(Ossipee, river in New Hampshire and Maine)

Type and Characteristics - Single screw, wooden-hulled sloop, Ossipee-class, built by Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH, laid down June 1861, launched 16 November 1861, commissioned 6 November 1862, 1,240 tons, 207ft long x 38ft beam x 16ft 10in draft, 10kts, armed with 1-100pdr Parrott rifled, 1-11in Dahlgren smoothbore, 3-30pdr Dahlgren rifled, 6-32pdrs, 1 heavy 12pdr smoothbore, and 1-12pdr rifled guns (Conways - 1-6.4in or 100pdr, 3-4.2in or 30pdr Parrott RML and 1-11in/6-32pdr smoothbore guns), 141 crew, first commanded by Lt Cdr Robert Boyd.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1862-1891, Civil War, North Pacific, coasts of Central America, Alaskan waters, North Atlantic, Asiatic Squadron, West Indies.

Summary of Service

6 November 1862 – Tour of duty on the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, Capt. John P. Gillis in command.

18 May 1863 – Joined the West Gulf Blockading Squadron off Mobile, Alabama, and the coast of Texas.

5 August 1864 – Joined the Battle of Mobile Bay with Admiral Farragut.

September 1864 – Returned to blockade duty off the Texas coast.

April 1865 – Moved to blockade duty off New Orleans.

3 July 1865 – Decommissioned at Philadelphia.

27 October 1866 – Recommissioned, Capt. George F. Emmons in command; tour of duty along the coasts of Mexico and Central America.

27 September 1867 – Sailed for Sitka, Alaska, carrying Russian Commissioners for the ceremony transferring that territory to the United States on 18 October 1867; remained on duty in Alaskan waters.

30 November 1872 – Decommissioned at New York.

10 October 1873 – Tour of duty in the North Atlantic.

25 May 1878 – Decommissioned at Boston.

28 January 1884 – Sailed via Gibraltar and the Suez Canal for service on the Asiatic station.

15 February 1887 – Returned to New York, and served along the Atlantic coast and in the West Indies.

Fate - Decommissioned at Norfolk in November 1889, sold there March 1891.

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Ossipee 2

General Muster, c1887-88, Commander William Bainbridge Hoff is in center, leaning on grating rack

Ossipee 3

Probably the same General Muster. There are a number of Afro-Americans in the crew

Ossipee 4

"Berth Deck, Cook's", 1887, Photographed by E H Hart of New York

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