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HMS LOCH ECK (K 422), later HMNZS HAWEA - Loch-class Frigate including Convoy Escort Movements

HMS Loch Eck (Navy Photos/Mark Teadham, click to enlarge)

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LOCH-Class Twin Screw Fast Frigate ordered on 25th January 1943 from Smiths Dock, Middlesbrough and laid down as Job Number 4777 (Yard Number 1129) on 25th October 1943.. The ship was launched on 25th April 1944  and the 1st Royal Navy ship to carry the name. Build was completed on 7th November 1944. She was adopted by the civil community of Hexham in the county of Northumberland as replacement for HM Escort Destroyer TYNEDALE which had been adopted in 1942 after a WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign, but sunk off Bougie in December 1943. The ship was transferred to the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1948 and renamed HMNZS HAWEA.


G e o g r a p h i c   D a t a

Inland Loch in Argyll, NW of the Holy Loch and Dunoon.

Grid Reference NS1391


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s




Crest: None is recorded in the Official List.

(Note: Many ships of the Class had unofficial crests used during War Service.


M a n n i n g   P o r t




D e t a i l s   o f   W a r  S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 4




Contractors trials and commissioned for service with 10th Escort Group in Western Approaches. Commanding Officer: Lieut. Cdr. R C Freaker DSC* RNR.




7th - Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials.


On completion of trials and storing took passage to Tobermory for work-up.




Work-up in continuation. Joined Group at Londonderry. Deployed with Group in Channel and SW Approaches for anti-submarine patrol and support of convoy escorts.


At Liverpool for maintenance and leave.



1 9 4 5




Transferred to Scapa Flow for anti-submarine operations in NW Approaches for interception of U-Boats on passage in Faeroes Iceland Gap. (Note: These patrols were assisted by ENIGMA information about the movements of submarines which had been decyphered by GCHQ and passed to the CinC Home Home Fleet. See BRITISH INTELLIGENCE IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR Ed. Hinsley (HMSO) and HITLER'S U-BOAT WAR by C Blair.)


Deployed in NW Approaches with HM Frigates BAYNTUN, BRAITHWAITE and sister ship HMS LOCH DUNVEGAN.




3rd - In conjunction with ships of Group sank U1279 NW of Shetlands in position 61.21N 02.00W with SQUID Mortar after HEDGEHOG attacks by HMS BAYNTUN and HMS BRAITHWAITE. None of the 48 crew survived. (See HITLER'S U-BOAT WAR and U-BOATS DESTROYED by P Kemp.)


7th - Returned with Group to Scapa Flow to refuel.


14th - Took part in sinking of U 989 North of Shetlands in Position 61.36N 01.35W with ships of Group by SQUID and HEDGEHOG. See above references. (Note: Only two of the crew survived including the commander of the submarine. Both survivors died soon afterwards from shock, exposure and escape perils.). Ships of 9th Escort Group were also deployed during this patrol).


17th - Took part in sinking of U1278 North of Shetlands in position 61.32N o1.36W. None of the crew survived. See references.)


Returned to Liverpool after call at Londonderry on completion of patrol. (Note: Captain was awarded Bar to his DSC.)




Redeployed in Channel and SW Approaches for patrol and support based at Plymouth and Portsmouth as Force 38.


Grounded and damaged Asdic Dome. Under repair at Portsmouth .


New Commanding Officer appointed: Lieut. Cdr. W Molness RNR




On completion of repair resumed Channel and SW Approaches duties in Force 38. Carried out trials on new SONOBUOY submarine detection equipment. (For details of new weapons introduced during 1944-5 see THE TORPEDOMEN by A Poland and SEEK AND STRIKE by W Hackmann.)




Deployed for anti-submarine defence, patrol and support duty in Western Approaches.


4th - Returned to Londonderry.


Nominated for service in East Indies Escort Force after refit.


23rd - Joined Rosyth Command for support of Norwegian reoccupation (Operation DOOMSDAY).


Deployed with HM Frigates PAPUA, BAHAMAS and BAYNTUN.




Norwegian support in continuation.


1st - Escorted U2529 from Kristiansund to Loch Erribol. (Note: This U-Boat was to be destroyed as part of Operation DEADLIGHT.)


6th - Deployed with escort for Convoy RN1 taking King Haakon of Norway to Oslo.


23rd - Taken in hand for refit at Bristol at Charles Hill shipyard




Under refit.




Carried out post refit harbour trials.


25th - After ammunitioning took passage to Cardiff from Avonmouth for visit.


26th - Took passage for foreign service from Cardiff.


30th - Sailed from Gibraltar.




3rd - Sailed from Malta.


8th - Suez Canal Transit.


13th - Sailed from Aden.


20th - At Colombo and prepared for service in support of operations in East Indies. (Note: The end of hostilities in August did not diminish the need for escorts. Apart from the difficulties related to the repatriation of civilian and of dealing with the repatriation of military and civilian personnel, there was significant opposition to to the restoration of Dutch colonial rule by the indigenous population of the Dutch East Indies. To further complicate matters most the ships' companies were serving for 'Hostilities only' and had little in the way enthusiasm for any further service. This made maintenance of morale a continuous problem for Commanding Officers. See SEAGULLS IN MY BELFRY by CC Anderson).


26th - Took passage from Colombo for Singapore with calls Padang, Penang and Port Swettenham.




6th - Arrived at Singapore.


8th - Sailed for Batavia for support duties.


12th - At Batavia.


18th - Took passage to Singapore and escorted landing craft carrying personnel for repatriation.


22nd - Arrived at Singapore.




6th - Deployed for repatriation support duties. Passage to Brakit, Bintang Island from Singapore. Sailed for Manokawi, Anamoa Island.


7th - At Manowaki and took passage to Singapore.


8th - Returned to Singapore.


9th - Sailed for Sabang for Guardship and military support duties


11th - At Sabang.


22nd - Took passage with Landing craft from Sabang for return to Singapore.


25th - Arrived at Singapore




New Commanding Officer appointed: Lieut. Cdr. P J H Hoare.


7th - Took passage from Singapore for Guardship and support duties in Java.


11th - Deployed at Batavia.


13th - Passage to Sourabaya.


14th - At Sourabaya.


17th - Passage to Bali Strait for patrol to intercept craft carrying weapons, personnel and stores to insurgents.


21st - Return passage to Sourabaya.


23rd - At Sourabaya for support of military.



1 9 4 6




Deployed at Sourabaya


14th - Took passage to Semerang.


15th - At Semerang and took passage to Singapore. Escorted Landing Craft with RAPWI personnel.


21st - Arrived at Singapore.




8th - Took passage to Sourabaya to relieve HM Frigate LOCH SCAVAIG as Guardship. Media representatives were embarked to attend formal surrender of Bali.


11th - Arrived at Sourabaya


13th - Passage to Samarang and return passage.


16th - At Sourabaya.


22nd - Took passage from Sourabaya to Bali for formal surrender ceremony. Senior Japanese military officers were embarked


23rd - Arrived at Bali.


24th - Formal surrender ceremony on Quarterdeck. (Note: Senior British Representative was Colonel P Kemp, Royal Hussars who had been associated with military operations in the area during WW2. The surrender had been offered to Commanding Officer of HM Frigate LOCH SCAVAIG before relief but this was declined in order to ensure maximum attendance of the media)


26th - Took passage to return to Sourabaya


27th - At Sourabaya




7th - Took passage to Benoa, Bali


8th - At Benoa.


10th - Return passage to Sourabaya.


11th - At Sourabaya.


15th - Took passage to Benoa with British Mission embarked.


16th - At Benoa.


18th - Took passage to Lombok with Mission for formal surrender. At Lombok with Mission.


21st - Sailed from Lombok for Maccassar


22nd - At Macassar


24th - Return passage to Sourabaya


25th - At Sourabaya.


27th - Took passage from Sourabaya to Singapore on relief.




1st - Arrived at Singapore.


8th - Took passage to Batavia for Guardship duties with Landing Craft. (Note: These craft were to be used for supply of stores to outlying islands).


13th - At Batavia.


18th - Passage to Sourabaya.


20th - Deployed at Sourabaya.


27th - Return passage to Batavia.


29th - At Batavia. (Note: Interception patrol duties during passages).




4th - Passage to Semarang, Java.


5th - At Semarang and return passage to Batavia.


6th - At Batavia.


10th - Took passage to Sourabaya.


12th - At Sourabaya.


13th - Took passage to Singapore with call at Palembang, Sumatra


17th - At Palembang.


18th - Arrived at Singapore. Prepared for return passage to UK to pay off into Reserve.


20th - Sailed from Singapore to Colombo.


27th - Arrived at Colombo. In collision with HM Cutter LANDGUARD (Note: This ship was awaiting return to US after Lend Lease service since 1940.)




Under repair




6th - Sailed for Trincomalee to join HM Escort Carrier VENGEANCE and HMS LOCH CRAGGIE.


Returned to Trincomalee.


17th - Took passage from Trincomalee to UK.


25th - At Aden.


30th - Transit of Suez Canal




8th - Took passage from Gibraltar for Devonport with HMS LOCH CRAGGIE.


13th - At Devonport to Pay off and reduce to Reserve.




After de-storing and de-ammunitioning joined Reserve Fleet.


October to December


Laid-up at Devonport.



1 9 4 7

In Reserve at Devonport.



1 9 4 8


January to August


Sale to New Zealand negotiated and price of £230,050 agreed. Taken in hand for refit before formal hand-over. Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F422.




Renamed HMNZS HAWEA by Lady Burnett, wife of Admiral Robert Burnett, Commander in. Chief, Plymouth. (Note: First choice of name was MOANA).




H M N Z S   H A W E A  ( F 4 2 2 )


Five other LOCH Class Frigates were transferred to the RNZN at the same time and were all given a new name. The choice of lakes in New Zealand was particularly appropriate.


G e o g r a p h i c    D a t a

Inland lake in South of Island. Position:44.30S 169-15E

120 miles NW of Dunedin in the Southern Alps.


B a t t l e     H o n o u r s


KOREA 1951-53


H e r a l d i c    D a t a

Badge: On a Field Azure in base three bars wavy, Argent, arising therefrom a dexter

hand grasping a kotiate, Or.

(Note: This features a Kotiate and wavy lines representing the sea.

It is based on Maori history associated with Lake Hawea in the area of

which four tribes settled after having driven out their predecessors.

The weapon shown is usually made of whalebone or a hardwood Kauri,

common in New Zealand, with its leading edge ground to a sharp finish).



Kia Toa: 'Be brave'



D e t a i l s   o f   S e r v i c e


1 9 4 8




At Devonport. Commanding Officer: Lieut. Cdr A C B Blomfield DSC** RN. Post refit trials unsatisfactory and repair required.




3rd - Commissioned for service in Royal New Zealand Navy.


On completion of repair took passage to Malta for work-up for operational service. Worked up with three other LOCH Class Frigates being transferred to RNZN.




Work-up with Mediterranean Fleet in continuation.


22nd - Took passage for Auckland from Malta with sister ships, HM New Zealand Frigates TAUPO, PUKAKI and KANIERE.




Passage through Red Sea and Indian Ocean to Singapore.



1 9 4 9




Passage from Singapore. Joined 11th Frigate Flotilla on arrival.


31st - New Commanding Officer appointed: Lieut. B H Clinkard.




Carried out first patrol in Pacific.


March to September


Deployed with Flotilla for training and Pacific patrol. Visits were paid to Suva, Fiji and Samoa.


October to December


Paid off and taken in hand for extensive refit by RNZ Dockyard, Auckland. Structural changes made to improve command and communications by provision of an Operations Room. Escape scuttles fitted to lower messdecks. Shaft bearings were replaced by new design. (Note: Similar changes had been made in RN LOCH Class Frigates.)



1 9 5 0


January to February


Under refit. New Commanding Officer appointed: Lieut. Cdr. TW Stocker, RN.




Re-commissioned. Carried out post refit trials. Nominated for transfer on loan to 2nd Frigate Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet with sister snip, HMZNS TAUPO. (Note: HM Frigates ST AUSTELL BAY and VERYAN BAY were exchanged for service in 11th Frigate Flotilla at Auckland).


22nd - Carried exercises with RNZN and RAN ships including anti-submarine defence with HM Submarine TELEMACHUS.




3rd - Took passage for Malta from Auckland with calls at Singapore and Aden. (Note: HMNZS TAUPO was in company.)


May to July


Joined Flotilla in Malta and deployed with Mediterranean Fleet for Exercise and first Summer Cruise programme.


Took part in Fleet Regatta at Marmarice, Turkey and won Whalers Cup.




Visited Messina.




Took passage with HMNZS TAUPO to return to New Zealand.




Passage from Singapore.




Rejoined 11th Frigate Flotilla.




Deployed at Auckland with Flotilla.



1 9 5 1




Deployed on Pacific patrol. Nominated for service in support of military operations in Korea as relief for HMNZS TUTIRA. Prepared for war service with UN Task Force off Korea.




Commanding Officer Lieut. Cdr. F N F Johnston RNZN.


8th - Sailed from Auckland to Kure, Japan with calls at Port Moresby and Hong Kong.




Passage to Hong Kong. Official Crest approved by NZ Navy Board.




Passage to Kure.


26th - Arrived at Kure for duty with UN.




Deployed for convoy defence, patrol and bombardment duties off the west coast of Korea.


18th - Bombarded gun position on west coast. (Note: This was first occasion that an RNZN ship fired on the enemy.)


20th - Covered landing by Royal Marines from HM Cruiser Ceylon on shore installation. Provided naval gunfire support during landing.


June to December


UN Deployment in continuation. (Note: During this period the tasks included provision of navigational data for bombardment for bombardment anchorages in Han River estuary for a total period of 23 days. In addition the ship bombarded rail traffic and maintained a blockade to stop enemy supplies being landed by sea. A BBC film crew was embarked for a television documentary.)



1 9 5 2




UN duty in continuation. Carried cut bombardment of troop concentrations in Han River and landed shore party to observe fall of shot.




Relieved by HMNZS ROTOITI. (Note: Ship had spent 73% of her tour of duty at sea.)


3rd - Took passage from Kure to New Zealand with call at Hong Kong.


9th - At Hong Kong on Accession Day for Queen Elizabeth , (Note: During UN duties R&R periods spent at Kure. Dockyard facilities were available in commercial Japanese shipyard. The main operational base for all UN naval forces was at Sasebo, which was largely dominated by US personnel.




Passage from Hong Kong.


8th - Arrived at Auckland.


(Statistics: 272 days at sea out of 371 days away from New Zealand, 55,000 miles steamed, 21,000 rounds of ammunition expended. Awards: Captain awarded DSC and later US Legion of Merit, Engineer Officer Mentioned in Despatches.)


25th - New Commanding Officer: Lieut. GR Herring RN.


April to June


Under refit and maintenance at Auckland.


New Commanding Officer appointed: Cdr. G R Davis-Goff, DSC* RN.




Prepared for 2nd Tour of duty with UN.


7th - Re-commissioned.




4th - Took passage from Auckland to rejoin UN Task Group.




On passage via Hong Kong.




1st - Arrived at Sasebo to relieve HMNZS TAUPO.


2nd - Sailed for duty off west coast of Korea and deployed as Senior Officer of Task Unit for patrol and bombardment duties.




Returned to Kure from patrol duties. Visited by New Zealand Minister of Defence at Kure.


Resumed patrol and bombardment support duties.




Deployment for UN west coast bombardment and patrol duties in continuation.


25th - At Sasebo for Xmas



1 9 5 3


January to February


UN duties in continuation. Came under fire from shore battery which was returned. Detected underwater contact which proved to be wreck. (Note: No submarine activities were recorded during UN duties).




4th - During patrol provided naval gunfire support to garrison on Yang-Do island after landing by enemy troops. Controlled air strikes and under shore lire. Later in month supported Guerrilla raid on mainland and again came under return fire which was avoided by making smoke and varying speed whilst manoeuvring.




Deployed for support bombardment in Han River area. Relieved off west coast by HMNZS ROTOITI.




UN deployment in continuation.


Took passage to Hong Kong for R&R.




2nd - Took part in Hong Kong Coronation Day Parade in ANZAC Park with contingent from HMNZS KANIERE.


Returned to Japanese water for visit to Beppu. On completion resumed UN patrol duties off west coast.


11th - After arrival in patrol area deployed for evacuation of personnel from islands north of planned cease fire line.


Bombarded shore targets and escorted junks carrying civilian refugees.




West coast deployment in continuation.


23rd - Hostilities ceased but remained in UN service,




Took passage to return to New Zealand with call at Hong Kong.


29th - Arrived at Auckland. (Statistics: Mileage steamed during Tour - 38,000.)




Taken in hand for refit.


October to December


Under refit.


New Commanding Officer: Lieut Cdr, J P Tuiloch RNZN.



1 9 5 4




Carried out post refit trials and re-commissioned.




Rejoined 11th Frigate Flotilla Nominated for Pacific islands patrol and visits. Took passage from Auckland.




Deployed for Pacific patrol with calls at Suva, Ocean Island and Nuie.




Returned to Auckland.




Visited Dunedin with ships of Flotilla


June to July


Deployed-at Auckland for Flotilla duties.




Visited Fiji with ships of Flotilla.




Visited Wellington with Flotilla.




Deployed with Flotilla and visited ports in South Island.




Visited Chatham Island.




Deployed at Auckland.



1 9 5 5




Deployed at Auckland.


February to March


Deployed for training duties and visited ports in South Island and Australia.




Taken in hand for refit at Auckland.


May to June


Under refit.




Carried out post refit trials.




Deployed for Pacific patrol with visit to Suva.


29th - New Commanding Officer appointed: Lieut Cdr R T Hale RNZN




Deployed for training duties and visited ports in South Island.




Training deployment in continuation with visits to Australian ports.




Deployed for Pacific patrol and visited Suva.




Deployed for visits to Wellington and ports in South Island.



1 9 5 6




Deployed at Auckland.


February to July


Under refit at Auckland.


New Commanding Officer appointed: Lieut. C D W J Brown RNZN




Carried out post refit trials


September to October


Deployed for patrol in SW Pacific and visited Chatham Island and Dunedin.




Deployed at Auckland. Prepared for ceremonial duties prior to Royal visit.


Nominated for reduction to Reserve status.




Part of escort for HM Royal Yacht BRITANNIA with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh embarked. On release took passage to Bluff, South Island.


20th - Escorted HMNZ Antarctic Support Ship ENDEAVOUR from Bluff during passage to Southern Ocean with HMNZS PUKAKI. (Note: HMNZS ENDEAVOUR was taking Sir Edmund Hilary and members of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition to make a trans-polar crossing as part of the International Geophysical Year.)


Before arrival at McMurdo Sound had to detach because of the danger presented to hull by pack ice.


Carried out oceanographic measurements during inward and outward passages.



1 9 5 7




Return passage from Southern Ocean to Auckland.




Paid-off and reduced to Operational Reserve after de-storing.



F i n a l   P h a s e


HMNZS HAWEA was used as a Harbour Training ship at Auckland until placed on the Disposal List.. The ship was sold for demolition in September1965 and taken in tow to the breakerís yard at Hong Kong . This name was later used for an RNZN Patrol Craft built in UK.






by Don Kindell


These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with the text above






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Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








HX 342





OS 124KM








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