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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2003

HMS ENARD BAY (K 435) - Bay-class Frigate

HMS St Austell Bay, sister-ship (Navy Photos, click to enlarge) return to Contents List 

BAY Class Anti-Aircraft Frigate initially ordered on 25th January 1943 for build as a LOCH Class Anti-Submarine Frigate, but for which the ordered was changed in 1944. Originally to have been named LOCH BRACADALE she was laid down on 27th May 1944 and launched as ENARD BAY by Smiths Dock at Middlesbrough on 31st October 1944. First RN ship to carry this name she was completed on 4th January 1946.


G e o g r a p h i c    L o c a t i o n

Grid Reference: NC0416. Bay south of Lochinver, Sutherland


B a t t l e  H o n o u r s



H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge: On a Field Green a fess wavy of six White and Blue charged with

three roundels Black.


M a n n i n g   P o r t




S u m m a r y   o f   S e r v i c e

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1 9 4 5


December              Nominated for service in Mediterranean

                                Contractors trials.


1 9 4 6


January                  Commissioned for service.

                4th          Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials

                                Passage to carry out weapon calibration after acceptance.

                                Completed storing and sailed from Plymouth to Gibraltar.


February                Embarked military personnel for passage to Malta.

                3rd          Passage to Malta

                7th          Joined Escort Flotilla at Malta for Mediterranean Fleet service

                                Nominated for Palestine Patrol duties.

                14th        Deployed in eastern Mediterranean for interception of mercantiles carrying illegal

                                immigrants to Palestine.

                18th        At Piraeus.


March                    Passage to Malta on completion of Patrol.

                1st           Returned to Malta

                14th        Taken in hand for routine docking and essential repairs by HM Dockyard, Malta.


April                       Under repair

                                On completion resumed Palestine patrol


May                        Deployed in eastern Mediterranean

                                (Note: For details of Palestine Patrol interceptions see Naval Staff History published

                                in 2002.)

                12th        At Port Said.

                21st         Returned to Malta from patrol.

                26th        Passage to Naples for visit.

                28th        At Naples.



                7th          Returned to Malta.


July                         Deployed for Flotilla duties in Malta.


August                  Passage to Istanbul for visit.

                                At Istanbul.

                                Return passage to Malta.

                                Nominated for Guardship duty at Trieste in northern Adriatic.

                                (Note: Military garrison was maintained at Trieste.)

                21st         At Trieste.


September             Deployed for interception patrol in eastern Mediterranean.

                26th        Visited Nauphlia, Greece.

                27th        Visited Rhodes.


October                  Deployed in eastern Mediterranean as Plane Guard for HM Aircraft Carrier OCEAN

                                during flying training in eastern Mediterranean.

                2nd         At Mirabella Bay

                5th          At Famagusta, Cyprus.

                16th        At Githion.

                22nd       Passage to Argostoli on release from Plane Guard.

                                (Note: Relieved by HM Destroyer RAPID).

                23rd        Took part in Mediterranean Fleet Annual Regatta at Argostoli,

                                On completion took passage to Malta.


November              Passage to Malta.

                                On arrival taken in hand for repair by HM Dockyard, Malta

                7th          Resumed Flotilla Duties in Malta.



                4th          Sailed from Malta for interception patrol. off Haifa

                                On relief returned to Malta

                                Nominated for return to UK and Pay-off.


1 9 4 7


January                  Passage to UK from Malta with call at Gibraltar.

                                Paid off on arrival and destore


February                Reduced to Reserve status.



March                    Accepted into Reserve and laid-up in Plymouth Reserve Fleet for use as a Living Ship.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS ENARD BAY remained in Reserve until placed on the Disposal List in 1956. The ship was sold to BISCO for demolition by Shipbreaking Industries at Faslane where she arrived in tow on 15th November 1957.


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