ocean, MIA, December 5, 1944 (pm), East Coast Memorial (bm)

December 6, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the landings at Ormoc, Philippine Islands.

December 12, 1944

USCGC Pamlico (WPR-57), believed North Carolina waters
NAPPI, Frank S., Jr., RM3 (cg)

December 15, 1944

Coast Guardsmen participated in the landings made on Mindoro, Philippine Islands.

December 16, 1944

Ship/Unit uncertain, presumably Yard Craft Y-14, but type not identified, location Philippine Islands,
HOGUE, Jack H, S2C, 7009697, USCG, from Nebraska,  MIA (pm)
PETERSON, Erwin L, GM3C, 638281, USCG, from North Dakota, MIA (pm)

December 22, 1944

USS Emporia (PF-28), frigate, weather report relay ship, NW Atlantic (wk)
KNOWLES, Raymond D., FC3 (cg)

December 28, 1944

USA FS-178, Army freight and supply ship, SW Pacific
KEPPLER, William S., CBM (cg)

USA FS-180, Army freight and supply ship, SW Pacific
BUETTNER, Delmar D., Coxwain (cg)

USS Pasco (PF-6), patrol frigate, Alaskan waters (wk)
WEAGER, Roger O, S2 (cg), died Dutch Harbor (fg)

Ship/Unit not known
PROCTOR, Hugh G, Seaman First Class, 622549, USCG, from Michigan, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

December 29, 1944

USS Pasco (PF-6), patrol frigate, Alaskan waters (wk)
LORD, Robert E., S1 (cg)

December 30, 1944

Coast Guard-manned USS FS-367 rescued survivors from USS Maripopsa at San Jose, Mindoro, Philippine Islands.


January 8, 1945

USS Callaway (APA-35), attack transport - Bombardment and fire support group, TG 77.2 and planes from escort carrier group, TG 77.4 begin pounding Japanese defenses of Lingayen Gulf. Enemy air attacks in the area, however, continued …. Kamikazes damaged attack transport Callaway (APA-35), 17°00'N, 120°00'E (oc)

BERMUDA, Jack W., SM2 (cg)
CENTOFANI, Enio J., S2 (cg)
FRITCH, Rollin A, S2 (cg)
HOYT, Robert G., SM3 (cg)
KING, Sam W., Coxwain (cg)
MARSHALL, William J., Jr., SM2 (cg)
MARTIN, Ralph E., S2 (cg)
MAXWELL, Allan A., SM3 (cg)
NEMETH, John J., EM3 (cg)
OWENS, Thomas E., S1 (cg)
PETTIT, George E., S1 (cg)
PIMM, Henry G., Jr., SM2 (cg)
RITTER, Warner W., S1 (cg)
WARDLAW, Roy E., Jr., F1 (cg)
WILLIAMS, Glenn E, Steward's Mate Second Class, 681215, USCG, from Pennsylvania, Honolulu Memorial (bm) - January 8, 1945, USS Callaway?
WILLIAMS, Glenn W., BM2 (cg)

January 9, 1945

Coast Guardsmen participated in the liberation of Luzon in the Philippines.  Sixteen Coast Guard-manned vessels and seven other Navy vessels with partial Coast Guard crews took part in the offensive.

USS Callaway, attacked on 8th, believed DOW
BLANEY, Anthony, Coxwain (cg)
JAROSZ, Roman J., MoMM3 (cg)
TAFALLA, Alfredo T., CST (cg)

January 10, 1945

USS Callaway, attacked on 8th, believed DOW
DAVIS, Cecil G., BM1 (cg)
MOORE, Bobby R., S1 (cg)

January 11, 1945

USS Callaway, attacked on 8th, believed DOW
KEHN, Charles R., S1 (cg)

January 15, 1945

USS Callaway, attacked on 8th, believed DOW
HUGHES, Charles J., S1 (cg)

January 21, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
SEUTTER, Donald John E, Ship's Cook Second Class, 7009324, USCG, from Minnesota, buried, Manila American Cemetery (bm)

January 22, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
CARSON, Robert K, SC3C, 634623, USCG, from Arizona, location Hawaiian Islands, MIA, January 22, 1945 (pm),  Honolulu Memorial (bm)

January 26, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
HURT, James L, Steward Second Class - see January 25, 1944

January 29, 1945

USS Serpens (AK-97), US Coast Guard-manned Army freighter, sunk by explosion of undetermined origin off Guadalcanal; the blast damaged submarine chasers PC-588, SC-1039, and SC- 1266; motor minesweeper YMS-281; and district patrol craft YP-514 (oc). The USS Serpens Memorial is located in Arlington National Cemetery where the remains of the men were reburied (ac). Only two men aboard survived.  This was the single greatest Coast Guard loss of life in history. (cg)

ABIES, Edwin A, EM2 (cg)
AIKEN , John C, III, Lt (cg)
ANDERSON, Roy G., PHM2 (cg)
ANTKOWIAK, Edwin F, Coxwain (cg)
ARO, Harry E, WT1 (cg)
ASHBY, Clifford D, AS (cg)
AUBLE, George C, Lt (jg) (cg)
BABCOCK, Woodward S, GM3 (cg)
BAKER, Edward A, Mach (cg)
BARER, Jacob, S1 (cg)
BARNHOUSE, Charles R, S1 (cg)
BIELINSKI, Joseph, S1 (cg)
BOOS, Edwin L, S1 (cg)
BOYD, Billy L, SK1 (cg)
BRANDLEN, Lester L, F2 (cg)
BREEN, Gerald C, F2 (cg)
BRIESCHKE, Alfred W, TEC5 (cg)
BROOKS, Chester, ST2 (cg)
BROSHEAR, James M, QM3 (cg)
BURKE, Leo H, S2 (cg)
BURNS, Keith D, S2 (cg)
BUTLER, Junior W, F1 (cg)
CALLAHAN, Raymond F, S1 (cg)
CAMARLINGHI, Gilbert J, S1 (cg)
CAMBRIA, Anthony, S2 (cg)
CAREY, Louis S, S1 (cg)
CARMICHAEL, James G, Te5 (cg)
CARR, Charles E, S2 (cg)
CASSARIS, Peter A, S1 (cg)
CATGENOVA, Pete, S2 (cg)
CERVANTEZ, Philip R, CM3 (cg)
CHADWICK, James E, MM2 (cg)
CHAMBERS, Leslie E, S2 (cg)
CIANCIO, Frank J, S1 (cg)
COPE, Joseph, S1 (cg)
COTE, James V, S1 (cg)
COWHEY, William, S1 (cg)
CRAFT, Charles E, S1 (cg)
CREECH, Lawrence F, S2 (cg)
CROOK, Lovell R, S1 (cg)
CROWE, Ranard M, S1 (cg)
CUMMINGS, Arden O, MM1 (cg)
CURTIS, Albert B, F1 (cg)
DALY, John C, S1 (cg)
DANCISAK, John A, S1 (cg)
DAVIS, Max E, Ens (cg)
DAY, Clarence W, S2 (cg)
DAY, Howard E, Jr, S1 (cg)
DE GAETANO, Samuel, S1 (cg)
DEDMON, John C, Jr, RDM3 (cg)
DEERMER, Henry K, S2 (cg)
DEGREVE, Robert M, S2 (cg)
DEROUEN, Marvin, S1 (cg)
DICKERSON, George L, STM1 (cg)
DIEHL, Lee H, S1 (cg)
DISTEL, Harold C, F1 (cg)
DIX, Homer A, Jr, S2 (cg)
DOHERTY, William C, S1 (cg)
DONATO, Edward J, CM3 (cg)
DONOVAN, Donald R, S1 (cg)
DRAGO, James, S2 (cg)
DUNN, William C, S1 (cg)
DURSO, Edmund J, Coxwain (cg)
EASTERDAY, Robert A, F1 (cg)
ECKART, Gustave F, Coxwain (cg)
ELSASSER, Sylvan B, Jr, S1 (cg)
FAUST, Joseph D, Coxwain (cg)
FIDURSKI, John, S1 (cg)
FLETCHER, Ira V, S1 (cg)
FLOWERS, Murray C, HA1 (cg)
FORKNER, Fieldon B, EM3 (cg)
FOX, Warren L, CM2 (cg)
FREGIA, Roger W, S2 (cg)
FRENCH, Jay F, S1 (cg)
FRITZ, Ralph C, S1 (cg)
FULDA, Lewis L, S1 (cg)
FURREY, Charles D, TEC5 (cg)
GALLO, Jime, Coxwain (cg)
GAMSU, Ely, S1 (cg)
GARZON, John L, F1 (cg)
GIBSON, Mack E, S1 (cg)
GLAZE, Robert L, CBM (cg)
GOLDSTEIN, Sheldon G, HA2 (cg)
GONZALES, Emelio C, S2 (cg)
GORAL, John K, CPC (cg)
GRAEBER, Charles E, PHM3 (cg)
GRANGER, Warren J, SC3 (cg)
GRANT, Daniel L, Jr, Y3 (cg)
GRAY, Jean P D, S1 (cg)
GREGORY, Freeman, S1 (cg)
GRETZ, Frank J, S1 (cg)
GRISAMORE, Lorren Edward, Seaman 1c, USCGR (na)
GRISBAUM, Stanley R, S1 (cg)
GUTHRIDGE, Royce F, RT3 (cg)
HAGEMEIER, Elmer P, Jr, WT2 (cg)
HAGENDORN, Arthur C, Jr, PHM3 (cg)
HAMILTON, Raymond C, RDM3 (cg)
HAMPTON, John W, BM2 (cg)
HARLOW, William H, F1 (cg)
HARMON, Kenneth H, F2 (cg)
HART, Donald J, S2 (cg)
HARTLEIB, James, F1 (cg)
HARTZLER, William C, MM3 (cg)
HASKELL, Melvin, S1 (cg)
HEADRICK, Perry P, S2 (cg)
HELSEM, Leslie, MM2 (cg)
HENIGAN, Felix L, F2 (cg)
HENSHAW, George A, SC2 (cg)
HERRINGTON, Robert A, F1 (cg)
HICKMAN, Marcus R, STM3 (cg)
HIGGINS, Thomas L, S1 (cg)
HINSON, Henry C, GM3 (cg)
HODGE, Robert B, S1 (cg)
HOPKINS, Robert B, Tec5 (cg)
HOUCHEN, Bernard J, S1 (cg)
HOYT, Robert L, S1 (cg)
HUBACHER, Raymond E, QM3 (cg)
HULL, Otis D, S1 (cg)
HUTCHINSON, Colon J, S1 (cg)
JACOBS, Vernard C, MoMM2 (cg)
JAISSLE, Paul R, S2 (cg)
JOHNSON, Norman A, S2 (cg)
JOHNSON, Robert J, Lt (jg) (cg)
KADILAK, Frank, SK1 (cg)
KELLAR, Mion R, Jr, S2 (cg)
KETTUNEN, Arnold E, F1 (cg)
KILEY, Ralph D, S1 (cg)
KOLAR, Melvin M, MoMM3 (cg)
KOTKAS, William C, Lt (jg) (cg)
KRUEGER, Norbert E, S1 (cg)
KURDILLA, Vincent J, S1 (cg)
KUSEK, Stanley J, S1 (cg)
KYLE, Charlie G, STM1 (cg)
LAIRD, James E, S1 (cg)
LAMBERT, Waer P, S1 (cg)
LANHAM, Woodrow, S1 (cg)
LEGO, Nolan R, Jr, F2 (cg)
LEVERENTZ, Russell C, MM3 (cg)
LEWIS, David F, SC3 (cg)
LIMBACHER, Walter J, Jr., SK3 (cg)
MACFARLAND, Charles T, MoMM3 (cg)
MACKEY, Joseph J, Coxwain (cg)
MADDOX, Samuel M, S2 (cg)
MANKE, Albert J, Coxwain (cg)
MAZZANTI, Raymond G, Coxwain (cg)
MCCARTER, John H, MM3 (cg)
MCCAW, John L, WT3 (cg)
MCCULLOUGH, William J, Jr, MM3 (cg)
MCDANIEL, Malcolm W, RDM3 (cg)
MCGUCKIN, Harold M, Jr, SK3 (cg)
MCLARTY, Lloyd A, RM2 (cg)
MENARD, Alvis J, MM3 (cg)
MILLER, Madge V, STM1 (cg)
MIRON, James J, S1 (cg)
MOORE, Leo E, Tec5 (cg)
NIVIN, William F, S1 (cg)
O'DONNELL, William R, Coxwain (cg)
OAKLAND, Douglas H, S1 (cg)
ORTON, George E, CMM (cg)
PAYNE, Charles C, F1 (cg)
PAZUREK, William O, SM3 (cg)
PETERSON, Lincoln F, WT3 (cg)
PRANCE, Warren C, Lt (jg) (cg)
QUALMANN, Frederick E A, STM3 (cg)
QUESTAD, Roy A, Ens (cg)
REUTER, Orville F, S1 (cg)
RICCARDI, Hugo, MoMM1 (cg)
ROYER, Fred O, RM3 (cg)
RUDY, Paul, CMM (cg)
RUGGIERO, Eugene, CMM (cg)
SAMPAY, Roy A, MM3 (cg)
SANDOVAL, Alfonso C, S1 (cg)
SARKISOFF, Lewis J, Coxwain (cg)
SCHMOOK, John P, F1 (cg)
SCHRADER, Charles E, S1 (cg)
SELAYA, James D, S1 (cg)
SELEMAN, William H, Jr, Coxwain (cg)
SHOGREN, Jacob H, Ens (cg)
SMITH, Robert J, WT3 (cg)
SNEDDON, Robert C, S1 (cg)
SORENSON, Robert H, MM3 (cg)
STEINMAN, Cyril D, Jr, RM1 (cg)
STILLMAN, Washington E, CPHM (cg)
STRICKLAND, Mryon K, RM3 (cg)
STUCKEY, Floyd, Coxwain (cg)
THOMAS, Robert E, Y1 (cg)
THORNBURGH, James R, MM1 (cg)
TURNER, Hubert, MoMM1 (cg)
TWAIT, Vernon H, BM2 (cg)
VAUGHAN, William W, GM2 (cg)
VEDDER, Edgar L, CEM (cg)
VILLEMONT, Samuel L, WT3 (cg)
VINCENT, Harold L, WT2 (cg)
WALKO, John F, Coxwain (cg)
WARD, Eugene J, ST1 (cg)
WARDLE, Delos R, Coxwain (cg)
WEST, Kinchion D, SM2 (cg)
WETTS, Woodrow H, S1 (cg)
WHITE, Alton, S2 (cg)
WOOD, Charles B, SC1 (cg)
ZAFFORE, Tom, SSML3 (cg)

Ship/Unit not known
KIRCHNER, Richard Otto, Seaman 1c, USCGR (na), buried National Memorial of the Pacific, Honolulu (va)

February 3, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
COLE, William B, Lieutenant, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA, West Coast Memorial (bm)

February 9, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Alaska
DRAKE, Lee Allen, Chief Boatswain's Mate, 585130, USCG, from Washington, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

February 17, 1945

USCG Small Boat Personnel, COTP Baltimore (incident area, Md)
HURST, Ray W., SN1 (cg)

Ship/Unit not known
MOYNIHAN, Francis J, Lieutenant, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

February 19, 1945

The invasion of Iwo Jima commenced.  Coast Guard units that participated in this campaign included the Coast Guard-manned USS Bayfield, Callaway, 14 LSTs and the PC-469.  Three of the LSTs were struck by enemy shore fire: LST-792, LST-758, and LST-760.

February 20, 1945

USS Bayfield (APA-33), attack transport, off Iwo Jima
LEONE, Ernesto, S1 (cg)

February 23, 1945

Flying Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina, 05007, AIRSTA Elizabeth City, lost Elizabeth City, NC, flight training, crashed in Albemarle Sound
HUSTON, Walter, D., ENS (cg)
WOOD, James A., ARM1 (cg)

March 1, 1945

USS LST-764, Iwo Jima
ATHA, Eugene H, MoMM2 (cg)

March 12, 1945

USS LST-18, location Philippines Islands
ZAKRZEWSKI, Rudolph L., S1 (cg)

March 14, 1945

USS PC-590, location Saipan
MUELLER, Joseph L, S1C, 608510, USCG, from Wisconsin, MIA (pm)

March 18, 1945

USS Menkar (AK-123), cargo ship, establishing LORAN stations, Palau islands (wk)
YBARRA, Gorge, S2 (cg)

March 19, 1945

The first all-Coast Guard hunter-killer group ever established during the war searched for a reported German U-boat near Sable Island.  The group was made up of  the Coast Guard-manned destroyer escorts USS Lowe, Menges, Mosley, and Pride, and was under the overall command of CDR R. H. French, USCG.  He flew his pennant from Pride.  Off Sable Island the warships located, attacked and sank the U-866 with the loss of all hands.

March 25, 1945

USS Admiral E. W. Eberle (AP-123), troop transport, Manus Island, accidentally crashed by USN aircraft
WILLIAMS, Everett E., S1 (cg)

March 26, 1945

Coast Guardsmen participated in the landings at Geruma Shima, Hokaji Shima, and Takashiki in the Ryukyu Islands.

April 1, 1945

The invasion of Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands commenced.  In all, seven Coast Guard-manned transports, 29 LSTs, the cutters Bibb and Woodbine, and 12 Coast Guard-manned LCI(L)s participated in the bloodiest invasion ever undertaken by the United States.

USS LST-884, Okinawa, Kamikaze attack
FLOCKENCIER, Forest D., MoMM1 (cg)

April 2, 1945

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Kennebec River Lifeboat Station (incident area, Me)
MINIHANE, John J., Coxswain (cg)

April 8, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Cape Hatteras
BARRICK, Ralph V, EM1C, 222147, USCG, from Oklahoma, MIA (pm), East Coast Memorial (bm)
TRAHAN, Asa, S2C, 612020, USCG, from Louisiana, MIA (pm), East Coast Memorial (bm)

April 9, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Atlantic Ocean
LEONARD, Joseph A, S1C, 617820, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA (pm), Brittany American Cemetery (bm)

April 21, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
CARTER, Clemmie, Steward Third Class, 205634, USCG, from Mississippi, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm)

May 6, 1945

Coast Guard-manned frigate USS Moberly (PF-63), in concert with USS Atherton, sank the U-853 in the Atlantic off Block Island.  There were no survivors.

USS Odgen (PF-39), frigate, Seattle area (wk)
HATHAWAY, Ernest G., Coxwain (cg)

May 8, 1945

USS FS-260, US Coast Guard-manned Army freighter, SW Pacific 
HUSBAND, Leonard L, rank not listed (cg)

May 11, 1945

Coast Guard-manned destroyer escorts USS Vance and USS Durant, underway off the Azores escorting their last convoy to the Mediterranean, sighted a light ahead of the convoy.  They closed to investigate.  Durant illuminated the target, which was the surfaced German submarine U-873, which had been at sea for 50 days. Vance, while screened by Durant, hailed the "erstwhile enemy" over her public address system, established her identity, and then ordered her to heave to.  On board were seven officers and 52 enlisted men.  Vance placed a 21-man prize crew on board the captured U-boat and delivered the prize at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on 16 May 1945.

USA FS-255, US Coast Guard-manned Army freighter, Davao, Mindanao, torpedoed
COHEN, Lewis, MoMM2 (cg)
HOETGER, Richard E., SC1 (cg)
STRONG, Theodore R., Steward (cg)
SWETT, Robert, MoMM1 (cg)

May 12, 1945

USA LST-652, location Philippine Islands
MACKLIN, Edward E., F1 (cg)

May 15, 1945

On 12 May the Coast Guard-manned frigate USS Forsyth (PF-102) was called off her weather station to search through haze and fog for a German submarine that was attempting to surrender.  Three days later Forsyth joined Sutton (DE-771) in accepting the surrender of U-234 at 46º 39' N. x 45º 39' W.

May 29, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
SMITH, Jonathan W, Seaman First Class, 546538, USCG, from Maryland, MIA, Honolulu Memorial (bm)

June 4, 1945

USS LCI(L)-90, Okinawa
ROSS, John P., Jr., SM3 (cg)

June 6, 1945

Coast Guard-manned USS Sheepscot (AOG-24) went aground and was lost off Iwo Jima. No lives were lost.

June 14, 1945

USCG Small Boat Personnel, Beaufort Group (incident area, NC)
SLAPIKAS, Bernard L., MoMM2 (cg)

June 24, 1945

Lightship 88, believed Columbia River, Oregon
TRUBE, Gerald E., F1 (cg)

July 1, 1945

USS General G. M. Randall (APA-115), troop transport, believed Newport, Va (wk)
NEWMAN, Leonard, S1 (cg)

July 14, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Atlantic Ocean
CHRISTENSEN, M J, MM2C, 534017, USCG, from South Dakota, MIA, July 14, 1945 (pm), East Coast Memorial (bm)

July 21, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
SMITH, Billy C, Seaman First Class, 508959, USCG, from North Carolina, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm)

July 25, 1945

USS General William Weigel (AP-119), troop transport, Pacific theater (wk)
THOMPSON, C. B., EM3 (cg)

27 July, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
CARTER, Glenn Boyce, Seaman First Class, 546220, USCG, from Pennsylvania, 27 July, 1945, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm)

August 5, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
WEEKS, John L, Chief Motor Machinist's Mate, 222382, USCG, from Florida, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm)

August 24, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Atlantic Ocean
HARWELL, Harold G, F1c, 538439, USCG, from Texas, MIA, August 24, 1945 (pm), East Coast Memorial (bm)

August 29, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Pacific Ocean: North American Area
BOUTON, Frank D, BM1, 238706, USCG, from California, MIA, August 29, 1945 (pm), West Coast Memorial (bm)

September 4, 1945

Coast Guard Cutter CG 83525 became the first and only cutter to host an official surrender ceremony when Imperial Japanese Army Second Lieutenant Kinichi Yamada surrendered the garrison of Aguijan Island on board this Coast Guard 83-footer.  Rear Admiral Marshall R. Greer, USN, accepted their surrender for the United States.

(some of the entries may refer to deaths during the war)

October 14, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
PUSATERI, Andreas Annunzi, Coxswain, 228413, USCG, from Missouri, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm/fg)

October 21, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Pacific Ocean: North American Area
MACPHERSON, Dan H, BM1, 217089, USCG, from Washington, MIA (pm)

November 14, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
CRAMPTON, Duane R, Seaman Second Class, 7009301, USCG, from Minnesota, buried Manila American Cemetery (bm) 

December 11, 1945

Ship/Unit not known
JECKER, Louis P, Seaman First Class, 239163, USCG, from New York, buried at sea, West Coast Memorial (bm/fg)

December 13, 1945

Ship/Unit not known, location Nova Scotia
HARLEY, Robert J, EMIC, 676354, USCG, from California, location  MIA, East Coast Memorial (pm)

December 15, 1945

Flying J2F6 Grumman Duck, location Atlantic Ocean
ROBINSON, Bob C, ARM1, 200682, USCG, from New Jersey, MIA (pm), East Coast Memorial (bm)
MCCORMICK, Joseph T, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG, from Washington, East Coast Memorial (bm)

February 5, 1946

Ship/Unit not known, location Pacific Ocean: North American Area
GRAVES, James R, COX, 227510, USCG, from Oregon, MIA (pm), West Coast Memorial (bm)

February 13, 1946

Ship/Unit not known, location Atlantic Ocean
BRYAN, Francis R, CBM, 101429, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA (pm), East Coast Memorial (bm)

March 20, 1946

Ship/Unit not known
COSTNER, George M L, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG, from Florida, MIA, Manila American Cemetery (bm) - possibly March 19, 1945

June 16, 1946

Ship/Unit not known, location Philippine Islands
BOYCE, Roger W, S2C, 255233, USCG, from Massachusetts, MIA (pm), Manila American Cemetery (bm) - possibly June 15, 1945

August 7, 1946

Flying PBY5A, crashed, West Coast Memorial,  commemorated by US Coast Guard Aviation Memorial, Elizabeth City, North Carolina (fg)
BUTLER, Ralph W, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USCG, from California (bm)    
COLER, Charles Lee, Ensign, USCG, from South Dakota (bm)
ENGELHARDT, Warren W, AMM1C, 230647, USCG, from Nebraska (pm)
ZINKEL, W, AOM1 (fg)


ANDERSEN, Awen Mayer, Ensign, USCG. Wife, Mrs. Marjorie Andersen, 234 1st Ave., Ketchikan, Territory of Alaska (na/not in bm/va/fg)

CAMMARATA, Michael Louis, Seaman 2c, USCGR. Father, Mrs. Vincent Cammarata, 2104 Revere Beach Parkway, Everett, Boston, Mass (na/not in bm/va/fg)

CHAMBERLAIN, Theodore L., Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Health Service, USCG. Wife, Mrs. Frances F. Chamberlain, 137 Kenyon St., Hartford, Conn (na/not in bm/cg/va/fg)

HAYES, James Patrick, Seaman 2c, USCG. Father, Mr. James Thomas Hayes, 1462 N. Felton St., Philadelphia, Pa (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

HENDRICKS, Thomas Staton, Soundman 2c, USCG. Father, Mr. Almon Semion Hendricks, Puryear, Tenn (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

LEVIN, Harvy (Harvey?) M., Assistant Surgeon, USCG. Wife, Mrs. Laura L. Levin, 2755 Grande Vista Ave., Oakland, Calif (Missing in action) (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

MARSHALL, William Faudie, Aviation Machinist’s Mate 3c, USCGR. Father, Mr. Frank S. Marshall, RFD, Luthersburg, Pa (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

NALL, Carl Leroy, Seaman 1c, USCG. Father, Mr. William M. Nall, Rt. 1, Box 88, Repton, Ala (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

OARSIDE, Frank, Lieutenant (jg), USCG. Wife, Mrs. Helen Oarside, 519 E. 86th St., New York, NY (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

STARR, John, Lt., (jg), USCG. Wife, Mrs. Margaret C. Starr, 514 South Beach St., Ormand, Fla (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

WALLACE, Raymond L., Machinist's Mate 2c, USCG. Mother, Mrs. Agnes Wallace. 402 No. Cicero Ave., Chicago, Ill (Missing in action) (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

WUESTEFELD, Lester Harry, Seaman 2c, USCG. Mother, Mrs. Jessie Wuestefeld, 2815 Sidney Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio (na/not in bm/cg/fg/va)

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