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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2006


HMS THISTLE - T-class Submarine

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B a t t l e    H o n o u r s


 HAVIK Single Ship Action 1810 -  BALTIC 1855 - NORWAY 1940



 Nemo me impune lacesit: 'No one hurts me with impunity'


One of the pre-war submarines of the Class ordered in 1937 and completed in July 1939 she was the first submarine to carry this name which had been introduced in 1808 for a Schooner at Bermuda. It was subsequently used for other warships including minor war vessels and last borne by a 1st Class Gunboat in 1899 which was sold in 1926. This submarine joined the 2nd Submarine Flotilla after completion of Trials and work-up.


She was deployed for patrol off Norway and for convoy defence. In November 1939 she carried out a patrol in the Skaggerak to intercept the German liner BREMEN which was unsuccessful. During April 1940 she took part in Home Fleet operations off Norway and had been ordered to attack shipping at Stavangar. This was cancelled after an unsuccessful attack on a U-Boat was reported off Skudesnes on 9th April and submarine was ordered to patrol in this area in case a further attack could be made. As a result she was sighted on the surface by the German submarine U4 which fired torpedoes and sank her with no survivors. The Commanding Officer was Lieut Cdr. W F Haselfoot, RN.


N o t e


This name was selected for use by the RN Underwater Testing Establishment in the Isle of Skye but has not been used.


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