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HMS ST BRIDES BAY (K 600) - Bay-class Frigate

HMS St Brides Bay (Navy Photos/Gerry Wright, click to enlarge)

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LOCH Class Anti-submarine Frigate ordered from Harland and Wolff, Belfast on 2nd May 1943 and to be named LOCH ACHILTY. The ship was laid down on 2nd May 1944 as Job No J3902 (Yard No 1250) but the order was changed for the ship to be built to a be constructed to a new design of Anti-aircraft frigate, see General Information. The ship was launched by Mrs Woodbridge as ST BRIDES BAY on 16th January 1945 ,and was the  first RN ship to bear this name,  The build was completed on 15th June 1945.


G e o g r a p h i c    D a t a

Bay in Pembrokeshire in SW corner of Wales

Grid Reference: SM7917


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


KOREA 1950 – 53


H e r al d i c   D a t a


Badge: On a Field White, on a lozenge Blue,  surrounded by flames

proper, a celestial crown Gold.

(Explanation:  White field represents virginity.

Lozenge represents a woman.

            In art, St. Bride is usually symbolically represented either

with a perpetual flame or a column of fire or flames playing

around her head).


M a n n i n g    D i v i s i o n




D e t a i l s   o f   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 5


June                        Contractors trials and commissioned for service in British Pacific Fleet.

                                Commanding Officer: Lieut. Commander R A St C Sproul-Bolton.

                15th        Build completion and acceptance trials.


July                         Prepared for foreign service at Devonport.

                                Nominated as Stand By for Pacific Service if required

                                Passage to Malta for work-up.


August                  Worked up in Malta with 5th Escort Flotilla based at Malta.

                                Deployment with Pacific Escort Force changed.

                                Re-allocated to 5th Escort Flotilla Mediterranean Fleet.

                                On completion of work-up took passage for duty at Gibraltar.


September             Deployed at Gibraltar

to                            Carried out Weather Ship and Air Sea Rescue duties in western Atlantic during US

November              aircraft trooping flights

                                Visited Casablanca

                                (Note: Visit marked by incident with marmoset belonging to wife of the British

                                Consul. Animal was acquired by ship and returned later.


December              Re-joined Flotilla in Malta.

                                Took part in Flotilla Exercises off Malta.

                                Deployed for Patrol duty in Aegean.

                                Visited Piraeus for R&R.

                                Deployed as Guardship at Alexandria.


1 9 4 6


January                  Guardship duty at Alexandria in continuation.

                4th          Escorted HM River Gunboats APHIS, COCKCHAFER and SCARAB in Red Sea during

                                passage to Aden

                                (Note: This ships were returning to the China Station after war service in Mediterranean.)

                11th        Called at Massawa.

                17th        At Port Said.

                24th        Despatched with HM Tug MARAUDER to assist Italian mercantile GRADISOO aground

                                at Gavdo Island south of Crete.

                28th        Resumed Flotilla duties in Malta. February


February                Deployed with Flotilla in Malta


March                    Deployed for Guardship duties at Trieste and patrol in Adriatic.

to                            (Note: Trieste was under allied occupation and Mediterranean Fleet ships were

June                        Deployed in rotation as Guardship to assist if required.

                                These ships returned to Malta on relief.

                                R&R periods in Venice.

                                Visits were made to Pola during this duty.)

                                This ship assisted British yacht LATHARNA which had broken down in the Messina Strait on

                                16th May.)


July                         Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Gibraltar.


August                  Under refit.



                5th          Retained at Gibraltar on completion of post refit trials.

                                Deployed to take British troops to Tangiers after civil unrest.

                                Returned to Malta to rejoin Flotilla after release from Gibraltar service.

                                Nominated for Haifa Patrol duty.

                                (Note: British warships were deployed to intercept ships carrying immigrants to enter

                                Palestine illegally.)


October                  Deployed in eastern Mediterranean and visited Nauphlia, Greece and Larnaca, Cyprus during


                17th        At Dragomasti



                1st           Returned to Malta.

                                Redeployed for Haifa Patrol.

                28th        At Piraeus.


December              Deployed with Flotilla in Malta.


1 9 4 7


January                  Under repair in Malta.

                                (Note: Ships employed to intercept illegal immigrant ships had boarding ramps and protective

                                netting fitted

                                Boarding Parties were given training for this duty whilst in Malta.)


February                Resumed Palestine Patrol

                24th        At Volos.




March                    Flotilla duties at Malta and interception patrols.




May                        Under repair in Malta.

                                New Commanding Officer: Lieut. Commander T F Halifax.

                                Nominated for Guardship duties in Adriatic.


June                        Deployed at Venice and visited Pola.


July                         Maintenance Period in Malta and Flotilla duties.


August                  Deployed at Gibraltar.


September             On return to Malta resume interception duties in eastern Mediterranean.


October                  Deployed with Flotilla.


December              Under refit at Gibraltar


1 9 4 8


January                  On completion of post refit trials took passage to Malta to resume Flotilla duty.

                                New Commanding Officer Commander G.M Bennett RN.


February                Deployed for interception patrols.



March                    Deployed for Flotilla duties in Malta.


April                       Maintenance Period and Boiler Clean in Malta.


May                        Nominated for detached duty in Red Sea.

                                (Note: Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F600)


June                        Deployed in Red Sea with visits to Aden, Massawa and Port Sudan.

                                Returned to Malta and resumed Flotilla duties.

                                Nominated for Guardship and patrol duty in Adriatic.


August                  Deployed at Trieste.



                10th        Returned to Malta.


October                  Nominated for detached duty in Red Sea.

                                Deployed in Red Sea with calls at Ras Gharib, Jeddah, Port Sudan and Hoddeida.


November              Red Sea patrol in continuation.

                3rd          Called at Perim to embark passenger for passage to Aden.

                5th          Sailed from Aden to take up Guardship duty at Aqaba.

                9th          Guardship duty at Aqaba.

                18th        Exercised in Gulf of Aqaba and returned on completion.

                22nd       Took passage from Aqaba on relief by HM Sloop MERMAID.

                23rd        Deployed at Suez for Guardship duty.

                27th        Took passage to Malta.



                1st           Resumed duties with Flotilla at Malta.

                                (Note: During this period inspected by Flag Officer Destroyers.)


1 9 4 9



                3rd          Took part in Local exercises.

                4th          Docking in Malta.

                8th          Took part in further Local exercises.

                9th          Sailed from Malta for interception patrol duties.

                12th        At Famagusta in Dhekalia Roads.

                17th        Carried out exercises off Cyprus with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                18th        Sailed from Cyprus for patrol and passage to Malta with HMS ST AUSTELL BAY.

                22nd       Arrived at Malta

                25th        Took part in Flotilla exercise with ST AUSTELL BAY and CARDIGAN BAY.

                30th        New Commanding Officer: Commander A H Diack, DSC* RN.


February                5th Escort Flotilla re-designated 2nd Frigate Flotilla.

                3rd          At short notice for steam due to adverse weather conditions.

                8th          Took part in Flotilla exercises.

                10th        Maintenance Period alongside HM Depot Ship FORTH.

                24th        Took passage from Malta for detached service at Trieste.


March                    On relief at Trieste returned to Malta.


April                       Deployed in Malta.


June                        Under refit.


July                         Nominated for transfer to Far East for service with 4th Frigate Flotilla.

                                Rejoined 2nd Frigate Flotilla at Navarin after post refit trials.

                                (Note: Mediterranean Fleet Regatta was held at Navarin, Greece.)

                                Took passage with HMS CARDIGAN BAY to join Fleet in Far East.

                                (Note: These ships were transferred as part of the strengthening of RN ships in the area

                                in view of increasing likelihood of Communist victory in China.)


August                  Passage in Red Sea.

                5th          Sailed from Aden.

                16th        Sailed from Colombo.

                23rd        Arrived at Singapore.

                                HMS CARDIGAN BAY detached.

                25th        Took passage from Singapore for Hong Kong with HM Sloop BLACK SWAN.

                31st         Arrived at Hong Kong after call at Pratus Island.

                                Joined 4th Frigate Flotilla.


September             (Note:: Ships at Hong Kong included H M Cruiser BELFAST, HM Frigates WHITESAND

                                BAY and MOUNTS BAY of Flotilla.)

                7th          Forced to leave Hong Kong anchorage because of Typhoon weather conditions.

                                Manoeuvring difficult and electrical problems compounded the situation.

                                Soundings made by Kevin machine.

                                Tiller Flat flooded. Bridge equipment damaged.)

                                Anchored near Cape Collinson

                10th        Making good weather damage on return to harbour.

                24th        Took passage from Hong Kong for Yangtse Guardship duty

                29th        Carried out local patrol..


October                  Guardship and patrol in continuation.

                                (Note: This included surveillance of Chinese Nationalist warship movements.).

                20th        Took passage to Hong Kong on relief by HMS MOUNTS BAY.

                                (Note: Ship's cat lost overboard in heavy weather )

                24th        At Hong Kong.



                1st           Took part in Flotilla exercises including Night Encounter, Gunnery firings,

                                Anti -submarine procedures and Abeam refuelling.

                                Landing parties exercised whilst at Mir Bay.

                9th          Deployed for Local Patrol with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                11th        Returned to Hong Kong.

                17th        Sailed for Yangtse Guardship duties.

                21st         Relieved HM Sloop BLACK SWAN.

                to            Assisted safe passage of ss EBANO and carried out patrols.

                28th        Relieved by HMS MOUNTS BAY.

                                Took passage to Hong Kong with HMS BLACK SWAN.

                                Gunnery exercises on passage.

                30th        Met Fleet units and returned to Hong Kong.



                12th        Took part in Flotilla exercises including Night Encounter.

                13th        Took part in Fleet Exercise JUNKET.

                14th        Returned to Hong Kong on completion of JUNKET.

                                (Note: During period in Hong Kong visited by Flag Officer, 2nd in Command, Far East


                                Awarded Gunnery Efficiency Cup.)

                                Other snips in Hong Kong included HM Despatch Vessel HMS ALERT, HM Sloop

                                HART, ALACRITY, BLACK SWAN, HM Frigate MOUNTS BAY

                                Carried out Full Power Trial on Measured Mile off Hong Kong..


1 9 5 0



                1st           Took passage to Singapore with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                7th          Arrived at Singapore and prepared for refit.

                                (Note: Some of ship's company were changed.

                                Ship's company moved ashore to HMS TERROR.)

                14th        Entered dry dock.



                2nd         Undocked.

                                (Note: Other ships at Singapore included HM Frigate LOCH GLENDHU.)

                15th        Basin Trial.

                20th        Carried out post refit sea trials and Gunnery firings.

                24th        Ready for operational service.

                                Nominated for support of military operations and terrorist forces in Malaya.

                27th        Deployed for local patrol of east coast.


March                    East coast patrol in continuation

                                Investigated Burmese coaster ss BERENS.

                9th          Returned to Singapore and took passage to Port Swettenham.

                10th        At Port Swettenham.

                                Visit to Kuala Lumpur by ship's company representatives

                11th        Return passage to Singapore.

                12th        On arrival deployed for East Coast patrol duty.

                to            Investigated craft and visited Kuantan.


                18th        Bombarded terrorist positions NW of Kuantan.

                22nd       Carried out survey of Kapus Island.

                24th        Returned to Singapore.

                27th        Took passage to Penang for west coast patrol.

                29th        At Penang with HM ML3508.



                2nd         Sailed for patrol and passage to Singapore.

                4th          Called at Port Swettenham.

                                Passage to east coast for further support and patrol duties.

                5th          Deployed with HM ML3505 and HM ML.3506.

                6th          Patrol and support in continuation.

                to            Investigated beached mine at Kuantan, carried out starshell firings.

                13th        Collected agent at Kuala Kemanon and landed him at Mersing.

                14th        Returned to Singapore.

                18th        Sailed for east coast patrol with HM ML.3506.

                19th        Boarded suspect vessels and carried out anti-submarine exercises.



                24th        Returned to Singapore.

                29th        Took passage to rejoin Flotilla at Hong Kong.



                5th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                15th        Took part in Flotilla and Fleet exercises with HM Frigates MORECAMBE BAY,

                to            WHITESAND BAY and CARDIGAN BAY. Anchored overnight in Mirs Bay.

                31st         These included over several days, Night Encounter, AA and surface gunnery firings,

                                convoy exercises and replenishments



                1st           Hong Kong.

                                Boy ratings (later Juniors) joined ship.

                6th          Embarked Chinese Nationalist General for passage to Pratas Island.

                7th          Deployed for patrol off Amoy after General disembarked.

                14th        Took passage to Yangtse estuary for Guardship duty.

                16th        Relieved HM Destroyer COMUS.

                17th        Guardship and patrol duty.

                to            (Note: North Korean forces invaded South Korea on 25th June.)




                3rd          Took passage to Hong Kong.

                                Recovered man overboard.

                6th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                                (Note: HMS MOUNTS BAY, HMNZ Frigates TUTIRA and PUKAKI in harbour.)



                24th        Took part in Local Exercises with anchorage in Junk Bay overnight.

                28th        Gunnery firings.

                30th        Passage to Pratas Island with electrical generator.

                                Ensured safe passage of ss JEEP HOY stopped by Chinese gunboat



                1st           Returned to Hong Kong.

                2nd         Took part in exercises including AA Gunnery firings and shore bombardments.

                5th          At Hong Kong.

                7th          Recovered unexploded shell from ss HANG SONY at a buoy in Hong Kong harbour.

                8th          Carried out gunnery exercises with HMS WHITESAND BAY.

                15th        New Commanding Officer: Commander W G C Elder OBE RN

                18th        Carried out Local exercises

                29th        Night Encounter Exercise with HM Destroyer CONCORD.


August                  Deployed at Singapore for Malayan coast support of military operations

to                            (To be confirmed)

November              Nominated for service with UN of Korea. Passage to Hong Kong.


December              Joined British naval force based at Sasebo

                                Deployed off west coast of Korea and supported evacuation of Inchon.


1 9 5 1


January                  Korean east coast duties in continuation.

                                On relief took passage to return to Hong Kong.


February                Deployed for Flotilla duties at Hong Kong and Singapore.




August                  Passage to Sasebo for 2nd Tour of operational duty with UN.

to                            Deployed for patrol and gunfire support off west coast of Korea.

December              Took part in Han River bombardment operations to ensure access to Seoul.

                                Visit by CinC Far East in Han Estuary (October).

                                Remained on station during  Peace negotiations over Xrnas period.

                                New Commanding Officer: Commander J G T Western RN.


1 9 5 2


January                  Resumed Flotilla duties at Hong Kong and at Singapore for support of operations against terrorists

to                            in Malaya.



June                        Passage to Sasebo for third Operational UN Tour.


July                         Detached for duty with US Task Group en East Coast and provided medical aid to

                                USS PIERCE after damage by 75mm shore battery fire off Songjin,


August                  Resumed duties off east coast of Korea.


September             On station off Paengyong Do during air attacks en sluice gates in river estuary.


October                  Visited by First Sea Lord whilst in Haeju area en West Coast


November              Returned to Hong Kong for Flotilla duties.


December              Deployed with Flotilla at Hong Kong


1 9 5 3


January                  Flotilla duties in continuation.

to March


April                       Passage to Sasebo for Fourth Operational UN Tour.


May                        Deployed for military support off East coast of Korea.

                                Rescued unhurt pilot of FIREFLY aircraft from HM Light Fleet Aircraft Carrier GLORY off

                                Yongpyong Do on West coast after aircraft hit by small arms fire.


June                        At Sasebo for Coronation Day (June)

                                Carried out bombardments in Chodo area in support of RoK operations

                                Took passage to Hong Kong on release from UN duty.

                                (Statistics - 72,000 miles steamed; 13,000 tons fuel used.)

                                Taken in hand for docking and maintenance at Hong Kong.


July                         Under maintenance.

                6th          Post refit trials and shakedown in Hong Kong area.

                7th          Took part in local exercises.

                8th          R&R at Lantan Island.

                7th          New Commanding Officer: Commander C Le M Scott RN.

                                (Note: Korean War hostilities ended)

                29th        Local sea exercises Including bombardments and AA firings with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.



                4th          Carried local exercises with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                5th          Sailed for Formosa Straits patrol.

                17th        Intercepted British ss NIGELOCK under escort of Chinese Nationalist Gunboat.

                                Arranged release

                19th        Assistance request from British ss INCHKILDA cancelled.

                                (Note: Chinese Nationalist warships were attempted blockade of traffic to ports on


                20th        Passage to Hong Kong. Took part in Flotilla Regatta.

                25th        Took part in Local exercises and carried out patrol.

                31st         Returned to harbour.



                2nd         Deployed on patrol in Foochow area.

                to            Ensured safe passage of mercantiles INCHULVA, PAD YING YUAN, BELINDA and

                9th          ADMIRAL HARDY.

                10th        Returned to Hong Kong.

                15th        Took passage to Sasebo for detached UN duty off Korea.

                                Carried out Foochow patrol.

                18th        Passage for two mercantiles ensured.

                22nd       Arrived at Sasebo.

                25th        Sailed from Sasebo with HMS MOUNTS BAY for visit to Yokosuka

                28th        Took part in exercises off Yokosuka with USN ships.



                2nd         Return passage to Sasebo with HMS MOUNTS BAY and HMAS CULGOA

                5th          At Sasebo.

                                (Naval Constructor Officer on board.)

                8th          Took part in joint exercises with Australian and Dutch warships off Sasebo.

                16th        Passage to Kure.

                17th        At Kure.

                25th        Sailed from Kure for Formosa Strain patrol during passage

                31st         Arrived at Hong Kong having ensure safe passage for two



                5th          Present during visit to Colony by Vice President Nixon,

                9th          Deployed to cover passage of HM ML3511 during patrol off Hong Kong in case of Chinese


                12th        Docked for one day for inspection.

                16th        Sailed for Local patrol prior to passage for Formosa Strait duty.

                20th        Stood by ss TEFKOSS with mercantile LAREL MAERSK.

                                Took ss TEKFOSS in tow.

                21st         Tow transferred to Tug CASTLE PEAK. Claim for salvage vas

                22nd       Returned to Hong Kong.

                30th        Carried out Gunnery firings before passage to Formosa Strait



                3rd          Returned to Hong Kong.

                4th          Left harbour due to weather conditions and then took passage to Formosa Strait,

                8th          Returned to Hong Kong.

                9th          Took part in Local exercises.

                21st         Deployed for Formosa Strait patrol.

                28th        Returned to Hong Kong after bombardment practice firings.

                29th        Took part in Local exercises with HM Ships MOUNTS BAY, MORECAMBE BAY,

                                CARDIGAN BAY and HM Submarine THOROUGH (for anti-submarine serials.)

                30th        Returned to harbour on completion.

                31st         Citations presented to two Able Seamen by Flag Officer, 2nd in Command Far East.



1 9 5 4



                8th          Took passage to Kure from Hong Kong.

                14th        Arrived at Kure having carried out anti-submarine exercises on passage.

                19th        Passage to Sasebo for briefing prior to Guardship duty as Task Unit 95.1.5.

                22nd       Sailed from Sasebo for duty at Pangyaengo Do off east coast of Korea.

                24th        Relieved HMS MOUNTS BAY as Guardship.

                27th        Refuelled at sea from RFA WAVE CHIEF.

                30th        Took passage to Kure. Libertymen were landed during stay.



                2nd         At Kure.

                8th          Took passage for exercises with US ships and for Formosa Strait patrol.

                15th        Arrived at Hong Kong after rough passage.

                21st         Deployed for Formosa Strain patrol after gunnery firings.



                1st           Returned to Hong Kong.

                8th          Deployed for Formosa Strait patrol.

                16th        Returned to Hong Kong after Full Power Trial and gunnery firings.

                                Prepared for refit.

                                Inspected by SO 4th Frigate Flotilla.


April                       Under refit.


                                Fire in Oil Fuel Tank caused by electrical lead.


May                        Under refit

                27th        Undocked.


June                        Post refit trials.

                7th          Refit completion date.

                10th        Carried out Local Exercises and Patrol after sea trials.

                to            Deployed with HM MLs 3152 and 3153.

                23rd        Carried out gunnery firings.

                                Senior Officer of Squadron on board.

                27th        Took passage for Kure with Formosa Strait patrol initially.



                3rd          Arrived at Kure.

                7th          Typhoon FLOSSIE warning.

                                Squadron Padre embarked.

                8th          Took passage from Kure for Guardship duties on east coast Korea.

                                Exercised with HMAS ARUNTA on departure.

                11th        Deployed as Guardship at Paeonpyong Do and Yongpyong Do.

                13th        Refuelled from RFA (possibly GREEN RANGER).

                                Exercised with US Navy ships.

                22nd       Took passage to Kure with call at Sasebo and anti-submarine exercises.

                25th        At Kure.


August                  Ship's Company photographed during stay at Kure.

                1st           Sailed from Kure for Hong Kong with surveillance during Formosa Strait passage.

                8th          Arrived at Hong Kong.

                                Squadron Padre left ship.

                14th        Deployed for Formosa Strait patrol.

                15th        SOS from mercantile cancelled.

                21st         Returned to Hong Kong.

                26th        Deployment for assistance after aircraft crash cancelled.

                28th        Typhoon warning in force.


September             Maintenance Period at Singapore.

                2nd         CinC Far East visited ship.

                7th          Took part in anti-submarine exercises.

                13th        Sailed from Hong Kong for Singapore.

                18th        Arrived at Singapore after rough passage.

                                Some flooding experienced.

                19th        First Lord of the Admiralty (Mr. J.L.P. Thomas) attended Divisions.

                20th        Cheer Ship for CinC departure on board HM Cruiser BIRMINGHAM.

                24th        Maintenance Period ended.

                26th        Embarked Reserve personnel for Sea Training

                29th        Sultan of Pahang and retinue embarked for visit to Pulau Ticman.

                30th        At Pulau Tioman.



                3rd          At Port Dickson.

                4th          Sailed for Malacca.

                7th          Return passage to Singapore arriving same day.

                9th          Took part on Seaward Defence Exercise.

                10th        Returned to Singapore. CinC's Divisions.

                11th        Prepared to Pay-Off and Re-commission. First Party left ship for UK.

                20th        Re-commissioned.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander IF Somerville, RN

                                Also became Senior Officer's Ship 4th Frigate Squadron.

                24th        Shakedown cruise. Passage to Pulau Tioman.

                28th        Took passage from Singapore to Hong Kong.


November              Deployed at Hong Kong.


December              Took part in Bombardment Exercise at Taitam Wan

                                Took part in Small Ships Regatta.

                17th        Maintenance Period and docking in Hong Kong.


1 9 5 5



                2nd         Paint Ship in Tolo Harbour.

                10th        Took part in Fleet exercises with ships of 3rd Frigate Squadron, Destroyers of

                                6th Flotilla and HMS BIRMINGHAM.

                13th        Passage to Kure.

                17th        At Kure.

                20th        Took passage for east Coast Korea Guardship duty with call at Sasebo.

                23rd        Relieved HMAS COOLHAVEN as Guardship at Yongpyong Do.

                28th        Took part in exercises with USN minesweepers.

                30th        Carried out Local patrol and called at Pangyong Do.



                1st           On relief by HMCS SIOUX took passage to Sasebo.

                2nd         At Sasebo.

                3rd          Took part in EXERCISE DEEP THRUST with HMAS SHEARHAVEN,

                                HMS CARDIGAN BAY and US Submarine USS SABALO.

                9th          Passage too Nagasaki.

                10th        At Nagasaki.

                12th        Passage to Kure.

                13th        At Kure.

                19th        Sailed from Kure for Hong Kong.

                25th        Arrived at Hong Kong after stormy passage with snow and Force 9/10 winds.



                2nd         Took passage to Guam with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                                Carried cut anti-submarine exercises on passage.

                10th        Arrived at Guam.

                14th        Took passage from Guam to Sandakan, Borneo.

                                (Note: RN ships were deployed off Borneo because of incidence of piracy and the

                                activities of pro-Indonesian elements.)

                21st         At Sandakan.

                23rd        At Tawau.



                24th        At Sempora.

                25th        At Anil.

                27th        At Sandakan.

                28th        At Kudat.

                30th        Took passage to return to Singapore.



                3rd          Arrived at Singapore.

                4th          Prepared for refit.

                                De-ammunitioned and de-stored.

                                Ship's company moved to TERROR

                13th        Docked.


May                        Under refit.

                                (Note: Some of crew visited Penang.)

                6th          Undocked.

                16th        Docked again in AFD20



                3rd          Undocked.

                                (Note: Vice Admiral F T Mason, Engineer in Chief, Royal Navy visited ship.)

                25th        Basin Trial

                                (Note: Completion delayed by oil fuel leak when refuelling.

                                Serious flooding in Store Room Flat.)

                27th        Involved in collision with TONGKAN during sea trials in Johore Strait.

                                TONGKAN sank and survivors rescued.



                1st           Gun Functioning trials.

                2nd         DG Ranging.

                4th          Inspection by Commodore.

                5th          Passage to Tioman Palua for shakedown

                10th        On completion of evolutions including Tow and Paint Ship

                                Took passage to Hong Kong with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                14th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                18th        Took part in Local exercises with HMS CARDIGAN BAY and HMNZS PUKAKI.

                                (Note: These included anti-submarine procedures and gunnery firings.)

                23rd        Further Basin Trial.



                3rd          Took passage from Hong Kong for Yokohama.

                11th        Met HMNZS PUKAKI and HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                15th        Arrived at Yokohama with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                16th        Took part in Exercise COMEX with HMS CARDIGAN BAY, HMNZS PUKAKI,

                                ALMIRANTE PADILLA (Columbian Navy).

                                Exercises included Refuelling from RFA GOLD RANGER and CASEX anti-submarine


                21st         On completion of COMEX took passage to Kure arriving same day.

                29th        Sailed from Kure for visit to Kagoshima.

                30th        At Kagoshima. Exchanges made with civic leaders.



                3rd          Took passage from Kagoshima for Hong Kong.

                8th          Arrived at Hong Kong after ship Damage Control and other drills on passage.

                13th        Admiral's Harbour Inspection.

                14th        Admiral's Sea Inspection.

                16th        Took passage to Singapore.

                18th        Ships Bell lost overboard !

                21st        Arrived at Singapore. Full Power Trial carried out on passage - 18 knots.

                26th        Board of Enquiry re losses of Bell and Name Board missing after arrival.

                27th        Sailed for Port Dickson after Board of Enquiry ended.

                28th        At Port Dickson.

                29th        At Malacca.



                3rd          Sailed from Malacca for Gun Functioning trial at Langkawi.

                5th          Passage from Langkawi to Penang arriving same day.

                12th        Return passage to Singapore.

                                (Note: Patrols were carried out during stay for interception of terrorist arms.

                                traffic and support of military/police operations.)

                14th        Arrived at Singapore.

                16th        Took part in Local exercises.

                23rd        Sailed for Hong Kong.

                29th        Arrived at Hong Kong.


November              At Hong Kong.

                8th          Pulling Regatta in Junk Bay.

                14th        Took part in Flotilla exercises off Hong Kong.

                18th        CinC Far East Inspection.

                27th        Ship's Company Photograph



                1st           Maintenance Period and docked.

                16th        Basin Trial.

                19th        Sea Trials and Local exercises.


1 9 5 6



                12th        Took passage from Hong Kong to Kure.

                14th        Ensured entry of mercantile HYRALOCK into Foochow after threat of detention by

                                Chinese Nationalist gunboat.

                19th        Arrived at Kure after rough passage.

                24th        Took passage from Kure for US Naval Base at Yokosuka. .

                                HMNZS PUKAKI and HMS CARDIGAN BAY in company.

                26th        On arrival took part in multi national exercises including convoy defence, RAS and

                                surface gunnery in Area GEORGE.

                28th        Entered Yokosuka with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.



                2nd         Took passage to Tokyo with HMS CARDIGAN BAY arriving same day for formal


                8th          Official exchanges with civil and military authorities.

                9th          Took part in exercises in Sagami Wan area

                                These included serial with US submarine USS GREEN FISH.

                                Sailed for Chinhae, Korea with BMS CARDIGAN BAY on completion.

                                an emergency on board during passage.)

                12th        Arrived at South Korean Naval Base at Chinhae

                                (Note: Medical Officer had been transferred to HMS CARDIGAN BAY during

                                passage to deal with emergency on board.)

                14th        Cheered HMS CARDIGAN BAY on departure.

                                Leaving Station.

                                Carried out gunnery firings.

                                Assisted ROK fishing vessel and transferred crew to ROK Navy craft.

                                Took passage to Hong Kong.

                19th        Arrived at Hong Kong after surveillance during period in Formosa Strait.

                                Advance Party for re-commissioning joined ship.

                                (Note: 4in Shell was fuzed whilst in passage as a precaution in view of current

                                international unrest.)

                27th        Sailed for Singapore.

                                (Note: Shallow water divers examined Sonar Dome whilst at Hong Kong.)

                                Repair was effected before sailing.)



                3rd          Arrived at Singapore.

                4th          Prepared for re-commissioning.

                9th          Re-commissioned .

                                New Commanding Officer: Commander N Dixon.

                                (Note: This was under new rules which required re-commissioning after 18 months

                                foreign service instead of 2 years.)

                12th        Took part in exercises and work-up off Singapore.

                                (Note: These included anti-submarines procedures with HM Submarine

                                THOROUGH and night gunnery firings.)

                19th        Sailed for Hong Kong.

                                (Note: During passage starboard screw fouled by wire and cleared by divers.

                28th        On arrival deployment for search after aircraft crash was cancelled.



                10th        Took part in Local exercises including anti-submarine procedures .damage control

                                and gunnery firings.

                16th        Fire-fighting demonstration on board.

                17th        Took part in Local exercises with ships of Squadron.

                26th        Took part in further exercises off Hong Kong.



                7th          Sailed from Hong Kong for Sasebo with HMNZS KANIERE after exercises.

                12th        Arrived at Sasebo.

                15th        Sailed for visit to Kagoshima.

                16th        At Kagoshima.

                                Official calls exchanged.

                21st         Passage to Kure arriving same day.

                25th        Sailed for official visit to Kobe.

                26th        At Kobe.



                5th          Passage to Yokosuka to take part in exercises with US Navy.

                13th        On completion took passage for Hong Kong with surveillance during period in the

                                Formosa Strait.

                19th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                20th        Took part in Fleet exercises.

                25th        Took part in Squadron exercises.

                27th        Prepared for refit and ship's company moved ashore to HMS TAMAR

                                Ship at Extended Notice.


July                        Under refit.

                12th        Docked


August                  Under refit



                15th        Refit completion date.

                19th        Began sea trials.

                24th        Completed sea trials and local exercises



                1st           Took part in Local exercises.

                10th        Sailed for Fleet Exercise JET 56.

                                (Note: Captain went to hospital before sailing.

                                Lieutenant Commander W J Cirry assumed command.)

                15th        Deployed for exercises with HM Cruiser NEWCASTLE, HMNZS PUKAKI and HMNZS

                                KANIERE, HMAS TOBRUK, ANZAC and ALBATROSS..

                                (Note: Serials included convoy defence, anti-submarine procedures with USN submarine.)

                22nd       At Manila.

                                Open to visitors.

                25th        Sailed for Singapore.

                29th        At Singapore.

                                Captain rejoined ship.



                1st           Despatched to Middle East Station in support of operations pending against Egypt

                7th          At Trincomalee.

                18th        At Aden.

                                (Note: HM Cruiser NEWFOUNDLAND also at Aden.)

                                Constructor Lieutenant visited ship.)



                2nd         Flag Officer Middle East visited ship at Aden.

                4th          Took passage for patrol duty in Ras Gharib area, Red Sea.

                                (Note: HMS NEWFOUNDLAND, HM Destroyer DIANA, HM Sloop MODESTE,

                                RFA GOLD RANGER and RFA WAVE SOVEREIGN were also deployed.)

                26th        Provided assistance at Jebbel Attair Lighthouse but patient too ill to be moved.

                28th        Returned to Aden.


1 9 5 7



                3rd          Released from detached duty and took passage to Singapore.

                7th          Arrived at Singapore after exercising on passage with HM Sloop OPOSSUM.

                23rd        At Extended Notice for docking in AFD10.


February                Nominated for detached service in New Zealand.

                11th        Undocked.

                12th        CinC Far East Divisions on board.

                13th        Took passage to Tawau, Borneo with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                18th        At Tawau.

                19th        Sailed from Tawau for Townsville, Australia.

                25th        Called at Howick Island.

                28th        At Townsville.




                2nd         Took passage from Townsville.

                8th          Arrived at RNZN Base in Auckland.

                17th        Took passage to Port Fitzro, Great Barrier Island for visit arriving same day.

                20th        Sailed from Port Fitzroy to visit Catherine Bay and Moari Bay on return passage

                                to Auckland.

                21st         Took part in RNZN exercises.

                23rd        Visited Port Fitzroy and Port Abercrombie between exercises.

                27th        Resumed exercises



                1st           Returned to Auckland

                12th        Sailed from Auckland with RNZN ships for exercises.
                                (Notes: These included the training of Reservists.

                                Ship visited Maori Bay.)

                17th        Returned to Auckland.

                24th        Took passage for visit to Wellington.

                26th        Official visit with Civic welcome.

                28th        Sailed for exercises with RNZN ships.

                30th        At Marlborough Sound.



                1st           At Ship Cove.

                2nd         Resumed exercises.

                3rd          Returned to Wellington

                7th          At Nelson.

                9th          Sailed for exercises.

                10th        At Wellington.

                12th        Sailed for exercises

                14th        At Lyttleton

                16th        Sailed for Wellington.

                17th        At Wellington.

                20th        Lt. Cdr Corry assumed temporary command

                                Took passage to Timaru.

                21st         At Timaru. Civic exchanges made.

                22nd       Captain rejoined ship.

                23rd        Return passage to Wellington from Timaru.

                24th        Return passage to Auckland from Wellington

                26th        At Auckland.


June                        Deployed for visits to Pacific islands.

                5th          Took passage from Wellington for Suva

                9th          At Suva.

                                Lost awning during rough weather.

                11th        Sailed for Apia.

                                Crossed International Date Line.

                12th        At Apia

                17th        Sailed for Nuku Nono.

                18th        At Nuku Nono. Two natives found on board !

                19th        Took passage to Kakaofo and thence to Apia and Atafu.

                21st         Returned to Apia.

                23rd        Sailed for Nukualofa.

                26th        At Nukualopa.

                28th        Sailed for Suva.

                30th        At Suva



                1st           Took passage to San Cristobel Island.

                5th          Arrived at Wanoni Bay.

                                Embarked 15 passengers and sailed for Honiara.

                                Crossed International Date Line.

                                At Honiara.

                                Open to visitors and civic exchanges.

                8th          Sailed for Gizo.

                9th          At Gizo.

                                Open to visitors.

                                Took passage to Manus.

                12th        Arrived at Manus. Refuelled and sailed for Hong Kong.

                15th        Machinery failure repaired quickly.

                21st         Arrived at Hong Kong and resumed duties in 3rd Frigate Squadron.



                27th        Began Maintenance Period



                1st           Docked.

                3rd          Undocked.

                12th        Sailed to Singapore from Hong Kong to re-commission.

                17th        Arrived at Singapore

                21st         Re-commissioned.

                                New Commanding Officer: Commander B C Moth MBE RN.

                24th        Sailed for Shakedown at Palua Ticman.

                29th        Took passage to Malacca.

                30th        At Malacca.



                1st           Sailed for Singapore.

                2nd         Returned to Singapore.

                4th          Deployed at Singapore for exercises.

                12th        Took passage to Port Dickson.

                13th        At Port Dickson. Civic exchanges.

                15th        Sailed for Singapore.

                16th        At Singapore.

                17th        Took passage to Hong Kong. Ship exercises.

                21st         Met HM Despatch Vessel ALERT for transfer.

                23rd        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                26th        Civil Lord of the Admiralty visiting Colony.

                30th        Took part in Local exercises.


October                  Deployed at Hong Kong.

                                Local exercises including anti-submarine procedures with HM Submarine ANDREW.



November              Deployed at Hong Kong.

                5th          Local Flotilla exercises

                19th        Fleet Regatta in Junk Bay.

                30th        Took passage to Sandakan, Borneo for patrol duties.



                4th          At Sandakan and sailed for Jesselton.

                5th          At Jesselton.

                6th          Return passage to Singapore.

                8th          At Singapore and prepared for refit

.                               De-ammunitioned and de-stored.

                                Ship's Company moved ashore to HMS TERROR.

                                Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Singapore


1 9 5 8


January                  Under refit.



                4th          Docked in King George V Graving Dock.


March                    New Commanding Officer: Commander J H Groom RN.

                3rd          Visited by Bishop of Maidstone.

                18th        Tilt Test and undocked. Ship's company returned on board. Basin trials.

                24th        Refit completion date.

                26th        Sea trials

.               29th        Completed sea trials.

                31st         Gun functioning trials



                3rd          Sailed for Shakedown at Palau Ticman.

                8th          Returned to Singapore.

                12th        Took passage to Hong Kong.

                17th        Arrived at Hong Yang.

                                Exercised on passage including RAS from RFA GREEN RANGER.

                19th        Took passage to Sasebo.

                23rd        Exercise FLOTEX in Sasebo area with HM Sloops OPOSSUM and MODESTE.

                25th        At Sasebo

                26th        Sailed for Inchon, Korea with HM Despatch Vessel ALERT for official visit by

                                CinC Far East.

                28th        At Inchon. Calls exchanged with ROK Navy and other authorities..

                30th        British Ambassador visited HMS ALERT.

                                Sailed for Yongpyon Do.



                1st           At Yong Pyong Do. Sailed for Sasebo after exchange of visit.

                3rd          Arrived at Sasebo.

                4th          Passage to Beppu with HMS MODESTE for official visit.

                5th          At Beppu.

                                Calls exchanged.

                                Open to visitors

                8th          Took passage with HMS MODESTE to Nagoya.

                10th        At Nagoya for official visit. Hail a exchanged and Press on board.

                                Open to visitors.

                                Bus tour arranged for ship's company.

                13th        Passage to Yokohama with HMS MODESTE

                14th        Carried out anti-submarine exercise before arrival.

                19th        Sailed for Hong Kong with HMS MODESTE and exercised on passage.

                25th        Arrived at Hong Kong after gunnery firing trial.

                                Began maintenance period at Kowloon.



                10th        Took part in Local exercises.

                13th        Demonstrations on board for visitors

                17th        Took part in Local exercises.



                3rd          Annual Harbour and Sea Inspections.

                7th          Sailed for Singapore with Ceremonial Departure.

                                Exercised on passage with HM Destroyer COSSACK before arrival.

                12th        At Singapore.

                14th        Prepared for Self-Refit.

                                Ship's company moved ashore to HMS TERROR.

                24th        Docked in AFD 31

                27th        Undocked.


August                  Nominated for detached service in Middle East Station.

                                (Note: This was due to increased unrest.

                                Middle East Station was due to close on 1st September.)

                5th          Ship's company returned on board.

                7th          Took part in exercises at Palau Tioman.

                9th          Malayan RNVR trainees embarked for exercises at Palau Tioman.

                16th        Returned to Singapore from exercises.

                19th        Took passage to Aden.


September             Exercised on passage.

                1st           At Aden.

                4th          Deployed for local patrol and interception of illegal traffic.

                6th          Met HM Inshore Minesweeper BASSINGHAM under tow by RFA FORT

                                SANDUSKY to Mombasa.

                                (Note: This ship was being transferred to Mombasa for loan service in the Royal East

                                African Navy and presumably had broken down on passage.

                                Took over tow and took passage to Aden.

                8th          Arrived at Aden with HMS BASSINGHAM.

                9th          Took passage for patrol off Omani coast.

                12th        Met HM Commando Carrier BULWARK.

                                Transferred mail and stores.

                13th        Took part in Salvage operations in Arabian Sea after mercantiles ss MELIKA and tanker

                                FERNAND GILABERT had collided.

                                Found derelict MELIKA and took in tow.

                14th        Tow parted.

                to            Assisted in salvage work with HMS BULWARK and HM Frigate LOCH KILLISPORT.

                17th        (Note: FERNAND GILABERT was later towed by HMS LOCH KILLISPORT).

                                Significant awards were later paid to ship's companies of all RN ships.)

                20th        Released from detached service in Middle East and took passage to Trincomalee.

                22nd       At Trincomalee and sailed for Singapore same day after replenishment.

                27th        Arrived at Singapore.

                29th        Docked in Floating Dock for repairs.

                30th        First Sea Lord visited snip in dock.

                                (Note: Leading Cook injured by dockyard crane during docking period.)


October                  Undocked and resumed Flotilla duties.

                8th          Took passage to Hong Kong.

                13th        Arrived at Hong Kong after gunnery firings in Junk Bay area.

                22nd       Took part in Local exercises.

                26th        Took part in Local exercises.


November              Deployed at Hong Kong for local Exercises.

                                Embarked Commodore Hong Kong for day during exercises.

                                Ship's Company photographed.

                6th          Took part in Local exercises.

                13th        Took part in Local exercises including anti-submarine procedures and gunnery firings.

                17th        Fleet Regatta.

                28th        Took part in Fleet exercises off Hong Kong.


December              Maintenance Period.

                3rd          Docked.

                16th        Undocked.

                30th        Deployed for patrol in Mirs Bay.


1 9 5 9



                2nd         Took passage for Borneo patrol via Mindora Strait.

                6th          At Tawau, North Borneo.

                8th          Deployed for patrol with Police embarked..

                12th        At Sandakan.

                15th        At Kudat.

                17th        Took passage to Singapore.

                20th        Arrived at Singapore.

                                Some of snip's company left for flight to UK

                                Prepared for re-commissioning..

                30th        Re-commissioned.

                                New Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander PJ Wyatt, RN).



                4th          Took part in Flotilla and Fleet exercises off Singapore.

                14th        Returned to Singapore.

                18th        Prepared for Royal Visit by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to Hong Kong.



                1st           Sailed from Singapore with HMS MOUNTS BAY to met HM Royal Yacht BRITANNIA.

                                (Note: HMZNS ROTOITI and HMS CARDIGAN BAY joined later on passage.)

                6th          Joined HMY BRITANNIA for entry to Hong Kong

                18th        HMY BRITANNIA sailed from Hong Kong for Pacific visits.

                23rd        Took passage to Singapore from Hong Kong.

                28th        Arrived at Singapore with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.



                2nd         Took part in Fleet exercise FLOTEX in Gulf of Siam.

                                (Note: Won 3rd Frigate Squadron Soccer Cup.

                7th          On completion returned to Singapore.

                9th          Taken in hand for refit.

                                Ship's company moved to HMS TERROR.

                                New Commanding Officer: Commander R Von T B Kettle RN.


May                        Under refit.





                6th          Ship's company returned on board

                9th          Basin trials.

                13th        Began post refit sea trials.

                15th        Began Shakedown period including exercises at Tioman Palua.

                27th        Ready for operational duty in Squadron.



                3rd          Took passage to Hong Kong from Singapore.

                8th          Arrived at Hang Kong.

                13th        Took part in Local exercises including bombardments.

                16th        Carried out local survey work.

                21st         Took part in Local Defence exercise with HM ML2518 and 2618 of Local Flotilla.

                30th        Sailed from Hong Kong for Singapore.


September             Nominated for Guardship duty at Addu Atoll in Indian Ocean.

                5th          Arrived at Singapore.

                12th        Took passage to Addu Atoll.

                                (Note: This deployment was made to ensure that the programme for establishment of an

                                RAF Staging Point was kept on schedule. This building work was an urgent

                                requirement since trooping flights to Singapore were being made over the

                                Indian Ocean instead of over Middle East countries due to the local political


                                A Guardship was therefore being sent.

                21st         Arrived at Addu Atoll and relieved HM Destroyer CAPRICE as Guardship.

                                Air Chief Marshal The Earl of Brandon visited ship.


 October                 Addu Atoll Guardship duty in continuation.

                                (Note: Period of duty was extended from the planned 3 weeks because of delay in

                                completion of refit of HM Sloop CRANE at Singapore.

                                Problems relating to payment of ship's company were solved by unorthodox

                                methods including borrowing money from the civilian Laundry on board)


November              Sailed for Singapore and called at Penang for two days R&R visit.

                                Arrived at Singapore.



                1st           Docked.

                                Ship's company moved to HMS TERROR.

                4th          Undocked.

                13th        Basin Trial.

                                Flag Officer 2nd in Command Far East visited ship.

                14th        Ship's company returned on board.

                                Emergency compass found missing.

                                Sea trials and ammunitioned.

                15th        Took passage for detached service visits to Australia and New Zealand.

                                (Note: This was probably arranged in compensation for the stay at Addu Atoll.)

                24th        Arrived at Fremantle after rough passage and refuelled at sea.

                                Civic exchanges and children’s party on board.

                                Open to visitors.

                28th        Sailed for Adelaide.



1 9 6 0



                2nd         At Adelaide.

                4th          Took passage to Auckland, New Zealand.

                11th        Arrived at Auckland.

                19th        Took part in RNZN exercises in Hauraki Gulf.

                                (Note: Trips were arranged for ship's company during stay.)

                25th        Sailed from Auckland for Official visit to Wellington.

                27th        Arrived at Wellington after exercises on passage.

                                Civic exchanges and extensive hospitality.

                                Open to visitors



                1st           Took passage to Hobart, Tasmania.

                5th          At Hobart.

                to            Exchanges made with civil and military authorities,

                11th        Took part in local Regatta and open to visitors.

                                (Note: Visit was marked by robbery in Canteen).

                12th        Took passage to Sydney

                15th        Arrived at Sydney after rough passage.

                                Open to visitors during stay.

                19th        Sailed from Sydney for Cairns.

                23rd        At Cairns.

                                Ship's company photographed.

                                Open to visitors

                25th        Took passage to Singapore.

                                (Note: During the visits to ports in both countries there was a marked increase in leave-

                                breaking and potential desertion.

                                Many personnel were recovered and returned to the ship later.)


March                    Painted ship during passage in position 3 Degrees South, 110 Degrees East.

                7th          Took part in anti-submarine and air defence exercises off Singapore.

                                Arrived at Singapore on completion.

                9th          Annual Harbour Inspection by SO 3rd Frigate Squadron 10th    Sea Inspection.

                13th        Present during visit to Singapore by First Sea Lord.

                19th        Ship's company moved to HMS TERROR.

                21st         Docked for Interim Docking and maintenance.



                5th          Undocked.

                9th          Ship's company retuned on board.

                15th        Sailed for exercises before taking passage to Hong Kong.

20th        Arrived at Hong Kong.

                22nd       Took part in Local exercises with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.


 May                       Deployed at Hong Kong and took part in Local exercises.

                                (Note: Some of snip's company were employed as 'Extras' during the filming of THE

                                MAKING OF SUZIE WONG at Hong Kong during this period.)

                                Expedition Training was carried out

                26th        Took passage from Hong Kong for exercises prior to visit to Chinhae, Korea.

                27th        During Squadron exercises machinery problems experienced.

                                Withdrawn and returned to Hong Kong escorted by HM Destroyer CAVENDISH.

                31st         Took passage to rejoin Fleet for major exercises.



                3rd          Met HMNZS ROTOITI for exercises.

                                Took part in Fleet exercises with HMS ALBION and ships of Far East Fleet.

                                (Note: These included Replenishment at Sea, Night Encounter, convoy defence and

                                anti-submarine defence with HM Submarine TEREDO.)

                9th          At Yokohama.

                                Open to visitors

                15th        Took passage to Maizuru with ships of Fleet.

                18th        Arrived at Maizuru after delay when wire fouling screw had top be cleared.

                to            This was an Official visit to Japanese Defence Force.

                22nd       Formal exchanges with Guard.

                                Japanese naval visitors and open to public

                                (Note: Jujitsu and fencing displays by host nation.

                                Children’s party for Orphans,.

                23rd        Took passage for Fleet exercises on return passage to Hong Kong.

                                Joined Fleet exercises on passage including convoy defence.

                                Rendezvous with HM Cruiser BELFAST.

                                (Note: Other ships included HMNZS ROTOITI, HM Destroyer CAPRICE, HM Sloop

                                CRANE, HMS CARDIGAN BAY and RFA RETAINER.)

                                Fire in radar generator was extinguished



                2nd         On arrival at Hong Kong collided with HM Inshore Minesweeper DAMERHAM.

                                (Note: Accident due to failure of communications between Bridge and Engine Room when

                                berthing alongside HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                                HMS DAMERHAM was almost cut in half.

                                Fortunately the only person on board was able to escape before impact.

                                Board of Inquiry was held later in HMS BELFAST.

                3rd          Took passage to Singapore.

                8th          Arrived at Singapore.

                10th        Prepared to re-commission.

                15th        Re-commissioned for service in 3rd Frigate Squadron.

                                Commanding Officer: Commander JO Roberts, RN.

                16th        Took passage to Palau Tioman for shakedown.                            

                20th        Returned to Singapore and prepared for refit.

                23rd        Ship's company moved ashore to HMS TERROR.


August                  Under refit.

                9th          Flooding in Paint Store and Forepeak due to leaking firemain in Messdeck.

                10th        Docked.



                10th        Death of Ordinary Seaman Hannah in hospital.

                19th        Fire extinguished in Canteen Flat.


October                  Under refit

                16th        Completion date.

                17th        Ship's company returned on board.

                18th        Basin Trial.

                24th        Sea Trials.

                26th        Post refit equipment sea trials.



                4th          Completed post refit checks.

                7th          Took part in Local exercises at Pulau Aura and Pulau Ticman.

                                (Note: These included anti-submarine procedures, gunnery firings and tow.)

                11th        Returned to Singapore on completion.

                14th        Took part in Fleet and Squadron Exercises in South China Sea.

                                (Note: These included convoy defence, AA firings and anti-submarine procedures.)

                24th        Returned to Singapore on completion.

                29th        Took passage to Townsville with HMS CARDIGAN BAY for detached service.

                                (Note: Senior Officer 3rd Frigate Squadron was embarked in HMS CARDIGAN BAY.)



                10th        At Townsville with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.


                                Civic exchanges made and open to visitors.

                12th        Sailed from Townsville for Pacific islands visit programme.

                16th        At Noumea, New Caledonia with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                                (Note: Inspection carried cut by Senior Officer 3rd Frigate Squadron.)

                20th        Sailed from Noumea with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                23rd        Arrived at Suva, Fiji after exercises with SUNDERLAND aircraft.

                                (Note: Xmas at Suva with children’s party.)

                28th        Took passage from Suva for Apia, Samoa with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                29th        At Apia.

                20th        Returned to Singapore and prepared for refit.

                23rd        Ship's company moved ashore to HMS TERROR.

                28th        Took passage from Suva for Apia, Samoa with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                29th        At Apia.


1 9 6 1



                2nd         Took passage from Apia, Western Samoa to Hawaii with HMS CARDIGAN BAY.

                9th          Arrived at Pearl Harbour for official visit to US Navy by CinC Far East.

                                (Note: Formal exchanges were made with US Navy senior officers, US Army senior offers and civil

                                authorities. Extensive hospitality offered to ship's company)

                16th        Sailed from Pearl Harbour with HMS CARDIGAN BAY, which then detached and took independent

                                passage for visit to US Ports before return to UK.

                17th        Passage to Gilbert and Ellice Islands.

                25th        At Funafuti.

                26th        Passage to Noumea and Onatoa Tuvalu.

                30th        At Tarawa



                1st           Passage from Tarawa to Admiralty Islands.

                6th          At Manus

                                (Note: This was used by ships of the British Pacific Fleet as a forward base during WW2.

                                See WAR WITH JAPAN (HMSO).)

                7th          Passage to Philippines

                13th        At Ilo Ilo

                14th        Passage to Hong Kong.

                18th        At Hong Kong for duty as Guardship.

                20th        Passage to Singapore from Hong Kong.

                25th        At Singapore and prepared for Annual Inspection and for routine docking.

                                (Note: During the period before docking , took part in exercises with ships of Far East Fleet

                                including Annual Inspection.

                                Ship's company were accommodated in HMS TERROR during docking period.)


April                       Docking and essential defect repair by HM Dockyard Singapore


May                        Post refit trials and ammunitioning.

                                Nominated for patrol duties based at Tawau, Borneo on completion.

                                (Note: Patrols to intercept small vessels (Kumpits) which were carrying out attacks on local

                                shipping and fishing vessels had been established for some years.

                                Activities of this type have escalated in recent years when large ships are now vulnerable to

                                piracy from small vessels.

                                In 1962 when Indonesian forces attempted to take over Borneo (KONFRONTASI)

                                extensive RN operations were carried out to prevent landings and support of Guerrilla


                                Piracy patrols were thus a pre-amble to these operations.

                                Civil Police units were embarked in warships deployed off Borneo.)

                16th        Deployed for anti-piracy patrol duties based at Tawau

                20th        Passage to Hong Kong on release from duties in Borneo.

                                Passage from Hong Kong to Japanese waters.



                18th        At Yokosuka which is the port for Tokyo and where a US Navy Base has been in operation since


                                Formal exchanges made with US Navy senior officers and civil authorities.

                20th        Passage to Hong Kong with HM Submarine TACTICIAN which remained surfaced.

                26th        Deployed as Guardship at Hong Kong.

                                (Note: Due to emergency requirements in Kuwait several ships were transferred to the

                                Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. This reduced the number of ships on Station and

                                Guardship duty lasted longer than the seven days originally programmed. One

                                source suggests ship carried out Formosa Straits patrol to ensure safe passage of

                                British flagged mercantiles stopped by. Chinese warships.

                                This deployment is to be confirmed.)


July                         Hong Kong Guardship deployment in continuation.

                25th        Passage from Hong Kong to Singapore.

                30th        At Singapore to prepare for Fleet exercise .


August                  Took part in SEAC Exercise TUCKER BOX with Far East Fleet and commonwealth


                                (Note: Involvement was restricted due to requirement to maintain high speeds needed

                                during exercises in company with faster more modern ships.).

                                Deployed for anti-submarine warning duties on boundary of exercise area with HM

                                Frigate ROTOITI (RNZN) of basically similar design and low speed..

                                On completion returned to Singapore to prepare for visit to Australia.

                15th        Passage to Brisbane.

                26th        At Brisbane


September             Passage to Mackay, Queensland.

                4th          At Mackay, Queensland.

                9th          At Cairns, Queensland.

                13th        Passage to Darwin, Northern Territory.

                18th        At Darwin.

                20th        Passage to Singapore.

                28th        Prepared for refit on arrival. Ship’s Company moved ashore


October                  Under docking and refit by HM Dockyard Singapore.

                                Station Leave granted


November              On completion of post refit trials prepared for return to UK to Pay-off

                12th        Passage to Colombo, Ceylon.

                16th        At Colombo

                19th        Passage to Aden

                24th        At Aden

                26th        Passage to Suez



                1st           Suez Canal transit.

                5th          At Malta

                9th          At Gibraltar

                14th        Arrived at Portsmouth.

                16th        Paid-off and de-storing


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS ST BRIDES BAY remarkably had spent 16 years continuously overseas and was accepted into Reserve at Portsmouth in January 1962. She was placed on the Disposal List and sold to BISCO for demolition. Towed to Faslane on the Clyde for breaking-up by Metal Industries she arrived there on 3rd September 1962.


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