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by Lt Cdr Geoffrey B Mason RN (Rtd) (c) 2003

HMS CARLISLE  -  World War 1 C-type Light Cruiser
including Convoy Escort Movements

Edited by Gordon Smith, Naval-History.Net

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CARLISLE-Class Light Cruiser  ordered from Fairfields of Govan, Glasgow in April 1916 under an Emergency War Programme and laid down in October 1917. The ship was launched on 9th July 1918 as the 3rd RN ship to carry this name which was introduced in 1693 for a 4th Rate. It may have been named as a compliment to Charles  Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle. The last warship to carry this name name was another 4th Rate in 1698 which was blown up in 1700. Her build was completion date was 11th November 1918. She served on the China Station until 1928 and then was recommissioned for service on the Africa Station before going into Reserve at Devonport in 1937. Her conversion to an Anti- Aircraft Cruiser was approved in 1937 but the work did not begin until January 1939 by HM Dockyard, Devonport. After a successful WARSHIP WEEK National Savings campaign in March 1942 this cruiser was adopted by the civil community of Carlisle, Cumbria.


B a t t l e   H o n o u r s

NORWAY 1940 - GREECE 1941 - CRETE 1941 - LIBYA 1941-42 - SIRTE 1941 - MALTA CONVOYS 1941-42 - SICILY 1943 - AEGEAN 1943

H e r a l d i c   D a t a

Badge:  on a Field Gold, a cross pate red thereon a rose Gold.


M o t t o

'Be just and fear not'



S u m m a r y   of   P r e-W a r   S e r v i c e


1 9 1 8


November              Contractors trials

                18th        Build completion and commenced Acceptance Trials


December              On completion commissioned for service in Harwich Force


1 9 1 9


January                  Paid off and reduced to Care and Maintenance.


February                Nominated for Foreign service on China Station in 5th Light Cruiser Squadron.



                1st           Commissioned at Chatham.


April                       Passage to China Station

to May


June                        Deployed with 5th LCS and carried out programmed visits and exercises

to December


1 9 2 0


                                China Station service in continuation.

                                Returned to UK to recommission.


1 9 2 1



                1st           Re-commissioned at Chatham for further service on China Station.

                                Prepared for foreign service


February                Passage to China Station

to March


April                       Deployed with Squadron on China Station.

to December


1 9 2 2


                                China Station deployment in continuation.


1 9 2 3


January                  Return passage to UK



                3rd          Re-commissioned for service on China Station


March                    Passage to resume foreign service

to April


May                        Deployed with Squadron on China Station.

to December


1 9 2 4


                                China Station deployment with Squadron

                                Nominated to recommission on Station.

                                (Note: Ships company took passage in commercial ship to Hong Kong.


1 9 2 5


January                  Deployed with Squadron on China Station.

to September



                22nd       Re-commissioned at Hong Kong for further service in LCS5.


November              Deployed with Squadron on China Station

to December


1 9 2 6    t o    1 9 2 7


                                China Station deployment with LCS5 in continuation.


1 9 2 8


January                  China Station deployment in continuation.

to June                   Nominated for return to UK to refit and recommission.



                16th        Sailed from Hong Kong to Chatham to refit



                31st         Arrived at Chatham.



September             Paid off.

                12th        Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Chatham


October                  Under refit

to December


1 9 2 9


January                  Under refit

to August              Nominated for further foreign service.

                                Manning Division changed to Devonport.


September             New ships company joined from Devonport Division

                3rd          Re-commissioned for service in 6th Light Cruiser Squadron on South African Station.

                                Refit work completed and commenced post refit trials in Thames area.

                                Took passage to Devonport to prepare for foreign service.

                20th        Sailed from Devonport to join Squadron at Simonstown as replacement for HM Sloop



October                  On arrival deployed with Squadron for visits and exercises in South Atlantic and

                                Indian Ocean.


November              Squadron duties based at Simonstown in continuation.

to December


1 9 3 0    t o    1 9 3 1


                                Deployed with ships of LCS6 for Squadron duties on Station.


1 9 3 2


January                  Prepared for return passage.

                                Took passage to Devonport.


February                Arrived at Devonport.

                                Nominated for further service on South African Station with newly designated

                                6th Cruiser Squadron.



                1st           Re-commissioned for service in CS6


April                       Passage to Simonstown to join Squadron


May                        Deployed with Squadron on Station

to December


1 9 3 3


                                Squadron deployment on Station in continuation.


1 9 3 4


January                  Deployed with Squadron on Station.

to July                    Nominated for further foreign service on South Africa Station


August                  Passage to Devonport



                5th          Re-commissioned for service in CS6 on South Africa Station.


October                  Passage to Simonstown for Squadron duties on Station.

to December          Deployed with Squadron on arrival.


1 9 3 5    t o    1 9 3 6


                                Squadron deployment in continuation.


1 9 3 7


January                  Deployed with Squadron on Station.

to February           Nominated for reduction to Reserve status on relief by HM Cruiser NEPTUNE



                16th        Sailed from Capetown on relief by HMS NEPTUNE.


April                       Passage to Devonport to Pay-off


March                    Paid-off and destored at Devonport

to August


September             Laid up in Reserve at Devonport.

to October



                4th          Approved for conversion to Anti-aircraft cruiser.


December              Laid-up at Devonport.


1 9 3 8


                                Deployed at Devonport as Boys Training Ship.

                                Conversion by HM Dockyard Devonport to commence in January 1939


1 9 3 9


January                  Taken in hand for conversion.

to August




D e t a i l s    o f    W a r    S e r v i c e


(for more ship information, go to Naval History Homepage and type name in Site Search




                3rd          Under conversion at HM Dockyard Devonport for use as an Anti-aircraft cruiser.

                                (Note: Being fitted with an Army Type GL Mark 2 radar for detection of

                                aircraft at long ranges. This equipment was designated Radar Type 280

                                when used by the RN. Only two other warships, both Auxiliaries, had this

                                particular equipment. For details of development and use of radar in RN

                                see RADAR AT SEA by D Howse)


October                  Under conversion

to November         Nominated for service in Home Fleet as an AA ship


December              Post refit trials and commissioning.


1 9 4 0



                12th        Conversion completed and carried out sea trials.

                                Prepared for radar trials in Mediterranean based in Malta.



                1st           Took passage to Malta for work-up and to carry out sea trials on the new radar

                                outfit. See above reference.

                                (Note: This equipment was found to be very suitable for shipborne detection

                                of aircraft at long ranges).


March                    On completion of radar trials took passage to return to Scapa Flow.

                                Joined 1st AA Squadron and deployed in Humber Force, Home Fleet.


April                       Deployed in North Sea for AA defence.

                9th          After German invasion of Norway deployed with Home Fleet in support of allied

                                military operations (Operation RUPERT/R4).

                17th        Sailed from Rosyth with troops of MAURICE FORCE for passage to Andalsnes

                                with HM Cruisers GALATEA, ARETHUSA and CURACOA

                                (Operation SICKLE).

                18th        After landing troops relieved the Sloop HMS BLACK SWAN as AA Guardship in

                                Romdalsjord. Later shared AA guard duties at Molde with H M Cruiser CURACOA

                                HM Sloops BLACK SWAN and BITTERN.

                20th        Arrived at Andalsnes for AA Guardship duties.

                22nd       Transferred to Namsos in continuation.

                28th        Deployed at Namsos as AA Guardship.

                                (For details of the disastrous naval operations off Norway see the Naval Staff

                                History, THE DOOMED EXPEDITION by J Adams, NARVIK by D. MacIntyre

                                and CARRIER GLORIOUS by J Winton).

                29th        Passage to Skel Fjord to refuel

                30th        Resumed AA Guardship duties at Namsos

                                (Note: HM Sloop BITTERN deployed for AA defence had to be sunk after

                                sustaining major damage in air attacks.)



                1st           Flagship and AA Guardship during Namsos evacuation with H M Cruisers

                                DEVONSHIRE and YORK,

                                Ordered to sea to ensure available for evacuation duty.:

                2nd         Unable to re-enter Namsos by fog and sailed to join HMS DEVONSHIRE on

                                passage off Norway for evacuation.

                                Embarked troops after nightfall. For details see Naval Staff History.

                3rd          Sailed for UK with HMS DEVONSHIRE, HM Destroyers AFRIDI, GRENADE,

                                IMPERIAL and French destroyer BISON.

                                Under heavy and sustained air attacks during which BISON was sunk

.                               See Naval Staff History for details.

                5th          Arrived at Scapa Flow,

                11th        Returned to Norwegian coast with HM Destroyer ZULU to intercept ship reported

                                taking German reinforcement troops to Narvik area but failed to arrive in time

                                to take any action.

                18th        Transferred to Mediterranean Fleet.

                                Took passage to Malta from Devonport with HM Destroyers JAGUAR and JAVELIN

                                for service with 4th Cruiser Squadron.

                24th        Passage to Alexandria from Malta with 4 K-Class destroyers.


June                        Nominated for AA defence of Red Sea convoys in view of threat of attacks from

                                Italian aircraft during hostilities.

                                Passage to Aden for duty as Flag Officer Red Sea Force.

                11th        In action with Italian aircraft during air raid at Aden.9 aircraft destroyed by ship

                                and shore defences.


July                         Deployed on convoy escort between Aden and Port Sudan.

                                Visited Djibouti, French Somaliland..



                15th        Assisted with the evacuation of troops and civilians from Berbera with other

                                warships including HM Cruisers HOBART (RAN), CALEDON, CERES and

                                HM Destroyer KANDAHAR.

                18th        Passage to Aden with passengers.


September             Under refit at Colombo.


October                  Returned to Aden for AA Guardship duty and convoy escort.


November              Red Sea deployment in continuation.

                12th        Escorted ss CITY OF LILLE with HM Sloops AUCKLAND and PARRAMATTA

                                (RAN) to join military convoy WS3 off the port.

                                Joined Ocean Escort HM Cruiser DORSETSHIRE with the two Sloops to provide

                                anti- aircraft defence during passage of WS3 in Red Sea.

                14th        Detached from WS3 with HMS DORSETSHIRE during passage after vulnerability

                                to air attack was no longer likely. Took passage to Aden.


December              Deployed at Aden.

                18th        Joined military convoy WS4 at Aden with HM Cruiser PERTH (RAN), H M Sloops

                                INDUS (RIN), YARRA (RAN) and HM Destroyer KINGSTON as escort during

                                passage in Red Sea.

                20th        Detached from WS4 with HMIS INDUS and returned to Aden.

                                (Note: HMS PERTH and HMS KINGSTON remained with convoy.

                25th        Joined military convoy WS4B at Aden with HM Destroyers KANDAHAR and

                                KIMBERLEY for escort during passage in Red Sea.

                                (Note: H M Cruiser SOUTHAMPTON which had been part of Ocean Escort from

                                Durban remained with convoy until arrival at Suez on 28th.)

                27th        Detached from WS4B with HMS KIMBERLEY and returned to Aden.

                                (Note: During this period defect developed in propeller shaft which reduced the

                                speed normally possible.)


1 9 4 1


January                  Red Sea Force deployment in continuation.

                                Defect in one propeller shaft and repair arranged at Bombay.

                                Repair deferred and required for service in Mediterranean


February                Passage to Mediterranean.

                                Remained at Suez as FO Suez Area until aircraft laid mines in Suez Canal were



March                    Deployed at Suez pending completion of minesweeping operation to allow transit

                                through Suez Canal.

                7th          Passage to Great Bitter Lake and experienced further delay.

                8th          Resumed transit with HM Aircraft Carrier FORMIDABLE, HM Destroyers

                                JANUS, GRIFFIN and HM Sloop GRIMSBY.

                10th        Arrived at Alexandria.

                                Taken in hand for repair after arrival at Alexandria

                                (Note: Defective shaft was taken to Malta by submarine for repair in HM Dockyard.)

                20th        Deployed for escort of Convoy MW6 with HM Cruisers BONAVENTURE,

                                CALCUTTA and COVENTRY during passage to Malta (Operation MC9)

                                (Note: Ship was without one shaft,

                                Cover was provided for transit by HM Battleships BARHAM, VALIANT

                                and WARSPITE, HMS FORMIDABLE, HM Cruisers GLASGOW and

                                YORK with screen of nine Fleet destroyers.)

                23rd        Under heavy and sustained air attacks on arrival in Malta with MW6.

                24th        Passage to Suda Bay for AA Guardship duties.

                26th        Arrived at Suda Bay.

                                (Note: In an attack by Italian explosive motor boats HM Cruiser YORK was hit

                                and sustained serious damage on 25th)

March                    Deployed at Suda by for defence of military convoys on passage between Egypt

                                and Greek ports for transfer of British personnel and stores for defence against

                                invasion of Greece (Operation LUSTRE – See Naval Staff History.)

                                (Note: Did not take part in the Battle of Cape Matapan as not operationally

                                available for Fleet duties involving major units.)


April                       Returned to Alexandria.

                24th        Sailed from Alexandria as escort for Convoy AG14 to Greece with HMS KINGSTON

                                and HMS KANDAHAR.

                25th        Diverted from escort of Convoy AG14 to evacuate allied troops from Greece.

                                (Operation DEMON - See Naval Staff History and ENGAGE THE ENEMY

                                MORE CLOSELY by Corelli Barnett).

                26th        Assisted with the evacuation of NZ troops and some civilians from Greek port of

                                Raphtis with HMS KANDAHAR, HMS KINGSTON and ss SALWEEN

.                               Because of a machinery defect secured alongside HMS KANDAHAR.

                                1,410 passengers were taken to Suda Bay although only 500 had been expected.

                                (Note: For full details of Raphtis evacuation with names of all ships involved

                                with totals see Naval Staff History.)

                29th        Sailed from Greek waters-as escort for Convoy GA15 (6 ships) with HM Australian

                                Cruiser PERTH, HM Sloop AUCKLAND, HM Destroyers DECOY, DEFENDER

                                and KANDAHAR.

                                Passage to Alexandria.



                1st           Arrived at Alexandria with GA15.

                5th          Deployed with HM Cruiser COVENTRY, HM Corvette GLOXINIA, HM Whaler

                                SWONA (SANF) and HM Tug ST ISSEY as escort for Convoy MW7A to Malta.

                                (Operation MD4)

                                (Note: Part of Operation TIGER involving ships of Force H at Gibraltar to pass

                                a military convoy from Gibraltar and passage of convoys MW7A and

                                MW7B from Egypt to Malta. For details see THE BATTLE FOR THE

                                MEDITERRANEAN and Naval Staff History.).

                6th          Remained with escort when Convoy MW7B merged with Convoy MW7A.

                9th          After arrival of Convoy MW7 in Malta formed part of escort for TIGER convoy to

                                Alexandria with HM Cruisers CALCUTTA, COVENTRY, DIDO, NAIAD

                                PHOEBE and HMS ST ISSEY screened by destroyers of Mediterranean Fleet..

                12th        Arrived in Alexandria.

                                Taken in hand for repair in Dry Dock at Alexandria.

                21st         Undocked before completion of work to rejoin Fleet in defence of Crete.

                                Speed restricted because of lack of shaft awaiting installation.

                                Deployed for offensive patrols off Crete to intercept invasion craft with H M

                                Cruisers NAIAD, PERTH (RAN), CALCUTTA and Fleet destroyers (Force C).

                                Came under heavy air attacks.

                22nd       Supplemented AA defence for HMS NAIAD which was short of ammunition.

                                Subjected to dive bombing attacks causing some damage and casualties including

                                Captain who was killed.

                23rd        On arrival at Alexandria had little ammunition left.

                25th        Resumed repair at Port Said with No 2 AA mounting replaced.

                                (Note: Repaired shaft had been delivered by submarine from Malta.)


June                        Under repair during which shaft was replaced.


July                         On completion of repair deployed as AA Guardship at Haifa and with Fleet units

                                operating off Syrian coast (Operation EXPORTER)

                                (See RELUCTANT ENEMIES by W Tute and Naval; Staff History for details).

                6th          Carried out bombardment near Damur in support of military operations with

                                six destroyers

                18th        At Beirut with HMS COVENTRY

                                Deployed at Suez for AA defence

                                (Note: This was required following increase in enemy air raids during period

                                when reinforcements were arriving for 8th Army. See Naval Staff History.)



                29th        Relieved HMS COVENTRY as AA Guardship to provide defence at anchorages

                                F and H in Suez Bay used by troopships.


September             Deployed for escort of convoys in support of Tobruk garrison.

to October             Transferred to Suez for AA defence with HMS COVENTRY.


November              Returned to Alexandria for Fleet duties in support of Tobruk garrison

                                (Operation AGGRESSION)

                22nd       Sailed from Alexandria with three destroyers as escort for HM Supply Ship

                                GLENROY taking military personnel with stores for passage toTobruk.

                23rd        Under air attack on passage.

                                HMS GLENROY hit by torpedo and seriously damaged.

                                Took HMS GLENROY in tow which was later transferred to HM Escort

                                Destroyer FARNDALE.

                                (Note: HMS GLENROY was beached west of Mersa Matruh and later

                                refloated and taken in tow by Tugs from Alexandria.)



                7th          Deployed with HM Cruisers HOBART (RAN) and GALATEA with two

                                destroyers to meet HMS BRECONSHIRE in eastern Mediterranean as relief

                                for escort from Malta, covered by HM Cruisers NEPTUNE and AJAX. during

                                passage to Alexandria.

                8th          Arrived in Alexandria with HMS BRECONSHIRE.

                15th        Escorted Supply Ship HMS BRECONSHIRE taking relief supplies to Malta

                                with HMS NAIAD, HMS EURYALUS, HM Destroyers DECOY, HASTY,

                                HAVOCK, JERVIS, KIMBERLEY, KIPLING and NIZAM deployed as Force C

                16th        Detached. from Force C when operation under threat of attack by Italian major

                                warships and made radio transmissions to suggest presence of Major Fleet

                                units available for cover of this operation.

                                Returned to Alexandria.

                                (Note: Ships of Force C later took part in brief engagement with Italian units which

                                withdrew after threat of torpedo attacks.

                                1st Battle of Sirte. See Naval Staff History, BATTLE FOR THE

                                MEDITERRANEAN by D MacIntyre and NAVAL WAR IN THE

                                MEDITERRANEAN by J Green and A Massignani.)


1 9 4 2



                16th        Joined H M Destroyers ARROW, GRIFFIN, HASTY and HERO as escort for

                                Convoy MW8A, ss AJAX and ss THERMOPYLAE, covered by HM Cruisers

                                DIDO, EURYALUS and NAIAD with destroyer screen (Operation MF3)

                18th        After Convoys MW8A and MW8B merged came under air attacks.

                                Detached with HM Destroyers FOXHOUND and HOTSPUR to escort

                                ss THERMOPYLAE because of machinery defects. Destination was later

                                changed to Alexandria.

                19th        HM Corvette GLOXINIA joined escort.

                                In action against aircraft which sank THERMOPYLAE off Derna.

                21st         Arrived at Alexandria.

                24th        Escorted HMS BRECONSHIRE with HM Cruisers NAIAD, DIDO and

                                EURYALUS screened by eight destroyers for passage to Malta as Force B.

                26th        After HMS BRECONSHIRE escort was handed to Force K from Malta returned

                                with the ships of Force B escorting two empty mercantiles to Alexandria.

                28th        Arrived at Alexandria



                12th        Joined HM Destroyers LANCE, AVONVALE, ERIDGE and HEYTHROP as

                                escort for Convoy MW9A, ss CLAN CAMPBELL and ss CLAN CHATTAN,

                                to Malta from Alexandria.

                                (Operation MF5 covered by HM Cruisers EURYALUS, NAIAD and destroyer


                13th        Convoys MW9A and MW9B merged.

                                Under air attacks during which CLAN CAMPBELL was damaged and sent to Tobruk.

                                In later air attacks CLAN CHATTAN was sunk by HM Destroyer DECOY after

                                she had caught fire and been abandoned.

                                (Note: For details of this disastrous operation in which no merchant ship was

                                able to reach Malta see above references).

                                After the operation was cancelled escorted return Convoy ME10 from Malta to

                                Alexandria with HM Cruisers NAIAD, DIDO and EURYALUS. During passage

                                The main steam pipe in the Engine Room fractured disabling ship.

                                During the repair work AA defence was provided by 3 HUNT Class destroyers.

                                Near missed in later air attacks.

                15th        Rejoined convoy and returned to Alexandria.



                20th        Part of close escort for Malta supply convoy MW10 with HM Destroyers

                                HASTY, HERO, HAVOCK, LIVELY, SIKH and ZULU of 22nd Destroyer


                                (Note: Convoy comprised HMS BRECONSHIRE, ss CLAN CAMPBELL,

                                ss PAMPAS and ss TALABOT).

                                Cover provided by HM Cruiser CLEOPATRA, DIDO and EURYALUS

                                screened by HM Destroyers JERVIS, KIPLING, KELVIN and KINGSTON

                                of 5th Destroyer Flotilla (Operation MG1).)

                22nd       Under attack from torpedo and bomber aircraft after escort reinforced by Force

                                K from Malta.

                                After Italian battle squadron comprising the battleship LITTORIO and 3 cruisers

                                with ten escorting destroyers, intercepted MW10,

                                Detached with 7 HUNT Class Escort Destroyers as escort for mercantiles and

                                positioned to SW of covering warships which engaged the Italian cruisers.

                                (Note: The aggressive action by British destroyers resulted in the withdrawal of

                                the Italian major ships which did not relish any night attacks by a radar

                                fitted enemy.

                                2nd Battle of Sirte. For full details see MEDITERRANEAN MAELSTROM

                                by GC Connell and above references).

                23rd        Detached with HM Destroyers BEAUFORT and SOUTHWOLD to escort HMS

                                BRECONSHIRE into Malta.

                                Under synchronised air attacks by torpedo and dive bombers. Collided with HM

                                Destroyer HMS AVON VALE whilst taking avoiding action against aircraft in a

                                smoke screen. Attempt to tow damaged HMS BRECONSHIRE called off because

                                of the shortage of fuel and ammunition. One rating killed during an air attack by

                                an Me 109 fighter when entering Valetta.

                25th        Passage to Alexandria with HM Escort Destroyers BEAUFORT, DULVERTON,

                                ERIDGE and HURWORTH

                28th        Arrived at Alexandria.


April                       Deployed at Alexandria and prepared for return passage to UK.

                                Nominated for refit.


May                        Passage from Alexandria.

                                Diverted to provide escort for military convoy W318 that had been subjected to

                                delay due to damage by mines off the Cape of Good Hope.

                15th        Joined ships of military convoy WS18 at Capetown as Ocean Escort during passage

                                in Indian Ocean to Durban

                18th        Detached from WS18 on arrival at Durban and resumed passage to UK.


June                        Called at Simonstown

                                Called at Freetown..

                                On arrival at Plymouth taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Devonport.

July                         Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard Devonport.


August                  Under refit.

to                            (Note: Work included the replacement of the aircraft warning radar Type 280

November              by Type 281 and installation of surface warning radar Type 273.

                                AA fire control radars Type 285 for 4" mountings and Type 282 for

                                Close Range armament were also fitted. See RADAR AT SEA.).

                                Nominated for service in Mediterranean.

                                Post refit trials.


December              On completion of post refit trials took passage to Scapa Flow.

                7th          Arrived at Scapa Flow for work-up with Home Fleet


1 9 4 3


January                  Developed defects and withdrawn from work-up.

                                Returned to Devonport for repair.                    


February                Under repair.

                                On completion took passage to Scapa Flow to resumed work-up


March                    Resumed Work-up in continuation

                                On completion took passage to Gibraltar.


                2nd         Arrived at Gibraltar and allocated to Force Q for attacks on enemy convoys m

                                central Mediterranean.


                19th        Deployed as escort with four destroyers for first convoy through Mediterranean

                                to Alexandria since relief of Malta.

                26th        Arrived in Alexandria.


June                        Mediterranean convoy defence in continuation.


July                         Transferred to 15th Cruiser Squadron for service in Eastern Mediterranean.

                                Escorted military convoys to Central Mediterranean prior to Sicily landings

                10th        Part of Support Force East with HM Cruiser NEWFOUNDLAND, UGANDA,

                                MAURITIUS, ORION, COLOMBO and DELHI during landings of 1st Airborne

                                Division SW of Syracuse.

                                Assisted in rescue of survivors from Hospital Ship TALAMBA.

                                (Operation HUSKY - See ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY and Naval

                                Staff History).

                11th        Attempted tow of ammunition ship BAARN off beaches failed after which it had

                                to be sunk by HM Destroyer TARTAR.


August                  Deployed in support of military operations off Sicily.


September             Transferred to Levant Command to reinforce 12th Cruiser Squadron.

                4th          Deployed with Squadron in Aegean to intercept invasion craft and support the

                                military operations to occupy islands after Italian surrender.


October                  Aegean deployment in continuation.

                7th          Carried out offensive sweep in Scarpanto Strait with HM Destroyers PANTHER

                                and PETARD.

                                Later joined by the destroyers HMS ALDENHAM and Greek THEMISTOCLES

                                for further sortie in same area. (Operation CREDENTIAL).

                8th          HM Destroyer ROCKWOOD and Greek MIAOULIS replaced ALDENHAM and

                                THEMISTOCLES in for a third offensive sweep as CREDENTIAL Force.

                9th          Came under air attack by Ju87 's during patrol in Scarpanto Strait with HMS

                                PANTHER and HMS ROCKWOOD. The ship received four direct hits and

                                several near misses which caused extensive structural damage and flooding

.                               Starboard shaft and propeller blown off with Port shaft was buckled.

                                Disabled with 20 of the ship's company killed and 17 wounded.

                                (Casualty List - note on casualties)

                                Stricken vessel was taken in tow to Alexandria by HMS ROCKWOOD.

                                (Note: During this operation by CREDENTIAL Force HMS PANTHER was


                16th        Under repair at Alexandria.


November              Declared a constructive total loss and converted for use as a Base ship for

                                Escorts at Alexandria.


December              Under conversion for new role.


1 9 4 4


January                  Conversion in continuation

to March                Proposal to use at Aden was not implemented.


April                       Service as a Base ship at Alexandria.

to December


1 9 4 5


January                  Base Ship service in continuation

to August


P o s t   W a r   N o t e s


HMS CARLISLE was paid off in Alexandria after VJ Day and in 1949 was placed on the Disposal List. The ship was then sold and broken up locally. 







by Don Kindell






Date convoy sailed

Joined convoy as escort

Convoy No.

Left convoy

Date convoy arrived








BN 001





BN 002





BS 002





BS 003





BS 004





SW 002





AP 003/1





AP 003/A





BS 007





SW 002A





BN 008





WS 003





BN 008A





BS 009





BN 010





BS 010B





BS 011A





BN 012A





SW 004B





AG 007





ASF 025





ET 016





TE 020





ET 017





TE 020B





MKS 011





ET 018





KMF 013





KMS 013





KMS 014X





MWF 036





MEF 038





MWF 039





UGS 013





KMS 023





MKS 024





KMF 024








(Note on Convoys)





Click here for the account by Lt Col Hans Peter Eisenback, author of "Fronteinsatze eines Stuka-Fliegers", kindly sent by the author.


Also the story of the US Combat Air Patrol at the time



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