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HMS TRESPASSER - T-class Submarine

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B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


SICILY 1943 - AEGEAN 1943 - MALAYA 1944



'Nothing venture, nothing have'


This name had not previously been used for an RN vessel until given to this submarine in May 1942 when she was launched. After work-up she was deployed in Home waters and carried out patrol duties in the North Sea and off Norway. During November 1942 she was deployed for support of Russian Convoy JW51B against attacks by U-Boats.


Transferred to the Mediterranean in 1943 she was deployed for interception of supply traffic and then took part in the allied assault on Sicily (Operation HUSKY) for patrol to prevent interference in landing and support operations. Before being transferred to the Eastern Fleet in October 1943 she was deployed in the Aegean in support of operations to occupy Dodecanese islands.


The deployment for service in Ceylon with the 4th Submarine Flotilla was in response to a request by the CinC for reinforcement of submarines to intensify attacks on coastal traffic in the areas off Burma and Siam as well as in the Malacca Straits. During a patrol in January 1944 she landed an SOE party on Tavoy Island off Burma and another SOE party on Elphinstone Island in February. Her minelaying capabilities were used during a patrol in March 1944 when she laid 12 mines on Mati Bank in the Malacca Strait and also landed another SOE party in Perak (Operation REMARKABLE II). Although the Flotilla was transferred to Fremantle this submarine was not amongst those carrying out patrols duties in the Java Sea later in 1944 and she was not deployed with the Eastern Fleet in 1945. It is presumed she returned to UK before VE Day and was not subsequently operational.


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