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by Date and Ship/Base - September 1917

Some of the crew of USS Tampa in 1918. All onboard were lost September 26, 1918 (US Coast Guard, click to enlarge)

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1. Information is in order - Date of death, Ship, Base or Location, Incident, Name, Rank, Service other than USN, Cause of death. (For Next of kin and  Appointment/Enlistment information, see lists by Name)
2. Main abbreviations:
A - Aviation, DOI - died of injuries, DOW - died of wounds, F - Female, G - General, JG - junior grade, NNV - National Naval Volunteers, R - Radio, USNRF - US Naval Reserve Force, USNRC - United States Naval Reserve Corps
3.  Ranks of US Navy Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Men

4. See also Casualties by Name, starting at Abbate and ending at Zwieseland







September 1, 1917


Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, N H

 RIETHMILLER, THEODORE JOHN, Yeoman, 1st class, illness/disease       



September 2, 1917


USS Apache, ex-motor boat, patrol and despatch craft (SP-729) Boston, Mass

 LANG, GOTTFRIED, Jr, Seaman, drowned  


USS Brooklyn, armored cruiser (No.3, later CA-3), Asiatic Station

 GOFF, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Oiler, drowned      



September 3, 1917


Shangai Isolation Hospital, Shangai, China

 McGHEE, ROBERT MONTGOMERY, Pharmacist, 2nd class, illness/disease      


USS Colfax, ex-USCG side-wheel steamer, station ship, Baltimore, Md

 PAUL, JOHN HENRY, Painter, 2nd class, USCG, illness/disease, died at Marine Hospital, Baltimore         



September 5, 1917


Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa

 RITTER, EDWARD HENRY, Pharmacist's Mate, 2nd class, respiratory disease    


SS Kansas City, freighter (British-owned), sailing New York for Bristol, ship went missing on this date in North Atlantic, possibly foundered in storm (around 30 lost)

 MUIR, JOSEPH HALL ALLISON, Seaman, 1st class, USNRF, assigned as signalman from USS Albany (BN - drowned)      


USS Panther, destroyer tender (later AD-6), at Porta Delgada, Azores

 ALLEN, DAVID GORDON, past Assistant Surgeon, food poisoning     



September 8, 1917


Naval Hospital, Fort Lyon, Colo

 DEMING, FRED PINCHARD, Pharmacist's Mate, 2nd class, drowned


USS Solace, hospital ship (later AH-2)

 MEYERS, HAROLD M, Lieutenant (JG), illness/disease  



September 10, 1917


Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

 MATHESON, CHARLES B, Mess Attendant, 1st class, USNRF, illness/disease   



September 11, 1917


Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa

 VELHAGE, FRANCIS BUCKLEY, Seaman, 2nd class, NNV, respiratory disease  


Receiving Ship, New York, N Y

 LARSEN, HARRY INGVALD, Chief Turret Captain, automobile accident       



September 12, 1917


Portsmouth, Va

 TOERPE, ARTHUR B, Gunner, accidentally drowned      


USS Newport News, ex-German Odenwald, freighter (later AK-3)

 SCHMAY, SIDNEY STEPHEN, Fireman, 1st class, respiratory disease       


USS Pennsylvania, dreadnought battleship (later BB-38)

 WILLIAMSON, LEMUEL LOYD, Seaman, 2nd class, died        



September 13, 1917


USS North Dakota, dreadnought battleship (later BB-29)

 BARNUM, ROBERT RAYMOND, Fireman, 3rd class, heat exhaustion         


USS Wilkes, destroyer (later DD-67)

 SMITH, STANLEY HARTWELL, Yeoman, 2nd class, accidentally drowned   



September 14, 1917


Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Calif

 LIVINGSTON, ORVAL FRANK, Seaman, 2nd class, respiratory disease       



September 15, 1917


automobile accident between Tonawanda and Niagara, N Y

 WORRALL, BENJAMIN WARD J, Lieutenant (JG) (Medical Corps), USNRF, accident, died           


Naval Aeronautic Station, Pensacola, Fla

 LE COMPTE, PAXSON, Chief Yeoman, wounded, but not in action     


Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Calif

 DALE, ROBERT RADFORD, Fireman, 3rd class, respiratory disease  


SS Platuria, tanker, torpedoed and sunk by U.63 west of Gibraltar

 WAGSTAFF, ROSCOE EARLE, Seaman, 2nd class



September 16, 1917


Philadelphia, Pa

 HETHERINGTON JAMES HENRY, Commander (retired), illness/disease      



September 17, 1917


Naval Hospital, Mare Island, Calif

 FOURNIER, WILLIAM JAMES, Fireman, 3rd class, respiratory disease        


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 HORTON, WILLIAM JOHN, Seaman, 2nd class, illness/disease         


USS Glacier, stores ship (later AF-4)

 CRAWFORD, EARL HASTINGS, Fireman, 3rd class, injured    


USS Navajo, tug (later AT-52), based at Pearl Harbor

 REID, PAUL WILLIAM, Seaman, 2nd class, respiratory disease



September 19, 1917


Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill

 LONG, EMMET JAMES, Apprentice Seaman, illness/disease   


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 MARTIN, HERALD VERNON, Yeoman, 3rd class, illness/disease      


USS Houston, ex-German Liebenfels, freighter

 ALBERT, HARRY SIDNEY, Fireman, 1st class, illness/disease



September 20, 1917


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 SMITH, JAMES HARRISON, Jr, Seaman, 2nd class, respiratory disease      


Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va

 QUINLAN, JOHN JAMES, Chief Water Tender, illness/disease  


Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa

 ZELLMAN, OTTO THEO HENRY, Fireman, 3rd class, illness/disease 


Norfolk, Va

 CEASE, LOUIS VERN, Seaman, 2nd class, fall, died     


USS Solace, hospital ship (later AH-2)

 CROSS, CHARLES EDWARD, Seaman, 2nd class, illness/disease   


USS Wyoming, dreadnought battleship (later BB-31)

 WILLIAMS, EARNEST, Mess Attendant, 2nd class, drowned    



September 21, 1917


Naval Hospital, New York

 PULVER, HAROLD LESLIE, Seaman, 1st class, USNRF, respiratory disease      


USS Cheyenne, ex-monitor Wyoming (No.10), submarine tender, Gulf of Mexico area

 WADE, PHILIP THEODORE, Seaman, 2nd class, drowned      


USS Prometheus, ex-collier (No.2), repair ship (No.3, later AR-3), believed stationed at Bermuda

 KENDRICK, THOMAS BRYAN, Fireman, 3rd class, suffocation          



September 22, 1917


Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla, engine explosion and fire in motor dory

 GASH, ANDREW JACKSON, Apprentice Seaman, escaped overboard and drowned         


Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va

 TIMMERMAN, CLAUDE DEAN, Oiler, illness/disease     


USS Itasca Estelle (not identified, possibly motor boat Itasca (SP-810), hospital boat at Norfolk, Va)

 ENSOR, RICHARD MORRIS, Seaman, 2nd class, USNRF, drowned  



September 23, 1917


Holy Family Hospital, New York, N Y

 GUNN, HARKY C, Chief Boatswain (retired), accidentally injured        


Naval Hospital, New York, N Y

 FERGUSON, HARRY AQUILLA, Seaman, 2nd class, respiratory disease     


Receiving Ship, Washington, D C

 PERKINS, RUPERT JACKSON, Apprentice Seaman, illness/disease 


USS DeKalb or De Kalb, ex-German liner Prinz Eitel Friedrich, troop transport (ID-3010)

 RAHTZ, ALBAN, Fireman, 1st class, drowned       



September 24, 1917


Camp Hingham, Hingham, Mass

 SEVERSEN, SEGUR D, Musician, 2nd class, USNRF (not in active Service), struck by train         

Naval Hospital, New York

 ROTH, LEO, Boatswain's Mate, 1st class, respiratory disease  


Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa

 ASHMAN, WILBUR S, Electrician, 2nd class, USNRF, illness/disease         


Naval Hospital, Washington, D C

 THEISS, EMIL Captain, illness/disease       



September 26, 1917


USS Sultana, yacht, patrol vessel (SP-134), patrol and escort duties, French west coast

 WALKER, ERNEST DORANDO, Wardroom Cook, USNRF, accidentally drowned 



September 27, 1917


SS Rochester, freighter

 GADROW, HENRY ARTHUR, Fireman, 2nd class, respiratory disease         



September 28, 1917


Naval Training Camp, San Diego, Calif

 MEANS, LAWRENCE ALICESON, Seaman, 2nd class, illness/disease       


USS Utah, dreadnought battleship (later BB-30)

 SCHOWALTER, NICHOLAS HENRY RIGHTOR, Seaman, illness/disease    



September 29, 1917


USS Culgoa, refrigerated supply ship (later AF-3), motor sailer being launched

 LAUGHEY, JOSEPH LINWOOD, Seaman, killed   



September 30, 1917


Boston, Mass

 SAVILLE, JOHN W, passed Assistant Engineer (retired), illness/disease      


Naval Hospital, Fort Lyon, Colo

 SIMPSON, WILLIAM HENRY, Fireman, 1st class, respiratory disease


USS Jouett, destroyer (later DD-41)

 MAJEWSKI, CASIMIR, ANDREW MATTHEW, Seaman, 2nd class, drowned        


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