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by Date and Ship/Base - October 1917

Gunner's Mate 1st class Osmond Ingram, lost in torpedoing of USS Cassin, awarded posthumous Medal of Honor (US Naval Historical Center, click to enlarge)

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1. Information is in order - Date of death, Ship, Base or Location, Incident, Name, Rank, Service other than USN, Cause of death. (For Next of kin and  Appointment/Enlistment information, see lists by Name)
2. Main abbreviations:
A - Aviation, DOI - died of injuries, DOW - died of wounds, F - Female, G - General, JG - junior grade, NNV - National Naval Volunteers, R - Radio, USNRF - US Naval Reserve Force, USNRC - United States Naval Reserve Corps
3.  Ranks of US Navy Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Men

4. See also Casualties by Name, starting at Abbate and ending at Zwieseland






October 1, 1917


Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill

 HANKINS, CECIL LOYD, Landsman for Machinist's Mate (A), USNRF, influenza   


Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

 JACKSON, ALVIN WESLEY, Electrician, 3rd class (R), illness/disease       


USS President Lincoln, ex-German liner, troop transport (no ID #)

 LEVY, ABRAHAM, Seaman, 2nd class, USNRF, accidentally killed   



October 2, 1917


USS Leonidas, ex-collier, ex-survey ship, submarine chaser tender (later AD-7)

 CADY, RALPH GORDON, Seaman, 2nd class, lost overboard  



October 3, 1917


Boston, Mass

 FROST, MARK W, Machinist's Mate, 2nd class, USNRF, illness/disease     


USS President Grant, ex-German liner, troop transport (ID-3014)

 FERRAND SANDY GEORGE, Machinist's Mate, 2nd class, USNRF, poisoned by illuminating gas



October 5, 1917


Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Ill

 SMITH, MATHEW L H, Chief Yeoman, USNRF, sudden natural death


USS Solace, hospital ship (later AH-2)

 LUKER, WALTER MARION, Seaman, 2nd class, injured 


USS South Dakota, armored cruiser (No.9, later Huron, CA-9)

 WARNER, FRED BURDETT, Fireman, 2nd class, poisoned      



October 7, 1917


Naval Hospital, Newport, R I

 JOHNSON, CHARLES HOWARD, Apprentice Seaman, respiratory disease  



October 8, 1917


USS Jarvis, destroyer (later DD-38)

 DAVIS, OSCAR, Seaman, 2nd class, drowned      



October 10, 1917


New York, N Y

 FLINN, VALENTINE PATRICK, Chief Machinist's Mate, USNRF, illness/disease   


Receiving Ship, New York, N Y

 BRENNAN, JOHN, Shipfitter, 2nd class, USNRF, fell from window, killed      


Submarine Base, San Pedro, Calif

 MILLER, EARL LOUIS, Seaman, 2nd class, drowned      


USS Anderton, ex-trawler Raymond J Anderton, minesweeper, French west coast operations (SP-530)

 DE FORGE, JOHN FRANCIS, Seaman, 2nd class, drowned     



October 11, 1917


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 MILLER, VERN, Landsman for Electrician, respiratory disease  



October 12, 1917


SS Lewis Luckenbach, freighter, torpedoed and sunk by U.53 off NW French coast ( & other sources - 11th)

 McNEIL, JOHN EDWARD, Seaman, 2nd class


USS Panther, destroyer tender (later AD-6), based at Brest

 CAMPBELL, JOHN DAVID, Electrician, 3rd class (R), carbon monoxide poisoning



October 15, 1917


USS Cassin, destroyer (later DD-43), torpedoed and damaged by U.61 off Irish coast (NavSource - 16th)

 INGRAM, OSMOND KELLY, Gunner's Mate, 1st class, killed by the torpedo when attempting to jettison depth charges (BN - drowned), awarded posthumous Medal of Honor


USS Kearsarge, battleship (later BB-5)

 ORMSBY, EDGAR PARMELE, Water Tender, fell overboard and drowned    


USS Seneca, ex-steam yacht, patrol vessel and minesweeper (SP-427), based at Tompkinsville, Staten Island, N Y, boiler accident

 SHEEHAN, DENNIS F, Seaman, 2nd class, NNV, burnt, died being taken ashore 



October 16, 1917


Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Mass

 SCHENCK, HARRY PETER, Electrician, 3rd class, USNRF, illness/disease


Naval Prison, Mare Island, Calif

 MELLINGER, OSCAR JAMES, Fireman, 3rd class, respiratory disease        



October 17, 1917


Dayton, Ohio, aeroplane accident

 ANNIS, FRANK MERIEL, Seaman, 2nd class, USNRF, DOI     


Naval Hospital, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

 DIXON, THOMAS WESLEY, Electrician, 1st class, illness/disease  




SS Antilles (above, Donald McPherson), US Army chartered troop transport (USACT), torpedoed and sunk by U.62 to the south of Ireland, 67 lives lost in total

 AUSBURNE, CHARLES LAWRENCE, Electrician 1st class (R)

 HUNT, JOHN WALTER, Seaman, 2nd class


 WATSON, HERBERT FENN, Electrician (R), 3rd class


USS Minnesota, battleship (later BB-22)

 KNAPP, DANIEL, Fireman, 3rd class, died  



October 18, 1917


Charleston, S C

 MEHRTENS, RUDOLPH CHRISTIAN, Chief Boatswain, illness/disease        


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 ENGLEDOW, ALFRED JOHN, Ship’s Cook, 1st class, USNRF, respiratory disease          



October 19, 1917


Naval Hospital, Newport, R I

 GARICK, CARLIS JAMES, Apprentice Seaman, respiratory disease   


Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, R I

 MILLER, ALBERT McKINLEY, Gunner's Mate, 3rd class, died  



October 21, 1917


Archangel Hospital, Russia

 MANN, CHARLES WILLIAM, Seaman, 2nd class, respiratory disease          


Naval Hospital, Newport, R I

 ELLINGSWORTH, DANIEL MAURICE, Shipfitter, 1st class, respiratory disease    



October 22, 1917


Naval Hospital, Fort Lyon Colo

 RUBIN, MOE, Seaman, respiratory disease 


Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Calif

 LANG, HARRY ALFORD, Seaman, 2nd class, respiratory disease     



October 23, 1917


SS Alamance, freighter

 RAYBURN, EDGAR DOANE, Seaman, drowned   


USS Wainwright, destroyer (later DD-62)

 BAKER, WILLIAM PRATT, Seaman, 2nd class, drowned          



October 24, 1917


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 ESTES, LEROY CHARLES, Seaman, 2nd class, USNRF, illness/disease    



October 25, 1917


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 BAKER, ROBERT EMANUEL, Seaman, 2nd class, illness/disease    


Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va

 HAMER, EDWARD RILEY, Oiler, illness/disease  


Naval Hospital, Washington, D C

 FLYTE, CHARLES FRANCIS, Chief Machinist's Mate, illness/disease



October 26, 1917


Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Calif

 LAWTON, SYLVESTER H, jr, Lieutenant, wounded, but not in action  


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 OSTERHAUS, HAROLD, Seaman, USNRF, respiratory disease



October 27, 1917


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 BRANDT, IRA CLAYTON, Seaman, 2nd class, illness/disease  

 HUMPHREYS, HOWARD W, Machinist's Mate, 2nd class, USNRF, illness/disease         


Naval Hospital, Newport R I

 DEWBERRY, ALBERT, Apprentice Seaman, illness/disease    


Naval Torpedo Station, Newport, R I, boat capsized

 BLINN, CARL HENRY, Gunner's Mate, 2nd class, died, presumably drowned       


San Francisco, Calif

 PETRONE, GENEVIEVE JOSEPHINE, Yeoman (F), 2nd class, USNRF, wounded, but not in action          



October 28, 1917


Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va

 FERGUSON, JAMES DOUGLASS, Seaman, 2nd class, illness/disease      



SS  Finland (above), ex-passenger ship, US Army chartered troop transport, torpedoed and damaged by U.93 off French west coast, members of Armed Guard (9 lost in total)


 HENRY, JAMES WILLIAM, Seaman, 2nd class

 HILTON, PORTER, Seaman, 2nd class


USS Montana, armored cruiser (No.13, later CA-13)

 RONDEAU, JAMES ARNETT, Fireman, 3rd class, injured        



October 29, 1917


Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Mass

 BYRES, ERNEST EZRA, Seaman, 2nd class, illness/disease  

 KENNEDY, JOHN ARTHUR, Gunner's Mate, 3rd class (T), injured      


Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill

 PECK, ERVINE DEWEY, Ensign (retired), illness/disease        



October 30, 1917


USCG Stations No. 176 and 177, both drowned off Oregon Inlet, N C (presumably same incident)

 MEEKINS, THEODORE, Surfman, USCG (Station No. 177)





USS Michigan (above; also USCG boat, perhaps of the type lost here), dreadnought battleship (later BB-27), picket boat sank in US Home Waters, mostly listed as drowned

 ATWOOD, AUSTIN, Seaman 2nd class


 FLOW ARTHUR ALEXANDER, Seaman, 2nd class

 HENDRICKSON, JOSEPH HENRY, Seaman, 2nd class, exposure     

 HINDMARSH, GEORGE, Apprentice Seaman, USNRF (BN - ship lost)        


 MEISTER, ANDREW FRED, Gunner's Mate, 3rd class (BN - ship lost)         

 SCHULTZ, JOSEPH JAMES, Seaman, 2nd class, exposure     

 SCOTT, ROSCOE, Fireman, 1st class

 TAMILLO, EDMUND LOUIS, Coxswain, exposure  

 WING, STANLEY JAMES, Fireman, 2nd class

 YOUNG, JAMES PURVIS, Chief Gunner's Mate, exposure       



October 31, 1917


Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa

 GEE, CHARLEY BURBICK, Seaman, 2nd class, poisoned       


USS Arethusa, tanker (later AO-7)

 JACKSON, ALLEN, Seaman, 2nd class, injured    


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