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World War 2 at Sea


9. September-December 1942 including BATTLE OF THE BARENTS SEA, Part 1 of 2

HMS Onslow, destroyer in which Captain Sherbrooke RN won VC during the Battle (Navy Photos/Mike Pocock, click to enlarge)

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Convoys and independent sailings between PQ18 and JW51B. . . .



Link to minesweeper Leda



Convoy JW51B


Ships of JW51B and Escort



Links to battleship Anson, heavy cruiser Cumberland, light cruisers Jamaica, Sheffield, minesweeper Bramble, story of trawler Northern Gem during Battle of Barents Sea

Opposing Forces and Engagements, Phases One and Two,

Phase One - Destroyer Defence, c0830-1030 (2 hours)




Phase Two - Cruiser and Destroyer Actions, 1030-1200 (90 mins)



Admiral Hipper (Maritime Quest)


Jamaica (Navy Photos)




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