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SERVICE HISTORIES of ROYAL NAVY WARSHIPS in WORLD WAR 2 by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2006


HMS TRADEWIND (P 329) - T-class Submarine

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Modified T Class Submarines and third of this Class ordered from HM Dockyard, Chatham with HM Submarine TRENCHANT on 25th August 1941 and laid down on 11th February 1942. This submarine was launched on 11th December 1942 as P329  but was renamed TRADEWIND in March 1943 before build completion on 18th October 1943. Acceptance Trials were carried out in the Clyde after the ship had been commissioned for service. This boat had a minelaying capability.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


MALAYA 1944-45


Heraldic Data

Badge :  On a field Blue, a  cherub blowing Gold


M o t t o

Ventis semper secundis'With winds ever fair'


S u m m a r y   o f   W a r   S e r v i c e


1 9 4 3

October                  Completed contractors sea trials and commissioned for service

                18th        Build completion.


November              On completion of Acceptance Trials took passage to Clyde.


December              Worked-up for operational service with 3rd Submarine Flotilla based in Holy Loch.


1 9 4 4


January                  On completion of work-up deployed for Flotilla duties in NW Approaches


February                Deployed for escort of HM Submarine STUBBORN which had been damaged by depth

                                charges whilst attacking convoy off Norwegian coast.

                                Nominated for service in Eastern Fleet with 4th Submarine Flotilla.


March                    Passage to Ceylon


April                       Joined Flotilla at Trincomalee


May                        Deployed for interception patrols in Indian Ocean.

to                             Commanding Officer, Lieut Maydon RN.




                5th          Carried out unsuccessful attack on coaster under escort.

                9th          Carried out gun attack on same coaster and a minelayer sinking both ships and

                                taking 14 prisoners



                16th        Sank two barges off Sunda Strait

                18th        Sank mercantile JUNYO MARU of 5,065 tons


October                  Flotilla duties based at Trincomalee

                30th        Laid mines in Mergui Archipeligo.

                                (Note: A 593 ton ship was sunk in this minefield on 1st December.)


November              Later in patrol sank a coaster and a junk off coast of Burma with damage to two other

                                junks and a coaster, all by surface gun attacks..

                22nd       Transferred to British Pacific Fleet on formation


December              Trincomalee deployment with British Pacific Fleet in continuation.


1 9 4 5


January                  Trincomalee deployment in continuation.


February                Deployed for patrol in Malacca Strait and Bay of Bengal

                11th        Sank mercantile NANSHIN MARU of 834 tons.


March                    Passage to join other British submarines based at Fremantle

                                (Note: BPF submarines were later transferred to Subic Bay and supported by

                                HM Depot Ship MAIDSTONE.)


April                       Deployed for interception patrol in South China Sea.

                29th        Sank mercantile TAKASAGO MARU of 1,116 tons, a tug and two junks in Gulf of Siam.


May                        Interception patrol duties with Flotilla in continuation

to                            Nominated for return to UK

June                        (Note: In view of the extensive need for operational submarines in the BPF it may be

                                assumed that this return was due to repair requirements not available on station.

                                To be confirmed)


July                         Passage to Chatham for refit.


August                  Paid-off on arrival and taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard.


P o s t   W a r   N o t e s


HMS TRADEWIND recommissioned on completion of refit in 1946 and was based at Portland. During 1948 she was selected for modernisation and Paid-off. Work done included fit of ‘Snort’ Mast and the submarine re-commissioned for  trials before being deployed for Flotilla duties in Home waters. She Paid-off into Reserve in 1954 and was laid-up at Portsmouth. Sold to BISCO for demolition by Shipbuilding Industries in 1954 she arrived in tow at the breaker’s yard in Charlestown, Rosyth on 14th December that year.


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