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HMS LOCH GLENDHU (K 619) - Loch-class Frigate
including Convoy Escort Movements

HMS Loch Glendhu (Navy Photos/Mark Taylor, click to enlarge)

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LOCH-Class Twin Screw Frigate ordered from Burntisland SB on. 2nd February 1943 and laid down as Job Number J11832 (Yard Number 285) on. 29th May 1941. The ship was launched on 18th October 1944 and was the 1st R N ship to bear the name. Build was completed on 23rd February 1945.


G e o g r a p h i c   D a t a

Inland Loch in Sutherland.

Grid Reference: NC 6233


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s




H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge: On a Field Black, per fess wavy Black a Pale Gold and barry wavy

of six White and Black

(Explanation: Based on the meaning of Loch Glendhe (The Lake of the Dark Glen.)

The upper part represents the Glen, the lower the water.)



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r  S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 5


February                Contractor's trials. and commissioned for service in 8th Escort Group.

                23rd        Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials

                                Commanding Officer: Lieut. Cdr. E G B Knapton RN

                                On completion of trials and storing took passage to Tobermory



                5th          Commenced work-up at Tobermory.

                25th        Joined Group at Greenock.


April                       Deployed ir. NW Approaches and Irish Sea for anti-submarine operations.

                12th        Detected U1024 and took part in attacks with HM Frigate LOCH ACHRAY.

                                Submarine forced to surface and abandoned by crew.

                                37 survivors were rescued

                                (Note: U1024 was boarded by party from HMS LOCH ACHRAY and taken in tow.

                                Later submarine broke adrift in deteriorating and sank.

                                See U-BOATS DESTROYED by P Kemp for details,).


May                        After VE Day deployed for escort, of surrendered U-Boats during passage between Scapa

                                Flow and Stranraer (Operation DEADLIGHT).

                                Nominated for service ir. East Indies after refit.



                8th          Taken in hand for refit at Troon.

                                (Note: Work done included modification of Ventilation equipment and fit of additional

                                20 mm AA armament fitted to improve defence against air attack.)



                23rd        Took passage to Join East Indies Fleet at Colombo.



                15th        Deployed at Aden.

                17th        Took passage to Massawa.

                18th        Escorted damaged Fighter Direction Ship PALOMARES from Massawa to Aden after a

                                fire in the Red Sea (Aug 1945).

                23rd        Took passage to Colombo for briefing prior to operational service.

                                New Commanding Officer appointed:: Commander HL Hayes, OBE, RN.

                30th        Arrived at Colombo.



                6th          Deployed for escort of military convoys for landings in Port Swettenham area.

                                (Operation ZIPPER. See THE FORGOTTEN FLEET by J Winter, and Naval Staff History)

                                Based at Singapore and joined Singapore Escort. Force to support of military operations

                                in Java and Sumatra and for escort of craft evacuating PoW and Internees (RAPWI)

                                to Singapore.


October                  Deployed for support, and escort duties based at Singapore


November              Deployed as Guardship at Sourabaya,



                9th          Returned to Singapore.

                26th        Embarked RN Commando unit for passage to Morotai in the Moluccas.


1 9 4 6


                2nd         At Morotai.

                                (Note: Japanese PoW were held under Australian Army guard to await passage to


                                Guardship was responsible for inspection of mercantiles used.

                6th          Took passage from Morotai via Macassar and Karaurota to Singapore.

                12th        Arrived at Singapore.


February                Singapore escort and patrol duty in continuation

                2nd         Deployed as Guardship at Batavia.

                12th        Escorted U181 (Japanese 107) to position Malacca Straits with HMS LOCH LOMOND

                                (Note: The submarine was towed by HM Tug GROWLER from Singapore for sinking.

                                Admiralty record for this ships states U862 was also towed for sinking by HM Tug

                                ASSIDUOUS at the same time and other sources record escort by HMS LOCH

                                LOMOND for U862.)

                                On completion took passage to Colombo.


March                    Under refit at Colombo.


April                       Return passage to Singapore after post refit trials.


May                        Resumed support and escort duties at Singapore.

                                Deployed at Batavia as Guardship.

                                Recaptured two Japanese Submarine Chasers taken by Insurgent forces from Segal, Java

                                with assistance from IJN officers embarked under guard.


June                        Guardship duty in continuation.

                6th          Agreement reached with Indonesian insurrectionist forces at meeting on board.

                26th        At Cheribon for negotiation with Insurrectionists.


July                         Returned to Trincomalee

                                (Note: General Service Medal with Clasp awarded for services in SE Asia.)

                                Despatched from Trincomalee to assist, HM Cruiser NORFOLK at Abadan after civil


                                (Note: HMS NORFOLK was having habitability problems due to hot weather.)

                23rd        Arrived at Abadan after encountering exceptionally heavy weather.

                                Starboard anchor had to be re-secured and extensive internal flooding caused on

                                forward messdecks.

                                Deployed for patrol in southern Gulf including visit to Khor Kuwai.



                12th        Took over Guardship duty at Abadan



                9th          Visited Muscat.

                23rd        Arrived at Colombo for refit


October                  New Commanding Officer joined: Commander H L Hayes OBE, RN.


November              On completion of post refit trials embarked personnel for clearance of Japanese

                                explosives from the Andaman Islands.

                                Deployed at Port Blair, Port Stewart, Katar and Port Nicobar.


December              On completion took passage to Singapore.

                                Spent Xmas period at Singapore.


1 9 4 7


January                  Deployed at Singapore.

                                Took passage to Colombo prior to for Indian Ocean patrol and visits programme


February                Deployed for patrol with calls at Lindi, Tanga, Mombasa and Mogadiscio.


March                    Passage to Aden with call at Berbera.

                                Resumed Persian Gulf patrol.

                                Passage to Abadan via Muscat and Bahrain.

                22nd       Arrived at Abadan.


April                       Passage to Karachi escorting five Royal Indian Navy Motor Launches

                27th        Arrived at Karachi with Motor Launches.


May                        Passage to Singapore.

                                Taken in hand for refit


June                        Under refit.


July                         On completion of post refit trials embarked consignment of rice for delivery

                                to Nancowry in. Nicobar Islands

                                Resumed duties in Persian Gulf with calls on passage at Trincomalee and Muscat.


August                  Deployed at Bahrain.

                23rd        Took part in recovery of victims of BOAC PLYMOUTH Flying Boat which crashed

                                whilst landing at Bahrein.

                                (Note: Ten passengers were killed but only eight bodies were found.)


September             Persian Gulf patrol with visits to Kuwait, Sharjah, Gwardar, Bandar Abbas and

to                            Basidu.



November              Took passage to Colombo.


December              Maintenance Period at Colombo.


1 9 4 8


January                  On completion deployed at Trincomalee.


February                Deployed for patrol duty in Persian Gulf based at Bahrain.




April                       Passage to Colombo to join RIN exercises.

                                Called at Cochin.

                                Passage to Singapore for refit.

                28th        Arrived at Singapore.


May                        Under refit.

to                            New Commanding Officer: Commander D J A Heber-Percy RN appointed.

October                  Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F619.


November              Refit completion after delay.

                                Carried out Post refit trials.



                2nd         Took passage for Trincomalee.

                8th          Arrived at Trincomalee.

                28th        Took passage to Aden prior to Indian Ocean patrol and visits.


1 9 4 9


January                  Indian Ocean patrol with calls at Aden, Assab. Djibouti, Mogadiscio and Mombasa.


February                Patrol in continuation with calls at Zanzibar, Kiwa, Kisiwani, Landi and Seychelles.



                8th          Returned to Trincomalee.



                7th          Sailed from Trincomalee for west coast India patrol with call at Cochin.

                26th        At Colombo.

                                (New Commanding Officer: Commander H B Acworth OBE RN appointed.)


May                        Returned to Trincomalee.

                5th          At Trincomalee.

                                Nominated for detached duty at Singapore following the Yangtse incident which

                                involved HM Sloop AMETHYST.

                                Took passage to Singapore.

                21st         Deployed at Singapore.


June                        On release from detached service deployed for patrol in Indian Ocean.

                27th         Sailed from Singapore.


July                         Deployed for patrol in Indian Ocean. Visited Penang, Nancowry, Car Nicobar, Port

                                Blair and Port Cornwallis.

                16th        Arrived at Trincomalee.


August                  Passage to Colombo.

                2nd         Arrived at Colombo.


September             Deployed for exercises and returned to Colombo.

                27th        Passage to Trincomalee.



                1st           Took passage to Mogadiscio.

                7th          Deployed as Guardship at Mogadiscio to provide aid to civil power.

                                (Note: British army units were stationed in this former Italian colony.)

                24th        Took passage for Indian Ocean patrol from Mogadiscio.

                31st         At Mombasa and diverted to return to Mogadiscio.



                3rd          Released from requirement and took passage to Seychelles.

                11th        Arrived at Trincomalee from Seychelles.

                21st         Sailed from Trincomalee for refit at Singapore.

                28th        Taken in hand for refit on arrival at Singapore. Un


1 9 5 0


January                  Under refit.





                6th          Sailed for Trincomalee after completion of post refit trials.

                12th        Arrived at Trincomalee.

                25th        Sailed from Trincomalee for Cocos Is arriving on 26th.



                4th          Returned to Trincomalee.

                14th        Took passage for Indian Ocean patrol with calls at Seychelles, Mawara,


June                        Patrol in continuation with calls at Undi, Kiwa Kisiwani, Tanga and Mombasa.


July                         Patrol in continuation. Called at. Apalepa, Corgados Carajos, Rodrigues.Mauritius,

                                and Diego Garcia.

                27th        Returned to Trincomalee.


August                  Sailed for Colombo arriving on. 12th.


September             Deployed off west, coast of India and took part in Exercise JET.

to                            Visited Karachi and Bombay

December              .Returned to Karachi


1 9 5 1


January                  Deployed in Bay of Bengal.




March                    Under refit at Singapore




May                        On completion deployed for patrol and visits in Indian Ocean

to                            Visited Zanzibar, Seychelles and Cocos Islands.

August                  On completion returned to Colombo for routine docking.


September             Deployed for patrol in Persian Gulf with call at Karachi on passage.

to                            Towed water-lighter from Bombay to Bahrein.

December              New Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander R S Brookews DSC RN

                                (Note: Period of foreign service extended during 1951.)


1 9 5 2


January                  Persian Gulf deployment in continuation.


February                Returned to Trincomalee.


March                    Took part in Indian Navy exercises.


April                       Under refit at Singapore

to                            Completion delayed to complete

June                        Additional work agreed.


July                         Escorted HM Landing Ship TRACKER from Aden to Colombo or, passage to Montebello

                                for Atom Bomb Tests.


August                  Deployed in. Bay of Bengal and visited Madras.




October                  Carried out- patrol and visits programme in Indian Ocean.

to                            Calls made at Diego Garcia and Mauritius.



December              Returned to Colombo for Docking Period.


1 9 5 3


January                  Deployed in Indian Ocean, and visited Mombasa.


February                Transferred to Persian Gulf for patrol duties


March                    Based at. Bahrain for patrol duties.

to                            Visited Abadan and Kuwait.

June                        Returned to Colombo.


August                  Maintenance Period at Colombo.



September             Deployed at Trincomalee for patrol duty In Bay of Bengal and west coast of India.

                                Visited Madras and Cochin.

                                Nominated for return to UK and to reduce to Reserve status.

October                  Deployed in Persian Gulf for patrol.


November              Passage from Karachi to Aden,.

                17th        Sailed from Aden, for return passage.

                                New Commanding Officer: Lieut Commander V C Freeland RN appointed.



                7th          Arrived at Portsmouth.

                                Paid Off and prepared to destore.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS  LOCH GLENDHU completed reduction early in. 1954 and was laid up at Portsmouth in Category U Reserve. The ship was placed on the Disposal List, in 1956 and sold to BISCO for demolition by  Clayton and Davie for breaking-up at Durston. She arrived at the breakerís Yard in  tow on 14th November 1957.






by Don Kindell


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Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








ON 297





OS 125KM





OS 129KM








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