Type and Characteristics - Destroyer, DD-353 Faragut-class, built by Brooklyn Navy Yard and launched 23 January 1935; commissioned 17 June 1935 Commander W. A. Corn in command; diesel engines; Displacement1,500; length 341'3"; beam 34'3"; draft 16'4"; speed 36 knots; Complement 160; Armament, as built: 5 x 5" (127mm)/38cal DP (5x1), 8 x 21" (533 mm) T Tubes (2x4), 4 x .50cal (12.7mm) MG AA (4x1).; Armament, c1943: 1 x Mk 33 Gun Fire Control System, 4 5" (127mm)/38cal DP (4x1), 8 21" (533 mm) T Tubes (2x4), 5 x Oerlikon 20 mm AA (5x1), 2 x Mk 51 Gun Directors, 4 x Bofors 40 mm AA (2x2), 2 x Depth Charge stern racks.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1941-1945, Pacific Theater and Aleutian Islands Campaign.

Summary of Service

17 June 1935 – Commissioned at Brooklyn Navy Yard, and took a southern tour in the Caribbean, and acted as escort for President F. D. Roosevelt's cruise in the Bahamas.

6 March 1936 – She departed for the west coast. She took part in fleet problems, made a good will visit to Callao, Peru, served as training ship for the gunnery school at San Diego, and cruised to Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean on exercises.

5 October 1939 – She joined the Hawaiian Detachment for training and patrol. She was moored at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked 7 December 1941. The duty officer (an ensign) got her underway immediately to establish a patrol off the harbor entrance. She opened fire on the enemy planes, splashing at least one.

14 December 1941 – Dale screened screened Lexington and Yorktown around New Guinea, and returned to Pearl Harbor on escort and training duty.

11 May 1942 – She returned to Mare Island, San Francisco, for an overhaul.

6 July 1942 – She backed up the task forces engaged in the Battle of Midway, then was assigned to convoy duty in preparation for the assault on Guadalcanal, where she covered the landings and escorted transports.

21 September 1942 – She then sailed to Pearl Harbor for escort and training duty, and sailed to screen battleships into Pearl Harbor, continuing with South Dakota to San Francisco.

9 January 1943 – Dale sailed for duty in Aleutian waters, supporting the occupation of Amchitka, and patrolling and repelling attacks by the Japanese. During the Battle of the Komandorski Islands, at one time or another Dale took all of the Japanese cruisers under fire as well as screening the damaged Salt Lake City. The Japanese reinforcements failed to reach Attu. She screened transports and fire support ships and patrolled off Attu.

2 August 1943 – She joined in the preinvasion bombardment of Kiska, and screened the transports which landed men there.

5 September 1943 – She sailed for Pearl Harbor to screen the group which fueled carriers returning from a 2-day air strike on Wake.

5 November1943 – She escorted a group of LST's to the landings on Makin of 20 November, then sailed for the west coast.

13 January 1944 – She left San Diego to screen carriers during the assaults on Kwajalein and Eniwetok. She served in the Marshalls on escort and patrol then screened Task Force 58 during air attacks.

6 June 1944 – She served in the Marianas, screening carriers during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and supporting underwater demolition teams.

August 1944 – She was overhauled at Bremerton Navy Yard, then sailed to Ulithi to join Task Force 38. She screened this group during Philippines invasion and in the South China Sea. She remained with the group during carrier strikes on Tokyo and Kobe.

13 March 1945 – She cruised with the logistics group on five voyages between Ulithi and the Okinawa, and sailed for Leyte to join a carrier division's screen.

29 July 1945 – She escorted a convoy to Okinawa. Anchored at Guam when the war ended, Dale convoyed two ships to a rendezvous off Japan, then sailed homeward.

7 September 1945 – She arrived at San Diego, then left for the east coast 4 days later, arriving at New York 25 September.

16 October 1945 – She was decommissioned, and sold 20 December 1946.

Fate – Decommissioned 16 October 1945 and sold 20 December 1946.

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USS Dale2

Off Puget Sound Navy Yard, Washington, October 1944. Her camouflage scheme is Measure 31, Design 6D.

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