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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2004

HMS PALADIN (G 69) -  P-class Destroyer
including Convoy Escort Movements

HMS Paladin refuelling from aircraft carrier in Indian Ocean, 1945 (Howard Bell, see addendum, click to enlarge) return to Contents List 

PALADIN-Class Fleet Destroyer ordered from John Brown, Clydebank en 2nd October 1939 with 2nd Emergency Flotilla. She was laid down on 22nd July 1940 and launched on 11th June 1941 as the 2nd RN warship to bear the name that of the knights of Charlemagne and had previously used for a WW1 destroyer sold in 1921. Build was completed en 12th December 1941 for a cost of 411,262, which excluded Admiralty supplied items such as guns and communications outfits. Following a successful WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign in March 1942 she was adopted by the civil community of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s


DIEGO SUAREZ   1942 - SICILY 1943 - MEDITERRANEAN 1942 - BURMA 1944-45


H e r al d i c   D a t a

Badge: On a Field Blue, a sword erect White, pommel and hilt Gold

enfiled with two spurs in Saltire also Gold.



D e t a i l s   o f   W a r   S e r v i c e


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1 9 4 1


December            Contractors trials and commissioning.

                             Nominated for service in East Indies with 12th Destroyer Flotilla.

             7th           Carried out Speed Trials on Arran Measured Mile.

           12th           Build completion and continued Acceptance Trials.

                             On completion of trials and storing took passage to Scapa Flow for work-up with Home Fleet.


1 9 4 2


January                Worked-up with tons Fleet for operational service.

                              Nominated for escort of military convoy to Middle East during passage to Indian Ocean.


February              Took passage from Scapa Flow to Clyde.

           21st           Joined military convoy WS16 during passage from Clyde for Ocean Escort with HM

                             Cruiser NEWCASTLE.



             1st           Detached from WS16 on arrival at Freetown.

                             Made independent passage to Capetown with HMS PANTHER.

             5th          Called at St. Helena.

             9th          Arrived at Capetown

            12th         Sailed from Capetown as escort for HM Aircraft Carrier FORMIDABLE during passage in

                             Indian Ocean with HMS PANTHER

            18th         Called at Mauritius.

            24th          Joined Eastern Fleet.

                             (Note: Eastern Fleet was in course of formation following the outbreak of war with Japan.

                                          See WAR WITH JAPAN (HMSO) and Naval Staff History)

                                          Ships of Eastern Fleet included

                                              HM Battleships WARSPITE, RESOLUTION, REVENGE and ROYAL

                                              SOVEREIGN. HM Aircraft Carriers HERMES, FORMIDABLE and

                                              INDOMITABLE. HM Cruisers DORSETSHIRE, CORNWALL, ENTERPRISE,

                                              EMERALD and DRAGON, HM Destroyers FOXHOUND, NAPIER, NESTOR,

                                              PANTHER and HOTSPUR.

            31st         Deployed with screen for HMS WARSPITE, HMS FORMIDABLE, HMS INDOMITABLE,

                            HM Cruiser EMERALD, ENTERPRISE, DORSETSHIRE and CORNWALL as  Force A  during

                             search for a raiding force of Japanese drips reported en passage for air attacks on Ceylon.

                            (Note: Force A was covered by the other Eastern Fleet ships designated Force B during the

                                         search south of Ceylon. See WAR WITH JAPAN and THE FORGOTTEN FLEET

                                         by J Winton.)



             5th           Sailed from Addu Atoll with screen of Force A after refuelling.

                             Force A search for Japanese ships which had attacked Colombo was unsuccessful.

                             See ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY by C Barnett and OPERATION PACIFIC by

                             E Grey)

             6th           Took part in rescue of survivors from HM Cruisers DORSETSHIRE and HMS CORNWALL

                             with HM Cruiser EMERALD and HM Destroyer PANTHER.

                             (Note: The two cruisers were sunk in Japanese air attacks on 5th.  1,122 survivors were rescued.)

             9th           Deployment with Force A screen in Arabian Sea to protect communications between India and

                             East African ports.

           10th           Boiler clean at Bombay

           13th           Eastern Fleet deployment in continuation

           24th           Transferred to Kilindini with Eastern Fleet.

                             (Note: This move was made in view of the vulnerability of Ceylon to air attack).


May                      Deployed at Kilindini.

                             Nominated for support of planned landings in Madagascar (Operation IRONCLAD.

                             For details see WAR WITH JAPAN, ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY,

                             OPERATION PACIFIC and THE WATERY MAZE by B Fergusson.)

                             Joined Force F to provide escort during passage of the assault convoys.

                             (Note: Other ships involved were:

                                         HMS RAMILLIES, HM Aircraft Carriers  INDOMITABLE, HMS ILLUSTRIOUS,

                                         HM Cruisers HERMIONE, DEVONSHIRE, HM Destroyers ANTHONY, ACTIVE,

                                         DUNCAN, INCONSTANT, JAVELIN, LAFOREY, LIGHTNING, LOOKOUT

                                         PAKENHAM and PANTHER, HM Minesweepers CROMER, CROMARTY, POOLE,

                                         ROMNEY, HM Corvettes CYCLAMEN, FREESIA, FRITILLARY, GENISTA,

                                         JASMINE and NIGELLA.)

            5th            Deployed with HMS RAMILLIES, HMS HERMIONE, H M Destroyers PANTHER, JAVELIN

                              and ANTHONY for bombardment of Vichy French positions at Diego Suarez.

                              (Note: The enemy surrendered after 15 minutes.)

                                          HM Aircraft Carrier FORMIDABLE provided air cover against Japanese air


            7th             Entered harbour at Diego Suarez with HMS RAMILLIES, HM Cruiser HERMIONE and HM

                              Destroyer PANTHER.

                              After release from IRONCLAD transferred with HM Destroyers PAKENHAM and

                              INCONSTANT to Mediterranean.

                              (Note: To replace the losses and major damage to destroyers in defence of Crete.

                              Took passage to Alexandria.


June                       Deployed for Fleet duties on arrival in 12th Destroyer Flotilla.

          13th             Sailed from Alexandria as part of screen for HM Cruisers ARETHUSA, BIRMINGHAM,

                              CLEOPATRA, DIDO, EURYALUS, HERMIONE and NEWCASTLE with HM Destroyers


                              NIZAM, NORMAN (RAN), PAKENHAM, SIKH and ZULU to provide cover for passage of

                              Convoy MW11 to Malta (Operation VIGOROUS).

          14th             Joined escort for MW11 with Fleet units.

                              Under sustained air attacks and later by U77 were driven HMS PAKENHAM.

                              Under threat of surface attack by Italian squadron including two battleships

          15th             Convoy ordered to return eastwards by CinC at Alexandria.

                              Under night attack by German E-Boats during which HMS NEWCASTLE was hit and HMS

                              HASTY was sunk by HMS HOTSPUR (part of main escort).

                              Heavy air attacks resumed after daylight resulting in sinking of H M Destroyers AIREDALE

                               (part of main escort) and damage to other escorts.)

                               (Note: A series of conflicting orders were received from shore during the day but shortage of

                                           AA ammunition made necessary abandonment of VIGOROUS.

                               Convoy took passage to return to Alexandria.

          16th              Under air attacks during which HMS NESTOR was damaged and had to be sunk by HMS


          17th              Detached from MW11 and arrived at Alexandria.

                               (Note: For details of this disastrous operation with its conflicting direction from shore see

                                            THE BATTLE FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN by D. Macintyre, ENGAGE THE

                                            ENEMY MORE CLOSELY and the Naval Staff History.)


July                        Retained at Alexandria in view of VIGOROUS losses and damage.

                               Deployed in eastern Mediterranean for Fleet and patrol duties.

          14th              Escorted convoy to Cyprus from Port Said with HM Destroyers PANTHER, JERVIS and


                               Returned to Port Said.

          19th              Deployed with HM Cruiser ORION, HM Destroyers PANTHER, JERVIS and JAVELIN

                               during bombardment of Mersa Matruh.



           10th             Joined HMS ARETHUSA and HMS EURYALUS as screen with HM Destroyers JERVIS


                               HURSLEY and HURWORTH, HM Corvette HYACINTH and HM Auxiliary ANTWERP

                               for escort of Convoy MW12 (Three ships) from Port Said as a diversionary operation during

                               passage of relief Malta convoy from Gibraltar.

                               (Operation MG3 - Diversion for Operation PEDESTAL).

                               (For details see PEDESTAL by P Smith.)

           11th             Convoy MW12 joined by supply ship from Haifa escorted by H M Cruisers CLEOPATRA,

                               DIDO, HM Destroyers JAVELIN, SIKH and ZULU for joint passage westward.

           13th             Returned to Port Said with joint diversionary convoy.


September              Mediterranean Fleet screening and patrol in continuation.

            10th            Boiler Clean at Suez with assistance from HMS WOOLWICH staff.

                               On completion resumed Fleet duties.

                               Carried out bombardment on positions near Tobruk

                               (Note: Did not take part in disastrous attack at Tobruk (Operation AGREEMENT)..


October                  Flotilla duties for screening of major units and patrol in eastern Mediterranean,



           16th             Joined HMS EURYALUS with HM Destroyers JAVELIN, JERVIS, KELVIN, NUBIAN,

                               PAKENHAM and PETARD as escort for Convoy MW13 during passage to Malta.

                               (Operation STONEAGE/MG9 -  First attempt to pass westward convoy since VIGOROUS.)

                               (Note: Made possible by military advance from El Alamein which enabled provision of air

                                           cover from bases in North Africa.)

          17th             Detached fro MW13 with Fleet destroyers on relief by HUNT Class destroyers.

                               Took return passage to Alexandria and joined Fleet units.

           18th             Deployed with same Fleet destroyers to screen H M Cruisers ARETHUSA, CLEOPATRA,

                               DIDO and ORION during cover of MW13.

                               Rejoined convoy during passage to Malta.

                               Came under air attacks off Derna during which HMS ARETHUSA was hit by a torpedo and

                                had to be towed back to Alexandria by HMS PETARD

           19th             Detached from MW13 with ships of escort and returned to Alexandria.

                               (Note: MW13 arrived in Malta on 20th.).


December               Mediterranean Fleet duties in continuation.

                               Deployed at Malta

                               (Note: Did not take part in escort of Convoy MW14 (Operation PORTCULLIS).

            25th            Carried out interception patrol from Malta

            26th            Returned from patrol.


1 9 4 3


January                  Transferred to Malta for convoy defence and interception duties.

           13th              Deployed with escort for convoy during passage to Port Said with HMS ORION, HM

                                Destroyers JAVELIN, NUBIAN, PANTHER and HURSLEY.


February                 Deployed for convoy escort.

           17th              Carried cut attacks on submarine with BISLEY aircraft during escort of coastal convoy TX1

                                off Derna.

                                After BISLEY reported submarine on surface detached and found U205 abandoned.

                                Placed boarding party on submarine which was then taken in tow by HM Corvette


                                42 survivors rescued by escorts. Shared credit for sinking.

                                U205 sank on entry to Ras-el-Hiba Bay 100 miles west of Tobruk.

                                See HITLER'S U-BOAT WAR by C Blair and U-BOATS DESTROYED by P Kemp.

                                (Note: Special salvage operation was carried out later.

                                            ENIGMA data was recovered and sent to GCHQ at Bletchley Park.)


March                      Malta deployment in continuation.

             8th              Escorted HM Fast Minelayer ABDIEL to Malta after minelay in Sicilian Narrows.

                                On completion carried cut interception patrol with HM Destroyer PAKENHAM.

                                Sank Ferry Barge off Pantellaria.

           15th              Joined escort of convoy on passage from ?Port Said to Malta with HMS PANTHER and

                                Greek destroyer VASILISSA OLGA for final stage of passage.

           17th              Took part in exercises off Malta.


April                        Deployed with H M Destroyers NUBIAN, PETARD and JERVIS based in Malta as Force

                                K for interception of enemy supply convoys to and from ports in North Africa.

             5th              Detached to escort HMS ABDIEL with HM Destroyer KELVIN during minelay on Skerki

                                Bank.. See Naval Staff History (Mining).

           19th              During interception patrol with HMS PAKENHAM in action with escort of an Italian convoy

                                SW of Marsala.

                                Sank Torpedo Boat CIGNO which had seriously damaged HMS PAKENHAM.

                                Damaged Torpedo Boat CASSIOPEA.

                                Established tow of HMS PAKENHAM but later abandoned owing to threat of air attack.

           .                    Sank HMS PAKENHAM by torpedo.

                                (Note: Convoy escaped. Damaged CASSIOPEA taken in tow by Torpedo boat CLIMENE.

           30th              During interception patrol with HMS NUBIAN sank transport FAUNA off Sicily



             1st              Deployed with HMS JERVIS and HMS NUBIAN for unsuccessful interaction.

             4th              Deployed with HMS NUBIAN and HMS PETARD for interception patrol.

                                Sank transport COMPOBASSO and Torpedo Boat PERSEO off Kelibia, Tunisia.

               7th            Deployed with ships of Force K and Malta based destroyers for blockade of North African ports

                                to prevent evacuation of enemy forces.

                                (Operation RETRIBUTION. See ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY and  references.)

               8th             Deployed with HM Destroyer JERVIS and NUBIAN for bombardment of Kelebia in support

                                  of military operations.

                                  Passage to Algiers to assist in clearance of harbour after explosion of ship carrying ammunition.

                                  Towed US mercantile which had caught fire to position clear of harbour.



             1st             Bombarded Pantellaria with HM Cruiser PENELOPE and HM Destroyer PETARD.

                               (Operation CORKSCREW).

             2nd            Further bombardment with HM Cruiser ORION and HM Destroyer TROUBRIDGE.

             6th             Deployed with HM Cruisers EURYALUS, AURORA and HM Destroyer JERVIS as escort for

                               convoy from Bizerta to Alexandria through Sicilian Narrows.

           10th             Escorted HM Landing Ship LARGS carrying 1st British Division to Pantellaria with

                               HMS PETARD and HM River Gunboat APHIS.


July                        Nominated for support of planned landings in Sicily (Operation HUSKY).

                               Deployed at Algiers.

           10th             Joined HM Destroyers PATHFINDER, JERVIS, PANTHER, PENN and PETARD for escort

                               duty with Reserve Covering Force for HUSKY.

                               Deployed south of Sardinia as screen for HM Battleships KING GEORGE V and HOWE, HM

                               Cruisers DIDO and SIRIUS.

                               Transferred to Bizerta on release from escort duties.

August                  Based at Bizerta for support of military operations en mainland of Italy.

             9th             Carried out bombardment of coastal areas near Naples and west coast of Calabria.

                               (Operation ANNOYANCE).

           16th             Deployed with HMS EURYALUS, HMS AURORA and HMS JERVIS for bombardment of


                               (Note: During passage from Palermo intercepted and sank Siebel Ferries used for transfer of

                                            troops to mainland of Italy from Sicily.

           22nd            Took passage to Palermo with HM Cruisers AURORA, DIDO, SIRIUS, PENELOPE, HM

                               Destroyers JERVIS and PAKENHAM for interception and military support duties.


 September             Passage to Algiers to join support for planned landings on Italian mainland.

                               (Operation AVALANCHE).

             3rd             Took part in preparatory exercises for  AVALANCHE.

                               Deployed with screen for HMS KING GEORGE V and HMS HOWE.

             7th             Passage to Augusta with screen for battleships.

             9th             Nominated for support of planned landings at Taranto and joined Force Z.

                               Passage to Taranto as part of escort for HMS KING GEORGE V.

                               Present at Taranto to support landings by 1st Airborne Division. (Operation SLAPSTICK)

                               (Note: HM Fast Minelayer ABDIEL which had troops embarked was sunk in Taranto harbour

                                            after detonating a mine. There was heavy loss of life.)

           11th             Deployed as HQ ship at Taranto after loss of HMS ABDIEL.

           17th             After release from Guardship duty deployed with ships of Flotilla for escort of aircraft carriers

                               to Gibraltar after service in Mediterranean.

                               (Note: The carriers may have been CVE which were returning to UK.

           22nd            Sailed from Gibraltar with HM Destroyers JERVIS, PATHFINDER and PENN for passage

                               to Malta.

           23rd             Detached from other destroyers and took passage to Arzeu, Algiers for repair of blocked

                               condenser inlets.

           24th             During resumed passage to Malta struck submerged object and damaged port screw.

                               Took passage to Bone for examination of defects.

           27th             Passage to Gibraltar with convoy of mercantiles.

           29th             Taken in hand for docking at HM Dockyard Gibraltar.


October                  Awaiting repair in Gibraltar.

                               (Note:  Port shaft was found to bent and  replacement had to be sent from UK.)

           23rd             Sailed from Gibraltar as part of escort for military convoy to Alexandria.

                               (New shaft was carried on board for fitting during planned docking.)

           31st              Taken in hand for docking at Alexandria to replace shaft.


           14th              Carried out post refit trials after undocking.

                                 On completion took passage to Naples for support of military operations.

           20th              Deployed for patrol and support of military operations based in Naples with H M Cruiser

                                ORION, HM Destroyers ILEX and MENDIP for bombardments and patrol.

            27th             Carried out bombardment of Minturno area.

December               Nominated for transfer to Eastern Fleet.

            1st               Bombarded targets in Gulf of Gaeta with HM Destroyers TROUBRIDGE and TEAZER.

                                Passage to Alexandria.

           31st              Took passage from Mediterranean with HM Destroyers PATHFINDER, PENN and PETARD

                                as escort for HM Aircraft Carrier ILLUSTRIOUS, HM Battleships QUEEN ELIZABETH

                                and VALIANT during passage to join Eastern Fleet based in Ceylon.


1 9 4 4



           28th              Arrived at Trincomalee to join 16th Destroyer Flotilla.

                                 Passage to Kilindini with HMS PETARD to join military convoy KR8 as escort.

                                (Note: HMS PENN should have also been deployed but was under repair.)


February                 Arrived at Kilindini

            5th               Sailed frcm Kilindini as escort for Convoy KR8 during passage to Colombo with HM

                                Cruiser HAWKINS, HM Destroyer PETARD, HM Cutters LULWORTH and SENNEN

                                and HM Corvette HONESTY.

                               (Note: Convoy comprised five troop transports carrying army and naval personnel

                                            including WRNS, ATS and Nursing staff.)

            9th               HMS LULWORTH, HMS SENNEN and HMS HONESTY detached and returned to Kilindini.

                                 (Note: These ships had insufficient fuel capacity to remain for whole voyage.)

           12th               Convoy under attack by Japanese submarine 127.

                                Troopship KHEDIVE ISMAIL was hit by two torpedoes and sank very quickly.

                                (Note: Only 214 of 1,115 personnel were rescued.)

                                 After ASDIC contact, carried out depth charge attack on I27 with HMS PETARD.

                                 (Note: Some these fell amongst the survivors and caused many deaths.

                                 Submarine surfaced and was then engaged by surface gunfire.

                                 After a decision by the commanding officer, (Lt. O N Bailey, RN), to ram the submarine

                                 this order was countermanded by Lt. Cdr. R Eagen, RN, Senior Officer on board PETARD.

                                 During subsequent helm adjustments ship collided with one of the hydroplanes of I27 causing

                                 very extensive damage aft and major flooding.

                                 Ship was disabled and unable to take a part in further action against I27 which was eventually

                                 sunk by torpedo from HMS PETARD.

           12th               (Note: For full details of this disaster and the destruction of I27 see PASSAGE TO

                                 DESTINY by Brian Crabb which includes names of all casualties and the survivors.

                                 WAR WITH JAPAN (HMSO) also gives more information.)

                                 List due to flooding was partially corrected by jettison of topweight including torpedoes.

                                 Survivors and all Starboard Watch were transferred to HMS PETARD.

                                 Taken in tow to Addu Atoll by HMS PETARD.

           13th              Tow parted on arrival and ship anchored until tow re-established.

                                 Secured alongside tanker BRITISH LOYALTY to await emergency repair at Addu Atoll

                                 (Note: It is presumed that the repair personnel came from either Trincomalee or Kilindini.

                                             In any case their arrival was delayed by torpedoing of ship in which they took


                                 Moved from tanker to HMS HAWKINS for assistance to reduce list by pumping out flooded


                                 Returned to BRITISH LOYALTY for completion of temporary repair to enable safe passage.

                                 (Note: Hull fracture extended about 80 feet was patched.)


March                         Repair and preparation for passage in continuation.

                                    Permanent repair arranged at Simonstown.

              3rd                 Sailed from Addu Atoll with escort and with only one engine and shaft in use.

            22nd                Arrived at Simonstown after calls at Mombasa and Durban.

                                     Taken in hand for repair and refit by HM Dockyard Simonstown.


April                            Under repair




July                             On completion of post refit trials took passage to rejoin Fleet at Trincomalee.

            29th                 At Durban.


August                        Passage to Trincomalee with call at Addu Atoll.

                                     Joined 16th Destroyer Division, Eastern Fleet on arrival

                                      (Note: Division included HM Destroyers PENN, PETARD and PATHFINDER.)

                                      Worked-up for operational service.


September                   Deployed for screening, patrol and special operations.

to                                   (Note: Destroyers of Eastern Fleet were used for clandestine operations by SOE to land or collect

December                                agents in Burma, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies. See OPERATION PACIFIC by E

                                                 Gray, WAR WITH JAPAN (HMSO) and Naval Staff Histories for details of naval activities

                                                  in  Indian Ocean.)


1 9 4 5


January                        Eastern Fleet re-designated East Indies Fleet.

                                      Worked-up for operational service.

                                      (Note: Ships of Division were taking part in preparatory exercises for planned landings in


                                                  Did not take part in Akyab landings (Operation MATADOR)

                                      Carried out search for HM Submarine PORPOISE which was missing after minelaying

                                      operation  off Penang.

                                      (Note: Submarine was later declared as lost on 16th.)

           23rd                    Deployed with HM Destroyer RAPID, HM Cruisers NEWCASTLE, NIGERIA and KENYA

                                      as Force 65 to land Royal Marines on Cheduba Island south of Ramree, Burma.

                                      (Operation SANKEY - See THE FORGOTTEN FLEET by J Winton and WAR WITH


             25th                  HM Cruiser PHOEBE, HM Escort Carrier AMEER, HM Destroyers NORMAN and

                                      RAIDER, HM Frigates TEVIOT and SPEY joined Assault Force.

              26th                 Carried out bombardment of assault area with HM Destroyers NORMAN, RAIDER and

                                      RAPID before landings.

                                      On completion anchored off Searle Point during unopposed landings.

             30th                  Passage to Trincomalee on release from SANKEY.


February                       Eastern Fleet duties in continuation with Division.

               9th                  Deployed with HM Destroyer PATHFINDER for escort and support of Motor Launches,

                                      Landing Craft and Minesweepers during offensive operations in rivers estuaries at Ratnree

                                      Island to intercept Japanese troops attempting evacuation. (Operation BLOCK).

            11th                   Under attack by two HAMP-ZEKE aircraft and sustained slight damage.

                                      (Note: HMS PATHFINDER received a direct hit and had to be withdrawn from BLOCK

                                                  operations after temporary repair.)

            18th                   Intercepted and destroyed evacuation craft. See THE FORGOTTEN FLEET.

            22nd                  Returned to Trincomalee.


March                           Deployment at Trincomalee with Division in continuation.


April                              Preparation of support of landings at Rangoon (Operation DRACULA).

                                      (Note: Lt. Cdr Hewlett joined to relieve Lt. Cundell as commanding officer.)

            26th                   Deployed as escort for Fleet Oilers RFA OLWEN and EASDALE in Force 69 for

                                      replenishment of Task Force 63 destroyers deployed in the Andaman Sea to prevent any

                                      Japanese naval interference during cover of landings at Rangoon (Operation BISHOP).

                                      (Note: This operation also included air strikes and bombardments of Nice-bars.

                                                  See above references for details of ships in Force 63.).)

                                      On completion of replenishment duty returned to Trincomalee with RFA OLWEN.



           10th                    Deployed as escort for Fleet Oiler RFA ECHODALE in Force 70 for replenishment of ships

                                      of Force 61 during interception of Japanese warships reported on passage in Malacca Straits

                                      (Operation DUKEDOM).

                                      (Note: This operation by the East Indies Fleet culminated in sinking of cruiser HAGURO.

                                                   See SINK THE HAGURO by J Winton and above references.)



            5th                     Sailed from Trincomalee with HM Destroyers TARTAR, ESKIMO, NUBIAN and PENN

                                      (Force 65) to attack snipping between Nicobars and Sabang (Operation IRREGULAR).

            7th                    Detached from Force 65 to collect SOE party from Batu Island.

            8th                    Patrolled off Batu Islands until relieved by HMS PENN. Passage to Trincomalee.


July                               Preparation for Fleet escort duty with Flotilla during planned operations.

                                      (Note: These included minesweeping operations off Phuket Island as a diversion.

                                                  See above references.)

          19th                     Deployed with HM Destroyers ROTHERHAM, RACEHORSE, RAIDER and the 7th

                                       Minesweeping Flotilla as screen for Force 63 units of East Indies Fleet.

                                       (Note: Force 63 comprised HM Battleship NELSON, HM Cruiser SUSSEX, HM Escort

                                                   Aircraft Carriers EMPRESS and AMEER with above destroyers.

          24th                    Provided cover for Force 63 during minesweeping by 7th Minesweeping Flotilla. During the

                                     first day of the operation HM Minesweeper SQUIRREL hit a mine and had to be sunk by own

                                     ships  See above references.


          26th                   Under attack by suicide aircraft during which BM Minesweeper VESTAL was hit and badly


                                    (Note: HMS VESTAL was sunk by 8in gunfire from HM Cruiser SUSSEX after surface fire

                                                from destroyers had been unsuccessful.

                                                This type of air attack had not previously been used against East Indies Fleet ships.)

                                    Returned to Trincomalee with Force 63 ships.


August                        At Trincomalee preparing for landing in Malaya (Operation ZIPPER).

                                     (Note: These were delayed at insistence of US government and problems relating to return to

                                                UK of servicemen under PYTHON scheme.

                                                 Landings did not take place until after VJ Day.

                                                 See ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY, THE FORGOTTEN FLEET and

                                                 Final Report to Chiefs of Staff by Supreme Commander (HMSO).

                                    Passage to Penang with screen for East Indies Fleet ships to support landings.

                                    (Note: Passage from Trincomalee via Rangoon to be confirmed.)



            3rd                   Secured alongside at Penang during occupation by RM units.

            8th                   Passage to Singapore.

            9th                   Provided support during  landings MORIB area near Port Swettenham

                                    Passage to Singapore.

           12th                  Ship's company took part in formal surrender ceremonies by providing party for street lining.

                                    Deployed at Singapore for escort of relief convoys and support of repatriation and

                                    re-occupation operations.

                                    Nominated for return to UK and took passage to Trincomalee.


October                       Prepared for return passage.

           20th                  Sailed from Trincomalee with HM Destroyers TARTAR and NUBIAN.


November                   Passage to Portsmouth with calls at Aden, Malta and Gibraltar.

           18th                  Arrived at Portsmouth to pay off.


P o s t   W a r   N o t e s


HMS PALADIN was retained in service and deployed with the Portsmouth Local Flotilla  and later in Clyde for submarine exercises with 3rd Submarine Flotilla. In 1947 she was reduced. to Reserve status and laid-up at Harwich. Later she was transferred to Chatham. After being selected for conversion to a Type 16 A/S Frigate with the Squid A/S mortar in 1952 she was taken in hand at HM Dockyard Rosyth. On completion in March 1954 she commissioned briefly for trials and then replaced in Reserve. The ship was re-commissioned in January 1958 and deployed for service based at Chatham. In March 1958 she escorted the Royal Yacht  during a visit to the Netherlands. Her service ended in June 1961 when placed on the Disposal List. She was sold during 1962 to Clayton & Davie and arrived under tow at the Breakers' Yard in Dunston on 25th October.






by Don Kindell


These convoy lists have not been cross-checked with the text above






Date convoy sailed

Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








MW 011





MW 013





MW 015





MW 018





ME 015





MH 003/M





MW 020A





TX 001/1





ME 017





KMS 014X





GUS 016





KMF 025





MKF 026





KR 008





DK 021A





KR 012





ABF 005A








(Note on Convoys)




with thanks to Howard Bell (25 Jul 2011)

Howard's father served on both HMS JACKAL and HMS PALADIN and has supplied photographs of both ships, as well as one of the crew of HMS PALADIN at Trincomalee, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) sometime in 1945. His father is in the third row, seven from left (red dot), next to a bearded CPO.


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