USS Supply

Painting by W R May (Naval War College Museum)

Type and Characteristics - Ship-rigged sailing vessel, purchased by US Navy at Boston in 1846 as storeship, commissioned 19 December 1846, 547 long tons, 11kts, armed with 4-24pdr, 40 crew, commanded by Lieutenant John Calhoun.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1852-55, West Indies Squadron, Perry's Expedition to Japan.

Summary of Service, c1852-55

1851 - Returned to New York after service off the California coast at the time of the 1849 goldrush - the "49ers" - to prepare for service with the East India Squadron.

1853 - Served as stores ship to Commodore Perry's Japan expedition.

8 July 1853 - Entered Tokyo Bay (other sources suggest she only entered Tokyo Bay in March 1854 at the time of the second visit). Went on to serve off the China coast.

February 1855 - Returned to New York.

4 June 1855 - Departed New York for the Mediterranean to obtain camels for experimental employment by the US Army in the territories recently acquired after the American-Mexican war.

Fate: Decommissioned at New York, 23 April 1879, towed to Philadelphia and laid up. Sold in 1884.



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