(Tuscarora, mountain range in south Pennsylvania)

Type and Characteristics - Single screw, wooden-hulled sloop, Kearsarge-class, built by Merrick and Sons, Philadelphia, PA, laid down 27 June 1861, launched 24 August 1861, commissioned 5 December 1861, 1,457 tons, 198ft 6in long, 33ft beam, 14ft 10in draft, 11kts, armed with 1-30pdr (4.2in) Parrott rifle, 2-11in Dahlgren smoothbore and 6-32pdr guns, first commanded by Cdr Tunis A M Craven.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1861-80, Civil War, European and Atlantic waters, South Pacific Squadron, coasts of Central and South America, Caribbean, North Pacific Station.

Summary of Service

5 December 1861 Sailed for Great Britain, Gibraltar, and Spain in search of CSN ships that had run the US blockade and to protect American shipping.

15 March 1863 Returned home to patrol the coast from Newfoundland to Bermuda, and then with the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

7 October 1863 Served as a storeship at Beaufort, N.C.

4 June 1864 Decommissioned at Boston Navy Yard.

3 October 1864 Reassigned to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

17 January 1865 Reassigned to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

16 May 1865 Escorted President Jefferson Davis, his family, and other captured Confederate officials aboard the steamer William P. Clyde from Port Royal to Hampton Roads.

30 May 1865 Decommissioned at Boston Navy Yard.

2 November 1865 Sailed for the Pacific Ocean via Cape Horn; served with the South Pacific Squadron.

18 November 1867 Aided Chile to assist victims of the great earthquake.

12 May 1869 Sailed for the North Atlantic.

28 July 1869 Stationed at Aspinwall, Colombia (now Colon, Panama).

April 1870 Stationed at Key West and cruised the Caribbean.

31 January 1871 Decommissioned at Portsmouth, N.H.

16 May 1872 Assigned to the South Pacific Station.

25 June 1873 Arrived at San Francisco and surveyed the sea floor off the northwest coast to determine a suitable route for a submarine cable.

January 1874 Tuscarora took soundings for a submarine cable route between the United States, Japan, and China; transferred to the North Pacific Station.

September 1875 Performed survey work in the South Pacific.

14 September 1876 Decommissioned at the Mare Island Navy Yard for repairs.

10 January 1878 Recommissioned and assigned to special oceanic survey work off the western coasts of both Central and South America.

21 April 1880 Returned to Mare Island Navy Yard for repairs.

Fate - Decommissioned at Mare Island on May 1880 for repairs, which were never completed, struck from Naval List in 1883, sold at Mare Island in November 1883.



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