(Inuit language for Grizzly Bear)
(In time of war, the Coast Guard reports to the Secretary of the Navy and all USCG vessels are listed as USS.)

Type and Characteristics - WYP-168; built by Bethlehem Steel Co., Fore River, Quincy, MA, as a commercial steel-hulled fishing trawler, named Weymouth, 1941; commissioned by the Coast Guard 16 July 1942 at a cost of $75,000 to convert hull, renamed Aklak; 395 tons displacement full load, 116ft long x 22ft beam x 10ft 6in draft; main engines- 1 Nelseco 6-cyl. 4-cycle diesel; BHP- 375; single propeller; economic speed 8.9 knots; 5,600 mile range; armament 1 x 6-pdr.; 2 x 20mm/80; 2 x depth charge tracks; crew approx. 18 to 20.

Log Period and Areas of Service - 1942-44, east coast and Greenland.

Summary of Service

24 June 1942 - Commissioned and assigned to CINCLANT stationed at Boston, MA.

Used for the Greenland Patrol.

12 August 1942 - She freed the stranded USA Armstrong.

Fate - Decommissioned 10 March 1944, returned to owner 5 April 1944.

Links: USCG Historian's site, Wikipedia: Greenland Patrol


USCGC Aklak (courtesy of James Flynn)

USCGC Aklak Weymouth

USCGC Aklak at Weymouth, 1942 (courtesy of James Flynn)

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