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Armed Merchant Cruiser, mercantile conversion

Pendant No. M.81 (on coming into service). Built 1896, 7,940grt, 18kts. Armament: not listed.  Crew (7.15): 32 officers & 270 crew (bi). In service 13.3.15. Of over 60 commissioned AMC's employed on patrol and later convoy protection, 33 served with 10th CS on Northern Patrol. Sunk 8.8.15 by U.22 off Norway. (British Warships 1914-1919)

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Chatham, Cromarty Firth, Devonport, Dover, Harwich, Haulbowline, Invergordon, Pembroke, Plymouth, Portland, Portsmouth, Rosyth, Scapa Flow, Sheerness

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1. Latitude/longitude, including for days in port, show representative decimal positions for each day, as calculated by the Old Weather project's analysis program. As such, they differ by varying amounts from the positions recorded, usually at noon, in the log pages. In addition, some latitudes/longitudes have been amended in edited logs for errors in the logs, for errors in identifying locations by the analysis program, or simply for greater accuracy. In all cases, refer to the log-page scans for the positions as originally recorded. Not all log pages contain this information and the ships' positions have therefore often been estimated.

2. Full account of any day is available by clicking on the link above that day. Groups of links refer to log book covers and introductory information; some may be blank.


JP map overview

(Maps prepared using Journey Plotter, developed by Maikel. The Plots can only be approximate. They are made by joining-up positions on successive days, and sometimes positions are not given. There will therefore be occasions when the ship appears to have travelled overland)


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12 April 1915

Royal Albert Docks, London

Lat 51.507, Long 0.050

Ship at Messrs Silley Weir's Wharf; men employed as requisite for mounting guns and refitting ship during whole of day

4f962449a2fc8e2def004197: ( 53-44825-004_0.jpg)

13 April 1915

Royal Albert Docks, London

Lat 51.507, Long 0.050

  6.30am: Hands fall in; employed mess cleaning and sweeping boat deck, taking in stores and as requisite

4f962449a2fc8e2def004198: ( 53-44825-004_1.jpg)

14 April 1915

Royal Albert Docks, London

Lat 51.507, Long 0.050

  7.30am: Ammunitioning ship

  5.30pm: Secure; armed sentries placed over magazines and shell rooms

4f962449a2fc8e2def004199: ( 53-44825-005_0.jpg)

15 April 1915

Royal Albert Docks, London

Lat 51.507, Long 0.050

  6.30am: Hands fall in; taking in ammunition, cleaning mess decks etc

  9.00am: Ammunitioning fore shell room; armed sentry placed on guard; commenced receiving ammunition in after shell room

  3.00pm: Rifles and stores came alongside

4f96244aa2fc8e2def00419a: ( 53-44825-005_1.jpg)

16 April 1915

Royal Albert Docks, London

Lat 51.507, Long 0.050

  7.00am: Taking in ammunition in after shell rooms

  9.10am: Hands taking in ammunition and stores

11.00am: Finished coaling – 1662 tons

  5.00pm: Hands landed to test stability

  8.05pm: Stability test finished; hands returned on board

  9.00pm: Rounds visited by officer on watch; armed sentries over ammunition rooms

4f96244aa2fc8e2def00419b: ( 53-44825-006_0.jpg)

17 April 1915

Royal Albert Docks, London

Lat 51.507, Long 0.050

  9.00pm: Rounds visited by officer on watch; armed sentries over ammunition rooms

4f96244aa2fc8e2def00419c: ( 53-44825-006_1.jpg)

18 April 1915

Royal Albert Docks, London, to Lower Hope Reach

Lat 51.507, Long 0.050

12.25pm: Received draft of 40 men from HMS Pembroke

  2.10pm: Cast off hawsers and proceeded towards the river, assisted by 2 tugs

  3.45pm: Cleared dock gates and proceeded down the river

  5.15pm: Reached Gravesend and changed pilots

  5.43pm: Anchored in Lower Hope Reach

  7.00pm: Tugs cast off for shore with all dock labourers

11.10pm: Ship riding to flood tide

4f96244ba2fc8e2def00419d: ( 53-44825-007_0.jpg)

19 April 1915

Lower Hope Reach

Lat 51.49, Long 0.45

  3.35pm: Draft of extra 88 men from HMS Sutlej

4f96244ba2fc8e2def00419e: ( 53-44825-007_1.jpg)

20 April 1915

Lower Hope Reach

Lat 51.49, Long 0.45

  4.25am: Ship riding to ebb tide

  7.30am: Tug came alongside with working party

10.30am: 3 cook's ratings reported on board

  2.00pm: Tug Java left ship with mails [returned 2.55pm]

  5.10pm: Ship swung to ebb tide

  8.15pm: Tug Java landed shore workmen

  9.00pm: Rounds visited by lieutenant-commander

10.30pm: Ship swung to flood tide

4f96244ba2fc8e2def00419f: ( 53-44825-008_0.jpg)

21 April 1915

Lower Hope Reach

Lat 51.49, Long 0.45

  4.45am: Ship swung to flood tide

  6.25am: Midshipman, PO and 6 men went ashore on tug Java

  8.00am: Shore working party came on board

10.37am: Gravesend working party landed

10.50am: Tug Clemosa [?] came alongside

11.00am: Ship swung to ebb tide

  5.00pm: Tug Java assisted to swing ship

  8.20pm: Tug came alongside with stores for commander

  9.15pm: Tug Java came alongside with stores for paymaster

11.50pm: Ship swung to flood tide

4f96244ca2fc8e2def0041a0: ( 53-44825-008_1.jpg)

22 April 1915

Lower Hope Reach

Lat 51.49, Long 0.45

  6.00am: Ship swinging to ebb tide

  6.50am: Tug Java brought workmen aboard

  8.00am: Ship riding to ebb tide

  9.10am: Hands examined by doctor and told off for work

  9.40am: Tug Falcon came alongside with gears for motor launch; tug Java came alongside with mails

     Noon: Ship swung to flood tide

  5.00pm: Tug Java came alongside with carpenter's stores

4f96244ca2fc8e2def0041a1: ( 53-44825-009_0.jpg)

23 April 1915

Lower Hope Reach to Nore (Sheerness)

Lat 51.49, Long 0.45

  6.30am: Ship started to swing assisted by tug Java

  7.10am: Ship swung to ebb tide

     Noon: Hove up starboard anchor; ship tended whilst swinging to flood

  1.56pm [2.56pm in log]: Anchor aweigh

  2.17pm: Lower Hope Point

  2.24pm: Mucking Lighthouse

  2.35pm: Blythe Middle

  2.44pm: Chapman Lighthouse

  2.55pm: East Blythe

  3.20pm: Nore

  5.11pm: Tongue Sands Light Vessel; swinging ship and adjusting compasses

  7.25pm: Anchored off Nore

4f96244ca2fc8e2def0041a2: ( 53-44825-009_1.jpg)

24 April 1915


Lat 51.48, Long 0.84

(off Nore Light Vessel)

  1.00am: Ship swinging to flood tide

  8.50am: Tug Pollux came alongside with stores

10.55am: Motor boat alongside with 2 ratings

11.20am: TB no 111 alongside with gunnery officer

12.25pm: Tested no 1 port 6” gun

12.40pm: Finished testing port guns; turned ship and tested starboard guns

  1.00pm: Gun trials completed and proceeded to anchorage

  3.00pm: Disembarked pilot (Mr Scott)

  7.40pm: Tug Pollux came alongside

10.00pm: Piped down; ship swung to ebb tide

4f96244da2fc8e2def0041a3: ( 53-44825-010_0.jpg)

25 April 1915


Lat 51.47, Long 0.92

  1.30am: Tending ship swinging to flood tide

10.05am: Weighed anchor; speeds as requisite for turning ship

10.20am: Full ahead

10.29am: Steering gear broke down; stop and full astern

10.30am: Let go port anchor [off East Cant buoy]

  2.41pm: Anchor aweigh

  2.47pm: Proceeded to Nore anchorage

  3.04pm: Let go port anchor

4f96244da2fc8e2def0041a4: ( 53-44825-010_1.jpg)

26 April 1915

Sheerness to Northern Patrol

Lat 51.55, Long 1.25

  1.00am: Dockyard staff employed repairing damages on quarterdeck

  2.15am: Ship swinging to wind

  2.30am: Fouled HM trawler no 3 which had anchored, fouling our mooring; smashed starboard accommodation ladder and platform

10.15am: Tug came alongside with working party

10.17am: Cast off from buoy; slipped tug and proceeded to sea

12.28pm: Tongue Sands Light Vessel abeam

  1.43pm: N Goodwin Light Vessel abeam

  2.48pm: S Goodwin Light Vessel abeam

  2.57pm: S Foreland abeam

  3.05pm: Dover breakwater

  3.25pm: Gateway Light Vessel off Folkestone

  3.37pm: Commenced zigzag

  4.15pm: Dungeness abeam, 2½ miles

  7.30pm: Reduced revolutions, hot piston rod

11.30pm: Escorted by TBDs Leonidas and Lark

4f96244da2fc8e2def0041a5: ( 53-44825-011_0.jpg)

27 April 1915

Sheerness to Northern Patrol

Lat 49.23, Long -5.19

  4.00am: Proceeding in company with TBDs Leonidas and Lark

  2.40pm: Parted company with TBDs Leonidas and Lark

  5.30pm: Read 1, 2 and 3 warrants

4f96244ea2fc8e2def0041a6: ( 53-44825-011_1.jpg)

28 April 1915

Sheerness to Northern Patrol

Lat 50.43, Long -11.32

  3.55pm: Norwegian barque Desideria bound for Newport challenged

4f96244ea2fc8e2def0041a7: ( 53-44825-012_0.jpg)

29 April 1915

Sheerness to Northern Patrol

Lat 55.44, Long -10.88

  9.00am: Action stations; submarine sighted on starboard beam, distance about 3 miles SE; commenced zigzagging

  9.25am: Wake of submarine sighted crossing astern

  1.00pm: Hands employed fitting collision mats

4f96244ea2fc8e2def0041a8: ( 53-44825-012_1.jpg)

30 April 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 59.10, Long -10.73

  2.40am: Sighted two ships on port bow

  3.00am: Full speed ahead; challenged ships

  3.05am: Hands to action stations

  3.15am: Signalled HMS Columbella and HMS Motagua [Armed Merchant Cruisers]

  7.00am: Sighted HMS Cedric; challenged

  8.10am: Commenced zigzag

  3.10pm: Sighted HMS Alsatian

  4.03pm: Engines as requisite for keeping ship in position 5 cables from HMS Alsatian

  4.23pm: Lowered starboard cutter; Lieutenant Groundwater RNR and paymaster left for HMS Alsatian

  5.36pm: Parted company with HMS Cedric and HMS Alsatian

  6.07pm: Challenged Norwegian barque Rollo, bound to Canada in ballast

  7.13pm: Stopped and challenged Danish SS Jens Bang

  7.20pm: Sub-Lieutenant Nelson RNR boarded her; bound for Copenhagen from Boston with grain

  7.55pm: Signalled her to proceed to Kirkwall

4f96244fa2fc8e2def0041a9: ( 53-44825-013_0.jpg)

4f96244fa2fc8e2def0041aa: ( 53-44825-013_1.jpg)

4f96244fa2fc8e2def0041ab: ( 53-44825-014_0.jpg)

4f962450a2fc8e2def0041ac: ( 53-44825-014_1.jpg)

4f962450a2fc8e2def0041ad: ( 53-44825-015_0.jpg)

4f962450a2fc8e2def0041ae: ( 53-44825-015_1.jpg)


4f962451a2fc8e2def0041af: ( 53-44826-001_0.jpg)

4f962451a2fc8e2def0041b0: ( 53-44826-001_1.jpg)

4f962451a2fc8e2def0041b1: ( 53-44826-002_0.jpg)

4f962452a2fc8e2def0041b2: ( 53-44826-002_1.jpg)

4f962452a2fc8e2def0041b3: ( 53-44826-003_0.jpg)

4f962453a2fc8e2def0041b4: ( 53-44826-003_1.jpg)

1 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 60.25, Long -10.35

  9.45am: Sighted HMS Patia S9E; signalled

4f962453a2fc8e2def0041b5: ( 53-44826-004_0.jpg)

2 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 61.10, Long -5.77

11.20am: Akraberg Point N20½W, Store Dimon N6½W

  2.00pm: Ordered sailing ship to heave to

  4.00pm: Lowered sea boat and boarded US barque Annie M Reid, left Leith 22/4/15 in ballast for New York

  4.30pm: Hoisted sea boat and proceeded

4f962453a2fc8e2def0041b6: ( 53-44826-004_1.jpg)

3 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 63.15, Long 4.25

4f962453a2fc8e2def0041b7: ( 53-44826-005_0.jpg)

4 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 65.13, Long 10.20

  3.41am: Communicated with HM Collier Moorfield, from Aleksandrovsk to Tyne

  3.23pm: Spoke to Norwegian whaler

4f962454a2fc8e2def0041b8: ( 53-44826-005_1.jpg)

5 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.82, Long 8.00

4f962454a2fc8e2def0041b9: ( 53-44826-006_0.jpg)

6 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.83, Long 7.90

4f962455a2fc8e2def0041ba: ( 53-44826-006_1.jpg)

7 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.18, Long 7.37

  4.25am: Sighted SS N14E

  5.45pm: SS proved to be Gotaland of Sweden

11.36pm: Signalled SS Gotaland

4f962455a2fc8e2def0041bb: ( 53-44826-007_0.jpg)

8 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.33, Long 7.67

  7.00am: Light snowfall

  6.30pm: Heavy snowfalls during watch

4f962455a2fc8e2def0041bc: ( 53-44826-007_1.jpg)

9 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 65.45, Long 9.63

  8.20am: Altered course N5W to intercept 2 SS on port bow

10.10am: Stopped and sent boarding officer to Norwegian SS Baune with coal to Archangel

10.40am: Let her proceed

11.00am: Hoisted cutter and proceeded

4f962456a2fc8e2def0041bd: ( 53-44826-008_0.jpg)

10 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.75, Long 8.77

  1.17am: Stopped Russian SS Mary with coal to Archangel

10.45am: Rigged wind screens on bridge

4f962456a2fc8e2def0041be: ( 53-44826-008_1.jpg)

11 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.93, Long 5.07

  2.00pm: Ship's company fall in for payment

  5.32pm: Signalled Russian SS with coal to Archangel

4f962456a2fc8e2def0041bf: ( 53-44826-009_0.jpg)

12 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 63.02, Long 1.43

  7.45am: Altered course as requisite to close HMS Ambrose

4f962457a2fc8e2def0041c0: ( 53-44826-009_1.jpg)

13 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.57, Long 7.43

  6.20am: Spoke to SS Gerd [Swedish]

  9.00am: Boarded SS Para

  9.30am: Allowed SS Para to proceed

4f962457a2fc8e2def0041c1: ( 53-44826-010_0.jpg)

14 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 65.12, Long 8.30

  6.10am: Boarded SS Malmland

10.38am: Boarded SS Nordland

11.45am: Ordered SS Nordland to proceed to Kirkwall

  1.00pm: Stopped SS Volrath Tham

  1.30pm: SS Volrath Tham ordered to proceed to Kirkwall

  7.00pm: Signalled HMS Alsatian

4f962457a2fc8e2def0041c2: ( 53-44826-010_1.jpg)

15 May 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 61.32, Long -0.30

  2.00pm: Muckle Flugga abeam

  4.00pm: Ronas Hill S33E, 20 miles

4f962458a2fc8e2def0041c3: ( 53-44826-011_0.jpg)

16 May 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 57.52, Long -8.70

  2.25am: Sulisker Island S11W; Rona Island S26E

  6.22am: Eilean More S21E

10.58am [10.38am in log]: St Kilda S80E 10 miles

     Noon: Signalled SS Minsk, Denmark

  3.30pm: Barra Head abeam

  4.00pm: Sighted Skerryvore Lighthouse abeam, 6 miles

  7.00pm: Dubh Artach abeam

  8.00pm: Spoke to HMS Mara (AFA)

  9.00pm: Orsay Lighthouse abeam

10.05pm: Mull of Cantyre Lighthouse abeam

11.07pm: Sanda Lighthouse S77E, 6½ miles

4f962458a2fc8e2def0041c4: ( 53-44826-011_1.jpg)

17 May 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 55.97, Long -4.77

12.30am: Ailsa Craig S15E

  1.00am: Pladda Lighthouse abeam, 3½ miles

  3.05pm: Challenged and signalled Toward Point; ordered to Queen's Dock

  4.00am: Pilot boarded at Kempock Point

  4.23am: Engines stopped

  4.25am: Let go port anchor in 11 fathoms

  7.00am: Hoisted colours; ship riding to ebb tide

  8.35am: Ship swinging to flood tide

12.22pm: Anchors aweigh; engines and helm as requisite

  1.56pm: Dumbarton Rock abeam

  3.40pm: Entered dock

  4.15pm: Ship alongside berth; finished with engines

  5.05pm: 2 colliers made fast starboard side

4f962458a2fc8e2def0041c5: ( 53-44826-012_0.jpg)

18 May 1915


Lat 55.858, Long -4.297

  5.15am: 2 coal lighters made fast port side

  6.15am: Commenced coaling

  8.10pm: Second prize crew, Sub-Lieutenant Nelson in charge, returned to ship

4f962459a2fc8e2def0041c6: ( 53-44826-012_1.jpg)

19 May 1915


Lat 55.858, Long -4.297

10.00am: Finished coal lighter Sea Light and started coal lighter Storm Light

11.30am: Finished coal lighter Lady of the Lake and started coal lighter Rachel

4f962459a2fc8e2def0041c7: ( 53-44826-013_0.jpg)

20 May 1915


Lat 55.858, Long -4.297

  2.00am: Finished coal lighter Rachel; hauled off to allow Rachel to go out

11.30am: Coaling suspended for 1 hour

  1.10pm: Fireman left ship; transferred to HMS Digby

  5.30pm: Coaling suspended

  6.00pm: Coaling resumed

4f962459a2fc8e2def0041c8: ( 53-44826-013_1.jpg)

21 May 1915


Lat 55.858, Long -4.297

  4.00am: Shifted ship to allow HMS Columbella to take our berth

  4.30am: Finished coaling ship

  2.00pm: Sick man sent ashore to hospital

  3.45pm: Carpenter's stores came aboard

4f96245aa2fc8e2def0041c9: ( 53-44826-014_0.jpg)

22 May 1915


Lat 55.858, Long -4.297

  6.05pm: Let go moorings

  6.25pm: Cleared dock gates assisted by tugs Cruiser and Wrestler

  7.20pm: Gave men on York Hill dock bow rope

  8.00pm: All fast

4f96245aa2fc8e2def0041ca: ( 53-44826-014_1.jpg)

23 May 1915


Lat 55.862, Long -4.298

11.55am: Midshipman Jenkins removed to military hospital

4f96245aa2fc8e2def0041cb: ( 53-44826-015_0.jpg)

24 May 1915


Lat 55.862, Long -4.298

  4.00pm: No 5 warrant read

  6.30pm: 1 stoker rating discharged, medically unfit

  9.45pm: 1 PO and 1 AB invalided to Chatham (escorted to station)

  9.55pm: Escort left to fetch rating from Central Police Station

11.20pm: 1 stoker rating brought aboard in charge of PC from London

4f96245ba2fc8e2def0041cc: ( 53-44826-015_1.jpg)

25 May 1915

Glasgow to rendezvous, Northern Patrol

Lat 55.862, Long -4.298

  9.20am: 4 marine ratings joined ship

12.30pm: 4 seamen ratings joined ship

  5.00pm: Steering gear and telegraph tested

  6.30pm: Resumed sea war routine

  6.40pm: 6 stoker ratings joined ship

  7.00pm: Pilot aboard

  7.30pm: Cast off and hauled out of dock assisted by 2 tugs

  9.00pm: Foremost tug cast off

10.30pm: Cast off after tug; Tail Bank buoy abeam

11.04pm: Pilot left

11.12pm: Skelmorlie buoy abeam

4f96245ba2fc8e2def0041cd: ( 53-44826-016_0.jpg)

26 May 1915

Glasgow to rendezvous, Northern Patrol

Lat 56.68, Long -7.71

  1.15am: Pladda Lighthouse abeam

  2.25am: Sanda Island abeam

  4.15am: Commenced zigzag

  5.56am: Oversay Lighthouse N56E, 10 miles

  9.50am: Skerryvore Lighthouse abeam, 5 miles

  4.30pm: St Kilda N4E 22.3 miles

  7.40pm: Sighted and spoke to HMS Black Prince

  8.30pm: St Kilda 98° 27.8 miles

4f96245ba2fc8e2def0041ce: ( 53-44826-016_1.jpg)

27 May 1915

Glasgow to rendezvous, Northern Patrol

Lat 59.65, Long -10.10 [estimated]

12.03pm: Commenced zigzag

4f96245ca2fc8e2def0041cf: ( 53-44826-017_0.jpg)

28 May 1915

Glasgow to rendezvous, Northern Patrol

Lat 62.63, Long -11.33

  1.30pm: Engines as requisite to close HMS Alsatian

  1.40pm: Sent away sea boat

  2.10pm: Sea boat hoisted and secured

  2.15pm: Proceeded N80W to SS N55W

  3.00pm: Vessel found to be SS Nexos, Oefjord to Liverpool, ballast

11.10pm: Suspicious object reported aft

4f96245ca2fc8e2def0041d0: ( 53-44826-017_1.jpg)

29 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 61.03, Long -5.70

  3.30am: Myggenaes N37E, Store Dimon S79E

  5.30am: Passed Danish schooner Venus steering NW

  8.00am: Sumbo Lighthouse N2½E 30 miles

11.00am: Commenced zigzag

  6.45pm: Stopped; HMS Cedric's sea boat alongside

  6.50pm: Sea boat left us

4f96245ca2fc8e2def0041d1: ( 53-44826-018_0.jpg)

30 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 59.51, Long -6.77

  7.25am: Observed Rona Island S58E

  8.00am: Stopped Swedish SS Scandinavian

  8.10am: Stopped; boarding officer away in sea boat

  8.50am: All correct; sea boat returned

  1.10pm: Stopped Danish SS Lily

  2.25pm: Boarding officer away in sea boat

  3.00pm: Sulisker S22E, 17 miles; SS Lily proceeded

4f96245da2fc8e2def0041d2: ( 53-44826-018_1.jpg)

31 May 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 59.67, Long -7.17

11.10am: Spoke to HMS Cedric

4f96245da2fc8e2def0041d3: ( 53-44826-019_0.jpg)

4f96245da2fc8e2def0041d4: ( 53-44826-019_1.jpg)

4f96245ea2fc8e2def0041d5: ( 53-44826-020_0.jpg)

4f96245ea2fc8e2def0041d6: ( 53-44826-020_1.jpg)


4f96245fa2fc8e2def0041d7: ( 53-44827-001_0.jpg)

4f96245fa2fc8e2def0041d8: ( 53-44827-001_1.jpg)

4f96245fa2fc8e2def0041d9: ( 53-44827-002_0.jpg)

4f962460a2fc8e2def0041da: ( 53-44827-002_1.jpg)

4f962460a2fc8e2def0041db: ( 53-44827-003_0.jpg)

Barometer: Mercurial

4f962460a2fc8e2def0041dc: ( 53-44827-003_1.jpg)

1 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 62.03, Long -2.25

  2.05am: Hailed Dutch trawler IJM95

  7.30am: Stopped abreast Norwegian whaling schooner Flid

  7.37am: Sent boarding officer away; Norwegian fishing barquentine Flid, bound – [?] allowed to proceed

  5.05pm: Pitching heavily; high NWly sea

11.35pm: No 1 raft collapsed and davit guy carried away; secured same

4f962461a2fc8e2def0041dd: ( 53-44827-004_0.jpg)

2 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 62.15, Long -2.83

12.45am: Mustered watch, secured no 1 raft and hauled sea boat's gripes tight

  7.10am: Spoke to British trawler Naanah 67289 of Grimsby

  6.12pm: Challenged HMS Caribbean

  6.41pm: Stopped and lowered cutter

  6.50pm: Cutter returned and hoisted

4f962461a2fc8e2def0041de: ( 53-44827-004_1.jpg)

3 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.67, Long 6.47

12.40am: Sighted SS N51E; altered course to intercept same

  1.00am: Challenged and received answer; made signal to HMS Ebro to keep station 1 mile on our starboard beam

10.40am: Signalled Norwegian SS Aegir

10.52am: Cutter away

11.13am: Cutter returned and hoisted; proceeded

  4.00pm: Warrant 6 read out to Private Thomas Henry Smith RMLI

4f962461a2fc8e2def0041df: ( 53-44827-005_0.jpg)

4 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 66.58, Long 9.80

  7.10am: Traenstavern Peak N61E, 17 miles, Traenen Lighthouse N73½E, 14½ miles, Lovanden [possibly Lovundvear] Point S87E, 22 miles

10.50am: Spoke to SS Novo, London to Archangel; had previously been boarded by HMS Ebro at 8 am

12.10pm: Challenged by HMS Ebro and replied

  3.55pm: Stopped; sea boat away to Norwegian SS Rentaria, Sweden to Middlesbrough, with magnetic ore; to be taken into Kirkwall

  4.40pm: Sea boat returned and hoisted; proceeded

4f962462a2fc8e2def0041e0: ( 53-44827-005_1.jpg)

5 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 66.63, Long 9.55

4f962462a2fc8e2def0041e1: ( 53-44827-006_0.jpg)

6 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 67.26, Long 13.00

  7.50am: Skomvaer Lighthouse NW,1½ miles

10.30am: Stora N, 17 miles

     Noon: Taen Islets Lighthouse* [drawing] E; Vaeroy Island Lighthouse N7W

  5.19pm: Taen Islets Lighthouse S88E

  9.25pm: Sighted SS S64W

  9.50pm: Vessel proved to be HMS Ebro

* No 728 Norway, West Coast – Vest Fiord

4f962462a2fc8e2def0041e2: ( 53-44827-006_1.jpg)

7 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 67.00, Long 10.37

  3.34am: Taen Islets ahead, lighthouse not visible owing to thick weather

  5.52am: Passed SS, presumably HMS Ebro

  7.55am: Passed HMS Ebro N6E

  8.50am: Signalled HMS Ebro to close for communication

11.45am: Challenged HMS Ebro

12.45pm: Stopped near HMS Ebro; exchanged signals, received Sub-Lieutenant Dixon

  1.25pm: Proceeded

  7.15pm: Observed Taen Islets N89E

4f962463a2fc8e2def0041e3: ( 53-44827-007_0.jpg)

8 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 67.14, Long 12.08

  2.20am: Skomvaer Lighthouse abeam

  5.40am: Sighted SS S84E; increased full speed in pursuit

  7.00am: Being within 3 mile limit, abandoned pursuit of Danish SS Pay [?]

  7.15am: Helligvaer Lighthouse N66W; Taen Islets Lighthouse N83W

10.00am: Skomvaer Lighthouse N42W

10.45am: Sighted HMS Ambrose

  4.15pm: Sighted SS N88W – altered course to intercept her

  5.13pm: Sea boat away to Norwegian SS C Sundt

  5.25pm: Sea boat returned

  6.05pm: Sighted HMS Ambrose

  6.44pm: Skomvaer Lighthouse abeam, 8 miles

  9.21pm: Taen Islets Lighthouse S38E

4f962463a2fc8e2def0041e4: ( 53-44827-007_1.jpg)

9 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 64.84, Long 7.92

4f962463a2fc8e2def0041e5: ( 53-44827-008_0.jpg)

10 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 62.95, Long 6.25

4f962464a2fc8e2def0041e6: ( 53-44827-008_1.jpg)

11 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 63.92, Long 6.18

10.57am: Signalled Swedish SS Svarton, in water ballast

  6.00pm: Ona Lighthouse

4f962464a2fc8e2def0041e7: ( 53-44827-009_0.jpg)

12 June 1915

Northern Patrol

Lat 62.62, Long 4.96 [estimated]

4f962464a2fc8e2def0041e8: ( 53-44827-009_1.jpg)

13 June 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 61.97, Long 3.23

  5.00am: Signalled SS Urania, Russian, Archangel to Aberdeen, under charter British Government

  9.10am: Challenged HMS Teutonic

  9.30am: Engines as requisite for lowering port sea boat

10.25am: Hoisted port sea boat; armed guard, charge Sub-Lieutenant Bale, returned on board

10.30pm: Proceeded

  8.10pm: Stopped and sent boarding officer to SS Flores of Bergen, general cargo, passengers and mail from Faeros to Bergen

10.28pm: Cutter left ship for SS Ebro; SS Ebro permitted to proceed

10.50pm: Cutter returned

4f962465a2fc8e2def0041e9: ( 53-44827-010_0.jpg)

14 June 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 59.96, Long -4.42

12.49am: Muckle Flugga Lighthouse abeam, 8 miles

  7.29pm: Stopped abreast Danish SS Antwerpen, from Liverpool to Copenhagen, general cargo; sent boarding officer aboard

  8.10am: Allowed her to proceed

10.30am: Spoke to SS Philadelphia, with armed guard from HMS Patria

11.32am: Spoke to Norwegian SS Songelo; barque from Denmark to America, water ballast

12.15pm: Altered course N68W to intercept SS

  1.10pm: Vessel proved to be trawler Hydra; altered course S18E to intercept others

  1.25pm: Trawler Caliban abreast

  2.45pm: Passed trawler Golden Gleam

  6.35pm: Passed Swedish SS Campania 'flying Com 1'

  6.50pm: Sighted HMS Orotava

10.15pm: German submarine attacked with torpedo fire; increased speed 18 knots, zigzagging continually

4f962465a2fc8e2def0041ea: ( 53-44827-010_1.jpg)

15 June 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 57.48, Long -10.27

  2.15am: Signalled British SS Erlesburgh to Archangel with coal; manoeuvred to communicate by megaphone SS steaming ENE

10.50am: Courses and speed as requisite for target practice until 12.10pm

  6.22pm: Signalled Norwegian barque Glenlora, to Genoa with scrap iron

4f962465a2fc8e2def0041eb: ( 53-44827-011_0.jpg)

16 June 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 56.72, Long -9.00

  6.45am: Challenged HMS Patia

  2.30pm: Barra Head Lighthouse N80E, 28 miles

  4.50pm: Challenged HMS Victorian

  6.15pm: Dubh Artach abeam

  7.40pm: Challenged HMS Patia

  7.45pm: Challenged by Oversay Signal Station

  8.04pm: Oversay Lighthouse abeam

10.00pm: Mull of Cantyre Lighthouse N14E

10.25am: Ship Rock Lighthouse abeam

11.00pm: Pladda Lighthouse N11E

11.35pm: Signalled HMS Kildonan Castle

11.58pm: Holy Isle Lighthouse abeam

4f962466a2fc8e2def0041ec: ( 53-44827-011_1.jpg)

17 June 1915

Northern Patrol to Glasgow

Lat 55.97, Long -4.79

12.45am: Cumbrae Lighthouse abeam

  1.18am: Skelmorlie buoy abeam

  1.35am: Passed through gateway

  2.27am: Let go port anchor

  3.45am: HMS Patia passed heading up river

10.35am: Motor boat away with doctor and paymaster

10.50am: LS White left in motor boat

11.45am: Pilot, Mr Stewart, came aboard

12.15pm: Anchor away; engines slow ahead, and as requisite for proceeding up river

  1.17pm: Dumbarton Rock abeam

  2.50pm: Arrived off berth; sent head lines to jetty; engines as required to make fast

  3.25pm: Fast to jetty in York Hill Basin

  3.50pm: 1 marine joined ship

Coaling throughout the night

4f962466a2fc8e2def0041ed: ( 53-44827-012_0.jpg)

18 June 1915

Glasgow (No 8 berth, York Hill Basin)

Lat 55.864, Long -4.303

Coaling continued throughout the night

  4.00am: Finished lighter on starboard side

  6.00am: Finished 2 lighters on port side and commenced 2 others

  9.00am: Coaling from 2 lighters either side

     Noon: Motor ambulance left with two stoker ratings and sick bay steward in attendance

  4.45pm: 1 starboard lighter finished and another took its place

4f962466a2fc8e2def0041ee: ( 53-44827-012_1.jpg)

19 June 1915


Lat 55.864, Long -4.303

  9.30am: Watch slacked away after lines and 2 more lighters came in

  5.00pm: Finished coaling for the day

4f962467a2fc8e2def0041ef: ( 53-44827-013_0.jpg)

20 June 1915


Lat 55.864, Long -4.303

 Midnight: Commenced coaling

4f962467a2fc8e2def0041f0: ( 53-44827-013_1.jpg)

21 June 1915


Lat 55.864, Long -4.303

Coaling proceeded throughout the morning

12.30am: Lighter on port side finished

  7.30am: Lighter on port side finished

11.00am: Slacked off starboard quarter mooring line to allow lighter to go out and 1 to come in

     Noon: Slacked off starboard quarter mooring to let lighter go out, hauled taut, then slacked off port quarter moorings to let 2 lighters in; lighter Scotia fouled our mooring wire

  3.45pm: Hands employed in slacking off and hauling taut after port springs; put another rope in place of wire fouled

  7.00pm: Slacked off port quarter moorings to allow empty lighters to get out; fouled lighter ready to dock

4f962467a2fc8e2def0041f1: ( 53-44827-014_0.jpg)

22 June 1915


Lat 55.864, Long -4.303

  5.30am: Finished coaling ship

  6.45am: Slacked off mooring lines to allow lighters out

  7.00am: Gave fouled lighter 1 wire; let out ash boat starboard side; pulled taut slack port mooring line to allow ash boat to tow fouled lighter and beach her down river

4f962468a2fc8e2def0041f2: ( 53-44827-014_1.jpg)

23 June 1915

Glasgow (York Hill Basin to Stobcross Quay, Queen's Dock)

Lat 55.864, Long -4.303

12.10pm: Party of 5 new men joined up

  5.30pm: Mr Gaskill (pilot) aboard; gave tow ropes to tugs fore and aft

  5.48pm: Cleared dock entrance

  6.45pm: Ship alongside and moored Stobcross Quay; finished with tugs

4f962468a2fc8e2def0041f3: ( 53-44827-015_0.jpg)

24 June 1915


Lat 55.860, Long -4.293

  2.30am: Ship aground and taking a list to port

  3.00am: Watch putting breast wires out

  3.30am: Moorings tended until ship floated

4f962468a2fc8e2def0041f4: ( 53-44827-015_1.jpg)

25 June 1915


Lat 55.860, Long -4.293

  1.50pm: 2 sick men removed to hospital

  7.45pm: 1 fireman, Elliot, discharged from ship

4f962469a2fc8e2def0041f5: ( 53-44827-016_0.jpg)

26 June 1915


Lat 55.860, Long -4.293

4f962469a2fc8e2def0041f6: ( 53-44827-016_1.jpg)

27 June 1915

Glasgow to sea

Lat 55.91, Long -4.45 [estimated]

  8.15am: Tug Samson came alongside

10.00am: Mr Gaskill, pilot, came aboard

10.05am: Tug Neptune came alongside

10.55am: Heaved off the quay, ship going head, engines and helm as requisite

12.50pm: Dumbarton Rock abeam

  1.10pm: Ship swung for compass adjusting

  3.34pm: Let go port anchor (off Greenock)

  4.30pm: Pilot disembarked

  8.18pm: Anchor away

  8.50pm: Anchor clear of water; proceeded ahead

  9.01pm: Rosneath Patch buoy abeam

4f962469a2fc8e2def0041f7: ( 53-44827-017_0.jpg)

28 June 1915

At sea

Lat 56.73, Long -9.41

  1.21am: Mull of Cantyre abeam, 1 mile

  1.52am: Rathlin Lighthouse S61½W

  3.20pm: Stopped; main feed pump given out

  4.25pm: Engine repairs finished

  5.15pm: Steering engine broke down

  5.25pm: Put hand steering gear in use

  6.30pm: Steam steering gear connected up

4f96246aa2fc8e2def0041f8: ( 53-44827-017_1.jpg)

29 June 1915

At sea

Lat 60.67, Long -11.42

  1.23am: Challenged HMS Motagua

  6.40am: Sighted and challenged HMS Columbella

     Noon: Sighted and challenged HMS Oratava

4f96246aa2fc8e2def0041f9: ( 53-44827-018_0.jpg)

30 June 1915

At sea

Lat 63.92, Long -9.50

  1.50am: Sighted HMS Otway; spoke to her

  8.25am: Sea boat left for Dutch trawler Odin

  9.05am: Sea boat returned and hoisted

  4.00pm: Warrants 6 and 7 read out

  4.42pm: Stopped abreast Norwegian schooner

  4.45pm: Sea boat away; Sjoblomsten from Holland to Aalesund with fish

  5.10pm: Up sea boat and proceeded

4f96246aa2fc8e2def0041fa: ( 53-44827-018_1.jpg)

4f96246ba2fc8e2def0041fb: ( 53-44827-019_0.jpg)

4f96246ba2fc8e2def0041fc: ( 53-44827-019_1.jpg)

4f96246ba2fc8e2def0041fd: ( 53-44827-020_0.jpg)

4f96246ca2fc8e2def0041fe: ( 53-44827-020_1.jpg)

While on duty intercepting and inspecting neutral shipping, HMS India was torpedoed by German submarine U22 near Helligvaer, Norway, on August 8, 1915.

The ship broke in two and sank quickly.

A list of the 160 (reported numbers vary) men who died, together with a list of the survivors, can be found here.

According to information contained in The National Archives documents ADM 1/8429/227 and ADM 116/1440, some of the survivors were taken to Narvik by SS Gotaland and HMT Saxon; others went ashore at Helligvaer in the ship's boats.

The men landed by SS Gotaland were allowed to return to the UK but the rest were interned.
HMT Saxon was allowed to leave the neutral port of Narvik within 24 hours.

Commander Kennedy of HMS India was offered the chance to sail with her but chose to stay with his men.

The dead were buried in Narvik cemetery.

The following is an account of a survivor of the sinking –