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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 1999

HMS LOCH ACHRAY (K 426), later HMNZS KANIERE - Loch-class Frigate including Convoy Escort Movements

HMS Loch Achray (Navy Photos/Noel Bailey, click to enlarge)

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LOCH Class Twin Screw Fast Frigate ordered on 25th January 1943 from Smiths Dock, Shipbuilders at Middlesbrough and laid down on 13th December 1943 as Job Number 4781 (Yard Number 1130). The ship was launched on 7 July 1944 as the 1st Royal Navy ship to carry this name. Build was completed on 1st Feb. 1945.


G e o g r a p h i c   D a t a

Loch in Perthshire   (Grid Reference NN5106)

Gaelic Name: Ath Chrathaig  ('Ford of shaking')


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s




H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Only ships of this Class which remained in service or re-commissioned

after 1950 were officially given Crests. Many which served during WW2

did have an unofficial Badge. often  having an association with the Clan

of the area in which the namesake was geographically placed.



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r  S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 5




Contractors trials and commissioned for service. Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander L H Stammers RNVR. (Note: Ship's company provided mainly from Portsmouth Depot.)


Allocated for service with 8th Escort Group in Western Approaches on completion.




1st - Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials


6th - On completion of trials and storing took passage to Clyde


9th - Under repair at Clyde commercial shipyard




7th - On completion of repair took passage to Tobermory to work-up for operational service.


28th - Passage to Greenock to join Group on completion of work-up. (Note: Other ships in Group were HM Frigates AIRE, NATAL (SANF), LOCH MORE and LOCH GLENDHU.) |




Deployed for convoy defence in Irish Sea and SW Approaches. (Note: Commander J H Eaden DSC RN joined ship as Senior Officer 8th Escort Group. During this period SCHNORKEL fitted submarines were making attacks on coastal waters shipping. See SEEK AND STRIKE by W Hackman which also has details of weapons used,. BUSINESS IN GREAT WATERS by John Terraine and ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY by C Barnett give further information.)


Visited Belfast.


11th - Deployed with ships of 8th and 25th Escort Groups for an anti-submarine search operation in Irish Sea (Position 54.02N, 05.03W).


12th - After submarine was detected by HMS LOCH GLENDHU took part in joint anti-submarine operation. Submarine forced to surface and engaged by surface gunfire from main and close range armament. Crew abandoned submarine which was identified as U1024. Submarine taken in tow by HMS LOCH MORE after being boarded. (Note: 37 of crew survive. See U-BOATS DESTROYED by P Kemp.)


13th - U1024 sank during tow in position 53-39N 05.53W west of Anglesey after weather conditions deteriorated.


20th - Convoy defence and patrol with Group in continuation.


28th - Deployed with Group in Irish Sea and Western Approaches to supplement escort of joint convoy OS129/KMS99 during passage to Gibraltar.




Nominated for foreign service in Indian Ocean with Eastern Fleet.


1st - Detached from OS129/KMS99 and returned to Clyde.


6th - VE Day. In Clyde.


19th - Part of escort for joint convoy OS129/KMS1103 to Gibraltar.


20th - Detached during passage and returned to Belfast to refuel.


21st - Nominated for escort of German submarines during passage from Scapa Flow to Assembly point at Loch Ryan (Operation DEADLIGHT). (For details of U-Boats surrendered see HITLER'S U-BOAT WAR by C. Blair.)




DEADLIGHT deployment in continuation.


4th - Escorted ten U-Boats from Scapa Flow.


5th - Detached on arrival at Loch Ryan.


6th - Taken in hand for refit in Clyde commercial shipyard prior to foreign service.


27th - Lieut. Commander C J Aldridge RNR appointed in command.


July to August


Under refit




On completion of post refit trials prepared for foreign service in Clyde.


26th - Sailed from Clyde for passage to Colombo.




On passage in Mediterranean and Red Sea after call at Gibraltar




On passage in Indian Ocean.


7th - Arrived at Colombo for service in East Indies Escort Force. (Note: Lieut. Commander H G Chesterman DSC RNR had been appointed in command on 28th September and may have joined in Colombo. Other ships in Escort Force included HM Frigates LOCH CRAGGIE, LOCH ECK, LOCH KATRINE, LOCH SCAVAIG and LOCH TARBERT which were all to be deployed in Singapore for service in support of military operations and to assist with repatriation of allied civilian and service personnel captured or interned by Japanese in the Dutch East Indies. These were known as RAPWI.)




Prepared for support duties.


16th - Took passage for Singapore to join support operations.


Deployed in Java and Sumatra for escort of craft carrying RAPWI. Carried out duty as Guardship at Batavia.



1 9 4 6




Returned to Singapore. Nominated for Air-Sea Rescue duties off Gwadar. (Note: Ships of East Indies Escort Force were deployed for this duty to provide emergency aid to aircraft carrying personnel to UK for repatriation.)




Took passage to Air Sea Rescue Station and relieved HM Frigate LOCH GORM. On relief by HM Frigate LOCH KATRINE resumed support duties in East Indies.


Nominated for return to UK and to be reduced to Reserve status.


March to May


Visited Port Blair in Andaman Islands on passage to Singapore from Trincomalee for support duties. Lieutenant Commander C C Anderson RN joined ship in command. (Later Rear Admiral, CB).


Deployed at Singapore in continuation of Guardship and support duties. (Note: During this period visited Rangoon and Penang.)




Returned to Trincomalee to prepare for return passage to UK


10th - Sustained minor damage in collision with HM Frigate LOCH SCAVAIG during passage to Trincomalee in Malacca Straits.


16th - Sailed from Trincomalee for return passage to Portsmouth.




Passage in Mediterranean with calls at Malta and Gibraltar.


On arrival at Portsmouth paid-off and reduced to Reserve status.


August to December


Laid-up in Portsmouth Reserve Fleet. 



1 9 4 7


Laid-up in Portsmouth Reserve Fleet. 


HMS LOCH ACHRAY was sold to New Zealand with five other LOCH Class Frigates in 1948. 




H M N Z S   K A N I E R E 


LOCH ACHRAY was renamed HM New Zealand Ship KANIERE by Lady Willis, wife of CinC Portsmouth. After work-up in Malta with three of the other LOCH Class also being transferred she arrived in Auckland in January 1949.


HMNZS KANIERE was again brought forward in 1953 for service with the UN Task Force off Korea and deployed off the east coast for support of military operations. She remained with RN ships based at Hong Kong after the cease-fire in July 1953 and continued service with the UN until 1954 when she returned to New Zealand.


This ship remained in commission and was detached for service at Singapore with the 3rd Frigate Squadron for two periods between 1955 and 1957. She then was used for sea training duties mainly in coastal waters although deployed periodically for visits to Pacific islands. By 1961 she had been withdrawn from sea duties and placed in Reserve. Used for harbour training until placed on the Disposal List in 1966 she was sold to Hong Kong Rolling Mills and arrived at the breaker's yard in tow during February 1967.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


KOREA  1953


H e r a l d i c    D a t a

The Badge was designed by the ship and features one of the world's rarest birds.

In former times the Kakapo was abundant on the shores of Lake Kaniere. The chief of

the Maori Kai Taku snared this bird in this area. Some of the feathers obtained were

used to make a special garment for his daughter. The Kapako was a ground dwelling

bird and the Badge shows a green field to represent this feature.


M o t t o

Kia Maia: 'Be firm'



D e t a i l s   o f   S e r v i c e


1 9 4 8


January to May


Laid-up at Portsmouth. (Note: Sale of the ship to New Zealand was agreed at a cost of £232,750 and the ships was to be refitted prior to transfer to the RNZN.)


June to August


Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Portsmouth. Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F 426. Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander BE Turner.




Carried out harbour trials


27th - Commissioned into RNZN service and renamed HMNZS KANIERE by Lady Willis, wife of CinC Portsmouth. (Note: The original choice of her new name was HMNZS HAIPO but this changed before the ceremony.)


Commanding Officer: Lieutenant T W Stocker RN.




Carried out post refit trials and calibrations. On completion took passage to Malta to work-up for operational service with the ships of the Mediterranean Fleet. Commenced work-up in Malta.




Took passage to New Zealand on completion of work-up. Transit of Suez Canal.




Passage in Red Sea and Indian Ocean with call at Aden. At Singapore,



1 9 4 9




Passage from Singapore to Auckland. Joined 11th Frigate Flotilla on arrival.


February to June


Deployed at Auckland with Flotilla for exercises. Nominated for Pacific Ocean patrol and visits.


July to August


Carried out patrol with calls at Suva, Fiji and Samoa.


Returned to Auckland.




Deployed at Auckland. Commanding Officer: Commander CC Stevens and Senior Officer 11th Frigate Flotilla.


Nominated for joint exercises with RAN.


October to November


Passage to Sydney Took part in joint exercises in Jervis Bay area Calls were made at Melbourne and Hobart, Tasmania




Return passage to Auckland.



1 9 5 0


January to August


Deployed at Auckland and took part in Flotilla and RNZN exercises and visits. Nominated for refit. Commanding Officer: Lieutenant D B Holdsworth RN.


September to October


Under refit at Auckland by HM Dockyard. (Note: Ship had been intended for exchange service with Mediterranean Fleet Frigate but she was replaced by sister ship HMNZS HAWEA.)


November to December


Carried out post refit trials and rejoined Flotilla. Deployed for Flotilla duties.



1 9 5 1


January to August


Deployed with Flotilla for exercises and visits. Nominated for Pacific patrol Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander J O'C Ross.


September to October


Carried out Pacific patrol with visits to Apia, Ellice Islands, Rotuma, Suva, Tonga. Returned to Auckland.


Nominated for reduction to Reserve status. Commanding Officer Lieutenant A G Rhodes




Paid-off and reduced to Reserve at Auckland.




Laid-up at Auckland



1 9 5 2


January to October


Laid-up at Auckland




Re-commissioned for service in 11th Frigate Squadron. Commanding Officer: Lieutenant AG Rhodes




Deployed for work-up and Flotilla duties based at Auckland.



1 9 5 3




Prepared for operational service and exercised with ships of Flotilla. Nominated for detached service with UN naval Task Group at Sasebo




2nd - Took passage to Sasebo as relief for HMNZS ROTOITI. Commanding Officer L G Carr RNZN.


Called at Sydney.




Passage to Singapore.




Passage from Hong Kong to Sasebo.


23rd - Arrived at Sasebo to commence UN service.


24th - Passage to carry out first patrol of west coast of Korea.




Deployed for patrol and naval gunfire support including cover for minesweeping operation and the evacuation of wounded guerrillas from Chodo Island off west coast. Later provided support to US warship in Regency Channel and came under shore gunfire. Returned to Sasebo before taking passage to Hong Kong




At Hong Kong with HMNZS HAWAE (Note: During this period took part in Commonwealth celebrations including inspection by Commander in Chief , British Forces in Korea.)


10th - Resumed service at Sasebo after carrying out anti-submarine exercises during passage from Hong Kong.


15th - Resumed patrol duties off west coast of Korea




UN service in continuation including evacuation of partisans from outlying islands above the the 38 parallel of latitude being proposed as future dividing line as well as providing naval gunfire support to military operations.


28th - Remained for UN duties based at Sasebo after declaration of Cease-Fire (Note: Rest and Recreation facilities were still to be carried out at Kure which had been used by Commonwealth troops since outbreak of hostilities. Repair facilities were also available in the commercial shipyard at Kure.)


August to December


Deployed for patrol off west coast of Korea based at Sasebo in continuation



1 9 5 4




Deployment for patrol and support of UN in continuation


Nominated for return to New Zealand. Took passage to Hong Kong


February to March


Passage to Auckland with call at Suva.


April to June


Rejoined Flotilla and deployed with 11th Frigate Squadron for Local duties and exercises.


Nominated for detached service with Commonwealth Strategic Reserve based at Singapore,




Prepared for detached service. Passage to Sydney




Sailed from Sydney to Singapore with calls at Brisbane and Cairns.




Joined 3rd Frigate Squadron, Far East Fleet. Nominated for detached service in Japan with UN. Passage to Sasebo with call at Hong Kong.


October to December


Deployed at Sasebo for UN Support in Korean waters. Took part in international exercises with US Navy and other warships deployed for UN support.



1 9 5 5




Took passage to Hong Kong for R&R and maintenance period. Returned to Sasebo to resume UN support duties.




Deployed at Sasebo for UN service.




Passage to Hong Kong for R&R. Returned to Sasebo for further UN service.




UN service at Sasebo in continuation.




On release from UN deployment took passage to Singapore to rejoin Squadron.




Deployed at Singapore with Squadron and took part in Fleet exercise.




Released from detached service at Singapore and took passage to Auckland with calls at Celebes and Cairns. Rejoined 11th Frigate Squadron




Taken in hand for routine Docking and inspection of underwater fittings at Auckland.


September to October


Deployed with Squadron for Fleet exercises and visits including Wellington, Bluff and Suva. Nominated for refit.


November to December


Under refit.



1 9 5 6




Carried out post refit trials. Nominated for further detached service at Singapore in Commonwealth Strategic Reserve.




Passage to Singapore.




Re-joined 3rd Frigate Squadron, Far East Fleet. Took part in major Fleet Exercises and visits with Squadron




Deployed at Singapore with Squadron. Nominated for detached UN service based at Sasebo.




Passage to Sasebo with call at Hong Kong.


June to July


Deployed for UN support based at Sasebo. Took part in international exercises.




Released from UN duties and took passage to Singapore




Took part in Fleet exercises with Squadron.




On release took passage to Hong Kong.


Deployed for patrol off Borneo in support of military operations against Indonesian insurgency. (KONFRONTASI))


November to December


Deployed for anti-piracy patrols and military support. Returned to Hong Kong and later to Singapore. Passage to Hong Kong for Christmas



1 9 5 7


January to February


Deployed on support duties in Borneo. Returned to Hong Kong for R&R.


Resumed duties off Borneo. Took part in major international Fleet exercise.


March to April


Deployed for Borneo support with R&R at Hong Kong.




Took part in Exercise ASTRA with Squadron based at Singapore. On completion took return passage to Auckland


June to September


Taken in hand for refit at Auckland. Nominated for deployment as Training ship


October to November


Deployed for training (Note: During this visit deployed in local area and also for visit to Christmas Island.)




Training duties in continuation and took part in joint exercises with RAN.



1 9 5 8


January to February


Deployed for training duties including visits to Melbourne, ports on western coast of New Zealand and Hobart.




Deployed local for training based at Auckland.




Carried out Pacific training cruise with visit to Suva.


Nominated for refit.


May to June


Under refit


July to October


On completion of post refit trials deployed at Auckland for training duties.




Deployed for training with visits to Lyttleton and Dunedin (Note: Carried out oceanographic research work during this period.)




Deployed at Auckland for training.



1 9 5 9


January to April


Deployed for training duties. Nominated for refit.


May to June


Under refit at Auckland.


July to November


On completion of post refit trials resumed training duties.




Routine docking for inspection of underwater fittings



1 9 6 0


January to September


Training duties in continuation including visit to Sydney.




Embarked RNZVR personnel for training and visited Ngapona.




Took part in Fleet exercises during which involved in collision with HM Submarine ANCHORITE.




Deployed for training based at Auckland. Nominated for harbour training.



1 9 6 1


Deployed for harbour training and paid off. After de-storing deployed for harbour training.



1 9 6 2   to   1 9 6 5


Harbour training in continuation


Nominated for withdrawal from use. De-stored and de-equipped. Placed on Sales List



F i n a l  P ha s e


HMNZS KANIERE was sold for demolition in Hong Kong and towed to the breakerís yard in 1966.






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Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








ON 297





OS 125KM





OS 129KM








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