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HMS LOCH SHIN (K 421), later HMNZS TAUPO - Loch-class Frigate including Convoy Escort Movements

HMS Loch Shin (Navy Photos/Bernard Shearsby, click to enlarge)

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LOCH-Class Twin Screw Past Frigate ordered on 15th February 1943 from Swan Hunter, Newcastle and laid down on 6th September 194 as Job No 4808. The ship was launched on 23rd February 1944 as  the 2nd RN ship to carry this name. It had previously been used by a trawler hired in 1939 for use as Boom Defence Vessel. The first LOCH SHIN was lost when she capsized at Harstad, Norway after being damaged in air attacks. Build was  completed on 10th October 1944.


G e o g r a p h i c    D a t a

Inland Loch in Sutherland, extending NW from Lairg .

Grid Reference NC 4816


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


NORWAY 1940* - ATLANTIC 1945 - ARCTIC 1945

(* Awarded to lst LOCH SHIN (See above).)


H e r a l d i c   D a t a

None is recorded in the Official List.

(Note: Many ships of the Class had unofficial crests used during War Service.)


M a n n i n g   P o r t

C h a t h a m



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r  S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 4




Commissioned for trials. Contractors trials. Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander AL Turner RNR.


10th - Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials into service for duty in Western Approaches.


On completion took passage to Tobermory for Work-up.




On completion of work-up took passage to Greenock.


10th - Joined 18th Escort Group and deployed for convoy defence in NW Approaches.




Convoy defence in NW Approaches in continuation.


5th - Transferred to Channel area for duty with CTG 125.2 baaed at Portsmouth. Deployed in English Channel for convoy defence.



1 9 4 5




Channel deployment in continuation. Transferred to Clyde to join 19th Escort Group as Senior Officer. (Senior Officer: Commander CA de W Kitcat DSO RN).


Deployed as escort for HM Escort Carrier KHEDIVE. Under repair in Clyde.




Deployed for convoy defence and support in NW Approaches and Irish Sea with ships of Group.


4th - Participated in attacks on U1014 (Oberleutnent sur See Wolfgang Glaser) off the Ulster coast with HM Frigates LOCH SCAVAIG, PAPUA and NYASALAND. Shared credit with HM Frigate LOCH SCAVAIG for sinking of U1014 in position 55.17N 06.44W. None of submarine's crew survived.


25th - Began maintenance period in Liverpool.




Nominated for detached duty with Group for support of Russian Convoy JW66.


6th - Lieutenant Commander PF Broadhead RNR appointed in command.


7th - Rejoined Group on completion and deployed in Irish Sea for convoy defence.




16th - Deployed with HM Frigates LOCH INSH, COTTON, GOODALL and ANGUILLA for defence of Convoy JW66 during passage to Murmansk. (For details of all Russian Convoy operations see CONVOY! by P Kemp, CONVOYS TO RUSSIA by RA Ruegg, ARCTIC CONVOYS by R Woodman and THE RUSSIAN CONVOYS by B. Schoefield.)


18th - HM Cruiser BELLONA and eight Home Fleet Destroyers joined Convoy.


22nd - Detached with ships of Group to provide anti-submarine protection to HM Cruiser APOLLO, HM Destroyers OBEDIENT, OPPORTUNE and ORWELL during lay of anti-submarine minefield off Kola Inlet (Operation TRAMMEL) (For details of all minelaying operations see Naval Staff History (Mining))


25th - Convoy arrived at Kola Inlet after unscathed passage.


29th - Took part in anti-submarine operations off Kola Inlet with ships of Group prior to passage of return Convoy RA66. (Note: 12 U-boats were known to be laying off the port to attack the convoy). Took part in sinking of U286 with HM Frigates ANGUILLA and COTTON in position 69.29 N 33-37E by concentrated depth charge and SQUID projectile attacks. There were no survivors from U286. (Note: During the operations U966 torpedoed HMS GOODALL which was then abandoned and sunk).




Escort of RA66 in continuation.


5th - Detached from RA66 before arrival in Clyde after safe passage.


6th - Carried out boiler cleaning in Liverpool.


16th - Transferred to Rosyth Escort Force but deployed in English Channel.




Channel deployment in continuation (Note: Increase attacks by SCHNORKEL equipped U-Boats has required an increase in deployment of anti-submarine escorts. Atlantic convoys to Thames had been routed through Channel after threat of air attacks had been removed by military advance in France.)


16th - Passage to Rosyth.


Nominated for support of re-occupation operations in Germany.


23rd - At Wilhelmshaven.


27th - At Stranraer (Note: German submarines were being taken to Stranraer for assembly before being sunk in NW Approaches (Operation DEADLIGHT).


28th - Returned to Rosyth.




Rosyth Escort Force deployment in continuation.


22nd - At Bremerhaven.


28th - Returned to Rosyth.




15th - Deployed at Loch Ryan. (Note: This may also have been support for DEADLIGHT.)


26th - Returned to Rosyth.




Rosyth Escort Force deployment in continuation.


20th - At Hamburg.


22nd - Returned to Rosyth.




Passage to Iceland.


23rd - At Reykjavik.


31st - Passage to Rosyth.




3rd - At Rosyth.


21st - Lieutenant Commander SH Lampard RNR appointed in command. Passage to Clyde area for support of DEADLIGHT.


24th to 31st - Deployed for sinking operations in NW approaches. Tow of U2328 parted but submarine was later recovered and sunk in accordance with programme.




DEADLIGHT support in continuation in Clyde and Londonderry areas.


26th - Passage to Londonderry for DEADLIGHT sinking operations.


30th - Sank U294.



1 9 4 6




DEADLIGHT participation in continuation.


3rd - Sank U1010.


5th - Sank U901.




Deployment in Clyde area at Greenock.


10th - Sank U975.


11th - Diverted from DEADLIGHT operation to assist as EMPIRE MOMBASA on difficulty in NW Approaches.


18th - Visited Whitehaven, Cumberland.


22nd - At Rosyth. Deployed for visit to Wilhelmshaven and returned to Rosyth. (Note: Routine visits were paid to German ports for support of re-occupation.)


March to August


Under repair and refit at Rosyth.




Post refit trials.




Deployed at Rosyth




Deployment at Rosyth in continuation.


13th - Lieutenant I N Mayfield RN appointed in command.




Rosyth deployment in continuation.



1 9 4 7


January to May


Deployed at Rosyth.




Nominated for reduction to Reserve status. Took passage to Harwich.




Paid off and reduced to Reserve at Harwich.


August to December


Nominated for transfer to Reserve Fleet Division, Sheerness. Waiting tow to Medway at Harwich.



1 9 4 8


January to May


In Reserve at Sheerness.


Transfer to Royal New Zealand Navy under negotiation. To be refitted for RNZN service before transfer. (Note: Sold for 228,350, including costs of refit. Nominated for duty as Senior Officer's ship of 11th Frigate Flotilla. Take in tow to Chatham


June to July


Under refit by HM Dockyard, Chatham. To be renamed HMZNS TAUPO. (Note: Anti-submarine (ASDIC) equipment was up-dated).


Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F421.




18th - Commander LP Bourke, DSC* RNZN appointed in command.




Carried out Post Refit trials in Nore Command area.


3rd - Renamed TAUPO by Lady Burrough (wife of CinC Nore, Admiral Sir Harold Burrough).




S e r v i c e   a s   H M N Z S   T A U P O


G e o g r a p h i c    D a t a

Largest lake New Zealand (Position 38.40S 176.00E) (Note: Taupo means iron-stone or rock).


B a t t l e    H o n o u r s


KOREA 1950-52


H e r a l d i c    D a t a

Badge: Gules, in a base barry wavy of six Argent and Azure,

thereon a double canoe under sail.

Explanation: Designed by the ship feauring a Maori canoe with the wavy lines

representing the sea. (The canoe being double hulled is the likely type of construction to have

been used for 'Te Arawa', which was the vessel bringing the ancestors

of the Arawa people to New Zealand. This type of craft with double hull

and a deck house is in accordance with the Maori tradition and noted by

Tasman (1642) and James Cook in the late 18th century.

The volcanic nature of the North Island is represented by the red

background. This type of canoe is no longer used in New Zealand).





On completion of trials took passage to Portsmouth.




Shakedown in Portland area. Passage to Malta for work-up.




Worked-up in Malta with sister ships HMZNS PUKAK1 and HMNZS KANIERE. (Note: These were transferred to the RNZN at the same time).




On completion took passage to New Zealand with HMNZS PUKAKI and HMNZS KANIERE. Passage to Singapore with calls at Aden and Trincomalee.



1 9 4 9




Passage to Auckland from Singapore.


5th - Joined Flotilla on arrival.




Deployed for South Pacific patrol with visits to Fiji, Suva and Samoa.


14th - Lieutenant Commander WH Brereton, RN appointed in command.


March to August


Pacific patrol and visits deployment in continuation.




Deployed at Auckland.


5th - Commander AB Gilfillan VRD RNR appointed in command.


October to November


Passage to join exercises with RAN ships in Australia. Took part in joint exercise programme.




Deployed at Auckland.



1 9 5 0


January to March


Deployed in New Zealand waters for patrol and exercises. Selected for exchange with HM Frigate VERYAN BAY of Mediterranean Fleet. (Note: Sister ship HMNZS HAWEA was also selected.)




Passage to Trincomalee with call at Singapore.




Passage to Malta to join 2nd Frigate Squadron and called at Aden.




Took part in Mediterranean Fleet Summer cruise, exercise and visits programme.




Mediterranean Fleet deployment in continuation, based in Malta. Won 'Cock of the Fleet' at Fleet Regatta held at Marmarice, Turkey




Took part in Flotilla and Fleet exercises. Visited Suda Bay and Phaleron Bay.




Took part in Fleet visits programme including call at Taranto.




Loan service in Mediterranean completed and took passage to rejoin Flotilla.




Passage from Singapore to Auckland with calls at Darwin and Cairns




Rejoined 11th Flotilla.



1 9 5 1




Deployed for Fleet exercises in New Zealand waters.


23rd - Captain L P Bourke OBE, DSC* RN appointed in command and as SO 11th Flotilla.




Passage to Sydney to take part in joint RAN/RNZN exercises with HM New Zealand Cruiser BELLONA.




Carried out joint exercises with RAN ships and called at Hobart.  On completion took passage to Auckland to rejoin Flotilla.


April to July


Deployed in New Zealand waters. Nominated for detached service with UN off Korea as relief for HM NZ Frigate ROTOITI. (Note: HMZNS ROTOITI was also transferred in 1948)




Deployed at Auckland. Prepared for UN Service.


13th - Lieutenant Commander KA Craddock-Hartopp MBE, DSC RN appointed in command.




3rd - Worked up for operational service during passage to Sydney.


13th - Took passage to Singapore from Sydney.




2nd - Took passage from Singapore to Hong Kong.


7th - Took passage to Sasebo, Japan from Hong Kong to join UN command (Note: Warships serving with United Nations Task Groups were based at Sasebo . Limited support facilities were available and operational control was carried out locally to support military operations.)


10th - Relieved HMNZS ROTOITI which returned to Auckland.


Nominated for service off west coast of Korea. Joined Task Unit 95.13 and took passage to west coast of Korea. Carried out survey of anchorage in Han River for use by ships during naval support bombardments. Provided bombardment spotting parties and continued survey of bombardment anchorage


31st - Returned to Sasebo for R&R.




3rd - Deployed for escort and patrol duty on West coast.


11th - Nominated for detached service under US Navy command and transferred to East coast of Korea for loan service in Task Unit 95.22.


Deployed for patrol in Haeju area.




Deployment with TU 95.22 in continuation.


1st - Carried out bombardment of railway targets with HMNZ Frigate HAWEA (Note: This sister ship was also transferred to RNZN in 1948.)


12th - Took passage to Kure, Japan for refit and docking. (Note: British commonwealth warships carried out assisted maintenance at commercial shipyard. Limited leave facilities were available.)


Carried out maintenance period at Kure.


21st - Resumed detached duty with Commonwealth ships off West coast of Korea in TU95.12.



1 9 5 2




West coast deployment in continuation for support of military operations and for bombardment of enemy positions.


3rd - Returned to Sasebo. Nominated for further detached service with TU95.22 on East coast of Korea.


4th - Rejoined Task Unit for support duties on east coast..


13th - Took passage to Kure for maintenance and leave.


21st - Rejoined TU95.22.




1st - Returned to Kure.


3rd - Passage to Sasebo prior to rejoining to join TU95.22.


6th - Took passage for support duties with TU95.22 off east coast.


19th - Deployed for bombardment of railway targets.


20th - Deployed to assist in defence of Yang-Do island threaten by invasion from mainland of North Korea. Joined USS END1COTT and USS SHELDON in attack on sampans, destroying ten. Sustained slight damage by return fire from shore batteries on mainland.


21st - Landed medical party to help treat casualties in Yang-Do. Embarked wounded who were later transferred to USS ST PAUL.


27th - Returned to Sasebo on completion of patrol and bombardment duties with TU95.22. (Note: In addition to being awarded a DSC for his part in this action Lieutenant Commander K A Craddock-Hartopp was awarded the US Legion of Merit.)




Deployed with other Commonwealth warships off west coast of Korea.




Relieved of UN service in Korea. Visited Kure before sailing to Hong Kong.


11th - Passage to Hong Kong.


14th - Arrived at Hong Kong.


25th - Provided Guard for ANZAC Day ceremonies at Hong Kong.




1st - Took passage to Sasebo from Hong Kong to resume UN duties.


6th - Deployed off West coast of Korea for patrol and support duties in Task Group 95.


15th - Returned to Sasebo. Nominated for reduction to Reserve after return to New Zealand.


June to August


West Coast gunfire support, patrol and shipping control duties in continuation. (Note: During this period the ship assumed responsibility for shipping movements and liaison with military commanders for bombardments and other support).




9th - Sailed from Sasebo for last operational patrol to relieve HMNZS ROTOITI off west coast.


17th - Returned to Sasebo on completion of patrol and bombardment duties. (Statistical Notes: Mileage steamed: 53,000 Days at sea: 311 out of the 421 on detached UN duties. Ammunition expended: 16,044.rounds)


Took passage from Sasebo to Hong Kong.




21st - Paid off on arrival at Auckland and began to de-store.




Laid-up in Reserve at Auckland.



F i n a l   P h a s e


HMNZS TAUPO remained in Reserve at Auckland and was in Category A Reserve. Her upper deck equipment was preserved. During 1954 her readiness Category was reduced and she went on the Disposal List in 1961. The ship was sold on 15th December 1961 and towed for breaking-up in Hong Kong in 1962.






by Don Kindell


These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with the text above






Date convoy sailed

Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








HX 334





MKS 082G





HX 344





ON 291





JW 066





WVC 161





ON 305





 HX 357




(Note on Convoys)


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