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by Date and Ship/Base - December 1918 to 1919

USS Pennsylvania, dreadnought battleship (US Naval Historical Center, click to enlarge)

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1. Information is in order - Date of death, Ship, Base or Location, Incident, Name, Rank, Service other than USN, Cause of death. (For Next of kin and  Appointment/Enlistment information, see lists by Name)
2. Main abbreviations:
A - Aviation, DOI - died of injuries, DOW - died of wounds, F - Female, G - General, JG - junior grade, NNV - National Naval Volunteers, R - Radio, USNRF - US Naval Reserve Force, USNRC - United States Naval Reserve Corps
3.  Ranks of US Navy Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Men

4. See also Casualties by Name, starting at Abbate and ending at Zwieseland




 Spanish Influenza Pandemic - Third, and fatal, main wave in the United States lasted from late 1918 to March 1919


The following entries are from the Bureau of Navigation publication, dates as given





December 7, 1918


Boston, Mass

 WARREN, MRS STELLE GRANT, Landsman for Yeoman (F), USNRF, influenza/respiratory disease



December 24, 1918


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 SHEPLEY, JOHN JAMES, Gunner's Mate, 2nd class, respiratory disease



December 30, 1918


USS Pastores, troop transport (AF-16)

 QUARRELS, DAVID CROCKET, Seaman, died, listed on Tablets of the Missing, Suresnes American Cemetery, Frances (added with thanks to Eric Nash)









July 7, 1919


USS Pennsylvania, dreadnought battleship (later BB-38)

 SAMUELSON, ELMER A, Machinist, died



September 19, 1919


Cavite, P I

 JOHNSON, CARL MARTIN, Lieutenant (Pay Corps), (JG), illness/disease



September 27, 1919


Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill, influenza

 FISHER, LESTER ELMER, Seaman, 2nd class, USNRF




no date


Memorial Hospital, New London, Conn, respiratory disease

 OLSSON, ANDREW, Lieutenant (JG)


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