(Inuit language for Killer whale, Orca)
(In time of war, the Coast Guard reports to the Secretary of the Navy and all USCG vessels are listed as USS.)

Type and Characteristics - WYP-167; built by Bethlehem Steel Co., Fore River, Quincy, MA for R. O'Brien & Co., as a commercial steel-hulled fishing trawler, named Atlantic, 1934; commissioned by the Coast Guard 16 July 1942, renamed Arluk; 370 tons displacement full load, 110ft long x 22ft beam x 10ft draft; main engines- 1 diesel; BHP- 250; single propeller; economic speed 8 knots; 4,530 mile range; armament 1 x 3"/23; 2 x 20mm/80; 2 short depth charge tracks; crew approx. 18 to 20.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1942-44, east coast and Greenland.

Summary of Service

16 July 1942 Commissioned and assigned to CINCLANT stationed at Boston, MA.

Used for the Greenland Patrol.

Fate - Decommissioned 6 July 1944 and returned to owner; final fate unknown.

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