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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2005

HMS VERYAN BAY (K 651) - Bay-class Frigate

HMS Veryan Bay (NavyPhotos/Mark Teadham, click to enlarge)

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LOCH Class Anti-Submarine Frigate ordered from Charles Hill, Bristol on 6th March 1943 and laid down on 8th June 1944 as Job No.J600 (Yard No 300). She was to be named LOCH SWANNAY but after a policy change to meet the need for anti-aircraft escorts for service in the Far East the contract was changed the ship to be completed to a revised design. She was renamed VERYAN BAY when launched by Mrs  Charles Hill, wife of the Chairman of the builders, on 11th November 1944 and was the first RN ship to carry this name. Completion date was 13th May 1945. (See General Information for details of design changes to the basic LOCH Class hull structure).


 G e o g r a p h i c   D a t a

Bay on South coast of Cornwall between Dodman Point and Nare Head 40 miles Plymouth.

Grid Reference:SW9640


H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge: On a Field per fess wavy Green and barry wavy of 4 white and blue,

An escallop white


M a n n i n g   D i v i s i o n




S u m m a r y  o f   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 5


May                        Contractors trials

                13th        Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials.                 

                15th        Commissioned for service.

                                Commanding Officer: Lieut. Cdr J S Brownrigg, DSC, RN.

                                Allocated for service in Far East with Pacific Escort Force on completion.

                                On completion of trials and storing took passage to Tobermory.


June                        Worked-up for operational service

                                Under repair in Glasgow.

                                Resumed work-up after repair.



                                On completion of work-up took passage to Portland..

                                Carried out Weapon calibration and weapon firing trials at Portland.

                                Passage to Malta for further training.


August                  Carried out further work-up with ships of Mediterranean Fleet.


September             Took passage to Singapore, via Aden.


October                  Joined Pacific Escort force at Singapore.


November              Passage from Singapore to Hong Kong to join Escort Group


December              Joined HM Frigates BIGBURY BAY, WIDEMOUTH BAY and WHITESAND BAY

                                in Group at Hong Kong as part of British Pacific Fleet.


1 9 4 6


January                  Deployed with Group at Hong Kong and carried out Yangtse Patrol and in South China Sea.

to                            (Note: This was established to provide protection for British flagged mercantiles trading

February                in Chinese ports and subject to detention by communist forces.)



                2nd         Passage to Subic Bay.

                4th          At US Navy Base in Subic Bay, Philippines.

                14th        Took return passage to Hong Kong

                16th        On arrival placed in Quarantine

                                (Note: 60 of ship’s company were transferred to Hospital Ship.)

                27th        Resumed Flotilla duties when released from Quarantine.



                4th          Passage to Labuan.

                8th          Arrived at Labuan

                12th        Sailed from Labuan to Hong Kong a escort for Landing Craft (Tank)

                                (Note: This type of craft was used to carry firewood for sale to relieve a shortage

                                in the Colony.)

                20th        Arrived at Hong Kong with Landing Craft.

                26th        Passage to Sydney with calls at Thursday Island and Townsville.



                16th        Arrived at Sydney

                21st         Taken in hand for refit at HM Australian Dockyard, Cockatoo Island.

                to            Oerlikon close range AA armament removed.


June                        Under refit


July                         Carried out post refit trials on completion of dockyard work.

                15th        Passage to Melbourne for visit.

                17th        Took return passage to Sydney

                23rd        Sailed from Sydney to carry out Pacific patrol.

                31st         At Kuk, Solomon Islands


August                  Deployed in Solomon Islands.

                                Embarked Governor, Solomon Islands for official visits

                                (Note: This was first visit by the Governor since VJ Day.

                14th        Took passage to Port Moresby to refuel.

                17th        At Port Moresby

                18th        Sailed from Port Moresby to returned to Hong Kong

                29th        On arrival resumed duties with Group



                8th          Deployed for Formosan Strait Patrol

                16th        Returned to Hong Kong.

                                Nominated for Guardship duty at Amoy

                                Deployed at Amoy



                11th        Returned passage to Hong Kong from Amoy

                12th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                14th        Took passage to Java for Guardship duties.

                21st         At Batavia.


November              Deployment at Batavia for support of military operations against insurgents

                                in continuation.

                                (Note: This was due to opposition to renewal of Dutch colonial rule.)

                9th          Sailed from Batavia to Cheribon.

                10th        Arrived at Cheribon

                                (Note: During stay the Brutish Representative, Lord Killearn met Indonesian

                                political representatives for discussion relating to future independence.)

                13th        Return passage to Batavia.

                29th        Sailed from Batavia for Singapore with General Mansergh of British Garrison.

                                (Note: Last RN Guardship at Batavia.

                                Ships company eligible for the Naval General Service Medal  (SE Asia Clasp).



                7th          Arrived at Singapore.

                13th        Sailed from |Singapore as escorted HM Landing Craft (HQ) 100 during passage to

                                Subic Bay for return to US Navy.

                                (Note: LCHQ was being returned from RN service under Lend Lease.)

                20th        Passage from Subic Bay ro Hong Kong.


1 9 4 7


January                  Deployed with Flotilla for local patrol and exercises with BPF ships.

                                Escort Group and Fleet duties in continuation.

                                (Note: Fleet units taking part included HM BERMUDA, HM Light Fleet Aircraft Carriers

                                GLORY and VENERABLE with destroyers and frigates of BPF.


February                Deployment at Hong Kong for Group and Fleet duties.

                22nd       Took passage to Japan for official visit by BPF units



                1st           At Yokohama

                14th        Took passage to Kure

                16th        At Kure.

                21st         Transferred to Mediterranean Fleet.

                26th        Prepared for passage to Malta.

                29th        Sailed from Hong Kong for Singapore.



                4th          At Singapore.

                6th          Took passage to Malta with calls at Trincomalee and Aden.

                27th        Transit of Suez Canal.


Mayl                       Passage in Mediterranean

                2nd         Joined 2nd Escort Flotilla on arrival in Malta.

                5th          New Commanding Officer, Captain RS Wellby, DSO, RN.

                                (Later Rear Admiral, CB, DSO).

                15th        Deployed for Palestine patrol and surveillance of immigrant traffic on passage to Palestine.

                                Took passage to Leghorn for surveillance of ss PRESIDENT WRAFIELD.

                17th        At Leghorn

                29th        Passage to Malta

                31st         Arrived in Malta



                4th          Passage to Piraeus for surveillance of immigrant traffic.

                6th          At Piraeus.

                10th        Passage from Piraeus to Malta with call at Corfu.

                                (Note: First RN ship to visit since mining of HM Destroyers SAUMAREZ and VOLAGE

                                in Corfu Channel in October 1946).

                18th        Arrived in Malta

                                Nominated for refit at Gibraltar

                19th        Passage to Gibraltar.

                23rd        Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Gibraltar.


July                         Under refit

                31st         Carried out post refit trials on completion of dockyard work.


August                  Deployed in western Mediterranean before returned to Malta.

                                (Note: Carried out surveillance of mercantiles off North African coast.)

                15th        Arrived in Malta

                28th        Sailed from Malta for Palestine Patrol based at Haifa



                1st           Deployed at Haifa for surveillance and interception of immigrant ships.


October                  Haifa deployment in continuation.

                4th          R&R period at Beirut

                7th          Resumed patrol deployment.

                13th        Took passage to Malta on relief

                                Nominated for Guardship at Trieste


November              Passage to Trieste

                                Deployed as Adriatic Guardship at Trieste.

                                (Note: British garrison was maintained at Trieste.)


December              Adriatic Guardship duty in continuation.


1 9 4 8


January                  Adriatic Guardship duty at Trieste in continuation.

                15th        Took passage to Malta on relief

                18th        Resumed Flotilla duties on arrival in Malta.

                22nd       Deployed for Flotilla exercises in Malta area.




February                Deployed in Malta

                10th        Carried local exercises.

                19th        Present in Malta during visit by HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

                22nd       Taken in hand for refit.

                                (Note: Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F651.)


March                    Under refit

.                               (Note: Training carried out for Palestine Patrol duties.)

                                Carried out port refit trials



                5th          On completion of sea trials took passage for patrol duty in Red Sea.

                10th        Transit of Suez Canal completed

                11th        Deployed in Read Sea with visits to Wejh and Massawa.




May                        Red Sea deployment in continuation.

                8th          Sailed from Port Sudan and visited Kumfida and Jeddah.

                to            On relief in Red Sea patrol took passage to Malta

                20th        Deployed in Malta with Flotilla.

                21st         Sailed for Malta from Port Said on relief.

                25th        Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta.


June                        Took part in Fleet visits and exercise programme.


July                         Deployed for Palestine patrol as relief for HM Frigate WIDEMOUTH BAY.


August                  Returned to Malta and deployed with Flotilla.


September             Deployed for Palestine patrol duties based in Cyprus.

                                Routine docking and maintenance in Malta on return.



                9th          Resumed Flotilla duties on completion.

                                Took passage to Tripoli, Libya.

                13th        Took part in Fleet Exercise ARCTURUS

                                (Note: This included landings at Zuara.)

                18th        Return passage to Malta

                27th        Deployed for Fleet exercises.



                3rd          Took passage to Trieste for Guardship duty.

                6th          Deployed as Guardship at Trieste

                18th        Passage to Venice for R&R.

                                Calls exchanged with civic and military authorities.

                22nd       Resumed Guardship duty at Trieste.



                7th          Took passage to Malta on relief.

                10th        Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta.

                13th        New Commanding Officer: Captain HCN Rolfe, Royal Navy.

                                (Note This was first appointment for a Sea Command for an Aviation specialist.)


1 9 4 9


January                  Complement of Boy ratings joined for training.

                11th        Took part in Flotilla exercises.

                18th        Passage to Port Said for Guardship duty at Aqaba

                25th        Called at Port Tewfik

                27th        At Aqaba as Guardship.

                to            Visit by Local Nadir.



February                Aqaba deployment in continuation.

                8th          Refuelled at Port Tewfik and returned to Aqaba.

                19th        On relief by HM Frigate ST AUSTELL BAY took passage to Malta.

                27th        Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta.


March                    Deployed for Flotilla duties in Malta.

                3rd          Took part in local exercises.

                23rd        Routine docking for hull inspection.

                29th        On completion rejoined Fleet exercises.


April                       Deployed in Malta

                14th        Took part in local exercise

                15th        New Commanding Officer appointed

                                Captain GT Lambert, DSC

                19th        Took passage to Trieste for Guardship duty.

                22nd       Arrived at Trieste.



                19th        Passage to Venice

                22nd       At Venice with HM Battleship VANGUARD for Royal visit by HRH Princess Margaret.

                                (Note: As the battleship could not berth alongside, the Princess embarked for the short

                                passage. The Mainbrace was spliced during the visit and the ship was used to take

                                and collect Libertymen from HMS VANGUARD.

                24th        Took return passage to Malta.

                26th        Resumed Flotilla duties on arrival in Malta.


June                        Deployed at Malta for Flotilla and Fleet exercises


July                         Took part in 1st Summer Fleet visits and exercise programme.

                8th          At Navarin for Fleet Regatta.

                14th        Detached and took passage to Aqaba for Guardship duty.

                22nd       At Port Tewfik

                26th        Sailed for Aqaba

                27th        Relieved HM Destroyer CHIVALROUS as Guardship at Aqaba.


August                  Deployed at Aqaba as Guardship

                8th          Carried out patrol in Red Sea.

                15th        Returned to Aqaba

                19th        Sailed from Aqaba for Malta on relief by HMS CHILDERS.

                21st         Passage from Port Said

                                (Note: Branch Pipe for water system lost overboard and steering failure during passage.)

                25th        Arrived in Malta.

                28th        Board of Inquiry convened in Malta.

                29th        Took passage to Gibraltar for refit.



                2nd         Taken in hand for refit at Gibraltar


October                  Under refit

                25th        Carried out post refit trials

                28th        Passage to Malta to resume Flotilla duties.



                1st           Resumed Flotilla duties on arrival in Malta.

                14th        Carried out exercises with HM Submarine SOLENT.

                25th        Annual Inspection by Flag Officer (Destroyers).



                2nd         Deployed with Flotilla in Exercise SWAT.

                7th          Took passage from Malta for Guardship duty at Aqaba

                12th        Refuelled at Port Tewfik.

                17th        Deployed at Aqaba as Guardship in place of HMS CHEVRON.


1 9 5 0


January                  Guardship at Aqaba in continuation

                                Returned to Malta on relief


February                Deployed at Malta and took part in Fleet exercises.


March                    Interim refit and docking in Malta


April                       Transfer for Loan service with RNZN approved.

                11th        Took part in local exercises with HM Sloop PELICAN and HM Destroyer CHIEFTAIN.

                15th        New Commanding Officer JFR Crews, GM RN

                                (Note: Commander Crews was awarded the George Medal in 1945.

                                The citation reads ‘For gallantry in saving lives in an air raid on the city of


                17th        Deployed for local exercises.

                27th        Passage to Auckland with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                                (Note: These two ships were being exchanged with HMNZ Frigates HAWEA and

                                TAUPO,  LOCH Class ships transferred to RNZN.)



                1st           Transit of Suez Canal.

                6th          At Massawa with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                10th        At Aden with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                23rd        At Trincomalee.

                27th        Detached from HMS ST AUSTELL BAY and made independent passage to Christmas




                3rd          At Christmas Island

                9th          Rejoined HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                12th        At Fremantle.

                23rd        At Hobart, Tasmania.

                26th        Took passage to Auckland with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY



                3rd          Arrived at Auckland and joined 11th Frigate Flotilla, RNZN

                15th        Passage to Nelson.

                18th        Official visit to Nelson.

                                Exchanged calls with civic authorities.

                                Open to visitors.

                21st         Met HMS ST AUSTELL BAY during passage to Wellington

                22nd       At Wellington

                                Open to visitors

                24th        Passage to Auckland with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY

                                Took part in exercises with HM New Zealand Cruiser BELLONA.

                27th        At Auckland

                                RNZNR ratings joined for training.



                1st           Took part in anti-submarine exercises with HMNZ Frigate ROTOITI off

                                Port Fitzroy.

                3rd          Leave Period at Auckland

                                Visited ports in South Island.

                11th        At Mercury Bay

                                Open to Visitors from Waitangi

                14th        At Port Abercrombie

                15th        Took part in exercises in Hauraki Gulf with RNZN ships.

                18th        Return passage to Auckland.

                24th        Passage to Lyttleton, South Island.

                26th        At Lyttleton.

                                Calls exchange with civic authorities

                                Open to visitors



                4th          Return passage to Auckland.

                6th          At Auckland

                8th          Passage to Gisburn.

                9th          Struck jetty on arrival at Gisburn.

                                Open visitors.

                15th        Passage to Wellington

                16th        At Wellington with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                                Open to visitors

                19th        Took passage to Campbell Island with stores

                26th        At Campbell Island.

                29th        Return passage to Wellington with calls on west coast of South Island.

                                Calls made at Bluff and Revolver Bay


October                  Passage on west coast

                1st           Calls made at Anchorage Arm, Dagas Sound, Shoal Cove, Caswell Sound

                to            and Milford Haven.


                7th          At Wellington

                9th          Passage to Auckland

                11th        Took part in exercises off Port Fitzroy with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                13th        Deployed in Hauraki Gulf for exercises with RNZN ships

                20th        Prepared for return passage to Malta at Auckland.

                28th        Sailed with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY for return passage.



                5th          At Cairns, Australia.

                7th          Passage to Singapore with call at Darwin for fuel.

                22nd       At Singapore

                26th        Passage to Trincomalee with HM Boom Defence Vessel BARBERRY in tow.

                                (Note: HMS ST AUSTELL BAY was in company and towing HMS BARLANE.



                3rd          At Trincomalee.

                8th          Sailed from Trincomalee with HMS BARBERRY in tow and in company with

                                HMS ST AUSTELL BAY towing HMS BARBERRY

                25th        At Port Sudan

                29th        Tows slipped for Suez Canal transit

                31st         Resumed tow and sailed from Port Said for Malta.


1 9 5 1




                4th          Arrived in Malta with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY and rejoined Flotilla.

                10th        Took part in EXERCISE WILEX 14 with Mediterranean Fleet ships

                                (Note: These included HM Cruisers LIVERPOOL and GAMBIA.

                                Delivered mail to ships involved.)

                11th        Deployed with Flotilla for exercises

                to            (Note: Involved in search for waterlogged boat containing ratings from

                31st         HM Sloop MERMAID.


February                Under refit by HM Dockyard, Malta

to                            Nominated for transfer to 7th Frigate Flotilla, Home Fleet on completion.



April                       Carried out post refit trials on completion of dockyard work

                7th          Attended Review of Mediterranean Fleet ships by HRH Princess Elizabeth,

                13th        Took passage to Plymouth

                21st         Arrived at Plymouth



May                        Re-commissioned for service in 7th Frigate Flotilla

                8th          Deployed at Portland for weapon calibration and ranging.

                12th        Passage to Invergordon to take part in Home Fleet exercises.

                14th        Home Fleet exercises.

                                (Note: Serials included anti-submarine procedures and Night Encounter.)

                30th        At Rosyth.



                2nd         Took part in Home Fleet convoy defence exercise during passage to


                7th          At Cherbourg.

                9th          Passage to Penzance for visit.

                10th        At Penzance

                                Open to visits

                12th        Resumed Home Fleet convoy defence exercise in English Channel.

                16th        Deployed in NW Approaches for Fleet exercise.

                20th        Deployed in English Channel in continuation.

                21st         Carried out exercises with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY off Portland.

                25th        Took part in Exercise VELOX

                29th        Deployed for Flotilla exercises.

                30th        Passage to Swanage for visit.



                1st           At Swanage

                                Open to Visitors

                5th          Passage to Portland for further exercises.

                12th        Routine docking at Devonport


August                  Leave Period and self refit



                                Passage to Portland for exercises

                12th        Passage to Holyhead for visit.

                13th        At Holyhead

                                Calls exchanged with civic authorities

                                Open to visitors

                19th        Passage to Londonderry for anti-submarine exercises.

                30th        Deployed for Joint Anti-Submarine Exercises in NW Approaches.


October                  Londonderry deployment in continuation.

                11th        Took part in Home Fleet Exercise ASSESS with Flotilla.

                to            Deployed with HM Frigates LOCH ARKAIG, LOCH INSH, LOCH FADA

                18th        and ST AUSTELL BAY for anti-submarine exercises during passage to


                19th        Arrived at Gibraltar with Home Fleet ships.

                29th        Deployed for local exercises.


November              At Gibraltar with ships of Flotilla

                                Annual Inspection.

                17th        Passage to Plymouth with HM Frigates LOCH KILLISPORT and LOCH INSH.


December              Under refit by HM Dockyard Plymouth.


1 9 5 2


January                  Under refit

                                Nominated for service in West Indies on completion of refit.

                                New Commanding Officer: Commander R Horncastle, RN



February                Carried out post refit trials on completion of dockyard work.

                                Prepared for service in West Indies.

                7th          Passage to Bermuda.

                18th        Arrived at Bermuda.

                                (Note: Visits Programme by ships of West Indies Squadron cancelled due to

                                death of HM King George VI.

                                Nominated for Guardship duty in Falklands.

                                Royal Marines Detachment from HM Cruiser SHEFFIELD joined for passage

                                to Port Stanley.


March                    Passage to Port Stanley, Falklands

                                Calls made at Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo.

                                Relieved HM Frigate BURGHEAD BAY on arrival.


April                       Deployed at Port Stanley as Guardship

to                            (Note: Collected penguins for Vancouver Zoo.)

June                        These were to be taken to Montevideo for air passage to Canada.)

                                Sailed from Port Stanley



                2nd         Relieved by HMS ST AUSTELL BAY at Rio de Janeiro


August                  Deployed in West Indies for Flotilla duties and exercises.




October                  Relieved in Squadron by HMS BIGBURY BAY

                20th        Sailed for Plymouth with HMS BURGHEAD BAY.

                29th        Arrived at Plymouth.

                                (Statistical Note: Steamed 26,000 miles since January 1952.)


November              Under refit at Devonport

to                            Paid-off



1 9 5 3


January                  Under refit





                5th          Re-commissioned for service in 7th Frigate Squadron, West Indies as Senior Officer

                                in relief for HM Sloop SNIPE

                                Commanding Officer: Captain RGW Hare, OBE RN

                                Carried out post refit trials and prepared for foreign service


April                       Royal Marines Detachment embarked.

                9th          Passage to Bermuda .

                30th        Arrived at Bermuda


May                        Prepared for provision of Guard for Coronation ceremonial at Kingston, Jamaica

                25th        Passage to Kingston for Coronation ceremonies.

                29th        Arrived at Kingston.



                2nd         Took part in Coronation celebrations during which Station Colour was trooped.

                3rd          Took passage to Antigua

                6th          At Antigua

                8th          Passage to Barbados

                9th          At Barbados for Queens Birthday

                                Guard landed.

                12th        Passage to Grenada

                13th        At Grenada

                16th        Passage to Puerta Caballo, Venezuela

                18th        At Puerto Caballo.

                22nd       Passage to Trinidad

                23rd        At Trinidad

                24th        Took passage to Recife, Brazil after refuelling.



                3rd          At Recife

                                Calls exchanged with civil and military authorities

                                Open to visitors

                7th          Took passage to Montevideo.

                10th        Encountered bad weather conditions.

                14th        At Montevideo.

                18th        Passage to Port Stanley as relief for HMS BIGBURY BAY

                22nd       Arrived at Port Stanley.

                                Royal Marines landed.



                24th        Deployed for patrol with calls at Speedwell Settlement, Port Stevens and New Island

                28th        Return passage to Port Stanley from New Island.



                14th        Deployed for patrol with calls at Ajax Bay, San Carlos and Fox Bay.

                18th        Return passage to Port Stanley.


October                  At Port Stanley

                14th        Took passage to Bermuda.

                21st         At Rio de Janeiro.

                27th        At Recife

                29th        Passage to Trinidad.



                5th          At Trinidad

                14th        Passage to Kingston

                19th        Embarked troops at Kingston for passage to Bermuda.

                20th        Deployed for Air-Sea Rescue duties in position 27.50N 70W during Royal Flight to

                                Bermuda from UK.

                                (Note: Royal Family were to embark in ss GOTHIC for Commonwealth Tour.)

                27th        Arrived at Bermuda.



                3rd          Deployed at Hamilton for ceremonial duties during visit of French and US Leaders

                                for meeting with British Prime Minister for three Power discussions.

                4th          Provided Street Lining Party and ceremonial Guards

                11th        Returned to Bermuda dockyard.

                18th        Annual Inspection by CinC.


1 9 5 4



                9th          Took passage to Nassau and exercised with HMS BURGHEAD BAY

                11th        HMS BURGHEAD BAY detached

                13th        Arrived at Nassau.

                14th        Began hydrographic survey at Green Bay for proposed new moorings

                16th        At Nassau

                19th        Passage to Palm Beach, Florida

                21st         At Palm Beach.

                                Open to visitors. 3,400 recorded in Deck Log.

                26th        Passage to Jacksonville.

                27th        At Jacksonville

                                Calls exchanged with civil authority and US Navy



                1st           Took return passage to Bermuda and prepared for return passage to UK.

                4th          Arrived at Bermuda

                8th          Sailed from Bermuda to Plymouth

                18th        Arrived at Plymouth.



                                Paid-off and taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Devonport.

                3rd          New Commanding Officer Commander L R P Lawford DSC RN joined.


April                       Under refit.

to                            Re-commissioned for service on West Indies and South American Station.



June                        Carried out post refit trials.

                                Royal Marines detachment embarked.


July                         Carried cut Weapon Trials and exercises at Portland.

                3rd          Passage to Torbay for visit with HM Destroyers TYRIAN and HM Frigate BROCKLESBY.

                5th          Resumed Portland firings and exercises

                                Two monocular sights missing from X mounting.

                22nd       Board of Inquiry held on board.

                26th        Returned to Plymouth to prepare for foreign service.



                3rd          Took passage to Bermuda.

                7th          Diverted to land Royal Marine for hospital treatment at Cobh, Eire.

                17th        Arrived at Bermuda



                4th          Took passage from Bermuda to Port Stanley for Guardship duties.

                8th          At Antigua

                                Open to visitors

                15th        At Trinidad to refuel.

                18th        At Georgetown, British Guiana.

                                Open to visitors

                17th        At Belem, Brazil for visit to Brazilian naval base.

                                Calls exchanged with Brazilian naval authorities.


October                  Passage to Salvador, Brazil

                5th          At Salvador

                                Open to visitors

                11th        At Rio de Janeiro

                                Open to visitors

                16th        Took passage to Port Stanley.

                23rd        On arrival relieved HMS BIGBURY BAY as Guardship.

                                (Note: Significant increase in the number of threats being made by Argentine and Chilean

                                warships to activities by British whaling ships was taking place.)

                                Landed Royal Marines


                20th        Embarked Settlement mail and prepared to take Governor of Falklands to South Georgia

                21st         Took passage to Deception Island to embark Governor.

                24th        Embarked Governor.

                                Sailed for Potters Cove

                25th        Delivered protest to Argentine base at Potters Cove.

                                Took passage to Signy, Inaccessible Island.

                27th        Governor and Staff disembarked

                30th        Sailed from Signy with Governor, civil Staff



                1st           At Grytviken, South Georgia.

                4th          Passage to Leith with mail.

                8th          Returned to Port Stanley with Governor, civil staff and mail.

                10th        Governor disembarked on arrival at Port Stanley.


1 9 5 5


January                  Argentine and Chilean activities giving rise to concern.

                2nd         Royal Marines embarked.

                3rd          Took passage to Deception Island .

                7th          Delivered Protest to Argentine warships and to Chilean Base.



                14th        Delivered Protest to Argentine base on Ardley Peninsula.

                                Carried out 4in armament practice firings on departure.

                15th        Remained in South Shetlands area.

                17th        Took passage to Port Stanley.

                19th        Governor and Royal Marines disembarked,



                2nd         Royal Marines embarked

                3rd          Took passage for patrol in South Georgia.

                8th          At Grytviken

                16th        Return passage to Port Stanley.

                20th        At Port Stanley

                24th        CinC AWI arrived flying his flag in HM Cruiser SUPERB.

                27th        Prepared for return passage to Bermuda on arrival of HM Frigate BURGHEAD BAY.



                2nd         Took passage to Punta Arenas, Chile

                4th          At Punta Arenas.

                                Calls exchanged with civil and naval authorities.

                                Open to visitors

                8th          At Puerto Montt, Chile

                14th        At Antofagasta, Chile.

                                Calls exchanged with military authorities.

                                Open to visitors.

                25th        At Mollendo Peru

                                Guard landed to take part in local parade.

                31st         At Libertad, Ecuador


April                       Passage to Bermuda with Panama Canal Transit.

                                At Bermuda.

                                Carried out routine maintenance and self refit.


May                        Deployed at Bermuda for exercises and visits programme.




August                  Passage to Plymouth to refit and re-commission.

                                On arrival Paid-off and taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Devonport.


September             Under refit by HM Dockyard Devonport.

                                (Note: Extensive changes were made to communications outfit and additional ballast

                                provided to improve stability)

October                  Under refit.

                15th        Re-commissioned for further service with 7th Frigate Squadron.

                                New Commanding Officer: Commander J Bitmead RN


November              Under refit




1 9 5 6


January                  Carried out post refit harbour trials.

                23rd        Ships company moved on board from Barracks.

                26th        Carried out sea trials.



                5th          On completion took passage to Portland.

                5th          Worked-up at Portland for operational service

                                Carried out weapon calibration, firings and exercises and calibration

                24th        On completion to passage to Devonport to prepare for foreign service.

                                (Note: British presence in South Atlantic essential in case advantage was taken by

                                Argentina or Chile during the current Middle East Suez crisis.)



                12th        Took passage to Bermuda

                24th        Arrived at Bermuda.

                                On arrival nominated for Falklands Guardship and patrol duties.



                4th          Passage from Bermuda to Port Stanley as relief for HM Patrol Ship PROTECTOR.

                                (Note: Routed with calls at ports on west coast of South America)

                9th          At Kingston, Jamaica

                14th        Transit of Panama Canal.

                20th        Relieved HMS PROTECTOR during visit to Callao, Peru.

                27th        At Antofagasta, Chile.



                5th          At Talahuano, Chile

                12th        Passage of Magellan Strait

                14th        At Punta Arenas

                17th        Arrived at Port Stanley.

                                Deployed for local patrol and exercises.


June                        Nominated for visits to Atlantic ports

                4th          Took passage to Rio Grande del Sol.

                9th          At Rio Grande del Sol.

                15th        At Vittoria

                21st         At Santo

                                Local leave granted

                27th        Took return passage to Port Stanley.



                4th          Returned to Port Stanley,

                8th          Prime Minister broadcast on Suez crisis.

                                Deployed on South Shetland Patrol.


August                  Prepared for programme of Official Visits to Brazilian ports.

                                Took passage from Port Stanley

                10th        At Puerto Belgrano

                                Calls exchanged with Brazilian Naval authorities.

                14th        Brazilian Admiral visited ship.

                16th        At Mar del Plata

                20th        Passage of 190 miles up-river to Rosario

                22nd       At Rosario.

                29th        At Montevideo, Uruguay



                4th          Passage to Port Stanley from Montevideo.

                                (Note: Mail and stores had been embarked during stay.)

                8th          Arrived at Port Stanley

                10th        Deployed at Port Stanley for local patrol and exercises.

                26th        Prepared for visits to ports in southern Argentina.

                28th        Took passage to Rio Gallagos.



                1st           At Rio Gallagos

                5th          At San Julian.

                11th        At Port Stanley

                13th        Prepared for return passage to Bermuda.

                17th        Sailed from Port Stanley to Santos, Brazil.

                19th        Transferred to South Atlantic Station.

                25th        At Santos



                1st           At Recife, Brazil

                5th          Sailed to Simonstown from Recife to join South Atlantic Station..

                19th        Arrived at Simonstown.

                28th        Took passage for visits programme to East African ports.

                30th        At East London.



                7th          At Inhambane, Mozambique

                14th        At Port Elizabeth.

                18th        Took passage from East London to Simonstown

                20th        Arrived at Simonstown

                                Local Leave granted

                                Nominated for reduction to Reserve and to return to UK


1 9 5 7


January                  Nominated for visits to ports in SW Africa during return passage to UK

                19th        Sailed for Lobito, Portuguese West Africa (Angola)

                25th        At Lobito

                31st         At Boma, Belgian Congo (Zaire)



                2nd         Passage up Congo River to Matadi, Belian

                8th          At Libreville, French Equatorial Africa.

                11th        At Sao Thome Island, Gulf of Guinea (Portuguese colony)

                15th        At Lagos, Nogeria.

                21st         At Monrovia, Liberia.

                25th        At Freetown

                                (Note: Flag of CinC South Atlantic worn)

                28th        Took passage from Freetown to Plymouth



                11th        Arrived at Plymouth and Paid-off

                12th        De-stored and commenced reduction to Reserve status.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS VERYAN BAY remained Laid-up in the Reserve Fleet at Plymouth until 1959 when placed on the Disposal List.  The ship was sold to BISCO for demolition by Metal Industries and arrived in tow at the breaker’s yard in Charlestown near Rosyth on 1st July 1959.


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