(Mississippi, named after the 20th State)

Type and Characteristics - Sidewheel steam frigate, built by Philadelphia Navy Yard, laid down 1839, commissioned 22 December 1841, launched several weeks later in 1942, 3,220 long tons, 229ft long x 40ft beam x 19ft draft, armed in 1841 with 2-10in and 8-8in Paixhans shell guns, first commanded by Capt W D Salter.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1852-55, Perry's Expedition to Japan.

Summary of Service, c1852-55

1849-51 - Served in Mediterranean, then returned to USA to prepare as flagship for Cdre Perry's expedition to Japan.

24 November 1852 - Squadron departed Hampton Roads for Far East, via Madeira and Cape of Good Hope.

4 May 1853 - Arrived Shanghai, via Hong Kong.

8 July 1853 - Squadron made its first entry into Tokyo Bay after calling in at the Ryukyu and Bonin island groups.

1853 - After leaving Japan, cruised in the Far East.

12 February 1854 - Squadron returned to Tokyo Bay for second visit.

31 March 1854 - American-Japanese treaty, the Treaty of Kanagawa was signed.

23 April 1855 - Returned to New York.

Fate: Sailing to attack Port Hudson, Louisiana during the Civil War, ran aground on 14 March 1863. Stranded, she was fired and the flames reached the magazine, destroying her.


Mississippi 2 Mississippi 1

USS Mississippi, through Japanese eyes

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