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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2004

HMS ARMADA -  Battle-class Destroyer

HMS Armada (Navy PhotosMark Teadham, click to enlarge)

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BATTLE-Class Group 1 Fleet destroyer ordered from Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle on 27th April 1941 and laid down  on  29th December 1942. The ship was launched on 9th December 1943 as the 2nd RN ship to bear this name, introduced in 1810  for  a 3rd Rate sold in 1863. Due to difficulties in completion and delivery of the new Mark VI Director for control of main armament completion of build was delayed until 2nd July 1945.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s



C r e s t

Field: Blue

Badge: A Lion statant guardant within a chaplet of laurel, all gold.



 S u m m a r y   o f   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 5


June                       Commissioned for trials.

                                Nominated for service with 19th Destroyer Flotilla in British Pacific Fleet.



       2nd                   Build completion and commenced Acceptance trials.


August                   On completion of Acceptance trials took passage to Home Port to complete complement and prepare

       to                      for equipment trials.

September              Deployed in Home waters and Mediterranean for trials and wok-up for operational Service.

                                 To join  Flotilla at Hong Kong on completion.


October                    Worked-up in Mediterranean.




December                  Passage to Hong Kong to join Flotilla


 1 9 4 6


January                     Passage to Australia

      24th                     At Melbourne


February                   Deployed with Flotilla with British Pacific Fleet for screening duties and the support of  the

      to                          repatriation and relief operations in the Far East. Visits were paid by the Flotilla to ports in

September                Japan and to Australia. Patrols were established to ensure safe passage for  British flagged

                                   Ships of the coasts of China and  Indo-China. He continuation of war in  China  presented

                                   many unpredictable situations for RN ships deployed in the Far East.

                                   (Note: The British Pacific Fleet was based at Hong Kong as the Dockyard in Singapore was

                                               not ready for support of warships. Facilities in Hong Kong were also limited but a

                                                Depot Ship was available.).


October                     Nominated for return to UK to pay off into Reserve.


November                 Passage to UK via Mediterranean.

      26th                     Arrived at Portsmouth.


December                 Paid-off and destored.

                                   Began to reduce to Reserve status.


1 9 4 7


January                     Reducing to Reserve in continuation.


February                   Laid up in Reserve at Portsmouth.




1 9 4 8


Laid up in Reserve.


1 9 4 9


January                     Nominated for service with 3rd Destroyer Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet.

     to                          Other ships of the Class to be brought forward for this Flotilla were:

June                          HM Destroyers SAINTES (Leader), GRAVELINES and VIGO


July                           Brought forward from Reserve and prepared for operational use.

     to                          Commissioned for service and carried out trials in Home waters.



September                 Passage to Malta with other ships of Flotilla to relieve V-Class destroyers.


October                     Deployed with Flotilla based in Malta and part of Destroyer Command.

     to                           Flotilla was supported by HM Depot Ship FORTH on board which  Flag Officer

December                    (Destroyers) flew his Flag.

                                    Ships of the Flotilla took part in Mediterranean Fleet training exercises and also

                                    carried out duty as Guardship at Alexandria and at Trieste.


1 9 5 0


                                    Mediterranean Fleet duties with 3rd Destroyer Flotilla in continuation.

                                    Took part in Spring and Summer Fleet Exercises and visits to ports in Mediterranean

                                    Maintenance and refits were carried out in Malta.


1 9 5 1


January                       Mediterranean Fleet deployment with Flotilla in continuation.

       to                          Fleet  visits, exercises and Guardship duties in continuation



September                   Nominated for detached service at Abadan with Flotilla in August

                                     (Note: The Flotilla was to relieve  HM Destroyers CHEQUERS, CHEVRON, CHIEFTAIN

                                                 and CHIVALROUS to protection British interests  after  Dr. Mossadeq , the  Iranian

                                                 Leader began moves to nationalise the Anglo Iranian Oil Company.   Mediterranean

                                                 Fleet ships were also deployed in the eastern Mediterranean after demands by Egypt

                                                 that British forces should leave the Canal Zone. These requirements followed increase

                                                 in RN deployments in the Far East to support the UN in Korea and  stretched  all  the

                                                 Fleet resources and limited other deployments

                                     Passage to Abadan with Flotilla.

                                     (Note: The Flotilla was relieved in the Mediterranean by  HM Destroyers  AGINCOURT,

                                                 AISNE, CORUNNA and JUTLAND.)


October                        Deployed at Abadan until evacuation of British nationals who were taken  to Basra  by  the

                                      Cruiser HMS MAURITIUS.

                                      Took passage to Malta


November                     Resumed Flotilla duties at Malta.

                                       Nominated for return to UK.


December                      Deployed for Fleet duties with Flotilla at Malta.


1 9 5 2


January                        Flotilla deployment at Malta in continuation.

      to                            Took part in joint exercises with Home Fleet during Mediterranean Fleet Spring cruise.

March                           (Note: 3rd Destroyer Flotilla redesignated as 3rd Destroyer Squadron.)


April                             At Athens with HM Fast Minelayer MANXMAN, HM Light Fleet Aircraft Carrier THESEUS

                                      HM Cruiser GLASGOW and destroyers of the Mediterranean Fleet.


May                              Mediterranean Fleet deployment with 3rd Destroyer Squadron in continuation.

to                                  Took part in exercise and visits programme with ships of the Fleet and also those of other NATO

December                    countries – France, Italy. Greece, Turkey and the USA.

                                      (Note: A NATO Command was set up in the Mediterranean with Headquarters in Naples.

                                                    CinC Mediterranean remained in Malta.


1 9 5 3


January                        Mediterranean Fleet deployment with Flotilla in continuation .

to                                   Nominated for return to UK with HMS GRAVELINES to pay off after relief by HM Destroyer

March                           BARFLEUR.


April                             Placed in Reserve pending refit


May                              Laid up awaiting refit.




1 9 5 4   t o   1 9 5 5


                                     Taken in hand for refit to update equipment to latest standards required for Fleet use.

                                      Commissioned for trials and paid-off on completion.

                                      Nominated for service in 3rd Destroyer Squadron


1 9 5 6


January                         Commissioned for General Service and replaced HMS SAINTES in 3rd Destroyer Squadron.

      to                             Squadron comprised HM Destroyers BARFLEUR, ST KITTS and VIGO.

September                    Deployed for Fleet duties in Home waters including visits programme.


October                         Detached with Fleet units for service in Mediterranean after nationalisation of Suez Canal by

                                       Egypt. Passage to Malta to prepare for support of Anglo-French operations against Egypt.

November                      Took part in Operation MUSKETEER.


                                        (Note: Operation was terminated after United Nations intervention.


December                        Return passage to UK to resume duties in Home waters.


1 9 5 7   t o   1 9 5 9


                                        Deployed with 3rd Flotilla as part of Home Fleet and took part

                                        in Home Fleet exercise and visits programmes as well as NATO Exercises. 

                                        (Note: During 1957 and 1958 Home Fleet ships were deployed off Iceland for

                                                     the protection of British fishing vessels after the dispute with Iceland

                                                       over fishing limits (“Cod War”).

                                                       There was also a marked increase in Soviet surveillance of NATO ship



1 9 6 0


January                          Deployment with Squadron in continuation with Home Fleet.

      to                              On the amalgamation of the 1st and 3rd Destroyer Squadrons nominated for reduction to Reserve.



April                               Paid off and reduced to Reserve.


May                                Destored and laid-up in Reserve Fleet.


F i n a l   P h a s e


HMS ARMADA remained in Reserve until 1965 when she was placed on the Disposal List. The ship was sold to BISCO on 12th November 1965 for breaking up by T W Ward at Inverkeithing where she arrived in tow on 18th December that year for demolition.


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