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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2005

HMS BURGHEAD BAY (K 622) - Bay-class Frigate

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LOCH-Class Anti-Submarine Frigate ordered from Hall Russell of Aberdeen and to be named LOCH HARPORT. This order was cancelled on 2?th December 1943 and after a the decision to replace this type of escort by a vessel suitable for anti-aircraft defence, an order for a BAY Class Frigate was placed with Charles Hill, Bristol in 1944 (See General Information). The ship was laid down on 21st September 1944 as Job No J601  (Yard  No 301) and launched as BURGHEAD BAY by Mrs A V Alexander, wife of the 1st Lord of the Admiralty on 3rd March 1945. The first RN ship to carry this name, her build was completed on 20th September 1945- (Note: The Ship Cover in the National Maritime Museum incorrectly gives the builder's name as Harland and Wolff, Belfast).


G e o g r a p h i c   D a t a

Bay on southern shore of Moray Firth 8 miles west of Lossiemouth.

 Grid  Reference:NJ0767


H e r a l d i c   D a t a

B a d g e: On a Field per fess wavy Gold and barry wavy of 4 white and blue,

issuant in fess 4 golden hills conjoined green.

Two explanations are offered.

The official List of Ships Badges suggests the 4 hills are those on which the town

of Burghead stands. However as the countryside is flat, the four hills on the

 northern shore of the Firth which are clearly visible,  provide a somewhat more

feasible interpretation.

(Note: An unofficial badge was replaced after 1946).


M a n n i n g   D i v i s i o n




S u m m a r y  o f   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 5


June                        Commanding Officer: Lieut. Cdr. G P S Lowe DSC RNVR appointed.


August                  Contractors trials


September             Commissioned for service

                22nd       Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials


October                  On completion of trials and storing took passage to Portland to work-up and

                                carry out weapon calibrations.

                                (Note: During work-up experienced propulsion machinery problems.)


November              Deployed with HM Destroyer WIZARD in Plymouth Local Flotilla.




1 9 4 6


January                  Local Flotilla deployment in continuation.


February                Local Flotilla duties in continuation.

                                New Commanding Officer, Lieut. Cdr M Harris, DSC, Royal Navy appointed.

                21st         Visited Paignton area and ship open to visitors.

                23rd        Sailing tragedy whilst at anchor off Babbacombe.

                                (Note: Sub-Lieut and two Petty Officers drowned when sailing the ship's whaler.

                                The craft capsized during a squall when 2.5 miles east of Teignmouth.

                                Despite search by Torbay lifeboat and ship no survivors were found.

                                One body was later recovered. Strong inshore tidal current of 6 knots may have

                                prevented any attempt to swim ashore.

                                No record of the inquest could be traced by Devon Coroner in 1991).


March                    Plymouth Flotilla duties in continuation.

                                Carried out unsuccessful search for yacht TWINK.

                                (Note: Later arrived safely in France).


April                       Deployed at Plymouth for training and towing duties.





                6th          Arrived at Bristol with HM Frigate TREMADOC BAY for official visit

                                (Note: Part of VICTORY WEEKEND celebrations.)

                7th          Extensive programme of social and sporting activities by civic authorities.

                to            Re-established contacts with builders.

                10th        Open to visitors.

                12th        Resumed Flotilla duty at Plymouth.


July                         Deployed with Flotilla at Plymouth.


August                  Under repair.



                27th        Passage to Bristol Channel to meet ss KINDESLEY under tow by tug EMPIRE

                                JOHN for disposal by scuttling in Bay of Biscay.

                30th        Transferred crew before scuttling charge fired.

                                (Note: Ship was sunk in position 48.38N 6.26W as part of a post war programme

                                for the disposal of explosives and chemicals.

                                See also other similar escort duties below).



                1st           Disembarked crew off Steepholm and returned to Plymouth.

                3rd          Resumed Flotilla duties.

                                Chinese naval officer (Lt(JG)) joined for training.

                4th          Towed Landing Craft from Dartmouth to Devonport.

                5th          Deployed at Plymouth.

                15th        Towed LCF12 from Plymouth to Dartmouth.

                16th        Provided assistance to ss PRINCESSA in Bristol Channel at Master's request.

                                Boarded ship after unrest by firemen.

                                Escorted ship under tow by tug TURMOIL to Avonmouth.

                17th        Deployed at Milford Haven.

                24th        Return passage to Plymouth for local duties.


November              Deployed at Plymouth for local duties.

                26th        At immediate Notice because of weather conditions.



                2nd         Took part in demonstrations for 'Sea Days'.

                4th          Towed BYMS 2039 being transferred to Dartmouth.

                5th          Towed BYMS 2079 being transferred to Dartmouth.

                                Escorted tug REWARD during tow of vessel to Plymouth.

                8th          Took part in search for HM Submarine TRUANT which had broken adrift from

                                tow to breaker's yard

                                (Note: HMS TRUANT later ran aground off Cap de Casquet and was wrecked.)

                10th        Returned to Plymouth.

                21st         Deployed for tow of target from firing Range to Plymouth.


1 9 4 7


January                  Chinese officer left ship

                6th          Towed BYMS 2167 to Falmouth for lay-up.

                17th        Towed BYMS to Falmouth for lay-up.

                21st         Towed BYMS to Falmouth for lay-up.

                28th        Passage to Barry for escort of tow.



                3rd          Escorted ss DORA OLDENDORF under tow by tug DEXTROUS to Bay

                               of Biscay.

                4th          Mercantile sunk in position 47.40n 9-22W.

                                Recovered crew before scuttling. (See above).

                6th          Landed crew at Barry.

                7th          Passage to Plymouth to resume Flotilla duty.

                11th        Embarked training class for sea training.

                16th        Towed BYMS to Falmouth for lay-up.

                18th        Resumed Flotilla duties at Plymouth.


March                    Under refit at Devonport.

                29th        Post refit trials.


April                       Resumed Local Flotilla duties.

                5th          Assisted ss EMPIRE CHAMOIS disabled off Rame Head and stood by till

                               tug arrived.

                9th          Towed BYMS 2063 to Falmouth for lay-up.

                10th        Towed BYMS 2257 to Falmouth for lay-up.

                17th        Towed BYMS 2047 to Falmouth for lay-up.

                22nd       Deployed for tow of gunnery target off Wembury range as required


30th        Deployed for Flotilla duties at Plymouth-


May                        Deployed in SW Approaches


June                        Passage to Clyde.

                21st         Attended Royal Review of Hone Fleet in Clyde estuary.

                                Returned to Plymouth on completion.


August                  Deployed at Plymouth and paid visit to Ilfracombe.

                                Nominated for detached service in Mediterranean

                                Passage to Gibraltar.


September             New Commanding Officer, Lieut. Cdr N Bowden Smith DSC RN appointed.

                                Deployed for escort of ss OCEAN VIGOUR, ss EMPIRE RIVAL and ss

                                RUNNYMEDE PARK.

                                (Note: These ships were taking illegal Jewish immigrants to Gibraltar from Port

                                Duboc near Marseilles after being detained on ss PRESIDENT WARFIELD,

                                intercepted when on passage to Palestine.)

                                Visited Tangiers before return to Plymouth.


October                  Resumed Plymouth Local Flotilla duties.


November              Taken in hand for repair and refit.


December              Under refit


1 9 4 8


January                  Under refit

to                            Pennant Number for visual signalling purposes changed to F622



May                        Resumed Local Flotilla duties on completion of post refit trials.


June                        Deployed at Plymouth.


July                         Plymouth deployment in continuation.

to                            New Commanding Officer, Lieut. Cdr A S T Tyres DSC RN appointed.




                13th        Deployed for sea training and Wembury Range duties.

                20th        Met ss MIERVALDIS off Rame Head for escort during tow to Bay of Biscay.

                21st         Embarked crew before ship scuttled in position 47N 7W.

                22nd       Returned to Plymouth.


October                  Local Flotilla duties at Plymouth.

                11th        Deployed for Wembury Range duties.



                19th        Took part in Local defence exercise SEAWARD.


November              Under repair

                19th        Resumed Local Flotilla duties

                30th        Took part in SUBSMASH exercise off Plymouth with HM Frigate TREMADOC


                                Carried out successful joint search for submarine.


December              Deployed at Plymouth for local duties.

                                Escorted submarine to Smalls LV.

                                Target towing duties at Wembury.



1 9 4 9


January                  Local Flotilla duties at Plymouth.

                25th        Carried out towing duties for Wembury Range.

                26th        Embarked training Classes.



                24th        Carried out Wembury Range duties.


March                    Leave period in Devonport.


April                       Flotilla duties at Plymouth.

                7th          Required to assist French Trawler off Rame Head but unable to proceed.

                                Starboard Anchor fouled and buoyed.

                8th          Deployed for exercises off Plymouth with HM Destroyer ONSLAUGHT.

                11th        Carried out burial of Mr Kennedy, Warrant Wardmaster, off Plymouth.

                                (Note: Engine room ratings, Iranian cadets and Sea Cadets embarked.)


May                        Flotilla duties at Plymouth.

                1st           Deployed for tow of Pontoon to Falmouth.

                5th          Deployed at Wembury Range for target towing duties.

                16th        Carried out Close Range weapon firings off Penzance.

                19th        Returned to Plymouth.

                24th        Deployed for exercises off Plymouth.



                1st           Embarked engine room ratings for sea training.

                2nd         Deployed for night exercises on Wembury Range.

                7th          Deployed for disposal of unwanted stores in SW Approaches.

                to            Stores dumped in position H8.31N 12.57W.

                9th          Visited Mounts Bay.

                                Exchanged calls with civic authorities.

                10th        Open to visitors.


                15th        Returned to Plymouth.

                16th        Carried out Target Towing on Wembury Range.

                17th        Provided escort for motor boat on passage to Dartmouth.

                18th        Escorted ss EMPIRE CONYNGHAM to Bay of Biscay for disposal.

                20th        Disembarked crew of mercantile before charges detonated.

                                Ship sunk in position 47.52N 8.51W.

                21st         Returned to Plymouth.

                                Searched for missing motor boat.

                22nd       Embarked engine room ratings for sea training.

                27th        Passage to Brest for visit.

                28th        Returned to Plymouth.

                29th        Passage to Exmouth for official visit.

                30th        At Exmouth.



                1st           Open to Visitors. Over 1,000 recorded.



                7th          Visited Brixham and open to visitors.



                11th        Return passage to Plymouth.

                12th        Leave period at Devonport.


August                  Local Flotilla duties at Plymouth.

                                RNVR officers joined for training.

                17th        Embarked classes for sea training.

                22nd       Visited Dartmouth.

                to            Open to visitors and illuminated ship.


                31st         Seaman ratings embarked for sea training.

                                Port anchor lost and buoyed.


September             Plymouth local duties in continuation.

                8th          Took part in Fleet visit to Penzance with HM Aircraft Carrier IMPLACABLE

                                and HM Destroyer ST JAMES.

                11th        Return passage to Plymouth.

                12th        Board of Enquiry held relating to grounding.

                13th        Passage to Birkenhead.

                14th        At Birkenhead. Social programme included dance and visits.

                to            Open to visitors. 1758 recorded.

                19th        Returned to Plymouth on completion.

                20th        Deployed at Plymouth for sea training.

                27th        Carried out target marking duty during US Navy gunnery firings off Plymouth.


October                  Plymouth local duties in continuation.

                4th          Deployed for US Navy exercises.

                11th        Embarked classes including junior rates and Iranian cadets for sea training.



                15th        Embarked cadets at Dartmouth for sea training.

                16th        Deployed with m Destroyer WIZARD for cadet sea training off Falmouth.

                19th        Returned to Plymouth.

                24th        Embarked classes for sea training.





                1st           Present on return of HM Sloop AMETHYST from Far East.

                2nd         Deployed for Wembury Range duties and sea training classes.



                15th        Prepared for refit


December              Under refit by HM Dockyard Devonport..


1 9 5 0


January                  Carried out post refit trials.

                                Investigation carried out into missing pistol later found.

                10th        Resumed Flotilla duties.

                to            Embarked training classes and deployed for Wembury Range duties.


                23rd        Training and Wembury Range duties in continuation.


February                Plymouth local duties in continuation.

                13th        Scattered ashes of Mr AR Markham, Gunner, Royal Navy.

                21st         Deployed at Dartmouth for cadet training.

                22nd       Deployed with HMS WIZARD off Falmouth for demonstrations.



                26th        Annual Inspection




March                    Plymouth duties in continuation for Wembury firings and training of personnel.

                                Engine room ratings, Iranian cadets and Sea Cadets embarked.

                9th          Demonstration of anti-submarine firings with HM Submarine TIPTOE off


                15th        Demonstrations with HMS WIZARD.

                19th        Passage to Dartmouth for Cadet training.

                20th        Carried out demonstrations with HM Destroyer ROEBUCK, HM Submarine

                to            ARTEMIS. Deployed in SW Approaches with RAF aircraft co-operation.

                21st         Returned to Plymouth after cadets disembarked at Dartmouth.

                27th        Deployed with HM Frigate BLEASDALE for training demonstrations.

                to            Carried out successful search for torpedoes.

                28th        Deployed for Wembury firings.


April                       Plymouth duties with Flotilla in continuation.

                2nd         Call for assistance to HM Boom Defence Vessel BARBASTEL off St. Ives

                                cancelled when HM Destroyer ROEBUCK used instead.


May                        Deployed at Plymouth for training and gunnery firings duties.

                10th        Deployed as Planeguard for HM Aircraft Carriers THESEUS and VENGEANCE

                                during night-flying exercises.

                16th        Deployed for training in W Approaches with Iranian cadets and WRNS

                to            embarked. Rating discharged to hospital in Falmouth.

                18th        Carried exercise with BM Submarine SEA DEVIL and Wembury duties.

                23rd        Deployed for sea training of engine room personnel and Wembury firings.

                25th        Deployed with HM Destroyer ULSTER in SW Approaches for Dartmouth cadet

                to            training. Landed sick Cadet at Plymouth


                31st         Deployed as 'Plane Guard' for HMS VENGEANCE during night flying.



                1st           Deployed for ratings sea training in Channel.

                5th          Embarked cadets at Dartmouth for sea training with HMS ULSTER



                12th        Deployed at Plymouth for ratings sea training and Wembury firings.

                to            Took part in Exercise CLEARWATER.


                26th        Visited Teignmouth and open to visitors.

                to            Embarked Cadets for passage to Plymouth and carried out exercise with H M

                30th        Submarine THULE and resumed visit.



                3rd          Returned to Plymouth from Teignmouth for Flotilla duties.

                                (Note: Ship photograph taken whilst at Teignmouth.)

                4th          Carried out Training demonstrations off Plymouth with HMS ROEBUCK.

                                (Note: Engine Room ratings and WRNS embarked.)

                6th          Deployed for range duties at Wembury.

                13th        Sea training with junior ratings and WRNS embarked.

                14th        Passage to Penzance for visit.

                15th        At Penzance.

                                Open to visitors.

                17th        Stood by ss LORENCO MARHES off Trevose Head and escorted disabled ship

                                whilst under tow by tug SALVEDA to Swansea

                19th        Deployed at Devonport.

                24th        Passage to Dartmouth.

                25th        At Dartmouth.

                                Open to visitors.

                29th        Returned to Plymouth and resumed Flotilla duties.


August                  Open to visitors during Plymouth NAVY DAYS. Over 1800 recorded.

                7th          Took passage to Guernsey with HMS WIZARD.

                8th          At Guernsey.

                                Open to visitors.

                13th        Passage to Falmouth from Guernsey.

                14th        At Falmouth.

                                Open to visitors.

                23rd        Passage to Dartmouth from Falmouth.

                24th        At Dartmouth.

                28th        Return passage to Plymouth.

                29th        Took passage from Plymouth to Milford Haven.

                31st         Deployed in Bristol Channel for anti-aircraft exercise.

                                On completion took passage to Plymouth.



                2nd         Arrived at Plymouth and prepared for refit.

                12th        Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Plymouth,


October                  Under refit.

                9th          Carried out post refit harbour trials.

                11th        Carried out Sea Trials.

                12th        Ashes of Captain (E) Barker scattered at sea off Plymouth.

                13th        Deployed at Plymouth for Local Flotilla duties.

                18th        Deployed for Range duties at Wembury..

                20th        Deployed at Dartmouth for BENBOW Term cadet training.

                21st         Carried out demonstrations with HM Destroyer ZEST at Portland.

                25th        Deployed with HMS ZEST for torpedo-firing exercise.

                31st         At Torbay.



                1st           Demonstrations of Anti-submarine firings in Channel.



                4th          Carried out Smoke Trials with HM Destroyer ST JAMES in Mevagissy Bay.

                8th          Deployed for sea training and Wembury firings duties.

                to            Screw fouled by wire and released (28th).





                1st           Deployed for sea training. 60 Boy ratings embarked from HMS NEPAL.

                4th          Passage to Milford Haven.

                5th          Deployed off Milford Haven for exercises.

                8th          Returned to Plymouth.

                                (Note: Children's tea party on board during Leave Period.)


1 9 5 1


January                  Plymouth Local Flotilla duties in continuation.

                29th        Took part in Gunnery Trial VICTOR with tug MEDIATOR and HM Destroyer



February                Deployed for Target towing duties.

                5th          Passage to Milford Haven for exercises.

                7th          Carried out exercises in Bristol Channel including night flying.

                9th          Return passage to Plymouth.

                13th        Deployed for sea training duties at Plymouth.

                19th        Took part in Trial VICTOR. Aircraft shot down.

                20th        Carried out VICTOR firings with HM Tug MEDIATOR and HMS CONTEST.

                21st         Deployed for sea training duties at Plymouth.

                26th        Trial VICTOR in continuation with HMS CONTEST and MEDIATOR.

                                Target shot down.

                27th        Trial VICTOR in continuation.

                                Target shot down.

                28th        Deployed for Wembury anti-aircraft firings.

                                Carried out Night exercise off Wembury.



                7th          Flag Officer (Plymouth), Rear Admiral R McGrigor) embarked for visit to Brest for

                                meeting with Senior French naval officers.

                                (Note: No record is made in Ship's Deck Log of any Gun Salutes or of transfer 

                               of Flag).

                8th          Sporting and Social exchanges at Brest.

                9th          Return passage to Plymouth.

                12th        Trial VICTOR in continuation off Wembury with HMS CONTEST and HM Tug

                to            MEDIATOR


                20th        Deployed for local exercises off Plymouth with HM Destroyers ULYSSES,

                                WIZARD and CONTEST.


April                       Deployed at Plymouth.

                                Acted as host ship for visiting French warship (Spring 19510

                                (Note: This visit is to be confirmed.)

                20th        Took part in local exercises.

                                (Note: BBC made recordings during A/S exercises for use in future broadcasts.)


May                        Plymouth deployment in continuation.

                                Nominated for duty as Senior Officer's ship 8th Frigate Squadron on West

                                Indies after refit

                8th          Deployed for sea training duties with engine room personnel.

                12th        Took part in Plymouth NAVY DAYS.

                15th        Deployed for sea training duties and Wembury firings.





                1st           Demonstrations of Anti-submarine firings in Channel.



                4th          Carried out Smoke Trials with HM Destroyer ST JAMES in Mevagissy Bay.

                8th          Deployed for sea training and Wembury firings duties.

                to            Screw fouled by wire and released (28th).





                1st           Deployed for sea training. 60 Boy ratings embarked from HMS NEPAL,

                4th          Passage to Milford Haven.

                5th          Deployed off Milford Haven for exercises.

                8th          Returned to Plymouth.

                                (Note: Children's tea party on board during Leave Period.)


1 9 5 2


January                  On passage to La Plata.

                4th          Arrived for official visit to Argentine naval base.

                                Calls exchanged with military and naval authorities.

                5th          At La Plata.

                to            Open to visitors.

                9th          Captain and officers visited naval academy

                10th        Passage to Port Stanley with call at Montevideo for mail and fuel.

                                Embarked Falkland Island Dependency Survey Team and equipment.

                15th        Arrived at Port Stanley for Guardship and patrol duty.

                21st         Deployed for patrol

                                Arrived at Fox Bay.

                22nd       Open to visitors and sporting activities arranged.

                24th        Resumed patrol and called at Port Stephens.

                25th        At Hill Cove.

                                Soundings made

                                Open to visitors.

                27th        At Port San Carlos.

                                Open to visitors.

                30th        At Port Howard.



                1st           Return passage to Port Stanley with call at Port Stephens for passengers.

                2nd         After arrival embarked Governor, Sir Miles Clifford, for visit to Hope Bay.

                                (Note: British scientific party fired on by Argentine group when landing).

                                Took passage to Hope Bay, Grahamsland.

                4th          Governor landed at Hope Bay.

                to            Assisted Research Ship JOHN BISCOE with Diving party.

                7th          Severe weather encountered causing anchor to drag and ship grounded.

                                (See November 1952 re Court Martial).

                                Passengers taken back to Port Stanley.

                                (Note: Situation re action on 2nd Feb. resolved diplomatically before leaving.

                                Argentina later admitted their error)

                10th        Passage to Port Stanley with Governor.

                                (Note: Gun salutes fired to mark death of H M King George VI and the accession

                                of HM Queen Elizabeth)

                11th        Deployed at Port Stanley.

                15th        Took passage to South Orkneys.

                16th        At Queens Bay, Signy Island and took passage to Hope Bay.

                18th        Landed Huskies and stores at Hope Bay, Grahamsland.

                19th        Passage to Deception Island, South Shetlands.

                                Visited Chilean and Argentine warships found present on arrival.

                                Collected FI Dependency Survey team and carried out survey at Deception Is.

                                Chilean tug arrived.

                22nd       Passage to Admiralty Bay, King George Island for survey work.

                to            Passage to Bridgeman Island for survey work.

                28th        Carried out survey work at Melville Point, Bridgeman Island.

                                Carried out patrol in Port Foster area.

                                Research Ship JOHN BISCOE at Admiralty Bay.

                29th        Passage to South Georgia with call at Signy.

                                Surveyors embarked for passage to South Georgia with call at Suigny.



                4th          At Grytyken and landed survey team

                                Visited whaling station.

                6th          Passage to Leith Harbour.

                                Cinema landed and King Penguin collected.

                7th          Passage to Husvik, South Georgia.

                                Sailed for Port Stanley.

                11th        Arrived at Port Stanley.

                12th        At Port Stanley for R&R period.

                to            Cinema landed.

                22nd       Children’s party for 105

                                Embarked mail.

                23rd        Carried cut patrol and called at Port San Carlos and Port Howard,

                to            Delivered mail and landed cinema at San Carlos

                29th        Embarked passengers and sailed for patrol

                31st         Returned to Port Stanley.


April                       Relieved by HM Frigate VERYAN BAY at Port Stanley.

                                Lieutenant J Kavanagh received serious head injuries during Rugby match and

                                died in hospital at Port Stanley.

                14th        Took passage to Chilean Naval Base at Punta Arenas.

                16th        At Punta Arenas. Memorial Service held for Lieutenant Kavanagh.

                21st         Passage to San Salvador, Brazil.

                                Carried out Full Power Trial and Weapon firings.



                2nd         At Naval Base in San Salvador for Official Visit.

                                Calls exchanged with naval and military authorities

                               Open to visitors.

                                Sporting and visits programme arranged.

                7th          Took passage to Georgetown, British Guiana.

                15th        At Georgetown. Sporting programme included rifle firing and hockey.

                                Open to visitors.

                19th        Passage to Guadeloupe.

                20th        At Pointe a Pitre for fuel.

                                Visits arranged to oil refinery and Forest Reserve.

                22nd       Passage to Trinidad arriving same day.

                to            Open to visitors.

                25th        Extensive sporting programme arranged.

                                Beach Party went to Maracas Bay.

                26th        Passage to join HM Cruiser SHEFFIELD and ships of Squadron for exercises.

                30th        Took part in anti-submarine exercises with Squadron on arrival in Bermuda area.

                31st         Arrived at Bermuda.

                                (Note: Mail deliveries and food supply problems experienced during long period

                                of detached service were the subject of a Parliamentary question in June 1952)


June                        At Bermuda.

                4th          Took part in Queen's Birthday celebration at Hamilton, illuminated ship.

                9th          Passage to St John New Brunswick for routine docking and repairs to ASDIC


                12th        In dock.

                14th        Return passage to Bermuda.

                19th        Arrived at Bermuda and resumed duty with Squadron.

                26th        Deployed as Marker for Rhode Island - Bermuda Yacht Race.

                to            Diverted to assist Italian ss ANTOINETTA BOZZO drifting without power

                28th        150 miles NE Bermuda.

                                Towed disabled ship at 4 knots to St. Georges Harbour and handed to local tug


                29th        CinC's Inspection.


July                         Nominated for Caribbean Visits programme.

                3rd          Passage to St. Lucia). 7th   At Castries.

                9th          Passage to Martinique arriving same day at Fort de France

                10th        Landed Guard for Cenotaph ceremony.

                                Sporting fixtures arranged.

                                Brigadier and Mrs Jackson embarked

                11th        Passage to Barbados.

                12th        At Bridgetown.

                                Illuminated ship.

                                Extensive social programme.

                14th        Passage to Trinidad.

                15th        Brigadier and Mrs Jackson disembarked on arrival.

                16th        At Port of Spain.

                                Open to visitors

                                Extensive sporting programme.

                21st         Passage to Curacoa, Netherlands West Indies.

                23rd        At Willemstad. Calls exchanged with US and Netherlands naval authorities.

                                Sporting exchanges and shore picnic arranged.

                30th        Took passage to Punta Cardon, Venezuela arriving same day.

                31st         At Punta Cardon, naval base.



                1st           Extensive social and sporting programme arranged

                to            Guard provided for wreath laying ceremony.

                3rd          Open to Visitors

                                Children's party given.

                4th          Passage to Trinidad to refuel.

                6th          Took passage to Grenada.

                7th          Embarked Governor for official visits.

                8th          At Roseau, and took passage to Antigua,

                9th          At St Johns, Antigua.

                to            Sporting programme included cricket, sailing and swimming.


                12th        Passage to Guantanamo, Cuba for exercise programme with US Navy.

                15th        Took part in joint exercises.

                to            (Note: Serials included A/S attacks against US submarine, day and night Surface

                20th        and AA weapon firings against towed targets.

                                Photographic recording made by embarked US Navy camera team.

                21st         Took passage to Kingston, Jamaica.

                22nd       At Kingston. Extensive sporting programme arranged.

                to            Week-end leave with Army.


                29th        Took passage to Bermuda.



                3rd          Arrived at Bermuda.

                8th          Passage to New York for visits to US ports.

                11th        At Kingston, NY after passage up Hudson River.

                to            Calls exchanged with civic authorities.

                15th        Open to visitors.

                16th        Passage to Albany NY up Hudson River.

                to            Open to visitors.

                19th        Brewery visit and sporting programme arranged.

                20th        Passage to Portland, Maine. At Portland. Open to visitors.

                22nd       At Portland

                to            Open to visitors

                28th        US Navy Reserve personnel en board.

                                Sporting programme included football fixture.

                29th        Took passage to Gloucester, Mass.

                30th        At Gloucester.

                                Open to visitors including school party.


October                  Gloucester visit in continuation.

                1st           At Gloucester.

                to            US Coastguard personnel on board.

                3rd          Rugby football fixture arranged.

                4th          Took passage to Bermuda.

                7th          Arrived at Bermuda.

                                Prepared for return passage.

                                CinC’s Divisions and later visit before sailing.

                20th        Took passage to Plymouth with HM Frigate VERYAN BAY.

                30th        Arrived at Plymouth.


November              Deployed at Devonport and prepared for refit.

                                Court martial proceedings over groundings held at Devonport after arrival.

                8th          New Commanding Officer, Commander J. Wilkinson, DSC Royal Navy assumed


                12th        Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Devonport.


December              Under refit.


1 9 5 3


January                  Under refit.

to                            Bofors mountings fitted to replace Oerlikon units fitted forward around the

April                       Bridge structure.

                                Went back into drydock for further repair work on underwater fittings.

                                Re-commissioned for foreign service in West Indies.


May                        Carried out post refit trials.

                12th        Propulsion machinery failure during sea trials.

                                (Note: Work-up programme further delayed).

                17th        On completion of satisfactory repeat sea trial took passage to Portland.

                18th        Work-up commenced

                to            (Note: Serials included Noise ranging, Weapon equipment calibrations. Anti-

                27th        submarine exercises with HM Submarines SEARCHER and SCOTSMAN.

                                Surface and AA shoots.

                28th        Passage to Whitby for visit.

                30th        At Whitby with ship anchored off shore.

                                Social and sporting exchanges.



                1st           Return passage to Portland to resume work-up.

                4th          Work-up in continuation.

                8th          Completed work-up and took passage to prepare for attendance at Coronation


                10th        Passage to Spithead with HM Frigates LOCH RUTHVEN and LOCH VEYATIE.

                15th        Attended Coronation Review at Spithead.

                                Guests included some of previous commission.

                17th        Prepared for service in West Indies at Devonport.

                                Sailed for Bermuda on completion of storing.

                30th        Arrived at Bermuda.


July                         Deployed at Bermuda and visited by CinC.

                20th        Embarked Governor of Grenada with his wife for passage to Grenada.

                25th        Arrived at Grenada.

                26th        Took passage to Roseau, Dominica.

                27th        Arrived at Dominica.

                30th        Return passage to Grenada.



                1st           At Grenada.

                5th          Took passage to Dominica with Agricultural Adviser to Windward Islands


                6th          At Roseau. Dominica.

                7th          Took passage to windward Islands with Governor embarked.

                8th          At Carriacou

                9th          Returned to Grenada with Governor and Adviser.

                10th        Passage to Trinidad to refuel.

                11th        At Tobago.

                14th        Passage to Castries, St Lucia.

                15th        At Castries.

                17th        Passage to Nevis, Leeward Islands..

                18th        At Nevis.

                20th        Passage to Barbuda arriving same day.

                22nd       Passage to Anguilla arriving same day.

                24th        Passage to Kingston, Jamaica.

                27th        At Kingston.

                                Fatal accident when lorry taking 9 Junior ratings and two Petty Officers to an

                                Army Camp at Ewerton, Jamaica left the road and fell 100 feet.

                                (Notes: Petty Officer John McNiven, D/JX 1555557

                                Able Seaman Thomas Michael Ellison D/SSX 867012

                                and Able Seaman Richard Oliver Smith, D/SSX 889853 were killed.

                                Although admitted to hospital Leading Seaman J. C Ewers D/SSX 848117 died

                                later of his injuries.

                                This sudden disaster cast a very dark shadow over the visit and all the planned


                                Burials carried out with full ceremonial attended by officers and ratings.

                                A memorial service was held.



                2nd         Sailed for Grand Cayman. Band of Royal Welch Fusiliers embarked for passage.

                3rd          At Grand Canyon. Band landed for ceremony.

                4th          Passage to Belize with Band embarked.

                6th          At Belize. Extreme weather conditions experienced.

                to            Provided assistance to civil authorities.


                11th        Visited Stann Creek with Governor and his wife.

                12th        Returned to Belize arriving same day.

                14th        Took passage to Kingston with Band embarked.

                                Carried out anti-submarine exercises en passage.

                17th        Arrived at Kingston.

                                Band disembarked.

                                Took passage to Trinidad.

                21st         At Port of Spain, Trinidad.

                26th        Passage to Points a Pitre, Guadaloupe arriving same day.

                30th        Took passage to Trinidad.




                2nd         At Trinidad.

                                (Note: Rating who returned on board in violent state restrained !)

                6th          Sailed to meet HM Cruiser SUPERB and HM Frigate BIGBURY BAY.

                7th          Sailed to Georgetown, British Guiana with HMS BIGBURY BAY.

                                Royal Welsh Fusiliers party and Royal Marines embarked with stores from

                               HMS SUPERB.

                8th          Provided aid to civil authorities to deal with civil unrest at Georgetown.

                12th        Took passage to Bartica.

                13th        During subsequent up Esssequibo river grounded and refloated with aid of


                14th        Returned to Georgetown.

                to            At Georgetown to provide assistance on Army request.


                24th        Passage to Trinidad with Army personnel.

                25th        Disembarked Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Port of Spain.



                1st           Took passage to Bermuda.

                6th          Arrived at Bermuda.

                7th          Prepared for duty at Bermuda during Royal visit.

                to            Royal Guard to be provided and party for Route Lining.


                23rd        Moved to Hamilton for Royal visit.

                24th        Took part in ceremonials during Royal visit at start of Commonwealth Tour.

                25th        Returned to Dockyard to prepare for Autumn programme.

                26th        Took passage to Cuidad Trujillo, Dominica.

                30th        Formal visit to Dominican Naval Base at Santo Domingo



                1st           Calls exchanged with naval and civil authorities.

                to            Open to visitors and party toured Naval Academy.


                4th          Passage to Nassau.

                8th          At Nassau.

                                Starboard propeller fouled and cleared.

                                Carried out crew training for Regatta in Bermuda.

                14th        Took passage to Bermuda.

                17th        On arrival in Bermuda obliged to anchor because of weather conditions.

                18th        At Bermuda.

                24th        Shifted berth to Hamilton for Xmas.

                28th        Returned to Dockyard.


1 9 5 4



                1st           Deployed at Bermuda.

                9th          Carried out Squadron exercises with HM Cruiser SHEFFIELD and HMS

                to            VERYAN BAY. (Note: Serials included Night Encounter,

                15th        Throw-off firings, General Drills and transfers of men and stores.

                16th        At Port of Spain, Trinidad with HMS SHEFFIELD.

                to            Passage to Georgetown, British Guiana.

                23rd        Open to visitors.

                24th        Took passage to Kingston, Jamaica.

                29th        At Kingston.


February                At Kingston, Jamaica.

                1st           Provided Guard for visit by Swedish Navy.

                                (Note: Recorded as ALEDNACVVEN (?) and a Sail Training Ship).

                3rd          Embarked Governor and Lady Foot for official visit to Haiti

                                Took passage to Port au Prince.

                4th          At Port au Prince.

                to            Wreath laying ceremony with Guard.


                12th        Return passage to Kingston with Governor and Mrs Foot.

                                (Note: 'Oggy' presented to Governor to mark his visit !)

                13th        Passengers disembarked.

                                Took passage to Cartagena, Columbia.

                                (Note: Lower Deck cleared because of missing Slops !)

                15th        Arrived at Cartagena for official visit to naval base.

                16th        At Cartagena

.               to            Colour Guard landed.

                17th        Calls exchanged with naval authorities.

                18th        Took passage to Aruba, Netherlands, West Indies.

                20th        At Orangestad, Aruba.

                22nd       Board of Enquiry on board by Squadron Supply Officer into missing

                               Clothing Stores.

                24th        Took passage to Grenada.

                25th        Exercises on passage included surface and AA firings as well as NBCD.

                26th        At St George's, Grenada.



                1st           Civil unrest ashore.

                2nd         Party landed to provide guard for Government House and Oil Tanks

                4th          Took passage to Barbados for discussions with Governor embarked arriving

                               same day

                9th          Took passage from Barbados to Trinidad.

                10th        At Port of Spain.

                19th        Passage to St Vincent.

                20th        At St Vincent.

                24th        Passage to Montserrat.

                25th        At Montserrat

.                               Party of schoolchildren visited ship.

                27th        Took passage to Antigua with Administrator embarked, arriving same day.

                29th        Passage to Tortola, Virgin Islands.

                30th        At Tortola.

                                Schoolchildren visited ship. Steel Band

                                Steel band gave demonstration..



                2nd         Passage from Tortola to Turks and Caicos Islands.

                4th          At Grand Turk.

                                Open to Visitors with 243 recorded.

                                Landed Observation Party.

                7th          Sailed from Grand Turk to join ships of Squadron for exercises.

                8th          Exercised with HMS SHEFFIELD and HM Sloop CYGNET.

                to            (Note: Serials included Night Encounter and Replenishment.

                9th          (Exercise SERIVE (?) TWO).

                10th        Carried out anti-submarine exercises with HM Submarine TALLY HO before

                                entry into Bermuda.

                11th        Deployed at Bermuda.

                to            Took part in Squadron Regatta.

                30th        HM Frigate BIGBURY BAY arrived as relief.


May                        Deployed at Bermuda.

                                Carried out routine maintenance and repairs.

                13th        Carried out anti-submarine exercises off Bermuda with HMS BIGBURY BAY,

                                HMS CYGNET and HM Submarine TALLY HO.

                14th        Passage to Norfolk, Virginia with HMS CYGNET, HMS BIGBURY BAY and

                                HMS SHEFFIELD.

                                Carried out joint exercises including tow of HMS SHEFFIELD.

                17th        Took part in Official Visit by CinC A&WI to Norfolk.

                                Exercised with RCAF aircraft.

                24th        Passage to US Navy Academy at Annapolis arriving same day.

                26th        Took passage up Chesapeake River to Baltimore, Maryland with HMS

                                SHEFFIELD. Shore tours arranged.         

                                Took part in Memorial ceremony.

                                Open to visitors.

                30th        Took passage to Bermuda with HMS SHEFFIELD



                1st           Joint exercises during passage.

                2nd         Detached from HMS SHEFFIELD to return to Bermuda.

                3rd          On arrival prepared for passage to UK.

                4th          Sailed for Devonport to re-commission after refit.

                15th        Arrived at Plymouth

                18th        Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Devonport.

                                New Commanding Officer, Commander PD Hoare, Royal Navy joined.


July                         Under refit.

                1st           Commissioned for General Service Commission

                                (Note: New arrangements for length of foreign Service had been introduced)


August                  Under refit

                                (Note: High Definition surface warning and navigational Radar Type 974 and

                                UHF radio outfits fitted to up-date equipment standard)


.September            Under refit

                                (Note: During this period Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic died.

                                His effects were sold on board on 8th September).


October                  Under refit

                26th        Carried out Basin Trial.

                                Visit by 3rd Sea Lord.

                                Commenced post refit harbour trials.


November              Ammunitioned and stored ship.

                3rd          Began post refit sea trials.

                7th          Took passage to Portland for work-up prior to operational service.

                8th          Began work-up lasting two weeks and including weapon firings, anti-submarine

                                exercises, replenishment and Night Encounter serials.

                19th        Passage to Plymouth to prepare for foreign service in West Indies.

                29th        Came to "Immediate Notice" when Hurricane strength winds forecast.



                1st           Took passage to Bermuda to join Squadron.

                                (Note: Passage affected by foggy conditions.)

                12th        Joined Squadron at Bermuda.

                                Nominated for Falklands Guardship Duty.

                23rd        During passage to Hamilton for Xmas fouled propeller at Hamilton.


1 9 5 5


January                  At Bermuda preparing for Falklands duty.

                7th          Took passage to Trinidad.

                8th          Carried out exercises with HMS BIGBURY BAY.

                13th        At Trinidad and refuelled.

                                Schoolchildren visited ship.

                17th        Passage to Georgetown, British Guiana.

                19th        At Georgetown,

                                Open to visitors.

                25th        Passage to Recife, Brazil.



                2nd         At Recife.

                3rd          Passage to Maceio for visit to Brazilian naval school, arriving same day.

                4th          At Maceio.

                                Calls exchanged with naval authorities.

                                Open to visitors

                7th          Passage to Vitoria, Brazil.

                                Carried cut firing exercises.

                10th        At Vitoria for formal visit.

                                Exchanged call with civic authorities.

                                Open to visitors.

                13th        Took passage to Punta del Este, Uruguay with call at Santos.

                19th        At Punta del Este.

                                Open to visitors with 1500 recorded.

                23rd        Sailed to Port Stanley for Guardship duty.

                                Met HM Cruiser SUPERB and carried out exercise in area 44S 56W.

                27th        Relieved HM Frigate VERYAN BAY on arrival at Port Stanley.


March                    At Port Stanley.

                                Weather conditions made neves necessary.

                15th        Embarked Royal Marines from shore.

                16th        Deployed for Falkland patrol.

                to            Calls made at Port Salvador, Teal Inlet, South Shetlands (King George's Bay).


                28th        Sailed from Deception Island with Governor embarked.

                                Inspected Argentine Base at Potters Cove.

                                took passage to Signy Base, South Orkneys.

                31st         At Signy.



                1st           Passage to Port Stanley from South Orkneys.

                4th          Governor disembarked on arrival.

                5th          Deployed at Port Stanley.

                to            Periods of bad weather prevent boat use.

                24th        Queen's Birthday parade ashore with Guard.

                25th        Carried out Patrol duty and visited Salvador.

                                Local community visited ship.

                29th        Returned to Port Stanley.


May                        Deployed at Port Stanley.

                5th          Tragic death of Telegraphist SA Atkinson, D/SSX843665 who drowned.

                                (Note: Burial took place en 10th May).

                6th          Sailed for patrol and visit to Signy Island.

                9th          At Signy Island for 4 hours only.

                12th        Returned to Port Stanley from patrol

                to            (Note: This period was particularly notable for poor weather and ship was often

                26th        kept at immediate notice and boat traffic to shore was impossible.)

                27th        Embarked Royal Marines from shore.

                28th        Remained at Port Stanley Weather conditions included hail, snow and high

                to            winds.




                6th          Sailed for gunnery shoot near Lively Island.

                7th          Deployed at Port Stanley and prepared for return passage to Bermuda.

                15th        Took passage to Montevideo.

                17th        Formal visit to Montevideo.

                to            Wreath laying ceremony with Guard.

                20th        Open to visitors, 2,500 recorded.

                21st         Took passage to Santos.

                25th        At Santos.

                                Open to visitors, 260 recorded.

                                Shore excursions arranged.

                                Children’s party on board.

                29th        Took passage to Recife.



                4th          At Recife.

                                Met MOUNTS BAY with Captain F7 embarked.

                                Open to visitors.

                8th          Took passage to Trinidad.

                                Weapon firing and anti-submarine exercise.

                15th        Visited US Naval Base at Trinidad.

                to            Exchanged calls with civil and US naval authorities.



August                  Deployed at Trinidad.

                                (Note: Extended stay at Trinidad required to assist in search for wreck of British

                                mercantile ss GEOLOGIST sunk in collision about 50 miles East of Trinidad on

                                13th July 1955. Wreck was located and reported before leaving.)

                8th          Took passage to Kingston, Jamaica.

                12th        At Kingston. Royal Marines disembarked.

                                Calls exchanged with civil authorities and Governor.

                17th        Passage to Roseau, Dominica, Leeward Islands with Military Band (DCLI).

                21st         At Roseau.

                24th        Took passage to St Lucia with Band and Guard, arriving same day.

                26th        Returned to Kingston.

                30th        Arrived at Kingston and refuelled.

                                Took passage to Georgetown, Grand Cayman.



                1st           At Georgetown.

                                Calls exchanged with civil authority.

                3rd          Took passage to Belize with Band embarked.

                5th          At Belize. Open to visitors, 600 recorded.

                12th        Took passage to Kingston, Jamaica.

                15th        At Kingston.

                17th        Took passage to Bermuda.

                21st         Arrived at Bermuda.

                23rd        Came to “Immediate Notice” to sail to Grenada with Hurricane Relief stores.

                24th        Sailed for Grenada with stores after refuelling.

                29th        Arrived at Grenada.

                                Landed three Parties for relief work.



                1st           Took passage to Sauteurs and Victoria, Grenada to land stores and clothing.

                                After landings ailed to Fort of Spain, Trinidad.

                3rd          Embarked Red Cross Stores at Fort of Spain and returned to Grenada.

                4th          Unloaded stores and generator at Grenada

                6th          Took passage to Bridgetown, Barbados.

                7th          At Bridgetown.

                9th          Passage to Antigua.

                10th        At Antigua.

                13th        Passage to Bermuda.

                17th        Arrived at Bermuda.

                18th        Deployed at Bermuda.

                24th        Provided ceremonial Guard for arrival of new Governor, (Lieut. General Sir I.



November              Deployed at Bermuda.

                                Prepared for return passage to Plymouth.

                10th        Took part in exchange of gun salutes when new CinC arrived.

                11th        Sailed for UK to pay off prior to extended refit.

                22nd       Arrived at Plymouth.


December              At Devonport.

                7th          Began reduction to ERP Complement.


1 9 5 6


January                  Taken in hand for Extended Refit by HM Dockyard, Devonport.

to                            Under Dockyard Control

December              (Note: Equipment was up-dated to latest Fleet requirements with improved

                                weapon and communications outfits fitted).


1 9 5 7


January                  Under refit.





                25th        New Commanding Officer, Commander S L McArdle MVO, CM (sic) RN

                                appointed. (Later Rear Admiral).


May                        Carried out Post refit trials.

                24th        Commissioned for service in 7th Frigate Squadron on South America and South

                                Atlantic Station.


June                        Shakedown cruiser including visit to Bristol.

                                (Note: Social exchanges included contact with shipbuilders, Charles Hill)

                                Commenced work-up at Portland.


July                         On completion of working-up prepared for foreign service at Devonport.


August                  Passage to Simonstown

                15th        Called at Cape Verde Islands.

                21st         Visited Belem, capital of State of Para, 100 miles up the Amazon River.



                4th          Visited Recife, Brazil.

                14th        Visited Santos, Brazil.

                21st         Paid Official Visit to Rio de Janeiro

                                Joined HM Aircraft Carrier WARRIOR (With CinC SASA embarked), HM

                                Frigates LYNX and MOUNTS BAY of 7th Frigate Squadron.

                                (Note: HMS WARRIOR was on return passage from British nuclear tests.)

                                (Operation GRAPPLE at Christmas Island)

                                On completion of visit took part in Squadron Exercises in South Atlantic.


October                  Detached due to fuel problems and did not visit St. Helena.

                                Refuelled at Saldahana Bay and rejoined for further exercises.


November              Deployed in South African waters.

                                Carried out exercises with SAN ships.


December              Leave period at Simonstown.


1 9 5 8


January                  Visited Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island in South Atlantic.

                31st         Returned to Simonstown.


February                Deployed for visit programme to ports in East Africa.

                                Exercised with HMS LYNX and HMS BIGBURY BAY on passage. Visited

                                East London.



                1st           Visited Beira, Mozambique.

                9th          Visited East London.

                                Paramount Chief of Zulu Nation on board.

                20th        Visited Port Elizabeth.



                9th          Took part in Ceremonial Farewell to CinC.

                                (Note: Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Robson, CinC SASA was taken ashore

                                using ship's whaler.)

                                Carried out Exercises in Saldahana Bay with HMS BIGBURY BAY


May                        Nominated for reduction to Reserve status on return to UK.

                                Took passage to Falkland for patrol and Guardship duty.

                6th          Called at Tristan da Cunha.

                14th        Visited South Georgia.

                18th        At Port Stanley.

                19th        Despatched to Smith Island, South Shetlands, Antarctica to assist recovery of

                                missing scientists of Falklands Dependency Survey team.

                                Forced back by pack-ice but party reported as safe.

                                Weather conditions delayed return passage.

                                After arrival back at Port Stanley carried cut Falkland area patrol.


June                        Patrol and Guardship duty in continuation.

                11th        Arrived at Punta Arenas, Chile to collect two business men for discussions

                                relating to purchase of Freezer Factory under Commonwealth Aid Scheme.

                15th        Took passage to return to UK via ports on west coast of South America.

                                (Note: Special attention was paid to the ships appearance during planned visits

                                to ports in South America to create a good impression in view of possible sale

                                to either Chile or Peru.)

                28th        At Antofagasta, Chile.



                8th          At Tala, Peru

                14th        Transit of Panama Canal.

                17th        At Kingston, Jamaica.

                31st         Called at Punta Delgada, Azores.


August                  On arrival at Devonport paid off and reduced to Reserve status.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS BURGHEAD BAY was placed on Disposal List (Sales) in August 1958). The condition of the ship when accepted into Reserve must have influenced decision of Portuguese Government in deciding to purchase her in May 1959. She was renamed ALVARES CABAL on entry into Portuguese service. This was confirmed by her last commanding officer, who, in 1966, was invited to inspect her. He found the ship to still be in  ‘the splendid state as at time of purchase’.  She was deployed as an AA frigate until 23 June 1971 when scrapped.






by Ray Warman


It is now almost 59 years since I joined BURGHEAD BAY but these are the events that I can remember and have verified as well as I can. As you will know the entire Wardroom were courts-martialed over events on this commission so I wonder if the events published were censored. 


I joined BURGHEAD BAY at Dartmouth on the 17th June 1951, where she was illuminated very prettily. I no longer have the exact dates, but BURGHEAD BAY was at Portland, compass swinging over the weekend of 15th or 22nd September, as my wife joined me for the weekend.  She remembers it well because I had a raging fever as a result of a typhoid injection.


Some of my recollections of late 1951 and 1952 disagree with your account, and I have set out my memories as follows:




1st October - Sailed for Bermuda, course decided by task of being a crash boat for HRH Princess Elizabeth on her 8th October flight to Canada.


8th October - in middle of hurricane “How”, being badly battered because we were keeping station as crash boat. Not stemming the storm, but making all speed to maintain station. One never forgets a thing like that as the end appeared nigh!


14th October - Arrived Grassy Bay, Bermuda, pumps barely keeping up with water ingress. Plates ripped off foredeck, paint locker and forepart flooded, rent in port quarter, temporary cofferdam  had been erected by crew. On informing Admiralty of our condition, we were immediately dispatched to Halifax NS for repairs.


BURGHEAD BAY was dragged from water on a slip at Dartmouth, across river from Halifax – a novel event, never experienced by me before. Repairs carried out, at great expense and sorrow because of Sterling problems at that time. Personally I was only able to change $10 dollars (Canadian) per month because of it.


The anchor-dragging episode was in the Falklands as I recall, when every officer was ashore at a cocktail party. It was only due to the exceptional professionalism of the PO’s and crew that the ship was not a total wreck. I had a bag packed and was ready to get off when we hit the rocks. 


The asdic dome was smashed at one of the whaling stations in South Georgia by the First Lieutenant driving the ship up the beach, his sobriety was in question I recall. The Captain was unavailable I believe. As far as I can remember, I have never been to Guadeloupe; we actually refuelled at an oiling jetty at Trinidad, where we had a blowback which flooded the quarterdeck with FFO to the depth of the coamings.


You have us exercising with HMS SHEFFIELD and squadron (in May 1952).  I have no recollection of any other British ships, other than JOHN BISCOE for the entirety of the commission.  As I recall, we were detached.


No mention of the depth charge that was inadvertently fired in St Georges Harbour.  Probably around the ANTOINETTA BOZZO time (June 1952) as that is the only time we visited St Georges.  It didn’t explode, probably too shallow.  It was about this time that we got rid of our stock of depth charges because of the RFA BEDENHAM blowing up in Gibraltar on 27th April that year.


This was quite an interesting event for me. I was messing around with the MF/DF set and picked up a distress message. Rang the Skipper, he asked me if anyone else was taking any interest, meaning the tugs. We had 4 hours notice for steam, so went off after the ANTOINETTA BOZZA, about 148 miles from us. We got to her and put a line aboard and commenced the tow.  The tugs had by now got wind of it and came bustling up and said they would take over now; an offer the Skipper politely refused. We got her back to Bermuda and her skipper was havering over signing Lloyds release, so our skipper said we would release her where she would end up on the reef. He signed. I think I received £4.16 shillings for this little episode, over 3 weeks pay at that time.


On our passage home to Plymouth (in October 1952), I saw no VERYAN BAY, and we came home alone. Arrived 24 hours early because of a gale up the rear end, anchored in the Sound and proceeded up harbour next day.


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