(Daniel Frazier, seaman, saved Commodore Stephen Decatur's life in War of 1812)

Type and Characteristics - Destroyer, Benson-class, Diesel geared turbines. Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, San Francisco, CA, launched 17 March 1942, commissioned 30 July 1942, Lt. Cmdr. Frank Virden in command, Displacement 1,620 tons; Length 348'4"; Beam 36'1"; Draft 17'4"; Speed 38 knots; Propulsion Four Babcock & Wilcox boilers, Westinghouse geared turbines; Armament 4 x 5" (127 mm)/38 caliber, 4x1.1" (28 mm) AA (1x4), 6x0.5" (12.7mm)/63 caliber AA, 7x20 mm AA, 5 x 21" (533 mm) torpedo tubes (1x5), 4 dcp., 2 dct.; Complement 261.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1942-1946, South Pacific and Aleutian Campaign.

Summary of Service

30 July 1942 - Launched, Lieutenant Commander Frank Virden in command and escorted a group of troop transports to Noumea, New Caledonia, arriving 9 December 1942. She served on escort and patrol in the South Pacific for the next 4 months.

18 March 1943 - Departed for Pearl Harbor for a rendezvous with a task force assigned to operate in the Aleutians.

11 May 1943 - Covered the landings on Attu and patrolled off that island and Kiska with Lieutenant Commander Elliot M. Brown in command.

10 June 1943 - Engaged with two submarines off Kiska Island, resulting in the sinking of submarine I-31. In August, she fired shore bombardment on Kiska, then covered the unopposed landings of 15 August. She screened large combatants until early September, when she sailed for Puget Sound and a brief overhaul.

October 1943 - She sailed to Wellington, New Zealand, to join the escort for transports assigned to the Gilbert Islands operation, providing pre-assault and call-fire support to the troops landed on Tarawa.

22 November 1943 - Frazier joined Meade (DD-602) in attacking the Japanese submarine 7-55, and Frazier finally sent her to the bottom by ramming. Her bow was badly damaged, but none of her men was injured. Two days later, she sailed for repairs and training at Pearl Harbor.

22 January 1944 - She sailed for the invasion of the Marshall Islands. She patrolled against submarines off Kwajalein.

15 February 1944 - Frazier returned to Pearl Harbor screening unladen transports. She then carried out escort and patrol assignments in the Marshalls, then joined the fast carrier task force to screen during the air raids on the Palaus, Yap, Ulithi, and Woleai from 30 March to 1 April.

13 April 1944 - Frazier sailed with a fast carrier task group for attacks on New Guinea. The task group also struck at targets in the Caroline Islands as it sailed back to the Marshall Islands. In June, she sent her motor whale-boat in under the guns of Taroa to rescue 10 men, survivors of a flying boat previously sent in to rescue a downed aviator.

15 December 1944 - After a west coast overhaul and training at Pearl Harbor, she was assignment to escort duty out of Ulithi.

9 January 1945 - She carried out bombardment, gunfire support, patrol, and escort missions for the invasion of Lingayen Gulf and all around Luzon, taking part in the bombardment of Corregidor. Frazier returned to escort and fire support duties in the Manila area, covered the landings at Mindanao in mid-March, and patrolled against submarines between Lingayen Gulf and Subic Bay on 10 May.

13 May 1945 - Frazier was based at Morotai for the Borneo operation, the invasions of Brunei Bay and Balikpapan, and escorted support convoys to the assault areas.

29 July 1945 - Frazier returned to Subic Bay for training, then was assigned to the Philippine Sea Frontier for escort duty, making voyages to Okinawa and Japan.

3 November 1945 - She sailed for Boston and Charleston, S.C. There Frazier was decommissioned and placed in reserve 15 April 1946.

Fate – Decommissioned and placed in reserve 15 April 1946. She was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 July 1971 and sold for scrap on 6 October 1972.

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