Type and Characteristics - Small seaplane tender, Barnegat-class, AVP-12, built by Puget Sound Navy Yard, launched 15 November 1941, commissioned 27 December 1941. 2,800 tons, 311ft long x 41ft beam x 13ft draft, 20kts, armed with 4-5in guns, 215 crew, first commanded by Commander T. S. Combs.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1941-47, Alaska, Aleutians, Central, South West and Western Pacific campaigns.

Summary of Service

Early 1942 Patrol and seaplane tender duties off NW coast.

5 May 1942 Arrived Sitka, Alaska to survey for seaplane moorings and carry out tender duties. Based at Cold Harbor, and visited Dutch Harbor, Chernofski Harbor, Kodiak, and Nazan Bay.

30 August 1942 At anchor in Nazan Bay, torpedoed and damaged by Japanese submarine RO.61, got underway, beached and later salvaged. Five crew killed and 20 wounded.

12 September 1942 Refloated, followed by emergency repairs at Dutch Harbor and Kodiak.

3 March 1943 Repairs and overhaul completed at Puget Sound Navy Yard.

March 1943 - Returned to Aleutians, based at Constantino Harbor, Amchitka as tender to Fleet Air Wing Four.

May 1943 Supported US Army's invasion of Japanese-occupied Attu island as tender to seaplanes carrying out anti-submarine and search missions.

November 1943 Sailed for Bremerton, WA for overhaul.

February 1944 Arrived Marshall Islands, tender to patrol squadron seaplanes at Majuro, Kwajalein and later Eniwetok.

September 1944 Temporary duties as cargo carrier during build-up for Philippines operations, shuttling between Saipan, Ulithi and the Palaus.

November 1944 Returned to seaplane tender duties in the Palaus.

January 1945 Same duties at Ulithi.

April 1945 Overhauled at Saipan.

25 April 1945 Arrived Kerama Retto for Okinawa invasion. Tender to both seaplanes and a motor torpedo boat squadron.

July 1945 Returned to West Coast.

Spring 1946 Returned to Far East for operations in Philippines, followed by training duties off Galveston, TX.

Fate - Decommissioned 10 April 1947, transferred to Coast Guard on 19 April 1949.

Links: DANFS, also Aleutian campaign:
Documentary made by John Huston in 1943 - at http://archive.org/details/Report_From_The_Aleutians
United States Navy Combat Narrative The Aleutians Campaign June 1942--August 1943 at http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/USN-CN-Aleutians.html

Casco 2

In Puget Sound, Washington, 3 March 1943 after completion of repairs. She was torpedoed by Japanese RO.61 in the Aleutians on 30 August 1942

Casco 3

Running trials off Vashon Island in Puget Sound, 3 March 1943 after the repairs

Casco 4

Massacre Bay, Attu Island in the Aleutians, around May 1943, soon after its recapture from the Japanese. Catalina patrol flying boats taking off

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