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HMS LOCH FYNE (K 429) - Loch-class Frigate
including Convoy Escort Movements

HMS Loch Fyne (Navy Photos, click to enlarge)

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LOCH-Class Twin Screw Frigate ordered from Burntisland SB on 2nd February 1943 and laid down as Job No J11830 (Yard Number 284) on 8th December 1943. The ship was launched on 24th May 1944 as the 1st RN ship to carry the name. Her build was completed on 9th November 1944. This ship was not 'adopted' by a civil community in UK after a WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign in 1941-2.


G e o g r a p h i c   D a t a

Lake in Argyll - Grid Reference NR9591.

(Note: Gaelic name is Fyne 'Lake of Wine')


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s




H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge: On a Field: Barry wavy of eight white and blu a cubit arm

erect grasping a sprig of bog myrtle proper.

(Note: This is derived from the Clan Campbell badge.)


M o t t o

Dion Na Mo Marbhshruth: 'I will leave safety  in my wake'



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r  S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 4


November              Contractors trials and commissioning for service in 18th Escort Group

                                Commanding Officer: Lieut. Commander H H D MacKillican RNR.

                9th          Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials.

                                On completion of trials and storing took passage to Tobermory.

                14th        Commenced work-up at Tobermory.

                                Nominated for modification work.



                4th          Taken in hand for hull stiffening modifications at Dunstaffnage, near Oban.

                                (Note: This was to remedy defects found in other ships in service.)

                22nd       Joined Group for defence and support of convoys on UK-Gibraltar route.

                                Deployed for convoy defence.


1 9 4 5


January                  Deployed with 18th and 2nd Escort Groups for escort of Convoys on UK-Gibraltar



February                Atlantic convoy escort in continuation.

                27th        Transferred to Force 38 in SW Approaches.


March                    Deployed for anti-submarine patrol operations to intercept U-Boats attempting to make attacks

                                in convoy assembly areas or during passage in coastal waters.



                9th          Deployed with Task Group 122.2 as Senior Officer for convoy support in English Channel.

                                (Note: Based initially at Portsmouth and later at Plymouth.

                                Visited Cherbourg.

                29th        Returned to Clyde for Boiler Cleaning.


May                        On completion after VE Day transferred to Scapa Flow for Home Fleet service in support of

                                Norwegian re-occupation.

                                Allocated for service in Eastern Fleet.

                17th        Deployed at Scapa Flow.

                26th        Passage to Trondheim to collect U-boats for passage to Loch Ryan.

                                Note: Submarines were to be destroyed as part of Operation DEADLIGHT

                28th        Provided Boarding Party which remained on submarine during passage

                29th        Took passage with HM Frigates KEATS and KEMPTHORNE as escort to.


June                        Passage from Clyde to Milford Haven.

                24th        Taken in hand for refit at Pembroke Dock prior to foreign service.

                                (Note: Ventilation system was modified and additional AA armament fitted.)


July                         Under refit.

                31st         Passage to Cardiff to give leave and prepare for operational service.



                11th        Took passage from Bristol Channel for Gibraltar after Sea Trials.

                                Commanding Officer: Lieut. Commander R F J Maberley RNR appointed.


September             On passage through Red Sea.

                24th        Arrived at Colombo after call at Aden.

                                Briefed for service in East Indies

                                (Note: Frigates in East Indies Escort Force were deployed for escort of convoys from

                                Singapore bringing PoW and Internees for repatriation. See SEAGULLS IN MY BELFRY by

                                C C Anderson.)

                                Visited Cochin and Colombo.


October                  Deployed in Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal

to                            (Note: The ship was used for Air-Sea Rescue duties during this period in order to deal with any

December              emergency landing in the sea by aircraft carrying PoW from the Far East.

                                Other Frigates were deployed between Karachi and Aden.)


1 9 4 6


January                  Deployed for Air Sea Rescue duties in Bay of Bengal based at Karachi.


February                Nominated for return to UK to reduce to Reserve status.

                                Escort and Air Sea Rescue duties in continuation.

                                Based at Trincomalee.


March .                  Passage to UK

                20th        Sailed from Men.


April                       Paid -Off at Portsmouth on arrival and began de-storing.


May                        Laid-up at Portsmouth after acceptance into Reserve.

to December


P o s t    W a r    S e r v i c e


1 9 4 7    t o    1 9 4 9


                                Laid-up at Portsmouth.

                                Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changes to F429 (1948).


1 9 5 0


January                  Selected for service in 6th Frigate Flotilla.

to                            Manning Division changed to Chatham.



April                       Taken in hand for refit at Portsmouth.

to                            Chatham ship's company joined (Oct.)



December              Post refit trials


1 9 5 1


January                  Commissioned for service in 6th Frigate Flotilla, Home Fleet.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander C P McN Hart DSC RN.

                                Carried out sea trials.

                                Sustained damage due to premature depth charge explosion.

                                Taken in hand for repair


February                Under repair.




April                       On completion Joined Flotilla and carried out weapon trials at Portland.

                                Visited Falmouth.

                                Deployed with ships of Flotilla in search for H M Submarine AFFRAY missing in

                                English Channel.


May                        AFFRAY search operation with Flotilla in continuation.



                14th        Deployed as Guardship over wreck of AFFRAY after finding confirmed by Television

                                equipment in HM Diving Ship RECLAIM.

                                (Note: Several ships including HMS LOCH FYNE claim to have been the first ship

                                to find the wreck during search operations.)

                                On release rejoined Flotilla for revised Home Fleet exercise and visits programme.


July                         Visited Milford Haven.

                                Passage to Chatham for Leave.


August                  Deployed at Chatham.


September             Carried cut weapon trials at Portland and too passage to Londonderry.

                                (Note: Weather at Portland made it unwise to continue passage and ship returned

                                to harbour.

                                During mooring forward falls of whaler broke and crew were at risk.

                                Petty Officer Woods lost his life when he went to assist them.)

                                Passage to Londonderry when weather abated.


October                  Took part in Hone Fleet exercises in Atlantic after anti-submarine training.


November              Visited Gibraltar with Home Fleet ships.

                                Returned to UK with Home Fleet ships.

                                Deployed at Chatham for Xmas Leave.


1 9 5 2


January                  Took part with ships of Flotilla in Home Fleet exercises.

                                Nominated for reduction to Reserve pending modernisation.


February                On completion of Home Fleet exercises visited Gibraltar and took passage to Nice for

                                visit and thence to Malta.

                                Heavy weather experienced off French coastal resorts.

                                Escorted five MFV's to UK from Malta

                                Paid-off prior to modernisation.


March                    Placed in Care and Maintenance at Chatham to await modernisation.


April                       Laid-up at Chatham.




1 9 5 3


January                  Laid-up and Chatham and prepared for tow.




April                       Passage under tow to Glasgow for modernisation by Henderson's.


May                        Under refit

to                            (Note: The ship was to return to Reserve on completion.)



1 9 5 4


January                  Under refit




June                        Post refit harbour trials.

                                Commissioned for sea trials.

                                Carried out sea trials in Clyde area before going to Portland for weapon trials.

                                Return passage to Glasgow to prepare for Reserve service at Devonport.


July                         Paid-Off and began preservation of weapon upper deck equipment and machinery.




1 9 5 5


January                  Towed to Devonport to enter Category I (Dehumidified) Reserve.


February                Nominated for service in East Indies in due course but to remain in Reserve.

to                            Ship to be semi-tropicalised before re-commissioning.

June                        Manning Port changed to Devonport.


July                         Towed to Southampton for refit before service.


August                  Under refit




1 9 5 6


January                  Under refit



                14th        Commissioned at Southampton for service in Persian Gulf.

 .                              Commanding Officer: Captain H S Barber RN.

                                On completion of dockyard work carried sea trials and weapon trials at Portland


March                    Worked-up at Portland.


April                       Leave period and prepared for foreign service in Persian Gulf


May                        Sailed for Aden from Plymouth with calls at Gibraltar.


June                        Arrived at Bahrain.


July                         Deployed for Dhow patrol in southern Gulf and off coast of Oman.

                8th          Assisted Swedish Tanker mv JULIUS which was disabled with machinery defect and

                                had anchored in Position 26.60 N 56.33E.

                                Boarding party established tow pending repair of propulsion machinery.

                                (Note: Tow had to be cut later to avoid a possible grounding.

                                Temporary Engine repair was made and JULIUS able to proceed.

                                Detached from JULIUS to give medical aid to American ss STEEL WORKER from which

                                an officer requiring hospital treatment was embarked.

                                Returned to JULIUS which was unable to proceed and mercantile towed to Bahrain.


August                  Deployed at Bahrein for Dhow patrol in southern Persian Gulf.

to                            Visited Ra-al-Khaimar and Sharjah.



October                  Carried out patrol in northern Gulf and exercises with Iran Navy.

                                Visited Banda Mashur.


November              Deployed at Bahrain.


December              Carried out patrol off Batina coast and went to Aden.


1 9 5 7


January                  Return passage to Bahrain with calls at Kuria Maria and Muscat.

                                Deployed for patrol based at Bahrain.

                16th        Assisted Norwegian tanker GILDA aground in position 27.53 N 50.49E off Iranian


                                Attempted to tow clear.

                18th        Tow established after cargo and water ballast jettisoned.


February                Carried out exercises with Bahrain based ships. Visited Daz Island.


March                    Took passage to Aden to embark Police for passage to Perim Island.

                                (Note: German Yacht was seized at Perim and found to be carrying explosives.)


April                       Sailed from Aden to Seychelles.

                                (Note: Return to UK had to be made via Cape of Good Hope as Suez Canal closed.)


May                        Passage from Seychelles to Mombasa.

                                Took passage from Mombasa to UK with calls at Freetown and Gibraltar.


June                        Paid-Off on arrival at Devonport and taken in hand for refit.


July                         Under refit.

                30th        Re-commissioned for Persian Gulf service.

                                Royal Marines Detachment embarked.

                                Commanding Officer Captain B S Pengelly DSC RN.


August                  Post refit trials.


September             At Portland for weapon trials and work-up.


October                  On completion of work-up prepared for foreign service at Devonport.


November              Took passage from Devonport for Aden via Mediterranean.


December              Collected heifers at Socotra to passage to Bahrain for Ruler's herd.

                                Deployed at Bahrein for Dhow patrol.


1 9 5 8


January                  Carried out patrol of Batina coast.


February                Deployed in northern Gulf and visited Banda Mashur.


March                    Carried out patrols off Batina coast and returned to Bahrain for R&R.


April                       Passage to Colombo for Routine Docking.


May                        On completion called at Trincomalee before return to Bahrain.


June                        Resumed Persian Gulf patrol duties at Bahrain.


July                         Deployed as Guardship at Shatt-al-Arab during Iran unrest.

                                Later deployed in southern Gulf off Qatar in case of further unrest.


August                  Persian Gulf deployment in continuation.


September             Passage to Mombasa to embark Colonial Secretary, John Profumo.


October                  Took passage to Seychelles with Colonial Secretary.

                                Passage to Male in Maldives with Colonial Secretary.


November              Returned to Aden and took passage to Aqaba.



                2nd         At Aqaba with HM Cruiser CEYLON when British troops withdrawn from Jordan.

                                Passage to Devonport with call at Malta.

                                Paid-Off at Devonport and taken in hand for refit


1 9 5 9


January                  Under refit

                27th        Re-commissioned for service in Persian Gulf.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander C R Barrett RN.


February                Under refit.


March                    Post refit trials.


April                       Weapon trials and work-up at Portland.


May                        Returned to Devonport to prepare for foreign service.


June                        Passage to Aden.


July                         Arrived at Bahrain and deployed for Dhow patrol in Southern Gulf.

                                Took part in Exercise MAD DOG - Defence of Oil Fields at Dubai


August                  Deployed at Bahrain and took part in exercises in southern Gulf.

                                Visited Mina-al-Ahmadi, port of Kuwait.

                                (Note: 9th Frigate Squadron formed for Persian Gulf deployments.)


September             Carried out patrol in northern Gulf.

                                Took part in exercises with ships based at Bahrain.


October                  Patrol and exercises in continuation based at Bahrain.

                                Passage to Karachi for Routine Docking.


November              Under refit.

                                (Note: Ship to refit at Rosyth before re-commissioning.)


December              On completion took part in exercises with Pakistan warships.

                                Return passage to Bahrain to resume Gulf duties.

                                Deployed in northern Gulf and visited Abadan

                                (Note: During this stay visited by the President of the Iranian Parliament.


1 9 6 0


January                  Deployed for patrol and visited Banda Masnur.

                                Passage to Bombay for multi-national exercises.


February                took part in Exercise JET in Indian Ocean baaed at Bombay.


March                    On completion of JET took passage to Trincomalee.

                                Deployed for Indian Ocean patrol and visited Seychelles,

                                Took passage to UK with calls at Mombasa and Aden


April                       Passage from Aden.

                8th          Arrived at Devonport

                                Passage to refit at Rosyth


May                        Under refit.




July                         Re-commissioned at Rosyth for service in 9th Frigate Squadron.

                                Commanding Office: Commander P J H Shevlin RN.


August                  Under refit


September             Post refit sea trials and passage to Portland for weapon trials.


October                  Carried out work-up at Portland during which visited Cherbourg.



                3rd          On completion of work-up took passage to Portsmouth.

                                Leave period and preparation for foreign service.

                                Under repair for defects found during work-up.

                                (Note: Visit arranged to see layout of tanker ESSO SALISBURY in Spithead.

                                This was a prudent move in case of future salvage requirements.)

                                Embarked stores included yacht belonging to Senior Army Officer at Aden.

                23rd        Sailed for Aden from Portsmouth.



                3rd          At Malta.

                                (Note: Able Seaman seriously injured in road accident whilst ashore and taken to the

                                RN hospital.

                16th        Arrived at Aden and unloaded stores.

                17th        Sailed for Bahrain and carried cut Dhow Patrol off Batina coast.

                21st         News of death of Seaman left at Malta received.

                23rd        Arrived at Bahrain.


1 9 6 1



                10th        Took part in anti-submarine exercise in southern Gulf.

                                Defect discovered in Sonar underwater equipment.

                11th        Took passage to Karachi after embarking new Sonar Dome.

                13th        Taken in hand for emergency docking at Karachi to fit new Dome.

                19th        Took passage to resume Persian Gulf duties after deployment for Air-Sea Rescue duty in

                                Arabian Sea during Royal Flight carrying HM Queen to Delhi for visit.

                                (Note: Somali ratings with Royal Marines Guard embarked before sailing for return passage

                                to Bahrain to face charges of gold snuggling.)

                23rd        Arrived at Bahrain and disembarked passengers and landed defective dome.

                28th        Deployed for Dhow patrol off Trucial coast.



                4th          Embarked Flag Officer Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf at Dubai for return passage.

                5th          Visited Kuwait with FOASPG.

                6th          On return to Bahrain, Petty Officer Cook landed for urgent medical treatment.

                7th          Took families of oil company personnel to sea for a day.

                15th        News received of death of petty Officer at RNH Aden whilst awaiting air transport to UK.

                22nd       Took passage from Bahrain to Aden.

                28th        Arrived at Aden after anti-aircraft exercises on passage.



                1st           Took part in Amphibious Warfare Exercise ROULADE with HMS BULWARK.

                10th        At Aden for ROULADE 'Wash-up1 conference.

                14th        Took part In Fleet exercise SEA SHEIK.

                                Deployed as Night Plane Guard for HM Aircraft Carrier VICTORIOUS.

                18th        At Aden for SEA SHEIK 'Wash-up' conference.

                19th        Took passage from Aden for Batina coast patrol and visit to Muscat.

                22nd       At Muscat.

                30th        Returned to Bahrain after completion of Batina coast and Trucial coast patrols.



                4th          Sailed for exercises with HMS LOCH ALVIE and HMS LOCH RUTHVEN.

                                (Note: Army personnel were embarked for sea experience.)

                8th          During exercises ordered with above ships to assist in rescue operations after mv DARA

                                had been reported as on fire 250 miles west of the exercise area.

                9th          On arrival began fire-fighting operations to cool hull structure and later put a party on

                                board to tackle fire in after hold.

                                Fire-fighting in continuation, whilst ship still secured to the drifting hulk of DARA

                                whilst under tow by HMS LOCH FYNE to clear shallows.

                                Fire-fighting teams relieved by parties from HMS LOCH ALVIE.

                10th        Salvage Vessel OCEAN SALVOR arrived and fire-fighting ceased.

                                (Note: Despite the valiant efforts mv DARA foundered during tow to beach.

                                The reasons for the explosion and resulting fire have never been totally explained.

                                The death toll was 238 out of the 819 on board.

                                No salvage awards were paid as the vessel had foundered.

                                However owners of DARA made payments to Welfare Funds of each of the three


                12th        Resumed exercises.

                14th        Struck Fuelling Jetty at Sitra Depot on return to Bahrain.

                15th        Landed safe from mv DARA .

                24th        Deployed for Dhow patrol off Qatar.

                27th        Visited Mina-al-Ahmadi.



                2nd         Maintenance Period at Bahrain.

                14th        Deployed for Dhow patrol off Trucial coast and visited Doha.

                17th        Returned to Bahrain.

                                Ministry of Transport officials on board for investigations into loss of mv DARA

                18th        Deployed as consort for Sea Inspection of HMS LOCH RUTHVEN.

                23rd        Landed party at Jebel Dhanna for clearance of explosives from firing range.

                                (Note: Party included Royal Engineers and objective was to clear the area prior future

                                development for oil extraction.)

                28th        Passage from Jebel Dhanna to Sharjah for visit.



                2nd         Returned to Bahrain after embarking Jebel Dharra party.

                7th          Embarked Flag Officer Middle East for Flag Visit to Abadan.

                                Passage to Abadan with HMS LOCH ALVIE.

                8th          Arrived at Abadan.

                11th        Landed Royal Marines and Seamen Platoons for Queens Birthday Parade.

                                took passage from Abadan to return to Bahrain with exercises on passage.

                14th        Sailed from Bahrain for Routine Docking at Karachi.

                18th        Arrived at Karachi.

                                Refit cancelled and ship ordered to return to Persian Gulf following the threat to Kuwait.

                                Nominated to join Task Force 317.

                                Passage to Bahrein



                1st           Sailed from Bahrain after embarking Live Shell.

                5th          Joined HMS LOCH ALVIE in Task Force off Kuwait after call at Bahrain.

                                Deployed for patrol to intercept any attempt by Iraqi craft to make attacks on Task Group

                                ships off Kuwait (Operation VANTAGE).

                23rd        Returned to Bahrain deployment for patrol duty and for provision of gunfire support of shore

                                operations with TG317 if required.

                                Released from VANTAGE and sailed for Karachi for docking.

                28th        At Karachi for refit in commercial shipyard.



                9th          Took passage to Bahrain after docking but departure delayed by contaminated fuel.

                                (Note: British High Commissioner briefed on Operation VANTAGE during stay.)

                12th        Relieved HMS LOCH INSH in Task Group at Kuwait.

                14th        Operation VANTAGE terminated after international agreement to use troops from Arab

                                League countries.

                25th        Returned to Bahrain after relief by HMS LOCH ALVIE.



                4th          Took part in exercises with Flotilla (Exercise FOMEX10.

                7th          Returned to Bahrain for Annual Inspection.

                15th        Sea Inspecti7ton.

                16th        Sailed for East African coast visits.

                                Returned to Bahrain after steering defect.

                18th        Sailed for Zanzibar.

                27th        Arrived at Zanzibar after rough passage.

                29th        Sailed for Mombasa.

                30th        Arrived at Mombasa.



                9th          Took passage from Mombasa with HM Inshore Minesweeper BASSINGHAM in tow.

                                (Note: HMS BASSINGHAM was being delivered to Malta after service in Royal East

                                African Navy at Mombasa.)

                16th        Arrived at Aden,

                                Involved in collision with Fuelling Buoy.

                19th        Took passage from Aden to Malta.



                1st           Arrived in Malta.

                                HMS BASSINGHAM delivered.

                6th          Passage from Gibraltar to Plymouth.


                10th        Paid Off at Devonport


December              Under refit.


1 9 6 2



                18th        Re-commissioned for service in 9th Frigate Squadron.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander P R O Kimm RN.


February                Under refit


March                    Carried out post refit trials in Plymouth area.


April                       Deployed at Portland for Weapon system trials and work-up.



                11th        Work-up completed and prepared for foreign service at Portsmouth.

                19th        Sailed from Portsmouth to Gibraltar.

                23rd        Arrived at Gibraltar after heavy weather passage.

                28th        Arrived at Malta with machinery defects.

                31st         Sailed for Aden after repair.



                9th          Arrived at Aden.

                11th        Visited by Crown Prince of Ethiopia.

                12th        Took passage to Bahrain with patrol off Batina coast.

                18th        Arrived at Bahrain.

                23rd        Took part in exercise with HMS LOCH LOMOND and HMS LOCH RUTHVEN




                4th          Returned to Bahrain.

                5th          Sailed for visit to Muscat.

                7th          At Muscat

                                (Note: Sultan presented Captain with Silver Coffee Pot.

                                This was moat unusual as the only previous personal gift had been to a visiting


                11th        Took passage to Bahrain after exercise with Sultan of Oman's aircraft.

                13th        Visit by 2nd Sea Lord at Bahrain.

                18th        Carried cut Dhow patrol In southern Gulf.

                30th        Took part in Amphibious Warfare Exercise including landing by Ships Royal Marines

                                Detachment (Exercise AWEX8).



                5th          Returned to Bahrain.

                7th          Carried out Dhow patrol in southern Gulf with army personnel embarked.

                13th        Visited Abu Dhabi.

                14th        Returned to Bahrain.

                30th        Sailed for Dhow patrol after maintenance period.



                5th          Returned to Bahrain after visits to Tumb and Bu Musa

                10th        Carried out Independent exercises off Bahrain.

                11th        Sailed for Doha with Senior Naval Officer Persian Gulf embarked.

                16th        Returned to Bahrain.

                24th        Took passage to take part in Fleet Exercise with HMS LOCH RUTHVEN,

                                (Exercise DUFFEL)

                                (Note: HMS BULWARK and HMS CARYSFORT were also taking part.)

                29th        Returned to Bahrein with HMS LOCH RUTHVEN



                1st           Took part in Local exercise (FOMEX13).

                11th        Took part in anti-submarine exercise with HMS LOCH RUTHVEN, HMS LOCH ALVIE

                                and HM Submarine TACITURN.

                13th        Detached and took passage to Karachi for Routine docking.

                17th        At Karachi.

                20th        Docked.



                3rd          Undocked.

                10th        On completion of refit took part in multi-national Exercise MIDLINK V.

                24th        Sailed for Bahrain after end of MIDLINK V, Phase H.

                29th        Arrived at Bahrain with HM Submarine ANDREW.



                3rd          Took part in anti-submarine exercise in Persian Gulf.

                                (Exercise ASWEX II)

                8th          Visited Iran naval base at Bandar Abbas.

                12th        Sailed from Bandar Abbas to Ras-al-Khamai to carry out survey task and Dhow patrol.

                                (Note: Party was landed to sound an anchorage at Ras-al- Khaima.)

                18th        Returned to Bahrain after visiting Dubai during patrol off Qatar.


1 9 6 3



                1st           Provided Guard at Ruler of Bahrain Annual Parade and demonstration.

                9th          Carried out Dhow patrol and exercises in southern Gulf with visits to Um Said, Dalma

                                and Daz.

                21st         Maintenance Period at Bahrain.



                11th        Annual Sea Inspection by Flag Officer

                14th        Visited Daz Island for R&R.

                18th        Took part In Amphibious Warfare

                21st         Returned to Bahrain.

                22nd       Sailed from Bahrain to Bombay.

                28th        Arrived at Bombay

                                Flag Officer Middle East joined for Official visit to Indian Navy.



                4th          Sailed from Bombay for Dhow Patrol of Batina coast.

                8th          Visited Hallaniya Island In Kuria Maria Group.

                                (Note: See articles In NAVY NEWS and TIMES Newspaper).

                9th          Visited Salalah.

                10th        Passage to Mombasa.

                16th        At Mombasa.

                                (Note: Maintenance Period and Station Leave granted.).

                29th        At Tanga

                                (Note: This proved to be a most outstandingly successful visit.



                4th          Sailed from Tanga for Aden and called at Socotra on passage.

                11th        Arrived at Aden.

                13th        Flag Officer Middle East addressed ship's company.

                16th        Sailed for UK.

                18th        Landed sick officer at Port Sudan.

                20th        Met HM Frigate NUBIAN, relief on Station in Red Sea.

                21st         Transit of Suez Canal.

                23rd        Refuelled at Tobruk.

                28th        Met HM Royal Yacht BRITANNIA before arrival at Gibraltar.



                2nd         Sailed from Gibraltar for Plymouth

                6th          Arrived at Devonport to Pay-Off and destore.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS LOCH FYNE was laid up in Reserve at Devonport and in 1964 was placed on the Disposal List. The ship was sold in 1970 to BISCO for demolition by J Cashmere at Newport. She arrived in tow at the breakers yard  on 20th August 1970.






by Don Kindell

These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with the text above

Date convoy sailed

Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








KMF 038





MKF 038





KMF 039





MKF 039





HX 343





MKS 089G





TBC 137








(Note on Convoys)


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