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HMS WIDEMOUTH BAY (K 615) - Bay-class Frigate

HMS Widemouth Bay (NavyPhotos/Mark Teadham, click to enlarge)

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LOCH Class Anti-Submarine Frigate ordered from Harland and Wolff at Belfast on 2nd February 1943 and laid down on 26th April 1944 at Belfast as Admiralty Job Number J3917 (Yard Number 1259)..She was to be named LOCH FRISA, but after a policy change to meet the need for anti-aircraft escorts for service in the Far East the contract was changed. The ship was completed to a revision design and she was renamed as WIDEMOUTH BAY on 5th October 1944 when launched on 19th October that year as the first Royal Navy ship to carry this name. Completion date as a BAY Class Anti-aircraft Frigate was 13th April 1945. (See General Information for details of design changes to the basic LOCH Class hull structure). She was the first BAY Class frigate to complete build.


G e o g r a p h i c   D a t a

Bay on north coast of Cornwall  three miles south of Bude.

Grid Reference:   SX2002


H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge: On a Field bary wavy of six White and Blue Talbotís

 head erased Black, collared Blue.


M a n n i n g   D i v i s i o n 




S u m m a r y   o f   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 5


March                    Contractors trials

                                Commissioned for service

                                Commanding Officer: Lieutenant J H Macalister RNR

                                Nominated for service in British Pacific with British Fleet Train (Task Force 112)

                                (For details of Fleet Train see THE FORGOTTEN FLEET by John Winton).

                30th        Commenced First of Class Trials



                1st           Completed First of Class Trials

                                (Note: Speed trial data 19.27 Knots. 183 Revs. 5474 IHP.)

                13th        Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials.

                15th        Passage to Portland for ranging and weapon trials.

                                On completion took passage to Tobermory to work-up for operational service.


May                        Worked-up at Tobermory.


June                        On completion prepared for foreign service.


July                        Took passage for Indian Ocean with calls at Gibraltar and Malta.

                                Deployed in Mediterranean.


August                  After VJ Day during passage allocated for service with Pacific Escort Force.

                                Passage from Colombo to British Forward Base at Manus, Admiralty Islands with call at Darwin.


F a r   E a s t   S t a t i o n   S e r v i c e   1 9 4 5  t o   1 9 4 7


September             Passage from Manus to Hong Kong.

                21st         Joined Pacific Escort Force at Hong Kong.

                                Deployed with Task Group at Shanghai for support of repatriation operations

.                               (Note: Commanding Officer promoted to Lieut. Cdr, RNR).


October                  Carried out patrol and escort duties in Formosa Straits.

                                (Note: British mercantile traffic was being threatened by Chinese craft).


November              Support of repatriation in continuation

to                            (Note: Other ships involved included HM Cruiser Belfast and HM Sloop BLACK SWAN.)



1 9 4 6


January                  Deployed with Escort Force at Hong Kong.

                                Escorted mercantile traffic in South China Sea.

                                New Commanding Officer, Lieut. Cdr. E R Barker-Smythe RNVR appointed.


February                South China Sea patrol and escort duties in continuation.

                12th        Resumed Formosa Straits patrol and escort duty.

                                Called at Kure during deployment.


March                    Return passage to Hong Kong.

                                On arrival prepared for passage to Australia for interim refit.

                18th        Passage to Darwin.

                25th        At Darwin

                30th        Passage to Sydney.


April                       Taken in hand for refit by HM Australian Dockyard, Sydney.


May                        On completion of post refit trials took passage to Melbourne for visit.

                13th        At Melbourne.

                23rd        Passage to Sydney

                24th        At Sydney and prepared for return passage to Hong Kong


June                        Passage to Darwin.

                6th          At Darwin.

                10th        Passage to Hong Kong with calls at Labuan, Borneo and Subic Bay, Philippines.


July                         Rejoined Escort Force at Hong Kong.

                                Deployed as Guardship at Satow for patrol and escort duty in Formosa Straits.

                                Nominated for shore military support and repatriation duty in Dutch East Indies.

                                (Note: Ships of Pacific Escort Force were deployed as Guardship and also escorted landing craft

                                taking repatriated prisoners and internees to Singapore (RAPWI).



                8th          Passage to Singapore for service in Dutch East Indies

                13th        Arrived at Singapore.

                14th        Passage from Singapore to Batavia for Guardship and support duties.

                17th        At Batavia, Java as relief for HM Sloop WHIMBREL.

                                Commenced Guardship duties.


September             Transferred to 2nd Escort Flotilla when Pacific Escort Force renamed

                                Guardship and support duties in Tanjong Priok in continuation

                28th        Despatched for support duty at Palembang, Sumatra.

                29th        Deployed at Palembang, Sumatra as Guardship


October                  Palembang duty in continuation.

                10th        Embarked Indian troops for passage down river to embark in mercantile ss TALMA.

                13th        Whilst Guardship at Palembang, a Jetty Sentry, Able Seaman Brown killed by a sniper.

                14th        Embarked Dutch naval officers.

                                Carried out reconnaissance of insurgent at OEPANG.

                                Returned to Palembang without having any return fire

                15th        Funeral of AB Brown.

                27th        Embarked troops and nurses for transfer to Hospital Ship KARAPARA at river mouth.

                                Escorted KARAPARA to Singapore.

                28th        Arrived at Singapore.

                                (Note: Naval General Service Medal (Clasp SE Asia) awarded for service in Dutch East




                2nd         Passage from Singapore with HM Sloop BLACK SWAN as escort to 14 BYMS to Subic Bay,

                                Philippines for return to US Navy.

                                (Note: These had been transferred to RN under Lease Lend.)

                5th          Took over tow of BYMS2007 from HMS BLACK SWAN.

                                (Note: This vessel had broken down and tow had fouled screw of HMS BLACK SWAN.

                10th        Arrived at Subic Bay after slow passage with towing problems.

                12th        Embarked crews of BYMS for passage to Hong Kong.

                13th        Took return passage to Hong Kong with HM Sloops HART and BLACK SWAN.

                15th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                16th        Became Senior Officerís ship, 2nd Escort Flotilla BPF(?)

                                New Commanding Officer: Captain C W Greening Royal Navy joined.

                25th        Taken in hand for routine docking and repair at Aberdeen Dry Dock.


December              Under repair.


1 9 4 7


January                  On completion resumed Flotilla duties.

                                Deployed for local patrol.

                                Nominated for detached service in Japan to carry out patrol duty in Inland Sea

                                New Commanding Officer, Lieut. Cdr. J S Kerans, RN joined.



                1st           Took passage for Kure from Hong Kong

                7th          Arrived at Kure after delay by heavy weather during passage.

                                (Note: HM Indian Sloop GODAVERI and HM Destroyer COCKADE present.)

                9th          Took passage to Mitsuhama.

                10th        At Mitsuhama.

                11th        Took passage to Komatsushima.

                12th        At Komatsushima.

                15th        Took passage to Yokohama after several snowfalls

                                Carried out Full Power Trial.

                                Secured to buoy off Yokohama.

                                (Note: HM Cruiser GAMBIA and HM Australian Destroyer ARUNTA in harbour.)

                18th        Deployed for patrol.

                24th        Boarded US LST035 and searched.


March                    Inland Sea deployment in continuation.

                3rd          Took passage from Yokohama to Kure with HMS GAMBIA.

                5th          Arrived at Kure with HMS GAMBIA.

                                (Note: Commonwealth warships used this port for R&R and for repair.

                10th        Took passage from Kure for Sasebo.

                12th        Arrived at Sasebo.

                                (Note Main US naval base was at Sasebo)

                20th        Nominated for transfer to Mediterranean Fleet with HM Frigates VERYAN BAY, WHITESAND

                                BAY and BIGBURY BAY to reinforce Palestine Patrol..

                21st         Took passage from Sasebo for Hong Kong.

                25th        Arrived Hong Kong after rough passage.

                26th        Prepared for passage to Mediterranean.

                31st         Passage to Singapore.



                5th          Arrived at Singapore.

                6th          Took passage with HMS VERYAN BAY for Trincomalee.

                12th        At Trincomalee and refuelled

                                Sailed on completion for Aden with HMS VERYAN BAY.

                                (Note: Ship required for escort duty of Floating Docks under tow during passage from Port

                                Tewfik, Egypt (Operation SNOW WHITE).

                                HM Light Fleet Carrier GLORY in harbour)

.               20th        Transferred officer to ASCANIA.

                22nd       Arrived at Aden.

                23rd        Took passage from Men to Suez.


M e d i t e r r a n e a n   F l e e t   S e r v i c e   1 9 4 7  to 1 9 4 8


                27th        Escorted 6 tugs towing AFD 26, AFD 35 and AFD 36 from Port Tewfik.

                29th        Passage with AFD to Malta with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                                (Note: Speed of advance 4 knots.)



                7th          Arrived at St Paul's Bay, Malta with AFD's.

                8th          Refuelled and deployed in continuation as escort for AFD 26 and 36 to Gibraltar.

                11th        Hove to in Hurricane Force winds.

                                Convoy scattered.

                13th        Convoy re-assembled after location by shipís radar.

                17th        At Gibraltar and AFD's left in dockyard for future disposal

.               23rd        Took passage to Malta with HM Submarine STATESMAN.

                27th        Arrived back in Malta and joined 5th Frigate Flotilla.

                                (Special Note: Painted ship at sea in unsuitable weather conditions

.                               This created serious indiscipline later.

                                Discontented ratings alleged petty restrictions and insensitive

                                practices over several months.

                                Board of Inquiry to be convened to examine the circumstances.

                29th        Taken in hand in No 2 Dry Dock for refit after fumigation.


June                        Under refit at Malta.

                                (Note: Special crew training arranged for boarding parties. Structural changes made for

                                future deployment on Palestine Patrol.

                                These included fitting of boarding ramps and wire protection around bridge and

                                upper deck positions against missiles thrown from immigrant ships when intercepted).


July                         On completion of post refit trials resumed Flotilla duties.

                15th        Took passage for Haifa Patrol.

                19th        Arrived at Haifa.

                                Relieved HM Fleet Minesweeper ROWENA at Jaffa.

                20th        Deployed on interception patrol.

                26th        Deployed with HM Destroyer CHIVALROUS and HM Fleet Minesweeper PROVIDENCE.

                                Shadowed immigrant ship.

                27th        Intercepted mercantile EMPIRE SHELTER.

                28th        Escorted EMPIRE SHELTER which had been boarded by party from HMS PROVIDENCE.

                29th        Arrived at Famagusta, Cyprus with EMPIRE SHELTER.

                                took passage to Haifa to resume patrol duty.

                30th        Relieved HMS ROWENA for patrol.


August                  Palestine Patrol in continuation.

                6th          On relief by HMS ROWENA took passage to Beirut for R&R.

                11th        Relieved HMS ROWENA on patrol.

                16th        Took passage to Haifa after relief by HMS ROWENA.

                                (Note: Naval General Service Medal (Clasp: Palestine) awarded for Haifa Patrol service).

                                Board of Inquiry held relating to earlier incidents (See above)

.               17th        Took passage to Famagusta.

                18th        Arrived at Famagusta.

                19th        Passage to Haifa as escort for ss EMPIRE COMFORT and ss EMPIRE REST.

                20th        On arrival deployed as relief for HMS ROWENA and took passage to patrol area.

                22nd       Ordered to return to Malta and took passage.

                27th        Arrived at Malta.


September             Taken in hand for Docking and essential defects at Malta.

                                Court Martial held as recommended by Board of Inquiry.

                                (Note: Commanding Officer and First Lieutenant dismissed ship.

                                Lieut. Commander JS Kerans later achieved fame in the AMETHYST incident.

                                It could be assumed that the appointment of this officer to command HM Frigate

                                AMETHYST after the death of her captain in action with Communist forces in the

                                Yangtse River was due to his local availability in Nanking, rather than his past


                                Leading Stoker sentenced to 90 days, disrated and lost GC Badge.

                                New Captain and 1st Lieut. replaced.

                                Commanding Officer Lieut. Cdr. DGD Hall-Wright joined.

                                On completion deployed with 5th Frigate Flotilla in Malta.

                                (Note: Reports from members of ship's company establish that there was a notable

                                change in morale as a result of the court martial ).


October                  Deployed with Flotilla and took part in Fleet programme of exercises and visits in eastern

to                            Mediterranean and Malta exercise areas.

December              Visited Phaleron Bay and Istanbul.

                                Return passage to Malta.


1 9 4 8


January                  Docking and maintenance in Malta.

                                Resumed Flotilla duties on completion.


February                Took part in Fleet Spring cruise and exercises.

                                Visited Ajaccio and Aranci.


March                    Deployed for Palestine Patrol based at Haifa with R&R at Beirut.


April                       Deployed in eastern Mediterranean for patrol.

                                Visited Benghazi


May                        Deployed at Haifa for Palestine Patrol duties.


June                        Deployed in Malta.

                                Routine maintenance and boiler cleaning.


July                         Resumed duties in eastern Mediterranean.

                                New Commanding Officer: Lieut. Cdr A L Harper, RN.

                                Visited Cyprus.

                                Nominated for service in Home waters.


August                  Prepared for return to UK.

                11th        Took passage from Malta for Chatham.


September             At Chatham and prepared for service in Fishery Protection Squadron.




F i s h e r y    P r o t e c t i o n    S e r v i c e



                1st           Joined Fishery Protection Squadron.

                                Deployed for Fishery Protection Patrol in English Channel.

                                Visited Nantes.


December              Fishery Patrol in continuation in Irish Sea.

                                Visited Dublin Bay, North Shields and Grimsby

                                Returned to Hull for Leave Period.


1 9 4 9


January                  Became Senior Officer's ship Fishery Protection Squadron

                3rd          New Commanding Officer: Captain A H Thorold OBE, DSC RN

                                (Later Sir Anthony, Bt.).

                                (Captain, Fishery Protection and Senior Officer 4th Frigate Flotilla)

                14th        Sailed from Hull for Fishery Protection Patrol.

                                Visited Grimsby, North Shields, Rosyth, Aberdeen, Invergordon and Douglas.


February                Fishery Patrol in continuation in Irish Sea.

                                Visited Fleetwood.

                                Passage to Norwegian coastal waters.

                                Visited Tromso.

                                On return passage called at Aberdeen, North Shields and Grimsby.


March                    Returned to Hull.

                                Deployed in North Sea and English Channel.

                                Visited Grimsby, Ostend and Boulogne.


April                       At Portsmouth for Docking and Leave Period.


May                        Resumed Fishery Protection duties in English Channel.

to                            Visited Le Havre and St Helier (CI), Plymouth and Portland.

June                        Patrol in continuation in Irish Sea.

                                Visited Swansea, Milford Haven, Dublin, Fleetwood and Douglas

                                Nominated for reduction to Reserve status at Sheerness.


July                         Fishery Patrol in continuation.

                19th        At Sheerness.

                                Paid Off and commenced reduction to Reserve status


August                  Accepted into Reserve and laid up in Sheerness Division, Reserve Fleet.




1 9 5 0


                                Laid-up at Sheerness


1 9 5 1


January                  Laid-up at Sheerness




April                       Nominated for service with Home Fleet

                                Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Sheerness


May                        Under refit for service and docked in Floating Dock.

                31st         Commissioned for trials.


June                        Under refit.

                18th        Undocked.

                25th        New Commanding Officer Captain W J Lambe CVO, OBE joined.

                                (Senior Officer 4th Training Flotilla)

                29th        Accepted from Refit. Commissioned for service in 4th Training Flotilla, Home Fleet.



                4th          Ammunitioned.

                5th          Carried out post refit trials including completion of Full Power Trial..

                6th          Took passage to Rosyth

                7th          Joined Flotilla


4 t h   T r a i n i n g    F l o t i l l a    S e r v i c e    1 9 5 1   t o   1 9 5 3


                24th        Took passage for Invergordon.

                                (Note: Employed as Training Ship for Seaman ratings including Boys).

                25th        At Invergordon.

                28th        Return passage to Rosyth.


August                  Deployed for visits programme and training exercises in North Sea

                4th          Visited Bergen.

                13th        Embarked Mr Clement Atlee and Mrs Atlee at Oslo for return passage after they had visited HM

                                King Haakon of Norway.

                                took passage to Rosyth.

                14th        Arrived at Rosyth.



                1st           Visited Leith with HM Frigate ENARD BAY of Flotilla.

                                Open to Visitors during stay.

                                Children's Tea Party for orphans.

                5th          Returned to Rosyth.

                27th        Took passage from Rosyth to Loch Ewe with HMS ENARD BAY.

                29th        Deployed at Loch Ewe for exercises with HM Frigates ENARD BAY and LARGO BAY.



                4th          Return passage to Rosyth.

                6th          Arrived at Rosyth.

                9th          Took part in exercises with HM Cruiser SWIFTSURE off west coast Scotland.

                                (Note: Convoy Defence Exercises ASSESS and GIBBON with Home Fleet ships).

                                Boy Seamen (Ex HMS ST VINCENT embarked).

                13th        Returned to Rosyth.

                20th        Passage to Aberdeen for visit.

                21st         Open to Visitors.

                24th        Return passage to Rosyth.

                                Board of Inquiry held on board


November              Deployed at Rosyth.

                7th          Took passage for training cruise in North Sea and Channel.

                9th          At Portsmouth.

                12th        At Portland for Weapon Calibration, DG Ranging and A/S Exercises.

                16th        Passage to Harwich from Portland.

                17th        At Harwich.

                21st         Return passage to Rosyth.

                22nd       Arrived at Rosyth.

                27th        Took passage from Rosyth to Scapa Flow.

                28th        At Scapa Flow.


December              Return passage to Rosyth

                                Deployed at Rosyth.


1 9 5 2


January                  Deployed at Rosyth.



                8th          Deployed at Rosyth.

                9th          Provided Guard for Proclamation Ceremony in Edinburgh

                13th        Took part in Flotilla exercises in Forth area.

                                On completion returned to Rosyth.

                19th        Escorted ss BRETAGNE to Tyne with HM King Haakon of Norway embarked for visit.

                                Carried out training exercises.

                21st         Returned to Rosyth.

                28th        Annual inspection by Flag Officer, Scotland.



                1st           Took passage to Devonport to join Fleet exercises.

                2nd         Arrived at Devonport.

                4th          Sailed for Gibraltar as escort for Motor Minesweepers.

                7th          Took shelter at Rio Del Barque from heavy weather conditions

                8th          Resumed passage.

                9th          Towed MMS1579 after machinery failure.

                11th        Arrived at Gibraltar.

                14th        Took passage from Gibraltar to return to Rosyth.

                25th        Arrived at Rosyth.

                                (Note: Training exercises were carried out carried out on passage)

                28th        Embarked Flag Officer Scotland for visit to Aberdeen.


April                       Return passage to Rosyth and taken in hand for refit.


May                        Under refit.



                6th          Undocked.

                9th          Carried out Basin Trial.

                11th        Carried out post refit sea trials

                12th        Carried out Full Power Trial

                                Result:18knots with 180 Revs.

                18th        Took passage from Rosyth to Harwich.

                19th        Arrived at Harwich.

                22nd       Joined Home Fleet ships at Sheerness for Exercise CASTANETS.

                                (Notes: Serials included Convoy Defence, Weapon Firings and Minesweeping).

                24th        Returned to Rosyth.

                25th        Carried out Flotilla Anti-Submarine exercises with HM Frigate BIGBURY BAY and

                                HM Submarine ALLIANCE.

                26th        Deployed for Air-Sea Rescue duty during Royal Flight.

                29th        Took passage from Rosyth to Lerwick.



                1st           Arrived at Lerwick.

                                Open to Visitors.

                                Fire in No 1 Boiler Room.

                2nd         Took passage from Lerwick to Sanderf jord, Norway.

                                (Note: Located on west bank of entrance to Oslo Fjord)

                4th          Heavy weather experienced before arrival at Sanderf jord.

                                At Sanderfjord.

                                Open to Visitors.

                8th          Took passage to Rosyth.

                                Exercised with SHACKLETON aircraft and HMS LARGO BAY during passage.

                11th        Arrived at Rosyth.

                14th        New Commanding Officer: Captain G D Pound DSC RN joined.

                24th        Took passage from Rosyth to Thurso.

                25th        At Thurso

                                Open to Visitors.

                27th        Took passage to Tobermory with call at Lyness.

                28th        Anchored off Tobermory.

                31st         Took return passage to Rosyth.


August                  At Rosyth.

                                Nominated for Air Sea Rescue Station duties during Royal Flight.



                1st           Took up ASR duty in North Sea east of Forth Estuary.

                2nd         Deployed at Rosyth.

                11th        Provided Guard for visit by US Admiral to HM Dockyard, Rosyth.

                14th        Took part in NATO Convoy Defence Exercise in North Sea.

                18th        Returned to Rosyth on completion. Passage to Invergordon. Returned to Rosyth.

                19th        Took passage from Rosyth to join Fleet exercises.

                25th        Returned to Rosyth.



                3rd          Took passage from Rosyth to join Home Fleet exercises.

                4th          Returned to Rosyth

                5th          Deployed for training exercises in Forth area.

                12th        Took passage to Lyness

                13th        Diverted to assist trawler ST ROWAN on rocks at St Johns Point.

                                Arrived at Lyness.

                14th        At Lerwick with Flag Officer Scotland, Rear Admiral J H F Crombie CB, DSO RN

                15th        Passage to Aberdeen with Flag Officer Scotland embarked.

                16th        Arrived at Aberdeen. Rear Admiral Crombie disembarked.

                                Official visit to Aberdeen.

                                Open to visitors (1,328 recorded in Deck Log).

                20th        Took passage from Aberdeen to Invergordon.

                21st         Joined in Home Fleet North Sea exercises at Invergordon.

                23rd        Returned to Rosyth.


November              At Rosyth.

                                School children visited ship.

                5th          Passage to Hartlepool.

                6th          Official visit to Hartlepool

                                Open to visitors on three days.

                                Church Parade during visit.

                10th        Return passage to Rosyth.

                                (Note: Court Martial at Rosyth).

                20th        Took passage from Rosyth with HMS LARGO BAY for training exercises.

                21st         At Invergordon.

                22nd       At Scapa Flow.

                25th        Carried out Flotilla exercises.

                                Returned to Rosyth on completion.


December              Deployed at Rosyth


1 9 5 3


January                  Deployed at Rosyth for sea training in Forth area.

                31st         Passage to Hartlepool with HMS LARGO BAY.



                1st           At Hartlepool with HMS LARGO BAY.

                3rd          Return passage to Rosyth. Exercised with HMS LARGO BAY.

                5th          Deployed at Rosyth for local training exercises.

                27th        Took passage to Invergordon.


March                    Deployed for training.

                1st           At Invergordon.

                3rd          At Lyness.

                4th          At Invergordon.

                                took part in Flotilla exercises including Tow.

                6th          Return passage to Rosyth

                7th          Carried out sea training in Forth area.

                10th        School children embarked for day excursion.

                17th        Passage to Invergordon with HMS LARGO BAY for training

                                Director Naval Training Rear Admiral Richmond embarked.

                                Admiral transferred at sea to HMS LARGO BAY.

                18th        At Invergordon for training.

                23rd        Return passage to Rosyth with HMS LARGO BAY.

                24th        Deployed at Rosyth.


April                       Rosyth deployment in continuation.



                3rd          Took passage with HMS LARGO BAY for training exercises. At Loch Ewe.

                5th          At Loch Ewe

                9th          At Lerwick.

                                Open to visitors.

                13th        Sailed from Lerwick for Norwegian coast.

                14th        Visited Odda.

                                Open to visitors.

                19th        Return passage to Rosyth.

                21st         Deployed at Rosyth.

                                Annual Inspection.

                29th        Took passage to Dundee for official visit.

                30th        Open to visitors (Over 2,000 recorded in Deck Log).


June                        At Dundee.

                2nd         Floodlit after nightfall for Coronation Day celebrations.

                4th          Took passage for official visit to Newcastle.

                5th          At Newcastle.

                                Formal calls exchanged with Lord Mayor.

                                Open to visitors (5,543 recorded in Deck Log).

                9th          Took passage to Spithead for Coronation Review by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

                11th        Arrived at Spithead.

                15th        Present at Review and took part in Firework Display after nightfall.

                                Ship Floodlit.

                16th        Passage to Rosyth.

                18th        Arrived at Rosyth.

                                Provided Street Lining Party for Royal Visit to Edinburgh.

                26th        Took passage to Blyth arriving same day.

                2?th        At Blyth.

                                Open to Visitors 2,013 recorded in Deck Log).

                30th        Took passage for training exercises.


July                         Deployed for training exercises.

                2nd         At Tobermory.

                5th          At Loch Ewe.

                7th          Passage to Lyness with Flag Officer Scotland embarked.

                                took passage to Wick after Flag Officer disembarked.

                18th        At Wick for official visit

                                Open to Visitors (1,600 recorded in Deck Log).

                11th        Passage to Aberdeen for official visit arriving same day.

                                Calls exchanged with civic authorities.

                                Open to visitors (1624 recorded in Deck Log)

                14th        Return passage to Rosyth.

                15th        At Rosyth for Navy Days and open to visitors.

                20th        Deployed for training exercises.

                22nd       At Thurso.

                26th        At Lerwick.

                29th        Return passage to Rosyth.

                30th        At Rosyth and prepared for final visit prior to paying off into Reserve.

                31st         Took passage to Kiel. August



                2nd         At Kiel after transit of Kiel Canal

                                Open to visitors.

                                Calls exchanged with shore authorities.

                                Return passage to Rosyth.


September             Passage to Chatham to Pay-off and reduce to Reserve status.

                                Paid off into Reserve Fleet, Chatham.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS WIDEMOUTH BAY remained at Chatham in Reserve and was placed on the Disposal List in 1957 as a part of the Defence Review.  She was sold to BISCO for breaking up by Bolcow and arrived in tow at the breakerís yard in Blyth on 23 Nov 1957.


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